Stalked by a Tesla

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Stalkers used to actually have to stalk their target. Now there’s an app for that. It can be used to stalk the car – if it’s a device – and thereby, whoever’s driving it. It can be used to find out where the device is parked – and so, establish the probable location of the person who parked it there. It can be used for many other things besides, such as opening the device’s locked doors without a key.

And it comes standard in every Tesla device.

Reuters published a news story the other day about a man who used the app to stalk his estranged wife, who had taken out a restraining order against him. He apparently used the app to follow her to where she parked and then swiped and tapped the app that unlocked device’s locked doors – and left a baseball bat on the rear seats, Sicilian Message style. The Tesla in question was jointly owned by the couple and so – notwithstanding the restraining order – the man was able to access the device using the app and thereby efficiently stalk his estranged wife using his phone.

The wife tried to sue Tesla but her case was tossed because the husband was the legal co-owner of the device and so (the court said) had a legal right to use the app that came with the device.

Per Reuters:

A judge agreed that Tesla could not revoke the man’s access to a car he co-owned. San Francisco police requested evidence from Tesla regarding the car in question and the data delivered to the man’s app. Tesla itself denied the request and argued that since there was no proof that the woman’s husband used the app to stalk her, it wasn’t legally responsible for acting on her behalf. Tesla stated in response to the San Francisco case that it ‘does not have a specific companywide policy’ for handling stalking allegations in relation to its vehicles or related technology.”

Italics added.

No proof of stalking . . . other than the baseball bat left on the backseat. Or the device’s ability to recharge mysteriously turned off.

But the point isn’t that the man used the app to stalk and otherwise control his ex. It is that Tesla can stalk and control anyone who owns one of its devices. In fact, Tesla does stalk everyone who owns one of its devices – if “stalking” is defined as keeping track of where its device is at all times and how it’s being driven whenever it is driven. It also probably knows specifically who is driving it – there are cameras and microphones inside the device. And it has the capability to exert remote control over its device anytime it likes.

Italics added – to emphasize the fact that ownership is functionally defined as having control over a thing. Ask Rockefeller.

Ask the WEF.

Legalisms are irrelevances when whatever you think you own can be controlled by someone else without your consent. And that latter is implicit when the capability to control the thing is embedded in the thing.

That is the case with Teslas.

You may have read about the company adjusting the range of its devices upward, so as to give owners a better chance of getting away from a hurricane. It sounds benevolent. But the power to give can also take away.

If Tesla can increase the range of its devices by sending an update over the air, it establishes the fact that it can also decrease the range of its devices – to zero, if it likes –  should it decide to do so. The fact that it hasn’t yet done so ought to be cold comfort to Tesla “owners,” who ought to think hard about who is actually in control of the device they think they own.

It’s not just the range, either.

In a device such as a Tesla, everything is electronically controlled and connected – and thus, control over those electronics can be exerted by the actual owner of the device. This includes the steering and the brakes and pretty much everything that isn’t an inert, structural part of the car – such as the body panels. And even those aren’t entirely under your control as a signal can be sent to the device that causes it to drive itself to wherever the owner (who has the control) decides he’d like the car to go.

Again, the fact that Tesla has not yet exerted this control is as much an irrelevance as your not having yet been audited by the EyeAreEss. Do you rest easy knowing that what you think of as “your” money and “your” house can be seized at any time by the actual owner of those things?

At least we used to have local control over our cars. This was before they became devices.

If you were driving your car, no one else could drive it. If a tracking device had not been attached to it, no one else knew where you were driving it – or how. A police roadblock might succeed in stopping you – but the car, itself, lacked that power. The company you bought it from could not control it once you bought it – at which point ownership transferred from the company to you.

That’s transitioning to a new paradigm in which stakeholders have control over the things we used to own, such as cars.

It’s not just Tesla, either – though Tesla has facilitated the acceleration of the transition from cars to devices, which is all we’ll be allowed to buy (and use, as they allow) if the net that’s rapidly cinching isn’t somehow cut before it catches and owns us all.

. . .

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  1. This will result in the eventual permanent leasing or renting of vehicles and anything else that can be turned off if you don’t pay.

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  3. Work from Home : Say farewell to commuting hassles and hi to the comfort of working from domestic. re Work when it’s helpful for you : Adaptability is the title of the diversion. Plan your claim hours and appreciate the flexibility of making a plan that works best for you.

  4. In Oregon, criminals can smash windshields and not get arrested – and this is a BIG issue in Portland. Tesla cars have lots of cameras that can record the crime. So at least you know who did it, even if the police don’t care. This Liberal caused crime wave forces new car owners to get full insurance coverage. So Eric, if you move, don’t move to Portland. LOROFL

    As far as stalking with a Tesla, you can stalk anything with a smart tag and a smart phone. They make these locator tags you can put in your wallet or attach to your key rings, which you can locate with an app on a smart phone. Never used them but it seems like a good idea, like put one on your bicycle or in your car – if either gets stolen theoretically you could help the police locate and return your property.

    Those tracking chips could also be used to track your hot cheating girlfriend, lol, put one in her purse, then take that baseball bat over to where she is sleeping around and go OJ Simpson on her lover, because ya know it is his fault.

    Of course you could just dump her and get a decent girlfriend/wife.

    • Something else bears mentioning, if the device/car can monitor everything, it can also be used for political assassination, as in the case of Michael Hastings, who was working on the story of his life concerning the corruption of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Apparently Michael never watched the Clinton Chronicles. By the time Bill got to the White House there was already a trail of 230 dead bodies.

      Journalist Hastings, in Los Angeles (Mossad central), was assassinated when he brand new Mercedes was accelerated to high speed into a tree and blew up burning him to a crisp. Forbes Magazine got the same model car and tested it.

      These electric car devices are the perfect tool to control the worker slaves. Wrongthink, wrongvote, wrongparty, wrongreligion can be punished by a push of a computer key, and make it look like an accident, but it can also be made to look as punishment to send a message to the plebs to not dare even question the ruling elite. Believe me, if you attend a Trump rally you are on the list.

      Hillary even said Trump supporters should be put in camps. Like the Roach Motel, you’ll check in to Camp Fed and be disappeared. Look up the “David Goldberg Notes” on Project Zephyr. Israel works closely with the NSA, which is gathering all data – which goes to Israel first for processing – and they are making a list like Santa Claus. Who’s naughty and whose nice, and all Zionist dissenters are on the kill list.

      This is not me speculating, that is directly from the Jew insider David Goldberg, who spills the beans on what (((they))) are planning to do to us. Project Pogo, Project Zephyr key search terms.

      Like I always say, if you ain’t paranoid, you have no idea what is really going down. It is way, way, worse than you can even imagine.

  5. The guy wants to go all Al Capone.

    Have to ban baseball bats too.

    I’d just hire a private detective.

    The ineluctable conclusion is that she is having an affair.

    It’s always something.

    • There are tons of Tesla owners where I live. Some love their cars and are already on their second or third (which is a huge waste of resources), others didn’t realize what they were getting into and are now driving ICE cars again. The ones who love them enjoy the power, the silence, the lack of maintenance but they’re generally not car people who appreciate an engine burble or styling. It’s not for me, but I don’t question their choice. What I do question is when they pontificate about saving the planet or when politicians try to push these cars on everyone else.

      • There may have been a time a few years ago when I might have considered an electric or hybrid vehicle, believe it or not. But, as I assume a lot of people are still, I was ignorant of the negatives back then. Knowing what I know now I would never consider these a viable option, what with the spy tech, the lack of control, the costs, the fire danger, the lack of range, the life of the batteries, etc. etc. etc.

        Not to even mention the fact that Government wants me to drive one, insists that I SHOULD, for the good of humanity. Where might I have heard that before, hmmm?

        • I was considering buying a BMW i3. It’s kinda weird looking, but the interior is really nice. I commute about 40 miles per day, and it’s got small enough of a battery that charging it at home is no issue. Used ones at the time were about $5,000. I’m capable of rebuilding the battery pack on my own if it wears out. I bought a 350HP, AWD stick-shift Ford Focus instead.

  6. If “We the People” actually were self-governing we’d have laws that would prevent this sort of thing being done. But we’re so far down the road now that just to use a simple product we’re subject to a multi-page “agreement” that is so weighted to the producer and not the consumer that if any half-decent lawyer wanted to they would easily defeat it in a fair court. But because we’ve had EULAs for so long now the precedent is established. So because the first person who should have rejected the EULA didn’t, it is now civil law.

    That’s not to say people don’t reject TOS and EULA agreements. I personally have done it with software where there was an alternative, for example. But in a world where every manufacturer seems to glom on to whatever tech du jour comes down the pike (especially stuff way outside of their wheelhouse like phone apps), you end up with the Ford tracker or the GM tracker. You’re going to be tracked, but by whom is the only difference. And don’t try defeating anything, that’s altering the software and against smog emissions law.

  7. Back in the 60’s, would any of us bought a new Z-28 Camero however one small item; the variable wiper motor electronics was leased by GM, and they passed the lease on to us as part of the sale. If you didn’t make the lease payments your windshield wipers would not work. We would have said *are you taking crazy pills*?

  8. ‘Legalisms are irrelevances when whatever you think you own can be controlled by someone else without your consent.’ — eric

    “A majority of the court holds that President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution,” the justices [sic] wrote. “Because he is disqualified, it would be a wrongful act under the Election Code for the Colorado secretary of state to list him as a candidate on the presidential primary ballot.” — Colorado Supreme ‘Court’

    Now the Clownstitution is reduced to a mere legalism. An ‘insurrection’ peppered with undercover FBI agents, in which most participants merely paraded through the Capitol like lost tourists, is equated to a disastrous four-year war in which over half a million died.

    Many fond memories have I of Colorado, when it used to be a friendly, prototypical western cowboy state. Still is, in some of its remoter reaches. But horrid leftists have taken over the Front Range, and thereby the state. Colorado needs to put Trump back on the ballot, or get expelled from the Union for engaging in rebellion and electoral interference.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      Trump has been convicted of nothing. Yet he is being punished – because Leftist have the power to do so. This is incendiary stuff. The Orange Man has given many good reasons to neither trust nor want to vote for him. But it is playing with fire to tell people they may not vote for the man. That they may only vote for Leftist-approved apparatchiks. Especially – effronterously – by people who have the gall to lecture us about “democracy.”

      • Trump has not been charged, much less convicted, of “insurrection” in federal court.

        Colorotten is completely out of its lane, interposing itself into a federal election based on a determination which it has no authority to make.

    • All ought to be disqualified as all the main contestants stumble over each other to admit their first loyalty and support is to Tel Aviv.

      We have far too many problems and are completely broke to be playing the worlds boss man. If we don’t stop the stupidity NOW there’s no saving the nation.

  9. For the sake of “convenience”. Which is just another word for slavery. A tech thing that can be used to “help” you can also be used to hurt you. And will be so used. As is so well explained in this article. Thanks Eric.
    In my 69 years I have experienced instances of resistance to the “new and improved”. The last thing my grandfather did for a living was drive mules. On a farm owned by a man who let him live rent free on his property if my grandfather would farm the place with mules. And he did. While walking in the wilderness, my former wife and I happened upon a man mowing a field with horses pulling a sickle mower driven by the wheels. He was quite friendly, and had no objection to our trespass. Especially after we admired his work.

  10. It’s stuff like this that has killed any desire I’ve ever had to want a new car. Sad in a way as I can afford it but between harder to fix high tech, blind spots, bland styling, data logging etc. I’m happy to drive my antiques around. I leave my phone off too by the way when out.

    I’m sure there is a way to disable some of this stuff, perhaps unplugging an antenna? Of course some of the “features’ won’t work then. 🙁

    • I’m with you, Landru –

      I want to be in control of my car. I will not abide being controlled by a car. I certainly won’t pay for the privilege. I thank the Motor Gods I have a new-enough vehicle (my ’02 Frontier) that’s old enough to be free of all this insufferable crap.

    • There is 3rd party software that can be used to turn off certain parts of Tesla’s “Big Brother” system. The main issue is, by doing so the ‘price’ for it is that it will sometimes cripple certain systems in the car. So you are being actively punished for freedom from the nanny systems.

      Truthfully, your average Tesla drivers cares very little about the following things:

      1) The overt amount of spying that is done on them.
      2) The insane amounts of ‘remote control’ that Tesla has baked in the vehicle.
      3) The blistering speed of the car.

      Most Tesla drivers fit the typical midwit Lefty stereotype. They implicitly trust the government, corporations, and most importantly- ‘trust the science!’. The car is “green” with ‘zero emissions’ so they get that little dopamine hit of helping climate change. Some of them are dumb enough to buy into the hype that it’s massively cheaper to own than an ICE car. (Pro Tip: It isn’t.)

      Anecdotally, I know three Tesla drivers and I don’t think even one of the three knows how much horsepower there car has, they don’t drive it for that reason. One of them drives a model S which is -really- fast (540HP), if she has ever accelerated past a grandma’s gingerly pace I would be shocked. She has no earthly idea she is sitting on a rocket engine. It is just a ‘climate friendly’ car. 🙄

      • I totally also don’t get the average Tesla driver either….there are more than a few of them around where I live and by and large they are driven in the manner of someone’s grandmother going to church on Sunday. I’ve never seen a Tesla do a “jackrabbit” start at a stoplight, never seen one smoke the tires, never seen one with the windows rolled down on a nice day and loud music blaring out….Never even heard loud music thumping from inside one at a stoplight or parking lot.
        In otherwords, clearly they don’t much appeal to the same kinds of buyers that like muscle cars or any gasoline powered car that can be souped up.
        I really think the appeal is just that a Tesla is basically a wheeled computer – an I-Phone that you can sit in and drive around in. Other than environmental virtue-signallers, I’m thinking the rest of the clientele is those who, in the late 20th century were called “computer nerds”….

        • EV’s are most efficient at 30 mph….so that is the speed they are driven at….dumb owner is probably scared the battery will die….lol


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