The Rump State of America

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Florida may turn out to be the last United State – the Rump Republic of America. The rest of the states having become something un-American (or insufferably cold, such as otherwise American states like South Dakota; but perhaps such places can be warmed up).

Florida seems to be the place, if you want to show your face – without having to cover up the rest of yourself.

It has a governor who reportedly told the president selected to “go fuck yourself” after being pressured by him to turn his state into a place like most of the other states, where people are treated like prisoners and “mandated” to not show their faces, notwithstanding the inconvenient truth that Floridians have suffered less from “the virus” than states that have imposed suffering on their populations in the name of “the virus.”

The fact that this fact is not sufficient to end the suffering imposed on the people in other states in the name of “the virus” tells us much about the motives of the politicians imposing the suffering, including the president selected.

This man insists that the borders of Florida be “locked down,” Floridians prevented from leaving the state in the name of “stopping the spread” . . . while also insisting that the border with Mexico be opened, that anyone who comes here from there not be sent back there . . . “the virus” apparently not “spreading” via Mexico or Mexicans.

This same man and the men around him insist that it is racist or something very close to it to expect voters to prove they are eligible to vote, as by showing an ID prior to casting their vote – but insists that people show ID to buy cough syrup.

Unfortunately, that is also “the law” in Florida.

But there is no statewide law – or “mandate” – to wear a leaky Face Condom to avoid “impregnating” others nearby with a sickness you haven’t got (but which you could give them if you did have it, because the Face Condom stops the spread of viruses as effectively as torn condoms prevent sperm from spreading).

A few isolated cankers – Miami, Palm Beach and Tampa – tried to impose the wearing of leaky Face Condoms on people but Governor DeSantis signed an executive order back in September debarring the local gesundheitsfuhrers from imposing fines or penalties on anyone who declines to wear one.

This all by itself makes Florida worth the trip. And perhaps the stay.

It has a governor who uses executive orders to protect the rights of the people from tyranny – and imbecility.

There’s more.

Florida also doesn’t Hut! Hut! Hut! adults who choose to ride a motorcycle without a helmet – something you cannot do in a majority of the rest of the states, where the principle that the state is your parent and will decide how much risk you’re allowed to take with yourself  is firmly established. And generally applied, as evidenced by the order to wear the Face Condom, no matter how sick you aren’t or how little chance there is of getting seriously sick.

You can feel the warm air on your face in Florida.

And you don’t have to pay any state income tax in Florida – because there isn’t a state income tax.  No personal property tax applied to property such as your car, either. For a person currently living in another state, this could mean an effective raise of several thousand dollars annually, without actually getting a raise. But it amounts to the same thing when you get to keep 85 cents of every dollar you earn instead of just 70 cents.

Plus the inestimable value of not having to factor such things into life decisions such as whether to buy a car at all.

In addition to not making you pay these taxes – or wear bizarre sickness couture – Florida also respects your right to carry a gun if you like, including concealed. It is a “shall issue” state, which means the state apparat shall issue the permit, whether the state apparatchiks like it or not. You are not required to convince a judge or other species of government bureaucrat that you “need” a gun in order to carry one. 

Florida also has one other thing that may greatly account for much of the above: The presence of a large Cuban-American population. These people know what it is like to live under the kind of tyranny being imposed on Americans in other states because they lived under it, many of them, in Cuba – just 90 miles off the shore of Florida.

Back in the day, many Americans worried about the consequences of so many Cubanos paddling their way to Florida but as it turns out, it may have been a very healthy thing for America.

Or at least, what’s left of it.

In Florida.

Which could be the much-needed example of what America was that saves the rest of America from becoming what Cuba is.

. . .

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  1. But Florida has killer heat with humidity. And it’s FLAT. That means the roads are pretty boring to drive on. Kinda like flying straight and level: dull. Contrast that with the Blue Ridge Parkway, even with its ridiculous 45 MPH speed limit and AGWs lurking everywhere. Could you stand it there, even with all the political advantages? I couldn’t.

  2. Just a quick note on the “What State is the best” dialogue.

    In my personal opinion the US is in secular decline. The sweet spot in US history…the Baby Boomer era is now one for the history books. And it won’t be back.

    Unfortunately my surprise choice of ..where I will be “Devolving” to permanently, will no doubt elicit gasps from from many EP auto fans. Therefore I will preface my decision based on my background. That is,

    First generation native born US. Parents emigrated from Europe in 1949,
    always fascinated by their WW2 stories..

    Mom facing off with the Russian front (T34/85 tanks roaring up to her Dad’s farm in Latvia Oct 1944)….Definitely thought time to “Get out of Dodge” so to speak….subsequently evacuated by sea then enjoying “R&R” in a refugee city called Dresden during a spectacular fireworks display mid Feb 45…

    Dad…spent his formative years in the “Eastworker Union” welding ME109 fighter wings on to the fuselage…

    Back in Dad’s day quality control problems were not an issue..too many ..then “Against the wall and Rat tat tat…Shift Change”!……

    For the record..there may be a place for union stewards given “Management Overreach” certain circumstances…just saying.

    Fascinated by their stories I studied WW2 history extensively and realizing a basic knowledge of Geography was required…it became almost a hobby of mine.

    Not being a member of the Landed Gentry/ nor a trust fund piglet…I would have to pay my own way…Therefore I choose the economy route.

    Armed with lonely planet guidebooks and a 5,000ci backpack I just started traveling the world at “street level”…

    Unfortunately, most US citizens do not travel extensively and believe the US is all there is on the planet.


    If you speak Spanish, my Premier choice is …..wait for it!!….The Dominican Republic.

    1) Cost..
    2) very family oriented society
    3) US VA clinics, yup …(The Monroe Doctrine was good for something)!
    4) Astounding scenery!!
    5) Heavy into Organic farming….and that’s serious Chickenshit!
    6) Tired of the beach BS need to cool down?…try “New Hampshire” in the DR..Constanza valley 4,000ft elevation
    7) Need to get lost from civilization, become invisible and hang out? Check out Las Galeras Northeast coast
    8) Haiti is next-door!….Folks believe it or not the reason the DR is so affordable IS BECAUSE OF IT’S NEIGHBOR….otherwise 1%ers would have sucked up all the primo real estate
    9) I have traveled extensively through the DR and never experienced the sort of simmering hostility you may encounter in another greater Antilles nation….If you catch my drift.

    Well so much for being succinct.

    • Gasp!
      [Well, you were right about that, Pinchpenny!]

      Ya know though, you’re not the first person I’ve heard touting the DR. Really makes me wonder why…if there’s really something to it, or if it’s just craziness, or intended to throw the “less desirables” off of the path/keep ’em away from the good places?

      Reason I say this, is because when I still lived in NY, I’d get a percentage of my bidness from a predominantly Dominican area on Long Island, and I freaking HATED going to that area, because every single one of those DR’s I dealt with was a sleazy lying thieving scumbag.

      Only thing I can figure, is that maybe they sent all of their undesirables here, and the good ones stayed in the DR. And how do they keep the freaking Haitians out of the DR? Bomb the whole island of Hispaniola first, then it’d probably be a paradise…. I just can’t imagine…unless one is a tourist who stays within the confines of a resort…..

      Or am I somehow missing something? (I’ve even known some nice Haitians…but never a decent Dominican. )

      • Nunzio,

        Frankly everything you say about Dominicans makes sense given the bizarre circumstance they are thrust into.

        Coming from a laid back culture and being HURLED into New York City’s “equally laid back ambiance”…SNARK..while being broke, uneloquent and exploited…hmmm somewhat resentful toward any gringo perhaps? ( You just happen to be lower on the NY food chain hierarchy, thus you absorb the tension the polo crowd isn’t into and responsible for)

        Heck I’d be pissed.

        Part Deux (pun intended)..Border issues

        Hispaniola…22nd largest island on earth
        3/8 Haiti 5/8 Dominican by sq miles

        population of H approx equal to DR

        Self Policing is the key to immigration….there are only so many jobs …and both…”neighbors” are in the potential job pool..Naturally one neighbor may shall we say, jealously guard their job pool.

        Bingo citizen neighbor watch along the 243 mile border.Save the bombs ..give peace a works.

        Will locate to north coast not far from a town called Rio San agriculture..looking forward to getting “adopted” by a village..yes it happens..just don’t act too Yanqui.along with my Venezualan squeeze..

        Give the place a try …my suggestion Punta Cana would be LAST on my list of DR destinations..North Coast rules and Spirit flies nonstop from Ft. Lauderdale to Santiago..Hope it helps

        • Thanks for the info, Lick. You’ve piqued my curiosity, so I’ll take a look, since DR is one place I have always ignored, and thus have no real knowledge of it.

          Dunno about that ‘low man on the totem pole’ stuff though. No one was lower on the totem pole than the Puerto Ricans used to be…yet there were just as many good PRs as bad.

          Meanwhile, li’l ol’ gringo me was about as low as one could get on the totem pole in NY- We had NOTHING, and no prospects, and lived hand to mouth. Used to wonder how the black and PR kids in the projects and the ‘hood could manage to have a nice boombox and jewelry….. And yet plenty of kids I went to school with who had everything, turned out to be as bad as some of the Dominicans… It’s all about culture and individual character. Growing up at the bottom made me a better person. It can go either way, just as being prosperous can- but neither is a cause of poor character.

          Hey, at least the weather would be nice in the DR!

            • Mr H,

              Actually you will get “adopted” quite easily. Just treat the people right. By the time we left the DR after 3 weeks..we had a dedicated driver, who introduced us to a construction contractor ( his uncle) and assorted family members, farmers, mechanics..etc, etc.

              For the record we text back and forth on a regular basis with several of them. They ask us when will we be back . BTW the Uncle has relatives in Ft Lauderdale we visited for a pig roast!

              • This subject has made me curious as to the differences between the Dominican Republic and Dominica. It made recall the few people I’d met from Dominica, who would always emphasize that they were from Dominica vs. the DR. (The former refer to themselves as ‘Domineekans”, while the latter refer to themselves as Dominicans- which is something most Americans are not aware- I know I certainly wasn’t.)

                I’ve always heard that Dominica was the better place….but I guess it depends on who’s doing the telling… 🙂

                • Dominica is a puny island in the lesser Antilles subject to “Tourist level costs”….and no indigenous industry other than tourist trinkets and batik fabric…..

                  The DR is a fully functioning country with heavy (NATURAL) agriculture and considerable industry.

                  Because the DR has a much larger relative population to Dominica….you will naturally have more “neer do wells” in the population.

                  Bottom line , I’ve backpacked all over the place and the DR rates highest across the 10 or so categories in my personal comfort index… I’m on social security and you can actually do quite well here even on that!

                  • Ah, O-K. That lets out Dominica. Me stayee away from tourist places. (Me no can afford tourist places! Me no want to see-ee the people who makee this country the mess that it is!)

                    Maybe I can find some videos online showing the DR which can dispell my NY-acquired “human cockroach” opinion. (Well, I really shouldn’t call ’em that- “human” is a little too optimistic.) 🙂

  3. … also I looked into a couple of Doctors who are crushing us with the Mask …lockdown crap…NOT ONE EVER wrote ANY PAPERS or opinions on MASK AND LOCK DOWNS…NEVER. SO The same doctors who are now 110% MASK NEVER WROTE in their 27 years as a PHYSICIAN the benefits of a mask…but now it’s gospel

  4. From South Dakota wintering in Florida. A novel titled Molon Labe written by Boston T. Party. came out around 2010 explained a very realistic method to create a free state in wyoming. He split from free state NH. Started one in WY. Trump showed us the depth and depravity of the swamp. It’s systemic. The only fix is complete overhaul. Time to get a new one as you might be able to specify The options you need. Its all in the operators manual. Declaration of Independence.

    • Hi Jonny,

      But there is no – zero – benefit wearing a “mask” if one isn’t sick. Other than to assuage the feelings of people who are sick. Mentally. This is the nut of the objection I and many others have with “masks.” I’m not sick. Therefore, I cannot get anyone sick. Therefore, forcing me to wear a “mask” is purely about enforcing conformity with a fear-narrative, which is an affront. It is exactly of a piece with the insistence that because someone fears guns, I must hand over my guns. I haven’t harmed you. Therefore, you have no right to harm me. And yes, forcing me to wear a “mask” is harmful. To my dignity. To my emotional state. To my physical health. And that is why I will not a “mask.”

      • You’re saying there aren’t asymptomatic carriers (including yourself)?

        COVID-19 alert
        Common question
        What percentage of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic?

        Approximately 20% of asymptomatic people who test positive for COVID-19 will remain symptom-free over time, according to two studies published September 22 in different journals. The researchers propose, therefore, that most asymptomatic patients should be considered presymptomatic.Sep 28, 2020

        About 80% of Asymptomatic People With COVID-19 Develop … › viewarticle
        For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for health advice.
        COVID-19 alert
        Common questions
        Can people without COVID-19 symptoms be contagious?
        During this pandemic, we have seen that people without symptoms can spread the coronavirus infection to others. A person with COVID-19 may be contagious 48 to 72 hours before starting to experience symptoms.Feb 5, 2021

        COVID-19 › diseases-and-conditions › covi…

        • Jonny,

          The claim of asymptomatic transmission is not supported by the best data. Jama recently published a meta analysis of many studies and found that asymptomatic transmission was very rare.

          “The authors determined that symptomatic cases were far more likely to transmit the virus than asymptomatic ones. The “secondary attack rate” of symptomatic cases was 18%, they found, compared to 0.7% for asymptomatic ones, a 25-fold difference”.

          A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine also concluded that asymptomatic transmission is very rare.

          Lockdown polices, including masks, are not harmless. They are causing enormous harm, psychologically, physically and economically.


        • Jonny,

          I am saying an assertion unfounded in fact – based on feelings – imposes no moral obligation upon me. You worry I might be sick. That is your problem, not mine. If you disagree, then let me ask you how you’d feel about my asserting that you might be a rapist/thief/pederast (pick one) and thus are obliged to assuage my fears by performing some absurd/degrading ritual such as standinmg six feet away and wearing a codpiece with a lock or keeping your hands visible at all times.

          Would you?

          And if you would, understand that by accepting this moral inversion – that a person causing no harm is obliged to subordinate himself to the fears of someone else that he might cause harm – you have opened Pandora’s Box and accepted that everything you may do or not do is contingent on other people feeling ok (or not) about it.

          Is that the world you want to live in?

          Further, there is no evidentiary support for “asymptomatic” spread. It’s pure cant – used to maintain the farce of keeping everyone “masked.”

          • I hear you, Eric, but I don’t think your rapist/thief/pederast examples are meaningful. A better one might be DUI/DWI motorists. If caught, they’re subject to The Law although they haven’t caused any harm. Still, do we want such drivers on the road? What if a driver with half a dozen DWIs killed someone you love? Wouldn’t you be upset that nothing was done to get the jerk off the road? It’s a tradeoff. As noted in my reply to Jeremy, I see myself as a practical libertarian. Regarding drunk drivers, IMHO they should be prohibited from driving after the second offense. Two strikes and you’re out.

            • Jonny,

              A “drunk” driver has actually been drinking. I am not sick. Your argument amounts to: Someone fears that someone might be drunk – ergo let’s treat everyone as presumptively drunk. Indeed, let’s pre-emptively punish everyone as if they were, in fact, not only “drunk” but had actually caused a wreck.

              And, again: There is no evidentiary support for “asymptomatic” spread.

              Forcing everyone to wear a Face Diaper is about visuals. It is about creating the impression that everyone is afraid – and agrees with the hysteria. It is a form of coerced speech as well as degrading; it inverts morality by asserting that it is “kind,” “considerate” and “responsible” to participate in and encourage hysteria, to deny reality for the sake of the feelings of people who are hysterical rather than “shake them back into reality” by refusing to pretend that hypochondria is reasonable.

            • Jonny,

              You don’t think my examples are “meaningful” isn’t an argument. It’s just your feeling – again. Explain why it is not “meaningful.” If your assertion – based on your fear – that I might be sick justifies forcing me to adopt what you consider to be effective palliative measures to calm your fears, then how is it that my assertion – based on fear – that you might be a thief and thus are obliged to submit to palliative measures I consider necessary isn’t “meaningful”?

              Thievery exists. You might be a thief; anyone might be a thief.

              The “virus” exists. I might be sick; anyone might be sick.

              Can you really not see?

              And they ask me why I drink . . ..

              • Eric, I didn’t say you should be forced to wear a mask. In fact, I expressed in my reply to Jeremy that you should NOT be. (“Governments should have *pleaded* with us to wear masks and stay home as much as possible, etc., not forced us to do so.”)

                Although this virus looks like a two-year problem, it is nonetheless a *temporary* one. Unfortunately, you *could* be asymptomatic during the incubation period and transmit the disease:

                From a January study in published JAMA:
                “transmission from asymptomatic individuals was estimated to account for more than half of all transmissions.”

                More than half!… Look, I don’t like wearing a mask, either, and certainly would have a problem if we were forced to wear masks *forever*. Another year, I can probably stand. A lot of things in life are tradeoffs.

                Regarding your “thief” hypothetical, I’m pretty sure it’s far more likely that a random person has a current, widespread (worldwide) disease than he is a thief.


                • Jonny,

                  There is no evidence in support of your claim that “a random person has a current, widespread (worldwide) disease ” . . . this is pure assertion. Fear-based hypochondriacal hysteria. A problem of the mentally ill. Remember germphobes? That is being normalized. It’s very sick.

                  Also: This “virus” presents a minuscule threat of even serious sickness – let alone death – for 99-plus percent of the healthy population. This is a fact. This business of everyone – most everyone – showing (by Face Diapering) that they are terrified of this virus is as pathetic as it is unreasonable.

                  Which brings me right back to my point about demanding you keep your hands visible because I am afraid you might be a thief. Thievery is a lot more pervasive than “the virus,” and even if not the fact that you aren’t a thief (I assume) means I have no right to treat you as one nor expect you to behave as one to ease my fears.

                  So, again: I am not sick. Therefore, I won’t pretend I am. And because I am not sick in the head, I don’t expect others to pretend they are sick to make me feel better, either.

                  And “temporary”? Do you really believe that? Pope Fauci XVII is already saying “masks” through 2022… this never ends. Because it isn’t about physical sickness. It is about terrorizing the population via weaponized hypochondria, to justify endless, pervasive control and degradation of the populace in the name of “science” and “health.”

                  You’re either a party to this despicable farce, a dupe – or an opponent of it. We each must choose.

                  Which choice will you make?

                • Hi Jonny,

                  A curious thing has happened regarding “science”. That of the lowest evidentiary value, if it perpetuates the fear porn narrative, is treated as more definitive than that of the highest evidentiary value, if it casts doubt on that narrative. The JAMA article is a model, embedded with assumptions, it is not a study that tracked actual cases. The actual studies done on this issue indicate that asymptomatic transmission is very rare.

                  But, a paper advocating perpetual lockdowns and masking until a vaccine is developed, based on model assumptions that don’t comport with evidence from studying actual people, is clearly the highest form of science.


        • Jonny Jones….the same GLOBALIST SATANTIC shit we have been hearing posted word for word on other sites don’t bother to argued with it..

          • Jonny
            The (objective) Law can only punish for the actual harm. If prevention of potential harm is important, it is an economic matter, to be solved by e.g. private owners of the roads as they are free to implement requirements for their road users.
            You cannot achieve justice by resorting to injustice. Punishing the innocent and using physical violence against them (e.g to extract a fine) is injustice destroying life.
            The source of your opinion is fear.

    • Hi Jonny,

      That video does not prove that masks work, it shows that they disrupt airflow. It also shows nothing about how people actually use masks; constant fiddling and touching, reusing dirty masks, discarding used masks, etc… all produce adverse effects. That is why the only valid test of whether masks work is a randomized case trial (RCT). Every RCT done on whether masks are effective at preventing the spread of an airborne virus shows that there is no statistically significant reduction in the spread of a virus due to general mask use.

      Here is the CDC analysis of RCT’s from 1946 – 2018, released in May of 2020.

      “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.

      Note the RR of 0.78, which means that the studies showed a statistically insignificant negative effect (more likely to get sick).

      Here’s an article from the BMJ,

      From the article, according to the WHO,

      “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including covid-19. Wearing masks in the community can also give people a false sense of security, it said, and lead to them neglecting other measures, such as hand hygiene and physical distancing”.

      This is recent stuff, yet all of the mainstream media, the political class and most of the medical establishment is acting as if none of this science exists. They insist that masks work and label any factual counter narrative as “fake news”. Just mentioning the actual science can get you branded as a purveyor of false information by the media and the political class.

      Recently, the only RCT specifically investigating the effectiveness of mask in preventing the spread of Covid19 produced the same results.

      There are no studies of equal evidentiary value to these RCT’s that show that masks are effective. Still, the “follow the science” people ignore the actual science on the issue and insist that rushed together, uncontrolled observational studies negate decades of research showing that they don’t. These studies are the lowest level of evidentiary value, RCT’s are the highest level of evidentiary value.


      • Thanks for the information, which is certainly interesting and your view may be right. However, I reviewed the CDC article, and — correct me if I’m wrong — the “face mask” results (Figure 2) favored wearing a mask. The piece also notes that “mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks.” Seems to me that even if mechanistic studies aren’t as good as RCTs, wearing a the mask is “better than nothing.” Maybe it reduces transmission by 10%? If so, isn’t that worth it? It’s a tradeoff, to be sure…. I consider myself a practical libertarian, and it feels practical (or at least it did a year ago) to try every reasonable precaution. Do I agree with mandates and lockdowns? Absolutely not. Governments should have *pleaded* with us to wear masks and stay home as much as possible, etc., not forced us to do so.

        • Jonny,

          I assumed that the negative RR indicated a negative effect, I was incorrect in that. However, the study results do not “favor wearing a mask” in the sense that most people think because the results are statistically insignificant. This doesn’t mean that the studies show a small but insignificant (in the colloquial sense) positive effect for mask wearing. It means that a positive cause and effect cannot be assumed because “Such increases may be due to chance, statistical bias, or the effect of confounding factors that are sometimes not evident.” – The National Cancer Institute.

          “Maybe it reduces transmission by 10%? If so, isn’t that worth it?” No, this calculation requires that masks are harmless, justifying the idea that any potential benefit is worth it as the cost is zero. But, masks are not harmless. They are the outward symbol of submission to lockdown policies that are known to cause extreme harm. They may cause physical harm and they do cause direct psychological harm, creating an environment of fear and mistrust.


    • I love my mask I have been using it for months. It can stanch a bloody nose, it is great for checking the ois. (oil kills germs). On a long run I ran into difficulties, fortunately with the mask I did not need to waste a sock. My mask is wonderful, I will be happy to share it with you.

  5. In 2012 I bought 50 acres in southern Missouri for $850 an acre. I moved from the thoroughly kalifornicated state of Colorado and have been extremely pleased with the difference.

    It is beautiful river and hill country covered with eastern hardwood forest. Property taxes are low and my car insurance went down considerably when I moved. I live in a county that has exactly zero traffic lights and one sheriff who has two deputies. There are no zoning laws or building codes. If you want to be off grid nobody cares. The deer hunting is world class and fishing is great too.

    We have constitutional carry, as in no permit required at all. Also pending in the legislature right now is the Second Amendment Protection Act, which would make it illegal for LE to enforce unconstitutional federal gun laws. We also have had a bill introduced in the state legislature that would make it a crime to discriminate against anyone for not having the jab.

    It seems like the slave muzzle is on its way out too. There for a time it was near universal, but when I was in town a couple weeks ago I estimate that it was less than half the people were wearing it.

    It’s not all perfect. We have personal property taxes on vehicles, toys, equipment and livestock, which I see as despicable and shameful, but my license plate fees are less than half what they were in Colorado, which makes it about the same hit. We have to get a vehicle inspection to get plates, which is pretty stupid, but at least I don’t have to deal with the emission test extortion.

    It gets uncomfortably warm in summer and the humidity is quite a lot higher than Colorado. It rains a lot, mostly in winter and spring, and I have a real problem with never ending mud. The official average is 48″ per year, but it’s been over 70″ the last few years. The woods are crawling with an unbelievable amount of ticks in spring and early summer. You learn to take measures. Garden pests can be overwhelming if you’re not vigilant, and sometimes even if you are. The rivers are clogged with drunken loud obnoxious tourists from memorial day through labor day, but are otherwise easy to avoid.

    The people here aren’t exactly friendly, but they have excellent manners and are very polite. They’re suspicious and distrustful of outsiders, which is an obstacle, but not altogether a bad thing. They will leave you alone if that’s what you desire, so long as you mind your own business. There are some characters out here who are truly scary, and others who just try to be. Meth is a big thing.

    When I first arrived most of the local businessmen saw me as a mark to be swindled, conned and cheated. I quickly learned who was out to take advantage of me and took my business elsewhere. I’d get the stink eye so bad in some shops that I didn’t go back again. I don’t have to go far to find what I need where folks are much more friendlier.

    All things considered I’ve been very happy and my only regret is that I didn’t make the move sooner.

  6. High time we adopt the sentiments of the days of old.
    Go to, listen to the sermons,
    get a copy of both The Magdeburg Confession of 1550 and
    The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.
    Then find Policraticus by John of Salisbury
    Read and learn
    A Farmer

  7. Don’t you think the powers that be might arrange for DeSantis to be K.O.’ed in the next election and a more congenial candidate installed in Tallahassee? Don’t forget those hanging chads of twenty years ago and the way SCOTUS stopped the recount. And what you save in state income and auto excise taxes you might pay in higher rents. And the majority of Cubans have now been born here and didn’t experience life under “hasta la victoria siempre.”

    Not to rain of the Sunshine State’s parade but remember when half the states wanted to wriggle free of life under Uncle Sam’s thumb and Uncle went, “Not so fast…”

  8. Hi Eric
    Come to Florida, stay away from Miami, West Palm Beach
    I moved from Miami to the Gulf Coast (north of Naples)
    Here you can go to Walmart, Home Depot, etc, no diaper needed (yes, most of the people wear them, but the employees treat you nicely, never ask you to wear the diaper)
    Agree with the posters that state that Florida may turn blue any time, but this may happen anywhere, and nobody knows the future. And they are right about cost of car and home insurance
    I was going to put here a pic from a store nearby, but don’t see the option, here is the text:
    It is a sign on the entry door that states:
    “Face Masks are Discretionary here at Babe’s”
    (two pics of blue masks)
    “As per Sarasota County and Florida guidelines”
    and it is good to go to a bar and see the waitresses w/o masks, like in a nearby Tiki bar

  9. There is no place in this dying country that is”safe.” EVERY state is “infected” by tyrants and their followers (i.e., “Clovers”). Even if they’re a relative minority of the population, they use the machinery of existing government to impose their ways on everyone else. The problem is structural.

    Honestly, I’m not sure that at this stage there is a solution. Ninety percent of the population of this country has been successfully conditioned to into compliant slavery, and that 90 percent is pretty evenly distributed geographically. That’s why the idea of a “Project Free State” was absurd from the start. Dislodging or out-populatiing Clovers is numerically impossible under current conditions.

    Granted, a ten percent “remnant” is theoretically more than sufficient to turn the tide. The question is: does the current remnant have the motivation, wherewithal, or, perhaps most important of all, cohesiveness to do so?

    • This is true, Libby!

      No place here is truly safe. We get a few bones thrown to us now and then in some places more than others- and how long they will last is anybody’s guess; and that other tyrannical evils will counteract them to the point of negating them is almost certain. This is why, if I were planning to move now, I’d just leave the country and be done with it. Depending on where one currently lives, there are definitely some major benefits to be had by switching states….but those benefits are eroding daily.

      America is the land of the brainwashed and manipulated, and everything that is happening here is happening because the real rulers want it to. Currently, we are witnessing the beginning of the planned break-up of America into ten superstates, because *their* NWO does not include a USA superpower nor constitutional republic with a Bill Of Rights such as the one was had.

      Freedom can only be achieved by a people who pursue and practice the tenets of liberty, and there are precious few of those around anymore. Collectivists corralling into different boundaries will still be collectivists.

      Man, if only it were 10%! Think of all of your acquaintances, neighbors, friends, relatives, employees/coworkers. Do one out of every ten of them yearn for liberty and practice it’s tenets? Do even one out of a thousand? (0.10%)

      WE are the anomalies. All of human history proves that it is human nature to practice and tolerate tyranny, collectivism and coercion among societies at large. And today we see the ultimate culmination of that, now that the technology exists by which a few can manipulate and capitalize even more upon those human foibles via mass media, to make the world into a virtual slave colony in which the masses advocate, are complicit in, and even demand their own, their children’s, and their neighbor’s enslavement.

  10. South Dakota is tempting if you leave for 4 cold months out of the year, but bugs can get crazy. In Rapid City one summer driving through I stopped at a store and was massively attacked by mosquitoes just walking across the parking lot to the store.

  11. Pritzker the Hutt, governor of Illinois sent his wife and kid to Florida while insisting on closing businesses, stay at home orders, and face diapers here in Illinois.

    • Ted Cruz went to Acapulco to escape his heat-less frozen home in Texas…and left his dog in the house to freeze!

      Just more proof that ANYONE who desires to rule over men is a psychopath. From the lowliest security guard to the Kommissar of the USA….. Sick bastards every one of ’em. I don’t even fully trust Ron Paul because of such human propensities.

  12. I think the Dems are worried about the VA Governor’s race this year. I’m not sure how/why, but I’m on the Terry McAuliffe fundraising email list, and the communications have been frantic as of late, with money goals falling far short of expectations and the potential Republican nominee referred to as “Trump in Heels”.

  13. Does anyone on here remember the “Free State Project” in NH? Back in 2012, I was intrigued by it and actually went up there and looked at RE in the rural areas around Keene. Decided to pass. No sales or income taxes back then but sky high property taxes (the one you can’t avoid). Gov’t was #1 employer in the region. Lotsa college “kids.” Absolutely frozen winters. Wasn’t able to discern any really libertarian “movement.” Most extant residents, including our real estate agent, hated the idea of “those freedom people moving up here.” That guy Chris Cantwell (remember him?) moved up there for these reasons and I followed his escapades a bit. What a train wreck. The whole thing seems to have petered out completely by now.

    • Ha! I remember that! I didn’t hear about ‘The Free State Project’ till after I had moved to KY- but the very idea of people seeking liberty in the Northeast- between NY and MA no less, made me think it was a joke.(Literally- I had to check and make sure that the URL of the page I was reading wasn’t The Onion…)

      People always tout things like no sales tax or no state income tax in various states….but fact is, they get your money one way or another- like in TN, where they have no income tax, but they nickel and dime you death with things like an almost 10% tax on restaurant food, etc.

      But yeah, the RE taxes are the thing we need to worry about the most, since they can’t be avoided, and we all need property. You could give me a place in NY for free (not that I’d take it!) and I couldn’t afford to pay the typical 5-figure property taxes on it, which would be as much or more than I care to earn in a given year in total! Unless you’re in the top 5%, and buy a lot of crap, even nixing all sales taxes and state income tax isn’t going to make up for the absurd property taxes.

      And it’s easy enough to avoid the state income taxes by keeping your income low, or doing as the illegal “non-citizens’ do….but with the high property taxes, one doesn’t have the option of keeping their income low, because you become a virtual slave, having to generate ransom money to give to the state in order just to keep what is supposed to be yours.

      What a sick world this is, eh?

        • I remember that too! I know someone who moved to Chile c. ’08…but not with those clowns. Libertarians, of all people, should know that establishing a ‘community’ is a bad thing. Doesn’t the COMMUN part give it away?

          Best case scenario, they’d end up building the same thing they say they’re trying to escape.

          The only way to do it, is for like-minded people to just live near each other, and voluntarily interact. Isn’t that what Libertarianism/Anarchism/Voluntarianism/Free-Markets are all about? Once people start imposing artificial rules and conditions, it just becomes another form of government.

      • Hiya Nunz!
        You got that right about property taxes, I get a few breaks on the income taxes by being an old fart here in Taxachusetts, plus as you mentioned the less income you have the less they can tax it. Unfortunately living on a fixed income doesn’t help with property taxes which are constantly on the increase. Guy I know in Lexington (MA) has a great house on a nicely wooded lot that I couldn’t afford the taxes/heat/maintenance on if it was given to me. I like the idea of Florida as many have mentioned here and my sister lives in Sarasota, but it’s just too got damn hot and humid for half the year. Guess I’ll just continue to get old and grouchy right here until they carry me out some day, as long as I have a couple cats to keep me company I’m okay.

        • Hey Ya Mike!
          I was going to say that I hope that you have many years to enjoy the cats…but these days, I don’t know if that is a blessing or a curse!

          I was always wonderin’ how one gioes about getting their income fixed? My income is broken! 😀

          No joke about the humididity in FL. My friend who moved to the “dry part” (a li’l north of Ft. Myers) has never been bothered by the heat or humidity, even on Lawn Guyland….never even cared if he had A/C in his vehicles….but even he is finding the humidity in FL oppressive- and his wife even more so! And the mosquitoes! (Me? I’d NEVER live where there are mosquitoes again!)

          • Hi Nunz!

            I sent an email your way earlier today; have a look when you have a minute. Also: I wanted to let you know I am taming down a stray calico cat I’ve been feeding for some time. I brought her inside when the weather took a turn for the insufferable about two weeks ago; she has been living in a spare room since then and I’ve been working with her every day in the hope that she’ll settle in, realize the digs are good and join my crew!

            • Hey Eric!
              I’ll check the email shortly (I’ve been neglecting my email lately too!).

              Awww, glad to hear about the new kitty. I had a new one show up here a while back too. She would run as soon as she saw me- but she finally got friendly, and now she’s a real mush pot! (In fact, this reminds me, I need to take her to get spayed soon. Gonna try out a new-to-me vet, after the poor treatment I experienced from my former vet of c. 19 years because i wouldn’t play hypochondriac!)

        • 100k+ cops, 100k teachers, 200k+ school principals/supers in Nassau and Suffolk Counties NY….at some point all that will be left will be cops and teachers. I wonder how that will work out in the long run? Oh wait…that’s right….white flight to out of the tri-state, and increased immigrant flows to keep the tax base. At some point it will all implode.

    • Hatteras,

      Yes, I never understood why the Free State Project picked New Hampshire like they did. For one, it just seems too freezing-damn-cold for many people. New Englanders don’t SEEM generally friendly to libertarian ideas. “Live Free or Die” seems to be a historical reference only. To be fair, I don’t know too many people there, but that’s the impression I get.
      I would think my state of Arizona would actually be much more friendly to such things, and there are parts in which the property taxes are dirt cheap. The income and sales taxes really aren’t that murderous either, and once a significant libertarian population had moved in, those could decrease.
      We have both permission-less concealed-carry and legal marijuana, now, for example. I don’t know any other state that has those concurrently. There are problems, such as the current governor and a couple of Democrat senators (though to be fair, Kyrsten Sinema has walked a decent line to not piss “conservatives” off too hard), but nothing that couldn’t be rectified.
      We have all the sunlight you could want for off-grid living, many different biomes so one could pick a favorite, as well as absence of earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes (usually).
      Hell there are even ghost towns available for purchase, so a libertarian startup might begin there without worrying about a local government, though in many places, that shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Zona sounds good but I’m an ocean guy. TPTB may have been worried about the Free State concept and/or its connotations. Maybe it was some kind of honeypot. Who knows. Back in 2012, I had been superficially in contact with some Free State people and had a Ron Paul sticker on my truck. The day I returned to NC, there was a roadblock set up by 4-5 state police cars in my town in a place I’ve never seen before or since, basically one turn away from my remote street, for just me. Mid-day. They asked me for my license and were away for what seemed like a long time. When they finished and handed it back, I asked what the stop was about. He just said “have a nice day, sir.” Really weird when I think about it now.

        • Well, the ocean is only 5 hours away from me, haha. 4 if you go to Mexico…

          I had a Ron Paul sticker on my truck at that time has well, Hatts! I had wondered if it had anything to do with being summarily dismissed from some jobs back then for seemingly no reason…


          • Yes, that’s right. Lake Havasu, home of the old London Bridge. The lake is nice, yes, though the city is hotter than all hell in the summer. Hotter than Phoenix. But if you like the lake and the Colorado river, it might be worth it.

  14. Eric,

    Florida has good and bad aspects like every state. Sure, our governor said cities cannot fine a person for not wearing a mask, but the psychosis is still strong here. When I go to a store in Saint Petersburg, I am usually the only one without a mask. It is depressing. Saint Petersburg is run by a Libtard, and does things I am not in agreement with. They have a yearly “Gay Pride” parade downtown with many children present. I don’t know what is so prideful about men fellating men, but someone must think it is. Be prideful of your lifestyle if you want, but don’t involve children please. The city code enforcement Nazis are out of control. I was threatened with a fine for having my cars parked on my lawn while cleaning my driveway with a leaf blower. I received a letter threatening me with a $500 a day fine for supposedly not having a cement apron where my driveway meets the street (mine is brick and cement). I confronted the Nazi, and she told me she would now have to do more research, but this was after she threatened me with the fine. Lady, you need to be sure of your statutes before you threaten people with outrageous fines. The real estate market in Saint Petersburg appears to be in a huge bubble, and prices are out of control. I paid $56K for my modest 1000 square feet house back in 2010. Similar houses in my neighborhood are now selling for over $220K.I can’t speak about the real-estate market in the rest of the state, but this is insane. I bought this house to be a rental, but now find myself living in it because I do not want to get burned again buying property again like I did in 2006 when I bought a house at the absolute peak of the last bubble. At least this house is paid for, so it could be worse. I guess you either love or hate the weather in Florida. Here on the Gulf Coast, this is the best part of the year, mild temperatures, and low humidity. The Summer gets to be a bit unbearable with high humidity, and non stop 90+ degree days, with no relief at night. I have no idea how people lived in Florida before AC. There are also lots of Clovers, mostly transplanted New Yorkers, and New Jersians. They drive 10 miles under the speed limit in the left hand lane like they own it, and never move over to the slower right hand lane like they should. So many people drive in the left hand lane around here, that it is advantageous to drive in the right lane as not many people use it. Its true there is not a state income tax which is a huge plus, but property taxes are high, maybe not as high as in the North East communist states, but still bad. I can’t complain too much because my Homestead Exemption keeps my taxes down to about $1300 a year, but again, I own a very small home. Well, there’s some bad aspects of living in Florida. It’s not all wonderful. Would I live anywhere else? Nope, not in a minute. I love it here even with the negatives. No place is perfect.

    • Heh, yeah, residential RE in FL, even in ‘normal times’ is cyclical much more so than other places, because of all of the transients from other states who come during boom times and then flee as soon as things go south, and run back to their families where they came from.

      Ya really have to buy during a bust cycle- like my friend, who picked up a c. 7 year-old nice house with a in-ground pool for around $60K after the ’08 crash- a house which had previously sold for $176K.

      The bad news for Eriuc is that rural acreage- especially good land, is expensive in FL from what I’ve seen- even in the areas where it gets really dry (I never knew FL had areas that get really dry every summer till my friend moved to one such area!- and yet it’s still humid as hell there).

      And speaking of humidity- I’ll never forget my one trip to [que Cliff Claven voice] ‘the paradisaical state of Florida’- Drove down there from NY (Where the summers are oppressively humid) in the spring c. 1990. I get to FL and I’m thinking the temp must be 100*….whew! It was HOT! Turns out, it was 74*. Early spring, and the days felt hotter than a Long Island late July…but you’d have to wear a winter coat at night. Freaking pig & sheriff cars everywhere ya’d go (And mind you, I had been living in NY at the time!). I recall running into maybe 2 people who had southern/Florida accents- everyone else there talked just like me, because they were all my former neighbors. I had gone down there because my mother had been trying to talk me into moving there (!!)…when I came back, I said I’d sooner stay in NY than move to FL!

  15. A cogent analysis which illustrates accurately what many “naw-than-ers” are thinking, as exhibited by what’s happening, in my “neck of the woods”.

    As I travel around central Florida (on my bicycle), particularly this time of year, I see more and more ‘out-of-state’ tags. We cyclists are particularly wary of the orange and black tags (New York), as we (I) seem to have more problems with their ignorance of the Florida bicycle statutes.

    But then, my response is not about cyclists, but about your plight.

    Central Florida is the place to look for new digs.

    Ten acres, on a county road, with existing structures, or maybe a “tiny” home with a huge workshop / garage, shouldn’t cost you more than the selling price of your current abode.

    You’ve got my email.

    Contact me if desired.

    I would sure like to meet you.


  16. “It has a governor who reportedly told the president selected to “go fuck yourself”

    Gotta love this guy.

    I can hear dims heads exploding nationwide; but wait, DeSantis 2024? Dims will become (even more) apoplectic.

  17. Florida has good COVID numbers, when compared to more restricted States. Could it be that’s because Florida is the only State that requires labs to report the cycles used in the PCR test? Keeping them somewhat honest? The fact that an excessive number of cycles used makes the PCR POS test much worse is well known. More cycles, more false positives. The test can be made to present whatever results are desired by manipulating cycles, and there isn’t any control whatsoever of how many a lab uses.
    Regarding voting with one’s feet, that may remain a viable means of escaping psychopathic tyrants for a while, but given the fact that Democrats are in full control of elections, I suspect the tide against State control of anything is going to rise in favor of more national control. That’s been the trend ever since the War Between the States.

  18. I’ve been really surprised and disappointed by people here, in Fargo North Dakota. Everywhere wants you to wear a mask, and most will ask you to leave If you don’t have one. I’ve seen people heckle one another for having their nose exposed. I would guess we still have 99.9% compliance (not an exaggeration). I would never have guessed it. Shoulda moved to South Dakota.

    • Damn. That’s terrible. I thought it was bad here in Idaho but I’ve never seen 99.9% compliance and the only store’s–that i know of–that ask you to leave is natural grocer and Costco.

      I have been disappointed to see about 75% compliance at TJ Max yesterday, but I guess i should be happy that about 25% won’t comply to a sign at the door.

    • In sort of unreleated news, but not really, the ND House defeated a proposal to raise their speed limit by a paltry 5 mph from 75 to 80 mph. That shows what these psychopaths really think.

  19. Over and over – satanic God hating spic shitting liberal monsters invade and destroy. invade and destroy. They have to be exterminated in revolution or everyone will be shot by mask nazi Rockefeller stooges.

  20. Good point about the Cubanos, Eric.

    I know many “conservatives” oppose the immigration of “those from the south” mainly because they fear those people will vote Democrat, and the Democrats expect this as well.

    But how true is that? It seems they vote Democrat where I live, but is that always the case? Do they want to return to the socialist hellhole societies from which they fled?

    Makes me also wonder how things would be if these immigrants came out as unabashed free-market libertarians. Would the Democrats then suddenly come out shouting for a wall of their own, and advocating for voter ID, etc? I’d love to know.

  21. I am a former resident of Florida. Twice times. The first time I lived in Pensacola in the early 1990s. It was all good until I was laid off from work and had to move to to KY to keep gas in my car. On my second round in the sunshine state, when I first discovered Eric’s site back in 2006, I was working at my third job in two years. If you are working, job security sucks. I didn’t really learn my lesson very well, did I.

    Eric doesn’t have to worry about that. His job can go where he goes. In fact, I would think that there is much better access to all things vehicle related in Florida than around Richmond.

    It is hard to know where Florida is headed. When I was there in 2004-11, it was changing. Yes, the New Yorkers and the Minnesotians had already been there for years. They were already bringing in their twisted liberal shit, but you could mostly deal with it. In 2008, Obama won the state and it became obvious that things were changing. Down ballot, it was solidly corporatist and maybe a little right of center. The make up of the state legislature has hardly changed, however.

    It is true that Florida almost elected that hot dog lover as governor, but it didn’t happen and DeSantis has pretty good popularity. Florida has a pretty good election system, so I view Florida’s chances as pretty good.

    It is true that Orlando has become a mask wearing hellhole and Orange county by and large sucks. On the other hand, Florida is livable if you don’t have to go to a regular job.

    Florida’s fleety job security and the sunshine tax (lower pay) has kept me away from the place for a decade.

    • Hi Swamp!

      Thanks for the on-scene reporting regarding Florida. For me, the challenge would be finding the right rural area as I have no desire to live near any major metro area. If anyone reading this knows which areas of FL fit that bill, please advise. I’m looking for something similar to where I live now – sans the mountains, sadly. My county has about 14,000 residents and land is pretty affordable. No suburbia no mo’ for me!

      • Hi Eric my parents are snow birds they leave Virginia before the first frost and do return until April. Like you I live in the sticks so I was surprised that I liked the area of Florida they picked and also my father in law is close too. Ridge Manor is where my F. in law is my folks are in Zephyrhills lots of cows. Just unbearable in summer.

      • Eric, there’s plenty of decent rural areas on the panhandle. Check out Chipley, Bonifay, and Defuniak Springs for starters.

        Avoid Central and South Florida – very crowded and with even more humidity.

        • I agree with The Handler. They say that the further north you go in Florida, geographically speaking, the further “South” you get (as in the traditional culture of “The South”). I live in north-central Florida and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t go any further south than where I am now. Central and South Florida suck, in my opinion – too many people, and too many of the wrong kind of people. The panhandle has some decent rural areas, and the cultural climate there would be more to your liking, I imagine. As was already stated, I feel that politically, Florida is a toss-up, and if the last election had gone just a tad the other way, we’d likely not be reading this article. It’s sad to think about, but I don’t think there’s any “safe” enclave to which we can all flee. The cancer is creeping everywhere.

        • Agreed. I have a friend I am corresponding with up in the panhandle. He lives somewhere in Walton County. Walton, Santa Rosa and the rural parts of Escambia county are pleasant. I am not sure about other places. The humidity is high during the summer, but not as unbearable as central and south florida. On the other hand, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

          The people in Escambia and Santa Rosa are salt of the earth. There’s a little rebellion in them as well.

          I am thinking about buying a small plot of land as an escape from the BS. Although it is illegal to live off the grid, they probably would have a tough time enforcing it.

          Property taxes in Florida are middling and with no income tax, it is tempting. If you choose Northwest Florida as a destination, you will pay higher car insurance rates, but not suffocatingly high. Central and South Florida is much worse. Especially South.

          For a driving environment, Northwest Florida is fair to middling. The roadway infrastructure is slow and croweded in US 98 and sketchy on I-10. Speed limit enforcement is variable and your average speeds traveld are roughly mid to high 70s with prevailing around 80.

          US 98 is generally a speed trap road and unpleasant.

          Further South, I-75 is wall to wall traffic. The Turnpike is fast, but crowded and expensive.

          I-95 is like a NASCAR racetrack at times. The further south you go, the faster the traffic gets. You can move 100 mph in the left lane as soon as you get past Melbourne on 95 and past Sarasota on I-75.

          Governor Rick Scott vetoed a bill to raise all speed limits by 5 mph and very little has been done. I think DeSantis was one of the people who sponsored a bill to raise them, but nothing has been done since around 2013 or so.

          Vehicle registration is cheap and it’s pretty easy going there. The women are unreal hot, too. Even homeless chicks are tempting. That can’t be said for everywhere.

          • **”Although it is illegal to live off the grid, they probably would have a tough time enforcing it. “**

            Unfortunately, not. They find out you’re not hooked up to the electric co. they’ll condemn your place. If it’s an area where they have sewers and ‘public’ water, you have to be hooked up to those too (And the I-forget-what-you-call-it levy they can put against your place when they decide to put in a new sewage system/upgrade the old can be steep, and is treated the same as regular property tax. Some places there even regulate whether you can have a garden/the size and location of your garden- etc. That kinda stuff should kill FL as a viable alternative, ’cause it’s bad enough that such is there already…but you know it’s only gonna get worse now that such things are already in place.

            And don’t even get me started on wells! Weren’t they trying to pass a scheme where they could charge you for the water you use from your own well? Don’t know if that came to fruition or not. And (again, don’t know if it’s state-wide or only certain counties) but you need a permit to drill a well on your own property, and the fee just for the permit can be THOUSANDS!

            And although this doesn’t pertain to Eric, for others: CPS considers living off-grid (or in an RV) reason to take your sprogs away.

            I’ll bet those old native Floridians ARE the salt of the earth- trouble is, are there any of them left that haven’t left to escape the invading yanks?

            • Nunzio,

              I believe the name of the levy you couldn’t remember is LID(Local improvement district).

              RE sewer and water hookups. They can usually charge you whether you are hooked up or not.

              • Anc,
                LID is probably the local program…but there is a generic term for it…and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t think of it! (I’m getting old!)…oooo!-Oooo! ‘Special Assessment’, I think…

                And exactly- they assess it just like property taxes, regardless of whether you hook up to it or want it. (Although, like I said, at least in many places in FL, they’ll MAKE you hook up to it).

                Scary thing is, ya have to be careful no matter where ya go. Even here in KY. there are some loony towns and cities (Any time you get a few people together…)- The town where I go shopping- pop. 12K- they came up with this scheme to tack on an extra $400 charge to people’s property taxes for several years ’cause ‘rain water run-off’ (Though the town did NOTHING to deal with rainwater run-off…which isn’t even a problem except in two or three spots due to the way the TOWN decreed the way things must be when the houses were built, and the way they constructed the streets! TRULY, every politician is a psycho- and the people who put up with such BS are almost as bad.

                That is precisely why I avoided the county that that town is in when I was looking to buy here, even though I’d be living rurally. That whole county has to kick in to support that one town! Yet a few years ago, some magazine- Country Living or something, voted that town the number one place to live!

                • My county has an annual “stormwater assessment” fee that I have to pay every year, despite the fact that I have a well, septic system, and no water on my property enters their treatment infrastructure (sewer, roadways, retention ponds, etc.). It all soaks into the ground I live on. They say they use the money for infrastructure improvement, education, stormwater code enforcement, etc.). Seems like another BS fee “because they can”.

                  • Hi King,

                    A proposal similar to this has been floated in the area adjacent to me – Blacksburg – and I have difficulty believing such a thing could even be proposed. And then I remember that 999 percent of the bipedal sheep are Diapered, willing – and expect you to, too.

      • Hi Eric,
        “For me, the challenge would be finding the right rural area”

        Contact a realtor, give him your requirements and see what can be found. Or, as I did, have someone who is familiar with the area give you a tour. A libertarian friend gave me the tour and I found property to build on – no regrets moving from Ohio.

        Re “high” property taxes – I’m paying nearly half what I was paying in Ohio, which was a significantly smaller property.

      • Eric, my advice, for what it’s worth, is to use wikipedia where they have statistics compiled for every county in the US. You can find out voting patterns of the population, race, gender and age demographics, climate and much more. What I myself would look for is a county with the lowest per-capita income and lowest population density that is also predominately politically conservative.

  22. Dammit, Eric! Ya made me come out of posting-retirement!

    FL may look good now- but only because of Desantis’s sanity as pertains to the ‘Rona BS.

    Fl has been the go-to state for fleeing NYers for the last 45 years….so is half full of NYers….who were not seeking freedom, but rather just lower taxes and RE prices, and better quality of life than NY (which is pretty easy to find once ya get out of NY, anywhere short of the bowels of Hell)- and of course, they bring their politics with them. It is a state full of transients from other places, with no local roots…which is not good.

    Not only is FL one of the (if not THE) most-moved to state, but it is also one of the most moved-from states, because the new arrivals keep pushing out the older arrivals and natives.

    FL is a state where it is technically illegal to live off of the grid!
    They have a LOT of very aggressive state and county government agencies. The sheriffs departments are very tyrannical.

    Most people I know who moved to FL have abandoned it, or are planning to in the near future- it just keeps getting worse, and more and more like NY.

    If you’re going to stay in the states, and in the east, you’d be better off here in KY.
    KY doesn’t require motorcicle helmets either.
    Not a large influx of other state’s refugees.
    Mostly rural.
    Cheap land and taxes.
    No mask or lockdown enforcement.
    Constitutional carry.
    Best castle laws in the country.
    Still a lot of areas with no zoning/code-enforcement/etc. Build what you want…live off grid…whatever you want.
    Very little pig presence, and ones I’ve seen seem to be the least aggressive one can find these days.

    Our current Dem governor sucks…but our (black!) attorney general and many other pols are pretty good, and keep overruling the gov.

    Thing is though, KY, FL, SD, WY, etc. things can change for the worst virtually overnight depending on the results of an election. SD sounds so good NOW…but just a few years ago, SD was the state that caused us ALL to have to pay sales tax to our respective states for online purchases, thanks to the SCOTUS case they triggered by demanding sales taxes be collected for online purchases made by SD residents.

    One thing’s for sure though: Get out of VA.! (And if you get lucky, you may be able to time it so that you can sell your place while prices are still high…before the big stock market crash)

    You might feel a hair freer in FL, at least in the short term….but you’d feel a LOT freer in KY, SD, WY. etc. and those freedoms are likely to endure longer than they would in Little New YorkFlorida.

    • ‘Fl has been the go-to state for fleeing NYers for the last 45 years….so is half full of NYers…’ — Nunzio

      Es la verdad, mi jefe.

      Jerseyans too. Same ‘chain migration’ pattern as Hispanics … one Jerseyan moves to Sarasota-Bradenton or points south, and in a few years the whole yankee village is there, raucously quacking like ducks in a rough-edged accent that hurts locals’ ears.

      They like having their old neighbors surrounding them. Whereas that notion makes me vomit — that’s why I bailed the hell out in the first place.

      I wish Florida well. But being a swing state, as exemplified in the near 50-50 split that provoked Bush v Gore 20 years ago, shows that Florida’s status is tenuous. The wealthy alien presence in Palm Beach and environs could take over the state gov, Cubans and panhandle rednecks notwithstanding (and Pensacola is one sweet beach, mind you).

      If you had told me in the last days of Caligula Clinton that Demonrats would plunder Virginia, tear down Robert E Lee’s statue in Richmond, and turn the Cradle of the Confederacy into a flaming yankee dystopia, I would have said you were high on mushrooms. But holy sh*t, it happened … MY BAD.

      And there is no peace
      No true release
      No secret place to crawl
      And there is no rest
      For the ones God blessed
      And he blessed you best of all

      — Richard Thompson, ‘King of Bohemia’

      • I knew a guy who had moved to FL from Jersey decades ago- he had been living in FL so long he was considered a native. HE had to move to eastern TN about 15 years ago, ’cause FL was so ruined by the non-stop parade of newly-arriving northerners.

      • Thanks, MM! It’s HARD to stay away! You guys are the voice of reason and intelligence….and those things don’t seem to exist anymore anywhere else. Just trying to take back some real-life time, and concentrate more on preparing to get out of here for when the inevitable time comes…but I’ve been lurking. (This is the only site I’ve been participating on, for years niow, and even so, it’s just so time-consuming!)….and I was getting a little tired of so much talk of statist politics..which of course, as I guess most now realize, is a waste of time.

    • Agree on everything you said. I moved my mom and sister from the shithole of Philadelphia to Lexington a little over a year ago. While Lex is a much cleaner and friendlier city, it’s still a city, and thus full of liberal idiots. And maskholes. I’m unlikely to move from here until after my elderly mom passes away, as she needs the amenities of a city, but I’ve been paying attention to land prices in the country with the idea of homesteading. I think KY is more likely to stay reasonable as people don’t seem to want to move here, apart from Lex or Louisville. Many rural counties here are losing population, which suits me just fine. Fewer neighbors who would screw it up.

      • Heh, yeah, Jim- Lexington is truly a different world than Philly. But yes, down here in south central in the rural counties, is probably about as free as one can be these days in the US- and everything is about as cheap as you’ll find anywhere- from land, to groceries to electricity- and the winters are nice and mild. Definitely a great place to homestead….and it’s out-of-the-way enough to keep the undesirables away. The few city folk who do come here, are “the good ones”.

        And for what it’s worth to anyone: My 96 year-old mother gets far superior medical care down here than anything she ever got in NY. The hospital here is beautiful (And I freaking HATE hospitals!) and all of the rooms are private, and the staff are all native English-speakers- unlike NY, where being in a hospital is like a trip to India, where several people are crammed into dirty old rooms, and others are lining the halls on gurneys, while you can’t understand the what-passes-for-English that the staff is trying to say……..

        I’m POSITIVE that if we hadn’t left NY my mother would not even be alive today.

    • Nunzio on NY in Fla.
      I lived in the Palm Beach for about a year. Back in 1972 the infestation was awful.
      My favorite was as usual holding the door for women. I went with friends and a sponsor that could let us see the innards of the Pam Beach Club.
      I noticed a female oldster within walking distance so as habit demands, I opened and held the door and even opened the inner door. The NY hag nose refused the normal thank you, and passed me by. I hurled myself in front of her and shouted my thanks for allowing me to open doors. It created a hubbub so she pulled out two dollars to make me stop with the ridicule that is discomfiting to the usuals that never think of mundane cretins that have decent manners. If those parasites destroy the society that teaches little boys to at least attempt to open and hold for a lady, they can have the boys that are brought up on politeness and revenge.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I live in East Idaho close to Montana and Wyoming. Outside of winter weather these three states are the best of the bunch, but all you have are tradeoffs. Some things are better in Idaho than Montana. Some things in Montana are better than Idaho. Some things in Wyoming are better than both Idaho and Montana, but some things are worse. The common problem they all have is California is moving in. That is all the proof needed that things will continually go down hill in this area.

      The problem now is much different than the 16 and 1700’s. Even the 1800’s. There is nowhere to go like there was back then.

      The best thing to do–for me–is hunker down where I’m at, eliminate debt and keep the few trustworthy associations that I have. If I were single or just had a wife I might consider leaving, but where do you take a wife and 5 kids ranging from 11-2? Hunkering down and being as self sufficient as possible seem my best bet.

      • I agree, ancap. Since the cancer seems to be spreading everywhere and no place is safe, it seems the best bet is to hunker down, make good connections, live as self sufficiently as possible, keep your head down, and live how you like. As much as you can, ignore TPTB and their dictates.

    • I lived in Kentucky. I largely agree. Income taxes and vehicle registgration is a bitch there, probably the same as VA, but KY has a better long term prospect.

      I lived in Lexington from 1993-94. Job security was pretty sketchy for me. I had a job, but ended up moving because I wanted a little more. Most employment was military contracts, which were pretty lean in the 1990s. If you could get a job at Toyota, that was the place to be, but I wasn’t lucky enough at the time.

      Kentucky is absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills, the late summer sunsets and the delicious college girls in Lexington put a man in a good mood. Outside of that, the picture was a little different. I saw a lot of the products of real honest to God inbreeding in that state. Out and out scary. The winters are cold and seem to last a long time. They begin in earnest after Thanksgiving and last until about late April. By May, you have temps in the 70s and everything is good.

      Kentucky had a lower to moderate cost of living despite a 6% income tax and a 8 percent sales tax. The road infrastructure operates at a very high level of service due to a large number of freeways that used to be toll roads. Kentucky got it right. When they thought they needed a new highway, they would put up a toll road instead of draining the gas tax money. When the bonds got paid after 15 or 20 years, they tolls came off. It is the only state that does that. As a result, they have a great system with smooth flowing traffic. The only bottlenecks are really on I-75 and I-65. The east-west roads operate much better. Speed limit enforcement is strict, but low frequency. On roads like the Daniel Boone, you will find yourself going 100 mph quickly because no one else is on it.

      Kentucky has a large number of people depnedent on some sort of government assistance due to the fact that it is another absolutely beautiful state with few employment prospects. Housing prices are low to moderate. Utiliites and taxes are probably lower than average. I don’t remember my bills being that high when I was there. They weren’t cheap though probably due ot the poor insulation in the apartment.

      Kentucky is not a libertarian’s dream, but since the state legislature meets every two years, the damage they do is minimal. As stated, there are a high number of government dependents, so it’s not a libertarian paradise.

      I don’t know how they are on masks, but I suspect that there are high number of sheep there. I would expect it to a maksed hell in that regard.

      • Northern KY is amazingly different in many ways than southern KY. The people, the economy (Ag. vs. all the other shit. The agriculture here in the south keeps things pretty steady- ya never really see any boom and bust cycles like ya do in many other places) and the weather, especially (Hot but low humidity in the summer down here- feels good- and yet we usually get abundant rain. We got 2-3″ of snow a few days ago- first major snow in 3 years. Up norht, they get it every year. It’ll get cold for a day or two…and then it’ll be in the 50’s again through most of our three month ‘winter’. I can swim in my pool usually 6 months out of the year. Sweet!)

        All the women are fat though. I paid $30K for my 27.5 acres in ’01- It’s probably worth about $100K today…..good pasture, about 6 acres of woods. I’m on a little ridge where I have a gorgeous panoramic view of hills and woods and cows. I rarely go more than 20 miles from home- why would I want to? I go shopping in the next county, and I’m glad to get back to my county!

        I still can’t understand why such a nice area is so cheap…but I’m glad that it is! (Lexington is “rich people country”!)

  23. Florida has a great governor, but it isn’t all wine and roses. Sure there’s no vehicle tax, but you’ll be 3x your current car insurance premiums. It’s hot and sticky, suffocatingly so, for 8 plus months a year. The heat makes everyone angry and crazy. If you are looking at S Fla in particular, it’s the armpit of Satan.

    • Yeah sure, you complain today, but what happens when the volcano comes to town?
      Nah, Hawaii has better weather and real volcanoes to sacrifice the best and brightest politicians into the cauldron to satiate the Gods of Leave Me Alone.

  24. Eric,

    I wouldn’t COUNT on FL staying sane! Here’s why. One, they almost voted in Andrew Gillum-even AFTER he was caught naked in a hotel room, higher than a kite, and reportedly with his gay lover! That came out before the election, BTW. Please also keep in mind that Gillum makes your Gov. Coonman look like a crazy, right winger. Gillum is a radical who literally got caught with his pants down, yet he still almost won! Two, after the hurricanes slammed in to Puerto Rico; after the local gov’t there STILL didn’t fix things; up to half a million Puerto Ricans moved to FL. Since at least 75% of them vote Dem; since the last election was close; the up to half a million new, PR arrivals may be enough to flip FL in to the Commie column. Just something to think about before jumping from the frying pan and in to the probable fire…

    • Hi Mark,

      Well, that spoiled the soup! I have been very much enthused by Florida’s general attitude/response to Coronamonomania but – as you say – the balance seems to be tipped on the knife’s edge, everywhere. I’m still hoping sanity recovers itself, though.

      • Sorry to rain on your parade, but I don’t want to see you sell that nice place of yours in the woods, only to be disappointed when you get to FL. Plus, you don’t have to deal with hurricanes there, whereas they’re a fixture of life in FL.

      • Hi Eric,
        It very much depends on where in Florida you are, I’m here in Sarasota for a couple weeks helping my sister with some stuff in her house and I was totally amazed at everyone being diapered up. All the stores and restaurants have the signs at the doorway ….ugh, almost as bad as home except it’s warmer here. We go to the places she knows that don’t bust your chops about it but was really disappointing, especially after hearing all the hysteria up north about how Florida was “open”.

        • I am not surprised about Sarsota. There seems to be alot of followers there. I shagged a chick there once. I’m pretty sure that she would be among the followers. lol

          Sarasota is moderate in its political outlook, completely hostile to my values.

      • Okay, it’s been a while; I thought it was sooner-my bad. All I know is that he came VERY close to winning! With the influx of the Puerto Ricans and New Yorkers, I think it’s only a matter of WHEN, not if, the state flips.

    • I find that land prices in Northern Saskatchewan are OK and there is no one to mess with you.
      One has to marvel at the adaptability of the black flies. They can go from -60F to bursting forth at the first thaw. I liken black flies to politicians on resiliency.

  25. Sorry but Gianforte wins the badass Governor award, hands down. He body slammed an asshole reporter in 2017. Plus he and the legislature are making sure that failures like 2020 never happen again. Montana could use more liberty loving Americans. The infestation of Californians, Oregonians, and Washingtonians are going to destroy the state if we can’t offset their cancer.

    • That’s AFTER Andrew Gillum got caught naked in a FL hotel room, higher than a kite, and with his gay lover-yet he STILL ALMOST WON! He lost by what, half a point, IIRC? Also keep in mind that, after the hurricanes slammed Puerto Rico, that up to half a million of them moved in to FL. Since most of them vote Dem, I think FL will become permanent Commie.

      • Mark, no. Gillum got caught in that hotel room after DeSantis was elected. I hope that that corndog is done. Gillum was caught in early 20. Desantis won in 2018 and assumed office in 1/19.

        • Swamprat,

          SO MUCH happened in 2020 that Gillum’s controversy seems like it happened YEARS ago! I feel like years worth of crap got stuffed in to 2020…

  26. What garbage.

    People are voting with their feet. They’re leaving workers’ paradises like CA, NY, NJ, MI, RI, DE, CT, MA and IL and going to freer states like TX, FL, AZ, GA. Unfortunately, they’re bringing their communist voting habits with them.

    • Not all us from the Garbage State are dirty pinkos, some of us are in a small red oasis in a purple state with machines that add blue dye to them.

      Im only stuck due to the family business, otherwise I’d be where I belong in Lonestar

    • Hi Buck,

      What’s garbage?

      I agree with you that people are fleeing the non-worker’s paradises but believe many are bringing their Leftist ideology with them. They have already done exactly that in the states you mention. My state, too. Virginia was pretty conservative/liberty-minded (in general) as recently as 20 years ago; it is now an almost-California with a Coonman in charge.

      • Eric,

        While northern VA (i.e. the DC suburbs) may be Dem, I don’t know if the rest of VA is. A major reason why your state is going Dem is because the feckless GOP won’t RUN people for all the positions! In the state legislature, they failed to run candidates in 38 of the 140 races; they blew off 29 house races, and they blew off 9 senate races. Why is that significant? I’ll explain.

        The House of Delegates has 100 total seats, and the Dems have a 55-45 majority. The VA Senate has 40 seats, witha 21-19 Dem majority. If the GOP simply flipped 6 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate, guess what? They control both houses of the VA Legislature, so they can check Gov. Coonman! To put it another way, if the GOP had fielded candidates for every seat and won just 25% of those races, they’d have flipped both houses. What’s more, once you get outside of the DC suburbs and Richmond, the state is conservative, which means the GOP could’ve won both houses.

        Ah, but there’s more. They ran a PISS POOR candidate for governor! Ed Gillespie, a RINO hack in the tradition of Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham. He was hardly a good candidate, so the GOP faithful didn’t come out for him. In 2013, you all HAD a good candidate in Ken Cuccinelli, but the GOP cut off his funding and logistical support! If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the GOP was trying to give away races down there.

        In closing, I don’t know if your state is going Dem; it might be going that way slightly, but changing demographics doesn’t explain everything. When you dig deeper in to the races and realize that the GOP isn’t even running candidates in 27% of the races, they’re giving away races; sorry, but there’s no other way to put it. As the old lottery commercial says, you have to be IN it to win it…

        • I know it, Mark –

          If I could – if I had the time and didn’t need to earn money (chiefly to pay the blankety-blank taxes,especially on the house I thought I owned when I paid for it 17 years ago) I’d consider offering myself up as a candidate. One who would never vote to take anyone’s money but who would always vote to keep other people’s hands out of your pocket – and noses out of your business. I doubt such a platform would appeal to the GOP, however.

          • I thought about doing the same here, but I remember the stories I used to hear at the Tea Party meetings I used to attend. The stories I heard were that RINOs controlled the county GOP, and that they worked hard to restrict access to anyone genuinely conservative or libertarian; the only wanted RINOs like themselves to run. IOW, no Tea Partiers need apply.

            I know the stories are true because my late grandfather ran for town council, and the local GOP undercut him. They were saying that he couldn’t control his bodily functions when that wasn’t the case. For whatever reason, the local, hometown GOP didn’t want my WWII veteran grand dad on the town council. So yeah, if the local GOP doesn’t like you, they can and will undercut you.

            I’m torn on this, because, on one hand, David Knight is right; if there’s any hope of getting freedom back, it’ll have to start at the local level. OTOH, another part of me says that, with the Dems in control, we’re looking at one party rule for the foreseeable future, and it is what it is, as they say. The GOP will be allowed to hold a minority; those GOPe guys, like Mitch McChao, who are connected and in the system, will be allowed to feed at the trough. That said, the Dems will be in control probably until I die. Part of me thinks I should do like Aaron Clarey says, and enjoy the decline. I don’t know…

  27. The problem with Florida is that the secret is out and the time to move there is past. It’s not cheap any more like it once was, and it’s getting crowded and “diverse.” Florida is now the #3 most populated state in the country, largely due to transplants from liberal states, and politically it has been a coin toss ever since 2000. DeSantis only won by four-tenths of a per cent over Andrew Gillum in 2018; Gillum was found naked in an hotel room with a gay prostitute and methamphetamine last year.

    Florid could go “blue” at any time. Like a number of other states, it would split between the Democratic urban vote and the Republican rural vote, and the city politicians would be free to run roughshod over the panhandle the same way that Alexandria controls western Virginia, New York City controls upstate new York, Chicago controls southern Illinois, and San Francisco and LA control Redding and Eureka and Bakersfield.

    • After the influx of what, 500,000 Puerto Ricans escaping THEIR “Worker’s Paradise” (after the hurricanes and after things still being broken months or years after the hurricanes), will vote Dem just like they did in PR, I think FL WILL go blue; it’s a question of WHEN, not if, at this point.

    • Wasn’t that governors race closer than it should have been because broward county was using shenanigans to try and do to DeSantis essentially what they did in wi, mi, pa, az, & ga this past year to Trump? I thought DeSantis put a stop to that happening again? That was why Trump won FL by so much this year.

  28. There are pockets of the US that still resemble free-ish society. I genuinely pity those stuck in places like CA, NY etc. To be fair they have either begged for or allowed things to escalate to this point so there is that. A bit like feeling sorry for someone with COPD who smoked for 40-50 years. There is something to community building and staying to fight, but at what point does the cost outweigh the benefit?

    Your local sheriff is still a firewall against tyranny. They are elected officials so cannot be fired at will like police chiefs, and they hold the power of enforcement without enforcement laws are just politician’s scribble.

    I do see in the next few years the US becoming more polarized and more governments treating the US more like a nation of nations which is what it is.
    The cultural differences and social norms across state lines and regions can be quite astounding.

    Why the hell should someone in rural Appalachia or rural anywhere for that matter be ruled over by someone who was elected by coastal metrosexual fancy bois and Karens or vice versa? They really shouldn’t.

  29. Florida has a lot of problems, but, for now, the government is headed in the right direction.

    Things change, however. The Governor wasn’t even the Republicans’ first choice for that office. A political heir to Jeb!, Adam “Opie” Putnam, The Chimp’s chosen point man on immigration in Congress, was selected 20 years ago and he was supposed to be annointed in 2018 … until he wasn’t.

    Before you pack a moving van, I suggest a quote on homeowners insurance — most of the carriers are insolvent — and review Florida’s homestead exemption and HOA laws.

    • The insurance racket, on motorcycles in particular, is … bad. They required it of motorcyclist in Iowa not too long ago, soon thereafter I noticed a big drop-off in the numbers of bikers on the road. It’s nice not to have to wear a helmet if you don’t want to, as it is in Iowa, how-freaking-ever; you can only ride a few months of the year,… while you have to carry insurance on the thing year round. I kind of/do regret never getting another motorcycle, my wallet on the other hand, is A-ok with it.

      Anyway, I didn’t watch all that much of the political TeeVee last fall, however; I did catch the Trump supporting Cuban-American’s speech, it was pretty danged good and worth the time. Eric’s article reminded me of that speech.

      • Hi Helot,

        Amen regarding having to pay motorcycle insurance for the entire year when many of us don’t ride for months out of the year. But I’ll take it a step farther: I resent having to pay for any insurance – as I’ve not harmed anyone – and after 30-plus years of that I figure I have established I’m a “safe” rider (and driver).

        Like many people, I have been forced to hand over thousands of dollars for “coverage” I neither want nor have needed. Some – Clovers/Face Diaper types – will say: But you might need it!

        Well, I might need to go number two, also – yet I am not going to carry a roll with me everywhere I go.


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