As We Say Not As We Do

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As axiomatic with government – that is to say, the people with titles and badges and guns who are “the government” – there is an interesting double standard with regard to the Corona’ing of life in what was, just two weeks ago, still more or less America.

We are ordered to shutter our businesses; to not gather in groups of ten or more. Are ordered – at gunpoint – to accept house arrest, styled “shelter in place” – because that enables people to avoid facing up to what they’re really being ordered to accept.

But what about them?

Are the people with titles and badges and guns who are issuing and enforcing these orders following them?

Are they “sheltering in place”? Shuttering their “business” (in quotes to emphasize the absurdity).

Of course not.

Just as armed government workers threaten people with murderous violence for “speeding” and failing to “buckle up for safety” do not themselves obey speed limits or laws requiring us to “buckle up.”

And no worries about their jobs, eh?

Because government never closes and unemployment is no worry when you have the legal power to force other people to pay you no matter what. When the rent never comes due, because you live in a house paid for by other people – who have no choice about paying you.

This at the very least generates an empathy gap between us and them. They will of course warble that they “care” – recall The Chimp’s progenitor, for instance. But this is at best a theoretical construct, in the manner of a person riding in the back of a limo seeing a shivering homeless person, rolling down the window and passing them $5.

They have no personal skin in the game.

At worst, it breeds a careless effrontery that enables them to simply play with people’s lives – and to destroy them, as they are doing right now.

These closures and “shelter in place” orders are likely going to end up killing more people than the worst things that have ever happened in America, none of which have anything to do with getting sick for a week or two.

Millions of unemployed people will mean millions of people without food – which will mean social chaos, food riots, looting and (inevitably) martial law. Millions of people are going to lose their homes, which they will no longer be able to pay for – including the endless property tax payments the government makes them pay, so as to keep the government’s pockets nicely full. Many people will not be able to heat their homes next winter, things like electricity and gas and propane not being provided for free.

This idea that the government will simply pay for it all and no worries is a product of wishful and infantile thinking. It is based on the idea that the government – those people with titles and badges and guns – can simply generate wealth at their whim when in fact all they can do is  transfer and undermine it.

The first method is obvious enough. Take from A and “give” to B and claim credit for the “giving,” which the people with titles and badges and guns didn’t.

But the second method is much more clever and insidious. It is to confect money – which is a very different thing than to generate wealth, something that requires productive effort, the creation of a product or service people are willing to exchange their productive effort to purchase.

It is easy to confect money when you can simply print it. Or add a few zeros to a digital balance sheet, presto!

The problem, of course, is that as the money increases the value of money decreases, because money generated has no value as such. The government sends Americans who haven’t got any $1,000. Why not make it $100,000?

Wouldn’t that salve the problem?

It will actually make the problem very much worse as the money sent becomes less useful for obtaining anything of value – until its only remaining value is its value as paper. Perhaps in lieu of toilet paper, once people run out of that.

Meanwhile, the people with titles and badges and – most of all – guns – will not miss a meal or even be turning down their thermostats. At the height of the famine engineered by Stalin and his Bolshevik thugs in the 1930s, Stalin and his Bolshevik thugs put on weight. They toured around in armored Packard limos, well-protected by heavily armed men. The Soviet proletariat had no arms – no Packards – and often, nothing to eat, either.

The famine was engineered – as this panic is appears to have been. It is certainly being exploited – with the end result being the same.

If you have just lost your job or are about to; if you see the life’s work of your small business being flushed down the Corona Fever toilet – take a moment to consider the people with titles and badges and guns, who won’t be hurting the least little bit as your life falls apart around you – on the orders of the people with titles and badges and guns.

. . .

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  1. There is no sane explanation for the actions of the Sociopaths In Charge. There will be no need for TP, after the economy finishes collapsing because nobody is working. No work, no food, no poop. As of this day, fewer have died from C-virus, and we can’t trust that number, than died from slipping in their bath tub last year. We all know that the house of cards built on sand that was the fiat financed debt based economy could not continue much longer. Voila, we are given an excuse for its failure. How convenient. Given that the world economy is controlled by international central banks, how hard would it be for them to compel their government lackeys to create such a widespread panic over nothing to cover their failure, and finish enslaving the population. The Constitution has barely been in effect for quite some time, now it looks to be completely abandoned. The DOJ has requested that Habeas Corpus be suspended, so if you are caught outside, you can be scooped up, jailed and forgotten. Shelter in place? How about starve to death in place. out of sight out of mind.

  2. What is old is new again. Winston Smith’s (1984) next door neighbor children (on Twitter?) pointing fingers at the ‘You’re a traitor!’ ‘You’re a thought criminal!

  3. Welp, it’s official:

    “We expect people to stay home,” Murphy said. “We want you off the roads. That’s now 24 hours. We don’t want you out there. Period.”

    On those who may violate his orders, Murphy said: “If folks are monkeying around, we will take action.”

    In other words, “be safe, or we’ll shoot.” This may be it, everyone! It just might be time for us to start taking action by hoisting the “Jolly Roger” flag, and slitting some throats!

  4. NJ under lockdown order now, joining NY, CA and IL.

    Seems to be a D-party thing. Only deplorables irresponsibly go walkabout, as if Dog’s green earth belonged to them or something.

    Searching for an armored Packard limo on Craigslist …

  5. This may be a small point, but it demonstrates the power of the government over the populous. In Pennsylvania we have a state store system. For many decades people have been trying to get private liquor sales. The state store workers union and the corrupt politicians has thwarted every effort. The other day our governor closed every state store in Pennsylvania. This means that you can not buy a bottle of booze anywhere. I guess you can still find a bar and drink hard liquor a shot at a time, and you can still buy wine and beer from various places. If you can still find a watering hole that is open, isn’t against the rules to sit closer than ten feet from another person? I know this is an emergency and this may be considered a small point, but it does demonstrate how we are being controlled.

  6. When all businesses are closed where are the property and sales tax revenues going to come from? Is the Federalies gonna print up their fake money to support every town and city in the US? What happens to pensions in States like California, Illinois. and New York that are already in trouble. Is the FED gonna bail them out like they are the Hedge funds. 16 trillion so far and 6 trillion of it just up and disappeared. How about those leaches in Congress selling their stocks two days before the crash started. They knew this was gonna happen, as it has been obviously planned. It’s not illegal for the leaches in congress to do insider trading. Ain’t that just spiffy.
    Went around today to do our weekly shopping. Not much left on the shelves. And our county only has one death so far.
    I don’t feel sorry for these morons out here clamoring for more restrictions. When they starve it will be good riddance. It”s the folks that wanted no part of the stupidity starving and losing property I’ll feel for as I’ll probably be one of them.
    I can’t even go into the stores. I have bronchitis and start coughing especially if I get a whiff of perfume. People look at me like I just grew horns.
    Below is a link to Armstrong Economics. A gentleman is stuck in Spain for the duration. He needs to go to Slovakia but their borders are closed after they has 11 deaths. It’s a good read.

  7. I own a small biz. We talked to the employees about potential shelter edicts, and all of them said “I’m coming to work, regardless of orders’. If the edict comes they all said, ‘we’ll park behind the building and no one will know we’re here’. Nice. Of all the small biz owners I know, the owners have said the same thing, not sure about their employees though.
    Now if one of our employees says they have ‘the virus’, then we’ll work on plan B.
    In effect, we will handle our own circumstances, regardless of S. Gov.

  8. The Soviet general officer in the white dress tunic behind Stalin as the Generalissimo walks away from his Packard limousine (a gift from FDR, given at Yalta in Feb 1945) appears to be Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev, whom was a rival to the better-known Georgi Zhukov (“where does a WAR HERO get some ‘lubrication’ around here”?). During the Battle of Berlin, Konev’s First Ukrainian Front competed with Zhukov’s First Belorussian Front to be the first to take the Reichstag and the Fuhrerbunker (Zhukov would “win”, at the considerable expense of his men, especially the 79th Rifle corps, which saw a THIRD of its men cut down in storming the Reichstag building, finally raising the Red Star banner flag above it on May 2, 1945). His “front” (equivalent in strength to an US Army “Army” formation like Patton’s Third, most Soviet “armies” were at best equal to a USA or German Corps and Corps themselves were equal to a Western division or brigade) was also bloodied, along with the vengeance-thirsty Polish Second Army (made up of liberated partisans, AK members given a choice of Soviet service or the Gulag, Polish communists, and ex-POWs from Soviet camps, taken in the Fourth Polish partition in 1939 and NOT shot at the Katyn Forest in 1940), at the Battle of Bautzen, the LAST German “victory” of WWII.

  9. Hi BAC,

    Hamilton inserted a short phrase, between the lines, almost impossible to see that reads: “not to be interpreted as a suicide pact”.


    • So even the ardent Federalist Hamilton (later slain by Aaron Burr in a duel in 1804, Burr was VICE-President, think about that, folks, imagine Mike Pence and some libtard dimwit choosing seconds and going at it on the “field of honor” with muzzle-loading pistols) attempted to make sure there was the understanding that the several states were NOT surrendering their sovereignty to the new Federal entity created by dint of the new Constitution. Interesting…

  10. I must have missed the “exigent circumstances” exception to the First Amendment that enables people with titles and badges and guns to impose open-ended lockdowns prohibiting peaceable assembly. They have to shoot people in order to keep them healthy, apparently.

    • So did I. And both Govs baby-Cuomo (Andrew) and the ditzy pretty boy, Gavin Newsome (related to the dingbat whom happens to be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, BTW…) have given “Fuhrerbefelten”, in their pathetic manner of “Fuhrerprinzip”, WITHOUT a declaration of martial law. They haven’t b/c legally the authority to declare it is NOT supported by the circumstances, dire as the lamestream media has purported them to be. Their “shelter in place” diktaks, though well-intended, are blatantly ILLEGAL and ought to be challenged in the Federal courts, pronto, to stop these abuses of power.

      • Funny, isn’t it. Had some state or town enacted some tiny abortion impediment, the ACLU would be in court seeking an injunction before the ink was dry. Here, persons with titles badges and guns lockdown the mist fundamental freedoms, and nigh a visit to the courthouse steps from anyone. To be sure, I don’t see any court stopping this even if it were challenged. That judge would be excoriated, maybe deported. We have no recourse.


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