Diaper Report: 08/03/2023

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If you saw the Tom Cruise (and Nicole Kidman) movie, Eyes Wide Shut – which was the last film Stanley Kubrick directed before his death – before the (cough) “pandemic,” then you already knew all about the effectiveness of “masks.”

Kubrick did a service exploring just how they “work.” Especially when – as Tom Cruise’s character does in the movie – you take them off.

But Kubrick’s darker revelations about those who didn’t linger, for those who remember.

It is very important to never forget them. Especially in view of the fact at a High Masker has been put in charge of the Holy See that will bring back “masking” (and much else besides) at the first opportunity, which it will no doubt provide.

The person behind the “mask” is Mandy Cohen, “MD.” This “doctor” urged perpetual “masking” for all, including “vaccinated” kids in kindergarten through 8th grade, who were as much at risk of dying (or even getting seriously sick) from “COVID” as a fish is of drowning.

She even wore a “mask” emblazoned with the face of the Pope of Sickness Psychosis, Fauci the First, over her face. This at least served to cover a face best left unseen.

When this “doctor” was the Archbishop of Sickness Psychosis in the state of North Carolina during the “pandemic”  . . . of state-sponsored terror – she threatened legal repercussions for school officials who did not follow the catechism of Sickness Abiding, by wearing the Holy Garment. She was Jesuitically insistent that people obey “the science.” That is, herself – and the Pope of Sickness Abiding, Fauci the First.

That the Biden Regime appointed this cult leader head of the Centers for Disease Control – giving her federal authority over the entire country rather than just one poor state – is like hearing (and feeling) a train you can’t see yet coming down the tracks.

But you know it’s coming.

If you had any doubt whether “masks” would ever be coming back, now you know. To not expect that to happen is like Tom Cruise’s character in the movie expressing surprise when the head “masker” at the ball demands he take off his clothes.

Join a “mask” cult and that sort of thing happens.

Kubrick gave us a look at what goes on behind closed doors when people like Mandy Cohen wear the robes. But at least now people – some and hopefully enough of them – have come to understand who people like Mandy Cohen are and what “masks” represent. They have been to the ball – and they have seen.

The worrisome thing is that so many haven’t. They still do not understand who people like Mandy Cohen are. Nor what they rituals they proffered meant. And what is clearly intended by placing her in charge of the CDC, whose “guidelines” became Holy Writ during the three years of almost eschatalogical fervor about “COVID,” the sickness that didn’t kill 99.8 percent of the population not already having achieved the age at which most people die, of old age.

Healthy children – even toddlers – had to wear “masks” to salve the fear that a sickly 85-year-old might die. As if the sickly 85-year-old would otherwise live forever. We were “all in this together,” like cattle at a feed lot. Or the people who traveled with Jim to Jonestown. Or donned their Nikes and ate their pudding and ascended to the level beyond Human. It’s all the same thing – and Mandy Cohen will try the same thing, again.

But it goes largely unremarked. Most people don’t even know this woman’s name, despite everyone knowing Fauci’s. Ah, but that will change. Even though they do not yet see.

It is as if their eyes are wide shut, exactly what Kubrick was trying to convey.

. . .

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  1. Cashy,

    Have you ever had a stranger come up to you in a store and thank you for wearing your face diaper?

    I refused to wear it for what seemed like forever, although it was only a year or so here in Western Washington State. I was thanked on multiple occasions for doing nothing at all other than refusing to pretend something so asinine was real. I was able to convince the few that thanked me while wearing masks to also ditch their masks on the spot. It was a great to have unmasked human beings join me in a store full of masked and afraid people.

    I saw it as a responsibility to lead by example, which is Ironic because I was literally doing nothing. I was seen in the places that I frequented maskless day after day and week after week. The people who saw me not get sick, and not dropping dead like some Chinese propaganda video had to come to only one conclusion, that there really was nothing to fear.

    I was alone without a mask for most of the time, but eventually I would encounter more and more people who had freed themselves from the humiliation ritual called “masking.” That is not to say that there weren’t people who tried to threaten or intimidate me. I was escorted out of multiple stores for my insolence. It was worth it and I would do it again. Did I scare some people? Yes I am sure that I did, but I was an example along with those few who also refused the mask that one could breathe freely and go on living without fear.

    Freeing just one person from irrational fear is worth it in my eyes. The Bible uses the phrase “fear not” 365 times, but not once does it say to “think not” and that is what I believe I am to do. You can go along and not scare your fellow sheep as they are loaded onto the train cars, I and many others will try and spur them into action even if it scares them.

    Be the change you want to see.

    • If memory serves, that’s one of the important lessons from the Milgram Experiment, which is that those who would otherwise go along with the dictates of authority tend to question it if there are others around questioning it. The sheep need an example to follow. People like you, me and others at epautos set a very important example for the mind slaves out there.

      The funny thing is that when I initially pushed back on the masking I found it to be a very fatiguing chore, but within about a week or so I conditioned myself otherwise and actually taught myself to enjoy the fight. Once that switch occurred, everything changed around me. Those demanding the masks didn’t have the strength to fight me day in and day out like I was willing to do indefinitely. As I have said here before, it was a great way for me to exercise my “fuck you” muscle. I have since vowed never let that muscle atrophy.

  2. OT, but there are reports in my area of a bacteria called vibrio, which has supposedly led to the death of 3 people. Such big news there is a long article in the local website stating the health dept. has issued a big warning about it. Yet, for months now, dozens of people in the age cohort of 30-60 are listed as dying “suddenly” in the local obits, no reason listed at all, no chronic illness, nothing. Just dead “suddenly.” Just today, a guy, 47, is noted in the obits as dying “suddenly at home.” No reason given. It’s happening, folks.

    • Liars lie. It continues. Sudden death. Now a cause of death. No autopsy? The slime are trying to kill most of humanity to reach 500 million human population for the planet. Well, I got news for them. We are tough to kill worse than rodents and cockroaches. Also we are a vengeful people. Slime prepare to die.

      • I hear you but there was time not long ago when some folks (not EPautos folks) were like, “no one’s really dying from the shots.” I remember a family friend of about 50 dying from cancer in 2018 or so. Such a rare event, hundreds of community members were physically at the church for the service. Not a dry eye in the place. Now, it’s like every other day someone from that cohort is dead and nothing. A few words on an obit site. That’s it.

  3. The Bill Gates Network (MSN) blathered non-stop about Covid and masks until just a couple of months ago. But alas, that blessed respite is over based on yesterday’s top headline: “MSNBC medical contributor tells Americans to start wearing masks again after uptick in COVID hospitalizations.” They’re not quitting.

  4. “The worrisome thing is that so many haven’t. They still do not understand who people like Mandy Cohen are.”

    No, they understand alright. They need people like her to pretend confirm their victim practice.

    I am elderly at 74,,, never ‘scared’ (per cashey) as I knew the ‘virus’ was pure horse hockey. It took this poor old man all of 3 days to recognize the con of the virus and the plandemic. Wore a mask once into Home Depot. It had a message that read “This mask is totally useless”. It got many laughs and some even took pictures.

    Yes,,, they’ll be baaack! And the NPCs will kiss their feet like they did the BLM. This nation has no culture and is floating around in a sea of depravity. It will take a serious cataclysm to change it.

    But for now…. you ain’t seen nuttin yet! Have you seen the latest where a coffee market in the UK has a picture women with their breasts cut off on their mug? Sort of a Bud lite message. This is even sicker….


    • Hi Drump!

      I’m all for an educational debate – including my own education. If I’m wrong, I like to be made aware. And I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Or me with them. But this Cashew character is a lot like the original Clover in that he never acknowledges a point made, regularly fails to respond to a direct question and seems to be motivated by some strange impulse to annoy people. In other words, a clown. Since this isn’t a circus, I wish he’d go find one.

      • RE: “Since this isn’t a circus, I wish he’d go find one.”

        He did say, if you wanted him gone, just say the word, banning wasn’t necessary.

        …I guess we’ll see if he’s the least bit true to his word.

        …I doubt it.

      • Just because you oppose the mask mandate, you still have to understand the critical necessity to support it.

        Just because you think it is wrong, abusive, you do have to support the universal mandate for the greater good, com’on, what you really should do, instead of being a mask resistor, join the crowd, you’ll be better off.

        Still have to go along regardless of your opposition, it’s for your own good too.

        So much total bullshit. Also known as gaslighting.

        Cashy the Gaslighter had it going on for all to see the total bullshit Cashy’s bullshit really is, so there’s that.

        It is meant to harm. Drive a stake right through it.

        • I guess I am too circuitry minded, a mask resister, not an ‘o’ in the spelling.

          A mask resistor might have a circuit that can destroy all of the bad bugs, don’t won’t to eat any bad bugs.

          Those little tiny microscopic bad bugs are always there, let’s hope Klaus ingests them all.

  5. Cohen is NOT a True Believer in the efficacy of masks. There were several instances where she could be seen waiting to approach the podium sans mask, only to put it on for the walk to the microphone, drop mask and start her comments.

    Her hypocrisy is bad enough enough. What makes it worse is the way she addresses people. Her tone and style is what one would use when speaking to an autistic five year old. You just want to smack her. Smarmy, condescending, authoritarian tyrant are the best descriptors for her.

    These are the people we need to remember.

    Oh, and one other thing, a few months back there was a NYTimes (?) article about potential Dem prez candidates in ’24. One of them was Roy “You Can Call Me Ray” Cooper, the NC Governor that appointed Mandy the Bitch to her state post.

    If your stomach can handle it we in NC had to suffer through crap like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x3TsOsqdx4

  6. The Biden Thing has made it clear they want to hold on to the power they already have (and perhaps gain even MORE power) by any means necessary with the creation of their “Permanent office of pandemic preparedness and response policy”. They could theoretically declare MERS, cold & flu season, or climate change an “Emergency” that requires the same draconian government response we saw during COVID time…..


  7. Of course she’s a masker. The whole CDC and field of epidemiology is all in on this stuff. They live by statistics. Everything is reduced to a number on a spreadsheet. If the number looks good, masks work. If the number looks bad, then they don’t. And if the number looks bad, better check your math.

    These people want to make a difference. More importantly they want to be relevant and needed. I’m sure they all took it personally when COVID “got away” from that cruise ship, or wasn’t detected “soon enough” from incoming flights from Asia. After it got out the mission changed to a mop up operation. They chose to try to eliminate the virus instead of treating patients. So the rule became “stop the spread” instead of “treat the sick.” One can debate their reason for this course of action but the result was complete failure and unnecessary death. Now that they are failing up I expect the experiments will continue. Let us just hope the next one won’t be a real existential crisis or we’re all screwed.

    • Hi RK,

      One thing I learned about doctors from being from a family of MDs is that medical doctors are not scientists. They know anatomy and physiology to the extent needed to diagnose and treat patients. This takes intelligence. But it is not the same thing as being a scientist.

      • Meat mechanics. I’m out of action for a few days because I fell ass over tea kettle on my bicycle yesterday and landed on my knee. I did some damage to my PCL (other ligamament that compliments the ACL), not sure if it is strained (likely), torn or separated. I’ve had three people basically confirm my diagnosis but they aren’t able to schedule an MRI, only a 4th doctor can do that. In the mean time the only practical recommendation is wrap it, ice it and rest it.

        Spread the blame around and don’t take any responsibility, and make sure everybody gets a piece of the action.

        Everyone is sweating the rise of Chat GPT and how it will take over white collar jobs. I say no way will that happen, for much the same reason why autonomous passenger vehicles will ever see the mainstream. The first incorrect diagnosis will ruin the technology, and every company developing it knows it. First wreck by a self-driving car will be the end of Waymo.

        • Hi RK,

          Sorry to hear about the spill; I’m glad it’s not more serious than it is. As a rider (of motorcycles) I understand the risks people take on two wheels. But it’s worth it!

          • I’m getting old. Lost balance when I was getting on and pulled an Arte Johnson tricycle routine. If it had to happen I guess better in the driveway than out on the road somewhere, but then again it wouldn’t have happened anywhere else.

            • Hi RK,

              This sort of thing happens; certainly age make it more likely to. But we all trip/fall, etc. Hopefully, when we do, it’s not too painful or serious! Wishing you a speedy recovery…

        • RE: MRI.

          I’ve read some bad stuff about the contrast dye used in that process.

          I had one once. Back when I trusted Western medicine. I regret it & will Never Ever do it again! YMMV. …You were warned.

          • It feels better with the ace bandage wrap, so it might just be a stretch not a tear. I’d like to see the process but not all that thrilled about going through the medical process.

            It’s a lot like flying. People say they hate flying, but what they hate is all the bullshit around flying. Flying itself is a miracle and short of a BMW K1600, about the coolest way mankind has figured out how to get from point A to B.

            • Okay, that was a bit weird reply.

              Drinking contrast dye ain’t nothing zero in no way like flying, or riding any motorcycle, imho.

              …Did you get painkillers?

              …Or, perhaps, I totally misunderstood you and I should just call it a night?

              • Yea, I didn’t get my point across. I’m really interested in seeing the MRI machine and amazed by the technology behind it. The idea that we can peer into the body and see soft tissue using superconducting magnets is nothing short of magic.

                But I lothe the idea of having to deal with the hospital system. Just like I love flying but hate airports and the whole “experience” on the ground.

      • You should set up a crying room for these many posters that can’t bear to read opinions different from the rest of the hive. You’d think for a bunch of pricks that wouldn’t wear a face mask to offer comfort to their neighbors that they’d be a little tougher!

        • See, that’s the problem, you don’t really have an opinion. Your just like a fly. All you do is eat shit and bother people.

        • Hey Moron (I think that’s you, Cashy, under the new name “Cashew”): Why on God’s green earth would you want to be in a place where you loathe the author and all of the commenters? I can’t think of a more loser thing to do. You’ll find plenty of your leftist friends at the Daily Beast. Why don’t you hang out there?

          Now crawl back under your Godforsaken bridge, troll.

          • ML:
            This may be the most attention the special-boy has gotten all day. I mean being called a faggot, retard, and being compared to a sh*t eating fly must be better than nothing to some.
            Gammas gonna gamma…

        • Cashew,

          It’s not that we “can’t bear to read opinions different from the rest of the hive.” It’s that we tire of dealing with people such as yourself, who are not well-intended. Who are disingenuous and deceitful. Who are just here to troll.

          As far as:

          “You’d think for a bunch of pricks that wouldn’t wear a face mask to offer comfort to their neighbors that they’d be a little tougher!”

          A “little tougher”? The pressure imposed on sane people to participate in mass hysteria was extreme – but some of us stood up to it. It appears you didn’t. And as far as “tough.” It takes a lot of guts to call people “pricks” anonymously online. I use my real (and full name). Where I live is no secret: 721 Hummingbird Lane, SE Copper Hill, Va. 24079. Maybe I am a “prick.”

          But I’m not a pussy.

          • I read a comment from a u.s. military general, or sum such, during the height of The Plandenic, or there ’bouts, he said, paraphrasing~ “the people not wearing masks or getting The Shot were braver than most (all?) combat vets.”

            I posted the link on EPA, somewhere.

            I’m no respecter of da military, however; that was good to read.
            It was like a head nod saying, “Nice shot man!” Or sum such, if ya know what I mean?

            Pretty sure I used my full name here a time or two…. and on the return address when I sent a few Buck$ Eric’s way via snail mail.
            …Just trying to promote the concept of what a helot is, how we’re all one, blah blah blah.

          • Eric:

            Glad you decided to let Cashew “sleep with the fish” I suggested it a couple days ago, RG came to his defense, that seems to have unleashed a wave of vituperative posts by Cashew. He added nothing. If not a bot certainly a person from the unthinking depths. Now I do use a nom de plum as “Ugg”. I have used it since the bad old days of free and easy internet use. You have my particulars and if subpoenaed could pass on my information. If that happens, and you have the opportunity, let me know. Keep up the good fight. It is really all we can do.

            OT just acquired an interest in a 1964 Ford F-100. 3 on the tree. In pretty good shape. Not really sure of it’s antecedents but it runs, several up to date mods. Points/condenser replaced with some kind of electronic thingy, I am not up on it, my co-owner is.

            • Good morning, Ugg!

              In re Cashy and anonymity: I called him out after he imputed “cowardice” to myself and others here. And also to take note of his hypocrisy as regards privacy. Also, he says he deliberately provoked people on that score; in other words, he trolled them. I won’t abide that here. He has every right to say what he likes. He has no right to expect me to provide a place for him to do it.

              I’m willing to let him post, provided he ceases trolling people. I doubt he will. But we’ll see.

              • I think he’s Seattle born and raised. I am a south of Seattle native, saved by having older parents that were sane thinkers with a decent education (both HS grads 1932). I was never a “fit” with most of my age group, they were lunatics at best raised by parents 20 some younger than mine.

                He really fits the bill of the usual PNW liberal, collective mindset (aka brainwashed)

                • RE: “He really fits the bill of the usual PNW liberal, collective mindset (aka brainwashed)”

                  Ahh, I see, here in Iowa, we call that, bat-shit insane.

                  …There’s alot of that going around these days, most of our ‘leaders’ and just about all of the TeeVee talking heads are afflicted with it, too.

                  Or, so it seems.

  8. ‘The person behind the “mask” is Mandy Cohen, “MD.”’ — eric

    ‘Dr. Mandy Cohen, the new Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that her agency is likely to come out with guidance in the fall that Americans should get an annual COVID-19 booster to protect against the coronavirus.

    ‘One factor that worries Dr. Cohen is vaccine distrust – particularly as the threat of the so-called “tripledemic” of COVID-19, influenza and RSV, continues to be an issue.

    “I’m very worried about parents not vaccinating kids,” she said. “I got my kids vaccinated from the circulating viruses. There’s plenty of other things that are hard as parents that we can’t do. This is one we can do to protect our kids.”


    Injecting kids with mRNA spike protein is monstrous. They were NEVER at risk, even from Covid Classic, which now has morphed into an endemic and usually harmless virus.

    Medically, ‘Dr’ Mandy Cohen is a direct descendant of ‘Dr’ Josef Mengele, performing mass medical experiments which she knows to be lethal.

    Now you know what Centers for Disease Control actually means: the human swarm is the disease they seek to eradicate.

  9. I was in the hospital late last week through early this week. 2 years ago they’d just left me outside in diabetic ketoacidosis bc I had not / would not take their poison shot.

  10. Here’s a comment you can delete lest the tender sensibilities of the loyal readers get too offended.

    The masks again? What is with the preoccupation with the masking mandates? Here’s some feedback that you won’t get in the echo chamber here. People who complain too much about masks are considered dick heads by the rest of society. Ever hear of going along to get along? It’s what non dick heads do in real life. The masking was a minor inconvenience that only applied in certain places. Most people realized it was BS but if scared and often elderly people got some comfort from people doing it, then it was a small price to pay. And we all knew it was temporary and would soon be forgotten.

    Was it such a big deal to put the mask on when going into a store? Only overly dramatic paranoid kooks saw it as some kind of plot to brainwash the public into unthinking devotion to the government.

    And another thing, the virtue signaling about how everyone here was a rebel and refused to wear masks anywhere even on an airplane is flat out bullshit. It was not worth the hassle to fight people about it constantly and I’m sure the people that say they did are lying. In the case of airports it was rigorously enforced and in places with security guards it would mean being kicked out. So stop bragging about how you refused to wear a mask everywhere. Didn’t happen.

    • Cashy: “Ever hear of going along to get along?” THIS IS WHAT COWARDS LIKE YOU DO.

      Cashy: “And another thing, the virtue signaling about how everyone here was a rebel and refused to wear masks anywhere even on an airplane is flat out bullshit. It was not worth the hassle to fight people about it constantly and I’m sure the people that say they did are lying. In the case of airports it was rigorously enforced and in places with security guards it would mean being kicked out. So stop bragging about how you refused to wear a mask everywhere. Didn’t happen.” THIS IS THE KIND OF THING THAT COWARDS LIKE YOU CONVINCE THEMSELVES OF.

      Now fuck off you coward troll.

      • What does trying to be nice have to do with cowardice? That shows what kind of a person you are. Trying to provide comfort to scared people is not cowardice. It’s what decent people do for each other. And speaking of decency why don’t you stop with the f-word. There may be kids that come here looking for info on automobiles and you spend every day throwing f-bombs around.

        • Cashew writes:

          “Trying to provide comfort to scared people is not cowardice. It’s what decent people do for each other. ”

          Decent people try to help scared people realize their fears aren’t based in reality – when they are not based in reality. They do not participate in the propagation of and normalization of fear-mongering.

          Would you let your kid (if you have one) live in fear of something there was no reason to be afraid of? Pretend that his fears were real? How is that not child abuse? How is it not abusive, generally?

          I use my real name. I don’t hide behind anonymity. And I never once wore an idiotic, despicable “mask.”

          • -most people believe the experts that tell them the virus is deadly and that masks work
            -that is why they are afraid.
            -you believe differently and are not afraid.
            -you can:
            a. treat people the way you believe and dismiss their fears, or
            b. understand they may be misinformed but are still afraid and offer some comfort.
            -remember that your viewpoint is also shared by people that don’t even believe viruses exist, which to almost everyone is a crazy idea and thus discredits your viewpoint in their eyes.

            • Cashy writes:

              “most people believe the experts that tell them the virus is deadly and that masks work
              -that is why they are afraid.”


              Do the erroneous (and dangerous) beliefs of others oblige me to pretend they are valid? The “experts” also say the “climate” is in “crisis.” They have hystericized children such as Greta Thunberg. Is it your position that we are obliged to pretend her fears are valid?

              Also: Hitler – the “expert” – told Germans Jews are dangerous. That is why they were afraid of them… Pearls before swine.

              Cashy responds:

              “you believe differently and are not afraid.”

              It is not a matter of believing differently. It is a fact that “masks” don’t “work.” It is a fact that the threat of “COVID” was grossly exaggerated to foment panic.

              Cashy says:

              “Understand they may be misinformed but are still afraid and offer some comfort.”

              It is not my obligation to “give comfort” to misinformed people. It is my job to challenge misinformation with facts and actions.

              Cashy writes:

              “remember that your viewpoint is also shared by people that don’t even believe viruses exist, which to almost everyone is a crazy idea and thus discredits your viewpoint in their eyes.”

              Only an imbecile would discount the “viewpoint” of A because B has a different one.

        • I can’t imagine a more perfect quote for this situation.

          “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.”
          Robert Anton Wilson

          Cashy is not only obedient, but ignorant, obtuse and a lazy thinker.

        • Or perhaps…

          “The dutifully masked citizens convinced they were acting for their own safety and the public good were learning to stand in line and do only those things and in that manner which the government allows. They were taking slave lessons.” David Mamet

          • “taking slave lessons”

            That, there, is some creepy (and accurate) sheet.

            I’ll not soon forget that way of putting it.

    • I hesitate to use a trite phrase like “You just don’t get it,” but you just don’t get it. Some of us are repulsed by even the thought of filthy snot-pouches strapped over our faces just because a mob of non-thinking do-gooder collectivists says so.
      I have been using N-95 respirators for 35 years for what they were designed for. They are dust masks – particulate filters. While they do give me a headache after an hour or two, I recognize the benefits to my health, so I put up with it. But with surgical masks and the ridiculous cloth contraptions that we’ve been pressured to use (because we’re all in this together, don’tcha know), the mere thought of it makes me feel physically sick. Some of us are wired to hate this kind of pointless humiliation; some call it “a small price to pay” and jump on the bandwagon. That’s you.

      • And you don’t get it either. It’s not about you. It’s not a matter of giving into do-gooders, it’s providing some comfort to people afraid they might get sick and die. For a short while all you had to do was put a clean piece of cloth or paper over your mouth and nose once in a while and in a few months the hysteria was over. Sure you could be hard headed and insist on your “right” not to do it. But it was such a small gesture. That’s how the rest of the population saw it.

        • “and in a few months the hysteria was over” – Cashy
          Except it wasn’t over in a few months, or even a few years; the hysteria is manufactured and ongoing, every day in the MSM there’s an article warning how “we” have to be ready for the “next” pandemic. IOW the PTB have it ready to go, just waiting for the right moment to launch it – probably to coincide with the next “election”.
          Meanwhile let’s all be terrified of the planet burning up while the oceans boil away. Not sure where you live but around here lately it’s barely getting above 80, and it’s August. Probably gonna freeze my ass 9f this winter if they manage to restrict the supply of natural gas.

        • Cashy,

          There is no moral or rational obligation to “provide comfort” to irrational people; indeed, to do so is to convey to them that their irrational fears are reasonable – and by dint of that, those who don’t bow to them are immoral, “selfish” people.

          That is exactly how Face Diapering was pushed.

            • JK: That’s exactly right. We’re told if you don’t affirm “gender” psychosis, we’ll cause the individual to commit suicide. It’s a truly disgusting attempt to guilt-trip the sane into facilitating lies and insanity.

              • Hi Mister,

                Yup. And people like Cashew would say: But don’t hurt their feelings. Don’t “hurt” them by “misgendering” them. You have an obligation to respect their feelings…

        • > in a few months the hysteria was over

          It wasn’t “a few months,” you mendacious twat. Here in Nevada, it ran for the better part of two years, with the last of the restrictions not being rolled back until the previous governor was shitcanned in the last election (the only Democrat governor they were somehow not able to cheat back into office, BTW). Even after that, the medical group tied to my health insurance was still insisting on the odious snot rags to enter their offices up until just 2-3 months ago, even in the absence of any regulatory requirement to do so.

          Since nobody else has told you to do so (AFAIK), I invite you to GFY.

        • cashy:
          It is YOU who don’t get it. The simple fact that that somebody might feel better if I put on silly hat or religious amulet that will scare away interdimensional goblins is no less retarded than putting on a paper mask to quell somebody’s irrational and just as religious fear of a virus with a 99.%+ survival rate.

          It all started with a “small asks” then escalated to being banned from work, play, gyms retail stores, then strong-arm coercion of vaccinations and peoplexs careers being ended. It only stopped when people refused to go along. The was no appeasing our way out of it “buh-cuZ dats WhAT duh gooder peepo doooo.”

          Not that any facts I or anyone sees lays down will mean a thing you are not I teelige t enough to comment here, it’s only because ofthe benevolence of the host of this site that you are even allowed to. (Or maybe he just wants your stupidity cataloged forever on EPautos.com?)

        • “comfort to people afraid they might get sick and die.”
          Guess what, barring accident or violence, each and every one of us does exactly that. Regardless what precautions we take. If one is going to live their life quaking in fear of it, what’s the point in living?

          • Hi John,

            This Cashy person seems to think that other people’s fears – not facts – are binding on us. So, according to his “logic” – the right thing to do whenever others say they are afraid of something – guns, for instance (or “speeding”) – it’s our job to cave to their fears and do whatever they feel we must to assuage them.

            I hope this Cashy person didn’t breed.

            • You guys are some heartless bastards. Put a little mask on once in a while to comfort the fearful too much to ask? I guess so. Ok just remember what goes around….

              • Cashy writes:

                “You guys are some heartless bastards. Put a little mask on once in a while to comfort the fearful too much to ask? I guess so. Ok just remember what goes around….”

                This post of yours is a perfect example of trolling. It begins with personal attacks and segues into a statement so idiotic I can only assume it was intended to provoke. If you had a small child that was fearful of some imaginary bogeyman, would you calm that fear by explaining that there is no bogeyman – and show him that, in fact, there is no bogeyman – or would you pretend to share the child’s fear and thereby prolong and magnify it?

                So – yeah – it is “too much to ask” to wear the goddamned “mask.”

                • The claim “It’s just a mask” eventually became “It’s just a vaccine”. However, there were studies showing that prolonged wearing of face diapers actually caused harms of its own. Same with the “vaccines”, but the Biden regime had social media censor anybody who tried to point that out, because they had narratives to keep alive as well as trying to shove “One size fits all” diktats down everyone’s throats.

                  And with this push for consumption of bugs and frankenfood, and mass adoption of EVs, will there also be claims of “It’s just bugs/ frankenfood” or even “It’s just an EV”? Time will tell.

                  • Cashy –

                    You haven’t been banned. You are being moderated. I have no desire to prevent you from making your views known. But I will not tolerate trolling in my house.

                    • I guess we found out.
                      You’re not a man of your word.

                      You said you’d leave, if asked, and you were.

                      You got some deep reflections to do…And, maybe read some of the links thrown your way?

                      I feel sorry for you, how mixed up your mind is.

            • I wish I could say it’s unlikely, but we are awash in just such juveniles. He could likely find a “mate” without too much trouble. Whether they are still able to breed or not is another matter.

        • Cashy, you are all in on compliance. It’s no surprise you would go along with wearing a useless mask because you were told to.

    • Masking may have been a “minor inconvenience” to you but to others it was suffocating. The point is, just because you want partake in a certain activity, it doesn’t mean others should be forced to. That is the point. Masks were and are utterly useless for the virus. Wearing a mask to lower someone else’s fear of covid was/is enabling behavior. They should seek mental help to learn healthy ways to deal with their fears. Complying just for complying sake is the sign of an indoctrinated hive mind. I did not wear a mask during the entire shit show and I live in the suburbs of a crap blue city. I did not fly. I drove everywhere including over 2000 miles to visit family. I didn’t see doctors. I self treated. I shopped maskless the entire time and was only asked to leave a few places. When I retire I will most definitely look into moving to a location where I can be around people who aren’t authoritarian assholes who try to control every aspect of your life.

      • Well-said, Kalena!

        I also never wore the stupid “mask” – because I’m not an idiot and because I dislike propagating idiocy. If people want to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks so as to avoid breaking their mother’s backs, that’s fine with me. Just don’t expect me to do the same for the sake of their fears.

  11. Yesterday I did my good deed for the week.
    At our small rural church, there were still three boxes of Walmart masks sitting on a table at the entrance. I dumped them in the trash container outside.

    • RE: “I dumped them in the trash container outside.”

      That! Is da bomb digity! Brilliant!

      Wish I woulda thought of doing that a lot sooner.

      From now on, I will always gladly accept the offer of a face diaper,… and promptly put it in the trash.

      …Or, if I see a table offering them, I’ll grab the whole box.

      Thanks for sharing!@

  12. Geez, even commie China gave up on the “zero covid” everyone wear a mask BS. Just goes to show where the real psychos are, right here in the USSA. Like Eric’s analogy of the train, you can feel it coming; the PTB are just itching to declare a fake “emergency” and lock down all the serfs and rule by decree. I will follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and just say NO! I hope this time more of the people will join me.

  13. The CDC may “recommend” a yearly COVID & flu shot for adults in the fall. It will be interesting to see how many adults say “Hell No!”

    Someone else we should be on the lookout for is a “doctor” named Jeanne Marrazzo. The Epoch Times reports that the Biden regime has announced that this “doctor” will be the new director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID) after Tony Fauci stepped down as its head late last year. However, it appears that she spread misinformation herself about COVID jabs.

  14. This woman has an otherworldly look. In some photos, not the one with the Fauxchi mask, though, you can see the whites of her eyes above her pupils. The way she giggles about her reign of abject terror is also disturbing.

    Remember, this character advised people to “assume they were sick”, take the shots because there was “definitive data proving they prevent infection and transmission” and wear a mask for “whatever your reason.” Straight up blue team, Big pharma apparatchik. Dangerous.

    • North Carolina also gave us John Edwards. Go read up sometime on how he won the big cases against Obstetricians which propelled him onto the national stage.

      • She grew up in Long Island, NY and went to school in and around Boston. She might be currently domiciled in NC due to her last hitch for the system but that’s about it. One thing that sickened me, being a NE transplant to NC myself, was how she talked down to North Carolinians like they were stupid and slow. Unfortunately, most went along with her lies.

        Edwards was a piece of work. Sleazy with some new ager on the side while his loyal wife was dying of cancer. Back when that kind of thing was still a disqualification. Haven’t heard a thing from him in years. Hard to believe he was Kerry’s veep candidate in ‘04.

  15. There is a stark difference in news reporting between the left and right news sites which is especially noticeable in the last week or so with the left reporting exclusively on the Trump indictments and the right on the Hunter Biden saga. So it wasn’t a surprise to learn that my sister in law believes there is a new and dangerous covid variant strain is lurking. That answered the question I had been wondering about which is are there actually people out there still worried about covid. Apparently she never intends to let go of this. I agree the Mandy Cohen appointment is a sign the powers that be intend to reinstitute some kind of health hysteria but I really hope people like my sister in law now represent a much smaller portion of the population.

    • RE: “I really hope people like my sister in law now represent a much smaller portion of the population.”

      Me too.

      However; as Eric has pointed out many times, in many different areas the pretext/precedence has already been established that the goobermint has the authoritah to make it so, it just needs the right casus belli, …or something.

      The laws they enacted about driving while talking on a cell phone comes to mind. …”If it saves just one life” and all that, even if they use made up studies to justify their actions.

      I finally got around to reading a news tab I had open:

      ‘This Pro-Mask “Study” Is Why You Should Never “Trust The Science”‘

      “Last week it was reported that the Australian state of Victoria may be considering “permanent” facemask mandates to achieve “zero-Covid”. […]

      the only aspect of this development worth talking about is the “evidence” used to support the position […]

      Interlacing layers of nothing designed to create the impression of something.”…


      A bit from a paywalled link in the above:

      ‘Radical way to reduce Covid deaths’

      “Wearing masks all the time in public would reduce Covid deaths across Victoria by 25 per cent, in research Melbourne experts say could help inform future state policy.”

      • I live in the state of Vicdanistan. Their own Public Health Act of 2008, written by our present premier Daniel Scamdrews, is still in effect. A whole host of laws would have to be changed for permanent masks, including hundreds of federal laws, and that will not happen.


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