Diaper Report: 01/31/2024

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There is a sight I’m still seeing – and probably so are you. It is a sight we never before the event marketed as a “pandemic.” I use the air fingers quote marks to ridicule the misuse of the word, which used to mean a worldwide plague of some kind that killed broad swaths of the otherwise health population. The Black Death that is credited with having killed off a third or more of the population of Europe during the late Middle Ages was a pandemic.

Of course, that’s why the word was used to describe an event that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy population. The idea being to scare 100 percent (ideally) of the population into believing they were going to die – if they didn’t “mask up.”

Which brings us to this:

The event that was marketed as a “pandemic” has been over for more than a year. Yet there are still some people walking around as if there were a pandemic afoot. Not that “masking up” is any more effective now than wearing a bird-beak rig and a floppy hat was during the pandemic of the late Middle Ages. That is beside the point.

The point is that after the Black Death subsided, you no longer saw people walking around wearing bird-beak rigs with floppy hats – because they weren’t ill.

Today – a year-plus since the end of the event that was a “pandemic” like a Chevette is a ‘Vette – one still sees mentally ill people walking around wearing the latter-day equivalent of bird beak rigs with floppy hats. Even outside. Even though there is no other person close enough to sneeze germs on them or even near them. They wear their “mask” as religiously as an orthodox Jew wears his yarmulke.

Of course, the difference is the “mask” wearer does not believe he is practicing a religious ritual. He thinks he is wearing his “mask” because it “keeps him safe.” Which is odd, given the probability that any person still “masking” has almost certainly also been “vaccinated” – plural, as in multiple times – yet does not believe (apparently) that the “vaccines” he took are “safe and effective.”

Else why continue to “mask”?

Obviously, the “mask” wearer does not believe the “vaccines” are effective (never mind safe) even though he probably continues to take them. This raises interesting questions about his obvious belief that “masks” do “work.” How can a rational person hold these two at-odds propositions in his mind at the same time?

The answer suggests itself. These people are not rational. They are not capable of acting in accordance with facts. They are driven by their beliefs, which are driven by irrational considerations. It is the only explanation that makes any sense – to use a word associated with rational thinking. These people – the ones you see still wearing “masks” – have lost the ability to do that, if they ever had it.

And in a way, so have we – as in our society, collectively.

Evidence in support of this proposition is the incontestable fact that just four years ago – before the coordinated worldwide launch of the event that was a “pandemic” like Rachel Maddow is an attractive woman  – the only places you saw people who weren’t mentally ill wearing a “mask” over their faces was within hospitals and even then, you generally needed to go into a surgical suite to see it. If you saw someone wearing a “mask” outside of a hospital, your first and entirely reasonable thought was probably, there goes someone with a serious mental problem, such as extreme hypochondria.

But that pathological affliction has been normalized.

Even those of us who aren’t ill often pretend not to see the mentally ill. We pretend to not notice that the 20-something-year-old person manning the cash register at the supermarket is clearly mentally ill. We behave normally around people who are ill, which is – arguably – both foolish and unkind to the ill, in that we are enabling their illness by pretending not to see it.

It is likely we will not see the end of this for years, perhaps decades. Perhaps for as long as any of us currently alive are still breathing. It might take that long for sickness psychosis to die out, like polio. Even after that disease had been cured, you’d still occasionally see polio victims being wheeled around. The damage done to them can’t be undone – and it may be that the damage done to us – as a society – won’t be undone, either.

Some of us will probably be telling our grandchildren about the time before the “pandemic,” when it would have seemed odd to anyone who saw it, to see a person walking around with a “mask” . . . outside of a nuthouse.

. . .

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  1. Eric, thank you for staying on the mask topic. You might not see masking very often in your area, but it is a common spectacle in my neck of the woods. And I am afraid you are probably right that masks will be with us for years if not decades. Not a day goes by that I don’t see masked drivers in cars all by themselves. In grocery stores, at least 10-15% are masking at any time, higher among workers.

    I was at the store the other day. I had the option of self-checkout or regular line. The regular line was staffed by a masked cashier. I chose the self-checkout but it was malfunctioning – too many items for too little space. Cashier called me over. I told cashier I didn’t want to come to her line. She asked why. I told her b/c she was wearing a mask. Then I spent the next few minutes letting her have it, asking her to take it off, explaining to her why masks don’t work, how other states/countries are not doing it and they are fine, etc. She couldn’t have scanned my items faster to try to get away from me. You could tell she was deranged b/c she kept telling me to stop talking about masks. She did not want to hear information that questioned her masking. It was like: stop, stop, I don’t want to hear it, don’t tell me, blah blah blah.

  2. Good and evil….

    The slave owners convinced the stupidest slaves they had to wear masks to stop the evil coming out of their mouth and nose and killing everybody….

    And they had to get poisonous injections which would kill the evil inside them….stopping them killing everybody on the planet….

    Then there was social distancing rules and a lockdown of the slaves to stop the spread of the evil……..

    Your body creates viruses…they actually are exosomes…as a cleaning agent to eliminate/clean up toxins in your body….they have been labeled as evil…

    the most profitable myth in history….resulting in enormous on going profits for big pharma…fighting evil….

    Your body creates viruses/exosomes so that means you must be evil….this gives the slave owners justification to cull slaves….they already see the slaves as animals/useless eaters so culling them is no problem…actually justified….

    the slave owners also say these slaves…..animals/useless eaters are causing climate change too….more justification to cull the herd…..

  3. Is there a connection between the timing of the rollout of, ‘The Plandemic’ & the rising tide of protests worldwide against the Rulers imposing their will upon The People?

    Doug points this out in this video & mentions how there’s similarities between the level of protests in 2019 & today, and what to possibly anticipate next? …Who knows?


    ‘You ready for a NATIONWIDE BLACKOUT?!? Government Warning’


  4. Here’s an example of a crazy face diaper wearing woman, they really are insane:

    ‘Philadelphia woman accused of threatening to kill passengers, assaulting attendant on Frontier plane’ – January 31, 2024

    “…the plane was preparing to land when Dulce Huertas, 60, got out of her seat and stated she needed to go to the bathroom.

    The woman, who was reportedly served two alcoholic drinks, is accused of yelling and cursing at the flight attendant after being told to stay seated. […]

    Once the plane arrived at the gate and the seatbelt sign was turned off — but before any external doors were opened to allow passengers to leave the aircraft — Huertas resumed her aggressive behavior and pushed passengers out of the way as she moved to the front of the plane,” according to a criminal complaint.

    At one point, authorities say Huertas pulled her pants down in a gesture to urinate in the aisle but then pulled her clothes back up.

    She’s also accused of using her belly to bump an attendant who was guarding one of the external doors. Huertas continued to yell, curse and threaten to kill multiple passengers before she was arrested, […]

    If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 21 years and three months in prison, three years of supervised release, and a $355,000 fine.”


    In the video she’s wearing her face diaper around her chin. There’s some type of symbolic meaning there.

    • Why oh, why do we allow the animals out of the zoo? I expect this of a dog. The dog is going by instinct. What is this piece of trash’s excuse? I am so tired of classless people whose only objective is “me, me, me”. We all have to live amongst each other. Can we at least pretend that we have pride and dignity in ourselves? If one wants to act like white trash at home, be my guest, just don’t subject the rest of us to your mental breakdowns.

      • > white trash
        Nah, check the name.
        That’s a hoochie mama, a.k.a. juicy Lucy.
        >using her belly to bump an attendant
        Probably a copious one. Too many dulces for Dulce, I’m guessing.

  5. “COVID” in a nutshell:

    1: “We’re gonna cure death, even if it kills us!”
    2: “Can everyone please comply, so that I don’t have to go back to work?”
    3: “I LOVE using the government to bully everyone, because I’m a miserable, self-entitled bigot who hates everyone!”

    We reap what we sow.

  6. Global warming/climate change….a totally bs narrative…zero science behind it….but it is very profitable….billions of dollars to be stolen… the thieves are laughing at the stupid slaves….the slave owners say it is real…so it must be…lol

    Virology….another bs narrative with zero science behind it….probably the most profitable scam ever invented….the stupid slaves swallow all this bs…..they trust the slave owners….

    The field of virology is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science…but a good slave control tool…

    ….but….. it is useful in marketing campaigns helping big pharma to make huge profits and pedal stock……..


  7. This whole “pandemic” sham is very much like the boy who cried wolf. So many freaked out and were terrorized by not a wolf, but barely just a mangy, scrawny little fox. Something that could only kill the very weakest and sickest. And yet there are still those who bar their door (that big opening on their faces) against the wolf. The wolf that didn’t even exist….

    But what worries me is that, like that old story, if there ever is a real wolf (man-made or natural), most people have become so tired of the Covid hysteria that they will simply ignore it.

  8. I swear I heard this PSA on the radio as I was waking up, urging people to get the latest variant booster if it had been TWO months from your last booster or infection.
    Unbelievable. They spin this BS with such a convincing tone/voice of authority.

  9. The first time I saw someone in public wearing a face-diaper was not, ironically, in 2020, but in 2009 during the so-called “swine flu pandemic.”

    I was in college at the time, and while studying in the university library I looked up and saw to my surprise two foreign Asian students wearing these bizarre face coverings, like something out of the torture-porn horror movie “Hostel.” The lamestream media would later refer euphemistically to these same face coverings as “masks” during the scamdemic of 2020-2021, but at the time I had no such propaganda term to subdue my instinctive revulsion towards these mentally deranged strangers and the dystopian vibes they were projecting. And judging from the facial expressions of the other bare-faced students in the room with me, I was not alone in my initial gut reaction. I only hope that they, like me, continue to see such pseudoscientific talismans as the very same, and refuse to ever normalize their presence in daily life.

    For goodness sake.

  10. “The idea being to scare 100 percent (ideally) of the population into believing they were going to die – if they didn’t ‘mask up.'”

    Mencken called it a century ago:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  11. The idea is to keep enough people wearing them, or facilities mandating them, to keep it lying dormant in the public’s consciousness so they can push a button and get us back to this abhorrent practice while the elites get off and laugh at the peasants. And it’s wrking. Their psy-op has worked brilliantly.

    Some time ago I debated with a friend who said: “I don’t care if others wear them as long as I’m free not to.”

    My response was: “No, as long as even a small minority wear them it tells the bigs at the top …. ‘you can do this to us.'”

    Time has proven me right. So I have a huge problem with ANYONE wearing them.

    • Also, once you get half the population wearing masks in public (again), it starts putting pressure on the other, un-masked half to “follow the crowd/herd” (mentality). The shills of, “you are infecting the rest of us if you do not mask up” starts coming back into play. And, I anticipate will return with the next pandemic. Never mind the irony that the masks do not work, that viruses are smaller than the mask holes, and that…oh yeah, the masks are made in China! And there again, the nods from other, unmasked folks at the grocery store during the height of COVID as we walked by each other showed that I was not the only one not giving in to the lunacy.

      • The practice has been normalized, a major goal of the elites, because even though most people don’t wear them any longer, they don’t freak out at the sight of a masked person. It has become accepted even though most marvel at the stupidity of it. Don’t underestimate the impact of that.

  12. The idea is to keep enough people wearing them, or facilities mandating them, to keep it lying dormant in the public’s consciousness so they can push a button and get us back to this abhorrent practice while the elites get off and laugh at the peasants. And it’s wrking. Their psy-op has worked brilliently.

    Some time ago I debated with a friend who said: “I don’t care if others wear them as long as I’m free not to.”

    My response was: “No, as long as even a small minority wear them it tells the bigs at the top …. ‘you can do this to us.'”

    Time has proven me right. So I have a huge problem with ANYONE wearing them.

  13. From reading an article, or one of the links, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe in today’s LRC where Hans kicked Walter Block out of the Libertarian club, “…he has […] published materials that clearly disqualify him as a libertarian and Rothbardian and that reveal him instead as an unhinged collectivist taken in by genocidal impulses” …I learned that, but also that Walter is a full blown Covidian.

    Further on I learned that Prof. Robert Higgs was also a Covidian, but is said to have changed his mind, or something.

    It wasn’t a shocker to learn that about Walter, but it was a bit of a surprise about Higgs., I respected his writings, the man,… not-so-much, now. ‘Er’, make that, no longer.

    So now, I’m trying to equate those two Covidans with the one scurrying past Eric in his video. [cursor, blinks]


    • Perhaps I should add that Walter has written his Covidian views based upon his (Collectivist) understanding of the N.A.P.
      Which is really bizarre, imho. Does that classify him as what Laurence M. Vance calls, ‘CDC libertarians’?

      “…it is entirely justified to “punish” Typhoid Mary to the extent that she not be allowed to continue to infect people in the restaurant in which she worked. She should not of course be put in jail. But isolation in comfortable surroundings would appear to be the only sensible fate for her.”…


    • It has been my experience that elderly people tend to start choosing in favor of safety over freedom at some point in their old age. I think for many, that critical thinking part of the brain tends to wither.

      My dad is a good example. Growing up in his house, he was a natural skeptic and it certainly was passed to me. He’s now in his 70’s and during the “ppppaaandemikkkk” I saw him at a local store with my mom and they were both masked. Talk about a mentally scarring image! I could hardly bear talking to them, and I got out of there as fast as I could. 20 years ago, he never would have masked up.

      I think eventually, if you make it that long, it will eventually catch up to you.

      I too was disappointed with Higgs. Until I realized that it’s probably not his fault. It’s just old age.

    • Hoppe makes a very compelling argument. “Covid” and Zionism both have had a way of reveling certain people’s true colors.

      Block has done some good work (as has Chomsky, RFK, Jr., Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, etc.), but they’re all from the Left. The Left’s foundational principle has always been collectivism (i.e. communism), and no matter how hard they try to be libertarians, collectivism is always where they default. They just can’t be relied on.

      On the other hand, the right-leaning libertarians tend to come from a foundation of individual rights. Although sometimes those on the right get confused (usually by the indoctrination of the Left), they do have the ability to come around.

  14. The next “plandemic” will coincide with the 2024 presidential election in an attempt to keep “Orange man” from the presidency. The “fix” is already in the works…

  15. Four deadly Pharma killers in a century. The Spanish Flu,,, wasn’t Spanish and wasn’t the flu. The disease was popping up in different parts of the world almost simultaneously. Latest guess that I tend to go with is at the same time a new vaccine was out for bacterial meningitis.

    Next up is Polio due to using what they call a live virus caused more polio than the ‘real virus’. Of course we all know viruses are not live, they are particles according to ‘the science’.

    Next up AIDS. AIDS ‘deaths’ were caused by AZT, a killer medication much like Remdesivir. The AIDSdemic was mostly a media event much like the recent plandemic. When Pharma come out with the AIDS vaxxine most of the AIDS disappeared, NOT due to the vaxx but due to them stopping the use of AZT. This made the Vaxx look like it worked.

    And lastly our very own Covid plandemic. Just like in 1918 they tried masks,,, didn’t work then either. The big difference here was guberments was all in. All guberments everywhere doing exactly the same is all the evidence anyone needs to know this was a global conspiracy. By paying hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars for any death attributed to Covid guaranteed a guberment paid for plandemic. The protocall for using Fraudci’s Remdesivir and ventilating guaranteed death. Cremation of those killed eliminated any possible evidence. The deadly vaxxine causes death in a variety of ways which will nicely coverup the fact that it was the vaxx that underlined the cause.

    Today most governments are involved in reducing the population anywhere from 500 million to 1 billion. This means 7 billion must be eliminated. The Covid vaxx isn’t done yet. They are now injecting children down to infants. It has already been shown that the vaxx destroys the reproduction glands. This won’t be obvious until 20-30 years from now but don’t be surprised. They need to eliminate 2-3 generations. How they intend to do this without wiping out the species is unknown.

    Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial System are no longer involved with saving lives or even preventing disease. No money to be made there. Only death and misery makes them the huge amounts of money they strive for.

    • When Pharma come out with the AIDS vaxxine most of the AIDS disappeared, NOT due to the vaxx but due to them stopping the use of AZT.

      What AIDS vaccine, Ken?

    • 10 years, 3650 days, 7,000,000,000 souls to be sacrificed.


      You’ll have to eliminate, kill, nearly 2,000,000 people per day for ten years.

      36,500 days, 191,000 people per day for 100 years. Going to be a lot of work to kill seven billion people. Not counting daily births and deaths, of course.

      Better get started.

      Klaus is a madman.

  16. I’m seeing a correlation between the number of masked fools vs the frequency of covid hysteria ads on teeeeveeeee.

    Good news though, the young lady pharmacist at Publix (sigh, what’d I’d give to be 35 years younger) said they’ve quit ordering the “boosters” cuz no one is taking them. Her included I suspect.

    • Hi Mike,

      Just wait til establishment media and government engages in hysteria over Disease X, which these globalist technocrats keep telling us is coming. The question I have regarding “Disease X” is, is it some made up thing designed to get people begging for worldwide authoritarianism with the WHO in charge (via their wet dreams of a global pandemic treaty), or might it be some gain-of-function, man made virus in some bio lab that’s deadlier than the dreaded ‘Rona? At this point, we don’t know, but we do know that these globalist technocrats are capable of all sorts of evil. Just look at the past 4 years and the crap they’re already trying to implement.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I’ve only ever heard of Nipah virus from watching The Highwire every week and reading alternative media. But whatever the WHO declares a pandemic next, you can be sure that the medical-industrial complex will be making some mRNA “vaccine” for it at WARP SPEED, and the globalist authoritarians will try to rush MANDATES for every last human to take it, claiming that it’s “For the Greater Good”.

          • John,

            Yep, should there be such an event, you can count on a warp-sped mRNA transfection agent will be soon behind. But if it’s an engineered pathogen anywhere as lethal as Nipah, (but built to be more transmissible of course) I guess it won’t matter!

            Also, I’d never heard of The Highwire, but it looks interesting. Thanks for new avenues. 🙂

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I’ve never heard of The Highwire myself until 2020 at height of COVID hysteria. That show was one of few programs and media outlets that dared to report REAL science on COVID, face diapers, vaccines, etc. For doing so however, they lost their YouTube and Facebook pages for “Spreading misinformation”, but over time, that show has gotten the COVID stuff RIGHT unlike establishment media, government, Big Tech, and the medical-industrial complex. Had it not been for that show and a belief in God, I might have fallen for the heavy propaganda involving COVID and the “vaccines”.

              The Highwire has also reported on other issues besides COVID & vaccines, such as the sinister WEF/ WHO agenda, other Pharma drugs, fluoride, this transgenderism push, etc.

        • I always find it incredible that the Big Pharma/Government fear porn psyop can even leak into places like the epautos comments. How was this “Nipah virus” allegedly found, isolated and proven to cause a certain disease? Without citing to any authority whatsoever, the CDC says this about it: “Infection with NiV is associated with encephalitis (swelling of the brain) and can cause mild to severe illness and even death.” I like how they use the word “associated.”

          I will scream this from every mountain if necessary. Show me where anybody on earth has isolated and identified a “virus” and proven that it causes the alleged disease they purport it to cause. The answer: Nowhere!

          Wait for it, wait for it. . . “They have so!!!!!” “They’ve put snot in a petri dish with 10 other toxic substances and ‘cytopathic effects’ of liver tissue of a green monkey were observed.” “They also isolated the rna sequence (cough, cough, “in silico”)!”

          Give me an f-ing break. Just because many are gullible enough to believe this ridiculous sophistry doesn’t make it true.

          • Jon Rapoport (in his newsletters) was hammering on this very issue right after the COVID “virus” came to light. As early as March of 2020 he was explaining that there was no virus. He explained in detail how real viruses are isolated and identified. At first, I thought Rapoport was a bit crazy. Fast-forward a year or so later, and found out he was right. And then, add in the BS, PCR test that founder (and developer) himself, Kary Mullis, warned was not to be used to diagnose anything (but that the Feds are actually mis-using it for), and it makes for the perfect lie to release onto the gullible pubic. To think that years on down the road, the history books will admit COVID was all a lie…but they will put a spin on it and explain how it was all for our own good to deceive everyone. Well, almost everyone.

              • I just saw a headline over at IW that says “Dr. Birx says Long Doofy Doof-19 resembles HIV/AIDS.” Haha. The irony…

                  • ML,

                    There is a decidedly derisive and cynical tone. The word “nonsense” alone was used (disparagingly) a total of 12 times, and much of the language is meant to belittle.

                    Which, fine. He can be cynical and disparaging, but I don’t believe referring to the paper as a diatribe is any great hyperbole.

                    • If something doesn’t make sense, it is by definition “nonsense.” Clearly Dr. Bailey does not believe that “virology” makes any sense and it does not pass scientific muster. How else does one call bullshit on what appears to be something without being cynical?

                      It does not appear to me that “virology” has been put forth in good faith. It seems designed to promote big Pharma and the medical industrial complex. How else does one call this shit out?

                  • ML,

                    Dr. Bailey can be cynical, and that’s fine. I’m simply defending my description. That paper was written with scorn. Now, it’s not that I don’t understand. If I thought that 120 years of a supposed scientific discipline was merely an elaborate ruse to create a basis for medical tyranny, I’d be a bit snarky, too.
                    I simply think there are opportunists who use any excuse to expand their power.
                    I mean, think if there actually were no pathogens, but merely insalubrious environments and imbalanced terrain and the like, and this was acknowledged by The Powers.
                    You think the vampires would let you alone? You think they wouldn’t come scolding you about how you were polluting the environment and causing illness for yourself and others? Hell, they already do that. You think they wouldn’t push the newest concoction to balance your terrain and if you didn’t take it, you’d be an undue burden on others and therefore it should be mandatory? Think about that.

                    • All of your criticism of the criticism of “virology” entirely misses the point though. You can’t prove the existence of the thing being criticized by attacking its criticism.

                      One can’t prove “virology” by asking whether “they” would find other ways to try to control the populace or whether someone else’s theory of the cause of human sickness is invalid.

                      Where is it that anybody on earth has isolated and identified a “virus” and proven that it causes the alleged disease they purport it to cause? Why is this so difficult for anybody to answer this question?

                  • Mr. Liberty,

                    I’m not attempting to prove the existence of viruses by expressing that Bailey’s paper is filled with cynicism. Just an observation.

                    Nor am I attempting to prove anything about virology with my commentary on the vampires and their methods.

                    Some literature presenting what I consider good evidence for existence of viruses, tailored for addressing the criticisms Dr. Bailey and others have levelled at virology, has been assembled and will be presented soon on the Forum. Sorry it hasn’t been a priority in my life. My homesteading issues and fulfilling the obligations of my employment take precedent.

                    • Look, you don’t owe me anything, but you’ve been telling me you would show the existence of one or more viruses for more than a year now. I’ve looked at what you posted in the forum (called “A Hello to Virology”) and it’s largely a criticism of Bailey and then a copy and past of non-scientific tales. Here’s just a small example: “Experiments have shown that tracheal exudate from two strains of laryngotracheitis of chickens from New Jersey and two from California when suspended in bouillon and passed through Berkefeld V filters will produce the disease.” This doesn’t prove a damn thing. I can do this as well: Studies have shown the Vaxx to be safe and effective. Should we all now be convinced of this “fact?”

                      The rest of the posts in the forum are just an exercise of begging the question (i.e. the logical fallacy in which an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion). It’s all circular reasoning with big scientific words to impress and confuse the reader.

                      There’s always special pleading when it comes to proving the existence and disease causing of “viruses.” I tend to get responses like “I’m too busy to explain it,” or “Viruses are so small to see,” or “It doesn’t matter what proof is offered, you’ll never believe it anyway so why should I try?”

                      If you can’t prove it, at best it’s an unproven theory. I’m not sure why you’re compelled to insist on their existence.

                      I always come back to Mark Twain’s quote: ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’ It’s tough to come to terms with the fact that one has been fooled all of his life.

                      For those interested here’s a link to your forum posts:


                  • ML,

                    Truth is, I HAVE been too busy.
                    I’ve been building a homestead that whole time as well, as well as pursuing other interests.

                    And yes, I began with the post “A Hello to Virology”, but know that much more needs to be done.

                    “It doesn’t matter what proof is offered, you’ll never believe it anyway so why should I try?”

                    It’s said because it’s a good point. All I can do is produce and explain the literature at this point. Later, I will be able to do custom experiments, and I’ll be glad to do them, but ultimately it’s up to you and others what the threshold is for evidence you’ll accept.

                    Much of the difficulty in understanding viruses does stem from them being too small to see, as in submicroscopic. You can watch a bacterium swimming about and multiplying before your very eyes, but viruses and their effects are best seen as snapshots through the electron microscope. It causes difficulties for peoples’ understanding.

                    But I’ll continue in my attempt at educating others in the libertarian landscape to the best of my ability. Looks like I’m the only one willing to do so.

      • Did you see, John, where health care works in some of the Denver hospitals have recently been injected with the experimental Ebola vaccine? That yes, sheds onto others? Makes me wonder if this is “Disease X”, we have been hearing all about? Psycho, wants-everyone-dead-for-the-earth, Bill Gates gleefully warned everyone that something worse than COVID was coming only a year or so into the pandemic, and I wonder if this is it? And, if so, I wonder how long before it spreads to other states? And yes, conveniently, right before the elections, too.

  17. As a dialysis patient, last week the Medico-Industrial-Korporate Bastards brought back masking. Imagine sitting for four hours with two giant needles stuck in your arm in an uncomfortable chair with that damn foul synthetic piece of shit covering your face! Most of the patients willingly go along; like it’s keeping them “saaaaafe”. I cannot breathe with the obscene thing on. I along with a couple others do not keep it on. When you go in the lady at the counter gives you a chemically smelling blue rag if you are not already diapered up. The only one to ever yell at me to put on the mask was the fat-headed AGW… (who I called a mask-nazi) fortunately he is now gone due to budget cuts!!! Yay! I was sop angry last week when they brought this back but what can you do when you need dialysis to stay alive! Everytime I see a masked idiot it pisses me off so much. People are so stupid! I taught Science (for real, not PC hogwash!) for twenty years before kidney failure ended my career… These mask wearers have no clue about the Carbon-Oxygen Cycle and respiration because for years the media portrayed science as something for nerds and geeks and not Kool like f-ng SwallorTift, GhettoRap Kultur, and Foolball…Now see where ignorance of “real” science takes us!

    • Hi EPX!!!

      First, I’m sorry to hear about your kidney failure/dialysis situation. Bad enough to have a major health issue. But on top of that to be subjected to forced idiocy is beyond insufferable. You have my sympathy. I hope this ends and you can get the treatment you need without being subjected to the idiocy.

    • I have a client whom I take to (and often pick up) from dialysis 3 times a week. As soon as he gets in the car with me he rips that stupid mask off right away! The guy is 95 years old, and has no use for masks unless he is forced (like at dialysis) to wear one.

  18. With “Scientific experts” now claiming that humans merely BREATHING contributes to cliiiiiiiiimate change, it’s possible that people who are STILL wearing face diapers do so because they (wrongly) think they’re “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet” & “Stopping the spread of CO2” by doing so. Instead, they’re poisoning themselves. There are countless studies out there of harms caused by prolonged wearing of face diapers.

    • Hi John,
      There was a good interview on Dr. Mercola’s site a few days ago with a real scientist explaining how CO2 is vital for life itself, and that this “Net Zero” mania is a suicide cult. Just can’t fix stupid; I am so grateful to Eric and everyone here for helping me keep my sanity through this control freak psyop.

  19. I recently took a new full-time job. Front counter work. Not exactly my dream job, but that property tax bill isn’t going to go away. The hiring manager said that when several applicants found out they’d have to work directly with the public they panicked and turned it down. A few showed up to the interview in masks.

    As you wonder why everything still takes 3X longer than you imagine it should, remember that there’s a subclass of otherwise able bodied workers who are afraid to go out in public spaces.

    • Curious, if you don’t mind sharing. You sound very knowledgeable regarding electricity. Why not become (or maybe you already were) an electrician? Trades, at least in my area, pay -really- well for the same reason we always talk about. Nobody knows how to do anything anymore!

      The handyman, the plumber, the electrician, the pipefitter will inherit the earth. While the make work paper pusher and bean counter days are numbered.

      • Around these parts, they want you to work 16 hr days 6 days a week. Money is great but I’m at a point where I’m more interested in free time (and my tired old body isn’t as willing as it used to be)

        I’ve had a few interviews with subcontractors and service people. They’re far more interested in getting someone who will stay with them for 20 years so they don’t have to keep training new people. I’m still on track to completely retire in 5 to 7 years, and that’s not what employers want.

        A nice boring desk job fits the bill just fine. Although getting used to all the smells of the “individuals” who come through the door should warrant hazard pay!

  20. When I see the mask, I know everything I need to know about this stranger. Thank you for letting me know you are: a stupid liberal low information (unfortunately) voter. You think you care more than me about the environment, the downtrodden minorities and alphabet people. You will never own a gun and you feel guilty for living in a rich country. You have no religion other than your ideology. You feel entitled to other people’s human effort via confiscation thru the government. You believe no one else should have opinions and thoughts that differ from yours because your ideas are good and others are evil. You could even have tyrannical tendencies and will inform the Stasi police on others.

    As Stalin said: a useful idiot.

    • Well-said, Hans –

      Exactly so. These are people who would have people like us made to live exactly the way they think everyone ought to live. Because they think it’s the only way that people ought to be allowed to live.

  21. One thing I found weird during COVID hysteria was people who got outraged at those who refused to comply with nonsensical COVID diktats such as face diaper mandates but they didn’t get outraged at politicians and bureaucrats who broke their own rules and diktats. Examples include California Governor Gavin Newsom, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fmr Oregon Governor Kate Brown, fmr NIAID Director Tony Fauci, etc.

    We even had elitist Hollywood types implore the masses to wear a face diaper everywhere, but of course, most elitist Hollywood types didn’t do so themselves.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I hope this nonsense doesn’t come back, but given that there are those who claim that humans merely BREATHING contributes to cliiiiiiiiimate change, if these authoritarian tyrants implement climate lockdowns and implement face diaper mandates accordingly under guise of “Stopping the spread of CO2”, they could well bring back fines for people who refuse to comply.

      • Roscoe: I really like that you won’t let it go with this bastard obstetrician. This is exactly what’s needed with these medical tyrants. You should haunt this shameful idiot for the rest of his career/life.

    • Like most religious types, they’re far more interested in their own actions, not those of others. So they snuggle into their “holier than thou” couch and proclaim superiority, while still living with the fact that no politician is ever going to be up to whomever they hold in high regard, whether it be JFK, FDR or Ronald Regan.

    • “…but they didn’t get outraged at politicians and bureaucrats who broke their own rules and diktats.”

      Of course they didn’t! The dildos would never bite the hands that feed them! How else would they feel superior, if they didn’t have the elite to bully the rest of us into submission? lol


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