Abusive Relationships

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If you’ve ever read about abusive relationships, you already know one of the top five criteria defining such:

If you try to leave me . . . I’ll kill you.

The relationship, in other words, isn’t consensual and thus by definition violent. More precisely, it is one-sidedly violent. The violent party uses threats of violence (and if those aren’t sufficient, actual violence) to force the other party to remain when she – or he – would rather go.

The same applies politically – to they.

As for example the cohort of American colonists (it wasn’t all of them) who no longer wanted to remain in a political relationship with the government of Great Britain, its king and parliament. The king and parliament would not accept a peaceful parting-of-the-ways and sent troops to use violence against the “rebellious” colonists. The latter in air-fingers quotation marks to make note of the abusive verbiage. The colonists who objected to being forced to submit to the king and parliament (who are these people? – as Seinfeld used to say) were etymologically framed as “rebellious” – implying they had an obligation to remain in a relationship they considered abusive.

Which was abusive, by definition. Because any relationship you’re forced to remain in (with threats of violence and actual violence used to keep you in it) is abusive by definition. Even if it is not entirely malignant. Most relationships have their good points. The king and parliament weren’t all bad and the colonies did enjoy some benefits arising from the relationship with Great Britain, such as the protection of the Royal Navy.

But that is all beside the point. Or – rather – the point is that if you’re forced to remain in a relationship when you’d prefer not to be in it, then whatever might have been good about it becomes irrelevant.

The people of the Southern Confederacy attempted to divorce themselves from what they and practically everyone else (excepting such as Abraham Lincoln) had regarded as a voluntary relationship entered into by the respective states that together had successfully  divorced themselves from Great Britain. The word states is italicized to emphasize the different meaning the term had when the divorce was finalized. At the time, it mean – essentially – sovereign countries, which is what each state then considered itself to be. When Jefferson spoke of his country, he meant Virginia – not something called the United States, which was a term in the plural at that time.

It now has a different meaning, of course – courtesy of the man who told the people of the Southern Confederacy, if you try to leave me . . . I’ll kill you.

Not in precisely those words; Lincoln was an eloquent man who conveyed his meaning more elegantly. But it was clear what he meant – and did.

His defenders jump out of their seats about now and begin to harangue about the evils of slavery – and it was very evil, indeed. It is also incidental – historically and otherwise. Lincoln did not free any slaves in the Northern states until after the Southern states had been forced back into the (ahem) “union.” The much-heralded Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves – rhetorically – in the states that were in “rebellion.”

There’s that word, again.

Lincoln himself said (see Thomas DiLorenzo’s books about this) that he would free no slaves if doing that would preserve the (ahem) “union.” That was always his goal. Freeing slaves was incidental to it.

Enslaving the states of the South – and the North – was essential to it.

The latter italicized to make a point of the fact that what was done to the Southern states was also by implication done to the Northern states and to the people of the United States. None of them were free to leave the relationship, no matter how abusive it got. The one meaningful recourse open to every individual in an abusive relationship and acknowledged by almost everyone (excepting abusive people) to be a legitimate and necessary recourse is denied to every individual within what is now the United States, singular.

They are united by force – not common bonds of affection and mutual interest. It is a “union” not fundamentally dissimilar from the kind that existed on Southern plantations between master and slave. The defining attribute of the latter’s state being he was not free to end the relationship. He never even had the opportunity to freely enter into it.

And neither did we.

Did you ever give your consent to be governed? If you did not, then how can it be intelligibly said that you are governed by consent? And if you have not consented – and if you do not wish to be governed without having given it – then what is the nature of the relationship you’re forced to remain within?

. . .

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  1. Eric, I appreciate your views and admire your ability with words. In case you haven’t already found them (a slim but non-zero chance), here are 2 resources you might like. Spooner was alive and fulminating during Lincoln’s reign, and Legalman (of ‘the quash’) fulminates currently, and presents Spooner’s arguments in somewhat condensed form.
    Merry Christmas!



    • Thanks, Pony!

      I’ve been a fan of Spooner’s since I first found him back in high school, shortly after discovering Mencken. The latter’s short book on “Democracy” ought to be read by every kid in school. If it were, we’d not be where are.

      • Hi Eric

        We both know why real history and critical thinking are not part of the Empires “education system”. Which has been revealed as little more than indoctrination camps for young minds. Hell, even the founders generation didn’t abide by their own rules. Remember the Alien and Sedition acts? Or the so called “Whiskey Rebellion”? Coercive power by its very nature corrupts. Especially when it is used to advance the various agendas of the Usual Suspects™.
        Which is why the US didn’t remain a republic. Empires are VASTLY more profitable. Odd how that pattern continues to repeat itself, isn’t it? That is why reading and understanding G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Eustace Mullins The Secrets of the Federal Reserve is so vital. In a related note, its highly amusing to look at Wokipedia’s propaganda entries on people and topics on the Woke’s extensive hate list. The number of ist’s and ism’s attributed to them is always a good indication that they would be worth further research. 🙂 I hope you had a great Christmas.

        • Indeed, BJ –

          The conflict of 1861-1865 has been very successfully framed as a “rebellion” (few ask why that is necessarily a contemptible thing) that was about “slavery.” Thus, they are amenable to the catcall that the South was “racist” and (thus) the North was doing God’s work by vanquishing the “rebellion.”

          The slavery issue did give the Lincolnites the excuse they needed to posture as the doers of God’s Work, however. Just the same the firing on Fort Sumter gave Lincoln the pretext for the massive military response he then pursued. I also have long thought it was a mistake for the Confederacy to establish its capital at Richmond rather than much deeper south and to not adopt a strategy that would have forced the Federal armies to march deep into the South and be sniped at all the way (and all the time) per Nathan Bedford Forrest.

          Maybe next time…

        • G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Eustace Mullins The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

          …….Edward Griffin stole Eustace Mullins work…..

  2. Lincoln freed the slaves but enslaved the states, which we’re still enduring. I still see U.S. stenographers (journalists) writing howlers such as “The Civil War Settled the Issue of whether states can secede”. That’s nonsense, nothing legally was solved, merely “Try to leave and we kill you”. A successful secession movement will either be a muscular state, such as Texas, or it will happen at a time when there’s so much mayhem and disorder that the central state can’t do anything, or doesn’t care about states leaving.

    • Two thoughts:

      RE: “it will happen at a time when there’s so much mayhem and disorder that the central state can’t do anything”

      …That’s what they want. They have a plan… to do, “anything”.

      RE: “or doesn’t care about states leaving.”

      So long as they…are. They will always care about that, & will do everything in their power to stop it. …It’s how they roll.

      💥 DON’T TAKE the BAIT! 💥

      Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara


  3. I suspect that the drive to cancel all things Confederate during the last few years is, contrary to popular belief, NOT about “We must make atonement for the legacy of slavery” or about “These statues and monuments are offensive to African Americans whose ancestors were slaves and glorify slavery.”

    What it’s really about is “Don’t even THINK about rebellion or secession.”

    • If the statue of Robert E. Lee can be heated to the melt stage, genocided, all the way to a chunk of bronze, then the Jews can be burned into a crisp too. Apparently, they do it to themselves over there, they don’t need any help, I guess. The IDF is good at killing Israelis, way to go!

      To hell with them. And shame on them too.

      Long live Robert E. Lee!

      You can still buy Confederate flags and every rebel on the planet has one.

      I even have a German flag, Deustchland Uber Alles! I even have one of those tiny American flags, they never wear out.

      Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore, John Prine wrote the words to the song.

      Might as well burn all the flags, except for the Jew flag. You will bleed white and turn blue, just what they want. Heil to all of the Jews! God’s Chosen shitheads! God bless them, one and all, I’d rather be in hell for all eternity, it would be heaven.

      Please resurrect the Confederate States of America flag, better than being bled white and turned blue. The Chosen chose the right colors, at this point, it doesn’t matter. Avoid them at all costs, they’re proven animals, not humans.

      Palestinians have the right colors for a flag, red and green and white, Christmas themed. The black is for the winter solstice.

      Thank you, Jesus!

      Stand with the Jews, nobody else; they don’t deserve it, but stand with them anyway.

      If you die standing with them, that is just too bad.

      The merriest Christmas to all of the inhabitants on this god-forsaken earth during the darkest winter ever.

      • A thought. worth thinking about:

        “The merriest Christmas to all of the inhabitants on this god-forsaken earth during the darkest winter ever.”

        …Is this, the darkest winter ever? Idk.

        ‘Did you know about the LASERS?!? You do now!!’


        …I think, maybe… while things seem darkest before the dawn, … it may just get darker, for awhile? Idk.

      • Hi Gil,

        The Confederates were patriots in that they fought to defend their country, just the same as the American colonists who fought to defend theirs. That there was slavery in the South is a non sequitur as there was also slavery in the North. Lincoln and his Republicans fought the war over “union.” Not slavery. That is a fact. One later obscured by Lincoln apologists to make the war to enforce the “union” appear to have been some kind of moral crusade rather than a military action to consolidate the authority of the federal government over the states, which would henceforth be little more than administrative districts of a single “union,” held together by force rather than consent.

        • Eric, very few confederates owned slaves and, from what I have read, were not down with secession or the war. Lincoln may not have cared about slavery or the slaves, true, but the relatively few slaveowners in the South did. The losers were those slaveowners and I might even argue the slaves themselves, who were more privileged than the non-slave owning whites. The non-slave owning whites were the lowest in the Southern caste system, could not compete against “free” labor, lived in abject poverty, and were often beaten by slaves (from orders by the owners) when they ever got “out of line”.

          Had slavery continued, or had the South won, the U.S. today would look more like Brazil or the Dominican Republic, as slavery would have spread to the western states and beyond, along with more race-mixing. By ending slavery, and because of the homestead act, the western states became largely inhabited by whites. The 1965 immigration act changed the demographics, but that’s a different issue. Lincoln slowed multiculturalism by a hundred years.

  4. The problem of the South is what happens when you lose. Had the American Revolution failed then George Washington lived in a time era when he could have been hanged, drawn and quartered for treason against the Crown. Wake me when Libertarians romance going to war with the Government.

    • Hi CHR,

      And Malcom X was right about that. Lincoln established the principle in law and fact that America is owned by the federal government and thuis, so are we.

  5. Watch people recoil when you call a government “law” a government “death threat”. People are just retarded. There should be a government death threat against stupid people!

    Watch people recoil when you call Abraham Lincoln a terrorist. People are retarded government lovers.

    • It’s true, Nick –

      This shows the power of conditioning over thinking. But, sometimes, a person begins to think . . . and when that happens, there’s no stopping it

    • All governments are wholly founded upon their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot function without it. So yes, every government law is a death threat.

    • Hi Nick

      You should see how they react when I speak about the Tyrant Lincoln. That is another reason that real history isn’t taught.
      Centralized power is how a republic becomes an empire. Empires are VASTLY more profitable than republics. At least for those who aren’t doing the dying.

  6. Even into the 1970s the states were culturally very different. Today, mostly due to the refinement of mass media and franchising most places have a homogeneity about them. Oh sure, you can eat at 10 different kinds of restaurant but they’re the same as the 10 restaurants in the next town over. There’s Walmart, Target and Old Navy. There’s Walmart, Costco and Safeway (or Publix)… and Whole Foods if you’re in a high enough income bracket.

    And you can choose between 10 different kinds of dishsoap, all made by Proctor and Gamble. Or 3 different flavors of Oreo Cookie. You can get grits anywhere in the country, have Waffle House at 3:00 anywhere in the 50 states, and have kielbasa and sauerkraut from Maine to Palm Springs on New Years Day.

    While most would say this is progress, I often wonder about what the point might be. What used to be an odd surprise is now routine and boring. Good southern BBQ is ubiquitous. A great steak comes flash frozen from Omaha (if you don’t have a local rancher).

    It’s more than just food, but I guess because it’s getting close to dinner (or is it supper) time its on the mind.

    Every town has a historical museum, and plenty of them tell the same story. Main st looks the same all over, and if there’s a river, there’s a riverwalk park.

    It’s like living in an SUV.

  7. Wealthy New Yorkers owned slaves, they didn’t free them during the Civil War. The black servants would not have left to be all alone and on their own. If you worked in the kitchen for a well-heeled rich dude back then, you were fed too.

    You eat good by the sweat of your brow, that’s what they say and has been said for a long time.

    The White House in 1862 probably had a few black folk cooking dinner Ape the Apeman.

    They didn’t starve either.

  8. Wouldn’t the fact that we vote be used as prima facie evidence that we have consented to be governed? After all, we’re ostensibly voluntarily “selecting” our public servants, right? Since we’re “selecting” them, aren’t we consenting.

    • If that were the case, would the converse be true? Wouldn’t the fact that we DID NOT vote be used as prima facie evidence that we have NOT consented to be governed?

      Seems like Panarchy, and I could live with that.

      ‘Why I Am a Panarchist’

      …”I do not want to abolish your government that you may want for yourselves, but I want to have my own means of governance for myself.”…


    • Properly understood no. Every one of us above the age of emancipation is a free, sovereign individual, a child of God’s royal bloodline. We vote to allow certain people to be our servants, to manage certain things which individuals dont or dont wish to do. A single individual is easy meat for a police force/invading army/bandit gang. So even though the system is completely corrupted, you owe your fellow man the minimal resistance of a vote. They need your consent, your vote should signal that they dont have it.

  9. Today Lincoln’s warlike nation funds wars all over the planet. Wars like Ukraine and now Gaza. All anti Christian,,, all anti Freedom. Gaza an obvious genocide,,, Ukraine a genocide that is not so obvious. Today very little news on either in an attempt to quiet the few that are protesting. Even our clowngress is calling out those that allowed the first amendment on college campuses.

    Just the slightest mention of Palestine gets one tossed into the antisemitic camp. Actual unconstitutional laws have been passed in the land of the free to prevent any criticism and God forgive,,, any sort of boycott. In some states you must SIGN a loyalty oath to this particular group for a gov job. The old saying “You know who is in charge by whom you cannot criticize” applies. In this country Christians are cheering the deaths of Christians over “there” and supplying the bombs to do it.

    Palestinians that lost their country by force in 1947-8 are still fighting the invasion but today are called terrorists. Remember the movie Red Dawn? The group fighting the Soviets were considered “freedom fighters” because they were fighting an invasion. Palestinians have been fighting an invasion for over 75 years. Just because the land had no official government doesn’t mean they did not own the homes they lived in for hundreds/thousands of years.

    If one seriously believes the Europeon Jews deserve the land in Palestine, (of which they never ever occupied), because a nation called Israel once existed there a couple thousand years ago had better line up and give their properties back to the Indian tribes that also owned the land for thousands of years here in the States before the Europeons arrived.

    • We injuns didnt own the lands, in fact nobody really did. European culture and law changed that, then property taxes changed it back.

  10. “within what is now the United States, plural.”

    I believe that should read “singular”, given the context. Was “plural”, is now “singular”.

  11. Considering all the way .gov screws us and all that; how long before a secession movement succeeds and votes to leave?

    What would happen then if Texas seceded from the Union and was recognized as an independent country by Russia and the rest of the BRIC’s country’s? Perhaps even with offers of military assistance thrown in?

    • Here’s a mirror image question that I ask myself: if Republicans were to sweep the presidency and Clowngress in 2024, then begin wholesale dismantling of the Obama/Biden legacy, would outraged Californians suddenly assert that secession is a legitimate remedy against ‘fascist tyranny’ (as they would call it)?

      Since leftists adhere to the doctrine that the end justifies the means, I am convinced that they would. I, in turn, will stand on the east bank of the Colorado River in a clown suit, waving a rainbow flag, and bid them a fond farewell.

      Y’all come back now, ya hear?‘ I’d jeer, laughing maniacally while spewing champagne from muh mouf.

    • Perhaps, individual secession leads the way?

      …”How will this play out in 2024? Will living breathing people make small choices to disrupt politics, decentralize and creatively destroy corporate/government media, discover and create of new markets, new networks, and new money, ridicule the state, de-mystify the state, and laugh at the state?

      Wait a minute! Looks like we already are!”…


    • Unlike every other state that was readmitted to the “union”, Texas never signed the coerced “non-secession” agreement. This leaves the door open for secession by Texas. As they have their own power grid, it would be easier for them to do so than for other states to attempt the same.

      • Many say that Texas can secede because it was an actual nation. What these people do not understand is that all the colonies were actual nations after the revolt was won.
        Signing a non secession or any other agreement under duress with armed Northern Soldiers in the government halls is a non sequitur.

      • 1) It can’t be binding if it’s signed under duress.

        2) So what? No one is alive today who actually agreed to any of that crap.

        3) The situation has changed a great deal since then, and in ways that might not have been foreseen at the time.

        4) We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    • Well, that’s why the feds have nukes. No one in DC would ever risk using them against a foreign government, the international “community” would be outraged. But against us?

      “Anyone else want to secede? That’s what I thought!”

      • Ah, but where are those nukes located? And are they still largely under the control of Americans who have taken a far more serious oath to the constitution than the criminal cabal in the district of criminals?

      • They already nuked the hell out of New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, back in the ‘50s and ‘60s before the test ban treaties.

        What’s one more nuclear blast on U.S. soil?

  12. The Marxist school teachers do not teach the whole truth on Lincoln and never will. Lincoln was a tyrant and just the kind of guy who (being a white guy) was good to the blacks. Oh, never mind Lincoln wanted to ship all the blacks back to Africa and was a complete racist (9 out of 10) on the David Duke scale. (Some did go-Liberia)
    The Marxist teachers will never teach what is the most important historical event in the 20th century…the rise of communism, which was tried a failed, and left in the Marxist wake 100 million dead.

      • “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
        Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935
        “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
        The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250
        “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
        Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936
        “Judaism is Marxism, communism”
        Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64
        “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
        Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143
        “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”
        The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11
        “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races…and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…” –Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574
        The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism. –Chicago Jewish Sentinel, 8 Oct 1942
        We intend to remake the Gentiles by doing what the communists are doing in Russia. –Rabbi Lewis Browne in his book How Odd of God
        We must hate. Hate is the essence of communism. –Vladimir Lenin
        * Communism was an essentially Jewish phenomenon. Not merely did the Jew Karl Marx develop the ideas, but the founders of the seminal Russian variety were practically all Jews (this is amply documented by Britton (nd)), as were most of the major figures in communism everywhere in the West. Furthermore, the Russian revolution was financed primarily by Jewish bankers in New York, and specifically by Kuhn Loeb & Co, one of whose partners, Jacob Schiff, was said by his son to have spent the then- inconceivable-sum of $20 million for this purpose (see Sutton (1974)). Schiff was apparently acting out of enmity to the tsar, an antisemite, whom he had also attempted to overthrow by financing the Japanese in the Russo- Japanese war of 1906; and from this it is no surprise that the very first law passed by the Bolsheviks when they took power was a law against “antisemitism”. Bolshevism was responsible for more than 50 million deaths, many of them caused by the most fiendish tortures. Worldwide, Jewish-inspired communism has been responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people. “Jewish bolshevism”, as it was frequently called in its early days, came close to achieving world hegemony, and — in its more subtle forms of liberalism and socialism — may still do so.
        Fast forward to the present situation in Ukraine. Christian churches have been forcibly closed while not one synagogue was touched. Deja Vu indeed…

        • You spelled Ukraine wrong, it is spelled J e w k r a i n e.

          Watch Stew Peters lay out the Jew problem crystal clear on Alex Jones Infowhores show.

          AJ immediately obfuscates what Stew says, runs cover for Israel, they have a right to exist don’t ‘cha know. (Actually they don’t)

          Globalism is Jewish Supremacism

          Jonestown is serving poison koolaid to his guests. He is obvious controlled opposition, a huge bullshitter just like Trump. Our nation is having an existential crisis because it has been infilitrated by a hostile foreign state and all AJ does is apologize for poor wittle Israel.

          What a douchebag.

          Amerika will cease to exist before anyone starts calling the Jews out. Land of the free? Nope. Land of the brave? Nope.

          Israel is literally shooting Christians dead in Gaza, shooting non-combatants in prayer in church and not one Christian outlet will condemn Israel or Jews. It is just unbelievable how completely cucked they all are.

    • My kid in middle school knew the truth and challenged the marxist teachers over it. he got sent to the Principle and eventually after many other like episodes, she was fired. Another ‘teacher’ bought the dust the next year too (over a gun/hunting debate). My kid was in the principles office a lot. I didn’t care , was proud, even to go so far as to tell the principle ‘do not ever call me again over this stuff, my kid will handle himself’. He was a good man in a broken system. It was epic, and may of his peers became embolden too.
      That class was special, and likely the best class in a long time at that school system. In HS the vice-principle told me as much. Had the kids back to accomplish good things like ‘the tranny bs allowed in the girls bathroom’. Not in that HS they didn’t, because these ‘kids’ wouldn’t allow it.
      I hope others still to this, but I doubt it.

      • BTW, same shit happened to him in college over the covid BS. He stood, wouldn’t stand down. Very few backed him up. The school hammered the kid over BS, made his life academically almost impossible. Put him in front of ‘boards’ that included Psychologists, not kidding. He won in the end, but it cost him lots of time and money.
        Why the f is no one standing up anymore? Afraid of what?

        • [Why the f is no one standing up anymore? Afraid of what?]

          I find myself asking the same question about the folks subjected to 70 years of communism in the Soviet Union. What I have come to realize is that, not only were there the “get alongs to go alongs”, some people benefitted. Financially, politically, socially, or maybe in a minor psychological way such as to just to F with people they resent or are jealous of. Enough people felt there was nothing to stand up to but rather something to “stand with.” Evidence of a lack of meaning in their life, perhaps, but pernicious and ongoing as we have seen.

            • Hi Rain

              Sad but true. That has resulted in the corruption of science and most other human activities. Most people have convinced themselves that they can’t afford principles. Hence the current sorry state of much of western “civilization”.

        • You said it yourself, it cost him LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY. We are so underfed that few people have the means to stand up, they’re too busy working to feed their family and trying to maintain a mortally wounded culture.

      • ChrisIN,
        You have done something few do today in our society, you raised a boy to become a Man. Congratulations, good work Dad!

  13. ‘When Jefferson spoke of his country, he meant Virginia – not something called the United States, which was a term in the plural at that time.’ — eric

    Indeed. During its first eighty years, Americans called their country ‘these United States.’ But no one said that after Lincoln’s depredations.

    Besides turning the US into a Roach Motel [you check in, but you don’t check out], Lincoln also pioneered total war. His general Sherman marched through Georgia and South Carolina, wantonly torching infrastructure, buildings and fields to collectively punish civilians.

    We see the same today in Gaza, as civilians are obliterated with US-supplied bombs, while the US erects a diplomatic shield in the UN Security Council to enable its genocidal violence.

    The error Americans make is to complacently assume that such murderous violence won’t be deployed against them. But in fact, it already has been, if your ancestors were from the South as mine were.

    Never again, motherf***ers … whether we go or stay.

    • [His general Sherman marched through Georgia and South Carolina, wantonly torching infrastructure, buildings and fields to collectively punish civilians.]-Jim

      Raped and pillaged as well. Same after WWII.,, killing over a million German soldiers in an open air concentration camp. Ordered by Eisenhower.

    • You are correct.
      There was no united States at the time. Notice the word “united” was not capitalized in any documents and writings of the day.
      Citizens of their respective states considered themselves to be citizens of their respective states first, peripherally joined in a loose “union of states”-the reason for the federal government.
      When asked about citizenship, those who resided in the various states considered themselves to be citizens of their respective state. Virginia citizens considered themselves to be Virginia citizens, not united States citizens.
      That all changed after the “war of northern aggression” when the power of the federal government was greatly expanded.
      The right of secession was always a part of the united States and was instrumental in getting the first thirteen states to agree to confederation.
      That all evaporated after the “war of northern aggression” except for Texas, which never signed a “no secession” clause.

      • Texas would grab a good chunk of the Gulf of Mexico coastline and 12 nautical miles of water. Might have to deal with some US Navy ships out there.

        Gotta keep catching those Gulf bluefin tuna!

        Don’t has to pay those taxes to the fed gov anymore.

        All our state to us belong. All your army bases to us belong too.

        • The “Republican” Governor and Legislature in Texas just gave away the budget surplus to the Progressives in the ISDs (school boards), local governments, and even Warren Buffett in the property tax “reform” just approved by voters last month.

          Texas is no longer reliably “red”. It doesn’t matter which party wins the state-wide elections, holds the Governor’s Mansion or controls the Legislature.

          • “It doesn’t matter which party wins the state-wide elections, holds the Governor’s Mansion or controls the Legislature.”

            …It never mattered.

  14. I always contend the US, as founded, died with the election of stinkin’ linkin’. The history of the country since the “civil war” has been nothing but one big federal intrusion after another.

    Between the fall of states rights, the 14th, 16th, 17th, 24th, and 26th amendments plus the 1929 reapportionment act, plus the long line of stupid supreme court decisions –no I don’t give my consent to be governed. Nor do they care.

    • Mike, I must quibble with you to a minor extent. Lincoln was indeed the worst — even Woodrow Wilson is a distant second. But the US, as a voluntary and revocable confederation of free and sovereign states, ended much earlier, when the Whiskey Rebellion (so-called) was violently put down in 1794. By 1798, the wildly tyrannical Alien and Sedition Acts had been passed into law. I fear that we give far too much credit to the “great men” of the founding era. Our fabled Free America died in its cradle. It’s true that it was pretty tolerable for a long time, and it was easy to overlook the precedents and principle of “Washington uber alles.”

      I’m in complete agreement with your larger point, though. If Our Glorious Supervisors rule us legitimately due to our “consent,” I’d be enchanted to know when I gave that “consent.”

      • I just started reading Brion Mclanahan’s “How Alexandar Hamilton Screwed Up America”. I think his premise is largely the same as yours.

      • G Washington sent the militia to put down the rebellion. He also signed the first central bank. When asked he said he knew it was unconstitutional but decided to sign it anyhow. It took Jackson to get rid of it but like the energizer bunny it was brought back by traitors in 1912 on Christmas.


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