Diaper Report: 03/15/2024

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No, it’s not over. It’s simply been sequestered – for the moment – to oasis of sickness psychosis. That is to say, hospitals and other “health care” facilities.

In these places, you will still find weaponized hypochondriacs in abundance. Have a look at the video embedded below; it was taken just a few days ago yet it looks as though it was taken three years ago – at the very height of the mass psychosis event that was characterized by mass masking most of all:

A woman went to the hospital – where there are people whose education and experience are supposed to render them more able to recognize mental disorders – and discovered all of them looking to be mentally ill.

Either that or something far worse, which is probably the case. That being what was uncovered by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo back in 1971, at Stanford University. The so-called Stanford Prison Experiment showed what can happen to ostensibly normal people when they are given power over other people – and encouraged to exert it in sadistic ways. Student-recruits were divided into two groups – guards and prisoners. The guards were given authority – and encouraged to exert it over the prisoners, whom the guards increasingly (and increasingly obviously) came to regard as subhuman objects worthy of the abuse they were receiving.

Things got so bad so quickly that Professor Zimbardi had to shut down his experiment after just six days. It was supposed to have lasted for two weeks.

Our has lasted for fours years, almost – and it is not yet over.

Previous Diaper Reports have focused on the casualties of this experiment. The prisoners so beaten down by the guards during the past almost-four-years-running of this vicious experiment that they continue to “mask up” even though almost everyone else – in the outside world – isn’t, which ought to serve as a clue that “masking up” is as silly (and medically unnecessary) as constantly fingering a set of Rosary beads to ward off the evil spirits.

They are to be pitied. They are not unlike – indeed, they are much like – people who’ve fallen under the sway of a religious cult, especially an authoritarian one. The cult gives them meaning they’re lacking and the “mask” is the devotional symbol of their faith. Some are also, of course, genuinely afraid of sickness. But this is itself a sickness – though not a physical one. It is the very definition of hypochondria and the condition is now both widespread and chronic.

It may never be cured.

Which brings us back to the hospitals – and the doctors and nurses. These people – of all people – have to know that “masking” is not just silly but oppressive and degrading. To them as well those they continue to pester about “masking up,” such as the woman who posted the video embedded with this Report. If they do not know it – if they still believe that “masking up” serves other than some oppressive psychological purpose – that it has medical benefits – then they are more than merely ignorant fools. Try to imagine someone who holds a Masters degree in English who is not only unable to discern the difference between its and it’s but also insists that its your mask.

Would you pay to have your kid taught English grammar by such a one?

I think they are worse ones, though. I think they know perfectly well that the “masks” they continue to wear serve no medical purpose. But they wear them – as a group – because they have been told to (as a group) by authority. That is to say, by their employers. By the corporations that own what is now interestingly styled “health care” rather than medicine, as was once the case. This is to show who’s boss, of course – and that is particularly important when it comes to “health care” because it has become itself an authority, having acquired (via government) the power to compel obedience.

People in need of medical care are forced to deal with it.

And the people who are its minions have been egged on (like the guards in Zimbardi’s experiment) to enjoy exerting the proxy authority they now possess. The doctors and nurses shown in the embedded video behave just like door guards behaved at the height of the mass psychosis event marketed as “the pandemic.” (It is important to always deride “the pandemic,” which never was that in a medically meaningful sense; it is absurd to use that word to describe an event that would have gone unnoticed absent the characterization of it as a “pandemic,” because almost no one who was healthy died as a result of it).

They are enjoying it. They like lording it over people they can order around – or think they have been empowered to order around. Their behavior is despicable – but it’s also revelatory, in that it is the power that has corrupted them (per Lord Acton’s dictum) and that power has not abated.

It has merely been held in abeyance, for now. Out in the world. But within the world of “health care,” it champs at the bit to be unleashed upon any who dare walk within range of its authority.

We’ve not seen the end of this. Don’t make the mistake of thinking we have.

. . .

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  1. Brazil does the Letitia James thing against former president Bolsanaro:

    ‘Federal police in Brazil have indicted former President Jair Bolsonaro for falsifying his Covid-19 vaccine card in order to travel to the United States and elsewhere during the pandemic.

    ‘Federal prosecutors will review the indictment and decide whether to pursue the case – which would be the first time the former president has faced criminal charges.

    ‘According to the indictment, Bolsonaro ordered a top deputy to obtain falsified Covid-19 vaccine records of himself and his 13-year-old daughter in late 2022, right before he flew to Florida for a three-month stay following his election loss.

    ‘Brazilian police are also waiting to hear back from the US DOJ on whether Bolsonaro used said cards to enter the United States, which would open him up to further criminal charges, the NY Times reports.’


    It’s a victimless paperwork offense. But hey, any trumped-up [sic] charge will do, when the objective is to ‘get’ someone by any means necessary.

  2. The ‘vaccine’ gift that keeps on giving: US cancer deaths rose well above trend in 2021 and 2022, the years of heavy ‘vax’ administration. Chart:


    Rep Chip Roy has introduced H.R. 7551, the LIABLE Act, to lift PREP Act immunity for ‘vaccine’ makers. You can look it up on congress dot gov.

    It has 20 cosponsors, all Republicans. But it should have HUNDREDS. Pfizer and Moderna need to be sued into liquidation, as a civil matter. Then their managements should be criminally charged under the Nuremberg Principles.

    • I don’t think it will do anything.

      Why, you ask?

      Ex post facto.

      Yet another pacifier offered by some congressweasel, to fool you into thinking they are on your side. They aren’t. They don’t give a 💩 about us. We are not in The Club.

  3. It will never be over, but I flew a couple times this week and only saw a handful of diapers in two wildly busy airports. Also, I went to visit my MIL at her care facility. She’s in the highest level of care, so these are people ripe for the reaper. Some of the staff were masked up, but not a single resident. It made me oddly happy.

  4. Interesting that they all covered up their name badges. I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of most company policies, at least anywhere I’ve worked. If a customer asks to see our badge we have to show it to them.

    If you’re such a believer in the mask, why not wear it with pride? You’re right… Right?

    • Hi RK,

      Hard to believe that this crap is STILL going on. There was a Cochrane review study that last year definitively proved face diapers DON’T FREAKING WORK, and yet there are people who STILL cling to the BS narrative about face diapers. Even the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, ran an editorial peddling the face diaper narrative.


      • Whether the face diapers work or not isn’t the issue. It’s the fact they’re trying to illegally force a medical intervention on those who don’t want it. As for Bezos, that’s the reason he bought the Post (the newspaper of record for Congress). Of course he’s going to use it as an editorial platform to increase sales at Amazon–which is what face diapers did, ironically, during 2020. It’s also the reason the Post was one of the loudest cheerleaders for the shutdown.

        • Hmmmmm. Forcing people to wear face diapers everywhere in the first place eventually became forcing people to take that experimental mRNA jab “no matter what”. Yet, there are people who STILL think the shutdowns, lockdowns, face diaper mandates, social distancing, and vaxx mandates were about “Protecting public health” & “Saving lives”.

          • I failed to explicate: what I meant by “medical intervention” was the masks, not the vaccines (though it applies equally to both).

    • In some blue state clinics and hospitals, the badges not only have the names of the workers but their preferred pronouns as well. It’s not a joke either, they really do.

  5. I’ve seen this in medical facilities throughout, even after the studies showed yet again that masks do not work. I was surprised when it all started because of the study published at NIH website showing they don’t work. But after even more studies came out and everyone else seemed to have tired of the nonsense, UPMC declared masking again.

    What is wrong with UPMC that they can’t understand that the masks are a showpiece?
    I think they understand just fine, so what is the purpose? To create an environment of fear?

    What did they discover happened or not during masking that they are trying to replicate?

    And any Dr who wears a mask is one that should be steered well clear of.

  6. Passive-aggressive authoritarian sadists make my blood boil. [in best gay soy boy voice] “Do what I say or I’ll call someone with a gun.”

    I know as a Christian I’m supposed to love others as Jesus loves them but, these Satanic cultists make it awfully darn hard.

    The fact that when you google “globalist satanic rituals” you get nothing but Q-Anon conspiracy theory links makes me think they’ve got something to hide.

  7. My wife had to take here elderly Dad to get some impacted ear wax removed. At the front desk of urgent care, two diapered obese-uses demanded they both wear masks they were handing out. My wife stood firm and said no way not her or her Dad. The obese-uses then said “we’ve been seeing a lot of ‘positives’ lately and my wife said ‘so what’? After 15 tense minutes they relented and let my wife and her Dad go to the room to get the ear wax cleaning procedure. Not another nurse or assistant they came into contact with was wearing a mask and no one said another word about it. It’s pure sadistic BS from sickos to see what they can make you do. Oh, and btw some dopes in the waiting room, including a 30 something father with two young kids, were wearing their diapers faithfully.

    • Thank you for sharing that. You really have to stand your ground or it will never end. They will relent (almost) every single time. If they threaten to call the police, tell them to go ahead, call their bluff. They won’t. Police want nothing to do with the mask. Go on the offensive. Tell the maskhole to take off the face diaper. Turn the tables.

      I had a friend tell me last night that she and her elderly mother tried entering a rehab facility maskless but the worker told them they both had to put it on. I’m afraid to say my friend and her mom caved in. She asked my advice what to do next time. I told her what I said above. Say No!

  8. Reminded me of the show “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” when they surrounded her. Kudos for her standing her ground,,, she was more a ‘man’ then many males I have met during this plandemic of a virus never ever isolated and is likely non existent.

    The entire medical industry are nothing but mentally disturbed cucks.

  9. I watched through the entire thing. Lololol they brought out the fat bitch cavalry, with stern looks, crossed arms doing their best “im your mommy and im VERY angry at you” routine, and hiding their name badges as fast as they can like scared little girls. It’s just too ridiculous for words. Well done to the lady

    • My age 90s father in law had it out with his doc one day after another indifferent visit. “You dare talk to me about health issues yet you reek of cigarettes and your entire staff is morbidly obese” (all true, they were a collection of Seattle sweathogs).

      Doc did apologize and actually did do a better job. Father in law was an early adopter of proper eating, exercise and supplements way way back. Born in 1916 he made it to 94 as an active man. Never overweight. Cross country skiing into his 80s.

      Two takeaways – effective callouts can work and you’re your best doc especially now with instant access to healthy information. Good luck America!

    • Great analysis. The skinny man with his hands stress clasped together revealed his struggle to stay on script with such a limited amount of vapid euphemisms at his disposal.

      • Thanks bro. If/when I get into a confrontation with them and they’re like this I’m gonna tell them to quit with their robot replies, and then rattle them off:
        “I’m sorry you feel that way.”
        “We’re doing the best we can.”
        “We’re sorry if there has been some inconvenience.”
        “I understand you have concerns.”
        “I’ve given you your options.”

        And then watch them glitch out

  10. Where’s Joe Biden today? He doesn’t know, that’s for sure.

    Where’s Fauci these days?

    Where’s Rochelle?

    Where’s Tiffany Dover?

    She’s alive, just fainted.

    Albert Bourla? Where’s that bum?

    Didn’t vaxxed mask-wearing people just fall over on camera in various broadcast settings?

    COVID Kool-aid worked/works wonders!

    So cool.

    Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred years too late
    The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothin’ to plunder
    I’m an over-forty victim of fate
    Arriving too late, arriving too late
    – Jimmy Buffet, Pirates Looks At 40

  11. These people also wanted to fine and even imprison those who refused to wear face diapers everywhere. Here’s one way to mock the face diaper cult….”Face diapers are as Safe and Effective as COVID jabs. To really be safe though, you need to wear 9 face diapers in addition to getting a 9th COVID shot per the latest recommendations from the CDC.”

    • It’s number 10 now…. Here’s hoping everyone in that video and all others who try to push ‘bullshit’ get that tenth booster.

      • Hi Ken,

        You’re kidding. Now the CDC is recommending a TENTH COVID shot? It was just a week or so ago that they were recommending a NINTH COVID shot. I suppose it’ll only be a week or so until CDC recommends people get an ELEVENTH COVID shot.

  12. RE: “We’ve not seen the end of this.”

    Looks like it:

    ‘THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What’s Coming Next…)’

    Newsflash: contrary to the worries of conspiracy realists, global government is NOT a far-off, distant threat waiting for us in some potential dystopian future.

    No, it’s not a future threat. The truth is that global government is already set up and functioning. Here. Now.

    In fact, it’s not even happening in secret. It’s happening in the most visible way possible: a party. […]

    And even if the average Joe and Jane did familiarize themselves with all of these various conventions and all of the things that these agreements obligate their nation to do, they wouldn’t take the trouble to read the Rules of Procedure dictating how these “Conferences of the Parties” are actually run. […]

    The global government is about to assume jurisdiction over your health. It is in the process of setting up its governing body for drafting up the rules that will control your government’s response to the next declared scamdemic. And hardly anyone in the public even knows this is happening.”…


  13. Kudos to this woman. She won.

    Not only did she get them to relent, she also exposed them for what they are and called them out.

    No doubt a majority of people who watch this video would think that she is the crazy one.

    • Philo “No doubt a majority of people who watch this video would think that she is the crazy one.”

      I’m not sure about that. I suspect most people feel like they were “had”. They might not admit it to others, but they know.

      I would bet that most of those people trying to intimidate her actually know as well. You cannot be a total idiot and become a nurse. I would bet at least one or two discussed it in the break room. Of course, most probably had business degrees since that is the dominant head count in hospitals and medical groups these days. And regardless of your IQ and/or degree, you also have to have a spine to speak out. The gal with the phone seems to have a pretty stiff one.

      Someone on staff actually had the brains to come up with a solution other than waiting for the handcuffs and billyclubs to appear.

      • I think she had them when she made it clear that she knew it was not illegal to not wear a mask and that she was going to remain there until the police arrived. With her phone recording the whole time. The person who made the decision to allow her to have her procedure would have been the person in charge of the entire incident. The skinny guy and the fat bitch brigade were not accountable.


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