Diapers for the Ordinary Flu, Too

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This was obviously coming because it logically follows. Diapers for the ordinary flu, too. And – inevitably – for the common cold. For everything. Forever.

Diapers in perpetuity.

You can’t logically argue against it if you’ve already accepted the logic of Diapering everyone as a palliative measure against the WuFlu. Which is based on the assertion that anyone might be sick; that anyone could get sick. That someone might die if they get sick.

It’s all perfectly true.

And not just for the WuFlu. Anyone might get one of the many other varieties of flu; the common cold, too.

Someone might even die.

That almost no one who isn’t already bumping elbows with death (i.e., the very elderly and the very sick) will actually die – per the “science” – is politically irrelevant.

This business was never about sickness. If it were, the Diapers would have come off months ago, when the “science” knew that the WuFlu had an Infection Fatality Rate (which means, the number of people with serious symptoms who actually end up dead) about the same or even less than the usual flus.

Which, stated another way, means that everything that’s been imposed on the population wasn’t justified by the facts. That the news was good.

The media would have reported this – if it wasn’t programmed to spread fear instead. The government Gesundheitsfuhrers would have de-escalated what wasn’t necessary by any sane standard, if the standard was in fact public health – as opposed to something else.

The tautology is simple: If it wasn’t medically necessary to force-Diaper the population in previous flu years – which no non-hypochondriac ever suggested it was – then it is not necessary to force-Diaper the population now.

On the other hand, if it is necessary to force everyone to Diaper for the WuFlu then it is necessary to Diaper them for all flus. For everything that might get someone sick who might then die.

It doesn’t matter that Diapering people who aren’t sick and so can’t get anyone sick because “someone” – no one in particular – might be sick or could get sick is the same in terms of the moral principle it embodies as insisting that because a rape might happen and any functional man might be a rapist all men must be presumed potential rapists and made to wear a crotch Diaper.

Which is to say, silly – and evil.

But that’s just the point.

The Diapers must never come off – no matter how not-sick people actually are because the visual of perpetual sickness must never vanish – in order to keep the populace demoralized, alienated and under control, perpetually.

Assistant Secretary of the Army Bruce Jette said so just the other day, though he didn’t say it that way. Instead, he couched it in terms of the “new normal” – weaponized hypochondria:

“I would say we don’t back off the (WuFlu) standards (e.g., Diapering and Distancing) because it will also reduce the impact of flu and other illnesses.” He added: “I don’t see us backing off of using these same techniques even as the vaccine continues to mature.”

Italics added.

Even when Needled, they’ll still be Diapered.

Distanced, too. Because there will always be a flu, whether Wu or some other. The common cold isn’t going away and – somewhere, sometime, just maybe – a granny might die.

Ergo, the Diapers must never, ever come off.

But not because granny might die. That’s just the guilt-trip.

The seeing of faces is far too dangerous. That’s the real trip. The thing being vaccinated against. Every face must be the same face. Uniformity, literally – and speaking of that… the military knows all about the importance of everyone looking the same. The effacement of individuality, the creation of a submissively belligerent collective that follows orders without questions is the basis of all military training. This is appropriate in that context since an army has to move as one, on command. Its individual members must do as they are told, without question.

But should society be oriented on the same principle? The answer depends on who is in command.

While this is just the Army speaking – and a mid-tier Army official doing the speaking – it is nonetheless still the government speaking and that ought to prick up the ears of everyone who is sick of Sickness Kabuki.

If soldiers – who are in the age bracket least affected by the WuFlu, being both young and fit – are to be force-Diapered henceforth it does not take a prophet to see where this insanity is headed.

Which, of course, it isn’t. Insane, that is.

Diapering is meticulously sane – in the Eichmann sense. As a conditioning tool. It wasn’t just for the sick yucks that the national socialists in Germany forced those outside the volksgemeinschaft – the national community – to wear a special article of clothing, to separate them out. It made things – per Eichmann – much more efficient.

Diapering is the ingenious reversing of this policy. It is those who refuse to wear the specified article who are outside the volksgemeinschaft.

But the purpose is precisely the same.

. . .

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    • Morning, Nunz –

      I think – I hope – OM was just trying, in his fumbling way, to point of the hypocrisy of the left. But I take your point. Denouncing her for not Diapering can also be taken as an endorsement of Diapering. I wish, instead, he had simply said nothing – and let their exposed faces speak for themselves.

      • Hey Eric,

        ….I know if I had an enemy, and they were anti-diaper….I would be glad that they were on the side of sanity- regardless of any personal or ideological differences -as indeed is the case with some relatives of mine, about whom I never have a good thing to say- but just the fact that they are not submitting to the insanity, at least gives me an iota of respect for them.

        I think Trump loses this one regardless of how you look at it.

        LOL- You keep making so many excuses for this guy. I can’t help but wonder why. He is not our friend/ally any more so than any other pol.

        • Nunz, agreed, but Jon R sums it up very nicely here:

          We’re at war. If we’re being attacked in front by a well organized team of fanatics with a senile old traitor strapped to the front of their vehicle, and we have a gibbering lunatic on our side mostly spraying our assailants down with heavy suppressing fire and drawing off their attention, but occasionally spinning around with the trigger still held down, which should we pay most attention to?

          The answer is both, while we seek a better position, but mostly the fanatical banzai charge of the zombie hordes. They are, after all, much more dangerous.

          • Hey Ernie,
            Donald Jeffries makes the counterpoint to that on LRC today- Sounds as if it could have been written by me!
            This is the reality though. Here’s an excerpt:

            Trump himself is no savior. He is a part of the spectacle, playing the jester or the WWE bad guy. His tweets and rallies continue to excite his supporters, but ultimately he does what he is ordered to do, like everyone else in power does. Roger Stone told me back in 2015 that “Trump knows about all the conspiracies. You will love him!” Instead, Trump publicly said Oswald killed JFK, has done nothing to establish an independent 9/11 investigation, appointed Brett Kavanaugh, who led Kenneth Starr’s cover up of Vince Foster’s death, to the Supreme Court, and won’t answer Bobby Kennedy, Jr.’s calls about that autism-vaccines commission he was supposed be chairman of.

            I said during his 2016 presidential campaign that Donald Trump was our absolute last hope. And he remains that last hope. And that’s factoring in that he didn’t do anything about his primary issue, illegal immigration, hasn’t brought the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else (despite threatening to over and over again in tweets), never ended birth-right citizenship or the deadly foreign visa worker programs, and has named nothing but neocon Deep State insiders to his administration.

            Trump instead is a symbol, of America 1.0, when White males ran the country, and the world. With “woke” virtue signaling dominating the Left now, simply being an old fashioned White alpha male is a high crime in and of itself. Those voting for him are desperately trying to put another band aid on the massive hole in the dam. They’re hoping to buy four more years, and stave off the absolute insanity of political correctness on steroids.

            If Trump wins, and I believe they already know the outcome of this election in advance, then we may very well have that revolution. But it won’t be the kind the Founding Fathers waged. This will be a state sponsored revolution, bought and paid for by all those “institutional racists” in government and the corporate world. You know, the same ones who’ve been financing Black Lives Matter and the violence that has caused death, injuries, and an unimaginable amount of property destruction.”


  1. Another thing that gets me about this whole face diaper business. Since when did we forbid the proper development of our immune systems? Even if muzzles actually worked (and they don’t), shouldn’t we be exposing ourselves to germs here and there in order to keep our immune systems working? The same people who go on about how great a vaccine would be don’t even think for a second that it’s at least as effective to get actually infected with the virus and develop immunity that way. And a heck of a lot cheaper. As you indicate, the fatality rate for younger people is quite low. Smh

    • “They”re actually propagating the ridiculous idea that “herd immunity can only be achieved if everyone is vaccinated”- (Gotta be the stupidest, most illogical thing I’ve ever heard! -but it’s “science” ya know…) -and apparently the propaganda is very effective (Just say it in the media, and the unthinking masses will believe) as I hear people parroting that mantra now almost EVERY day!

      We’re headed for a very bad place……

      • The whole justification for vaccination in the first place is that everyone healthy enough to tolerate illness and immune system abuse gets a shot so a herd immunity denies a supposed virus hosts thus shunting circulation and allowing granny not to risk exposure.

        A person with a functional skepticism would then ask (1) why then can’t natural exposure give us the same herd immunity or (b) do vaccines not do what they claim they do with respect to population immunity?

        In other words if vaccination only protect the individual recipient then why have they been using the “to protect the vulnerable amongst us” argument for years? Then if they do only work on the individual then why can’t the “it’s my body” argument be used to opt out?

    • The government and news media is turning all of us into the “Bubble Boy”.

      The constant “masking” – Yes, our bodies are supposed to be invaded by germs, bacteria, viruses, etc…….so they can build an immunity to such things!

      Along with the unhealthy “foods” practically everyone is eating these days – fast food and pizzas!, pills and injections for every ailment under the sun with side effects worse than the disease being treated, “skinny” jeans for every scrotum-less male (no need to worry about getting a girl pregnant – your swimmers don’t swim anymore), and purposefully lowered IQ’s and irrational group thinking brought to you by our “public” schools – Gee, it’s population control.

      • Oh no, Frank! According to medical eggspurts, like Dr. Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Andrew Cuomo, that immunity stuff only works if the germs are injected into your veins, along with a nice dose of Thimerisol or mercury and monkey puss and by-products of abortions….and probably eye of newt. 😀

        Good thing pharmaceutical companies and politicians came along when they did, or I guess we’d all be dead. I mean, all of our ancestors did die, right? 🙂

      • Hi Frank,

        All of this – and not just this – is a kind of minstrel show in which we play the you-know-whats. We raise our hands – and spread our legs – at the airports. We are now expected to wear a Diaper over our faces. The common denominator is to be made to submit to arbitrary idiocy. which is actually not at all idiotic from the standpoint of those behind the curtain. Their object is to eliminate anything in the way of immediate, abject and servile obedience to whatever they say. To achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the concept of respect for the individual, including his physical person. There must only be the group – to which all are subordinate – whose course is defined by a few individuals “speaking in their name” and claiming to be acting “for the public good.” We know this story as it’s an ancient one that is told over and over and yet people forget it just as repeatedly.

  2. Corona flu has been granted the authority of religion. Which has been historically used as an excuse for a lot of evil acts. There are no facts to support any of the reactions to corona flu, which relegates the only possible “reason” for such reactions to belief. There is no one harder to convince they might be wrong than the “true believer”. The mask is not significantly different than Muslim women hiding their face. And has the same effect, I might add. To relegate the wearer to a lesser human position. Since about 55% of human communication is by facial expression, just how sure is the subconscious mind that the creature behind the mask is a human being? If it isn’t a human being, why should I be concerned about it? Which is exactly the creed of the church of corona. To the believers the appearance of a human face is a thing to fear. Which translates to a fear of human beings. Perhaps that’s why many wear a mask when they are alone. Afraid to see their own face in a mirror.

  3. In the next couple of years, probably only those who reject the vaccine will still be required to wear a mask. This will produce an interesting psychological dynamic, because it will not only have the effect of publicly singling out the “anti-vaxxers”, it will also flip the masked, de-individualized look from the compliant to the dissident, dehumanizing them further in the eyes of the normie (making it easier to hate them, etc.). Such a reversal would be a brilliant (though nefarious) masterstroke. As the number of masked steadily dwindled due to vaccine compliance, it would become plainer and plainer that those remaining are the anti-social, the outcasts, the trouble-makers. Especially if it is fomented by a media campaign painting them as dangerous.

    • Hi D Hata,

      I expect that is the plan; Needling and tracking for the compliant. Economic and social exclusion for the non. We’ll be the new “niggers.” So be it. I’d rather by that – and still free in my mind and my body – than a “mass” who is actually the real slave.

      • We — independent white men — already ARE the “new niggers.”

        The government and the private sector actively discriminate against us in hiring. The courts actively discriminate against us in domestic cases and custody cases. An accusation against us, no matter how false, by any woman or black is taken as gospel. Law enforcement routinely entraps us. Unless we shuck ‘n’ jive for the women, the gays, and the immigrants and smile while we shine their shoes, we’re gonna get a smackdown. Just as the 19th century black slave labored in the fields while the Massa sipped sweet tea on the veranda, we labor and pay taxes that are used to support female college professors and black affirmative action hires and welfare cases bitching and moaning about “discrimination” and “white privilege.”

        The only thing they haven’t done to us yet is make us ride in the back of the bus, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

        • Hi X,

          Yup; and it’s so obvious it ought to be discussed but it’s unmentionable because – cue the gaslighting – that’s “racist.” The whole point, though, is to friction up racism generally. Get blacks and other “minorities” to obsess about grievances and then get angry at the supposed source – any random white person (man, actually) who personally had nothing to do with it. Which of course the white man who had nothing to do with it resents, often focusing on the race of those who are hectoring him. A ferocious feedback loop is thereby created.

          Who benefits?

          The answer to this question lies in the origin of the term, “racist.” It was first used by Communists in Russia – for the same purpose it is being used to further here.

          • Hey Guys,

            How ironic- in a day when the vast majority of other whites will ostracize their own for merely using a word which they perceive as “racist”, because they are so appalled by the mere thought of “racism”;

            A time wherein Caucasians will not only tolerate, but even participate in the destruction of their own culture; when they will willingly spend tens of thousands of dollars to send their sprogs to colleges which indoctrinate them with the evil lies that straight white males are the Devil incarnate and responsible for every perceived evil in the world….

            At a time when interracial dating, marriage, and procreation has become normalized- whereas just a generation ago it would have been shocking and a cause for ostracizing…..

            At a time when a person of any race or nationality can buy a house wherever he wants, or rent any dwelling without “discrimination” (Because WE have lost OUR rights to choose what we do with own property!) and not only can they do it…but no one will bat an eye or so much as make a comment…..

            NOW they are claiming that there is all this racism???!!!!!

            Maybe if people weren’t so afraid of being labeled “racist”, they would defend their cultures and rights, and deal with good people of all races and nationalities…if they so choose to, while being free to ostracioze not their own, but the “bad ones” of other races whom they now fear to criticize or act against- and THAT would be better for all involved, including the decent ones among the “minorities”.

      • I realize I am going to be downgraded to Clover status or maybe even blocked, but what is with the derogatory wording? Many people read this site – men, women, white, black, religious, atheist, etc. Shouldn’t the goal to be objective and welcoming to all libertarians?

        • RG, maybe the readers should practice what you suggest Eric should. I think any snowflakes would pretty much be “offended” by most of what they read here. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about anyone who would be so easily offended- ‘specially considering the context. If we can’t say it here, there truly is no hope.

          Eric didn’t say anything that should offend any normal person- he just used a “politically incorrect [for white people] word”- and I don’t think anyone who is “triggered” just by the use of a particular word would be much of a fan of this site, nor an asset to it, eh?

        • Hi RG,

          Sometimes, a word suits – even if it offends. And people get “offended” much too easily nowadays. A mindless tirade/personal attack is of course a different thing. But I don’t think such things are here.

          • Hi Eric/Nunz,
            I don’t know how long ago it started but it does seem like the world is loaded with professional “offendees” who scour every sentence ever written just looking for something to label as “offensive”……to them. So henceforth we all have to walk on eggshells to not say or do anything to upset these snowflakes who somehow get to control our discourse. Sorry, not going to comply. I remember as a kid when I bitched to my mom about something I didn’t like her reply was “oh, so you’re right and the world’s wrong? Get over it”. These people never got a good dope slap when they needed it.
            On a related note, blacks cross the street to avoid me when I’m out walking (maskless), maybe they’re racist 😆.

            • Amen, Mike –

              The whole thing’s fatuous; there’s so little meaningful racism to object to – e.g., denial of rights, lynchings, etc. – that feigned outrage over malaprops and such have taken their place.

  4. Nearly 8 million of us have already had the virus here in America. If any of us got reinfected it would be H-U-G-E news. Some plasma centers will pay us $200 for each of our first two visits just to get our antibodies. But despite the fact that our body beat the virus, we still have to wear a mask.

    Why? Well, there’s an excellent reason why anyone who has already recovered from the virus has to wear a mask. The reason is “because I say so”.

    • Exactly, Jennifer!

      I round back to what ought to be a damning indictment of the Diaper Pushers’ motives: If this is truly about “stopping the spread” of a deadly respiratory virus, then there would standards for “masks.” The fact that literally any old rag qualifies as a “mask” shows that it’s not the protection that matters, it’s the visual of conformity.

  5. I had a great time today, stopped at Worst Buy for a game and they told me they wouldn’t ring me up without a mask. I said what are you going to do about it? The kid said he’d call the manager over. I said and what will the manager do? He said he didn’t know.

    At this point, I felt bad for the kid and just put my hand over my face for a second and paid.

    Then I stopped at the grocery with no mask and people looked at *me* like I was weird! But no confrontation, sadly.

  6. A little good news:

    I stopped at a Mexican grocery store the other day. Had been meaning to check it out for ages…finally did. While the store was nothing great, and will be of no benefit to me (Mostly canned crap), I was happy to see that there were no masks in sight in the little store! Neither the owners/workers, nor customers/hangers-outers had anything even remotely resembling a mask in sight!

    The place was actually a wonderland of non-compliance! They even had things for for sale which they had taken out of multi-packs, which “are not labeled for individual sale”!

    That is why there is some hope for those of us who want to escape this loony bin. People in less developed parts of the world are generally not sheep who go willingly to slaughter, like Americans do. Not only is enforcement of decrees usually non-existent in non-first-world places once ya get away from the big cities….but the people ignore the government, and go through life avoiding compliance., Even here they manage to do it to a good degree (Only here, it catches up with them at some point).

    What a great thing though- to walk into a store these days…and see life as normal. Imagine living in a place where such was the norm all around you!

    • Hi Nunz,

      That can happen again, here. And it stands a chance, if we stand against the “new normal.” The importance of this – even when it seems futile – cannot be overstated. They win when we give up.

      I don’t plan to, even though I have some “down” days.

      • **”That can happen again, here.”**

        Sorry, Eric; It can’t. It won’t. It would be fantasy to think that the Norht Koreans would embrace liberty and renounce communism. We are in even worse shape, as we falsely believ e that we are free.

        There may be some calming down of sorts, compared to the present chaos which is being used to effect the desired change that the overlords have decreed- but as long as there are politicians who have the power and resources at their disposal to use modern technology and the media, and the flag-waving “fighting for your freedom” fools to their advantage, any rebellion here will be on a merely personal level- like you and I are doing now- scraping by in the shadows, avoiding the radar, until we are neutralized- likely not even by the government, but by the very people we had hoped would be fighting with us.

        It’s just the reality. Look how much worse it’s gotten just in the last year- and instead of decent people resisting, we see 99% of them dutifully complying with the most intimate details….even when there is no one demanding that they do so.

        Anglos/Europeans are broken. Put us in a maze and we’ll run the race, even for the moldiest cheese. Won’t even give going over the wall a thought. We’ve proven our subservience 100 times over the last 100 years. If income taxes and airport gropings weren’t enough to even raise the faintest cry…NOTHING is. Face it; this is a nation of doormats and pussies.

        • Hi Nunz,

          Well, the Russians did!

          Granted, Russia is not a Libertopia. But it is a lot better than it was under Gorbachev, to say nothing of Stalin. Right? It proves the possibility. That a country rigidly under the thumb of a hyper-authoritarian state can shed that state and become a reasonably free place to live. The fact is that in many ways, Russia is a freer place than this place; certainly in terms of everyday life. The government doesn’t harass people for smoking and not wearing seatbelts, which is no small thing in terms of just being everyday free.

          So while I understand your cynicism and sometimes share it, I have not given hope – and hope you won’t, either. Road trip here sometime and we’ll shoot guns and drink moonshine!

          • Hey Eric!

            I agree about Russia. Guess we’ll have something to look forward to in about 70 years…..

            Russia IS the perfect illustration of what is occurring everywhere now. Totally brutalize a society into complete submission, till everything can be controlled, and the very victims will perpetuate the system imposed upon them, because after a generation or two it becomes all they’ve ever known- “normal”. Then just back-off a little, and those people will think they are in paradise.

            • Indeed, Nunz – but the take-home point is that if tyranny can be beaten back in Soviet Russia, it can be beaten back here. And it need not take 70 years, either. Don’t give up before the game is lost. The very fact that this conversation can go on in public without the both of us being rounded up shows we still have a great deal of freedom… let’s not fail to use it!

              • But Eric, in Russia, did the people really beat it back? Did they overthrow the entrenched control and violence and social conditioning and brteak free, or was it merely that the state backed off a little, once their objectives had been achieved, in order to now maintain a healthy and functional economy and society?

                Much like here: Is the state unable and unwilling to repel the commies and rioters who are destroying the cities, or is it rather that they are sitting on their hands, because those groups are doing the will of the real rulers?

                Same thing.

                Meanwhile, of course, if we don’t have the right sticker on our windshield, or use the wrong pronoun when refering to some deranged he-she, they would gladly unleash their fury on us.

                Did the Berlin wall come down because people just at that time suddenly came to their senses and amassed enough power to be a threat to the state…or rather because TPTB wanted a unified Europe, under the auspices of the EU, to homogenize and control many disparate small countries (Much like what their plan is for the US- only here they first have to destroy the Big Uncle).

                What we are up against is not just some popularity contest between two (seemingly) opposing parties- or one group of people vs. another; it is HUGE, and on a scale that is hard to even comprehend, let alone even think overthrowing- even if we had millions of people- which we don’t.

                The only thing we can do, is live our lives as freely as we can- ignoring the elephant in the room- and find the best places and tactics to allow us to watch the carnage from afar, rather than get caught in the midst of it.

                • Morning (again) Nunz!

                  Is Russia a free country today? No, of course it isn’t. But it’s not Stalinist or even Gorbachian, is it? I hope – and do all I can to work for – a free country. But a freer country is better than one that is less free, right? If America could be brought back to Russian levels of personal freedom, it would be a significant improvement overall.

                  I do not harbor any illusions that we will ever – you and I – live in a country that completely respects the rights of the individual, in which you “owe” no one anything you haven’t agreed or obliged yourself to owe them. In which your land and home are yours and unless you actually cause harm to someone else or their property, no one else either individually or via the ballot box has any enforceable claims against you.

                  But I’ll take something freer than what we have right now as a step in the right direction.

                  • Hi Ya, Eric!

                    Oh, I agree- Just to return to what we had here 25 years ago would be HUGE- and wonderful- even though far from true liberty.

                    But, my point was that the easing-up of communism in Russia was not something that occurred because the people managed to win some struggle over the government- it was something which was conceded by the government- not because they were forced to, but because they wanted to.

                    The same will happen here, after the chaos and destruction of “the old order” is accomplished. It will seem nice and peaceful compared to what we are seeing now- but the thing is, nothing that you or I can do will have any effect on this, one way or another.

                    The masses are controlled by the media and the government schools; and can be easily manipulated by the overlords, like a hypnotized person responding to implanted suggestions.

                    This is what we are soon to witness with the upcoming election. What happens next will not be the genuine reaction of a population of oppressed people yearning to be free- but merely a conditrioned response to situations which have been carefully engineered to elicit that response, in order to achieve a desired outcome while making it appear that the process which plays out to achieve that result was an organic action/natural choice of “the people” for which they gladly fou8ght.

                    In the scheme of these things, we are not even fleas on the dog. Let us, of all people, not get caught-up in this, because our participation will not make an iota of difference.

                  • Hi Eric, I think the difference between the Russians and the average American is that the Russians knew they were ruled by a thuggery and worked their way around it via Samizdat, etc. while insouciant Americans still think that they’re freeeeeeeeee. Makes me want to gag.

                    • True, and yet America has thriving black markets in narcotics and forbidden weapons. There are a few bright spots.

  7. There is an error in the “Covid-19 Infection Fatality Rate” table near the beginning of this article. The table here has percent signs written after each number, but an original source of this data (here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html) has the same numbers for these ratios, but no percent signs. That’s because these numbers are in what we might call “decimal form.” They have not been converted into percents yet, which you can do by either multiplying them by 100 or by moving the decimal point two places to the right.

    The numbers written as percents would be: .003%, .02%, .5%, and 5.4%. Still low, of course, but not insignificant for the oldest group.

  8. If brick and mortar businesses don’t stand up to this tyranny they will lose everything to online merchants. People will just quit going into their stores. I hate Amazon, but I’ve been using them alot more lately because I don’t want to deal with some low level employee screaming at me about masks.

    • Exactly! I suspect the reason they’re screaming at customers about masks is because a lot of these brick-and-mortar merchants are receiving government money. But eventually the “free” money will stop and they’ll be forced to make it on their own again. All the bad will they’ve generated this year with customers like you and me won’t bode well for their future survival.

      • The most notorious I’ve encountered is Sprouts Natural Foods. I went into one, undiapered, of course, and was literally chased around by this bald, fat dude named Bob. He told me I wouldn’t be able to check out without a maassk. I went up, gave my items over at the cashier and left. That seems to be a glimpse into the future. Given the high rates of compliance with maaasks, I don’t think that these stores care about the 0.1 percent that disobey mask mandates. It doesn’t even make a dent. I hate Americans.

        • Hi Swamp,

          These “natural” joints seem to be the most infested; it’s a strange correlation since you’d assume (I would) that people interested in health would be less neurotic. But then, these places also seem to correlate with liberalism – and Diapering strongly correlates with that.

          • Heh, yeah, Eric. I quit going to “natural food” stores once ya could start getting whole wheat spaghetti at Walmart, and a few other staples online. Even 30 years ago, it seems that the “natural food” stores had all been converted to emporiums of pills and powders, new-age knick-knacks, and expensive cultish foods which contain ingredients that sound like they might have been on a witch’s shopping list on spell day (9 cookies for $7.99 made with sugar harvested by stoned Rastafarians, and containing essence of piping plover guano….)

            I’m old enough though, to still remember natural food stores which contained barrels and bins with metal scoops, with grains and legumes; and dried spices in glass jars; and loose teas…and hippie customers… They were cool; but they all seemed to go away in the late 80’s……. Now, instead of “Natural food” it’s “Health food” -and judging by what ya see in these places, there is nothing inside that would qualify as healthful….or as food!

          • Hi Nunz!

            Indeed… my thought in re this business is to have the cash sum – approximately – on hand and ready. If the Diaperer refuses to check you out, toss the money on the floor and walk out. This immunizes you from theft charges and gets you what you wanted…

  9. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    Income tax and mandatory confessions? Check.
    Mandatory seat belts and helmets? Check.
    Licenses to practice an occupation? Check.
    Jury-less family courts and “child support” robbing men into penury? Check.
    Jury-less family courts taking children from families on any pretext? Check.
    Licenses to carry a weapon? Permission slips to buy one? Check and check.
    Licenses and claims that driving the car you own on a road you paid for and thus partially own? Check.
    Mandates to wear a mask? Check.
    Surveillance of all communications and activities, public and private? Check.
    Property tax rendering ownership of property uncertain? Check.
    Patriots imprisoned for defending themselves from mobs of violent criminals (Kyle Rittenhouse)? Check.
    Free people murdered for living in their own way? (David Koresh)- Check
    Jury tampering under color of law? Check.
    Expropriation of people trying to expatriate- exit taxes and claims that US tax is owed forever and everywhere? Check and check.

    Too bad there are no Americans left. We’re long past that stage where it could have just been politely refused. Your choices are submit or die. If you have any freedom or any avoidance of this tyranny, it is a tenuous and starveling existence. Sneaking around with your weapon, doing little cash transactions, not getting licenses, are as close as we get.

    Complaining isn’t getting us anywhere. Being clever doesn’t work- we’ve been putting genius level and accurate arguments in front of the Gestapo. That was stupid of us. These people only understand force and they like using it. It is the ONLY thing they understand.

    I almost hope they get their way- they will decimate the obedient population. Anybody who has ever raised plants or animals knows that weeds, mutts, and wild animals are tougher and stronger. Those with the guts and brains to resist are more likely to survive long term.

    Nobody lives forever, and we will all be judged in the end. If not by God then by our own soul.

  10. Why do these pigs in power always tighten their grip? We’d all be much safer being locked in a padded room, only eating healthy food, and listening to propaganda, but what kind of a life would that be? I really don’t understand how people can become so mentally deranged to make these proposals with a straight face.

    Here in the bay area of CA, the treacherous cretins want mandatory work from home order to stand after the pandemic is over, because it’s “green”. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/california-s-bay-area-likes-telecommuting-so-much-it-might-n1240898

    I’ve now been kicked out of several stores that I used to like and told not to come back because I said I’m perfectly healthy when told to diaper. It’s a bummer, because they’ve been awesome in every other regard over the years, fantastic customer service.

    I’ve also been offering my hand to people for handshakes. The neighbors shy away in fear, but the working class, such as a plumber I hired and a tree service both happily shook hands on a deal.

    It’s bonkers to me! The incidence of sars-cov-2 in our area is extremely low. Your odds of meeting someone with it are near zero, assuming they have it and are contagious, getting infected is not a given, if you get infected, odds are almost 100% that you will be fine. Is this worth upending your life over?

    • Connie, I had one made to say “FACE DIAPER” across it. They put a light blue background with clouds behind the words. I’ve not HAD to wear it accept to the grocery and pharmacy, but everyone looks a little longer and some really like it. I just hope they get the point.

  11. I foresee mandatory plastic bags being worn over the head and tied at the neck at this rate. They will also say it cuts down on the “dangerous” CO2 emitted in breathing as well. If that’s the case , let us insist that Gov. Coonman lead by example and do it first!

    • Hi Allen,

      I am almost panting with hope that the Census taker returns… so I can ask it to remove its Diaper… or get the you-know-what off my property as I do not speak with masked freaks.

  12. We are entering an era of medical totalitarianism, based upon disease avoidance. Contagious disease is the perfect vehicle for a transition into a totalitarian system, because no aspect of life can be excluded from it and everyone must participate. Adherents to its ideology can’t accept and, indeed, can’t even understand criticism of its basic tenets which does not already presuppose the tenets themselves. For them, the tenets of the ideology *is* reality, so anyone who denies them is denying reality.

  13. Of course! The more subjecation, the better. MU slims are loving it, showing we are inferior to them and need to fall under Sh aria Law

    • Great analogy Jason, I’m gonna borrow that one. I tell everyone if they were medically serious about these things there would be some standards. Since my camo netting cut to fit has passed before I got a real one, there are zero standards from the state. Hospital employees have standards, to drive a car we’re given standards, heck, to kill mosquitos on our property there are standards. There are standards by the state for everything we do, but anything will pass as facial covering to prevent a non-isolated virus. Give me a break.

  14. Ugh! If I have one more person suggest bumping elbows I am going to scream. Just shake my hand, damn it!

    Honestly, the mask takes away individualism. All you see is a pair of eyes peaking through. The military probably loves this, everybody is the same, looks the same, and reacts the same.

    Think about it when you are watching Star Wars do you have any sympathy when a Storm Trooper is killed? No, because there is no face, no person, just a uniform. Now, what is your reaction if Princess Leia, Yoda, or Hans Solo get hurt? Completely different. There is a face , an individual, emotion involved. This is the scariest thing with masks to me. You are not a valued person, just a number under a mask, that can easily be replaced.

    • This is very well-said, RG!

      Indeed. The Stormtroopers are just interchangeable/disposable things. Which is what this loathsome Diapering business aims at.

    • “Think about…”

      That, Raider Girl, is the flaw in your post. We are not supposed to think. We are to “feel”. Thought is such a quaint notion. Just obey the latest cognitive dissonance spewed by our Masters. Never question. Thinking is the creed of The Other these days. it will soon be declared a Terrorist Act.

    • Liberals have always been obsessed with the impossible task of eliminating any risk in life. It’s why so many of them are also irrationally obsessed with extreme “healthy eating”, “clean foods”, etc. My theory is that because most of them have no faith in God, they are therefore futilely trying to live forever in this life, because of their fear of death.

      • Amen, Mike. Their religion is the worship of Earth Mother Gaia. When you can’t see beyond this life it leads many to take such actions. If you could have Heaven on Earth you wouldn’t have both. I thank God that is not my final destination…and maybe that IS what they fear most.

    • You are exactly right Raider Girl!! October 1, my governor ended our diaper mandate, although suggesting he could slap it back at anytime…he’s a squishy republican or rino… anyway, the first week I went to the grocery without my diaper on, and I texted my ex-wife, a nurse practitioner, and told her I was the only one in the store without a diaper on. Shortly after, I saw one woman without one too. So I approached her and said excuse me, I really like seeing your face, we both started laughing, she said I never did wear one! I responded, welcome to my club it’s evident we are the only two to get the message…and I wished her a great day. So I texted ex-wifey back to correct myself, out of a packed grocery store at the noon o’clock hour there was only two people without a diaper inside. Completely unacceptable!!

      • Hi Lewis,

        Keep on showing your face – it might just catch on! It’s important beyond measure to do this. I do it every day; I will not efface my face, ever.

    • Bumping elbows- Ha!

      Couple’a weeks ago, I goes to buy some used erl drums from a guy I’ve been dealing with for several years. I offer my hand before leaving, to which he presents …….a fist! I considered punching him in the face, but as he’s the only source for those drums that is conveniently located, I just -for the first time in my life- responded in kind, and put my fist there and moved it forward about an inch, which seemed to deflect his much more than anticipated.

      I have to consider what to do or say the next time I am presented with such a response. Being a civilized man, I shake hands. I have never before engaged in any of that sports-fan-ish/ghetto gesturing before- like “high-fiving”….and I’m not about to start now!

      I think next time, when presented with such a situation, I’ll just wave my hand dismissively and walk away.

      First the texting, rather than talking.
      Then the stoopit masks.
      Now even the simple handshake must be reduced to some brutish less personal gesture?

      We are losing our humanity overnight!

      Freakin’ barbarians!

      • Hi Nunz,

        I also despise the elbow bump (and related things). Before I was excommunicated from Sweet Diaper (Donkey) I was talking with one of my friends when some guy walks up who is a friend of my friend’s. I get introduced by my friend and offer my hand. This dude shies away and gives me the elbow. I totally ignored the guy from that second onward.

        You’re absolutely right. These sad gestures are also forms of conditioning; they are meant to destroy the personal contact so vital to normal human interactions. A man who won’t shake hands isn’t quite a man.

      • It is sad that something as simple as a handshake has created terror in most people. Have you ever seen Demolition Man? Do you remember the scene where Benjamin’s Bratt and Rob Schneider’s characters show the universal greeting of San Angeles and it looks almost like a high five (without touching) followed by a few circles in the air. Then you also have the fact that they also did not have toilet paper in the future, but three seashells. Personally, the only thing that gives me hope is at least they weren’t wearing masks. There is no doubt I would be part of the Mole people, living in the sewers, and eating rat burgers.

  15. I’m amazed, absolutely flummoxed really, that this has gone on so long. The pockets of sanity are encouraging, but we need many more people to stop being sheep and think for themselves. I won’t be at all surprised when face diapers keep on long after this plandemic is over with.

    Eric, you said it perfectly: weaponized hypochondria.

  16. Right you are Eric. Covid is a story. It’s the story to justify the next decade–or more–of bullshit while they formulate the next story. Every story loses it’s luster over time. Hence the need of a new story to replace it.

    Some stories are bigger than others. Covid is a massive behemoth of bullshit. It can be taken so many directions and used to justify so many things.

    • Good call. To me, it’s common sense, but common sense ain’t all that common these days. It all just smells bad. If I open a carton of milk and it smells sour, I’m not drinking it, no matter how many other people watch other people drink sour milk just to moo with the herd.


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