Better Stock Up….

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The countdown just started.

The re(s)election of Barack Obama has assured not only economic collapse (equally inevitable had The Wall Street Stooge been selected) but also a guaranteed gun grab in the coming months prior to the collapse.

Mittens was no friend of the 2A – but BHO is openly its enemy. We have the man’s own statements – and we have the man’s own actions, including the actions of his personally selected attorney general. A man publicly and virulently opposed to peaceful American citizens possessing guns – who ran guns to Mexican drugs cartels in the hope these guns would then be used to perform violent crimes – crimes that could then be used as emotional fodder for gun-grabbing demagoguery. That backfired – but now that Obama (and Holder) are secure in their offices, rest assured that “Fast and Furious” was merely a prelude.

Here is what’s coming:

The Supreme Court, already densely marbled with authoritarian-minded collectivists such as “wise Latina” Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Ruth Ginsberg, will be further tilted collectivist when – not if –  the aging “conservatives” who still linger either give up the ghost or just give up and retire. Antonin Scalia is not far from 80. Neither is Anthony Kennedy. They will be over 80 before 2016. Clarence Thomas is no spring chicken, either. One – or several – are going to go during the next four years. Roberts has already proved to be agreeable to whatever the authoritarian state demands.

It’s a fait accompli.

“Reasonable restrictions” on the possession of firearms by non-costumed, non-badged Americans (that’s you and me) are a drop-dead certainty. The Dear Leader may not even wait for sanction by the robed freedom-takers. He has shown no such proclivity to abide by process thus far. His clearly expressed attitude toward our rights is the same as the attitude toward women expressed by Jefe to El Guapo in The Three Amigos: “If you want a woman, you take the woman.”

And they do want your guns. And they will take them.

It very well could happen suddenly – via executive fiat – just as executive fiat summarily amnestied millions of illegal aliens. All that’s needed, really, is some pretext. Some MK-Ultra’d dupe sent to shoot up a school, say. “Reasonable” gun controls will follow.

Perhaps, door to door.

They are coming. It is only a question of when – not if.

If you have a “high capacity” magazine… an “assault” rifle… any type of gun they think you “don’t need” and which has no “reasonable” purpose … look out. The pendulum has reached the end of its arc and is about to swing back the other way. 

Open carry, concealed carry – very possible, any sort of carry at all – in the crosshairs. As surely as ObamaCare is out of them.

The Cloverized masses will cheer “reasonable” gun control, too. Every necessary premise has already been accepted by them. Perhaps it will be done in the name of “officer safety.” Or the old standby, “to keep our children safe.” It worked for random stop and frisks, the TSA … it will work again for this purpose. Or they’ll simply turn to ObamaCare – whose claws are soon to be bared. Guns, you see, are going to become a public health issue. We cannot afford the high cost imposed on society by guns. Exactly as NYC Gauleiter Bloomberg has banned sodas – so also will guns be proscribed. Perhaps they will pass a law requiring every gun owner to possess special insurance… .

If you can’t see it coming, you can’t be helped.

Ruger and other gun manufacturers have been reporting epic, off-the-charts sales in anticipation of Obama’s re(s)election – and all that it portends. The window is about to be slammed shut – possibly, forever.

It is said that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will still have guns. I suspect – I hope – that there will be many millions of such outlaws, if the worst does come to pass. Because arguably, the only firebreak remaining between the USA and the USSA is the fact of millions of firearms in the hands of private citizens. When that firebreak is gone, the US will have become the USSA.

The (s)election of Mittens would not have changed much, of course. But it might have slowed things down a little. We would have had, perhaps, a bit more time to get ready. Now the gantlet has been thrown down. You may rest assured that Holder, et al, are even now busily hashing out how it will be done – and when it will be done. There is no question whatsoever that it will be done. Details might be boring but why bother when you have them near you.

So, if you’ve been thinking about that new AR (or looking fondly at the old Hi-Power you inherited from your grandfather) better wise up. And buy up.

Then, shut up.

The clock is ticking…

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. This document is anything but smart! It is a Threat! Within this document are a whole lot of people associated with Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer that want to take away your 2nd Amendment Rights! Please reach out to all members and associates and send them a personal message about your feelings on this matter, as if your Constitutional Right depends upon it!

  2. In March 2013 in NY there is a UN meeting regarding the small arms treaty. 154 nations have signed on including the USA. The UNODA will carry out the confiscation. The United Nations On Disaarmament Affairs.
    We know Ruby Ridge Montana and Waco Texas are ready to secede over this. Other pockets of resistance could be Alaska/Western Canada, Oakland, South Central LA, Vegas, Rio Grande Corridor, NE/SE Florida, Appalacha, NH, New Orleans Hurricane and Sandy Hurricane Devastation zoners. Farmers, miners, fishermen, anyplace where large swathes take the red pill en masse.
    New York is the Police State Nexus. They created and maintain the left coast. They use the great lakes and rust belt states as their farm teams and masculinity stomping grounds. They deserve no empathy, compassion, or explanation from us. Until things settle out, cut them off and leave them high and dry without a second of hesitation or remorse. The remnant there is already in fortress mode their anyway, and can keep in touch via the internet.

    • Tor? New York suddenly became the “left coast”? I’ve always looked at the map and seen California, Oregon and Washington on the left side. Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona backing them up. Then there’s North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico. Let’s not mention Texas, they’re really their own country.

      Stand Tall. Never Fear. This Too Will Pass.

      BTW? That was Bravado writ large. I hope we will stand together or hang individually. Good thoughts from me to you.

      • What I meant was the east coast collectivist intellectuals were the founders of the California nanny/police state complex. They still fly back and forth but are in reality one people. Not unlike how London keeps Irish Scots and Welsh under their thumb and hegemon.

        I do think there is something unique in Pacific Northwest and Silicon valley, maybe enough not to just capitulate to the UN blue helmet man group.

        I forgot about Bakken and Three Forks in North Dakota. 700k barrells of oil a day. Closing in on Texas’ 1.7 million barrels a day. ND is all private property and offers no foothold for the FSA. Their only hope is a huge oil disaster, so keep your eyes peeled for that as the next 9/11.

        What do you see happening in the next year, Scott?

  3. Don Cooper is my must read on LRC. Love that guy. Insightful, honest, colorful, funny. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry.

    What a great writer.

  4. I think the way this will play out is that first Obama and Congress (and if Congress doesn’t play, Obama will issue an executive order) will outlaw the sale of “assault” weapons. Then at some point in the future he will begin collection but he really needs the people behind this one, big time. I think that most responsible people (50% the last time I looked) will rationalize any confiscation as, “if they collect up all the “assault” rifles, what’s next, pistols, hunting rifles and finally my flintlocks?”. So, I think their could be major push-back at door-to-door collection. However, if this comes about, then all bets are off. There will be civil war and a lot of gun owners will be killed at their doorsteps including me. I will not submit to fiat castration. That’s why I haven’t bought tens of thousands of rounds. In my way of thinking, I will be lucky to get a few rounds out and this will be the case for most unless we band together. And they know exactly where to go. They have your address for every pistol or long gun you have purchased with the exception of historical black powder guns. Albiet, I don’t stand much of a chance with my Pennsylvania rifle…

    • You don’t wait for them to come to your door, Thomas.

      When confiscation begins, successful guerrilla tactics demand an effective offense.

      As Sun Tzu says, strike when/where the enemy is weak. No frontal assaults on your doorstep; that’s martyrdom.

      Where do the enforcers live? Where is their infrastructure? When do they arrive home from work? Drop off their kids? What bars do they frequent?

      • Have you ever been in war? You sound book smart or have seen lots of movies. They aren’t going to come with the UPS guy. They will come at night or first daylight at a time when you aren’t prepared – that’s what I would do. You won’t know who they are or where they came from. Changes are that it won’t be hour Sheriff, perhaps state troopers. Could be National Guard. What you’re talking about is organization and right now there is none. Oh, some communities have local Militias but those organizations are and will be infiltrated – what they do won’t be secret. So, there has to be organizatin of some sort and I know the people in my area to organize with. Alarms could be sounded and maybe we could hide the guns somewhere prior to their coming. Guerrilla tactics are for organizations – military orgaizations, as well. Or are you a one-man guerrilla outfit? Oh BTW, no guerrilla org that I know of has ever beat the U.S. Military, ever. In Vietnam we killed the guerrilla’s 10-1. Op Desert Storm – 10000 to 1. If let loose there would have been no such thing as Viet Cong or North Vietmaese Regulars – they would all be dead. But, we don’t prosecute war like that in other countries BUT hear me loud and clear tough guy, if the military gets involved, it’s over PERIOD. There will be no rules.

        • What’s YOUR experience?

          You think the roughly million regular military will subdue the entire country–including armed-to-the-teeth Texas, Louisiana, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming…?

          How’s that working for them in Iraq? Afghanistan? Last I heard, convoys venture forth with some trepidation in those places.

          Sure, they could go all-out and just kill everything that moves in Afghanistan. They won’t, because they’ll lose international consent.

          But prosecuting a war against their own countryment, they can’t just “kill’em all let god sort’em out”–because they’d completely lose consent.

          And if they lose consent, it’s 300:1…they depend on the 300 for sustenance–and homes.

          No, they have to “sell” it. If it gets too bloody, they risk losing support.

          And in doing that balancing act, they’ll lose the same way they’re losing against goat-herders armed with ragged Kalashnikovs.

          Worse, in fact, because the arms they’re against are better, it will be demoralizing fighting against their own countrymen, and there’s no “home” to go back to after the slaughter.

          So–do you still feel so defeatist? Careful…it’s self-fulfilling.

          • My experience was from the inside looking out for about five years. Then sitting back and watching the military become ten times more effective with a fraction of the manpower. We really don’t disagree with the exception of the military. But, the only reason we walked from VN and will from Afghanistan is beccause of rules of engagement. If you are going to fight a war and if the war means anything other than to line the pockets of political friends in the defense industry, this what happens. On the other hand, if you have to fight a war for existance, there are no rules. Our adversaries now have no rules but we do.

            You are right about consent. But don’t forget that right now there is consent, at least that is the way I look at it from the outcome of the elections. I can’t say the the Confederacy or the Union for the matter, seeked consent other than a declaration of war against the seceeding South. Hundreds of thousands died.

            Yes, I think the military could easily subdue this country if they were called in if they were given free reign. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t put up a fight but once the military is brought in – GAME OVER in my opinion – the time for support will be long gone at that point. And, yes, I understand that dictators have never taken an armed country although they have disarmed countries with the countries full concent. We simply have no where near the assets of war that they do. Initially the dirty work will be done by U.S. Marshalls, DHS, TSA, Shadow army in the DoS or any other number of agencies (all the future SS) and, in many places, with the consent of state and local police. (noticed how much ammo they are purchasing) I’m not saying we couldn’t reak havoc and I have no crystal ball. We could only hope that the state National Guard and 1/2 the military wouldn’t play which is likely the case. Heck, the war may be between them with us as supporters or local guerrillas. Actually, the NG is us.

            I am not defeatist. I may be defeated but there are no self fullfilling prophesies here.

          • @Thomas:

            Very well-reasoned, thank you. I think we’re on the same wavelength with some harmonic distortion…let’s filter it.

            Totally agreed that rules of engagement have hamstrung attempts (however unjustified they were) to subdue Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq. As Smedley Butler said, “War is a Racket”.

            They could possibly, unlikely subdue the US if:
            1) they had almost full popular support. 30% won’t cut it. Even 50% won’t cut it.
            2) they didn’t desert
            3) they had external support–from outside the U.S.

            Because the more they pull out the stops, the more they’re seen as an occupying force, the less their support. They simply can’t go full-on because the very body they’re attacking provides their economic, physical, and emotional sustenance.

            It’s an auto-immune disease that will kill the host–and I think that’s what the globalists actually want!

            Most likely (and as you said), a good percentage will desert and turn against the military; especially so if it’s the perception that the higher brass is compromised, corrupt, or under foreign control–which is completely obvious even now.

            And as you said, no dictator has ever taken control of an armed populace. Afghanistan comes to mind. In fact Afghanistan again is a prime example; the only way to defeat them is to kill just about everyone. They can’t do that here.

            All this makes it even more important to win this thing peacefully, now–before it goes hot.

            I listened to Alex Jones last week and I think his strategy shines with truth; secession from the hijacked federal government–NOT to create a new country, but to restore the Republic by nullifying/interposing the globalist-owned FedGov.

            We can do it incrementally; the anti-TSA bill is up in Texas again, and we can nullify Obamacare, NDAA, PATRIOT, etc. State lawmakers are terrified of the word “secession”, but “nullification” and “interposition” appeal to their little lawyerly minds.

            • Another instructive example from history is successful partisan activity during WWII in the German-occupied territories of the east. The Germans had the advantage of overwhelmingly superior force – as well as no constraints on the use of said force. Yet the partisans exacted a fearsome toll.

          • @Eric and @Thomas:

            Right–the French Resistance gave’em hell.

            My favorite model, though not politically correct, would be the IRA in Northern Ireland. Man–those guys know how to make it expensive!

            Note, however, that I would *not* violate the NAP. No innocents. No “collateral damage” i.e. the word gunvernment uses for “mass murder”.

          • Methyl, I don’t know about “politically correct” in the case of the IRA. Although I don’t agree with their politics, they were very effective at getting their point across. And since we know that the Royal Ulster Constabulary has been nothing but kind, gentle and compassionate to the Irish masses (after all the RUC were “gentlemen” and would never consider forming a thug scrum, kicking in doors or thumping heads) it is kind of surprising that the IRA would “take it out” on them and their families when they were home at night…unarmed. It’s damned effective to intimidate the enforcers and that’s why you’ll be hard pressed to find out who really works for the IRS (and the other alphabet soup agencies) or where they live. As the economic and social S moves closer to the inlet side of the F, no one on the dole will feel safe from the “paying customers.” For a bitter ray of reality sunshine, go here: and pay particular attention to the disparity between “US Citizens” and the number of “US Income Taxpayers” (over on the right hand side). Critical mass isn’t very far off I’m afraid.

          • @Boothe:

            Agreed, as always, a mind-meld with you.

            It’s classic Sun Tzu; and it worked a charm.

            As far as home addresses–now THERE’S a job for Anonymous…if they’re not just a CIA front!

    • Dood, its a clusterfunk free4all. I grew up on your 12. When you’re done lifting weights, put on a hugger oranje shurt and hop on I-75 . Drive throu St Iggy into the Soo and I’ll have a senorita ready 2meetya. She’s a capricornio since yer a piscis. I’ll have her ring you at 989-***-*452 to. Give you precise directions. Remember, she’s a mom, not a pro, so try to act like a human,,
      She’s Ive.cotte from Merida, Mex in her mid 40s, I think you’ll find her bueno.
      You may be a 65 y.o. leatherneck in Gay****, MI but it seems an old war dog could learn a few new tricks from a cute lil Chiwawa like Ivy.
      She is well versed in tactics not taught at MCRD San Diego, AIT Pendleton, or I Corps RVN. Red white blue, green white blue, Oranje white blue, there’s a lot of rags and flags involved, but extra strength Apart-Tide can sort all those colors out.
      Welcome to the battle matrix Gerito, commander Neo will be here to brief you in a moment after he gets the new Megavideo, Megabook servers up again in New Zealand on Jan 19, 2013.
      We’ll UPS you a DVD since you’re probably Old Skewl.

    • Dood, its a clusterfunk free4all.Love is a battlefield. I am protected by gyrating Benatars 24//7 and suggest you do the same. We’re both not that yung, and someone could tell us we’re wrong.
      I grew up on your 12. When you’re done lifting weights, put on a hugger oranje shurt and hop on I-75 . Drive throu St Iggy into the Soo and I’ll have a senorita ready 2meetya. She’s a capricornio since yer a piscis. I’ll have her ring you at 989-***-*452 to. Give you precise directions. Remember, she’s a mom, not a pro, so try to act like a human,,
      She’s Ive.cotte from Merida, Mex in her mid 40s, I think you’ll find her bueno.
      You may be a 65 y.o. leatherneck in Gay****, MI but it seems an old war dog could learn a few new tricks from a cute lil Chiwawa like Ivy.
      She is well versed in tactics not taught at MCRD San Diego, AIT Pendleton, or I Corps RVN. Red white blue, green white blue, Oranje white blue, there’s a lot of rags and flags involved, but extra strength Apart-Tide can sort all those colors out.
      Welcome to the battle matrix Gerito, commander Neo will be here to brief you in a moment after he gets the new Megavideo, Megabook servers up again in New Zealand on Jan 19, 2013.
      We’ll UPS you a DVD since you’re probably Old Skewl.

  5. My advice is to purchase ALL of your guns and ammo off the street. DO NOT REGISTER THEM!!! Everyone is applauding the CC law but all it really does it let the govt know you most likely have guns. It gives them an easy source by just a letter in the mail to say, “Turn in your weapons.” Everyone is running out and buying guns… which the govt has your name and address attached to each of them. Registration was the biggest blow to the 2nd amendment but not even the NRA or other pro gun groups complain about it. WTF????

  6. the national assocationfor gun rights is one way to approch this problem .Rhand Paul is spear heading this . We can never be inslaved if we fight.I am afraid they just might have just elected another Asiad of Syria

      • I simply cannot see the Second Amendment being instrumental in restoring respect for the American Ideal. I believe that the smarter statists simply see it as a valuable distraction that actually works in their favor. They certainly do not fear the fact that 100 million Americans might legally as well as lawfully own a firearm. Lawfully because the Primary Right is the natural right to self and other property defense.

        While a civilian intruder might be intimidated by the possibility that I own a .38 revolver, I doubt that Agents of the State are or ever will be.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons

        • Tinsley,

          You have to remember the predator/prey dynamic…that agent of the State coming to take your gun is just, like the cheetah, hunting for dinner.

          You–the antelope–are fighting for your life.

          Leopards have a 15% hunting success rate.

          That agent of the State isn’t fighting for his life; you are.

          • Remembering the outcomes and fate of the victims at Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidian hdqs, and the Montana group et al, should be enough to discourage any armed resistance.

            I plan to live to celebrate the demise of the NWO vermin.

          • I will not die foolishly nor will I sell my life cheaply.

            If the Good Guys prevail and I am still living, I will do what I can to encourage the execution of as many of the bad guys as possible.

            When a bad person dies, I consider it a valid reason to rejoice.


  7. Food for Thought

    How is it possible that 100 million gun owners have acquiesced or even supported the theft of their Freedom?

    How many gun owners are Statists?

    The leech’s kiss
    The squid’s embrace
    The prurient ape’s defiling touch
    And do you like the human race?
    No, not much.
    -A. Huxley, APE AND ESSENCE (1947)


      • You are the only Individual I’ve ever encountered who is even familiar with it. I read it in the late Fifties. Damn I’m old, it’s time to read it again.


          • One of the most interesting things I do is to reread books that have impressed me at various stages of my life. It is especially interesting to compare what I think today to what I highlighted before my last drink more than twenty-two years ago. Unfortunately though, most of my library was destroyed by Katrina.


      • I had read Brave New World but never even heard of “Ape and Essence” will have to look for that one.
        How about Boehner and Sean Hannity calling for amensty, er, “Immigration Reform” A poll taken earlier this year in Mexico, and published in the Dallas Morning News, showed over 80% of Mexicans believed and desired that firearms for self-defense should be illegal, well Mexican law makes it that guns ARE illegal for all intents and purposes. Democratic strategist Celinda Lake, who has spent many years polling on gun issues,polled US resident Latinos and guess what? 80% of them want Mexican style gun laws for the USA, oh this is going to be what the Chinese curse says: INTERESTING TIMES.

        • It’s top-drawer, Vinyard – highly recommend it.

          On Hannity, et al: Of course; they are smarmy opportunists. They want to keep their bread buttered. And the importation of Turd Worlders is no accident. It is part of a deliberate, systematic project to destroy the old America and replace it with a “new” one… an America that embraces paternalistic government, collectivism and egalitarianism. There’s money – and power – in that for TPTB.

          In liberty, not so much.

  8. One more thing…recently I read that a Soros owned company is buying up small gun manufacturers…stop and think what that means. Soros is for One World Order. And if he owns the manufacture of guns…that’s not good for us

    • Which brings about another issue which applies to everything. The structure is set up such that new businesses cannot start and old independents get sucked up by large corporate insiders. This is the primary reason for taxing inheritance. To force small businesses into being sold.

      It’s being done to food and farming too. Many small food businesses now start illegally and then go legit when they have the funds to do so, hopefully before the government catches up to them.

  9. Civilians can’t go up against the military. Not nowadays. They have or are developing weapons that use sound to immobilize people. They can see and hear thru walls. Drones can locate targets and eliminate them. They’re developing plasma weapons that can turn villages into steaming lumps of gel. The best use for personal weapons is not to fight off armies but to protect yourself from marauders seeking entry into your home. Be careful of your neighbors–some will turn you in w/o blinking an eye especially if it means more goodies for them. Children are being indoctrinated and will soon be turning in their parents to the authorities. Just like it happened in Nazi Germany and the USSR. We’re not immune from it. A woman at the Democratic Convention told the interviewer that she would do ANYTHING for Obama. Don’t doubt her. There are many others like her. The Argentine govmt. confiscated savings accts. and pensions in 2009. Now if you want to take a vacation outside the country you’re required to tell them how you got the money to pay for it. If they don’t like your answer you can be “detained”. Think it can’t happen here? It’s already started right under our noses. Our media is a huge obstruction. They form the perceptions and are a substitute for thinking for the majority. They withhold facts and create falsehoods. Much like Pravda did. Yes, guerrilla warfare will work best. Quietly eliminate them one by one, two by two. Interestly what helped to bring down the drug cartel (Medelin and Pablo Escobar)in Colombia was a group of vigilantes. The govmt actually accommodated Escobar and corpses littered the streets by daybreak daily. It was like a war zone. The vigilantes got tired of waiting on the govmt and took matters into their own hands. They eliminated Escobar’s associates (lawyers, accountants, dealers, etc) one by one until he himself was cornered and shot.

  10. I truly believe this, we still hold the House. Let MR BHO show his true colors. Hopefully People will be so sick of his Socialist policies,7 DOLLAR A GALLON Gas, Massive Inflation,A severely weakend dollar, and less not forget his green agenda. That in 2014 mid terms we take over the Senate keep the House and finally impeach this Commie Sob. All is not lost we must keep fighting as for Guns there are over 300 million guns and over 100 million gun owners in this country. It will be very difficult to go door to door especially in red states. Like Az,Tx,UT,ID,WY,LA,AL.ect. It all will start with redistrations so don’t. Hide some. keep your trap shut. Hopefully the 33 republican governers will have talk to secced front the Union or just have a revolution I know most of the Military does not have any use for Comrade Obama. Might be his last term but I do not believe this man is that Stupid or he will have the weight of this NATION on top of him.

    • You’re all going to be incarcerated in the lying neocon police state Reagan built in California and now franchised to DC and the rest of the world.

      IT’S YOUR LAST CHANCE TO RENOUNCE VALUES being something you bring about with military violence.

      See you in the showers of morally superior D block chastity warmonger CPACKERS.

  11. I honestly don’t think The Obama and Romney presidencies would be much different. The only difference is that this is Obama’s second term and he doesn’t have to pretend to keep his electorate happy.

    He campaigned on ending the wars, but started one in Libya, droned Pakistan, and expanded the war in Afghanistan. We still have troops in Iraq – and armed “private” contractors.

    Civil Liberties: He signed the NDAA – what more do I need to say?

    Americans are OK with droning accused terrorists (without evidence or charge) and so is Mr. “Civil Liberties” president.

    My point is: He broke every campaign promise he made, so he didn’t care about his electorate the first term. Why should his second be any different?

    They are for the blue team – no matter who’s on it.

    Oh wait – he signed Romneycare – I mean Obamacare into law.

    Amuuuuricuns are fine and dandy with drone attacks as long as the freeeeeee shit keeps coming.

    I hope Eric is wrong. My wife and I alrady went through the “what if” and made our decision.

    The only difference in Obama’s second term is that we’re 4 years closer to the party being over.

    Is he a gun grabber? Absolutely. So is Romney. Romney also supported getting “dangerous assault weapons” off the streets.

    • what ?……………armed private contractors ?????…… any other country in the world armed “private contractors ” would be named for what they really are MERCENARIES……HIRED KILLERS……..gimme a break !…..geez not picking on people here, but how come we indulge in this word play bullshit of not a things like it is , what is this crap ? Orwellian double speak ? these guys are heroes ? blah ! blah blah …..

  12. The very night Obama was re-elected:
    UNITED NATIONS | Wed Nov 7, 2012 6:48pm EST

    (Reuters) – Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

    I first started reading Eric for car stuff, now I read also for REALITY. Join if you haven’t already, one more Supreme Court appointment and the first and the second amendments will be DOA.

    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    –Rudyard Kipling
    “The Gods of the Copybook Heading”

  13. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • That’s an incomparable classic. Thanx.

      I’d like to see drug agents and other swine get what they deserve. It would be interesting to see what would happen if dead ones started turning up in large numbers. If government thugs did to REAL criminals what they do to harmless Citizens that might just happen. Recon legislators would eventually get the message take the hint?


    • The First Circle (1968)
      You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything he’s no longer in your power — he’s free again.
      Bobynin, in Ch. 17

  14. Nothing shows how thoroughly Americans misunderstand the lawful/legal relationship between the Individual and Government like begging to “LEGALIZE” when they should be demanding “REPEAL”. In their minds the lawful authority relationship between government and the Individual is reversed.


  15. Part of being prepared is not only to stock up on supplies and equipment but to have the right attitude going into an emergency or chaotic situation. A man having a survival attitude will do what must be done to protect himself and family, and will live to prosper and grow when the situation improves. A Rambo attitude will likely become a casualty.

  16. I sure wish other gun owners had as much respect for the ENTIRE Bill of Rights as I have. In fact, I wish ALL Americans felt that respect.


    Although there would be incidents and even deaths I suspect that most Americans who fail to meekly comply with a general confiscation of firearms will simply hide them. Hmm . . . I wonder what the sentence might be for hiding your firearm?

    The United States failed to win the Hearts and Minds of the Vietnamese People in the 1960s. Perhaps today, those* Americans who revere the Unanimous Declaration will do better at winning the Hearts and Minds of their Fellow Citizens.


    *The pitiful few who are even aware of its significance. Unanimous Declaration . . . whut’s thet?

    • get wasp & hornet spray. 20ft range and available at most grocery stores, and it is fucking POISON. you go directly to the emergency room after a snoot-full of that stuff. and to the bow, absolutely. practice, practice, practice. then fill an arrow with nitro powder and tip with a black powder cap, turned inward of course. you know what happens next…. also get a flare pistol, great distraction/destruction device, to buy some time to get to your “whatever”.

  17. Haven’t had time to read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been covered. Here’s my 2 cents on weapons:

    Alternatives to guns are a viable option. Consider a crossbow or several cans of pepper spray designed to stop bears. Both provide considerable stopping power at close range and can be obtained without government permission (in most states). Also, a good tactical knife to be carried on ones person for up close and personal combat. A good folding knife which can be opened with one hand is great to carry after you are proficient in opening it quickly and know how to hold and weald it.

    I personally would not use or recommend the use of these weapons against any governmental goons. That would have a 100% bad ending for anyone who tried. Instead these weapons are for use against criminals who think they have more of a right to my property than I do.

    If you own guns hide them in a place with easy access to you alone.

    • Crossbow is definitely a good suggestion. Also if you don’t know how to use a bow, I highly suggest you get one(or a few) and start practicing. Stock up on arrows and tips as well. There’s no guarantee that our rights to purchase ammo won’t be restricted when STHF and I’m sure they will also clamp down on all supplies used to reload empty shells. One of the best things about using a bow is that they are very silent…no noise to alert authorities (either with a hammer click or the bang).

      Another thing people overlook is stocking up on fishing supplies. Not only are fish a good source of protein, but there’s a lot of things you can use hooks and nylon line for other than fishing. You could certainly stitch up a wound with just that if you had to and there’s a lot more you could do with a couple extra rolls of spiderwire if need be.

    • I wish I hadn’t posted a similar comment otherwise I’d just say “thumbs up”. Absolutely correct. Get yourself some “low tech” gear and get ready. Even a damn kitchen knife is a weapon in the right hands. And if a “goon” is threatening you or your family one of the last things they’d expect is a knife to the throat.

  18. Scalia is no friend of liberty, let’s be clear. He’s the darling of the ‘law and order’ crowd. Every opportunity he’s had to side with the Bill of Rights, particularly the 4th and 5th, he has instead sided with State police power. He’s why we suffer with non-probable cause roadblocks, among other totalitarian actions bless by the Supremes. I can’t wait to have him comfirm the infallibility of drug dogs in that upcoming SCOTUS case, one more knife in the back of the Founders. Good riddance when he goes.

  19. A few thoughts for those picturing themselves meeting a glorious end in a shootout with the BATFE…

    If it’s gotten to that point, you’ve already lost.

    The question at this point should not be whether to stock up on guns, it’s how to go about hiding the ones you have. Then when the PTB come knocking, you give up your “throwaway” and they go on to the next victim without looking for the rest.

    Also, the US military has proven again and again that it’s still fighting WWII and is extremely inept in the face of a guerilla movement, which is why we lost in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars are not fought with AR-15s in standing gun battles. They’re won with molotov cocktails, thrown hit-and-run against undefended targets at 2AM. Until Uncle Sam clamps down on bottles, rags and flammable liquids, you need to practice your throwing as much as your shooting.

    By the way, it’s reasonable to assume this website is on a government watch list. Anybody posting here “in the open” is inviting themselves to be put on the same list. Stay off Facebook and Twitter, which are the best personal surveillance tools the government never invented, and if you have risky things to say do so only by proxy server, preferably not one based in the US. (Right now I’m coming here via anonymous server based in Czechoslovakia, and even that makes me nervous.) It slows your connection only minimally. Find a list at

    Good luck.

    • I personally have no use for that twitter piece of shit. After spending a couple of days on it once and now regularly seeing the shit that Twitchy collects from there, I am of the conclusion that there are too many knuckle-dragging morons on that site. Facebook is a little harder to stay away from, especially since it’s my only connection to a lot of my friends from the old days as well as some distant family members too, but one thing I did was make sure that I removed all political page “likes” as well as causes, and other stuff like that…just in case big sis wants to start crawling through my account to see what kind of sick bastard I might be. All they’ll find is stuff related to what kind of music I like, what kind of cars I like, and maybe some dirty jokes. Not a damn thing in there to indicate what political direction I lean towards at all. I only hope that one day some gov’t minion is required to look through all of the posts my twitter account. About the only thing they’ll be able to determine from that is what I may or may not have eaten for lunch.

    • Regarding any “supplies” I may or may not store, I have taken steps to ensure that if a sudden confiscation does occur, that they will only be getting “junk” and a minimal amount of accessories. All of my good stuff is safely stored way way way out in the country in another state and about the only way I would be visited out there would require driving several miles on dirt roads and through a couple of creeks with 4-wheel drive to get there… or a black hawk copter making a surprise landing would be about the only other way.

      Fortunately my bug-out place backs up to the property of a good friend who is able to regularly check on the place for me as I’m currently only able to get up there about one weekend a month due to work schedule and travel distance.

      And thanks for that proxy list too. Those are good to have. To bad we can’t route our smartphones directly through them, but I do know how to connect a smartphone to the USB port of a laptop and make that act as an internet modem…where I could then set up my proxy connection.

    • NSA hubs should be able trace your packets back to you if you are physically in the USA. If you’re in Nigeria and using a proxy server then you’re probably untraceable to a fair degree.

      As per my earlier comment. Facebook etc isn’t really much the government doesn’t already know. There were older methods to achieve the same ends. The only way to be ‘safe’ is to keep all your views to yourself and only go along to get along.

      I think we need to be socially out there. If we are not we are easily labeled and targeted. Would most rank and file team R’s not realize something is wrong if their team D adversaries rounded up and/or executed? They would. They would wake up. Making our views part of the social discourse is necessary. We don’t need people to agree or think better of them. But our protection comes being that guy down the street, not the lone kook on the hill.

    • Exactly. Everyone should get the e-book version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War (free for the Kindle). Hit the enemy’s weaknesses, avoid his strengths. The goons wear body armor? Not 24/7, they don’t. So hit them when they’re not wearing it. And body armor is useless against poison gas, poisoned food, and other unconventional weapons.

      Earlier “TheRandyGuy” wrote of the 40M gun owners who won’t give in. If just 0.1% of them made it their mission to hunt down and kill just one jackboot wearer, Leviathan would collapse. Here’s why: very few of them (10-20%) are gung-ho “true believers” ready to die for Leviathan. The rest are clock punchers, in it for the paycheck now and the pension later. When they start dying in ones and twos, sit back and watch the flow of resignations — the trickle becomes a wave, then a torrent, finally a tsunami. This, BTW, is how the IRA forced the Brits to ultimately concede Irish independence, as depicted in this film.

      Speaking of paychecks, how loyal will even the gung-ho types be when they’re not receiving them anymore, or only sporadically? How long would you work for little or no pay? The economic meltdown headed our way is gargantuan, and it will throw everything into disarray.

        • The paychecks will be in food. Obummer already signed the executive order that allows the federal gov’t. to take control of anything they want at any time some bureaucrat deems neccesary. Need an example? Look at North Korea. The only people who aren’t slowly starving to death are the politicians and the military.

          • So it comes down to theiving off of the land and it’s peasants? Well, that’ll get everyones hearts and minds alligned with the regimes diktats, eh? It’ll only hasten it’s demise and likely bring about our corrupt government, both dems and repubs, to call in the blue hats to “restore order”. Seeing as they both set up the scenario it’s only natural they’d see it through to the end. They’ll likely flee the country or bug out to some distant enclave to ride out the shit storm. Black clad Praetorian goons and enforcers to protect their evil asses. All the while the propaganda talking heads will call for “calm” and “cooperation” with your abusers.

    • Good points Guy Fawkes.

      You are correct that we can only fight guerilla warfare style. And why not; so far guerilla wars are seldom lost. Native Americans are one of the few who did lose but resistance is victory, usually.

      But there are two crucial things to consider. First, modern technology will be harder to combat i.e. state spying and surveillance are almost absolute. It can be done but it won’t be as easy as in the Minute Men days.

      And two, the key component to guerilla warfare is a population that supports the cause being fought for. The fighters have to be able to blend back in with the people and not get snitched on. Anyone have faith in the Kardashian/fooootball watching zombies not turning you in for a box of McNuggets?

      Sorry, but I have given up hope for most of the over-eating consumption monkeys known as Americans.

      Liberty minded people are spread too thin for now. When SHTF they would have to quietly forge together in smaller yet tighter communities and patiently – PATIENTLY – wait for the right time to strike back. The Afghans are masters at this.

      Until then, try to have a token throw-away and also try to lose the rest of your guns overboard on that fishing trip you took last week…

    • Then again those proxy servers may not be around much longer. The Obummer administration is also jumping in with both feet on treaty negotiations to regulate the internet currently taking place in the Middle East.

  20. Went to a couple gun shops on selection day and couldn’t believe the prices. Some prices had almost tripled since W. Bush era, especially rifles. Checkin’ some news pages yesterday and Diane Feinstein has already got some gun grabs drafted up. Now that it doesn’t have to be stealthy all the utopian socialists will go full bore.

    • And ammo prices are going through the roof too! I had invested in some ammo a year ago with the thought of selling it later for a profit. Ironically, it is of more value to me now than any monetary gain.

      May I offer some simple advice to any newbies looking to purchase a gun. Get the best you can afford and get it in a popular caliber. (I won’t open the door to the eternal debate as to which caliber is the best.)If other members in your family or group are also buying keep them in the same caliber if possible. Get plenty of ammo. Then get some more.

      Do not just buy the first gun you look at. Do research and remember, it may look cool but if it does not feel right in your hands look for another model. And once you buy it KNOW it. Practice, train, and field strip. Obsessively.

      If possible get a used gun at a gun show – no paper trail. Don’t be surprised if the used gun is actually a little more expensive than a new one of the same type. No paper trail adds to the value even though we are all aware Big Bitch is watching YOU…

      • But buying a used gun is like buying a used car. It opens up a whole new needed level of technical knowledge not to end up with a boat anchor or doorstop.

        • Hmm..For a revolver:

          Hammer go back without binding?-check

          Hammer stay back in cocked position?-check

          Hammer go forward when trigger pulled?-check

          Trigger operate the action several times without feeling stiff or gritty?-check

          Chambers line up with barrel?-check

          Cylinder press up against forcing cone at rear part of barrel?-check

          Top part of frame between cylinder and rear of barrel not burned too badly?-check

          Cylinder swing out on a double-action revolver and not feel too loose?-check

          On a single-action revolver does the cylinder feel tight in the frame?-check

          Inside of barrel (bore) still kinda shiny?-check

          Revolver feel good in the hand, balance and point naturally?-check

          Is it in a common and easily available

          Whatever caliber it is can you handle the recoil? (Be honest. Too much kick and you won’t practice with it.)-check

          Can you purchase and stock enough ammo to get proficient with it?-check

          Overall appearance not too bad?-check

          Is it available for a price you’re willing to pay and can afford?-check

          Please don’t think I’m trying to be condescending here. This is the procedure and the basic strategy I use in evaluating a used revolver purchase. I hope it helps.

        • I would never purchase a weapon on the open market. Why let Uncle “know” anything? There are more than enough out there, and at good prices, so if you look hard enough you’ll find them. And, why not take up archery, or get a good crossbow? Last I checked machete and arrow prices haven’t skyrocketed. The point being is that they’ll continue to “squeeze” people but you can pick up weapons off the bodies of enforcers once the shit hits the fan. At that stage it’s a free for all.

          • I am already well stocked for a 21st century version of medieval peasant uprising with landscaping and gardening tools. 🙂

            As to all those checks Rooney. All I can use is good engineering judgment, I don’t know what ‘feels’ right for a gun. I’d have to own a new gun or three first to know. That’s the kind of thing that comes with experience.

          • @BrentP… LOL! Good on ya! Keep the peasants and the sheriffs men off guard. Moats, traps, boiling oil from the battlements. Unconventional doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

  21. If gun confiscation is not your line in the sand then what else could possibly be?! And how the bloody hell would you then be able fight for it anyway – whatever it is – without guns?

    Every politician and pundit knows that overt gun grabbing will set off a war (please do not call it a Civil War; words mean things so call it what it is: War of Liberal Aggression). Normally I would say to look for convoluted laws to severely restrict gun ownership/usage but Der Obama’s narcissistic psychopathy is of weapons grade quality. So I would prepare for a full frontal governmental assault.

    The question is, What will LEOs do? Will they be loyal to the citizens or to their paymasters? We all know the answer to that don’t we? Badged Clovers = SS.

    We will also soon see who walks the walk amongst gun owners too. Gun rights are only truly possessed by those with the will to defend them. Decide now: defy unto death or submit unto slavery and eternal shame.

    And one more thing, when we discuss gun rights we need to take a page from the governmental extremists (aka liberals) and frame the debate in terms of Human Rights. It is the absolute right of every living being to defend itself. And so it is also with humans. Self defense is a Human Right. Pass it on…

    • Excellent, Skunk – right on the money!

      It’s no easy thing to know when it is time. When there is no longer a choice other than – submit (to anything) or stand up.

      I hope the day never comes when it will be necessary for us to stand up. But I hope if the day does come that I am man enough to be among those who do stand up.

      Let’s pray that common sense prevails.

      • Thanks Eric. I also hope common sense can win out but my gut tells me we are beyond failsafe.

        I am over fifty and have had a pretty good life so far. Would like to go another few more years – but only under my terms. I am resolved. I only hope when I go out it will have made a difference for keeping liberty alive. Only Prosperity will know.

        One other point: I think The Powers That Be (TPTB) know they are going to have to go for our guns soon before the economy collapses (inevitable). Time is being compressed. Many if not most people will not fight when they are still somewhat fat and happy. It is the hungry man who is the most dangerous. Rationality is being compressed as well.

    • The final overt acts of gun control will IMO come from the conservative right. The liberal left may start the ball rolling but like spying on americans, the airport groping, and presidential hit lists the action, the cementing of the policy will come the opposite side of the coin. From where it isn’t expected, isn’t widely reported, and people’s perceptions refuse to recognize it.

      As to standing up…. well each person will be made to feel alone and most will give in or go along to get along. Few will stand up and they will be exterminated, re-educated, interned, or worse. It’s a social trick like everything else. People go along because they don’t want to be called names or ridiculed. The few that can take that social abuse are few enough in number to be easily managed by the power structure’s loyal minions and at the very worst easily managed by people who go along to get along even if they know better. That’s the hideous thing about this social trick. The cop or solider or marine that pulls the trigger on the guy who won’t give up his gun may actually believe the exact same things, but he goes along to get along. This government employee will go along to get along. He will follow orders. He will do his job. He might not even think twice about it. He’ll somehow be able to mentally manage to kill the kook and think he’s doing the right thing in the process.

      The social tricks at work are hideous and evil, but they work time and time again. Thinking they won’t work here is essentially the essence of ‘can’t happen here’.

      • Absolutely right BrentP; the “it can’t happen here” mindset is a killer. Comfort breeds complacency. Complacency breeds contempt of danger. Once you become so comfortable and complacent that you hold the potential lethality of a thing in contempt, the odds are very good it will hurt or kill you. This is true with motorcycles just as it is true with government.

        Think of the situation we are heading into the same way you would approach going onto the interstate on a bike populated by belligerent truckers. They’re bigger than you and there’s no way you can take even one of them out head on. But you can use their mass and inertia against them by outwitting, out maneuvering and out accelerating them. You can go in between them, cut away before they can start to turn and even go down single track paths.

        Government troops and cops are regulated and regimented even though they are often historically lawless. This is just one of their weaknesses, use it. And remember that kid on the sport bike outran cops in cars and helicopters and even though it was on film they would never have caught him. It was his friends that ratted him out. So when you do something that might draw the interest of the regime or their clover enforcers, keep your mouth shut!

    • What will LEO, soldiers, and other governemt agents do?

      The vast majority will do what they have done throughout history.

      The will follow orders.

  22. I will continue to champion the ENTIRE Bill of Rights and every Right that every human being is entitled to. However, as a tool to regain and preserve preserve Human Birthrights along with Liberty and Justice for All, America’s gun owners don’t amount to a bag of fart.

    How many millions of America’s gun owners support de facto Drug Prohibition? Try not to puke while you consider the question . . . and the answer.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons

    • “How many millions of America’s gun owners support de facto Drug Prohibition?”

      A lot less than you think.

      Where I live is about as pro-gun and red state as you get, and support for the war on (some) drugs is anemic at best.

      More and more gun owners realize just how inter connected the two are. The WOsD has been used as an excuse to greatly expand federal power. It was prohibition that gave an excuse for the first anti-gun laws back in the 1930s. It’s no different now.

      That, and the legalization groups are showing pro guns groups the way to go (states rights plus civil disobedience.)

      I have to wonder how a FEDGOV war on guns would go. These are the same people that brought us the WOD, war on terror, and war on poverty, and those are just going so well.

        • Good question. Another question to ask is how many cops will stop “enforcing” unconstitutional “laws”? That needs to be answered.

      • That, and the legalization groups . . . *snip*

        Legalization? Hmm… Why are there no Repeal* groups?


        *I know why but I’ll give others an opportunity to input their opinion.

      • My state just legalized marijuana. When the governor certifies the election results in less than 30 days as required by law i guess I’ll clear a little more garden plot than I’d originally planned.

        • I just read where Mexico will have to “rethink” it’s anti-drug border control agreement with the US. Of course it has nothing to do with the money it gets from FedGov to enforce border searches.

          Extortion anyone?

          Does anyone SERIOUSLY think that legalizing weed in two states is going to affect Mexico’s/cartel’s profits?

          • “Does anyone SERIOUSLY think that legalizing weed in two states is going to affect Mexico’s/cartel’s profits?”

            Of course not. Because – for one – it is a half (or rather, one-quarter) measure. Is it legal in CO to, say, start a pot farm and grow, say, 100 acres of the stuff? Even if it is (I haven’t read the law, but highly doubt anything more than small scale personal and highly regulated growing is allowed) it sure as shit is still illegal to move the stuff across the CO state line.

            And what about all the other arbitrarily illegal “drugs”?

            It’s a step in the right direction – but just a baby step.

    • Yeah, Tinsley. We’re all doomed and righteously fucked. Let’s just give up and try to sneak into Mexico or Canada. No, wait! We can join the GOP like your heroes Paul and Buchanan. In no time we’ll all be quoting Lincoln and voting for which ever faux conservative Massa Abe’s spiritual descendants nominate for emperor.

      People with collectivist mindsets are going to feel whipped before the fight starts. People of individual mindsets aren’t going to be worrying about whether a majority will do what’s necessary to protect individual rights.

      Never mind the collective. Think in terms of what individual action is right for you. What can you live with?

      You won’t hear me quoting Lincoln. I prefer the philosophy of Thomas J Jackson. He said that a man can never consider that his body is worth more than his soul. In other words, the human life isn’t as important as the human spirit.

      We’re all going to die. Knowing that, why not make the determination to live while we are alive? To me, surviving under the control of others isn’t living. Carry that thought to the next step, if you like.

      • Ed,

        I can’t remember ever hearing Ron Paul quote Lincoln. Jefferson, on the other hand, is clearly one of Paul’s influences. As an anarchist, I don’t support all of what Paul may support, but I have yet to hear of any federal action he’s championed that I disagree with.

        We each have to choose how to spend our time and energy. Some focus their evangelism on a few close friends. Paul has taught millions the basics of liberty. Like Harry Browne before him, his chance to win was small, but the election gave him a platform he couldn’t have gotten otherwise. I appreciate your dedication to ideological purity, but can you agree that your typical American isn’t receptive to a jump all the way from Mitt Romney’s mailing list to Live Free or Die?

        What makes Paul special is that his inoffensive argument for liberty doesn’t concede any philosophical points that we hardcore types cherish. Wish I could say the same for his son.

      • Well said, Ed.

        If we all wondered, in that moment after the loud banging on the door…”will my neighbors come help?”…we’ll lose for sure.

        But if you have determined that your principles mean something, in fact, mean everything–you’ll not hesitate to do the right thing.

        And if you perish in the act? You’ll have lived fully.

        I won’t be a Winston, the most tragic figure in modern literature.

  23. Now that the lightbringer messiah, the one, has won there will be a golden utopia with unicorns and chocolate fountains. In this shangri-la there won’t be any need for guns and mommygov will keep us safe. Lets hold hands and sing kumbaya!

    • Let’s not get fooled again. The Reagan revolution was also a clusterf*ck of neocon lies. 32 years of Hitleresque state renewal at gunpoint and we’re nothing but hollowed out shells with nothing to show for all the goodey 2 shoes goosestepping.

      • Ol’ flatop revived “troop” worship and flag-humping. This led directly to The Chimp. Which brought us to where we are now. In between, Clintigula normalized state murder of dissidents and outliers – and laid the foundation stones of the modern police state.

        It’s been a process 30 years in the making….

  24. The Australian experience and observations over time

    Probably my comments will rile some of you up , probably few of you will read them , so be it , I used to be a part of a large firearm rights organization way back in the late 1980s , I was at committee level making active policy decisions , that’s in the past and not important anymore , I say this to give a point of view from the top so to speak , hindsight is great it teaches a person many things .

    How many know Australia as a rugged frontier country needed firearms to combat , crocs , get food , fight the natives when they attacked settlements , we have boars ,Asian water buffalo and many other introduced specie that could and often would attack if provoked , now where am I going with this ? simply this , Australia had a common use history if you will with the USA , for a relatively long time , various governments of all flavors over the last 30 years were always looking for reasons to ban semi auto firearms , it was. not until a supposedly 76 iq guy shot and killed 35 people with a double tap ( one to the head , one to the heart ) that a federal liberal governent used that heinous act to confiscate semi auto firearms en masse .

    Now we at the committee level all thought that there wound be a mass civil disobedience and the confiscation would be forestalled or stopped . Remember in in 1996 there were MILLIONS of firearms in this country , one dealer alone sold 350,000 Chinese made SKK 30 shot variants, for our trouble of fighting on behalf if the average gun owner , we were watched by the various intligence agencies , phones were tappped , 2 an knock raids were done and each person was picked off one by one , I thought people will stand up and be counted , guess what ? no one did ! , no industry group , no gun rights organization , no gun shop owners , no one .

    Some of you have I think made the correct assessment , when the military and the clowns in blue uniforms are told what to do by their bosses, they will do it , many many who love the black combat paramilitary look , governments of every type worldwide actively recruit these types i
    Of people , look around you fellas , I see many talk about standing up and if need be , that’s great , what about your wife , your mother who lives alone , your kids ? am I saying you should not stand your ground ? not at all, I am saying the PTB are not stupid , they know the cost and and they have something nearly all of you don’t ! and that’s time , they have time to wait for the right event or catalyst .

    One final thought , don’t expect help that the general masses will wake up to a boot stomping on their faces . They are not waking up now , the PTB have been working for hundreds of years.

    What’s a few more?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your input – and, I share your gloomy assessment. Americans – the masses of them – already put up with having their genitals fondled by costumed strangers based upon nothing they’ve done or even hinted they might do. The “land of the free” is to a great extent a nation of poltroons.

      I know there are some who will resist. But as you say, they’ll be picked off one by one as “domestic extremists.”

      I hope I am wrong. I suspect I am not.

      • Eric

        What galls me is that my parents are German and they came out to Australia after the second world war , they both say the same thing……..the Police came politely to the door to check for rifles my granfather had… many many Germans had rifles and shotguns pre Hitler coming to power,you got to remember millions of German soldiers returning from France didn’t turn in their rifles, most walked off home with them.

        My grand father kept his and so did the men in his unit, but the Police were told to go collect them, or resign, most could not resign because of hyper inflation , where would they get jobs to feed their families ? are not conditions CLOSE to the same in the USA today ? picture this Obama is in for 4 years, the 47 million on federal aid grows to 100 million, the only growing area of society is Policing and the military industrial complex , real private enterprise has shrunk so much, people cannot get work, so they end up working in the very jobs they hate, often with thugs or bullies in the TSA etc, what choice will there be for many ? I postulate not much choice.

        For many like the German Police who refused to brutalize their countrymen will be very few ……please open up and look around, why are Americans more moral or better than the Germans ? the real answer is frightening, America as a nation is arrogantly blind, like most poor deluded Australians.

      • Hi Eric. “Americans – the masses of them – already put up with having their genitals fondled by costumed strangers based upon nothing they’ve done or even hinted they might do.” Very true, but even scarier is this story: almost 1/3 of Americans would accept a body cavity search in order to fly. A freaking body cavity search! We are truly and totally fucked.

    • I think the someone once said, an Australian mind you, that if gun control were to happen it’d have to happen in Tasmania first. And what was the “incident” that did that? The shooting spree done by someone who is forbidden to be questioned. Interesting, eh?

    • Chris, the burden of war is NOT to be exclusively carried by childless men, or unmarried men. There IS NO easy or palatable answer to this. If every man laid down his arms because he has a wife and children, world history would be considerably different.
      America was a nation forged in fire and rebellion. That gene still runs in the blood of many today. Not to denigrate Australia, but IMHO, Australia was SETTLED, not FORGED. Many European and Australians view firearms as a tool. In America, most view firearms as a LIFELINE and a bulwark against Oppression and Tyranny. I’m sorry, but i disagree with your assessment that we will lay down and submit.
      Neither will my 2 young, beautiful daughters, aged 13 and 14. Both have NO illusions about their safety and vulnerability if guns are outlawed. I didn’t raise them to be paranoid, but I DID raise them to be capable of taking care of and defending themselves. THAT is the spirit of the American Patriot that the UN and the current American government are up against. It won’t just be the men shooting at em; it’ll be the wives, the sons and daughters, the grandparents, AND the damn 4th cousins! After a few late-night knocks on the door, we will be BOTH angered, AND ready to recieve them. They proceed at their OWN peril after that……. And trust me; We would have NO plans on spending the entire campaign playing defense, either……. They have vulnerabilities of their OWN to exploit.

      To paraphrase Frederick Douglass,”Tyranny will impose itself only to the degree that a populace is willing to ACCOMODATE it.” Well, we’re DONE accomodating. If they want our firearms, they will have to come and get em the HARD way.

      YOU see armed government impositionists. I see free fertilizer for my flowers…

  25. You know, if the GOP would only nominate someone other than McCain/Dole-type hacks, maybe some good could come of it. Ron Paul, who at one point polled higher than Obama, would’ve been perfect. He probably still would’ve lost (imagine the horror on the tens of millions of Clovers’ faces when they heard libertarian-conservative views for the first time in their lives), but little brushfires of doubt and enlightenment might’ve been lit everywhere.

    • Agreed –

      Why, after all, be enthusiastic about (let alone vote for) the author of Obamacare (Romney) vs. its implementor (Obama)? Romney was yet another in the line of BobDoooooole McSame “me too” GOP big government hacks. What sort of “choice” did he represent? Why even bother?

  26. What fear mongering!!! This article was written simply to create fear which, in turns, calls on gun ownders to run to the weapons shop to engage in what they profess to be their civic duty in quieting that fear much as a baby would suck on a pacifier.

    Mr. Peters must own stock in one or more gun manufacturers and is seizing on the engendered fear of the election results. Plant the idea of scarcity relative to any product creates panick buying in the mind of those who invest in such products, be it weaponry, motor vehicles, or food commodities. Buy now or the price will skyrocket or, God forbid, the product will be removed from the market place altogether.

    President Obama has made it clear that he has no intention fooling with the Second Amendment right to own weapons. The legislature previously dealt with ownership of restricted weapons including ownership of assault weapons, semi-automotics, and grendade launchers. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, as passed was done so long prior to President Obama taking office. One wonders why there is no mention of this Act to tone down the fear engendered by this article which is full of blatant wind and literal rambling nonsense.

    • I deal in facts, John – and extrapolate from those facts.

      Fact: Obama has said openly he supports “reasonable” gun controls. He comes from Chicago – a place that has imposed among the most restrictive gun controls in the nation; he supported those restrictions. Facts. Obama is an an authoritarian statist. Fact. Authoritarian statists universally oppose the right of the average citizen to possess the means of armed self defense.

      Fact: Eric Holder is a Clinton relic who has actively pushed gun control for decades. Fact: He supports the “assault weapons” ban. Fact: His department ran guns to the Mexican drugs cartels knowing these guns would likely end up being used to commit violent crimes. It does not take a “fear mongerer” to believe someone such as Holder would use the resultant “gun violence” to further his openly stated agenda of civilian disarmament.

    • “What fear mongering!!!”

      Too bad you’re so easily frightened, Jonnie. Toddle off to DU where you can feel safe, or just suck your thumb quietly while the adults are talking. There’s nothing here for you, really.

    • “President Obama has made it clear that he has no intention fooling with the Second Amendment right to own weapons.”

      Obama has made no such thing clear. In the “debates” he openly called for banning semi-auto rifles and handguns.

      But you are somewhat correct in that Obutthead “…has no intention fooling with the Second Amendment…” because he will simply ignore it and issue a unlawful executive order.

      The One cannot be restrained by mere rules, especially rules written by dead White men.

    • President Obama has made it clear that he has no intention fooling with the Second Amendment right to own weapons.

      He’s made a lot of things clear and then done something else. He was elected as ‘change’ from GWB. He promised so many things and then did exactly what we could have expected from a GWB third term. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does more of the same. The only reason he wouldn’t touch guns is because of people’s perceptions and they would fight. It will probably take a republican to outlaw firearms.

  27. I may not have a stash of guns, only 2, a Remington 1911 and a Glock 22, and I may not have a lot of ammo, but rest assured no one is taking my guns from me without killing me first. NO ONE is infringing on my 2A righgts without killing me first. I’m not going down without a fight either and taking as many as I can of the enemy down with me, LOL.

  28. When it comes to guns the problem is that I am not into them and it’s like computers or cars or any other very technical area with all its own geeks. But unlike computers or cars there just doesn’t seem to be good easy obvious choices for the non gun geek. Considering the expense and not wanting to buy the wrong thing I keep putting it off.

    • Brent, in the case of a long gun the AR-15 / M-4 clone (a.k.a. “black rifle”) is probably your best bet as a “shoot your way out of a shitty situation in the city” rifle. Reason being they have all of the Vietnam era bugs worked out, they are chamered in a low recoil / high performance caliber, ammo it plentiful (and it’s what NATO troops carry), they have more after market parts available than a 350 Chevy and they are simple enough that any average Joe with an 8th grade education can learn how to clean, maintain and shoot one in a day. If you’re more interested in a handgun and you’re not an avid gunner, then a revolver would be your best bet. A relatively inexpensive pump action shotgun is also a worthy selection for clearing a crowd off the street or down the hallway ahead of you. The Ithaca 37 / Browning BPS is a good choice because it feeds and ejects from the bottom (no ejection port for dirt & rain to get into on top), the design is reliable and it works well for “Southpaws” too. If you’d like some specific advice and suggestions, e-mail Dom and get my e-mail address from him. I’d be happy to advise you. I wouldn’t mess around too long though, because I suspect the PTB are licking their chops over ram-rodding the UN Arms Trade Treaty through now that the Obomunist doesn’t have to worry about a reelection bid. His supreme court nominees should be interesting too…

    • Brent,

      If you arn’t a computer/car geek there are no obvious choices there either. But just like selecting a computer/car you have to ask yourself “what do you think you will use it for?” In the end, it has to be something you use, something you will practice with, something you will use. As with computers/cars there are almost infinite choices. And just as with computers/cars you have to make the same trade-offs.

      Since it sounds like it is something new to you, then you should go for least complexity (maintenance/repair), high availability of consumables (ammo), opportunity to use/practice with and application (home defense/carry/etc.).

      Boothe has some good suggestions – though if you are new to it the AR’s can be a bit pricey for entry level though fun and practical (readily available ammo, lots of options, ton’s of parts/configurations). Not sure that would be my recommendation for a ‘noob’.

      I usually recommend that beginners pick something they are comfortable with and something they will shoot and practice with – because, like any tool, until you learn to use it it isn’t much better than a club.

      Be forewarned, it is an addictive habit 🙂

      • Computers are easy. I never kept on PC stuff but I can easily spec out a machine that does what I need. If I am not building it from components but just ordering a complete machine it’s no problem at all. Products are arranged in tiers and for various purposes…

        There are many perfectly good appliance cars out there to buy too. Every time I think I have the shotgun and handgun appliance good to go for me guns settled on there’s something else that says that’s no good, get this…. or I call or look online and nobody has it for sale locally… So I put it aside for another few months 😉

        I thought I had the shotgun nailed down to the remmington 870 over a mossberg model but like everything… now Booth has something I hadn’t heard of… Every time I turn around I read something that points into a different direction. Then there’s where to buy here… gun shops are uncommon and most seem to have significant negative reviews.

        It just seems like something I have to really get into do it right… Maybe I should have Dom send me a bill of material and I’ll put it together myself 😉

        Basically all I want is self defense and ability to kill a goose to eat. Although they are such stupid birds I could just hit them with the car.

        • The 870 is hard to beat as an all-arounder. It’s inexpensive, really gets the job done. For home defense, though, you might want to look at something a bit more focused… like the Mossberg Persuader. I have one of these.

        • Find a range near you and go hang out and politely ask folks how to get started. Someone will offer to let you try their favorite… Offer to chip in for ammo… Ask about safety, ammo costs, reliability, acquisition cost, etc. Check out “Iraqvet8888” on YouTube, as well as his site and blogs. Like anything else, interest leads to knowledge and eventually accomplishment. In a former life in the northwest backwoods, the old geezers, after a snort or two, would say that more deer, elk, and most other game (bears, not so much) had succumbed to .22lr than all other calibers combined. In another former life, an old ex-black ops guy said he and his ilk pretty much swore by the .22lr. In the words of Front Sight, “Any gun will do if you will do.” That said, bigger is sometimes better, but “any” always beats “none”. By the way, if you want some quality training, look up “Front Sight” in your favorite search engine and follow the dots…

      • 3DShooter / BrentP – Consider a .22 semi-auto rifle for your first gun. The Ruger 1022 is a good bet (cheap to shoot, easily accessorized). If you’re getting older (like me, 50’s), you might consider a red dot sight or even a scope. Once you are comfortable safely handling, cleaning and shooting it, them move up to the AR platform.

    • Hi Brent,

      A good choice for someone like you would be a quality wheelgun (revolver) in .38 or .357 caliber (you can shoot .38s in a .357, by the way). These are easy to handle, inherently safe, reliable, low-maintenance handguns ideal for the person who just wants something available for self-defense but doesn’t plan to shoot a lot (for sport) and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. A good quality .38 or .357 can be bought for around $400 or less.

    • Opinions are like… well, you know. Here’s mine. For a newbie, avoid the AR15. I’d suggest an AK74. AKs are used by peasant armies with no gun knowledge the world over. While there are reliable AR15s out there, there isn’t a military-pattern long arm made that’s as reliable as an AK (this is a generalization). Mags are pricey but ammo is cheap and plentiful, and you’ll need to be stocking up rapidly (several thousand rounds). You’ll also need to be practicing with it, and the 5.45×39 round is light on the shoulder but has good terminal ballistics (it tears up flesh rather nicely). For a handgun, while some love them and others hate them, it’s hard to go wrong with a Glock unless you find that you don’t like the way it feels in your hand (e.g., grip angle) and/or you have difficulty hitting what you’re aiming at. While there are other reliable handguns, Glocks do go bang every time.

      We’re past the stage where it should matter to any of us that a newbie buys what we use or like. But buy something and learn to use it. On top of that, seek out like-minded others in your area and start thinking together.

      For those suggesting a .22 as a good beginner gun, you’re right but is there time? My first gun was a Glock 27 and I learned just fine. Money spent on a .22 and a brick of ammo could be spent on the more substantial tools and supplies needed for effective social work.

      • Flick,

        I agree – and, I’d add:

        The earlier SKS might be an even better choice. It is similarly rugged, reliable, effective – and very affordable. Buy a nice one for $300 or less.

        These things were made in huge numbers. 7.62×39 ammo is everywhere.

        Chief functional differences vs. the AK, of course, is no selectable fire and (in stock trim) no detachable magazine. But it’s a solid, workhouse short/medium-range battle rifle that also makes for a serviceable hunting rifle.

        • Actually, after the AK-47, the Russians designed and made a few rifles that had some commonality with it but were even better. These worked on the delayed blowback principle – the TKB-517 (and the 2B-A-40). “Its rejection was because of a greater proficiency with the AK-47 among the Russian military”, according to wikipedia.

          Another good choice for reliability is the French delayed blowback FAMAS bullpup. It is slightly heavy by modern standards, which isn’t in itself a problem for use by an infantryman in good condition (though it affects how much else he can carry).

          In general, gas operation creates problems that have to be eliminated by good workmanship and/or maintenance, that delayed blowback engineers out in the first place. It does create one problem, that cartridge cases can tear during extraction from an ordinary chamber, but this was engineered out by fluting the chamber to relieve pressure. This fix does make it dangerous to reload spent cases fired from such chambers, as they get slightly deformed by it. But you don’t get the Vietnam era problems of having to carry a toothbrush to clean an Armalite’s directly driven action in the field, or having to carry a stock of spare AK-47 piston rods as spares for when they buckle.

          • Good info, PM – thanks! I hadn’t heard of those types before. Of course, the AK (and SKS) still have the advantage of being very affordable (especially the SKS). They’re not a fine tool – but they do get the job done!

          • Not to re-ignite an AR vs. AK controversy, but i would have to point out some of the pluses to owning an AK. I would start with a very broad stroke. Look at all the insurgents the world over; from the middle east to the African nations, to Asian nations, you name it. What are they importing; AR’s or AK’s? I see millions of AK’s in their hands, and next to NO AR’s, except perhaps what is captured in battle. WHY? It’s not simply because of pricepoint….
            Kalashnikov was brilliant! Commie ideology sucks, so let’s get THAT out there. BUT, The AK is brilliant in it’s simplicity. It takes upwards of 3 WEEKS to get a new recruit familiar with and proficient with an AR platform. Stripping, cleaning, repairing, learning to troubleshoot, blah blah. The AK was designed to take the DUMBEST turnip farmer’s son fresh into recruitment training, and have him proficient with this weapon in roughly FOUR HOURS! You read that right. Very few moving parts, so easy to maintain and service, tough as nails, and reliable as can be. I was watching a couple of Spetznaz videos awhile back, and these folks were doing pushups holding either end of the rifle while balancing themselves ON THE INSERTED MAGAZINE contacting the floor! The gun was DESIGNED for abuse. Don’t know as I would try that on an AR mag…. Further, it is a dry-fired weapon, versus an AR which requires more sauce and in depth pampering. I worry about what happens in the field with friends if you lose your gun oil, or none is readily available? Or God forbid you find yourself in protracted conditions with NO TIME to service and clean your AR….
            AK’s can fire large amounts of rounds RELIABLY, being dirtier than my dog after a visit to the lower creek. Did you know that these guns were designed so that barrel fouling and cartridge extraction could be cleared WITH A STICK? The damn Russkies were cleaning the barrels of these guns by pouring boiling water down the barrel! Good to go……
            AK’s are also reliable in ALL weather conditions sans performance quirks. In the sub-zero cold of Northern Russia to the steamy, ultra-humid jungles of Vietnam, to the countries where sand pervades every mechanizm known to man, these guns come through.
            Realistically though, if you are looking at ranges over 150 to 200 yards, then you are out of reliable assault rifle range, be it AK OR AR, and something else is required for that application. An AK is a wonderful suppression fire rifle with a nice, heavy bullet, but it is best used for the application for which it was designed.
            I have an inate fear of things, be it cars or firearms with too many bells and whistles and too much technology in them. There’s exponentially more stuff that can break or fail.
            Case in point, the Germans in WWII had the absolute BEST in modern warfare technonogy at their disposal. But their stuff wasn’t simple OR servicable by the average Gunter or Hans. With so many moving parts, parts re-supply and qualified mechanics is ultimately what did them in during their Russia campaign. Many of those Mark VI’s that were abandoned were not because of a lack of gasoline; it was a lack of spare parts and servicability. Same with many of their newfangled firearms.
            On the other hand, you had Russians with the T-34; an EASY tank to manufacture with considerably FEWER moving parts than their counterparts. The Russians were able to create Gazillions of these quickly, and get em in the field quickly to turn the tide. Same with the Russian infantry rifle, the Mosin-Nagant.
            Simple, reliable, few moving parts, and built like Ford fenders. Due to their simplicity, they were easy and cheap to manufacture, and get out into the field quickly.
            We all know that it is best to rely on the assault rifle platform that you are most comfortable with. That’s a given. If you’ve got the scratch handy, and i know many do not, it might be wise to grab up an AK and have it handy. Millions of rebels and insurgents use it for a reason in real-world battle conditions. They can’t ALL be wrong…..
            The reverse is ALSo recommended: AK affectionados NEED to learn the AR platform due to it’s pervasiveness in the field. No good picking up one from a dead UN jockey if you have NO idea where to begin with one.

          • Back in the 90’s I went to a gun show and bought two Chinese SKS’s for $90 a pop. But seeing as I was going to be a new dad I sold them off for a meager profit.

          • If you have roughly $1500*, there’s another delayed-blowback design that works very, very well–and has almost sniper-quality ballistics to boot.

            It’s the Heckler and Koch G-3/HK-91. There are American knockoffs–the PTR-91–that’s (from what I’ve heard) quite good.

            I will give a caveat–delayed-blowback designs kick like hell, and they destroy the cartridges. But as they say in South Africa, “They’re kaffir-proof”.

            They’re chambered in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO. From what I understand, you cannot use .308 Winchester in them–something about the round’s shoulder, and the extractor tearing the head off the cartridge.

            * that price, 1500, is what I last heard. I don’t know if it’s increased commensurate with all the other guns.

          • Methyl, the issue with the HK 91 are the 7.62 NATO chamber dimensions. I wrote about this before, but here it is again: the 7.62 NATO chamber is actually quite a bit “looser” than the commercial .308. The case (brass) external dimensions are essentially identical, but the 7.62 brass is actually slightly heavier to withstand higher pressures in a chamber designed to be more tolerant of dirt and grit for filed reliability. When you fire commercial .308 ammo through the 7.62 chamber, you run the risk of case head separation due to thinner brass (which gives you a slightly larger powder capacity) and then having the extractor pull the cartridge case head off leaving the body of the cartridge in the chamber. This of course prevents the next round from chambering and renders the weapon unusuable until you use a broken case extractor to remove the damaged brass. That is a really bad scenario if you find yourself in a firefight. That being said, if you are in a SHTF situation with a 7.62 chambered weapon and nothing but .308 ammo available it will chamber and fire…

      • Whatever time is left is whatever time is left. I can’t control that nor can I control the actions of others. My life is finite. I have really messed up at various times in my life usually because fear made me leap before I looked.

        After listening to various news stations (both conservative and liberal), I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of knee-jerk reaction out there. It’s only a couple of days after the election so let’s slow down and take a deep breath. Do not let fear force you into bad decisions. Choose a course that fits you and your life circumstances and do your best to stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up if you encounter setbacks, just get back on track as soon as you can.

        Remember “Fear is the mindkiller”-Dune.

        Fight smart.

  29. If you own more than one gun consider a favor for the movement: Find someone you know that would like to own a gun but can’t afford one, and gift them one of yours.

  30. Eric,

    Your observations are correct in my opinion. They will probably start with another ban on sales, but open confiscation would be a catalyst they don’t want to touch. Especially in small town Idaho where I live, guns are as common a kitchen knives and they won’t be turned in no matter what laws are passed. As far as open confiscation – well, those in law enforcement live, shop and send their kids to school in these communities and people know who they are and where they live. I’d think one wouldn’t care to have every gun owner in the neighborhood come to view them as someone out for their guns. Then again, amerika has clearly lost it’s way when the major parties can’t field candidates better than team ORomney.

  31. Half of gun owners will surrender without a second thought. That leaves about 40,000,000 armed citizens who have a “problem” with the government. This is not something to be joked about or taken lightly: If/when the government goons kick in your door at 2 in the morning, they will be deadly serious and your “rights” will cease to exist when the first boot hits the door. They KNOW some people will not submit and will have STK orders with no recrimination. Think this is some fantasy, that it will never happen here, that it can’t? Why has the government been buying millions of rounds of ammo the last year when we are leaving Iraq/The Stan? Make your choice NOW or the jack-booted nazi thugs called “government agents” will make it for you.

    • Have to reluctantly agree, Randy. The most chilling aspect of those government ammo purchases is that they have been made by DHS. The total that we know about is about 1.5 billion rounds; since then, they have made additional purchases but the amounts have been blacked out in any documents reaching the public. Let’s think about that: DHS does not operate outside the United States. So who are those rounds intended to be used against? I fear that we need to be very, very concerned.

      • and about 1/2 of those rounds have been hollow points, not allowed in war and not needed for target shooting.
        Even the Social(ist In)security Administration is buying.

  32. I wouldn’t get so worked-up. Guns are big business and the Gun Industry is part of Corporate America. Since Corporate America owns the politicians and the courts, nothing is going to change. There is too much money being made.

    • The gun industry from which the people buy are largely outsiders. The gun industry from which the government buys are largely insiders. Corporatism always favors the insiders.

      Government purchases for the wars and closing down their possible future competition should satisfy the insiders.

  33. I would argue that if you hadn’t already been stocking up you were a dumbass.

    Obama provides the risk of gun grabs via Ex Order. But my opinion is Romney might have actually been more dangerous.

    Obama will have his supporters and there are those people that don’t want any citizens to have guns. There is no hope of changing those people until they remove themselves from the equation via “time” or by not being prepared with a firearm when their life depends on it.
    Any gun legislation proposed under Obama’s watch will be divisive and front page.

    Romney is also no fan of the 2nd ammendment but he is a threat b/c he is viewed as a “conservative”. I think he could sneak through legislation or it could be labeled “sensible” if a “conservative” supported it.

    another good article eric, thanks for writing.

    I am thinking about going to the local gun store over lunch today just to see what kind of crowd has assembled. I predict Cabela’s does some good business this coming weekend.

    • “I would argue that if you hadn’t already been stocking up you were a dumbass.”

      True, that. I started stocking during Clinton’s 2nd term and I was way late to the game.

      I agree with you about Romney. he’s almost as conservative as Hillary Clinton, but the GOP fatboys anointed him as their candidate as soon as he announced his candidacy. The Bushes were also “viewed as conservative” by the brain-dead republicans who also view themselves as “conservatives”.

      Republicans gave us the first guncontrol laws and they will be on board for every one that follows. I’d sooner have to deal with an outright leftist than a lying-assed republican “conservative”.

      • “I’d sooner have to deal with an outright leftist than a lying-assed republican “conservative” ”

        Exactly my sentiments.

        The GOP is worse than the other side of the coin (Democrats) because they pretend to be advocates of less government but somehow, always end up giving us more of it.

        I went to a few Tea Party events and was nauseated by the flag-waving, bible-clutching – but Social Security defending and warfare state-loving tools I found myself surrounded by.

        • Yes, the Tparty assholes are among the thugs who chant “USA USA USA” when anyone has anything to say in response to their neocon idols.

          Fuck them all. They want jobs as camp guards.

          • That reminds me of a joke I recently heard (I live in a very Jewish part of Australia that has a lot of holocaust survivors and quite a few Red Army veterans, who I occasionally speak to; anyway, my – Jewish – doctor liked this joke).

            Two elderly gentlemen meet. One says, “I just found out that my father died at Auschwitz”.

            “Really? Was he gassed?”

            “No, he fell out of the machine gun tower”.

  34. Expanded gun control is a real threat. But I don’t think Barky is going to have as much leisure time on his hands as he expects. Events may overtake him before he has a chance to launch many of his planned new tyrannies.

    Also, remember that this same gun buying frenzy happened after Barky got elected the first time. So don’t despair if the shelves are bare when you get to your local gun shop. Just like “Cash for Clunkers,” a Barky based gun buying panic will simply accelerate the next whole year’s demand into a compressed, one or two month time frame.

    I can’t guarantee it, but in 6-9 months, the gun & ammo manufacturers probably will have refilled their production pipeline, and more than restocked the dealer’s shelves. Buyer demand however, still will be exhausted. THAT is when you really want to jump on it.

    • Unit retail sales of firearms have been appreciating 10% or more per year for a decade according to the FBI’s background check statistics (see The trend is accelerating during the 1st Broncobama administration while unemployment soars and income is falling off a cliff. Buyer demand seems unquenchable.

  35. They will go door to door and pick us off one by one. When they come to ur door what will u do? Shoot them? They would proceed to take out ur family along with you. If u want to get filthy rich start running guns. One wonders how much money Holder made on the gun running deal in Mexico. We are going to be in for a hell of a ride the next few years and I thought the Vietnan years were bad.

    • At first. The first few hundred, perhaps few thousand; it worked in New Orleans on a small scale; that was a test. Try it nation-wide, and resistance will stiffen to a degree I don’t think the Rand corporation, Stratfor, or SRI have even dreamed of.

      And then people won’t wait for them to come to their house.

      Or the house will contain surprises.

      It will rapidly escalate and become a cold civil war.

      This is the scenario I fear the Elites really want; a civil war in America to exhaust us and kill us, after which they can swoop in like carrion-eaters to finish off the wounded prey.

      Sheeple are prey animals.

        • Wish I could be that optimistic, OldGuard. But I think that when it goes down, it will be DHS, FBI, state po po, militarized local po po, National Guard, and regular military coming down all at the same time. Millions of them altogether, in a coordinated assault. Resistance will develop, but only after a huge percentage of us have already been disarmed in the blitzkrieg.

          Really hope I’m wrong about that.

          • Yeah Dom, I’m afraid you and Mike are right. Like the good little Nazis they’ve become, it won’t take the thug-scrum more than a few of the volk dragged out in the street and shot in the head (in the style of Mao’s takeover) and the rest of the neighborhood will unceremoniosly throw their weapons out in the street for collection.

            The guns that are retained by the people will be like the old joke I heard from a Polish emigre years ago: We watered our flower beds with oil to keep our guns from rusting. But guess what; their guns stayed buried the whole time the soviets ran roughshod over them. It’ll have to be like the way the VC did things; good-guy shop keeper, rice farmer or carpenter during the day / hit and run sapper and freedom fighter at night. It eventually come down to this, “Who can make war with the beast?”

          • Gawd, I wish I could disagree with you, Boothe, but I can’t. We are in for some totally serious shit, and many of us won’t survive. Got my escape plan, but can’t do it for another couple of years. If the SHTF in the meantime, it’s been nice knowing y’all.

          • “In the war torn country of Lebanon, a man worked at a factory called Sewing Machines Inc. He desperately wanted to buy his wife a new sewing machine but could not afford it. One day he decided he would take one piece every day and take it home with him and when he had all the parts, he would assemble the machine for his wife. The happy day finally came when he had all of the parts but he ran into difficulty. Every time he assembled the parts he ended up with a machine gun.”

            Old story, Anon

          • @Mike:

            I refuse to think like that–because it’s that very thought that leads to the defeat.

            Fuck them. Fuck their “numbers”; we outnumber them a hundred to one at least. Fuck their superior training–at least the ones who actually ARE trained, which is just the military. Local cop training? “How to attack soft targets safely”. Useless.

            If it comes to it, many will die; but I am absolutely committed that I would rather die than be a slave.

            Seriously folks: don’t envision yourself cowering like a whipped dog. Resolve that your principles MEAN something and be prepared to get hurt for them.

            It will not take many of us, with that attitude, to back them off.

            Remember: bullies are cowards.

            The last time I was bullied, was the day I gave the little bastard a bloody nose–and it worked on his buddies, too.

          • ” Millions of them altogether, in a coordinated assault.”

            Against many tens of millions of targets for them to dash themselves to death against. While there are a few million paid operatives for the wannabe elite to put into play, there will be some, maybe many, LEOs and military people who will refuse outright to go on the raids.

            There’s really no foregone conclusion to be reached. Consider that the model for this kind of plan is 20th century Europe, there’s still a slight difference here. Not all Americans are TV addicted sheep. The sheep won’t matter much to the elitists and won’t really be a big help to them.

          • How many of that 330,000,000 can withstand the social manipulations and are willing to be social outcasts, be called names and ridiculed, and then ultimately stand up to physical violence?

            1% scattered throughout the country? Only 1-2% of voters can overcome the social stigma of not casting a secret ballot for a socially acceptable choice. I don’t see how that percentage is going to get significantly bigger in something far more obvious. Most don’t want to be the ‘kook’ on the evening news who had his ‘compound’ raided for refusing to give up his guns and won’t be.

            800,000 organized people can easily manage to dispatch or round up three million disorganized, disconnected, often hiding, people scattered across a giant country. Plus in the wake of whatever the event is that 800,000 can quickly grow to twice or even four times the number.

            The real math is 800,000 military and police with 326,200,000 people cheering them on, joining their ranks, or at least going along to get along against the remaining three million.

          • Sad to say that history backs you up Brent. There was a famous study of resistance in German prison camps back in WWII. The author found that only one in a hundred men, who were already prisoners of war, were willing to revolt against a handful of prison guards. It’s not a joyful picture.

          • Hi Dave. According to wikipedia, as of 9/30/2010, there were over 1.4 million active duty military personnel and another 857,000 inactive reservists. Add all the state and local police, along with a number of federal agencies (DHS, FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE, park police), and yeah…it works out to millions.

            So the feds shut down the internet and all phone service, black out broadcast news, and go about their grim work. Without communications, resistance would have a hard time developing and would be nearly impossible to adequately coordinate.

          • POW camps are kinda different. Prisoners are often draftees who just want to live through the war. When the Geneva rules are followed I can see not rising up against the guards. They just want to wait out the war and go home. Germany largely followed the rules with regards to American prisoners. Now if that number applied to say Russian prisoners too that becomes more meaningful.

            The US federal government treated German POWs exceptionally well. The modern version would be something like Club Fed. Drafted into a war, captured by the enemy then treated well… you wait out the end of the war.

          • You’re wrong, but only because you don’t know the repertoire they have on tap, not because they won’t take the guns. They just won’t do it that expensive, frontal assault way, unless there are other considerations as at Waco.

            The usual, sneaky way is actually to promote gun use – but direct it into controllable channels for a privileged group, then gradually narrow that down after it has crowded out everybody else. That doesn’t mean they only give guns to people they like and penalise the rest – that would just give them the original problem all over again – but rather that they like the people who have guns so much that they give them approved ways to get and use guns that suck them in over time, maybe even generations. Think of where the NRA is now, and what it would become if it got block grants to issue subsidised guns and ammunition to members in good standing, that it would normally hold for people in its own secured magazines.

            If you don’t believe me, read Noel Perrin’s “Giving Up The Gun” about how this worked in Japan, or look up how the French issued registered guns to locals when they first went into Indochina in the nineteenth century – the better to get rid of the others, before taking the new ones back.

        • “first few hundred”? How many have been murdered this year alone? I always hear this ” well once it starts then its on” tripe. ppl are being murdered everyday by “the boys in blue” and much worse at least death is final. what about the guys and gals who are being beatin until there crippled ahnd then arrested for “assault on a leo” holy shit ppl the war is ON!!!! if your waiting for shit to happen your asleep at the wheel shit is happening just not on a big enough scale for most of us to leave our comfort zones. which is sad that we dont stand up more often . everyone said “when they start rounding up exmilitary the shtf is but you didnt see a platoon of marines going to bust out brandon raub did ya? its all talk and with out a real concentrated effort of organized resistance they will most certainly pick us off one by one. In the end days the love of many shall grow cold.

  36. So take steps to leave with your “little friends” and family.
    So. America and other destinations beckon. Got a boat, plane or
    other modes of transport- then use them now before the gates

  37. I agree with this article and it is one of my worst fears to be disarmed. However, I am new to the world of weapons. I am over 50 and female. My husband has no interest in guns at all and I’ve recently developed a fascitnation with them. I am the new proud owner of a Ruger 22. Now wanting a handgun. I am also stocking food and other sundries in preperation for emergencies if needed.
    Can anyone please guide me to help? My husband has no interest and it has become a source of argument from time to time. I do feel it is necessary and somewhat as if his head is in the sand. He and I both are extremely upset over the election results, and I’m in hopes it will wake him up.

    Again any advice for someone like me?

    Clever, MO

    • Find your local ranges, militia group, sheriff deputy, guardsman, gun store owner, neighbor, many will help free of charge. If you move to south Texas you can call me.

      • Don’t ask the deputy sheriff or ANY law enforcement officer (LEO) for help in learning weapons skills. Asking a LEO for assistance in weapons familiarization is like asking the KGB if it’s OK to spy on the Kremlin. You will, at a minimum, be put on a terrorist watch list. It’s entirely possible you will be arrested on trumped up charges. I hear you OldGuard, but the times they have’a changed. The Jackboots of the Empire are *not* *your* *friend*!

    • I would suggest that you start reading gun blogs like The Cornered Cat, A Girl and Her Gun, Mom With a Gun, and others along that line. These are the ones I got my daughter interested in. Local gun shops are an asset as well but beware the ones that greet you with “Well what can we do for you today, Little Lady?”

      • It also occurred to me to suggest that you look at buying a .22 revolver for a first handgun. Ruger makes a great 10 rounder or so I’m told. That way you can afford to practice and develop shooting skills and safe gun handling. Some folk’s disparage the .22 as a defense round but I’ve found that when I asked those same people to stand down range and catch one they declined.

        • Totally agree, Rooney. I have a Ruger .22 with 10 round magazine, and it is practically unstoppable. You can abuse it all you like and it will still function. And its recoil is easily handled by anyone, even if they are not experienced with firearms. I bought mine instead of a larger caliber in order to teach my daughters how to handle firearms without turning them off by having them handle powerful weapons at first.

          The down side is that the .22 round doesn’t have much stopping power. (I rely on my 12-gauge for that.) But a few well placed rounds can be quite effective at dissuading an assailant.

          • CCI Stingers will make up for the lack of mass of the .22 LR somewhat. And unless you’re shooting a meth-addled lunatic, they should be more than adequate to result in your assailant giving in due to fear and “pain compliance.”

          • Get a revolver, semi or rifle that shoots 22mag ammo. it is the only small caliber rimfire that loads 40 grain FMJ bullets, also 45 and 50 grain Jaketed soft and Hollow points bullets Hard hitting and and penetrating and reasonable 50 rounds usually on line sell for $9.00 to $12.00 USD. LOOk at Taurus, Keltec, CZ and older wnichester lever rifles chambered in this caliber

    • I don’t mean to be rude, only to offer your husband a little slap to wake him up to reality.

      Here goes: Does he need to start wearing a testosterone patch? Because NOW is the time when men, real men, are needed.

      Please tell him, from me, to wake the hell up and help you.

      Turn off the TV, especially fuuuuuuuhhhtball. Sports on TV accomplishes two key Elite goals:
      1) literally puts people in a trance
      2) subverts the natural male tribe-protection instinct, sublimating it into non-productive feelings of loyalty to “their team”–i.e. a bunch of highly overpaid children playing a pointless game.

      Men strut around like they’ve just grown a two-foot dick after “their” team wins. It’s disgusting. Those are the feelings you’re supposed to have after you’ve successfully protected your family/tribe from their enemies.

        • Hi Traylor,

          Yup. I’ve been appalled by the typical American’s jocksniffing reverence for fuuuhhhhhhhtttttttball (and so on) for years. The average fuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttball worshiper can tell you every last minute detail about “his” team going back 20 years – but can;t tell you the first thing about the Bill of Rights.

          • I respectfully suggest one can enjoy sports while remaining a knowledgeable citizen ready to protect his family, friends and neighbors. I like college ball, but can still discuss the messy incorporation aspects of the 14th amendment, or the dangers of careless treaties, which the constitution explicitly treats with great deference.

            After a decade and a half of obsessively consuming data and arguments about government, economics and civil society, sports can be a nice break where I don’t feel like Cassandra. But then again, I don’t imagine either that the performance of a bunch of twenty year olds who wear my chosen school’s colors reflects on any of my own merits. And I see the irony of an anarchist cheering on a state school.

      • Excellent post!!! And don’t forget the baseball fans with their hats on backwards. One million turn out in the streets of SF to celebrate a baseball team! When the president openly brags about the power to detain, deny due process, imprison, torture or kill any American with NO oversight, how many of the idiots took to the streets to protest?

        I see alot of suburban white kids with their hats turned sideways and oversized pants hanging under their butts. They do know the lyrics to every rap song. Do you think they will put away their iPhones and weed to resist tyranny? Don’t you think they would rat our their own parent(s) to the DHS/FBI for free “swag”?!

        The midstream media has 30+ years of demeaning/mocking/stereotyping the American male as a clumbsy, inept, Neanderthal who is intellectually inferior to the wife and kids.

        Our pubic schools have a veritable cocktail of psychoactive drugs for any boy that is restless, inquisitive or too male! They punish any child that physically fights back against bullies!! And the zero tolerance for plastic knives, nail clippers and even using your hands to simulate a six-shooter is all about asserting dominance and establishing authority.

      • It’s been quite while since I last watched a sporting event. Finally realized that there was no point to it, other that getting worked up over the home team versus visiting team BS. I still keep myself up-to-date on football news, but that’s only because I noticed that most people who want to make bets on the games, don’t understand what they’re doing. Makes for a nice little extra bit of cash every week. 🙂

    • I had the same response from the wife concerning prepping. My advice? Don’t push him and rub his nose in it. It will only cause friction and discord beteween the 2 of you. You cannot lead him to believe the worst about America right now; they must come to it on their own.
      BUT, continue quietly doing what you’re doing.Continue your course of action, because both of your hides may very soon depend on it. Buy stocks of food and water and quietly stash them. Keep up with gun purchases and training on using them effectively. And most of all, don’t worry about your husband coming around….. Obama and friends will do that FOR you, so let Obama take the responsibility of bringing your husband around. it worked in MY house! Obama himself had to scare her enough to realize that asdvance preparation was definitely in our best interst.
      Happy to report that the wife went with me to the range for the first time and actually enjoyed shooting. So did my 2 daughters, who are BOTH now adept at handling firearms and are good shots. I no longer get grief for buying and stashing food and supplies and ammo. In fact, when she comes down in the morning and doesn’t see the TOK on the fireplace mantle, she reminds me to go back up and get it! Don’t worry; circumstances will bring your husband around, but he will get there on his OWN timetable, i’m afraid. Hope this helps sister…..

    • This may sound weird to you…..But…..

      Stop him from eating carbohydrates – especially sugar and grains. Carbohydrates are poisonous to the human mind and body and makes people stupid and weak. Also stay away from all processed food…Only consume whole foods.

      You need a strong mind in order to SEE that these political terrorist fucks – and the mentally retarded brats and parasites that vote for them – are trying to OWN YOU.

      • Amen, DD –

        I’ve always been pretty health/food conscious – which may at least partially explain why I began to question the system/see the hypocrisies and evils of it. My wife and I also avoid processed foods (and dairy) and limit sugar intake – except for coffee with sugar, which I must have! Most of all, though, I religiously, fanatically avoid HFC. I always read the label – and if a product contains fructose, I don’t buy it. Ever. Never have. This goes back to the mid’80s, when they began to replace sugar across the board with HFC – most noticeably in the “New” Coke. Remember that? Then jams – and literally everything else (just about) you can think of. I stopped eating those things….

        Lately, I’ve begun to feel like a literal Martian or explorer from a distant land as I survey the people around me… almost all of whom are significantly (some severely) overweight, soft and doughy-looking. I’m in my 40s – and unless I’m hallucinating/deluded, people – on average – were not like this when I was a kid. They looked more like the people in the series, Mad Men – almost all of whom are slim and alert-looking (even if they did/do smoke and drink).

        This transformation is no accident. It is deliberate – and absolutely ingenious. Evil, but ingenious.

        Anyone else think I’m on to something here?

        • As a person who is starting to feel I’ve awakened in the Matrix, yes. Crazy as it sounds, I do believe that Fluoride was indeed a Communist plot as described in Dr. Strangelove. Except the Communists were not really Communists but our own ruling aristocracy who sought (and are still seeking) to placate the masses. Grains and sugar? Don’t know that it was on purpose, but being a Christian, I see a spiritual hand behind all of it too. It’s the only way for me to understand how this evil can be consistent over 3 or 4 generations since the fall of the Republic in 1865. Yes, I’ll say it. I believe Satan is behind all of it, subtly pulling the strings and pushing the levers that have led us to this point.

          How in the world did the Christians let themselves be pushed into WWI? By not standing up and saying no. How in the world did the Christians allow Roe v. Wade to stand in 1973? By not standing by their convictions and implementing an across the board tax strike. 30% to 40% of the people refusing to pay taxes would have gotten the attention of TPTB immediately and that thing would have been stopped in its tracks.

          I’ll stop here but you get the point. It’s all deliberate and we have fewer peaceful options remaining day by day. I don’t really have the courage for a tax strike because I’m not financially independent nor could my family absorb the loss of my income. That’s where they have us by the balls so to speak: dependency on debt and on the system. And that part was deliberate too.

        • I was awakened by medical research – Dr Atkins, Dr Berry Sears, Drs. Eades – about 15 years ago. Yes…It is a terror plot by Your Owners to diminish the lives of their tax livestock. Their “Food Pyramid” is upside down and it is deliberate.

          I have eaten nothing but liver, eggs, fish, tree nuts, green leaf veggies, and berries for the last 15 years and my skin is still smooth and tight as ever. Most people my age look like stay-puft marshmallow freaks.

          Of course it is evil…what do you expect from the terrorist psychopaths the carb-eating gunnerment-loving retards refer to as “politicians”? These filthy animals literally get-off on destroying the lives of billions of people.

  38. My friends in the business say that black rifles and ammo have been selling like crazy for weeks now.

    One case: Guy & buddy come into the shop looking for an AR. They walk out with an AR-15, and AR-10, and two Sig 1911s. With 2000 rounds of ammo.

    Just crazy.

    • We might very well be close to an 1861 moment. The divide between the two sides has become irreconcilable. The Clovers just keep pushing… at some point, I fear there will be push back.

      • Eric, you have it so right. They never relent from their petty nagging, and when anyone dares to say “enough” they act as if they’re victims of some rabid reactionary who dangerously over-reacted, as if the last itty-bitty infringement was the only one.

        Have you read Vin Suprynowicz’s “The Ballad Of Carl Drega”?

        One of those “cannot recommend highly enough” books.

      • He now says the wholesale channel is dry. If you want a popular gun (Glock 19, AR-pattern rifle, etc) you will have to get on a waiting list. Same with ammo – sold out for 4+ months (what his regular suppliers are saying)

  39. Absent ethnic nationalism can a nation “long endure”*.


    *Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863.

  40. Eric, I certainly share your concern on this matter, but what is the point of stocking up if they are just gonna take them anyway. Sounds like an expensive lose-lose proposition for us regular folk.

    • Hi Jay,

      Speaking just for me, this is a Rubicon issue. I will not submit and obey. I desire more than I can articulate to simply live my life in peace, causing no harm to others. But if they will not leave me alone – if they demand I surrender even my most basic human right (that of self-defense) it’s game on. I realize I will probably not emerge victorious in that event. But there comes a time when each of us must take a stand. Or accept.

      I won’t accept. Not talking tough. I am fully aware of what this could mean for me. I’m no Rambo – nor do I want to be. But goddamn it, I will not just roll over and submit. Fuck them all.

      • I share those sentiments. I do love that scene early in Dr. Zhivgo where the mounted police turned their guns on their officer. Their officer had ordered them to fire on their fellow citizens and his timing was obviously bad . . . for himself.


        BTW, there are two Mustreads in Lew Rockwell today:

        Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan.

        Rockwell publishes a lot of crap but the daily Lew Rockwell is worth mining for the occasional nugget.


        • “BTW, there are two Mustreads in Lew Rockwell today:

          Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan.”

          Hmmm…. those are the two that I usually get the least from. Paul, whatever his credentials are assumed to be, is a politician. Buchanan preaches to the choir on one level while maintaining GOP partisanship above all. Both are tiresome half-steppers.

          DiLorenzo, Woods, and Anderson are my must reads on LRC. Paul and Buchanan are in the group with that supreme egghead, Walter Block on my list. I can do without their writings.

          • ed: I agree, I get little out of Buchanan and Paul for same reasons. I agree with Eric, stand your ground. No law supersedes the bill of rights. UN treaties are null and void.

            • I think Buchanan means well. I met him a couple of times back in the ’90s, when I worked in DC at The Times. He’s just old – and bound by his conservative/Catholic background. Paul also deserves kind treatment. He’s done a tremendous service just by helping to get liberty-minded ideas back into more general circulation.

          • That’s good to know. My injured shoulder is really hurting today so I guess I’ll go the the drugstore and buy some Morphine or Oxycontin.


          • Actually, the Bill of Rights grants nothing; rather, it reiterates and backs up our God given rights as Sovereign Individuals. The basic idea of our Revolution was/is that each of of is a king/queen, beholden to no one but God, on the same footing as any country or church. This is profound once/if one truly gets it… The military is the only government body that comes anywhere close to making sense, strictly to defend our nation from outside agression. The rest is better left to individuals or to free enterprise.

        • There are few havens on the internet as well balanced and articulate as Lew Rockwell. In fact, it’s the site that introduced me to Eric, and it’s where I usually pick up his writings. Perhaps you go there, just as I do, to read inspirational messages that keep your passion for liberty stoked. But just because all messages posted on that site don’t directly fan the flames of anarchy doesn’t make them crap in my opinion.

          Long live!

          • Right there with you. is one of my first visited sites in the morning, and throughout the day for the blog.

            I don’t agree with everything, and I don’t blame for that. In fact, I consider it a bonus that not everything is cookie-cutter.

          • I apply Critical Thinking to about 20% of what Rockwell publishes. I pay much closer attention to some authors than to others. Butler Shaffer is at or very near the top of the heap. He’s an extraordinary Critical Thinker and a much better than merely competent Wordsmith. Also, Shaffer and I are about the same age.


          • LRC, and the people writing there, are what helped to push me over the edge and out of the statist mindset. Just following the rabbit holes from there led to all sorts of discoveries that a mind-numbed major media acolyte would never be exposed to. For that alone I’m grateful.

      • Eric, I understand what you are saying and I do not disagree. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have their “little friend(s)” already, by all means go out and spend the money to enjoy what may be a fleeting recreational activity and join the rest of us in taking a principled stand for our 2A rights. As it is to you, it is my personal line in the sand.

        In my situation after taking a recent pay cut, I cannot afford to expand my collection. So to go and stock up, for me just doesn’t make sense.

        • Hi Jay,

          I get that – I, too, have had to shift priorities. Luckily, I’m already fairly well stocked. The article was addressed to those who haven’t yet acquired a “little friend.” I urge them to do so – while they still can.

        • “Afford” is a function of “priorities”. I have heard folks discussing tithing, as in “how can you afford to do without 10% of your paycheck?” The tithers’ answer has pretty much been something along the lines of “there are lots of folks who do just fine on 10% less than I make, and the discipline has carried over into other areas of my life and as a result I am now doing more than 10% better than I was before…” If someone, God forbid, were to harm you or someone you care about and you were asked if you would have found the money to buy whatever it would have taken to avoid or prevent the tragedy, had you known in advance, few of us would say “I can’t afford it.” I am not making any judgement here, just suggesting a long view in light of what really matters. Personally, I would be happy to settle for a smaller, older TV or car, or less beer, or some second hand clothes, an additional part time job, or some combination of the above, in order to ensure the security of my family/tribe to the best of my ability. This is not just about guns; it applies to all of our choices every day…

      • This is one of my Rubicons as well.
        And, like Eric, I’m not Rambo, have no aspirations to martyrdom, and abhor violence.

        But I have a right to defend myself.

        And I will.

      • I agree with what is being said. I think people need to let their voices be heard on this issue. I dont think this admin takes people like us serious and the NRA and other 2A groups need to ban together and let the admin know we will not yield and will fight.

        • @Mark:

          You bring up a crucial point:

          No more gun-control incrementalism!

          They’ll try another “assault”* rifle ban. Because it’s “unreeeeeeeasonable” to have such a mean-looking gun. And who needs to hunt with a magazine that holds 30 rounds?

          And those horrible scary semiautomatic handguns! Really, they should only hold five rounds. For self-defense.

          I’m so sick and tired of the dishonesty, the constant, dripping incrementalism–it’s Chinese water torture!

          I guess I got my (very sick but pragmatic) wish–Obama won again. It will keep the liberty movement on-edge and expanding…but to what denouement, I tremble to think.

          * I love my EBR’s–Evil Black Rifles. What’s more beautiful than their sheer purposeful lines and colors; devoid of decoration, form-follows-function. They’re the Le Mans racers of the gun world.

        • “the NRA and other 2A groups”

          The NRA is actually a stealth guncontrol organization. They have written and/or endorsed every single major piece of guncontrol legislation we have, ever since the first FFA in 1934.

          The NRA is like the GOP, lots of well-meaning members duped into being under the control of a treacherous leadership.

          • Agreed – The NRA is firmly in the camp of “Reasonable” gun restrictions. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

        • The NRA is the most successful gun control organization in history! Their never-ending pleading for voting for “moderate” Republicans, their deliberate ignoring of anything to do with Libertarian candidates that are actually PRO-gun, the endless exhortations to “enforce the laws already on the books”. I quit the NRA in disgust and went over to JPFO and GOA.

      • No need to make that stand alone. The militia still exists and groups are watching events unfold just as you are. There are others who likewise see the writing on the wall and share you sentiment of not submitting. This is a Rubicon issue for a lot of other Americans as well. It might be wise at this late hour to get connected and begin sharing knowledge. My name links to a nation-wide militia discussion forum if you or anyone else is interested.

          • Just by the way, I DID just purchase a SigSauer 556 last weekend with 1,000 rounds. Stocked up on ammo for the rifle, shotgun, and pistols too.

        • Flick or Eric: I’m justifiably paranoid as hell at trying to connect with one of the militias. Here’s a story.

          I went to a Tea Party event for the first time. They were there to talk about Ron Paul. A young 20 something girl there whom I had never met asked me if I wanted to buy some weapons with the serial numbers filed off. WTF?!? I’ve just read the stories about the FBI infiltration into these groups. I see the false flags where a bunch of meth heads are set up.

          It’s pretty common knowledge among “these circles” (eric peters, lew rockwell, zerohedge, etc.) that the Oklahoma City bombing might have been a government set up as well.

          I don’t know who to trust and I sure don’t want to expose myself and end up on a watch list or a no-fly list (not that I fly, I despise the TSA).

          • Anyone who asks you to commit an illegal act at a gathering like that is either a snitch or in the pay of one law enforcement agency or another. Stay away from such people. Plug in Living Freedom into your search engine and see what is said there about snitching.

          • That smells to high heaven. And I’d make sure never to return or find out who it was and have them account for themselves to any group “leaders”. Agent Provocateurs indeed!

          • Was just going to type out what Rooney did. Anyone who talks violence, illegal weapons, drugs, and other illegal acts is a fed or in the employ of or beholden to a fed.

            I think perhaps most everyone with a IQ higher than two standard deviations below the mean has it figured out given who they’ve been arresting in recent years. They are quite literally preying upon the mentally retarded and learning disabled now. It’s so very evil. The rest are often kids who just don’t know any better and just as easily manipulated.

          • Glad to see the vote of support and that I’m not crazy. I never went back. That was my one and only toe in the water. But see how that chills free speech? Fargin Bastiges!

          • Readers may not know quite how such agent provocateur stuff works, going back at least as far as Mussolini’s OVRA and quite possibly even as far as Napoleon III, never mind the more recent, East German Stasi.

            Many such feelers are sent out simply to see who reports them in. If you don’t, that makes you guilty already. Over time, people learn that it is safer if they always report their suspicions, so allowing real plots to be detected more easily – and that’s what makes such a high proportion of the population into informants for the OVRA and Stasi, something we tend to find rather amazing.

            You didn’t escape being trapped by not taking that offer up. Whether you knew it or not, you were trapped if you didn’t report it. If nothing happened, that only means the powers that be haven’t yet built up to the point where they can digest everybody. Once they do, more and more people will get trained into doing what is safe.

            I’m willing to bet that some readers will think I am advocating this, when I am only describing it so as to give warning. Those readers are being tricked into paranoid over-reactions, which also help the powers that be by doing divide and rule.

          • I wish someone would make me such a proposition. I would make a spectacle of them like has never been seen. GEEZ! A perfect example of the basic requirement that to quote Bob Dylan,”To live outside the law, you must be honest.” This does not refer to being a criminal, but rather reminds us of the Highest Law…

        • The person(s) we need to pay more attention to is Dr. Edwin Vieira. He is probably the single best authority on Constitutional militias. States and counties need to start acting like the Swiss.

          To hell with the Feds, and the Beltway (D.C.)! As far as I am concerned, they are the enemy. Grant it, there are elements within the federal bureaucracy that are on our side. However, no one knows as to that ratio. At best, they are double-agents, and remaining inside the matrix is putting their very lives in peril every second.

          The leadership is the problem. At some point, there needs to be a Constitutional coup. In the meantime, states needs to pursue nullification measures, and eventually secession. D.C. will learn to play ball with the vox populi (those that either did not vote, voted protest, or even voted Soetorobama to enhance collapse), or it will become irrelevant in time.

          The single most reason I cannot trust D.C., and the interconnected M.I.S.C., is Golden Lily, Black Eagle Trust and Project Hammer. Do your own research. This goes back to Nanjing in ’35, and the Japanese Imperial family. The federal govt’s collusion in this matter, has tentacles extending into Waco, OKC, 9/11, to the sub-prime scandal, to the economic malinvestments of this very present nanosecond. This stain on America must be washed clean. As Col. Douglas Macgregor has stated, this land is about to go through a process of catharsis it has likely never experienced before.

          • “Nullification” is actually a lifestyle choice. Quoting Nancy Reagan,”Just say NO.” During the latter days of the late Eastern Bloc prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union and their allies, the majority of their entire economies was off the books, “black market”. This was a big part of what brought them down, and is still a very viable approach: no organization, no rules, no noise and fury…just ordinary folks getting by the best they could, which happened to be by no longer supporting the “Powers That Be” in their zero sum, BS game… Think back to a simpler, more locally oriented time, where you contributed to, and got what you needed from, your local economy, and conduct your affairs accordingly…

      • Recall the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        • Those words went through my mind as I saw town/city bureaucrats out the day after every bad storm, looking for anyone cutting trees, clearing damage, etc., and preventing them from helping people and doing good work if they don’t have a “license”. Or the utility workers who rushed to NJ but were refused because they weren’t members of the local union.

          Would that bureaucrat go out so blithely to harass others, if there was a real chance he wouldn’t be returning from his doing so?

          America lost its greatness when tarring and feathering tax collectors went out of style.

        • The novel “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross is a work of fiction intertwined with historical facts and technical know-how. There are possible “solutions” to tyranny in this book. It has been out-of-print for some time but is still available. It is a little “pricey”, but well worth it. . .

      • This is a good Rubicon issue, but I’m not sure I have the [certain part of male anatomy] to make it mine. I’m young and have young children to worry about raising and educating properly. It will certainly be my Rubicon issue if they wait 15 or 20 years to do it though. I remember when I was a teen Gramps telling me he’d lived a good life and when the jackboots came for his guns he’d let them have them, just as soon as he’d emptied them. I believed him too. Gramps is gone now though, and I sure hope I make it to my grave too before they try confiscation.

          • Well, there again, once you’re disarmed it’s all that much easier to get you and the family onto one of those surprisingly convenient trucks that’ll show up to shuttle you to some camp. All “for your safety” mind you. See! Now you’re gone, but you’ll go together.

          • Make arrangements for them.

            I’d rather my kids remember me fondly from safety–and carrying on the fight years later–than watch me starving to death next to them in camp FEMA.

            Or worse yet–turned, like Winston in 1984. Who knows what horrors they’ve developed over the years of practice at Gitmo, Abu Graib, and the CIA black sites worldwide?

            I’ve seen first-hand what neuroleptics–drugs like Haldol, Thorazine, etc–can do to a person. How about a nice dose of 6-hydroxydopamine? Fries your dopamine neurons; instant Parkinson’s. Or something a little more subtle–say, DOB day, after day, after day until there’s nothing left of you?

            A little psychosurgery? An impromptu frontal lobotomy?

            The horrors in the Nazi concentration camps were just practice. Those arts have had seventy years to mature; I don’t want to find out what they can do now.

          • methylamine, “make arrangements for them” That’s the trouble. I have plenty of family members who’d be willing and able to care for and raise my children. Its the educate part I’m worried about. Only a couple of my family members are eyes-opened people, and they’d definitely make gun confiscation a Rubicon issue as well. That leaves my children doomed to grow up as good little sheeple if I’m gone. Of course, it depends on the climate outside of confiscation, and what options are available. If there’s no way to sneak out of the country to a friendlier place, and people are already being loaded onto trucks, then to hell with it. My kids won’t have a future with or without me. If that’s not true, then I don’t think my life would be wisely spent on this issue.

        • In the novel “Dune”, the warrior/priestesses threw their babies on the invaders’ swords. When SHTF, hopefully your young ones will be armed and knowledgeable, because there will be no quarter, and proper education is, sadly sometimes, where you find it… I hope I can be an example to my children that a free man cannot be defeated, even in death…

      • I think you would be surprised at how many share those same feelings, Eric.
        I suppose it is my upbringing (my dad was a funeral director) but death does not scare me. However,living under the regime I see headed this way scares the bu-jeezus outta me.
        A friend once told me that when “they” came for his guns he would just bury them. I asked him that if he had to bury his guns to keep the gov’t from taking them, then what in the hell is it gonna take to get him to dig ’em up ?

      • I’m wicha, eric! They are INSANE if they think they are going to pull off a disarmament of the American people. 100 million gun owners and fully over 300 million firearms! Even Russia and Japan were not crazy enough to attempt dicking with American gun owners.
        Firstoff, they can sign whatever they want to. Who cares? An administrative collection will fail embarrasingly and miserably. We aren’t Britons or limp-wristed Aussies……The only option left on the table will be to go door to door and get em the old fashioned way. HA! Even THEY are not THAT crazy. Further, who would agree to take THAT duty? Nobody in their right mind.
        If they start door to door, it will take milliseconds for the word to get out. from then on, every neighborhood in every city in every county in every state in the nation that they enter will be a killing zone. I don’t care WHAT they’re packing. And they are grossly outnumbered.
        And what happens when they fail? Do we just go back to our normal lives after they’ve so blatently threatened not only us, but our families? HELL NO! We keep going and go after THEM. By that point, half the military will probably be HELPING us.
        There have been too many examples in our wake during the course of history that have ended VERY badly for those who have forfeited their firearms. Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China come to mind. If they initiate a confiscation, it WILL ignite the 2nd Civil War. If they start this, they put their OWN heads on the chopping block. How’s THAT for direct?

        • We’ve already seen what happens to the average american gun owner when the government’s employees show up at their doors to take firearms in the aftermath of Katrina.

          • I hear ya brent. The vast difference between today and back in Katrina, is that the folks in Louisiana were not expecting it! Candidly, who saw that coming in the aftermath? I certainly didn’t! I doubt ANYONE did. We now SEE them, and we know their intentions, and we KNOW the consequences to ourselves and our families if we allow ourselves to become disarmed. A vastly different scenario. In fact in hindsight, Katrina confiscation was a BAD idea big picture because it opened our eyes for the first time about the lengths the government would be wiling to go to subjugate us. We are now AWARE, and that does not bode well for them…..
            I’m thinking this through from the standpoint of logistics, and i’m sorry; i just can’t make the math work. Over 100 million of us itchy, aggravated and pissed off. Unless they did a door to door collection ALL AT ONE TIME NATIONWIDE, all at once, they are doomed. Again, the very moment confiscation began, word would spread instantly! The only way to stop word from spreading would be to cut ALL forms of consumer communication just prior.If they did that just after contentious wrangling over the issue publicly, it wouldn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2 together.
            Every highway, every roadway, every neighborhood, every industrial complex, ANYWHERE THEY MOVED, they would be getting shot at. AND, not merely by one or 2 guys with .22’s….. By folks with REAL firepower! Again, even if they have the latest in deadly toys, the sheer numbers of armed Americans would make this attempt a foolhardy one. Remember Nazi Germany in Russia; They had the Mark VI Tiger tanks and the latest in firearms. Versus MILLIONS of Russkies with Mosins and T-34 tanks! They were ground down during and after Stalingrad. How about the Korean conflict? Go find virtually ANY vet that did field time, and ask them what transpired after the Chinese manpower was thrown into the conflict. How about Vietnam, January 1968? Giap used this tactic, and came a hair’s breath from taking us out. He failed for only one reason; he ran out of manpower, but he had our ass on the ropes for real. WE HAVE 100 MILLION….. rather sobering if you ask me, even if they’re not nationally or regionally cohesive,but that will change quickly.
            Finally, I would offer this; to make an attempt like this on the American people is for ALL the marbles! ALL OF EM. Horrors unimaginable will be visited upon this country’s soil unseen since 1861. Thier OWN asses are on the line because if they fail, they are screwed, and they KNOW it. We WILL come for them, and take their ENTIRE corrupt system down in the process. This is all big picture, but this is what will result. They have to be ABSOLUTELY sure of prevailing, or they risk EVERYTHING! Now if you’re Barack, are you second guessing yourself? Damn right, you are! Particularly right on the heels of a rigged election that left 50% of the population furious and feeling cheated. 50% of the ARMED ones. A sobering proposition indeed…..

          • I don’t think the majority of gun owners don’t know what happened in Louisiana. How many actually recognize that we live under mild occupation now? How many will recognize a more overt form? Few I think. More than the general population but still very few. The parallel you want is not the countries Germany’s Nazi government invaded but Germany itself. How many fought the Nazis?

    • It may suprise you to know that some folks have beliefs they simply will not compromise on, even to the point of death. That’s the difference between BELIEF and OPINION.

    • That’s what a revolution is all about. Somebody has to have a pair and be willing to fight back.
      Perhaps you’ll just surrender everything you own and march peacefully into the FEMA camp.
      I won’t.

      • That gives me a craving to go load the FEMA level in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. All kinds of ways to solve that mission. Do I use the sniper rifle, or the rocket launcher? Hmmmmmmm, tough choice. What is really a challenge, is to solve the level completely non-lethally. It is possible, but quite the challenge.

        That game/simulation is so realistic. You can actually feel for your adversaries. You’re thinking, “These guys are wrong in their actions, but it feels good to immobilize them, and give them the chance to make a new decision later at some point in their life.” It is possible to go through the entire game — non-lethally. The multiple possible endings are spooky, each in their own way, to say the very least.

  41. With Mittens there would have been a slightly better chance of guns unleashed against Iran. With BHO there’s a slightly better chance of guns unleashed upon us here at home.

    Nice set of options for the voter, eh?

    • Look on the “bright side”. With an open, or even clandestine, assault on the 2A, Republican worshipers haven’t an excuse to hide behind their “man” and pooh-pooh his own criminal intentions on the very same 2A. Bad as it is, and it is, it’s actually the best thing that could have happened short of Ron Paul being elected. It clears the air of that tired old “Give him a chance” bullshit.


      The Social Security Administration (SSA) is purchasing 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets; The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ordered a mere 46,000 rounds of hollow points; The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered 750 million rounds of hollow points, and 750 million rounds of miscellaneous bullets!

      This is over four rounds for every living man, woman and child in the country. Is BHO planing a coup d’tat?

      Ref: ttp://

    • Don’t some of you get it? you don’t want war with anyone!! it just literally gives them police powers even more when we are at war, look at what happened after 911, DHS formed ,TSA Patriot Act, stop with the let’s bomb Iran Bullsh*t! wars take our rights away man!


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