Saving Back

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Is it wrong – not in the legal but rather the moral sense – to take action to try to save back some of the money lost to government action?

Specifically, to save it by not doing what the government says you must?

For example, the government says I must pay it a fee each year to renew what it styles the “registration” it says I am obliged to keep current in order to be “legally” permitted to drive my vehicles on public roads. Which of course the government controls, though we who drive upon these roads have paid to use them via the fuel tax we already paid (and pay every time we fill up).

This “registration” business is just another of the many mulctings we’re subjected to that do not pay for the roads but rather for things many of us neither use nor have any use for, such as the government bureaucrats and bureaucratic infrastructure that serial mulctings such as “registration” pay for.

I stopped paying several years ago and am slightly-the-richer for it.

Instead of “renewing” the (not my) registration, I put Farm Use tags on my vehicle – which never need to be “renewed.” I may not be able to “get away” with this forever, but I’ll give it a try. So far, I saved my several hundred dollars, at least. Not a huge sum – the $100 bill having become the new $20 bill under the government of the Biden Thing. But that is not the point.

The point is, I saved back some of my money.

I also no longer take my vehicles in to get “inspected,” as the government says I must. Instead I inspect them, myself – and not just the once per year the government says I must. This latter once-per-year business gives the lie to the excuse that these government-mandated “inspections” are about “safety.” A vehicle can pass “inspection” with brakes that are 90 percent worn to the point at which they ought to be replaced; nearly bald tires – and so on. It passes on the day of “inspection” – just barely – but it is no longer “safe” two months later. Yet the sticker says it is  . . . for another 10 months.

I inspect my vehicle before almost every drive. I check the tires. I keep up with the brakes. If the steering wobbles, or the brake pedal pulses, I find out why. My truck hasn’t been “inspected” in years. But I know it’s safe to drive. I don’t feel obliged to pay someone else to tell me it is – and I think it is dangerous to assume it is, just because it has a sticker on the windshield that says it is.

Or rather, was – a few months ago.

I have saved myself back another $100 or so, at least, by inspecting my truck myself. Because I do not charge myself.

Have I done anything wrong?

I am in the process of doing a repair job on my truck that will also save back some money. The truck needs a new exhaust system as the old one is rusting off. The truck’s factory-installed exhaust system has two catalytic converters, one snuggled up close to the engine and part of the exhaust manifold. The other downstream a bit. That one is at the end of its useful life, being about to fall off – along with the rest of the exhaust from the manifold back.

I am not going to replace the second cat – and thereby save back at least another $100 (the cost of a generic cat; the factory replacement is more expensive) just by not buying it and may well save even more, by driving the truck without it. The old cat is probably half-plugged, given it’s more than 20 years old. The exhaust pipe I’m putting in its place is 100 percent unplugged; the exhaust gas will flow much more freely and I suspect the truck will use noticeably less gas for just that reason. Even if it only amounts to one (maybe 2) miles-per-gallon difference, it’s a big enough difference to save back probably another $100 or even more over the course of a year’s driving.

It all adds up. And it stays in my pocket.

Have I done anything wrong?

Some will say yes, because the truck’s “emissions” may be higher. May be. And how much higher? Probably a fraction of a fraction and so relevant only insofar as legalities. We are not talking ’bout a carbureted ’67 Chrysler in need of a tune-up. Also, if my truck uses less gas, it will emit less gas. Probably, on balance, its “emissions” will end up being the same or even less without the old (and partially plugged up) cat making the thing less efficient.

Some will say: You should just buy a new car to replace the old one with. Well, perhaps I would – if I had the money to do that. But the government has taken so much of it and devalued what little remains in our pockets that I – like many – haven’t got much money left in my pockets to pay for the things the government insists I must pay for.

And so, I don’t. To the extent that I can “get away” with it.

Am I wrong for doing that?

And if I am, what about the government – and what it does?

. . .

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  1. I know a retired county Sheriffs Deputy that says the AGWs will use many traffic laws to legally pull over people they find suspicious because they seem out of place or look nervous behind the wheel. Laws like seatbelt laws, a broken tail light or failure to signal a turn, hands free calling or anti-texting laws, rolling through a stop sign or running a yellow light will often be used as an excuse to stop and question someone or search their car. Expired tags, no insurance, then open beer can found under the back seat or roach in the ash tray or gun in the glove compartment and you’ll be walking home with a big fine or worse, spending a night or two with the county.

    There are better ways to avoid taxes. Take every legal deduction and exemption on your income and property taxes, downsize by getting a smaller house or car and generally consuming fewer goods and services that are taxed. Also take advantage of every government benefit you are eligible for. Truth and morality no longer apply in this society, it’s now get what you can and prepare yourself and your family to survive the coming chaos.

  2. Re: taxes, I’ve been learning from my rural neighbors. I recently bought a trailer and was dreading getting it registered to have to pay the substantial sales tax to get tags. I was justr chatting with a neighbor and it came up and they said “are you nuts?, no one registers trailers around here”. The old ‘metro’ me was just going through the motions, but the new me pondered it for about 30 seconds. They saved me quite a bit.
    I learned they don’t register most of their cars either.

    • **”I learned they don’t register most of their cars either.”**

      Until they get caught. Then they have to pay through the nose…no reg; no insurance, etc. Court fees, impound fees (They won’t let you drive an unregistered vehicle away), towing fees… (and even more if you get arrested- and perish the thought if they find more “offenses” when they stop you!). And then when you figure out the scant savings were really no savings, your insurance will be so high when you decide to “go legit” that it would wipe out a lifetime of small yearly savings by having skipped their formalities.

      It’s just not worth it. Half of these folk who do that end up in jail and or having huge legal bills, because when they do get stopped for not having a reggie (etc.) they’re usually nabbed for other things as well.

      Trailers you can get away with a little easier- but it still will initate a stop if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, unless you live in a state such as where I live, where ya don’t have to register trailers under 3.5K lbs. GVR.

      Don’t give the goons an easy opportunity to mess with you- Traffic stops are their number-one way of “interacting” with people whom they’d otherwise have no business messing with- and they are always eager to stop anyone they can, ’cause that is how they make money for the king…and how they nab people for “other offenses”.

      • Wow. *EVERY BIT* of what you say is true and applicable. I read articles/essays, by (I think) a guy named Robert Higgs, who was profiled a number of times on Lew Rockwell. Anyway, this guy was saying that the vast majority of people under “stewardship” (couldn’t think of any other word to use) of the Criminal Justice System are just regular people who had done “dumb stuff”. He described dumb stuff as drinking and driving, traffic stuff, losing their temper with another person (e.g. assault or battery of some sort). Ini my view, not having proper car registration fits his definition. Anyway, further down the line, he said that if someone initially caught up in that, forgets, or can’t, say: pay a fine, or show up on their court date, does a second “Dumb Thing”, then everything spirals out of control and the person ends up incarcerated and/or bankrupt.

        • Hi Tom,
          Exactly! I’ve observed that happening to people for ages. I mean, O-K, some of ’em truly do stupid irresponsible or harmful things, and so ya can’t have too much sympathy- but some are doing nothing wrong- just living life normally or seeking to preserve their liberty and or privacy, etc. and get nabbed for some stupid little technicality or for “not following zee rules”- and the system is very good at “piling it on”- and the thing is, it seems that they do this to just average normal people, because they are the ones who often have something to lose, and who pay their fines, and who are not a threat to the state enforcers…so they are easy targets. Meanwhile, some thug commits an armed robbery or murder, and he is treated better than the guy who harmed no one.
          We should all be diligent to avoid contact with the road pirates, because ya never know what will happen- anything from a simple ticket, to an ordeal of multiple tickets; having to deal with courts; legal fees; jail; brutality; plus the fact that many things “follow you”, like insurance lapses or points on one’s license, which can have financial and other implications for many years down the road….all because we chose to avoid what are often the least egregious and least expensive-to-comply-with techynicalities.
          I’d rather save my fight for the bigger matters for which I am willing to die, rather than the ones that may save me $100 today…and cost me much more tomorrow. And since *they* make crimes of things which are no crimes…the advice often given by real criminals bears repeating: “If you’re going to commit a crime, only commit one at any given time” -i.e. don’t drive with a busted tail light when you have bodies in the trunk…. 😀

  3. The unwritten law of the West states that if you steal a man’s horse and saddle, leave him stranded, when they catch up with your sorry worthless hide, there’ll be a hanging party at the nearest tall oak tree. Nobody needs to write anything down for justice to prevail.

    Even if the authorities arrest you, a lynching party can pay a kindly visit to the hoosegow and make sure you pay the price.

    Nobody wants their car stolen, not in your possession means you are not going that far. Someone takes your car, you won’t like it. Might be angry.

    Thou shalt not steal is a good commandment to follow, one of those set in stone.

  4. Eric, there is no such thing as “wrong” – and no such thing as “sin”, or “karma” either. All law and religion is 100% made up fiction by those with power.

    Once upon a time a Gorilla held a banana, along came a monkey and swiped it, ran away, and ate it. This, of course, made the Gorilla mad, but it made the monkey happy and a full belly too.

    Did the monkey “wrong” the Gorilla? No. It is just Nature in action. Same for a lion catching a gazelle. The committee of gazelles surely would say the lion was wrong, but the lion says he was right, he had to eat. Wrongness is a matter of perspective. I am quite sure Nancy Pelousi does not feel any wrong for the current election steal.

    When it comes with humans, and our big brains, we say it is wrong to steal. The government has the power and the institutions to put a thief in jail. But the government is the biggest stealer of them all, but when the government steals your money, they call it your civic duty to pay taxes. If you resist paying your taxes the government (literally) says you “wronged” the state.

    I found this out the hard way, on a July 4th many years ago I took a girlfriend for a boat ride in my neighbor’s boat. As soon as I pulled out of the harbor, the sheriff boat pulled me over for a safety check. Everything was in order, except my neighbor failed to post the correct ID letters on the side of the boat, although his registration was current, the numbers did not match. I got a $70 fine because I was an operator of the boat.

    So I eventually went to court and talked to the judge. He said I would have to pay the fine and write a one page apology letter to the State of —–, for wronging them. Laughable, right? Insanity at it’s finest. I had wronged the state without even knowing it. In reality they had wronged me, I felt.

    So after many years of reading Libertarian philosophy and studying comparative mythology I trace this insanity all the way back to the point of origin. It all started when that Gorilla donned a kippah and declared himself chosen and said the monkey had wronged his superior Gorilla tribe, that taking the banana was an act of theft and could be punished by law, laws that the Gorillas wrote in their interest.

    I am not joking about this, all law comes from a superior attitude that you can force others to obey. In fact, all law comes from religion, the cleric became the court clerk, the priest’s robe became the judge’s gown, etc. And just like the religion, it is all made up, to maintain the system that those with the power want. If you live in a society with law, know that you are the monkey who lacks the power to deal with the gorillas.

    Everything is the way it is on purpose by those in power. That is why regardless of which stooge/whore is elected, nothing changes. Like George Carlin says, it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. Ayn Rand said many times, every law is backed up with the full power and violence of the state. She made it clear, that you can be executed for the even smallest of infraction.

    Next time you are in court, note how they ask you for a “plea”. If you have to make a plea, you are in an inferior position. To make a plea is no different than a bleating goat going to the chopping block.

    Theoretically if a uniformed thug makes an order for you to step out of your car, and you fail to comply, you could be killed right then and there. The cop will never be punished, for the cop is obeying the power by doing his “job” and you are disobeying the power, by not immediately complying with the barking dog with a badge.

    Thus the rational man makes all efforts to never engage with a cop on any level. The rational man does not go on television or radio and say not to pay your taxes, or say it is theft on the mass media that they own. Sure, what the outraged moral person says is true, but the state, to maintain it’s power over you, can not not respond. And they can ratchet it all the way up to F-15s and nukes – and they will – like Ruby Ridge and Waco. They will burn you out if you resist.

    When I was living in north Idaho way back in the woods, it was idyllic, heating my home with wood, hunting deer for meat, but I didn’t have a regular enough of a job with enough money to pay for gas and taxes, etc. So I cheated like hell. I made my own “proof of insurance” forms. I had so many junk cars in the woods, there was no way I could insure them all, so I took my USAA (military insurance group) and changed it to USSA (United States Socialist Association lol) with fake phone numbers and policy number. Many times I had to show this fake insurance to a cop, routine pull over for bad tail light, and it passed.

    I also did not purchase a hunting license. In my righteous libertarian mind, the idea the state owns the deer is utterly ridiculous, I am hunting on my own land, AND I did not want to admit that I hunted or owned guns.

    I also never voted, elections are rigged, the whores who are elected will never change a damn thing – the system is evil to the core because no man has a lick of authority over another – just like the Gorilla has no authority over the monkey. When you vote you are then enrolled on the court juror list – which if you do not respond to jury “duty” they can send the sheriff to your home with a Gorilla warrant for arrest for non-compliance – and if you resist then can kill you.

    So after many years of active resistance to a completely immoral and corrupt system I did the smart thing, I got rid of all of my cars, and only own one, which I do insure. I figured out that the best way to save money on cars was not own any.
    And like you write, Eric, that may be their intention, corral us in cities with no ownership – and they can do that by constantly increasing inflation taxes, fees, laws, etc.

    Bottom line? Be grateful that you still own property, there are two generations after you that can not afford anything. We are completely screwed Eric, and that is the way it is, so to stay free you will have to fix your own exhaust. I say you are lucky to have a place where you can work on your car. You can not do what you are doing at any apartment complex, town home, etc.

    • RE: “”there is no such thing as “wrong” – and no such thing as “sin”, or “karma” either. All law and religion is 100% made up fiction by those with power.”

      Ah, I see. You’ve embraced nihilism. From nothing, for nothing, and back to nothing when you’re spent and there is no law of conservation of matter.

      RE: “all law comes from a superior attitude that you can force others to obey.”

      Consider this:

      “… If “life” is limited to time before the grave, this is a very shallow understanding of natural law.

      Living according to natural law will hold the world together properly (and improve our liberty), but it doesn’t guarantee any specific outcome to any specific individual.” …

      …Eyes, wide open.

      • The king has a military general on one side and the priest on the other. The king rules through propaganda of the priest and the sword of the general.

        The priest says the king was appointed by god, and to obey god is to obey the king. (See Romans 13) When the king is crowned, it is done in an elaborate religious ritual, with the priest putting the crown on the king.

        Those not persuaded by the priest to obey the king, are dealt with by the general and his army. In the modern age, the priest has been displaced by the media and the general by the police. The power pyramid evolves, yet stays the same:


        all of the religious notions and faiths of the masses is a gigantic psychological manipulation by the power elite. In ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ Atwill details how the myth is written by the state, give unto Caesar, rich man eye of the needle story, etc.

        There is no evidence that the hook in the myth: eternal life, is anything but wishful thinking of those fearful of death and non-existence. People believe because they want to believe, and the believers are the primary support group for the existence of state. Thus regardless of your belief status, all are forced to bend a knee to the throne.

        Thus the greatest evil of our time, the overbearing intrusive government and war machine, is being propped up by one thing, beliefs of the religious, the authority of god. And in fact, the most evil of state of all states, Israel, is loved by the 70 million Christian Zionists in police state Amerika. If you think this is just crazy talk, it was the conservative Christians who backed the government no matter what they did.

        The really interesting thing now is that Putin refuses to obey the elites/banksters and so they want to destroy Russia. But Russia has state of the art nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Putin is standing up to this mad cult of authority and will not back down.

  5. Wrong? LOL! It is righteous!

    To ask if it is wrong would be akin to asking if it is wrong to tell a mugger that the $20 you have in your wallet is all you have, when you have $100 bill in your other pocket.

    BUT…(obligatory warning every time this subject comes up): Remember; “traffic enforcement” is *their* primary means of initiating interaction with the general public, and a prime means of not only mulcting but of finding “crimes” that you may be guilty of; collecting your info (such as fingerprints) and of getting you into their slave system (court/jail/supervision….).

    The road pirates are ALWAYS on the look-out for the least little “violation”- and today, with all of the license plate readers and other crap they have, every time a pig-mobile is in the vicinity you are being scrutinized, not just by the pig who occupies the rolling sty, but by all of his electronic gizmos- and perish the thought you are actually stopped!

    You can be lucky and get away with little things for years…but all it takes is ONE time- just coming into view of the passing pig-mobile, or being stopped because of something innocuous like a light being out…or an unavoidable unconstitutional roadblock….and poof! Your saving of a few dollars could result in having to spend thousands, if they impound your vehicle, give you tickets, or even worse: arrest you.

    Pick your battle wisely. We are most vulnerable when we are out on the road. What’s more, pigs don’t like liberty-minded non ass-kissers. Personally, vehicle related stuff is one area where I don’t fool around. I’d rather reduce my chances of pig interaction/mulcting/etc. than choose to save $50 or $100 a year…as the resultant trouble could be much more expensive; could compromise your liberty, and even your safety.

    They have enough opportunity to interfere with us if they want to- even if there is no reason. Don’t make it even easier for them by GIVING A REASON. I check my lights from time to time (They’ll even get you for a license plate light being out…even if you have two lights and just one is out!) and make sure there are no obvious things that can attract swine. Bad enough just to get stopped and get a ticket- but you DON’T want to have multiple issues…especially things like no insurance or no or expired registration, because they will have a FIELD day, and it can cost you thousands…’specially if they impound.

    This whole scheme of driver’s licenses, registrations, mandatory insurance, etc. is wrong….just as property taxes are wrong….but these are the things, of all things, that is has become virtually impossible to avoid without great risk to liberty and wallet.

    Who was it? Jeffrey Dahmer or one of those serial killers, who got caught because he had a TAIL LIGHT out….

    Don’t give these bastards the opportunity/Excuse. The risk vs. reward here is not worth it- not for just a few dollars saved now. It will come back to bite ya! I got my first moving violation this year- for doing 80 in a 55. Thank goodness all of my ‘papers were in order’. I managed to get off with no points(i.e. no increase of insurance) and “only” losing $250. Had I been doing ONE MPH more it would have been a different story…ditto had everything else not been squeaky clean. And now I drive like a pussy most of the time, too…. It sucks. The reality of living in a police state. But it just goes to show ya…they will get ya sooner or later. In my case it took 40 years…but I’ve been very lucky…and had I been lax, I could have suffered some devastating consequences (Don’t need my insurance going up when I have 3 vehicles!).

    Imagine if I had had to go to court, where I’m sure they enforce face diapering- with which I would NOT comply?! Yeah…a few hundred bucks a year to the government mafia is *protection* that makes it a little easier to be free to fight the bigger battles- like not having to deface your face.

    • Re: Nunzio November 12, 2022 At 2:18 pm

      All the taxes on motoring and the sales and other taxes generated from it are enormous. The anti-private automobile people will always do the BS study that only looks at the few ear marked taxes for roads and compares them to spending. Not the entire picture nor that thoise ear marked taxes and fees are often diverted to other uses. The thing is motoring is very lucrative for government and the cronies. That’s why it exists as it does.

  6. Hi Eric,

    “Have I done anything wrong?”

    No, of course not. Morally, you do not owe submission, or even honesty, to bad faith actors (Kant was wrong about this). This is a pragmatic, not moral, question. If one submits, he does so for practical reasons.

    While pragmatism/utilitarianism can never be the ultimate arbiter of morality, it can help frame a question properly. In this case, you assume a moral responsibility to others when you drive your vehicle. You do have a moral obligation to maintain your vehicle, and yourself, so that you do not impose an unacceptable risk on others. However, this does not mean that you must defer this obligation to the State. You are better qualified to do this and, as you point out, submission to the State reduces your resources available to do the “job” better than they can.


  7. Eric,

    The only wrong I see is in lying, which I always consider to be wrong. Now it will be pointed out that government workers, and especially many police, are habitual and pathological liars, which is true. That’s one thing that sets men like me apart from them.

    As for the rest of it? Fuck ’em. “Emissions regulations” never seem to take in account HOW MUCH you drive, and even if your truck started generating significantly greater emissions (which it probably won’t), you often drive press vehicles (or motorcycles) anyway, and don’t put heavy mileage on that truck. Meanwhile, someone driving a Prius on a 50-mile-a-day daily commute will pump more noxious substances into the air than you will, regardless of “passing emissions”.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      “The only wrong I see is in lying, which I always consider to be wrong.”

      Really? Can you think of no circumstance where it is acceptable, even morally required, to lie?

      Honesty must be a subordinate moral virtue to justice. Honesty is a contract between you and others, when the “others” are bad faith actors they breach that contract. You do not automatically owe them honesty.


      • Hey Jeremy,

        “Can you think of no circumstance where it is acceptable, even morally required, to lie?”

        “Honesty must be a subordinate moral virtue to justice.”
        That’s exactly what the cops think, I’m sure!

        “Honesty is a contract between you and others…”
        If I know someone won’t honor that contract, then I’m free to tell them nothing. Also, unlike some others, I don’t think of an omission as a lie. I have no obligation to tell anyone all of the details of any topic. Often times, especially with “authorities”, I provide only the minimum requisite information, and they can think what they want.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I agree with you that omission is not a lie, however I don’t see why I owe “honesty” to a predator. Sure, I can refuse to answer a question, which may be effective, but may not. If a person that I know intends to harm an innocent asks me “which way did they go?”, I could refuse to answer or misdirect them for the purpose of protecting the innocent. I don’t see why the latter is immoral.


          • Hey, Jeremy!
            Good to see you posting here again!
            Re: Lying.

            Reminds me of a convo I had with a Jehovah’s [false]Witness once. He maintained that it was wrong to lie to anyone for any reason. I asked him if the Nazis appeared at his door, wanting to take away his mother, would it be O-K to lie and tell them that she isn’t there? He replied that he would have to tell the truth!!! Such things really speak volumes.

            He mentioned that the Scriptures forbad lying; I reminded him that they said “Don’t lie and deal falsely with one another, and showed him several examples in Scripture where people lied to preserve justice, and where it stated that God even blessed them for doing so [Such as in the case of the Hebrew midwives in Egypt refusing to ‘abort’ the Hebrew babies at delivery when commanded to do so by Pharaoh- and when called on the carpet for doing so, lied and said that the babies were born before they arrived].

            Of course, that didn’t change the guy’s opinion, since they regard JW dogma more highly than Scripture…….

            It’s funny how so many people fail to make a distinction though. My own mother likened my lying to a state agency to preserve liberty with that of my sister’s pathological lying which she’d use to cheat people, cause drama, and avert personal responsibility….. “Well you lied that time you used a private P.O. box as your address!”.

            To many, everything is black or white, or just a simple rule to be followed without regard to application, overall purpose, or thought. [“Yeah, that’s the ticket!” -Tommy Flah-nayg-in[sic] -Why do I suspect that you will “get” that? 🙂 ]

            • Hi Nunz – and Jeremy!

              I side with those who say that it’s not wrong to lie when under duress. That seems to me to be a legitimate exception to the rule. As you (Nunz) say: When the Nazis demand to know where your mother is and you know (because it’s the Nazis) that if you tell them the truth they are going to do something vile and you abet that by telling the truth… what good has been served?

              I learned from Lenin – but I “put him upside down,” so to speak. What I mean by that is that when it comes to dealing with thugs, anything is permissible. Smile at them, tell them whatever you have to. Then shove them off the cliff at the first opportunity. Including when their back is turned to you.

  8. You haven’t done anything wrong Eric,

    We’ve arrived at a place I never thought possible. Inflation, wars, and the hubris of bankster’s have created a perfect storm. Once a nations currency begins to melt down this road to ruin, it makes criminals of us all. Most still don’t see it. Trillions of fiat dollars are now headed home to roost. The devastation caused when a reserve currency becomes worth less, makes countries unrecognizable to their former selves. I’m still trying to prepare for the world after ‘just in time’

    To keep stocking and stacking, building and planting, or just say fuck it, sell it all and spend the next five to ten living the nomadic high life. Its a difficult question to answer. Seems everyone is destined to become a criminal, or a snitch in this brave new world.

  9. Eric: here’s a question I wrestle with which is somewhat related.
    I’m the sole provider for my family and I don’t have a huge income. Every year we are eligible for child tax credits and even earned income credits on federal taxes.
    Is it right to take those credits as cash from Uncle Sam? I pay zero income tax, only “self employment” tax. Is it then right to receive thousands of dollars “back” from the government, which I didn’t earn and to which I have no right that I can see?
    Obviously, it’s hard to turn down “free money”, which we could certainly use, but what in your opinion is the moral thing to do?

    • I say take the money.
      Think of it this way: The amount of American taxpayer dollars going to foreign countries (israel, ukraine, among many others) and the corporate welfare that goes out to American and foreign-based companies and other entities without taxpayer permission is massive compared to the “pittance” that you are eligible to receive.
      Moral? There is no morality in government.
      Take the money.

    • Well, Mark, I think you know the answer, but perhaps you could justify it if you’ve “paid in” that money in previous years. Then it might not be wrong until your deficit is zeroed.

      • BaDnOn, in a just society, you would be right- but as it now stands, we live amongst a morally bankrupt society which advocates and votes for the ‘right’ of government to take money from some and redistribute it to others. If that’s what they want…and they would even gladly throw our asses in jail when we resist being robbed, then why not take advantage of the system whci they have empowered?

        To advocate and seek to perpetuate such a system would be wrong- but if we find ourselves in the midst of such a system which others have inflicted upon us, and which would just as soon rob us when our income is sufficient….it seems like abstaining from the benefits of that system is in no way going to nullify the immoprality of that system, nor negate the morality of the hapless victim who is really doing nothing [i.e. not seeking a subsidy] but who rather is just complying, perfectly legally, with that system which has been imposed on us, by abiding by it’s requirement to ‘file taxes’ and accurately narc on one’s self.

        It’s not as if Mark went out and applied for welfare. And hell, between sales taxes, property taxes (or if he rents, the portion of his rent that is charged because the landlord has to pay propety taxes); FICA, utility taxes, etc. he is certainly still likely paying in at least as much as he is getting.

        T’would be far better not to be a “client” of the IRS…but sometimes that can’t be avoided…and so if one has to play by their rules, where it’s either ‘be robbed, or get the proceeds of the robberies which ‘the people’ have consented to, and especially if one has done nothing to get those proceeds, but has just abided by the laws imposed on him…..I don’t see it as a problem. It’s just the reality of living in a collectivist democratic society- one which we oppose, but are often forced to participate in aspects of.

        It’s not as if Mark could send the check back and that they’re give the money back to those who paid it. Nor that he should have to lie about his situation on their narc form in order to prevent them from giving him the dough- as that is in no way going to stop the IRS from it’s thieving, nor cause the majority of Americans to ditch their collectivist ways.

        • Hey Nunz,

          I certainly understand that Mark, in no way, is seeking to “get away” with something, and in fact, it appears quite the opposite. He’s having a little moral dilemma.

          Now, I’m also certainly not advocating that he lie to the IRS in order to avoid the “Child Tax Credit”. But, if he had some kind of choice (I’ve never been in that position: No kids), he could abstain in order to maintain his honor and principles.

          In a similar way, I could’ve applied for FJB’s “student loan forgiveness”. Maybe they’d eventually even just distribute this “forgiveness” if too many were too lazy or stupid to apply. Hard to say. (Looks like it’s in legal trouble now, though.) But in no way will I ever take that offer, that I should become Judas. No one owes me anything.

          I see your points, but just because there are vampires with their fangs in my neck, doesn’t mean I should pour myself a cup of blood, even if it comes in the mail free of cost. On the other had, I do understand there is no way to send the check back to the tax payers, so if things have gone that far, one might as well accept it.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            I hear ya..and I do largely agree with you. It’s just that things are so complex today- What with them just printing up fiat currency out of thin air and obligating everyone and their grandkids to pay for it for generations or until the whole system implodes[hopefully soon!].

            Me? I’ve always avoided their filthy lucre- but I’m not a client of the IRS, so I can’t participate/have no right to…and wouldn’t, just because I wouldn’t narc on myself nor give them my personal details. But if you’re forced to dabble in their system and play by their rules, such as by working for a business, or having to file taxes if self-employed because so many things are surveilled these days, then if you follow their rules and fulfill the “duties” they impose on you, and they in turn send you some of that funny money…so be it.

            I’ve just tried [and have largely succeeded] to avoid that whole system, as that is really the only way to truly stay clean and also to minimize being robbed. This whole system stinks and is morally corrupt….but just as if we found ourselves living in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, would it be wrong to take their bread when offered, seeing as THEY have made it so we can’t work or do business or live without interference from them?

            …and even more so, considering that virtually everyone around us has consented to being robbed and robbing others, and having this worthless paper as currency. I mean, there’s no way to escape it at this point until and iof we physically leave. We have no say over what they take from us…so in a situation where they actually give to us, not because we sought it, but just because we complied with some of the rules of their tyranny which causes them to give us something, I don’t really see that a person so doing is doing anything wrong. Heck, filing those taxes pretty much obligates them to file taxes for the rest of their sojourn here, so at some point, MArk will probably find himself paying rather than receiving a bonus.

            • Hey Nunz,

              Congratulations on avoiding the IRS’ “services”. Avoidance of their “systems” will be one of our few tools in the preservation of whatever liberties we have remaining.

          • BaDnOn,
            Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate everyone’s input!
            You’re right, it is a moral dilemma for me. It has been for years.
            On the one hand, I don’t feel any qualms about taking something from the federal government, per se, which certainly does most of what it does without my consent.
            On the other hand, the money, if I take it, doesn’t come from the government; it comes from my fellow citizen, who may not consent to their bullshit any more than I do; and even if he does, that still doesn’t give me a right to his money- or does it, if he in fact voted for this? And if in fact that last is true, then there’s still the problem that at least part of it comes from people who didn’t vote for that.
            So, while my inclination is to believe that I don’t have any right to and therefore shouldn’t take the proffered handout, I still haven’t answered the moral question to my own satisfaction. Or, maybe, as you suggested, I really have and just wish the answer were different.
            Anyway, as I’m self employed and do my own “taxes”, I generally take fewer deductions then I’m entitled to, in order to “qualify” for less free money. I can usually make it break about even that way.
            Still, the temptation is always there to get whatever I can out it the system. I just don’t feel good about doing it.

    • Mark,
      Take it. Anything you can do to hasten the death of the beast is a good thing. I don’t back up to take my SS check. I consider it an honor to help suck the demon dry. This is a war.

    • You take everything from our thieving, lying government you can. That much less to fund illegal wars and teaching kids to suck dick.

  10. Here is a suggestion for those with marginally operating catalytic convertors (or no catalytic convertors).
    Spark plug anti-foul adapters can be used to “space” the O2 sensors away from the exhaust stream. This can resolve a lit “check engine” light issue (sometimes). These spark plug anti-foul adapters have the same thread size as O2 sensors and are easily installed.
    As to O2 sensors themselves, I have never had a problem removing them from a hot exhaust system. In a “cold” exhaust system, they tend to seize themselves and are much more difficult to remove. If you have the space, a long pipe wrench can be used to remove them.

  11. One of my pet peeves, the “emissions” and saaaaaaaafety inspection. You can’t beat it here, unfortunately, because everything is monitored on Big Brother’s computer. One year I was a couple months late getting it and I got a letter from the DMV and the insurance company “reminding” me that I’d better get it forthwith or my registration and insurance would be cancelled. Quite the racket.

  12. Eric – pretty awesome what you’re doing ! A lot harder here in the UK to do this sort of thing, mostly because its much harder to not get caught. They have APNR everywhere, and if the fuckers see the car which is not MOT’d, taxed, and insured on the road they send you a fine and all that at home, and you know the court crap to prove otherwise.

    What we do here in the UK is open up the cat or DPF on a diesel (mostly DPFs because they dont last too long), cut it open, remove the insides, or drill holes on the inside to basically open it up, and then seal the whole thing up again. Unfortunately the more complicated process is the “remapping” where you fool the computer to think all the bits are there and not give the check engine light. But the idea of the little thing between the sensor and the pipe is a good one – let us know if that fools it…..

  13. Ah yes, inspection.

    This is definitely not a special interest mandate to the service garage industry. It’s just for safety.

    If not for inspection, no one would be aware their car was in “need” of expensive repairs for cheap items.

    $2 light out, we’ll put it in for $20
    $10 wipers needed, we’ll replace for $25
    $50 brake pads needed, We’ll do it for $200
    Window tint too dark, we can’t give you that vaunted sticker. We’re just enforcing these rules on behalf of the government for your safety.

      • Eric,

        And now, the Biden Thing is also pledging millions of dollars toward “Fighting climate change” while AMERICANS continue to struggle with high food prices, high energy prices, etc.

        • Is Following ESG Criteria Breaking The Law?

          According to legal experts, ESG initiatives can cause companies to break antitrust, civil rights, and Employee Retirement Income Security Agency (ERISA) laws.

          “The way ESG is being implemented is completely antidemocratic, which is to say that they are just flouting laws,” George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki told The Epoch Times. “They’re flouting democratically elected laws and bringing things about that are often illegal.”

          companies that take part in coordinated actions against other companies or industries could be violating U.S. antitrust laws

          It cites the Sherman Act of 1890, which prohibits “every contract, combination … or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce.”

          Hundreds of the world’s largest corporations have signed joint pledges through international clubs such as Climate Action 100+, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), the Net Zero Banking Alliance, the Net Zero Asset Managers Alliance, and others to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

          GFANZ, which includes 550 global corporations as members, states that “all members have independently committed to the goal of net zero by 2050, in addition to setting interim targets for 2030 or earlier and reporting transparently on progress along the way.” GFANZ banking members include Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.

          Violation of Civil Rights Laws

          Beyond antitrust, another area where ESG may run afoul of America’s laws is where the push for racial and gender equity violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. In step with ESG social justice goals, United Airlines announced in April 2021 that it would set racial and gender quotas when hiring pilots… ESG is racist….

          In a separate case, the courts ruled that COVID-relief grants by the Biden administration that excluded white restaurant owners were also illegal…..more racism…the leftists are racist….

          Violation of Fiduciary Laws
          A third area where ESG clashes with U.S. law regards the legal obligation of fund managers and corporate executives to act in good faith and in the best interests of investors and shareholders.

          The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, passed in 1974 to address corruption and misuse of pension money, requires that private pension fund managers invest “solely in the interests of participants and beneficiaries.” It set what is called a “prudent expert” standard of care for fund managers and allows fund beneficiaries to sue managers for failing to uphold this standard.

          While ERISA applies to corporate pension funds, many U.S. states have applied similar language to public pension funds. Currently, 24 states forbid ideological investing for their public pension funds, including ESG.

          An August letter to BlackRock, signed by 19 state attorneys general, for example, charged that BlackRock had a “duty of loyalty” to state pensioners who invested in its funds and that “your actions around promoting net zero, the Paris Agreement, or taking action on climate change indicate rampant violations of this duty, otherwise known as acting with ‘mixed motives.’”

          Which country is ESG 99% compliant? You dont know? Sri lanka…

          If you believe the elite controllers flying around in jets…. while you and I go to McDonalds or Costco actually believe their own climate change lies, then you have been made as stupid as they tried to make you and as stupid as they need you to be to control you.

          • ESG illegal actions……

            Federal Agencies Become ESG Activists

            the Biden administration has been relentless in redirecting virtually every federal agency toward activism for “climate and social justice” and aligning the federal government in lockstep with the corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movement.

            ESG Criteria are Breaking The Law………

            According to legal experts, ESG initiatives can cause companies to break antitrust, civil rights, and Employee Retirement Income Security Agency (ERISA) laws.


      • They are losing reserve currency status rapidly, BRICS is gaining ground, and the petrodollar’s days are numbered.

        They know all of this, and are scrambling to find foreign markets where they can dump dollars, to neutralize/forestall hyperinflation here at home (and the resulting civil unrest). Ukraine happens to be convenient for this purpose.

  14. The thing that always irks me is people/enforcement types saying “Driving is a privilege!” When compliance is forced whether one uses the roads or not. No, when there is no opt out it becomes a Right, otherwise it’s stealing by government mandate.

    Of course the Gov is fine with stealing so it’s kinda a moot point. It just annoys me to no end when I hear shallow thinkers mimic this particular mantra.

      • Thus the saying ” the government is a parasite on the body politic”

        H.L. Menken has some of the best quotes describing our current situation with government:

        “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

        Indeed, the current moron and his staff went to the climate change parasite fest and proclaimed that we must do everything to fight global warming. Climate change is an imaginary problem we must fight against, it is the greatest scam ever to increase government control over us.

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
        H. L. Mencken

  15. ‘Have I done anything wrong?’ — eric

    Turn the question around: has Big Gov done anything wrong by pumping $60 billion into the Ukraine this year, one of the most corrupt countries on earth — on top of the roughly one trillion it spends every year on its global military empire?

    Anyone who answers this question affirmatively need feel no qualms about chiseling the kleptocracy in return. Their thefts are astronomical in scale, compared to nuisance fees that citizens can dodge.

    Meanwhile — in some jurisdictions — gov doesn’t even make a pretense of protecting its citizens from thieves. Just finished reading a New York Slimes article, “The Bike Thieves of Burlington,” highlighting the usual liberal-Democrat pathologies:

    ‘In June 2020, the Progressive members of the Council successfully sponsored a measure that sought to reduce the size of the city’s police force by about 30 percent. The measure capped the number of officers at 74, down from a maximum of about 100. There are now 61 officers on the force, but only 53 are actively deployed.

    ‘Burlington Police say many kinds of crimes have increased in 2022. Larceny of all types is up 107 percent this year in Burlington compared with the five-year average from 2017 to 2021.’

    These progressive freaks deliberately set up their constituents to be victims of vagrants and meth heads. They are owed no loyalty and no taxes. Roll ’em …

  16. You’re not wrong, in the same way that if a mugger tells me to give him all my money, and I hand over the cash in my right pocket, but don’t tell him about the money in my left pocket. The authoritays can spin it any which way they want, but taxation is theft, plain and simple. Same with a “fee”, unless that fee is for something you want, and it’s voluntary. Never wrong to limit someone’s ability to steal from you.

    • Floriduh,
      Of course it’s theft, and not just theft, but armed robbery. Who would pay any of these taxes, fines, and fees if not for armed goons to force you to pay them, at gun point.
      If not for the Gestapo and the SS Hitler would have been a not very good comedian with a funny mustache. Much like the king of Ukraine, without the mustache.
      Here it comes again.
      Every single government on the planet is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. This authority does not attract sane people. It does attract socio/psychopaths. Which is why all governments are shortly saturated with them.


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