Diaper Report: 11/12/2022

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I think it would be fun – as well as revelatory – to put on a Borat-style body thong, one half gold the other blue – to show I “stand with” Ukraine – and then put on at least two face diapers – one of them the Pup Training type frequently seen covering the faces of the most militant “maskers”- and then walk into my local supermarket to gauge the reaction.

I doubt anyone would say anything to me – about the thong or the multiple “masks.” Indeed, because of them. Who would say anything to the Pope if he wore an even bigger cross – or several of them? They are the totems of his faith – and the faithful taught to revere these totems.

Just so the colors of Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev! – and the facial garments, too. Both are tinged with a holy aura. To wear them is divine. So why not wear more of them?

Out virtue-signaling a virtue signaler could be the new national sport, for those willing to play it. 

Into the store, watching the eyes. Appalled by the sight of me? Don’t you stand with Keeeeeeeeeeeev? You must be on Putin’s payroll. And – please stand six feet back. My “mask” protects you, you know.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Such shenanigans may be just what’s needed – and not just for our own sakes, to shake off some of the depression of the past almost-three-years now. Also for their sakes. Especially the people still “masking” – some of them twice. They need to be shaken out of it if this is possible. And, arguably, the best way to do that is to ridicule what they’re still doing. So as to make them – what’s the right word? – hesitant to look like bipedal sheep when out in public.

I mentioned in a previous report that I baaaaa! at people I see who are still wearing their “masks.” And that is just what they are – as opposed to the your “mask” they insisted we all wear, that an honorable number of us never did. The people still wearing their “mask” do so freely as almost nowhere is it required and in even fewer places is it enforced, even if it is still nominally required.

So the ones who still wear still believe their “masks” work – a thing as preposterous as believing that if you step on a sidewalk crack, you will break your mother’s back. But also – unlike the latter delusion – evil as it perpetuates one.

It is why I baaaa! at those who still wear the evil things. Evil things need to be called out. It’s not for nothing that it’s said Satan – the embodiment of evil – is the proud spirit, who cannot bear to be mocked.

People who cannot laugh at themselves are dangerous people. More reason to laugh at them. To mock them. It will make them mad, certainly. But that is preferable to enabling them to feel virtuous.

It would be capital – as Gomez used to say – to watch their reaction to a thong-suited, standing-with-Keeeeeeeeev! me, double diapered and proud.

If only I could overcome my shame and do such a thing.

. . .

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    • Anon,

      After that big “Red Wave” ended up being a mirage, I think the Biden Thing, along with authoritarian governors who’ve somehow made it to ANOTHER term, might eventually threaten MORE lockdowns here unless MORE Americans get that brand new booster jab, which doesn’t even seem to work any better than the original COVID “vaccines”. Should that happen, people need to stand up and shout “NO!” Otherwise, this insanity is just going to continue, and they’ll eventually expand it to a war on private ownership of gas powered cars.

      • John

        They say 70% got the 1st killshot (is the real number 1/2 that?)…but only 2% got the latest booster…maybe they need to do more threatening….are people getting smarter?

        • Anon1,

          It sure looks like people have wised up to the fact that these COVID “vaccines” are NOT what they were sold as to the masses. On the other hand, authoritarian governors who’ve enacted draconian COVID measures such as lockdowns somehow got “reelected”. Did people living in those states WANT MORE of they’ve been forced to live through the past 2 1/2 years, or was there something fishy going on with those elections?

        • Anon1,
          Since virtually ALL of the vax-takers I know have gotten the ‘Rona after taking it in the arm (And most have gotten the ‘Rona 2 or 3X!) I guess that is proof even to the most ignorant and obtuse that the shots don’t work. T’is a shame they didn’t listen to us BEFORE they took the poison from which there is no going back from.

          • nobody on the planet who got the non placebo mrna kill shot, had a positive, helpful, health improving experience from it….even the so called placebos are suspect….

            vaccines should all be uniform, the same ….these shots varied greatly, all kinds of weird shit were found in them, some had zero mrna in there….plus all the ingredients for vaccines, drugs, come from china, horrible quality control, the japanese found metal fragments in them……

            nobody on the planet had a bad experience from NOT getting the extermination injection….where are all the dead pure bloods?

            the best one is the politician’s faked one….

            blackface faked injection so did brandon…


  1. I’m seeing an uptick in mask wearing here lately mostly people working in retail. Walmart, Kroger etc. Doesn’t seem to be mandatory. More like the actual pathogens of stupidity, conformity and fear with a sprinkling of virtue signaling. Of course the fearfully frail and mentally handicapped continue on as expected. I can’t bring myself to expend any of my energy ridiculing such retardation unless of course one of these creatures attempted to shame or berate me for not diapering up, which I don’t perceive happening, the boldness and arrogance that exuded these bunch of weirdos just isn’t there like it was 2 years ago.

    I never paid much attention to Ted Nugent, but the video and his response was perfect.

  2. Those people still wearing masks are completely hopeless, they are the ones that have screwed this country up. I do not trust a single mask wearer. They will not change because they cannot change. They have been indoctrinated from birth, bow down to the flag. Let’s go annihilate another country—because—ahhh, National Security, freedom, Mama, apple pie, and on and on. The government wouldn’t lie to us. It’s not a scam, too many people would know, someone would talk, blah, blah, blah.
    I have an uncle, right at 80, I think, college degree, was in Air Force, got his private pilot’s license. Used to instruct Delta pilots in Atlanta, I guess on how to keep the plane in the air? Don’t what he did. Anyway, been very active since retirement, but he believes all of this Covid stuff! Every word! Got as many of the shots as possible, wore those masks, think he did end up at some time getting Covid—like they all do. Found out he had a stroke Thursday morning—-yep, the clot shot strikes again. Aunt Jan, retired nurse telling me about it. She, like me, has never gotten the shot and never plans on it. She also never bought into the Covid scam. Haven’t had an update since.
    So—I go back to my first thought, they are hopeless and I’m thinking we will still be seeing masks for years. I wonder if they will ever go away. It’s like that country song I heard the other day, People are Crazy. No, I generally don’t like country music, mostly the older stuff as with most other music.

    • >mask wearer.

      It is a religious cult, Elaine.
      I call them “Branch Covidians;” others may have another name for this weird cult, and their strange rituals.

      For the most part, they seem harmless – live and let live, is what I say.
      However, if you wish me to join your cult, then we have big problem, and I will *NOT* back down. I refuse to have some one else’s religion forced upon me; that is un-American. End of story.

  3. There are already calls to “bring back masks” because of a potential TRIPLE THREAT of COVID, FLU, and RSV, despite overwhelming evidence that mass face diaper wearing didn’t freaking work. However, from what I’ve read elsewhere, if we DO have this “TRIPLE THREAT”, it appears that those who’ll have the most trouble will be those who are “vaccinated”, but Big Media and unelected public health bureaucrats, along with the Biden Thing, are already URGING people to “Get vaccinated right away to protect yourself and others!”

      • Publius,

        I hope you’re right. The fact that uptake of the new bivalent booster jab is so low would indicate that. However, I suspect the propaganda campaign from Big Media, Big Government, and public health agencies will be just as intense if not more so this time to get people clamoring to get themselves and/ or their children vaxxed with the “latest vaccine” that Big Pharma cooks up, which would result in BIG MONEY not just for the drug companies, but also for the federal health agencies. And if that doesn’t work, the Biden Thing and large corporations might once again try to implement MANDATES for people to get such vaxxes.
        They’ve clearly demonstrated an obsession with “Getting every last human vaccinated”.

  4. Just as my leaving California, just shy of 15 years ago, seems to be a better and better decision (one of the best in my entire life really) as time passes. So too, as time passes, does it start to sound better and better that I need to leave this country.

    Maybe I’m just convincing myself. But TBH, it’s not a hard sell.

    Ecuador is where my father was born but I have no other connection to the country. Yet. Like any foreign country, especially a non-English speaking country, it would take quite a lot of adjustment. But having grown up in Southern California, the Spanish language and things related to “Latinos” are not that foreign in concept to me.

    While Ecuador is very retirement friendly and particularly to those coming from the USA, it sounds like my ancestry link would accelerate the naturalization process. I could become a citizen rather quickly and still retain the USA citizenship.

    I don’t imagine that any country is immune to the sickness psychosis that is truly the actual world-wide pandemic but I’ve read and seen (on YouTube, etc) that they’re largely less tolerant of craziness of any kind. It seems that their society is a lot more grounded in reality.

    No Bill of Rights. I get that. But WTF is that getting me here??

    I’m starting to think that less developed countries, that don’t have the apparatus to be as oppressive as “The West” are likely to better survive and, despite no Bill of Rights, would ultimately have a whole lot less government in the lives of common people.

    Just keep your head down. Show common courtesy, Hola Senor, buenos dias, etc.

    There’s nothing left but the inevitable collapse for The West. And the creatures that have infested the positions of power will make sure it is a slow painful death. Slower than I have time to endure. I’m gonna be 58 in April.

    I’m thinking about early retirement. I’m thinking that I need to get the fuck out of this smoldering pit of oppressive insanity. Sooner the better.

    • Truer words were never spoken EM!

      The writing has been on the wall for a long time here. Even if one were to ignore all of the politics; the global Cabal/power structure; the mass-media and academic brainwashing, etc. there is no escaping the fact that a society that has embraced beliefs and practices which characterize the typical American today, it is glaringly evident that such a society is in the throes of suicide -and quite far along that path to the point of no return. We KNOW how this is going to play-out, just as certainly as Wiley Coyote is going over the cliff in every Road Runner cartoon. Add to that the aforementioned forces, and it becomes clear that there is no escaping the destruction here in the world’s largest surveillance/prison state.

      While I’m learly of Latin America because of it’s embrace of socialism too, the fact is, as you’ve mentioned, that they just don’t have the resources to enact the levels of minute control like we have here, and nor are the people as easy to control. Their tyranny and social dysfunction is limited mainly to the larger cities; The boonies are virtually free of government, and even in many towns and smaller cities government is largely ignored, even by those who work for it.

      I know someone who has done mission work in Ecuador, and who is married to a woman from there. He paints a nice picture of life there, once you get away from Quito and the other large towns. Traditional life- with local farmers selling their fresh wares on the town squares. Cheap living, where you can be left alone.

      If you’re looking for city life though- i.e. the “retirement lifestyle” like you see on some of those “expat” sites, where they promote the idea of living in a fancy apartment or suburban-style house in a major city…ya might want to think again, as you’d have to live in a gated high-security enclave in such places, as crime is quite rampant in the cities, and they perceive even the poorest Americans as ‘rich’ and target them. I’m not just talking random street crime either- although that is certainly a concern too- but can be somewhat avoided; I’m talking about things like kidnapping and targeted home invasions.

      e.g.: even living in the gated communities, the people there will chauffeur their kids any time they must go somewhere, and take great precautions, go in large groups, and even have hired security lest their kids get kidnapped for ransom.

      I have known quite a few people over the years who have relocated to Central and South America though, and every one of them have stayed there and have been very happy (All of them are there over a decade now). But they are all in rural areas. They rave about the availability of fresh natural locally-produced foods [and CHEAP!], the absence of government {Locals marvel when the expats are newly arrived and doing something for no other reason than to comply with some law- “Why are you doing that?” “It’s the law” “Who cares? Who’s gonna know?” -uttered by a local town government official). No chemtrails too! No pollution. They say it’s like going back in time to a better time and place….as long as you choose the right place.

      As this country continues to go down the drain, a lot of places are looking better and better. Anything’s better than sitting here and being a sitting duck for the inevitability of what is coming, and what we already have.

      • Hey Nunzio,

        That’s really good information to know! I am wanting something very scaled down and remote. Something where I could drive to a city within an hour or two but otherwise as far removed as possible. Hopefully, I can find other English-speaking expats in similar situations and be part of a small cooperative community. I plan on learning as much Spanish as my old brain will allow! But I know that I’d always be conspicuously American by any locals.

        And yeah, more than anything else, just the desire to be left alone as much as possible. I won’t go starting anything or get mixed up with anything. Just make a small number of similar-aged friends and try to enjoy the simple beauty of nature. I hear Ecuador has a very nice climate, especially for people getting on in years.

        When living in San Diego, I met a good number of very ethnic Mexican people (not Americanized or citified, etc) and I dig their vibe! The strong family, simple traditional ethics, and even their holidays and celebrations are just fine with me! I know how to show respect in their terms and I know how to NOT be the prototypical “loud mouth American”.

        It won’t be easy but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m convinced that this situation here is going to become well beyond what we’re seeing now in terms of oppressive government. I’m too old to deal with a “kinetic” revolution or major collapse.

        Something just like you’re saying “…like going back in time to a better time and place…” sounds just about perfect to me. The wife and I are gonna arrange a trip out there, hopefully within the next year or two to scope it out!

        • Hi EM,
          Ah! Sounds like you’re headed in a good direction! You never truly know how it is till you go and spend and some time. People here (In the US) make it sound like you’d be walking into a nightmare and will either be killed or come crawling back “to civilization”- Got the same thing from people when I was still in NY and planning my move here to rural southern KY 20 years ago(And like ya said of your move from CA.- it’s been among one of the very best decisions I’ve made in my entire life! ). They can keep what they call “civilization”! Seeing how things are here in the US today, I think Myanmar would be more civilized!

          From what I’ve seen though, the places where expats tend to congregate in a given country tend to not be the kind of areas we’d necessarily like. Get a bunch of expats from the tyrannical countries, and the place starts feeling a lot like the places they left, much like a good deal of Florida feels like NY or Cuba. Plus if the locals have bad experiences with other expats, they will likely include you among that group- and even if they don’t, expats tend to flock together, and never really get absorbed into the local color or make many friends with locals- whereas expats out on their own are usually easily accepted by locals as long as they are decent people, and quickly become a part of the local community- even if they do not fully participate in the culture and everything. Just something to keep in mind.

          I’m about 2 hours from any major city here in KY (Nashville and Louisville being the nearest)….and when I leave, I want to be even further from a city…as a mere hour or so would likely still have a lot of government- or will shortly if it doesn’t- especially with more Americans and such going- many having pensions and other lucretive incomes ripe for the plucking…and they tend to often stay within range of cities and form suburbs (Which drives prices up, and causes resentment among the locals).

          Best of luck to your and your wife, and kudos for being proactive! My life would’ve been hell now had i stayed in NY, and the opportunity to get established here with cheap land would have been gone…and it’s going to be the same scenario for those who fail to leave this country while the getting is still good. We can sit here and bitch and moan about how bad it is, and pretend that there is hope and that maybe some savior will be elected or that we can change people- but of course, that’s a pipe dream that will never come to fruition- We are going the way of Rome, and there’s nothing we can do about it other than to remove ourselves.

          Where we go will definitely be different, and it won’t be perfect…..but we CAN do better than this. Some people would say that I’m too old, being 60, but adventures [even if not desired] keep you young- and the 70-something year-old who bought my friend’s sailboat certainly wasn’t too old to sail that thing all over the world! (My friend got postcards from him from far-flung places for years!).

          People like you are an inspiration for others, as you are DOING SOMETHING positive to preserve and increase your liberty and quality of living!

        • EM/Nunz,
          There’s an episode of The Twilight Zone called “Welcome to Willoughby” that perfectly shows what you’re looking for; if only it was possible ☹️.

          • Oh, Mike! Next Stop Willoughby is my all-time favorite TZ ep! [Guy’s nagging boss: “Ya gotta push, push, push!” ]

            (Well…that, and the one where Birdshits Meredith survives the nukular blast and then breaks his glasses! )

        • Re: 2A in other countries

          I have a friend from Pakistan…they have no 2A….he says everybody has guns…

          Mexico has no 2A…..but…I bet lots of them have guns….

          switzerland…they all have guns…a milita thing, civil defense….they have zero gun crimes….

    • EM,
      Many years ago, before he became senile, Jesse Ventura stated that living in Mexico, his bribery bill was much smaller than his tax bill in the US. That it cost less to keep from being harassed in Mexico than it did to pay to be harassed in the US.
      Bribery is a feature of all governments. The problem in the US is that very few can afford the current market price here.

      • It’s been a while since I did this comparison, but at one time I added up my rent bill and my tax bill for the month, to see which was higher. Total income taxes (does not include county income tax, or any sales taxes) was similar to the rent. Now I can add a property tax. I think the taxes bill might be the highest component now.

        Think about this. The major drivers of the cost of living are, roughly in order, as follows:
        1) Taxes
        2) Rent / Mortgage + water/sewer/garbage
        3) Gas/Electric
        4) Groceries
        5) Gasoline

        Insurance Mafia Protection Money is in there somewhere, but depending on your situation it may split up differently (car / renters or homeowners / health / life / etc.)

        Most of this is not included in the inflation index at all.

        And yet, we are supposed to be concerned with saving ourselves a couple bucks in gasoline every month, and turn down our thermostats to save a couple more?

        Seriously. How about getting taxes under control, first?

  5. I just shake my head in pity as I pass by. There is a complete lack of any sense of humor among these covidiots, no wonder they all end up being medicated for depression. Life is short and we all die anyway so you might as well laugh it up and enjoy it, wine works for me. 🍷

  6. I once knew a guy who raised sheep. Because the Psychopaths In Charge paid him to do so. From a WWII subsidy that never went away. A thing he often said to me was “sick sheep seldom survive”. And as I witnessed on his farm, it’s true. a sick or injured sheep most often dies, in short order.
    Sick people sheep are no different. Eventually they will get sick and die, or be slaughtered. And “eventually” is not intended to imply a long wait.

  7. I think of them more as lost causes than malleable sheep. There dependence upon their enslavement exceeds any possibility of thought beyond rote memorization. After all, that’s what they were taught in public schools, and like driver’s tests, they think that’s the end of it. Once they pass the test they no longer need to bother with thought, questions, answers, or improving skills. Wash, rinse, repeat. Repeat again. And again.

  8. I can see it now: a dozen people dressed like that in a dance routine outside your local grocery store – it’s the “Eric Peters Dancers”!

  9. Well miracle of miracles we got word from our bishop that we are no longer required to wear masks to serve communion at mass. I thought the day would never come especially now that its winter. Lets see how long it stays that way. I was already tearing it off the moment I dropped the host tray back on the alter. At our dentist I was no longer bothering to wear it in the waiting room and no one was saying anything. This winter will be a test to see how fast/hard the ptb intend to either repush this or move on to focus on the climate catastrophe.

  10. The uncle Ted video was awesome.
    We need more people of note speak the truth unapologetically. Call things what they are.

    Satire and making fun of those who are wrong is a powerful weapon. We need more of it.


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