Diaper Report: 12/18/2023

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“Persons of size” are getting a free extra seat when they fly Southwest Airlines – to accommodate the rest of them that spills over into the adjacent seat. What has this to do with reporting about the strange and ongoing cult of Face Diaper-wearing?

See for yourself!

Note that every single one of the morbidly obese, morbidly entitled narcissists seen in the video above is a member of the Face Diaper Cult.

Now, the putative reason for wearing one of these things is for health reasons. Marvel at this. People who care so much about their health that they wear a “mask” over their faces wherever they go who cannot exert the willpower to stop stuffing their faces. You have to really work at it to get as fat as these “persons of size.” They are not just a little heavy. They are What’s Eating Gilbert Grape heavy.

For those who don’t remember, the reference is to a 1993 movie about a morbidly obese woman. Back then, things were accurately (and so honestly) described. The mom in the movie was not a “person of size.” Which could could be any size. Of course, the point of the exercise is to pretend we’re not talking about morbidly obese people, so they can pretend they’re not.

They are merely . . . “persons of size.”

Well, such persons are not healthy people. Being that fat is what’s called a co-morbidity. Meaning, it is a factor likely to result in more and worse sickness. People that fat often have heart disease and diabetes, among other serious/chronic sicknesses that render them far more vulnerable to dying if they catch what for healthy people would be a case of the sniffles.

As was the case during the event sold to the generally healthy population as a “pandemic,” by which the impression was created that healthy people were at risk of dying as a result of catching a cold.

They weren’t. But many thought they were – because they’d been gulled into using the word, “pandemic” – which in the minds of most people conjured up images (and fear) of mass death. By the standards used to define the recent “pandemic,” there is also a “pandemic” of “gun violence.”

And bet your bippie, they’re going to try that one, too.

Anyhow, you’d think that a person so concerned about health would have lost weight by now. Do they not know that being morbidly obese presents a much greater threat to their health than catching a cold? It was understandable – three or two or even a year ago – that morbidly obese people were more afraid of catching cold given how fat and so unhealthy they were.

Emphasis on was.

But if they were so very concerned, why are they still as fat as they were – and in some cases, even more so? Anyone who is morbidly obese can lose weight over the course of a year – and thereby become much less vulnerable to chronic illnesses that make the catching of a cold potentially something more serious than a case of the sniffles.

Instead, these fatties insist on being accommodated – and not just in terms of their size. They insist on not being called what they are. I am myself a “person of size.” And so are you. So is anyone who is any size at all.

But I am not  morbidly obese person – and that’s one reason why I never wore a “mask.” The other – far more important reason – being that I knew the wearing of these devices serves no health purpose.

I suspect these “persons of size” know it, too.

So why do they continue to wear these devices? I think it has to do with the same reason that explains the aggressive, narcissistic entitlement that they be given a free extra seat to accommodate their folds of flesh:

They are entitled narcissists. Unashamed to “be who they are” – and demand that you and I accommodate who they are. The Face Diaper is a visual signal to others that this person is going to be in your face with obnoxious demands. The Face Diaper is a badge of honor among these people, who regard themselves as special and entitled to deference. They implicitly regard us as not being members of their entitled cult and bet your bippie they are champing at their bits to bring back Face Diapering for all.

Though perhaps not – as if everyone were Diapered Up again, these fatties would lose their most distinctive attribute.

Well, other than being “persons of size.”

. . .

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  1. If you eat too much carbohydrates your body stores it as fat….Overweight?…cut back on carbohydrates….

    Like the GAPS diet….more protein…less carbohydrates…..

    The best protein is meat or fish….the slave owners want to ban meat, replaced with bugs.

    The slave owners want the slaves weak, stupid and sick….then they are easier to control….they don’t like strong, fighting age men….they eliminate them or turn them into soya boys….

    The slave owning billionaire nobility owns the huge corporations that sell the slaves crappy food and then make more money through their allopathic medicine selling them drugs because their health is ruined.

    The slave owning billionaire nobility’s goal/purpose in life is robbing and abusing/torturing slaves….

    The slave owning billionaire nobility live in castles…the slaves can barely pay rent or live in a tent or under a bridge…..

  2. As a person of size I use only Southwest for domestic flights because of their previous policy of refunding the second seat purchased if the flight was not full. From an accounting perspective this makes sense because no incremental revenue is lost (I am an accountant by profession). However, it appears their policy has changed to refund the extra seats even if the plane is full, which is an implicit subsidy for customers of size and with which I disagree although it benefits me. Not all of us agree with mask theater – in fact, I was accosted by a Southwest employee for having a piece of paper with the word “SLAVE” taped to my mask because it might offend descendants of slaves – a ridiculous position which I complied with because who knows what section of the 100,000-page U. S. Code could be used against me by prosecutors who are proud of being able to indict ham sandwiches. Finally, please stop ragging on fat people – in a society where IV drug users are sprawled out on sidewalks there are more urgent issues, plus morbid obesity has a mostly-genetic basis.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I’m a person of size as well, as all of us are… My size is larger than most, too – as I am 6ft 3!

      I get your point re fat people. The main beef here is with fat people who (freely) “mask” (and demand a free extra seat).

  3. Face diapers are popping out like pimples again. The sheeple are all to happy to eat, drink, be frightened, and not fucking work.
    Cars of all brands have been getting increasingly flimsier year to year, but not any lighter. And now the EV versions get an extra 1/2 to 1 ton added to, excuse me, ‘save energy’? Seriously?Physics no longer applies in Sheeple-La-La-Land. I’ve also noticed and increase in brake-lining wear, especially in proportion to the amount of crap people carry around in their cars, all the fucking time, some as much as 3-4 passengers worth. The layers of trash and food in people’s cars has become foul and disgusting. It’s as if self-respect and common cleanliness no longer exists, just self gratification.

  4. “Guys don’t make passes
    At girls with fat asses”

    Told this to my daughter growing up. She had enough self respect to never head down Sweathog Lane anyway. Wife complains about the double standard “you guys can put on a few pounds but expect us to never gain an ounce!” Well dear, I didn’t invent the double standard but as a guy I’m obligated to uphold it. “Mom, is this why your friends hate Dad?” Eh eh eh.

    • You know this is absolute bullsheet, don’tchya?:

      “Guys don’t make passes
      At girls with fat asses”

      I heard a diddy from a Navy vet once, something along the lines of, “the angle of the dangle..” I forget the whole bit.

      Heard another truism growing up, totally forget the diddy. The gist was, marry a fat chick & be happy,… or something like that, highlighting running away from a high maintenance woman.

      What’s your real life observations say about this, is it about true?:

      ‘Men who marry chubby women are 10 times happier, says a study’

      “Everyone, brace yourself!”…


      • “ The gist was, marry a fat chick & be happy “

        Eww. Also, think of the food bill, all those excess fat cells screaming “feed me!” Good grief man you have a retirement fund to think of!

        • Modern notions of beauty & relationships… Lots written about that.

          Which, is “EWW”, a 300lb. full throttle Libertarian woman, or a 115lb. Marxist supermodel named Karen?

          …Or, would you prefer a young Hillary Clinton?

          “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…” – propagandist Edward Bernays

          • As I’ve been telling the young grandson:

            If you stay single,
            Your pockets will jingle!

            Too many younger coworkers, biker buds, etc. burned by the modern female. One friend my age summed it up, they aways turn on you – two weeks, two months, twenty years, it will happen. I was fortunate to find the last Seattle girl raised by older, traditional parents just like my upbringing. Her uprisings have been minor and not a deal breaker. It helped she was a stay at home mom for the most part any work was minor part time jobs. Frankly, they get too uppity when they work outside the home. Bad influences from their man hating coworkers.

            • They “get too uppity when they work outside the home.” Really, Sparkey?

              The bellowing of victimization from both men and women lately is becoming vomit inducing. I am not a believer that the patriarchy is holding me back. Actually, the patriarchy has been very kind to me and has paid me millions of dollars supporting my firm over the years. I thank them profusely. I am successful because of them, not in spite of them.

              Just as all men are not horrible condescending pigs, not all women are modern, feminist, men hating, bitches that believe the world is out to get them.

              Those of us that are sensible, logical, and rational human beings (men and women) need each other. One side of us will not survive without the other.

              As a mother with older teenagers I am terrified of what I am seeing when they are have to begin their journey in the world. Their father and I created a successful partnership. Is it even possible for them to find something similar? Will they become jaded because every other adult believes as you and others do. Fathers have warned their sons that women are gold digging, angry, activists whose only worth is to be pumped and dumped. Mothers warn their daughters that men will oppress them and they should be “independent boss ladies” who do not need a man or children to be fulfilled…just a lot of cats.

              How disheartening that working together as a unit, growing and supporting each others successes, and creating a strong and stable family is no longer something to strive for, but speak against.

              • Wow, well said RG.

                Population reduction and cultural destruction happen more than one way.

                The anti-human, anti-family, anti-Western Civilization WEFers applaud his direction & mark that as a win.
                …The fewer Liberty orientated families in the world, the better?

                …He who has the most toys, wins!

                A title comes to mind, not the article, just the title.

                ‘What Were Romans Thinking as They Watched Rome Collapse?’

              • A strong, healthy, loving family is a threat to the controllers. We don’t need no stinkin’ government because we are self sufficient.

                Anyone who espouses Marxist anti-family ideals is an enemy, wittingly or unwittingly.

                I come from a long line of love
                When times get hard
                We don’t give up
                Forever’s in my heart and in my blood
                I come from a long line of love

              • From my observations it’s just a rare thing in the modern world. When and if two people make a trusting , moral, supportive bond then that’s great.

                If I remember you’re an eastern US person, it’s a different very disfunctional society here in the Pacific North West and especially the Puget Sound region. Worked at a major aerospace place for years, had lots of coworkers from all over the US and the single guys typical first observation “what’s with the cold shoulder women around here?” Especially the guys from the south, “What the he** is up with this place!”

      • I believe Jimmy Soul sang “never make a pretty woman your wife.” Fat can be lost. Ugly takes a really good plastic surgeon and a whole lot of money.

  5. Pre 2019. I saw a fat woman pull up at work in a Suzuki Swift. It took her 45 seconds to extricate her fat fat body from that car seat. I bet that frame is a twisted mass of metal by now. Those little Jap cars have seats made for 60 kg people, not 180 kg people. Imagine how terrible her fuel economy would be as the engine and drivetrain will be overworked.
    Fat women have ugly faces. Fat men can still sport a handsome face. But fat women are just revolting sights, as every part of the body becomes fat, more so than in men. Last time I flew was 10 years ago. I see no reason to fly now and fight with all the fatties for a seat of my own. Me at 160 cm high and 60 kg in mass. I prefer driving in my large luxury 23 year old Holden Statesman with its 10 cd stacker which gives hours of uninterrupted music of MY choosing, minus the ads and squakeboxes that inhabit the airwaves.

      • Probably not. I think he’s just expressing his opinion about fat women. Some guys like ’em. Some guys don’t. Some find them absolutely disgusting.

        I find most of them disgusting, physically and psychologically. I view them as weak people, like smokers. They have a problem and fail to address and resolve that problem. Some are even proud of it. These fat Tic Tokers telling young girls that it’s cool to be unhealthy is criminal.

        • Value. It just seems that focusing on what you guys find attractive or repulsive is doing nothing to make the liberty movement attractive to others.

          Go ahead, alienate & offend more than half the population. It’s a sure-fire strategy to spread the idea of the NAP so people will open their eyes.

          • They may find that we make a good point on both accounts.

            “These guys are making sense with this libertarian stuff. Maybe they are right about the fat thing too. I should lose weight and read more about this Ron Paul fella.”

            After all, libertarianism is big on (pardon the pun) personal responsibility, no? As Jordan Peterson likes to espouse, “get your life in order before you try to go out and save the world”.

            • RE: “These guys are making sense with this libertarian stuff. Maybe they are right about the fat thing too. I should lose weight and read more about this Ron Paul fella.”

              …I want what you’re smoking.

              No f-ing way is anyone thinking that after reading the bits & pieces floating here about this.

              Also, RE: “As Jordan Peterson likes to espouse, “get your life in order before you try to go out and save the world”.”

              WHO said anything about saving the world?

              …Everyone should be spreading the ideas of Individual Liberty,…. and, they shouldn’t be waiting until they’re perfect to do so.

              Waiting until you’re perfect – until your life is in order – is a recipe for inaction & disaster.

              I dunno, sometimes seems pointless.

              “They Want to be Our Shepherds. But That Requires Us to be Sheep.” …


              • Believe it or not, we are mostly on the same page. Humor and a bit of ridicule is compatible with the principles of libertarianism. Need to have a bit of thick skin (but not too thick, that’s gross).

                • “I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me, she’s too fat for me. Way too fat, much too fat, she’s too fat for me.” – Too Fat Polka

                  Faces look ugly when you’re alone
                  Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted
                  Streets are uneven when you’re down
                  – The Doors, People are Strange

  6. The slave owners favor one slave group over another…like BIPOC, LGBTQ, obese……this keeps the slaves fighting each other….

    the slave owners don’t want the slaves to co operate and revolt…..

  7. Who among us hasn’t had a “person of size” ooze over into our assigned seat. The first thing I do when I sit down, regardless of how big the person is next to me, is to lower the armrest. I paid for a seat, not a portion of a seat.

    I also don’t like all the “service animals” on the planes now. They aren’t dogs to help the cripple or the blind. The are pet companions, and they should ride below.

    • Flying is mind numbingly awful today. I started noticing the downfall in the 1980’s. First, the smoking sections ended (that was good).

      But, I trace the beginning of it to the advent of wheels on luggage which took off sometime during the middle 1980’s though they were available as early as the mid 1970s. People’s luggage became heavier and also decided to throw their crap into large duffle bags and carryons in the overhead bin. Plane boarding times became a significant part of flight times.

      I never saw the need to carry a huge amount of stuff onto an airplane. I used to get pissed off when I would see some giant meat sack staring as the stewardess would put that heavy bag of crap in the overhead. Sickening. This is back when stewardesses were petite and decent looking.

      Screaming babies always annoyed me along with loud children.

      All of this pales with the abuse that we are forced to take at the airports. The idea that some hamburger flipper can order you around like a can of dog food to put up your damned arm to enter a constitution volating scanning machine chaps my hide.

      Flying sucks.

      • “All of this pales with the abuse that we are forced to take at the airports. The idea that some hamburger flipper can order you around like a can of dog food to put up your damned arm to enter a constitution violating scanning machine chaps my hide.”

        This is why I’ll never fly again. The dignity of my wife and kids demands it.

        Last time we flew, it was probably 10 years ago (to Orlando). During security theatre, I went through first so I could observe the treatment of my wife and kids unfettered.

        I was watching carefully for the slightest hint of impropriety on the part of these monsters, ready to pounce. Luckily (for all involved), they came through without physical contact of any kind.

        I turn to go on my way and almost run into a cretinous brute standing just behind me waiting to pounce on ME if I so dared to defend the dignity of my family. He must have spotted me (and my intentions) as I was standing there observing their theatrics.

        I smirked and called him a clown as we moved on. That was the last time I’ve flown.

    • Especially on those REGIONAL JETS! As my uncle once said, they’re little more than sardine cans with wings; when you have a person of size next to you, it makes an already bad experience worse. At least the flights on those things are usually short, so the agony is short lived; that’s something…

      • MM,

        The small commuter prop jobs really compensate for that.
        The planes with 2 seats one side and a single on the other side
        place “meat sacks” in the single seats.

  8. Southwest employees are strictly forbidden from publicly making assumptions about a passenger’s gender.

    Behind the scenes, though, they refer to a plus-size female patron as a “person of thighs.”

  9. I’m 6’3″/210# with a 36″ inseam. I do NOT fit in the majority of crippler seats in steerage due to my legs. I always end up paying more for an exit row/bulkhead.

    So I’m actually a Person Of Size too… vertically.

    So do I get a free seat too to turn sideways????

    • My sympathies. I’m 5’5″ after a chiropractor appointment, but I have noticed that the seats have gotten smaller while people have been getting larger.

      If there is an industry that needs a form of sensible regulation, this is it. The fact that the market can’t compensate for the crap that these people dish out is beyond my comprehension.

      One thing I will say about Southwest is that they are the best ariline flying in the US.

      • “If there is an industry that needs a form of sensible regulation, this is it.”

        I couldn’t disagree more. Government involvement in the airline industry is the cause of ALL the problems facing the airlines today. An unfettered free market would solve everything. Shitty airlines would fail, while the ones that provided the best services would prevail.

        • “An unfettered free market would solve everything”

          Yes, it likely would. Does an unfettered free market lead to monopolistic control though? Probably not.

            • At the risk of arguing over agreement (a very libertarian thing to do), I’ll add my two cents.

              Yes, under a free market the bastards would try to consolidate or collude in an effort to create a monopoly. However, one or more of those greedy bastards would eventually break ranks and decide to compete against the others which would blow up the whole effort. Also, so long as there are no legal barriers to entry, as soon as the monopolistic efforts increase prices to a certain point, other entrepreneurs would get into the market, creating competition. Finally, what’s wrong with owners of property deciding under what terms and prices they’re willing to sell, lease or allow the use of their property?

              Freedom is always the answer. No “solutions” (a/k/a government coercion) is ever necessary.

  10. What I can’t fathom is how one can put up with being that heavy. It can’t be comfortable, and probably isn’t painless. It certainly can’t do much for their self esteem when they look in the mirror, however they might try to claim it does.

    • “put up with being”

      What’s that Popeye would say? “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am”? …Better, not to hate yourself, no matter?

      Whenever I see a person who looks double/triple a person, I imagine, it’s something which was created upon them when they were toddlers, or before.

      I also think, they’ve likely tried doing much to change things, to no avail. …Pills, diets, starvation. For them, I imagine it’s much like my buddies & I when we were teenagers lifting weights: day after day after day we lifted weights, but no matter what, none of us looked like The Hulk.

      There are exceptions to the toddler thing, for example, a former Marine (20 yrs later) who looks like they’re pregnant. I’ve know a few. Even one who could still dead lift 400lbs (true story, fat as Hell & arms bands of steel with a love of pie) …I think it was the fake foods which did them in, quite like those who were like that since being a toddler. Idk.

      Imho, the biggest reason people are like that is because they (and/or their parents feeding them) have fallen under the witches spell of Big Education & therefore trust goobermint when it rolls out the food pyramid as healthy eating,… you know, the one which is identical for a method farmers use to fatten pigs.

      …It’s all by design.

      This is seen as Absurdistan to those who’ve bought into the food pyramid scheme:

      ‘Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!’

      …”the American Heart Association began promoting what it called the Prudent Diet, where “corn oil, margarine, chicken, and cold cereal replaced butter, lard, beef, and eggs. […]

      The USDA dietary guidelines and the American Heart Association group trans fats and saturated fats together and demonize them both”…


      … Yes, they are victims,… successfully targeted.
      Much as we all are, some, more than others. I.e. taxes, regulations, the victors write the history, fiat Dollars, The Fed,…


      • to5, I imagine, it has absolutely nothing to do with fat,… or lack of bathing,… rather, it’s more to do with the skin of a human being chemically reacting to all the artificial synthetic fabrics, materials & other substances.

        …There’s plenty of stinky skinny people in this world.

        Also, are you saying, …you never stink?

    • JK,

      I’m still trying to figure out the “proper positioning ” of an …..ummmm…effusive derrière …on a standard width toilet seat?

  11. I remember not too long ago one would be exaggerating when making a comparison between reality and the way society was depicted in Idiocracy. I’m confident that society has now degraded to a point where what was depiction in Idiocracy would be better.

    • ML,

      The decline and fall of the “Amerikant empire”.

      .University of Miami Med school just dropped the MCAT? test for applicants!!!!

      4 years from now …. Good Luck…”Dr Lexus will see you now” …..#%&*?

  12. Saw a fat lady at the store yesterday wearing a holy cloth.
    First thought I had was why don’t you lose weight if you’re that worried?

    • That’s always my first thought too. I always want to inquire with heavy snark, “Concerned for our health today, are we?”

  13. Lincoln once said, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” He is closer and closer each day to being wrong in that statement.

    • DC,

      Unfortunately, I find that the case.
      Subliminal messages on TV?
      School CRT racism indoctrination?
      et al?

      Is there a deliberate and systematic fear mongering campaign incessantly using a Divide and Conquer strategy?


  14. The number of overweight kids I see is disheartening. When I was a young buck, the fat kid was the exception. Of course there wasn’t video games, or phones, or instant gratification of sweets, etc.

    • I first noticed the phenomenon of kids being fatter than their parents in the mid 1990s. I looked at moma, she was thick herself, but her 15 year old daughter AAAAAHHHHH.

      It’s the childhood exposure to sugars and GMO food products that is doing it. Also, bad parenting with the indulgence of sodas and stuff like that.

  15. Sugar is an addictive substance. But because it one of the fundamental drivers of western civilization and the age of exploration, it gets a pass. It isn’t a drug, it’s a spice.

    The Dutch and British set up the East Indies as colonies because you can’t grow sugar cane outside of the tropics. The French built New Orleans to ship the stuff out from Louisiana colony. Made the inedible rations Napoleon fed his army palatable. The British colonies processed the cane into table sugar, molasses and rum. Three products out of one raw material. Value added. And money to look around to see what else might be out there.

    Northern European laborers had a tough time working in the heat, so the Africans rounded up the weaker tribes and traded them for sugar, rum and guns. There’s a kernel of truth to the 1619 story, but they leave out plenty to shoehorn the real story into their political view.

    But getting back to sugar. In the interwar period the big drive was for shelf-stable food, as production was centralized and national marketing became possible with radio. This fit nicely with the demands of the Army, since they could stockpile food for years until needed. After WW2 the process was further refined. Salt and sugar made the otherwise overcooked and bland food taste better, and the whole “science” of flavoring food took off. As competition for America’s mouths became more acute, the flavor profiles were further optimized to create the “bliss point,” a flavor profile that had an initial overloading of taste, but quickly falling off. This encourages more consumption but because one’s tastebuds are now saturated the effect requires more of the flavoring to get the same effect. In other words, addiction.

    Yes, there are plenty of people who don’t have this problem, either because of genetics or because they don’t prioritize food. Good for them. Just like there are people who can smoke cigars when on vacation or drink a glass of wine on Friday and stop. Personally I envy them. I know I’m not one of those people and no amount of wishing will change that fact. But the people who try to deny their addictions are seriously broken. I agree we shouldn’t shame them, and probably shouldn’t pity them either.

    Back before the liberals killed God, there was at least an opportunity to try to get people to think about the morality of creating a bliss point product. But then again tobacco and alcohol providers didn’t seem to care back then either. But for sure celebrating addiction should’t be promoted, nor should treatment with another chemical to counteract the effects.

    You can’t have your cake and shouldn’t eat it anyway.

  16. Pointed snark from Paul Joseph Watson:

    ‘What caused a fit, healthy, young footballer to suddenly collapse in the middle of the pitch during a Premier League game on Saturday remains a “mystery,” according to reports.

    ‘According to a report by Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, there has been a “five-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021.”

    ‘Must be climate change or something.’


    ‘Or something’ … what could it possibly be-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e?

    • A closer to home anecdote of this nature. The younger brother of a friend of mine died suddenly recently. His family was utterly in shock because the guy was 41 years old, very young to drop dead, and quite healthy. Physically active, not a “person of size”, traveled the world, and overall had a healthy lifestyle. They found him dead in bed from cardiac arrest.

      What 41 year old active healthy male drops dead from cardiac arrest? His elderly father had died a year prior and the family has convinced themselves he “died of a broken heart”. That -does- happen but it is generally a widow or widower who is WAY older that loses their spouse and decides to just give up and join them in the hereafter. Even parents who lose their children can go into this spiral. But children are -suppose- to outlive their parents, this is the natural order of things. So that reason always seems flimsy & suspect to me.

      “Death by broken heart / grieving” doesn’t happen to 40 year olds. I asked a question in passing of the family without setting off any radars because it was part of a larger conversation but it told me everything I needed to know. The guy had gotten his 4th covid jewjab just 2 weeks prior to sudden death at age 41.

      Oy vey! Just a cohencidence, nothing to see here. He died of a broken heart, yeah, that’s it… 🙄

      • Forty-one years old? How about twenty-three?

        ‘Andy Hoang eagerly began her first nursing job this year, excited about a November practice session on cardiac arrest. But at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Hoang, 23, started to feel dizzy and nauseated.

        “That’s the last thing I remember,” she told AP in an interview. “I woke up to a room full of doctors and nurses.”

        ‘It turned out that she, herself, had gone into cardiac arrest. Her colleagues sprung into action — instead of practicing chest compressions on a mannequin, they went to work on her.’ — AP


        Since most health care workers were forcibly vaxxed in 2021-22, we can assume that Ms Hoang is a vax victim — just like the young, healthy footballers collapsing on the pitch at unprecedented rates.

        • Hi Jim,

          Awful. I’ve mentioned that I have a friend who works as a nurse. He’s a big, healthy guy who does competitive cycling. He took the “vaccine” – to be able to keep his job. If he “dies suddenly,” I’ll know why.

    • The dumb shits were all warned. They knew better but bowed to peer pressure or worse. Of course they completely deny such ignorance.

      This ignorance is the root of samsara. Its here to stay.

  17. Maybe TPTb can create a new airline, Wide Body Air. It could accommodate the people of size as well as all the Global Nomads streaming in without IDs. Of course they would receive copious amounts of Yellin bux to fund their new enterprise. Its become pretty clear, they want us to stay in our homes, and they’re willing to use whatever means necessary to make that a reality.

    As to co-morbidities, I’m beginning to notice the biggest one of all. Its one you aren’t supposed to notice, but if you look closely, there it is, Zionism is its name. Now before all the Jewish beards come out saying we’re ‘better than that,’ and ‘they aren’t all like that,’ I’d like to remind everyone, Zionism is not “duh juice.” It is the ideology firmly in control of this and all the other White nations, save Russia. Also, last I checked, Anti-Zionism is not the same as Anti-Semitism.

  18. I could only make it through two thirds of that first video,,, thought I was going to vomit when that ‘kid’ was pounding on the table. If that is today’s American family we really need a good nuking. My kids never ever acted like that.

    As for SouthWest,,, not a surprise. Everyone that acts like assholes today get deferential treatment. Today they can block roads,,, buildings,,, burn down half the town,,, and if they’re the correct demographic, sex, or sexually perverse they get a pass. As usual, others have to pay the price no matter what it is.

    In America the worse are always catered to. The lady with two daughters stranded in a airport thousands of miles from home because the airline could care less and wants to virtual signal over a POS is yet another reason I will never fly again.

    And one last thing. Had that lady and two daughters abandoned at that airport been a preferred demographic the airline would likely have bent over backwards and violated every rule in the book to get them on that plane or accommodations.

  19. It’s time to start flying Southwest and requesting a fatass seat. Being a normal sized person, it’ll be almost like first class!

    • Well you could just say that you identify as a “person of size” and demand a free extra seat. If men can identify as women and women can identify as men, I don’t see why a person of average size can’t identify as being a morbidly obese “person of size”.

  20. One problem lies in the way medicine in practiced. When I turned 40 a new doc said “If you don’t lose weight, you won’t make 60!” I was 5’10” and 240 pounds. I took his advice and to date have made it to 84. Even my Wii has stopped calling me fat.😄 How many docs would have the courage to say that now? Now many would just as soon maintain their guaranteed annual income nursing along a diseased body by NOT saying that?

    I have a 62 years old daughter, “intelligent” and “educated”. Interestingly, smart enough to avoid The Shot. But she is at least 100 pounds overweight. Has been on insulin with Type 2 diabetes for several years now. She still eats candy and cookies like they were health food. Snacking on them all day “to keep her sugar levels up”. I know she has been to many docs. All just prescribe the “next greatest thing”. Surely she knows that she risks going blind, losing a foot or two, etc. by maintaining her current death style. To my knowledge, no doc has had the proverbial balls (most are females) to say “Get your fat ass in gear and get healty. I am tired of nursing you along.” (Wanna bet how many of them are overweight, too?) Any suggestion to look at the literature concerning control of, or even complete recovery from, Type 2 diabetes by behavior modification is ignored and if mentioned twice, as a nag. After all, there is a raft of (approved) literature that says it is impossible. Easier to inject the magic “cure”. She is surely not unique when you look around you. What the hell do you do?

    Oh, she is insensed that on moving to Alabama she must now report her condition to the DMV every two years. I admit I have mixed feelings about how much the state should know about my medical condition. But “Come on girl, you brought that on yourself.” is always on my mind when she rants about it. But after all, she is “The Victim”.

    • If everyone practiced good health the psychopathy known as medical industrial complex would likely matastisize into gubmint or some other similar hidey hole.

  21. You sure called it, Eric:

    ‘New York county to enforce travel bans for weather and other ‘catastrophes,’ announcing portal for ‘essential worker’ movement passes’

    “Welcome to Post-Covid America.”

    DEC 15, 2023

    “There has yet to be a reckoning for all of the government tyranny we witnessed since 2020, leaving power hungry politicians under the impression that they can go back to the Covid era rights restricting toolbox whenever they deem it necessary. […]

    Under the New York Public Officers Law, no one may travel except personnel deemed essential during the emergency,” he declared Friday on X/Twitter, promising to sic law enforcement on those caught driving without a movement pass.

    But he also made it clear that it’s not just snowstorms that he can use to justify curtailing the rights of Erie County residents. In his thread, Poloncarz decided that essential worker status applies to a travel ban related to “some other type of catastrophe” as well.”…


    • At some point within the next decade, all of the surface streets on the south end of Manhattan will be tolled, enforced using state-of-the art optical systems to track vehicle location to the cm and read license plates. “Essential” worker movement pass implementation would just be a question of having the right software processing the data at the central collection point.

      The new tracking systems are already in place on all of the bridges and tunnels connecting Manhattan.

    • Not one person,,, politician or so called expert has been held responsible for the covid debacle for issuing unlawful tyrannical edicts,,, masking,,, stay at home orders,,, etc.

      No where in the supreme law of the land is a statement that all civil rights and the right to travel are cancelled if an emergency is declared.

      Until they are brought to justice, things like this will only get worse.

    • “The production of airplanes had been declared “temporarily suspended.” Air travel for private purposes had been forbidden, and reserved exclusively for missions of “public need.” An industrialist traveling to save his factory was not considered as publicly needed and could not get aboard a plane; an official traveling to collect taxes was and could.”

      Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

      • Oh how I wish the tax collectors had to travel door to door and extract payment in person. I would imagine there would be a shortage of willing agents of thievery in short order.

        • That’s why we have income tax withholding. The money is stolen without ever having to confront the victims in person. For those cases where in person confrontation is necessary, IRS agents (not auditors but agents) are armed.

  22. It’s only going to get worse. The next generation I’ve observed getting on the school buses have a lot them wider than they’re tall. Does the school systems have any physical fitness programs anymore? Or was that done away with due to “inclusion”? As a product of the 80’s, neighborhood ball games were common. Kids on bicycles were everywhere and we tended to be fully active til sunset until it was time to come home. Now you can’t pry their asses off the couch from their iPads and PlayStations!

    • Where are they going to go? My neighborhood had several vacant lots and some undeveloped land where we played. Even when the new road went in we screwed around the job site after the workers went home, mostly just riding over the dirt piles… and of course we knew not to go near the heavy equipment -not that we wanted to anyway- it was much more fun to build ramps from the scrap piles. Now most older neighborhoods are built out. And the lots in the new neighborhoods are so small these days it’s not possible to play touch football or whatever, not between the fences and shrubs. And the job sites are fenced off and under surveillance, because the bums will steal everything not locked up tight.

  23. Because Southwest is a charity, I’m sure they won’t roll the cost of that lost seat revenue (plus the extra fuel required to move these tubs of lard) into the price of tickets from the other passengers. Now they’ll have two tray tables on which to store their Big Mac, large fries, and Diet Coke.

    • BAC,

      What’s the fuss? The same as they do with “overweight/sized luggage”….it should “Fit inside this size container”… with excess weight/dimension being charged accordingly..

      Set up an industrial weight produce scale at the airport “checkpoint”…..

      and excess baggage “pays by the pound”!
      Just like purchasing meat at any deli!

      Truly egalitarian, No?

  24. I occasionally see heavier people wearing a face diaper while they’re riding scooters for people unable to walk. I even saw such a person wearing a face diaper OUTDOORS. And I even saw video of high school students wearing a face diaper while protesting a nonexistent “Climate crisis” outdoors. Have they been propagandized into believing that wearing a face diaper “Stops the spread of CO2” coming out of their noses every time they EXHALE?

  25. I too am a “person of size” being 6′-0″ and weighing 200 pounds. That’s a size. A healthy size.

    I find it funny that the acronym for person of size is POS. I agree these people are POS.

    In the same vein, I guess I am also a POC “person of color”. Since I’m not transparent. I’m white. Which is a color.

    These people are sick, and as my pappi used to say… These things tend to work themselves out.

  26. @Eric – In the still pic at around the 6:10 mark in the top video, the woman has an oxygen generator and nasal cannula running underneath her face diaper.

    Look carefully.


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