Diaper Report: 08/08/2023

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An interesting thing – something that appears to be generally true – about the people you see who are still wearing that ridiculous thing over their faces is that most of them appear to be unhealthy.

As in, significantly heavy.

Now, it’s true that being heavy does increase your susceptibility to getting sick – and your odds of becoming seriously sick. This is often given as a reason for the wearing of that thing (leaving aside that those things don’t protect the health of those wearing them anymore than the Emperor’s new clothes preventing people from seeing). The point is they believe they offer protection.

Well, fine.

But why not do something about being heavy – so as to no longer need the (cough) protection not afforded by that thing?

It’s been three years, almost, since the Cult of Sickness Abiding went mainstream. Three years is plenty of time to do something reduce one’s susceptibility to getting sick – and to becoming seriously sick. In three years’ time, even a morbidly obese person could slowly and carefully shed much of their excess weight and thereby shed much of their susceptibility to getting seriously sick.

Many haven’t.

Yet many of these very people continue to wear that thing – often, while pushing a grocery cart full of the things that made them susceptible to getting sick. Twelve packs of soda; bags of chips. Boxes of high-salt, low-nutrition processed foods. It is fair to say many do not know these things are unhealthful. But if that’s fair to say, then is it not also fair to point out the often-strident lectures about the efficacy of those things one hears coming from the people who still wear those things?

They claim to have “done the research” – and “listened to the science.” Okay, but what about doing some research into the effect of obesity upon health?

Doesn’t the “science” also say that it isn’t healthy to be heavy?

In fact, the “science” is really just the TeeVeee – brought to you by Pfizer. They watch and they listen. They do not think.  That went out of fashion along with minding your own business, a long time ago.

Many Americans seem to believe that dealing with effects is better than dealing with causes. When people get sick, many of them don’t decide it’s time to get healthier. Instead, they gobble pills and apply poultices (such as that thing) to palliate the effects of being sick, including chronically. Got high blood pressure? Here’s a pill? Never mind the scale. It is apparently too much effort to not eat more than you ought to (and to eat too much of the foods that aren’t good for you).

But it is very easy to place that thing over your face.


Or let someone put a needle in your arm.

A person I know recently advised friends that she and her husband had “gotten COVID” – again – and that it was more than just the sniffles. “Really hit me hard this time,” she related.

“I missed four days from work.”

But she had been (cough) “vaccinated” – twice!

Even more interesting, she had “COVID” prior to taking the “vaccine,” twice.

Has the light gone on, yet?

Or was it the guilt? This person says the main reason she got “vaccinated” was because she was pressured to get “vaccinated” . .  by the TeeVee, which told her that if she did not, her elderly parents were “at risk.” Being a decent person, her decency was used against her by indecent people. She got “vaccinated.” And now she is getting sick – seriously – probably because her immune system has been compromised by the “vaccines” she allowed to be injected into her body. He daughters have been “vaccinated,” too.

Most of us who’ve never been “vaccinated” even once haven’t gotten “COVID” again. And when we got it before the “vaccines” were “warp speeded” into other people’s bodies, we got mildly sick – and got over it quick. We did not get “chills, headache, ran fever, accelerated heart rate” – as the husband of the “vaccinated” person I know experienced after receiving the “vaccination.”

Most of us who shunned the “vaccine” also never wore that thing, either. And none of us have “died suddenly,” nor developed heart problems we didn’t have before. Probably because we were healthy before.

That is the “science,” by the way.

Yet instead of encouraging people to take action to improve their health, injunctions (and shaming) were imposed upon the healthy, with no similar expectations demanded of the unhealthy. Healthy people were expected to wear that thing because unhealthy people might get sick. Unhealthy people weren’t finger-wagged about how unhealthy they were – and that they really ought to stop engaging in unhealthy behavior.

One can make an argument that – three years ago – these people didn’t know. And you can’t get healthy overnight. But you can in three years’ time. Many of the people you see who are still wearing that thing haven’t done a thing to get healthier over the past three years – because it iso much easier to cling to that thing.

Well, go ahead. But don’t expect those of us who know better to ever put on that thing again.

. . .

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  1. No need for old school virus’s, they have high tech nanotechnology now….

    These globalist/satanists are doing a lot of weird high tech experiments on people with no consent, treated worse then lab rats, concealed behind a huge wall of lies…..

    They have people running in circles arguing over a virus

    meanwhile……what people were infected with was an Artificial Intelligent parasite. It’s part technology, part biology……..Part of the transhuman agenda……

    how were people getting sick?
    “They were getting sick with an Artificial Intelligence nanoweapon

    these can be delivered in an aerosol attack, they can be delivered through water, they can be delivered in food
    the injected are spewing out spike protein parasites, it is getting harder for the purebloods to survive, is that why they have backed off short term, the hunting down and forced injection of the unvaxxed?…they will get everybody one way or the other…

    Essentially, the new AI nanoweapon is a new AI species. Those spike proteins are parasites. And those parasites do gene editing inside of you to spawn viruses, diseases, biosynthetic structures, as well as to host the development of these new species that are being developed…..transhumanism…

    This is not just technology. It’s part technology, part biology. And as you go through the patents and the peer-reviewed publications, most of the biological sequences for this nanoweapon are from parasites…That’s why the ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine and the anti-parasitical treatments kill it and/or at least slow it down.

    Now, the other thing is it’s part technology…It clearly states on one of the patents that this based on Quantum Dot, it’s based on the Bohr particle, which is based on frequencies – which means that frequencies can also disable the technology

    The 5G towers are part of the energy source for this AI nanoweapon. This AI parasite.

    so….watch your food and water, use ivermectin, anti parasite formulas, and zappers…..look for somewhere with no chemtails or forced injections, move to no 5G area….that is difficult…


  2. Not only politicized, but bought and paid for by industry. Regulatory capture. As pointed out by David Knight, what people call “science” is authority.

      • RE: “Regulatory capture.”

        I tried in vain to explain this concept to my brother & his baby-momma prior to them allowing the priests-in-white-robes to inject the MNRA death shot into the arms of their two young children, one of which wound up in a hospital because he couldn’t breathe. …Zero, connect the dots, happened.

        Heck, my better-half cannot even get her co-workers to read the labels on the food they eat,… it’s too damn much trouble & they don’t wanna know.

        …GMO crap/Bioengineered crickets? Yum!
        [That’s spooky, ‘Bioengineered’ is in spellcheck.]

        The story of Lot’s wife comes to mind.

        Often, I’m reminded of something my baby-brother once said as my better-half tried to enlighten him on something, “The government will take care of it”.

        I imagine that outlook times … what? A million? Twenty?

        ‘Idiocracy – Brawndo Has Electrolytes’


        And, That!, reminds me of a fella who ran a restaurant, who said, when I queried him about serving Paleo menu’s, he said, ~ “People will eat anything, they don’t care.”

  3. I got a nasty cold last year. Chills, sweating, extreme fatigue, lasted a month before all good.
    Who knows if that was it. The mask people are hopeless. Instead of being angry just feel sorry for them imo. Plenty around here still.

    • RE: “just feel sorry for them imo.”

      …Compassion? …For the bamboozled. …Yeah. I can see that.
      Somehow, the idiots still wearing face diapers now, the ones I see anyway, they are not at all like the ones who wore face diapers in large numbers the last few years.

      …Somehow, they are different. Can’t put my finger on the why/how… and, I’m just talking about the lowly soul sitting alone on the front stoop of an apartment building while reading a finger fucking device… not the ones in the white-collar offices… I don’t see those though, but it seems like there’s a difference,… somehow. Idk.

      Maybe I’m wrong?

  4. Despite it being undeniable that the COVID “vaccines” are NOT what they were sold as, there are over 100 colleges and universities in this country that are STILL requiring students to be vaxxed to attend classes. It has to be one of if not the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. Are these schools getting money from Big Pharma and/ or the Biden regime for every student they get vaxxed?


  5. Many may view your ongoing mask tantrums as “beating a dead horse.” But that’s OK. We know you can’t keep your psychoses bottled up for too long. 😉

    As for those obese, mask aficionados, let them be. At some level, they all “know” that it’s unhealthy, and deadly to their self esteem. And they know how to change it. But they just want to (or can’t stop themselves from) continuing on. Kind of like smoking…or not wearing seatbelts, or not wearing a motorcycle habit. If they wanna do it….go for it!

    I weigh exactly the same as my Senior year in high school, 170 pounds, when I played Varsity Baseball. But I’m not bragging. Previous back issues mean that if I gain much more than another five pounds, the increased lumbar load will increase the pain factor , A Lot. It’s much easier to control one’s weight when a failure to do so results in almost immediate negative feedback. 🙂

    • Many may view your ongoing mask tantrums as “beating a dead horse.” – MikePizzo

      Sure, let’s all just forget the whole damn thing happened. Give me a break. If those fuckers succeeded, everybody would still be masked up, locked down and injected every six months. I don’t for a second see it as beating a dead horse, especially when there’s been no apology for the tyranny and imposed psychosis whatsoever.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” -Edmund Burke Eric has been one of the good men doing something. I say more power to him.

      • I’m more worried about a pending WW III, a cataclysmic financial collapse, and the “next” scandemic, with a much more deadly, mandatory Vaxx Any heroic stand against the masks seems relatively trivial in comparison. And since we’re closing with famous quotes about fighting evil, allow me to reciprocate……

        “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Henry David Thoreau

        Have fun hacking at that branch. 🙂

        • MP perhaps you should worry about something you can do something about. Like being an example to all the followers that go along to get along. That is not our Eric. But maybe you can do something about WW3, the new financial collapse and the new scandemic ( think you meant SCAMdemic) but maybe not scanning is the thing now. Just do not wear a mask if it becomes fashionable again. Do not get injected with anything, try to eat real food. What ever the MSM advises do the opposite.

          • Just do not wear a mask if it becomes fashionable again. Do not get injected with anything, try to eat real food. What ever the MSM advises do the opposite.

            Excellent advice!

            • RE: “Do not get injected with anything”

              My concern/thought: the bastards put IT in the DNA of food,… & in the food fed to animals,… and in the damn mosquitoes, & therefore compounded by 100 in Every Living Thing. ???

              ‘CONFIRMED The PIGS are being INJECTED and fed to YOU!’

              OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY


    • Hi Mike,

      A serious question: Do you think we should ever forget the Holocaust? 90-year-old men are still being pursued for what they did as 16 year old boys for a few months in ’44 and early ’45. Meanwhile, grown men (and women) who did worse are getting cush speaking gigs and being paid a fortune to sit on the board of pharma corps. Fuck these people. Hard. With a telephone pole. Until it comes out of their goddamned mouths. I’d line the Appian Way with them, per Augustus, were it in my power to do so.

      I will never shut up about “masks” – because I want that to never happen again.

      • Hi Eric,

        Do you seriously equate masks to the Holocaust? If you say “yes,” you make my point for me. If you were talking about the vaxx (NOT the masks,) I’d say that may be true. The total vaxx body count is not in yet.

        There is a huge difference between “masks” and the Vaxx. Your refusal to acknowledge that becomes increasingly questionable.

        • The mask is but the yellow star armband of the Vaxx holocaust. If you accept the mask, on what grounds do you not accept the shot? Just as if you wear the armband, how are you surprised you are rounded up? The difference between the masks and the Vaxx is that once you accept the former, on what grounds do you not accept the latter? You are still saying it’s OK if I wear this symbol of my submission. Eric is saying “No by God, it is not!” And I agree.

          • Hi John,

            “You are still saying it’s OK if I wear this symbol of my submission.”

            Very few people are still wearing masks. But if you are one of that minority ……I am Totally OK with that! If a person ever chose to put on a mask, there is No undefinable yet irresistible force that renders them powerless to refuse the vaxx. Please read this last sentence once again, then tell me if you honestly disagree.

            I share Eric’s opposition to the evil entities that brought us the scamdemic, and who are planning much worse. But if you allow yourself to become outraged or terrified by the sight of somebody wearing a mask, you are playing right into the enemy’s hands.

            • When I see someone wearing a mask, I am not outraged, I am sad. I feel sorry for the person. I would like to help them, but how?

              • RE: “I would like to help them, but how?”

                Good question.

                I’ve come to the sad conclusion, you simply cannot help them.

                They made their free will choice.

                They own it.

                […I’d love to be wrong. Don’t see any other option.]

            • Yo, MikePizzo.

              ‘Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order’

              …” the entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant, occult ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the world and its people into a new global order.”…


              You might not be religious… our overlords are.
              And, they are on the dark side.

              • Exactly, Helot!

                Those who cannot see what “masks” were all about are blind to the danger they represent. It was never “just a mask” – and we must never forget that.

        • Line up for your true id tatoo/chip. Then get ready to ride the bus to the “welcome center”. We will “take care” of you. HAhahaaaa.


        • Hi Mike,

          “Do you seriously equate masks to the Holocaust?”

          I certainly do. In this country alone, how much damage was wrought by the totalitarian bastards who “locked down” society (excepting themselves and their special friends)? 320 million people tormented for years by a vicious, concerted and deliberately meant campaign of fear-mongering and fomented mass hysteria worthy of Jospeh Goebbels that tore families, friendships and the whole society apart. How many millions have been permanently psychologically damaged? How many kids fucked up? How many hundreds of thousands – maybe millions- have had their health permanently damaged by the Mengele-like medical experiment?

          And it could easily have led to concentration camps. It almost did. Have you already forgotten the way people who didn’t submit were turned into pariahs? Treated like – well, dirty Jews were in Germany? Once it becomes fashionable to treat a class of people like “dirty” subhumans who are a “threat” to society, where do you suppose that goes?

          So – yeah – I do equate “masks” to the Holocaust because the two are the same thing in principle and could well have been in fact.

          You say:

          “There is a huge difference between “masks” and the Vaxx. Your refusal to acknowledge that becomes increasingly questionable.”

          Can you truly not see? By wearing that god-damned “mask” you agreed there was a need to. By agreeing to that, you accepted that there is a need to take those god-damned drugs (not “vaccines”) that they pushed – because how could you say no, having said yes to the “mask”? And that is why I never wore one and urged others to refuse to wear them. It is why I curse them and (figuratively) wipe my ass with them.

          Why do you think the “masks” were pushed as hard as they were when it is known to the “experts” that wearing a “mask” has no medically meaningful effect as regards preventing the transmission of respiratory viruses? Why else would there be a push to get nearly everyone “masked up”?

          It truly makes me sad that there are intelligent people who do not see – do not understand – even now.

      • I would suggest the holocaust narrative is not what it seems. Perhaps David Irving on Rumble is a good source. A very brave guy who sacrificed everything.

      • Forget about the Holohoax? Why? We’ll get scammed by the same Kosher Criminals if we do.

        What really galls me is how the Federal Republic of Germany is going after a now 96 y.o. woman who worked as a file clerk at the Stuthof concentration camp from 1942 to 1945; that is, from when this girl was 15 until shortly before her 18th birthday. She wasn’t a “Frauhelferin”, or women’s camp “helper” or guard, like, say, Irma Griese at Bergen-Belsen. She filed documents and answered the telephone! More to the point, she was a MINOR. Yet the FRG still sees fit to persecute this old woman in her life’s twilight, for the “crime” of having been an EMPLOYEE.

        If I were POTUS, I’d tell President Merkel that the USA is withdrawing from NATO and THEY can deal with Putin! We THOUGHT we fought WWII to LIBERATE Europe, obviously, we were bamboozled.

  6. I’ve been largely absent here as my mom passed away last week.

    The cause of death will likely be “complications due to COVID”, which is essentially true, but the rest of the truth be told, what really killed her was the medical apparatus.

    She was in her 80s and had an autoimmune disease. So, yes, I understand she wasn’t going to last forever, and I was prepared for that. But I’m certain she would still be with us we’re it not for being brutalized by indifferent medical staff, and the bad decisions made.

    She’d broken her leg, and stayed at the hospital for a couple weeks after the surgery necessary. She had been transferred to a “rehabilitation facility”, and was actually making decent progress to get back on her feet, when they put a sick woman in her room. My mom soon became sick as well, and became so weak, she fell off of her seat and onto her face.

    She was then taken back to the hospital, and tested positive for the ‘Rona. Whether or not you think that’s valid, she clearly had a bad respiratory illness, as did the woman they put in her room. Try as we did when she was released, we just couldn’t lead her back to recovery. I believe she would’ve had a decent chance if the “rehab” (death camp) would’ve taken some measures to isolate sick people from the most vulnerable. Wasn’t any lesson learned from what happened in places like New York at the beginning of this whole fiasco?

    When if comes to communicable diseases, the best that can be done to preserve your health is to not hang around with the sick people. That woman they put in my mom’s room wasn’t “asymptomatic”. She was sick, and coughing often.

    So, now I’m dealing with the aftermath, while still having to power through assembling my off-grid life.

    *P.S. To Helot, et. al.: I have a few things to say about the chickenpox and measles videos that were posted a little while back, and plan to do so on the forum. Obviously, those spare-time efforts were derailed by recent events.*

    • My sincere condolences, BaDnOn.
      The state of medical care is exasperating. My mother-in-law was in the hospital a while back after falling multiple times at home. Then she fell out of bed in her hospital room. How do they allow a 90-year-old woman who is a known fall risk to fall out of her bed – in the freaking hospital?

      • Roland,

        “How do they allow a 90-year-old woman who is a known fall risk to fall out of her bed – in the freaking hospital?” How indeed?! Same thing with my mom. We asked the same question. WTF are you people doing?! Unfortunately, their attention is fleeting and their supervision is minimal.

        In hindsight, I would’ve taken her out of the hospital and directly home, and taken time off of work to rehab her myself. These places can’t be trusted, unless, perhaps, you’re paying them yourself and active in your management of the situation.

    • Condolences, BaDnOn. T.B. maybe? Hospitals are barbaric idiotic kill zones.

      I look forward to what you’ll produce on The Forum.
      I added a few to the virus thread, if they make a diff?

      • Thanks, Helot.

        I suppose I can’t rule out T.B., as I’m unaware if she was given the applicable test, though I hear there has been a resurgence around here lately. (?!) Not sure of the details there.

        I can say that I gave her several COVID rapid antigen tests, and they were all strongly positive. My dad, who also became ill, was positive as well, though appeared “weaker” (though they aren’t really quantitative tests). He was hospitalized, too, but recovered.

        I have yet to use the remainder of the tests on myself (and unexposed) as negative controls. Perhaps I’ll get to that when I get back up there.

        I’ll check your threat later, as well as add an entry RE: chickenpox when I have the time.

    • BaDnOn,

      I am saddened to hear this and I offer my sincere condolences on what you and your family are going through. Please let me know if I can do anything.

    • The Medical Industrial Complex may have been responsible for her autoimmune disease, as there is a correlation between them and “vaccines”. They do use Aluminum and Mercury to stimulate an immune response against a non dangerous substance, the vaccine itself.

      • Mr. Kable,

        Though I warned against it, my parents both got 2 transfection experiments each. Luckily they didn’t seem to suffer side effects immediately, and they used Johnson and Johnson’s adenovirus system, as it appeared to be the most benign.

        But so much good that has done them.

        As for the adjuvant metals: they’re not bad candidates for the exponential rise in so many previously rare illnesses, but there are so many others in today’s world. As I’m centrally a chemist, we should’ve been so much more careful. But why, with life so fleeting anyway, and those dollar signs in our eyes, would we take precautions not to bring such curses upon our progeny?

        The Medical Industrial Complex, as you’ve correctly called it, feeds on it as well, with dollar-signs in their eyes, and death simply a sign of profit, until they’re the victim.

        • The late Bill Sardi wrote about how ‘they’ used a killer flu vax back in 1994 or so to wipe out a large segment of the older generation, my grandmother among them (healthy before she saw ‘them’ dead of Da Flu, after) …Perhaps, history rhymes? Idk.

          I’m too tired & beat to find the exact article, here’s his archives:


          • Helot,

            I used to read Bill Sardi. He seemed like a pretty astute character. Too bad about him. I’ve never heard of this killer flu vax, but I’ll check it out.

            • Imho, he was, Da Bomb.

              …On the other thread, I wanted to mention something about picking yourself up,… or sum such…. I’ve heard in years gone by,… but I’m just too dog-gone tired to remember Jack.

              This woman, I think it was this one, she said something about, keep punching forward, or sum such.

              ‘Kitty Werthmann — Living Under Communism in Austria | Eagle Council 2010’


              Anyway,… you’ve never heard of this killer flu vax?
              That’s just shows how criminal our media & gov. are. …And, all the people who turn a blind eye.

    • My condolences. I know where you are at. My mother died in a Assisted living unit in 2021 May. 92 so not unexpected. She was mentally ok, some issues but knew everyone and was able to fake a lot things. She got the second Covid shot had heart failure a week maybe 2 later. The heart was never one of her problems. A coincidence?, Once happenstance, twice a coincidence 3 or more enemy action. Many similar outcomes from the clot shot, oh but they are anecdotal, well yeah so are most things. Guess they should have done 10 YEARS OF DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES BEFORE THE CLOT SHOT WAS USED. Sorry about the shout but I am still a little pissed on the subject.

      • Ugg,

        Thanks, and yes. At least a few years… On a test system, beforehand. Anything!

        But as such as mRNA transfection systems had been touted since the early 90s, they often ended in summary deaths for the test animals, and human trials seemed most unfathomable. As someone who was educated in such things nearly a decade earlier, there were many fail-safes that could’ve been employed. At least!

        But, no. Just release an experiment on the fucking public, WORLDWIDE! With any Johnny Jackass administering the shot… At “DRIVE THROUGHS”! Yep. Some BULLSHIT!

        Lastly, yes, the typical protocol is there for a reason. Namely, to protect the generator of the vaccine in question, but ostensibly, for “public safety” (though there is no such thing).

    • Sorry about your mom BaGnOn,

      I feel your pain and know where you’re at as my mom died about six months ago. We spent the last few months by her side, which was truly a blessing and a curse. Once diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer she decided to avoid the hospital at all costs. Being in her own home with my wife and I seemed to make her happy. Even unto the end, she was the smartest, happiest woman I’ve ever known.

      The burying her body, taking care of her business, dealing with her estate, all while grieving was pretty difficult. Still haven’t completely gotten over it. It doesn’t really get any easier, time just rolls on and you remember the good parts of their lives.

      Next time you’re on this side of the mountain give me a shout and I’ll take you out for lunch or a beer.

      • I’m sorry to hear that, Norman. I think you’re right, though, that things don’t really get better, you just move on. I’m still a bit of a mess and my gumption has been decimated.

        You’re in Camp Verde or thereabouts, right? Next time I’m around there, I might take you up on that offer.

        Right now, I have so much to do, it’s stupid. And with my motivation having left me, it’s going to be rough.

        • That malaise lasted a long time with me. I just felt like crap. I think its really important to take your time with the grieving process. I was being put on to make decisions that would have been made better if I had more time. It made me realize just how valuable a commodity time really is.

          I am in Camp Verde, still have a place in Cornville. So I’m all over the valley. Its also easy for me to get to Jerome if you’re ever there. Just get my Email from Eric when your ready. I’ll save you some garden goodies.

  7. Life is really simple. How to lose weight – calories in calories out. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what you eat. If you take less calories in than you expend out, you will lose weight. Love sugar? You can keep eating that as long as it stays in the correct calorie range. The equation of how many calories you can eat a day is “your ideal weight X ten.” So I want to be at 125, that means I can only take in 1250 calories a day. Want a piece of cake? That’s 400 calories, leaving me with less than 1000 for the day. Now eating cake all day might make you feel like shit but you can do it and still lose weight – calories in, calories out.

    Humans complicate things too much with stupid ass drugs and diets that never really work. Just my opinion as someone who’s used the CICO way of eating all my life and have stayed within 10 pounds of my ideal weight.

    • Pug, in the spirit of keeping it simple, it seems to me that portion control is the key, assuming there’s not a lot of between-meal snacking going on. I try to put on my plate what I’m going to eat, and that’s it. No seconds. If I feel like I want more, all I have to do is wait a few minutes and my stomach says, “No, on second thought, I’m good.”
      I’ve never had a problem with weight, but on the occasions when I’ve had a flu bug or whatever and not felt like eating much for a few days, I’ve been amazed at how quickly my weight starts to drop, even though I’m getting very little exercise. As you said: calories in, calories out. But the “in” seems to be the more important of the two when the goal is to lose weight.

      • Indeed, the very best exercise for losing weight is pushing back from the table. I think you have to run about a mile to burn a Snickers bar.

  8. I see face diapers mainly on old people (70+) and young people (teenagers mostly). I ignore them and stay far away from them as I assume they are sick and I don’t want to catch what they have hiding behind the masks.

    As to diet and being healthy, it takes all kinds to make a world and all kinds of diets and exercises to keep one healthy.

    In April 2023 I weighed 132 pounds. I am a woman and I am only 5′ 2″ so 132 pounds is getting into chunky territory. I decided to do intermittent fasting. I would go 18-22 hours without eating for a couple days a week, then break my fast with a normal meal.

    I also have reduced my calories, I try not to go above 1200 calories a day. I eat any type of food I want, I just eat a lot less of it.

    As of yesterday I weigh 123 pounds. I lost 9 pounds in 3.5 months. Pretty good for me. I hope to get down to 116 pounds, but that probably won’t happen, so I am OK with 120-125 pounds.

    It is all about calories in calories out and daily exercise (even if it is walking). The easiest way to calculate the calories you need per day is take the weight you want to be, for me that would be 116, and multiply it by 10. My daily calorie intake needs to be 1,116 for me to maintain 116 pounds.

    People poo poo my calorie calculations as being too low, but it has worked for me, and many other people. The 2,000 calories a day mantra from the government is much too high. No wonder most Americans are overweight. The average weight of an American woman in 2023 is now 170 pounds, with an average height of 5′ 4″. Wow. If I ate 2,000 calories a day I would be 200 pounds.

    • Hi Pug,

      Good stuff!

      And – some bad stuff!

      As in: ” The average weight of an American woman in 2023 is now 170 pounds, with an average height of 5′ 4″. ”

      170 pounds was once about what a typical grown man weighed. I weighed about that when I was a skinny junior in high school!

      A 5′ 4″ inch woman who weighs 170 is obese. It’s just sad…

      • It’s especially troubling to so many young girls, teens, young adult ladies that are chubby-to-fat. And they’re so for no reason other than poor diet and no exercise.

        • The tatts & blue hair, I can deal with, …The things like booger rings in their noses,… not so much.

          I suppose, if they had a fucked up afro, had a real lion bone in that spot, & they were riding a zebra buck naked on the African safari,… it might be different. …But, they’re Not!

          • Hi Helot,

            I am glad I am off the market; the tattoo thing really turns me off. Also the blue hair, the fishing tackle in the nose and – above all – the politics.

    • Calories may not be as important as their source. Sugar is bad for you all the way around. It’s addictive, it increases inflammation, and serves no purpose in one’s diet. The more you eat, the more you want.

  9. An old country doctor advised a farmer who was in for a checkup to drink a couple of beers on a hot day and not eat a heavy meal of meat and potatoes along with a double-thick chocolate milkshake.

    Arnold Ehret was a vegetarian who had Bright’s disease when he was a child.

    He became an avid proponent of eating healthy foods.

    He recommended fasting to wean yourself from your traditional diet of foods that can cause dietary diseases. Has to be done systematically, not cold turkey.

    You can be a vegan, no cheeses, no dairy products, no eggs, no meat. A fool’s maneuver if there is one.

    A vegetarian eats dairy and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, you’ll dream of eating roast beef sandwiches and a small bag of chips, Miss Vickie’s is a good choice.

    I recommend a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and maybe carrots too.

    Just have to go to the garden and dig up some vittles, not a problem.

    An empty stomach is a problem.

    You eat good by the sweat of your brow. What they say, anyhow.

    Eliminate processed sugars as best you can, you’ll be happy you do.

    If you are working to empty pallets of soft drinks, go find a new job. You need help.

    Had bananas and mangoes all piled to the sky
    How she could balance it, I wouldn’t dare
    But they don’t dance Like Carmen nowhere
    – Jimmy Buffet, They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More

  10. From How to Change Your Mind (2018), by Michael Pollan:

    ‘I was reminded of an experiment that several addiction researchers told me about — the so-called rat park experiment.

    ‘Rats in a cage given access to drugs will quickly addict themselves, pressing the little levers for the drug in preference to food, often to the point of death. But if the cage is enriched with opportunities for play, interaction with other rats, and exposure to nature, the same rats will utterly ignore the drug and never become addicted.

    ‘”Do you see the world as a prison or a playground?” is the key question Matt Johnson takes away from the rat park experiment. If addiction represents a radical narrowing of one’s perspective and behavior and emotional repertoire, the psychedelic journey has the potential to reverse that constriction, open people up to the possibility of change by disrupting and enriching their interior environment.

    ‘People come out of these [LSD and psilocybin] experiences seeing the world a little more like a playground.’ — pp 372-373

    Food for thought …

  11. “…she and her husband had “gotten COVID” – again…”

    How and why do you know? What sane person – I know we shouldn’t make assumptions – gets tested at this point? I’m fascinated that people still do this. I’ve never once considered having a test administered to find out why my throat is sore or my nose is running.

    • All tests were completely unreliable. The PCR was the worse. It could not determine the alleged covid from the Flu which is what everyone really had. Explains why the Flu cases went to almost zero in 2021-2022. All actual Flu cases were reported as Covid to frighten people into getting the poison shot.

      The testing was an effort to get as many DNA samples from as many people as possible. They also use the “Search for your Ancestors” sites to get samples.

      IMO they also were used to infect many with the spike protein which is why some that got ‘covid’ never got the shot. Today that is explained away as shedding. This I cannot confirm but it makes sense.

  12. Every aspect of the Covid con has been accepted by many ‘awake’ as a lie,,, except ‘one’. And so long as that ‘one’ remains there will be no punishment for the illnesses, disablement, and/or deaths that has happened and will happen in the next few decades. Because of that ‘one’ lie babies and toddlers are still being injected. Because of that ‘one’ lie there will be no arrests and the shots will continue. Everyone knows what this ‘one’ lie is but because they have claimed to be a victim of it they will never concede they were wrong.

    Another completely ignored subject is already 1/3 of the workforce is out due to the shot per number cruncher Ed Dowd. Many more to come he says.

    Govmafia categorizes many of these deaths as SADS. (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) Just like its brother SIDS all caused by vaccines, SADS is caused by the Covid Vaxx. Of course there is also cancers, clots, immune disorders and an assortment of others to dodge the real problem and lie on the death certificates. Already the life expectancy has dropped,,, expect it to drop even more.

    A nation of lies cannot exist long.

  13. It’s not hard to understand why these people chose the mask and jab. They’re lazy. Too lazy to walk across a parking lot, they’ll drive in circles and impede traffic to get a good spot. Too lazy to walk around a store without slumping their gut over a buggy or demanding an electric mobility device. Too lazy to cook their own damn food, instead relying on packaged trash and drive through fast freak chow… And entirely too lazy to give a fuck about themselves. They can’t even be bothered to think for themselves for crying out loud. They’re lost. Dead men walking. Don’t waste any time or effort on them unless you’re getting paid for it.

    • Yep, the current Type II diabetes pill ads a great example. The dancing hippo chick all excited for the ‘betes pill makes me sick. Obviously 100 lbs or more overweight. Wake up and change your diet and walk a bit, naw, just gobble the pills and head for the buffet line.

      Eat modest quantities of decent food, stay somewhat active, weight comes off. I have to watch the bourbon intake due to my liver rebelling and that also keeps the weight in check. 220 after the holidays whoop it up, 208 now – plus summer keeps me busy outside taking care of the house and yard. The Commander also kept her weight in check, we just don’t have junk in the house. A treat once in a while great fun but you can’t live off carrot cake without a grim result.

      “Easy for you to preach Sparkey”. No, actually it isn’t. Long term food habits and the booze not easy to shake but it’s your health and your choice!

  14. It is fair to say many do not know these things are unhealthful.

    They know. Every addict knows. They just can’t stop.

    A few years ago there was a study done that hit the news wires that Oreos were just as addictive as cocaine. No, not really, but yes, the mechanisms are similar. In fact Nabisco is just short circuiting the brain’s natural reactions to fat and sugar. Food addiction is especially difficult because you actually do require food, unlike coke.

    There’s a ton of research into maximizing food consumption, much of which was initially funded by the US military to come up with edible shelf stable food. Once the C rations were good enough, private industry picked up the ball and figured out how to not only make lousy food palatable, but desirable. This led to the “discovery” of the bliss point, where food causes a release of pleasure chemicals in the brain. By manipulating chemicals, food scientists (don’t call them chefs or cooks) figured out how to make just enough flavor in the right combination to cause a big bliss point reaction while making sure subsequent bites don’t produce quite the same reaction.

    Then it’s a matter of controlling the size of the product. By keeping the product one or two bites’ size, the consumer is encourged to keep eating past the point of satiety. Manipulation of moisture content the ability to pack an incredible amount of calories into a small package encourages high consumption as well as maximizing shelf life and space.

    • Hi RK,

      This is totally true – and anyone can prove it to themselves by not eating sugary, processed, high-carb junk foods for a few weeks. Try it and see. It is a fascinating experience. I recently experienced it myself.

      I have been working out pretty hard and eating a lot, to the point that I hit 230 pounds – which is heavy for me. I was strong, but also had a gut. I decided to go hard-core “carnivore” (or “keto”) and for the past three weeks I’ve mostly eaten meat (steak/hamburger/eggs) and some salad (to keep from getting backed up!). I’m down to 219 and have not lost any strength to date. I also feel much better. And – really important – I do not crave or miss the cookies/cakes and so on I used to dose myself with (along with coffee).

      I recommend anyone who is trying to dump some pounds try this…

      • Typically it takes 90 days to change a habit. When I quit smoking I was over the physical addiction in less than a month. But for it to stick, that took a very long time. Cigarettes used to be everywhere. When I smoked there were still machines in restaurants, public spaces and rest stops. Sure I didn’t want to shove $2.00 worth of quarters into the machine for 6 month old Marlboros but I did. Because Sheetz was too far away.

        I live within walking distance to a connivence store and a Dollar General. I can drive 5 minutes to several fast food restaurants. If I want decent fresh produce and unprocessed meat I have to drive 30 minutes minimum. Junk food has to be easily accessable because if you had to put in a lot of effort to get it you’d have time to consider your life’s choices, although at some point the goal changes from impulse to searching for the lowest price, hoping that the quality stuff is on sale, or that the store brand stuff might scratch the itch.

      • Hi Eric, I’m practicing Mechanical therapy, (Rebuilding my 23 year old Front wheel drive car’s driveline, and brakes). Both of us are benefitting, and my weight continues to drop as an added bonus. I find that body weight exercise, and some yoga as a cross train works well. Other than a few more cuts and bruises I feel better overall. It also helps to see my project pile diminish.

      • I dropped 30 pounds since February. Now at 198. I am 6′. Did by using a scale, weigh every day keep track of results and keep track of what I eat (weigh the food), eliminating most carbs from my diet (no bread). Stopped second helpings (in my opinion that is a biggy), proteins meat, chicken, eggs, cheese. Fresh veggies. Very few deserts, I did allow alcohol occasionally in excess. It works for me. My goal is 185. My weight when I was 26. Sure wish I still had the strength of that age. Sigh.

        • Good stuff, Ugg!

          This diet (and probably yours) is pretty easy – so far – to stick too, too. I also think that, given what has been done to the food supply, getting as much of their poison out of our system is essential. We’re working on completely cutting the cord between us and the “food” industry, by buying meat and so on from local people and creating as much of our own food (e.g., eggs and veggies) as we can.

    • I find if I eat one or two Doritos chips (a ‘food’ with zero nutritional benefit), I immediately feel compelled to devour the entire bag. I think it might be the MSG. It’s evil shit.

      • Cut up a corn tortilla, drop it in a frier for two minutes, then pat dry with a paper towel. Eat the result. Without salt and spices (well, there’s likely some salt because every food processor feels compelled to add salt and it probably does provide some shelf stability) it has no flavor to speak of. And you won’t crave more of them. It’s not just the MSG, that’s the “hamburger helper” of the spice mix. It’s the combination of stuff in large quantities, far more than you would use if you prepared it yourself. That overloads your taste buds and depletes synapse neurotransmitter chemicals. It takes more spice to get the same result. This is the bliss point.

        As a libertarian I understand their motivation. And I also find it hard to defend a business that purposefully gets their customers addicted to their product, even if it is mostly harmless -fat people still somehow live fairly long lives, although at the expense of consuming resources in health care that could have been directed toward more productive uses. Maybe God will judge them harshly because society seems only to reward them.

      • Fritos corn chips are a survival food because they will also burn, you have a fire. Take some with you when you are out on some stomping ground.

        They’re good to eat, the Frito Bandito says so.

        Doritos suck, simple fact.

        Eliminate or severely limit sugar consumption.

        Sugar Blues is a book.

        Drink cherry and grape juices. Eat oranges or squeeze them fresh. Do not drink packaged orange juice. Buy oranges, juice them and make Screwdrivers with Stolichnaya.

        All of the ingredients in beer contain all of the nutrients to keep you alive.

        Maltose from barley corn is great stuff. Add some hops, you get the humulin lupulin.

      • Hi Mister,
        I have heard that Doritos have been scientifically engineered to never completely satisfy. I have yet to observe personally, or in others, that this is not true.

    • Hi RK,
      Funny you should mention Oreos, I used to eat a handful every night while watching the tv, while noticing my waistline slowly expanding. Giving them up cold turkey was tough, but I don’t have them in the house anymore and was able to get back to a normal weight. I also managed to lose the sugar cravings, so that even now if we’re out somewhere I can’t eat dessert because of it tasting sickly sweet.

      • The “every night” part is how it gets you. Once a month or so, your body can deal with that. Even several days of excess on vacation isn’t going to have long term effects. This is why packaging and price are another well thought out variable. The single serving almost never a decent price. The stuff costs almost nothing to produce and shipping is by weight, so why not make bulk packaging drastically cheaper than the single serving? You wanted a few on impluse, but saw that the bulk deal was so much “better” so now you have a big stockpile. Why not go ahead and binge a little? And tomorrow you can do the same thing. Over a month you’ll see what happens but now it’s a trend, soon to become a routine. Pretty soon it will be a habit, then a tradition, and finally an addiction.

        Kinda like shitposting here… 🤔 🤯

        • My dad was telling me about a woman who was having problems loosing weight, …. she ate a whole watermelon every day.

          Myself, I’ve gone down three belt notches doing the 8-hour fasting thing I’m too tired to remember the name of.

          Eat just about anything for breakfast (cake, bacon, eggs) skip lunch, eat dinner 3 or 4 times a week. Work hard & sweat during the day.

          …Never, ever, step on a scale. YMMV.

          Dunno if it makes a diff though, My dad is so overweight he looks pregnant,… yet, he’s 80+ years old. His fit as a fiddle younger bro died a few years ago in the Before Times. …Go figure.

          • Hi Helot,

            I suspect individual physiology (and genetics) are big factors. Some people seem able to lose weight easily; others not so easily. Some seem able to stay within a certain (normal) weight range without changing their diet much. I don’t doubt there are other factors at work, too. Until about a year ago, I always kept around 200-210 (as an adult) no matter what I ate. Including visits to the Chinese buffet ( a weakness of mine). During the “pandemic,” I wasn’t able to go to the gym as I usually did and always have done since I was in college. I still ran and I improvised as regards weight training. When the gym finally opened up again, I was filled with anger about the “pandemic” and worked out really hard. I bulked up to 225 (peaking at 230) and while I was strong, I also had a gut for the first time in my life. I’ve spent the last month, almost, losing it and am now within about five pounds of where I want to be. Gotta stay in shape for what’s coming next…

  15. My favorite is when they’re so obese they require the use of the store-supplied electric scooter. The basket on the front is always filled with processed, sugary garbage. They are examples of the laziest mind slaves in society.

    It used to be that there was a built-in limiter to obesity. Once you became too fat to move and go grocery shopping, you physically could not go out and buy food. The electric scooter got rid of that though. Now, with the right amount of pills and welfare payments, they can eat themselves into oblivion. Very sad, but great for the medical industrial complex. Lifestyle induced chronic sickness is the foundation of its business model.

    • I know a guy that works as an EMT in a big city. I told him it must be exciting with all the gun shots and knife fights. He told me no, his entire job is moving comatose patients from their beds to a dialysis center. Apparently in the ghetto the FedGov provides ample food stamps so that the “poor” are able to fill up on sugary unhealthy foods to the point they get diabetes and eat themselves into a coma. He says the average weight of the people he spends all day (and night) moving around is about 400 lbs. Thus, the gov feels them until they are sick and then pays to move them to a hospital facility and also pays for the care so they can stay alive to continue the cycle. That is the end result of “welfare”.

  16. I’ve had the boob tube off at home except for weather. That move gives me some peace and quiet from the daily hysteria barking from the screens. The seasons will change again soon from summer to autumn and you can be sure “climate change” will subside to the cries of covid (again) when the flu season ramps up. It’s never an end to the insanity & bullshit and a never ending amount of ignorant people who believe it. I wish I could afford to pack up and move to a cabin in the middle of a wilderness somewhere where I can live in peace and solitude away from the madness!

  17. Can’t wait for we know who to pipe in about “if it makes older people feel better, then what’s the harm in masking up?”

    Well, aside from increased risk of hypoxia, hypercapnia, bacterial and fungal infections, all for something that has zero randomized control trial studies showing any benefit whatsoever against aerosolized viral transmission, I guess not much harm.

    What’s the harm in “Affirming” a 5′ 9″ 80 lb anorexic woman’s body dysmorphia? By this logic, we should affirm that she really is fat as hell. Disgustingly fat in fact.

    We all know that “good people” are expected to “affirm” gender dysmorphia now. By force of law in more than few states – mine included.

    So now I guess we have a new dysmorphia to affirm: Face filter dysmorphia.

    If it makes even one illogically fearful person feel better, then we all must do it. For the “team”

    No thanks

  18. Remember the blatant attempts from the government and media to blame the increasingly obvious failures of mask mandates on people who refused to “mask up”? There have been countless studies showing that not only are face diapers USELESS, prolonged wearing of them caused their own problems.

    And when it became undeniable that the “vaccines” neither prevented infection NOR stopped the spread of COVID, apologists for Pharma tried to blame that on people who REFUSED to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma. However, in 2021, Geert Vanden Bossche tried warning public health bureaucracies such as the WHO that mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic was a TERRIBLE idea. And doctors and scientists have also said that Coronaviruses such as COVID mutate faster than the pharmaceutical industry can make vaccines for it, which is likely why nobody has ever been able to make, say, a vaccine for the common cold.

    Lastly, I saw a Pharma commercial the other day for an RSV vaccine (Made by who else? Pfizer) targeted at senior citizens. The gist of the commercial was that RSV can be DEADLY to senior citizens, but that Pfizer has an RSV vaccine that senior citizens can take to protect themselves.

    • I hear you John B, but our side has got to get out of the bad habit of saying things like “studies show that…” The “studies” are one of the favorite tools of the Left and they can be manipulated any which way the political wind blows. Our mantra should instead be “I won’t mask because it’s my right not too!”

      • Jason,

        Yes, “studies” can devolve into “My Scientist can beat up your Scientist!” Well here’s a saying that The Left LOVES to use when it comes to abortion but HATED when people who didn’t want to wear face diapers or “Take that vaccine” used it against THEM……”My Body, My Choice!” Whenever someone used that term against some mask hole or vaxx hole, the mask/ vaxx hole’s head figuratively exploded, especially if they supported mask/ vaxx mandates.

      • I agree completely, Jason –

        “Studies say” has become an appeal to authority without substance because “authority” is no longer trustworthy. Everything has been politicized. This is so obvious as to hardly be worth mentioning. At one time – a long time ago – referencing a “study” presumed impartiality and honesty; facts and sound conclusions drawn from them. Not anymore. We are on our own – and that is probably healthy.

        • Eric & Jason,

          Here’s another term that has been overused, particularly by the media…..”Experts say”. These “experts” though were usually people pushing a narrative (usually a BIG LIE), such as “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!”, “Global boiling”, etc.

          • Hi John,

            Every time I hear “experts say”, I scream “who are the experts?”. They never say. I want to know who the “expert(s)” is/are and their credentials.

            I know that there are journalists that will call every “expert” in the phone book until they find the lone nut that will give them the quote they want for their article.

            • J,

              Indeed. The term “Experts say” seems designed to manipulate people into not “Doing their own research” on a particular issue (remember those who implored people not to do their own research on the COVID shots?) and just blindly trusting whatever is said, because “Experts said so”. However, we’ve seen Experts who’ve peddled narratives that turned out to be complete bull crap, while other experts who spoke out against the “Narrative du jour” lost their job, were censored on social media, faced cancelation, etc.

        • Not only politicized, but bought and paid for by industry. Regulatory capture. As pointed out by David Knight, what people call “science” is authority.

  19. I was at a yard sale on the weekend and when I brought up the “Plague” years both her and her boyfriend became agitated and she started saying I should “Trust the science” regarding the shot. I responded with vaccines usually took 10 years to develop, test and release for use. Her response was it was a pandemic and they were right to release it quickly. I responded with “We’ll agree to disagree”. Good prices though as they were moving to South America.

    PS- They weren’t wearing their nappies but you could tell they were true believers.

  20. We’ve all seen the obese waddling around in Walmart or blocking the aisles as they ride their scooters, with carts full of junk food. Most don’t wear the mask now, but some do.

    Healthy at any weight? Donning a mask is easy. Shedding the extra weight is hard. Popping a pill is easy. Working out takes discipline.

    I grew up in the 70s. The very few fat kids were teased. Now it seems that all the kids are overweight, just like their parents. They will all suffer a multitude of health problems associated with obesity. Fighting off a virus is one of the easier challenges. What about replacing worn out joints that were continuously assaulted by the extra tonnage? And the increased risk of diabetes and clogged arteries? I don’t think there was a single public health official that told anyone to lose weight and exercise during the “pandemic.” Just sit around, get fatter, and wait for the miracle elixir.

  21. Thats interesting you’re seeing them on heavy people. In northern CA near Sacramento you do not see many people wearing masks at all anymore. The young checkers at Whole Foods wear them occasionally. And a few of the patrons usually granola eater looking types. A sprinkling of the elderly at my church do and they still keep the box of masks near the front door. Then again we are having typical 100+ summer weather.
    It will be interesting to see what happens when flu season hits. Even my still fearful sister in law doesn’t wear a mask. Funny how some true believers wiggle out of wearing the thing they claim to so believe in. They also do not see others wearing them these days which I agree with Eric greatly influences their behavior. Guess it wasn’t such a “small ask” after all, seeing as how they are dang uncomfortable and impede your breathing! The people who have taken multiple shots and complain about recurrences of covid will never acknowledge the shots caused it. They still believe the narrative so reality never penetrates.

    • I see the same in Colorado. Old folks mostly, especially in Aspen and Eagle county. The folks who went all-in on the Trump hysterics, sealed themselves into their homes. A few former acquaintances of mine are no longer leaving Pitkin county at least as far as I can tell, choosing to live on Zoom instead of real life. I guess if that’s how you want to live out your remaining years, that’s your choice.

      What I find interesting is that they’re the ones who were proud of getting their 100 powder days in, would cycle all over the valley, spend days hiking around the back country and nights eating wagyu and smoking dope with John Denver. Wealth gives you time to do such things. Maybe because due to age, they’re no longer able to do that they just accept their fate to live indoors. Or perhaps they’re waiting for Kurzweil’s Singularity to upload their spirit into a new body? Hell, maybe adrenochrome turns you into a vampire, unable to tolerate sunlight…


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