The Cat Leaves The Bag

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Hysterical headlines today – Sunday, March 21 – about the number of Americans supposedly identified as having been infected with Coronavirus. The modifier supposedly used because the tests being used to identify the virus are of dubious reliability. But, regardless – 25,493 as of today. A big number, banner-headlined across the Internet.

But there’s another number you have to look for, which isn’t being banner-headlined around the Internet.


That’s how many Americans have supposedly died from WuFlu so far. The modifier added – and italicized – to emphasize the fact that it is not known whether it was the WuFlu that killed all these people or old age/underlying infirmity pushed over the edge by what would otherwise have just been a nasty cold.

But regardless, 307.

It is not a big number . . . relative to the other number. See the graph accompanying this article, which is not the product of a “conspiracy” web site but rather using data compiled by Johns Hopkins, widely accepted to be a reputable source for medical data.

Note that the “death curve” isn’t.

While the number of people infected – or supposedly identified as being infected – has indeed gone up, the number of people dying (see here for data regarding that) has not gone up proportionately. About 60 people more are reported dead over the past 24-48 hours as opposed to many thousands of people newly tallied as Corona-infected.

This is really important – and very good – news.

The overwhelming majority of people who get sick from this bug do not appear to be dying from this bug. Are Tom Hanks and his wife dead? Is Idris Elba on a ventilator? How about the Orange Man himself, who shook hands with (apparently) Corona Carriers at the CPAC conference about a week or so ago. Where are the people doubling over in the streets, coughing up blood? The stacks of bodies, “overwhelming” the system.

None such.

Which indicates strongly this is nonsense. But historically unprecedentedly, catastrophically dangerous nonsense. A pandemic of fear is being used in exactly the same way that fear of “terrrsts” was used by the loathsome Chimp and his accomplices to bum’s rush a terrified country – and a poltroonized Congress – into raping the civil liberties and due process firewalls that had previously protected Americans from legalized abuse by the government (and its corporate accomplices) via midnight passage of the conveniently ready “Patriot” Act.

But that was just the clearing of Uncle’s throat – so to speak.

A test run for the aria to come, which we’re now hearing. It croons that we must be terrified of death from something we can’t see and that might “get” us at any moment and the only way to stay alive is to surrender our lives (and our livelihoods) to the very same government that berated us about “enemies of freedom” and “weapons of mass destruction,” both of them reeking stacks of cow manure.

People – all too many people – fell for it, then.

The result was – the result is – a quiet police state that seems relatively innocuous but which monitors and records every keystroke we make on our computers, our web searches, our texts and calls. That has arrogated the legal authority to snatch people off the street without even a snicker in the direction of due process and literally torture them, as it likes.

“Fool me once, shame on you, “said The Chimp. “Fool me twice… can’t get fooled again.”


Will we allow ourselves to be fooled – again?

Will we permit them to shut down the economy – which will shut down our lives – and thereby give them control over our lives? Permit them to usher in a new age of terror predicated on mass unemployment and possibly mass starvation and then – as if on cure – the arising of a not so quiet and very not innocuous police state  . . . on the basis of people getting a bug?

The good news – in addition to the very good news about Americans not dying – is that lots of Americans aren’t Corona Cringing. Even in – of all places – California. Where would-be (and might-as-well-be) Reichsminister Newsome has ordered – who does this SOB imagine himself to be? – people to “shelter in place” (i.e., practice self-imprisonment).

But the people are ignoring their “leaders.”

In my state, too.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and it felt and looked like and almost normal spring day – despite the threats of The Coonman – because the coffee shop where I go to write almost every day was still open and because there were people outside walking in the sunshine, not quaking in fear under their beds.

“Social distancing” wasn’t being practiced. No one seemed panicked. Perhaps because of the absence of half-dead people doubling over in the streets, coughing up blood – or actually dead people, anywhere.

It is of course possible the death plateau will curve upward as promised (that word used by the media with what can only be characterized as obvious relish)  but the thing to hold onto with both hands and all our strength is that – so far – it has not. That – so far – it has done the opposite of what was promised.

Which ought to give every person who care about this country – and the livelihoods of 330 million Americans – cause to be very optimistic .

And very suspicious about what they’ve been  . . . promised.

. . .

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  1. It’s time that all who cherish their freedoms MOBILIZE into “cells”, preferably with the basic unit a family of those able to bear arms, to be able to respond to tyrannical diktats from those purporting to be our “betters”.

    I am NOT advocating violence or lawlessness. Au contraire, mes freres et souers, we already have the ‘Gubmint’ to “take care” of THAT! I’m advocating, while there’s still time, the ability to alert patriots all to gather, with arms, to DEFEAT these power-grabbers, by the simple threat of NUMBERS. Akin to what happened on MLK at Richmond re: proposed gun laws that violate 2A egregiously. I’d suggest using VPNs and not posting any critical info on FB, YT, or other social media in the “Enemy” camp! Also get a “Burner” phone in case yours suddenly experiences an “outage” for no good reason.

    Again, this is NOT the time for violence or reckless threats of same. Although the ability is quickly slipping away, there is still time to work this within the legal and political framework. I’m sorry, but “Orange Man” already has his hands full, and the responsibility to protect the Constitution and keep our nation FREE rests with US. But we need to be able to use technology to defeat what the “Deep State” might yet think to have in store for us, and that involves ORGANIZATION and CORPORATE ACTION.

  2. What’s really depressing is the profound economic illiteracy. Listen to the cheers when they threaten to jail “price gougers.” Never mind that all you have to do to get toilet paper on the shelves again is to let the price rise. Last week I heard an investment guy say, “…and of course they will have to help [translation: bail out] the airlines.” Everybody nodded solemn approval.

    • However, the airlines have a POINT. They’re already being effectively grounded due to travel restrictions and businesses being rendered “non-essential”, let alone Uncle’s possible mobilization of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

      I say let folks travel as they may, observing REASONABLE precautions to avoid spread of COVID-19. Let anyone whom does so understand that they ACCEPT the RISK, slight or worse. The entire Government-mandated shutdown of economic life is curing the disease by killing the patient.

      • I like your second paragraph. But the airlines should be allowed to go bankrupt, and if part of the cause is government, they should scream that from the rooftops. They should have saved for a rainy day. People act as if the airplanes, ticket counters, baggage-handling equipment, etc., will vanish into thin air and the employees will all die. They won’t. Those assets will be transferred to entrepreneurs with more skill at using them to satisfy consumers, who still will demand air travel once the government gets out of the way.

        • No well run business ever saves for a rainy day. Cash is just another expense but it doesn’t make you any money. Any business with any extra cash would invest it in more physical assets, inventory, research, or employees. Or pay down debt or distribute as dividends to investors. That’s the way businesses work.

          • A recipient of the “well-run business” business. Ouch.

            Rainy days are just another expense & poorly run businesses don’t account for the rain drops drop…which is why it’s appropriate for the believers of it never rains in socal to do the wicked witch melt when the rains do come…cuz others can make better use of that sugar.

          • I didn’t say they should have sat on vast amounts of cash for a rainy day. If they are well-run, they will be able to get the funds they need from private sources.

  3. Right on Eric, people die every day from whatever. Pick up any paper and turn to the obituaries; a couple dozen in any medium sized area. Then multiply that across the US and there must be thousands daily; I saw a figure that 23,000 have died just from the regular flu this season. We’re supposed to “shelter in place” but are “allowed” to go out for food (and booze) and yet the lemmings are crying for a total lockdown. Ugh, do they expect govco to deliver their meals? I go out every day even though the weather just turned crappy again but I’m prepared to go out even more if “ordered” to imprison myself. Saw way more cop cars than usual on my walk today, probably crying that there aren’t enough drivers around to mulct. Also most likely hoping they can “hut-hut” anyone that dares defy the authouriti of their overlords…..put me firmly in that column.

    • Ditto all that Mike!

      And I hope millions of us ditto that, too. Go out, go about your business. Defy them. Unless you wish to be enslaved by them, utterly and permanently.

  4. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    • Hi Cooter,

      Yup; I’ve been ranting about the Safety Cult for years – about what it would inevitably lead to. And here we are. For Our Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

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        • LOL…damn son, I heard mania staged bi-polars bear good memories that gush, now I know it just might be true.

          Did the platform burn all the way down, then?

        • Hi Tor and Ozzy …

          Guys, please cease the whatever it is you’re doing and just write straight prose – so we can understand what you’re trying to say.

          • Eric….I think part of what Toro’s saying is stuff I wrote over the past 10 years woven into stuff I have no idea about.
            But it works.
            Judging by the lmao meter spikes here.
            Whether the server’s in his cranium or in a spare bedroom, real bull in the china shop, that guy is.

            • Hi Ozy,

              I enjoy clever word play and word games – but now is not the time for that. I welcome you and Tor and anyone else to post their views about anything they like. But intelligibly!

              • All due respect, Eric, now is eternal, as they say.

                The peeps kneeling before popes was in that same pose this time last year, & every other regularly scheduled programming time slot, too.

                If these are the times that are trying some wo\mens souls, getting looser, rather than even tighter, is my unsolicited advice.

                Skiing the fall line is counterintuitive – seems suicidal, at first – but it’s still correct.

                Lotta’ things are just like that.

                The human wiring schematic betrays.

                Its sorta like the time I wrapped a blown fuse in chewing gum tin foil. The old chevy was billowing smoke out the cabin by time I got it back home.

                Whole lotta peeps fuses is fused. & where there’s smoke they ain’t gonna be happy til there’s melted insulation electrical fire, too.

                Like I said, Toro made me guffaw out loud. Good meds that.

                Not that I don’t make my own meds, too, of course. But variety, ya’ know?

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  7. Today the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s April 2020 gasoline futures fell to $0.45/gallon, down from $1.80/gal on Feb 20. That’s a 75 percent collapse in just over a month.

    The epic slide takes wholesale gasoline back to the level of early 2002 … and early 1986 as well, when a similar deflationary chill was in the air.

    Pump prices could fall to a dollar a gallon in lower-taxed states. This makes IC-engined vehicle operating costs far lower than urbanites’ trendy electric cars, not to mention exotic E-pickups for drugstore truck-drivin’ beta-men.

    As ol’ Lee Iacocca used to say, “If you can find a better car, buy it.”

  8. Was relaxing Saturday morning when I heard a couple Continental 520 powered Bonanzas fly over (I live under the downwind leg of the traffic pattern of my local SoCal airport). Checked FlightAware to note that a few buddies were out flying, heading to an airport about 75 miles away. Later that afternoon, I was at the airport and stopped to talk to one my buddies who had just returned–they managed to find an airport cafe serving breakfast inside. Most of this group of pilots is retired and would be thought of as ‘high risk’ due to age, but they were out exercising their right to travel despite the edicts of our blow-dried phony of a governor. A buddy and I hopped in my plane and were joined by another buddy in his plane and we buzzed around for an hour enjoying our freedom to fly. I refuse to cower in fear or become a prisoner in my own home.

  9. Just a bit of clarification– flu doesn’t kill anyone. Pre-existing health problems kill them after being exacerbated by the flu.

        • Well, he did say “kill it before it grow….” Nits do make licentious double-ought seven headed hydras after all & next you know Nottingham forest is plum infested with ly(to)me disease.

          But no, wasn’t me.

          It was batman & robinhood what done it, under the motto – or small country ideal – steal from the stealers & give Pittsburgh back to them what stole it from the injuns. Etc.

          These machi•nations ain’t countries corrupted – they’s countries in bloom.

          Co(dependent)untries flowering for Algernon.

          And Bergeron.

          And like fight club, the point of the game of twists is to get hit in the face with throne boo!quets often, & hard.

          Every one of these Betsy Ross’d falsified flag bitchez is Cersei & Daenerys & their adoring/cowering underlings.

          *made this a combicontinuation of that other slice of American pie. you don’t mind, do ya?

      • Would it were Vincent be treated the same way.

        The intractable part\ition, that roads to perdition, is that Vincent & the guy that caught the bullets in the wrong ways & places, & fell the wrong way – & so killed himself — are one chimeric organism.

        The gov that tells the local coffee shop to close & the local coffee shop that so closes & the told/compliant shelter-in-placers are one chimeric organism. And it is huge.

        The humongous fungus among us…is “us”

        Gimme shelter

  10. Some people : “Trump is going to throw us all in camps!”

    Same people : “Trump isn’t throwing us all in camps!”

    A little hiccup comes along and the planners deal with it by imprisoning everybody and destroying the economy. They propose a solution that is laughable on its face. The Opposition complains only that the disastrous wasn’t practiced harder faster deeper.

    And they want full time control of everything? They thing their top down central planning will be a boon to us all? One little hiccup and they do this inside a tidy number of weeks. Imagine giving these people the reins for decades on end.

  11. Strange times – dont know what to make of it. On one end, find it very worrying that the citizens of a country are clamouring for it to be locked down and for the gov to take all sorts of measures agains those who dont obey… (perhaps the first time in the history of the world).

    And I dont like this government using it as an excuse to do anything it wants . now they’ve started QE infinity – which will basically eliminate any savings of purchasing power left amongst the middle classes in the west….

    But on the other end, though it is just the flu, it seems to spread much faster and cause a lot more complications. And in places where healthcare is essentially government controlled, will quickly tie ups and block hospitals causing death by all sorts of probably curable causes….Hope everyone takes care and stays safe through this…..

    Through all this – a joke does come to mind, I think it was Chris Tucker – “When you die at 80 – whatever killed you its natural cause ! if you got hit by a bus – its natural cause… if you were younger you would have gotten out of the way!” I guess thats one way to look at this virus!

    • In all seriousness, if things get that bad, old folks may have to be “triaged” out. Just put ’em on an ice floe and let the polar bears get ’em, as do the Eskimos, er, excuse me, Inuit.

  12. The only thing I will predict is that when the outbreak is over and we’re still living with the massive harm that their interventions have caused, they will say: “If we hadn’t acted, it would have been much worse.”

    • Exactly,,, when the final numbers don’t add up to what their spouting their gonna tell people its all because of their lockdowns, closures and other acts of idiocy. They’ll be called hero’s except by those that lost their jobs, businesses, and retirement savings.

  13. Its simply astonishing how big and fat the lies are. Today the world wide death toll attributed to C-virus is about 13,000. That’s from the WHO, which is hardly a trustworthy source and most likely exaggerated. About 16,000 died from slipping in their bath tub last year. About 250,000 die every year from medical malpractice, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment. In response to what so far is a nearly inconsequential virus, the world economy is shut down. Or, more likely, the virus is being put forth as the cause of the world economy folding up on its own. Its also given cover to failing health care systems that have come to be completely subservient to Pharma. The plain simple fact is that we have been lied to so much and so often by the Sociopaths In Charge and the Mockingbird MSM, that we would be fools to believe a single mother effing thing they say. Of course fools have always been abundant.

  14. In the urban area near us, politicians are jumping on the forced-stay-at-home bandwagon to prove how much we need them. But these buffoons can’t even get the tyrant thing right. If you look at the exceptions, it becomes obvious that you are being ordered not to go anywhere – unless you want to go somewhere.
    You can still go to the supermarket, you can go to the pharmacy, you can go to the hardware store, you can go to the doctor, you can go get carryout, you can take your dog for a walk. You can literally go fly a kite, since that surely counts as exercise. So except for driving around aimlessly, you can pretty much do what you want.
    It is all silly political theater.

  15. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Central New England and folks were out and about at the state parks, hiking and enjoying the sun. Winter’s coming back tonite. Or maybe say winter’s arriving tonite. We’ve had a remarkably mild one. Folks know that fresh air and sunshine are the best way to keep our immune systems healthy. And even though our governor here in the Commonwealth of Chew-some-assets is an MD and a liberal Dem disguised as a post-Romney Pub, he hasn’t ordered us to shelter in place yet. Maybe that’s on tap. With Brady leaving the Pats, we’re in the throes of rage and grief anyway.

    The question on the minds of the casual strollers and hikers was: why has the government chosen precisely this moment — this black swan — to crash the economy? These folks aren’t Fox News watchers. And nobody would dare be seen wearing a MAGA cap. Yet even here in the bluest of blue states — in the rural part of the Commonwealth which exists though you’d never know it — folks are wondering.

  16. Social distancing…another invention designed to control your life like social justice and income equality. I am still going out when I can. This flu is no worse than any other. More people will de murdered by the fake vaccines they get than the actual disease.

    There is something extremely sinister going on here and it is basically a media created event. I guess we do live in a snowflake world where everybody is afraid of everything. This is exactly the state of mind the socialists and Marxists desire because they can then send in “The Government” to save you and once they pretend to do that, you will be dependent upon their fake help forever.

    I guess we can now send the EV revolution to the graveyard since there will be no one working and no reason to drive to get anywhere. Finally, RIP, Tesla.

  17. People do not realize that the opposite of freedom is slavery. They are giving up what literally hundreds of thousands of Americans died to give us to prevent a few cases of the flu. And they are giving it to people who were flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet to his private island in order to sexually abuse kids.

    • Well, Rand Paul tested positive. According to your theory, he must be a Satanic child rapist.

      By the way, there’s no proof Epstein kept actual children – just underage teens.

      • Hi Handler,

        I heard about Ran Paul; but note that he has damaged lungs – and that he isn’t dead. Neither is Tom Hanks or any other high-profile person I’m aware of. A few hundred mostly older people have died so far. It is quite possible that a few thousand or even ten thousand may die.

        But millions will only get sick, then recover. Does this justify literally destroying any shred of personal liberty remaining to us? The obliteration of millions of people’s savings, jobs and ability to keep food on their table and a roof over their heads? As opposed to becoming serfs awaiting their government handout? Martial law, permanently?

        Saaaaaaaaaaafety isn’t everything.

        • Yup. Rand seems to be copacetic. I think Tom Hanks also has underlying health issues along with being 63 years old.

          I guarantee this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the safety-obsessed sheeple. If your day already sucks, go peruse social media. You’ll be horrified. It serves as a remainder that all it takes for a tyranny to form is consent from the moron masses.

          Thank goodness the weather is warm and sunny to help stave off depression. I wish I could follow Fred Reed’s footsteps and head to Mexico.

        • Rand Paul’s lungs were damaged thanks to an ATTACK by an older neighbor. Either that crazed old boy has some super old-man martial arts skills, or there’s something VERY wrong there. And why the attacker got only six months in the county lockup instead of being in Federal “pound ’em in the ass” prison escapes me. I guess anyone connected to Libertarian stuff is fair game.

  18. We are the intersection of the seen and the unseen and the safety cult.

    Mark my words this sort of ‘shelter in place’ stuff will become a regular event, but how frequent is only a guess. Annual? Every other year? Every fifth year? I can’t say but we can expect it to be a new normal.

    • Wait until we are goose marched to jail or a FEMA camp by the hero’s in the National Guard for stepping outside for a breath of fresh air and some sun.

    • An article I read predicted that it would be about two months on and two months off for the next year or two, because of the recurring waves of infection resulting from lack of herd immunity.

      That pretty much equals the collapse of civilization in my estimation.

      If we isolate the most vulnerable and let it run its course then we will all be okay even if we lose lots of folks. But at this rate we will kill half the country, either by the bat virus, starvation, exposure, or another plague resulting from the breakdown of society.

      OTOH, maybe I am too optimistic.

  19. Good stuff Eric! I’d like to post some more numbers to further advance your case. Granted, these are CDC numbers so maybe we should take them with a grain of salt, but I like to give the blue-pilled masses these stats, who aren’t necessarily as questioning of this stuff as we are here, because they’ll tend to accept “official government stats” more. We can use their numbers against them. Here goes….

    During the ’17-’18 flu season, there were 79,000 deaths associated with the flu, a four decade high. In ’11-’12 there were 12,000 deaths. The CDC is currently has the Covid-19 deaths at 201, even lower than the numbers from Johns Hopkins. Yet there was nary a whimper in the media at the time regarding this nor were there any calls to quarantine and crash the economy because of it.

    These numbers are easy to access on their website but I can post the links if you’d like. Food for thought and these are the numbers I’m throwing at those closest to me to help assuage feelings of panic most importantly. Secondly, I hope it raises their eyebrows and sets off their bull shit detectors.

      • Hi Fred,

        I wonder how long they can hide it – I mean, hide that mass deaths are not happening? Even 50,000 deaths would not justify what is happening. I submit we are riding the razor’s edge. If people begin to notice that while lots of people may be getting sick, very few are dying – the jig will be up.

        Which is why I suspect the Internet will be shut down shortly, if this is indeed a reboot of “nahhnnlevven.”

  20. What may be a revelation has surfaced. Data from China has come out that in the last 3 months 21 million cancelations of cell phone service has happened most of those in the Wuhan area. Speculation is that China has actually experienced millions of deaths and have covered them up. But no one thought that something as mundane as cell phone service terminations might expose the truth. Were all 21 million because of deaths from covid19? Who knows but something has definitely happened and coincidently in exactly the time period where China freaked out rather excessively over fewer admitted deaths than Italy. I think the truth is leaking out.

  21. It’s a pure power grab. We will see it when a few of us try to roll it back a little after this is over……

    One of the few bright spots, people are buying guns in record numbers. Even the Illinois governor knew he couldn’t close gun stores (yet).

    This won’t be the last health scare either. We have to keep it from becoming “normal”.

  22. KA-CHING time is coming, as soon as tomorrow. Defense contractors (including insolvent poster child Boeing) have their sticky snouts circled three or four deep round the Congressional slop trough, grunting and squealing for free money as they ignore the 6-foot distance rule.

    Only two teams are negotiating — the Big Government party vs the Bigger Government party. They’ll “compromise” by funding both the D and R wishlists. Not represented in the 3 am sausage making, of course, are the 330 million Americans who will shoulder the permanent debt burden of this obscene porkfest.

    If Boeing is bailed out, plenty of little people — observing that fraud and theft are rewarded at large corporate scale — will conclude that they themselves should opt for a life of crime and chiseling. “Steal this book,” as Abbie Hoffman’s manifesto urged back in the Nixon days, when Spiro Agnew was still raking in bribes from his perch in the vice president’s office. Tellingly, “liberate” was a euphemism for “shoplift” then.

    Ooh-oh, that smell … can’t you smell that smell?

    • Little people, not having the lobbying and legal teams of Boeing, should probably avoid that life of crime and chiseling Jim.

  23. “Will we allow ourselves to be fooled – again?“

    You know that line from Unforgiven? “Deserve’s got nuthin’ to do with it.”

    Well, neither does “allow.”

    Spring is in the air (even here, & we got 18” snow day before yesterday), & the perennials will be coming up soon.

    “Allow” is perennial.

    Tiptoeing thru the fiat debt fueled tulip bulb minefield “market” is perennial.

    Every Winter marks it all to market. Every Spring the phonics rises from the mouldered & composted jumble of the previous season’s acronyms, & starts flipping the bird all around.

    Nothing pushes over so easy as “our”selves.

    We, us, etc, are from the gov of we, us, etc. We are here to help…”our”selves.

    Get over it, as Don Henley sang. Not getting over it means you just might be the type that motivated him to write that tune.

    Saw a docu on Jordan Petersen last night. Am familiar with him, but not in any detail. Seems he pushes individuation, pushes back against deindividuating into ideological sumps – “radical left,” “alt right,” yada-yada-nazi etc.

    If so, just so. Congregants ain’t got but the one path to trod: Winter, here we come!

    Safety in numbers is the snowflakes itchin’ to snowpack credo.

    And the plowwo\men know it.

  24. The fatality rate is 1.2% and dropping daily.

    That fact is terrifying to the news media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) that are driving the mass panic.

  25. Who can say if this whole thing was STAGED (quite POSSIBLE, and I have a pretty damned good idea who’s behind it, but the hell of it is the PROOF…), or the PTB are simply not letting fear and panic ensure that a crisis doesn’t go to waste.

    I’m glad that I’m ARMED and TRAINED. Not hoping for a confrontation, BUT, if dissenters and those, like Edgar Friendly of “Demolition Man”, who want to READ, THINK, smoke a big, noxious Cuban cee-gar in the NON-smoking section, and run buck-nekid through the streets smeared in green Jell-O, because we FEEL like it, are targeted for expressing “dangerous” thoughts, that’s when it’s “from my cold, dead fingers” if “they” come for my ammo and firearms. Too many states have enacted these tyrannical “Red Flag” laws and I’d expect to see them employed to silence dissent. Well, they can HAVE my ammo…delivered “in person”, at 1,400 feet per second, but they’d best be careful, as when they catch the rounds, they might “sting” a tad!

    • Have you ever wondered why WE need PROOF but they DON’T? See, everything we say is “conspiracy theory”,,, everything they say is “fact”.

      Take 9/11. Jet fuel melts hardened steel…. the buildings just fell… Government Fact
      We say jet fuel cannot melt hardened steel …. some kind of explosives caused buildings to implode… Conspiracy Theory.

      The Pentagon
      They say the airplane was going soooo fast that it broke up in teency, tiny pieces which couldn’t be found… Government Fact
      We say that is improbable and that a missile likely hit the Pentagon… Conspiracy Theory.

      Iraq War
      They say there were WMD… Government fact
      We say where? …. Conspiracy Theory.

      They say one man one bullet that changed directions about 13 times…. Government Fact
      We say there was 2-3 shooters…. Conspiracy Theory.

      They say the corona virus will kill 3 million people in the US this year… Government Fact
      We say the numbers don’t jive… Conspiracy Theory.

      So see,,, government is always right. Why? Because they print the money , make law and have all the really big guns.

      • “Why?” Cuz to children parents are as gods….

        Fathers found the truths & instilled it into the youngins, good & hard.

        Nair takes the hair off & inhairitance glues it right back on. Bearded lion ladies & tiger gents & bear hirsute hair suits – oh, my!

        & oz saith payeth nein attention to that little orange-haired man who ain’t even bothering to close the curtain…..

      • People often believe anyone labeled an authority or expert. I have been both. I began to realize people would believe any BS from me. I don’t take advantage. I don’t even know how I would. I’ve been conditioned to supporting my arguments with facts, measurements, and reason. But I have learned how many people do things. It’s lazy to trust an expert so they do. I am not lazy that way. I question everything and that leads me to many unconventional views. Sometimes convention does stand up though.

        • When I was growin’ up in Texas, my dad used to tell me that “expert” is the combination of two words…”Ex” which is a has been, and “Spurt” which is a drip under pressure.

          • The expert appurtenance is, largely (ha), a prosthetic cock behind a codpiece set to priapic full mast all the time. If it were real, it’d go gangrenous & fall off.

        • There is plenty of lazy in inventory.

          But nature grooms, in best pedophilia fashion.

          & the nurture that comes out of that nature is pretty compulsive about the matching rings, signatures on the line that is dotted, & the honeymoon.

          “By the power vested in me”… Holy take ‘em to the mat-rimony, batman… or Sméagol/Gollum’s in “love.”

      • I still want to see the remains of the jet engines of the Boeing 757 which supposedly impacted the Pentagon from the SIDE. Going nose-first at a steep dive into that building, even at 225 knots, which is the minimum airspeed that bird could be going before crashing it, is already a feat of expert flying which would even challenge an experienced airliner pilot, let alone some novice with but a few hours of simulator time! To fly it at a LEVEL , and hit that wall was a feat of flying the likes which are depicted in CARTOONS (or computer-generated graphics), considering that the engines, mounted UNDER the wings, never even hit the ground as the aircraft went in! And, assuming that indeed it WAS a 757 (but we never actually see any aircraft or portion thereof on the surveillance camera footage), where are the ENGINES? You would think, if indeed a 757 went nose-first into that wall, the wings would fold up as it plowed in, and you’d see the engines, torn free from the wings, tumble like cannonballs right through the walls about the 40′ or so outside the hole made by the fuselage, and come to rest somewhere in the rubble. The Pratt & Whitney or Rolls Royce turbofans used on that type are pretty robust engines and would likely be largely intact. In fact, it’s not unheard of, in event of a crash which kills most if not all aboard, and utterly destroys the airframe, for the engines to be recovered and even run on a test-stand to see if their condition matches data from the flight recorder! Yet we see but a few pieces of the compressor blades and an injection unit shown, a level of destruction unheard of even in the most violent of crashes.

        As my “inner (Elmer) Fudd” would say, “Dere’s something skewwy going on heah!”

        • Hi Doug,

          I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: A friend of mine is a former Navy combat pilot (Vietnam era). He told me he would have had trouble duplicating the flight path that “757” supposedly flew. Also, I still lived in the area on Nahhhnnlevven and saw the initial/local coverage live. It showed a relatively small hole – a circle – punched through the wall of the building with no significant damage on either side. As you say, where did the wings go? The engines? How about the vertical stabilizer?

          Yes, indeed. It stinks.

          • The wings, presumably still having a certain amount of fuel in them, at least 60 percent, considering the flight time from IAD to turning about over Ashland, KY and heading back to DC, and allowing for fuel consumed while boarding passengers and taxiing, a very modest amount, would have been fuel-heavy and would have certainly of themselves taken out some of that Pentagon wall, even if they disintegrated. Of course, the fuel spray would be enormous, and since “Jet A” is more like a very light diesel (a bit lighter than No. 1, or “winter” diesel), it would at first, as the wing tanks ruptured, disgorge a huge spray, and THEN possibly, depending on the dispersal pattern, a huge FIREBALL…much larger than the camera footage! In fact, the explosion resulting would be enough to probably knock that camera loose from its mounting and utterly destroy it! Of course, a great deal of unburned fuel would simply puddle where it came to rest, and burn rather than explode. It would have even been possible to have firefighters show up MINUTES later, and put the flaming puddle OUT, and there still be puddles of unconsumed Jet-A all over!

            And amazing that we didn’t see that sort of thing happen at either tower of the former WTC. Those were Boeing 767s, even LARGER, with much more fuel available to burn. Amazing that the fires were confined to but a few floors above and below the impact points. You’d think that (1) significant quantities of fuel would have showered outside the towers as the remains of the planes went THROUGH them and (2) whatever remained inside the towers would pour down ventilation and elevator shafts, reaching in a few minutes to even the BASEMENT, and, hitting ruptured gas lines and/or electric cables, start conflagrations down to the ground floors?

            More inexplicable items that don’t jibe with the “Gubmint’s” version of what went down that day. But if you QUESTION it, you’ve been fitted for the tinfoil hat.

            Edgar Friendly was dead right, he was just too busy scraping for food and dodging the incompetent and effeminate San Angeles PD to be heard by those that needed to listen.

    • douglas self…you aint doing shit except march around with a sign saying Im not a racist like they did in virginia at an anti racism rally disguised as a gun rally

  26. How many times are they going to give us a number without context? I guess when it suits their needs.

    How many times are they going to group all human beings into one big mass? I guess when it suits their needs.

    We are not living in rural China. Even my sloppy cleaning habits are 10X more effective than the rural Chinese. I have access to gallons of anti-viral cleaners, soap and clean water, and even in my modest little hovel I have plenty of “social distancing” room. My parents taught me how to properly clean myself and home. Entire aisles of grocery stores and entire sections of big box retailers are devoted to cleaning supplies. I have access to personal transportation that keeps me isolated, warm and dry, dramatically lowering my risk of exposure and keeping my immune system strong (as opposed to burning calories to keep myself warm when riding a scooter in a snowstorm). And speaking of calories, we have more food than we know what to do with. There are very few obese Chinese (aside from Xi the Pooh) because they don’t have much to eat. Oh and we don’t share food either. And like the majority of Americans (despite what we’re told by the media) because of my awesome productivity my employer can afford to allocate me a number of paid “sick days” and personal holidays in case I can’t make it to work because I’m sick (and therefore avoid infecting everyone else).

    I used to study old newspapers and magazines. Old advertising was very much about cleaning supplies and keeping a sanitary home, as it is today for some target markets. Some of us might remember the “sanitized for your protection” paper bands on Holiday Inn toilets. I believe this was a direct response to the 1919 flu epidemic. The market saw a need and made sure to fill it. Only later did Uncle come up with the CDC and dubious “recommendations” that, while useful, are just the minimal response.

    Most of what I’ve been observing on the soc-nets is that we’re all taking most of this in stride. I think if the overreaction goes much beyond April we’ll start to see some discord, but for now nothing wrong with a little self-isolation for a few weeks to keep grandma safe. Most of my friends were ready for empty shelf events anyway, but they’re not preppers they just stock up when there’s a good deal.

    I don’t want this to sound like an anti-Chinese rant. Quite the opposite, what the Chinese people accomplished despite their shitty communist government is nothing short of astounding. But while there are a few shitholes in the United States, in China that’s still the default even after 20+ years of outside money coming in. Maybe this will wake up a few people, when they see things like “no new cases this week” as the headline out of Wuhan they have to know that it’s all propaganda. After all, all the Soviets knew if Pravda said sunny and 22º it meant to bring an umbrella.

    • Like Iran, another “bastion of freedom”, it wouldn’t surprise me if Engineer units of the Chinese People’s “Liberation” Army aren’t already excavating mass graves.

      I’m all for maintaining freedoms and free trade, but until the Chinese show they’ll do business with INTEGRITY, I’m not buying “Jack Shit” from them. We shouldn’t depend on “Gubmint” fiat to bring critical manufacturing back to our shores, we should do it of our own accord, and that way the crony capitalists can’t just line up for more freebies from Uncle Sugar; they still have to COMPETE.

    • Sometime around mid April if there are no stacks of corpses, the truth will be known. Right now we know nothing and it is a minor inconvenience to lay low and let the panic burn out.

      • Hi EW,

        I wish it were a minor inconvenience. I can tell you that it is not for people in the car business; other businesses are already suffering badly. As I type this, I am on the porch of the coffee shop where I go to write almost every day. Because they have shut down the inside. On a Monday, this business would ordinarily have dozens of people sitting inside, working, drinking coffee, eating, etc. I am the only person here. The $4 I just spent for a cup of coffee and a cookie is not going to cover their rent for 10 minutes.

        This place – one of so many – is bleeding thousands of dollars every day. Meanwhile, debt continues to accrue and bills need to be payed. How? Scale this up across an entire country.

        Over what?

        A few hundred people are dead. Even if it’s ten thousand, it’s insane. No? Well, on this same principle why not outlaw motor vehicle use, since 35,000-plus people die each year in car wrecks?

        • At least they are open, haven’t social proof capitulated. The little shop in our area is closed-complied until at least the 27th.

          As far as what all the variously sized islands in this stream owe to their respective upstreams, & what those upstreams owe their upstreams, ∞∞ that will needs be adjusted.

          It’s that old saying about owing the bank a grand vs owing it a quadrillion. When a quadrillion owe a grand they ain’t got, well….

          Different but not completely: I’ve heard there are still people living “mortgage-free” from post-apocalypse last. “Dude, who owns “my” house?”

          Unless, of course, like was done ’29-WW2, the rapeseed oil crushing was set to frappe on purpose, the better to roll up all those assets at the new, very downward adjusted, prices.

          Then its breadlines & soup kitchens & building a new greatest generation…& WW3?

          Citizens are just as conscripted as GI’s. This “economy stuff” can put boot camp in a new light, if you let it…maybe face left & squint right & it’ll come into resolution.

          • Hi Adam,

            I read it and – like many such – it extrapolates scenarios from assumptions that may not be valid and without taking into account the facts we do have, such as the number of people who’ve actually died so far. This latter being the key variable. “Locking down” the country – giving the government (of all things) unlimited authority… because a few thousand people have died seems extremely extreme to me. Yes, I understand what “might” happen. I also know what’s certain to happen if we “lock down” the country. Might as well go out and have sex with an AIDS ho’ and french kiss someone with the got-damned virus.

            • I’m petrified of the precedent we are setting for government authority, but I think this threat is real. Since I read that article a couple weeks ago, I’ve watched the number of cases continue to double on about the schedule he lays out. This virus appears to be extremely contagious and if half of the country gets it with a mortality rate of 1.5%, that’s 2.4 million deaths. I don’t like watching government officials take arbitrary powers but nearly everything they’ve ordered I had already started a few days prior. I think it’s a good time the avoid contact with other humans and hope that by electing a clearly senile president this year, congress will be left with no alternative but to claw back executive power in the near future. Maybe I’m a bit too optimistic.

                  • Does that tell the whole story though? I’m curious as to why you’re fixated on the doubling aspect of all this. Does it double into perpetuity?

                    Again, do you really think 165 million people are going to catch a case of this? I just can’t see that and sure as hell hope not.

                    As the article I posted stated, it is far easier to identify if someone is severely ill or dead from the virus than detecting it in people who show no symptoms. The mortality rate being bandied about is thus the confirmed rate (deaths divided by confirmed cases), i.e. the max. rate. It’s most certainly lower than that. There will be what, possibly millions of cases, that will go undetected? Pretty safe bet. So that takes the mortality rate way down. Let’s not lose our shit over this.

                    Here’s an interesting article discussing the confirmed mortality rate with regards to the demographics of a country.


                  • Hi Adam,

                    “I’m watching the number of cases and deaths double every few days even with the extreme measures we’ve taken.”

                    The number of deaths is much, much less than the number of “cases.”

                    Getting sick is not the same as getting dead. People getting sick is routine. It is now a “crisis.” Why?

                    Anyone who isn’t suspicious isn’t thinking.

                    • The number of deaths was 307 when you wrote the article on 3/22. It’s two days later and the number of deaths is now 593. That has nearly doubled in two days.

                    • Hi Adam,

                      Yes, but it’s only 593. Out of tens of thousands of “cases.” How many of these deaths were elderly people? People with pre-existing conditions? Probably at least half. It may well be two-thirds. Or more.

                      But even if not… 593… hardly a catastrophe that justifies one.

                      I am headed outside right now.

                  • Hi Adam,

                    Three points to consider.

                    – The predictions of a huge death toll are based on the assumption that fatalities will continue to progress geometrically. This assumption is absurd. People will spontaneously adapt their behavior to minimize risk to themselves, draconian lock-downs are neither necessary nor helpful. You see, those who pose the greatest risk to others are also at greatest risk themselves, thus have a self interest in avoiding contact with others. Forcing younger, healthy people to “shelter in place” will not make an appreciable difference in the spread of the disease, though it will cause a lot of harm.

                    This is an interesting interview with Richard Epstein


                    – The current assertions of the case fatality rate are either meaningless or intentionally dishonest. It is unknown how many people have been infected, though it is certainly orders of magnitude higher than the number of confirmed cases. The claimed CFR of the Covid19 virus is based on deaths per confirmed cases. This renders comparisons to the seasonal flu or past “pandemics” meaningless or dishonest. The CFR of the seasonal flu is based on deaths per estimated cases. If it were calculated the same way as the Covid19 virus, the CFR of the seasonal flue would be many times higher than Covid19. The number of infected is unknown, thus the CFR is also unknown, but significantly lower than claimed.

                    – The harm that will be caused by the Covid19 virus is unknown, but will almost certainly be far less than predicted. But, it is certain that enormous harm will be caused by the bat-shit crazy, hysterical overreaction to this “pandemic”, and will likely dwarf that of the virus.


                    • Yes, Jeremy. Get out your calculator and do 2×2. Then press Enter 31 more times. If the spread really were “exponential” (not a precise term when used colloquially, but I’ve heard claims that it’s doubling every two days), then we all would have it by now.

              • Hi Adam,

                Even if your Worst Case Scenario turns out to be accurate, it is not worth it. I’d rather fuck an AIDS whore and tongue kiss a person with TB. Because it’s game over and we might as well just die. Because life will no longer be worth living.

        • ” Even if it’s ten thousand, it’s insane. No? Well, on this same principle why not outlaw motor vehicle use, since 35,000-plus people die each year in car wrecks?”

          Eric, you’re right, but “Shaddup”! (jk) You wanna give ’em, in this current climate of hyped fear, any “ideas”? Next thing you know I’ll be commuting to work on a TRICYCLE, and still have to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads!

          BTW, ever check out “Uncle Tony’s Garage”? He tickled my #1 son’s (36th B-Day for him yesterday, we had takeout from “Dead Robinnnn…Yuck!”) and I funny bones with a missive about home defense…”Nothing sez “fuck you”! like a FLAMETHROWER!”

        • And BTW, in “Goldfinger”, when 007, learning of Auric Goldfinger’s plan to smuggle an “atomic device” into the country, place it inside the Gold Repository facility at Fort Knox (after a massive nerve gas attack on the Fort itself, then also home to a US Army armor school with many M-48 tanks on the post, which would still leave some survivors, albeit like incapacitated, from Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus, and WHY they’re allowed to just buzz what ought to be quite RESTRICTED airspace is inexplicable), and detonate it, rendering the gold bullion reserves of the USA a radioactive, melted puddle, never mind how much would be dispersed by the blast), tells him that, with the personnel at the Fort itself and nearby in the community, even with this relatively limited yield, would still kill about 60,000 people. Goldfinger’s dismissive response?

          “American motorists kill that number every TWO years”.

  27. This self-isolating* higher risk old guy is cheering on the hordes of young folks out having fun and defying the unlawful and unconstitutional stay at home orders 🙂

    * Not that I’m doing anything different. I stay out here on the “ranch” 99% of the time anyway. I’m not social distancing, I’m just plain anti-social. Get off my lawn!

  28. Common sense article Eric. In Israel and Turkey they are arresting people that can see through the bs.

    Italy is their big doomsday scenario even though if one reads the official comments one can see many are dying that have the virus but few are dying because of the virus. In fact it every year in Italy 68,000 die of flu and pneumonia. The average age in Italy is 47…. in the US it’s 38. They have thousands of 90+ walking around.

    It appears to me that the globalists have decided to play their chips. I can only hope there are enough Americans that can prevent the US from being borged. Right now it doesn’t look good. Glad I am old.

  29. Took the toy for a spin yesterday. Still self quarantined if you’re solo, right?
    Made the same observation, convertibles and bikes cruising in the sunshine. People milling about in the little river towns i passed through.

  30. “Will we allow ourselves to be fooled – again?“

    For the most part, yes, unfortunately.

    Some good news is that even here in the la-la land of CT, people are out and about, getting coffee, walking dogs, kids playing outside and with other kids, etc. Very encouraging, despite our overlords telling us to sit in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth in a fetal position.

    Still, town message boards are replete with people filling their diapers about others going on with their lives. Some very critical about all of the “bad parents” who are daring to let their kids go out and play. These vocal types being a curiosity to me, are typical ninnies and busy bodies, cowards and losers cheering their own oppression and clamoring that it be extended, violently if need be, to their neighbors. They are the fools, and it seems there are more of them than there are rational people.

  31. This whole thing is absurd and stinks to high heaven, a response is akin to burning down your house to kill a spider. I’m not denying the spider is there, but some reasonable actions to protect the elderly & infirm would have been adequate. This is about something else entirely.

    • Right now the CDC is asking States to pass laws allowing forced testing and forced vaccination. In Denmark they just passed the law. If you refuse to be tested you cannot go to supermarkets on trolleys, trains, planes etc.
      The Eurozone is considering abolishing cash using only digital. They also have disallowed citizens from owning gold.

      • So basically, the same CDC that refused to test people for CV is now going to force it onto everyone? Oh, the irony…

        And of course physical currency (aka CASH) is going to be abolished because “it might transmit the ‘disease'”. Obviously, the real reason is that GovCo. despises “under-the-table” transactions.

    • Out of the mouths of babes…who go on to “grow up”:

      There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a spider;
      That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her!

      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a bird;
      How absurd to swallow a bird!

      She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a cat;
      Imagine that! She swallowed a cat!

      She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
      She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady that swallowed a dog;
      What a hog, to swallow a dog!

      She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
      She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
      She swallowed the bird to catch the spider;
      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a goat;
      She just open her throat and in walked the goat!

      She swallowed the goat to catch the dog,
      She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
      She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
      She swallowed the bird to catch the spider;
      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a pig
      What a frig to swallow a pig!

      She swallowed the pig to catch the goat.

      There was an old lady who swallowed a cow;
      I don’t know how she swallowed a cow!

      She swallowed the cow to catch the pig
      She swallowed the pig to catch the goat,
      She swallowed the goat to catch the dog,
      She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
      She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
      She swallowed the bird to catch the spider;
      She swallowed the spider to catch the fly;
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – Perhaps she’ll die!

      There was an old lady who swallowed a horse;

      …She’s dead, of course!


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