Notes on the State of Journalism

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Here’s a case in point to make the point about the state of “journalism” in this country:

“As a contagious form of the virus raged in summer 2021 and threatened to push hospitals to the brink of their capacity limits . . .” reads an article that’s presented as a news story – the putative topic being whether Texas Governor Greg Abbot had the lawful authority to bar localities from imposing “mask” mandates during the “pandemic.” 

I have added the italics to the quote to draw attention to what ought not to be in a news story about whether Abbot had the lawful authority to bar localities from imposing “mask” mandates.  


Says who?

Why, the same hysterics who screeched about “the cases! the cases!” Screeching does not make something factual.

It does not tell readers the truth. As for instance that a “case” was just a positive result – on a dodgy test. It did not mean the person was even sick, though the intended impression left was that they would soon be dead. 

“Threatened” in the context of the referenced news (sic) story is without foundation in fact, as the hospitals were never actually “pushed to the brink of their capacity limits.” This latter was asserted as a possibility. One that never materialized. (Recall for instance the empty hospital ship that Orange Man Bad sent to New York City, where – supposedly – the cases! the cases! were among the highest; it sat empty for months and was finally sent away.)

Yet the person who wrote the article inserted the assertion, now known to be without foundation in fact – giving it the patina of factuality. And also something more than that. It is clear where the writer’s sympathies lie as regards “masks” – and whether Abbot was wrong (morally) to forbid localities from requiring people wear them.

It is why everything about the story – and the person who wrote it – is suspect.

It is a case study as to why such “journalists” are worse than incompetents. They are propagandists. 

Everyone knows it.

It isn’t necessary to read the article beyond the first paragraph to know it – because it is clear the writer intended to ridicule Abbot rather than report what Abbot did – and what the court said about it.

A proper journalist might have reported that the pro-“mask” argument included assertions – later proved to be without foundation in fact – “mask” wearing would “stop the spread,” which it didn’t. That assertions were made about the possibility of “hospitals being overrun” with patients because so many refused to “mask.” But that, in fact, the hospitals were never overrun – and that the real threat of the latter wasn’t caused by a lack of “masking” but rather because so many hospitals operate at below capacity in terms of staff and so on, in order to increase their profit margins.

All of the above would have provided context – to understand the facts. Instead, the facts – when inconvenient – are deliberately ignored while at the same time, loaded language is used to convey something entirely at odds with the facts.

Honest news reporting would not even have mentioned the “hospitals overflowing” nonsense – not because it wasn’t germane to the story but because it is not true. To mention it – especially in the manner it is mentioned in this piece – is to convey the opposite. That, indeed, the hospitals were “overflowing” with ‘Rona patients and – by obvious implication it was cretinously irresponsible for Abbot to order localities to not force people to “mask.”

You might call it misinformation.

You’d be right to call it something worse – because it’s deliberate. And unconscious. The instinct to proselytize is now so ingrained in the rank and file of those who write “news” stories that they themselves may no longer realize what it is they’re doing – while also doing it with the deliberate moral zeal of the fanatic. This strange duality was described as duckspeak, by Orwell. It could used as a compliment – as when praising a party orator. Or as mockery – when used to characterize the imbecile masses who “quacked” on cue.

This duckspeaking goes a long way toward explaining why people such as the one responsible for the article that forms the basis of this essay’s critique don’t understand how and why it is that they’re so lowly regarded.

They regard themselves, on the one hand, as a kind of ennobled elite whose task is similar to that of the clergy once-upon-a-time. That being to instruct the Low in the way they must go. At the same time, their contempt for the Low – as these people regard them – is so apparent that only the low-IQ are unaware of it.

The rest have come to deeply resent it.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print on this July 4th, 2023.

. . .

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  1. Jay Dyer recommends two books on this subject, both written 100 years ago: Propaganda by Bernays and Public Opinion by Lippmann. The descriptions in Amazon leave the impression that these men were trying to warn us but I think that they literally wrote the book behind for what we are experiencing today. Bernays was related to Freud.

  2. UK journalism is also beyond repair, take a look at this article:

    Strategic Culture: Dirty Bomb Attack Articles Have Already Been Written by British Press Blaming Russia

    “The state of British journalism is so bad now that most hacks just find writing total fiction about Russia and the Ukraine war so much preferable to actually doing anything which resembles journalism. So, when the attack on a nuclear power plant comes and they don’t miss a minute blaming Putin, they will be accomplices to the war, the human rights atrocities, the civilian deaths as the greater public has no intent or desire to hold such vagabonds to account for their dark work. It’s so bad and the apathy so advanced that people can’t even be bothered to mock the ludicrous John Sweeney who constantly predicts Putin’s downfall and is time after time wrong about so many things that is makes you beg the question how did this man ever work as a journalist when he is so demonstrably stupid and gets almost everything he does wrong?”


    Just a reminder, on 9-11-2001 the BBC reported WTC7 collapse 30 minutes prior to it actually happening. That proves it was a scripted false flag – which also implies that the controlled demolitions of the Trade Towers was also pre-planned, and that means A-Rabs are the patsies.

    BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens

    Likewise, with Ukraine losing the war badly thus far, they will double down yet again, and expand the war to NATO and/or Poland. It is very obvious that this is the plan, probably a half cocked and sloppy plan drawn up by the pedo Biden thing just weeks ago, and in play now.

    Ziolensky, you know, is an actor. Prior to being “elected” like Biden, he was an actor on Ukrainian television playing President of Ukraine. Thus on July 4th, when he announced that Russia is going to blow the nuclear power plant, he is only reading his lines, playing his part.

    Who knows, maybe the ZioUkes planted the bomb in the floor of the plant before Russia took control, and the bomb is ticking down as we speak – which is why Nuland says that on July 11th NATO will be entering the war, and it will last 16 years.

  3. When I took journalism classes back in the early ’90s, we were told that reporters were never to interject their opinions or ideological biases into a story. We were also instructed to never–under any circumstance–publish an unattributed quote, as this was regarded as the mark of National Enquirer-style tabloid “journalism.”

    If a source wasn’t confident enough to let their name be published in the paper, the quote was automatically rejected under the assumption that either it was unreliable or that the paper could be sued for slander without a proper attribution. Notice how many times today outlets like the Washington Post or New York Times use quotes from “sources wishing to remain anonymous.”

    Eric is right, the state of modern so-called journalism is deplorable.

    • Yes, Jason, and I wonder what grade you would have received if you had turned in a news story that contained the phrase “Experts say…” or “Scientists say…”

  4. The media has a job to do, listen to what they are being told to do, then fill the great unwashed full of BS.

    Gotta be somebody out there doing some investigating, asking questions. Julian Assange is caged, so you know what happens to some journalists.

    Somebody has to speak up before they come for everybody, which they are, one mask and many jabs at a time, the journey to serfdom or something. Look for clues and such.

    “There are three branches of government, BlackRock, Raytheon, and Pfizer.” – Colonel Douglas Macgregor

    If I heard all of the words correctly, maybe Big Pharma. Maybe I have that one wrong.

    Colonel Macgregor tells it like it is, everything is fubar everywhere.

    It is Deceptions, Extortions and Impositions, all of the time. The real DEI.

    It is also getting a lot of people killed, maimed and traumatized.

    Gettin’ harder to understand it, things are tough all over on earth – Loudon Wainwright III, Hard Day on the Planet

  5. I finally removed the airbag in my car. I didn’t feel like playing “airbag roullette” anymore. Whenever you hear the word “safety”, it really means “extreme danger of permanent injury or death”. Where is the justice for all the dead people and their relatives? Where is the justice for the criminals that designed these deathbags and the legislators that made the law that required them in all cars? How about if we strap all the legislators to chairs and explode 100 airbags in their face and see if they get killed by metal shards. Where is the punitive financial money to give to all the victims and everyone else too for having had the RISK of that happening to them? Why is there no recall of every single car to remove the deathbags? Because we are ruled by EVIL PSYCHOPATH CRIMINALS, that’s why. And we need to start a real “new world order”, not the fake one talked about by the criminals.

  6. How can the MSM have responsible journalism when the MSM is completely infiltrated by CIA mocking birds?

    For instance, just today gay demon Ziolensky screams that Russia is going to blow up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (that Russia built) when Russia occupies the site and says they will not blow it up, nor is there any reason to.

    The entire mockingbird media (CIA recruits) repeat the story without any investigation, like this could be a false flag to drag NATO into the war. If you remember, that is exactly how that other Demoncrap LBJ got Amerika into Vietnam with the (never even happened) Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    LBJ was the prime beneficiary of the JFK assassination, that Israel did, and LBJ was a huge Zionist. If you know your conspiracy theories, JFK wanted Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program canceled (as it would destabilize the Middle East) so the PM of Israel Ben Gurion had him killed, then LBJ immediately rescinded all of JFK’s EO’s sanctioning Israel.

    Likewise, Bibi Netanyahu ORDERED Trump to attack Iran. Trump did not, so Bibi ORDERED Trump “flushed down the toilet”. Go read David Goldberg notes on this. So like the assassination of JFK, Trump was removed from power (and now going to prison) and the Zionist lackey – the compromised pedo-perv Biden – was installed, because he WOULD go to war, in Ukraine, and like LBJ they need to expand the war because Ukes are out of men.


    ZH – “Just coincidentally, the Ukrainian government including Zelensky and intel chief Budanov started issuing warnings about Russian plans to blow up the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, even though the plant is under Russian control and blowing it up would have no strategic value.

    Ukrainian propaganda channels keep pumping this claim without evidence. Of course, a compliant media has not pressed them for any, simply repeating the claims as if they come from an unbiased source. If ZNPP gets destroyed, we won’t know for sure who did it, but we can be sure that the media will reflexively blame it on Russia, as they ludicrously did with the destruction of Nord Stream.

    This press dynamic combined with the Graham-Blumenthal resolution actually creates a perverse incentive for *someone* to destroy ZNPP if they want to draw America deeper into the conflict. Biden has previously sworn that America will not get directly involved, on the grounds that would start World War III, but he also promised not to provide F-16s for the same reason.”


    If you all remember, another Demoncrap president FDR said on his third term run he would keep Amerika out of the war. But he lied, he had the Pacific fleet park at Pearl so the Japs would attack it and then use that moral outrage to drag us into war.

    The Pearl Harbor attack was no surprise, as the Honolulu and Hilo newspapers had the headline “JAPS TO ATTACK OVER THE WEEKEND – a week prior to the Dec 7th, 1941. Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that because they do not teach that little fact in school.

    Nov 30, 1941 Honolulu Headline: JAPANESE MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND!

    HILO, HAWAII TRIBUNE HERALD newspaper of November 30, 1941, the Sunday before the attack. The HEADLINE of this newspaper reads: JAPAN MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND


    “On December 7, 1941, the Japanese navy and air force attacked the United States army, navy and air force units at PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII in what was called “A SURPRISE ATTACK.”

    The next day, President Franklin Roosevelt called the attack “A DAY OF INFAMY,” and asked Congress for a Declaration of War.

    It was granted, and America was in WORLD WAR TWO.”



  7. Narratives (the REAL mis/disinformation) that have been endlessly screeched by the media, politicians,
    and bureaucrats besides “Cases! Cases! Cases!” include (in no particular order) “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!”, “Winter of severe sickness & death for the unvaccinated!”, “95% effective!”, “Safe and Effective!”, “Large study PROVES masks work!”, “Large studies PROVE Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin don’t work!”, “Vaccinated people stop the virus!”, “If you’re vaccinated you’re not gonna get COVID!” (That last narrative eventually became “If you’re vaxxed you won’t go to the hospital”), etc.

    Over the past 3 years one online program that I’ve come to rely on for REAL NEWS involving the ‘Rona, the “vaccines”, face diapers, and health issues in general is The Highwire. Unlike corporate media, The Highwire reported on what REAL SCIENCE was saying about such issues, plus interviewed doctors and scientists who bravely spoke out against the narrative du jour, and the program has been deplatformed from YouTube & Facebook for it, the reason given being “Spreading misinformation”
    However, their reporting on just the COVID stuff has certainly aged well compared to CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, AP, NYT, ABC, CBS, etc.

    • I agree, John. And do not forget the definition of “vaccine” had to be changed when the covid jab came out, because being the bioweapon it is, the Feds had to fool the masses somehow into getting an injection.

      • Thanks to watching The Highwire, one thing (among many others) I learned was that the feds did indeed change the definition of VACCINE in 2021 to fool people into thinking they were getting a VACCINE instead of what the COVID jab REALLY IS….an experimental gene therapy product that scientists tried to test on animals in the past but failed each and every time.

        • Indeed, John. And then throw in the PCR test that developer Kary Mullis himself warned was never to be used to diagnose anyone with anything (hence the Feds fraudulent use of PCR’s), and it makes one wonder why more people did not wake up to the fraud?

          • Shadow,

            For a while, unfortunately, this MASSIVE fear porn campaign was successful in manipulating a good percentage of Americans. PCR tests were used as a tool for keeping that fear porn going, as “Cases! Cases! Cases!” was used for scaring the masses into thinking that “Cases! Cases! Cases!” equaled “DEATHS! DEATHS! DEATHS!”. “Cases! Cases! Cases!” was also used by authoritarians as justification for lockdowns, “social distancing”, face diaper mandates, etc.

            And now, computer models that predict DANGEROUS CLIMATE CHANGE are being used as justification for banning gas stoves & gas powered vehicles, FORCING EVs on the masses, and FORCING farms to shut down.

            • I have read that, and how they are shutting down farms in the Netherlands, as well. It is no coincidence, either, that Bill Gates is the largest land holder in the nation, on prime farm land. And the shutting down of natural gas stoves? For crying out loud, is there anything that people will not put up with? They go so far to the absurd in the name of “climate change”, I wonder how anyone can take them seriously? One day, the earth having four seasons will be considered climate change, and worthy enough to enslave all of us.

              • So after typing the above I did a Google search. Bill Gates owns 269,000 acres of land, spreading across 18 states.

  8. My experience in nassau county long island at height of scamdemic.

    As a lifelong asthmatic who has almost died 5 times (intubated when passed out)as a result of Americas “fabled” health care system . OOPS, that should be profit care system!
    I had two appointments at a local hospital for followups during peak of scamdemic in new york. I had never in all my times going there ever saw so many free parking spaces between official parking and the few non pay spaces available!
    when inside, place was empty and when got to waiting area that is usually full of people I was the only (I mean the only) person there !!!

    By the way, from what I hav read, Hospitals routinely are packed to gills in normal FLU seasons.

  9. The Joshua Fetcher that wrote said editorial dressed in a facade of “news” should be a movie critic. He can start by reviewing the tik-tok videos of the “dancing ER staffs” that were so popular during the pandemic that overran hospitals.

    I’m not a farmer but, I know BS when I see it.

  10. The Texas Tribune is not a real newspaper, but an awful lot of time and energy is being devoted to selling it as such, backed by some deep pockets.

    The actual newspaper of record in Austin, the American-Statesman, is more typical Gannett liberal slant, but the product still has to compete in the marketplace and circulate in large enough numbers to generate reasonable revenue from advertisers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tribune eventually bought out the Statesman in a bid for legitimacy.

    As for the ridicule of the Governor here in Texas, at times, Abbott is spineless, but the Democrats have run lousy candidates against him so he’s been reelected twice.

  11. I complained about this to the editor of my local rag when I subscribed to it for a few months recently, mostly for local news. What ever happened to the “neutral” voice when reporting a story? Not every article has to be an editorial. He didn’t see it.

    I pointed out his “newspaper” circulation had dropped to nothing, reduced to twice weekly, mostly fleshed out with AP and Reuters propaganda. And told him that people that read newspapers are older and more conservative. If you have every article aimed at blue haired screeching liberals you’re driving your customers away.

    He of course didn’t agree and I canceled the subscription. The problem is they don’t care about profits, it’s like CNN losing money and having garbage ratings. They don’t care it’s all about pushing the agenda.

      • Hi Ken,

        Much of establishment media got money from the Biden Thing in 2021 as part of the “American Rescue Plan” to run positive pieces on the jabs, plus they also get a lot of money from Pharma and the military-industrial complex to run pro-pharma or pro-war narratives.

  12. I wish you were right that only the low IQ fall for the fraudulent propaganda. It feels like only a handful of savvy readers are able to cut through it. I’d take a guess at maybe 3% of the population. As for the rest, it works as designed.

  13. ‘Hospitals were never actually “pushed to the brink of their capacity limits.”’ — eric

    Being a numbers guy, I respond to assertions like this by looking to the data.

    On Dec 9, 2020, a table released by the US Dept of HHS and reproduced in the NYT showed many hospitals at capacity — at or over 100%:

    Abington, PA — 102%
    Hackensack NJ — 100%
    Chicago Heights IL — 100%
    St Joseph, MI — 100%
    Upland MI — 106%
    St Cloud, MN — 100%
    Abilene TX — 100%
    Edison NJ — 100%
    Temple TX — 100%
    Albuquerque NM — 116%
    Dothan AL — 100%
    Bedford TX — 100%
    Ogden UT — 107%
    Douglasville GA — 100%
    Warner Robins GA — 100%
    Easton PA — 104%
    Leonardtown MD — 100%
    Baton Rouge LA — 109%
    Everett WA — 100%
    Pompano Beach FL — 100%
    Yakima WA — 100%
    Patchogue NY — 100%
    Port St Lucie FL — 100%
    Huntington Beach CA — 100%
    Daly City CA — 100%
    Wailuku HI — 100%

    Elective surgeries were widely cancelled during this period, including by executive order of the governor in my state and numerous others.

    Maybe covid was just the flu. Maybe hospitals made more money from [mis]treating covid patients rather than elective surgery patients. We certainly agree that ‘vaccines’ and remdesivir were enormous, deadly scams.

    But the data on hospital overcapacity speaks for itself. It can be verified in thousands of local news articles. The linked WFAA article is not an example of journalistic malpractice.

    • I don’t believe the HHS data and I don’t believe the NYT. Both are part of the propaganda machine.

      This assertion is also patently false: “As a contagious form of the virus raged in summer 2021. . .”

    • Back in early 2020, The Denver Post had a front cover picture of workers building a hospital ward in the Colorado Convention Center. The convention center is one of the largest buildings I’ve ever been in, 2,200,000 square feet according to Wikipedia. I’m sure it was only the exhibit hall floor (584,000 square feet), or maybe one of the two ballrooms (94,656 square feet), but the point was that it was unlikely the Denver metro area would run out of beds.

      How many of those beds were utilized for treating the sick? Zero. None.

      Or what about the hospital ship Trump docked off Manhattan? The one that sat empty because somehow the Navy didn’t have doctors or nurses to staff it? Because it takes a whole staff of highly trained medical professionals to hand out Robitussin and hydroxychloroquine.

    • It would be interesting to dig deeper into the details of that NY Times article (behind a paywall) since the Times is basically the company newsletter for the government.

      ICU capacity is not total hospital capacity and I’m sure they put every possible suspected covid case in the ICU so they could isolate them. There were probably lots of other beds available.

      And was this all the hospitals in those cities? Some of them listed are large cities and would have many hospitals. Some are very small cities and would have only a single small hospital with a small ICU.

      Knowing that The NY Times has an agenda makes one wonder if they played with the numbers.

      • Hospitals had a cash incentive paid for by the feds for each “covid” case. The incentive was approximately $14,000 per patient.
        Follow the money (shekels)…

    • You regularly deride the NY Slimes as the “lugenpresse”, yet you seem mightily impressed by these statistics. Seems rather contradictory. Just curious, what were your thoughts when, at the height of this “hospitals are overwhelmed” hysteria, Eric was posting videos of himself driving by his local hospital and not ever seeing any “bodies stacked like cordwood” but rather quiet, workaday scenes? I found them quite a powerful reference and did the same at my local hospital. Never any commotion or even appearance of overwhelm.

    • Well, except for the fact that many, if not most of those hospitals had REDUCED their capacity, not their facility, intentionally, before COVID was a thing. To reduce costs of staffing them. For money. They intentionally kept their staffing at the lowest possible level, or lower, for an average load. So any significant increase above average load would overload their STAFFING. With lots of ICU beds not in service, unoccupied and unattended.
      Why would you believe anything HHS or the NYT says? As if the NYT actually employed “journalists”. They don’t. In the US being a real journalist will get you jailed or exiled. Even if you aren’t a US citizen, and none of the so called crimes you are accused of were committed on US soil.
      If anything, any breech in capacity was the fault of the Medical Industrial Complex’s inability to educate enough qualified staff. Witness the Twitter nurse dances.

      • You can thank Da Gubmint for that one, too.

        With Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements being so low, and hospitals being forced to take them, not to mention increasing regulation from Da Gubmint, many hospitals closed, and the rest were forced to join huge conglomerates that dominate the marketplace. Not to mention that there is no real discussion of how these conglomerates actually violate antitrust laws.

        So hospitals cut back on space and staffing, naturlisch.

        And when you actually needed them, they’re not there.

        • I don’t think Medicare reimbursement being “low” is the real problem. Our healthcare system is so fucked that I can’t even imagine how to fix it. In my mind, one of the biggest problems is the supposed cost of services. I’ve had stents and bypass surgery, so my cardiologist recommends that I have an ultrasound of my heart every year, just to see how things are going. Fair enough. Had my ultrasound a couple months ago and just got in all the paperwork. Hospital charged $5400 for the procedure. Medicare paid them about $3400, they wrote off whatever and tell me I owe them fifty something dollars. Okay, I don’t give a shit about 50 bucks. But wait a minute. This ultrasound was performed by a tech who was making what, 30 bucks an hour. Ok, let’s call it 40, and then load that for benefits, workman’s comp, SS, vacation etc etc. What’s her hourly cost to the hospital? $90 an hour, maybe? She spent 20 minutes doing my ultrasound. Let’s be generous and say she spent 2 hours on me, what with checking my records, doing aftercare paperwork etc. That’s 180 dollars in labor. Now let’s add in overhead, and profit. In a typical business, cost of goods 33%, labor 33%, overhead/profit 33%. So, in a normal business, that procedure should probably be about 600 bucks. That seems reasonable if you think about it. And yet, the hospital bills over 5 grand, and then bitches that Medicare only gave them over three grand, oh my god, we’re gonna collapse! Then they want to fuck me out of another fifty bucks on top of it. No, the problem isn’t that Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements are too low. The problem is that costs are out of control. We need to stop focusing on getting “coverage” for everyone and figure out why this stuff “costs” so much. $800 for a 10 minute doctor visit? I went to an urgent care a while back, $4500 to diagnose a skin infection? Come on. I remember back in the 60’s, we didn’t have health insurance. I slammed my finger in the car door, and my mother brought me to the ER. The total cost was 25 bucks and I remember standing next to her at the counter when she agreed to give them 5 dollars a month till it was paid. Hospitals get 2 grand a day for a stay, yet I could stay at the Ritz for maybe $500. How the hell did we get here? That’s what needs to be fixed.

          • Several years ago, maybe decades, I saw a price list of medical services, from what source I don’t recall. A simple fracture of one’s leg, which they should be able to treat in their sleep, was priced at $6000. At that time, that was more than a year in private K-12 education.

    • I am not sure whether I know what ‘100% capacity” means. I have read that hospitals are staffed the way some mortgage operations are staffed to deal with the peaks and valleys in activity. We would staff for the low activity times and use OT for the higher activity times, because we did not want to staff for high activity and have all this idle capacity. We may staff at 90% of the projected average. When a seasonal activity picks up to 120% due to the season or purchase/refi boom, then we could say that activity is 133% of capacity. You will not see journalists digging into stuff like this, they just run with the press releases.

    • I commented on this 3 years ago. My wife works in admissions for the largest hospital group in SW Florida. During the height of the “pandemic”, when the news was reporting hospitals at over capacity, overwhelmed etc., there was NOBODY there! No surgery, no procedures, no flu, nothing. The hospital actually laid off a significant percentage of staff, they offered buyouts to get older workers to leave. There were virtually no admissions. It was a ghost town, yet the news still reported “the cases, the cases!” Through my wife’s work, I met the head of security at the hospital and we became good friends. The local news reported that the hospital had brought in two trailers as temporary morgues to handle all the dead, of course with pictures of the trailers and people in hazmat suits. When I asked my security friend about it, he laughed his ass off. The trailers had been there for several years and were full of old office furniture and junk that they needed to get rid of. That’s when I knew the whole thing was a hoax.

        • Hi Helot,

          At the time of Peak Hysteria – the cases! the cases! – I went to the regional hospital (Carillion chain) for the SW Virginia/NC area to see what was up. Nothing was. The place was quiet, with no sign of bodies stacking up and no lines of people waiting to be admitted. A good friend of mine is a trauma nurse. This friend told me that nothing out of the usual was happening within.

          It was an act – all of it.

          • What is scary Eric, is that although I wonder why more people did not wake up to the fraud (PCR tests and such), Bill Gates gleefully announced that a more deadly pandemic was coming after covid. The hospitals were not full then, but they are now, all with heart problems from the jab. And how much fuller will the hospital capacity be when Gates releases something far deadlier? I shudder to think of what that creep has up his sleeve.

            • Shadow,

              This deadlier virus that Bill Gates speaks of could be malaria. There are now cases of malaria in the U.S. for the first time in 20 years, which just happens to coincide with genetically engineered mosquitos having been released in Florida a year or two ago. But don’t worry, the medical-industrial complex is making a brand new mRNA malaria vaccine.

            • You got that right with the heart issues, Shadow. Had an honest discussion with my cardiologist, I’ve been seeing her for years and I love her, but I was getting really upset because she’s cancelled 4 appointments with me over the last 6 months. When I finally got to see her, she explained that all the cardiologists are overwhelmed. The business people running the health systems are pulling them all out of the office to work in the hospitals where they still can’t keep up with all the new patients. When I was done, I booked my next 6 month appointment, which will be in June of next year, that’s how far she’s booked out.

  14. OANN (One America News) has been pretty much “deplatformed” everywhere but is still available by streaming. Although I do not agree with their slavish support of israel, they are the only REAL honest news source and actually do a lot of in depth reporting on stories that every other news agency ignores. In fact, they will spend a half or full hour on one story or topic, analyzing it in depth.
    OANN blows both Fox and Newsmax out of the water with its straight-up reporting and news analysis.
    The cost to access OANN is quite reasonable and is well worth it.

  15. The “mainstream media” has always been dishonest and have always pushed an agenda, mostly on the left. That being said…
    From the “yellow journalism” of the late 1800s and early 1900s to today’s “fake news”, journalism has shown its true (communist) roots.
    From the lies about the Spanish-American war to the New York Times’ walter duranty hiding the truth about and denying the artificially engineered and forced communist “famine” in the Ukraine, to the lies about the 1968 Viet Nam communist Tet offensive (a military victory for the South Vietnamese and American troops) reported by walter cronkite as a military defeat, cronkite and his ilk were successful in prolonging the Viet Nam war for years, giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy, who bragged about being supported by the U S media.
    Look at NBCs doctoring of GMC truck gas tanks, rigging them to explode, and the deliberate mischaracterization of George Zimmerman’s conversation withe the 911 dispatcher, deleting a key phrase, as well as showing Trayvon Martin as a 12-year-old cherub rather than his more recent “thug” facebook picture.
    More recently, the 2020 “summer of love” riots being reported as “mostly peaceful demonstrations” and yes, the (stolen) 2020 and 2022 (s)elections as well. Sanctifying both George Floyd and Amhad Arbery as “saints” while refusing to report on their extensive criminal behavior and records speaks VOLUMES. Let’s not forget their push for “climate change” engineering and actually censoring the truth at the behest of government agencies.
    The media has become a “fifth column” of the government and is not to be trusted. The CIA has had its hooks in the media since the 1950s. In fact, Hollywood script writers were paid to insert anti-drug messages in their scripts during the “drug hysteria” period of the 1980s through 2000s. Today, we have “crisis actors” embedded in our government and media, the same “crisis actors” who keep showing up, being used in every (fake) “crisis”. The mainstream media keeps parroting these imposters, thinking that we are stupid, not being able to see through their lies and deceptions.
    To our advantage, we now have the internet, which gives the ordinary citizen the ability to see through the deceptions and lies, and the capability to be real “journalists”, quite often getting and reporting the story TRUTHFULLY before the mainstream media.
    In fact, there are calls by “mainstream media” to “license” journalists, in an attempt to keep these “citizen journalists” out…twenty years ago, any journalist suggesting such a scheme would have been thrown out, but nowadays…who knows?

    • Electronic journalism is already licensed. The FCC grants broadcast licenses, satellite uplink facilites and regulates ISPs (directly in the case of wireless providers, indirectly in the case of cable and wireline telcos). Even fixed wireless ISPs using point to point wifi derivatives are regulated because their equipment must meet certification reqirements, and those can be changed on a whim. The cellular telcos have been chipping away at UHF broadcast TV band since the technlogy was introduced in the 1980s, at great expense to the broadcasters. And more recently a part of the C band satellite downlink band was reallocated for wireless phone use (which caused a ruckus in aviation due to possible interference with radar altimeters).

      A few years ago my ham radio club installed 3 GHz digital radios at our repeater sites to improve the link radios. The FCC reallocated the band to be used for commerical purposes and we hams were ordered to surrender the spectrum. This cost the repeater community hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily there’s a non-profit charity formed for selling off some of the subnet addresses that paid for it, but if that wasn’t an option many clubs would probably have shut down the linking sytems or gone back to analog links.

      Broadcasters have always had to tread lightly WRT the bureaucracy. It wouldn’t take much imagination to see a president appoint an activist chairperson to the FCC, especially in today’s climate. Wasn’t that long ago that a news orginization could keep politicans in line with odd camera angles and bad lighting, or just decide to blow up a scandal sheet story. Now everything is a scandal sheet story and no one cares what these old fossils look like. The balance has shifted and every media owner is painfully aware that their own currency is access. Lose access and you’re suddenly a podcaster.

  16. A.k.a cementing the premise, talking past the deal, etc. Nothing more or less than neurolinguistic programming. Probably written by a machine. It’s like always having to fight a rear guard action regarding the past, about history. You see it everywhere, even in these comment sections, continuously amplified by a trickle of new but verbose commenters. During the “pandemic”…. Soooo many more people died in 2020 dont’cha know. A lab in Chyna “isolated” the “one virus” in January 2020 and a relative of it made my cousin sick last week. Jussa flu, bro? That’s a tin hat conspiracy theory. Yada yada. To them I raise a middle finger in a 2 armed Italian salute.

    It’s all tied up in the empire creating realities a la the ‘02 Karl Rove quote. It’s also of a piece with 4G psy-war tactics. Keep the people confused with confusion. We’re not just on our own, they’re trying to kill us.

      • Thanks, Mr. L. H/t to your efforts to disabuse folks of their received notions as well. Sometimes I imagine what it’s like to have been born 100 years earlier, say around the time Garret Garret was born, 1870-something, and having to fight intellectually against intervening in foreign wars, FDR and the New Deal, etc., etc. Only to have gov’t schools teaching me 100 years later that FDR and the New Deal “saved capitalism” and US entry into WWII when “the US (non-state, illegally acquired colonial possession was) attacked (purposely allowed to be attacked) by Japan” “ended the Depression.”

        Until the perpetrators of the renamed flu scam are held accountable for their lies, they’ve “won” and will write the history. It will become the “history” and the “reality.” They will be promoted to ever greater heights of power. This frightens and depresses me because, as you mentioned above, the folks including but not limited to, the ones that benefited, the duped who still believe, the duped who now know better but won’t admit it and the go along get alongs at any cost far outnumber the rest. But then again, that’s how reality is manufactured today.

        • It’s funny. Just when I think I’ve broken some of my friends out of their spell and they start questioning stuff, they once again fall for the propaganda. Sometimes they finally realize that something they fell for is actually a manufactured scam, but then a year or so goes by and they revert to believing it once again. It boggles the mind.

          • It has to do, I think, with the amount of contact with “institutions” or maybe just “the matrix” generally. If that is a person’s day to day, it imparts a constant reinforcement mechanism that I would imagine is extremely difficult to completely reject. The renamed flu scam was just enough shadow of doubt in some people’s minds that it went down smooth enough and now that it has waned, folks want to “move on.” The history doesn’t matter to such types. But it should.

            The same type of institutional thought coercion, perfected during the scamdemic, is now being wrought on folks in the sphere of the race and deviance agendas, most acutely with the gender benders. It’s like, if you are one of “us”, if you want to keep your job, status, station, you will not trust your lying eyes, your instincts or your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, you will not just wear a face diaper amulet and take untested mystery shots, you will believe what you are told to believe by actual crazy people. Like a man dressed as a woman is a woman because he says so. You know the Voltaire quote about getting people to believe absurdities. The committing of atrocities is next.

        • This one made me chuckle: “Only to have gov’t schools teaching me 100 years later that FDR and the New Deal “saved capitalism” and US entry into WWII when “the US (non-state, illegally acquired colonial possession was) attacked (purposely allowed to be attacked) by Japan” “ended the Depression.””

          It’s so true. This is the horseshit that we all had to sit through. Even when they were trying to peddle it to me in school it never made sense that killing people and destroying shit is good for the economy. It’s just so ridiculous, but I bet 99% believe it.

          • The one distinctive thing about my 16 years of gov’t schooling was how information was purposely presented in an incoherent and out of context way. There was no reason to challenge its veracity because nothing was related to anything else. You could be deemed “smart” by regurgitating what you were told. Then get a “good” job making tons of money doing what you were told. But not really know anything.

            It took the confluence of the birth of my daughter, a career ending incident in the megalopolis, and moving to a remote area where I was outdoors whenever I wanted and we purposely had no TV to even put me in a position to break out of the matrix. The withdrawal from TV was so severe, my wife and I found ourselves acting out stupid dramas among ourselves to fill the void. We actually returned to watching TV for a time but saw it with the new eyes of some of the things we learned. It’s all gov’t worship cop shows and the most mindless garbage! That lasted a month or two. This was 11 years ago.

    • I was supposed to visit friends today for 4th of July. Both have bad colds. Notice that they say that they had bad colds, just like the other bad summer colds they had in the past.

      • You mean it’s not the R2D2 lineage of the Theta Tau sub lineage from the 2012 hantavirus? Remember how we all used to keep track of such things? Yeah, me neither. Glad to hear your friends are on the right track.

  17. Great article Eric,
    True journalists are an endangered species, Julian Assange is rotting in a British prison for telling the truth about Uncle’s war crimes and will eventually be renditioned to the USSA for a show trial. If Orange Man had an ounce of integrity he would have pardoned Assange; instead he let off a bunch of his fellow grifters. Matt Taibi and Glen Greenwald face constant harassment for truth telling, and Tucker Carlson was cancelled.
    Happy 4th of July everyone, to me it’s a national day of mourning to realize how much we’ve lost.

  18. I do not read / watch “news media”. My info comes from websites like Eric Peters Autos, Lew Rockwell, and Zero Hedge. I also peruse Mike Lindel’s The Liberty Daily but it’s too crowded and hard to read.

    Drudge and Fox used to be the go-to sources. But they’ve sold their souls. To hell with ’em.

    • “Eric Peters Autos, Lew Rockwell, and Zero Hedge”
      Which are also my daily news sources, along with links they provide, and Zero Hedge is often on the wrong side of the fence.


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