State Permission Slips

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Licenses are chicken and egg. To qualify for, say, a road racing or heavy truck (commercial) license, one must already have attained the necessary skill. The license is a kind of after-the-fact “yep, he can do that.”license 1

But the fact is he could already do that.

Was he any less able as a road racer or heavy-truck driver the moment prior to the state’s conferring of its seal (and permission slip)? Does possession of the permission slip make him more able?

Of course not.

Learning – and acquiring additional skills – that’s great. Whether we’re talking reading more books or attending Bob Bondurant’s school of high-performance driving. But this granting of permissions (always conditional, often arbitrary) by the state – whether for driving or other things – is inherently dangerous, on multiple levels, as well as (arguably) a moral wrong.license 3

Dangerous because it presumes the state is the infallible arbiter of competence. This is so obviously false that further discussion ought not to be necessary. Unfortunately, it is necessary because it’s not obvious to all too many people. Who fail to notice that there are plenty of incompetent – but fully licensed – drivers as well as doctors and many other such. Licensing is dangerous precisely because people have been conditioned to presume that someone who is licensed is (ipso facto) competent. If that were the case, the medical malpractice court docket ought to be a tenth of what it actually is. And road Clovers who tailgate, refuse to yield, have great difficulty parallel parking – and so on – would be on the bus instead of behind the wheel.

And yet, they abound behind the wheel. How is this possible?

At the same time, competent people are excluded or restricted – and punished – not for any lack of competence but merely because they lack the state’s permission to do “x.”

A good example being kids in rural areas who grow up around machinery and who are often operating heavy machinery such as tractors and balers before their voices begin to change. By the time a country boy is 14 or 15 years old, he may have more experience behind the wheel (of many things) than most 25-year-old city boys. Yet he’s not allowed to drive – legally speaking – until he turns 16 and obtains the necessary permission slip and even then, in most states, his permission slip (license) is restricted.

This is idiocy – and unfair.

But that is what the state specializes in.

And gets away with – because of the weird habit of mind that afflicts all too many people which causes them to ascribe perfect wisdom or at least superior judgment to this construct called “the state” – which when you think about it has no real existence whatsoever. There are only people – some of them invested with authority over other people. But the very justification given for the conferring of this authority – that people cannot be trusted, are irresponsible, exercise poor judgment, require supervision – applies just as much to the people invested with authority as it does (if we accept the premise) to the people over whom authority is exercised. It must be so, logically – unless one takes the position that people invested with authority are superior people – and it’s pretty clear in most cases they’re not.

Often, to an appalling degree.

We’ve got people with liberal arts degrees – social studies, “education” and so on – dictating to engineers how they’ll design cars. And how about the people who set the terms and conditions for driving permission slips (i.e., licenses)? Are they superior drivers?

According to what standard?

By what right do they presume to decree terms and conditions?license pic2

Besides which, most of these terms and conditions are farcical.

You’ve probably taken the state DMV’s “driving test” – which typically involves very little (and sometimes no) actual driving. But lots of touchscreen test-taking. How many feet behind a fire truck must one remain? Is it ever legal to drive faster than the posted speed limit? Remember to buckle up for safety.

Good doggie!

A particularly silly example of licensing redundancy is motorcycle licensing. If one is able to ride a motorcycle to the DMV then presumably one knows how to ride a motorcycle. What purpose does a test around the cones in the DMV parking lot serve? I mean, other than to waste the rider’s time and take some of his money?

And sometimes, having a license – even a high-end license – is of no help at all. Demonstrated above-average proficiency does not entitle the holder of the license to special consideration. The holder of an SCCA road racing license (not easy to get) is held to the same arbitrary (and usually, very low) standard as everyone else. Go to court and see for yourself.

Most cops do not hold SCCA (or WERA) or any other high-end license. Yet they not only “speed” with near-impunity they routinely hand out tickets for exactly that to people who do have SCCA (or WERA) licenses. Which is kind of like a social studies graduate dictating car design parameters to engineers.

If competence were the standard, then competence would be an absolute defense. A top-drawer mechanic would not need permission to open a  shop and his customers would rely on his demonstrated ability to fix their cars instead of a piece of paper tacked to the wall. He would not be subject to fines – and worse – for wrenching competently but without permission.

A person pulled over for “speeding” could pull out his road racing license as proof of his extra training and demonstrated superior skill. Absent evidence to the contrary – an accident, loss of control – the SCCA license holder would be presumed competent to drive at higher speeds and not fined and punished.

Licenses, then, are not about establishing competence to do something. They are about exercising control over something. Over some people.

By other people.controlpic

It’s a con – but a very effective one. People fall for it because they’ve been conditioned to fall for it. Government schools and social conditioning have seen to that. The Myth of Authority is pervasive – and (mostly) unquestioned. This notion that some are made to rule and others bound to obey. It is the water in which we swim; the air we breath.

But like the way we notice our breath fogs on a cold winter day, once you become aware of the Myth of Authority it immediately becomes difficult to believe in the Myth of Authority. At which point, the Myth of Authority loses its illegitimate moral authority and is revealed for what it is: Force and nothing but, exercised arbitrarily by some over others.

Expose that shameful secret and the world changes overnight.

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  1. Yes, I know Chuck Baldwin is both a Christian and a Constitutionalist, which does not endear him to some on this list. But sometimes he just makes a lot of sense.
    “Folks, please turn off FOX News long enough to do some independent research. America is not at war with ISIS. America’s CIA created ISIS and continues to assist it. The U.S. government is using ISIS to attack its real target: the leaders of Iran and Syria who staunchly stand in the way of the U.S./Saudi Arabia/Israel machinations to centralize the banking systems of the Middle East. That is what the wars in the Middle East are truly about.”

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    On July 29, 2011 John had a stroke which left him hospitalized for months and mostly paralyzed on his left side and bedridden ever since. His brain is working well, he believes he has much more to accomplish and contribute, and he is slowly gaining his strength.

    John has no income aside from a rapidly diminishing small pension and the contributions folks like us are making to support him until he is recovered.
    John is extraordinarily deserving of all the help we can offer him: those of us who admire, respect and love him for the energy, brain power and commitment he has shown to children, homeschoolers and unschoolers around the world. Let’s become the community we dream of and support John at this critical time of his life.

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  3. Thank you for this article. I would like to plug the works of John Taylor Gatto here as an adjunct to understanding that public education has six main goals, or objectives, which don’t actually include education.

    One of these is to condition a classical response to authority. Hence this fits right in with your article.

    Anybody who cares about their child would be well advised to seek out Gatto’s book; “The Underground History of American Education”
    There is also a series of interviews on Youtube entitled; “A weekend with John Taylor Gatto.” I cannot speak more highly of any one in this field. Devote the time and you will be forever indebted to Gatto for what you will learn.

  4. I just finished reading an excellent book on the myth of authority.

    “The solution to most of society’s ills is for you, dear reader, to recognize the myth of authority for what it is, give it up yourself, and then begin efforts to deprogram and wake up all of the people you know who, as a result of their indoctrination into the cult of authority-worship, and in spite of their virtues and noble intentions, continue to support and participate in the violent, antihuman, destructive and evil oppression and aggression machine known was government.”

    -“The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose

  5. Your connection to the perception of the state and driving is spot on.

    I would argue that 95% of the people on amerika’s roads today simply have no idea how to actually drive. They have only the rudimentary skills to operate an automobile – and barely that. Actual driving requires thinking and awareness – just like self-governance. Amerika is a nation of slow driving idiots in the passing lane with its left blinker on.

    • I saw exactly that today. 45 in a PSL 55 (RSL 65 ie what’s enforced), left lane, left blinker on, line of pissed off drivers up his and each other’s ass.

      I see the right lane wide open as I approach the left land cloverconda, I speed up to 65, and pass all 5 in the slow lane. Then a couple of the ducklings in the left lane saw me and moved right to pass Mr 45 in the left lane.

      Clovers on the road are as common as blades of grass unfortunately. Some clovers just drive faster and more aggressive but still drive poorly as their slow saaaaafe cousins.

  6. I really love this write up. I feel I have something to add because I’ve held a WERA license & I’m currently a MSF certified instructor. I’m not sure where to start, but I’ll try:

    First, you should know that when I became a MSF instructor 12 years ago I was still holding my WERA license and I was the youngest instructor in my state at the time(32 years old).

    I want everyone to know this because I was a libertarian leaning conservative, but this was before I was even aware of Ron Paul, but now I’m full blown an-cap.

    So in that context, today I would probably not have sought out the MSF certification for various personal/philosophical reasons.

    Now that being said, I have changed in my viewpoints mightily as I’ve taught over 12 years and I’m a little older(and hopefully wiser).

    First, the MSF represents full blown crony capitalism/fascism on full display. I’m not going to go into a huge breakdown of the how’s/why’s, so you’ll just have to take me on my word.

    Next, I have to say I still teach now and then and most of you might naturally consider me a hypocrite to some degree. This is what I wrestle with still personally and I have not fully decided what to do long term. I really enjoy teaching people who’ve never ridden before how to ride. The strides I can make in two days(for most) on a range are amazing and I feel like I’m doing a service for them.

    I’d prefer that it was under a fully privatized system, like Lee Parks for example, but the reality is that the MSF/(Pick your state) run fascism has crowded out the opportunity for private corps to run successfully on the same scale. In my area, there’s not enough opportunity in profit as a result to make such a transition, & I already have a day job even if I wanted to try to compete with an entity that doesn’t have to make money.

    Anyway, I’ve been mentally tortured in this netherworld of my existence in terms of my granting “license waivers” to students that demonstrate MSF/state determined levels of proficiency. The MSF riding assessment(we aren’t allowed to call it a “test”) is not a sure fire indicator of whether someone is ready to ride out on the road at times. I’ve had students that I felt were proficient enough to safely do so, fail the riding assessment-and I’ve had students that have no business being out on the street eek by the MSF assessment standards. (and we are required to assess by relatively objective standards regardless of our personal opinion at the time of the assessment)

    The short of all this commentary is this:

    In a society where liberty is a fundamental, I shouldn’t have the power to decide who can or can not ride on the street. People should be free to kill themselves, and I say that very seriously even if some of you think it’s a joke. Now and then I get a student that surprises me, they start off so badly on day 1 of the range work that I think there’s no way they’ll make it…but somehow for day 2 they pull it together.

    It just goes to show that “personal responsibility”, which interestingly the MSF pushes, should be the end all/be all.

    I just want to teach the best I can, not decide who is allowed to ride or not(but I will offer my opinion if asked by the student). The current fascism makes that difficult.

    • I think most gunvermin agencies would be better with a judicious application of a BAR – if the B stands for Browning.

    • After reading that I still have no idea what it is you’ve been approved to teach. There are now so many “Certified Employment Schemes” that is impossible to know, let alone care what these alphabet soup certificates mean. It’s like a secret code that nobody cares about but which you now have to have to even seek a job, and that right there is what is actually going on.

      See, these certification schemes came about through a combination of alliances in business and private education and where each part has sought to capture a corner of the labor force. Understand?

      So you have business associations, together with private education corporations, who consolidate their money under a business umbrella called a Non Profit which is actually a tax sheltered way to buy votes from Congress to enact laws by funneling these tax free donations through lobbyists.

      The real special interest groups which have destroyed America and created all these must be certified to work schemes are organized business association, and there are hundreds of them. It’s why Congress is passing 40,000 laws each and every year in what amounts to a bribes for votes scheme to enslave the people with legalized compulsory education in order to work.

      I hope this helps. Obviously there’s more going on but this is the gist.

  7. I was running my own small mechanic shop in Northern California when that berko state brought in their “Bureau of Automotive Repair”
    racket. No one could touch a car for money unless they, or their employing shop, had one of these. Easy to get… cost all of twennyfiedollah, but the papework, oh my. Then the new agency created had “cause” to come snooping round. It did NOTHING to gurantee any level of proficiency. ALL it did was to take our money, register us, and inform us that if we did not get the customer’s signature on the itemised estimate, and state that the customer has the right to inspect or keep the replaced parts, it did nothing. Except to advise all cusomters that if they had a beef, they could take the shop to Small Claims COurt… something the customer already could have done. We all cracked up laughing though when one of the local shade tree guys got written up for repairing cars without the dutiful submission/payment to the state. He had no BAR ticket. The state hooh hah somehow caught wind of him, got enough evidence to bust him, and hauled him before the local magistrate. Yer Honner, this here feller wuz a repairin an El CaMEENoh for some other feller, and HE don’t have no BAR permit. Went on giving all his particulars, carefully building his case against our local hero. After he was done, the Defendant rose to ask him a few questions. The judge about lost it… the defendant only had one arm… seems his left arm had been removed by brute force when he was a millwright in one of the local sawmills, and the state Workmen’s Compensation system cheated him out of benefits, thus forcing him to scrabble for his existence. The judge asked him “are you the defendant?” Yes, your honor ,I am the accused. The judge agrily declared “CASE DISMISSED. THERE IS NO WAY A MAN WITH ONE ARM CAN BE WORKING AS A MECHANIC FOR HIRE”. He then addressed the state’s hooh hah, and told him in no uncertain terms,he’d better start doing a better job of identifying the cheaters on this law. Said if he ever dragged another such ridiculous case before his bench again, he’d have HIM (the state hooh hah) charged with some ridiculous thing. A number of people who were in the courtroom that day cheered. That state hotshot sure took it hard…. poor boy!!! NOTTTT!!!

  8. My Dad got his license to drive cars when he turned twelve…. his Dad took him down to the courthouse where he told the nice lady there “My son is twelve years old today, and we’d like to get his driver’s license”. On a piece of paper about 3 x 5 inch, they filled out his name, date of birth, address. Grandpa put a twenty fice cent piece on the desk, the lady pushed the completed license back across to them. The dal was done. Of course, he’d been driving the wagon and team for a couple of years, particulyarly during haying time. He was too skinny to buck hay so he got the reins. Tractors and attachments, sure,. Been driving care out on the farm for years, too. When he was 14 he was detailed to be the driver of the new school bus. He lived furthest out, so drove home then back, picking uip and dropping off the other kids on the way. Fourteen, driving the school bus. Normal. He taught all us kids how to drive, was the safest driver I’ve ever known. Two million miles under his belt, he’d been in one accident…. stop sign at bottom of freeway offramp, car hit from behind. His old Austin was SERIOUSLY damaged…. one red glass tail lamp lens was broken into two halves. He picked up the pieces and the ring and rubber grommet, tossed them into the right seat, and drove home. A couple minutes later he’d fitted the two halves back together and put them back into the retaining ring with the rubber grommet. Never did any more .

    I learned how to drive a big rig by simply buying an ancient old Kenworth, 250 Cummins NH, and twin stick gears. Stuck the key in the hole and drove it. Put it to work and made soe decent money until UNlcle Stupid decided to de-regulate trucking and prices fell throgh the floor.

    I see the product cranked out by the state mandated money mills called driver training schools, and almost weep. Those kids do NOT know how to drive at all. And yet their parents may NOT teach them any more. Oh, and now all new motorcycle endorsements/licenses can only be gotten by attending one of the state sanctioned official schools…… smells like a build-your-own-business schtick to me. Create a government mandated requirement then build the “service” to fill it. And WE pay. Same thing with the truck driving schools. The ticket does NOT guarantee the holer possesses the needed skills and knowledge to make them competent.

    • Tionico, I told my old college buds yesterday I made about $600-700/wk trucking in ’74……and still do. Fuck Reagan and that whole immoral scum bunch who screwed us all. For more than a decade trucking was simply a write-off big corporations bought and ran for 6 months, then sold. I’d see the same trucks running the roads with one name and then another. Deregulated trucking was the “other” side of the same coin of the 70’s “fuel shortage”.

      In 1975 75% of independent truckers went broke. In 1976, 75% of independent truckers went broke. That pretty much got them all……mission accomplished.

      NAFTA did it to everyone else. And people think any part of govt. is legitimate.

      • Eight, I fail to see how deregulating the trucking industry is a bad thing. Of course, there is deregulation (the government kind), and then there is Liberty.

        I think you’re missing the point. The biggest reason why you could pull down that kind of money was because of a government-granted privilege. Government regulation has very little to do with competency or safety (which Eric has documented well) but everything to do with limiting and hampering competition. I would think that someone who posts regularly on a Libertarian forum would understand that.

        Obviously, it’s harder to make a decent living driving a commercial truck these days, but that has more to do with the costs of fuel and remaining regulations than what may or may not have been done in the 80s.

        Deregulation is great if it really means getting government the hell out of the way. I don’t see how you can be against it, except for reasons of personal gain.

        • Antonio, it really isn’t that simple with trucking. Yep, it should be but it’s just not so. For the most part, and I didn’t know this getting into trucking since I hadn’t done interstate OTR to that point, just hauling for contracts locally and some intra-state and a bit of interstate that wasn’t completely dominated by banks and Wall Street. Trucking is really one of the most convoluted things you can get into.

          The mob is imbedded in it to a great degree and even states like Tx. are affected. Of course the mob is involved highly in banking and Wall Street too and for the most part, both those entities are mobs in and of themselves.

          I agree that plain old competition would certainly be the preferred way but the way the Fed plays with money and the way the govt. plays with energy, it’s very complicated. While oil was booming, most loads were doing fairly well. You won’t get rich but you can make a living.

          I recently knew a guy who worked a solid week on the road and it’s rough work, flatbed hauling and tarping grabbing loads where they can be had. He gets in and has a paycheck of $500. He’s probably made $4/hr. when it was all said and done. He’s a safe driver, knows his stuff but working for some freight companies really sucks sometimes.

          I recall the last week I had with my truck leased to a big oil field and heaving hauling company I made $2800 and they screwed me because of it being my last week and I got $500 from it. They had been doing this regularly although not that bad. But it’s what you commonly find. Other companies I wish I had never quit but mostly it was times when freight got scarce so you look for greener pastures.

          But with some regulation prices stayed fairly competitive and the customers weren’t paying an unfair rate and things rocked along fairly well. And if deregulation of trucking had coincided with the govt. out of banking and insurance and Wall Street and energy then things would have been fair for everyone. It flat out doesn’t work that way though.

          And the cost of fuel was what put all the independents out of business in the early 70’s. I was there and I threw in the towel as an owner in ’76. I knew for a fact that the oil embargo of OPEC was simply bullshit. There was so much fuel the oil companies were stockpiling it everywhere. I’ll go back to what a friend who hauled fuel at the time said to me. “Hey, don’t forget to take a bath every day or leave the window open, you’ll come back to a bathtub full of fuel. They even stored it in illegal tanks that were leaking just to keep up the appearance that fuel was scarce when just a few states could have practically supplied the entire nation at the time.

          I participated in the first independent drivers strike. We all quit to show the a-holes how badly they needed us. Then the violence broke out and it was fairly nasty. Companies that got govt. subsidy under the table began to try to take up the slack and it was evident what was happening. It got down and dirty. My wife and I were hauling a load to Galveston two days before the strike was to start. We got our windshields knocked out just NW of San Antonio on I-10. Rocks off an overpass. Now that wasn’t independents doing that, it was the work of people paid to start a fighting strike.

          If I could just transfer what’s in my mind from all those years to everyone’s mind right now they’d get a real education.

          I could tell you stories of near killings and some big fights because of people trying to rip off truckers. That’s another book.

      • The politicians call whatever they want to change in name of corporatism, cronyism, etc names like ‘deregulation’ (different regulation) and ‘free trade’ (managed trade). The intentionally mis-educated american public lap it up. Then they blame economic liberty for the results when economic liberty was never even on the playing field. Then they demand more government and things get worse.

        It’s second only to the things too important to leave to the market which get more unaffordable with each new round of laws, regulations, and programs to make them affordable. And then the american people want more of it to fix it.

        Until the hold of government on the schools is broken it is all so very hopeless.

        • I can’t think of anything that is not too important not to leave it to the market instead of the gunvermin – especially the schools.

        • Brent, I highly regard your opinion. You’re a person who “gets it”. Any name given to anything is an abomination if the govt is involved. I won’t even bother to list some of the more egregious examples. We all know them by heart.

          I feel old tonight. I had to play “not get caught by govt.” the last two days. You’d think trucking, the simple act of hauling a load could be straight up. You’d never be more wrong. I did have some victories, victories I shouldn’t have had to try to get. That probably doesn’t make sense to most but it’s my life. I hauled 3 “illegal” loads yesterday and 5 today. And no, nobody was at risk of having anything done to them……except me.
          And now we have a database for repeat offenders for such as overloads. And each subsequent overload doubles the fine with the first starting at a cool $1,000. So go to another company and they ask if you have any tickets. Nope, not a one, except an overload or two. Well, they don’t mind paying whatever you’re up to for an overload. Sure thing. And clover would say, ‘You have a choice, you don’t have to haul overloads”. Sure thing clover, I don’t indeed…..and I don’t have to be employed either. I could turn down those loads and stand on the corner with a sign and a can. I did speak of doing that earlier in the week.

          • When I see those signs on the corner that say “Homeless, please help,” I think, “The problem is not that you’re homeless, the problem is that you’re jobless. With a job, you might not stay homeless, but w/o a job you can’t keep a home.”
            But some of those folks probably ‘take home’ more in the can than they would in a paycheck.

            • I see those signs and think, NAFTA. Tx. really didn’t have that big a problem with homeless when we had plenty of jobs. Cue Ross though. He was correct. That big sucking sound.

        • The only true ‘free trade agreement’ is when a buyer and a seller agree on a price. If the gunvermin is involved, it is not free, there is extortion or force involved somewhere.

  9. And what document do you need to get a license? A birth certificate. They say not to be used for id. They copyrighted it. The name is theirs(corporation) use it and you’re COMMITING fraud!

  10. “Expose that shameful secret and the world changes overnight.”

    Would that it were so. The truth shall make you free, but it will not make you happy. Knowing that it is illegitimate only makes your life harder.

    You will be the guy asking, “Where did they get the power to (fill in the blank).” Everybody knows we need the TSA or the sand ni**ers will come and get us. Everybody knows that seat belts save lives and speed kills. Everybody knows that you need a license to carry that weapon, that the second amendment is the law but THAT one may be ignored.

    Your neighbors will say you lack common sense. Your family will make condescending gestures. And those who bow down and worship the false god will be amply rewarded.

  11. Pretty much nailed it!! I didn’t know how to really drive until I got my SCCA licenses and then 50 or so races under my belt! Then I knew most of the car control tricks and realized just how oblivious the average driver really is!

    PS “racing” on the street is just plain stupid, but a good Darwinian selection tool! Drift across a centerline and just tell the semi to move out of the way:)
    PSS Full confession, I did street race until I learned real racing!

    • Street race? Oh yeah, I’d forgotten there were other venues. I raced from the time I was 12 till 20 years or so ago. I was a voracious reader of driving techniques from all the masters. I could heel and toe….a friggin pickup in grade school and got really good at it as a teen. My best friend and I raced pickups nearly every day.

      Now you might say we didn’t know how to race but we ran whatever we had at absolute limit of traction. Once I had a car with enough power, I could drift through any curve for however long I wanted to drift.

      Hell, last year I was freaking out Bevin cause I had a KW T800 with a C13 Cat engine and a sand can I was using to drift 18 of them babies around a curve. Well, Cat got sick and I haven’t had the proper tractor wheelbase to do it since but I don’t have a problem rolling through a curve power on and drifting all the way to the other side at the exit……with a big rig. Sure, I’m insane but it keeps me from going crazy. Now I wasn’t doing that on pavement, just dirt roads and caliche roads, but with this and that tires here and there pavement would be totally crazy. I’m not quite there.

  12. My parents got driver’s licenses at gas stations, similar to getting a fishing license but with less hassle. That was about 85 years ago when roads were ruts and cars were primitive machines and accidents were grusome. The license helped locals identify mutilate corpses that impacted plate glass windshields and sharp metal. And car wrecks were sometimes not discovered for several days in rural America. How times have changed. But human nature is still the same.

  13. In regard to other licensing, i.e., doctors, lawyers, barbers, and other ‘professionals,’ the gunvermin has been ‘convinced’ to do this for the good (or saaaaafety) of the people, in order to protect those already practicing from increased competition.

    • Bingo! Another winner!

      Yes, you’ve got it about right, but the why gov-corp has done this is what really matters. See my other replies. Great job though, put’s you ahead of most people just realizing this is all about destroying free enterprise and capitalism.

  14. As a holder of an SCCA Competition license I couldn’t agree more. There may be hope, however. Just yesterday I was in a conversation where someone mentioned their teen getting their license. Someone quipped, “when did they have their first accident?” The point then needs to be made; Who taught them how to drive? GovCo. Who certified they knew how to drive? GovCo. Yet they obviously DON’T know how to drive. So who is really to blame?

    The driver license is little more than an ear tag for the herd.

    Social experiment. Next time you are buying something notice what you are asked. Is it, “can I see your ID?” or is it “can I see your drivers license?”. You will notice that almost no one under 40-ish asks for a DL, it’s always, ID.

    In closing, to paraphrase Bastiat (I believe). If people are so stupid and evil as to not be allowed the Liberty to live their lives as they see fit, why is it the proposals of politicians, bureaucrats and social activists are always considered good? Are they not also members of the human race?

    • Good point, Mark.
      Also, if we cannot be trusted to govern ourselves. why should we be trusted to elect those who will govern us?

      • Moreover, if we can’t be trusted to govern ourselves, but can be trusted to ‘choose’ (elect) our governors, doesn’t that just prove that there is no (real) choice? If all (both) the candidates have been pre-approved by TPTB, what choice do we have?

        • Butler Shaffer posted this T-shirt quote today on LRC: I’m ready for oligarchy. The choice is clear: there is none.

  15. In order to become licensed in a construction trade like Roofing they have the weird notion that you are required to apprentice under your competition and must be approved by that competition to become licensed. I smell irony..

    Why is it that most people hold absolutely no value in the idea of “referral”?

    Off topic but just a thought I am having, it truly is stupid when a dictionary uses the word it’s defining to define that word.


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