Why do Millennials Lean Left?

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It’s said – and it’s probably true – that Leftism has made even greater inroads with Gen Z than it has with the Millennials who preceded them. If it’s true, it’s probably because they both got screwed by the system they were born into, which is “capitalist” in the same way that America is a “free” country (which almost no one says anymore because it no longer applies, anymore).

So they turn to socialism as the antidote to the “capitalism” they believe they’ve been screwed over by.

A better real-world example of the Stalin’s Chicken story would be hard to come up with. If you don’t know the story, it goes like this: Stalin was entertaining foreign guests, one of whom asked him how he maintains the love of the people, given the fact that most of the people in the Soviet Union lived hard (and poor) lives. Stalin demonstrated how. A chicken was brought to Stalin, who grabbed the bird and roughly plucked it until the bird stood naked and shivering at his feet. He then reached into his pocket and spread a few scratch grains on the floor at his feet, which the bird began to peck at.

And that’s how.

Similarly, Leftists promise to “help” the Millennials and Gen Z with such things as student loan forgiveness and “free” health care, etc. After having plucked these birds first, so that they are grateful for what they get – because they believe that they’ll never have anything, otherwise.

And they’re not wrong about this. Just about the cause of this.

Here I’ll get personal and use my Gen X self to explain what’s happened to the Millennials and now Gen Z.

When I graduated high school back in the ’80s, practically every high school kid owned their own car – because they could afford to own one. Cheap old cars abounded. If you had a few hundred bucks, you could have a car. It now takes a few thousand bucks to own a car, not counting the cost of insurance. And these cars aren’t cars that can be gimped along by a kid with not much money, few tools and hardly any real knowledge of their workings. When it stops working, the repair to get it working again is likely to be a dealer/shop repair that a kid can’t afford. A car you can’t afford to buy or keep running tends to sour you on cars; it also tends to make you feel gypped – and resentful. Easy enough to join the ranks of Leftists excoriating car ownership and driving as a threat to the “climate.”

When I got my first salaried job as an editorial writer at The Washington Times, I was offered health insurance. I was not required to pay for it, via having a large chunk of my salary deducted for it. I chose not to pay for it, which made sense to me then and still does, today. A healthy, single guy in his 20s needs health insurance like a guy that age needs hair dye. What someone that age does need, on the other hand, is money. And if you aren’t forced to spend it – as by the government – then you will have more of it to spend on other things.

Like a first house, for instance.

Because I did not have a car payment when I was in my 20s (because I was able to buy an old VW Beetle for a few hundred bucks) and because a large chunk of my salary as an editorial writer for The Washington Times wasn’t taken from me to pay for health insurance I needed like a frog needs a suntan, I was able to save up enough money for a down payment on my first house.

Something I did need. Something I was able to pay for myself – because I hadn’t been plucked like Stalin’s chicken, as subsequent generations have been via Obamacare, which forces them to pay for health insurance and via Obama’s “cash for clunkers” program, which took the bulk of affordable old cars off the market by paying off the people who owned them to turn them in to be destroyed.

There are additional, compounding factors. They include the policies of the federal government under The Chimp that wildly inflated the real estate market via speculation in the real estate market (people bought homes to “flip” rather than to live in; people were suckered into buying more home than they could afford, etc.) which eventually ebbed but never retreated to where it was. Add in zoning – another government hobble to affordability – which outlaws affordable housing by requiring all homes within a certain area to meet certain standards that guarantees all of them will be expensive homes.

Not many Millennials (let alone Gen Zs) can afford the $400,000 it now takes to buy an average single family home in this country.

Just as not many of them can afford to spend the nearly $50,000 it now takes to buy the average-priced new vehicle. Many of them are still living with their parents. They feel screwed – and they’re not wrong about that.

Just about who – and what – screwed them over.

. . .

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  1. I’ve noticed that early GenZ who grew up homeschooled tend to be quite libertarian in their philosophies and are trending toward raising large families. They are contributing to Gen Alpha, along with the few late millennials that were also homeschooled. In contrast, the worst of the millennials and GenZ seem to be having few, if any, children. As a result, Gen Alpha seems to be quite feral so far. Some have given the nickname GenX-Squared to Gen Alpha. Gen Alpha, so far, seems to be fearless and have little respect for so-called “authority.” So there may still be hope.

    • Hi Shoal,

      I believe that is true. Most of the homeschooled kids that I have met under the age of 25 are pretty “screw the Man” including my own kids. They are aware that government is not their friend and whatever the narrative is to believe the exact opposite.

      The problem is sheer numbers. When 90% of their peers are indoctrinated by the public school system can the remaining 10% overcome the majorities need for freebies and government hand holding.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Gen Z and, to a greater extent, Gen Alpha, are old souls at heart and different from the earlier “burn it all down” millennials. I have started working with more Gen Z clients lately and they are such a breath of fresh air. My millennial clients, on the other hand, are all into “climate change”, “sustainability”, and “equity”. I get none of that nonsense from Gen Z clients.

      The younger generations will not forget what the authority figures did to them beginning in 2020 with the lockdowns and forced masking. I think the elites know this and are doing everything in their power to destroy these generations before they can take over and right the ship. All the more reason we need to nurture and protect Gen Z and Gen Alpha from the forces of evil.

    • I am sorry to read this. He seemed like a really authentic man with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed many of his songs.

      It makes me wonder where are the billions upon billions that have been spent on cancer research has gone. Very little in cancer treatments have changed and they don’t seem to be extending many lives.

      • I do know that a lot of the money taken in for cancer research has gone to things other than cancer research—Perhaps the biggest offender in this regard is the Susan G. Komen Foundation and all of its pink paraphernalia.

        I also do know that, despite the effort and success in cleaning up the environment over the past 50 years, environmental toxins are still a huge problem. Yet the greens are One-Note-Johnny about the whole climate change thing, and we hear barely a peep about other environmental hazards.

        • Yes, they are. Because of the use of endocrine disrupting plastics, pesticides and herbicides (that substituted for the old stuff like DDT), the “environment” is actually way worse and way more dangerous than it was in the 1960’s to the middle 1970s. As these compounds, including prescription drugs have made it through the water supply and also have been used in making clothing, packaging, etc, the effects on the country’s health can be clearly seen.

          All told, except for the quick way people died of lung cancer in the 1950s through the 1980s, we were a healthier, happier country in 1970 than we are today. General health has been going rapidly downhill since the early 1980s with the growth of new diseases, obesity, and the resulting endocrine disruption that is confusing gender identities. Of course, no on the left or right really talks about it.

          These chemicals go through the water supply untreated and yet the greenies obsess about microscopic exhaust particles coming from a already “clean” car’s tailpipe. LIke the automobile has been the cause of sloth, environmental devastation, and cancer itself.

          I am of the opinion that we were better off burning leaded gas, in non smog controlled cars without any CAFE rules to tell how much gas you are able to burn.

          I’d like to go back to the way things were when I was a small child

          • Hi Bryce and swamp,

            If you have not checked it out I would highly recommend Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Calley Means. I watched it this morning over breakfast and found it to be pretty good. Calley describes the pharmaceutical companies and their impact over the media and medical field.

            I don’t know about anyone else but I have found Tucker interviews pretty damn good lately. He never talks over his guests and they are quite in depth ranging from 20 minutes to two hours. It is refreshing to see real journalism on TV again.

            I look forward to his interview with Putin.

            • You’re not the only one; I want to see his interview with Putin too! I hope a lot of Americans see his interview, so they get at least an inkling that they’ve been lied to WRT Russia.

    • I love this bar, come as you are

      I like my truck, I like my girlfriend…

      But, I love this bar… – Toby Keith, I Love This Bar

      Toby was a happy-go-lucky go for it while you can crazy galoot.

      Always have to enjoy the music Toby sings/sung. Toby didn’t mean anybody any harm, wanted to help in any way he could.

      Nobody cares about Americans anymore, the only good American is a dead American. Just like the Red man and the New Socialist Man, all need to die. Kill them all, Americans, the Red man, the New Socialist Man, no need for them. Same goes for the filthy Muslims and the useless sub-human ****, don’t even want to spell the word, plural, at all.

      To hell with humans, not worth saving, a lost cause.

      Time to drink even more.

      Who will write all of the good music if the Western World is gone and gone for good?

      Death to America! There it was, gone.

      • Guy was the definition of a jingo circa early 00s. In hindsight, he and his sentiments were dead wrong back then. I hope he realized he was simply a useful regime tool at that time and recanted before tapping out.

        • I have mixed feelings about Toby Keith. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but he also greatly helped George W Bush with his wars with: “Cuz we’ll put a boot in your ass; it’s the American way.” This was the tough guy’s version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

          I like to think he was a dupe and didn’t consciously engage in war propaganda. Otherwise, he got some splainin’ to do as he meets his maker.

        • Toby Keith was hoodwinked.

          Politicians take advantage of people under all circumstances, they are predators, want you to think they are on your side when they’re absolutely not. Dick Cheney is insouciant, doesn’t care, as long as he can remain alive, Dick could care less about your life and how you live. Same for Joe Biden, he doesn’t care about you, he can’t.

          You have to care about you, nobody in government is going to.

          A cattle ranch in remote areas of Chile will have thousands of acres of land to raise cattle. It’s like Wyoming. You are removed from the madness.

          A distant uncle passed away and left me quite a batch
          And I was living high until that fatal day
          A lawyer proved I wasn’t born
          I was only hatched
          – Hank Williams, I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

          • Just curious, do you know if he said publicly that he was hoodwinked? I’ll admit I don’t follow country music so I have no idea.

    • He was also into the shots and would post photos of others who proudly got jabbed. You can do the math, cancer diagnosed around 2022, after the peak of injections from the rollout.

      • Hi Alvin,

        I quickly thought the same thing when I heard about his cancer diagnosis in 2022. I guess the medical field is going to continue to put their heads in the sand when it comes to the exponential growth in turbo cancers since the Jab. I guess if we close our eyes, shut our mouths, and put our hands over our ears it isn’t really happening. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

      • I wasn’t aware of Toby Keith’s Vaxx evangelism. It’s just common sense to suspect that ill-effects to your health might result from injecting an unknown substance into your body multiple times. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

        Ha, I developed this understanding from Steve Martin’s The Man with Two Brains regarding injection of window cleaner. Here’s my rule of thumb, inject yourself with NOTHING, unless you know exactly what it is, that it’s absolutely necessary and that its benefits outweigh its potential risks. And don’t trust anybody. Do you own research based on primary sources! When in doubt, don’t do it!

        • I saw this on an article about TK on Yahoo news:

          Worldwide, “the No. 1 leading cause for gastric cancer is an infection with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori,” he adds. The bacteria is more common in other parts of the world where rates of stomach cancer are higher.

          Also this:

          He said, ‘I quit chemo and it probably did more damage to me than the cancer did,’”


          Vax coverups probably but still, WTF?

  2. No real mystery, just the natural progression of a corporatist-mercantilist military empire. They all ended this way. Every. Single. One.
    And once the empire is no longer able to paper over the economic realities….
    ….start a war somewhere.

    And I dont have a real problem with people sucking as much as they can off the system, government teat, whatever you want to call it.

    All but the top of the heap have been bled dry for generations, getting something back that you ought to have already is not a bad thing. It’s survival.

    You do realize that more than half…half!….of all working Americans earn $30K or less, right? Think about that.

    In the richest nation ever we have huge problems with homeless, drugs, suicide, medical costs, education costs, and now basics necessities are becoming out of reach for half….half!….of Americans.

    In the past, the powers-that-be could rely on the fact that few people had cheap access to information. Now…even the lowliest of the low can easily understand what has been done to them…and their fathers…and their father’s fathers…going waaay back.
    Being screwed over harder and harder, faster and faster.

    Without family, church or any real moorings to any traditional institutions of social cohesion, can you really blame the 150 million folks for whom the system, as it is, has totally screwed over?
    What about the rest of us, who have acheived some kind of precarious equilibrium; earn enough to survive or even thrive and stay clear of rapacious AGW’s?

    Just pure luck. Anytime they want you or your stuff…they can get it. Nothing you can do about it, unless you are super-rich and have connections.

    Vast wealth has been stolen from the many and given over to the few. WTF do you think Kings and legislatures and presidents are here for?

    What if…men with guns and badges and warrants showed up at your house, Eric, and said, Shut this website down or we shut you down. Prison. Confiscation of everything. Lies in the media about you. Oh we like to talk about resistance, but if we really meant it each of us would already be in prison now.

    Kinda like fundamentalist christians; if they really followed everything the Bible claims is gods law, they would all be in prison.

    So….free education? Medical coverage? Sure. Why not? Ini our present system why shouldnt those things be costless to the masses? While trillons accrue to the top, why can’t a couple fall off the table to the floor, crumbs? Look at the economic stats, huh? Ownership of assets…who owns the wealth? It aint you. It aint me. How can we on a salary, paid with currency that is stolen day by day thru the magic of inflation?

    Let it burn down, its the only solution. Build it back up from the ashes and hope the cycle lasts a little longer. But dont say we have ever lived in a capitalist economic system…that is bullshit! You cant have real free market capitalism and government together, not for long.
    I for one say: End social security; give everyone a 15% raise. End all subsidies for anyone and any company. End qualified immunity. End corporate structures that shield corporate officers frombad acts. Cap bonuses for publicly held corporations. Force the military to live on donations. Right…like anything like that is EVER going to happen.

    Live free…and die.
    Live sort of free…and stick around awhile longer.
    Like Carlin said, sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Getting up before dawn to go work my ass off for decades. What luck. I felt so darn lucky each and every day pretending to listen to morons all day. I must be fN Jupiter with all this luck.

      Now I enjoy watching warned vaxxed and other imbeciles squirm.

  3. Democrats control the schools and they use the schools to lie to the children about how the present world came about. Then on the internet the leftists also lie about how the current world came about.

    In transportation alone they like to claim how the automobile ruined cities and they’ll show some wide road and claim it was for the car. I’ll find a 19th century photograph of the same location. The street just as wide. Maybe a slight change in roadway/sidewalk ratio at most.

    They’ll show some ugly area next to an interstate then some 100 year old or more photo and claim it was the same spot. A quick check on historical aerials and the camera is facing the other direction or it was three blocks away or whatever. The ugly area had been ugly since 1902 or something.

    It’s lie after lie after lie that these leftists tell people. Then there’s the other subjects beyond transportation. Same thing. Every time I study something independently the teachings of the schools and the activists who get the attention online and in the mainstream media are just plain wrong. Distortions at best.

    Financially they never talk about Woodrow Wilson (democrat) for good reason. His presidency alone is responsible for much of the ills of the present. Not just for the USA but much of the world. But is root cause even allowed to be addressed? Nope.

    Basically any person not strong enough resist and not motivated to do self study is going to end up a leftist. Unless of course they are recognize the left is harming them. For men it has become blatant and open. Which is why so many young men are veering away from the leftism. But at slower rate than the women are embracing it.

    • My favorite was in school in the 90s and 00s was showing a factory making ‘pollution’….but it was clearly winter and the white ‘smoke’ was just moisture from the heat of whatever was going on. Heck, you could even see it in the video disappear and become clear as the exhaust cooled to ambient temp.

  4. Off topic: It appears that Madison Avenue has found a way to profit from the Covid death jabs. I recently heard a radio commercial: “My brother-in-law died suddenly, and my sister had to sell her house. . . . ” So the speaker, a woman, is now realizing the value of having life insurance, which is what the commercial was selling.

  5. What we (the older generations) need to do is show/teach these misguided young generations that it’s NOT Capitalism that screwed them, it’s Socialism and Big Government that screwed them. If we got back to Capitalism and not this Corporatism/Private-Public Partnership/Marxism-Lite crap system that we now have, things would better quickly.
    I’m 57, my first car was a used 1979 Triumph TR-7 for $3,000 and 19% interest.
    Many young adults want the McMansion. Maybe start small….. buy a small plot of land (not in a HOA-craphole) in a place with lax zoning laws and put a Tiny House on it.
    Here in my city in East Central Florida I found 2/2 and 3/2 houses with 1,200 sq. ft. for $200,000.
    Don’t try to “keep up with the Joneses, just do you.”

  6. Even I was taught the early 80s that FDR “saved” capitalism. it goes way back before any of us on here were born. The level of ideological activism seems to have increased in the last 20-30 years, though.

    OT, but on my weekly trip into town today, I was followed first by a Federal Park Ranger who seemed to be waiting for me as I passed a gas station. Then, at every store (3) I visited, a different unmarked pickup with an unmistakable air of bacon (brand new 80k domestic pickup, big computer screen, high & tight haircut, sunglasses, golf shirt, audible CB radio chirps and blurps emanating from the cab) was either waiting or pulled in shortly after me 2 or 3 spots away. I was like, maybe I being paranoid. Then, about 5 miles into my 45 mile ride home with no one else on the road but me, a blacked out sheriff’s car zoomed at speed from nowhere to settle in just behind my bumper to be treated to a clinic of exact speed limit driving on a 2 lane road with soft shoulders and no pull offs for 40 miles.

    It all felt very multi-jurisdicitional fusion center-y. All prolly because they don’t like the ideas that I posit regularly on sites like this one and others. To these fusion center fucktards, who I hope are reading this closely, you really need to get a productive job and stop trying to make yourself look useful harassing regular folks going about their normal business while sucking hard on the taxpayer and printed money teat(s).

    • Sounds like the treatment I get if drive late at night on surface streets.

      I’ve had times where cop 1 would follow me to the border of his suburb and then shortly there after cop 2 would show up and follow me to the border of his, then cop 3 rinse and repeat.

      • I haven’t carried a cell phone for several years, since they shut off my 3G flip with a removable battery. I think that alone sort of enrages them. This series of “coincidences” involved a lot of manpower. There is very little real crime in my area but 4 layers of AGWs. Feds (NPS), State, county, and each incorporated town within the county. That’s a lot of joint task forces sitting around trying to look useful.

  7. The slaves are bred for stupidity and weakness…

    they are brainwashed by the slave owner’s education system, MSM, Hollywood propaganda, social media, etc, dumbed down by big pharma drugs and injections, their health destroyed by poisonous fast food…..

    The young, smart, strong male slaves are killed in wars….mostly whites…..leaving just soya boys and LGBQT….the LGBQT are fully in bed with the control group…..

    • King Chuckles could live a very long time with that kind of cancer.

      And you assume that his successor would pursue a different agenda.

      Prince William may have less of the inbred genetics, but the stupid from both parents will endure. Maybe his children have a chance.

      • And, no, that’s not where I get my pseudonym.

        If you are a fan or simply want to revel in a non-PC nostalgia trip for an afternoon, I highly recommend one of the Cooter’s Place stores in Tennessee.

        And, yes, you can sit behind the wheel of their Orange Barchetta for pictures for a fee.

        • King Charles the 3rd….at or near the top of the slave owning nobility control group….hired klaus shwab…..

          King Charles the 3rd

          pushes “sustainable development” globalist and monetary manipulation of 3rd world countries in particular resource extraction and population control at United Nations and hundreds of NGO’s, …..
          A Freemason…….. connected to murder of his first wife Princess Diana,


          • There was that speech at WEF a few years ago, when he basically said he was rusher than Croesus, richer than countries and corporations, and effectively was the “right one” to get in charge of the whole show, ie the world. and the rest of us were simply …. irrelevant, unwanted and disposable.

            Watch Tim Cohen on YouTube regarding KCIII.


            • king charles the 1st

              king charles was ignoring parliament, shutting down debate, ending democracy

              king charles the 1st responded to political opposition to his rule by dissolving Parliament on several occasions and in 1629 decided to rule entirely on royal prerogative ignoring Parliament.

              In 1642, the bitter struggle between king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war.

              In 1648, Charles was forced to appear before a high court controlled by his enemies, where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

              In London, King Charles 1st is beheaded by axe for treason on January 30, 1649.


              • Magna Carta also states that there are only, in essence, 2 enforceable crimes. They are that if a person injures another person or steals or damages another person’s property, they can be prosecuted. Other than that – there are no other actual crimes. No law of trespass.

                A citizen can travel freely cross the land without impedance or penalty ( no road tax ).

                Also, Acts if Parliament are only enforceable with the agreement of the person being challenged ( prosecuted)…….. Acts of Parliament are NOT laws because Magna Carta stated that no other laws will be imposed on the people……but….today there is millions of laws…..

                However, there’s no need to keep petitioning our Constitutional Monarch, as this has already been done lawfully and correctly in 2001 and QE2 has passed and king Charles the 3rd is king….

                the 2001 invocation of a61 of MC1215 still stands to this day, as lawful remedy has not been satisfactorily settled yet, so Charlie should also be standing under a61 of MC1215 too until the lawful settlement has been reached and all our natural unalienable common law constitutional principles are recognized, respected, upheld and promoted again, ..

                and all the treason has been dealt with and our Public Servants are all standing underneath our common law constitutional principles, ..

                The direct line of the monarchs are the Stuarts, but because they were Catholic, parliament refused to let them ascend the throne and gave it to their German cousins, a minor branch of the royal family. But in doing so, Parliament virtually assigned power to itself, (giving itself the right to appoint kings and queens).

                This process really began with the beheading of Charles 1 and the revolution. Or maybe even earlier, with the breaking away by Henry 8 from the Roman church, destruction of monasteries, with church wealth given to nobles who supported him.

                • Acts if Parliament are only enforceable with the agreement of the person being challenged ( prosecuted)……..

                  they say….do you have a driver’s licence, government ID?….they say that is the contract you signed…..the agreement…..

  8. Yes.

    Libertarians tend to have a blind spot when it comes to understanding why people become socialist. It’s because of economic rationality. They are incentivized to do it.

    If you live in a “free” country where the government says “Hey, kids, go out homesteading on empty land, we’ll give you 160 acres for nothing. If you make a million dollars out there, you get to keep ALL of it, we won’t tax your income” a lot of people are going to be incentivized to do it.

    On the other hand, if you live in a corporatist state where all the means of production are locked up by big corporations and/or regulated by the government, and the government says “Hey, kids, if you want a house, you are forbidden to build it yourself because of building codes — not that you can afford land to build it on anyway because there is no more free or cheap land. But if you vote Democrat, we will give you Section 8 for rent, or build a HUD project for you” then they will be incentivized to do that.

    If Individual A can get X amount of goods and Y amount of money by working, that’s what he will do. If he can’t get X amount of goods and Y amount of money by working but he CAN get it by voting for the government to give it to him, then that’s what he will do.

    I have on a couple of occasions considered starting a part-time business. I could probably get $40-50 an hour gross for my services. But when I consider that 35-40% of whatever I make has to come right off the top and be given to the government, and that I need permits and insurance and legal protection and an accountant, and I would probably only be keeping $20 after all that, I say “Fuck it” and just learn to live with less. It only makes economic sense to work under the table, and I don’t feel like getting arrested.

    Interestingly, I just saw a news story about some illegal aliens in New York City who make tacos and burritos and put them in a plastic cooler and sell them on the street to make money. It’s the most heavily regulated, highest-taxed city in the country. Where is the health department permit? Where is the business permit? Where is the insurance? Where is the taxman? Oh, if it’s a fucking Venezuelan here illegally, they’ll leave him alone. If an actual American were to try that he’d get crucified.

    • All the bureaucratic annoyance kept me from starting my own business too.

      In a way the elites are very slick. Create the conditions by which people can’t succeed, then offer them help which ensures the cost of success rises.

      They stay on top and ensure no one can threaten them. Creating a permanent underclass that begs for jobs while maintaining their subservient status.

    • “illegal aliens in New York City who make tacos and burritos and put them in a plastic cooler and sell them on the street to make money.”…above the law….

      They don’t have a contract with the government yet…driver’s licence, government ID, etc….so the laws are not applicable to them….can’t screw them in court….they can also board planes with no checks at all…just walk aboard….

      They were exempt injections too because the government would have been liable for death or injury and big pharma sued….

      They are sovereign until they bow down and sign up with the system…

      They also get lots of handouts….$5000 prepaid credit cards, free plane tickets, free accommodation, etc….

  9. The youngsters today have been indoctrinated with leftism since toddlerhood. Left to fend for themselves in day care from infancy so that they have no real emotional connection to their parents since they spend the majority of their waking hours amongst strangers. They absorb the philosophies and values of those with whom they spend the most time..

    Then there’s public school, where they are assaulted non-stop with overtly leftist ideas and the state religion of political correctness. They are made to think that their parents and ancestors are ignorant backward immoral cretins, but that the twenty-something douchebag pontificating at the front of the room is God.

    Then there are the universities. Dores anything even need to be said about their affinity for leftism?

    Anyone born in the last 30 years has never known any sort of freedom. They don’t know what they’re missing. They’ve never known the world where you could buy a $300 car and cheap insurance, and could keep that car going with a little ingenuity or help from a friend or dad. Now dad is just as clueless about cars as grandma or your five year old sister.

    I don’t even see how it would be possible to fix these problems. People are becoming simpler as the world becomes more complex. It’s not going to end well.

    • Indeed Arthur, I think the Millennials leaning left probably parallels Mothers going to work, and single mothers. Both strong supporters of leaning left.

  10. On the Survival Blog website is a 6 part article called “Resisting Thought Control” that covers the mechanisms that allow people to be controlled. I’m cynical and that helps but as Jim said “They promised me a ‘babbling brook’ … and a pony. 🙁” and I know the only way they can give you anything is to take it from some one else and that’s not fair in my opinion.

    Perhaps this is not the only reason why millennials lean left but when you consider the effects of social media; it’s not that far a leap to become a collectivist. If we’re lucky we won’t wind up like Cambodia. Time will tell.

  11. The Federal student loan program funds the “Affordable Care Act” since the loan program was nationalized in 2010 as part of the healthcare program passing as “revenue neutral” under Reconciliation.

    As of 2018, the last time stats were compiled, the student loan paper was the biggest income generating asset held by the Feds.

    Most of the Millenials’ student loans are part of the nationalized program. The banks are paid a fee to handle the processing of payments, but the paper is actually held by the Treasury.

  12. Leftists have managed and succeeded in producing a nation of swine, the no good filthy swine that they obviously have become. Pajama pants-clad millennials don’t know what clothes are.

    Been reading interviews of Hunter S. Thompson, He would shoot guns, so I doubt he was any kind of leftist. When you’re from Kentucky, guns and ammo are allowed, according to Hunter, anyhow.

    His death is suspicious, suicided, probably, knew too much. Nobody will know.

    April 15th is fast approaching, time to sell in the market to pay some taxes.

  13. This is not a question of ‘generation’.
    That’s only another way the Deep State divides people who would otherwise ally against their Deep State slave masters in D.C.

  14. I wonder if there is any correlation between ability to think rationally and
    (a) having grown up not drinking fluoride laced water,
    (b) ‘government’ schooling vs ‘home schooling'(which is probably now considered a ‘threat to democracy’),
    (c) having a mother who didn’t have a job except as mother, and doesn’t consider ‘shopping’ a major productive activity. (This implies having two opposite-sex parents, one who is working full-time to support his family.)

  15. I’m reminded of an article in Sports Illustrated from the early circa 2001, prior to nahnleven titled “The weak shall inherit the gym”.

    It was a time when schools all across the country were outlawing dodgeball. Rick Reilly wrote about the place we were heading–it doesn’t matter if you liked dodgeball or not–and we are seeing the effects of this today. I remember reading it all those years ago and agreeing how ridiculous it was just from a dodgeball perspective. I didn’t appreciate the insight it was on the coming future of this country.

    Millennials–especially early Millennials on balance are nothing compared to Gen Z. But boomer and early Gen Xers are the parents of them. They are the failures that turned their kids over to government schools for 13 years at a minimum. Now we are reaping what they have sown.

    • Hold on. It was more like the middle boomers to the Gen X. The early boomers had a much better economy and were more likely to be a one earner family. Later on, it required both parents working. That’s part of it. With both parents working fulltime jobs, its nearly impossible not to put the kids in some kind of mandatory, coerced babysitter known as the public school. It is their fault for not monitoring what the hell is going on. Today’s parent seem to be on top of things better or is that just hte intenet talking.

  16. I’m a millennial born in ’87, but I can’t stand most of them. All the ones I know are either ex military or have fled from eastern europe in the 90s, both of which have seen and experienced reality of life and losing at some point, which is important. Rest of my friends are all gen x, you all are way cooler. But I still do remember life before the internet and cell phones. I think that plus the ‘everyone’s a winner’ culture is one of the real differences.

    • Roger that, Anchar –

      Us Gen X’ers grew up in a profoundly different (and arguably, much better) America, in terms of the degree of personal freedom we had then vs. now. I think part of the reason many of us X’ers are more independent minded has to do with our having been more independent as kids. When we got home from school, we walked home by ourselves from where the bus dropped us off. Mom was not waiting there. When we got home, we usually went right back out – by ourselves – to meet up with friends and play/hang out. Just be back by dark/supper time. This helicopter parent thing – and being constantly shuttled from one scripted activity to another (plus groaning amounts of busywork-homework) seems to me to be contrived so as to leave a kid no free time and almost no alone time.

      The result is likely learned passivity and resentment of their situation.

      • Hi Eric,
        As a boomer (b.1947) my experience growing up was basically the same; walked to school, rode our bikes everywhere (sans helmet), and stayed out until dark or dinner, whichever came first. My theory is the advent of 24/7 cable “news” was the tipping point. If a kid was kidnapped somewhere, anywhere, in the entire country it would be broadcast constantly and frightened all the moms into thinking their kid might be next. Thus was born the saaaaafety cult and helicopter parents. Just my opinion, YMMV.

      • The other thing us Gen X (and also Millennial) kids didn’t have was an electronic leash. AKA a cell phone. When I went out to play after school or in summer, my mom might ask me where I’m going (like if I was going to a friend’s house) but in reality she had no idea where I was. But she also knew that I knew to head home once the street lights came on. Young people today cannot imagine what it’s like to be able to go somewhere, anywhere, and no one has any idea (unless you tell them) where you are. A world where kids were expected to be responsible and know when they should be home. Of course, parents might have said to be home by 5pm for dinner – and kids would either have a watch or look at a clock on the wall wherever they were. These days so many kids cannot even read an analog clock or watch….

        • Lol, I lied and said i was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and then working. Reality was I drove from Chicago to Miami at 17 years old in the great 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited with the straight 6. My parents found out when they checked, but it was done, I was already in Florida. I did have a cell phone (and there was a car phone too), but I couldn’t use it due to not wanting roaming charges and a lack of minutes, so the long distance call was made over a payphone. This was I think 2004 or 2005. No real phone tracking for parents in the public at a that time.

        • What’s interesting about electronic devices is that I (born in 1977) used to be fascinated with electronics, especially personal computers, roughly during the years 1988 thru 1992. They, including all of their peripheral devices (monitors, printers, external disk drives, floppy drives, etc.) cost a fortune back then, though, so the best I could do to play with them was to go to my friends’ houses or later, using our hand-me-down Mac Plus.

          Ever since then, I don’t get excited about electronics at all. I’m much more interested in vehicles, anything with (real, I.C.) engines, building and fixing things around the house, etc.; basically “real” things (as opposed to electronics, which put one in a fantasy world, so to speak)

          • I’m kind of the same way. I had computers available to me since I was about 10 years old. Back then they didn’t do much, add numbers and light up LEDs, print out on a noisy and expensive teletype and paper tape. But as they got better we got better hardware. When I got out on my own my boss let me pick through the pile of junk and build my own PCs, which kept my interest for a while. Then laptops promised (and occasionally delivered) computing from nearly anywhere and I quit building.

            These days I play with single board computers like Raspberry Pis and Arduino. I have a half-dozen or so breadboards on my desk that I play around with. That’s plenty to keep me occupied. The best part is there’s so much documentation out there it’s fairly easy to find out how to do something by adapting someone’s tutorial.

    • Most of the “Gen-X” people here forget that a lot of what we’re seeing today was begun by our “generation.” The acceptance of homosexuality, cross dressing and odd kink all got started in the 1970s with disco, but really became normalized in the 1980s. The theater kids, the goths, the band fags, they were all part of the origins of the social left of today, but amplified and regenerated by social media. I can remember in the early 90s going to a book store/cafe in a liberal town outside Boston. Back then I loved going to big bookstores because they had all sorts of electronics and tech books, but surprise, this one had none of that. The staff looked like burned out hippies and otherwise attractive young women in sackcloth but with an attitude. Food was “organic” which meant expensive and small portions. My boss, who was directed to the establishment by the concierge, thought it was hilarious. I just wanted a steak…

      The thing is, the nerds of that era got to build social media, and those libtard kids rushed in to run it. Shame that, because they read their Marshall McLuhan and thought it applied to social media too. When it turned out that it wasn’t a giant megaphone, but billions of tiny threads, that wouldn’t do. So now the other libtrards, the ones that couldn’t cut it in the real world, asserted their influence and power to bend communications tech back to broadcast. Even Apple, whose founder asked us to “think different” will only push black performers into my playlists all month because that’s the appropriate thing to do in February. I thought the whole point was to get customized playlists based on my tastes and interests, but no. Tay-Tay and hip hop under “new” music.

      By the way, the only reason why we have very large “generations” is thanks to war. Specifically the Great War and World War II. Because of the timing, it put us into a birth cycle that continues to this day. Economists don’t tend to talk much about that, because it makes it easier to figure out how large populations will tend to act in unison, but it is yet another side effect of mechanized government.

  17. My first two cars were free to me. A hand-me-down from dad and a “gift” from my employer when I got laid off. Sold the Dodge Aries wagon for $500 to a neighbor, traded the Subaru XT in for a Chevy Lumina Z-34 (still the worst car I ever owned).

    Keynes says that people won’t buy something if they think it will be cheaper tomorrow. The corollary to that is people will borrow to buy if they believe something will be more valuable later, or that whatever they buy will allow them to make more money. So you borrow to buy a house, because it should become more valuable over time. And you borrow to buy a car because it opens up employment opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you traveled via mass transit (or horseback).

    Problem is, it’s easier to borrow than save. And bankers figure they have the upper hand when loaning out money, so they give you more credit than you need. Humans being creatures who want to maximize opportunity will buy as much as they can, even if it means they get out over their skis later. And then the sellers figure out they can charge more, so it becomes a wash.

    When you want to make a large purchase, the first thing to do is figure out how much you can borrow. Or figure out a month payment you can be comfortable with. Either way, it is a form of qualifying you. Salespeople won’t even bother to show you whatever brought you into the office until they know your financial status. When they do, the next step is to only show you choices that run that monthly payment right up to the edge.

    Even worse is the university, which already knows how much “you” can spend, thanks to the guaranteed student loan programs, Pell grants, and all the other sources of academic welfare. The next 4 years (why 4? Why not 7 or 3 or 12?) are locked in, along with the next 30 if you don’t refinance or pay down early.

    When I bought my house I was pre-approved for about double what I wanted to borrow. I kept that information very tight to the vest, not even telling my agent what I was pre-approved to borrow until we had looked at a few houses I selected. Because of that I paid off the 15 year mortgage in seven years, at an effective interest rate of 1.2%. No refinancing, no crazy games, and now I don’t need a $150K income anymore.

    • Consumer electronics has proven Keynes wrong.

      Electronics has beaten inflation for decades and people still want the latest thing and will pay outrageous prices to be first. When I was in that industry the corporation I worked for had a problem of pilot units leaking out into the world and being sold for several times their retail price on the internet a few months before public release. This wasn’t for competitors to buy as the products had been announced and early units given to retailers to evaluate (where they leaked from). People simply wanted to be first. They didn’t wait 2-3 months to get it much cheaper.

      Keynes probably knew he was wrong. His job as an intellectual was to give the wealthy and powerful an excuse to steal from everyone else.

      • There probably are people who carefully watch the price of produce and wait to see when it’s about to go bad, or people who shop for electronics at Goodwill for reasons other than nostalgia, but for the most part we buy when we buy for reasons other than price. We select based on what we can afford (or price), but that decision to buy came long before we started shopping.

  18. Generations of government education, what Limbaugh used to call the wussification of boys, social media, vulgar pop culture, …

    These kids don’t stand a chance.

  19. We’ve had periods of time in the country where we did have capitalism, but they were brief. Even Ben Franklin was seduced by the printing press to create wealth until Washington noticed it took a wagon car of money to buy a wagon car of supplies. Congress relinquished their responsibility to coin money (3) times by creating central banks. Every one of them was corrupt.

    So, I understand somewhat when our kids have been indoctrinated in public school to see capitalism as a failure especially when many of them might just get saddled with the bill forthcoming. Marxism is always the remedy to capitalism. It was not capitalism that failed.

    The answer to that I leave to you.

  20. There are those who seem to love blaming the problems of the past few years on free markets/ free market capitalism, but we haven’t actually LIVED under either for years if not decades. With the U.S. government the way it is (and likely has been for DECADES), we’ve actually been living through a combination of Keynesian economics, socialism (hardening into communism), interventionism (eg endless wars), corporatism, and fascism for a loooooooooooooong time, with some authoritarianism thrown in for good measure. And now we have a globalist/ technocratic elite who wish to take that to a global level.

    • Agreed. Capitalism once meant a free market economy.
      That reality died in America in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax.
      The utter corruption of D.C. grew rapidly from that point onward (although the ‘seed’ was planted some 53 years earlier.)
      Today, the choices are: peaceful secession, civil war, or serfdom to the Deep State elite in D.C., the UN, WEF, et al.

  21. ‘the policies of the federal government under The Chimp that wildly inflated the real estate market’ — eric

    … superseded by the policies of the fedgov under the Kenyan, the Orange Man, and the Senile Scarecrow — known as Quantitative Easing, in which Big Gov buys its own bonds like Aleister Crowley eating his own defecation.

    Incredibly, nominal GDP (not inflation-adjusted, as customarily reported) has been jacked by 40 percent since the lockdowns. Everything has popped at least that much; houses and rents even more.

    If our new Eurasian permawar, now boiling over on the front burner as the ToC (Traitors of Clowngress) toss another $100 billion into the fire, is anything like Vietnam, a 40 percent pop in prices may end up looking like small change.

    Uniparty coprophagiacs have taken the wheel as an epic looting spree unfolds. What will these malicious, larcenous clowns do to us next?

    • You are correct Jim. All these years they have been claiming 4-6 percent has really been 12-15 percent and today its probably 20-25 percent. Inflation destroys wealth which I believe to be their goal. Americans were too prosperous so they shipped off the culprit… manufacturing, destroyed the money and now importing by the kazillions a replacement population that will put us more in line with the rest of the world,,, poor, broke with no future.
      Their is a group of people that think we are here to serve them. Through capitalism and a free market those in the US was able to live the American Dream. No the dream was not to have a mortgage, a new car etc. It was a dream of possibilities, chance to better ones self. The house and car would come later. Today the dream is DOA. The country manufactures nothing but paper money. The dollar is worthless compared to what it was when the Federal Reserve was jammed through.
      Government is taking over every aspect of our lives. What wealth is left is being given away to people lured here by promises of free stuff. Government is ignoring its own laws wherever and whenever it wants. Its citizens are paying for their own demise,,, worse they don’t seem to care. We have a executive administration of sexual deviants and those that are not are dual passport holders. Both have one goal,,, the destruction of the nation. Two wars and counting,,, a military draft in the wind to depopulate more of us.
      We are witnessing nationcide and so far it seems incurable.

      • (the conflict:) harshly awakened by the sound of six rounds of light
        Caliber rifle fire followed minutes later by the booming of nine rounds
        From a heavier rifle, but you can’t close off the wilderness. he heard
        The snick of a rifle bolt and found himself staring down the muzzle of a
        Weapon held by a drunken liquor store owner. “there’s a conflict,” he
        Said. “there’s a conflict between land and people…the people have to
        Go. they’ve come all the way out here to make mining claims, to do
        Automobile body work, to gamble, to take pictures, to not have to do
        Laundry, to own a mini-bike, to have their own cb radios and air
        Conditioning, good plumbing for sure, and to sell time/life books and to
        Work in a deli, to have some chili every morning and maybe…maybe to own
        Their own gas stations again and to take drugs and have some crazy sex
        But above all, above all to have a fair shake, to get a piece of the rock
        And a slice of the pie and to spit out the window of your car and not
        Have the wind blow it back in your face.”

        -Wall of Voodoo, The Call of the West

        That sounds a lot like the American Dream I grew up with until it was redefined by the Realtors®️.

    • Housing bubble began well before The Chimp – with Slick Willie’s administration.
      Andrew Cuomo was head of HUD when the nonsense began by seeing that lending standards were lowered. Yet he remains largely nameless and blameless for any of it and was even rewarded with the governorship of NY – of course slightly derailed due to him being a sex pest. But bad ideas like him never go away and he will likely be the next mayor of NYC.

      • I contend that the housing bubble began in the 1970s when inflation began to become out of control There has been an affordability crisis that started around 74-75. Even when interest rates were hiked, housing prices did not appreciably drop at all, especially during the late 70’s through today. Of course, when rates dropped in the late 80’s housing started to rise, slowly.

        It’s the inflation and also I believe corporate ownership of property in general that has been pushing prices up.

        • I remember my folks buying a new Buick Century using a home equity loan in the mid to late 1980s because it was the only way to get a loan for a car at an interest rate below 10 percent. Plus, they could deduct the interest.


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