Remembering Our Independence

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This weekend marks another 4th of July, the day marking the announcement by representatives of the American states that they were seceding from the British empire. It is impolitic to mention that fact nowadays.

It does not make it less a fact, of course.

Nor less sound, as an idea.

Secession is nothing more than parting ways – peacefully, ideally – from those who do not share your point of view. We secede in this manner, on an individual basis, in everyday life all the time. We hang out with, date and even marry people with whom we have common interests and goals. Because we like them – and because we want to.

If we do not have common interests or goals we usually agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

Who can reasonably argue with the soundness of this? Who likes the idea of being forced into association with others who do not share the same interests and aspirations? Indeed, with others who have opposite interests and aspirations? Who do not like – and even hate – us?

Is that not a guarantee of fractiousness? Who benefits from that? At best, you have a bully – and the bullied. At worst, you have legalized bullying in the form of this thing we commonly refer to as government – which is mechanism  of coercion by which people with dissonant likes, interests and aspirations are forced into association and punished for attempting to peacefully secede from.

Why this should be so – or rather, why this is so generally accepted – is a mystery, especially in view of the fact that almost no one in the civilized world still supports the idea of forcing people to get married to people they do not like much less love, nor to stay married if they longer like nor love another and are unable to recover the liking and loving that once impelled them to union.

There is something inhuman about forcing people to associate – whether it is as individuals or as members of a political community.

The American states – which they once were, plural and sovereign – once upon a time decided they no longer wished to freely associate with the state of Great Britain and attempted (successfully, after much bloodshed) to part ways with it; i.e., they seceded from it – after having to fight Great Britain, which made every effort to force the United States (plural) to remain within the bounds of what amounted to Unholy Matrimony, a marriage that one side no longer wished to be a party to.

This right to separate when interests are no longer congruent was once understood as such by Americans who spoke of Independence Day. Separation – when congruency was no longer possible – was taken by them as inalienable and given. It would have been considered outrageous to suggest that that the same states which declared their independence from Great Britain forfeited their right to declare their independence from Washington.

But that was before 1861-’65 and the subsequent historical amnesia, enforced at bayonet-point, over the dead bodies of more than half a million Americans, slaughtered in the name of “union” – Abraham Lincoln acting much the same as the arranged-marriage Mullah, shackling the unhappy couple together.

Many four scores later, we find ourselves acrimoniously united, shackled into a consolidated state of general unhappiness. The way to regain our happiness is the same today as it was all those many scores of years ago.

It is to secede.

If not yet politically, then personally. On an individual and neighborhood and local level. Choose to associate – and do business with – those who share your affinities, each reinforcing the other. Establish friendships with like-minded people and form networks of association and support. Withdraw from those that are not supportive, which do not advance your common interests and aspirations.

Remember, this Independence Day, that this form of secession not only preceded the political secession which followed, it was the necessary precedent for it. The men who formally announced the withdrawal of the American states from the British Empire in July of 1776 spent years prior talking of it among themselves, fleshing out the ideas and justifications. Explaining themselves to one another so that – when the right moment finally arrived – they were ready to explain it to the world, fully convinced of the justice of their cause but also able to defend it.

That is something worth remembering this Independence Day, so that perhaps one day hence, there will be a new day to celebrate.

. . .

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  1. This is how “free” we are:
    The Present Dunce in das Weiss Haus grovels at the feet of the President of Israel, while the Israeli Prez and his Chief of Staff smile approvingly.

    I’ll be right back after I hurl.
    Even the traitor LBJ would never stoop *that* low.
    Looks like Droolin’ Joe forgot his knee pads, though.
    Joey, you really need to pay more attention to using the proper PPE.

    How long before we are shown the actual Unzipping of the Fly?
    in that case, Joey will be able to ditch the face diaper, at least temporarily. No doubt Ol’ Reuven will have to “bag up,” though.

  2. Now they want to be in charge of credit scores:

    “While public agencies are not perfect, at least they would not have profit-making as their top priority,” [Chi Chi Wu of the National Consumer Law Center] told the House Committee on Financial Services during her testimony. “They would be responsive to public pressure and government oversight. They could also be charged with developing credit scoring models to reduce the yawning racial and economic inequality in this country.”

    I’m afraid most Americans are stupid enough to agree that politics, not the profit-and-loss test, should determine how resources are allocated. Under the guise of consumer protection, this will easily morph into a de facto social credit system. Extra points for being the right color; deductions for tweeting “misinformation.”

    • I am not a big fan of credit reporting agencies, but nothing on a credit report indicates your race, nationality, or how much income you have. They are a financial report based on how you handle debt. Can you manage it wisely? Are you consistently late? Do you not repay at all? I always feel a trepidation of dread when I hear that “government can do it better.” One always notices that the government suffers from any type of specifics on how they are going to make it better. Will individuals who didn’t pay their bills in the past now pay their bills in the future because Big Brother is in charge? Highly doubtful. The government’s job is to find out anything and everything about a citizen. It is too control you and dictate what is allowable by them, not what benefits you. The USSA is (as all governments are) ruled by kakistocratics and kleptocratics. This is just another way for them to make a quick buck off your personal information.

    • Geez, I’ll bet heterosexual males, or females, of Northern European heritage stand to be docked a whole bunch of points under such a “grand” scheme.
      Most likely additional points off for a) blonde hair, b) blue eyes, or c) an obviously Germanic or Scandinavian last name.

      Affirmative credit action, so to speak.

      • Damn it, I am screwed….blonde hair – check, blue eyes – check, Scandinavian name – check. German and Danish ancestors. Maybe Finland will take me in. Inari is beautiful this time of year. I heard reindeer tastes like liver. 🤢

  3. “There is something inhuman about forcing people to associate – whether it is as individuals or as members of a political community.”

    If you look at human history, forcing people to associate is one of the most human things there is, right along with killing off anyone considered “other.”

  4. Excellent piece Eric, I could only hope this is spread far and wide, filling the ears of those who have no desire to hear.

    “A decent respect to the opinions of mankind (undeserved in this case, IMHO) requires that we should declare the causes which impel us to separation.” The spirit of the declaration flows through this article. You certainly channeled the spirit of Jefferson. Separation, peaceful or otherwise is the only option left to us other than total war against our countrymen. Although at this point I don’t recognize many of these people as my countrymen.

    I’m sure you are aware that the bullies in brownshirts will not allow us to peacefully go our own way. They need us much more than we need them. The good thing is their predictable nature is one of their weaknesses. They need to see from our resolve that the cost of their ambitions will lead to destruction, then maybe they will have a change of heart.

  5. Thank god the United States is a continent, about 40 times the land area of the UK. The limitations of history and custom and “wee island” mindset that hamstring your average UK citizen’s outlook on life, are not problems for a USA human being. They can still be willing mental slaves to statism, as 2020 and onwards has shown, but at least the spirit of “yeah right, make me” bubbles up in a decent proportion of the populace. Can they prevail? I want to believe so.

  6. Can anyone provide a synopsis of what freemasonry is? Wasnt everyone important back then part of it? Apparently the capitol the architecture and our currency are full of its symbology.

    • “Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” From one of the Masons’ own documents.

      As to what they BELIEVE, You’ve got to chop your own wood there, chief. Much too big for an EPAutos comment. Mark Passio’s podcasts numbers 45-52 deal with it nicely. Plenty of books written by masons about the craft, as well as his interpretation of their symbols. It’s the best nexus of info I’ve found. A million times better than Youtubing it. What On Earth is Happening dot com is the website. Click the podcast section.

      You are correct, D.C. is laid out according to Masonic and other esoteric principles. Same as in many other Masonically-controlled cities: San Francisco and Phoenix to name a couple.

  7. Firstly, I am not fully decided on the civil war states rights issue, but I am still willing to argue in favor of Lincoln.

    I can’t help but notice that every time you talk about the Civil War, you conveniently forget the other section of the Declaration of Independence that would be inconvenient to the states rights argument. The section says that government is there to protect the natural law, and that the right to secede comes from when the government becomes destructive of those ends. Since the south was clearly not interested in that (slavery), there was no right to secede.

    • You never did answer my question. Why do you think the North cared whether the South seceded or not? And btw – your premise invalidates the founding of the nation in the first place.

    • The South didn’t want to secede because of slavery. Washington was taxing them dry on their cotton. They were the most productive area of the United StateS and Washington saw a cash cow when they saw it.

      Lincoln (who was not opposed to slavery) made up the slave thing because it diverted the discussion from his immortal taxation of the south into something that the northern people could understand and get behind.

      The civil war was about taxation. Not slavery.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      I recommend Thomas DiLorenzo’s books to clear up this business. Lincoln was willing to support an amendment to the Constitution that would have protected slavery in states where it existed. The war was over “union” – i.e., of forced submission to federal authority – and taxes.

      Lincoln himself was a backer of racial separation and expatriation – “back to Africa.”

      • The biggest issue of all that I have with the states rights argument is the fact that you don’t just get to leave contracts all willy-nilly. Especially when there is so many options for the states to keep their sovereignty built into that contract. You should only get to leave if there is a major bending of the rules that completely voids the contract. It doesn’t seem like it quite met that standard in the south. Perhaps Lincoln really was the bad guy, but it doesn’t void my central argument.

        • Hi Big Daddy,

          A valid legal contract presumes freely consenting parties entered into it. But who was this “contract” with? Did the people of the South (of 1861) agree to be bound by it? Obviously not. You cannot just tell people they are bound by a contract they did not agree to and then fault them (much less threaten them with murderous violence) for disagreeing and telling you to leave them be.

          And what of the nature of this supposed “contract”?

          Lincoln had the halting effrontery to speak of “government of and by the people.” That was precisely what the Southern people sought! Precisely what the “contract” of the Constitution explicitly describes in the preamble.

          And which was denied, by violence – by the federal government under Lincoln.

          Who also denied it to the government (and people) of Maryland – and the portion of Virginia that was forcibly turned into the state of West Virginia. The people of these areas wished to depart as well. They did not wish to be governed without their consent. Lincoln threatened to arrest the representatives of the people of Maryland and simply seized what is today West Virginia. As he seized the rest of the South and forced it to be part of a “union” at gunpoint.

          As regards “other options” –

          The only option given the South was submission to federal authority. The South was in the position of accepting political domination by the North or parting ways with it. It choose to attempt to do what any of us does when a relationship becomes abusive and the choice is to endure it or be done with it.

          As regards today –

          The federal government now asserts unlimited authority – in fact – over every aspect of every single person’s life. Every single indictment presented against Parliament and King by the Declaration in 1776 the current federal omnipotence is far more guilty of. It is inarguable.

          And it is the result of the assertion by Lincoln of unlimited in principle federal power in 1861.

          • Exactly, exposing the fraud of the ‘social contract,’ which no one has signed, ever.
            On the other hand, marriage is (was, prior to no-fault divorce) an actual contract voluntarily entered into with the primary social function of strengthening family and providing a secure upbringing for future citizens. The no-fault decree that allows anyone (mostly women) to break this contract with impunity has not provided a net benefit to society.

            • That’s b/c the liability, for all practical purposes, goes but one way. And so many women wonder why men won’t “commit”.

            • That Dream was always just as ”primary” as “the social contract” Jeannie was.

              Marriage à trois, him-her-state/church, what could possibly go wrong?


              & it did, just as much back in the good ol’ then, as now.

              Stepford Citizens & Wives & Husbands – oh, my, oh, auld lang sighhhhhns (signs, everywhere there’s signs, blockin’ ot the scenery, breakin’ my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?)!

              Person erasure into masses “happens” because no persons were ever there to begin with. Or maybe the protopersons that might have been there to begin with succumbed to the aphid infested surround – the person was sucked right out of them.

              Fook “society.”

              And all the other synonyms for collectives ism’ing, too.

              There’s a straight serrated line from open sesame society then to cloistering feudalism sesame seed bun now…

              …gmo sesame seeds, gmo wheat, brominated flour, pied piper bromides, ides marching along on those winds of “changing” their LEOpard spots into rainbows & gmobos.

              “People…so goddamn frail they’d rather put a coin in the wishing well than buy dinner.”

              Saw a headline. Something like “Father says school forced his son to get vaccinated. Now son has heart condition.” That’s it. Neither father or son ever had any heart. Oz never did take nuthin’ from the tinmen that they didn’t already lack.

              • “Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

                The union precedes/preceded the states – whichever “ultimate” configuration of states as may be (which hims, which hers, which heteros, which homos…commodification-citizenry-widgetry).

                Not to mention all progeny & posterity being bound by that precedent union…talk about fooked – even before the conceiving fooks ever took place.

                “The theorists of our time who seem to be able to see only the large & get emotional over words like “humanity” (no one knows what it really means & why one should die for it) call the very idea of creating more instead of fewer states medieval backwardness. They are all out for unionism & colossalism, though unionism is nothing really but another expression for totalitarianism, even if it is thought to be a guarantee for peace. It is the one-party system transplanted into the international field…Unionism…is a deadly serious scheme without humor, meant for men as a collectivity & as social animals of a lower order; & it reminds me constantly, in all its earnest elaborateness of the German Professor who submitted to Satan a new plan for organizing Hell. Whereupon Satan answered with rock shaking laughter: “Organize Hell? My dear Professor, organization, that *is* Hell.” – Hans Kohr, “Disunion Now,” Commonweal, Vol. 34, No. 23 (from Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s The Menace of the Herd)

                Tho this not hopeful but merely pedulumatic: “Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.” ~ Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times: The Play

                The chaOS’ll continue to trounce preloaded predefeated Windows, Apple, Android, et al.

                But that don’t mean the preprogrammed to be deceived-received into Hotel California life sentences will ever stop being the vast metastasized majority.

          • You are damn right about that. Secession is a right, but I would say a last resort. For example, states can amend the federal government without even needing the feds consent. Failing all other channels, peaceful and then violent succession become the last two options.

            As for the people agreeing to the government, I think it’s a bit more complicated than simple contract law. There doesn’t necessarily have to be unanimous consent for a government to have rule over you. The bible (I know you don’t do religion, but this verse has a good point) says in Romans 13:1 that all persons must submit to governing authorities. It sounds very pro-government, but it’s not. The Catholic Church’s interpretation is that when a government is acting within its legitimate authority (protecting negative rights), you shall have no choice but to submit to them, whether or not you as an individual “consented” to that government. The Church also says that obligation disintegrates for powers claimed by government that is outside their legitimate authority. Now, it is highly unlikely that forcing people to stay in the union was a legitimate function, so Romans 13:1 doesn’t apply here. I’m just disputing the idea that an individual has to consent to a government. A majority can withdraw their consent from even the most rights-protecting government possible, but as an individual, you will have to move if you dislike the government. Minority revolution is never justifiable.

            • It’s the King James version of the Bible that demands obedience to government. The King that paid for the interpretation knew what he was doing. In later centuries, shyster and charlatan Scofield got his licks into Bible translation and further muddled the waters.
              The Catholic Church has always regarded individual conscience as the higher authority in any case, even with government. Laws that are repugnant to basic human decency need not be obeyed.

            • Again, read Mitchum’s “It wasn’t about Slavery”, and you’d realize that indeed, from the South’s perspective, Lincoln’s election in 1860, along with a Republican majority in the Congress, WAS the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Thanks to the already ridiculous tariffs which were the mainstay of the Federal Government’s income, of which the South paid about 85% in 1860, but got virtually NOTHING back, the states that seceded and formed the Confederacy were saying that they’d had enough of being the “milch kuh” of the USA. When a region of any nation feels that its getting the short end of the stick, and there’s little to no hope of remedy via the peaceful political process, then secession, which carries the risk of violent retaliation (i.e., a “Civil” War) becomes the response to economic and political SLAVERY.

            • “…when a government is acting within its legitimate authority…”
              Yes, Big Daddy, that’s the key. Any time the Bible talks about authority, you have to insert the modifier “legitimate” in front of it. Otherwise, if some guy comes up to you on the street and says, “I’m in charge here; give me $100,” you would have to do it. The reason you don’t have to do it is that the authority he is claiming is not legitimate. Why? Because he is disobeying the authority that has been placed over him.
              Similarly, the U.S. government disobeys the authority that has been placed over it – the Constitution – every minute of every day. Therefore, I have no obligation to obey it based on Romans 13, and neither do the states.

            • Hi Big Daddy,

              But secession isn’t violent! It is simply a going-our-separate ways. It only becomes violent when one party refuses to accept that the other party no longer wishes to be party to the arrangement. Is this a morally defensible position? If so, then why is it not legal (and considered immoral) for a man to force his wife to remain married to him? And keep in mind: The couple actually did consent to the marriage.

              Did you ever consent to be “governed”?

              • The argument that one, by dint of being born a US citizen, has “consented” to every Federal “fatwa” is little different than at the end of “Braveheart”, where, already beaten and shackled, William Wallace is confronted by the Inquisitor, and “invited” to confess his “disloyalty” to King Edward “Longshanks” I. Wallace retorts that he’d never sworn any fealty to the English King, to which the Inquisitor replies, “it matters not…he IS your King.”

                Mitchum in his book does use the analogy of Lincoln striving to “preserve” the Union in an analogy to an abusive husband, when his desperate wife, tired of the abuse, declares her intent to leave him and starts packing up her belongings, is seized upon by her spouse and beaten into submission, until she relents. Today, we’d say that jail or prison is where the abusive cur should go, and maybe THAT’S too good for him; certainly we’d go to the aid of the stricken wife.

                Hence why even the common name for the conflict, the CIVIL war, is not only wrong in the historical context (e.g. the Confederates weren’t trying to take over the entire country, they wanted to LEAVE it, and leave the remainder alone), which is to be expected when the victor writes the history books. If the South didn’t have the legal and/or moral right to secede, than neither had the colonies when they signed the Declaration of Independence, making the “Founding Fookers” all TRAITORS to their sovereign, George III. And truly, ol’ King George III was, in fact, a rather benevolent and enlightened monarch…for his time. There was an instance where some deranged woman attacked him with a knife (his guards intervened before she could sink it home), and he admonished them to not harm her, saying she was “mad”, and paid for her hospitalization rather than have her prosecuted and sent to the gallows. Could there have been further negotiations rather than outright rebellion, which our Revolutionary War was? At least that conflict’s title is consistent. The four original colonies that seceded some 73 years from the Union after originally ratifying the Constitution, along with the seven others created after the Constitution was crafted, did so with the sincere belief that they had the same moral right to do so, as did the New England states that sent delegates to the 1814 Hartford Convention, to discuss THEIR secession. An interesting point…why did the Confederate states need to be RE-ADMITTED at all, if their secession wasn’t legal in the first place? As it was, the conditions to end “Reconstruction” included that those states had to ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, or else remain under US Army occupation and under martial law, and be denied their representation in the Congress. That was not unlike John I (“the ‘phony king of England’ as christened in the 1973 Disney animated film version of “Robin Hood”) signing the Magna Carta with a sword point held to his throat.

                I note with interest that what finally ended “Reconstruction” was the disputed Presidential election of 1876, where Democrat Samuel J Tilden of New York had clearly won the popular vote, but his electoral votes fell ONE short, with the three Southern states of Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina, the ones still under Federal occupation and legislatures controlled by GOP “carpetbaggers” and “scalawags”, refused to certify their elections which also indicated that Tilden carried them. Just a few days before Ulysses Grant’s term was to expire, which, if it had, would have had House Speaker Samuel Randall of PA, fill in until the matter was resolved, a compromise was reached…the three recalcitrant state legislatures would certify the election in favor of Rutherford B Hayes, he’d serve but one term, and, which likely what was those states REALLY wanted, rather than a “New Yawk” Democrat as POTUS, Reconstruction would end and the hated “Yankee” troops would leave.

                Whether or not any state “consents” to be “governed” is irrelevant at this point, as the precedent that “Uncle” will not allow it by force of arms has been set. Worse, it’s been submerged in political correctness, viewed through the lenses of today, rather than what actually motived the participants.

            • Hi Big Daddy,

              “As for the people agreeing to the government, I think it’s a bit more complicated than simple contract law. There doesn’t necessarily have to be unanimous consent for a government to have rule over you”.

              How is it that I, or anyone else, is bound to an ever changing contract that I never signed, one party to which can violate said “contract” at will, and has been doing so since nearly the beginning?


    • Big Daddy,

      “but I am still willing to argue in favor of Lincoln”.

      Please, present an argument in favor of Lincoln, so far you haven’t.


    • The Declaration was a statement of why the colonials wanted to secede from England. A description of the atrocity they believed they had suffered. It had not a thing to do with the structure they chose to replace British rule. Not even a suggestion of what it might be. It was not a description of any “right” except to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, a rather broad description. and we are born with our rights. it was a declaration of what they were going to do, and why, and damn the consequences.. No where does it mention anything about a central government in power over the 13 separate States at all, much less one they are not allowed to secede from. It was not intended, nor did it suggest it was anything resembling a code of law that may or may not allow secession. You may have a tough time “arguing in favor of Lincoln’, since his abuse of power disposed of a LOT of rights. It was commonly accepted that any State had a right to secede until 1860, and a number of Northern States were quite happy to let the South do so, until they realized what the loss to the Norths treasury would be from not taxing the living Hell out of the South. Lincoln is personally responsible for killing about 650,000 Americans to dispose of the notion. More than all other wars combined. Resulting in the omnipotent and ubiquitous central government we now suffer, and ending the States power to enforce the Constitution. “You play by the rules, or we quit and take our marbles home. And we decide what the rules say”.

      • The idea behind this whole thing is independent nations (the states), freshly seceded from GB, that came together and formed an agreement to be unified under a single government. Since all the states adopted it, we have established consent of the governed. One of the biggest caveats to consent of the governed is that minority revolutions are never justified, you need the majority to withdrawal consent to delegitimize a government. Over half of the states in the agreement still consented. Again, you don’t just get to leave an agreement because it currently doesn’t favor you.

        Now, the agreement between the states is slowly being bastardized while nobody is doing anything. However, we do have a lot options to exhaust before forcible secession is at all justifiable. We can pass amendments that further constrain government, even an amendment that dumps the whole system without replacing it. Best of all, we can bypass the feds completely because states can hold their own constitutional conventions. Only after all options are exhausted and the agreement is somehow changed beyond recognition (perhaps federal action to abolish the states is a good example) and the majority of people have withdrawn their consent is forcible secession a justifiable option. I will look into this further but from what I know now, the South didn’t meet all those qualifications.

        • Hi BD,

          The several states – plural – did not “come together and formed an agreement to be unified under a single government.” This is simply false. What the handful of self-proclaimed representatives of the several states did was confer strictly limited authority for a few very particular purposes, explicitly retaining their sovereignty as states. Implicit in this is the right to withdraw consent – without which right there can be nothing but force and the barbarism of force.

          The representatives of the states certainly did not consent to become administrative districts of a consolidated “single government.” And the people of the states certainly did not consent to it!

          It is as historically nonsensical to assert that the states (or the people) agreed to such a thing – a perpetual “union” – i.e., to surrender forever their right to withdraw from the voluntary union of independent states – as it is to suggest that the Second Amendment envisioned the “regulation” – in the modern sense, that of control over – firearms by the federal government.

          It is simply untrue and ridiculous, to boot.

          You write: “One of the biggest caveats to consent of the governed is that minority revolutions are never justified…”

          Well, the American secession from Great Britain was in fact a minority movement and not a “revolution,” either. At least half the population was Tory/Royalist and a large chunk of the rest waiting to see which way the wind blew. A “revolution” is by definition and effort to wrest and change control of the government of a country. The American colonies were not attempting to gain control over Parliament and depose King George III; they were simply trying to go their own separate way; i.e., to secede.

          • Hey Eric,

            I’m considering hiring an agent to represent my interests. The price is great and the agent seems competent. But, there’s a catch, should I ever change my mind and fire the agent, armed goons will murder my friends and family and force me back into the “contract” at gunpoint. Think I should take the deal?


              • Hey Eric,

                Yet those who argue like Big Daddy insist that the States knowingly entered into a “perpetual” union, without the ability to secede unless a laundry list of “options”, never specified in the Constitution, the Federalist or anti-Federalist papers or correspondence between the “founders”, is exhausted. Methinks nobody would have accepted such a deal.


                • It reminds me of the tawdry limerick:

                  There once was a hooker named Sue
                  She filled up her pussy with glue
                  “If they pay to get in”, said she, with a grin,
                  “They can pay to get OUT, too!”

                • They didn’t believe they had. Lincoln had the audacity to wage war on the seceding states, who were simply doing what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did some 85 years prior…GO THEIR OWN WAY IN PEACE. Because the South was the “milk cow” of the Federal Government, the corporate interests who backed Lincoln’s Presidential bid had hired him to ensure that “milch kuh” didn’t escape.

                  • Hi Douglas,

                    The beatification of Lincoln, a man widely reviled in his time, and corrupt to his core, is repulsive. But, I almost have to admire the audacity of the hagiographers and State propagandists who’ve succeeded in transforming a sleazy, opportunistic corporate lawyer into a Saint, irreproachable, both morally and politically.

                    The creation of the Lincoln myth serves nefarious purposes. Culturally, it denigrates the “rugged individualist” archetype, an ethos that at least aspires to self reliance and “live and let live”, and replaced it with insufferable Yankee pietism, an intrusive self-righteousness, masquerading as virtue. Politically, the Lincoln myth justifies the machinations of every wanna be tyrant, the self appointed elite who cloak their desire to rule as the noble quest to save humanity.


            • In a similar vein, they told me in fourth-grade civics class that every few years I would get to vote for someone to represent me. Now I find out that if the person I vote for wins, he/she also has to represent millions of other people, most of whom I disagree with on just about everything. Not to mention corporate lobbyists.
              Did my teachers lie to me? No, that can’t be it. They also taught me that all government school teachers are heroes.

              • Hey Roland,

                Yeah, it’s a great deal. “We” get to cast a statistically meaningless vote for a person who has no legal obligation to “represent” us, or fulfill any of his promises, but “we” are legally obligated to observe any asinine laws these cretins impose on us.

                Democracy is a scam, its true purpose, whether originally intended or not, is to create a near unassailable veneer of “legitimacy” to the State. Churchill had it half right.


        • Hi Big Daddy,

          “Only after all options are exhausted…”

          Please cite anything in the Constitution, the Federalist or anti Federalist papers or the correspondence between the founders that supports your claim that specific conditions must be met before a State could withdraw itself from a voluntary union. Had such stipulations been understood at the time, the Constitution would not have been ratified.

          “…is forcible secession a justifiable option”.

          The Confederacy did not “forcibly secede”, they declared that they were separating themselves from the Union. Lincoln forcibly prevented a peaceful secession by invading the South.


          • He can’t.

            Moreoever, that’s exactly why 2A. Not to hunt, or target shoot, but to take up arms for their STATE, hence why the explanatory clause mentions that a “well-regulated” militia, or one that functions properly, as intended, is essential to the security of…WHAT? Why, a “Free” STATE! Now, how in the HELL could a State be “free” if it were in perpetual fear of being under the boot heel of the US Army? Hence WHY the several citizens, which the 2008 Heller decision affirmed is an INDIVIDUAL right, and NOT that the state could have its “National” Guard units (think of how contradictory that is), have the right to keep and BEAR arms. Moreover, those arms were intended to be of the same nature as what was common issue to the “regulars” of the US Army or ANY army, as the means of the owner permitted. YOu hear the gun-grabbers moan about someone having a “weapon of WAR”, but that’s PRECISELY what the members of the militia were meant to have! Now, certainly, if indeed private ownership of, say a Steyr AUG, a Kalashnikov pattern carbine, or an M-16 or M-4 is too much of a danger to public safety, and its supposedly “common sense”…well, the Constitution can be amended to alter or outright repeal 2A, and/or declare that the “unorganized” militia is not a legal entity, as well as repeal the Militia Acts of 1792, which are still in effect. And good luck getting a 2/3 majority in both House and Senate, as well as 3/4 of the legislatures of the several states to go along!

            Any debate over 2A reveals precisely how the role of the now NATIONAL government, the Master of the several states, replaced, per Lincoln’s unlawful direction, the role of the FEDERAL government, the original SERVANT of the “United” States. It also reveals that the gun-grabbers DO understand what Chairman Mao, their ideological idol, once said…that POWER flows out the barrel of a GUN. They know that not only if the citizens assert their 2A rights as the “Founding Fookers” intended, there won’t be enough lampposts in the “District of Criminals” to string up the politicians from.

            • The term “well-regulated” as used in the verbiage of the Second Amendment had nothing to do with laws affecting firearms, but simply meant “well-disciplined”, being able to shoot accurately and have the ability to hit your “target”.

  8. Yes the articles of confederation were fine. What little scraps of state independence are still around today still prompt massive relocations from the frozen communists in the north to whats left of polite respectful southern culture and some degree of western independence in other states. Imagine if the states were even more independent. You would see real competition among those states who wanted to attract more folks and real restrictions among the states that think they’re fine thanks. After Lincoln killed that no way jose.

    To their credit Hamilton and Jefferson both opposed the notion of a professional military and standing armed forces. Unfortunately that never made it into the worthless paper they signed. Ask any rube today why we should even have armed forces and wait for the puzzled look followed by “are you a communist”

  9. Secession is a personality. Rare. Like INTJ (for whatever MBTI’s worth).

    Attention, plus comprehension, ditto. And ditto.

    The “we” bandoleer that bandyeers never ever run the rounds out of were, as always, mooches that bought the pitch. Caught it, doubletap – cuz those spines wuz already tapped, drom the factory. Then snakeoil wagoneers got ‘em, yet again.

    The “secession” that should not be a celebration, but for the mytho-narrative cover it “provides” – even before the proof of the past 15 months or so – was merely, albeit fully by design, supplantation. The founding fookers wanted to take a king’s place. And did. With a little help from their mooches.

    There ain’t no waking up from, nor coffee to smell, nor beeksteak to eat, in the matrix. Guido, the killer pimp actor on a stage, remembering his in depends’ence:

    • Have just finished a re-watch of Boardwalk Empire. One long succession of “secessionists” being exsanguinated. Extortion “protection” internal organs externalized. Never has it been otherwise. Finale was titled “Eldorado.” Here’s a bit of it that tells the tale on the donkeyness of it all:

      The Commodore: Give me the badge.
      Young Nucky Thompson: What?
      TC: Give me the badge. (Thompson gives over the badge.) Now go.
      YNT: I don’t understand.
      TC: Nothing to understand. We’re done.
      YNT: Why?
      TC: I don’t have faith in you.
      YNT: But you have faith in Jim Beary? You have faith in a backslapping bootlicker? I looked up to you. I served you. I’ve waited. I’ve kept my mouth shut. You can’t just…
      TC: You press yourself & I don’t like it. You think you deserve something for trying hard. I’ve never liked that one little bit. Through me & from me, that’s all there is. What are you in the end anyway?
      YNT: I’m what I need to be.
      TC: How’s that make you anything at all?

      And then young Nucky Thompson procures the 12-year old girl (he pretended to believe he wanted to help) for the Commodore, who rapes her. And so he gets that badge back.

      In sunshine and shadow, from darkness till noon
      Over mountains that reach from the sky to the moon
      A man with a dream that will never let go
      Keeps searching to find El Dorado

      So ride, boldly ride, to the end of the rainbow
      Ride, boldly ride, till you find El Dorado

      The wind becomes bitter, the sky turns to grey
      His body grows weary, he can’t find his way
      But he’ll never turn back, though he’s lost in the snow
      For he has to find El Dorado

      So ride, boldly ride, to the end of the rainbow
      Ride, boldly ride, till you find El Dorado

      My Daddy once told me what a man ought to be
      There’s much more to life than the things we can see
      And the godliest mortal you ever will know
      Is the one with the dream of El Dorado

      So ride, boldly ride, to the end of the rainbow Ride, boldly ride, till you find El Dorado

      And if even one of those rin tin tin soldiers rides away (never mind the billions that rite away), the punch is spiked, & the Billy’s’ll be Jacked, yet again. But Billy Jacks got martyrs-matter complexes & want what they get.

  10. @ anarchyst
    RE: Japanese Catholics
    As it happens, I am long time friends with a couple of whom the wife, Linda, is 100% Japanese ancestry, born in the U.S.A., who was raised Catholic. Linda’s mom, Ann, a tiny woman, now deceased, was raised on a farm in the eastern part of the State of Washington, where her family farmed using horses. Linda’s dad, an engineer, graduated UW and was part of he team that developed GPS.

    Don & Linda’s daughter, Lisa, was HS valedictorian, graduated UCLA, now runs an IT business in partnership with her husband, a UC Riverside grad. Linda’s brothers are all engineering graduates.

    Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. Linda and her two daughters are all drop dead beautiful women, who seem not to age.

    I have a friend and colleague, born in Japan, whose family emigrated to U.S. when he was 13. David spoke no English when he arrived in the U.S., but by HS graduation, he did well enough to matriculate at UCLA, where he graduated with two degrees, mechanical engineering and business.

    These are the “subhumans” sacrificed to nuclear weapons tests.

    • It *HAS* crossed my mind to wonder how many of the Manhattan Project scientists were bitterly disappointed that Germany surrendered before the atomic weapons were ready.

      • …many of the Manhattan Project “scientists were of one persuasion–“small hat” destroyers of societies–something ((they)) do well to this day.

        • You really are a hoot, Annie! Of course a perusal of history quickly reveals that regular white guys do a fine job of destroying societies all by themselves. In point of fact the “persuasion” of the Manhattan Project scientists is irrelevant. Of course from your addled perspective it does bolster the view that they are world-conquering supermen.

          I have previously proven conclusively that you are a liar, Annie. Also, anyone with a little sense can plainly observe that you view the world through a haze of blind hatred and practically all of your spew is nonsense. This being the case, about all ((((you)))) and guys like you are good for is entertainment purposes. I await further laughs from you and your addled cohorts.

      • well I’m sure *they* were thrilled we did nuke the largest Christian church and population in Japan at Nagasaki (along with a few American POWs we knew were there). Nothing to bring a smile to a heebs face like duped Christians killing Christiians.

        • LOL! Well, there is no doubt that you and Annie are dupes there, Markie! Of course anyone who has a modicum of intelligence and bothers to look at history can plainly see that regular white guys are quite adept and killing each other without any egging on from anyone else.

            • So, you are saying that white christians are weak-minded dupes. Well, certainly anyone who has had no other contact with them than you, Annie, etc. would certainly come to that conclusion.

        • So, let us examine your statement that you are SURE “*they*” were thrilled at nuking the largest Christian church and population in Nagasaki. Please name the names of the specific individuals who were thrilled in that manner. We wouldn’t want people thinking you were (*gasp*) just venting venemous bile and malicious lies, now would we?

          Likewise, let us look more closely at your statement that “Nothing to bring a smile to a heebs face like duped Christians killing Christians.” Ignoring for a moment that you clearly believe that christians are dupes, what evidence do you have to support this statement? What “heebs” smiled at which events where christians were killing christians? Please list the specific individuals who smiled at specific instances. Failure to do so reveals you to be nothing more than another hate-filed liar.

      • The Manhattan Project was funded and run with the intent to produce an atomic bomb to bomb the Germans; according to Einstein and Oppenheimer, in 1939, Nazi Germany was in the “lead” in atomic research. Of course, it was LOTS and LOTS of $$$, and good ol’ American know-how that got the A-bomb ready when it was; the Alsos Project found that the Germans were still 2-3 years away from their own and given the strategic bombing, it was unlikely they could make further progress. I’m not sure it was coincidence that there was an excess of hydro power ready to go via the TVA, not only to power Oak Ridge, but also Alcoa for aircraft aluminum.

        If some of the “kosher’ scientists and engineers in the Manhattan Project were disappointed that they couldn’t nuke some Germans, it was probably far more b/c many were outright Communists or “pinko” and thus were ardently “anti-Fascist”. AFAIC, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed in a way too humane a manner that befitted their treason; I’d have gone for hanging them from meat hooks and slathering them in pork fat, while having the proceeding filmed to watch and enjoy later. When Truman, having just received word of the successful Trinity test, at Potsdam tried to subtly hint to Stalin of the new “super” weapon, and noted that “Uncle Joe” didn’t seem all that plussed nor surprised…which he WASN’T, having word of it as soon as the President did.

        As terrible as it seemed to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki, neither were the worst bombing event in that war or history. On the night of March 8-9, 1945, 279 B-29s of the XX Army Air Force under Curtis “Bomb ’em back to the Stone Age” LeMay (who could not lead the raid in person as he’d been recently briefed on the atomic bomb project, including the B-29 “Silverplate” project). Offical estimates from both the Americans and the Japanese estimate 100,000 to 125,000 dead and about as many again injured; however, given that the ensuing firestorm so thoroughly burned the civilian dwellings that only charred footings remained; likely many victims were so well-cremated that their cremains were dispersed and thus never identified or counted.

        • As I previously stated, downthread.
          For those who have not yet read it, I suggest:

          According to Elisabeth Heisenberg:
          >So what was Heisenberg’s ultimate concern during these discussions with Bohr? The truth was that Heisenberg saw himself confronted with the spectre of the atomic bomb, and he wanted to signal to Bohr that Germany neither would nor could build a bomb

          This discussion between Heisenberg and Bohr took place in Copenhagen in 1941. Heisenberg had no official permission, and thereby risked prosecution as a traitor for his actions.

          Bottom line:
          Bohr, and anyone with whom he spoke on the matter, knew in 1941 that Germany would not, and indeed could not, build a nuclear weapon. It beggars credibility to think that Bohr would *NOT* communicate this knowledge to Oppenheimer, who was a communist sympathizer with a “pinko” girlfriend.

          So, why were the U.S. nuclear weapons built? One “short answer” is “because they could be built.” Interesting technical challenge, and all that.

          Another political possibility:
          To scare dem Russkies.
          However, in that context, we have the matter of Klaus Fuchs.

          There is also the issue of bureaucratic technological inertia. Once a government program gets started, it may be extremely difficult to close it down.

          As it happens, I spent the majority of my (chronological) childhood in Albuquerque, NM , and was employed for three summers at Sandia National Laboratories, as well as one at LLNL, during my undergraduate days. I have the utmost respect for those who work there. They are smart, well motivated, and believe in what they are doing. It is just not for me.

          My dad was trained as a bombardier at Carlsbad NM AAF, and would have shipped out to bomb Japan had Japan not surrendered following detonation of the nuclear weapons.

          Air crews had notoriously short life expectancy. It is possible to contend that I owe my life to the atomic bomb, although I do not subscribe to that notion. I highly recommend Freeman Dyson’s observations as to why the Empire of Japan surrendered.
          According to Dyson, the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was the declaration of war by the Soviet Union on the Japanese Empire.

          The Japanese military had deduced, correctly, that the Americans could not have many more Wunderwaffen (the correct number being “one”), and were prepared o hold out against an American invasion of their homeland, sacrificing the civilian population as necessary. However, they realized they could not fight both the Americans and the Russians simultaneously, and for that reason surrendered.

          At least, that is my understanding of he matter.

          • The Emperor himself, in stating the reasons for Japan accepting the surrender terms, mentioned the “new and terrible weapon”. In a way, IAW Asian mores, it was “face saving” to capitulate when such an overpowering weapon was used against them.

            As for the impact of the Soviet declaration of war on August 9, 1945, followed by their attack some 20 minutes later (given how many times zones, it was a matter of it being midnight in Moscow when the declaration was handed to the Japanese ambassador to the USSR, dawn was already breaking over the Transbaikal Front and it was still dark along the eastern part of the Amur when Soviet forces under Marshall Malinovsky got the word to attack), that the Soviets, since they’d rejected any Japanese entreaties to intervene and mediate an end to the war, would attack was no surprise at all. They were not aware of just how badly their vaunted Kwantung Army was being beaten when the War Cabinet made its decision to approach the Emperor and sue for peace, simply restating the prior request that the Japanese people be allowed to retain the monarchy if they chose. IMO, had this been granted nearly a MONTH before the Hiroshima bombing, the Japanese would have given up, saving not only the two cities from the atomic bombs, but also many thousands dying all over the Pacific theater in the ongoing combat. Furthermore, without the Soviets having a legal pretext to invade Manchuria, perhaps the Kuomintang would have remained in power, and 75 years of further misery would not have been inflicted on China.

            • Yes, what you wrote is exactly my understanding, from what I have read, which is most likely less than you have.

    • ‘These are the “subhumans” sacrificed to nuclear weapons tests.’ — turtle blues

      Visiting the Hiroshima peace museum might give second thoughts to some who view the nuclear bombing of Japan with equanimity.

      There’s a girl’s tin lunch box, with the pattern of her plaid school dress melted onto it by the atomic flash.

      And a set of concrete school steps, with the mortal shadow of a child etched onto it by the blast.

      You can’t ever unsee these things.

      Japanese would be perfectly justified in calling it a holocaust.

      • For that matter, according to what I have read, the firebombing of Tokyo killed more people than either of the nuclear weapons tests. “Holocaust” means “burnt offering,” which perfectly describes incendiary bombing of civilian targets.

        General Curtis Lemay is on record as stating that, had the U.S. lost the war, he expected that he would have been tried and convicted as a war criminal for directing the incendiary bombing of Japanese civilians.

        It goes without saying that Lemay’s British counterpart, Arthur Harris, would have been in the same dock, had the “Allies” (the “good guys”) not prevailed. As they did, Arthur Harris was knighted, and a statue of him erected in a prominent location.

        I believe Field Marshal Goering had it right when he said, “We are here (i.e. Nuremberg trials) because we lost the war.” Victor’s “justice,” in other words.

        • Yes, the atomic bombing of Japan was a true “holocaust”, unlike the phony European “holocaust™© ” and it’s phony 6 million figure.

        • Those Japanese children likely never knew what hit them.

          In the “Snafu” series of light-hearted and ribald, for the time, adventures of a dopey private (his name standing for Situation Normal, All (Fouled) Up”), the atomic bomb was inadvertently referenced several months prior to the Trinity test. The part showing the Japanese-held island being blown up and leaving a deep crater was censored out; an investigation was conducted to see if anything about the Manhattan Project had leaked out to the Warner Brothers cartooning staff. It’s well to watch the entire cartoon, but the “offending” part is at 1:22…

  11. From Fourth of July (1845)

    The bells ring; the cannon rouse the echoes along the river shore; the boys sally forth with shouts and little flags, and crackers enough to frighten all the people they meet from sunrise to sunset. The orator is conning for the last time the speech in which he has vainly attempted to season with some new spice the yearly panegyric upon our country; its happiness and glory; the audience is putting on its best bib and tucker, and its blandest expression to listen.

    And yet, no heart, we think, can beat to-day with one pulse of genuine, noble joy. Those who have obtained their selfish objects will not take especial pleasure in thinking of them to-day, while to unbiassed minds must come sad thoughts of national honor soiled in the eyes of other nations, of a great inheritance risked, if not forfeited.

    Much has been achieved in this country since the Declaration of Independence. America is rich and strong; she has shown great talent and energy; vast prospects of aggrandizement open before her. But the noble sentiment which she expressed in her early youth is tarnished; she has shown that righteousness is not her chief desire, and her name is no longer a watchword for the highest hopes to the rest of the world. She knows this, but takes it very easily; she feels that she is growing richer and more powerful, and that seems to suffice her.

    These facts are deeply saddening to those who can pronounce the words “my country” with pride and peace only so far as steadfast virtues, generous impulses, find their home in that country. They cannot be satisfied with superficial benefits, with luxuries and the means of obtaining knowledge which are multiplied for them. They could rejoice in full hands and a busy brain, if the soul were expanding and the heart pure; but, the higher conditions being violated, what is done cannot be done for good.

    Such thoughts fill patriot minds as the cannon-peal bursts upon the ear. This year, which declares that the people at large consent to cherish and extend slavery as one of our “domestic institutions,” takes from the patriot his home. This year, which attests their insatiate love of wealth and power, quenches the flame upon the altar.


    We know not where to look for an example of all or many of the virtues we would seek from the man who is to begin the new dynasty that is needed of fathers of the country. The country needs to be born again; she is polluted with the lust of power, the lust of gain. She needs fathers good enough to be godfathers – men who will stand sponsors at the baptism with all they possess, with all the goodness they can cherish, and all the wisdom they can win, to lead this child the way she should go, and never one step in another. Are there not in schools and colleges the boys who will become such men? Are there not those on the threshold of manhood who have not yet chosen the broad way into which the multitude rushes, led by the banner on which, strange to say, the royal Eagle is blazoned, together with the word Expediency? Let them decline that road, and take the narrow, thorny path where Integrity leads, though with no prouder emblem than the Dove. They may there find the needed remedy, which, like the white root, detected by the patient and resolved Odysseus, shall have power to restore the herd of men, disguised by the enchantress to whom they had willingly yielded in the forms of brutes, to the stature and beauty of men.

    If we remove the tools the animal clearly is degenerating…

  12. I have to laugh at the bitter irony of independence day being celebrated in this society of shameless slaves. I travelled a few days ago. Four different airports in disparate parts of the country. Nothing but obedience to absurdity in all directions as far as the eye could see. Fomite freaks one and all. Of the thousands I saw in the airports I counted on one hand the individuals (including myself) that did not debase themselves with the talisman of subservience. Yes, I strapped my fomite over my face when I had to board the plane. I would be denied entry otherwise. But no such enforcement exists in the airports. Yet the freaks persist. They persist in their enslaved group think absurdity. Fomite on the chin. Fomite on the neck. Fomite shifted up and down. Fomite on. Then off. Then on again. The only consistency to any of the grotesque kabuki was that some type of fomite was always visible somewhere. The talisman of subservience and supreme idiocy was brandished by all. The part that disturbed me the most was the creeping realization that many of these freaks I observed were the same people that I encounter on sites like this, and whose comments of resistance I read elsewhere. On the internet, the spoken resistance to slavery is strong. In real life, there isn’t any. Independence day indeed. This society is not fit for independence. Slavery suits us.

    • Hi Jody,

      Not this clown!

      I’ve not worn that loathsome rag once, even briefly – and never will. No matter what it costs me. I will not get on an airplane ever again if the condition of entry is playing Kabuki – and affirming the lie. My sister and I are at odds over my refusing to play along as the price of being admitted to the prison for the elderly where our mother is caged. They require Kabuki and I will not perform it (though my sister is willing). I do not wish to be estranged from my sister nor to never see my mother again. But I cannot and will not be leveraged by family considerations into bending to this disgusting and evil business.

      I maintain that if enough if us did the same, disgusting and evil business would be less.

      • As I explained to my former wife when I refused to fly to Florida with her when her father died. There would be no point in trying. I would just end up in jail. This is not merely an opinion on my part. It’s the attempt to save my immortal soul.

      • Good on you Eric, and John Kable and anyone else that resists slavery as vigorously (in real life) as you do. You pay a real price for your principles and you have my utmost respect. Point is, the exception proves the rule. You, and me and the tiny handful of us that have principles and backbone are a statistical anomaly. Not even a remnant. My time in the airports proved this. Call it a black pill, call it reality, call it whatever you want. The worst part of this situation is that there is a significant portion of the population that knows better than to strap a fomite on their face or to offer themselves up for harmful experimentation as pharmaceutical farm animals. Yet they do it anyway. They are obedient to absurdity and evil even whey they aren’t forced to. I saw a nation of compliant zombies. Spiritually dead. Comfortable with slavery and well suited to it. I keep hearing stories about people waking up. I’ve been hearing these stories for a year and a half now. They are false.

        Land of the free and home of the brave. Haha. Good one. Is it April 1 or July 4? I think I have my holidays confused.

        • Hi Jody,

          I understand your feelings – and often share them. But, it is critically important to not give up hope while there is still hope and there is hope as long as we live and can act. Evil thrives on inertia – fueled by a sense of inevitability. Nothing is inevitable until it has happened – and it is always a minority that determines the course of history, for good and evil.

          • I’m with you Eric. Hope is not given up. Nor is the fight. The fight will continue regardless of the circumstances because the fight in and of itself is good. I merely comment on what I observe, the state of affairs, as do you. It ain’t pretty. It’s exceedingly grim. I understand the importance of positive thinking, positive attitude, all that. Equally important is confronting reality. The reality is, this is a degenerate and decaying society. A dying empire. The loop of history proceeds. We that value liberty will do well to recognize the time and place we live in. Beyond that, it’s past time for those of us that value liberty to push back, and hard, if we haven’t been doing so already.

          • “I ran out of patience.” Everybody’s heard that one. An excuse that describes the assortment of bio-variables that produced quit, all under the rubber rubric of “patience.”

            But patience has nothing to do with quit.

            And neither does hope. “I lost hope…so I quit.”

            The cartel-doc stopped, or “was stopped” (a la FDA’s surely coincidental “reclassification” of things like insulin as “biologics” – instead of “drugs” – March ’20…yet anther Volstead Act), filling your hopium prescription, so, “of course,” you quit?

            Bullshit. Just another “argument” from “authority” permission slip to do what will be done anyway. Institutional wo/man’s got a constitution & those chains ain’t just paper with pretty scribbles on it.

            Fuzzywuzzy was a bear…Hairy-kari narrative grows faster than nair can depilate those emperors’eppuku follicles:


    • Hi Jody,

      I disagree with you that there is no resistance. I see no reason not to accept people’s word when they state what they do. Most of us will never set foot in an airport again, because that is how much we believe in it. My days flying to the Caribbean or thinking about visiting Europe are over. I will not wear a mask or quarantine or show them my vaccine passport. I refuse to participate. If that means I will never see Anguilla again or will never set foot in Denmark, so be it. If I can’t drive there I won’t be visiting. Many, on this site, share this same sentiment. We won’t partake in the ritual so we will not set foot in an airport, train station, bus, doctor’s office, or business where masking up is an requirement.

  13. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826. Been gone for 195 years. If they would return, there would be a revolution.

    There is no creator, no God, therefore, there are no God-given unalienable rights. Every Marxist will tell you that. Life? Liberty? Pursuit of happiness? Get out of here.

    Lots of fussing and fighting over something that doesn’t even exist.

    Just a pigment of some crazed thinker’s imagination.

    “Dedicated tot he proposition that all men are created equal.” – Abe Lincoln

    All men are not created equal.

    • Morning, Drumphish!

      Abe was parroting the “equality” of the French Revolution’s demagogues; he was no fool – he was a sharp lawyer – and knew perfectly well the difference between equality before the law and equality of condition. Abe was America’s Hitler – and the latter admired the former.

      • Eric, really?! I’ve never heard this. Have any quotes for reference? Of course, I can do my own research, not that I doubt what you’re saying. I’m guessing Der Fuhrer admired Abe’s ability to suspend laws and liberties at will?

        Maybe you could do an article? 😀

  14. That’s an righteous picture of Lincoln, Eric. 😀

    Has there been any talk of non-contiguous secession? It could easily begin with towns and counties simply banding together and not requiring anyone to give Uncle his “cut”. Eventually Longshanks would send his entire Northern army against us, to include F-15s and nuclear weapons. But no matter. It would be no more successful than erasing the Taliban from Afghanistan.

    • Problem is, Cities, Counties, and States get a “cut” of the returned loot, so they fall in line out of fear of losing their “federal grants.”

      See how that works?
      Fed Gov steals money from honest citizens, then offers to give *some* of it back, provided citizen, or groups of citizens, a.k.a. “local government” does whatever Fed Gov tells them to.
      Local yokels like this, because any time citizens question a costly local project, they get told it is being financed by “federal money.” You know, Santa Claus, who always knows whether you have been naughty, or nice. Naughty boyzngirlz get no pudding.

      • Yeah, Turtle, people need to quit with the Faustian bargains.

        Same problem with half of people paying all of the income taxes, while the poorer half are “on the take”. It keeps the populace divided and controlled, and the Feds’ indigent army will always vote in whatever way necessary to keep their gov’t cheese coming.

        • And most “wage earners” are too stupid to grok that a “tax refund” is a return of stolen property. IOW, the Government stole money from your paycheck, kept it for a year, and paid you *zero* interest for that privilege. How’s that for a scam?

          • Hi Turtle,

            Indeed. And – there’s the additional element of the the returned stolen funds having been stolen from someone else, compounding the theft! And, arguably, us complicit in the whole disgusting scheme…

            • Not arguably.

              “I paid in” is a lie.

              What was taken is gone.

              What is “taken back” pays for the lie, & buys the complicit accomplice with bribery bits, extortion exponents, all the trespassive forces & frauds.

              Stimmy checks. SS checks. Cartel membership econ rents extractions (such as “doctors fees”). Tesla subsidies.

              Whatever, on & on, all of it.

              “You can’t cheat an honest man.” ~ Larsen E. Whipsnade

              The cheatsheet wearing clan is huge…not many honest wo/men…not many intelligent wo/men…not many persons (better it turns out than “individuals”)…mostly just lots & lots of passions, of the Pavlovian persuasion…salivary glands disguised as people…& who never ask for whom the bell tolls.

  15. We are at the same phase as Weimar Germany. Our institutions are thoroughly taken over by a foreign element no different than was the case in post WW1 Germany.
    From a government that is “sold to the highest bidder” with corruption not only with politicians, but with the basic workings of federal agencies, all which have been compromised and politicized to the extreme, the only “solution” is a wholesale “cleaning” of all of our institutions.
    All foreign influences must be excised. As painful as it will be, it is necessary.
    Start with the expulsion and deportation of any politician who has signed a “loyalty oath” to any foreign country. Yes, this includes Israel.
    All public officials, elected, appointed and “alphabet agency” employees would be required to re-apply for their positions after being thoroughly vetted by a newly-formed outside agency. Grand juries would be empaneled for “difficult cases”.
    Dual citizenship would be grounds for immediate, permanent deportation. This could be avoided by formally declaring revocation of foreign citizenship at each respective country’s embassy or consulate.
    Serving in a foreign country’s military would be grounds for immediate, permanent deportation and loss of American citizenship.
    This wholesale clean up is necessary in order to “restore the Republic”.

    • Wrong again, Annie. Purging “foreign influences” or any of your other nonsensical ideas will not “restore the Republic” for the simple reason that the the corruption here is and always has been primarily home-grown.

      • The Republic died a long time ago.

        “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.”
        “The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right; the spirit of liberty is the spirit which seeks to understand the mind of other men and women…”
        – Judge Learned Hand 1944

        • Indeed it did. The Constitution itself represents a counter-revolution by the Federalists that made the corrupt monster we’re dealing with today possible. We are essentially living in the end result of Alexander Hamilton’s vision for America.

          It did not take long for the young Republic to start going off the rails, with no “foreign influences” needed. The ink had barely dried on the Constitution when the rot started to set in. For example we had the Whiskey Rebellion and then a few years later the Supreme Court appointed itself as the arbiter of what the document says and means. (The latter in effect means that the Constitution has no real meaning since its provisions can be interpreted away. As we have seen over the ensuing years that is what has happened.)

          • R biter
            S biter
            bag biter
            It’s all the same

            One pair of arms is like another
            I don’t now why, or who’s to blame
            I’ll go with you, or with your brother*
            It’s all the same
            – Aldonza’s song, from Man of la Mancha
            *mother, for all you male singers
            anti-ageist, and all that
            (besides, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Ref: Ben Franklin)

            And now we have Willie Brown’s ex ho as Vice President of the U.S.A.

            Que bueno.

          • There was another means of Constitutional enforcement, called secession. Which ended in 1865. A State could simply say “play by the rules, or we’re quitting and taking our marbles home”.

          • The Constitutional Convention was nothing short of a coup. Writing a new one was not a part of its mission statement, possibly altering the Articles of Confederation was. Since the Articles did not provide for its own replacement, doing so was a breach of the law.

          • Don’t forget the Alien and Sedition Acts. John Adams was one of the signers of the Constitution and championed that the “12 articles” (2 didn’t pass, so that’s how we got 10 Amendments later termed the “Bill of Rights”, one of the measures that didn’t pass did…in 1992, some 203 years after it’d been proposed and failed to pass the first time, as the 27th Amendment, which freezes Congressional salaries during the current term. Yep, the ink was barely dry on the document before the “Federalists” under Hamilton were already regarding it as so much “FOOLScap”.

      • When over 500 congress critters sign a “loyalty oath” to a sh!tty little country” in the middle east, THAT is TREASON.

        • Yes, indeed.
          And, truly, a shitty little “country” with which the vast majority of U.S. citizens have absolutely nothing in common, a country founded on principles which are nearly the exact opposite of our own.

        • Or that 58,000 of our boys gave their lives for a little “pissant” country in SE Asia (the term was coined by LBJ), whom we lavishly equipped with combat aircraft, tanks, APCs, and so on to fight their own battles, ostensibly. The ARVN generals sold parts and whole weaponry on the black market and even to the ENEMY, and were often bought off by the NVA to “throw the fight.”. Hence why the NVA, barely HALF the size of the ARVN, achieved one of the most lopsided victories in military history, with their tanks breaking down the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon only three months after they began their offensive in the Central Highlands some 400 miles away.

          I believe it was Jefferson that railed against “foreign entanglements”, too bad we didn’t listen.

    • At the very least, holders of “dual citizenship” should be prohibited from employment with the U.S. federal government in any capacity. Doesn’t matter which other country* – no man or woman can serve two masters.
      Doesn’t matter the level of employment, either. In time of war, who knows what low level employee might commit an act of sabotage. That would also extend to employees of companies which contract with the Fed Gov in *any* capacity, not only military or “defense” contractors.

      I agree with your Weimar Germany assessment, particularly as it relates to:
      1. Unsound currency, and
      2. Glorification/celebration of all forms of immorality, particularly sexual perversion.
      *Yes, that would include Great Britain.

        • F* Alan Greenspan, and anyone who looks, thinks or acts like him.
          So there.

          Ich bin Amerikaner.
          We recognize no title of nobility here.
          No exceptions.
          No quarter given, nor asked.

  16. Looking back through American history, states WERE considered to be separate entities, with a voluntary, loose confederation called the “federal government”.
    The only purposes of the federal government were to raise armies (from the several states) in case of invasion by outside sources, deliver the mail, coin money, and resolve interstate disputes between “the several states”, nothing more.
    Citizens of the “several states” considered themselves to be citizens of their respective states, NOT “citizens of the united States”.
    A citizen residing in Virginia was considered to be a citizen of Virginia, NOT a “citizen of the united States”. Likewise, a citizen residing in Georgia was considered to be a citizen of Georgia, and the like.
    Notice that the word “united” is not capitalized in the documents of those times.
    This all ended with the “War of Northern Aggression” which greatly expanded the powers of the federal government and subordinated the states to the (external) control of the federal government.
    One could safely argue that the states that were “(re)admitted to the Union” did so under duress; any agreements signed could be considered “null and void”. The end of “reconstruction” was based on the states signing “non-secession” agreements, as a condition of being readmitted to the “union” which was a way to force the states to succumb to the will of the federal government. Duress, indeed.
    To Texas politicians’ credit, the state of Texas never signed a “non-secession” statement subordinating itself to the power of the federal government.
    It would be interesting to see what the feds would do if Texas decided to “go on its own”. Texas, possesses its own electrical power grid and could easily divorce itself from both the eastern and western power grids if it chose secession.

    • ‘A citizen residing in Virginia was considered to be a citizen of Virginia, NOT a “citizen of the united States”.’ — anarchyst

      Lincoln used the chaos of the war years to split off West Virginia from Virginia, in defiance of the constitution.

      This had little to do with ideology. The poor soil of the Appalachians (and the Ozarks) does not lend itself to plantation agriculture, so slavery was largely irrelevant to hillbilly regions.

      Now Lincoln’s bloody-minded perfidy in creating another Union-symp state has rather blown up in his gaunt, syphilitic face:

      ‘West Virginia lawmakers have eliminated the sales tax on all small firearms and ammunition and are also offering weapon manufacturers tax credits in hopes of sparking an economic boom.

      ‘House Bill 2499 went into effect on July 1. Customers can purchase handguns, shotguns, rifles, and whatever their heart desires (chambered up to .50 caliber) without sales tax.’ — ZH

      AH HA HA HA — them borderers came back to bite ya, Abe.

      Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Jed and all his kin
      And they would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin’ in
      You’re all invited back next week to this locality
      To have a heapin’ helpin’ of their ‘hospitality’

      Hillbilly that is. Set a spell, take yer shoes off

      Y’all come back now, y’hear?

      — Paul Henning, The Ballad of Jed Clampett

  17. Every 4th of July our local rag publishes the full text of the “Declaration of Independence” and the cognitive dissonance is just mind boggling. Everything that the signers enumerated against the British is being carried on by Uncle in spades; I try to read the entire thing but usually gag about halfway through and have to get a couple drinks to regain my sanity.

    • > our local rag
      I guess that would be the Boston Glob.
      Many years ago, there were three:
      Glob -> (Globe)
      Herald Travesty -> (Herald Traveler)
      Wretched American -> (Record American)
      Does your memory extend that far?
      No doubt the Herald Traveler was a merger of Herald + Traveler, and Record American likely a merger of Record + American.
      My own memory is from late 1960s, and the local propaganda rags in Boston at that time were as stated above.

      • You are correct sir! (Ed McMahon voice) I remember the Herald and Traveler as two separate papers before they merged; the Record American as one, though everyone called it the Record; and the Globe. I came to college here in 1965 and for a while had a part time job driving a truck for a distributor that delivered all three of the papers in bulk to local stores. The white collar neighborhoods got mostly Globes while the blue collar ones mostly Heralds, and the Record was for the sports junkies and gamblers as it always had “the number” and racing results from around the country. All that’s left today is the Boston Globe, and even they are owned by The NY Times. Sad days for local/independent journalism.

        • Memory time. 🙂
          I lived in Cambridge from Sept ’66 until Sept. ’71.
          Friends from that era still live in Central Square.
          Like you, they never left. 🙂

          I remember it being easy to get Celtics tickets, during the time they won NBA something like (x-1) out of (x) times.
          Bruins tickets were nearly impossible to get, even when the Bruins were in the cellar. Is Boston a hockey town, or what? 🙂

          Go, Red Sox!
          (Actually, I’ve always been a Dodger fan, but what the hell.:)

    • At one time, the CA license plate on one of my cars read:
      SEA SEED
      I still have the physical plates, although not on any vehicle as I quit paying the additional fee when I traded that car on a newer model, long ago.

      Occasionally, some one would ask me what it meant.
      My reply was always, “It means what it says,” or words to that effect.
      Generally, this was met with a blank stare.

  18. Superbly written article, Eric…I grew up in General Sherman’s hometown in Ohio, so the Union were always presented as the “good guys” as opposed to the “Rebels” who were sore losers. (My mother, though, never particularly cared for the way Sherman was honored, as she believed the March to the Sea and the burning of Atlanta were unnecessarily cruel and a bad example to follow.) I always wondered though, growing up, why it was so bad for the Confederacy to want to be independent and why “preserving the Union” was such a great thing. I never got a satisfying answer (usually it was “the South wanted to keep slavery” or something like that, which still didn’t make sense since *all* the states still had slavery in 1776, so why was one “secession” good and the other bad? 🤷‍♂️

    • Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman were in command of the first western military to directly and intentionally attack non-combatants.

    • “The Racist Rebels” were democrats. That is the party of slavery, jim crow and segregation. Who set up the federal welfare state? LBJ, KKK-democrat, TX. This has destroyed the family unit of which ethnic group?

    • The only answer I ever heard that made some sense was that if Lincoln allowed succession, it would be the end of the R party

      Not sure that would have actually happened & only 7 states succeeded before inauguration day

      Buchanan didn’t feel the need to go to war over it.

      The slavery issue – or righteous cause myth – didn’t appear until the war was well underway & the union states had slavery until December of 1865, so sure is hard to claim they were fighting to end slavery

      • Hi Dan,

        Lincoln basically founded the Republican Party, which was the Whig Party of Clay, reconstituted. And the Whigs were the Federalists, reconstituted. The common denominator was the same: A strong centralized state with the previously independent states reduced to administrative districts; in economics, state-managed trade, favoring favored big business interests; debt and taxes to enserf the population for the benefit of the same.

        • In other words, destroy the republic part of the Republic. Which was finished of in or about 1913, with the change in Senate selection from the State legislature, to a popularity contest, the change in requirement regarding taxation which allowed the income tax, the Federal Reserve Act, creating the privately owned Federal Reserve, and something I’m forgetting.

    • Or that 58,000 of our boys gave their lives for a little “pissant” country in SE Asia (the term was coined by LBJ), whom we lavishly equipped with combat aircraft, tanks, APCs, and so on to fight their own battles, ostensibly. The ARVN generals sold parts and whole weaponry on the black market and even to the ENEMY, and were often bought off by the NVA to “throw the fight.”. Hence why the NVA, barely HALF the size of the ARVN, achieved one of the most lopsided victories in military history, with their tanks breaking down the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon only three months after they began their offensive in the Central Highlands some 400 miles away.

      I believe it was Jefferson that railed against “foreign entanglements”, too bad we didn’t listen.

  19. The American Republic is dead, and has been for a while. A stolen election is the effect, not the cause. The American Empire may drag on a little while longer, but it is also running on fumes. It will soon collapse. Breakup is inevitable; the only question being how bloody it will be.

    “American” used to mean something. Bold, brave, assertive (some would substitute brash and arrogant), but also largely white, Christian, and descendant of the original colonists. Now everyone is American, which of course means no one is. (Hint: Italian-American, for example, means Italian first, American second. Just find one and ask him who the “home country” is. The ordering wasn’t an accident.) If you want to celebrate America, celebrate the old culture. Don’t LARP and wear a tricorne hat, but listen to the old music and sing the old songs (I’m not talking about Zeppelin here). Go to church, have manners, embrace family and the social circle. Get to know intimately the plot of land you stand on. When the country busts apart, whoever has the strongest culture is going to be the one that survives. We have been slowly convinced to give ours up, which is why we have been conquered.

    Whoever reclaims the pew and the dinner table first is going to win. Might as well be us.

    • That’s an interesting perspective and one that I’ve apparently found myself following! I’ve taken a strong liking to the “40s Channel” on XM radio. Of course, full disclosure, as someone that used to play clarinet it’s great for that alone (i.e., great clarinet playing).

      I grew up on classic rock. Zep and Hendrix being my all-time favorites. But now I see how most of classic rock was actually put on by the people with whom I am now particularly unhappy, i.e., liberals. I have finally, with 60 years not that far on the horizon for me, have grown tired of the degeneracy and idiotic “sex, drugs, and rock and roll… DUUUUUDE!” I still appreciate the compositions, musicianship and talent of many of the bands from that era but no longer do I appreciate much of the sentiment in the lyrics.

      I’m fully aware of the propaganda of the 40s era. The “great” war and what not. But it takes me back to an era… well before my time, so very much “romanticized” in my head… where people loved the country, loved freedom and were willing to fight for it.

      Not only that, it was very common (at least in song) for people to love each other. And not just profess love but in very classy, decent, heartfelt, and honest ways. Add in the amazing talent. Add in the “calm” before the “storm” of the NSA, 911, covid, and now essentially communist dictatorship now taking hold at the state government level.

      I listen to that in the car and I feel happy, “reliving” a world that I have never actually known much of. The beautiful women, singing so amazingly, so sweetly. The great talent of the big bands. It’s so wonderful, it’s almost like a fairy tale compared to contemporary life.

        • No, not in jest. First, let me start out with it seeming as though you missed the part where I said:

          – “I’m fully aware of the propaganda of the 40s era.”
          – “…well before my time, so very much “romanticized” in my head…”

          But ok, maybe you didn’t miss that. I may be wrong and that’s fine if I am. That’s how I learn, i.e., acknowledging that something I thought I understand could be wrong (and then understanding what is right).

          I’m not sure here though. Since I was not yet alive, I cannot say with any amount of certainty beyond what I think I have understood from my parents (and others that were alive during that time) and what I have seen and read about it.

          I think it is well understood that people in that era were less “sophisticated” in general in knowledge of the world and truly did believe and internalize the mainstream message of our government at that time, i.e., that WW2 was an existential threat to freedom, liberty and The American Way!

          I don’t believe that. I maybe did when I was a child. And I can only go on what I have seen/read being *portrayed* and, humans being humans, portrayals are always subjective and affected by bias and belief. I get that.

          Despite the validity of your source (which I am not going to challenge — I can’t really), I still think that common people did very much internalize the message (aka the propaganda) and believed they were fighting for freedom and were by and large willing to do so.

          And, if not *absolutely* such, at least *relatively* such when compared to the world in which we find ourselves today.

          You wanna say that my love of the 40s era *portrayal* is foolish, wrong, and mostly mythology? Well, I’m not going to say you’d be wrong about that if so. But I will say that comes off as, firstly something you should know that I already know, but most importantly, comes off as though you’re not willing to allow me to even imagine that everything wasn’t shit once upon a time. And a time before I was even born at that.

          OK, you maybe 100% right and I might be 100% wrong but I’m still going to entertain my love of that era and what I *think* it was *supposed* to be about.

          • I’ve always had a great deal of admiration and affection for former times, and ever since I was a child I’d always imagine how great it might have been to have been born earlier, BUT the one time period I’m glad that I wasn’t around for, were the 1940’s.

            I have a pretty good handle on what the 40’s were like, because my mother was a teen-early 20’s in that decade, as were my aunts and uncles- so I grew up hearing countless stories first-hand from the people who lived them. Add to that the fact that I grew up watching/listening to much of the popular media of the time (Everything from Bugs Bunny- to countless old movies, to popular music of the 40’s), I could go on…but you get the idea.

            The thing about the 40’s: It was ALL ABOUT the stinking war/’patriotism’/’the troops’. The American public in the 40’s was virtually without exception onboard with the war, and literally everything was about “Doingx your part” (even if you weren’t in “the suh-vice”) and felating the ‘dough boys’- and Gawd-forbid you voiced any skepticism or opposition, ….forget about ostrcism- that’d be a good thing- you’d be a fugitive!

            The BS was much more pervasive than even the current ‘Rona BS- and there wasn’t even TV back then. Literally EVERYTHING was about the war- from goods and products being rationed(Including gasoline and food) to “black-out drills” (Heaven forbid you leave a light on or light a cigarette!)- and then for quite some time after that, everyone was kneeling before Uncle, and life was all about what they could do for the vets…with your money, and autonomy.

            If this were the 40’s, this site would have been shut down…. (So much for the “They’re fighting for our freedom”), and you and I and everyone else here would either be in jail or dead.

            • Per your last paragraph, “this site would have been shut down”, is precisely why everyone had a commonality. There were no alternate news sources. The propaganda was ALL anyone heard.

              • That’s starting to happen again.
                Press TV was among the first.
                I expect there will be many more.

                You want to hear what the Iranian Foreign Minister has to say?
                > Zarif continued his studies at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, from which he obtained a second M.A. in international relations in 1984 and a Ph.D. in international law and policy in 1988
                >Tom Rowe, a professor at the graduate school who led the committee that oversaw Zarif’s dissertation, said: “He was among the very best students that I’ve ever taught.”[

                How about Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister?

      • I love the 1940s. I was the only girl in high school that idolized Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr. My basement walls are covered with framed black and white pics of Clark Gable, Robert Mitchum, and Lauren Bacall. I have all of Sinatra’s records. I watch Meet Me in St Louis and His Girl Friday to escape. I put on Artie Shaw and Duke Ellington to contemplate and calm down. It is relaxing to me. It is a bygone era where men were allowed to be men and women allowed to be women. No doubt it is propagandized like most of American history, but it takes me back to a time where life appeared classy and elegant.

        • I lived through the 1950s which weren’t very much different than the ’40s. Not to sugarcoat it, there was a lot of B.S. to deal with, but nothing at all like the “inmates running the asylum” situation we are faced with today. Heck, back then we still had real silver coin and even the paper money stated on its face “will pay to the bearer” the equivalent amount of silver on demand. Young people today have no idea.

          I’m still waiting to wake up safe and sound in 1955 with all of this insanity having been just a crazy nightmare.

          • Hey Jason, Bubby!

            The further back we go in American history, the better things were in many respects, due primarily to two factors:
            A)The further back one goes…the smaller government was.
            B)The further back we go…the less adulterated our common culture was.

            Big government really got off the ground with FDR- Coolidge and Wilson having paved the way. Coinciding with FDR’s criminal reign, they had largely perfected the techniques of mass propaganda with the technology they then had.

            I think the reason the 50’s-the 70’s were so pleasant, is that the period was somewhat of an anomaly, -a transitional period in which useful technology peaked; there was still enough of our culture extant to foster large segments of civil cohesive society, and, with the new technology of TV and advances in personal communications not yet having been consolidated and totally controlled by a technocracy or Uncle- these factors, combined with the fact that enough of the societal infrastructure of “the old world” still existed, combined to give us a period in which we still could have a good deal of relative freedom, and the ability to enjoy it as we chose.

            Those of us who were blessed to have lived through any part of that period are extremely lucky. We have a personal point of reference of how good even a modicum of liberty in a cohesive and civil society can be, -something which the younger generations have never experienced.

          • If only you could…at worst, you could deal with an eccentric local scientist and his new-fangled “flux capacitor”, but even he’d be incredulous that it’d work well enough to facilitate time travel, “Future Boy”.

        • That’s really cool! I also very much enjoy the cinematography of the era as well. As I discussed above, I do get that there’s always been govt. narrative (aka propaganda) shaping what people said, believed, did, were able to do without pushback, yadda, yadda.

          But, let’s talk about relativity… as Einstein said all things are. Nobody was talking about “systemic racism”. Sure, we already had the Federal Reserve and the income tax absurdities by that time.

          We didn’t have gender dysphoria. We didn’t have the same degree of medical tyranny. We didn’t have such a blatant multi-tiered system of justice and elite criminality. They had to at least put on the pretense of propriety!

          Lot’s of it was fake. I know. Everything is fake today.

          There’s no current music or cinema in which I am interested. It’s all shit. Every single method of pushing the agenda has been taken advantage of now. You can’t watch or listen to anything that isn’t trying to shape our minds away from the basic premise of individual freedom.

          I love Sinatra… Bob Hope… Doris Day… Judy Garland. I love watching Fred Astaire… Humphrey Bogart. I was born too late. If everything ever has always been fake and pretend, I still prefer the 40s. There was some amount of dignity and unity, love of country and each other, that you just cannot find any longer.

          Now, everybody hates everybody and the “in vogue” thing is an all-out assault on individual liberty. And there’s nothing I can do about it. So yeah, take me to my pretend place in the 40s, and I can be happy if only for a moment.

          • Sinatra, Hope, Day, Garland were all WHITE (and Gentile, to boot). There were black entertainers, MANY, who were very popular…but they were also cultured and dignified. The only “sex” in cinema was the amorous couple furtively making out, at least until the usher with the flashlight admonished them to “knock it off” or “get a room”.

            In the name of “tolerance”, we’ve given audience to way too much which is filthy, disgusting, anti-American, and anti-God. While it may be very one’s 1A rights to produce and/or view such crap, doing so fulfills Benjamin Franklin’s advice, after the Constitution was signed, what they’d created…”A REPUBLIC…IF you can KEEP it.”

          • Eure,
            I’ve also found the sounds of that time period very therapeutic. One album I particularly recommend to those looking to calm down is “When You Come to the End of the Day” by Perry Como, published in 1957. Twelve really nice songs. Imagining the kind of world where THIS was the popular music of the day, well you can almost see the sunshine and hear the birds singing.

  20. Reminds me of how my liberal in-laws — more specifically my wife’s sister-in-law — named one of their 3 kids “Lincoln” a few years back. Me having freshly read Judge Nap’s book on the subject… well… let’s say that my ranting about that namesake was NOT appreciated! 😁 (e.g., “Lincoln was a devout racist and said that blacks should be sent back to Africa”, etc, etc)

    But wait, it gets “better”. These VERY liberal (read “idiot”) liberals also happen to have the family name “Hamilton”. Yes indeed folks, introducing “Lincoln Hamilton” the soon-to-be super-blue liberal. 🙄

    I know it’s mean but I couldn’t help wondering out loud, “she must have still been super high on the epidural, right?” It wasn’t long after that, that my wife’s father (a decent guy but still a liberal), greeted me one day as “[his] favorite Republican”. To which I had to correct him. Nope, not a Republican because “they suck too… I quit that shit in my twenties… nowadays, I’m a libertarian.”

    I don’t know man. I’ve been disgusted with “Independence Day” since my twenties! I used to exclaim that “sure… we’re ‘free’… free to do as we’re told… and that’s about it!” I get that “The 4th” isn’t supposed to be about “our freedom” but about independence from oppression but apparently most people don’t seem to get that.

    Our independence has left us with a state ruled (now) by diktat, proclamation and decree. I guess we weren’t able to keep the Republic after all. I wonder if Ben Franklin would be more disappointed in us or more like “see, I told you so.”

    • Sounds like she named him perfectly, if he is to be raised as a blue pilled, the state is my religion type.

      I have the same view on independence day. As a kid, it was all about the town picnic, parades, games and the “celebration of freedom”.

      Then I grew up and read. Now it’s a day where once upon a time, a group put their asses on the line to tell a king with an army that they were done officially.

      Today it is simply a reminder that we are a “county” of weak teet sucklers, who don’t deserve the freedom that most think we actually have.

  21. Great article, hammering home a point that needs to be made again and again.

    Thanks Eric.

    Happy Secession Day!

  22. Originally the States were organized around a regional common interest, usually agriculture in nature since most were making a living toiling the soil.

    Today the regions are different within each state itself. There are large democratic cities promoting socialism and Marxism and everyone else. The state boundaries really don’t make sense any longer. State governments are dominated by the large city voters and do not represent the people nor respect the minority. My state is a good example; Washington is dominated by King County in Seattle. Other than that, the general population is more leaning to anyone who is not a Marxist. If it didn’t destroy the delicate balance in the Senate currently, I would suggest re-drawing state boarders that represent the people.

  23. Considering most of Colorado has outlawed fireworks on “Freedom Day,” and after the past year’s shenanigans, what are we celebrating?

    I mean for sure anyone who would set off incendiary devices in dry brush is an idiot, but what about people setting off a few firecrackers in a concrete parking lot? Should we all have to be subject to restriction due to the lowest IQ individual’s potential actions?

    Being treated like a child is growing tiresome.

    • Hi, RK,
      Nice little “love letter” from South coast AQMD this date:—fireworks—sunday-july-4-2021-through-monday-july-5-2021.pdf?sfvrsn=4

      I’s for “health reasons,” don’tcha know, due to fine particulates in the air.
      >In order to avoid increasing PM2.5 levels even further, South Coast AQMD recommends that the public avoid burning wood during periods of poor air quality. Per South Coast AQMD Rule 444, burning wood on the beach is prohibited in areas where PM2.5 AQI exceeds 100. On July 4th, beach wood burning is prohibited in Southwest Coastal Los Angeles County (Area 3) and South Coastal Los Angeles County (Area 4).

      I live in Western Riverside County. No ocean beaches here, only one river beach beside the Santa Ana River.

      No explicit threat to shut down backyard barbecues….yet.
      Wait until next year, though.

      • If SCAQMD wants to improve the Southland’s air quality, they should shut down Taco Bell and Del Taco, along with every shitty little “taqueria”. And those bozos worry about BOVINE flatulence…

        • LOL.
          That would be one shedload (polite form) of taquerias.
          Plea for clemency:
          Please spare Tudy’s on W. 6th St. in Corona.
          Their carnitas plate is excellent, and *cheap*. [shameless unpaid plug – I live within walking distance]

          Taco Bell is “not even food, as I understand the term,” to quote Dr. Lecter.

          To combat “global warming,” I suggest plugging the pie hole of every self important politician in the known universe (Earth, mainly). That ought to cure the (ostensible) crisis. Here’s looking at you, Algore.

  24. ‘The men who formally announced the withdrawal of the American states from the British Empire in July of 1776′ — EP

    *BZZZTTT* *diversity violation* AH-OOH-GAH! AH-OOH-GAH!!

    Your account has been suspended for using the discriminatory term ‘men’ in place of ‘people.’

    Worse, history indicates that they were all white *BZZZTTT* … some were from the South *BZZZTTT* … and even owned slaves *BZZZTTT* *BZZZTTT*

    This year, Congress replaced the July 4th day of infamy with a NEW independence day:

    This Act may be cited as the “Juneteenth National Independence Day Act”.

    By June 19, 2065 — the 200th anniversary of our full independence — we’ll all be marching with the new US flag combining the LGBT rainbow with traditional African colors, as sporadic gunfire and tear gas smoke wafts over the celebration.

    In new Lincoln dollars — created by lopping two zeroes off the former hundred-dollar bill — a beer is only five bucks ($500 in old dollars).

    To independence, comrades!

    • Don’t forget that we must remember the men AND WOMEN who “gave their lives” fighting for our freedom(s)!

      I once saw a question posed, “What kind of nation sends its women to war?”

      PS – I suspect that more women have been killed by lightning strikes than “fighting for our freedoms.”

      • “[The Selective Service Act] also sends a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way, and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict. We think those stereotypes demean both men and women,” said Ria Tabacco Mar of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project.

        Damn … being stereotyped as a gladiator hunk, when one actually wanted to stay home and bake cookies, really butthurts.

        • Women ARE less fit than most men and personally, I will happily volunteer to stay home and make meatloaf and cookies rather than put on a 70 lb. military backpack and strap an AK across my chest to trek off to god knows where.

          • One thing I love about motorsports is that it perfectly demonstrates some of the physiological differences between men and women, and how they fit into the equation. Some people keep trying to prove gender equality by putting women…cough-cough-Danica-Patrick-cough…into the drivers seat. And it continues to fail miserably.

            Or does it?

            I love NHRA drag racing. The technology is over the top. Getting 11,000 HP out of an eight cylinder engine? Pure insanity!

            Oh, and women have been incredibly successful in NHRA for decades.


            The perception that women are at a disadvantage in motorsports is because the vast majority of series are all about endurance. They’re about surviving a physical beating for hundreds of laps, hundreds of miles, dozens of hours. There you go. Males are better suited for taking physical punishment. And that’s why women do so well in NHRA. Drag racing takes the endurance variable out of the equation. It’s no longer about sustained physical punishment. It’s about head games, timing, getting a feel for the engine, sensing when the tires are about to break free from the track. Take the endurance variable out of the equation and the field turns level.

            • Hi Anon,

              As regards racing – road racing, ovals, etc. – I agree with you about endurance. There is also the related element of upper body strength. Men generally have much more of this, which gives them an advantage manhandling a race car for an hour (or several) around a track. Same goes for motorcycles. I’ve been on tracks in cars and bikes and I know how physically demanding it is to amateur race, even for half an hour. LeMans? Real racing? Forget about it!

              • That’s for sure, Eric. I did a lot of roadracing in karts when I was much younger (and pretty fit). With no steering gearbox to give you leverage, turning took a lot of effort. After an hour going around Mid Ohio or Road Atlanta, sometimes I could barely lift my arms enough to get my helmet off. Road America was easier because it was so huge you had more time to relax.

          • While “wimmings” (well “blow me down”, getting in touch with my “inner Popeye”) may generally lack the upper body strength of “fellas”, they’ve made very proficient snipers and light aircraft pilots (the Soviet 588th “Taman” Bomber regiment, flying PO-2 wood-and-canvas biplanes, piloted by young women, whom the Germans nicknamed “Die Nachthexen”, or “Night Witches”, which emblem these Russian girls proudly painted on their mounts).


            Now…”who’s the most remarkable, extra-ordinary fellow?”

        • And I’m sure that other nations around the world that are eyeing our real estate are just TERRIFIED of our armed women and trannies!

          • ‘The official pictures aimed to display the next generation of the Ukrainian Army: Dozens of female cadets marching in their fatigues and high heels, ahead of a parade next month for the country’s 30th year independence anniversary.’ — NYT


            Check out the saucy femdom pics.

            Stilettos are deadly weapons, if used to stomp your face.

            The Ukies are our second-best friends in the world, after the saintly Israelis.

            Good times, comrades.

              • The Japanese have been our mortal enemies since at least December 7, 1941.

                All governments, Israel’s and our own included, are nothing more than murderous armed criminal gangs running protection rackets and making gangland-style hits against each other. Governments have no “friends” as individuals understand the term, they merely have interests which may or may not coincide at any given time.

                • >All governments, Israel’s and our own included, are nothing more than murderous armed criminal gangs
                  Which, of course, does *not* imply that their citizens are thugs. Quite the contrary.

                • Morning, Jason!

                  As I read the history of those times, Japan- the government of the empire of Japan, a small junta of military and other such – was attempting to compete with the government of the empire of the United States (singular) also controlled by a small junta of the same types. The Japanese junta wanted to create an Asian version of the Monroe Doctrine. This stepped on the toes of the junta that controlled the American empire, which wanted weltmacht -world empire. And so events were maneuvered in such a way as to egg the Japanese junta on to perform a Fort Sumter – by attacking Pearl Harbor.

                  It is not unlikely that the American junta knew the attack was coming and even went as far as to leave a fleet of sitting duck – but obsolete – WWI-era dreadnought battleships in port, while conveniently keeping the modern carriers at sea.

                  It’s a grand game – and we are the pawns.

                  • Yes, and Japan provided a convenient test location for nuclear weapons, when the time came. Some people, including the notorious Theodore Seuss Geisel (“Dr. Seuss” – check his wartime cartoons), regarded the Japanese as subhuman, so no big deal killing a couple hundred thousand Nips to test your shiny new weapons.
                    Some physicists, including Niels Bohr, knew from 1941 that Germany had no nuclear weapons program. Werner Heisenberg made a special trip, on his own initiative, to Copenhagen to inform Bohr of that fact.
                    So, the original “justification” for the Manhattan Project (Nazis might build one) was bullshit, and high ranking scientists who were involved with the program *knew* it was bullshit.
                    Draw your own conclusions (political or otherwise).

                    • It is interesting to note that Nagasaki held the largest Catholic population within Japan. It is no secret that the mortal enemies of Catholicism (small hats) saw Nagasaki as a prime target. Anything to diminish the power of the Catholic Church is a “plus” for the “small hats”…hence Nagasaki being chose as a prime target for nuclear destruction.

                • Interesting that YOU lambaste Israel, Jason. Just proves that stereotypes fail.

                  I’d say the State of Israel is the WORST in the Middle East…except for ALL the others. If those “A-Rab” countries, at least some of them, didn’t have it in for the Jewish state, they’d turn on each, and they do ANYWAY. At least the late Anwar El-Sadat, who pushed for the attack to cross the Suez Canal on October 6, 1973 that opened the Yom Kippur War, had the sense to reach a peace agreement with Egypt’s most hated enemy, getting back the Sinai via negotiation where combat had failed. Anwar paid for it with his life, as on the Eighth anniversary of what Egyptians term “The Crossing”, during a military parade commemorating the event, a faction in the Army that secretly opposed him, participating in the parade, suddenly charged the Egyptian president’s review stand, mortally wounding him. Many think Hosni Mabarak, who succeeded Sadat, may have been in on it, as film of the assassination shows him ducking for cover before the attacking soldiers even leveled their weapons.

        • Q: What do you call an army which denies the biological differences between men and women?
          A: A losing army.

        • Here Is a solution to that problem, end selective service. Since the second or third time I read the Constitution, about the same time I turned 18, I fail to understand how it is somehow not involuntary servitude. No nation has a right to defend itself with conscription. If it’s not good enough for citizens to voluntarily do so, it doesn’t deserve it. In fact, the invader may end up better.

      • The Soviet army that ended WWII was coed. And they each got a ration of Vodka, supply lines permitting. So I’m not so sure about your assertion that lightning has killed more women than fighting for freedom. The Soviets were fighting for freedom from Hitler. Too bad they hadn’t the wherewithal to do so against Uncle Joe.

        • Bound to be more enthusiastic if the one next to you on the line is the same one you got drunk and had sex with last night.

          • >same one you got drunk and had sex with last night.
            Well, you could probably do that in the modern Armed Forces of the Yew Hess Hay, as well.

            Never leave your buddies behind.
            Never leave your buddy’s behind.

            At least in the U.S. Navy, all “modern” sailors are required to be sitzpinklers. Urinals are verboten, starting with Ford class carriers.

        • You forget that there were NKVD troops behind the actual soldiers whose sole purpose was to fire on their own soldiers if they did not move toward the enemy fast enough. Soviet troops who were unfortunate enough to be captured (POWs) were considered to be “traitors to the motherland” and when (forcibly) repatriated were sentenced to the gulags.
          As far as I am concerned, we “fought on the wrong side”. General Patton said as much when he observed the abuse inflicted on German POWs in Eisenhower’s “Rheinwiesenlager death camps”.
          If we had helped Germany roll into Russia, bolshevik communism’s back would have been broken and there would have been no “cold war”. Of course, we did the opposite and made the world safe for (small hat) bolshevik communism.

          • I forgot nothing of the kind. Nor did I sing any praises of the Soviet military. I simply pointed out that more women may have been killed in combat than have been struck by lightning.

          • “Every OTHER man gets a rifle, the other man follows him. The one with the rifle SHOOTS. When he gets killed, the other man picks up the rifle, and THEN he SHOOTS.”

        • Officially, the Soviet women were auxiliaries, akin to the US Army’s WACs or the Navy’s WAFs. It was actually against Soviet military law to assign women to combat units, but this was convenient ignored when famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaitsev, having been withdrawn from the front after the battle of Stalngrad to keep their “hero” doing photo-ops, opened up a sniper school, which he insisted should include women. Part of the reason, aside from that many of them were great “shots”, was that often sniping missions involved infiltration into the enemy rear, a woman could wear an ordinary overcoat and head scarf over her uniform and conceal her rilfe underneath as she made her way to the the “nest”.

          I’ve already described the 588th “Taman” bomber regiment in another post. Their “bombers” were, in fact, UNARMED Polikarpov PO-2 biplanes, made of canvas and wood, which could glide quite well and were hard to pick up on radar; most missions were flown “on the treetops” anyway. Part of how the unit’s existence was justified to the commanders of “Frontal Aviation” was that the PO-2 was in effect a “crop duster”, their mission was designated as “recon” and “liason’, that is, not actually a “combat” role, and if they happened to drop a few grenades or Molotov Cocktails on the “Fascist beasts”, all well and good.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. Recall what John Adams said about facts being troublesome things… he was of course a bastard in some ways but had many redeeming qualities as well. His friend Jefferson saw them. As Adams saw them in Jefferson. Such men made what was a pretty fine country, for awhile.

      • Eric,

        You cite Adams and Jefferson, the 2nd and 3rd presidents. Compare to Trump and Biden, the 45th and 46th:

        ‘Prosecutors are throwing the book at Alan Weisselberg to get him to turn states evidence against former President Trump.’ — WSJ

        This is happening under an exuberantly corrupt Biden regime:

        ‘Now there is a major allegation that Hunter used access to his father to seal previously unknown deals with Mexican businessmen, including Carlos Slim. A picture shows Hunter with the businessmen in the Vice President’s residence with his father.

        ‘New emails include references to the use of Air Force II by Hunter Biden to pursue the deals — a similar pattern revealed with regard to the China dealings.’

        If the two legacy parties start taking presidential scalps, the criminal conviction of Orange Man Bad in turn would take down peculating Old Corn Pop. Then comes Cackling Kamala, the Kalifornia Calamity.

        Have you attended your CRT struggle session today?

        Like the momentous shots fired at Fort Sumter, a visibly crazed californicator ruling by decree as Potus-47 would be the final deal breaker for most of America.

    • >we’ll all be marching
      To the Rainbow House in Roosevelt-Johnson, District of Comrades, to sing Kumbaya on Juneteenth and Kwanzaa.

      Christmas, as a Christian holy day, was outlawed many years ago.
      Some folks do celebrate Santa Claus Day, to give thanks for all the “gifts” “we” get from Our Savior, the almighty Fed Gov, alternatively known as Landru.
      The proper greeting for Santa Claus Day (a.k.a. “The Red Holiday”) is, “I wish you Good Cargo.”
      Bunny Day is observed similarly in April, though the date varies.

      Holidays (in ancient times, “Holy Days”) are color coded, you see.
      There is Pink Holiday in February, Green Holiday in March, and I forget the official colors for the rest of them. Red, White and Blue Holiday was once observed on 4 July, but seldom is these days, except by a fringe group of “white racist supremacists,” who are not allowed on airplanes, nor anywhere near the Rainbow House.

      WRSers (a.k.a. “Deplorables”) are taxed at a higher rate than The Diverse (a.k.a. “The Body”) as penance for being “born to privilege.” Most WRSers (a.k.a. “the Worst”) seem resigned to their dhimmitude, although some do dream up petty schemes to “lower their taxes,” for which they are hounded unmercifully.

    • I believe you mean george Floyd dollars. You don’t lead the victory at Gettysburg and personally punching adolf hitler out and not get your face on a piece of debased paper dontcha know.

  25. I have not “celebrated” the Fourth of July for many years. The fundamentals laid out in the Declaration of Independence have been pissed upon. I do occasionally celebrate the readily available fireworks, without a single thought about the Declaration.
    “He has created a multitude of offices, and sent forth swarms of officers, to harass our people and eat out their substance”. One of the complaints against King George in the Declaration that JUSTIFIED our secession. Has a better description of our current federal, and many State governments ever been written?

    • I don’t mind fireworks displays, even out on by the town. But I’m there to enjoy the large booms, and could give two shits about the reason for catapulting colored gunpowder in the air. I won’t fly any Amerikan flag or pledge to it, and I won’t remove my hat or pay tribute to the rockets red glare and their bombs in the air. As a whole, the complacent and ignorant people of this country have willingly or knowingly destroyed nearly every idea embodied in the Declaration and July 4th, and replaced them with perversion, violence, hatred, enstupidation, greed, and other assorted antitheses of human cohesion. From them I have seceded.

      • I have utterly hated “The Star Spangled Banner” since I was young. Probably had more to do with being forced to play it a thousand times as a kid in high school band but plenty to do with it’s meaningless rhetoric. The latter was well reinforced when I finally got to visit Fort McHenry a few years ago.

        Talk about “under whelming”!! These days, I think Antifa could capture that mound of dirt with little effort — not that anyone would care.

        The interesting thing about it (in this context anyway) is that the remaining canons were all mounted post 1812 for the (Un-) Civil War to keep the Confederacy from doing exactly what was so “gloriously” described in that Spangled song.

        I have also hated the word “spangled” since forever as well. Defined as “covered with spangles or other small sparkling objects or lights”, I always thought that Francis Scott Key was lazy and should have done better. Or heck, that our country should have chosen better for the theme song. Baltimore has memorialized Key by naming a huge bridge after him — don’t they know he was white?! 😁

        Not that any of it matters. “We” (meaning idiot liberals on everyone else’s behalf) have given it all away. For whatever in hell they think is the benefit. I’ve lost track of their story because it’s never made any sense. It’s become exactly as you’ve described. It’s disgusting and utter fallacy.

        Now where’s my firecrackers? I gotta “celebrate” by spangling something and pretend that it all means what they say. Oh wait… firecrakers… nope… those are banned. Someone could get hurt!!

        We need “The Safety Spangled Banner”! With a rainbow… and a hammer… and a sickle.

    • Said “pissing” made official at Appomattox Court house on April 9, 1865. Just as 2/3/1959 is culturally referred to as: “The Day the Music Died”, so 4/9/1865 should be sadly remembered as the day the VOLUNTARY association that was once the “united” States of America was replaced by the tyrannical National Government that SUBJUGATED the seceding states of the Confederacy. Given what was done under “Dishonest Abe” and by the tyrants in the “District of Criminals” since then, good ol’ King George (III) wasn’t so bad, was he?

      • Forgot to post what the character portrayed by the late John Vernon, Fletcher, says to his old friend, a US Senator Lane, after Fletcher’s guerrilla unit finally surrenders upon a disingenuous promise of amnesty (the surrendering Missouri renegades are summarily executed by a Gatling gun crew concealed in a covered wagon), “Don’t PISS down my back…and tell me ‘it’s raining’ “.

        • Morning, Douglas!

          The Outlaw Josey Wales is among my favorite movies. It combines brilliant acting by multiple fine actors (including John Vernon, Bill McKinney, Dan George and Will Samson – Big Chief from One Flew Over the Cuckoos’s Nest) with a powerful story. It is one of the best movies ever made about the war, in my opinion.

          The loathsome Yankee officer tells us precisely what we’re up against: There ain’t no end to doing right.

      • Hi Anon –

        Among other things, the British Army never practiced the degree of total war upon civilians as practiced by the Federal Army, which performed like a prototype Waffen SS army. Indeed, the Southern leadership made the error – in my judgment – of not practicing such tactics upon the invaders.

        • Before the War Between the States, no western military had ever engaged in such total ware, by including non-combatants as legitimate military targets. A thing which has been eagerly pursued by western militaries ever since. Up to and including nuclear attacks.

  26. The blue states and cities could never have come into existence if the States were still sovereign. In the current exodus from the blue, people still have to put up with DC., which has remained blue regardless which “party” is in power. If they didn’t, the blue would have never emerged. It would have died in its infancy. It’s not a working model without federal support. As their current state of bankruptcy clearly demonstrates.
    Isn’t it remarkable how the very most megalomaniacal POTUS in our history is sanctified as the best? In spite of being personally responsible for killing more Americans than all other wars combined.
    A nation without the right to secede is exactly like marriage without the right to divorce, as Eric has said. Forced to remain bound regardless of how much abuse must be endured.
    Such has also emerged in US foreign policy. Wherein Crimea having overwhelmingly voted to return to Russia, is still recognized by the US and its sycophants as pat of Ukraine. It’s called self determination, which is a bedrock principal of any sane and just political relationship.

    • Regarding “blue states” there is a solution. Of course in today’s climate the proper solution could never be enacted or implemented.
      The solution is to run gubernatorial elections on an electoral college system similar to the federal presidential election.
      A good example of “winner-take-all” abuse is that of Michigan. Michigan is largely a conservative state except for the major population centers which “by hook or crook” vote democRAT. As it stands now, democRAT candidates for governor, attorney general and secretary of state only need to actively campaign in the major population centers…Detroit, Flint, Warren and Grand Rapids. They can easily ignore the rest of the state. The cities are where their base comes from. The outlying rural counties have almost no say in gubernatorial elections. Thankfully, the Michigan legislature is largely Republican due to the decentralized nature of legislative branch elections.
      An electoral college system would force candidates to campaign in all 83 Michigan counties instead of the three or so counties that they presently campaign in.
      Another “sleight of hand” perpetrated by the “left” is the definition of “red state” vs. “blue state”. The definitions were “turned around” in order to “hide” the left’s traditional support of communism. By defining themselves (with the help of the mainstream media) as “blue states” they were able to falsely disassociate themselves with their true nature.

      • >The definitions were “turned around” in order to “hide” the left’s traditional support of communism. By defining themselves (with the help of the mainstream media) as “blue states” they were able to falsely disassociate themselves with their true nature

        Yes, exactly.
        So-called “blue” states are the natural habitat of “red diaper babies” and various fellow travelers. Although “blue” does seem appropriate, in the sense of “singing the blues,” because the gov’ts are AFU.

        [FWIW, I live in one of the few Rethuglican outposts remaining in Commiefornia. We prefer our Congresscritter (Ken Calvert) to actually *look* like Jabba the Hutt. Only slightly to the east, in Riverside (home to UC Riverside) a Dimocrat homosexual (male or female) holds a winning ticket, both at state and federal level.]

    • The analogy of an abusive marriage was made in this book that I’m devouring called, “It wasn’t about Slavery”. While I say the title is imprecise (it should read, “It Wasn’t About Abolition (of Slavery”), Prof. Mitchum puts out a great outline of what truly caused the War of Confederate Independence. Like me, he rejects the naming of that conflict as “The CIVIL war”, as it wasn’t for who controlled the National or Federal government, it was about a portion of the USA, dissatisfied with how things were going, decided to break away, much as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers had done from the UK.

  27. “after having to fight Great Britain, which made every effort to force the United States (plural) to remain within the bounds of what amounted to Unholy Matrimony, a marriage that one side no longer wished to be a party to.”

    Indeed. In fact, the United States could perhaps be considered the “child” of Great Britain, as they evolved from it, rather than a peer or spouse who had a choice to enter in to the union with GB in the first place…however, the marriage analogy becomes apt in that what became the US deserved to assert itself as an independent peer, after many years of deliberation and entreating for decency and respect, as you note.

    And asserting one’s individual independence from those with whom one cannot reasonably associate, after deliberation and sometimes disagreement, is also appropriate – in fact, required – in order to maintain one’s sanity and sovereignty.


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