The Letting-Us-Know

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How do we know what they are planning to do to us? Easy. Just listen to what they tell us they’re planning to do to us.

As for example this recent business with PayPal. A “policy” was announced (and quickly retracted) that stated account holders would be “fined” for the usually opaque reasons, such as “spreading misinformation” – never specifically defined – as if that mattered because PayPal wasn’t talking about refusing to provide a platform for the propagation of views it opposes (even if factual).

That being merely censorship.

And yes, it is precisely that when it is done in cooperation with the government, as a way to get around the irritating First Amendment that would otherwise constrain the government. The whack-a-mole nonsense about “private companies” having the “right” to not publish that which is disagreeable to them is precisely that – nonsense – because the “social media” corporations are creatures of the government as a matter of legal standing and simple fact and, moreover, actively work with the government to suppress the publication of that which the government regards as disagreeable.

But PayPal is not a “social media” company and what it proposed to do wasn’t merely to refuse to do business with those it finds disagreeable – which is an interesting thing in its own right when you remember that the Left has winnied for decades about the wrongfulness of free association in business transactions. It is in fact illegal – “discrimination” – to decline to transact business with, for instance, people whose sexual orientation you regard as not merely distasteful but morally wrong. Try – if you own a bake shop – to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, for instance. The government will fine you – and worse – for doing that.

So much for free association . . . when it doesn’t suit the Left.

And also when it does.

The Left’s principles are always situational, though the Left’s object is always the same: That which leads to power for the Left.

Now, as regards “fines.”

That is what PayPal was threstening to do, which is interesting as well because in the first place, PayPal lacks any lawful standing to fine anyone for anything. That power still being a perquisite of government. But it is more interesting than that, because “fining” people isn’t what PayPal was threatening to do. It was threatning to simply seize people’s property – their money – like a common criminal. Except without even the personal chutzpah of the common criminal, who at least has to risk his neck as part of the transaction. PayPal, on the other hand, could simply keep what isn’t theirs – by refusing to turn it over to its lawful owner.

Outright theft, presented as “policy.”

Naturally, news of this policy alarmed everyone who does business with PayPal, which is millions of people. The idea that money someone paid you for your work, or something they purchased from you – or money you had in a PayPal account for the purpose of paying others or purchasing things from them – could be just gone because PayPal was offended by something you wrote somewhere else, or because of an affiliation PayPal doesn’t like or for any reason whatsoever (other than evidence the money was stolen or fraudulently acquired) amount to something far worse than having your Twitter account closed or your videos “De-monetized.”

It amounts to a preview of what’s coming – and they wanted us to see it. Just as it was no mere coincidence that they told us a “pandemic” was coming shortly before it actually did. Just as they let us know about the “New World Order” decades before its debut. George H.W. Bush’s “thousand points of light” told us something, too – though the meaning of that is a bit opaque if you’re not read-up on what the Masons are planning.

Anyhow, they wanted to let us know. It wasn’t an accident, a sllp of the tongue – a poorly worded “release.” It was a shot across the bow. It was a warning that this is what they intend for us.

And what is that, exactly?

It is a system of total financial control in which your economic life can be ended as easily as turning off the power. It is the individual-level manifesation of ESG – the Environmental, Social and Governance shibboleths that lately determine corporate investment (or not) and in what (or not). Not according to what benefits shareholders but rather, according to what furthers-along whatever the narrative-du-jour happens to be. “Climate change,” for instance. It drives investment capital away from things that make money – and work – such as oil and cars that aren’t electric and diverts it toward “green” energy and EeeeeeeVeeees that don’t.

The next step is the application of ESG Principles to individuals – by punishing them when they fail to hew to the narrative-du-jour. Post something critical of “climate change” hysteria – or a fact about the drugs that aren’t “vaccines” – and they will simply Hoover up your money and style it a “fine.” It’ll do a lot to make sure you stay in line.

If you doubt it’s what they have planned, you failed to get the message they just sent.

What can we do?

Keep as little of what’s ours in their clutches, for openers. Not just PayPal. All of them. The banks, too – as they are part of the same system a ‘borning. Do business directly, as via cash and check.

It’s not as convenient, but it’s a lot better than being beholden.

. . .

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  1. Bud, you ain’t going to escape the Masons. Their intellectually vapid school of “philosophy” has permeated into every single aspect of life. One can even see some threads of it in the founding documents, so even returning to “Constitutional” government isn’t a safe bet. Secular Humanism is everywhere. We are just smart animals to them, as evidenced by the fact that they push out articles that subtly put the octopus on roughly the same level as humans.

  2. Hey, Raider Girl. I thought about you & your bank cash depositing experience while listening to a section on today’s SouthernPrepper1 broadcast:

    Someone in Texas said they had to provide ID – & previous employer – (they were retired) before being ‘allowed’ to pay a bill via a bank.
    They said they’ve been doing this for years,… but, suddenly.

    I dunno, “It amounts to a preview of what’s coming”?

  3. Alright! Nice touch EP on the reptile’s Masonic/Luciferian 1000 points of light speech. I see someone’s been studying 🙂

    • Well, I was hoping something in the video would clue me in on whatever “the Masons are planning,” but it was nothing but the same old speech I watched when it was originally given.

      • Hi Henry,

        The “thousand points of light” is a Mason term. Bush – being a Mason – used it for a reason. They like to tell us who they are – and what they have in mind, right-in-our-faces style.

  4. Ugh! Gay wedding cakes. And the one with two “brides” and rainbow colors on it is especially disturbing.
    This country is going to hell in a hand basket. Sad.

  5. Just closed my PayPal account, online, with no problems. But I haven’t used it for some time. They didn’t even ask for a reason. Let’s hope their stock goes down into the toilet for this evil scheme.

  6. There is a solution…
    Repeal Section 230 of the Communications Act which gives social media platform immunity from responsibility for content posted by users, but also grants them the ability to censor content that they don’t like.
    They should not and cannot have it both ways.
    The solution is to make every social media platform with a market share of over 10% a “common carrier”, not unlike the phone companies. When was the last time you heard of a phone company censoring a user’s speech or other content?
    This would solve the problem of censorship and would really promote true “free speech”.

  7. As regards the wedding cake nonsense: it was a mistake to ever fight this on grounds of religious freedom. You can say, “My religion teaches that homosexual unions are wrong.” But then the happy couple can just as easily say, “But our religion says they are OK.” And there you sit. It is a loser of an argument.
    This crap should have been opposed right from the start as a violation of property rights, period. You shouldn’t forfeit the freedom to use your property as you see fit just because you invite the public to trade with you. “Public accommodation” laws should be abolished.

    • It’s called a “double standard”…
      The tragic part of the “wedding cake” discrimination suit is that it only applies to white conservative Christians. Muslims and jews can discriminate with impunity and get away with it. You are correct that the religious argument did not appear to hold much weight. Despite the U S Supreme Court ruling for the baker, the “state” still continued to harass the business.
      Muslim bakeries in the same state have refused to bake cakes for homosexuals and have had no action taken against them.
      Jews openly discriminate in “jews-only” communities and school districts and get away with it, (Kiryas Joel New York, among others). In these “jews-only” communities, if you are not “of the tribe” you cannot own property, establish residency, or send your non-jewish children to the “public schools”. As an aside, residents of these communities have no problem collecting welfare and other “public assistance” out of proportion to their numbers. The number of criminal financial scams that come out of these communities are many.
      It is only whites that are bound by so-called “civil-rights” (for some) and “public accommodation” statutes and laws. “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” is (((their))) mantra.

  8. Too Late. Wife and I cancelled 2 seldom used accounts this morning. Cancelled Venmo to. Paypal owns them. F U PP! Den and Jackie

    PS. Awesome site Thank you!

  9. I just realized that I was a PayPal user for 20 years as I closed my account this morning. I could only do it over the phone. I talked to 2 different Indians who just couldn’t seem to get it done until I got pissed. 45 minutes. They kept saying that I had upcoming charges so they couldn’t close it. Not true. I am pretty sure that they were hoping to wait me out and I would forget to close it. It’s closed now.

    Who’s next? We need our own cancel culture.

  10. PayPal, Bail-Ins, & The Necessity For Trustless Money

    When the Canadian government unilaterally seized bank accounts of not only the truckers who protested vaccine mandates in Ottawa (most of which are now gone anyway), but also designated the accounts of citizens who legally donated via GoFundMe or GiveSendGo as targets (sourced from a spreadsheet that somebody hacked from a third-party website, btw), that was a bell that can’t be un-rung.

    Even after Trudeau had to sheepishly rescind the Emergencies Act within a week of ramming it through Parliament (that it wasn’t going to get past the Senate aside, the rumours were that he nearly crashed the banking system), it was still a bell that can’t be un-rung.

    nearly crashed the banking system
    Canada’s major banks go offline in mysterious hours-long outage
    The cause of the outage is yet to be known but its timing is rather interesting, just days after the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act amid ongoing ‘Freedom Convoy’…..was it a test or a warning?

    In 2013, during the banking crisis in Cyprus, the first “bail-in” was enacted, when depositors’ savings were confiscated from their bank accounts to recapitalize a banking system that had over-leveraged itself through excessive bad debts to zombie companies.

    ATTENTION: In Lebanon, the bells have been ringing for two years, as banks there have frozen depositor accounts during an ongoing banking system crisis.
    NOTE: Lately, armed citizens have taken to storming bank branches and taking hostages in an effort to get their own money out……lol…….this makes you want to take your money out of the bank today……

    All of this is a just a hint of what life will be like under Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

    Nearly two years ago The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto which laid out where all this is going. In it I said CBDCs were coming, and they would be the rails for things like UBI and MMT, but they would be constructed in a way that precluded wealth formation, including:

    Expiry dates on “cash”
    Negative interest rates on “savings”
    …and most importantly, for our purposes today:
    CCP style social credit.

    it’s the logical progression of decades of central bank malfeasance combined with a climate of cancel culture being normalized and now financialized .

    In case you weren’t aware: there are serious policy discussions underway about Personal Carbon Allowances. Your personal carbon allowance.

  11. What’s next, confiscation of your IRA and bank accounts?

    I live in the Marxist state of Washington. The idea of pulling up and moving to a more politically friendly state has crossed my mind. However, there is a consequence by moving away which is nullification of my voting power. If we all go and congregate in friendly states our votes will be deluded similar to California. In Ca; the whole communist state of 30MM+ can vote themselves socialism, but they only get their 50 or so electoral college votes. This is one reason the democrats win the popular vote but can lose the election, because we elect by states not individuals.

    What we need to do is either turn blue states purple where every once and a while a libertarian/conservative will win or if that can’t happen, make urban guerrilla political war by making their blue state untenable.
    We can only do that by staying and voting and fighting.

    • RE: “too big to fail”

      Not making a profit for the last several years fits my definition of a failed business, but what do I know, isn’t Facebook the same way?

      What I do know is, markets are the result of Human Action, and if there’s enough current customers as pissed as Patara seems to be in this vid, then it’s The End of Paypal:

      ‘PayPal! YOU’RE FIRED!’

      …Unless, of course, goobermint pumps it full of fiat.
      Now there’s a, ‘business model’.

  12. Watts up with dat has an entry on the PayPal fiasco.

    What you call instant karma.

    You can’t just steal money from people without bearing some responsibility. Doesn’t work that way.

    But wait! There’s more!

    PayPal will dead cat bounce until the cat’s nine lives have expired.

    The majority of customers are fed up, have had it. No more, finito, the end.

    When you commit outright theft of customers’ money in your care, expect unintended consequences.

    Can’t generate a lot of sympathy for the woke at PayPal. Good riddance.

    That’s the way it goes moving west.

  13. After all, the US FedGov is STILL holding onto 7-9 billion dollars of Afghanistan’s money, While their people freeze and starve, and I forget how much of Russia’s.
    What makes us feel special?
    How about those J6 “insurrectionists”, or any body who agrees with them about vote fraud? They aren’t “real” Americans anyway.

  14. RE: “The next step is the application of ESG Principles to individuals –”

    Yah, and certain individuals are more target rich than others, it seems:

    ‘ESG Cancel Culture Comes For State Financial Officers’

    I think this article just barely touches on what is occurring.

    Corral the bigger fish & the little fishes all fall in line, sorta thing? Idk.

    I.e. if you’re boss has gotta do it, he’ll make sure you do too, that is, if ya wanna stay employed. That sorta thing.
    …Who knows?

  15. Like I’ve said many times, they’re gonna kill us all. They said it 40 years ago in the following passage:

    “This is a quote from Jacques Attali, Jewish Globalist and Adviser to French President François Mitterand, from Interviews with Michel Salomon, The Faces of the Future, Seghers edition 1981:

    “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones.

    “Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…

    “We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

    “We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.

    “Finally (and perhaps especially), since no war can be won unless the peoples waging it believe it just and necessary, and unless the loyalty of citizens and their belief in its values are maintained, the chief weapons of the future will be the instruments of propaganda, communication, and intimidation.”

    • RE: “they’re gonna kill us all.”

      Well, of course. They are all-powerful gods and there is nothing on earth which can stop them. They are Masters of The Universe!

      Except in places like Afghanistan, where they got their asses handed to them in a hat and they tucked tail and skedadled. …Stuff like that.

      It’s a horse race.

      • You must not have read my entire post. They said people will go to the slaughterhouse on their own, and many have, and many are unknowingly marching there.

        • Many, is not, all.

          “they’re gonna kill us all.”

          Anyway, … I spent too much time on here today, I’m getting nothing done.

          Thanks for the reply.
          Hope you have a good day.

    • … “What happens when a top-down organization that prides itself on its superiority and meticulous planning meets that most unknowable of all things … the ordinary individual.” – clairewolfe

      ‘The Moon is Down’

      See also, these cautionary tales of truth:

      ‘Yertle the Turtle’

      ‘The Little Red Hen’

    • No need for old school virus’s, they have high tech nanotechnology now….

      These globalist/satanists are doing a lot of weird high tech experiments on people with no consent, treated worse then lab rats, concealed behind a huge wall of lies…..

      They have people running in circles arguing over a virus

      meanwhile……what people were infected with was an Artificial Intelligent parasite. It’s part technology, part biology……..Part of the transhuman agenda……

      how were people getting sick?
      Karen responds, “They were getting sick with an Artificial Intelligence nanoweapon

      these can be delivered in an aerosol attack, they can be delivered through water, they can be delivered in food
      the injected are spewing out spike protein parasites, it is getting harder for the purebloods to survive, is that why they have backed off short term, the hunting down and forced injection of the unvaxxed?…they will get everybody one way or the other…

      Essentially, the new AI nanoweapon is a new AI species. Those spike proteins are parasites. And those parasites do gene editing inside of you to spawn viruses, diseases, biosynthetic structures, as well as to host the development of these new species that are being developed.

      This is not just technology. It’s part technology, part biology. And as you go through the patents and the peer-reviewed publications, most of the biological sequences for this nanoweapon are from parasites…That’s why the ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine and the anti-parasitical treatments kill it and/or at least slow it down.

      Now, the other thing is it’s part technology…It clearly states on one of the patents that this based on Quantum Dot, it’s based on the Bohr particle, which is based on frequencies – which means that frequencies can also disable the technology

      The 5G towers are part of the energy source for this AI nanoweapon. This AI parasite.

      so….watch your food and water, use ivermectin, anti parasite formulas, and zappers…..look for somewhere with no cemtails or forced injections, move to no 5G area….that is difficult…


  16. They also let us know their intentions about Russia’s NS pipeline, and the Kerch bridge. This makes me wonder about all their recent chatter about nuclear weapons and nuclear Armageddon – the latter with a half-assed walk back. Telegraphing that too? Hell seems too kind a punishment for what these demons deserve.

  17. TPTB have been telegraphing their intentions for as long as I can remember. Seems there exists something in the law of nature and natures God which requires them to let us know what they intend before hand, bread crumbs and all that jazz. Sadly 95% of humanity cant put two and two together. Even with the recent revelations, most Merkins cant see past the tiny world of their 3×4 screen.

    When I cancelled our PayPal account yesterday there was a box that asked me the reason. The answer was, BFYTW. We haven’t used our PayPal in years, even then it was only for monster box purchases on E=Bay, So I won’t be missing much. If I need to transfer some ‘money’, I’ll use crypto. The villainous behavior of companies like PayPal make it all to clear, they hate anyone they cant control and want us all living in mud huts.

    Hopefully your article reaches a wider swath of folks yet to wake up to this simple truth. There will be no playing nice with Globo-homo. No ‘cant we all just get along.’ You cant hide and you cant run. You need to stand your ground and shed your fear. Make them work for it and pay a price for everything they steal from here on out. If the price becomes too high, they run out of enforcers.

    One thing we might remember, for anyone making it to the other side of this civilizational darkening, no one, and I mean no one who was working for the current system gets a pass. Anyone who steps up, offering to lead, who was part of this current unpleasantness gets beat about the head and neck, or kicked in the nuts 24/7. Maybe thrown in a FEMA family sized body bag with some rabid pit bulls and tossed in the river. Its the only way to be sure this program doesn’t just reboot all over again

    • I had to look up “BFYTW”. Seems to be proper attitude.

      And good work. This sort of situation is exactly why crypto was invented.

  18. A small bit of good news I just heard was that Mark Victor, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate here in Az, is polling at 15%, which is fairly unheard of. Good. Perhaps people are tired of the strangle-hold of the 2 parties, which is really more like one party. That would be the Party of Theft: those who would seek to take your earnings are property to do as THEY see fit. This is also why I’m supportive of ranked-choice voting.

    Quite unfortunate that not only are unelected bureaucrats a-plenty using force and illegitimate power of all kinds to further their pursuits (of more illegitimate power), but these puppet companies are following suit.

    What an egregious tip-of-the-hand, here.

    Also, I copy Jim, with the absolutely preposterous judgement brought down like a sledge hammer on Alex Jones. Talk about a cooling of free-speech. Unfortunately, so few believe in the concept today, except when it suits their interests, as stated in this article.

    No principles, just a rat-race, with all of the clawing and gnashing of teeth.

    • BaDnOn, speaking of more cooling of free speech, JPMorgan just told Kanye West to take his millions elsewhere over his criticism of a certain group. Yet another “letting us know” moment.

      • Jim,

        That’s utterly bizarre, though somehow not surprising. Never heard of a bank telling someone to bank elsewhere before, especially if they were a millionaire. They’re really just showing us that we’re no longer their customers, but their subjects.

        • Bad,
          Since there is no longer a fractional reserve limit, banks can create money just like the Fed does, by loaning it to you even though they don’t have it. Which is why savings account interest has fallen short of inflation for decades. They don’t need depositors anymore.

    • ‘Mark Victor, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate here in Az, is polling at 15%’ — BaDnOn

      Good news … if Victor doesn’t pull votes disproportionately from R-candidate Blake Masters and end up inadvertently re-electing the communist astronaut incumbent, Mark Kelly (D).

      Kelly is unreflectively, full-bore rah-rah for covid ‘vaccines,’ ‘standing with Ukraine,’ student loan debt relief, on and on. He’s a one-dimensional cardboard cutout of a stereotypical liberal Democrat.

      Compared to letters I get from the other senator Kyrsten Sinema, which at least exhibit some nuance and awareness of opposing arguments, Kelly’s are blindly, militantly ideological, to the point they might have been penned by AOC herself.

      Ross Perot’s aborted presidential run in 1992, which gave us the awful Clintoons, sticks in muh mind.

  19. Hate to say it but this was one of the opening shots of the ESG social credit score.

    why a payment processor would feel the need to monitor users’ speech is beyond me other than one of their major shareholders is Blackrock, Vanguard, or State Street.

    And ding ding, there it is, Vanguard & Blackrock

    These are the big 3 ESG pushers behind the otherwise unfathomable big business wokeness policies.

  20. Thank you, Eric! I was just going to leave a comment on your latest article and request you cover the PayPal scam, but you beat me to it. I would also add that they’re “letting us know” by the $1 billion(!) judgment they just slapped on Alex Jones for voicing his opinion. We are dealing with psychopathic monsters.


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