Prionic “Driving”

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Prionic Driving is becoming a thing.

What is Prionic Driving? It is “driving” – finger air-quoted to emphasize the absurdity – practiced by people who’ve been Needled. Or at least, there seems to be some correlation between the one and the other.

They are behind the wheel, alas. But to call what they are doing driving is akin to describing what Old Joe does as leading.

I mean, c’mon man!

The Prionic seem unaware they are behind the wheel. Or at least, they are unaware of what’s displayed by the speedometer. In relation to the signs on the road. The latter generally considered to be a kind of clue as to the speed that ought to be displayed – and at least kinda-sorta maintained.

The Prionic have one speed – exceedingly slow. Not the usual, pre-Prionic just a couple of miles-per-hour below the speed limit, which was a commonplace practice due to years of hectoring about “speed” supposedly “killing” (though in other areas, the slow accumulation of fat is what kills – as in the case of arteriosclerosis).

Anyhow, while most people didn’t “speed” much, most also didn’t speed much less than whatever the speed limit stated was “safe” and the few that did drive much slower than the speed limit were considered – correctly – to be addled in some way, perhaps by old age. Or by booze. Driving 20 MPH below the posted limit was once considered probable cause to suspect that whoever was “driving” might be drunk.

Or high.

But perhaps they are Prionic – addled by whatever’s-in-those-needles, which seems to induce stroke-like symptoms in many people who’ve received this Holy Anointing. The symptoms of this include not just driving at a stultifyingly slow pace but also appearing stultified, themselves. They have the Holy Glow – of (as Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian put it)  . . . emptiness.

Vacant stares.

Eyes open but not seeing.

The Prionic seem unable to even summon the formerly usual outrage of the slow-poke who, when passed, could be counted on to shake his fist, flash his headlights and honk his horn. This was salutary – in retrospect – in that it was proof of life, at least. The Prionic are the driving dead. Metaphorically and perhaps, soon, literally.

There are confirmed reports that at least four apparently Prionic pilots – formerly flying commercial  airplanes for British Airways – are now flying caskets, coincident to having been Anointed. These demises are said to be unrelated to their Anointing, but it is highly unusual for four pilots in the prime of life – all of them in their 40s and 50s and previously quite healthy (as pilots must be, in order to be allowed to get behind the yoke) to just up and die, just like that.

And it is also confirmed that the same Anointings have a tendency to induce circulatory system problems, such as myocarditis (heart inflammation) especially in the young – who ought to be “vaccinated” on the same basis as washing a new car with brake fluid.

Is there a correlation between “vaccine” induced circulatory system problems and symptoms of circulatory system problems, such as a diminished capacity to pay attention? Brain fog? General torpidity?

These cases are not being given much attention by the same corporate-mouthpiece media that squawked hysterically for months on end about “cases” without symptoms of anything at all. And it was upon the basis of these “cases” that perfectly healthy people were taken off the road entirely for, months of “lockdowns” and “unessentialness.”

But it is apparently ok to let loose these same people on the road, provided they have received their Anointing – and now matter how Prionic their driving. No matter the risk this imposes upon others.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety first!

Except when something else is more first.

. . . 

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  1. Imagine pulling into a parking lot slot at an average grocery store on the day before Independence Day, a busy day for sure and almost every slot is filled. /////
    As you get ready to exit your vehicle you notice a large high Dollar pickup truck has just stopped right behind you, blocking you and two others in.
    You notice it has a handicapped sticker dangling from the rearview mirror. A very large female gets out of the high Dollar pickup and proceeds to waddle, ‘er I mean, walk into the grocery store, oblivious that she has just parked in the main through-faire of the parking lot, a bit like parking in the middle of the street.
    A few of the blocked in drivers threaten to call the cops or find the manager of the grocery store to complain, yet that still does not stop her from going into the grocery store, leaving her high Dollar pickup where it is.
    After some hemming and hawing of sorts, she finally relents, goes outside, and moves her high Dollar pickup, freeing the once captive others.
    Do you suppose that was an example of, Prionic “Driving”?

  2. I believe you are correct in your theory Eric, I’ve been driving the same 70 mile round trip to work and back for 3 years, and I’m noticing the same trends. Worst seems to be freeway on-ramps, every other person now seems to crawl on to the interstate, barely scraping 50mph near the ramps end then just lazily drifting into the 80mph flow of traffic. About half seems to be old farts, the other are all of average age, all in newer vehicles. Hell yesterday was a guy maybe late 40s in a late model Trans-am, 45mph the whole ramp then eased up to 65 when he got to the interstate, as I blew by him in my 30 yr old Riviera could see him, white knuckle grip and dead look on his face. Never in my life have I witnessed such automobile related ineptitude.

  3. Idk if it’s just usual clovers or what on the road. On the Turnpike, in the left lane where everyone does 75-80, was a old dodge mommyvan going 70…..65….60…. everytime I flashed. Finally moves over, it’s not granny, it’s a Ron Jeremy Impersonator.

    Rt34 heading back to the office, old woman in a current gen civic JUMPS in since there’s an opening, impeding the flow of traffic! (I.e. I gotta hit my damn brakes, I was going 60 in a 55) I get it, take what you can at that point, but she’s goes 40……………………….to…………………50…….. (I cut her off, and even after I engine brake down to 60, still herme, or enough room for 2-3 buses)

    Jesus, why can’t these jabs just incapacitate them already so they can’t be driving in the first place.

  4. As of the beginning of June roughly every time I go out on the road it’s like the first snow day of fall. On one hand there are all these people driving dangerously slowly and on the other hand more than the usual number of people weaving through at faster than normal speeds. This is why I aim to stay off the roads when it snows the first couple of times. So many people reacting with ‘OMG! Snow’ driving absurdly slowly while there’s another segment going absurdly too fast for the conditions like it’s 80F and sunny.

    I thought people had forgotten how to drive much like what happens when it hasn’t snowed for 8 months or so. But this jab reaction theory could be another possibility. I haven’t seen anything I don’t normally see but it’s just increased a lot compared to say March 1st, 2020.

  5. There was a tragic pile up on interstate 65 in Alabama this weekend. A van was involved where many children and one adult died.

    The radio announcers describing the tragedy blamed it on hydroplaning. As soon as they mentioned hydroplaning, an alarm in my mind went off that we will soon be forbidden to drive in the rain.

    We’ll have a moisture sensor in our EV that will shut the vehicle down in the rain.

    If we went for mandatory masks that did nothing to stop a supposed virus, why would we object to mandatory vehicle shutdown in the rain which would actually prevent us from crashing in the rain.

    For our saaaaaaafety you know.

    • Exactly, Top!

      This is the argument I’ve been screeching about for years… one thing accepted (in principle) leads to the next thing (in practice). If X must be forbidden or micromanaged because Y might happen then you’ve already agreed in principle that Z must also be forbidden/micromanaged, if Z can also be argued to present the same “risk” that Y might happen. I’ve tried hard to make the point to my many gun-rights-defending friends (I’m on their side; I just wish they were on my mine) that if I can be forced to wear a “mask” because someone else fears I might be sick then they can be forced to stop carrying guns outside of their home because someone else fears they might be deranged and could shoot up a school.

      I get nowhere with them.

    • Nah, they’ll just mandate Aquatread tire patterns on all tires, even M/S and AT. Just like they mandate rollover-safe roofs, even on vehicles that are so well-planted you’d have to be doing 200 MPH to get them to roll.

    • That’s the thing I always found interesting, it’s usually snow that messes y’all up from what I noticed, but rain? Idk Alabama enough, but I doubt you’re all dry and arid there, so for them to blame rain, means it’s about to hit the fan

      • > it’s usually snow that messes y’all up from what I noticed, but rain?

        If it’s heavy enough. I just got home from two weeks traveling around the country, and in Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, and Texas (or was it Oklahoma?), I ran into instances of the sky just opening up and dumping rain by the bucketful. One second, you’re dry or (at most) getting sprinkled on. The next, you need to switch the wipers on to high speed and a touch of hydroplaning causes the cruise control to drop out. 5-10 minutes later, the rain stops and it’s like nothing happened.

        At least it washed most of the dead bugs off when it happened. 🙂

  6. Of the people I know who took the jab, some of them (@ 20%) display noticeable mental degradation.
    Most do not (yet) seem any different cognitively, than before.

    I wonder…does it have to do with the vaccine brand. or batch, they got? Or are some people just more susceptible to jab caused dementia? Or will they all eventually show this decline?

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s all very creepy; never mind the prions – what the Hell are they pushing the “vaccine” on kids for? This is extremely odd given that kids are effectively immune to this virus. It makes me wonder what they are up to…

      • on the news this morning – a Dr declared the shot safe for kids because if there was a problem with a vaccine, they would see it within 8 weeks

        never mind there is no data on mrna shots long term

        this is the real disinformation

        • Hi Dan,

          Ugh… we are “seeing problems” with the Holy Anointing of kids – and much sooner than eight weeks! Several have died. Heart inflammation is an acknowledged (if “rare”) side effect. And yet, the Anointing continues.

    • The show is just beginning. Not a soul on the planet knows what the long term effects are. Every single vaccinated person could drop dead in a year or two. They are already the most dangerous vaccines ever distributed in the US, after 6 months. Already 6,000 dead by “official” count by the under reported VAERS. More than all other vaccines combined for the last 10-30 years (depending on the source). Some of which were pulled from the market for as few as 50 deaths. For some unknown but highly suspicious reason, these vaccines are getting pass for 6,000?

  7. The prions inside the skulls of the vaccinated outnumber their total number of brain cells they have.

    One of my good friends had Cruetzfeld-Jakob. He did exactly that, sat with his mouth gaping with his tongue sticking out and his eyes could not move. Totally unresponsive, took him about four hours to come around and still was unable to drive. Less than a year later, he was gone. A sad deal. It takes about five years for it all to happen, then it is too late.

    It must be Reddit Gamestop shorters and Reddit silver accumulators driving while selling their puts and calls.

    I remember Jim Cramer and his clown show on CNBC back around 2000. He was advising watchers, viewers, to sell a corporation that I was familiar with and knew it was a buy and hold at that time. Cramer the Clown was recommending a sell with the price at 35, had to go. The price of the equity is now over 200 dollars per share. The Vampire Squid were working 24/7/365 back then. The company was being lapped up hand over fist at 35. A fool and his money listens to Cramer.

    CNBC was a great channel in the beginning years of broadcasting, but it was doomed after the financial world saw the value of duping millions of investors out of their investing monies. Never watch it anymore, not even on youtube.

    “A small investor is chicken about to become a broiler.”

    The world is filled with prion addled suckers these days.

  8. ‘Except when something else is more first.’ — EP

    Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s money printers implied that free money might have to be ‘tapered’ in late 2022 instead of 2023. All hell broke loose: stocks fell a frightening 2 percent. /sarc

    On Friday, St Louis Fed head Jim Bullard made further intemperate remarks about taking away the punch bowl.

    Futures opened down Sunday night, implying another apocalyptic 1 percent stock smash on Monday morning. /sarc

    Before the opening, Resident Biden ‘invited’ Fed chair Powell, Treasury sec Yellen, and a whole host of junior financial regulators to a hastily scheduled meeting at the White House on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile in St Louis, poor Jim Bullard woke up with a chopped-off horse’s head in his bed over the weekend. Like a North Korean prisoner, he was wheeled in front of the cameras to confess that he does not ‘want’ the Fed to taper its money printing on ‘automatic pilot,’ a phrase that got his boss John Law Powell into dire trouble back in 2018.

    Bottom line, Big Gov’s bubble blowers are running shit scared. If their Wallenda troupe stops pedaling, they’ll fall off the high wire to their doom.

    Fun times, comrades!

  9. Ran into one of these creatures last night. Pulled out in front of me then proceeded to do 35 in a 55 with the occasional random braking for no apparent reason. Thankfully i was only stuck there for about a minute ot 2 before i got an opportunity to go around the brain dead turd.

  10. What about prionic flying? Do we need commercial pilots in a brain fog or who’s blood clots into an embolism mid-flight? That we’d have 787-10s or an A380 stalling over population centers because the pilots want to take it slow?

    Or prionic firemen put-putting their red truck on its way to a house fire? Or the prionic guy who has to hit the emergency shut down button on a nuclear reactor in the red? Or a trauma surgeon?

    One can think of numerous disasters due to vaccine-addled neurologic functioning when it matters significantly. Spooky, if this is, in fact, a thing.

      • Ah, the late Karen Black, desperately trying to keep the startled passengers from going batshit crazy(er) while tending to the injured captain and keeping the 747 flying. But they had to lose one Air Force pilot, probably rated on a KC-135, out of Hill AFB when the transfer was messed up, then send in Charlton Heston to get it right!

        Give ya a hint about the more modern airliners, especially anything that’s rolled out of Renton, WA in the past 20 years…they can, for all practical purposes, FLY THEMSELVES. In fact, without the on-board computers and navigation systems, the plane can’t fly at all! The days of “stick and rudder” are long gone, even the old DC-3s required a strong man to handle the controls, and without hydraulics, of which much of the pioneering work was inspired by Howard Hughes in spec’cing out the Lockheed Constellation and developing his own Hercules airlifter (aka the “Spruce Goose”), a modern passenger airliner wouldn’t be viable. The pilot is more or less a computer operator these days. There will come a point where the airlines will sell the Government and the public on first eliminating the co-pilot, and then the pilot altogether.

  11. What about prionic flying? Do we need commercial pilots in a brain fog or who’s blood clots into an embolism mid-flight? That we’d have 787-10s or an A380 stalling over population centers because the pilots want to take it slow?

    Or prionic firemen put-putting their red truck on its way to a house fire? Or the prionic guy who has to hit the emergency shut down button on a nuclear reactor in the red? Or a trauma surgeon?

    One can think of numerous disasters due to vaccine-addled neurologic functioning when it matters significantly. Spooky, if this is, in fact, a thing.

  12. Kudos to you for remaining so calm. We see more and more of this all the time. I thought it was just Az with the huge population of oldsters, but now I even see it in younger drivers. Your video gave me an idea. Maybe all the carmakers could work together to make a new car that looks just like every other POS new car on the road. It would come in only one color, saaaafety orange, top out at 40 mph, it would be electric of course, and it could be called the Toyota corona.

    • If we are going to call it the corona i think it needs to be painted that light blue color of all the disposable face diapers out there.

    • There was a Toyota Corona from the Mid 1970s to about 1982. It was a compact 4 door sedan with a 4 cylinder, rear wheel drive

      • I seem to remember something like that. I forgot the most important standard feature, the DUI interlock device that only starts the car when driver is belted in, with mask firmly and properly attached to NPC face.

  13. Hey Eric, Where did you hear about these BA pilots ? I heard too over the weekend, but mostly by tweets shared on various telegram groups im on. Tweets seem to disappear (along with the poster) as soon as they are put up, because if its not in twitter, it didnt happen, right?

    The only one who has had the balls to cover something similar was sky news Australia – shared here:

    • Hi Nasir!

      Mike Adams over at Natural News carried the story and Reuters confirmed it. Naturally, the corporate press is not covering this and what coverage there is dismisses any correlation of the deaths with the Anointing of the deceased.

    • Spain and Russia have warned the vaccinated not to fly. Blood clots or something of that nature. Nothing to see here, move along.

  14. Since there has been no long term testing, and I suppose we are beginning to enter that long term period, 6 months plus, we have no idea what these vaccines may cause or are causing, and can rest assured that any relationship between the vaccines and whatever symptoms may appear will become “misinformation”.
    The “official” adverse events attributed to these vaccines would have been considered too many and too much to allow their continued use just a couple of years ago. Somehow, it has become OK that the vaccines are harming, and killing, more young people than the virus has. And yet there remains a big push to get the young vaccinated. Both Hitler and Stalin saw the value in medical “science” to advance their cause, and it worked quite well for them.

    • Exactly. And we know that they are no more “vaccines” than I am the man in the moon.

      If this psyop was really about anyone’s health, the jabs would have been cancelled (or never even considered as we all know the mortality statistics are almost nil), and instead of a jab, there would be an antibody test, or something much less intrusive/harmful to “protect” others (?).

      But that is not the point, and has never been the point (pun intended) of the jab.


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