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What do you do when you are a divorced middle-aged dude looking for female companionship? You go online.

One of the pratfalls of this, I’ve discovered, is that most of the online sites are populated by  . . . “curvy” chicks.

That is, overweight chicks.

Often, severely so. Morbidly obese. Most dudes aren’t looking for a date who weighs more than they do. Not me, at any rate. But there they are: One side of beef after the next. I do not mean to be mean.

But why are so many girls so fat?

Lots of fat guys, too – I realize this. But that is neither here nor there since I am neither a fat guy myself nor in the market for one.

Where are all the non-“curvy” women?

And, please – spare me the euphemisms. You are not “curvy.” You are fat. A weighty waddler. A non-portion-controller. You eat too much – and exercise too little. A Porsche 911 is curvy.

You are tubby.

Gawd. Bad enough getting divorced; the psychological/emotional brutality of that. Much worse is the prospect of one Large Marge after the next. Cellulite and diabeetus. Hungry, hungry hippos… .

Truth in advertising. It is not “OKCupid.” It is OCowCupid.

Plenty of Fish?

More like Plenty of Fat.

And what is it with the serial nose rings? Overnight, they abound – like a bad case of carpenter ants.

Are these holes-in-the-nose considered attractive? In a Shaka Zulu kind-of-way, perhaps? Are lip plates and neck-stretch rings next?

Pit hair?

I dunno, maybe it’s on account of me being a Gen Xer, from an era when attractive girls didn’t emulate pygmies of the jungle dark by poking holes in their flesh on purpose. In any event, artificial holes in the body are not appealing. Not healthy, either. Especially in the nose. Think about what is inside the typical nose. Now add a couple of holes – plus a piece of metal to, you know, grab hold of the stuff that tends to flow out of noses… .

Vomitous. Besides which, who wants to kiss a tackle box?

And when every last girl has the same nose ring? It is the female equivalent of the idiotic Van Dyke beard that every other guy now sports. Along with the apparently obligatory barbed wire tattoos that almost all men in their 20s and 30s (and women, too) now have.

Am I alone in regarding tattoos as things for SEALs – and skanks? How does a cartoon or gothic lettering, gangster-style – inked on some chick’s arms and shoulders make her more sexy?

If she already was, she is now less so.

And if she was not . . . ? Recall James Carville’s quip about dragging a $20 bill through a trailer park.

Picture her – not at 25 – but at 55.

A whole box of Viagra will not rouse the flesh, then.

When did mutilation become cool?

But it’s the lemming-like Me-Tooing that annoys me more than the tattoos (and nose rings) themselves. They are as original – and as interesting – as a parking lot full of Camrys.

What may have been novel and daring when the one Bad Girl in the group did it becomes trite when all the girls do it. Especially when they are also fat.

And tattooed.

Toss in a liking for rap or EDM music. Salt with some vocal fry.


Well, the word is the Japanese are near to perfecting the robotic Sex Chick. She looks real, she feels real – and you can get her without nose rings and tattoos and she will never grow “curvy” or divorce you, either.

Plus, when you’re done, you can push the Off button, roll her under the bed and go to sleep, untroubled.

Happy Fourth, everyone…


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  1. Nunzio, the life you speak of that you live is hardly possible around here, the government owns 80 percent of the land( and you cant even camp in the same spot over a week( public land my ass) the fruit bats and the “wage slave owners” have most of the rest.The ground for the most part is poor and you have to go 50-60 miles to find work.I admire you for your steadfastness, the only way a Guy around here gets to live that lifestyle is if He either inherits or marries money.The real estate prices are out of the poor persons reach and the strange thing is , those who try to make a living usually give most of their earnings to the gov’t. medical centers or car dealers.And the woman ( for get about it ) And guess what we have a burgeoning Sherriffs dept and 4 state troopers ( so eager to take your hard earned money ) I digress, if I get away from this she devil, I will never do it again .

    • Hi Kevin,

      If you can buy some land and own the house that sits on it – eliminating the monthly mortgage/rental payment – you can live a decent life on not much, even though you will still have to pay property taxes to the government.

      This is what I did. In rural SW Va., you can still buy an acre of land for a few thousand dollars. A five acre tract generally goes for about $30k. That’s enough land for privacy and also to have wood for fire and garden/grazing land. I heat with wood I cut on my land. I have chickens.

      I still have to send the county about $1,500 annually in taxes, but that is much more manageable than $800 a month on a mortgage or rent.

      But you have to be willing to live “in the sticks” for this to work. Most of us like “the sticks.”

      However, most women do not…

    • Heh, I know it, Kevin.

      I’m originally from Long Island, NY- the most commie (and expensive) place on earth- where a starter bungalow will cost you $400K and have taxes of $12+ per year on a 100’x40′ lot- and where you have to get permission from the local government to so much as change the landscaping on your own property.

      I spent literally half my life just trying to survive and save a few bucks so I could get the hell out of there. No way to live there unless you want to be a slave- and out west is no better, like you say, because of all the “pooblik” land and more government employees than humans.

      Here? With 2 mobile homes (1 for me and one for my 92 year-old mother) and 28 acres….property taxes under $300 a year, and do whatever you want on your own land, it’s a different story. I’ve been lazy about the self sufficiency thing, ’cause it’s so cheap to live, even on my sporadic tiny earnings, that I’ve become complacent.

      There are fewer and fewer such places though, as time goes on. Soon, they will all be gone- which is why (among other things) we must plan to get out of here.(this country/the first world). I look upon my 16 years here thus far as practice for when I move to the real wilderness in the third world.

      Here’s a pic of my place:

      • Nice place Nunzio , Hollywood has done the average man a great disservice, no longer are people content to exist in their anonymity, now everyone screams for the latest and greatest Chevy or Ford land ark pickup, any sanity from the manufacturers have disappeared along with the true utility of said vehicles,I cannot tell you how many new 4 door pickups I see now without a scratch in the bed that are driven by old gray haired Guys that never have the intention of leaving the tarmac.It reminds me of the new 300-500K McMansions I see in over in the Shenandoah”( daughter of the stars”) valley, who pays for this stuff, what happens when the Feds printing presses break down?

        • Thanks, Kevin!

          Ya know, I think the average adult today is like a giddy 8 year-old with a comic book: They never grew up and became rational adults. The sky’s the limit; and it doesn’t matter if you make $25K a year and your life is dependent upon that next paycheck….you too can have Star Wars/James Bond toys!

          I was watching a vid last night on Youtube, about the latest and greatest Kubota zero-turn mowers. I almost fell on the floor! The freaking thing is turbo charged; has a hydraulic cylinder to lift the deck; drive-by-wire throttle; electronic dash; uses DEF….. A freaking lawn mower…and they’ve gotten as bad as cars! Betcha it costs around $20K. And people buy them!!! That thing will be dealer service only all of it’s life, and when it becomes too expensive to repair in a few years…throw it out.

          I guess people today don’t care though, ’cause it’ll be repossessed long before it gets old.

          And here I am, having to push a pedal with my foot to raise my deck! (On my old used Gravely which cost of tenth of what that ridiculous one on Youtube costs!) 😉 Oh, the drudgery!

          I just can’t believe that we live in a world, where people flock to buy this crap in sufficient numbers to keep large businesses going! They value complexity and planned obsolescence, rather than simplicity and economy, when the latter would achieve the very same results as the former.

          • Nunzio,
            something else catches my attention in these old town Kroger stores and whatnot, the aisles are not designed for the shoppers of today and the parking lots were designed for decent size cars(old 53 Plymouths, Chevy Sedans etc)I will never own another new vehicle(its pointless anyway with the projected remaining years of my life)
            Like the Apostle Paul , I too have found a semblance of contentment, with things as they are , our lives are too short for pointless yearnings.As I drove my Mother back from the Doctors this evening I lamented to Her how all the hard earned, stabilized once cleared land is being allowed to grow back up into brambles and brush , people that now have title to this land think they are doing something great by letting it go to seed .What bothers Me is, what will people eat in a few years?True enough mature woods will decrease runoff and generally help the water table, but these scraggly briar thickets and Lob Pine stands serve little real purpose in my view, people need to be able to see the sky once in awhile.The farms in the Shenandoah Vally and outlying regions are disappearing at an alarming rate, it seems soon we will be totally dependent on the Plutocrats good graces for everything , I really miss the sustenance farms of my childhood. People nowadays cant even be bothered to try to maintain good old rugged equipment such as your Gravely, now its an Orange or Green monster to beat back the grass that the farm animals used to convert to table fare.
            Seriously, the future troubles Me.

            • Dayum, Kevin, you’re stealing all my lines!

              This stuff could make for good stand-up comedy among people like us- but of course, everyone else today would just sit there with blank expressions, or hate us for not being douchebag snowflakes!

              Yeah! The parking spaces! The spaces at the newer stores are so tight, they’re really not suitable for my Excursion or nearly 20′ long F250. A few places around with the old markings still followed every time they repaint, and there’s plenty of room.

              I have a nice mixture of pasture and woods, and clumps of trees here and there. When I first moved here, my neighbor wanted to lend me something that could clear the then small trees in the clumps. I thanked him but declined- I think either extreme can be bad- letting everything get overgrown…or stripping everything clear. Balance. I hate it when I see cows in a pasture, and they don’t even have a tree for shade.

              Ah, the good old rugged equipment! Used to be that farmers would consider things like durability and ease of maintaining and repairing things themselves, for after the warranty ran out- but their children haven’t retained that value- they buy the latest and greatest high-tech gadgetry, seemingly never giving a thought to what happens a few years down the road when it breaks, and they can’t fix it with a welder or a simple electro-mechanical part….but have to bring it to the dealer for diagnostics with proprietary equipment….until it is obsolete, and then they are SOL and stuck with a green paperweight.

  2. One of the values provided by a woman…

    Oh, the comfort —
    the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person —
    having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
    but pouring them all right out,
    just as they are,
    chaff and grain together;
    certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
    keep what is worth keeping,
    and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.

    – Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life (1859)

    • Today, women are more like cops: “Anything you say can and WILL be used against you”. You can’t trust them anymore- even the best of them. You may think you can; you may be able to, for a time; but at some point, she will turn on you- through no fault of your own- it could just be boredom on her part; or a new realization; or that she fell for the latest BS and now thinks she isn’t getting a fair shake….but she will turn. And if you can’t absolutely trust them, what the hell good are they?

      The old saying is true: When a dog kisses you, he means it!”

      • Hi Nunzio,

        This is Pravda… truth.

        They change; they decide that they’re not “happy” – which is understandable, I suppose. But marriage is the only legal contract one can just abrogate by stating that one is no longer “happy.”

        I doubt I will ever marry again, for this reason.

        When I got married, it was with the idea that we both were in it for life. Good times and bad; that we’d work through any problem or tough spell. I was in error in assuming that both of us agreed to the same thing.

        So, going forward, I think the best policy is having fun until it’s no longer fun – and once it’s not, there’s the door.

        • With the knowledge and experience that comes with age, it would be difficult to find a reason, of the necessity, to obtain a license from the state to “marry”. Since, today, marriage between abnormalities, is also sanctioned, what’s the point?

          Bringing children into the world, who then too are governed by the state, currently, is also not appealing.

        • Are you SURE you’re not a Christian, Eric? You sure think like one of us- and more so than a lot of people who claim to be so!

          Yes, it wasn’t that long ago that most people considered marriage “for life”; until Hollywood normalized divorce, and Uncle came along and made it real easy- “no fault- for any reason”- but not so easy if you’re the one paying alimony and child support for the next few decades….

          And really, without the permanence, what have we got? It’s just a matter of time before one gets bored, or finds greener pastures, and without the BELIEF that it’s forever, and with Uncle making leaving very easy (for the woman- not for the man- who gets penalized either way) it’s no wonder that the majority of marriages now end in divorce. And usually those greener pastures ain’t so green….but they keep trying until they’re so old that there’s no grass left….

          One thing to keep in mind: If you ever DO decide to get married again, DON’T get a state license (I kinda imagine you wouldn’t anyway…)- You can draw up a private contract, with your own terms, and thus not be bound by the state’s stupid laws. If I had ever gotten married, that’s how I would have done it.

          Oh, and speaking of Christians: I was listening to Lew Rockwell on the Tom Woods show yesterday- he mentioned a website called – Holy cow! There are others like me out there! Took a brief look at the site last night, they were even using an argument that I had used in the Utah/Theocracy thread!

          • Most of my high school acquaintances that have gotten married are divorced now. A few of them twice already. And for some context, I’m 38. Not good when you’re under 40 and been through 2 divorces already. Downright ridiculous actually.

            Some 70% of divorces are initiated by women. I saw an interesting statistic the other day. The probability that a 1st marriage will survive 10 years is………..6.6%! ( Not good odds fellas.

            And my parents wonder why I’m not married. I hit ’em with the aforementioned facts and their eyes just gloss over. They want me to “find somebody” and “be happy”. And that I don’t need to marry necessarily but just cohabit. But their “concern” for me being single isn’t really about me. It’s about them. It’s about how my bachelorism/lifestyle is portrayed to their friends/family/peers/etc. It’s beyond having gotten old at this point. Again, is the juice worth the squeeze?

            • Hi c_dub!

              My 50 on this: While men (like me) can be obtuse and sometimes “don’t listen” to their women and so assume all is fine, many women expect men to intuit/divine somehow what their women actually want and will not come right out and tell them. Then they get resentful when the man doesn’t intuit/divine it. Once that ball starts rolling, it is hard to stop it.

              Also, women in America have been Oprah-ized to expect that they must always feel blissfully happy – like a newlywed – and if not, they are missing out on what they need. Hence, a new life is needed.

              It is rarely a better life.

              And if a woman hasn’t had children, look out. She will hit menopause and the door will shut and all of a sudden she will be filled with remorse (and anger toward you) and seek “meaning” some other way.

              Which will almost certainly not involve you.

              The society we live in is not conducive to marriage or family. The man and the woman are usually under perpetual financial strain (even before kids; after them it becomes much worse) and both are expected to have Successful Careers else they are viewed as failures by the society. Women are taught they must “equal” men – that is, be just like men – and that men must be more like women.

              The “consumer” economic model consumes marriages, too.

              It surprises me that any marriages survive.

              • Spot on Eric. As to the first paragraph, that’s is something I loathe and have experienced myself. I don’t do well with hints woman! But that is part of women’s nature and it also is an offshoot of the endless shit testing they’re always engaging in too. It can drive a man mad.

              • The idea that women seem to have today, is that men- husbands in particular- exist to make them happy. This is completely ass-backwards, and the opposite of the way it has been down through history until recently.

                It used to be that women were groomed by their parents to possess traits of being a good wife; one who would make her husband happy, and be an asset to him- i,e, being able to take care of the home-fires, to free him, so that he could achieve his full potential in his livelihood. It was a co-dependence. He provided for her; she made it possible for him to be a more efficient provider. The sex and companionship and love were mutual side benefits.

                The sexual revolution put an end to that. Now men are the supplicants, competing for permission to bone the single woman; and she is the master, who grants or denies access to her bleeding bat-cave- and the dynamics of that relationship continue when they marry; they don’t just magically change. The man never regains his position of authority, and can thus never have a real wife; and the woman is never happy, because she will never have a real man.

                Eric, despite what your ex (or any woman) might have said, the problem usually ins’t that the man is obtuse or unintuitive- but rather that he panders to such concerns. They might not consciously realize that- but look who they often end up with: The guy who slaps them around and says “Shut up, bitch, and sit in the corner!”.

                • Hi Nunzio,

                  I could not have put any of that more concisely or better; well-said.

                  Your point about co-dependence especially. This has become a term of opprobrium. By why? It is natural and normal for me to be the providers and protectors and for women to appreciate and respect the man who does so. Women have been sold a mess of pottage as regards “careers.”

                  The truth is, most people – men and women – merely work. It is not an expression of their creative gifts as most lack them. It is toil for the sake of earning one’s daily bread, period. It is necessary – and honorable – but there is no great “meaning” attached to a job.

                  Meaning, for most of us, comes from our relationships and families; the people we know and love.

                  But women have been warped to believe that unless they are living a Megyn Kelly or Oprah life, they are missing out. So the grind away at their jobs, getting older and more bitter with each passing year until one day… poof… Hillary Clinton.

                • Men have been brainwashed by liberalism and it’s inherent dyke companion, feminazisism, that ‘men are scum’, that women’s problems can be solely blamed on men, and that, yes, a man’s purpose is to SERVE them.
                  This runs counter to inherent biology. What women REALLY want, at least those that are reasonably sane, is STRENGTH…now, what they INTERPRET as ‘strength’ may seem altogether crazy. But the perpetual pleasing of a woman, whether before marriage (“courtship”) or afterwards (which describes the sexless dysfunctionality that characterizes most American marriages nowadays), while she may find it flattering and/or convenient, at least temporarily, will only breed contempt for said man. Along will come the ‘rake’, or ‘rouge’, who is actually a self-centered jerk, but because his assertiveness is misinterpreted as ‘strength’, the ‘good’ girl falls for the ‘bad’ boy.
                  The best advice was given by “Mr. Wizard”, who always with his chant yanked Tooter Turtle out of whatever jam his misbegotten wishes had gotten him into…”Be vot you is, not vhat you is not…folks dat are demselves are de happiest lot”. So, as another ‘philospher’ put it, “you can’t please EVERYONE, so you got to please YOURSELF”, and if the gal likes it anyway, so much the better, but if she doesn’t, then “pump her and dump her” (and wear a condom).

                  • …And since the advent of the Sexual Revolution, men, are trained for marital servitude from teenhood, since the modus operandi is to win-over the girl with niceties, “fun” and material goods, in order to convince her to let him boink her.

                    So not only is that behavior firmly established as routine by the guy; but once it is practised in a relationship, there is no chance of changing it, since to do so would be to change the whole basis of the relationship.

                    And thus the very reason WHY the liberals who sought to destroy traditional Western values pushed to establish the Sexual evolution.

                    What we are seeing now are desired results: The destruction of the family, and the near total dependence upon the state- and ironically, the more so by the women who foolishly thought that their participation in liberalism/feminism was somehow making them independent!

                    And also ironically, what has the mass participation of women in the “workforce” accomplished? Nothing, but the lessening of men’s ability to earn a good living, and the necessity of having two-income families, since universally higher income households permitted the raising of taxes (specifically local taxes/property taxes).

                    And when did the citizenry of the USA become a “workforce”? The very nomenclature points to the nature of what we’ve become in the eyes of politicians; not free and independent people- just fodder for the military-industrial complex collectivist state, who breed future tax-slaves/employees.

            • I don’t know anyone above the age of 30 who is married AND happy. They’re either in “tolerable” situations- or are leading lives of quiet desperation.

              Most men won’t leave unless the woman is blatantly unfaithful. She can turn into a cow and or a bitch, but he’ll stay and suffer and fulfill his vow. The woman on the other hand; when it gets too mundane FOR HER, or she’s found somebody with more money, or who is more exciting, or just wants to be alone….she’ll kick the guy to the curb- and now with the help of Uncle, it’s easy and profitable to do so.

              You often see the quiet desperation of the men- But even if you out-right ask “Are you happy?”, they rarely say no- but they always pause before answering….think for a moment, and then say “Yeah…” in a non-commital, non-convincing way…..

              • With all their BS of ‘independence’ and ‘I don’t need a man’, it’s these same Feminists that believe that marriage means they own a perpetual stake in their husband’s future earnings, no matter how brief the marriage, regardless of ‘fault’ (practically archaic nowadays), nor her ability to get off her own fat ass and earn her own way.

      • And just to further elaborate on your point…

        In the 1994 movie “The Mask”, Stanley Ipkiss’s (Jim Carrey) friend and co-worker at the bank, Charlie (Richard Jeni), after discussing his meeting with the very lovely Tina Carlisle (Cameron Diaz) at the bank, advises him that a girl like Tina is always looking for the “BBD” (and yes, I’m aware of ANOTHER explanation for that acronym), which he spells out as the “Bigger, Better Deal” (might still be applicable), warning him that such a woman would tear out his heart, put it in a blender, and hit, ‘frappe’! Charlie then tells Stanley that the girl for him should be ‘down-to-earth’, with ‘integrity’, and then gets more specific as to having ‘red hair, full, pouty lips, and WEARING (so we know what’s ‘pouty’) a green skirt, white blouse, and a name tag, as Peggy Brandt (Amy Yasbeck, widow of John Ritter), ‘starving’ cub reporter and columnist, has entered the bank. As it’s Charlie’s ‘up’ to greet a potential new customer, he enthusiastically greets her, but is noticeably deflated when Peggy asks specifically for Stanley, having a clue that he has something to do with the big bank robbery. What’s interesting to note is that Peggy later sells Stanley out to the mobster Dorian Tyrell, to alleviate her financial problems (in a deleted scene, Tyrell stiffs her of the payoff and has his goons kill her by throwing her into a printing press), but Tina, having tired of Dorian’s abuse and appreciating Stanley’s honest, if clumsy devotion, ends up falling in love with the ‘hero’.

  3. One should always avoid cloverism. Whether on the road or elsewhere.

    This means understanding technology. From an owner class vantage point. Not vapidly venting one’s feelings and preferences from one’s muddled subconscious like a broke ass millennial prole.

    Here’s a short vid on coil and rotary tattoo machines. If you own and operate one, you could make a shit ton of cash, wrenching and driving one of these.

    Unlike vehicles, tattoos are lower class like smoking and piercing. Using a bayesian logical decision tree to evaluate a bar full of women, the tattooed, pierced, smokers are the ones more likely ready to let you fuck them. Offer the prettiest prole a free tatt. She’s never heard a line like that.

    If you’re looking for higher class, better convo, better homemaker mom types, avoid those 3 types, and ditch the bar scene. Insist on being a Don Quixote MGTOW. Go home and watch some wholesome classic 1950’s porn or something and shelter in place. You’re in for a long dry lonely search.

    • And today?

      Hagged out 50-year-old or gay man.

      Amazing. 1965 was only 50 years ago… but the country has transformed utterly in that eyeblink of time…

      • Airlines still have those requirements around the world, as long as the airline isn’t based in the USA and/or isn’t subject to US hiring laws.

      • Funny and true.

        Remember the Soviet Politburo? The female version is now claimed by the lying fake news media to be what customers want in a waitress.

        Look at this Cultural Marxist Pravda Propaganda.

        As if lifetime sinecured Casino Cocktail Waitresses don’t happen only because of DOL fatwas, unions, and HR fraus.

        Cocktail waitresses make lifelong careers serving casino customers

        (Sexy Raisin Lady Pictured)
        Longtime Palace Station waitress Lynda Allan, seen Thursday, April 26, 2012, holds a photo of herself when she was first hired in 1978.
        Launch slideshow »
        Lynda Allan remembers being terrified the first night she had to slink onto a casino floor to serve drinks in a mini skirt and low-cut blouse.

        Career Cocktail Waitresses

        “I was in tears,” Allan recalled. “I’m in this skimpy outfit, not knowing what I’m doing. It was really hard. But I made it, and then I just kept doing it.”

        She kept doing it for the next 34 years, in fact, working mostly at the same bar at Palace Station. Allan got to know her customers’ names and drink preferences and grew to love her job.

        (Another Sexy Raisin Lady Pictured)

        June Drao serves cocktails on the casino floor at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

        Drao has worked as a cocktail server at Sam’s Town for 27 years.

        Waitressing in any other city would likely be considered a dead-end job. But here in Las Vegas, cocktail servers are crucial to the local tourism economy. They have the most contact with casino customers, and their performance can mean the difference between a satisfied visitor and one who won’t come back.

        Perhaps that’s why many local cocktail waitresses earn $50,000 or more a year, placing them among the nation’s highest-paid service workers.

        “They are incredibly valuable,” said HR Frau Luann Gambuto, director of food and beverage for Palace Station. “I’ve watched at Christmastime guests bring in gifts to our cocktail servers. They bring in their children to meet them when they’re in town. It’s heartwarming, really. They mean so much to this person that they want them to meet their family.”

        Allan didn’t have to make her career in cocktail waitressing. She had plenty of work experience on her résumé — she worked for the public school system in Niagara Falls, N.Y., before moving here as a single mother — and came to Las Vegas when jobs were plentiful. (Like teaching, casino waitressing too is gov work). But once she got over that nervous first night at Palace Station, she wanted no other job.

        “I never could sit behind a desk,” she said. “This is really more of who I am.”

        She raised two children off her tip money. She bought a house and saved money with a 401(k), which allowed her to retire this year. (Nice smuggling in of Gov speak there)

        “I’ve made a comfortable living,” she said.

        For three decades, Allan ordered drinks from Henry Gauger, the bartender who hired her. They worked together at the same Palace Station bar for 28 years.

        “It really does become like a family,” Gauger said.

        Many casinos, however, especially on the Strip, overlook experience as a selling point for cocktail waitresses. Instead, they flaunt young hires in flashy outfits and promote their servers as sex kittens who can’t wait to serve stiff drinks to older businessmen. (Rise up Dear Leaders and smite these chauvinists say we the Dear Readers).

        But experts say that stereotype may be outdated since the people who spend, and lose, the most money at casinos are slot players, most of whom are women older than 45. (Given a choice all customers prefer young attractive females you lying hacks).

        “I think this is why the locals casinos do so well, because they don’t adhere to that same kind of thinking,” said Christian Hardigree, assistant president and chair of hotel management at UNLV. (It’s mandate compliance, not thinking, You HR Frau pimp).

        That’s not to say the career cocktail waitresses aren’t attractive. Allan continued to turn heads until she retired.(Behold the power of rationing and scarcity).

        “This is a job where you’ll overcome your shyness pretty quickly, and I got comfortable in this outfit,” she said.

        Even after decades serving drinks, the waitresses still describe the job as glamorous.

        “It’s really like being on stage,” said Pamela Moore, who has worked at Arizona Charlie’s Decatur since the casino opened in 1988. “I fix up my hair, put on my makeup and I go out on the floor. I feel pretty and sexy.”

        Whether they know it or not, the servers play an important role in dispelling myths about beauty and age that persist in Las Vegas, said Cortney Warren, an assistant professor of psychology at UNLV. (Oh for fucks sake MSM!)

        “Our culture doesn’t know what to do with the sexy 60-year-old because that’s not the image of beauty we promote in our society,” said Warren, who studies how women react to media images of beauty. (Listen to this She-Stalin!)

        Warren noted the young, thin, leggy, white women who dominate billboards across the city.

        “The truth is attractiveness comes in all ages, shapes and sizes,” Warren said. “These women are hot, and they have also worked their way to the top of their professions.” (Says the tenured $150,000/year Inner Party Ball Busting Bitch).

        The trend of the young cocktail waitress wearing practically nothing emerged recently, in the past decade, after the Rio began hiring “bevertainers,” who serve drinks, sing and dance, Hardigree said. Other resorts followed suit, hiring cocktail “beverage models.”

        Describing waitresses as models or entertainers allows casinos to skirt labor laws and place age and appearance restrictions on the women. Most entertainer-servers also aren’t represented by a union.(Rise up Dear Leaders and wood shampoo and smite these law breakers say we the Dear Readers).

        “The Rio started becoming known for having smoking-hot cocktail waitresses, and at first they saw a 30 percent bump in their gaming revenue, which they credited to that,” Hardigree said. “Then other casinos on the Strip followed.”

        But the image has a price. Several casinos, including the Mirage and Imperial Palace, have paid large sums of money to cocktail waitresses over lawsuits claiming sexual discrimination and sexual harassment.(Doubleplus good comrades. Older than dirt waitresses shall prevail)

        The Culinary Union represents most cocktail waitresses. Which is part of the reason they and other tipped workers make the highest base salary in the United States, starting at $9 an hour plus tips, with free health insurance.(Of course. It is from unions and Gov that all good things flow).

        “We represent women of all ages in the cocktails department. It’s not about their looks or age. It’s about their ability to do their job,” union boss D. Taylor said. (We hate casino customers, airline customers, all customers really. We love power).

        Of the nearly 3,300 cocktail servers in the local union, one in four has served 15 years or more.

        Karen Crawford said her seniority is valued at the Riviera, where she has served drinks since 1977. But she doubts she could land another cocktail job on the Strip.

        “They would probably tell me I’m too old, even though I could run circles around all the younger girls,” Crawford said. (Soviet delusion syndrome).

        Neither of the Strip’s biggest casino companies, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, would allow its waitresses to be interviewed.

        Still, officials with both companies said they depend on repeat business and that the service longtime employees provide builds customer loyalty. Caesars Palace has cocktail waitresses who have been with the company since the 1970s. Many are lauded for their efficiency and often are assigned to the high roller rooms, Caesars executives said.

        “The best thing you can hear is, ‘I keep coming back because of you,'” said Maria Elena Reveles, a cocktail waitress at the California since 1984.

        Some customers come back for generations.

        “A lot of my customers, when I started in ’74, would start bringing their children when they turned 21 and were old enough to come into the casinos,” said Gloria Harris, who works at the Golden Gate. “Now they’re bringing their grandchildren. Now they’re bringing their great-grandchildren. They become family. You see them year after year after year. They become a part of you.”

        Most of the servers who have worked in casinos for decades share that sentiment.

        “Aside from just taking their orders, we bond with them,” said June Drao, who has worked at Sam’s Town since 1985. “Whether they’re winning or losing, you make sure they’re having a good time. You want them coming back here. They have many choices and they could go anywhere, but they come back here because of us.” (

    • That’s one reason I can’t get too many showing of “Catch Me If You Can” (2002), which is set mostly in the mid-1960s…everyone is clean cut, men put on a friggin’ BUSINESS SUIT for most business or social function, and women wear DRESSES and SKIRTS (though in an informal setting we see many young women in capris, which look damned good on them). There’s nothing hotter than seeing Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Garner, and Ellen Pompeo in period attire and looking like attractive, classy young women! Even Nathalie Baye, whom at 54 was still quite attractive and certainly would motive ME, even now, to give her what the Japanese term “little afterthought” (Frank Abagnale’s then 7 y.o. half-sister, obviously the REAL reason his parents divorced), though she was a deceitful tramp, still projected an aura of classy femininity. Please find me any other role where any of these actresses ever looked that good, classy, and ever like the girl you’d take back home to Mama…or work your ass off on a rig crew for weeks, only to come to your (very clean and orderly) home to her smiling face, with one bouncing pre-schooler, another little one toddling about, still in training pants, and another obviously ‘in the oven’. Such was NORMAL back in the time period depicted in this movie, but nowadays would be relatively rare (except in Utah or other Mormon-dominated parts of the West), and perceived by the ‘lamestream’ media as a symbol of the ‘oppressive patriarchy’.
      Indeed, much has changed in this once fair land, and not for the better, I’m sorry to say. The “Godless” Russians are now noticeably more church-going than we Americans, and even their once-Commie leader, Putin, has denounced the USA as ‘immoral and Godless”. When they commissioned their last nuclear boat, they had the thing ‘blessed’ by the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch! Just imagine the hullabaloo if the Navy had a Roman Catholic Cardinal or an LDS Apostle do the same for the next Virginia-class boat being launched!

        • You have to admit the ‘bitchy gay dudes’ are useful for one thing…fashion advice. Hence the ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ series.

          But when I see a wispy male ‘flight attendant’ (remember when we called them Stewards and Stewardesses, and if a large airliner had a steward, HE was always their supervisor, and often the purser as well?), I look for the exits and do mental calculations as to the odds of survival of exiting the aircraft while still airborne.

        • Speaking of online dating I got a ‘like’ from a stewardess the other day. But it’s the usual profile that leaves me ‘meh’ and with nothing to say.

          • I got one for ya, Brent!

            I was on line in the grocery store the other day, and there was a bottle of soda on the back of the counter- not on the conveyor. So I asked the big black dude in front of me “Is that yours, buddy?” – It turned out to be a “woman”.

          • Hi Brent,

            When I tried the online thing, I included in my profile that I had no interest in watching or discussing sports. Guess who wrote to me?

        • Hi Dallas,

          I may write more about the toxic dating environment. In particular, the way it has become – as Brent noted – almost a job interview. It may well be that modern economic/social structures have destroyed the biologically natural arrangements of the ages.

          Marriage vs. partnering.

          Most men want a wife – not a “partner.”

          This is perfectly natural; we fight biology in the name of “equality.”

          And if marriage is no longer about husband and wife, children and family but rather about strategic economic interests then it is hugely disadvantageous to men to enter into it. Most men (assuming normal looks and employed, etc.) can continue to enjoy regular sex with women much younger than they are pretty much up to the point that they – the men – are no longer interested in sex.

          But women – for the most pat – have a Nubile Window that begins to close around age 35 and is slammed shut by 45, after which very few eligible men want them anymore. The menopausal 45-year-old is no longer fertile and her physical appearance telegraphs this fact. She becomes less attractive to men. A man may stick with his 45-year-old wife and the mother of his kids. But if he is not married and free to choose? He will choose the nubile 28 year old – and can probably have her.

          This is, again, biology – it is not personal. The fact that it annoys women to say this is immaterial.

          • The average age U.S. women begin menopause is 51 years. The most common age range at which women experience menopause is 48-55 years.

            Unlike sperm, which are produced daily throughout a lifetime, human eggs are finite and found in two baskets (ovaries). To be more precise, when a woman is born, the ovaries contain one to two million immature eggs, or follicles.

            Over a lifetime, the vast majority of follicles will die through a process known as atresia. Atresia begins at birth and continues throughout the course of the reproductive life. When puberty is reached and menstruation begins, only about 400,000 follicles remain. With each menstrual cycle, a thousand follicles are lost and only one lucky little follicle will actually mature into an ovum (egg), which is released into the fallopian tube, kicking off ovulation. That means that of the one to two million follicles, only about 400 will ever mature.

            Relatively few or no follicles remain at menopause, the remaining follicles are unlikely to mature and become viable eggs because of the hormonal changes that come along with menopause.

            • Yup.

              And the “hormonal changes” involve more than just fertility. Women entering menopause become more like men. They have less of the hormones that made them different – feminine. They not only look more like men, they act like men. Which makes them, naturally, less appealing to men.

            • So women lose the follicles in the baskets, while us men lose the follicles on top of our heads? They got the better of that deal, but we still age better than they do!

              • Can’t put a toupee on an ovary. Then again, at least an ovary is HIDDEN. Not so with our dear Leader’s (I mean President’s) STILL ill-fitting ‘rug’!

          • Well-said, Eric!

            And it’s not just the interpersonal dynamics and their resultant consequences (as if those aren’t bad enough), but being women have “the vote”, we now have not only a legal system which is geared against men, but we have all of these unhappy aging hags in favor of socialism, because they know they’re going to be alone for their latter years- not having a forever husband; or any husband; and no kids to take care of them (even if they have kids- those kids are not the kind who will take care of a parent, as they were left on their own in daycare, etc. and had no role model of responsibility and loving family dynamics; or are dysfunctional/poor/in jail, because of the effects of being raised by a lone feminist)- so they, more than any other group, want a welfare state to rob the successful, to provide what their feminism has failed to provide them with.

            It is only this artificial system Uncle has erected, which allows people to practice a certain ethic/ideology/philosophy which results in failure and dysfunction, and then makes everything O-K for the practitioners of those ways, at the expense of those who see the folly of such ways and reject them. And this they call “equality”?

    • Haha…yeah, she’s a real keeper. Ever notice how these 3’s & 4’s still have all these ridiculous demands? And her true colors come out at the end of that post. Holy hell do most of these chicks have 0 self-awareness.

    • Why do I get the feeling that this deluded, somewhat seemingly UNDISCIPLINED young woman (who herself desperately needs “Jenny Craig”) will, in five years, have a toddler and a baby, both mixed-race (but not necessarily the same father), be on welfare, single, have little if any attention from ‘men’ of her own race save for the abject ‘losers’, living in a Section 8 dump, and wondering what the hell happened to her life?

      This is the sort of young lady that I’d once, if I was just wanting some ‘action’, would have sweet-talked into the sack, then once I’d gotten what I wanted, I’d GTFO and not return her calls. Like one of the perpetual villains in one of Clint Eastwood’s movies said when he and his band of desperadoes captured Sandra Locke and her elderly grandmother, and the men start to rape dear Sandra: “Stop! What’re you idiots doing? This young girl will fetch us twenty horses where we’re going! We gotta keep her clean and presentable! So if one of ya ‘hasta’, use that old woman there! She’ll fetch us at most an old donkey!” But, at 58, I’m too old for that shit anymore…

    • Good stuff, Pancho!

      That woman is so grossly obese it boggles to characterize her as “plus sized.” She is on the Diabeetus Train and will soon be on a wheelchair, her edema-bloated calves gracing no magazine covers and meanwhile who is going to pay for her hip and knee replacements?

      Yup, you and me.

      PS: This Eric hasn’t got a gut. 🙂

        • Hi Tor,

          I know Jeremy and some others will take issue, but so much of this is a matter of personal choice/self-control. Eat less, exercise more. Certainly what you eat matters but – ultimately – it is about portion (calorie) control. No one gets to be 50 pounds heavy just because they eat bread and sugar. It is because they eat too much bread and sugar.

          When I feel my pants getting tight, I dial back a little – and within a week, my pants are no longer tight.

          If you don’t want to be fat, stop eating as much.

          Yes, I grok that it is harder for some people to lose weight; that metabolisms and body types differ. But I stand firm on the notion that if you do not eat substantially more calories per day than a person of normal size/weight requires to maintain normal size/weight, you cannot become obese.

          And if you consistently eat fewer calories than you need to maintain whatever weight you are, you will lose weight.

          • I certainly have to agree with you Eric. On the whole, we, now-a-days expend far less energy than people used to, while eating a lot more. It’s that simple. We don’t need all of these ridiculous Uncle-sponsored studies, which always turn out to be total garbage and achieve the very opposite of their intended purpose. (Such is ridiculous really. They call it “science”, but there are so many variables, they could never ever achieve any meaningful repeatable results. Just taking genetics into consideration alone- they make no allowances for this- but yet even my 92 year-old mother; and my late grandmother who was born in the 1800’s, realized that there are obvious differences- like how we can do just fine on carbs with our Mediterranean genes… We LIKE our pasta!… while others would blow-up like a balloon from a modest amount. But to the “scientists”/grant-seekers, we’re all just “humans” or “mammals” or lab rats…they see no difference.).

            • Hi Nunzio!

              Being ethnically a kraut, I love greasy meat and eat plenty, But I must have wop genes, too because I love pasta – and eat that, also.

              And sugar. Lots of sugar – usually in very dark coffee but also in chocolate.

              Yet I am not fat. I still wear the same size 32 pants I worse in college.

              It’s because usually don’t eat too much (every once in a while is fine) and I exercise every day.

        • Sounds like the real depopulation agenda, Tor.

          The 2 billion will die from their obesity; and another few billion from starvation, ’cause the fatties ate all of the food!

  4. I’m going to give y’all the flip side. Dallas is loaded with beautiful women. A bunch that I know in my age range (50ish) are drop dead, still do their bikinis justice, gorgeous!

    Spending time with one at a weekend outing. She knew that I came to it just to meet her after seeing her on her friend’s facebook page. Pretty cool, she’s claims to be Christian (eye popping in bk, could pose for Playboy today), then after all day and into the night she says, “I just gave the guy I’ve been seeing “the ultimatum”. I guess this was to encourage me that I might be next. Ok. See ya. Find another guy to give your ol’ tomato to.

    Another, also hot, talking about God all the time and kind of a kooky fun type. Into sports like water skiing. Cool. So over dinner she gets back to talking about God and wonderful things which is ok by me. Says she broke up with a millionaire because he didn’t like her “God talk”. Then I notice she’s fishing fishing fishing for info about my income. Dallas gold digger. They breed them here. Which is a little spooky, because they maintained their shape by having very few, if any, children.

    BTW, they hate feminism, so long as you do what they want you to do, when they want you to do it. If you’re not doing that, then you’d better be out making $ for them to spend.

    Chick ching!

  5. Eric,
    You would be wise to look at the comments here, including your own, as a field of red flags. There is too much unhealthy woman-hate being expressed. Step back and take a year and a day, as the old adage recommends, to mourn the death of your marriage. Don’t try to make anything happen, you’ll just mess it up. Take stock of who you are, what went wrong, what you want, what you have to offer, etc. Be brutally honest with yourself…..I tried to dodge that year of mourning and behaved poorly – the result being that I lost not only my marriage but also my job, my home, and a big chunk of self-respect that I’ll never recover. Post divorce is a dangerous time; take it easy, take care of yourself. It gets better eventually.

    • Hi FT,

      Sound advice.

      I don’t have any anger toward my ex; just remorse and sadness. Neither of us meant for things to end the way they did – and we each are to blame in equal portion for what happened. I mourn the loss every day and wish I could go back in time to when there was still time to correct things.

      I miss her, despite everything.

      And it is hard not having someone to share things with, including the mundane and routine things. I miss that, a lot.

      Which I know makes me vulnerable.

      Still, I’d like to try again. But the difficulty now is that I am damaged and the women out there are damaged, too – those in my age group, anyhow. Besides which, I regret not having had kids. It may still be possible. Lord knows I have a vast store of semi-useless knowledge to transmit to someone, as well as a neat old muscle car.

      But I still wish I could turn back time.

      HG Wells wrote something to the effect that the most tragic words in the language are what might have been

      • ((((Oooo, Eric does have a nice T/A)))))

        Hey Eric? Want to adopt me?

        I am c. 20 years older than you, but cheer up- I come from a line of long-livers, so I’ll probably out-live ya anyway! 😉

        Seriously though, you bring up a sobering point: You’;re used to having someone to do all of those little things with (Which IMO, are probably the more important memories, because we do them the most, and they are unique; as opposed to more formal events, which all tend to blur into one giant communal yawn.)

        But the thing is: I have it easy. I can enjoy being alone, because I’ve never known anything else. You on the other hand, have had something else, and now you are without it- just like when someone croaks. So something is missing.

        Hopefully time will help with that though- ’cause the thing is, even if ya find someone else, those times of closeness and companionship may not be the same/as good. You may well always be comparing the new’un to your ex, and finding that she never quite measures up.

        Now I’m really feeling bad for you. Now I “get it”. I had kinda forgotten….. 🙁

        • I wonder what Plucky’s thinking? He’s got 14 years of lifespan to carpe diem with. Do you think he sometimes thinks about being back in that box or on the farm somewhere? What is his life like now?

          little dude didn’t want to give up his free meal ticket. Nice vid.

          Can you blame him? Nice soft bed. 3 square meals a day. He had it made.

          – He had everything he needed except, a lady bird friend, so, off he went. Ha-ha.

          action begins at 4:38

          4:27 if youve never seen an owl fly

          Had she not moved the box, he would have stayed there till dusk most likely.

          If you’re ever walking in the woods at dusk, and you hear something that sounds like a cat or baby being crushed to death, it’s probably a screech owl.
          Scariest sound I’ve ever heard!

          A fox scream still tops my list…I will never forget the first time I heard one while night fishing.

          That would be second for me, screech owl is 10x creepier!

          We don’t get them very often around here, I am at the very edge of their habitat range, more out that in, so I have never really heard one out in the woods.

          I had no idea what it was, luckily my bud from Massachusetts was visiting who is an avid bird watcher.

          I think my dog startled it, she was running in the bush off the old logging road that I hike on, I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

          Cheers bud, and happy fishing.

          You want him to get out of bed in the middle of the F-ing day? He’s an owl. Let him out at midnight!

          Just dump it out of the box already! You aren’t going to hurt its feelings, sheesh!

          This video COULD have been edited to save us some time, but then again, I like to Fuck with the LL Community every once in a while too…

          What! No appreciative fly by?

          The time of release was ill chosen since owls are night birds, it would have been better to let it go at dusk, or if done at daytime, at least to put the box in the shadow. The owl was staying in the box because bright light hurts her eyes.

          How about you invest in a more apt release box …A cardboard box ffs come on

          plucky finished rehab, no more monkey on his back, no more jonesing, mom and dad can finally keep something with an electric cord around the house, nice.

          4:25 it finally moves his furry ass
          LOL, he needed to wake up first.

          I stopped watching at 0:43 because Plucky was taking his sweet ass time getting out of that box.

          AWESOME… of nature’s most fascinating and gorgeous creatures! Thanks for loving Plucky! You guys deserve awards.

    • Great advice, FT, but PULLeeeeze….don’t say “unhealthy woman hate”. We’re just being realistic about the deplorable state of modern culture, and how it has affected people at-large. If I were a woman I’d have a whole laundry list of things wrong with most modern men- but since we’re men, and we know what we desire in a woman vs. what is out there, we’re just speaking bluntly- and if the truth sounds harsh, so be it.

      Many of us hate what women have become; just as we hate what America has become. Both are unrecognizable as what they were created to be. It’s really more lamentation or mourning than “hate”. And it’s not unhealthy; as recognizing potential conflicts and problems is really the only way to avoid bad situations.

      • Nunz, yer a MGTOW guy and seem happy as a hungry Wop in a dumpster about it. I’m just some old Gypsy Pollock who sold his caravan and dancing thief girls and retired early what do I know?

        For you Men Getting Their Own Way is no chicks at all. Maybe if that quinceanera girl from the Godfather scenes in Sicily were to pass by you’d consider it.

    • Good advice ft, but let me fill you in on this matter further.

      Eric effectively lost his job already when Google blackballed him. His workload has probably doubled because he had to let his IT guy Don go. He has to do far more work for far less pay, since all he has now to fund this site is reader donations.

      He’s already been in morning for quite a while now. He’s openly shared his divorce experiences with his readership numerous times here.

      Don’t be so prejudiced against red flags. Isn’t it far better for everyone to voice their opinions and push their agendas in a free market open agora way.

      I apologize for my red flag red pill comments as to their tone. This stuff tends to gin up base emotions, and its hard to get across the sanguine way I feel about Bernays and all this stuff in the long run. Women are nothing but mammals I say. But of course that brings to mind all the PUA objectification marginalization of women, which is not my intent at all.

      Remember the color spectrum from primary school science class? Roy G. Biv. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

      I often tell my wife and family I could give up everything and be just as happy living in a hammock. All this complex comfort in our society is for wooing and maintaining women, if you want my opinion on the matter. That’s my red flag speech about what women are really worth.

      Think of red flag speech as the most extremely antagonistic derogatory speech you can muster.

      Now think of what our Secular Christian Social controllers consider healthy speech. Blue Flag speech.

      What is probably healthier is far more open discourse. Think bright Yellow sun speech as the average, instead of far more restrained Blue sky speech requirements.

      Myself, I am advocating Violet speech. I see no threats from women that I can’t anticipate and avoid. I say treat women like any other housepets or mammalian females. You can even have tigers as pets in Nevada. Just use common sense and keep them in a cage as so on.

      Beyond simple respect for life and health, who cares what elaborate ethologies are going on in women or other mammal’s heads, and what they think human relationships are about.

      Eric’s already healed as far as he’s going to without women in his life. He’s just thinking about dipping a toe back into the dating pool, and seeing how the water feels. Or spitballing for other ideas. Or just doing his job and speaking on a subject he is now an expert on.

      As to MGTOW. My Violet Pill version of that is: Men Getting Their Own Way. If that means no women whatsoever, for you, that’s fine. There’s a million celibate Catholics leaders in the world, they were my teachers growing up.

      Not me though. Maybe in another decade my testosterone will have dropped even lower which its been doing since age 35. And I might consider it. But not today.

      Men have an X chromosome in every cell. Anything women are, is already inside us. We don’t really need them at all In all cases, the negatives found in women, are the work of other unseen men, in my opinion.

      • I prefer the memomic for the resistor code:
        BBROYGBVGW (Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, White)

        which in EE 110 at Fresburg State back in the late 70’s we memorized as:

        Black Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly!

        Recite that shit nowadays on any US campus and after the politically-correct freakout, at best you’ll be subjected to ‘sensitivity’ training…or, they’ll call the SWAT team of the campus police (I shit you not), which will do the ‘hut, hut, hut’ routine on your racist, sexist ass, and being expelled from campus will be the least of your worries.

        • And imagine if you happen to own a PONTIAC 😉 (For the young’uns: Poor Old Niggers Think It’s A Cadillac)

          It’s amazing how much modern Americans will take though. I would have thought that all decent normal people would have stopped participating in all of the institutions of this society/the system decades ago- I know I did- and when I made the decision to “drop out” (of high-school, and “the system”) in 1978, it hadn’t really even started yet.

          If people would just stop participating; stop patronizing their colleges; stop being a tax slave (keep one’s income below taxable level); stop practicing trades/businesses which require licenses; participate in the underground economy; stop living in places with high property taxes & code enforcement, etc, it would do more to kill the system than anything else ever could.

          Imagine if the only people left to do the real work were the snowflakes?! I’d give it a year or two- the system would collapse. Pretty much as described in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged- but we don’t even need a Galt’s Gulch.

          That landmark decision I made in 1978 (Well, actually made much earlier- just executed in ’78) was one of the three best decisions of my life! Easier to never be a part of it, than to try and cast off the chains after you’re entangled in debt and obligations, and have wasted the best years of your life in some cubicle.

          • Nunzio,

            Can you elaborate a bit more on this? Particularly the part about escaping the cubical-slave life/matrix? And keeping your income below a taxable level? It seems, to me, that even with a minimalist lifestyle, you need to keep working to survive. If a man stops working, he’ll eventually run out of fiat and die.

            • Hi Brandonjin,

              Ahh! See? They have us so completely brainwashed that it’s hard for us to even imagine anything but life within the artificial economy they’ve erected!

              We can’t eat fiat. Fiat won’t keep us warm (Even if we burn it, it’ll barely warm our hands!). THEY tell us that we must earn fiat in order to buy the things we need to live. This is largely a modern idea, or one that was pretty much confined only to big city-states in the past.

              You can grow all the food you’ll ever need (Vegetables, eggs, chicken,….beef, if you so desire). You can heat with wood (Just a few acres of woods halfway well managed will keep you supplied for life)- in short, you can procure the things you need to live directly, without someone profiting from your labor and taxing it (thereby reducing it greatly compared to the actual value of the effort you put into doing it)….and you can barter with your neighbors for things which aren’t convenient to produce yourself. You can build/repair things for yourself, instead of paying others to do it- again, retaining 100% value instead of tradinmg your labor for a reduced rate and then paying someone an inflated rate to do things for you.

              This is how people lived from Adam & Eve up until c. 75 years ago, depending on the locale.

              And you can always earn some fiat- as we still have the ability to enter into contracts with our fellow men- and there are still plenty of things one can doinformally, from mowing lawns, to doing handyman type stuff, to selling things online, etc.

              All you need is some land in a place where real estate is cheap and taxes are low, and where the countryside is still unregulated- and there are still places like that around- I know, ’cause I moved to such a place- got me 28 acres for $30K and a used mobile home, and can do what I want, and i live debt free on a shoestring. (And not like a bum, either- I have a pool and keep about 4-5 acres mowed off as a nice lawn, etc.).

              Contrast that with what I might have done, had I listened to the protests of my guidance counselor, who was livid when I went to drop out of school, and said “You could do anything you want! You could be a nuclear physicist if you want…”- LOL- just the image of that made it even more clear that I was doing the right thing, by NOT staying in the system; by not taking on debt and wasting time to go to their colleges, where you learn nothing except how to be a socialist/government-corporate slave; and where you must look the other way and tolerate/not say anything when you see all of BS and corruption in the system, and spend your life doing the 9-5, spending your time with people whom you don’t like, and watching what you say and how you dress, etc.

              It was a lot easier for me, coming to this realization when I was just a teen. I have a friend who, now close to 50, has finally come to this realization- after a lifetime of debt, and four degrees, including a Ph. D. -and it has been HARD for her, abandoning her 6-figure university job that she hated, and now making a quarter of what she used to make, and realizing that she has nothing, and is essentially starting at square one at middle age.

              I’m 55 now, and I can say I’ve had a very interesting and good life- not being shackled to some job, or any one particular thing all these years. I’ve had the time to enjoy my life; I do the natural things we were meant to, outdoors (and thus stay very healthy- No Obamacare for me, thank you!). I have been very, very fortunate. I wouldn’t trade the life I’ve had for all the money in the world!

              • The reason people don’t do it is because of inertia, social pressure, and the fact the entire system is set up for it. It’s all they know. Question it and people will put you in your place so to speak.

                In parts of the country they run minimalist loners and otherwise off their land. To be that far out of the system invites its abuses and the rest of society sees them as weirdos and doesn’t defend them.

                That’s probably the most powerful message the system sends. By making sure to hassle and abuse those who seek to live outside it.

                • Very true, Brent!

                  Years ago, I went on a date with this girl, who, when I told her of my plans to move to the country and live sufficiently, literally thought a I was crazy!

                  Meanwhile, this c. 20 year-old girl with a new car, was perfectly comfortable with the idea of living with a car payment for the rest of her life, because “You have to have a new car every few years”…..

              • Nunzio, thanks for the reply. You make excellent points, and seem like you got this all figured out. My eventual goal is to buy a big plot of land and put a trailer, RV, or small home right in the middle of it, to be as far from the clovers as I can be.

                On your other comment: Nice place.

                NY, I have no idea how that state does it. Everyone there works for a tax-funded entity. Everyone is a police officer, teacher, works for the city or the county or the state. I guess the high taxes in NYC can fund the pensions of everyone else… But the property taxes alone in some areas are more than I make in a year. I guess it’s one of those places where you can’t get in or out.

                I’ll probably stay in the US though, until they conquer the 2nd amendment. Though the 1st amendment will probably fall first. After that, there will be little reason to stay.

                • Ah yes, Brandonjin, you got that right- NY- land of the civil service union monkeys! Taxes in NYC are nothing compared to the suburbs! If you want to get away from the melting-pot (and crime, and non-existant quality of life) you’ll pay through the NOSE there!

                  Just the school district where I used to live, has a budget greater than some countries!!!

                  And for all that pilfered wealth, what do they get? Everything is falling apart in NY. The roads are pock-marked and filthy; weeds are 5 feet tall. The lavishly funded school districts are constantly imposing austerity measures….

                  But millions of people tolerate it and pay top dollar to live there. Although the bureaucrats realize that it can’t continue much longer- as the middle class are fleeing in vast numbers lately- so they make sure to do all they can to welcome legal and illegal immigrants to replace them- but all that is doing is driving more middle class people out, and the immigrants are not suitable replacements- as four families living in one house where one or two people might work off the books or for minimum wage, while the rest are consuming gov’t “benefits” isn’t exactly the same as one family who was earning $140K a year and using no services….

                  Damn fools! Sad thing is, it was once a nice place.

                  Best of luck to you in getting some land and being free! The fact that even I did it, means anybody can! Like I said though, places where land is still cheap and taxes low, and where they don’t have regulations that keep you from living in a cheap shelter, are getting few and far between, and probably won’t be around much longer.

                  At keast if you can get a place, it’s value will likely increase if it’s cheap when you buy it- and that way, when our way of life is out-lawed, you can always sell it and have something with which to get a place in another country.

                  I know my place more than tripled in value in just a few years- as it went up during the pre-2008 boom, and never went down in the crash, because places here were so undervalued compared to everywhere else.

                  Hint: Look at places where most “normal” people would not want to go. Places that are losing population rather than “growing”; places that have very low median incomes; etc. Places that are inconvenient to get to- far off the beaten path.

                  I lived like a pauper on LI. I live like a king here, on one-third the income I made 20 years ago!

                  • The problem is that these people are continually expanding the range of who gets taxed to support them.

                    Chicago has found ways to tax all of cook county and neighboring counties. Now they are working on taxing the entire state above and beyond the usual voting for the monies in the statehouse in the form of projects. At least that mostly represented tax monies coming back. Now they are changing the school funding formulas so everyone in the state gets to pay for CPS mismanagement and theft.

                    • Just like in NY, where all of upstate pays for NYC and it’s environs. You can live in a dead town up in the Catskills or Adirondacks, and you still pay the country’s highest state income tax, high property taxes, 8.5% sales tax, etc. and their vote doesn’t count- as most of the state votes Repugnantcan, but it doesn’t count because of all the commies in NYC.

  6. Best looking and youngest of the 11 interested in Eric’s profile so far…

    45 year old woman | Charleston, WV
    You’re both into cooking.
    You both love to travel.
    You’re both into music.
    In her own words
    I consider myself to be very outgoing. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. But it hasn’t always been this way – I was super-shy as a kid. I’m a social butterfly now, but was definitely a social caterpillar back then!
    Her interests
    Cooking, Dining out, Movies/Videos, Music and concerts, Exploring new areas, Playing sports, Travel/Sightseeing, Watching sports

    Debbie’s Details
    5′ 5″ (165 cm)
    Body type:
    About average [*hard to verify in her two strategically angled photos*]
    White / Caucasian
    Have kids:
    Yes, and they live away from home
    Social Drinker
    No Way
    Christian / Other
    Some college
    $35,001 to $50,000

    • I would hazard a guess that among all the millions of females on the collective dating sites, that there is not ONE who doesn’t say “I’m enjoy dining and movies”. That right there would pretty much disqualify them all for me…..

      Translation of the euphemism:
      They like to sit and eat.
      They are not offended by the utter garbage which Zionist liberal Hollywood spews.
      They’re looking to be entertained, more so than in getting to know someone (you sit in silence at a theater; and then are in a restaurant where you are still not truly yourself); and prefer this to the simpler activities, like taking a walk or a drive…
      They are looking for free stuff.

      Yep….. Nothing’s changed in the 20-something years since i stopped dating. The women may be fatter and fuglier and have more holes…..but the words and actions are exactly the same.

      Nothing of substance.

      You rarely see one mention any philosophical or political ideology….and on the rare occasion you do, it’s always some leftist-loony vegan greenie feminist bullshit!

      There is nothing out there. They are all the same. As Lewis Mumford said “Compulsory state-directed education has made them [people in general] as alike as telephone poles along the side of the road”.

      Mindless bitches. The only difference between ’em, is how they look; and whether or not they like you [for the moment].

      • One of the characters in the Kill Bill duology said it best…a misogynistic martial arts instructor (Gordon Liu), who was Bill’s (David Carradine) master, agreed to take Beatrix Kiddo ( on as a pupil, even though she was both female and American (and he openly despised both). His description of American women? “All you know is how to order in restaurants and spend a man’s money”. At least Tarantino could get away with it.

  7. Eric, if you’re still in the process of adjusting to being single, you’re at the wrong stage in life to be looking for a mate. It might be a lot better to just do your time, so to speak, and adjust to single life instead of trying to become part of a couple again. If you ever thought about being single again while you were married, and the idea had any appeal, now’s the time to find out what’s good about the single life instead of dwelling on the few things you don’t like about being single.

    You might end up being a whole lot more satisfied being single than you ever were being married, but if you keep your current focus, you might not be giving yourself time to find out. Go slow, bro. Urgency is optional.

    • Thanks, Ed…

      I guess it’s comes down to a piece that’s missing. And not just a “piece.” A great many of the things I enjoy doing are things that would be more enjoyable with a female; things one can do alone or with a buddy but it’s not the same, such as cooking out, going for a walk. And for me, women are a counterweight. I tend to get too absorbed in my work, for one thing. But, of course, you are right that one ought to master the Art of Being Alone first and above all.

      And I do have my cats!

      • Eric, stefan molyneux has lots of great videos about dating/ relationships you should check out. Take some alone time 6 months to a year at least to assess where your last relationship went wrong and Avoid single mothers

  8. My advice, Eric, is to not even bother with American women at all, period. They are abominations in human flesh. Fifty-plus years of Second-Wave Feminism, which has permeated the culture like a DNA-altering virus, has made them unfit for human male companionship. My own divorce opened my eyes to this like nothing else could.

    I know that it’s not a practical option for every man, but if you’re serious about companionship with, or even marriage to a REAL WOMAN, look overseas – preferably in Eastern Europe, East Asia, or Latin America (avoid Western Europe like the plague; the women there have become corrupted by feminism as well).

    As for dating sites, they’re a flat-out joke. Before I met my current fiancee three years ago (NOT an American and NOT through any dating site), I used to go to sites like OKStupid and just surf the profiles for laughs. The difference between the profiles that their TV ads portray and ones that actually appear on these sites are like the difference between Shangri-La and post-apocalypse Hiroshima. The profiles of the women on these sites reveal a degree of selfish narcissism and solipsism that is barely fathomable (notice too that so many of them post what are obviously OLD photos of themselves. Gosh, why might THAT be?). No wonder these loser-ettes use dating sites (think about it: any woman who is not repulsive in appearance or personality can get companionship and/or sex AT WILL and doesn’t need a “dating site” to find a man).

  9. Forgive me if this has been addressed in other comments. Why even bother dating? Women want your money, they don’t want you. Why risk the stress, the money, the STDs, the rape/domestic abuse accusations, the unwanted children? Why not enjoy the newfound freedom?

    Good luck finding a girl these days who isn’t fat, doesn’t have any piercings/tatoos, has slept with less people than her age, and isn’t already taken. Single women who are on the right end of the political spectrum are hard enough to find. One who can even entertain libertarian ideals? forget about it.

    • Dating became not fun. Every woman interviewed me like it was for a job. Each would have phrase or sound she would make as she contemplated everything I said be it answer to a question or just conversation. Remember the computer on “Star Trek” that would say “working…” before answering. It was kind of like that. Like most things that are not enjoyable any longer I started doing it less and less.

        • Fear and Loathing in the Blue Ridge Country? Too bad Hunter S. Thompson is down there, dodging the little guys dressed in red PJs running amok with pitch forks, stabbing him in the butt.

  10. Eric – I think you’re in a challenging location for dating – rural Appalachia. As much as you dislike big cities, you’ll have to admit that towns like Washington have fewer fat people because the population does more walking. And being Appalachia – the education levels are lower, so you end up with the “Jerry Springer” crowd.

    All I can say is that it’s a numbers game, so don’t get discouraged.

    • Hi Chip,

      I have no doubt there are more good-looking/college-educated girls up in, say, DC. But how many of them do you suppose are Third Wave Feminism Huma Abedin types?

      • Exactly, Eric! Having spent the first 39 years of my life in NYC, I can confirm that there’s nothing in places like that but rabid feminists, and a sprinkling of neo-conservative statists. Total waste of time. If they’ve been to college, they’re ruined, because college today is nothing but indoctrination in feminism/socialism/counter-culturalism.

        And if they live in the city….so will you if you take up with one of them, ’cause they abhor Bumpkinsville and the people who inhabit such places. Girls would recoil in horror in the suburbs of NYC when I’d tell them of my plans to move to BFE and enjoy an Amish-esque lifestyle. Women are greedy and materialistic and gregarious. Men are the tools they use to achieve those ends.

          • You’d be surprised howc many ‘Mercans use the term, having no clue what it means, ’cause they don’t realize that the Limeys say “bum” for “butt”.

            I find that any place which receives that moniker is usually the kind of place I want to be! (Don’t know about Joe-ja though- I drove through GA. opnce and it was on fire. Seriously!)

      • Texas and Florida have better quality of women. Stay away from rural areas, particularly in Alabama, Georgia, LA, and MS. Some of the fattest, dumbest and foulest women hail from there. Also, Wisconsin.

        • Swampy, three quarters of the people in FL these days are ex-NYers. Talk about foul!

          (See ya soon in the other thread….)

        • Wisconsin tends to get a bad rap because they are the “dairy” state (I’ll admit I’m bias as I live there but the state usually falls somewhere in the middle to slighly less than the middle on the obesity rankings). The southern states you mentioned do happen to usually top the most obese lists. That said, there are no winners in the obesity rate. Way too many fat people everywhere.

          And the women are no better anywhere. Even the Asian ones as Nunzio mentioned. They’re just looking for stuff and to be taken care of (while bringing nothing to the table) like the Western women. Hypergamy is a bitch.

          • Speaking of lardasses, it’s amazing: I often look at nostalgic photographs from c. 50-100 years ago- street scenes and such- and you know, when you look at the people, it is RARE to see a heavy person, much less an obese one- male or female.

            NOW, it’s rare to not see mostly obese people!

            Back then, people smoked commonly; ate lard, etc.- basically lived the lifestyle that Southerners do today- but they didn’t eat a lot of sugary, processed crap; when they were kids, they expended uber energy; as adults they walked a lot, and didn’t just sit in a chair for decades as people today do when they go to college and then get office jobs….they did actual work.

            And you could tell a person’s economic status oftentimes by their waist size: Rich people tended to be a little fat, as they ate well and didn’t expend as much energy. Working class people and “the poor” were slim, from expending lots of energy and/or not having all the food their heart desires.

            Today, the “poor” are usually the most obese. Sitting on the couch all day, pumping out baby after baby, and getting all the garbage food they want for free- it’s like the exact opposite of the way things used to be; opposite the way things should be….and of course, all thanks to Uncle’s redistribution-of-wealth……

            • The government food hand-outs are required to follow the FDA guidelines, which sure look like they’re not doing anyone any favors. The food pyramid being set up to reward the country’s grain producers..

  11. Eric, you really seem to know the subjects to get me typing.

    Online dating… I haven’t actually met a woman from online dating since the years had two zeros in them and the housing bubble hadn’t burst. It’s worse now that it was then. I keep profiles open on the free sites but I don’t chase. But what comes in…. ug. The pay for sites turned me off with a lot of bots and in their free trials it was crickets until the end of the trial where I would get messages from all these good looking “women”. I just had to pay to join. Yeah. Nice business model. Then match was caught sending employees on dates to keep men subscribed. Maybe it’s changed in the years since.

    The two major free ones you mentioned have a considerable bot population but are fairly well policed and they are easy to spot. Learn how to use google reverse image search and tineye. If she’s good looking “she” is probably a bot or some form of scammer using a picture grabbed from the web. Reverse image search will spot most of them. But the real women are well… fat, crazy, broken, demanding, tattooed, with kids, and more. Not all are everything but most have more than one on the list. Attention from attractive 20 somethings. Online cue the robot from lost and space. Investigate.

    Occasionally someone reasonable looking and seeming will write me or ‘like’ me or whatever. And then at the end of the profile the demand for left-authoritarian statist values. Just other day I got one. Sort of average looking woman ten years younger than me. But get to the end of the profile and she wants a man who has “progressive sensibility”. Oh well. Next.

    If you read enough of women’s profiles and begin to understand what’s behind those words it will change how you see women forever.

  12. Jason , its hard to find an honest Man. You describe my predicament to a t. Thank you , if I get out of this one , I hope to be smart enough to not repeat .

  13. Basically, humans have devolved to the point where it is no longing “courting” or “dating”, but rather the mating rituals of insects which they now practice- and they are not even at the top of THAT list!

    I couldn’t even fathom dating today. So much so, that even in my 50’s, a couple of years ago I turned down an opportunity to date a gorgeous 23 year-old. Sure, if I were the kind of guy who is just looking for something physical, it would’ve been fine…..but with me, it’s always been all or nothing- body, mind and soul.

    So how many women out there are Libertarians/anarchists/voluntaryists? Most women are socialists; even the “conservative” ones…just socialist-lites, or at best hard-nosed authritarian statists.

    Then there’s the fact that pretty much every woman is perpetually “busy”- no matter how young or old. school+job+social activities….or a “career” = they don’t have time for a real get-t–know-each-other relationship; it’s just catch a few minutes between gigs when your schedules coincide, for a quick wham-bam. No thanks, bitch.

    Only ones that have any time for a traditional relationship are the welfare mamas. Again, no thanks, bitch.

    Speaking of which: You can’t even find a girl much over the age of 17 who doesn’t have a kid/kids. So sowwy, but I’m not raising some other guy’s brat; not going to be the “outsider” in the family that you already started; not interested in paying for your past indiscretions (If you couldn’t manage not to get pregnant in the 10 or so years since you’ve been able to, you probably make other bad decisions too…)

    And now….now with the online dating BS, even the fat and fugly have a cadre of several hundred guys on-hand, so they can essentially be professional daters, and just go through the pack until they find the biggest slob who will bow and scrape before them and give them everything that they want. Of course, they will never be happy with such, but by the time they figure this out (after several go-rounds) they will be fatter and fuglier and over the hill and gray.

    Women today just have NOTHING to bring to the table. I’m glad that I love solitude and quietness, ’cause there is NOTHING out there. The young’uns had better adopt this attitude, ’cause it ain’t getting any betterc as time goes on.

    Look at that middle-aged cow getting out of her car in the supermarket parking lot, who just had the [c]rap “music” blasting, and is now waddling towards the store in jeans which look like she had just endured a rabid Fukishima moth attack; and plastered with disgusting tattoos which would look ridiculous on a Marine, never mind a WOMAN!- as she walks in front of a truck because her head is buried in her cell phone, texting “WAZZZ-UPPPPP???” to her long-time friend whom she would have had no contact with for the last 20 years if it weren’t for the convenience of social media. Meanwhile, you’re secretly thinking: “Would it be such a bad thing if she ended up under the wheels of that truck?”. Could you imagine being married to that?! [Retch]

    • Nunzio you amazingly disarming ascetic, you’re everything I’m not, yet I wouldn’t want you to change a thing.

      Perhaps wearing They Live glasses and seeing everything in Red Pill vision isn’t the be-all, end-all. Anarcho-Capitalism for now needs a foundation of blue pill norms to be its fertile soil where eventual contractual republics can be planted and one day grow strong, as new things naturally and organically replace the old things.

      Dating as you call it is likely something invented by Bernays who weaponized his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s ideas to influence mass culture.

      His ideas are still with us in all our media. Even Heinlein books have plenty of passages like “he had a soul-satisfying smoke” and the like, which are part and parcel of capitalist free enterprise customer programming now. The publisher or writer or maybe everyone gets a kick back for placing products within all their works.

      It is this same product placement popularization that has made the younger generations see tattoos, piercings, and smart devices as today’s way to be free and rebel. Have a coke and a smile. In my youth it was getting drunk and high and having lots of sex that was pervasive in every movie and book. It’s all one and the same, and who has standing to say what is good and what is bad.

      Really only time will tell, and this sorting out process can take many generations until one way emerges as “better” than the other. Ideally such spontaneous orders should be allowed to come to fruition without centralized control.

      Let’s see where this all leads. If we’re going to continue having a place for artificially imposed scarcities in our lives. To allow things hostile to abundance and mass produced plenty to wield power. We’re going to have to have a non-toxic place for all of the scarcities being widely practiced.

      A tough one that needs tackling is adapting women to the needs of men. Consider female genital mutilation practiced in Pakistan for example. Probably you could make a folksy smile inducing case for even something as tough to sell as that. Or maybe some modern version that accomplishes the underlying goals of such procedures, without the grim surgically imposed scarcity of it all.

      Female Genital Mutilation in Pakistan

      There’s all this stuff out there that is entrenched and is never addressed by Rothbard or others in the Anarcho-Capitalist movement. Realistically, every surface of the earth is still a blood and soil construct. Perhaps the way forward is to accede to a least toxic version of the various constructs and start building our anarcho-capitalist temples from the earthly foundational realities as they currently exist.

      • Oh, I agree about the dating/Bernays thing, Tor-ski! That definitely grew out of 1920’s feminism. The woman started taking control and “choosing a suitor”. And that’s why there are such problems today; because it’s no longer about preparing to be a man’s wife and taking his name; but rather just “choosing a partner”- like you’re going into business (and we all know how 50/50 business partnerships work out!), which is essentially what a state-sanctioned marriage is all about.

        If I were to ever marry, I want more than a mere sex toy; I want someone who is going to be an asset to me; who in exchange for making it possible for me to do more of things I’m physically and mentally suited to do well, will gain the benefitd of love and companionship and material goods for thriving at the things that she is physically and mentally more suited to do.

        If not for that, what good is she? I can make platonic friends for companionship, if my animals weren’t enough- and if i were so inclined, I could find all of the sex I could want for free with no strings attached- so why would one possibly take on the liabilities of a bleeding, bitching woman, unless she really had some assets to enrich your position?

        As I’ve said before: Most of the women men go with/are married to, they would have nothing to do with if they were guys. They’d probably beat the hell out of them!

        But none of this really has anything to do with anarchy, except for how the government now constrains and manipulates us in various ways, regarding marriage and finances; and by creating the dysfunctional attitudes we see today, through “edumacation” and propaganda; and by making it all possible through welfare programs.

        Anarchy/Libertarianism is about people having the freedom to do what they want- which includes practicing religions which embrace mutilating the vajaja (just as others circumcise the schlong)…or moving to West Virginny and marrying yer niece (Oooo! One of my neices used to be HOT- but she’s a cow, now)…or playing househusband to Nurse Rached……or being more traditional. Libertarianism/Anarchy just ensures that we have the freedom to do what we think is best/right/moral, without dictating to others or manipulating society in ways that promote a specific ethic, other than that we be free from coercion and the threat of violence. Right?

        Now I gotta get back to work….cutting up a tree….

  14. I just interviewed a Millennial woman on the dating scene in Charlotte, NC. She writes for Charlotte Agenda. She called it a “nightmare”. Far too many games being played and the men her age have yet to grow up. Dating older is a growing trend. Her advice was get off the dating apps, put down your phone and start looking around and having actual conversations.

    Since you’re into fitness you might try running some 5/10k events. It will winnow the field for you as far as body type and what’s permanently affixed to it. Remember, piercings will grow over, tatts are a permanent reminder of a momentary feeling.

    I wish you well.

  15. Preach! The fatness, the tattoos, and the piercings make me want to jump off a bridge. America has become one big Jerry Springer Show. I’m so sick of looking at eyesores; it’s bad for our well-being. Humanity has really gone to hell.

    Unfortunately, hourglass figures are almost non-existent. Most young women are either ruler-shaped or apple-shaped. Women with hourglass figures are healthy, feminine, and attractive. The paganistic technocrats despise health, beauty, and femininity/masculinity. With the amount of poison we’re bombarded with, it’s quite plausible.

    About your problem, you’re not alone. Thanks to feminism, women have become monsters. It’s much better just to simply whack off to some quality porn (also becoming rare) and call it a day. It saves you a lot of money and heartache. If you need some company, get a dog. Don’t go after foreign women; they’re mostly gold diggers. Also, you have to be politically connected to have access to attractive prostitutes.

    • Exactly. And after going some time without it, you’ll realize how overrated it is for the time, money, and effort it requires. The only question men need to ask themselves re. women these days is….Is the juice worth the squeeze?

      • Right-on, c_dub!

        I’ll bet that more than half of the porn out there (for those who do that sort of thing) is being consumed by frustrated married guys. I don’t know ANY married guys who have good or even adequate sex lives. And chasing it while single is worst of all, because it puts the woman in charge [unless you’re a rapist or something…] and basically makes you a supplicant who has to be “approved by the boss”. SCREW that!!! It robs one of their manliness. These are the rotten fruits of the “sexual revolution”.

        And I’d caution guys to stay away from porn. You’ll never be happy with the real thing once you get accustomed to that crap. I think it was Henry Makow who wrote an article entitled “All Porn Is Gay Porn”, which makes some great points.

        • The trouble with porn is that it’s like booze…it just an ESCAPE. Sooner or later, you either have to deal with loneliness and/or brave the turbid waters that modern, American dating has become.
          Gawd, I recall an old “Dragnet” episode about Friday and Gannon getting info on a rapist/murderer by knowing that he once frequented an LA ‘Lonely Hearts’ club. The proprietress was one Virginia Gregg, at sixty or so well on the road to hagdom but still ‘handsome’, and portrayed as a smart-assed, no-nonsense businesswoman. At least those that came to the meetings and activities were dressed like ladies and gentleman, and at least there comported themselves accordingly. Shit…I was born 50 years too late.

          • Doug, I truly think that is why they don’t play the good old (40’s/50’s) movies on TV anymore, and why they’ve so hypnotized/conditioned the young (and even the old who watch newer stuff) to “need” all the noise and music, etc. of the modern stuff. They don’t want the young ones seeing how wonderful normal life used to be (nor the old ones remembering)- when people used to talk to each other, and bum a cigarette from a stranger; and kids used to play outside and ride bikes, without adult supervision; and when cops weren’t violent pricks who treated everyone like they were violent thugs; and a husband came home at 5:00PM and the wife who had been home all day had a nicely cleaned house and freshly prepared meal, and they lived in a house which today could only be affordable if it were divided up into 4 or more apartments; and people- even the elderly, freely walked the streets of even large cities late at night without fear…..

            No….they want them to think that the America of 50+ years ago was a place of “ignorance’ and “racism” (because people called minorities by politically-incorrect names, ya know!)…..

            Surely they’d revolt if they knew how their grandparents once lived…….

            • I don’t know what channels they are on but my dad still manages to find them on cable somewhere.

              There aren’t many old movies on free TV anymore because most of the independent stations have been forced to network or go out of business. MeTV still has Chicago’s Svengoolie playing old horror movies. On their stations they do run a lot of old TV. Also the decades sub channel.

              • My TV isn’t hooked to the outside world. I just buy DVDs- I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the the commercials, let alone the edits they make to the movies. Years ago when I used to have TV, they’d just play the same old few movies over and over…..a whole new world opened up with DVDs.

                I rarely even watch the DVDs anymore though- can’t bear just sitting there for a couple of hours…unless maybe it’s a rainy winter night or something…..

  16. There is something to be said about NOT dating for a while after a divorce.

    Get to know yourself as an independent person. Someone who is free to do what ever you want, and how you want to do it.

    Kind of like a libertarian philosophy.

    Do a search about mgtow. which means
    Men Going Their Own Way.

    Lots of stuff about this on YouTube.

    One I personally like a lot is called

    MGTOW Is Freedom

    • Ditto on this. Unless you get very lucky you are likely to wind up living under a petty tyranny where you’ll spend endless hours doing things you don’t want to be doing. If you want to do anything of your own volition you will have to account in detail where you are going, what you are doing, why do you have to do that now, etc., etc. (I’m not talking about philandering either, I’m talking about being able to go out to the garage to do a little wrenching without inciting World War III at home.) You just never know what is going to set them off and get them lashing out at you. MGTOW sounds like a little bit of heaven in a hellish world.

      • So true, Jason! I have literally seen what you said come to pass in my best friend. He got married for the 1st time in his early 40’s. He had a great life prior to that. Plenty of money; did what he wanted; In the 30 years I’ve known him, he’s ALWAYS had a boat. A real happy-go-lucky guy with few cares in the world.

        Now? Spends 4 hours a day commuting to and fro work, so basically, it’s work and sleep during the week. First time since I’ve known him (since he was a teen) that he DOESN’T have a boat. Weekends? He’s putting on BBQ’s for her relatives whom he doesn’t care for, or going to her family functions- and her family has a function for EVERY little thing! He’s miserable, but he’ll never leave, because they have a kid now, and she’d get half of everything he spent his life acquiring (And from the looks of her, she’d eat it!).

        • Sound like your friend is living the “dream” of marital bliss. It gets even better later if you stay with them. They’ll frequently put on lots of weight, and with age lose interest in sex. Then you don’t even have that benefit any more.

          Living in a van down by the river starts to look pretty inviting after a while…

          • Hi Jason,

            Right now, my attitude is as follows: I am open to a relationship, but marriage (again)? Not so much. I doubt it. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to make that sort of commitment again, knowing the other person’s commitment might be more… fluid. Live life together? Live together?

            Sure, certainly.

            But maybe the best thing is that and no more. When one or the other decides it’s no longer what they want, they are free to depart. But without all the brutality that attends a divorce.

            My house, for example, is mine.

            If found a cool woman and we spent our lives together, when my life ends, I’d probably leave it to her, along with whatever else was mine. But while I live?

            My name – and my name only – will be on the deed.

            • Not to forget that a marriage “license” is an arrangement with the state. The marriage is now also with the state as are one’s children – regularly removed by the state.

            • What kills me, is I see so many guys- whether married or living together, whatever- who are involved with women who, if they were guys, they would NEVER have them as friends.

              This is a big part of the problem. Life is too short to spend 99.8% of one’s time paying for something they get to enjoy for a few minutes a time or two a week.

              Sex: The most expensive commodity in the world. And when all is said and done, what do you get? A non-climatic routine with someone who likes like a dried up butch prune the day after she turns 35.

              • That’s certainly the case with white women. Asian women stay fresh until about 50-55 or so. Black are good too, but not the ghetto types.

                • Half the schvatze chicks are shot by the time they’re 20. (And the number of kids they have is usually higher than their IQ!).

                  Feminism has even ruined the Chinese and Japanese chicks. They may play along for a green card or material goods, but the days of finding a nice Oriental girl who will treat you like gold, are over.

                  There are even videos on Youtube telling these chicks how to game the system here; how to come; become a citizen; and get a house and a car and a free income for the rest of their lives, all at the expense of a man who thinks he’s gonna get some modest appreciative faithful traditional Asian girl.

                • Today’s asian women are largely of those who have been in the USA for generations and thus any under about 50 are well american women now with all the traits that entails.

                  • Even the ones in Asia, too, Brent.

                    T’aint what it used to be. Even a popular video blogger from Canada who moved to Taiwan and married a local, ended up in a hellish scenario with a total bitch who would make even most American women seem decent by comparison.

                    Heck, 35 years ago, I worked for a couple who had immigrated here from Taiwan, at their business. They were both very nice to me, but I felt sorry for the husband. His wife was like a little tyrant to him. I can still hear her voice in my head, as she’d chase after him, calling his name: “Ah, Dixon!”….

          • I have several friends who are in sex-free marriages. The wives just decided they weren’t interested anymore. That part I can understand. Many women appear to lose interest in sex as they hit menopause. What I can’t understand is why these wives don’t give their husbands overt permission to seek sex outside the marriage, with their blessing.

            Sex is a normal human need for most guys – as much as socializing and gabbling with other women is for women.

        • At his age when he married, if he was dumb enough to (1) not get an airtight pre-nup, and (2)not find a broad that has her own job and money, then I don’t feel sorry for him. Hope he just loooves that kid.

    • Agree. IMHO it is good to take a break and restore one’s sense of self-worth before re-entering the game, to minimize risk of hasty and wrong choices.

      • Hi Escher!

        I would have stuck with my ex. What I am now not willing to do is put up with much from another woman. I definitely do not want someone else’s ruined ex-wife, with kids and a man hatin’ attitude, on the verge of menopause.

        Lost of them on the online sites.

        I present well in person, so that’s my new focus. And I am targeting the younger women not yet used up and full of hate. Ideally, a chick in her late 20s or early 30s, never married and no kids… or tats or nose rings!

        • Can’t win, Eric. The younger ones are full of hate too- it’s been drummed into them in the schools and by the media. And the ones that haven’t been married or who don’t have brats by the time they’re in their late 20’s or early 30’s, are either “liberated” career women, or really, really defective.

          To get one that ain’t broken/defective/used-up, you’d have to get one who’s…uh…well…it’d be a felony.

          And online vs. in-person is a real conundrum: Online, at least ya may get to find one who shares your values, instead of wasting time with the 99.8% who don’t…..but in-person ya get the chemistry/attraction that only physical presence can convey, and which can’t be duplicated online. If only there were a way to combine the two!

          I tried singles ads when I was young, back in the day, before the interwebz. The girls I was attracted to, never shared my values; the ones who shared my values, were never attractive/never had the chemistry going on.

          Give me the days when girls lived at home until they got married- and instead of going to college to learn to be rocket surgeons, they were taught by their mothers how to be good housekeepers; cooks; and an asset to a potential husband. These women today offer NOTHING! Most couples I know, the man does all the cooking; the bitch doesn’t even know how. I’m a good cook. I always said, if I ever got married [bite my tongue] that’d be the day I hang up my sauce pan!

          These women today, they’re not good housekeepers; they’re not good helpmeets; they’re not good companions (Competitors is more like it)- they offer one thing, and one thing only, and by the time they’re 40, you need a boner pill just to take advantage of that one thing, because they stopped being anything that would make you pitch a tent long ago.

          • WHAT!!!! “Defective”! “Competitive”!? I don’t want a fuckin’ maid, I want someone who shares my mindset and wants something more out of life!! Women do not exist to be your servants! Looks aren’t everything!They are people with minds of their own. Make your own fuckin’ sandwich, caveman! What’s wrong with a woman rocket scientist?!
            And one more thing, I’ve run into some of those “defective” tattooed women, and they were way more interesting and friendly than any “good” woman. It must really suck to not be able to order around someone weaker than you!
            You make me wanna retch.

            Love, Crazy Harry?

            • One thing to consider.

              Chicks that are tattooed, pierced, partiers, drinkers, smokers, and so on are far less likely to be the cold, heartless, battle-axe, Nurse Ratched types.

              Maybe someone can make the case for having a Nurse Ratched keep order in your home being a good thing. I’m open-minded to hearing the argument.

              If you find your feminine anarcho-capitalist unicorn riding sweetheart ideal, grab her up of course.

              But if not, and you have only flawed fillies to choose from. Personally I’ll take the alternative chick that isn’t eyeballing me like some living 24/7 cyborg surveillance system every time.

              Nunzio’s an ascetic Italian. But he’s good-natured about it, so it’s probably fine.

              I see his attitude in Houston and Vegas all the time among hispanics of all types. All those southern Europeans spent several centuries under Muslim rule and its part of who they are now.

              Building a mixed religious caliphate ruled by Christians with Islamic tendencies might even be a world solution worth considering.

              We allow the Muslim majority countries their caliphates with a proviso, that they must co-exist with Christians of all kinds as well. They can keep their arms length from Jews if they like.

              But we turn the tables on them and start ferrying in millions of Christians who want a religious type government to do that in their homelands.

              The majority of the world wants to live their lives in compliance with ancient dogmas, let’s give them plenty of room to do that in the wastelands of Jihad, so we can concentrate on making Advanced Western Civilization Nations Great Again.

              • Funny, Tor-ski, I bought One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest for my mother a few weeks ago, and took it home and watched it last week! Probably the third or fourth time in my life that I’ve seen it. Enjoyed it more this time than in the past. Gotta love The Chief!!

                Hey, seems like Western nations used to be great when people lived more in-line with “ancient dogmas”- Until the state came along an ruined it all with their propaganda and welfare programs.

                If it weren’t for those welfare programs, people would still largely be living by those “ancient dogmas”, and we wouldn’t have a humongous government trying to take the place of Daddy to all the single mamas and fatherless kids which now exist because people don’t want to live by “ancient dogmas”.

                In the egalitarian world, what the hell does anyone need a man or a woman for, other than sex? Getting together just to knock boots does not a cohesive family make; and a hodgepodge of bastards and 60 year-old singles does not a great society make.

            • Yes Dear,

              Oh, and I won’t be doing any more work from now on. I’ve decided to pursue origami and poetry. I mean, I know you’re so libtardrated that you wouldn’t eggspect “the man” to like just exist to make money and provide a house and all that stuff, would ya?

              Now…to get back to that poetry:

              “I Smell” by Nunzio

              I smell
              Olfactory senses sample roses in the dell.
              I smell
              Farts emanate, which I can not quell.
              I smell
              Stately aroma of frankincense
              While digested beans emit their stench.

            • It seems that no woman I know can cook to save her soul…she demands to be taken out b/c otherwise she’s microwaving something, and if she’s not ‘blown up’ because of it, she’s signs of malnutrition nevertheless. I can cook PASSABLY…but you’d be surprised how often I’ve invited a dear, attractive woman to a home-cooked meal, and she conveyed her APPRECIATION later that evening. The roles have been reversed…

  17. Ooh! I almost forgot! One of these days, I want to get the ’58 plymouth “V” for V8 tattooed on me. Maybe the shoulder. Add a few Rat Fink monsters and Universal movie monsters on arms and back, and I’d be happy. I love drawing and art especially old cartoons, horror, and anime.
    Also, about the “what’ll ya do when yer old?” bit, I give you henna tattoos- painless, temporary, and just as detailed.
    First time commenter, long-time lurker, pardon the form. 🙂 Good to finally say something!

  18. I love tattoos! Granted, there’s a lot of mediocre work out there, but when they do it right, it’s amazing. To the age question, I say, “Mind your own fucking business. I don’t exist to please some nosy stranger.” As to the “desecration” of women’s bodies, again, MYOB!!! The only people bitching about this tend to think that a woman’s greatest purpose is mating and breeding. “You’re a woman, so you’d better be normal, or you’ll be WEIRD, and no one will marry you.” Oh, the horror. As a libertarian, I’d much rather marry a tattooed and pierced punk than a “good christian” maid/broodmare. I love weird, and I want a girl that thinks for herself instead of following the lifescript. No kids, fast cars, and plenty of travel and sexy time.
    No offense to you guys, but I never saw a problem with this. Good luck with the site, Eric, and thanks for all the great articles.

    • Crazy Harry wrote:

      “I love weird, and I want a girl that thinks for herself instead of following the lifescript.”

      How is it “weird” and not “following the lifescript” if you are following the exact same trends that millions and millions of people are following?

      I’m pretty sure that was EP’s point.

      • Oops, good point?. I live in a very dull town that, judging by the neighborhood full of well restored Victorian houses, used to be something back in the 1930s, maybe the late 1950s. Today, except for the town square, there’s very little industry, and not much to do, outside of church and babymaking. Here’s the “script”- Get knocked up by your redneck boyfriend at 17, marry, continue popping out kids because God doesn’t like birth control, and be a good, submissive wife to your barely-evolved husband. He gets the Kodak moments with the kid and she does all the grunt-work.
        No disrespect meant, especially in this day and age. I don’t agree with you, but I will happily slug anyone who tries to silence you or anyone else.
        In short, it’s very dull and conformist where I live, so I end up considering it weird and different. I do get your point about the fringe becoming popular.

    • Certainly what people do with their own bodies is their own business. However tatoos that look “hot” when a gal is in her 20s or 30s is probably going to look pretty awful later in life. I’ve seen it and unfortunately cannot unsee it.

      • True. I guess it comes down to whether you’re willing to risk that. And, we all gotta get old and die sometime, so-enjoy it while it lasts!?

    • One of the seemingly skankiest, tatted-up tramps got pregnant by a guy that works as a welder, himself well-inked. They married anyway, and now have two more…and are happy, and the kids are healthy and well-adjusted. Their house, while not a mansion, is clean and in good repair and has a vegetable garden in back. There’s a late model SUV and a full-size ‘Murican 4WD pick-em-up truck in the driveway, and a Harley FatBoy with a sidecar in the garage. They regularly attend my local LDS ward, and just ignore the few that stare at the tats.

      Thou shalt not judge a book by its (slip) cover.

  19. Go read Chateau Heartiste. Then read some more. Read back months, then years.

    Get some game going, my friend.

    When you realize you have been holding all the cards, but placing them face up on the table, things will change.

    • Trouble is, what used to be the coveted pot….is now the booby prize! So no sense even being in the game. Pick out the very best of what’s in the toilet, and still, all you’re getting is a turd.

  20. Eric,
    Thanks to the aid of a matchmaker friend I met thru my work, I imported my second wife from China. It was a complicated and scary process, but we’ve been happily married 15 years now. Don’t limit your search to American women, there’s a whole world of better ones out there.

    • Hi FT,

      Buddy of mine has a Japanese wife; I am 100 percent open to such a thing. I admire Asian culture and the people I have met have been top-drawer.

      • I met my GF through OKCupid, though had a fair number of attractive women, too. Plentyoffish not so much so.

        You can set search terms to eliminate women from matching whose weight is outside your search parameters.

        You might want to try searching for non-white women – black, latina, and asian women can be incredibly beautiful, and the default body type setting for asian women is slender. At one point in my year-long search, I was simultaneously dating two black women and one latina women, before choosing my current GF among those three.

        Try writing a great profile about yourself — my GF responded to my ad because of my line, “smarter than the average bear.”

        • P.S. Have fun with it and keep an open mind to the possibilities — chemistry is a fickle and unpredictable thing. I fucked a large number of reasonably attractive women in the course of a year online, before settling down with someone who physically looks nothing like me, and is a bleeding heart liberal — and yet we work together.

          It’s a numbers game — you go on dates with 100 women, you’re gonna meet probably a half dozen you find sexy and smart and attractive. Because it’s about rapidly sorting through a lot of women, most incompatible, don’t waste a lot of time texting back and forth — once you’ve established they meet your basic search criteria, ask them out early on to some place for coffee or such. If you’re still enjoying talking to her an hour into the date, you may have a winner!

  21. The “Jewelry through the nose , I call hog rings( hey seymour !) and what are those little things on the side of the nose that that look like zits? I especially detest that crap that hangs out of the navel( looks like a worm hanging out) when I was little cutter of perhaps 4 , I noticed this horrible tattoo on a Guy and I thought it looked terrible then and 56 years later I still don’t like them.

  22. Eric wrote:
    “Despite everything, I miss the ex. Stupid, I know.”

    Nah, I’m not going to call you stupid, brother, that’s a normal reaction. ACTING on that would be a stupid thing to do however. You grieve, just as if the ex had died, and it hurts. Just look at it that way, and move on when the grieving is over.

    That said, being a big fat guy with a Van Dyke, I can manage the chubby.

    But I completely agree with your comments on the tattoo and piercing nonsense. Not too long ago, tattoos and piercings made a pretty powerful statement about who you were: a biker, a sailor or a convict. Perhaps all three. Now it’s a pointless display of “me too” poser-ism. Nothing screams “People of Wal Marx” louder than a fat broad with a bunch of bad tattoos.

    • Now, tattoos are more for women who aspire to be bikers, sailors or convicts….. )They already speak the language, may as well have the tramp stamps…)

  23. This is a lot of what I’ve been saying about the “fairer sex” lately myself. The tattoo thing is out of control and I couldn’t agree more. It looks horrible on women. Ok, maybe one or two small discreet tattoo’s here or there, sure, fine. I can deal with that. But most of these women don’t fall under those guidelines. They’re tatted up to the max. I can’t remember where I heard it but a tattoo on women is like purposely scratching up a Lamborghini. One must ask thyself, why would you do that? And yes, I can’t imagine what it’s going to look like when they’re older. I can’t wait for the conversations when me and my boys are sitting on the park bench in our 70’s and 80’s laughing at all these old broads with tattoos. “Oh look here comes Mary with her Koi fish/butterfly/barbwire/Hello Kitty/sleeve tattoo”. Oh God, I can hardly wait (hopefully I make it that long).

    And I couldn’t help but chuckle at the “curvy” women comments. My favorite acronym is BBW or big beautiful woman. No, you are not a BBW, you’re just a BW, a big woman. Argghh, does that one bug the hell out of me. But that is the feminist society we live in now (and by now I mean approaching a century…). Must accept fat women and proclaim them to be beautiful. Fark that!

  24. The question is not, “Why are they fat/ugly/tatted/pierced?”

    The question is, “Why is that all that’s on the market?”

      • Hi OP,

        Yup. The choice appears to be: Someone else’s cast off, a divorcee (probably with kids) and lots of man-hatin’ in her; probably menopausal, on the verge of Pants Suits.

        Or: A younger one in her 20s or early 30s, not used up yet – but of a different generation and probably not much in common.

        Bring on the sex doll…

        • Find a good’un and she wont like you anyway, because the stoopid coonts prefer the bad boys who will give them some temporary excitement, as opposed to nice guys, who believe in freedom and the NAP. Now if you were some thug cop who takes pleasure in abusing people….they’d beat a path to your door.

          • Yup.

            I get attention from the ones I’m not into.

            It’s really weird.

            I am not fat; not obviously defective in any way. I am capable of speaking in complete sentences.

            And yet . . .

    • “Women are like parking spaces. All the good ones are took and the rest are handicapped.” – Microwave Dave

  25. Hi Eric,

    “A non-portion-controller. You eat too much – and exercise too little.”

    I’m surprised that you accept this as the obvious “cause” of obesity. One hundred years ago, the idea that anything meaningful about obesity could be learned from an energy imbalance theory was correctly viewed as absurd. Of course, if one gains weight it is a fact that one is consuming more calories than one expends. But, this fact tells us nothing about the cause of obesity. The important question is why are so many people consuming more calories than they expend. “Gluttony and sloth”, while superficially plausible, is almost certainly not the answer.

    From 1968 – 1977, George McGovern chaired the US Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. McGovern was convinced that a low fat diet was essential for health. The committee hearings culminated in the “Dietary Goals for Americans” (DGA) which recommended a low fat, low meat, low dairy and high carb diet. These guidelines eventually became popularized with the food pyramid. The idea that a low fat, nearly vegetarian and high grain diet was optimal for human health was highly controversial at the time. One of the testifying scientists argued, correctly, that the evidence supporting the low fat/high carb diet was poor and inconclusive. He concluded by saying that establishing the DGA, without proper evidence, amounted to imposing an unethical experiment on hundreds of millions of people. McGovern dismissed his concerns by stating: “Senators don’t have the luxury the research scientist does of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in.” Beyond the arrogance of his claim, the implication that most of the available evidence supported the benefits of a low fat/high carb diet was simply false.

    But, of course, the authoritarian busybody got his way. After the guidelines were published it became nearly impossible to get funding for any study that did not support the “new truth”. As a result, nutrition science has been heavily biased toward proving that the McGovern assumptions are true. To date, little credible evidence exists to support the idea that a high fat/saturated fat diet is unhealthy. At best, one can claim that a correlation exists. But, the studies are notoriously awful at controlling for confounding variables.

    So, here are some facts.
    – Obesity and diabetes have increased dramatically.
    – This has occurred while Americans have reduced their intake of total fat, especially saturated fat.
    – The rise in obesity and diabetes occurred, mainly, after GovCo declared the “war on fat”.
    – Intake of simple carbohydrates, especially sugars, has increased since GovCo declared the “war on fat”.
    – The food industry has responded by lowering fat and increasing sugar in most processed food.
    – Carbohydrates trigger an insulin response.
    – Insulin tells the body to store calories as fat.

    Imagine that you enter a building on a college campus and discover that it seems deserted, the halls and classrooms are empty. Walking further you find a room that is packed to overflowing. Curious, you ask someone why this room is so full and they respond by saying, “because more people came in than left.” While true, would you find this answer meaningful? A sane person would not because such an answer has no explanatory value. The calories in/calories out “explanation” for obesity is equally vacuous. While true, it explains nothing.

    The competing obesity hypothesis, as a regulatory/hormonal defect, seems far more likely than the “character defect” hypothesis that has been pushed for years. This theory suggests that eating high levels of carbs, especially simple carbs, diverts calories from necessary functions to fat storage. If true, this means that many obese people “overeat” because some portion of calories necessary for essential bodily functions are being diverted to fat storage.

    As a radical libertarian, you may be interested in the role that GovCo interference has played in the “obesity crisis”. Authoritarian do-gooders, sure that they know best, have channelled research, through funding, only toward agenda driven results. Meanwhile, the typical kleptocratican has lined his pockets and bought votes by supporting corn subsidies, sugar tariffs, etc… The story of obesity is far more complex than eat less/exercise more and, as usual, GovCo has it’s dirty prints all over it.

    Kind Regards,

    • I see someone has read Gary Taubes excellent book titled “Why We Get Fat”. Should be “required” (sorry…poor choice of words) reading. But yes, the Calories In/Calories Out theory is bogus.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written. Indeed, I myself follow a low-carb/high protein diet and it no doubt helps account for the fact that I weigh about the same today as I did when I was 20. And wear the same size 32 waist pants, too.

      But, I also exercise – a lot.

      And, I portion control.

      If I eat more than I normally do for a few days – or exercise less – I can feel myself beginning to add weight. My pants get a little tighter. So, I throttle back.

      Without doubt, things like the food pyramid and bad food (too much sugar, GMO wheat, processed food, etc.) aren’t helping. But so also the sail-fawn-pecking/not-doing-anything-physical (and eating too much food) lifestyle many Americans have adopted.

      I think it’s worse for women because they accumulate body fat more easily than men and also tend to not be as active as men.

      • Hi Eric,

        I suspected as much. And, yes many Americans choose to live as they do. However, many obese people really try to get healthy by following the mainstream advice. They cut calories, avoid fat, eat “healthy” whole grains, etc… Problem is everything they’re told to do not only makes them miserable, but is likely contributing to their fat regulation disorder. When the diet fails, despite enormous effort, the energy imbalance theory can supply but one conclusion: “you are lazy and weak”.

        Years ago I listened to an interview with the loathsome (and fat) Kelly Brownell. In it he admitted that despite his “expertise” and his efforts he could not help people lose weight. Thus he concluded that people are incapable of helping themselves and that government force was the only “solution” to the obesity epidemic. He has proposed high taxes on “unhealthy” food, outright bans, subsidies for “healthy” foods, etc…

        Kelly Brownell is an ur-clover, the eidos of the form; a meddling busybody whose self righteousness is matched only by his self delusion. The arrogance is astonishing. Here is a man who, by his own admission, cannot help people lose weight, but this fact produces not one iota of self reflection. Does he ever consider that he may be wrong, that his advice is bad, that he doesn’t really understand obesity? Of course not. To a clover, the fault always lies elsewhere.

        One could assume that “public health advocates” like Brownell are well meaning, but mistaken. I think this characterization is wrong. Their actions clearly demonstrate that they are more interested in protecting their turf, maintaining their credentials and crushing dissent than they are with actually helping people. Think of the past vilification of Robert Atkins and now Gary Taubes. I am not suggesting that Atkins and Taubes are certainly right, but noting that the hysterical level of criticism is based on something besides an intellectual dispute.

        I’m not sure why I’m pushing this other than to suggest that “public health” concerns will become the dominant excuse for the further eradication of our rights and the imposition of more control by the authoritarian collectivists. If obesity is best explained as a fat regulation disorder largely driven by the type, not just the quantity, of the food we eat, then individuals can help themselves by gaining knowledge. If we accept that obesity is “caused” by an energy imbalance then those who are fat have demonstrated that they lack the character, will, strength, responsibility, etc… to properly take care of themselves. Thus, they must be controlled, for their own good. Of course, fit people will be controlled as well because allowing a “toxic environment” to continue would be socially irresponsible.


        • This fatass Kelly Brownell is another archetypical Hermann Goering like we saw in Eric’s other article. He demonizes Dunkin Donuts like that guy demonizes Dodge Demons.

          What we eat is entirely an acquired habit. One way to change your eating habit to go on a mono diet. Listen to this libertarian’s diet advice.

          Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He Wants

    • “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?”

      Fredric Bastiat, The Law

  26. Hi Eric,

    “A non-portion-controller. You eat too much – and exercise too little.”

    I’m surprised that you accept this as the obvious “cause” of obesity. One hundred years ago, the idea that anything meaningful about obesity could be learned from an energy imbalance theory was correctly viewed as absurd. Of course, if one gains weight it is a fact that one is consuming more calories than one expends. But, this fact tells us nothing about the cause of obesity. The important question is why are so many people consuming more calories than they expend. “Gluttony and sloth”, while superficially plausible, is almost certainly not the answer.

    From 1968 – 1977, George McGovern chaired the US Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. McGovern was convinced that a low fat diet was essential for health. The committee hearings culminated in the “Dietary Goals for Americans” (DGA) which recommended a low fat, low meat, low dairy and high carb diet. These guidelines eventually became popularized with the food pyramid. The idea that a low fat, nearly vegetarian and high grain diet was optimal for human health was highly controversial at the time. One of the testifying scientists argued, correctly, that the evidence supporting the low fat/high carb diet was poor and inconclusive. He concluded by saying that establishing the DGA, without proper evidence, amounted to imposing an unethical experiment on hundreds of millions of people. McGovern dismissed his concerns by stating: “Senators don’t have the luxury the research scientist does of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in.” Beyond the arrogance of his claim, the implication that most of the available evidence supported the benefits of a low fat/high carb diet was simply false.

    But, of course, the authoritarian busybody got his way. After the guidelines were published it became nearly impossible to get funding for any study that did not support the “new truth”. As a result, nutrition science has been heavily biased toward proving that the McGovern assumptions are true. To date, little credible evidence exists to support the idea that a high fat/saturated fat diet is unhealthy. At best, one can claim that a correlation exists. But, the studies are notoriously awful at controlling for confounding variables.

    So, here are some facts.
    – Obesity and diabetes have increased dramatically.
    – This has occurred while Americans have reduced their intake of total fat, especially saturated fat.
    – The rise in obesity and diabetes occurred, mainly, after GovCo declared the “war on fat”.
    – Intake of simple carbohydrates, especially sugars, has increased since GovCo declared the “war on fat”.
    – The food industry has responded by lowering fat and increasing sugar in most processed food.
    – Carbohydrates trigger an insulin response.
    – Insulin tells the body to store calories as fat.

    Imagine that you enter a building on a college campus and discover that it seems deserted, the halls and classrooms are empty. Walking further you find a room that is packed to overflowing. Curious, you ask someone why this room is so full and they respond by saying, “because more people came in than left.” While true, would you find this answer meaningful? A sane person would not because such an answer has no explanatory value. The calories in/calories out “explanation” for obesity is equally vacuous. While true, it explains nothing.

    The competing obesity hypothesis, as a regulatory/hormonal defect, seems far more likely than the “character defect” hypothesis that has been pushed for years. This theory suggests that eating high levels of carbs, especially simple carbs, diverts calories from necessary functions to fat storage. If true, this means that many obese people “overeat” because some portion of calories necessary for essential bodily functions are being diverted to fat storage.

    As a radical libertarian, you may be interested in the role that GovCo interference has played in the “obesity crisis”. Authoritarian do-gooders, sure that they know best, have channelled research, through funding, only toward agenda driven results. Meanwhile, the typical kleptocratican has lined his pockets and bought votes by supporting corn subsidies, sugar tariffs, etc… The story of obesity is far more complex than eat less/exercise more and, as usual, GovCo has it’s dirty prints all over it.

    Kind Regards,

  27. RE: Cherry 2000. She/it had better be self-cleaning.

    Now you know why Hugh Hefner only dates women younger than his grandkids. You do have one advantage in that she left you, and you are still in the area. Even if your friend list is mostly her friends and you were dragged along for the ride they’re still around. In time you might want to approach one of them and ask if they have any friends who might be looking. Not saying you’ll hit the jackpot, but you never know. And I agree with OppositeLock, go to a gym or take up shooting at a range, whatever gets out out there and you’ll get to meet decent people. Sure, almost all will be married or with someone but just be ready for a breakup.

    Or just do what I do and be a lot more libertarian about your relationships. Sure, transaction based dating is not as satisfying but loads of fun anyway and clear rules. Truth be known, I’m more of Vulcan these days anyway, so even the trips to Nevada aren’t all that much of a thrill anymore.

    • This seems like really good advice.
      Especially well suited to Eric.

      Finding a mammalian companion is easy and not that risky. Why get in your own way?

      Imagine the dog you’ve had since childhood ran away or died. You would grieve and then get another dog. It’s a part of who you are.

      This next dog will seem different. But truly only vary by 2% or 3% if looked at impartially.

      Any dog you buy. Or find for free. Or that your dog owning friends and family help you obtain through networking. Will be a good companion.

      The dog will love and depend on you. And you will feel affection and thankfulness towards the dog. Maybe not as strong as your first dog you loved since childhood. But good feelings nonetheless.

      This truth applies to other mammals. If someone took all your cats. It is best that you get new cats.

      The NAP is about abundance, not scarcity. There are unlimited cats, breed as many as you like. To assert any specific cats are irreplaceable. Is to embrace tyranny and self-inflicted misery.

      Women too are nothing but mammals.

      You are the hegemon who decrees who is of your clan, and are blessed by all that is yours.

      You are never afflicted by the losses of your clan. For what one invisible hand taketh away. Another invisible hand giveth anew.

      • Hi Tor,

        Yeah, I know.

        But I was married (and with her) a long time. More than 15 years. So I have not been on a date since a long damn time ago. Getting back into it is no easy thing.

        Especially when badly damaged, as I am now.

        I’m not taking on water anymore, but the list is there. Think Bismarck, turning circles…

              • Hi Adam,


                I need one more board to complete the ramp. I could chance it as is, but I put a lot of time and money into this bike and figure being able to put my feet down if something goes awry on the way up is worth being patient!

                Hopefully, this weekend.

  28. Not in the dating pool thank god, but I just wanted to chime in that I quit going to strip clubs about 10 years ago mainly due to the creeping tattoo epidemic. When my little sister got one I explained to her that they belong on carnies and cons. Good luck Eric.

  29. Here’s the least worst avail in Southern WV

    Need a social life.. (BARBOURSVILLE) height: 5’7″ age: 32

    God fearing man (West Virginia) height: 5’8″ age: 42

    Use her physicality and likelihood of her being pickupable by you as the only criteria. Natural attraction overcomes all mundane detail “flaws.”

    Each one is a gateway to dozens more like her not officially in the market. Quality girls will see you together or talk to her and appear from everywhere. You’re fishing for quality fish only, find the best spots and bait and tackle that works, then be patient.

    • 2 more possibles. Probably the ex will reconsider her status when she sees you with new girls.

      Looking for something real… (morgantown)

      Single mother (So. Maryland DC metro)

      30 years ago I did some blind dating. First girl talked about her car catching on fire, and other tragedies. Noped the fuck out. Next few just said thanks for the free meal you’re not my type. Tokk 6 to 12 fails before some successes.

      Being without a helpful non-toxic female is as enjoyable as being homeless or without a vehicle. Why suffer?

      At least get a crashpad and daily driver ASAP. Adopt some girl shaped housepets for companionship’s sake.

  30. Stay out of the dating pool, people have done very bad things in that water and it is just not appetizing or safe. God help the poor man that is forced to wade into those waters.

    I once did for amusement, the water has become far more fetid since. Better to be single than saddled with some creature from that black lagoon

  31. Ha! I know exactly what you’re talking about. I spent years and years with online dating before I met my wife. Fact of the matter is that most people in their 40’s+ have baggage, we’ve been around the block and have history, so you’ll always have that. On the physical side, there are fit, unpierced people without tattoos out there, they’re just rare, and finding one of those that’s compatible with your baggage is a big chore. It takes time. Meanwhile, if you’re a fit guy, you have a leg up on the fat guys with the fit women, so there’s always that.

    What also works is finding a mixed-gender activity group doing something active – cycling, jogging, whatever. Lets you meet other fit people. Don’t know what it’s like in VA where you live, but here in CA, where the politics truly suck, we actually do have a lot of fit, attractive people.

    Good luck.

  32. Just another symptom, unfortunately, of a society on its last legs.

    I’m single in my early 40’s too, and since I am close to a major city, many of those women on these dating sites are clearly on welfare too. Please note I am not ripping on poor and over weight people. I am about as poor as you can get, and since I am in my 40’s I can’t just eat anything I want anymore.

    But I bet up until the 1970’s, over-weight people weren’t the majority like they are now. Just look at pictures of people before that, you don’t see so many then. Many people blame processed food, but the bigger villain is government policy that encourages bad lifestyles. I am trying to dig out of my financial hole, and it sure is government policy that makes that digging extra hard. So its no wonder many people just give in, its a lot of thankless and useless work.

    • Ya know it’s bad, when a guy like me, in my mid-50’s goes shopping, and gets attention from a bunch of women from 20-somethings to 60-somethings….. Pretty sad when the cashiers at Walmart start throwing themselves at ya, even with other people on line. (Sorry, Hagatha, I’m not going to be your beau just because you call me “boo”…)

      Naturally, I’m not the kind of person who would ever treat one rudely- I always try and act in a gracious manner….but it’s getting to the point where I’m almost tempted to be more blunt with some of ’em. It’s getting old. I mean, sure, it makes me feel good when it’s a nice-looking 20-something…..but then it creeps me out when 5 minutes later, it’s an obese grandma! I don’t know what it is- maybe just the fact that I’m clean and have no tattoos, and dress halfway decently and don’t have a pot-belly…? I mean, heck, I don’t talk to people or smile at people, or even look at them when I shop- I dunno- maybe they interpret that as arrogance, and the “bad boy” fetish kicks in. All I can say, is if ya want to attract women in real life, act like you couldn’t care less about them, because I couldn’t care less, and it seems to turn them on.

      • I experience similar Nunzio (I’m 38). I actually find it more enjoyable now to turn them down and reject them. Than to give them what they want. I guess it’s payback from my youth. Us men become more desirable as we age so it’s not odd that you’re getting more attention now and from both ends of the spectrum.

        I ran into an old high school classmate several months ago. This chick was one of the hottest girls in my class. Prom/homecoming queen, all that nonsense. She looked horrible. I hardly recognized her. And of course now, NOW, she was all sorts of interested in me. When back in the day, she wouldn’t even give me the time of day. I don’t think so sweetheart. See ya!

        • Yeah, c_dub. Seems like it starts when we’re about 30. All of a sudden the ones who thought it was fun playing with the bad boys, are looking for a daddy for their fatherless children…..


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