Ok To Speed… When You’re a Cop

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Here’s a video taken by me of a speeding cop:

This cop was on the median of I-581 (an Interstate spur) running radar when I passed him on my way to the motorcycle shop to pick up some parts. On my way back a few minutes later,  I came upon him again as he was just finishing up issuing a piece of payin’ paper – no doubt for “speeding” – to some poor soul whose day it wasn’t. The cop was pulling into traffic as I passed him. And within moments, he was passing me – at well above the sacred speed limit of 55 MPH. You can see the cop accelerating away from me in the left lane. I’m doing 60 – and within moments he is half a mile ahead of me. I paced him – discreetly – for about five miles before he finally turned off (to refuel at Crispy Kreme, I assume). He was running 70-plus the whole time. Not “on a call.” Not “in pursuit.” Just driving along at the perfectly reasonable speed of 70-75 MPH.

Except, he’d ticket me – or you – for doing the same thing. We’d get a $150 (or more) piece of payin’ paper and 4 DMV “demerit points” on our driving records – to be used as evidence of our “unsafe” driving habits by the insurance Mafia to justify their jacking up our premiums for the next 3-5 years (the duration a “moving violation” remains active on one’s DMV record).

donut 1This particular stretch of road – I-581 in southern Virgina near Roanoke – is a notorious speed trap. It is an interstate highway, four lanes each direction – traffic normally (when cops are not about) running 65-70. Yet it is still posted 55. That means nearly every driver is technically guilty of “speeding” at any given time. It is a “target rich environment,” as the camo’d thug scrum might put it it.

It also means that doing 75  – as this cop was doing, or nearly doing – is almost statutory reckless driving, which is defined in Virginia as driving even 1 MPH faster than 20 MPH over the posted maximum. It’s a major bust. Mandatory court appearance – which means, better get a lawyer (minimum cost, $700 last time I checked). Because if convicted, you will receive six DMV “demerit points” and probably have your license suspended for a period of time. You will absolutely be hit with several hundred dollars in fines on top of the shyster’s bill – and that’s just the beginning.

Wait until your insurance capo discovers you have a “reckless driving” bust on your rap sheet.

The cops know it’s bullshit. We know it’s bullshit. But they will issue us tickets nonetheless and without batting an eye, much less feeling the slightest pang of empathy of conscience  . . . for doing that which they know isn’t “unsafe” – merely illegal – and which they do themselves as a matter of routine. Because, of course, they can do so without fear of flashing lights in their rearview mirrors and men in stormtrooper costumes with guns menacing them.

All that’s relevant – to us – is “the law.”

And that they’re it – and we’re not.

Throw it in the Woods?  

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  1. Dear Gary,

    Beautifully said. For all my sloppy writing, I mean only to target the marauders of the “Protestant Jerk Ethic” and not those on a peaceful path or worthy of the well-earned appellation of the Protestant Work Ethic and also practice Laissez Faire in regards to his fellows private lives.

    It’s statistically unlikely, yet possible, you are not part of the great gray area of Christian Comity. A huge polyglot of men thankful for blue laws, sin taxes, in agreement for a man being fired for infidelity or “breaking the moral law.”

    Every leviathan law is the law, sayeth the bobblehead babbits. Petraeus should go on trial. Of course he had to resign, because of the unspoken ministry of morality. Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens, Tiger Woods, if everyone would just “tell the truth” my truth will set you free.

    The blind obeisance is staggering. “Everyone” here has a cookie cutter living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, they are all morally-encoded under Windows Morality 3.1, XP, 7, or whatever was the case in their generation.

    They see no tyranny in demanding their neighbors not paint the last supper on the side of their own house. Neighbors not keep chickens in a coop. Neighbors not let their 1st grader children smoke cigarettes and drink beer while riding around on mopeds adorned with swastikas and naked pinup girl stickers.

    Maybe I like to inhale my uncooked insect lunch through my left nostril. Perhaps my family wears anti-burkas, where all is shrouded except our genitals. We smell each others groins as greetings front and back, because much is gained non-verbally that way.

    We carry hammocks in our backpacks and sleep outside whenever we tire. One of us only hops, another only cartwheels wherever we go. We have our own morse code type language to communicate via vibrating lips.

    For currency we and our church members knot strands of our own hair in special ways, later we use a specially calibrated protein analytical multiscale as the arbiter of current currency value.

    I see my own wife scowl at a coughing senior, experience firsthand my own daughter surreptitiously smell me upon late return on a work night. Most of the vaunted Western Values are arbitrary Christian Bigotry writ large.

    Grease monkeys and paint splattered artisans must cleanse and kneel before suit and tie pastor pontificators. WWJD? Well go to the store to buy some superfluous church clothes that’s what. You’re not some heathen without gloria dei gladrags are you?

    Until more Christian’s disavow all illegitimate non-scriptural Christian Institutions and their destruction of previously existing facilities. And their prevention and vetting authority over any new facilities.

    I think Eric is dead wrong about Christian Power. It is at its maximum apex, it now appears peaceful, having piled up such a war-chest and constructed an ersatz Christian-friendly plastic Legoland on the corpses and ruins of relentless bloodshed and non-stop violence and destruction over the last two thousand years.

    Christianity & World Communism rule the United Nations like squabbling blood brothers. China has capitulated to the UN in nearly every way, East Asia understands and replicates our warped values better than we do now.

    Islam is merely Judaism 3.0 just like Christianity is Judaism 2.0. They run the same sub-routines and use the same code.

    Good/evil. Truth/lies. Light/Dark. Morning/Night. Adult/Child. Work/Play. Man/Woman. Love/Hate. Give/Take. Talk/Listen. All these dichotomies are useless really.

    The Industrial Revolution, Renaissance, Reformation, Mencken, and Ayn Rand, all had to reach back into Aristotlean times to move us forward. Because everything later is so much subjective nonsense.

    Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s is a small measure. Neither would rendering to “The Lord” what is “The Lord’s” amount to much. I doubt any church has yet made a computer or an internet browser.

    The trouble with praying, is under influence of the Demon/Angel/Archon Asmodeus, it quickly devolves into preying. Preying on those who make things that the “Lord” never seems to provide, but which you feel you deserve to have anyway.

    I’m broadcasting these curses from the same boat you are probably in. I have great respect for the Hasidic Jews, who view Israel as an abomination. I have great respect for Hutterites or Amish who view modern Christian Americans as the English, not people they would ever associate with.

    I want to live under the NAP, yet still have some stuff. How does one get stuff that isn’t tainted by unspeakable evil acts. Stuff that isn’t produced inside unspeakably evil regimes. Evil regimes sustained and nourished by the anti-freedom and inhuman United Nations & Churches of Christianity, Islam, Fascism, Communism-Socialism, and the Altered World Genome of Green-Recycling-Sustainablism.

    • Is there another personal intuitive path to Giant Powerful Jury-ism. I imagine my own family would like a chance to sit down as part of a “great jury” of immediate and extended family council, maybe at differing times over Skype.

      So far, it’s nothing but Judge Dredd around here, with squabbling over who is Dredd & who is to be judged.

      In your opinion, would this blog be improved by a “Grand Jury.” The problem I would have is any such jury would have no standing, since they don’t create, pay for, or adminster any aspect of this live database. What possible benefit to any but freeloaders would the jury have in the future of this blog? The constitution is both admirable seeming Obama-blather principles and property a usurpation scam, near as I can figure.

      • Forget it. I knew it would be a waste of time and I should not have tried to introduce the subject.


        • I know more about Grand Juries than I once did.
          I’ll continue to learn, Minnesota is the best bet for me to look into.

          3 State law
          3.1 California
          3.2 Kentucky
          3.3 Louisiana
          3.4 Minnesota
          3.5 New York
          3.6 Virginia


          The United States is the only common law jurisdiction in the world that continues to use the grand jury to screen criminal indictments.

          While all states in the U.S. currently have provisions for grand juries, only half of the states actually employ them and twenty-two require their use, to varying extents.

          • In spite of all the deliberate obfuscation by the Brotherhood of Juris Doctors and criminals in office, the Fifth Amendment is still the final word on any American Grand Jury. WE the People will no doubt have to fight to make the Fifth Amendment respected . . . and the sooner the better.

            The Colonists used deadly force and the Unanimous Declaration to make the U.S. Constitution possible, and if it takes deadly force to reestablish a state of enforced respect for it, that’s just fine with me. Put the noose around their necks and let me pull the lever or put them to the wall and let me give the order to FIRE! They’ve damned sure caused enough suffering to deserve it.

            Any low-life who would knowingly participate for profit in the contravention of the incomparable legacy left by the Founders of the United States of America simply isn’t fit to live.

            Remember Nuremberg and may God damn them all.


  2. “That’s thread abuse, T. Post a link, for god’s sake, instead of clogging a thread with something that long. You can’t keep the interest of those you want to enlighten by killing off the thread.”

    . . . do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. –Matthew 7:6

    WE the People can be assured of worsening abuse by doing nothing more than voting and hoping.

    Good on those who choose to Copy, Consider, Comment and Question. With just a little Study and Solidarity, a significant number of Americans could defeat America’s million plus juris doctors and career office holders, a disproportionate number of whom are juris doctors.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    • “. . . do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. –Matthew 7:6 ”

      How cute. You can curse Christians for all the crimes of humanity, then quote their religious text to make your point. Wake up, pal. Imposing a seven screen length quote on a thread is thread abuse. Anyone trying to follow the discussion has to scroll past this monument to your insufferable ego to find something relevant to the discussion.

      You can’t admit to your rudeness, I understand that. If you ever do manage to dredge up a pearl from the clutter of your mind, you could claim that you’ve cast it before swine (that IS what you’re calling me, isn’t it?) but until you manage that feat, you’re just clogging a thread with text from a government pamphlet.

      Sorry, dude. I can’t even pretend to be impressed with your opinions.

      • “How cute. You can curse Christians for all the crimes of humanity, then quote their religious text to make your point.”

        Useful things are where you find them. Even though I detest enemies of the American Ideal, I’ve even been known to quote Stalin, Hitler, and certain American office holders.


    • In younger daze, I took the LSAT, I think I got 178/180. Probably missed my niche of preying on innocent intangible entities for profit and powerlust. NAP doesn’t apply to legal figments, does it?

      I can see my parallel-universal-doppelganger alter surrounded by moldy tomes before a druidic-decider in a black hood, both of us heartlessly laughing like hyenas in a central bank while all those gullible non-revocable trusts trudge solemnly to the gallows and we bin their scalps and pocket their bounties.

    • Pedro,

      I thought it was funny.

      1» The cop was at fault for hitting the MC rider from behind. (Although the MC rider should not have suddenly stopped.)

      2» The MC rider needs to improve his riding skills.

      • With the risk of sounding like Clover, the road surface looks slick and a driver was changing lanes in front of him. Overly cautious, and probably showing a lack of riding skills, not my area so I’ll just go with you guys.

        However, if a mundane like ourselves were changing lanes behind a typical clover who did like this rider and bumped the clover’s car we would be held at fault.

        The cop understands this so he’s bullying the motorcycle rider. It seems familiar to a couple of my experiences.

        • The cop, at the minimum, was ignorant of the different operating characteristics of bikes (i.e., they can decelerate/stop as quickly as they can accelerate). Therefore, it’s even more important to maintain a safe following distance behind a bike – and to pay attention to what a motorcycle rider in your vicinity is doing.

          As a cop – a “safe” driver who (supposedly) has been “trained” to a high standard – he ought to know this.

          I have no doubt that had the tables been turned – had the biker ran into the back of the cop’s car – the cop would raged at the biker (rightly) about following too closely and written him up for it.

    • The dude on the bike stopped short like a mofo. Funny ass shit though! I had a lady do the exact same thing to me before. Caused my insurance premium to go up for a few years.

    • I am pretty sure that as a matter of law, the driver of a car that strikes the car ahead of him is assumed to have been following too closely. I know for a fact that the VA “driver’s handbook” specifically states that following distances should be increased when driving behind a bike because of the bike’s capability to rapidly stop.

      The way the biker yes, sirred and ass-kissed that cop (shaking the pug-fucker’s hand!) made me ill.

      • JohnPaul was minding his own business, commuting to his job in a Las Vegas casino, when a cop stopped paying attention for a second and hit him from behind. Was the officer in question apologetic? Of course not. Here’s JohnPaul’s story in his own words.

        “It was a brisk February evening. I was headed to work at Planet Hollywood. Inside there is a dance club called Gallery Nightclub. My nightly route to work is usually smooth, but that night there were two events letting out and the other just getting started.

        So, as you can imagine, it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way into work. Moving at a crawl of 5mph to 15mph. No worries, luckily I head into work early and luck would have it the lights were greens. So traffic kept on crawling, until the last block of course. This is where the video come into play.

        I was moving along between the speed of 5 to 15mph when I noticed the car on the left wanted to merge into my lane of travel. No biggie. I’m still making good time. So I take a defensive approach and move my bike to the far right near the white line. The car merging took a long time to merge. So I move back to the center lane and then slow to a stop. Not even a second goes by and bump…I turn my head and an LVMPD cruiser had given me a love tap. Really!?!

        I was like, “So much for getting to work on time…” I thought. I’ll have to wait for the road supervisor to show and write up a report. I figured the cop would come up and go, “Hey, are you okay?” kind of thing. Not even close. He was on full on Judge Dredd mode.

        That got me thinking, “Oh shit, he’s looking for a paid two weeks leave on me!” Why I was thinking that you ask?!? Well, the cops are on edge because of the Dorner event and he wouldn’t let me get in a word to save my life. So I stayed focused and kept drinking my cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP and enjoyed it. I was so pissed, you can hear me in the video having trouble talking.

        Now, I do know for sure what’s next. At first I was like, no harm no foul. But Judge Dredd wanted to dance and I learned a long time ago never go toe-to-toe with an angry cop and their gun. Now, I’ve got a meeting with an attorney later today. He even has a local news outlet setup for a brief interview. Stay tuned.”

  3. The latest fraud committed by these thugs: in Vermont the construction signs have k band radar broadcasters that do nothing but anoy people with radar detectors….

    The cops figured out that they could hide by these signs and pick off the people with radar detectors.

    So they’re litterally sitting facing a broadcasting device on the same frequency as their guns using k band on interstates which no reputable person would ever use because at even 250 feet the beam is over 80 feet and thus can’t pick out anything with any certainty.

    I pointed this out to the cop that ticketed me 10 minutes before my time on the docket and that I’d be telling the judge the game and the fraud he committed. 5 minutes later the court clerk got a note that the officer had a family emergency so my case was dropped. I still told the Jude what they’re doing…the judge was not amused. :). Cost the state of Vermont about $2000 in fines that day because he bailed. Good on them. Still considering getting the ACLU involved to really teach these fuckers a lesson….

  4. OK To Interfere…When You’re An American

    I wouldn’t waste time worrying about the “monkeys” in Africa or the “thieving communists in China. I would worry about the fact that 21st Century Americans are probably the worst people ever to have existed in the history of the world.

    American Christian terrorists are ruining far more lives than the Muslim Caliphate terrorists. Both are blood-thirst self-hating pathetic puppets of long-dead Jewish con-men.

    – – – –

    Man Arrested for Releasing Helium Balloon with his Girlfriend
    Original article A felony,


    Booked Feb. 17, 2013 – Broward Country FL Sheriff’s Office
    Gender: M Race: B Age: 40 (on date of arrest) Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 160 Eyes: BRO Hair: BLK
    Facility: Broward County, FL, Main Jail


    • I really ought not to be susceptible to being shocked… but once again, I am.

      A felony?

      For releasing a few balloons for his girl?

      It takes a real Beria or Yezhov type to perform such an “arrest.”

      May Karma come that cop’s one day very soon.

      • I remember when I was in elementary school the entire school released balloons with notes attached. Hundreds of balloons. Anyhow, my daughter and I went to the mall today. While sitting there eating pizza I looked around. 70% of the people were fingering their phones. It’s a sickness!

    • “American Christian terrorists are ruining far more lives than the Muslim Caliphate terrorists. Both are blood-thirst self-hating pathetic puppets of long-dead Jewish con-men.”

      OK, so how does this come to be the work of “American Christian terrorists” Where does the article state that Christians were involved in this guy’s arrest and prosecution?

      You’re as full of shit as a honey wagon.

      • Hi Ed,

        Tor makes a valid point. Consider, for example, the bloodlust of evangelical Christian conservative Republicans – who never met a war they didn’t love or a “troop” they didn’t support. The way they rabidly cheered The Chimp – a man who quite literally caused the deaths of at least tens of thousands (100k being the number considered closest to the truth, IIRC) of innocent Iraqis – including old people, women and kids who did nothing to harm Americans, much less our “our freedoms.” How about the also-awful moralistic tub-thumping of these people? Their shrieking demand that innocent, harmless people be threatened with lethal violence because of their “use” of arbitrarily illegal “drugs”? How many millions of lives have been shattered by the “war” on some “drugs”? It is Christian conservatives who are the most fervent backers of this atrocity against decency. Who partakes most lustily of gay-bashing? Literally, beating up people – or making their lives a living hell – over their personal, private, not-harming-you or any other unwilling participant bedroom activities and personal preferences?

        “Good Christians” used to kill people in the most awful ways imaginable, merely for disagreeing with orthodoxy. Can you imagine what it must have been like to have been burned to death at the stake? Oh, that was hundreds of years ago… well , yeah. But the only reason the Christian church isn’t still doing it is because it no longer has the power to do it. I have no doubt the sick minds that produced these doctrines would gleefully do so again if they could.

        The Old Testament and Talmud (and Torah) are full of the most loathsome, evil doctrines imaginable – child rape justification, slavery, murder of entire populations, a degree of vindictiveness that’s startling and appalling. I’ve read these filthy, horrid texts – they are the product of diseased human minds, not god (if such a being exists).

        The bottom line with all of the Abrahamic religions is they’re not merely intolerant. In principle, they all demand adherence to their belief system – or else. Quite literally, “or else” can mean death. Our god is the only god. Your god is false. We don’t merely disagree – and agree to live and let live. You are wrong. Etc.

        Perhaps most modern adherents are not so overtly vicious. But that doesn’t obviate the core doctrines – even if they choose to soft-pedal or ignore them entirely.

        It’s not about “love.”

        It’s about hate. And violence.

        • Abe the patriarch:

          1 Chosen by the voices in his head because “his lips had never tasted strong drink.”

          2 Smashed his fathers idols, when commanded to by the voices in his head.

          3 Was inches away from murdering his own son on an altar until the voices in his head told him it was just a test, let him live.

          Conclusion: Abe has no respect for property or human life. He is a pure psychopath, and patriarchal founder of both Christianity & Islam.

          Basically, Abe was an archetypical DeNiro Taxi Driver type a-hole. He works a lot of shifts, and should prosper. But doesn’t because the voices in his head and his insecurity push him beyond a voluntary contractual job into rampaging and terminating anyone who violates the voices’ inhuman notions of what’s right and wrong.

          Abe tried to impress “Yahweh” just like Hinckley tried to impress Jodie Foster by emulating Travis Bickle of Taxi Driver.

          [Old Testament or Taxi Driver Plot]

          A) Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, is a lonely and depressed man living in Manhattan, New York. He becomes a taxi driver in order to cope with chronic insomnia, driving passengers every night around the boroughs of New York City. He also spends time in seedy porn theaters and keeps a diary

          B) Abraham, a soldier of God, wandered the ancient holy land a lonely and depressed man trying to cope with the chronic schizophrenia of voices in his head. Most of the old testament stories read like a plot one would see in a seedy porn theater. Abraham like all prophets kept a diary that came to be called “scripture.”

          – – – – –
          Genesis 19:30-38 (Lots Daughters after leaving the meteor-shower murder of Sodom & Gomorrah)

          “And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountain, and his two daughters with him; for he feared to dwell in Zoar: and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters.
          31 And the firstborn said unto the younger, Our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth:
          32 Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father.
          33 And they made their father drink wine that night: and the firstborn went in, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose.
          34 And it came to pass on the morrow, that the firstborn said unto the younger, Behold, I lay yesternight with my father: let us make him drink wine this night also; and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father.
          35 And they made their father drink wine that night also: and the younger arose, and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose.
          36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.”

          – – – –

          South of the Rio Grande their is a relentless ongoing “drug war” inquisition and holocaust all rolled up into one. Hitler would be speechless before the glorious grandiose monstrosity.

          Richard Nixon said “Let there be DEA.” And there was DEA. And the American Christian Murders saw the DEA and that it was good.

          100s of millions of people have been pacified and subjugated by soldiers and aerial poison spraying planes full of Monsanto. Every farmer is terrorized. Every village has a body count in their cemetery. Every Latino male is emasculated and made powerless. Far more evil happens now in the Americas than ever happened under the Soviets.

          May the world rise up and push every one of these Zionist Zealots and their United Nations puppets back into the sea.

          It’s OK to Kill…When You’re An American

      • I’ve met the enemy, Ed…and he is us.

        I remember the smell of Catholic school. The dander-ridden sexless nuns. The cheap booze oozing out of the pores of old leering leathery priests. The black-eyed young doughy morbidly obese new ones, slithering about like single-celled amoebas in black robes, weird petri-dish aromatic formaldehydes cloying to their pasty mucus-fused skins.

        The cross arises in your young mind. Thoughts are taught only to flow at right angles, positive and negative ions forced to flow grid like. Ordo ab chao. Order out of chaos. Their mutililated facsimile of order. Their crusader holocausts of chaotic deprivations and eviscerations.

        The order of maggots who teach you to consume real life and regurgitate similarly shaped beings seemingly living, but one that wriggle with squirming worms all the way to their core. Carrion carriers of the new testamental-institutional order.

        Spread the good word, your inner maggots compel you. Be sure to look upstanding and decent, so Africans & Chinese will never suspect you’re nothing but plague vessels with maggoty destructive nothingness inside.

        In most American homes, cities, and bodies even, all is devoid of natural life. Straighten your hair, fix your collar. Stack your crows charms neatly in your blood-soaked nests. Slather and spray everything with poisons to kill anything real. Dirt and chlorophylls and reality stinks and smells funny. It’s your putrid mausoleum munster selves that smell good.

        Ab ordo chao All must be squared and rectified, rigor-mortically so the alien moronic Christ-life millipede feet can frog march and slither throughout their psychokosher grid. Deny your eyes, ears, and senses. All comes into being when good triumphing over evil. Life is death. Killing is creating.

        Let there be light. Blank out all gradation of lumens and lux. There is evil black darkness, which you must curse. And good white light, which we provide. Nothing in between. Nothing outside.

        Like three-year-olds you’ll wander our Disneyworld streets and buildings bathed in good stale Christian light. You’re trapped in our maze, you are the cheese and the hosts, and we are its reigning cheeseflies, raising our larvae in your ignorant blind bodies while you stare at our screens and scenes of hygienically sanitized inhuman horror.

        • What?! Are you not excited about the new pope, tor?

          Christianity is a bizarre belief system with many weird sects but I would have to say that the most ridicules sect is catholicism.

          Sorry you had to go through the insane asylum that is a catholic school, tor. But look on the bright side, it made you a better thinker. You know, with the old saying that catholic schools make great catholics and even better atheists.

          • They’re all wacky, in my opinion. Pentacostal snake handlers – transubstantiating Catholics.

            But so long as no one’s hurt, it’s all ok with me. Believe whatever you like – just don’t insist that others be compelled to believe in whatever you believe. Live – and let live. That’s all.

            My issue with religions is that they have all too frequently demanded acceptance and obedience – or else. The “or else” frequently being very nasty indeed.

            Spiritual belief is an inherently personal, subjective thing that ought to be kept private. Public religiosity is obnoxious.

            Enforced religiosity, loathsome.

          • Hi Eric. Your mention of transubstantiation reminded of a totally brilliant comic from the 60s, Tom Lehrer, and his song “Vatican Rag”:

        • So, eric, Tor, tgsam, where are the answers to my questions? tgsam posts his blanket condemnation of Christians in a post that links to an article about a man being prosecuted for releasing ballons.

          There is no illustration contained in the article to support his bigoted condemnation of my religion. I should be used to this kind of silliness in his 1950s Stalinist tinged posts, but why the gratuitious slur?

          Neither of you, Tor nor eric have answered what I asked. Your responses attempt to establish grounds for tgsam’s slander of two religions, using talking points from the progressive humanist playbook, but you miss the mark entirely.

          Maybe y’all were enthralled by “The Burning Season”. Maybe you love Ayn Rand’s screeds against religion. Whatever. That’s fine. You still haven’t shown what tgsam meant by posting his opinion of religion and choosing to illustrate it with an article from the mainstream press which is totally unrelated to what he stated about Christians and Muslims.

          Blame on Christianity all the atrocities committed by governments if you like. It makes as much sense as attributing Glenn Beck’s neocon ranting to Libertarian philosophy. After all, Beck CLAIMS to be a Libertarian. By your reasoning, his diatribes describe and define Libertarianism.

          Let tgsam answer for himself, if he can. He never manages to do that anytime he’s challenged on his practice of stating his own opinion as irrefutable fact.

          What about it, tgsam? Can you answer my questions? Failing that, will you admit that your post was simply a statement of your own bigoted opinion of Christians based on the actions of governments purporting to be Christian, coupled with the non sequitor posting of a link to an unrelated newspaper article?

          • What else should a man hold higher, than his own “bigoted opinion” Ed?

            Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

            Using this definition, I proudly associate as a bigot against “American Values” (spit on its ground, puke in its face, whatever thing would dare associate with such lies)

            Open your olfactory faculty and smell the childrens’ blood dripping from everything you “own.” Watch the “Walking Dead” on AMC tonight. Americans, United Kingdomers, & United Nationeers are the zombies, don’t you think?

            Listen To All – Follow None, Ed.

            Technical Difficulties, Ed.

            I believe I write in a manner, and mostly adhere to the spirit of this Blog in a manner that sometimes brings value to this Blog.

            That is the rule of posting on the Blog for us Belfry Birds. Whatever Dom, Eric, and other Principals decide not to delete as too batshit-crazy, thats what remains.

            In person I am a meek sanguine congenial person to those I don’t know. Clark Kent to the 10th power. Those I let see my real self, are well aware of my “bigotry” and my suspect “superpowers” I try to be explicit about my alternative moral compass, which points only to Kryptonian North.

            I look forward to the day when you can discard Ayn Rand. That day arrives once you or someone else brings to life Libertarian Archetypes such as John Galt, and Ragnar Danneskjold, and not one moment before.

            Until then “Who is John Galt.” Or in my case, “Who is Ragnar Danneskjold.” I have forty years of living a stealth pirate’s life on the shores of lands where pirates are killed or caged, even when they are pirates of conscience.

            [me]Knock Knock.
            [u]Who’s There?
            [me]Interrupting Pirate
            [u]Interrupting pirate w… [me]AAAARRR!

          • Personally, I dislike being lumped in with everything labelled “Christian.” No one in my entire family line has ever been Catholic, not even back in the pagan days when my ancestors were in Ireland. I am not a “Christian.” I have a personal relationship with Christ. I do not hear voices in my head, not never. But I do agree with Eric when he condemns “Christian” right wing war-mongers. I also agree with bashing the Catholic cult for what it is. A weird and Biblically provably false religion. Christ came to bring peace, love, forgiveness, etc. Not war, death, imprisonment, etc. Few make the path, few enter the gate. Few. One cannot love an enemy while blowing his head off. Most churches have NOTHING! to do with Christ. Nothing. Most Christians are no such thing. Please understand this.

            • Hi Gary,

              I’m cool with whatever anyone wishes to believe – so long as they don’t insist that others believe the same thing! Religious belief is inherently subjective and personal – and ought to be accepted as such.

              Live – and let live.

          • Hi Ed,

            See my previous reply to Gary.

            My only beef with any religion is insistence that it is the right religion – and that all others are not only wrong but implicitly evil. “Heretics” must be converted or otherwise dealt with. (And history shows where that leads).

            This isn’t like math. There is no right/wrong answer. Just a lot of maybes.

            I have no idea whether there’s a god – no one does. People can conjecture, have opinions…. beliefs. But never certainty – not in the demonstrable/objective sense, at any rate.

            Accordingly, one man’s beliefs are as valid as the next guy’s – and neither should ever assert they’re right – and the other guy is wrong.

            Humility – and tolerance – are called for.

  5. A bit of good news from North Carolina. The state issued a new Permanent Plate for, primarily, state owned vehicles. In replacing the old silver background with black numeral plates with an orange background with black numerals, they have taken a nearly invisible tag and turned it into a veritable billboard. It makes spotting crown vic cruisers child’s play and the new Dodge Chargers are now identifiable. Even most “unmarked” cruisers have them. I was able to spot a crown vic nearly 1/4 mile from behind at night thanks to the new color combo, bless you, bureaucrats, bless you.

    Happy Motoring!!

  6. Michigan cleverly abridged the rights of motorists by turning traffic offenses into “civil infractions”. This effectively negates any trial by jury or other means of providing a competent defense against misguided (and illegal) traffic laws. A possible defense based on “extenuating circumstances” has been effectively abolished for drivers in Michigan.

    • Yep – and the “civil” offense carries with it the prospect of criminal sanctions, nonetheless. Fail to pay your fine and they will arrest you for it. Cuff you, stuff you – and impound your vehicle. Yet all you’re entitled to is an “adjudicator” or some such pro forma bullshit that renders innocent until proved guilty guilty until you prove yourself innocent – which they’ve made it effectively impossible to do.

  7. Here in Michigan (as in many other states) one is required to change lanes (if possible) and slow down when a emergency vehicle is at the side of the road (freeways).
    A favorite tactic of Michigan State Police and other agencies is to have the back end of their vehicle “sticking out” into traffic, even when it is clearly possible to pull their vehicle completely off the roadway, thereby INVITING an accident.
    On another note, recently a State trooper was killed in a rollover “accident” in his patrol vehicle. I queried (on various local media sites) whether the trooper was wearing his seat belt. The vitriolic responses I got from many clovers was astounding. My favorite was “how DARE YOU question whether the trooper was wearing a seat belt. He’s DEAD and that is all that matters”. Sorta like questioning holocaust “dogma”. I was being vilified for asking an honest question . . .

    • “The vitriolic responses I got from many clovers was astounding. My favorite was “how DARE YOU question whether the trooper was wearing a seat belt. He’s DEAD and that is all that matters”. Sorta like questioning holocaust “dogma”. I was being vilified for asking an honest question . . .”

      Just more proof that people in general are assholes. As for the trooper, I care as much for him as he would have cared about me, and that’s fair enough. This reaction should infuriate any American worthy of the name. Equal protection of the laws means just that. Not long after the seat belt law was ratified, a St. Bernard Parish deputy was injured in a crash. In this case, the local media did report the fact that he was sitting on his seat belt.

      • This cloying, insufferable idea that authority exists to protect us – as opposed to protecting our rights – is a thing that must be thrown in the woods.

        • Once upon a time when fines were “reasonable” if not always merited there appeared to be a modicum of concern for safety. Thuggish revenue collection has now supplanted what little concern for safety that might have existed in the past. It also must involve a lot of denial or just plain crookedness.

          The incomparable Frederic’ Bastiat nailed it back in 1850:

          Property and Plunder
          Man can live and satisfy his wants only by ceaseless labor; by the ceaseless application of his faculties to natural resources. This process is the origin of property.

          But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others. This process is the origin of plunder.

          Now since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain — and since labor is pain in itself — it follows that men will resort to plunder whenever plunder is easier than work. History shows this quite clearly. And under these conditions, neither religion nor morality can stop it.

          When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.

          It is evident, then, that the proper purpose of law is to use the power of its collective force to stop this fatal tendency to plunder instead of to work. All the measures of the law should protect property and punish plunder.

          But, generally, the law is made by one man or one class of men. And since law cannot operate without the sanction and support of a dominating force, this force must be entrusted to those who make the laws.

          This fact, combined with the fatal tendency that exists in the heart of man to satisfy his wants with the least possible effort, explains the almost universal perversion of the law. Thus it is easy to understand how law, instead of checking injustice, becomes the invincible weapon of injustice. It is easy to understand why the law is used by the legislator to destroy in varying degrees among the rest of the people, their personal independence by slavery, their liberty by oppression, and their property by plunder. This is done for the benefit of the person who makes the law, and in proportion to the power that he holds.

  8. Editor’s Note: Copied the bulk of the comment to a separate page, click the link to view it.


    This leaflet was inspired by a 1995 grand juror’s unanswered questions to a U.S. Magistrate in Portland, Oregon about jurors’ other duties and functions. It is provided as a public service and joint project of Portland FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association) and Private Property Defense League (PPDL). You may contact either group for additional information at P.O. Box 219115, Portland, Oregon 97225, or at (503) 291-7439. It was written by William Vosburgh.

    • Absent Fifth Amendment Presentment Power is next to the last legal step. The last lawful step is Deadly Force.

      If the brutish People ever do anything at all, they will skip the next to last step simply because it requires a bit of sophisticated thinking.


    • That’s thread abuse, T. Post a link, for god’s sake, instead of clogging a thread with something that long. You can’t keep the interest of those you want to enlighten by killing off the thread.


    Career politicians and legal professionals have done all they can to estrange the Grand Jury from the People. The resulting lack of accountability is instrumental in the systematic corruption of America’s legal system. Bad law and an absence of accountability have spawned a profit motivated Judicial Industry that has no regard for the unalienable rights of the Individual. If America’s Grand Juries are made aware of their PRESENTMENT power and their duty to wield that power, corruption in government can be halted, respect for principles can be established, and the Idea we call “America” can be pursued.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Juvenal (c. 60 – 140 A.D.)

    Indeed, who will watch the watchers? The words of Roman satirist Juvenal are as relevant today as they were nearly a thousand years ago. In present day America if the People themselves don’t watch the watchers, they will simply not be watched; and if the People’s Grand Jury does not hold the watchers accountable, there will surely be no accountability.

    More than a century ago, an incredibly perceptive Frenchman penned words as relevant in America today as they were in his own country in 1850:

    The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely different purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!
    If this is true, it is a serious fact, and moral duty requires me to call the attention of my fellow-citizens to it. – Frederic’ Bastiat (c. 1850)

    I urge my fellow citizens to demand that a Grand Jury website be funded and convenient channel be created for individual citizens to communicate evidence to their own Grand Jury without alerting agents of government.


    Presentment. The written notice taken by a grand jury of any offense, from their own knowledge or observation, without any bill of indictment laid before them at the suit of the government. A presentment is an accusation, initiated by the grand jury itself, and in effect an instruction that an indictment be drawn. A written accusation of crime made and returned by the grand jury upon its own initiative in the exercise of its lawful inquisitorial powers, is in the form of a bill of indictment, and in practice is signed individually by all the grand jurors who return it. – Black’s Law Dictionary

    Indictments are originated by a prosecutor while Presentments originate with a grand jury. The Authority for grand jury presentment power is the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment.

    No person shall be held to answer to a capital, or otherwise infamous* crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury . . . — Fifth Amendment

    * A crime punishable by imprisonment in the state prison or penitentiary, with or without hard labor, is an infamous crime, within the provision of the Fifth Amendment of the constitution that “no person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.” It is not the character of the crime but the nature of the punishment which renders the crime “infamous.” Whether an offense is infamous depends on the punishment which may be imposed therefor, not on the punishment which was imposed. — Black’s Law Dictionary

    Grand juries that are aware of their power to function independently can overcome efforts by district attorneys, sheriffs and other office holders to cover up crimes committed by public servants and those they favor. Grand juries are lawfully obliged to investigate ALL criminal acts, including those committed under color of law. Under the watchful eyes of competent grand juries, legal privilege and de facto immunity will cease to exist.

    Independent investigation of criminal activity by those holding positions in government is the most neglected function of grand juries. It is arguably the most important.

    • Yeah, it sound great and I wish it worked.

      However, while the Grand Jury can indeed indite corrupt cops or politicians, there is NO F—ING WAY to force the prosecutor to pursue the case, and in my state, the indictment will expire if not prosecuted in a timely manner (6-9 months).

      Check it out for yourself. I asked the county prosecutors what happened if the Grand Jury presented indictments they didn’t think they could win. (Was an informal atmosphere where they kinda indicated, wink-wink, which cases they wanted no-billed) Prosecutor simply stated such a case would be stranded in the in-basket until it expired under the law.

      The Tax-Parasites do a nice job looking after their own.

      • If the Constitution with its Bill of Rights is to work, the people themselves will have to make it so. Do not think for a moment that JDs and political office holders are going to work it for you.

        Following a successful revolution and an examination of the paper trail, juris doctors should be among the first to be “put to the wall.” Their crimes are legion. They are despicable for what they haven’t done as well as for what they have failed to do.

        In my opinion, the lives bad people have no value whatsoever. If the followers of the mythical Jesus want to forgive them for their foul deeds they may, but I never will.


        • Despicable for what they have and have not done.

          In both instances they have failed to honor their oath.


    • The act I was referring to is called Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Act of 1944.

      That’s how far back it goes, this disempowerment of grand juries. Here’s one of the articles describing the change in grand jury powers

      The grand jury, as you’re envisioning it, doesn’t exist any longer and hasn’t since you were 9 years old.

  10. This is universal. Give any man (or now even women) that sort of power and he will abuse it. Not to go religious or anything, but this really is why some of us cling to the notion of God. ‘Cause all men fail when the trappings of power are placed upon them. Okay, okay, okay, not all men. Those of us who would never abuse power would never want it in the first place. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I would never take a badge. Who would I arrest? NOBODY! Unless you was a killer or thief – then the bullets would do the arresting. Great article and vid. Even better comments!

    • Hi Gary,

      Indeed – and that’s why power (over men) should never be given to men. Ever. For any reason.

      Self-defense against aggression is legitimate. No other assertion of force is.

  11. Not sure, I think it’s a state law – but I believe in NJ that posted “school zones” are only active from X – X, such as 7 AM – 3 PM. “When Children are present.”
    Further, while white limit signs are restrictions, yellow are “suggestions.”

    Personally, I think it would be a great thing to grab their arm, and zoom down the highway until they see the error of their ways. It should cocur just before their face hits the pavement with you doing 115 or so…

    Now we need to figure out an EMP device that will wipe any electronics on them, such as dashcams. No evidence.

    • ” No evidence”

      Porkie say: “We don’t need no stinkin evidence”

      Cops don’t introduce any evidence in court for traffic violations. They testify and their testimony is taken as concrete, irrefutable evidence.

      DA’s get indictments by running their mouths to grand juries, without being sworn, without showing any evidence, lying as they will, and being immune from prosecution for misconduct.

      They then use the indictment as a bludgeon and push the accused into a plea bargain so that they don’t need to show their weak evidence in court.

      Evidence won’t be an issue. If the time ever comes that people are pushing back like you’re saying, the time for courts and other uses of the system will be long past.

        • I lived in Norfolk, VA for ten years and and worked right across the street from the city garage where the cops would get fuel. The speed limit on that road and the two other roads that connected to it was 25 mph. But the layout was such that the speed limit should have been at least 35 mph. And because of this the oinkies would set up speed traps on these three roads, collecting a lot of revenue for the city.

          The point of my story is that when the cops did their shift change they would have to fill up their cars for the next shift. So, as you have probably already guessed the punchline, these very same cops would blaze down those very same roads to get to the city garage. And I mean easily over 60 mph! (My eyes are not calibrated but I know fast when I see it.)

          And btw, if you want to see Satan’s bung hole go to Norfolk, VA.

          • Completely Wrong!

            “And btw, if you want to see Satan’s bung hole go to Norfolk, VA.”

            Norfolk, VA is the armpit, Jersey is the bung hole!

            Where did you work? I lived across from ODU in Larchmont Apartments.

          • Dom, I stand by my assertion: Norfolk is Satan’s bung hole. But maybe ol’ Belzeebub has more than one?

            I worked at a trucking company called Saia, which speaking of Satan, is Hell’s LTL trucking company of choice.

          • I think I favor Norfolk more than Jersey is because it’s easier for me to accept poor scumbags than rich. I guess I can relate more to their unhappiness, their reasons seem more valid.

      • Interestingly, Grand Juries can be instrumental in fixing America simply by using their Fifth Amendment Presentment Power. I have written often on this very subject.

        Of course, no one has shown any interest. Folks will continue to vote, hope, and be disappointed. Were it not for the dozen or so Individuals that I care about, I would be delighted in watching them get what they deserve . . . good and hard.

        Supposedly, Stalin actually got letters from political prisoners who hoped that he would help them receive justice. The names of some of them were on a list that he had examined and checked with his own hand.


        • I just read an article about a federal law that changed the powers of the grand juries and made them a tool of prosecutors. Before that act, a grand jury foreman could order the prosecutor out of the room and could appoint investigators, issue subpoenas, issue arrest warrants, etc.

          A supreme court dissenting justice in the case challenging that act of congress was the one who made the observation that under that act “any prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich”.

          I don’t remember who wrote the article. I’ll look in my browsing history to see if I can relocate it.

          • I cannot imagine a law that would be easier to challenge successfully. The Constitution is still the legitimate Law of the Land and the Bill of Rights is a legitimate part of the Constitution.


          • Dear Tinsley,

            The Constitution is still the legitimate Law of the Land and the Bill of Rights is a legitimate part of the Constitution.

            It ought to be.

            But is it really, in practice?

            Remember the thugscrum bust video we were all looking at some time ago?

            One of the pigs shouted to the other, “Watch out! He’s a Constitutionalist!”

          • “But is it really, in practice?”

            Of course not. If it were I would not be here contributing to this forum.

            The only way it will ever be “in practice” is if a significant number of Americans demand it and do what ever is necessary to make it so.

            Considering the general state of carefully nurtured and perpetuated ignorance I don’t see it happening. Nor do I see a significant number of Citizens disabusing themselves of their ignorance.


          • “I cannot imagine a law that would be easier to challenge successfully.”

            The challenge was unsuccessful at the supreme court level, thus the comment by the dissenting justice about indicting a ham sandwich.

            It was decided in the early 1950s, I think.

        • Dear Tinsley,

          Of course, no one has shown any interest.

          Not so, at least not on this forum.

          I’m pretty sure everyone here is FIJA oriented and would throw a monkeywench in the proceedings if they found themselves on any kind of jury.

          I know I would vote “Not guilty” on any victimless crime, especially “tax evasion.”

          • FIJA is not about the GRAND Jury. Years ago I had a squabble with lawyer Clay Conrad about the fact that FIJA virtually ignores Grand Jury Power, so, until FIJA includes Grand Jury power in their program, fuck ’em.

            The Sixth Amendment deals with the PETIT Jury while the Fifth Amendment deals with GRAND Jury Presentment Power.

            The Grand Jury and the Petit Jury are two different animals.

            I have considerable material concerning the Grand Jury that I no longer bother trying to share due to a persistent lack of interest.

            I might add that until the illegitimate Legal System that has supplanted the legitimate Law of the Land is exposed and eradicated, Bill of Rights protection will continue being criminally bypassed by the evil Brotherhood of Juris Doctors.

            Know your enemy . . . Sun Tzu

            Just say KNOW.

            Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

          • “FIJA is not about the GRAND Jury. Years ago I had a squabble with lawyer Clay Conrad about the fact that FIJA virtually ignores Grand Jury Power, so, until FIJA includes Grand Jury power in their program, fuck ‘em.”

            Maybe FIJA knows about the subversion of grand jury powers because of the act of congress I was reading about.

            BTW, I was interested to learn that two entities in the justice system are not bound by the doctrine of stare decisis (case law).

            One is the SCOTUS, the other is none other than the petit jury. That’s where FIJA directs its efforts, for good reason. SCOTUS pretends to be bound by the doctrine, when convenient. Actually, any current SC ruling can overturn an earlier SC ruling.

            Lower court judges routinely bully juries into accepting that they are also bound by case law, when that is a bald-faced lie. A jury can rule in absolute defiance of actual legislation, let alone case law created by an earlier bad decision by fallible judges.

            One effect of the stare decisis doctrine is that it allows judges to legislate from the bench. The power of case law, or legal precedent makes a decision binding on people who were not party to the original case.

            Without Stare decisis, Roe v Wade would be binding only on the original parties, which is how it should be. Legal ground should be replowed repeatedly, so that the judicial branch cannot create law where no legislation has been passed by the legislative branch.

            Nowadays, things are , as we used to say in the ’70s, “Aaaaall fucked up”, thanks to lawyers, and every judge is just a lawyer who got promoted by politicians.

            • Hi Ed,

              Agree on stare decisis (case law) as opposed to statutory law. Not only does it give judges legislative power, it renders moot statutory law.

              Consider the delegates to the Constitutional Convention. They signed onto the Constitution as written. I doubt few, if any, would have ratified the document had it been made explicit that the words would be “interpreted” to mean their opposite, or very different things.

              Most of the language in the Bill of Rights especially is extremely forthright and clear. “Congress shall make no law…” “shall not be infringed…” Etc.

              Yet all these absolute prohibitions have been eviscerated by the Talmudic parsing of shyster lawyers, aka “case law,” such that the Constitution, in a very real sense, no longer exists. Or at least, is no longer the law.

              The law is now whatever the god-damn shyster lawyers decide it is.

        • It was a part of the reform proposals of the 2009 Constitutional Convention Articles of Freedom.

          Remember jurors, you must always deliberate both the laws and the facts. The law is not a tail that wags the dog of the people it must benefit. Quite the opposite.

          Grand Jury Indictment – NM Finance Authority

          – – – – – –
          Where are the nullifiers who must strike down all Bloomberg laws and codices?

          USSA Grand Juries are used to tyrannize the world

      • When I did a term of Grand Jury service, we made it a point of no-billing anything where we were fairly sure the copper was testi-lying. Helped that we had a retired deputy sheriff who was very good at asking the right questions. Learned a lot from that gentleman, and I’m prepared to do it on my own should I ever get called-up for grand jury again.

        Helped that the one copper testified that he pulled the car that passed him on the freeway over because he had “really good eyesight” and ran the plate number to discover it was expired. When a juror brought in the news article the next week bragging about the department of fatherland security grant that equipped all cars in that department with license plate readers six months earlier, the “really good eyesight” was proved for a decent testi-lie. He must have been afraid we’d no-bill his case. As a consequence, he got all cop testimony picked over and disbelieved by one Grand Jury for the duration of the term (8 of 12 sessions).

        Was quite an education for the ladies present. At least the retired Deputy Sheriff assured them that you have to watch the younger cops. It was good to watch the outrage.

        Too bad the judges and prosecutors don’t care.

        And, the proper response to any copper who wants to search your vehicle is “Sure, present your warrant and have at it. I do not consent to a search without a warrant.” Say it loud for the dash cam. Many of the drug-related cases we heard were people who apparently didn’t know to refuse a vehicle search without a warrant. They foolishly consented and will pay for that for the rest of their lives.

        • And, the proper response to any copper who wants to search your vehicle is “Sure, present your warrant and have at it. I do not consent to a search without a warrant.”

          I did that recently while driving through N. AZ on I-40. Got pulled over for driving in left lane too long without passing (not even a law in AZ) and was given a warning. She-pig asked if she could search my car. I refuse consent. She gets her dog to search and it alerts. On what, I have no clue. She now has PC to search my car so she asks: “Do you have anything illegal in the car? Guns, drugs, bomb, bazookas….” Long story short, she arrests me for having (legal) concealed guns in the car and not telling her. Got to spend a night in jail and spend $1000 on lawyer and towing charges. Bunch of crooked pieces of excrement up there in Navajo County, AZ. Case was dropped and I got my guns back, but I’m still planning on filing a lawsuit against the pig. Anyone know a good civil rights lawyer?

          Aftermath: got a case closure letter from my lawyer that said the prosecutor told her that the cop’s dog had recently alerted on HER. Also got a letter from the prosecutor in response to my complaint I filed to the Sheriff’s Office for the false arrest. It was a load of crap about how she reviews cases based on probability of conviction, not the validity of the arrest. I guess the concept of the fruit of the poison tree isn’t taught in law schools anymore. She actually said in the letter the she was “cutting me a break.” What hubris!

  12. Speeding cops have left a trail of dead, wounded, and crippled . . . sometimes during a high-speed pursuit over something no more serious than a person running a stop sign.


    • A lady friend told the cop who stopped her that she had merely oozed past the stop sign. The cop ticketed her anyhow with the following admonition: The sign don’t say ooze Lady, the sign says STOP!

      Even if you can see for a mile down the road in both directions, and see that there is no vehicle in sight, don’t ooze past a stop sign. You never know when a uniformed revenue collector might be hidden nearby just waiting to remind you that IT’S THE LAW to stop.


      • The sign don’t say ooze Lady, the sign says STOP!

        How did he know? Did he have someone read the sign to him, or did he just recognize it by its octagonal shape?

        • Lib,
          That’s NOT funny. (not because of the butt of the joke, either.)
          If you ride NYC subway (I’m sorry, first), you’ll see mosaics on the walls (if they didn’t come off during the flooding.)
          Those masaics were indicators to illiterate/non-English-speaking immigrants.
          That is also the purpose of the sign shapes. 😉 You can tell immediately what they are by shape. Same with traffic lights, always the same orientation (red on top, or red at the center). This allows the color-blind to know the correct light for stop or go.

          That’s why it’s not funny – it’s most likely he knew by SHAPE. Hell, even real jobs use literacy tests these days… College grads can’t “talk english too good.”

          “We practice selective annihilation of mayors and government officials, for example. We create a vaccuum. then we FILL that vacuum. As popular war increases, peace is closer. (Note the key is FILLING THE VACUUM. IE, kill the incumbent to get your talking sock-puppet installed.)

  13. Don’t tell the Af-freak-cans, but they still live under Apartheid.

    It’s merely morphed into the Swine-Bourgeoisie_Municipal/Federal-Contractors-Soldiers-Lawyers-Elected-Officials-Cops-Bureaucrats, and the Sheep-Tax-Proletariat.

    Legacy of Apartheid

    • It’s merely morphed into the Swine-Bourgeoisie_Municipal/Federal-Contractors-Soldiers-Lawyers-Elected-Officials-Cops-Bureaucrats, and the Sheep-Tax-Proletariat.

      Just like here in Amerika.

    • Less than ten percent of South Africa is White. I would not like to live there.

      While a crew member of the USNS Twin Falls Victory in the 1960s I spent time in both Trinidad and South Africa. I felt uncomfortable and out of place in both countries and have never had a desire to return to either.

      I even feel uncomfortable in predominantly Black areas in the United States. I avoid them.


  14. I remember waiting for a red light one night at 2am at a large intersection in my old home town on Long Island. A civilian vehicle blew the light at 80mph scaring the living crap out of me. Fortunately there was a costumed enforcer in a nearby parking lot just waiting for some drunk drivers and he pulled out in hot pursuit. I don’t normally cheer cops in pursuit but this was an exception cause this guy could have killed someone.

    A mile down the road I passed the scene of the traffic stop to see the officer getting back in his car as he let his brother in blue off with a warning. All in a matter of a minute and a half. It still disgusts me to think about the double standard that was at work that day. By process of elimination i figured this guy had to be a LEO. I almost had my licensce suspended a year earlier for doin 82 in a 50 on the highway and here this scumbag goes getting off with a warning.

    I also had an acquaintance who was a NYC cop and one night at the bar we were discussing times we shouldn’t have driven home because we were shitface drunk. He told me that when he is real drunk he will drive home with his badge on his hand that grips the top of the steering wheel because he knows the laws won’t apply to him as they do us mundanes.

    Or better yet when you see a cop driving his patrol car while yapping away on his cell phone. Ahh what a great society we live in.

    • Hi Jay,

      Yup – one set of rules for them, another set of rules for us.

      Here’s another: Cops don’t have to “buckle up for safety” – or at least, there’s no one to insist they do (at ticket and gunpoint) as is the case with us.

      • Cops don’t have to “buckle up for safety” – or at least, there’s no one to insist they do (at ticket and gunpoint) as is the case with us.

        And we should sincerely hope that they don’t “buckle up” like the rest of us are forced to. Let Oinky get thrown through his windshield after stopping on a dime during a 100-plus MPH race to the donut shop. I won’t shed a tear when it happens.

  15. Proposal to reform the Prison Industrial Complex(PrIC), making it NAP compliant yet effective.

    1 Under epicurean punishment, PrIC prisoners will be exclusively fed UHFCS(Ultra High Fructuse Corn Syrup) babyfood diets. For good behavior, they are rewarded with super-saturated fats, heavy beer, ultra-tar cigarettes, and concentrated-THC medicinal marijuana.

    2 Nothing solid in the PrIC complex will exist. Rooms are like ultra-soft playpens. Fuzzy blankets. Recreation time spent in warm water pools with lots of salt-peter. Unremovable RFID safety unitards and adult diapers are worn at all times. Ones that include mittens for the hands and feety-pajama-feet for the feet.

    3 All PrIC prisoners will be mercilessly coddled. An adult education daycare where self-indulgence is mandatory. The law-breakers become adult toddlers called coddlers. Anyone violating these rules are put into isolation salt-peter tank solitary motionless confinement. 24 hour streaming videos of commercials will be broadcast. Their rations will be increased, but be made tasteless. Stronger and stronger psych drugs will be mixed into their UHFCS paste as needed.

    5 Adopting a high-comfort metabolism and attaining a higher-body-fat percentage will be a condition of release. Expectations may be adjusted to be attainable given wide individual variations. Initial release from this PrICcomplex, will be into a work-release position in the Old Age Disable Complex(OADC) where they’ll work for seniors and cripples on government welfare.

    6 Police & Military academies should also create coddlers. Soldiers and police will be dependent on their electronic weaponry. They’ll have no hand-to-hand face-to-face martial arts skills whatsoever. They will also be subject to all laws and total surveillance. Upon breaking a law, their weapons and vehicles are shut off, and they’re left to fend for themselves.

    • Dear Tor,

      “1 Under epicurean punishment, PrIC prisoners will be exclusively fed UHFCS(Ultra High Fructuse Corn Syrup) babyfood diets. For good behavior, they are rewarded with super-saturated fats, heavy beer, ultra-tar cigarettes, and concentrated-THC medicinal marijuana.”


      I’m totally behind your motion.

      • Q: Lín Tóngyán asks: What do you call an American with a PhD, an MD, and a JD?
        A: A stupid American!

        Lín Tóngyán – Master of Structural Design

        Approximate Translation: If the Russian & American apes would build the bridge I designed to cross the Bering Strait, individuals could drive anywhere in the world without permission of the beastmasters of the “new world order.”

        Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge – by Lín Tóngyán International

        Building Lín Tóngyán’s Bridge From Alaska to Siberia

  16. A couple of years ago I was travelling (not “driving”) to Ballarat and of course got pulled for 10k over. Naturally I was over but I called bullshit on it. The pig, as they usually say, reckons he had to do 180 to catch me.

    I pulled out my recorder and said one mention of a fine and I’ll let the court know that he was recklessly exceeding the speed limit for someone ALLEGEDLY only 10k over.

    He said he’d let me off with a warning. Now I was pissed. I screamed at him for what HE did and that he’d let ME off with a “warning”!?

    Told him to get in his car and piss off quick before I take him to court myself. That was his “warning”.

    The rest of the week was rather uneventful as I recall.

    Interestingly, I just now saw news footage that a West Aussie cop got fined $700 for doing 114 in an 80k zone for a “non-emergency”. Apparently he was trying to get to a concert. Justice finally!

    That proves one thing. The flashing lights are emergency lights and if they pull you over for minor things with these lights on, it’s FRAUD as the situation is NOT an emergency.

  17. he was doing 70 mph? piss ant. i was arrested twice and the cops were doing 100 mph.

    i can remember seeing a state patrol car just idling on the other side of an interstate highway. not pulled over, in a lane of traffic. i can remember thinking there goes a wreck….. and my wish came through. he was rear ended by some older woman. where upon she went to the hospital and then jail. he was guiding traffic into a sports stadium.

    • At least 70. I followed him for some time, and even with me doing 70 he was still pulling away.

      Not on a call. I watched the dude just mosey along for several miles before he causally exited the freeway.

      This guy almost certainly issues tickets to people for doing exactly what he was doing – and probably does all the time.

      It’s galling. But in a way, it’s also good. Because it’s incontrovertible proof of their double standard, of their hypocrisy. It calls bullshit on all their “speed kills” and “safety” crap-talk.

      • Yeh, I see them every Christmas holidays (double demerit points, lots of finger-wagging ads) out here on the Hume freeway, in the middle of nowhere (near Violet Town), flying up and down the roads well over the limit pulling people over for minutiae trying to ruin their lives. It’s a free-for-all.

        They also go as far as flying up behind lines of cars, laser pointed through closed windows (it gets hot out here), trying to book people for a few k’s over. Pathetic. Next time I’ll be armed with cameras and book them myself.

  18. All state troopers (regardless of the state) will pull over as many out-of-state cars as they can. It has happened to me in New Jersey, Virginia and Georgia.
    In Jersey, it was in the early 1990’s and I had a rental car with a rental car company bumper sticker. Florida plates + rental car bumper sticker = drug smuggler. Jersey is all of 100 miles long? Pulled over 3 times and cops were looking in the windows. Still had 30 miles to go before the GW bridge, so I asked the last cop to pull me over to radio ahead with my plate number and tell his buddies that my car was not carrying so that I could finish my trip sooner rather than later.

    In Georgia, I was fourth in a line of 5 cars all doing the same speed. I was pulled over and cited for speeding. Cop asked if I knew why I was pulled over. My reply was that I had Florida plates. He said that I was speeding. I said that so were the other cars I was keeping pace with, but they all had Georgia plates.

    And the grand finale. Georgia again, 12 years later. Pulled over for speeding. 70 in a 55 zone. Truck with a loaded trailer. Cop says I was doing 70 and I called him a (expletive) liar. Said he would show me the radar gun. Told him there was no (expletive) way I was doing 70, not with the load in the trailer and going uphill. Came back with the ticket and tried to lecture me about safety. I told him, “give me the (expletive) ticket so that I can leave. there was no (expletive) way I was going 70. You are a (expletive) liar, now give me my (expletive) ticket so that I can leave and not have to look at you anymore. As a police officer, you are a piece of (dung) and as a human being you are a piece of (dung) now give me the ticket so that I don’t have to look at you anymore.

    I found out from a lawyer friend of mine that as long as you do not try to get out of the ticket or in any way give some indication of resisting the fine, you can say anything you want. I went as far as to DEMAND the ticket and then cuss the cop out.

    It worked.

    Two years later, I got to read “squeegee man.” It felt good.

    • Hi Brevard,

      Yup – been there/done that myself. Probably most of the people here – hell, most people, period – have a similar tale.

      Think about the inanity of a law that virtually every single person in the country has violated. Either the law is absurd – evil, even – or we’re all reckless, irresponsible people – willy-nilly putting ourselves and everyone else at “risk.”

      You tell me.

      • Check out an article on the Jews For the Preservation of Firearm Ownership about the psychology of the gun grabber. Pay particular attention to the segment on projecting.

        My guess is that every cop who lectures a citizen about endangering lives is actually projecting. That is, the cop is actually endangering lives and is to much of a (cat) to admit it.


        • I think I read that one, too–that likens the hoplophobe’s fear to that feeling many people get when standing near a cliff…”what if I accidentally threw myself off?”

          An irrational fear. But for the hoplophobe, it’s terrifying–“What would I do with that gun?”

          They fear themselves and their lack of self-control–but project the fear onto an inanimate object, the gun, to absolve themselves of weakness.

          And then proceed to project that fear onto others, who they assume to be like them–and likely to do violence with a gun, were it available.

          Me, personally, I just like to tuck in my lovely Evil Black Rifles at night with a “nighty-night” and some fresh synthetic oil.

          • Dear meth,

            And then proceed to project that fear onto others, who they assume to be like them–and likely to do violence with a gun, were it available.


            It’s fascinating to watch how some newbies to shooting react the first time they visit a shooting range.

            They’re nervous about all the guns surrounding them.

            “What if somebody went berserk and started blasting away?” is the unvoiced terror.

            They don’t realize that a “gun rich zone” is one of the safest places on earth!

            It’s the “gun free zones,” especially the posted “gun free zones,” that ought to make them really nervous.

            The hoplophobes are needless to say, far more nervous than newbies to shooting.

            • Ditto –

              All the gun owners I know are fastidiously responsible about handling their firearms. On the range, too. They are conscious at all times of their weapon. There’s an alertness – SA – that’s characteristically absent when dealing with the typical gun-grabbing Clover type.

              It was the same when I was growing up – an experience probably others here will “amen.” There were guns in the home, but the kids were strictly taught not to even think about touching them. And we did not touch them. “Gun violence” was literally unheard of, notwithstanding easy access to ubiquitous guns. The only thing that’s changed is that there are more irresponsible (and criminal) people on the loose, a sort of Gresham’s Law as applied to people and society. But the fact that there are irresponsible people should not mean the responsible ones are to be treated as if they, too, have behaved irresponsibly.

              That is the essence of tyranny.

    • “In Georgia, I was fourth in a line of 5 cars all doing the same speed. I was pulled over and cited for speeding. Cop asked if I knew why I was pulled over. My reply was that I had Florida plates. He said that I was speeding. I said that so were the other cars I was keeping pace with, but they all had Georgia plates.”

      I wouldn’t have admitted anything and taken him to court for profiling. That would have stuck out like a sore thumb. He might have dropped the case.

      • Cops only profile if the victim is a liberal black.
        Clarence Thomas was not a victim.
        Allen West was not a victim.

        But Obama is a victim.
        Jesse Jackson is a victim.
        Reverand Al is a victim.

        The Jersey cops profiled me also. Rental car stickers. The rental car companies stopped putting stickers on their cars in the 1990’s thanks to CRIMINALS profiling people leaving international airports. Miami was especially bad. Rental car sticker = foreign tourist = no gun in car to defend oneself.

        • There was even a crappy local band in south Florida called, “The Dead German Tourists” because there were 3 or 4 incidents of German tourists being carjacked and killed as they were leaving Miami international.

      • Olaf, that doesn’t work here. In “the land of the free” we can go to court, and the cop may or may not appear. Our evidence doesn’t count, and his is never shown. If he’s even there, he simply reads his notes and his testimony carries the weight of the word of God.

        Here, it’s an unbelievably costly and complicated process to take a cop to court. You don’t go through the trouble and the expense for a traffic ticket. The ticket is, in effect, just another tax or fee for living in “the land of the free”.

    • In Georgia, I was fourth in a line of 5 cars all doing the same speed. I was pulled over and cited for speeding. Cop asked if I knew why I was pulled over. My reply was that I had Florida plates. He said that I was speeding. I said that so were the other cars I was keeping pace with, but they all had Georgia plates.

      Lemme guess: in response to that, Deputy Redneck responded with a line out of the movies, something like “Don’t get smart, boy, or you’ll find yousself lock up!”

    • i was driving through a little hick town here in mi. a car stopped suddenly to make a left turn [no blinker on] i had to serve to the right to avoid hitting him, this caused me to cross the “fog line” and was pulled over by said hick towns finest, he asked me if i knew why i was pulled over, i stated i had know clue, he said i had crossed the fog line to pass that car! i said you mean the car that stopped suddenly to make a left turn with out a blinker on![btw he also witnessed this car with no blinker he was only about 200 yards ahead on the right pulled over] he immediately knew that i knew what the hell just happened and that he would have been better going after knuckle head no blinker boy than pulling me over, so he took lin and insu back to his car for a few min then returned with a verbal warning that passing on the right over white line was dangerous, i smiled and said are we done here am i free to go now, he said yes i rolled up the window [hot day no ac in my car] and drove away, wow what a great day!!!

      • Hi Drew,

        At least you were lucky enough to get a cop with some vestigial capacity to feel shame! Glad you “got off” with just a warning….

      • In WI the WI Supreme Court has ruled driving over the fog line is not breaking the law, just when your wheels leave the paved surface and hit gravel or dirt

    • brevard bum, get this. I was hauling a load of cotton to S. Carolina from Texas in 1973, got to the state line, walked in to buy a “bingo stamp” for my card and the lone highway patrol tells me I can’t buy one. WTF I ask. How can I not buy one? He tells me it’s too late, I should have not driven on the scales(like every other state that doesn’t make a distinction)to buy one and now I can not buy one. Make sense? Well, it did to him and then he proceeded to ticket me at which point I ask how this is going to work out in the middle of the night. Just fine according to officer ripoff as he handed me the ticket, but only to look at and then pocketed it after he’d seen how much cash I had as I handed him my license. He left me $20 to get to Ashville and back to Texas with(gee, thanks), then stuffed the ticket into his pocket(took me for $75, a bunch back then). At that point I asked how this wasn’t going to play out again and again without me being able to “buy” a stamp for my bingo card. He said, and I quote, Don’t you worry about it Texas boy, you’ll be fine till you get out of the state. Well, that made me feel all better. I did finally get unloaded although a retard I told to quit squibbing at the front of the trailer and get the very front bale, proceeding to knock it off as I had warned him to not do, and bend the back of my cab, battery box, etc. Once done in the wonderful state of S. Carolina, I hauled ass, although not too hauly, and got back across the border and then worried about how to get fuel for the return trip. I’m glad he didn’t know about my cash stash under the floor mats. My wife and I got a motel in Georgia, hung out and watched the Battle of the Sexes with Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King, the more macho of the two for sure. Bobby was just a guy, Billy was a guy and a half. We managed to make it back to the Texas line on the cash we had back when writing an out of state check was hard to do. I filled up as soon as I found a truck stop to take a check and eased out a bit to west Texas. We didn’t use no stinkin’ plastic back then, esp. since it was only fuel cards who didn’t like truckers. I never went back to S. Carolina and don’t intend to. Later I found out a local highway patrol in Texas(and my home town) and a local JP nailed a N.M. trucker for passing a car driving on the shoulder and going over the center stripe. That’s actually against the law to drive on the shoulder but never mind the law. What they were doing was charging the max fine($300)and pocketing it, just like in S. Carolina. That made me lots of friends and I tried to not say where I was from after that. Why did I think Texas people might not do this? I hadn’t lived long enough. The authority to steal, ain’t it grand?….and these days…a few grand.

      • It would be amazing if administrators would just be honest with their instructions to cops.

        What they say: “There has been a lot of traffic infringements that have not been ticketed. There are lots of lives at stake if we do not clamp down on the violators.”

        Translation: “We are short of revenue this month. If you value your job, you will pull over more people and fill your ticket quota. If not and there is not enough funding to meet payroll, you will be out of a job. If you can’t justify your salary with ticket revenue, you are as useful as teats on a boarhog.”


        • Yet another story that I saw and put in my $0.02 while it happened.

          Some law abiding citizen was parked next to a curb. The curb was not yellow (no parking zone) and there was no sign. Ergo, it was legal to park there. Cop was writing a parking ticket when owner emerged from the store. He argued with the cop over writing the ticket. The cop said, “you can’t park here.”

          So, I said, “let him write the ticket. Take the ticket, go home, grab a camera and come back here and take pictures of the white curb and the clear lack of signs. Then go to court. Show the judge how the issuer of the ticket is clearly wrong and have the judge dismiss the ticket.”

          The cop says to me, “shut your mouth or I will arrest you.”

          “Knock yourself out. What are you going to charge me with? I did not advise this man to evade or resist. All I told him was to go to court, which he can do anyway. When you arrest me for no good reason, I will have fun filing a lawsuit for false arrest. Even if I get no money from the lawsuit, I might be able to get you fired. Wanna cuff me now?”

          I have not trusted cops since I was 16 years old and I never will. I even have a brother-in-law who is a forensic psychologist for a sheriff’s department. He said he does not trust cops.

          Anytime a cop wants to delay you, talk to you etc. you only have to ask one question: am I under arrest? If the answer is yes, lawyer up. If the answer is no, tell them that unless you are under arrest, you are leaving. They do not care if you are innocent or guilty, they only care about clearing their case load.

          Squeegee man anyone?

          • Dear bum,

            Thanks for sharing that.

            As a recovering “law abiding citizen” (translation: sheeple) it helps to have reference points like the one you provided.

            It helps recovering sheeple figure out how to deal with such abuses of their individual liberty.

        • brevard, it’s the same everywhere I guess. You sound like a Texan with that boar hog comment. Not long ago I was running I-20, eased out into the passing lane behind a guy running about 90. I drive looking in my rearview(my wife always saying “Did you see that?” and me saying “No”, her saying “You never see anything”, yep, I’m watching my ass and the front occasionally), and in just the few seconds I was watching this guy hauling butt, I was nearly run over by a black and white. I narrowly got over and he never slowed it didn’t appear. He wasn’t after the guy doing 90, something much more important, probably somebody getting a ticket and not being as compliant as they should have. He nearly ran over the guy doing 90 and just blew on by after the guy ducked into the slow lane. Last I saw he was continuing to accelerate and passing a long line of traffic with cars interspersed between trucks so that anybody in a car had pulled out to pass a slower truck(speed limit 75 cars, 70 trucks, stupid is as stupid does for speed limit laws)they could have looked and not seen anything and still be run over. I don’t think speed kills, just huge differences in speed. I have no room to talk though, I used to drive 120mph steady when the limit was 55 before they had instant on radar and I had an Escort radar detector. I never had a wreck though and I was generally working. I noticed my avatar has been changed. Mine not legal? Copyrighted? Hell, it’s always SOMETHING. You can get up and take a leak at night without breaking SOME law.

  19. Wow, you have a real donut muncher in that top photo. I guess a line that you’re not very likely to hear is “He’s too fat to be a cop.”

    • Now that’s “Too big to fail”

      Can’t you just see that guy sitting at home in his underwear and a wife-beater, eating a big ole bowl of Coco Puffs in his recliner, watching Beevus and Butthead?

        • That does look like Bennifer doesn’t it. But nowadays they drive one of Eric’s favs: a Tesla.

          Ben Affleck:

          Affleck took home the biggest award on Oscar night when it was announced his movie “Argo” had won Best Picture. The longtime actor/ director stated in an interview recently that he commutes to meetings and travels around with his family in a Tesla Model S vehicle which can cost around $53,000 to $72,000 after federal tax credit.

          • The upside of course is that this makes them less physically capable of abusing us, and us more physically capable of defending ourselves against them.

            One thing I’ve never gotten, is the provision of weight training equipment in prisons for violent criminals.

            Enhance their physical strength so they can victimize us better when they get out?

            Good thinking.

            I’d sooner give violent criminals a free supply of krispy kremes and hope they wind up like the aforementioned porker.

          • @Bevin:

            Don’t worry. In many prisons, they feed them up to 70 grams a day of soy protein…chock full of soy isoflavones and pseudo-estrogens, making them lighter in the loafers each day.

            Very much like the Soviets and Nazis–who invented the use of fluoride in the water to pacify prisoners.

            Kind of like the USSA.

          • Actually after looking at videos like that, I’ve come to a firm conclusion.

            Only candidates like that should be allowed to become “Law Enforcement Officers.”

            Physically fit candidates should be automatically disqualified from serving as “Law Enforcement Officers.”

            That will help make sure we can kick their asses when they try to violate our rights!

            Conversely, part of the sentence for violent criminals should be deprivation of exercise to ensure muscle atrophy, lessening their ability to prey upon citizens who respect the NAP.

            • Hi Bevin!

              Allowing violent criminals access to gym equipment – provided by their victims, through taxation! – so that they can bulk up while incarcerated is a form of insanity only America could produce.

          • It’s actually a “maximum” allowable weight, but, since swine can’t read, they confuse “maximum” with “minimum” and add a couple of zeros onto the weight figure.

        • I just googled “Ben Affleck pulled over” and sure enough the above image pops up. The lovely Jennifer Garner is right there next to him. Ossifer Oprah is LAPD and they are right next to an LA street sign (Minorca Ave). Also, there are other googled pix of Affleck next to the same Lexus. It all fits.

    • Yeah, I was gonna suggest: “Name That Coptard.”

      Alternate suggestions: “Guess the Porktard’s Weight,” “Count the Donuts in Officer Oinky’s Gut,” and “Caption this Picture.”

      • Dear lib,

        Maybe we should play devil’s advocate.

        Socialist clovers always talk about collective “costs to society.”

        How about we hold a Cultural Revolution style “struggle session” and indict that porker for “consuming more than his allotted share of food resources?”

        • How about we hold a Cultural Revolution style “struggle session” and indict that porker for “consuming more than his allotted share of food resources?”

          Or torment him with a box of rubber Dunkin’ Donuts.

    • Speaking of donut munchers, here’s a true story. In the early 70s, I was going to college in Boston. Commonwealth Avenue (Comm Ave to the locals) had 3 travel lanes and 1 parking lane in each direction. On one stretch, people normally double parked, leaving 2 travel lanes.

      One day, I was walking along and noticed a cop car triple parked, leaving only one travel lane and causing a major bottleneck. My initial thought was that the cop was ticketing all the double parked cars. As I approached, I noticed that there was no cop in sight. Going past the place where the cop car was parked, I saw what porky was actually doing: sitting at the counter of an eatery, stuffing a doughnut into his mouth as his gut rested on his thighs. Yes, he was seriously obstructing traffic on a major road so he could feed his piggy face. What a hero.

      • Yup!

        Only back in the ’70s, cops were not regarded as “heroes” by most people. That’s something confected by Republican “conservatives” – uniform (and authority) worship. It began under Reagan but became insufferable during the reign of The Chimp – and ever since.

        • As someone who considers themselves of the “younger” generation (I’m currently 24), I would like to say that you really need to keep posting insightful tidbits about history like this more often. “My” generation has been trained to think that “all cops are heroes” from day 1 and it is very sobering to find that this was not always the case.

          • Count on it, Jacob.

            And – trust me – guys your age are not the first generation to have been well and thoroughly lied to… it’s exactly like The Matrix. Which is why that movie is so magnificently subversive. It’s only superficially sci-fi. It’s really about the unreality of our world. And about how it really works – and who really runs it.

            And, why.

          • I am only a little older than you and I have had no experience with this cop/hero worship. Officers, in rural Florida, are treated with contempt and are routinely regarded as unintellgient, lazy and incompetent parisites.

            • That’s great to hear, Chad!

              One of the necessary things that must be accomplished before any substantive change can be expected to take place is to topple authority figures from their pedestals. They must be revealed for what they are – authoritarians. Bullies. Nothing more.

          • The Rule of Law is dead. (Principle that all laws apply equally to tax-parasites and tax-serfs) And all those laws elevating the status of the donut brigades are just the stake through the heart of the principle.

            When there are one set of rules for the tax-parasites, and a different and much more punitive set of rules for the tax-payers, resentment builds.

            Given that there are few legal outlets for the people’s resentment of the elevated privileges of the tax-parasite classes, pressure is building. Contempt of cop is one kind of expression of that resentment, and it can get you killed (and the police department’s investigation will always rule the killing justified in accordance with department procedures)

            At least the road-side-tax-collectors are doing a fine job of dispelling that “hero” label on their own.

      • I recall reading many years ago back in the ’80s (and I’ve been searching diligently on line for the original article, but no luck so far) about some donut-gobbler in, I think, Anne Arbor, Michigan who actually keeled over and croaked in his cruiser while on night patrol from what the local coroner eventually determined to be a heart attack. What made this story so noteworthy was that the local passerby who found him and the EMT crew that was called to the scene found a half-eaten dozen box of Dunkins on the front seat of his cruiser. In other words, Officer Oinky appears to have gorged himself on a box of “pig biscuits” and literally ate himself to death.

        Maybe the reason I can’t find the story is that the authoritah-worshiping news organ (aren’t they all?) that originally published the story decided that preserving such an embarrassing piece of history for posterity, especially one that reinforces a stereotype.

      • About Boston, I wouldn’t like living there, but…. I absolutely love the way Boston Irish say “FAAAACK YOOOO”, with that rising inflection on the first word, and the falling on the second.

        That movie about the Charlestowne robbery gang had a scene where one guy was wounded by the cops, hiding behind a newspaper vending machine, trying to reload his pistol. One cop calls out for him to surrender. “FAAAACK YOOOO”, he replies and stands up, pointing his empty pistol at Porkie. Suicide by cop. It was a good day to die, the Townie thought.

  20. Eric,

    Are not these enforcer specially trained so they can safely travel at higher rates of speed than us mere mundanes? I also heard (from the internet so it must be true) that these enforcers are able to defy the laws of physics which enables them to travel in a safer manner than common mundanes at any speed.


    I thought you knew that enforcers are similar to duck hunters. Many will sit in their blind and wait for their prey to enter kill range. When they are ready they will pounce upon their prey.

    Prey usually are wary when they notice the hunters about them.

    I do not how hiding in a blind is related to safety, but it is good for revenue enhancement.

    • You guys ever have these traffic/driving discussion with a self indentified cop participating?

      Besides them always being on a call and having special training it’s fun to watch them struggle to deal with the basic hypocrisies.

    • these enforcers are able to defy the laws of physics which enables them to travel in a safer manner than common mundanes at any speed.

      That might actually be true. After all, what else can explain the fact that these donut-gobbling lardasses are observed moving at rates of speed above 3 MPH? I can’t think of any form of conventional propulsion that could do that without consuming inordinate amounts of energy and creating enough atmospheric resistance to result in continuous sonic booms, so it must be PFM: pure freakin’ magic.

  21. Or how about the ones who sit on the side of the road or in the median at night with all their lights off. No safety concerns there.

    These guys are a psychotic piece of work.

    • Remember, if a cop flings his cruiser’s door out into traffic and steps into your path it is your fault if he gets hit. They had the laws changed to give them this special status after they were getting killed.

      Their safety is the responsibility of the mundane…. or else.

      • Yea that ranks right up there with being charged with assaulting an officer when you put your arm up to block a Billy Club zeroed in on your skull.

      • They want, on the one hand,to be feted as “heroes” – yet on the other, are (apparently) so jumpy and fearful that any excess, over-the-top action (even when no threat to them exists) is justified in the name of “officer safety.”

        Tazer an 80-year-old man?

        “officer safety”

        Body-slam an ancient lady with a pocket knife?

        “officer safety”

        Mace college students just sitting there?

        “officer safety”

        And on and on and on…

        • Which is proof of their violation of any aggression principles, save for absolute pacifism (Zen Buddhism, IIRC). Die rather than commit aggressive act.

          Strikes me as the WRONG approach.

    • I crack up to the point of nearly pissing myself when I see this. Why? Because the dumbasses are so fucking OBVIOUS. While they clearly intend stealth, they might as well have klieglights illuminating their porkmobile, along with a “COP PARKED HERE” neon billboard.

    • In NJ, that was illegal – but, of course, good luck PROVING it. I passed more than one Piggy sitting silent, in the dark, no lights on.
      It’s a safety hazard, according to courts here.

      But the law never applies to the ENFORCER, only to the populace who are to be enforced upon.

  22. My favorite is the motorcycle escort cops who break every law
    and place everyone in danger. I was run off the road by a
    motorcycle cop who pulled in front of me to block an intersection.
    I wend off the road and plowed down a traffic sign. Once the
    parade went through the red light the cops just left me there
    with a disabled car. They didn’t even inquire if there were
    any injuries, they just left the scene of the accident.
    I stomped the brakes so hard to keep from killing that cop that
    I blew a brake line and had to tow the car home.

    • Dear will,

      But the important thing is you, a VUP “Very Unimportant Person,” didn’t inconvenience some VIP “Very Important Person.”

      You know, a “public servant” who has dedicated his life to “public service?”

    • Should’ve hit the brakes hard, but plowed into him. Cause and effect: Cause: He cut you off. Effect: Broken, bleeding, disabled pile of pink jell-o.

      I’m NOT in a charitable mood today…

  23. “statutory reckless driving, which is defined in Virginia as driving even 1 MPH faster than 20 MPH over the posted maximum. It’s a major bust.”

    Ah yes this brings back memories of my day passing through the grand old state of Virgini’ and getting my statutory reckless driving citation.

    In court I asked the officer if I was driving recklessly why he didn’t cite me for reckless driving? The DA objected. As well he should since it made him and the officer look stupid.

    I then wrote a carefully worded letter to the court and told them to piss off, but I said it nicely.

    Maybe someday my Georgia License will be suspended by the state of Virginia but it will not keep me from driving. I have responsibilities and people who depend on me. I can’t afford to let a legally sanctioned criminal gang interfere with that. I have to do what I have to do. And I will.

    That reminds me. Note to self: renew life insurance policy.


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