Diaper Report: 12/2/20

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I parted ways yesterday with a friend of more than 20 years’ standing over his sickness – and my refusal to indulge it or even pretend to ignore it.

This ex-friend says I should don the Holy Rag because “I might be asymptomatic” and because I ought to “show a little respect for your fellow man” and that “It’s not all about you.” He added: “Grow your own food and you don’t need to interact with people. But if you want the benefits of society you have to participate and conform a bit.”

Italics added.

So I said good-bye.

I “have to conform a bit”? I am obliged to literally show that I (supposedly) agree with the outrageous assertion that I might be sick – i.e., “asymptomatic” – and so present an ongoing, never-ending threat to other people that requires me to wear a Face Diaper – the religious vestment of the Sickness Cult – to assuage their fears?

I attempted to reason with this friend. It was like attempting to discuss Euclid with a rooster.

“I’m not sick,” I texted him.

“I’ve had two friends die from it,” he texted back. “And several still sick.”

Me: “Well, I’m not sick. Therefore, I cannot transmit sickness. Therefore, wearing a rag over my face serves no medical purpose.”

Him: “You might be asymptomatic.”

Me: “Okay, so you are saying that the possibility I might be sick – even though I’m not coughing or sneezing or manifesting any symptoms of sickness and so there is no evidentiary/specific reason to suppose I am in fact sick, much less contagious – obligates me to act as if I am in fact sick and contagious and to literally put on something as a ‘protective’ measure, just in case and to ease your fears?”

“In that case, why shouldn’t you be obliged to turn in your guns (my ex-friend likes guns) since many people are quite terrified of them and fear you might use them to harm them or someone they care about?”

“If my fear that you might be – or do – some thing is enough to impose an obligation on you, then how do you feel about being made to wear an armband or similar highly visible item indicating that you are gay (my ex-friend is homosexual) and thus a potential transmitter of AIDS?”

“The fact is you could possibly transmit AIDs. You might spit on me. You might rape someone. These are just as possible as ‘you might be asymptomatic’ ” . . .

He didn’t like that much – and that was the end of the texting and the friendship.

I do not mourn the loss.

Because I understand this person is not and may never have been my friend. A friend doesn’t threaten violence nor countenance its threat. Yet that is precisely what my ex-friend advocates – in a mewling, gas-lighting way – when he urges me to “wear a mask” to “show a little respect for (my) fellow man” and then says I am obliged to “conform a little bit.”

He means obey. And not merely obey.

I must agree.

I must show that I agree . . . by wearing a visible accoutrement of agreement.

Like the wearing of an armband, in another time.

To not wear the armband then – or the Holy Rag now – is to give visual evidence of non-agreement and that is what these creeps cannot stand.

Not that we are “asymptomatic” and might be plague carriers but that we disagree with them. That we do not share their virtuous hypochondria and by showing that we do not share it show contempt for it.

My now-ex-friend supports my being made to “conform a little bit” – and you, too. They will cheer when we are hounded by the Gesundheitpolizei for not wearing the Holy Rag and – soon – refusing to allow ourselves to be injected with god-knows-what. They will support our being excommunicated from life – not allowed to transact business, buy food.

“If you want the benefits of society you have to participate and conform a bit.”

Such people are no friends of mine.

The words attributed to Edward I – the “longshanks” – come to mind: “A man does good business when he rids himself of a turd.

. . .

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  1. There is no such thing as accidentally raping someone. And if somebody accidentally shoots somebody else, they were at least being deliberately reckless with their gun. But there is such a thing as accidentally infecting other people with covid, while not having any notion that you might have covid.

    And there is such a thing as deliberately not wearing a condom, therefore being an AIDS risk, and deliberately not wearing a facemask, thus being a covid risk.
    You cannot blame people for things they do unknowingly. You absolutely can blame them for things they do deliberately. The law can absolutely demand from you that you stop deliberately being a risk to others. This can take the form of telling you not to rape others, telling you to take reasonable precautions when handling guns, and telling you to be hygienic. You are not free to put other people at risk whenever you feel like it. You never were. If that was the definition of freedom, murder and rape would not be crimes.

    You are trying to argue that just because people fear you might be a risk, they have a right to tell you what to do to assuage their fears. This is exactly correct. You can discuss with them the best way of assuaging their fears. You cannot simply ignore other people’s concerns for their own safety, and unilaterally decide that all that matters is that you get to do whatever you please.

    That is exactly the way that criminals think. Let me show you why.Clover

    You have decided that you don’t care about your friend feeling safe. Next, will you decide that you don’t care whether it looks to you that your friend is safe? Or is it that you are so arrogant that you have zero doubt that your judgement is always better than your friend’s? And would you still call him a friend, after feeling that his welfare is of no concern to you, or that you are vastly superior to him? Do you really have friends, or merely objects that look like people and gratify your desires? If your friend chose to regularly point his gun at you, with the safety catch off, because he liked doing that, would you just ignore it? Or would you start wondering that he is a criminal, insane, or both, and break your friendship?

    • Doly,

      Your entire argument depends on the hypochondriacal assertion that I might be sick – open ended, unsubstantiated. The mere possibility is enough, as far as you and people like you are concerned. No cough; no temperature. No sign of sickness. But you never know… I might be “asymptomatic”!

      Well, if that’s an acceptable argument then it is also acceptable to forbid the possession of a gun because someone might use it to commit a crime; that everyone be presumed a thief – and so on.

      Other people’s fear does not entitle them to violate anyone else’s rights. Including the right to not be forced to wear religious articles – i.e., the Holy Rag. Have you ever read the box they come in? How does a rag that cannot screen viral particles prevent the transmission of a virus from someone who has no virus?

      Yours is a religious faith. The Holy Rag is a totem of your faith. But your faith does not oblige me to pretend to share it.

      You draw a false equivalence when you write:

      “You cannot blame people for things they do unknowingly. You absolutely can blame them for things they do deliberately. The law can absolutely demand from you that you stop deliberately being a risk to others.”

      But I am not a risk, Doly – if I am not sick. How hard is this to understand?

      Just as I am not guilty of theft if I have not stolen anything and there is no reason to fear I am a thief unless I have done something to indicate I am going to steal. The fact that “some people” are thieves does not mean I am and if you treat me as a presumptive thief because of some bizarre neurosis that everyone is a potential thief, I will regard you as mentally ill and to be avoided.

      You write:

      “You have decided that you don’t care about your friend feeling safe.” Indeed. His neurosis is not my obligation, Doly. He is entitled to feel however he likes. His feelings do not bind me.

      His “safety” is his business.Just as mine is mine and yours is yours.

      He – and you – have every right to wear a Holy Rag, if you wish. If it makes you feeeeeeeel better to play sickness kabuki. You have no right to insist others do so.

      Your assertion that there is an equivalence between a healthy person refusing to wear a symbolic religious device – a Holy Rag – and someone waving a loaded gun in your direction is am imbecility that speaks for itself.

          • Eric,

            Yeah found myself starting that old habit again after another old friend committed suicide this year. “Oh, but, they must have had other contributing problems!” Hmmmm

      • eric, I’ll one up you on that one. I was sitting behind the horspital waiting for my scripts from the pharmacy. A FedEx truck pulls up and the driver chunks a big box on the ground. 3M it says on it. There was a square with N95 and a checkmark on it, same for N99. Down the side of the box was printed “Masks do not stop the transmission of a virus”. Next time I was in the lab, there was a green slip out of the inside of a box of masks. It not only had that warning but included bacteria and then gave a list of things those masks would not do and the bad things they would cause if you wore one and didn’t discard it after wearing. There were no directions for cleaning them as it said “one time use only”.

        A couple months ago I did a little research that was begun in the 80’s and went on for about 30 years. It involved the use and non-use of masks in operating rooms. Every one of those studies showed no difference in personnel or patients being affected in any way by the use or non-use of those masks. But let’s don’t let scientific tests or even facts get in the way. Let’s just assume that those who want us to mask up are doing it to destroy this country, the only thing being accomplished with them and social distancing(BTW, social distancing begin in the UK and it was a meter. They decided nobody knew how far a meter was so they doubled it.

        And the absolute worst thing you could do to people with any disease that might be making the rounds is making sure everyone gets everything that can be spread by close proximity. This entire shitty is easily debunked and the people(Technocrats, big corporations and politicians)who are helped by it only intend to destroy the country. In countries where the temp is always hot, non of this bs even exists.

        The wife and I are well now but got sick. It began with allergies and turned into bad colds, just like every year. You have to wonder if people have never seen a lab where dangerous diseases are kept and experimented with. The employees wear suits similar to space suits with their own air supply. They must step into a shower that destroys everything that could possibly be on the suit. Does nobody remember I Am Legend?

    • Hi Doly,

      An individual is not responsible for another individual’s safety. That right (risk or adverse) is based on the percipience of each person. If I am allergic to peanut butter (I am not, but if I were) then you are deliberately sacrificing my health just so you can enjoy a PB&J sandwich. If my husband has celiac disease (the inability to digest gluten) then any restaurant that we walk into should automatically cater to his needs and the people around us should stopping eating their bread basket, their apple pie, and immediately toss their sandwich into the trash because this could make him sick. Do you see how silly all of this looks? I have a responsibility to not be around nuts. My husband has a responsibility to not be around gluten. It is not for the rest of the world to cater to our needs and our welfare.

      The world is a dangerous place. We all have the right to protect ourselves as we see fit, but we do not have the right to dictate that the rest of the world sacrifice themselves for our protection.

      • Amen. The certainty with which some people speak of the righteousness of this guilty until proven innocent type philosophy is alarming, not to mention a slippery slope. It’s instructive that none of these health edicts have been passed as actual laws. They’re facially unconstitutional, contradict a thousand years of recorded jurisprudence, and would be thrown out immediately upon legal challenge. Legislatures simply cannot delegate the lawmaking function to the executive. Instead, the gov’t promotes arrest and prosecution under criminal trespass laws. Get caught up in that and YOU won’t notice the legal distinction. Even worse the gov’t subverts the rule of actual laws by asserting the (legally dubious claimed) power of the executive to do ANYTHING during an “emergency” as circularly defined by that executive. The latter is the most dangerous situation we face right now. Reliance on perpetual emergency powers to promulgate perpetual tyranny. If not checked in ways that go beyond internet flame comments, the ideas being promoted by goat’s at all levels and useful idiots like Doly will move quickly from you’re a “covid risk” to your very existence (anyone who dissents to whatever insane leftist/racialist orthodoxy is being promoted at the moment by psychopaths in charge that happens to capture a plurality of people’s minds) is a risk that can’t be tolerated. That’s how genocides happen.

        • Hmmm… spill chickens changed “govts” to “goats” automatically. Maybe alluding to their Slay-tanic nature under such circumstances?

          • I used to work for a small trucking company and part of the deal was the company paying for breakfast and supper. Every Thursday was all you could eat at the Chinese place so that’s where we’d go. We ate at a table at the far end of the joint. Of course it was a huge buffet. By the time I got to the table, my throat would be swelled shut. I had to bow out since I’m obviously allergic to MSG. I had to buy my own food that day.

            Another day was all you could eat at the Pizza Inn. They made terrible Pizza, sauce was absolutely no good. I could do without that day too or buy my own somewhere else.

            No one tried to force me to eat at either place.

    • Also, if any friend pointed their gun at me with or without the safety on they would find themselves with their foot blown off after I emptied my Browning 380 into their toes.

      We all have a right to protect ourselves. 🙂

    • Doly,

      “…and deliberately not wearing a facemask, thus being a covid risk”.

      Please cite a single randomized case trial that shows that masks are effective in preventing the transmission of an airborne virus. Every single RCT, going back over 7 decades, finds that masks provide no statistically significant effect on reducing the transmission of an airborne virus.

      Your claim that not wearing a mask poses a covid risk is not supported by any credible science. That it is repeated, ad nauseum, by politicians, media hacks and some medical hysterics, does not make it true.

      Here, if you are interested is what the CDC had to say back in pre-history.

      CDC analysis of RCT’s from 1946 – 2018, released in May of 2020.


      “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.

      Note the RR of 0.78, which means that the studies showed a statistically insignificant negative effect (more likely to get sick).

      There is no new science that contradicts this analysis. There are many poorly constructed, uncontrolled observational studies, filled with words like, “might”, “could” “is likely to”, etc… that suggest that masks might work. However, all of them suffer from methodological flaws and, being observational studies not randomized case trials, CANNOT show causation. There are also mathematical models that simply assume that masks work, and then run that assumption through different scenarios. Such models have no evidentiary value at all and tell us nothing about whether masks work.

      The mask is the outward symbol of accepting that the draconian policies of governments around the world are reasonable and necessary, they are neither. There is no evidence that lockdowns or masks have reduced either the spread of the virus or the death toll. But, they have caused enormous harm, which will continue for years. It is not harmless, we who object to it do so, not because we are selfish, but because we see the enormous damage being done to the world. Of course, we care about ourselves but, unlike the monomaniacal Covid hysterics, we care about ALL of the people killed, injured or otherwise devastated by the lockdown. The lockdown policies are far more damaging than “the covid”, the harm is incalculable, not the least of which is the destruction of civil society itself.

      Please do some actual research on this, read or listen to John Ioannidis, Jay Bhattacharya, Micheal Levitt, Sunetra Gupta, and more. All of these people are far more qualified that Fauci or Birx. If you haven’t read any of these people, you are uninformed. Also, consider the possibility that our objections to masks/lockdowns are not due to selfishness. After all, I assume that your support of these policies is not due to a desire to see millions of children plunged into poverty, many of whom will starve, see more depressed teenagers kill themselves, destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses, facilitate the largest transfer of wealth in human history, from the poor and middle class, to the super rich, condemn many old people to die alone, confused and wondering why they’ve been abandoned by family and friends, and more. You see, it would be pretty fucking awful for us to assume that you desire all the carnage and death being caused by the lockdowns, and that is why you support them. Maybe, just maybe, our objections are based on something besides selfishness.


      • Beautifully written and very informative, Jeremy. 🙂

        That CDC study is one of my favorites to send to the maskers. They usually have no comeback for it except a bunch of “ums, and things have changed.”

        People really abhor facts.

        • Thanks Raider Girl,

          I understand why many are terrified, as they believe the non stop propaganda they’re subjected to. But, at some point, a person of good will should seek out information that challenges the dominant narrative. Unfortunately, many people who accuse us of selfishness, never bother to do so. Those who remain in willful ignorance of the catastrophic harm being caused by these irrational, anti-scientific policies are not consciously sociopathic. But, their behavior demonstrates that they are more concerned with their own well being, and signaling proper virtue, than the plight of others. Is this not selfish?

          James Corbett calls them out here:



          • Jeremy, that’s a good article but I don’t understand how people can just believe any old bs from the MSM. They have no computer, don’t know there are other search engines other than gurgle. I have a SIL that’s dumb as a rock when it comes to politics. She watches NBC and just sucks it up.

            There was a young man gunned down by the antifa scum in Georgia today. Antifa needs to be rounded up, stuffed onto old hulls, drug out to sea and sunk.

            They can’t argue with you other than “you just don’t know, you don’t watch the news like I do”. Well, she’s right about not watching the MSM like she does. And we need to round up BLM and stick them all together.

          • Jeremy,

            They all have a hate boner for Corbett because he shows how easily discredited Bill Gates is. Theres a bunch of freaks running around in his comments defending the creep, lol, and then they cite that ridiculous RationalWiki site, oh thank god for those guys and Snopes and all the Facebook-sponsored fact checking, we’d never know what was real if it wasn’t specially edited for us 🙄

    • “You are not free to put other people at risk whenever you feel like it.”

      People do that to me practically every time I go out in the world for well practically my entire adult life. And who the hell knows what my neighbors may be doing that might put me or my property at risk. Should I demand viewscreens to make sure they aren’t messing around with the natural gas pipes?

      That’s where this argument goes. Anything I feel where someone else puts me at risk I can demand they take some action or whatever? It’s open ended. Even if some random rag did something (hint, you need engineering standards for filtering if you expect something to work) the box that this opens is complete control of all of our lives at all times.

      If it were my right to stop people putting me at risk I would control their lives. It could be something serious like stopping them from running me down with a truck when I am bicycling or simply because I want to control something so I manufacture an excuse.

      Viruses are going to virus. It will be what it will be. The masks and everything else just create a prolonged misery. You’d be better off in fighting a virus by making people take vitamin D and C and Zinc than forcing mask wearing anyway. But of course that doesn’t have the same virtue signalling as something which can be seen.

    • Hi Anon,

      Which facts do you take issue with? Or are you just emoting?

      You are quite right about my “not caring” – in that I refuse to pretend I am sick when I am not. Why should I? Or do you believe I am obliged to demonstrate that I “care” about the neurotic feelings of others? In that case, are you obliged to address me as Emperor because I believe I am Napoleon?

      Libertarians think that it’s wrong to presume guilt and punish people for harms they haven’t caused. Do you consider that “BS”?

      • “Which facts do you take issue with? Or are you just emoting?”

        I think I see the problem here. You seem to think that these types know the difference. They don’t. At all. Feeling=Fact for them.

        They have no understanding that they are simpletons driven strictly by emotional/instinctual response.

        They did not really understand what Mommy really meant when she said they were “special”.

    • Anon, wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
      I have to admit I woke up and after listening to a lot of Foxes and Fossils songs there is no wrong side of the bed since I’m awake, drinking coffee and have already chased the hogs off. And now the doe are in although the big buck with the big chandelier for a rack isn’t here. I didn’t expect him either. Mostly when I see him he’s seen me and is doing his best imitation of a pasture rocket.

    • Anon,

      It’s all about me, too lazy to think for myself or do any research, but easy to virtue signal my own moral superiority by pretending to care about others. The mantra of progressive BS.

      Your faux concern for others, coupled with your mindless obedience to an anti scientific, hysterical narrative, is causing far more harm than “the Covid”.

      Here is a short list of the carnage and death being caused by clueless, virtue signalling creeps such as yourself.


      • Raider, I listened to them for 2 hours. They have a CD coming out for Xmas and Chase(the tall one)has her own channel and is producing a Xmas album. The first time I heard her sing solo I was blown away. She sang the lead on Monday Monday and it was eerily like Mama Cass, one of the best female voices I ever heard.

      • Jeremy, nobody bothers to find out even the CDC and WHO whores say masks don’t work and they have never identified it. Let’s just set our hair on fire and run through the streets, uh, the house and scream the sky is falling.

        No disease could ever kill as many children as have committed suicide nor elderly people who have died from isolation or lack of care.

        My wife and I refuse to wear a mask and won’t be wearing one.

        If Trump doesn’t retain the WH we’re doomed as in civil war. It just might be a bloody one too.

        And every big company still in bidness is trying to get even richer and are doing so.

        Cheaper Than Dirt(a company I unsubscribed from just after this bs started because of their gouging)just sent me an e again today. They want $2/rd for 5.56 X 45 Green Tip. I’m about ready to go to their warehouse and give them 1,000 rds of it back one at a time. I figure just the bullet will do.

        I won’t be satisfied till Cuomo is hung Mussolini style for his part in killing people. I could never have dreamed everyone in this country could go completely crazy because the govt. said “boogeyman” 24/7 with the MSM.

        People didn’t learn a damned thing from 911. Those who don’t want freedom, I’ll be glad to see them not have it and be shipped off to Antarctica where they’ll be safe.

        A new bidness here in this county had the owner say he was so glad to be here where masks were rare to see. I’ll give him all the bidness I can.

        I’m gonna go off and listen to Foxes and Fossils and have a gentle Sunday just like we used to have on Sunday’s in Lubbock during the Vietnam war.

      • Jeremy, Tom made a lot of people go off the deep end and he just shook his head and was glad his girls are intelligent. That’s one email I’d really miss.

  2. Hi Eric. I just noticed that ZeroHedge picked up this article. And they credited it to you, unlike one last year that was posted under Tyler Durden’s byline with no mention that you authored it. I got partway through the comments, which tended to be discouraging. Had to stop reading them because it’s hard enough already to keep from feeling depressed.

    • It looks like they have the wrong Eric credited, unless our Eric is a hedge fund manager out of Greenwich, CT. How can this Tyler guy take credit for a story he didn’t write? Are they even allowed to be posting Eric’s work to another platform? Sounds pretty damn shady to me.

      • Hi RG. Zerohedge did credit Eric on this article. One time last year, though, I came across one of Eric’s articles there that didn’t. I’m not sure of the copyright implications of cross posting on websites, but it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing if proper credit is given.

        • Hi Mike,

          I’m okay with Zero republishing my stuff; the main object here being to reach as many as possible. If I had wanted to cash in and be like Sean Hannity I could have done that 20-something years ago 🙂

          • Morning eric. I just heard Sean “Connery’s” answer. Screw Hannity.

            Did you notice the about face Fox did after Neil Cavuto cut off the best spokeswoman in the world before she got to the very thing he was bitching about. Egg all over that sumbitch and a few stuffed up his ass and down his throat.

  3. Screw em, find new friends who value freedom. Some activists actually made a site for strangers to get in touch and coordinate their apocalypse planning efforts.. doesnt look like theres a group for your area yet, but judging by the members around, there’s some local interest.. could probably start your own group to build a little network for trading skills, goods, etc. I’m betting people go to join then end up closing out of it when they dont see enough others in their area.


    Referred a friend to your site from over in Salem who’s been enduring all the mean-mugging over their own non-compliance. Was probably shy about reaching out, 2020’s been mighty abrasive on the spirit.

    Started a private group for my own area to see if it gets any serious requests, but in this desperate an economic and political climate, and with statists drunk-youtubing and deciding under the influence “this liberty shit actually sounds ok” it’s hard to gauge character, some of em sound like theyve got emotional baggage and just wanna socialize however they can.. but others sound serious as hell and ready to organize for peaceful survival outside of society.

  4. Eric,

    It sounds like your friend is otherwise intelligent, such a shame he lost a good friendship over a political grab. Or, in this case, political *garb*.

    You’re better off. When the proverbial smoke clears, maybe you’ll be able to resurrect the friendship.

    Best of luck, either way.

  5. So how many of you are going to be filing that 1040 come April? Are you going to continue to pay for your own enslavement? Time for a good old fashion tax revolt.

  6. I saw a long line of socially distanced NPCs at the bank today.

    I’m not sure what is more disturbing: socialist distancing or face diapering.

    • Hi Handler,

      I refuse to abide by any Sickness Kabuki “guidelines.” I stand normally close to people while waiting in checkout lines; so far no one has said a thing to me. If they do say it, I will simply say: Get therapy – and ignore them.

      • Hey Ya Eric!
        And they seriously need that therapy! As of late, it seems that a lot of relatives and those with whom they associate, in the Northeast, have come down with the ‘Rona. These are all people who live where ‘lockdowns’, socialist distancing, and mask mandates are scrupulously enforced, and who dutifully practice those things (and sadly, they are not libtards- but all OM supporters)- and yet when you point out to them that THEY have gotten sick despite those things, while WE haven’t; that, like any other flu they’ve ever had, they get better in a week or two with no further consequences; that they’ve had a ‘flu shot’ and yet they GOT the flu….it falls on deaf ears. The rhetoric and trickery and mesmerization broadcast by the media easily overpowers their own observations and what they see with their very own eyes. They continue to believe……..

        It is truly sickening, and a truly disgusting cndition to see humanity succumb to. They are effectively no longer human, because they literally can no longer think and reason and observe, and makes their own determinations and decisions based on reality- they are like dogs being trained; the media is giving the commands, as the pols control the shock collar. They have effectively been rendered zombies- not by the COVID illness- but by the mental illness disseminated by the mad emperor of Hollywood and DC.

        I don’t know these people anymore.

        • Hey Nunz!
          It’s absolutely insane up here; I only put the news on to get the weather but they constantly drumbeat the hair-on-fire rhetoric of “skyrocketing cases” and “record number of cases”. Ugh, makes me want to barf, what a bunch of effing chicken littles.
          Like Eric I’ve lost a few “friends” over this, on the plus side that’s one less thing tying me down here in Taxachusetts. I have family in Florida but it’s too gd hot there in the summer; places like South Dakota are too cold. Guess I’ll just finish out my days here in old fartitude 😆

          • Hi Mike,

            I only occasionally listen to the radio and it’s as you say – frantic reports about the cases! the cases! I can’t imagine what it’s like on TeeVee. I haven’t watched network or live in months.

          • Mike, the old saying of “If you don’t like the weather in west Texas just wait a few minutes” might apply. A couple weeks ago we had an ice storm. 2 days later it was 70. We didn’t have a killing freeze till 2 nights ago.

    • Great 3D chess! He’s obviously got a plan; something up his sleeve! He’s gonna make a deal! Yeah, yeah! “Lock her up”…. 😉

    • Hey, he’s gotta be doing something right- How else does he get people like my 95 year-old mother, who lives on $1000 a month socialist-security to send $25 to a billionaire! Now THAT is 3D chess, eh?

    • Actually, I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t be doing crap right now either. Why bother? It is kind of like when you put in your two weeks notice and you take the rest of your accrued vacation before you head out the door. Trump’s collecting his PTO.

      Let Biden take care of it….I am sure he will do great. I am trying to think of something he accomplished for the American people during his 47 years in government, but my mind is blank. I am sure he will succeed this time though. Actually, if this package passes, which it may, I hope Trump doesn’t sign it. Let it sit on the desk while he plays another round of golf.

      This stupid $908 billion dollar bill that Congress is trying to push helps the states, the unemployed, the schools (god knows we don’t give them enough), more money to big business, and vaccine distribution. At least with the CARES Act we got a couple dollars of our own money back. Personally, I would say no to all of it, the deficit is out of control and this county’s debt has exceeded the total value of our GDP, but if we are going to blow the country’s debt to unrealistic portions send it back to the people that paid it in.

  7. Yes, many friendships have been severed and I’ve had to give up my favorite hobby as well since I will not don the holy and utterly filthy useless rag. I’ve had a very similar experience with a gay acquaintance, he’s a mask nazi all the way.

    Here’s an ironic story about him. He has mild MS and is losing control of parts of his face particularly his mouth. So, he occasionally drools a bit. Well one day I was helping him out with a computer problem and he was looking over my shoulder. A few seconds later I felt something warm on my hand. He had drooled a dollop of slobber about the size of a nickel on my hand. I wiped it off and he never said a word to me. Now, months later, he won’t come near ME if I don’t have the holy and filthy rag on! That’s what we’re up against. Fuck him.

    • PappaS, there’s a new way to get over any disease. Just make a statement under oath about illegal voting. Seems to be working perfectly.

  8. Not only do I want a mask mandate, I also want a gag ball mandate, it is only fair. Can’t have one without the other.

    Who would you wear a mask and not also insert a gag ball behind your teeth so you can’t really speak at all?
    You are muzzled, you can’t speak. just have to mumble and grumble, for your own good. That’s good enough, so you must don a gag ball too.

    That’s an order!

    Please report to the official garment department and receive your issued sack cloth garb. You’ll also receive a new mask and gag ball for free! It’s your lucky day!

    You can’t be serious, this is all really happening?

    Millions of people worldwide are wearing masks, designer face underwear? Dunno, makes me wonder.

    This is all obscene. Face Diaper = Iron Maiden. Gag ball = The Rack. Wait for it, no, it’s here.

    Adds up to tyranny, very ugly soft tyranny.

    Vaccine? What vaccine? We don’t need no stinking vaccine!

    Vaccine = Inquisition.

    • Amazing, Drump, isn’t it? This is the first time in history when virtually the WHOLE world has had a universal mandate imposed on it. WORLD governance is beginning….that is what this flu bullshit is all about. Agenda 21…right on time.

      I think they should have a dirty sock mandate. Why not? It would make as much sense as a ‘mask’- and I’m sure that as long as it was portrayed as normal and helpful in the media, and promoted as ‘science’ there would be no complaints from the masses, just as there aren’t re the masks and lockdowns and all of the other BS.

      Hey, the funk and bacteria in the sock ‘would kill them evil virons’! Sure, athlete’s lip would increase, just as bacterial pneumonia has increased from the wearing of masks…but hey, ‘we all have to make sacrifices to save Grandma and the children!, and medical frontline heroes, and the troops, and those people who hand-out food sample at Sam’s Club!’.

    • Drump, that’s the perfect way to not have anyone say anything to you. I thought about how I’d look with a mask, a ball in my mouth and one of those outfits with nothing but thin strips of shiny leather all buckled together. Might even put one on my butthole. I get people would GTF outta my way or either hold the door open and hide behind it. I’d wear my black leather motorcycle goggles too.

    • Hi D Hata,

      Indeed. And the most fundamental thing is, if I’m not sick, I can’t get anyone sick. “Asymptomatic” is just the means by which the mentally sick can assert their sickness upon the physically healthy.

    • Fauci is on record stating that asymptomatic people rarely if ever are drivers of pandemics or outbreaks. I just watched the clip yesterday. It’s all bullshit.

  9. The way I usually handle people like your ex friend is to just drop out of sight and never contact them again. And ignore it if they contact me. I guess you like confrontation a lot more than I do. It’s not worth my time to get upset or argue with idiots. Life’s too short.

    One good thing about all the face diapering is that I can tell at a glance who I don’t want to deal with – people who voluntarily muzzle. If I ever go back to dating online, I should put that in my profile – don’t contact me if you voluntarily wear a mask.

          • RG, you have helped me regain hope. I may have already written this but in our multi-county newspaper(not enough people in 4 counties to make a good-sized town), people were photographed and put on the front cover with a quote from them what they were thankful for back there in that lifetime ago it seems as Thanksgiving approached.

            There was a couple who have opened a new bidness which should increase the number of bidnesses in the town by 10% or more. They sell hunting and outdoor gear and soon, ammo and maybe reloading supplies and hopefully guns.

            I don’t recall what the woman said but the man said he was grateful to live in a place where nearly no one wore a mask. Hot damn, I may have a new best friend although I haven’t met him yet, just his wife.

            When the wife and I were deemed “not of the pack”, our smell changed and the pack avoids us like we’re rabid. In the last 20 years I can count on one hand and not use all my digits, the number of former friends who have visited…..mostly just once.

            I can still attend funerals since everyone expects to put up with animals not of the pack. I used to be called frequently to carry a room temperature member of the pack but am no longer even needed for that, esp. since my last best friend died 3 month ago.

            We found out 5 years ago just how much our smell had changed when we bought tickets for our last friends we had for a ZZ Top concert and they declined. Luckily, they sold out so we were able to easily sell their tickets.

            And evidently ZZ Top were warned and some band that resembled them and could look like they were playing showed up. They did a montage of something like “The Best of ZZ Top” and left the stage just like they’d entered. It was quite honestly the worst concert we’d either attended anywhere. We listened to a lot of good music on the 65 mile trip home but no ZZ.

            RG, that is a great amendment, only made possible by the fortitude of the founding fathers over 300 years ago. I have serious doubts it could be written and passed without THE Constitution having preceded it.

    • Great news, RG! thanks for posting! It’s about an hour and 20 minutes to get to Rustburg for me, but I might make the trek to show some solidarity.

      • Hi cjm,

        Have you ever been? I have not. I guess it is considered Lynchburg, but they do have a pool hall and actual live music events. I love billiards, but before making the trek I want to confirm that I can play without a mask. If yes, I will happily buy a few beers, some nachos, and play for hours.

        • I’ve been to (and through) Lynchburg a bunch, but never veered south into Rustburg. This weekend’s schedule won’t let me get out there, but maybe I can do some recon next week or next weekend. I’m with you in that we need to support the folks that take a stand like this.

          • Hi cjm!

            My friend Jeff got thrown out of the Roanoke co-op downtown for not wearing the Holy Rag; they threatened to call the Health Heroes on him, too.

              • Morning, cjm!

                Yup. It correlates with downtown being a nest of leftism. This is important to understand. The forced-wearing of the Holy Rag is the means by which dissent with leftism is to be suppressed. We have arrived at the Pol Pot era in American politics. You either agree with the political orthodoxy – show you agree with it – or you are excommunicated.

    • Yes, go Campbell county! Shame it’s a 7 hour drive for me. But we have counties here in Kentucky that don’t really enforce the governor’s crap as well, they just don’t usually advertise it. I’m always on the lookout for stores that don’t require muzzles. Found a couple of tobacco shops and gas stations, otherwise I have to leave town.

      • Hi Jim

        We have a convenience store about 4 miles down the road from us that you get strange looks if you wear a mask. Walking in there feels like old times. 😊

        • RG, the local grocery store has the signs up so they don’t really show. Nobody wears a mask, not even the owner nor employees. I drive up to the gas station and it looks like the days of old. Ever seen anyone with a mask on with a lip full of Copenhagen?

    • https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/virginia-county-rejects-coronavirus-restrictions/2020/12/02/fd1ded56-33e9-11eb-8d38-6aea1adb3839_story.html

      Look at the photo they choose with which to characterize this. You know, dangerous, ignorant hillbillies who like guns and stuff. The Washington Compost- slimy as usual.

      By the way, I noticed this is making national headlines, which I assume is a not too subtle signal to Gauleiter Northam to act.

    • I’m guilty of avoiding the problem, since there is a rural community nearby that recognizes bull shit when they smell it, where I can get all the items I need. My point being, there needs to be confrontation with these morons/psychopaths. Simply avoiding them gains us nothing. The tyranny will spread, and consume these places as well, if it is not directly opposed. I find it a difficult thing to do, because the fact I need to is depressing, and I’m getting too old to fight. I never the less occasionally find the will to confront them. You should do the same.

      • Amen, JWK –

        This is literally a case of “when good men do nothing evil triumphs.” It is imperative to not be cowed by these Freaks, which will only embolden them.

      • Hi JWK,

        I agree with you that we can’t tiptoe around the problem, but I refuse to give these bastards (companies that demand full compliance) my money.
        Why would I spend money at a store with a little mask Nazi at the door then one who doesn’t mind seeing my actual face and doesn’t give me a hard time about it?

        I will support the businesses that support the Constitution and free will. The rest of them can go to hell.

        Vive la resistance!

        • I’m of much the same mind, and that rural town gets nearly all my business, but we still need to force those who are in the mask cult to actually deny us access to their services. Purchasing their services is unimportant. Forcing them to demonstrate their insanity is.

      • Hey JWK,
        We live amongst a society that is content to both tolerate and practice tyranny and collectivism, and our reaction to those practices is not going to alter them. If our fathers and grandfathers had cared enough, back before these things were so universally entrenched; before they were practiced by the vast majority, their actions could have achieved something, but now it is to the point where just avoiding, resisting and remaining free by whatever means we can is really all we can do.

        It’s really no different than if we were living in Nazi Germany: Confront all you want, but when a whole society has collectively gone insane and lost it’s moral compass; when it is brainwashed by a technological infrastructure, and controlled by a giant all-encompassing global power structure that is adept at manipulating human emotions and perception, all we accomplish by gratuitous overt confrontation is to identify ourselves as those needing to be dealt with.

        Never comply- but fly under the radar whenever one can, because any overt confrontation is just an opportunity for them to further entangle us, and to make an example of us. We have no one to fight for us- No NAACP or GLAAD or ACLU- We are the universal enemy around which “the people” and the state can unite- WE are Orwell’s Goldstein.

        • There is an abundance of our fellows that are just as opposed to this neo-religion as we are. Protests against their insanity have drawn huge crowds. Public confrontation encourages more of the same. One needs to adjust the level of confrontation to the locale one lives in. Going to jail over it isn’t productive. Being refused service is. Not being refused service by a business that just goes through the motions to escape the local tyranny is even better.

      • Morning, RG!

        Perhaps it is beginning. Did you see the Health Heroes in NY arresting the bar owner? The crowd was close to tearing the “heroes” to pieces. That is what it’s going to take. These bastards need to learn fear.

        Of us.

        • Hi Eric,

          I did read the article and I am glad a small revolution has started, but what the hell were the cops doing? We need a secret undercover LEO to terrorize a man for opening his business and keeping food on his table?!?! Seriously, we live in a really sick society. Were there no murders or burglaries to solve in Staten Island that day? They just felt the need to harass and physically accost taxpayers? The sickness lies in the fact that most of the American public feels this is okay and acceptable. Of course, until they come for them…..then it is too late.

        • I’m not holding my breath for any revolution amongst people who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to the local leftist government, just to be allowed to live in ‘their own homes’, in a place where their 2A rights have been MIA for several generations.

          It’s just a bread & circuses revolution: Deprive them of their beer and pizza, and they’ll make a little noise, because that’s all they have left in such a place (literally) but they’ll never do anything- not even move away- and even if they wanted to, they can’t even purchase a can of mace or a slingshot, much less a firearm.

          • This is just another example of the NY political mafia showing us who’s boss. No revolution, or meaningful resistance is going to materialize in or around NY state. It’s about as Soviet as you will ever find. If anything, they’ll fight/resist any liberty movement.

            I know it’s just unfathomable to normal people or to those who do not dwell within the NYC orbit. But trust me, as I’m behind enemy lines. Bolshevism is alive and well here. They worship Cuomo here. They see Biden as a religious epiphany. They view everyone outside this area as unsophisticated backwoods rubes, worthy of derision and ridicule. They love their chains, and want us all under their elitist thumb.

            This poor bar owner thought he could overcome the machine, or perhaps that his neighbors and patrons had his back. All a mirage in the imperial land of hate.

  10. I still am amazed that people are ditching friends & family over politics. Now over this.
    Differences of approved, media expressed opinion are no longer being tolerated.

    Despite how much I try, I just can’t fathom the thoughts of these people that hold that a set of viewpoints are more important than tangible relationships. So much so that the “others” are persona non grata.

    I too will not feed the social hypochondria and just hope that people will start to come around to see this for what it is. Experience says this is the real “new normal” however. Government has learned that so long as they make people palpably feel a threat to their person, they will succumb to any amount of brain washing.

    • Hi Dan,

      My tolerance ends where support for violence begins. There has been too much euphemizing. These people want to force us to play Sickness Kabuki – want to punish us (harm us) for denying the True Faith. They intend to impose a permanent Sickness Gulag on all of us.

      I want nothing to do with such people. They are the scum of the Earth. As loathsome as the Germans who squealed that someone was harboring a Jew.

  11. “Because I understand this person is not and may never have been my friend”

    People are being programmed. Many are not who they were a year ago or five years ago. The programming has become very strong and much faster than before. We’re a bunch of people that don’t watch TV news here for the most part. We may not even be immune to it ourselves but we don’t allow ourselves to be exposed to it (in harmful doses) in the first place. I see stuff on occasion on mainstream TV, when I get lunch, or when I visit someone, or someone links a clip online, that sort of thing. It’s horrific what is being done to people. It’s a shock to my system and my reaction is more of wanting to do what Elvis would do (shoot the TV) but to those who have had a regular diet of this, slowly the dose increasing over time, they are programmed. They may not even be themselves any more.

    • Agreed, Brent –

      But every adult has an obligation to do the right thing. If they chose to do the wrong thing, especially to others, then they are culpable. Even if they believe they are doing the right thing. As so many “decent” Germans did in the Nazi era. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

    • I saw a bumper sticker that said “We won’t go back.”, I saw a sign that said “Why go back to normal when we can go to something better?” Anyone that thinks 2020 was better than 2019 isn’t only programmed, it’s debatable they even qualify as human.

      I’m ashamed. I took the old world for granted. Yeah, life was still shit at times, I still bitched and complained, but the things I complained about seem trivial now. I would take that world over this one. There was more personal liberty in NYC one year ago that there is anywhere in the country today, with a few exceptions.

      • Nah, Brandon! It’s just been getting progressively worse for many decades. It’s just that at some point, it gets to the point where we’ve lost so much that there’s really no room for it to get any worse, until they just start executing people overtly- speaking of which, the DOJ has recently reinstated the use of firing squads and hangings….. https://www.jurist.org/news/2020/11/doj-amends-federal-execution-protocols-expanding-execution-methods/
        so I guess they’ll be taking it all the way… (Why else would they do this in reality, unless they’re planning for many hasty executions?)

        I just really feel bad for those of your generation, ’cause you guys truly got cheated, because you never really even got to experience any real freedom or social normalcy. Not that that would matter to most- as it certainly hasn’t to the majority of my generation- but to those like yourself to whom it WOULD matter…phew…yous really got shafted!

        • Yup, I’m reminded of that 6ft. high wall of sandbags in downtown Saigon, in ’66. Nothing keeps the populace in line like a public execution.

      • For those who want to suck all the joy out of life, the control freaks and safety cultists and everyone who wants power over other human beings it’s been a very good year. These people have plagued the human race for thousands of years.

          • eric, I just saw that on smart tv. It’s coming, war that is, inside this country. In 2020 we have gained more debt than in the entire history of the country.

            I recently cut ties with every big corporation because I found a list of who support BLM. Soon, we’ll be hard-pressed to eat. I have beef, about to have another, venision, about to have more and in a few days, wild hog, the best damned eating you ever had. But the garden will be our saving grace. I don’t even want to think about taxes that might be levied on me. I won’t be able to pay except with lead and copper coins.

      • Brando- I actually agree with that since this country has been getting progressively more totalitarian since Reagan left, not that he was all that great either, but Bush 1 and the rest have taken a huge steaming dump on my home. So yes, lets come back a lot better- the governments have been way too big for their britches for a very long time and it’s past due to fix that.

      • Hi Brent, You’re right. This truly was a year of clarity, for me at least. People and institutions showing who they really are. People you never thought would go for this shit. People you thought were rational. Perhaps they are. Perhaps the logical explanation is that they like this.

        It’s like it’s not enough for them to have the power and the money. They want to create misery.

        The rot is so pervasive, that the country more closely reflects a carcass than a living thing.

        Nunz, this is the first major loss of liberty to happen on my watch. All the other shit I was too young to understand or care. So when I awoke I didn’t feel a sense of responsibility for my slavery, as the system was in place before I could do anything about it. But I was fully awake for this psyop. And I watched my own liberty slip from my ever tightening grip, and watched my future go from one of comfortable contentment to one where I can’t imagine even being alive 10 years from now. I’ll probably have put a bullet in my own head long before they come to hang me. I feel I have failed. I feel culpable. I feel responsible for the loss of future generations. Of course looking at the total population, most of them probably wouldn’t care about the liberty lost in this time either. But still.

        Ernie, I have a feeling these messages are made and displayed by those who wish to go along with the bolshevik, no private property, depopulation, great reset thing. They think they’ll be one of the 500 million left standing, living in utopia with the deplorables gone.

        People talk about civil war and fixing things and fighting back. We’ll see. Talk is easy, sacrifice, risk, is hard. I don’t want to fight. But that’s another choice that I seem to have no control over.

        If it turns out great, if the military is on our side or whatever, fine, then let’s go forward and not go back. But of course we don’t know. I’m risk adverse. I’ll take 2019. My life was relatively fine and free then. Next year? 2030? We’ll see.

  12. Two replies I’ve been using, one on “asymptomatic” , one on “u don have da right to get me sic,” the final on “every1 must haz vaccine”

    1. “You could be asymptomatic.” Right, because of all those times you’ve spread tuberculosis to others when you didn’t have it or were asymptomatic, or all the people you got sick with the flu in the years past when you were “asymptomatic.”

    2. No right to get me sick. “I’m not. Furthermore, YOU have no right to force others to inject a foreign substance into their body. That’s rape. Secondly, since vaccines have side effects and complications and are “so safe and effective” that vaccine companies made sure they couldn’t be indemnified, YOU have no right to potentially hurt other people. Stalemate, fuckface.”

    3. Every1 must haz vaccine: Right…my eating healthy food won’t work unless you eat healthy food too. If you don’t eat healthy food, you can pass on your habits to me. You have no right to do that. It doesn’t work unless everyone eats healthy food.”

    I intentionally misspelled words because that’s the intelligence level of these dumb fucking pieces of shit walking around.

    Hang in there. Outlast them. Their retarded thinking will come back and tidal wave on them soon.

    • Michael, just tell ’em: “If yooz be feelin’ ill affa bean in muh presense, ahmo use muh sailfawm to call da amberlamps for you. Gnomesain?”

    • They’ll cheer the government putting people like us in camps. I think such a thing was proposed in Canada already. Mild mannered Canada, putting people who won’t accept the vaccine into camps.

  13. I am a Christian, and I recognize as a fellow Christian anyone whosoever who lives a life of virtue.

    The oppressors of the world (which includes the diaper-police), regardless of what any of them might say, are NOT Christians in any meaningful sense of the word. They will all be destroyed in the lake of fire. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  14. I’ve never ever heard of asymptomatic in my 52 years, that was enough to make me call Bullshit! on all of this. All these months since we started this, still not sick, or dead.

    • “Asymptomatic” is the adult version of an imaginary friend or fairy tale. It’s not real; it’s not there; it doesn’t exist, but we’ll speak of it and act like it is real….. Just like their mythical vaccines: There is NO actual scientific data proving that any vaccine ever actually worked, and real scientists admit that they don’t know how vaccines really work…but somehow it is “scientific” to believe in vaccines…….

      • I saw a meme the other day that was spot on.

        “If the lockdowns worked, why are we locking down again?

        If the lockdowns didn’t work, why are we locking down again?”

        Spot on with pretty much all this insanity.

        I had a similar encounter the other day to you Eric. It wasn’t a friend, but a business aquaintance. A guy I haven’t seen since this whole thing started. I happened to mention that at some point this will just have to make it’s way through the population. He absolutely lost his mind. I wasn’t “taking this seriously.” Mind you this was a professional visit so I had to have a diaper on. This is a guy that’s usually logical, acting completely insane.

  15. Be very careful in dealing with the crazy. I have a lifetime of experience in dealing with it in various capacities. People go insane in groups as a rule, but only return to reason individually and at different rates.

    We’re outnumbered- smart reasoning people are and always have been outnumbered. What is worse, is smart evil people are driving the mob into a frenzy- making them crazier and turning them on each other and everyone, but especially against smart, reasoning, sane people.

    Be very careful in dealing with a mob- it is by definition not a rational beast- it is crazy. There is no right answer in dealing with crazy- sometimes we have to nod sympathetically but refuse to go along, sometimes we have to use humor- laugh at them- but not too much because that also stirs up their emotions. Sometimes we have to quietly stare them down until they unwind and slink away.

    Only if they are wobbling off the edge of sanity and be pulled back is it worth confronting them with truth.

    My point is that if we’re cutting ties with friends and family because they are temporarily driven mad by fear and panic, by the weaponized hypochondria pushed at every level- we’re doing the work of the bad guys by isolating ourselves. This is a bad idea- as viscerally satisfying as it is to turn our back on the crazy. Sometimes it is necessary, but keep your eye on the ball.

    I have a family funeral to go to this week. They say he died of Covid. It will be impolite to point out the the poor SOB had cancer and it came back and that he’s been drunk pretty much continuously for the last 13 years. Apparently Covid causes your liver to disintegrate…

    There will be a mask requirement at the event. I am struggling with how to deal with this- I will probably don the stinking beast mark for as little time as possible and tell people why I’m leaving early.

    I’m open to creative suggestions on dealing with this one- it’s not like a store where I can just refuse my business, or a job where they have to pay me to wear mostly useless and counterproductive PPE anyway.

    • I’m with you, but as a parent I know you can’t reason with a child having a melt down. I’m not a psychological counselor, and ill equipped to deal with adult children who exhibit mental illness, be it organic or driven by hysterical pablum vomited forth by political leaders or self-appointed elitists. Thus, we diverge in that I don’t see this as an act of isolating ourselves, but rather isolating them. Let them contemplate what they’ve lost. They’re the flailing swimmer who is going to drown the rescuer, and I want no part of that. I don’t want their stink on me.

      As you say, they need to return to reason, and at that time reflect on the personal destruction they have wrought. My life is stressful as it is, and I just will not abide the edicts, actions, behavior, and musings of people who let themselves be manipulated into a state of crazy.

      Good luck with the funeral. Maybe a neck gaiter, which is somewhat less douchy, at least in appearance. And bring a bottle of water that you sip slowly and discreetly with the gaiter pulled down.

      • ‘Zactly BAC! These deluded maskers are no different than the mostly (non)peaceful ‘protestors’ or any other hastily-acting mob. One can not reason with them. If one does not separate from them, one either becomes a victim, or becomes complicit or a participant in the mob’s actions.

        The overlords are well aware of the human tendency which makes most people crave the acceptance, affirmation, and fellowship of those around them- and they exploit that tendency to corral most strays: Control the mob and make it’s behavior appear normal, and the rest will conform if for nothing else than for fear of being ostracized- regardless of their personal feelings/beliefs on a given issue.

        They have long used the media to accomplish that technique of social control- and now it is even worse, as they have invented social(ist) media and smartphones, which have now basically made that conformity to “the norm” a 24/7 thing- whereas it used to be something that was restricted somewhat to the time one spent actually consuming TV or radio broadcasts, or actually being in social situations.

        The BEST thing we can do, is disengage ourselves from any situations/relationships which keep us from doing what is propitious to maintian our freedom and proper outlook and privacy, because just as was the case in the USSR and Nazi Germany, and just as the Bible foretold, even our very friends, brothers, and members of our own households will betray us.

        The only way one can avoid being a part of the rioting mob, is to physically separate from them. If you go to the riot, even as a neutral party, you will be forced to pick a side- and neither side is our side, because the only choices are: Rioter; Victim; or mercenary who quells the rioters in the name of the state. I don’t want to be any of those things, because any of them force me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, for causes I don’t even have a stake in. Let them battle it out for their respective sides…I’ll watch the flames from afar.

        • Hi Nunz –

          Strange facet of human psychology is this need to conform. But social media really ramps it up to ludicrous speed – society has, in effect, “gone to plaid.” The need now is what I call e-Jonesing, or the need for people to fit into the facade and Potemkin village and keep up with or better the false persona others create in their profiles, photos, and memes. Couple this with a false sense of anonymity and security behind a computer screen, and they feel justified in verbally tearing others down and destroying relationships with their family, friends, and neighbors who are all their perceived enemy now. They then act in the same uncivilized, boorish manner in person. It’s awful.

          Screw that. I figure only dead fish swim with the stream. Like you, I desire to watch the flames from over there. The problem is, I’m not sure that’s possible.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I’m sorry to hear about the death in your family – and the dilemma posed by the funeral. I am dealing with something similar, which I have touched on before. My mom – in hear early 80s – now resides in a state-controlled prison for the elderly; i.e., a “care” facility. No family members have been allowed to see her since she was imprisoned there back in April. I doubt I will ever see her again, even if “permission” is eventually given for family to visit – because I expect such “permission” to be conditional on my wearing a Holy Rag and probably on my being vaccinated as well. I will do neither. My mom has advanced dementia; she barely remembers me at this point. I will not show up with a god-damned rag over my face, for her sake. The poor woman won’t even know who I am and will be baffled or terrified by the idiotic costume.

      I have accepted that she is gone, even though she is technically still alive.

      But the hate I feel burns hot.

    • “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
      Friedrich Nietzsche–Beyond Good and Evil Ch. 4

    • I’m dealing with the same quandary about masking up. AFTER the VA cancelled my annual blood draw and checkup 6 months ago, they have finally scheduled it. I’m sure if I go in to the clinic maskless, there will be hell to pay resulting in my being ejected. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll wear it on my forehead.

  16. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my “obligations” as a citizen in light of these mask demands. Do such obligations exist? What are they? Are they written down someplace, as are my “rights” in the US Constitution?
    As a gen-Xer, I spent most of my youth being told the world owes me nothing. I just recently realized the opposite is true, too. I don’t really “owe” the world anything either. Our obligations as a citizen are made up, whatever the individual decides they are based on his personal ethics, religion, brainwashing, etc. The obligations I’ve chosen to be my responsibility are “don’t hurt people” and “don’t take their stuff.” I have yet to decide if inadvertently passing along a virus when I live in a society that has no immunity qualifies as “hurting people.”
    You’ll be glad to know you aren’t a lonely voice in the desert regarding these ridiculous fearmask mandates. The Federalist has really been pushing the issue lately. An excerpt from my favorite so far:

    “Part of this social tension comes down to our different dispositions, regardless of the evidence. If you’ve ever forced a muzzle onto your dog’s snout, you know there are three kinds of pups born into this world: those who prance around proudly because they’re wearing something special; those who couldn’t care less; and those who will cringe and struggle, and then, having been muzzled against their will, will sulk in shame.

    “Humans are much the same. Some true believers are so intent on virtue-signaling, you’ll see them sport a mask while they walk alone, out in the sunshine, like they have a faded Obama-Biden yard sign strapped to their face. They’ll still be wearing them in 2024, like prancing pups.

    “Most of the folks you see masked at the grocery store, just trudging along as they would any other day, fall into the second category. They’d wear a red Bozo nose and a sequined leotard if it meant they wouldn’t get hassled.

    “Those of us in the naked-face community fall into the last category. Even if it’s for our own good, we can’t stand being muzzled, and as the pandemic restrictions grow more ridiculous, our patience is wearing thin. This frustration is not out of disrespect for others, either.

    “If I choose to visit Rome, I do as the Romans do. The problem is that Rome moved its border to my doorstep, and if Pennsylvania’s ghoulish health secretary is any indication, the centurions are itching to step inside and start barking orders.”

    • I would think that being a good citizen pretty closely follows the ten commandments. Don’t steal, lie, kill etc.

      As far as the face diaper, I am in category three to a point. If it had been scientifically shown that these things actually work prior to this year vs. the exact opposite conclusion….then I may have no problem wearing one. But since all studies show no real effect of a diaper then I am not on board. Plus….if these things were so effective then why are the CASES! increasing so much? I know for a fact around me at least 90% of people are wearing them if not more. No one seems to be asking the question why this is happening if a mask were so effective.

      • Speaking of the ten commandments. Isn’t it telling that God only has ten laws for his children to live by. The Stateanists children are placed into bondage by thousands of laws and regulations-and now the muzzle to steal your voice and identity. Next comes the rape. When you’re all used up its snuff time.

        Happiness in slavery lyrics fou you.

        [Verse 1]
        (Slave screams) He thinks he knows what he wants
        (Slave screams) Thinks he has something to say
        (Slave screams) He hears but doesn’t want to listen
        (Slave screams) He’s being beat into submission

        [Chorus 1]
        Don’t open your eyes you won’t like what you see
        The devils of truth steal the souls of the free
        Don’t open your eyes, take it from me
        I have found
        You can find
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery

        [Verse 2]
        (Slave screams) He spends his life learning conformity
        (Slave screams) He claims he has his own identity
        (Slave screams) He’s going to cause the system to fall
        (Slave screams) But he’s glad to be chained to that wall

        [Chorus 2]
        Don’t open your eyes you won’t like what you see
        The blind have been blessed with security
        Don’t open your eyes, take it from me
        I have found
        You can find
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery

        I don’t know what I am I don’t know where I’ve been
        Human junk just words and so much skin
        Stick my hands through the cage of this endless routine
        Just some flesh caught in this big broken machine

        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        Happiness in slavery
        It controls you
        It controls you

    • Hi Amy,

      Fellow Gen X’er here. I think my main objection to the Holy Rag is that it is a religious symbol. A visual affirmation of belief in the tenets of a cult, which I find despicable. Bad enough to be ordered to do something. Not even the IRS makes you wear a T shirt that reads: I love paying taxes.

      The Holy Rag is essentially that. You look as though you agree – they can see they made you do it. Made you look – and act – like a fool.

      God-damn them.

      • Agree. Basically, I hate to comply with anything coming from some fat, power hungry bunghole who managed to get elected to office simply because he’s the only one who ran. Where does he get such authority over my day to day activities and choices? I didn’t willingly cede it to him. He’s not any smarter than me.
        A good example of my unwillingness to comply is the stupid seat belt laws put in place at the behest of the insurance mafia, as you call it. I have no philosophical objection to wearing a seat belt. I think they do actually save lives since it is probably better to stay in your seat when your car is being tossed about or rolling down a highway embankment.
        But it’s absolutely not up to the aforementioned fat bunghole to save my life by ordering me to use safety equipment. If I am worried about wrecking my car (and sometimes I am, such as during a recent ice storm), I will use the seatbelt. But it should be my choice. Most times, that choice is “no.” When I do wear it, I always have a sarcastic mental monologue running: “Look at ME! I’m SUCH a good citizen!!”
        Funny story about my wonderful, rule-shirking mother, the person who taught me how to drive and encouraged thumbing one’s nose at all forms of authoritah. She never wore her seatbelt. But after I was grown up, she went to work as an RN at a trauma hospital, treating the patients who usually came in on Lifeline helicopter. After seeing firsthand, night after night, the effects of car accidents on both belted and unbelted patients, she chose to always wear her seatbelt. But it was HER choice.

        • Excellent, Amy!

          I probably acquired some of my love of speed from my mom, who used to rack up the Olds 98 (this was a real-deal model, with the 455 Rocket and the long, rectangular speedo that bunched up in the middle (50,60, 70) and the opened up to 80, 90…100 … 120) to triple digit speeds on the Merritt Parkway while my sister and I shrieked with delight.

          The poor woman is now imprisoned in a state-run prison for the elderly.

          • That’s the memory you should hang on to.

            I’ve been down the same road with my father developing dementia before he passed. At times he was there and other times I was called one of the dog’s names that died 40 years ago. At some point I realized he was not mentally coming back.

            It’s a hard road.

          • My mom and dad both drove fast on the freeways. I got my love of speed and freedom from them. Certainly not my siblings. My oldest brother was happy when congress passed the 55 mph speed limit as it was saaaaaaafe and saved gaaaaas. Although a “conservative” Republican, he definitely has a safety cultist mindset. He is always worried that I am going to get the rona. The other one is an environmentalist. COVID is tailor made for his lifestyle bullshit. He believes everyone shoudl ride a bicycle and eat organic foods. He hates cars, although he doesn’t seem to make the connection that every convenience he enjoys is because of having 4 wheels. He is also an avid masker and he highlights the supposed successes of New Zealand at controlling COOOVID. People like him and me can’t coexist in this country. They have turned it into a literal hellhole for the sane and rational people among us. I feel like I am the insane one at times.

            • Morning, Swamp!

              I’m lucky; my sister is also a Speed Freak (and a Diaper Refuser).I taught her to drive stick, using an old VW. She currently owns a manual-equipped Honda Element and does things like ignore the “chains required” signs on the way to snowboard in CA – and gets where she’s headed because she knows how to drive.

              I intend to teach her daughter- my niece – how to drive, too!

              I agree in re the Diaper Freaks and us. Coexistence is not possible. It will be either some form of peaceful political separation or it will be them – or us.

              This is horrible, of course. But it is they who made it so. We – people like you and I and the rest here – don’t object to the Freaks wearing “their” Diapers, if they wish to wear them. But they object very much to us not wearing “ours” – in air quotes to make the point that people like us haven’t got the damned things (well, I don’t) and so the possessive doesn’t apply.

    • Also classified as generation “X” and was also told the world owes me nothing but throughout my life there has been this countless pounding that instead I owe the world. Why? I see all these people who have made themselves useless and worse than useless and the “leaders” that pander to them saying that people like myself, productive and prudent supposedly owe them what we produce. It’s insane. I can get some really vile verbal reactions when I say that if a particular line is crossed I’ll stop working. These people feel they own our productivity.

      What I cannot stand is social rituals, especially social rituals of submission. But so called normal people love this crap and can’t get enough of it apparently. I couldn’t stand these rituals in school and I can’t stand them now. But now there is no life without them. Nothing is safe from them any more.

      We are in a vortex of Puritan busy bodies , safety cultists, and social ritual that is an outright hellscape.

      On seat belts, I wear seat belts because when I haven’t I don’t like the feeling of not being part of the vehicle. It’s something that started with bicycle riding for me. I feel a lack of control when not wearing one. My body will want to slide out of position and so on. Of course that can’t happen on two wheels, but with the seat belt it’s more like being on two wheels. Yes I know a proper racing seat could do the same without a seat belt or harness but well my cars don’t have those and I am not spending the money to put them in.

  17. “A man does good business when he rids himself of a turd.”

    Eric, I agree with ol’ Eddy- Better to rid oneself of a turd, than to have it burgled!

    A fairy who likes guns- how Freudian is THAT?! Hey…he may be a serial killer- What’s that he says? There aren’t any dead bodies in his freezer or under his rose bed? Well…he’s just asymptomatic! Where are all of these dead bodies from the ‘Rona?!

    It just illustrates how screwed we are; how completely society has fallen; and how there is no fixing things: You would expect liberal nut-job SJWs to adopt the attitude displayed by your former friend…but the sad truth is that it’s now everyone who is so deluded by all of the BS. The mind-control is now so far-reaching and thorough, that those who can manage to see even a glint of reality are in the tiniest minority.

    Comparatively, there were a lot of Germans who didn’t believe the Nazi propaganda, and who sympathized with and even helped the Jews. We are in a far worse situation than the Germans who did not go along, because we are a mere few grains of salt sprinkled across the entire world- and would not even be aware of each other but for the interwebz (And we will likely lose that option shortly).

    I guess your former friend likes taking it up the ass, anyway- but WE sure don’t!

  18. I despise this “asymptomatic” bullshit.

    Why can we not use honest language like, Healthy? Asymptomatic is healthy. Healthy means you aren’t sick.

    We can’t be honest because that doesn’t fit the lying narrative. The narrative cannot be questioned because cults cannot abide the honest seeking of truth.

      • They have to say “Asymptomatic”, ’cause if they used the plain-English version: “You don’t look sick to me”, it would defeat their very premise for wanting us to wear the rag!

        • It’s like having a case of asymptomatic diarrhea. It’s ridiculous. You have diarrhea or you don’t. You have a cold, or you don’t. You are sick, or you aren’t. Healthy or sick.

          It’s so ridiculous.

          • Eggsactly, Ancap- “Asymptomatic” just means that some test which has a 94% fals false positive rate says that you’re sick…but you’re not sick.

  19. Hi Eric, I’m a gay man and a liberty promoter. Sadly the gay community is very statest. You did the right thing. Gay and straight, I’ve been cutting the “friendships” like crazy lately. Things are getting serious and we cant’ afford fair weather friends in times like these. You’d think gays would understand that corona is a hoax because HIV=AIDS was too. Some groups just dig in their heals.

    Side story: I enjoyed your account of passing off a motor cycle helmet as a Covid protective device a while back. I recently did the same donning a beekeeper veil. The sheeple around acted as though I were a crazy person. You and I know who’s crazy though.

    Meadow Bridge, WV
    (we’re practically neighbors)

    • Amen, Jeff –

      It’s (sadly) ironic that people who especially ought to know better about being hassled for no reason are among the most virulent hasslers. I thought I knew this ex-friend of mine. I now know better.

    • Jeff,

      I’ve also been “reorganizing” my social life and network. At the risk of sounding like a Pollyanna, I’m finding a silver lining in that while my friend network is diminishing in raw numbers, I’m spending more quality time with the friends that I’ve retained who share important values with me. So where variety has decreased, comfort and enrichment have increased. Stay positive!


  20. It’s literally like we’ve never had airborne viruses before. The WuFlu is the first time a virus has ever been spread by aerosol, the first time people have died from an airborne virus, the first time people have ever felt terrible upon coming down with the airborne virus, the first time respiratory ailments have ever happened in people, and the first time hospitals have ever seen ‘swarms’ of people coming in with an airborne virus or respiratory ailments.
    There is no such thing as influenza.
    No such thing as tuberculosis.
    No such thing as pneumonia.
    No such thing as a bacteria respiratory infection.
    I’d say I’m stunned by this, but that’s silly. People have become more and more subdued over the years and will bow and scrape before “their betters”, dropping any sense of logic and reason because someone says “I’m a doctor/scientist and I know better. Don’t listen to those other doctors/scientists. Only I know the truth”.
    We can turn to the GLOBALCLIMATEWARMINGCHANGEGREENHOUSE ‘debate’ to see an almost exact parallel. A small group of ‘scientists’ say humans are directly impacting the climate stability of the earth and only through their suggestions and with government intervention can it be stopped. They throw around the worst possible news and make exaggerated statements like “97% of scientists agree”. When you introduce logic, reason, and a little research, the truth is very different. Things aren’t apocalyptical. Government action appears to have actually helped a lot of the issues to be worse. The level of anthropogenic impact varies based on who you talk to, from actual scientists who work in the field. There is no consensus within the scientific community at all. But because it’s splashed all over the news and demanded by .GOV, doom-and-gloom must be true.
    I have an aunt who is terrified of all this and when I told her she already lived through the H3N2 pandemic when she went to Woodstock, she was dumbfounded. It didn’t change her mind at all, but she had no clue about it.

    • Gabe, I think you can take it even a step further and say that people are acting like death was unknown before the CoronaHoax. We were all immortal before this imaginary virus came onto the scene and brought imminent death to every doorstep. Now we must all be afraid, very afraid, and those fears must nullify every aspect of a sane and free existence.

  21. I had a similar experience this past Sunday on a call with a friend of 13 years. She felt proud to relay the story about how she chewed out an undiapered woman in a store, went to the manager and complained that “it’s the law, she needs to wear a mask, no exceptions” and proceeded to get this poor shopper accosted by the manager. I asked why it was any of her business, or why she acted like a pompous asshole. Because it’s the law, she replied. That this poor shopper was endangering lives with her undiapered selfishness.

    I politely ended the call, and decided I cannot abide this. I will not speak with her ever again. I don’t want friends or associates of mine who behave like this. Clearly, she’d rat me and my family out when the government goes hunting for us, the new Polish Jews. F that, F her, and F everyone and anyone who thinks and acts like this. Good German piece of shit.

    • Amen, Bac –

      These pitiable and very dangerous creatures will “rat us out.” They will cheer as we are forced to submit to vaccinations or excommunicated from society. Or worse.

      F them is right.

    • These Karens are so strange. So you are supposed to be wearing the diaper at least 50% to keep yourself from being sick. The other 50% is to supposedly to keep others from being sick. If person A is wearing their own diaper then what does it matter if person B is or not as A’s mask supposedly is a magical force field. The cognitive dissonance of these people is so baffling to anyone with a brain.

      • So when confronted with the reality that any random rag isn’t going to stop a virus they came up with the droplet theory. That the droplets get caught in the fibers some or most of the time. Never mind what happens when the next droplet comes along and collides with the ones already in fibers but I digress. So now we have some unknown statistical model of droplets with viruses that get caught or move on through sooner or later. Hence the doubling down of both people needing to have masks and wearing a mask over a mask.

        It’s just so much nonsense and when it shown not to work they double down on it. I’ve pointed out time and time again without an engineering standard it’s all theater and never do I get anything more than ‘something is better than nothing’ as if that even applies here.

        It’s just insanity. People who have no clue how anything works dictating what everyone else should be doing. If this mask thing were more than social ritual, more than symbols of control, more than virtue signalling it would be backed up with an engineering standard. Without an engineering standard it’s LARPing. But see most people will not wear even N95 let alone a P100. N95 is where some benefit might start under the droplet theory. Maybe depending on the type of N95. Actual protection begins with the N100/P100. After that you’re getting into hazmat suit like stuff. Thing is nobody is going to put up with an N or P100 so it’s this symbolic any rag will do.

  22. Hi Eric,

    I am sorry to hear this. A 20 year friendship is a difficult loss. The sad thing is it all driven by politics. These politicians have messed with the American psyche so much over the last 10 months most people don’t know which way is up or which way is down. Families relations have been strained, friendships have been torn apart, and we are all walking around with chips on our shoulders.

    I cannot imagine going into another year of this.

  23. Been through this same situation, albeit more indirectly. Gun guy from VA also whose diapered himself and kids since day one while raging constantly about Coonman illegalizing 12 round mags. I chalk it up to his wife being a gov’t employee and calling a lot of the tunes in their lives. The question I always ask is “do you think you’re never going to get sick again, of anything, or that you’re never going to die, of any cause, if only the right law is passed by a politician?” There is usually a moment of blankness, then either an angry, silent retreat or a mind-controlled, rote recitation of how masks and other public health measures “have electrolytes.” Welcome to Crazytown.

    • > how masks and other public health measures “have electrolytes.”

      Dammit…Idiocracy was supposed to be 500 years in the future. It’s not even been fifteen!

      • Hi Scott,

        Yup! I’ve openly proposed to several Sickness Psychotics, members of the Cult, that I appear on live TeeVee and be doused with a barrel of Corona; hell, I’ll gargle with it to prove the point.

          • In Mexico, Corona is the cheapest beer you can buy. It tastes even cheaper than that. I was visiting in a small town. The best beer I could find was Negra Modelo.

            After half a dozen of us drinking for hours my nephew said “Do you realize your beer costs twice what our beer does(Corona)”?

            My reply “Do you realize I’ve bought every round”?

            If Corona was the only beer available I’d quit drinking.


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