Diaper Report: 06/24/2023

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Before Hitler became Reich Chancellor (he was already the Fuhrer of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, the italics to clarify what “Nazi” actually stands for) the German government he was seeking to overthrow banned the wearing of political uniforms in public.

So the National Socialists goose-stepped without shirts for a time.

In our time, the uniform of socialists is worn on the face. It is their armband – and it serves essentially the same purpose, that being to convey an ideology and also as a symbol of solidarity with others who share that same ideology.

I saw two such the other day while shopping at my local Kroger supermarket. A pair of them. Two women who appeared to be . . . together. They were certainly together in terms of their uniforms. They had them affixed tightly to their faces, rendering each the same as the other.Not just in terms of how they looked but also in terms of what they believe. This is the true purpose of uniforms. You put one on and you take off who you are. You are no longer a free-ranging individual but part of a collective. Physically and psychologically in that your point-of-view is the same point-of-view as everyone else who looks like you do.

Socialism is this distilled.

It takes no notice of the individual, except insofar as he is part of the collective. Which, of course, is run by individuals. This is the great irony of collectivism, which is necessarily the rule of a few over the minds (and bodies) of many. It is achieved by etymological legerdemain. “The people” are in charge.

It sounds nice, if you are a stupid person.

Just as Lenin – who was not a stupid person but used them mercilessly. Lenin was also, of course, a socialist – just like Der Fuhrer. Lenin styled himself a “communist,” as if that etymological legerdemain amounted to any difference.

“The people” cannot be in charge because there is no such being as “the people.” There are only people. That is, individuals. Some of these are cunning enough to use language (and violence, when needed) to control people by telling them that “the people” are in charge.

But do as we – these individuals – say. Whether it is Der Fuhrer or Dr. Fauci, it amounts to the same leadership principle.

Or rather, followership principle.

The Diapered are no different. Especially those who still Diaper. At this point, anyone who still does is not doing it because they are afraid. They are doing it because they believe.

This distinction is important.

Someone who is afraid does a thing because he is under duress. He does not like doing what he feels he must do. He would like very much to not have to do it. For instance, the man who is afraid of thugs breaking into his home. He installs deadbolts on the doors to his home and maybe even has bars installed over the windows. He does not do these things because he wants to. He believes he has to and would like not to have to.

Contrast such a man with the two women I saw at Kroger the other day. It is very difficult to believe they were afraid. They were in their 20s and – from all appearances, healthy. Not their 70s and sickly. Yet they were tightly Diapered. As if there were a “pandemic” afoot. As if wearing that idiotic thing over their faces offered protection. If they were truly afraid, they would not have gone shopping. Would you go into a store full of (supposedly) death-exhaling people milling around wearing a Diaper over your face if you were truly afraid of the breathing going on all around you?

If course you wouldn’t. You’d wait outside, huddling in fear – in your car – waiting for the items you needed to be brought curbside by a clerk whom you’d avoid coming into contact with. Pop the trunk, have him put the stuff in.

Instead, they went in. It gives the lie to the excuse that they are “afraid.”  Rather, they believe. Rabidly. As fanatically as the sieg-heiling mob that cheered the man who became Reich Chancellor, adding that honorific to that of Fuhrer.

These women – and others who wear the uniform – await theirs.

It is, as Mr. Spock used to say, fascinating.

And also something else.

. . .

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  1. Remember when Joe Biden was speaking through his presidential mask advising everyone to take the vaccine? It was glaringly obvious what the skinny was, if you didn’t see it right away from the very beginning, 15 days, you should be aware of the deception and indoctrination by now.

    You can say Joe is cognitively challenged, the elevator is stuck between floors.

    Joe Biden has Chauncey Gardiner’s character down pat.

    Being There is all Joe can do.

    If he is even capable of that. Streaming consciousness is not there.

    The commercials on television have lots of pharmaceuticals for sale. To the point of being obscene. Gotta be a money maker for the pharmaceutical drug pushers.

    Contact your doctor to find out what drugs you need.

    You’re sick all of the time. You should know that by now.

    Sick of it all is more like it.

    • Hi Drumphish,

      About a month before Joe Biden became “President”, the media also asked him if he supported making the COVID jabs MANDATORY, and he said “No”. However, about 9 months into his regime, he tried to FORCE employers with 100+ employees to have them “fully vaxxed” through OSHA diktats, with heavy fines if employers didn’t comply. About a month before that, he also said at a CNN town hall that he supported municipalities FIRING first responders who didn’t “take that vaccine”, and the audience CHEERED his statement.

      Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s employer vaxx mandates a few months later. Could you imagine where we’d be today though had they ruled that the government COULD force employers to have employees take an experimental pharma product, especially when these experimental mRNA jabs are NOWHERE near what they were sold as to the public.

  2. Its crazy….in the chicago area the wuflu cult is still strong, but I’d say it is not more than 10% of people at this point, at least on the north side suburbs and evanston where I frequent.

    BTW, the russian sign roughly translates to ‘but how did you all live before capitalism?

  3. Please obey all mandates. Wear your mask, get vaccinated, shelter in place, you don’t want to be a victim of the dreaded Covid virus. If you happen to be a victim of the vaccine, suffer an adverse reaction, at least you did your part. So what if the misery index red lines to the peg? Have to make some sacrifices.

    100,000 post-traumatically distressed homeless veterans. 600,000 homeless roaming San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, you name it.

    100,000,000,000 USD to prosecute more war, this time in Ukraine. Ends up trillions frittered out the window.

    Something doesn’t smell right, worse than rotten fish.

    Looks to me like the planned destruction is right here in River City.

    Maybe the enemy is from within and that is the problem.

  4. One narrative early on that ended up being complete bull crap was “Asymptomatic spread”, which was used as justification for universal face diaper mandates and lockdowns. However, Michael Yeadon, who used to work for Pfizer, once said in an interview that early on in the COVID outbreak someone actually had to have SYMPTOMS of the ‘Rona to “Pass it onto others”. Ironically though, after the rollout of these COVID jabs, it appears the REAL “Asymptomatic spreaders” were those who’ve been newly vaxxed.

    • If I could hit a like button for this comment, I would. I was working at my desk and I worked next to a liberal dude who immediately got the vax when he could. I’m not sure exactly when it was. Probably sometime in early-mid 2021.

      I remember feeling quite “off” for about a month after he got the shot. I’m pretty sure that the newly vaxxed were shedding their spike protiens and prions through the air as well as the mrna vax through the air.

      Thank goodness he moved out of the area to work in the mezzanine. I was finally over that.

      Vax shedding is real.

      • And yet, we’ve been POUNDED with a narrative from Pharma, the media, public health bureaucrats, and politicians that if you “Got that vaccine, you wouldn’t get COVID or spread it to others”. There was a Pfizer executive who ADMITTED in an EU hearing last year that their COVID jab was never tested to see if it “Stopped the spread of COVID”, claiming they were “Moving at the speed of science”.

        There were even numerous efforts from these charlatans to treat natural immunity like it didn’t even exist. But if someone asked them about natural immunity, they’d say that even if you recovered from the ‘Rona, you should STILL take that vaccine, but there were doctors who warned that people with natural immunity who took the jab were MORE likely to have adverse reactions to the jab.

        • It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic: They told those who listen that they could spread the ‘Rona without even being sick…and then proceeded to give them a vax which actually increases one’s chances of getting the ‘Rona [making them actually sick] as a means of ‘stopping them from spreading’ that sickness!

          There’s a song in there, somewhere… “Let’s all pretend to be spreaders of an imaginary illness that we don’t have, and then take a drug that will destroy our immune system and make us sick, …and that’s how we keep others from getting sick…”


        • It still amazes me that the longer covid went on the more outlandish their theories became. Asymptomatic spread was the worst, ginned up to try to coerce more people to take that vax. Even today the guvment and cdc still promote it and Im sure they would still like to mandate it. They never will admit it doesn’t work.

          • Hi RS,

            The evil genius of “asymptomatic spread” is that it presumes that which isn’t “there” but might be. The common thread running through so much of what ails us, as a society. Someone (not any specific someone) might be “drunk.” Or a “terrorist.” Or “sick.” And that provides the pretextual justification for treating us all as terrorists, drunks and suppurating lepers.

  5. We have been lied to about everything. We all know the Covid narrative, and the Climate narrative are bald faced lies. But what else is a lie?

    The moon landings for one, and human origin another:

    “Everything you know is wrong” is a book title by Lloyd Pye,

    But what else is a big lie? How about ICE cars when the government has been reverse engineering anti-grav UFOs they have captured, see the Bob Lazar story:

    Area 51 & Flying Saucers Documentary – Bob Lazar

    World War 2 narrative is a pack of lies, and now being unveiled, see this:


    Hitler is no Adolf Hitler. Hitler has been demonized by the Demonic west to cover up their own crimes, they projected their crimes on him and rewrote history in their favor.

    See unz.com for:
    Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong


    And something to be aware of, Cass SunSTEIN started the Flat Earth nonsense to counter the truth being unveiled, to discredit it. State lies must be protected at all costs, for the empire floats on a sea of lies.

    Lloyd Pye was a funny guy, his follow up book was titled “Everything you know is still wrong”. LOL

    • >“Everything you know is wrong” is a book title by Lloyd Pye,
      Also a song by “Weird Al” Yankovic, and an album by the Firesign Theater. 🙂

  6. Yesterday after ages put on a mask. but let me explain. Over the past few months been working in my garden building some stuff, and fell unwell with a chest bug. Dr said it was allergies aggravated because I was cutting a lot of wood and apparently sawdust, particularly from treated wood is bad from some. So he advised to wear mask while cutting wood. Which I did. But man it was so uncomfortable…. After I was done I sat and wondered how most of the world was convinced to wear these for years on end. … was the psy op that bad? Are people that dumb ?!??

    • Same here, Nasir. As I’ve written elsewhere, I have been using N-95 respirators for 35 years for their intended purpose, which is not to prevent the spread of illness. One of the first things I did when the mask nuttiness started in 2020 (right after easily finding nine randomized controlled trials saying all masks were useless) was to look on the box. It states right there what they are and are not designed to do. I’m sure such notices have been banned as misinformation.
      Now, every time I put one on for a legitimate reason, it makes me feel sick. Partly because the whole idea is repulsive now, and partly because I am much more aware of how much it restricts my breathing. That probably will never change.

      • “Now, every time I put one on for a legitimate reason, it makes me feel sick.”

        You can say that again.

        Same here.

        I used to have to wear a quality rubber type full-blown respirator in a factory to keep out some fine powdery stuff. Had rules to always be clean shaven.
        Even that high dollar respirator never always kept out everything. …No way I could do that job now, it would just creep me the fook out too much.

  7. Related, from the interview, ‘Cancer is Exploding because of CV19 Vax – Dr. Betsy Eads’

    … “On December 29, 2012, President Obama signed HR 4310. The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Basically, section 1078 of that bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the USA, which had previously been banned since 1948. . . . They legalized propaganda. So, they legalized mainstream media, Big Pharma, Hospitals and doctors . . . to put out campaigns against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin.””… [and, promoted face diapers worked]


  8. quote: “It takes no notice of the individual, except insofar as he is part of the collective. Which, of course, is run by individuals. This is the great irony of collectivism, which is necessarily the rule of a few over the minds (and bodies) of many. It is achieved by etymological legerdemain. “The people” are in charge.”

    Very good Libertarian essay, Eric. Collectivism vs. Individualism is the big issue of our time, and it will never be discussed in the lame stream media.

    The brilliant Ms Ayn Rand clarified for once and all time, how socialism, fascism, and communism are all related – they are all forms of “collectivism”, and this is what she said:


    “Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.”

    “Fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory . . . both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state.”


    And collectivism is diametrically opposed to the individual. Ayn Rand novels are dramas of the individual, the John Galt, vs the collective, the state.


    “The mind is an attribute of the individual. There is no such thing as a collective brain. There is no such thing as a collective thought. An agreement reached by a group of men is only a compromise or an average drawn upon many individual thoughts. It is a secondary consequence. The primary act—the process of reason—must be performed by each man alone. We can divide a meal among many men. We cannot digest it in a collective stomach. No man can use his lungs to breathe for another man. No man can use his brain to think for another. All the functions of body and spirit are private. They cannot be shared or transferred.”


    But not to worry about how our situation will evolve from our current highly leveraged debt position. If and when the system of debt implodes (so far it just goes on and on and on, with no catastrophic collapse) the collectivist rulers will use fear, like real existential fear of an alien invasion or a nuclear war, to get the sheep to herd up, so that people go into their (default) reptilian tribal brain state (and they will because they do every time).

    Humans (according to evolutionary theory) spent hundreds of thousands of years in tribal consciousness. Many native tribes still are in tribal structure, and this tribal state is instinctive to the human being, and is what he reverts to when feeling threatened – which the controllers and and power hungry politicians are masters to exploit.


    So when Weimar Germany collapsed from hyperinflation (1921-1923) and the Mark went to zero, the entire middle class savings were wiped out. That caused real fear amongst the volk. During the very peak of the ruinacious inflation, November 1923, Hitler the great orator started coming to power. And they loved him because he clarified exactly why Germany fell (which BTW is exactly why Weimar, Amerika is falling) the immorality imposed on the populace by a certain ethnic tribe who has made it their goal to infiltrate and exploit as a religious ideal because God chose them.

    But of course, this is not understood, which is a pity, because we are in the exact same situation that the Weimar Germans were in before the rise of Hitler, and you can see this dynamic in real time, right now, with the charismatic Mr. Trump, who has captured the love of white Christian Amerika, which is mightily alarmed by the radical Leftists and their Communist agenda.

    Jews see this and scream Trump is Hitler. Of course, Trump is NOT Hitler because Trump’s family is married into the tribe, his daughter is married to Jared Kushner and Trump always tells us he is the best friend of Israel. Hitler rounded up the Jews and put them in camps which said work will make you free, or sent them packing to Palestine, where they raise hell on the poor natives cursed by history. Trump is never going to take on the tribe, as he is a tribal loyalist kissing their ass.

    Wiki – Arbeit macht frei ([ˈaʁbeɪt ˈmaxt ˈfʁeɪ] ) is a German phrase meaning “Work sets you free” or “Work makes one free”. The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps .

    Of course, they never taught you that little fact because (((they))) indoctrinated you to believe those were death camps.

    Unfortunately for modern Amerikans, this tribal supremacy cult, which has taken upon itself to dictate our morals, has gone to a far greater extreme of insanity of any decadence found in the German republic before the Great Depression. They are mandating that you believe a man can have a baby – which will soon be tagged to social credit scoring and face scans at the gas pump. If you do not agree, because you made a post on Facebook, well mister, no gas for you.

    Judeo-Christian Amerika is so far gone, they will never challenge the tribe, they will bash Hitler and defend the Jews until their dying breath, never having a clue to what was really going on, that Amerika and the white western world is in a life and death struggle with a Heeb supremacy cult.

    And the big joke is that so many good people, in search of a nationalist savior, have thrown in with the Orange Clown, who is nothing but a poseur, a liar, and a slick con artist who knows how to say just the right things to the very threatened middle class which is currently being made extinct by the tribe.

    • Nice comment there Jack,

      Ayn Rand did a good job exposing the root, at least in terms of labels, maybe the failings of the human heart as well. I really loved her stories. Collectivist v Individualist is the true battle ground. All other labels used, in one way or another fall short. Those who would like to be left alone versus those who are incapable of leaving others alone. Its always been the eternal battle of the human condition

  9. Since the beginning of communism and socialism, we have to fight this every single generational thing of making people understand the destructive nature of these political forces. That they need to be rejected completely and put in the dust bun of history forever.

    The cost is enormous, because large amounts of people don’t learn this or reject the huge amounts of evidence. Hundreds of millions of people are the victims. People in universities of all places are the biggest deniers of the horrifying history of socialism. They actively do the opposite, infecting new generations of people with this ideology.

    Socialism should have been left in the last century. Its all too alive and well.

    • Oil workers travel the world because they have experience in oil work, exploration and extraction, they can get jobs anywhere.

      An oil worker from Russia was working the Bakken Formation, early 2009 or so. Early May to October is when it all really happens for the drilling and increasing production.

      My niece is a barber, the oil worker from Russia happened to be a customer, they were discussing the government and the system.

      At the end of the conversation concerning the government and the politics of it all, he said, with no hesitation, “This is communism.”

    • The problem is, schools do not teach real history anymore, and the parents don’t bother. So the younger generations see communism as getting free stuff forever while they simply sit back and exist. Others think that because they are trying it, it will work….this time. Someone like AOC comes to mind. And when they try communism and it fails yet again they will blame those of us who tried to warn them. For telling them they are wrong hurts their feelings even if they were responsible for being stupid, and destroying a country.

      • Well-said, Shadow –

        Communism appeals to the child who never grew up. The entitled child. I’m special. I deserve this – because I exist. It’s unfair that I do not have what I want. Etc. And psychopaths such as Lenin play upon this useful idiocy.

        • > It’s unfair that I do not have what I want.
          John Kennedy observed that “Fairness is a child’s concept.”

          Communism *only* works as a governing principle for the family unit, because children, by their nature, have many needs but few developed capabilities, whereas for their parents it is just the opposite.

          • **It’s unfair that I do not have what I want.**

            It’s all them ‘rich people’s’ fault! They got to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow before I did and carted away all the riches! 😀

            Great analogy re communism/family. That pretty much says it ALL! Children are the property of their parents (Well, the communists, D’s and R’s would argue that they’re property of the ‘state’….) because their parents created them, and the children are fully and solely dependent upon them for sustenance, nurturing, and guidance.

            The government now asserts that not only are our children their property, but that we are as well….since they get to determine the conditions and wages under which we are allowed to work; that the fruit of our labor, and our property belongs to them (If we fail to ‘contribute’ a specified percentage of each, they can punish us and or relieve us of our property); That if we go to a foreign country, we are still required to fork over a percentage of our labor/endeavors to Uncle, etc……

            Now let us go have some “Freedom fires” and “Thank the troops”[for taking up arms in service to said Uncle]!

  10. Some COVID and vax related items:

    Does an Ohio State football player have myocarditis? The article doesn’t come out and say myocarditis, but it sure sounds like it, if he is being treated by cardiologists. Hmmm, now what is causing young, healthy male athletes to get this? You know what it is, the vax.


    And, someone is shedding a new COVID strain into the sewage, in two places, Columbus, Ohio and the town of Washington Court House, Ohio. It is speculated that the infected person lives in the small town and works in Columbus, and they have managed to narrow it down to 1600 people who do this. How did they do that, through tax records? Aren’t those supposed to be confidential? Ha, ha, yeah, right. Forget about rights in a plandemic. I find it creepy that they are trying to hunt this person down.


  11. I still see a lot of diapers on faces in Austin.

    Despite record annual murder rates in the city as of late, the Austin PD “heroes” ran mask enforcement drills at our local big box retailers as recently as March of last year.

    I’m convinced that, when Texas goes “blue”, the shift will happen fast.

    It isn’t about control of all of the state, but the Good Germans hold the I35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio, Houston, and a good chunk of Dallas. That may be enough.

    • Mish Shedlock writes about millennials from California, with an above-average income of $114,300, pouring into Texas.

      Despite Austin’s high (for Texas) median house price of $525,000, there is essentially no migration in the opposite direction, from Texas to California.

      Even with a low six-figure annual income, the median-priced house in San Jose ($1.47 million) in the Bay Area, or Santa Ana in SoCal ($1.05 million) is utterly out of reach.


      Leftism claims solidarity with working people. But California is possibly the most hostile place on earth for wage earners. So it dumps its tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free, its wretched refuse of the Pacific’s teeming shore, in Texas — polluting the state’s politics with the airheaded Kultursmog of Californication.

      December 29, 1845, when the independent nation of Texas committed suicide by becoming the twenty-eighth state in the US-stinkin’-A, was a black day in history. By seceding again, Texas could implement immigration controls and screen out the locust horde of Californicators.

      God blessed Texas with His own hand
      Brought down angels from the Promised Land
      Gave them a place where they could dance
      If you wanna see Heaven, brother, here’s your chance
      Well, I’ve been sent to spread the message
      God blessed Texas

      — Little Texas, God Bless Texas

      • Your post reminded me of the one comment. Which read: “When the wall fell, who ran to which side”? Sadly, fleeing Californians will destroy Texas just as they have destroyed Montana and Colorado. They just never learn because the lure of something-for-nothing is far more important to them than freedom.

    • Hi Roscoe

      Austin has always been Austin… With wave after wave of zombies fleeing the socialist hell holes their “votes” encouraged, its only a matter of time. Especially with a jelly spine like Abbott as governor. Not to mention entire sections of the south that have been completely over run. Don’t even get me started on Dallas Fort Worth.

      • Dallas Fort Worth was already overrun 38 years ago when I moved there. Complacency an acquiescence dominated the scene. As a transplanted Yankee, I thought part of Texas appeal was a fighting, independent spirit. Boy, was I wrong. And that was before the mass poplulation invasion that took place since.

        Texas is not what people think it is. It instead elects assholes like jelly spined Abbot. I’d like to push him into into a fast moving fm road.

        • Amen, Swamp –

          The only practical (workable) and short-term solution is to avoid areas that have or are near significant population centers. In those areas, you will find plenty of Clovers – an worse. Jefferson was right about cities.

  12. Eric, I really like your content and views, but do you have to pile on Hitler with your examples when every left-winger, cuckservative, and neocon already does? Doesn’t that make you want to question the tropes about Hitler? The media narratives on history and current events are a lie but they somehow got it right on WWII and Hitler?

    Stalin, FDR and Churchill…Stalin especially – did far more damage and were responsible for tens millions of deaths, when all Hitler really wanted was Germany for Germans, former German lands and people pre-Versailles returned to Germany, an independent and strong Europe as a bulwark against the menacing empires on the East and West, and the jews out of the country but not to genocide them.

    • Hi Alvin,

      I hear you; and you’re right. Stalin and his communists were worse. And people need to know that – and more. I will endeavor to do more toward that end. Thanks also for the kind words!

      • Thanks, Eric, and I discovered you on LRC and really appreciate the continued focus on masks. They are part of a cult who pretend to be afraid or asleep. They are also mentally deranged with underlying issues of shame.

        My son made a promise to me, though he really feels the same way I do, so it wasn’t necessary. He is pursuing a career in think tanks and research in economics and has already published writings. He will never utter a bad word about Hitler or Nazis in any of his scholarly works. I can read his articles/books without first checking the index or doing a Ctrl-F find for “Hitler”, “Nazi”, as I have to with so many other books and articles.

    • You are rewriting history
      Hitler did not want Jews to leave Germany, he wanted to kill them, and he did. He also wanted all of Europe, not just Germany, and almost got it.

      Churchill and FDR saved all of Europe from Hitler, but let Stalin take Eastern Europe for helping them. Big mistake. But to compare them to Stalin and Hitler is insane.

        • I should have included the word “just” in my sentence: Hitler did not just want Jews to leave Germany, he wanted to kill them. He did not deport Jews from H Germany in ordinary railroad passenger cars and revoke their passports.

          Proof that I am right:
          Hitler killed three million Polish Jews. They were not living in Germany, but he had them jilled anyway. In 1942, Hitler decided to kill all Jews in Europe, and ne managed to kill 2/3 of all European Jews. This was far more evil than just deporting Jews out of Germany.

      • @Richard You have no idea what you are talking about and you have unveiled yourself as a Jewish shill.

        “Churchill and FDR saved all of Europe from Hitler,”

        No, Churchill and FDR saved all of Europe for Jewish banksters, and Hitler was the enemy because he kicked out the Rothschild banksters and created his own economy outside of the Jewish debt system – and Germany’s economy boomed.

        So because they could not have a shining city on the hill while they drag everyone down into their fiat debt money hell, they had to destroy Germany. And we now all live in a Jewish banking gangster hell – which now is going after Putin and Russia, because they, like Hitler, are bucking the system.

        And because China has taken the side of Russia in the Ukraine war, Russia is not isolated, and is back by unlimited manufacturing power of China, and thus to save the Satanic Jewish Rotshchild system of usury, they keep doubling down, risking nuclear war.

        The Jews are damn desperate, throwing everything they have into the Uke cauldron, they care nothing of the 500,000 Goy lives sacrificed thus far, and they WILL keep upping the ante:


        “Victoria Nuland, head of US State Department, has officially stated in a video conference with Kyiv that WWIII will effectively begin on July 11th stating that the US and its partners will fight as long as it takes – 16 years or more… ”

        Please don’t respond, because know I know who you are – and intellectual honesty for tribe members is a genetic impossibility.

          • Whereas you, “Richard Greene,” smell like a hasbara troll.
            Reductio ad Hitlerum

            Congratulations, threadjacker. You’ve managed to turn a discussion of so-called “public health measures” into a propaganda piece promoting “da Holyco$t.” Mission accomplished, eh?
            At least, temporarily… but I have no doubt you’ll be back, because “We Must Never Forget.”

          • And you Richard sound like an Israeli disinformation troll, constantly inserting the Jewish media narratives into these discussions. The problem for you is that the minds here are not easily fooled, and thus every MSM assertion you make is shot down in flames.

            Being honest about WW2 and the Nazis does not make one a Nazi or a socialist. This is a Libertarian site, which is opposed in principle to socialism.

            I recommend this, Ron Unz (a Jew) articles on WW2 revisionism:
            Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong • 1h36m ▶
            Mike Whitney Interview with Ron Unz
            Ron Unz and Mike Whitney • 1,174 Comments

            More Falsehoods of World War II
            Ron Unz • 430 Comments

          • And let me add that orthodox Jews, although a minority, are conservative and vote for Trump.
            I am proud to have several conservative Jewish friends who support Trump even more than I do. Take you anti-semitism somewhere else.

            • **”And let me add that orthodox Jews, although a minority, are conservative and vote for Trump.”**

              Some Orthodox Jews are conservative. That would be a minority (‘some’) of a minority (Orthodox’) of a minority (Jews)…. And there was little ‘conservative’ about Trump, other than some of his words, which he used to pander to his respective audience- The “I saved millions of lives by fast-tracking the vaccine” asshole…..

    • General Patton had it right, IMO.
      In some alternate timeline, suppose two Germanic peoples, namely England and Germany, had allied against the Bolsheviks. Guess what?
      No Iron Curtain.
      No Cold War.

      What then?

    • If Churchill had had his way, Operation Vegetarian
      Which would have proceeded, which would have rendered large parts of central Europe uninhabitable for generations. Fortunately for the Europeans, cooler heads prevailed, and Mr. (“gas the natives”) Churchill and his murderous sidekick, Arthur Harris, contented themselves with numerous “burnt offerings” of German civilians, who were dispatched using incendiaries, including napalm.

      The resulting firestorms sucked the oxygen out of the local atmosphere, melted asphalt pavements, and left behind mounds of corpses of non-combatants, charred beyond recognition.

      During the firebombing of Dresden (one among many German cities, including Hamburg and Berlin), it is well documented that the British and Americans paused their incendiary bombing long enough for the German civilian fire brigades to go into action, then returned with fighter planes to strafe the firefighters and other rescue workers.

      Keep in mind that it was the British who invented the concentration camp (during the Second Boer War, to deal with the Afrikaners), not the Third German Reich. Photos from that time are every bit as horrible as those from the Second World War.

      • ‘the British and Americans paused their incendiary bombing long enough for the German civilian fire brigades to go into action, then returned with fighter planes to strafe the firefighters and other rescue workers.’ — Adi Heidler

        This is now immortalized as the ‘double tap’ in US military lore, as Barky Obama drone-striked wedding parties in the middle east … then his jackals returned to firebomb attendees at the subsequent funerals.

        It tells you a lot about the yankee hyena mentality.

      • Accurate comment, and the deaths of Dresden fire bombing was the real holocaust, some 400,000 to 500,000 died – which is more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki nukings combined. Dresden was a refugee city and had no military value.

        The real tally of Jewish deaths in the Nazi work camps was far less than Dresden, Red Cross count was 284,000 Jews who died of disease and starvation. There were no gas chambers, that is a post WW2 fabrication.

        And don’t forget that Eisenhower (a Jew) starved to death 2 million German soldiers after the war was over in the Rhine meadows – another huge war crime by the USA.

        Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

          • As were the U.S. ally, the USSR.
            Many entered the Bolshevik gulags.
            Few returned.

            Defeated Wehrmacht troops made great efforts to surrender to one of the Western powers’ forces in preference to capture by the Russians.

              • You mean…the English didn’t give POWs tea and crumpets and send them on their way with gratis umbrellas? Now I’m disillusioned!

              • Incorrect. Canada, in particular, was known for treating its German prisoners well.


                >Once captured, all combatant prisoners were held in Canada under the supervision of the British government. Most were returned to partitioned Germany following the war. However, over the years many immigrated back to Canada — the former prisoners returning with their families to show their relatives how well they were treated by their Canadian captors in their temporary home away from home.

                I once dated a woman whose father fought in the Afrika Korps. Marita was born in Ostfriesland, after the war, but her family later emigrated to Ontario, Canada, where her father grew tobacco.

        • “There were no gas chambers, that is a post WW2 fabrication.”

          You live in an alternative universe, deluded by tin hat conspiracy theories. Hitler killed two thirds of all European Jews. Mainly with poison gas.

        • Yeah, Unz is suspect, as he censors his own forum….. Certainly not very libertarian. Also, wasn’t he a supporter of that idiot Adam Kokesh? [A supposed ‘libertarian’ political actor who organized an armed march on DC]

        • If you wish to insult Mr. Unz, why don’t you go to his website and do so directly? A purely ad hominem attack on someone not present, and not known to frequent the venue where the insult is delivered, strikes me as the nadir of chickenshit, i.e. cowardly, behavior. And I do know something about (actual) chickenshit, my father having been a chicken farmer at one time in his life.

          Perhaps your time would be better spent urinating on a Christian church somewhere, or maybe dumping raw sewage on an Arab village. Who knows? You might get a commendation for your efforts, before your national service is complete.

        • Richard Greene

          Ah, Ron must be one of those “self hating Jews” one hears so much about, from those in certain sectors. Oddly enough he backs up his research with many sources, and provides the resources he has consulted. Quite unlike those whose stock in trade is Ism and Ist. I differ with Ron on some subjects, but his research is first rate. This is hardly surprising given his background in theoretical physics.

    • Not to mention the appeal to “like Hitler/nazi’s” is a worn out trope that can discredit your argument.

      Or that thinking requiring auto insurance is “fascism”. Oy vey! The next step after forced Auto insurance leads to the holocaust!
      Funny stuff.

      • Give it a rest Cashy and leave it for the other comment thread. I mean damned you just can’t let it go even when reading something else can you?

      • Cashy,

        Oy vey?

        What is fascism? It is an economic concept, elaborated in modern times by Mussolini. It is the merger of state and corporate power. What is forced insurance?

        You seem to be an otherwise not-stupid person. What is it you do not understand?

      • Cashy

        Government requiring its victims…I mean Citizens to pay private companies for “services” they don’t want isn’t “fascism”. Its tyranny. Your fears of what “might happen” are simply a mask for controlling others. That is the entire purpose of coercive government. Power and control. Fine words like “the commons” and “the people” and all of the rest are just excuses to control other people and their lives. Its really very simple. You own yourself and your works. Everything builds up from there. Collectivism of what ever type is simply another method of control and power. Look back through history. At the heads of FAR too many collectives, you find sociopaths and out right psychopaths. Power systems self select for such mentalities. Many people claim libertarianism is “utopian”. Which is amusing, because most of the real ones know that human nature being what it is, NO ONE can be trusted with the power of government.
        Long long ago there was a meme; “Libertarianism: The Radical Idea that other people are not your property”. Rothbard and others have written extensively on just that concept and its implications. In other words “The truth is out there”. But far too many others are stuck on “I want to believe”. Hence our current sorry situation.

        • I completely agree with you. Where can I move to to get away from tyranny that makes you pay? Better yet how long before we have it here in the US of A?

          • Hi Cashy,

            Rather than move – like Cherokees on the Trail of Tears – why not fight? A start would be to object to tyranny rather than apologize for it.

            • Eric, how do a few scattered souls fight not only those who possess superior and unlimited government weapons, but also the majority of their countrymen who are complicit with them?

              I had people say the same thing to me before I left NY- “Why don’t you stay and fight it instead of running?!”. Imagine what my life would be l;ike today if i were still in NY! How do you think that fight would’ve gone? I’d been fighting for the first 39 years of my life…only to be backed into a corner and watch things get exponentially worse. There comes a time when one must admit defeat, and since compliance is not an option, one must remove themselves from the fight which they know will only end in death or compliance- neither of which are acceptable to me.

              How’s the fight been going for you the last 50 or so years? Have you gained any ground, or have you just watched it get worse, with no hope of ever gaining any ground from your current position? If they kill you or capture you…you lose!

              • Hi Nunzio

                Nunz, I know you know better. Quit baiting the newbies 🙂 You of all people know this is not a matter of numbers. Attrition warfare is so 20th century. Fight or flight aren’t the only options. If you finally got around to reading that book by Lind, you would know that. You do remember that the Empire has lost every war its been in since WWII? Lind explains why. His insights are going to be very useful in times to come.

  13. Regular heckler here.
    My criticism of the last mask article resulted in the author tossing an F-bomb at me in print — I look forward to his overreaction today.

    Masks are irrelevant in 2023 because few people wear them in 2023. They can not be uniforms if few people are wearing them.

    If EVERYONE refused to wear masks, which most people do today, not one problem every in the world
    would be solved. We would still have the Biden crime family head as president, the usual climate change scaremongering. unnecessary Nut Zero regulations, election fraud, persecution of Trump, government-media censorship and leftist bias, and our rapid transition toward fascism.

    Same serious problems with all masks or no masks.

    I wore masks in late 2020, 2021, 2022 and early 2023 only because they were required in the presence of a doctor or medical professional. I kept my mask under my chin until directed to put it over my face by a doctor, which rarely lasted more than 10 to 15 minutes a month. That is the price I had to pay for needed medical care. I know EP hates doctors too, but doctors do serve a purpose when you have a chronic disease.

    Masks are now useful for non-medical reasons:
    — They identify the stupid people who have no idea viral aerosols pass right through masks, every new mask is an opportunity to inhale more polyester micro-particles and the Covid pandemic ended last Summer. I suppose EP would argue there was no Covid pandemic — all the deaths were imaginary?

    Masks now help me identify stupid people and leftists (I repeat myself) who believe everything the government tells them. Those are people I want to stay away from.

    My father in law was in Tokyo in the 1960s when he observed many Japanese people wearing masks on the crowded trains. He thought they were sick people, who should have stayed at home. He was later shocked to find out that heathy people in Japan would wear masks.
    Meanwhile, Japan thrived for the next two decades in spite of all the stupid mask wearers.

    Okay, EP, I have my helmet on, awaiting the incoming verbal attack. 2023 is too late to keep writing about masks. They have become irrelevant.

    • If everyone – or just a significant percentage, maybe 20-25% – refused to put on masks in 2020, lockdowns end more quickly and we don’t get to vaccine mandates in 2021. More lives, livelihoods, and jobs are saved, as well as fewer cases of mental illness, depression, drug abuse, etc. Maybe Trump gets re-elected too!

      • The is the EP dream but it is only a fantasy.
        The lockdowns and mandatory vaccines would still have happened. People did not wear masks to comply — they wore masks because they were conned into thinking they did something, and that false belief actually calmed some people down. Including my wife, until after I read five mask studies in Spring 2020 and informed her that N95 masks did not do anything, so our 50 cent masks could not do anything.

        No one I know took an mRNA shot (I’m no longer calling them vaccines) to stop wearing a mask. In fact, most of them continued wearing a mask after their shots. They took shots to keep their jobs or to travel.

        Right now the only three people who wear masks that I come in contact with are two of my three doctors, and my dental hygienist. The doctors get very close to my eyes and the hygienist gets very close to my mouth, so maybe the masks keep them from drooling on me? I wish they would not wear masks, but their masks do not harm me.

        • Alvin is correct, compliance legitimizes tyranny. A small proof will suffice: During the early part of the scamdemic, stores like Dollar General taped a bunch of silly arrows and “walk this way” signs to their floors to keep customers from passing each other in the aisles (as if Covid traveled in only one direction). But it was so sophomoric that most customers simply ignored them. Within a week or two, most stores took down these ridiculous signs. That’s because it would have made the store owners look decidedly foolish to keep them up when no one was obeying them.

          • I remember Dollar General being the worst when it came to face diapers. The clerks became Diaper Sentries, and would guard the door, not even letting me past the threshold before they issued the “mask or leave” ultimatum.

            • Dollar General, Bashas, and Home Depot were the only places in the Verde Valley not demanding compliance. Home Depot insisted for about a week. Then the push back became strong and they relented quickly.

              • Social distancing reduces the spread of respiratory diseases. That is proven by scientific studies, although done with three foot distancing. The six foot distancing had to be better than three feet of social distancing.

                • Richard, can you cite your sources for that? I don’t doubt that keeping one’s distance can work. It’s obvious that if I never get within five miles of someone who is infected, I won’t contract a respiratory ailment from him. But three feet or six feet? That seems absurd, considering that aerosols can travel many times that far, and hang around in the air for an hour.
                  Btw, just as Eric can claim a perfect record of non-masking, I have never ever used the loathsome SD phrase except to ridicule it.

                  • Not to mention that the space one is now occupying six feet away from the presumed leper was likely occupied by said leper and 50 others 3 seconds before you occupied it……

                    I’ll never forget my mother (ln her late 90’s) telling me of her friend who was still in NYC during the height of the scamdemic (She has since moved back to Croatia), who was going grocery shopping not only wearing a muzzle, but also gloves and googles! THAT helped my mother realize what a croc the whole thing is, and how idiotic and deceptive the “authorities” are.

                    I mean, really! Would one go shopping among lepers if a ‘deadly easily-communicable disease’ were afoot?- and bring home products which could be covered in the seeds of said disease?!

                    I’ll bet those “authorities” were rolling in the aisles with laughter, seeing how so many people drank this Kool-ade ! “Can you believe these idiots are actually lapping-up this shit?!”. “Hey, why not, Tony- They believed Saddam had WMD’s and that the Twin Towers and #7 WTC imploded due to ‘terrorists’, but that paper passports would survive the inferno…and that black boxes wouldn’t!”

                  • Please look up a study online yourself.

                    They were done with three foot distancing for influenza viruses, which is not six feet with a Covid virus, but the results should still be meaningful.

                    Didn’t you learn as a child to keep away from sick people, especially those coughing or sneezing. This is centuries old a medical advice, not something new.

                    • Dick,

                      The idiocy, fundamentally, was the endless/hysteric presumption of sickness. The weaponization of hypochondria – which you continue to trivialize and even defend.

                      Do you remember “asymptomatic spread”? The evil assertion that you might be sick – and because you might be, you must be treated as presumptively sick? This was the vicious basis for “mask” mandates. And of course, those “masks” did nothing to prevent people from getting or spreading sickness, either.

                      Yet people like you wore them. Your wife apparently still does.

                    • Yes, I did learn that. But it turns out that being coughed or sneezed on is not what usually spreads respiratory viruses. Those large droplets mostly fall to the ground right away without doing any harm. But the aerosols can travel a lot farther than six feet, and hang in the air for a long time. I think it’s pretty common knowledge now that six feet is just an arbitrary number that the control freaks pulled out of their butts.
                      Btw, “Look it up yourself” is not an appropriate answer when you have made the claim that something is “proven by scientific studies.”

            • Now it’s your turn to go back to Dollar General and find the people (assuming they still work there and you can recognize them without the face diaper) who gave you a hard time back in 2020/2021 and confront them about it. The point is to make them feel uncomfortable so they never do it again.

          • Social distancing reduces the spread of respiratory diseases. That is proven by scientific studies, although done with three foot distancing. The six foot distancing had to be better than three feet.

        • Richard, if memory serves, you used to shill like a mad dog for the masks around here. I’m glad you’re finally beginning to understand. Some say learning the difference between Science and $cience is the beginning of wisdom. Sorry to hear about your Dr. and dental hygienist.

          BTW it was always about fear and compliance. The pure tyrannical lawlessness of our Garbage Elite demanded it. Being conned is an excuse the scared little waifs use to make themselves feel better.

          • I never shilled for masks. I resented, and still resent, my doctors demanding that I wea a lask in the presence to get their services. I resent my local supermarket in 2020 requiring masks to enter their store. I wore a mask to enter and 20 feet into the store I slid the mask under my chin. No one ever bothered me to pull up the mask.
            Starting in early 2021, you could enter the supermarket without a mask, although employees still wore them, and many still do.

            I wrote that masks did nothing but they were not the primary tool of Covid scaremongering. In fact, people calmed down when they thought their masks protected them.

            No one I know took a Covid shot because that would allow them to stop wearing a mask. Most kept wearing their masks after their shots.

            People who compare masks to Nazi uniforms are grossly exaggerating. In the US, masks were worn by people who supported ALL political parties. The masks were NOT a symbol of one political party.

            Most important now is that few people still wear masks. Those who do are stupid or afraid, and we can’t fix that, but they don’t harm those of us who don’t wear masks.

            2023 is too late to keep writing about masks now that few people are wearing them.

            People refusing to wear masks now, or even back in 2020, will not solve any problems in the world, such as the US morphing toward fascism. That’s far more important than the few people who still, voluntarily, wear masks.

            • Richard,

              I reiterate two unassailable points about “masking”:

              One, by forcing the masses to “mask,” an image of mass agreement was created (and prolonged) that a Super Deadly Virus was on the loose. If “masking” had not been mandated, there is no question that many people would not have “masked” because they did not have to, in order to shop/work, etc. Lots of people hated the “masks” – felt degraded and stupid wearing them – but wore them, because they were effectively forced to. Take away the forcing and these people would not have “masked.” It would have been a significant number of people. The sight of those people not “masked” – and not dying would have more quickly unmasked the lies about the “pandemic,” specifically that if you did not “mask” you were going to dieeeeeee. The evil absurdity of it would have been literally seen, sooner – and dissipated, faster.

              Two, “masks” provided an easy way to enforce (and prolong) the hysteria. Want to keep working? Want to see your elderly parents? Want to go into a store or to the gym? Then wear the goddamned “mask.” And those who refused were kept out – and easily identified as a pariah class. Thus, sanity became the focus of the opprobrium of the deranged. It egged on that derangement, which is with us still. You can see it. Hysterics still “mask.”

              Anyone who dismisses “masks” as no big deal is either a tool – or a fool.

              • Anyone who compares masks to Nazi uniforms is grossly exaggerating.

                What would have changed in the US if Fauci had kept with his original advice to NOT wear a mask?

                In my opinion, not much.

                People would still have been in great fear following the large number of nursing home deaths.

                People would still have been social distancing, which actually does reduce spread. Staying six feet away from strangers creates more fear more than just wearing a mask.

                There would still have been lockdowns and closed schools.

                There would still have been massive scaremongering by the mass media and government bureaucrats.

                There was a +20% increase of all-cause mortality in March through May 2020. That scared everyone.

                Lots of our masked friends (age 55 to 75) got sick from Covid in 2020, and some were in very bad shape for three weeks, although none of our friends died.

                Without masks the effects of all the Covid pandemic deaths and Covid scaremongering would have been the same as it was with masks.

                And I’m no fool.

                • Dick writes:

                  “Anyone who compares masks to Nazi uniforms is grossly exaggerating.”

                  Any anyone who does not understand they are the same things is a sheep. A fool. The kind of person who would have packed a suitcase for “relocation” to the East. It astounds me, truly, that people like you – who aren’t stupid, in the low IQ sense -cannot see (and understand) this.

                  Jews in Germany were made to wear the yellow star. Why? To humiliate them. To identify them. To set them apart – and to set those who did not wear the star apart and give them license to treat those who wore the star like a dangerous bacillus.

                  Think, man!

                  At least, try to.

            • Richard,

              Refusing to wear masks in 2020 would have absolutely solved the problem of the flu being weaponized to steal an election. Thats a fact. The fact that so few of us had the sand to refuse gave the tyrants and their sycophants strength. Its a moot point now. They hold all the levers and know who will and who will not oppose them going forward. I’m sure they’re happy to count you among their ranks.

              Glad to know you were that old guy who wore his diaper on his chin. When those guys would try to speak to me in a store I would glare at them w/revulsion. In some ways I had/have moar contempt for that person than the lone old lady who went along. Cant you see that no one ever bothered you to pull up your mask because they already had you. Being scared is one thing, many were. Knowing better as you seem to always remind us, yet still going along is pathetic. The strong always eat well.

              I’m sorry you let propaganda/hysteria calm your wife down. It was your job as her husband to calm her down, not the tee vee.

              • Baloney

                Covid was not the flu — the infection fatality rate was 10x worse.

                Covid was a Chinese lab accident. It was not created deliberately in China to allow massive election fraud. It was weaponized by lever Democrats to send absentee ballots to everyone on inaccurate registered voter lists. Millions of extra ballots were mailed out to old addresses of people who had moved out of the state, or had dies.

                I studied mask scientific studies to calm down the wife but she wore a mask in 2020 anyway. When we started grocery shopping together again in 2021, I made her take off her mask because it embarrassed me.

                It is not pathetic to wear mask to get eeded medicAl care. It is just n inconvenience. It was not pathetic to wear a mask to enter a supermarket in 2020, where they had a mask sheriff at the front door. Twenty feet inside the store I slid the mask under my chin.

                Bad rules do not automatically disappear if most people ignore them. EP seems to think so, but he is wrong. Bad rules and laws have to be changed by the people who made the bad rules and laws. It’s our job to elect the right people to do that. Anarchy is not a solution.

                • Richard, so much non-sense so little time. So I’ll try to be pithy. First it was just the flu, bruh. Second you waited til 2021 to make your wife take off her mask. Maybe exercise your pimp hand moar. My wife is not allowed to hide her beautiful face, ever. Third wearing a mask was and is pathetic except for working in your shop or yard. I don’t give a fat turd about some little snot nosed kid playing ‘sherif.’ Forth an final, ‘electing the right people.’ Stop it Smalls, you’re killing me. If elections were real they wouldn’t let us have them. Also, rules, when applied un equally are not rules. They’re merely suggestions. Finally, resisting tyranny and refusing to comply doesn’t automatically lead to Anarchy.

                  • Covid was not just the flu — that is a tin hat conspiracy theory.

                    I didn’t WAIT until January 2021 to ask my wife to take off her mask. I didn’t find out until January 2021 that she was shopping for groceries, without me, with a mask on. She left home alone without a mask on, and came home alone without a mask on.

                    • Dick,

                      Ever stop to think about what that says about your wife? About your relationship? That she hid from you her wearing the “mask”? Might want to think on that some.

                • >Bad rules do not automatically disappear if most people ignore them.

                  No, not automatically. But “rules” which are widely ignored are, de facto, unenforceable, and in the long run, those who presume to make the rules will likely be forced to acknowledge reality.

                  One outstanding case in point would be alcohol prohibition in the U.S. during the 1920s. And there are others, such as the Connecticut law which prohibited the use of contraceptives, even by married couples, and which led to the famous Griswold v. Connecticut decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1965.

                  Speaking of the 1960s, how about the civil rights movement, or opposition to the Vietnam War? The phrases, “We will not be moved,” and “Hell no, we won’t go” come to mind.

                  Resist or submit. It’s your choice. But without resistance there will be no change.

                • Dick writes:

                  “It is not pathetic to wear mask to get needed medicAl care. It is just n inconvenience.”

                  It is imbecilic. To kowtow to absurdity. To pretend it isn’t. To take medical advice from a quack-poltroon. What sensible person would do so? Would you also wear a vial of gypsy tears around your neck? Have a dead chicken waved in front of your face? Let a witch doctor operate on you? Yet you seek medical care from such. And worse – because the witch doctor is just a primitive. As opposed to an evil coward.

                  “Bad rules” – as you oilily style vicious edicts – do not “automatically disappear.” But they go away fast when enough people simply refuse to obey them.

                  Quisling types like you do not understand this.

                • “Covid was not the flu — the infection fatality rate was 10x worse.”

                  I basically stopped reading after that point. I mean, how can you take someone seriously when they write that crap?

                    • Dick,

                      The “pandemic” – as you styled it – killed almost no one who wasn’t elderly or frail (usually both). Or already sick. It is malicious exaggeration to style this a “pandemic.” It was – as has been said – basically a bad flu year. That’s bad for the elderly and frail. But it has always been so.

                      Nothing meaningfully changed – other than the hysteria and the tyranny it enabled. Forcing healthy kids and young adults – whose risk of dying was essentially nil – to “mask up” was an evil unprecedented in modern times.

                      You’re an apologist for this. Someone who went along to get along. And we’ll never forget it.

                    • Long before the COVID scam, I’d always remind certain relatives who are always sick (and or have someone in their house who is) NOT to visit my now-98 year-old mother if they are sick or have recently been sick, since the FLU can be deadly to the very elderly.

                      Nothing has changed during the scamdemic, as the young and healthy were NOT dying from ‘COVID’, but as has always been the case, the old and otherwise health-compromised were the ones who died during the scamdemic, except that in many cases those deaths were hastened due to the draconian “treatments” inflicted upon those who were sick and who indicated positive for COVID on the phony hyper-cycled PCR test.

                      My mother did not wear a mask when going out in pooblik, only when ‘required’ to do so when visiting her idiotic doctor.

                      My then 90 year-old aunt, who was a strong woman, and had just cooked dinner for 14 people DID wear a mask; and almost certainly was among the first to get the clot-shot (as she was friends with her doctor and would even have him to the house)- She died ‘of COVID’, after her and my then 92 year-old uncle came down with the flu and were told that the test said it was ‘COVID’. They put her on a respirator, and she died. My uncle, thankfully (who in addition to being sick also has COPD) avoided the respirator…and is fine 2.5 years later……..

                      Thankfully, my mother hasn’t even had a cold in many years.

                    • And speaking of statistics, IIRC, something like 80% of people put on respirators ‘for COVID’, died.

                      But of course, THAT is not accounted for in their made-up number of “COVID deaths”.

                • **””Covid was not the flu — the infection fatality rate was 10x worse.””**

                  Are you sure it was ‘the infection” which killed those people, or was it the “treatment” (Such as respirators), or sticking infected people in nursing homes and exposing the frail and or elderly to something which normally kills such people when such are exposed to the flu? Not to mention the people who died from many other conditions- such as motorcycle crashes or COPD, but who were labelled as ‘dying from COVID” because a test with a 90% false-positive rate said they had such a malady…

                  Also not to mention that the ‘common flu’ virtually “disappeared”…while all who died from it (mainly the usual suspects- the health-compromised and frail elderly) were now diagnosed (via 90% false positive PCR tests) as having “COVID”….

                  Do you also believe our wonderful government’s unemployment figures and economic forecasts?

                  WHY were they saying that “hospitals were overwhelmed” when in-fact most were ghost towns during the scamdemic?

                  Why did they say that morgues were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t bury the dead fast enough”, when in-fact the actual reason was that government restrictions were preventing funeral homes from doing their thing, causing back-ups in the morgues???

                  Why did they tell us that it was too dangerous to eat inside of restaurants, but perfectly O-K to eat in cold, dank plywood huts erected on the streets of many cities (With poorer or no ventilation, no less!)???

                  Someone needs to put on the old thinking cap…..

                  • Covid was a real pandemic that killed over seven milion people on this planet. The fact that many were elderly is irrelevant. Their ives are just as important as younger people and they did not deserve to die prematurely.

                    Anyone who claims there was no pandemic is a complete fool.

                    • Dick,

                      Old age “killed” most of those people. When people are in their 70s and up, they tend to die. With the odds increasing, each year. Ask an actuary. It is normal for people in that age range to die. It is not surprising when they do. Old people are less able to withstand sickness; they do not recover as easily. Their bodies are not what they were when they were not old. Now add isolation from life – and loved ones. Now add ventilators and RunDeathisNear . . .

                      One of the spectacular idiocies of this whole “pandemic” business was the moronic feigned surprise when someone old died.

                      As if that were unexpected. Gosh! Colin Powell just died! That’s shocking….

                      My mom is in her 80s. If she dies tomorrow, it will be of old age. Not the incidental whatever-it-was that pushed her over the edge.

                      But the “COVID idiocy would have counted her death from old age as a “COVID” death if she “tested positive” before her death.

                      Doctors used to be above such idiocy. But that was before they became employees.

                      And shills.

                    • “Covid was a real pandemic that killed over seven milion people on this planet.”

                      Again, the ignorance and stupidity is astounding.

                    • “This pandemic killed 7 million people.” Unlikely, when the original ‘Rona had an infection fatality rate of LESS than 1%. If anything, it’s FAR MORE likely that if there were that many people who died, it was from faulty or even DEADLY COVID protocols such as putting people who “tested positive for COVID” on a ventilator and/ or giving them Remdesivir, which many nurses have come to nickname “Run, Death is Near”. Not only that, governors such as Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take COVID infected patients. And there were even people who couldn’t go to a hospital or medical office for ordinary health matters because of arbitrary government decrees.

                    • And let us not forget those faulty PCR tests that had a HIGH number of false positives if they were above a certain cycle threshold, but nevertheless government and media used to frighten people into believing there were MASS COVID deaths everywhere. If someone died FROM something else but tested POSITIVE, that decedent was listed as “Died FROM COVID”.

                    • Clearly there was a pandemic of covid that killed people. It’s difficult to know the exact numbers because there was benefit in inflating the numbers. But it’s undeniable that people died from it, many were elderly but many were not. It was an unusual occurrence. I know of several people that died from it. I had never heard of anyone dying from the flu personally before this.

                      People quote so many numbers 80% of this 90% of that, you don’t know who to trust when everybody is motivated to lie.

                      I think it’s clear to most that this was a unique disease that caused considerable suffering and was handled poorly by those in charge, and was exploited for power and profit by the usual suspects.

                    • Cashy,

                      What should have happened is this: Advise people who are elderly or frail, who have weak immune systems to take precautions – as has always been advised during any (previous) bad flu season. This would have been reasonable. That would have been kind. Instead, a deliberate mass hysteria was conjured, intended to get everyone to believe a “deadly virus” was afoot that threatened everyone. This was a lie. It was obviously a lie by the summer of 2020 – when it was evident that healthy people under 70 were not dropping like flies due to “COVID” (a fear-acronym ginned up just like “911”). I myself went to the local regional hospital to see for myself. I did several video reports about this.

                      Once the truth about risk (and fatality rates) became evident, the “health authorities” ought to have tried to calm people down – by telling them the truth. Instead, we all know what they did.

                      It speaks volumes about the “pandemic.”

                    • Cashy,

                      It’s helpful to be precise. You write:

                      “Clearly there was a pandemic of covid that killed people.”

                      Well, “clearly” many things “kill people.” That is life, eh?

                      The question is- or ought to be: How much risk is there? Who has the right to decide how much risk is “too much” – and on behalf of whom?

                      If you were healthy and under 60, you had an extremely small chance of dying from “COVID” (fear porn ALL CAPS). If you were a healthy kid, you had almost no chance of dying from “COVID.”

                      Yet everyone was forced to act as if they were going to die unless they submitted to whatever they were told to do. Do you see that the same logic can be – will be – used to do the same in the name of the “climate crisis” or some other “crisis”?

                    • What ever happened to old Andy Communo, John B.? There was talk of prosecuting him for killing thousands in those NY nursing homes…but it all seems to have been flushed down the memory hole now. Not even the media circus and sweet misdemeanor plea deal like ol’ Hunter is getting, in an attempt to make it look like there is ‘justice’? Boy…they really have become brazen…..”Why fret, when they will all forget?”.

                    • Hi Cashy,

                      If the “pandemic” were anything other than the common flu bolstered by media deception and the government-decreed spectacle of making everyone play the part of hyper-hypochondriacs, then why would presidents and governors party and socialize without the masks which they demanded that all wear? And why would they promote phony tests, phony and dangerous treatments, and bold-faced lies (“Hospitals are overwhelmed!”)?
                      That is not how people in the know act when there is a real pandemic. That is how they act when they construct a ‘crisis’ via propaganda. In real life, easily communicable diseases don’t care if you’re a president or governor or a welder…they affect everyone the same, and the psychopathic cowards who think so highly of themselves would be the ones to take the greatest precautions to ensure that they are able to keep enjoying their wealth and power ‘servi9ng the adoring public, in the land of the free’.

                  • Kary Mullis designed the PCR test. He flat out said his PCR test was not to be used to diagnose because it was too sensitive. He said he could test someone and make them positive for anything he wanted if the cycle threathold was set high enough. He also lambasted Fauci for being an idiot when it came to science. No surprise, Mullis died of pneumonia August of 2019…right before covid hit. Also I noticed no one has died of the flu in the last three years. It has mysterious been cured. Everything is covid.

                    • To Nunzio: Presidents and Governors did get covid. Trump did. So did a lot of others.

                      When it hit my workplace 8 of 12 people became sick the same week as verified by covid tests. I have never known that to happen with a flu in my lifetime. After a while everyone got better (some had it rough) and were able to return after 2 negative tests.

                      It was clearly not just the “flu”.

                      Did no one on this message board have covid?

                    • Hi Cashy,

                      How would you (or anyone) know?

                      The PCR tests are notoriously inaccurate. And don’t people often catch colds in the winter, especially in office settings? Did any of your co-workers die or require hospitalization? I caught cold, too. Whether it was “COVID” I have no idea. I felt crappy for a few days. As always happens when you catch a cold.

                    • Cashy, how would anyone know if they had COVID, seeing as the tests used to determine that have a 90% false positive rate? (Not to mention that it’s been readily admitted that they’ve never isolated ‘COVID-19’, which is a tacit admission that they can not even prove it’s existence.

                      Remember a few years before ‘COVID’ when so many people were getting the flu that they had to close many schools and workplaces? So what you saw where you work was seen before…maybe just not in your circle.

                      I have relatives who have had ‘COVID’ two or three times (Mostly those who took the clot-shot. One niece had it once before the shot, and twice after the shot…). They’d stay home and be sick for a week…only difference between what they experienced and a good strain of the common flu was the trsting and other BS imposed on them by employers by way of the overlords.

                      It wasn’t the flu that was any different, but rather the government/media-induced hysteria and propaganda surrounding it, and the corresponding public reaction, and government-imposed measures (like masks) which made it appear real.

                    • Hi Nunz!

                      I have had the same thoughts. Were it not for “COVID” – I mean, the hysteria – if nothing had been said about it – I’d have caught a cold, felt crappy for a few days, gotten over it and forgotten about it. Instead, when I caught cold (I think this was in 2021) even I couldn’t help thinking, “it’s the ‘Rona!”. Well, whatever it was, I felt crappy for awhile and that was it. No “hospitalization.” No nothing I’d not had before.

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      Yup. And Trump is old and fat. Yet he did not die or even end up in a hospital bed. So much for the “deadly” virus. Which did, of course, kill his chances of being re-elected.

                    • Kary Mullins died in 2019 and had nothing to do with the covid test. The covid PCR test is rated at 97% accurate, but for people who only believe what they want to believe why do you bother reading anything? You already know it all.

                      What you are all saying is that you know better then the hundreds of thousands of medical people, many that have studied these things all of their lives and are committed to helping people. Those learned people are all wrong and part of a massive conspiracy and you collection of odd balls on the internet got it all figured out?

                    • Cashy,

                      The PCR test is not “97 percent accurate” for “COVID.” The tests are notoriously inaccurate. And – more to the point – “testing positive” was equated with serious sickness (and likely death). Hence the cases! the cases! that we were bombarded with relentlessly for years.

                      Both my father and grandfather were medical doctors. They were committed to helping people. The medical establishment of today is another matter. You call us a “collection of oddballs.” Well, who was right about “masks”? Who was lying about “vaccines?

                      We state facts. You spitball insults.

                    • Ah-hem:
                      ““It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)” …


                    • Hi Cashy,

                      “What you are all saying is that you know better then the hundreds of thousands of medical people, many that have studied these things all of their lives and are committed to helping people.”

                      Are they committed to helping people? Because, I don’t know about you, but what I saw were most doctors getting behind this fear porn.

                      How is a medical professional assisting people when they refuse to even look at alternative treatments such as natural remedies, homeopathic care, changes in diet, etc.?

                      These same medical professional refused to look at such things as licorice root, turmeric, and ivermectin. They pushed an EXPERIMENTAL shot onto unassuming patients.
                      These same doctors categorized anyone that walked into a hospital as COVID related even if they had a broken leg or was having their appendix removed. Why? Money.


                      The same reason that nursing homes took sick patients. The difference of $125 reimbursement from Medicare a day now became $800 from Medicare a day as long as it was “COVID” stamped.

                      I would suggest you take a look at Eric’s blog and some of his diaper/COVID reports dating from March 2020. These will provide you a lot of insight on how many here had their finger on the pulse the entire time.

                    • No Cashy, what you are saying is that you will believe the hundreds of thousands of people who will either mistakenly or blatantly misuse a test, either because they are stupid or have an agenda to push. Rather than believe Mullis…the man who actually developed the PCR teat and warned people it was not to be used to diagnose. You can be smart and still be stupid and there are plenty of them in the medical field.

                    • Exactly, Eric.
                      My niece, who has asthma had “the ‘Rona” 3 times (or so they say)- She gets ‘tested’ a lot, because at a doctor’s office.

                      Despite the asthma and all, nothing was different when she had “the ‘Rona” than any other time she had the flu, ‘capt for being tested, and the ‘precautions’ she forced to take “to stop the spread”, etc.

                      “A flu by any other name…”

                      2018: You got the flu, you got the flu.
                      2020….you got the flu, you take a test that says you have a deadly disease, and sequester yourself in your apartment, and hope you don’t die, which the TV makes you think is inevitable!

            • One thing I could never figure out was that if the masks worked why do you care if I wear one? If your mask is protecting you then why do you care if I don’t protect myself?

              Same with the lockdown. If you’re so worried stay at home, if I go out at my own risk what difference does it make to you?

              People would say: if a lot of people get sick the hospitals will be over crowded. I told them so what, they’re just another business, they’ll figure it out. It’s just more customers.

              Didn’t work.

              • Exactly. More customers and I’m sure they’re all fully insured. Not my clown, not my circus. I’m still waiting for the whole ‘Bodies stacked like cordwood’ narrative to materialize.

                  • “You’re a hard man to agree with.”

                    Well, if you have difficulty understanding what he’s writing, I can see why you’d be challenged.

                • Hi Eric

                  Yet Cashy continues to hang around with a group of “odd balls”… 🙂 There are a number of medical professionals that have posted here over the years. But keep the points in this article in mind, when looking at the hows and whys of the last three years. No “massive conspiracy” was required. Sadly, most people learned the wrong lessons from the last three years.

                  • Hi BJ,

                    I think Cashy is open to reason. Maybe Will is as well, although his haughty and vicious endorsement of dispossessing people of cars and forcing “masks” on them suggests he’s too-far-gone to be reached.

                    • Hi Eric

                      Perhaps you are right. But both remind me of other Cultists that I’ve run across over the decades. So deep in the Civic Religion (illusions/delusions) that even a sub wouldn’t be able to reach them. Keep in mind that these are the same people who have totally bought into the collectivist nonsense about the “Good of Society” the “Social Contract”, “The Will of The People”,and of course “The Greater Good”.
                      Upon examination one finds that collectivists deal with abstracts that do not exist, to deal with problems (usually of their own creation) with their favorite tool; the power of the coercive state. Which is almost inevitably staffed by a fine selection of sociopaths and out right psychopaths. One has only to look around to see the results. Speaking of the Greater Good, FEE has an interesting and entertaining take on it.

                    • Well-said, BJ –

                      Especially the part about abstractions that do not exist – as contrasted which are used to justify very real impositions on actual individuals. “People” don’t cause harm. Particular people do. And particular people are harmed when “people” is used an excuse.

                      If more people would be more careful with their words – and think precisely – there’d be fewer problems. For people. That’s why government schools were created.

                      To prevent such a problem from happening.

    • Richard, I think the chronology is an important element that people have forgotten. I recall that covid fear was at a fever pitch (pun intended) way before people started diapering to any significant degree.
      As nearly as I can tell, there was hardly any masking before April 2020. Based on a search of EP Autos, I believe Eric’s first Diaper Report was on July 19 of that year.
      I remember being at our church on Palm Sunday, April 5. Our Board of Elders had decided to suspend services (shameful!), but I was there doing some work with one of the elders and his wife, who is a registered nurse. They were not wearing masks, which is significant because later they turned out to be vocal advocates for diapering, continuing to wear surgical masks long after it was clear that they were useless.
      The fact that people were already scared to death of covid at that point, but not yet masking, supports your contention that, repulsive as they are, masks might not be the driving force that Eric believes they are.

      • Roland, people in most states were in fact masking (about 50/50) in April-May, but by June the masks were coming off as most people were ready to return to normal. Things were getting back to normal by June 2020 (at least in my neck of the woods), when cold and flu season was over and most Americans realized Covid fears were overblown.

        What happened was that in the first week of July, the Chambers of Commerce sent out a letter to the White House and several branches of government demanding a universal mask mandate (ostensibly to prevent future business shutdowns). The hysterical MSM picked up on this and started screaming for everyone to “Put your masks back on!” That’s when things went south and nearly everyone started masking–in the middle of red-hot summer, no less.

        Eric is 100% correct to believe masks were the linchpin to pushing the entire sordid narrative. Without masking, there would have been little demand for so-called “vaccines” and no evidence of a “pandemic” without the ubiquitous visual aid of the filthy rags.

        • Point taken, Jason. Thanks. I believe our church reopened in June (with my wife and I the only ones not diapered), so that would support the timeline you reference.

        • I remember seeing Facebook posts from the young people I know when the vaccine rollout began talking about how once they took the vaccines they could finally stop wearing the masks. My own family members required me to mask in their home because I would not take the vaccine. So that was very much an incentive. A lot of people did NOT want to continue wearing masks. And when the mandates first began, I also remember people buying big boxes of them and shrugging that they hated them but they were required to go anywhere.

          • Sorry, Dick –

            I have proved it by positing undeniable facts. “Masks” made it literally look like a “pandemic” was afoot – and that everyone (almost) believed it and feared it. The “masking” made sanity look odd – and insanity the “new normal.” It made it easy to turn anyone who did not show their belief into a kind of Untouchable, who could be treated as such with official approval.

            If you’re so soft-headed and cannot see this – and understand it – after having had it explained to you so many times, there is no helping you.

      • Thank You for your support, and I hope the other readers don’t turn on you too.

        People feared Covid in the beginning because it killed so many people in nursing homes. They just assumed it as another 1918 flu that killed lots of young people.

        Fauci first said don’t wear masks, which was good advice. My wife and I are both old and vulnerable to Covid, so I decided to read five scientific studies of masks, thinking Fauci was wrong about them. These were studies of N95 masks and older respiratory diseases. The masks did nothing. I told the wife, but she still wore a mask at the supermarket in 2020, and shopped by herself, telling me to stay home to be safe. Before 2020, I did all the grocery shopping by myself so I could buy what I wanted to buy. Healthy foods like salami and pizza that she would not buy “so you will live longer”.

        Fauci later contradicted his no masks advice, saying he was just trying to preserve the N95 mask supply for hospital workers, and now that there were plenty of fifty cent masks available, you should wear one of those.

        I see the involuntary lockdowns and near mandatory mRNA shots as being far more important than the bad advice on masks. And there was no reason to close schools, because COVID19 was just like a common cold for school aged children. Sweden handled Covid19 better than the US, and they could not have cared less about masks.

        • Richard,

          No one is “turning” on you. We are pointing out that you are naive to the point of childishness about the way “masks” were used to foment hysteria and promote/perpetuate tyranny. I just explained how (again) below. You appear to be one of those people who is not stupid but just doesn’t get it. Symbols matter, just as definitions matter. Why do you supposed every cult has some special affectation, often a style of clothing or some specific thing they wear? It is not Just Because. It is to show they believe. That they are members of a faith community. If you are forced to wear the same gear, it appears you are a member of the cult – and share its beliefs. If it looks as though everyone believes, it is hard to not believe that what everyone else appears to believe isn’t true.

          Do you see?

          You ought to read up more on psychology. You might be edified.

          • I expect large numbers of *gullible* people could easily be convinced (by “experts” bloviating on the TeeVee) to tie sausages under their noses in order to “prevent the spread of disease.”

            And, of course, there would be “debates” on the six o’clock “news” regarding which type of sausage would be the most effective. Obviously, Moslems and Jews would be opposed to pork sausage for religious reasons, as would Hindus for “all beef” varieties.

            In Germany, der Weißwurstäquator might attain greater significance, whereas Poles would tout the benefits of Polska keilbasa, Brits would remain loyal to their bangers, whereas in the good old U.S.A. nothing would do besides good old American hot dogs.

            Ach! give me back my silver cross and a fresh clove of garlic any day. Enough of this hot dogging. 🙂

          • I don’t have to study psychology to know that Covid fear was created by Covid deaths, sick friends and relatives, social distancing rules, lockdowns, closed schools, mass media scaremongering, and Fauci / Birx scaremongering. You can add masks to the list, but they are far from the main cause of frightened Americans.

            I recall most people took off their masks when outdoors in Summer 2020.

            • Hi Richard,

              The COVID fear was hyped. The first person that got sick in my family was in late November 2021, but most of them were flipping out by April 2020. I will never forget my mother wearing plastic gloves to go get her mail and long time clients not allowing me into their business to pick up tax documents.

              I have hundreds of clients…no one, and I mean, no one, died of COVID. Did they get sick? Yes. Did they get better? Yes.

              I did not wear a mask nor would I allow my children to. I refused to play this stupid game. If a business would not allow me in then I went elsewhere. If a client refused to meet with me because I didn’t wear a mask then they didn’t meet with me.

              Anyone that picked up a study in reference to the 2003 SARS1 outbreak in China knew how to handle this. If the bums on the street corner aren’t keeling over then we aren’t dealing with a deadly pandemic.

              The government and media pushed a narrative, a sinister one. The people that played along were naive fools. The majority of my family played along: masking up to enter a store, following the rules just to get along, etc.

              I will never forget the time that my family of four went hiking on Old Rag Mountain. It was a beautiful, warm, autumn day and with the exception of us and another couple everybody hiking was wearing a mask, even toddlers. It was revolting. Is anything cleaner than fresh mountain air? That was in September 2020.

              It has been three years since this psych op landed at our feet and I will not forget or forgive the businesses and people that turned on me. And although, I love my family to pieces I will not forget how they played along due to continuous peer pressure or not wanting to rock the boat.

              Maybe it wasn’t a big deal to many to put a mask on or to get a shot, but to those of us that stood our ground it was hell.

              When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

            • Dick writes:

              “I don’t have to study psychology to know that Covid fear was created by Covid deaths..”

              Oh, bullshit. I began calling it that in the summer of 2020 – when the bodies weren’t stacking up like cordwood and it was obvious a con rather than a virus was afoot.

              The “masks” enforced the manufactured panic – and made it hard for most people to show they didn’t buy it. I have explained this ad nauseum – and it gets tiring doing it. But I will never stop – because of people like you.

              • Never mind the made up, pulled out of their a**, six feet number for social distancing. Which had no base in science. The same science we are all supposed to trust no matter how blatantly obviously it shows when they are wrong. I just shook my head when the direction arrows started showing up on the floors of the grocery store aisles. Which goes to show you when the next pandemic hits (and Gates has bragged another one worse than covid is coming) they will really have to go big.

              • In a previous comment, EP pontificated:

                “Jews in Germany were made to wear the yellow star.”

                A small minority of Germans being persecuted were forced to wear a yellow star at all times, and that was evil.

                But that has no relationship to the US, where almost everyone was forced to wear a mask indoors.

                There was no discrimination, with a favored non-mask wearing group.

                Even in 2021, people we know who took mRNA shots continued to wear masks.

                If ONLY the “unvaxxed” in the US were forced to wear masks in 2021, that would have been comparable to Jews in Nazi Germany.

                But that never happened here in Michigan. There was no way to tell the difference between “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed” people.

    • They’re not irrelevant as there has not been a full accounting of and prosecution for those who promoted and profited from The Madness resulting in ongoing massive iatrogenocide.

      Until the “mask” becomes synonymous with the yellow cloth star in public discourse the job is FAR from over.

      Your attitude reminds me of Monty Python’s skit of “Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who…”

  14. Well said Eric. Uniform, like authority, has two definitions. An authority can be one who holds the threat of violence over you, or one who is indeed an actual real expert on the subject. Uniform is all the same. Uniform is also apparel that shows you are one of the all the same. So why are these two wearing apparel that clearly demonstrates they are unlike all the rest, as in NOT uniform?
    I prefer to call it delusional psychosis, in that they believe they are uniform, even though they aren’t.
    Or it could be a religious symbol, displaying their belief in all things Fauci, hell or high water.

  15. **Off topic, apologies in advance**

    The fediverse was abuzz this morning with news that apparently Putin’s mercenaries, Wagner Group, are mutinying, apparently in some sort of an attempted coup.

    Interesting timing, what with the round the clock coverage of the spectacular deaths of those Titanic tourists.

    Sad that I’m aware of both those stories despite actively avoiding any mainstream news. One wonders how it is possible traditional broadcast media is so broke with everyone promoting their content the way they do.

    • It seems like having a mercenary army of convicted Russian criminals — the Wagner Group — fighting only to eliminate the rest of their prison sentences, was not a very good idea.

      The Wahner Group seems to want to take over all of Ukraine, destroying everything in their way. But Putin is not supporting their goals, which prolongs the war, in their opinion, and gets more of them killed.

      Putin only wants to control the Donbas region of Ukraine, where he had intervened to stop a geno cide of Russian speaking Ukrainians, who wanted independence from Kiev. They did not want to become part of Russia, although almost three million civilians from eastern Ukraine fled to Russia to avoid getting killed.

      Ukraine is a war of attrition with no end in sight, sort of like the US in Vietnam. The Wagner Goup does not like that at all — they want a victory, not a stalemate.

        • The ‘authorities’ found a truckload of money in 5000 Ruble notes assumed it was a payoff to the Chief of Wagoner. Kind of sounds like that magical passport floating down after the destruction of the WTC towers. eh?

          A little while ago the Belarus President Lukashenko met with Prigozhin and an agreement was made,,, The mercenaries are heading back to their bases and it seems the two Generals Prigozhin wanted removed are being removed according to latest news from Russia.

          Prigozhin claimed they (the generals) were taking a cut of the money towards munitions which was reducing the amount of ammo causing the group to run low on ammo.

        • Hehe…seemed to be the most obvious thing, no? Just like the morning of “Nahn-leven'(9/11)…first thing I said “Here we go- the BIG, expected false-flag to start off the 21st-century and destroy what liberties we still have, in preparation for their NWO”. Same with the scamdemic- before it even became a thing- soon as I heard of reports of “people dropping dead on the streets and bleeding from their eyes”(remember that?) I said “Here we go….”. Once you know their modus operandi (And we’ve all seen it many times before) it’s uaually pretty obvious.

      • Hi Nunzio

        It was a tempest in a tea cup. Its already being resolved. You can almost hear the Usual Suspects gnashing their teeth over that. I wonder what else their desperation will drive them to?

        • Hi BJ!
          I think these things are much clearer when we’re not jaded by the BS of media exposure. When we’re not exposed to their lies, and their telling us what to think…..

          • Hi Nunzio

            Exactly. At this point one must assume the Ministry of Truth(mass/social media) is lying no matter what they say. But examining their lies and spin is useful. It gives you an indication of what their current focus is. Gather enough data points and you can use that to make some useful predictions.
            I look at this from a system/process analysis perspective. That is why I can see they are getting desperate. But desperate people do stupid and dangerous things. Lets see how this unfolds.

  16. On the plus side it’s been really damp/humid around here lately, so these freaks belonging to the Order of the Diaper will eventually kill themselves off by rebreathing all that moisture trapped in said diaper. Pneumonia anyone?

      • Unless you’re working in hazardous conditions. It has only rained a few inches here in the past several months, so any time I work with the tractor, mower, or tiller I’m stirring up a ton of dust that I don’t want to end up in my lungs.
        I’ve used N-95 respirators for at least 35 years for what they are designed for. They are dust masks: particulate filters. And they do a great job. I hate to think how much aluminum and abrasive dust I would have inhaled over the years while blending and deburring aircraft parts and such.
        They sometimes give me a splitting headache, but everything is a tradeoff. Now of course there’s also the nagging feeling that I must look like another sick-in-the-head fool who believes he is saving Grandma.

        • Roland,

          I copy that. An N-95 while operating the backhoe can be a lifesaver. Not only to keep the dust out of the nose and lungs, but the Valley Fever fungus that comes with the dust, here in parts of Az.

          • Yeah, my Dad was a farmer all his life and as far as I know never used any type of dust mask. I hate to think how much grain dust, pollen, mold, and regular old dirt he inhaled. But he lived to be 94, with no respiratory problems whatsoever. Go figure.

  17. There was a study not too long ago indicating that people who thought they were ugly were MORE likely to still be wearing face diapers, while people who didn’t think themselves ugly were LESS likely to still be doing so. And when Trump was President, people who just hated his guts wore face diapers as a show of defiance against him and virtue signaling about how they listened to the self-proclaimed “Science” himself, Tony Fauci.

    And has anyone seen that photo of Mandy Cohen, Joe Biden’s pick to be the new CDC director, wearing a face diaper with Fauci’s face on it? When she was a public health bureaucrat in North Carolina, she was all in with the draconian COVID measures & mandates that proved to be not only ineffective, but DESTRUCTIVE. If she replaces outgoing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, she could make Walensky look competent & sane by comparison.

    • Cohen: “She was like, ‘Are you gonna let them have professional football?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ And she’s like, ‘OK neither are we.’” [giggles]

      Speaking as one who believes nobody should have any confidence in the CDC, I’d say this airhead is the perfect choice. Perhaps the only thing Biden has done right.

      • Hi Roland,

        I saw that clip of Cohen telling someone she “Wasn’t going to let them have professional football”. If that isn’t yet more proof that the government’s “COVID pandemic response” WASN’T about “Protecting Public Health” but something far more sinister like “Controlling & frightening the masses”, I don’t know what is.

        • Yes, John, what struck me in early 2020 was how these mini-tyrants came crawling out of the woodwork all over the world at the same time to bark orders and write rules. The Cohen video suggests that they were busy comparing notes the whole time.

          • Not only that, the media and authoritarian politicians manipulated people into thinking that those who didn’t wear face diapers were “killing people”, which then morphed into “Those who didn’t get vaccinated were killing people”.

    • Grouchy Fauci first said don’t wear masks. Then he said to wear a mask. Then he said to wear two masks. Why anyone continued to listen to him is amazing — a total appeal to authority logical fallacy.

      The bigger problem is Trump gave Fauci and Birx a huge amount of face time on TV to Covid scaremonger and they sure did. By the end of 2020, people were desperate for a vaccine to prevent death. They had no idea how low the Covid infection fatality rate was for people under age 60.

      Then we had the Trump financed nine month mRNA shot development period (versus the usual ten years) to create a shot that Trump still claims saved one million lives … when there is no evidence they saved one life. The manufacturers never claimed their shots would save lives, but the politicians and bureaucrats sure did, and will never admit they were wrong.

    • That’s the problem with having a government filled with psychopaths. When one of them retires or resigns, the replacement is invariably more psychotic than the predecessor.

      • Hi Jason,

        Someone else who could be even more psychotic than their predecessor is Peter Hotez, who peddled COVID jabs as heavily as the media and corrupt public health bureaucrats did if not more so. I’ve also read that he’s being considered as a replacement for Anthony Fauci, who stepped down as NIAID head late last year.

  18. ‘Etymological legerdemain’ — love it!

    What a hoot it would be, watching the senile scarecrow who’s impersonating the president stumble over this ten-syllable linguistic minefield.

    By year end, the poor old grifter’s speeches will be reduced to “See Dick. See Dick run. See Jane. See Jane run. See Puff play with the ball. See Spot jump.”

    God save the queen! 😉

      • “In the wake of the Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal, calling D.C. a swamp is an insult to swamps and frankly to all wetlands in general. We need to redefine the Clean Water Act to include all Biden-adjacent areas.”

        — Margot Cleveland, lawyer and legal analyst

        • It’s astounding, isn’t it?

          If you or I were to “fail to report” millions to the EyeReSS, do you suppose we’d still be walking the streets? Ask Wesley Snipes about that.

          • Hunter Biden’s lawyer previously paid about $2 million of his back taxes, which made it much less likely that Hunter would spend a day in prison.

            The gun charge could have led to some prison time, but not when your surname is Biden.

            What’s still missing is an IRS investigation of taxes paid on the tens of millions of dollars of bribes Hunter took for influence peddling. And shared with his Dad. Those $5 million and $10 million bribes that whistleblowers are now talking about have big income tax implications. I bet the income taxes were underpaid for that income, if paid at all, but the IRS does not seem to care.

    • See Dick.
      See Dick mumble.
      See Dick stumble.
      See Dick fall down.
      Vote for Dick.

      Think I’ll start a new campaign.
      Richard Cranium for President!
      What the hell. A little CGI, a few posters, a “vibrant” campaign slogan or two…
      What could go wrong?


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