A “State of Devolution”

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What are styled “conspiracy theories” are often compelling because they seem at least plausible – and when you combine that with the hope that they might be factual you have what is styled a “state of devolution.”

This is the conspiracy theory that Trump is in fact still president (never mind he’s running for president) and that everything that’s happened since the 2020 election has been part of a carefully orchestrated script by the “white hats” to “expose” the corruption and treason of those who stole the election . . . by letting them steal it. And then letting them pretend to run things while Trump and “the military” – led by Mark Miley, whom you’ll note is still chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was appointed by Trump.

It is all part of the operation, you see. “Narratives” are being “deployed.” They – the “black hats” – are being “exposed.”

Wait. It gets better.

Trump is also not the guy who is responsible for turning the country into a continental prison; he left that up to the “black hats” who control the states, the better to “expose” their nefariousness. Never mind that it was Trump who declared the emergency that enabled the “Warp Speeding” of mRNA drugs that were exempted from the usual lengthy process of safety testing before they were pushed on people. No one was ever forced to take the drugs, you see. It was up to people to choose whether to take them. Including, apparently, the minor children who were forced to take them by their adult parents – who didn’t want to take them out of the schools that required kids to be injected in order to be allowed to return to school. And never mind that most of the adults had to choose between keeping their job (and possibly, food on the table) or keeping their bodily integrity.

Never mind the people in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines who were told to accept being jabbed – or be dishonorably discharged.

None of this was Trump’s doing.

It was all done by nefarious forces (true) that Trump did nothing to stop; nefarious people – such as Drs. Fauci and Wolensky – whom Trump enabled. But it was all part of the operation, you see.

Take care to note that proper insignia was missing from the uniforms of the “soldiers” who performed the 21 gun salute for the imposter who pretends to be president.

Farther and farther down the rabbit hole we go. But is there a white rabbit down there?

It’s easy to understand the appeal of “devolution.” It is the same appeal that appeals to anyone who is desperate to believe the facts are other than they appear, because the facts that are cannot be digested.

How is it possible that a hair-plugged ancient grifter “won” the election with more votes for him than were cast for Barry Obama? Who – irrespective of whether one likes or doesn’t like him – was genuinely popular? How could that senile old grifter – who hid in his basement for most of 2020 – have won over Trump, who (irrespective of whether one likes or doesn’t like him) drew huge crowds of supporters at every rally?

And how could they be allowed to get away with stealing the election so blatantly – so “in our faces”? It is an outrage!

Indeed, it is.

And that is why it’s so easy – such a relief – to believe in “devolution.” The country has not been hijacked by a gang of Marxist thugs and their coterie of useful idiots. The country is in safe hands. The gang of Marxist thugs and grifters is being slowly, inexorably maneuvered into a corner from which they’ll not be able to escape the wrath of sweet justice.

Just wait!

You’ll see!

What the devolutionists don’t see, of course, is objective reality. That Mark Miley (if a fart had a face, it’d be his) is indeed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and does not work for Trump. He works for the hair-plugged grifter who took the job from Trump. But never mind that! Miley is “special forces” and participated in Robin Sage – a training program for operations . . .

And that’s true – in a sense. Just not the sense the devolutionists think it is. There is a lot of money to be made selling hopium. Lots of clicks; lots of redirects to our sponsors.

Buy Gold Now.

It’s worth a mention that one of the head devolutionists is a guy named (appropriately) Kash Patel, who was a third-string functionary in the waning days of Trump’s last year as president. He and others like him – Dinesh D’ Souza’s another – have made bank on making people think Trump’s still in charge and the operator behind the scenes.

And that’s how “devolution” really works. And it’s worked really well, so far.

. . .

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  1. “Mark Miley”

    Now there is a piece of shit. Trump picked a few of those. Someone mentioned Pompeo and the evil Bolton. Yes total pieces of shit. I can add defense sec James Mattis, Omarosa, Niki Haley, etc etc.

    • But…but… Don’t you know? Trump was just keeping his promise of “cleaning up the Swamp” , which he did. He had to put the scum somewhere, so as not to litter, he chose to put that scum in his own cabinet. Now THAT’S 6D chess!

  2. Here’s a little truth:

    Nobody is going to gallop in on a white horse and save you.

    You’re on your own. Good luck!

    Reality bites, doesn’t it?

  3. Hi Eric,

    Similarly, they want you to believe that Vlad is your savior. He is standing up to the NWO crowd, you know. And lots of people buy this hopium. Amazing!

    • Hi Yuri,

      In re Putin: I do not understand why he doesn’t just end this Keeeeeeeeeev business. Create a DMZ/buffer zone that keeps NATO at a distance and call it done.

      • Because his goal is not to end this conflict, but to prolong it as long as possible. The goal is to reset the system, and they need a pretext. War is always the best for this. Do you know that Russian gas is still being pumped through Ukraine by the way? The business doesn’t care about war, as usual.

        • I’m not sure about all of that.

          I do think you are partially correct. I think they are trying to draw it out.

          The idea here seems to be that NATO was going to use Ukrain to “soften up” Russia, and then move in for the kill. Then, having taken over Russia (and its rich natural resources), they should work on China.

          Yes Russia probably could sweep in, level Kiev, and declare victory. But they do t seem to be anxious to do that. I think they are slowly running Ukraine through the meat grinder, to force a choice: either they thoroughly defeat Ukraine so that a counterattack is no longer possible and a lasting peace is achieved, or NATO gets desperate/impatient, and does something stupid, and gets itself nuked—probably by both Russia and China—again achieving lasting peace.

      • Like Chem-trails, this is theater of threat.

        See, too many of us do understand exactly what is taking place. The banking dynasty- wants people like us to understand that at anytime, if the Rothschild’s feel they are losing control, that we can be sprayed/poisoned from above like cockroaches – wiped out in mass buy nuclear bombs in the name of a ridiculously fake war narrative.

        A lot of resources have been spent trying to confuse the peoples of the world, but their plans and intentions are and have been wide out in the open. And quite simple to see and understand.


      • Putin’s goal as I understand it is to demilitarize abs de-Nazify Ukraine so it can never be used again as a hub of western mischief such as child sex trafficking, biological weapons development and testing, terrorism, money laundering and ending the illegal organ trade that runs through Ukraine and its western masters. All this while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum. On the civilian casualties note, that is being successful as fewer civilians have been killed in 2 years of war than in the first week of the US operation in Iraq. And fewer than the first week of Netanyahoo’s current blood soaked slaughter fest.

        • This is just a story they are selling to you through alt-media. If Russia wanted to keep civilian casualties to a minimum and end this war quickly, it would have bombed the hell out of the Ukraine’s supply lines and transportation hubs, and the presidential palace in Kiev too, with all the fancy supersonic rockets that it supposedly has. But it doesn’t, which means the goal is not to end the war quickly.

      • Colonel McGregor talks to Judge Nap quite a bit about this. He says a major difference between how the American empire fights and how the Russian government is attempting to fight, is how they see the people. The American empire sees all people as combatives, the Russians are seeing the people of Ukraine as relatives who they have to live with after the war, hence they are doing all they can to not kill them. So that will prolong the war.

        • This is just a story they are selling you, as I just wrote in my reply to Alex Thrace above. Putin is good, Biden is bad. The usual good cop / bad cop theater. In fact, all sides are controlled by the same people, and have always been.

        • Hi Logan,

          Yes, I’ve heard that (and have listened to many of the colonel’s talks). It seems a reasonable explanation. It jibes with Putin’s publicly expressed grievances and aims; i.e., that he is not interested in conquering Keeeeeeeeeeeev – only in defending Russia’s ethnic minorities and preventing Keeeeeeeeeeev from expanding NATO to Russian’s border. I suppose we’ll soon find out the true story as this cannot possibly continue for another year or even six months.

    • Vlad, or Javier, or the Easter Bunny- No one in the current world gets to a position of control unless THEY are also controlled. Politics is indeed theater, and few from among the proles ever even realize that there is an unseen power structure, much less realize who they are.

      (Damn Easter Bunny! Just a controlled tool of the Jesuit-Jew-FDA!)

    • Hi Yuri,
      To me it seems Putin and “West” are doing 1984 eternal war. War is not there to conquer anything or to achieve any objective but to institute permanent state of wartime government aka “Dont criticize our leaders mid war you traitor. Now is not a time and place to spread division”.

      Like you said oil keeps flowing ,oligarch houses arent getting bombed, oligarchs arent getting assassinated .

  4. Trump is begging for even more money, 29 dollars. You’d think he is poorer than the poor elderly Jewish mothers who are in need of 19.95 USD per month from those who can’t afford to help them survive.

    Shouldn’t Donald be donating to the poor souls living in poverty somewhere in Israel?

    Trump is killing grannies!

    Why would he be supporting anything else?

    Come on, be a Good Samaritan, not another American asshole.

    That’s what you are, in the real world, so to speak.

    And Fuck you too, Joe Biden, asshole nonpareil.


    Fuck it!

    • My elderly father has “donated” $50 of his paltry SS check to the billionaire on a few occasions. Thankfully, he is now starting to see the ridiculousness of further enriching our already rich tyrants.

  5. Deciding whether to vote for Biden or Trump is akin to trying to figure out whether you want to die via a knife or a gun. As the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. I think this country is too far gone for anyone to save us from ourselves, and Trump is not going to save us from anything. More rather, he may be the one that shoves us right off the cliff, sadly.

    • Voting is like the woman being raped by six Germans, who screams “Nein! Nein!”…so 3 more Germans come and join in.

  6. The only devolution I see is the devolving of the brains of the American public who are convinced that this WWE match between the idiotic blustering contenders is of any real import, and that signifying one’s preference for either of the contenders warrants a trip to a “polling place” where if enough people vote hard enough for the nasty old man of their preference it will save the world by preserving the status quo of the very insanity which has caused the devolution of this country and Western society.

    The fact that people who believe in the “devolution” mentioned in the article can vote makes one wonder if it isn’t a good thing that our votes don’t matter. The insane voting for the criminally insane! There is more hope of anything positive happening if one were to offer cans of crushed tomatoes to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, than there is by casting a ballot.

  7. Just cult of personality. He did some things right, some wrong, some abysmal. I have heard his supporters support him through it all. Usually with a “he didn’t have a choice” excuse. Sometimes with that 4D chess stuff.

    He is a man of low morals, no core values or guiding principles, and minimal inquisitiveness.

    He wants to be liked and that is his most dangerous feature.

  8. Heres a conspiracy theory. Since they’ve been unable to get Trump to back down, since he wont walk away, and since all the law fare they’ve cooked up against him is going south, its time to move on. I read that Trump and Biden are having the earliest debate ever. Well before both their bedtimes. What if they set it up so Trump verbally destroys Biden? He gets so far under Biden’s skin during the debate, that Biden falls out, Just has a massive heart attack or stroke? Then they charge Trump with murder. If that failed, they use their old ace in the hole and finally admit that Covid was a scam, and the vaccines that aren’t, are really kill shots, and D/tards were just poor deceived saps. Then they blame it all on Trump since he was to stupid to walk back the ‘most beautiful vaccines ever’ thing.

    They need to preserve the narrative that people are invested in this garbage. Not a chance it’ll be Newsum, or probably anyone else on the radar at this time. California is a toxic dumpster fire and everyone knows it. That would be a hard record to pretend to run on. They may just drag the old meat sac over the finish line so they can really rub our noses in it. After all, if voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it. That should be the number one conspiracy theory accepted as conspiracy fact. After the blatant theft of the last three election cycles with no one held to account there is no other logical way to look at it, elections are fake and gay.

    • Hi Norman!

      My radar has been blipping since about a week ago because – all of a sudden – I am seeing and hearing lots of promos on social media for Nimrata Haley. She’s been soundly pushed off the stage by Trump, who is – who appears to be – the certain GOP nominee. But what if he’s going to be “retired” (Philip Dick usage) within the next couple of months. Or less?

      Enter Nimrata. The first non-white female of color! And she’s a Republican.

      • I can only hope you’re wrong about that, Eric. Nimrata has such vile and corrupt aura surrounding herself, I’d vote for Biden before Her, if I voted. At this point they ought to just turn the whole thing into fear factor. Whichever candidate can eat the plate of monkey brains wins.

        If Trump learned anything he could show us right now by making a decent pick for VP

    • “They may just drag the old meat sack over the finish line so they can really rub our noses in it.” That’s my prediction for November.

  9. In all of history has there ever been a leader who put his/her country and people first?

    Maybe (and it’s a big maybe) George Washington. He was at least smart enough to warn Americans of keeping our hands clean by avoiding political parties and foreign intervention. Unfortunately, he has been disobeyed on both fronts.

    Tens of thousands of years of civilization and the typical leader is one who holds disdain for their people and uses their power to fortify their own goals. Trump being held up as a beacon of hope for the American public just goes to show us how desperate people are for leadership that even a multi billionaire who has a history of kicking down the little man by not paying him and belittling him is now viewed as a Savior. His opponent is even worse.

    This is why Libertarianism will never succeed. The average human being is incapable of thought and does not know what to do unless they are told what to do. Our leaders of today are no different from our leaders of yesteryear and still many believe they are here to save us. It is ludricicous if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    Where in history has government assisted any of their constituents? Yet, each new election brings hope that “this time will be different.” One would think we would have learned by now. But, we watch each generation hold government in more awe as they await their next handout.

    • Hi RG!

      I’m often very cynical and down on the situation; then again, there are more good (thinking) people than maybe we both imagine. Pat Buchanan used to say sursum corda (lift up your hearts) and I do my best to do just that.

      PS: Glad you’re still around; was worried you might have vamoosed to Katmandu!

    • The answer, of course, is never. The purpose of government has always been for those in power to plunder those who are not. Therefore, the country’s “people” are the ones to be plundered. The “leaders” simply pay lip service to them and redistribute only just enough of the plundered spoils to get re-elected to keep the plundering going.

      This paradigm was somewhat sustainable in the US for the first 200 years or so, because there seemed to be a limit as to how much they would plunder. Not so much anymore though. It seems the parasites may be willing to kill the golden goose now. Hell, they’ll just import the votes instead. The 3rd worlders will be satisfied with a lot less than the 1st word natives anyway.

      The government indoctrination centers (“public schools”) have purposefully caused the average human being not to know what to do unless he/she is told what to do.

      • Hi ML,

        You have to wonder why anyone would lend their offspring to be taught by the enemy, but alas, millions are sent to such camps daily.

      • While no saint or paragon he does to seem to have some humility and civic virtue. Far better than all of our elitists.

        • He puts Russia, the Russian People and Russian heritage before the demands of the Global Elite. Ironically, he was one of the WEFers “Young Leader” program members. He seems to have a level of resolve and calm sternness that is far superior to the egomaniacal dunderheads “leading” The West over the cliff of ruin.

          Other than that…

          • “He puts Russia, the Russian People and Russian heritage before the demands of the Global Elite.”
            This is ridiculous, and simply not true. Russia is just another NWO puppet state. You may want to read this blog to disabuse yourself of the idea that Vlad is good:

            • Hi Yuri,
              thanks for this material, Yes as I suspected. Putin is just like another manager in a corporation wanting a bit more influence in it but still being a part of it.

    • ‘Each new election brings hope that “this time will be different.”’ — Raider Girl

      We’ve already seen how both Trump and ‘Biden’ govern. Anybody who thinks their second term will be different should be institutionalized.

      Two possible reasons for favoring the R-party flavor of this choice between two malignant evils:

      1. To demolish red guard Michael Regan’s greenhouse gas regulations, which threaten immobility followed by outright starvation.

      2. To name some more conservative hacks in black to the Supreme Court, while knowing that both they and their liberal counterparts abjectly worship the Fourth (intel) branch of government, and will rubber stamp any abuse in the name of national security.

      Even these two reasons remain contingent, owing to Trump’s 78 years of age as of next month, on whom he chooses for vice president. Naming another neocon flake like Pence — the ghastly harridan Nimarata Randhawa comes to mind — crosses a red line.

      Last week on I-10 in El Paso, I saw a vehicle with an Arizona plate and stickers consisting of a Hawaiian flag, a Ukie flag, and ‘Biden/Harris 2024.’ What is the likelihood that both of these bumbling clowns will be on the D-party ballot in November? Less than 50 percent, I reckon. Even Demonrats can see that lineup is a guaranteed fail.

      • Hi Jim,

        I believe they may hand the election to Trump only because the Fed cannot hold up the economy much longer. Right now the luxury market is crashing, delinquencies are at an all time high, work is drying up, and silver is rising quickly. I am nervous at the numbers I am seeing. Is it cyclical? Absolutely. Ups and downs are naturally occurring, but the Fed has created an even worse bubble then they did in 2006/2007.

        • ‘the Fed has created an even worse bubble then they did in 2006/2007’ — RG

          Their rate hikes were supposed to pop the Everything Bubble well before the election — so they (and I) thought. But incredibly, trillion-dollar, 7 percent of GDP deficits have kept the whole wobbling, leveraged shit show afloat until the final months of election year.

          Having spent only two months (Mar-Apr 2020) of the last fourteen years in recession — a never-before run of fat years — the US economy faces a massive shock when it finally goes over the waterfall. Already self checkouts are closing, as hungry citizens ‘liberate’ food. Is this what the Soviet Union was like in 1990?

          All we know for now, is that Trump presiding over Depression II isn’t gonna be anything like Frank Roosevelt presiding over Depression I. I see Orange Man Galahad holding giant rallies, where every attendee gets a free ham or turkey. Loaves ‘n fishes, d00ds and bitchez! 🙂

          • I’m still waiting for the gas prices to go lower – isn’t there a selection coming up? What are they waiting for?

  10. “Devolution” appears to be QAnon 2.0. I don’t think I’ll dignify it any further than that.

    Also, this Kash Patel… That was his official photo? We’re either talking a Heaven’s Gate type intellect, or he was waaay too high for the photographer that day.

    • “Also, this Kash Patel… That was his official photo?”
      Sometimes, they are just rubbing it in our faces , since people don’t seem to get it.

  11. Just so everyone knows, there exists this ultra conspiracy website full of crackpot conspiracy theories called Before It’s News. I do no recommended it because virtually all the material on it is trash. It is literally a conspiracy site that discredits real research into criminal government activities – which is virtually everything government does.


    The site pumps out the false Trump hopium like no other, leading the way is the X22 Report – which has said Trump was secretly in control all along, and the Biden Presidency was a setup to catch all the deep state crooks in one fell swoop before DJT is sworn in again by the US military.

    The site is populated by batshit insane theories, and end times prophecies timelines, etc. It is the home of ultra wishful thinking – Jesus is coming back any day now and Trump is going to win and prosecute the Deep State.


    Here is my bucket list of potential big events going into the next selection farce:

    Biden replaced with Gavin Newscum

    Trump replaced with Nimrata “Kali Yuga” Haley

    Large eastern section of Ukraine annexed by Russia.

    Kiev under Russian control.

    1 million more Jews flee Israel.

    Israel credit rating drops two more notches.

    USA hegemon interest rates up another 1%, and the Fed powerless to stop the rise in rates (which are going to the moon, IMO)

    30 year home mortgages rates above 8%.

    By 2025 we could start to see the fulfillment of the Deagel forecast – the massive cutting of the Pentacon budget. The USA’s department of military offense could easily be cut in half.

    By election time the USA could out of Iraq. Then a year later out of Syria.

    As the USA collapses financially, a huge shift toward conservative family values and traditional religion. Evangelists religions will fall by the wayside because they backed the Gaza genocide.

    If Trump is re-elected, prepare for a wave repeat of antifa burning down the inner cities. Trump will do nothing (again) because he is horrible ineffective leader and lying slavish Zionist whore.


    To me what we read in the news and see on TV, is literally scripted reality like the Truman Show. You are the everyday man who is suppossed to suck up the bullshit they feed you, and get all excited by the next election process. What I am saying it is all false hope, (((they))) are fully in charge and literally making reality a reality TV show.

    If you see it that way as I do then you may opt out and not give them your vote – which is you giving them your psychic approval to be ruled over. IMO the power in charge is completely illegitimate and not to be obeyed or even listened to, and that includes “god” and those that claim who represent him.

    Earth is hell, Jews are demons, government is demonic.

    • My aren’t we a ray of bitter sunshine! Though I’d only differ on a few things- the only way they’re replacing Trump is by murdering him (which I fully expect).

      Newscum vs Haley would be enough to switch the grift off for a critical mass of unthinking voters so I think it’s unlikely. More likely they’ll back off and appoint less controversial candidates that wine and soccer moms can support. E.g. Big Mike Obama vs Ted Cruz… Otherwise the rebellion will become open and profits will erode.

      But then if I could really predict I would have so much cash I wouldn’t care about the mess we’re in.

      • Yes, the may front Big Mike. I am not saying any of my prognostications will come true, I am only pointing out that they may become true – to get the reader to expect big changes and see that the election cycle is a farce.

        If anyone wants to try being a “nostadumbass” it is a good exercise in humility. Try writing down 20 predictions for the next year, and see if you can even get one right. I did that for many years, and under a different handle on this website called armaggedon online and actually had a couple of lucky guesses.

        Reality is stranger than fiction. Notice how no psychic guessed 9-11-2001 beforehand. For such a huge event that changed the course of history – home come no one predicted it?

    • Why anyone gives credence to Deagel’s population forecast is beyond me. Those geniuses predicted a halving of the U.S. population between 2017 and 2025–which they attributed to migration outflows. Instead, the exact opposite has happened: more people are flowing into the U.S. than are leaving it while the population has increased 7%. Dumbest prediction ever.

  12. Senator Tom Cotton received a donation of 250,000 dollars from AIPAC.

    Hamas should donate 300,000 dollars to Senator Cotton, to balance out the influence.

    Putin should donate 500,000 dollars to Senator Cotton, which makes it more fun.

    It is a travesty of a mockery of a sham.

    Maybe Senator Cotton shouldn’t have accepted those 250,000 pieces of silver.

    Ivan Railkin is talking about deputizing 80,000 former military that will be authorized by county sheriffs throughout the land, form swat teams and bring down the regime.

    The interview was at the Feral Irishman, if it is still there.

    • Well, I’m glad I ain’t in the land of Cotton
      Where a Harvard jerk can ride roughshodden
      Look awayyyy, look awayyyy
      Look awayyyy, Arkie land!

      — Daniel Decatur Emmett, Dixie (1859)

  13. So desperate for a solution to the disaster inflicted upon them by Fed Gov they believe anything that remotely resembles such solution.
    Even if true, it would change nothing. Trump has proven he is totally in bed with the very parties inflicting our pain. Regardless of what he might say. Just like his temporary relief from CAFE, which he knew was temporary, and now is back again, in spades. He offers nothing of any lasting effect. He still sits proudly upon his vax disaster.

  14. “American democracy is really under attack here. And the question is how are we and in particular and how are we going to respond to this. We have to understand this is really, really quite extraordinary.”

    -James Carville (edited)

    I think the real wake up call of COVID was that not only do the states have more power and control than they let on, but they’ve just as corrupt and power hungry as Washington. Probably more so. Trump “encouraged” the two weeks thing, because he was getting false reports of overwhelmed hospitals. In reality a few hospital wards were overloaded, but other wings were empty. Administrators were unwilling or unable (due to hyper-specialization) to reassign staff and wards to handle COVID patients. Trump ordered a hospital ship to New York City that sat empty while the narrative was that hospitals all over the five boroughs were overloaded. Then we saw the “heroes” practicing their steps on TikTok in empty hallways. What happened to all the dead bodies? Long after two weeks to flatten the curve state governments were forcing Target to rope off aisles that didn’t contain “essentials,” restaurants were still closed for months, and schools were closed indefinitely. Meanwhile, Fauxchi and Bricks were “advising” and “recommending,” not ordering anything. And instead of acknowledging the real culprits at the state level, the blame fell on Trump’s bully pulpit.

    And what of those power-mad governors? The daily press briefings from Cumuo and Newscome, gavel to gavel coverage from CNN and the other walking dead media. That wasn’t Trump, that was the locals.

    That’s one reason why the DC powerbrokers lost their minds when Roe V Wade was kicked back to the states. Any power that is distributed away from the federal level is power lost. And to the DC crowd, the 50 little Hitlers running the states will abuse whatever control they get. But it will lead to a better place. Distributed systems are more robust, flexible and much more responsive to need. Maybe not as efficient, but that’s probably a good thing too.

    The days of the “any color you want as long as it’s black” mass produced product are waining. It’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated (I’ve been on this kick since the late 1990s), but it is happening. There’s 140 years of mass production, mass media and mass thinking to undo. It will take time. But the cracks are in the face of the dam and water is leaking through. And I think for once politics might be accidentally leading the way, despite their inability to recognize it.

    • ‘DC powerbrokers lost their minds when Roe V Wade was kicked back to the states.’ — ReadyKilowatt

      If only it were so. But in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — the ruling that overturned Roe v Wade — instead of just stating ‘not in your scope of authority, fedgov’, the John RINO Roberts court allowed that Clowngress might legislate on the issue in the future. This ensures that the states vs fedgov power struggle over abortion will boil for decades more.

      The Senate filibuster is a hurdle to any national abortion bill. Democrats are campaigning on it — AP headline, May 19, 2024


      What the RINO Roberts court delivered was the same sort of chaos you’d get by turning loose a mini-container full of rats on the floor of the Democratic convention. Which strikes me as quite a fine idea, as I reflect on it. 🙂

      • Any threat to the status quo is treated as a threat to the gravy train that they support. I’d put the state governors in that position too, if you believe in the conspiracy to eliminate Orange from politics. The governors are every bit as addicted to federal pork as the DC leviathan, what with block grants and federal matching funds for all the unaffordable infrastructure the locals have to maintain.

    • Did Dump get on his jet and personally check out those “reports” before servicing duh Fauch ?

      Or did it Don the tiny hat and service that withering psychopath ?


  15. What I don’t get is why ANYONE would vote for Joe Biden again, unless they’re the biggest chumps ever. But in today’s polarized, Idiocracy American society, saying that might get one called a “Trumper”. However, I’ve had my own issues with Orange Man the past few years, and I certainly don’t relish the prospect of Trump v Biden 2.0, or even Trump v Clinton 2.0 if Hillary Clinton decides she wants to run for President a THIRD time, given that a THIRD Presidential run for Joe Biden was (paraphrasing the old Lucky Charms cereal jingle) “magically successful”.

  16. I haven’t heard this one yet that Trump is actually still in-charge and running things behind the scenes….not.

    For the past 4-years conspiracy theorists was a badge of honor in that mostly we were well read and ahead of the curve on; what Covid was not, what the vaccines actually were, money for nothing going to Ukraine then back into the Democratic campaign coffers, what EV’s are truly intended to do, J6 and the MAGA round up, and the climate great hoax.

    Trump became the deep states enemy back in a debate in 2016 where he called out the Iraq war as a useless false scam it was. After that, and what happened in this country you couldn’t have written a fictional novel that would have been believable.

  17. Well, at least there is some good news, if only minimal, at best.
    I find it noteworthy that in the U.S. the media exaggerates every aviation incident, even those with no casualties, as “crashes”. As opposed to camel-jockeys calling a scorched crater filled with debris a ‘hard landing’. And they say we have ‘spin doctors’? Admiral Akbar!

  18. ‘It is all part of the operation, you see. “Narratives” are being “deployed.” They – the “black hats” – are being “exposed.”’ — eric

    Haven’t kept up with the more florid aspects of 4D chess. But I do miss the late QAnon, with cryptic, Nostradamus-like pronouncements nearly every day. Were we not entertained?

    Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs. And it’s mind-bending enough: Iran’s president was just killed in a helicopter crash; Israel’s PM Netanyahu is to be targeted by an International Criminal Court arrest warrant. Already on April 24, twelve Republiclown Senators issued a thuggish letter to the ICC, threatening to personally target them and their families. ‘You have been warned,’ conclude the Dirty Dozen hitmen:


    Meanwhile, after the New York Slimes confidently predicted that docile black students at Morehouse U. would treat ‘Uncle Tom’ Biden respectfully during his commencement address, this happened:

    ‘A small number of graduates turned their seats away from the stage during Biden’s speech, and many listened with their heads down. Faculty members on the stage behind the president displayed a large flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the duration of his speech. Antiwar activists have in recent weeks called for international aid to support citizens of that country amid worsening violence.

    ‘Fewer than two dozen of the more than 400 graduating students stood to applaud his speech, as a bloc of alumni rose to whistle and cheer.’ — WSJ

    Clownworld is spinning off its axis. Only two months till the Republiclown convention in Milwaukee, and three months till the DemonRat blowout in Chicago. The only surprise will be if both of these absurd, flag-waving spectacles don’t turn into full-blown riots, featuring cities on flame with rock ‘n roll.

    Hey man … you broke the president, man!‘ — Firesign Theatre, I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus

  19. And have you bought your trillion dollar fiat Zim’s yet?
    You must have them to get your billions of reparations when the white hats emerge victorious. [/s]

  20. I get tons of solicitation spam from the GOP. Not sure why they think adding the names of the insidious Pompeo and the evil Bolton would make me want to reach into my dwindling wallet & send them money.

    The GOP spam just gets deleted & I go on with life.

    • What happens when you give money to the RNC: They run candidates against Trump and start limp wristed electon integrity lawsuits designed to fail.

      And you NEVER get off their email list.


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