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It’s said by some that the reason Leftists did much better-than-expected in the recent midterms is because Leftists value “choice” – as regards abortion. They value it so highly that they’re willing to sacrifice everything else to protect it – including the freedom of others to choose not wear “masks” or be forced to choose between “vaccination” (sic) and economic and social exclusion.

This shows us, of course, that it isn’t really about “choice.” It is about abortion facilitating choices the Left likes – and wants to disconnect consequences from.

The chief choice being the right to have as much thoughtless, consequence-free sex as possible. Which – ruefully – is a right. As regardless the thoughtless sex. In the same way that a person has the right to drink as much alcohol as they like. A right being simply an acknowledgement of respect for a person’s – here it comes – right to choose.

But what of the consequences of our choices? Do we not have an obligation to accept them?

The Left thinks not. At least insofar as regards abortion.

The Left seeks unlimited abortion because it seeks unlimited irresponsibility. Not merely to act – and not just as regards sex – but to be freed of the consequences of actions, generally.

To have sex – promiscuous or not – is the real choice at issue. (The Left parries this using the technique of positing exceptions to disprove the rule, citing rape and incest – refusing to concede the fact that most abortions are performed on women who weren’t raped or the victims of incest; i.e., on women who chose to have sex and thus risk becoming pregnant.)

Before it became acceptable – to say nothing of legal – to simply vacuum out the consequences of that choice and wash it down the sink – people tended to think more carefully before choosing to have sex.

There was certainly less promiscuous sex.

Sex, in other words, had more meaning than it does for animals. As it should, for humans.

Boys understood they’d be held accountable for getting a girl pregnant and for that reason ought to be careful about getting a girl pregnant – if they didn’t want her to be. If they didn’t want to assume the responsibility of caring for her and the baby.

Now that abortion has become a kind of after-the-fact birth control, boys (and men) are greatly freed from worry about being held accountable for choosing to have sex. With the inevitable result being they often choose to have as much of it as they can with as many women as they can. And many women do the same.

Is this a good thing for women?

Is it a good thing for men?

It is one of the many ironies of the thing that the thing which ostensibly “freed” women also freed men . . . to use women. Who often find themselves discarded by men after having been used up by the men they’ve slept with, who have moved on to the next woman. And the one after that. Men being more biologically able to do this than women, whose usefulness (and value) to men as wives – as mothers – declines the more they are used.

Until, one day, they are used up.

Both sexes are egged on to use each other. So-called “swipe” culture being perhaps the most damning evidence of the fact. Everything reduced to how he – or she – looks. How willing they are. An object – to be used. And used, in turn. Jordan Peterson observes that this is the very definition of psychopathy.

The most intimate thing a human being can do with another human being reduced to the basest form of physical gratification, almost like going to the bathroom. With the other person as the toilet.

Once used, it is left behind. Abortion provides the way to just flush the problem away.

Something else has been left behind, too. Not just the life created – and treated as disposable – an inconvenience standing in the way of the next bathroom break.

Abortion as birth control flushes away our humanity. That is the choice before us. Men and women.

This is what we’re really talking about, if we’re honest with ousselves.

And that is something most Leftists rarely are.

“Choice” is a dodge, as evidenced by the Leftist’s abhorrence of the thing when exercised legitimately – including full acceptance by the asserter of any consequences – as in the case of a person asserting their right to choose not to have their body violated by a needle injecting a substance into their body. Here, there is no question of anyone else’s body – yet the Leftist will shriek in the face of the person asserting that right to choose – and with the same fury they will defend their right (as they see it) to abort the life developing within their body.

So that they can continue to exercise the “choice” to not be accountable – even to themselves – for the choices they have made. So that they are free to continue making the same choices, over and over again.

To use – and to be used.

Like a public toilet.

But what is the fate of a society that values such choices? That insists not only that people have the right to make bad choices but that these choices ought to incur little, if any, consequences – or even chagrin?

Such a society becomes  . . . psychopathic.

Is it not diagnostically accurate? Our is becoming a society no longer capable of defending itself against insanity, which is a broader definition of psychopathy, because it is losing the ability to discern the insane from the not.

The insane cannot distinguish objective reality from fantasy. The psychopathic can but don’t care. Or do, but only when it challenges their right to make any choice they like – freed from any meaningful consequence that arise from having made it.

. . .

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  1. It is appalling that the “freedom” on offer is for women to get pump and dumped by guys who don’t care about them and getting to stay in crummy office jobs that also don’t care about them What a triumph for women everywhere.

    • Hi Bama,

      I remember thinking – when I first heard about women and “careers” – don’t they realize it’s just a job? But “career” sounds more glamorous, more substantive than job. That’s the trap. The lure of a “career”- high status, money, etc. But most end up with a job. So do most men, of course. But a man with a job can provide and protect his wife and children and that makes his job meaningful in a way that transcends the job, per se. A man cannot have children. But he can provide for them. Women alone can have kids. It is something tremendously meaningful, in itself. A job can never have more meaning than that.

    • Hi Bama,

      As a woman, I have no issue with a woman working to improve her lot in life. Not all women should be mothers, very much like all men should not be fathers. Some people are outstanding parents, others stink at it and no child should be produced from a union with two awful parents.

      A few of the guys on here seem to believe that all women would enjoy staying home rearing children, cleaning, cooking, and arguing with the husband every few months so he will hopefully give her enough money so she can get a haircut. There are women who enjoy being mothers and wives and working the home and they should be lauded for the decision that they chose to make. The key is they are making the best decision for themselves (the family) and not society.

      Other women (myself included) would be crawling the walls all day if we were stuck inside a house washing, folding, mopping, while Barney played in the background. This doesn’t mean that the state should raise our children. That is the parent’s responsibility and it can be done.

      On another subject (and I 100% agree with you) I don’t understand the joy of jumping from person to person for pleasure. There are too many risks out there (STDs, pregnancy, lousy sex). I never understood why women (and men) didn’t believe they were special and not everyone deserved them. Maybe my thinking is prudish, but if the body is a temple not everyone deserves a membership card.

      • Hi, RG,
        Based on my experience, it is not “either/or.” My Mom was very much “maternal,” (4 children) but her career (Physical Therapist) was also an essential part of her life. Those two aspects were just facets of the entire picture. Just sayin…

        >not everyone deserved them.
        There you go.
        Or, as the saying goes, I have upped my standards, so up yours.

      • By no means did I intend to denigrate women who choose not to have kids; I agree that parenthood is not a universal calling. A couple of my best friends made that choice, but they did not need “choice” in order to do so. It is telling, though, that the main beneficiaries of leftist “choice” here are the leftist men who get to sexually and economically exploit women, all in the name of feminism.

        • Hi Bama,

          That’s my position as well. As a libertarian, I respect every person’s right to decide for themselves how to (as Jefferson put it) pursue happiness. For some, that involves children. For others, a career. For some, both. But that isn’t the thing on the table here – which is this “choice” business as regards abortion. Which has become a form of after-the-fact birth control, rather than an extraordinary measure in extraordinary circumstances. This has cheapened life – and not just the lives snuffed. It has also cheapened our lives by implication. Inconvenient old person? Just put them to sleep. This is already happening. More will happen, too.

  2. Consequences of promiscuity also include spreading various STDs around which how many young people are careful about faithfully using condoms now that birth control is not as high a priority? Or married people having affairs? They don”t just impact each other. How many PSAs do we see about getting vaccinated to protect yourself vs how many pushing protected sex? Never see any of those PSAs. Way easier to find Kim Kardasian”s sex videos. Just another of the many mixed messages put forth by the left.

  3. BTW has anyone noticed – the term is no longer “pro choice”, but reproductive freedom now? As ofcourse we shouldn’t have “choice” when it comes to matters such as being prodded with a dodgy needle…. wouldn’t want the sheep to be confused now would they….

    • Nasir,

      The pro abortion crowd may have made that change when people pointed out the inconsistencies with the “Pro choice” crowd who bleated “Pro choice” or “My body, my choice!” but also advocated MANDATORY COVID VACCINATION for everyone else. Here’s another term they’ve developed for those who OPPOSE abortion……”Forcing women to give birth”, which in itself is absurd.

      As for “Reproductive freedom”, that term sounds like the FREEDOM to have as many children as one wants, NOT what the “Pro choice” crowd wishes to define it as.

      • Hell, these days, John, they are called “Birthing Persons”. As though this world has not been Fed Ex’ed down far enough into the pits of hell.

  4. Why are leftist womyn, as a whole, so homely and frequently butch? Seriously, none of those in the main picture need worry about their right to choose. They’d crack beer goggles. Yuck.

    • BAC,

      Not only that, many of them probably got vaxxed, and there’s growing evidence that the COVID jab affects women’s fertility, even causing miscarriages or fetal death in pregnant women who are vaxxed.

      The ironic thing is, if those who bleat about “Women’s right to choose” now CAN’T get pregnant because they’ve been vaxxed, what will that do to the abortion lobby such as “Planned Parenthood”?

      • data shows the non placebo nazi needles, which cause serilization and slow death, were targeted to poor areas and conservative areas…leftist/communist/nazis don’t want conservatives breeding….

          • Analysis of dying per 100,000 vaxxinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaxxine deaths are happening in Red States. Some Red States are experiencing eleven times more vaxxine deaths than other states. On average, Red States are experiencing twice the amount of death and injuries as Blue States.

            Ruling out other possibilities, Paardekooper concluded that this could only be due to the fact that Red States received twice as much of the lethal batches than Blue States did.

            Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order’s woke Build Back Better Great Reset, while at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.


            • Anon,

              There’s video out there of NUMEROUS athletes collapsing or even DYING right in the middle of sports competitions, as well as quite a few celebrities having collapsed or died. It couldn’t be from COVID “vaccines”, could it? Big Media and the public health bureaucrats blame these deaths on “Died Suddenly”/ “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.

            • if the vaccine decimates or seriously afflicts one group compared to another, then this may void its EUA…..it should have been voided…

              Gender Differences in Vaccine Effects

              We see evidence of massive variation – this time, not between batches, but rather between different groups in the population – between male and female.

              The vaccines were granted EUA based on a consistency of reaction for all members of the population – if the vaccine decimates or seriously afflicts one group compared to another, then this may void its EUA.

              Here, I am providing data for what appears to be a highly consistent and very large difference in the effect of the vaccine on women compared to men

              the leftist/communist/nazis pushing the nazi needle are sexist…more inversion…protecting women’s rights….lol


              one exempt group was illegal immigrants (including the women), so this was targeted to the G7, mostly white/conservative areas…(and poor areas…so this would include blacks and indigenous)…..and particularily women…interesting….

              the leftist/communist/nazis pushing the nazi needle are sexist and racist…

              • some of the biggest cheerleaders of masks and nazi needles were women…karens….cheerleading their own demise….how stupid is that…

                • if you confronted a karen with this information, their head would explode, they would probably attack you, (they would become possessed with the anger demon…lol),

                  in mar. 2020 there wasn’t a lot of information, that joe 6 pack had, on the nazi needles, masks, etc., now there is whole library full of evidence showing the injuries/deaths, sickness caused by this poison…..


            • the democrat’s satanic cult freak…..a perfect fit for the elite rulers at the top….

              The man who has been appointed deputy in charge of the Monkey Pox Pandemic Response is Dr Demetre Daskalakis

              You might be wondering –

              who are the officials appointed in charge of the Monkey Pox pandemic response ??
              are these officials responsible, moral individuals ??
              do they uphold the Ten Commandments ??

              The man who has been appointed deputy in charge of the Monkey Pox Pandemic Response is Dr Demetre Daskalakis – See … White House Briefing.

              NOTE: However Daskalakis appears to endorse a radical cult – as can be seen from his public photos – Photos.

              According to Wikipedia (Wiki) – “Satanism challenges both the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, advocating instead a tooth-for-tooth philosophy – advocating social Darwinism – “Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!”. This philosophy is quite compatible with eugenics, the ascendence of an elite, and the removal of “useless eaters”….

              Government appointment of officials who support cults that are morally ambiguous, or even morally inverted, suggests little or no intent for protecting the rights of citizens. Will such governments uphold your right to

              uncensored truth ?
              informed consent ?
              bodily autonomy ?
              or are they letting all the rules slide ?… When governments fail, people cease to listen.


              The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

              These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

                • Besides Biden choosing Daskalakis despite having satanic ties, Biden made another questionable choice for recently choosing Samuel Brinton for a top-level job at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

                  Brinton previously defended the website “Rentboy.com” which was later taken down for illegal prostitution. The site advocated for young men to hook up with wealthy men all across the world. So, essentially the United States Department of Nuclear Energy is completely okay with hiring someone who has an ideology that promotes the prostitution of young men.

                  the Biden admin has been consistently hiring people who are openly satanic.


                • Dr. Demetre Daskalakis belongs to the church of satan….

                  Is fauci the new parcelsus? …..does he belong to the church of satan too?

                  Parecelsus is the founder of our modern allopathic medicine, he is big pharma’s hero. and probably fauci’s hero…..lol

                  paracelsus founded our modern allopathic medicine practiced everywhere today. It is based on using poisonous drugs and injections. he is also a hero in the church of satan.

                  church of satan

                  On their website…their motto:
                  We Satanists are thus our own “Gods,” and as beneficent “deities” we can offer love to those who deserve it and deliver our wrath, harm upon those who seek to cause us harm or who don’t agree with us.

                  they used to practice…. “Phase One Satanism” i.e., group rituals, blaspheming Christianity

                  The rituals for the first year were largely intended as cathartic blasphemies against Christianity. Many of the elements were consistent with the reports of Satanic worship from the famous writings of diabolists, such as the description in Joris-Karl Huysman’s La Bas (translated into English as Down There).

                  A nude female altar was always used, the accompanying music was a series of corruptions of church hymns, the cross was turned upside down, the Lord’s Prayer was recited backwards, mock holy wafers were consecrated by insertion in a naked woman’s vagina, whiskey was used instead of wine for Christ’s blood, holy water was substituted with seminal fluid in milk, and the names of the infernal deities were invoked instead of the Christian God.

                  Remember the masks?

                  There was zero science behind masking, it was all fake science, but the masks were very important for another reason………..

                  mask wearing is linked historically to occult activities. these masks are very important…..

                  Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation.

                  participating in the occult is supposed to be very dangerous, you are leaving yourself open to demons, maybe that is part of the intended harm behind the whole bat germ bs, they are forcing you to do this, forced and dragged into an occult practice,
                  the satanists won’t leave you alone, you will be forced into their satanic death cult…..


                  • this masking makes sense now….lol

                    Remember the masks?

                    There was zero science behind masking, it was all fake science, but the masks were very important for another reason………..

                    mask wearing is linked historically to occult activities. these masks are very important…..

                    Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation.

                    plus this

                    TRUTH ABOUT MASKS

                    Surgical masks were used as torture tools at the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.


                    the torture tools might be coming back……..look out

                  • Satanic worship from the famous writings of diabolists, such as the description in Joris-Karl Huysman’s La Bas (translated into English as Down There).

                    A nude female altar was always used, the accompanying music was a series of corruptions of church hymns, the cross was turned upside down, the Lord’s Prayer was recited backwards, mock holy wafers were consecrated by insertion in a naked woman’s vagina, whiskey was used instead of wine for Christ’s blood, holy water was substituted with seminal fluid in milk,

                    NOTE: and the names of the infernal deities were invoked instead of the Christian God…….inviting in satan…demons…that is crazy…..

      • The degree of deep retardery among women is really an issue. Women are much more susceptible to emotional manipulation through media propaganda. One thing their belief system is a mile wide and about an inch deep I guess

  5. The arrogant Karl D brought up a good point about the election. His contention was the red team candidates made too much hoopla about killing Roe which, naturally, threatened women to carry a pregnancy to full term. And that caused them to jump ship and as a result help kill the red wave. No question about it Karl ole buddy — good call.

    But as usual, ole Karl left out a more salient point regarding abortions. Over turning Roe was not only a possible threat to their access to an abortion, but more importantly they also feared the loss of someone else paying for that abortion. Now, it’s bad enough for liberals to lose a free lunch now & again, but losing out on a free abortion paid by the taxpayer!? Cmon, that’s so cruel! Paying for your own abortion?…outrageous! No wonder they voted blue team. And team RED probably, probably, just created another loyal voting bloc for the dark side.

    • Hi Dave,

      I agree. I also think it was a necessary cost, if so. How does one oppose the Left without opposing Leftism? Including the moral underpinnings of it? I submit that Republicans – and conservatives, specifically, conservatives – often make the mistake of trying to avoid confronting the Left by agreeing with it, both overtly as well as tacitly. Example: It ought not to be: Repeal and Replace Obamacare (with a new “plan”) but rather: The individual has a right to make his own decisions regarding health care; it is none of the federal government’s business, in any way. “Lockdowns” are immoral as well as unconstitutional. No one is obliged to wear a “mask.” Coercing people to take any drug is evil. Etc.

      It may not be possible to build a “big tent” or even win a national election on that basis. So be it. Separation then becomes the goal.

      • Eric,

        Thank you for this thoughtful article. Too many have blamed the failure of the Right to make progress in this last election on abortion. So, as you state, we must agree with the Left to make progress? How well has that strategy worked out for the Right?

        No – we must clearly state our beliefs and if necessary, go our own way when the government does not protect the rights of the minority, except when that minority does its depraved bidding.

        Agreeing with the Left means that we must accept same-sex marriage, and now we must agree that sex is mutable. Thus we must permit transgenderism and the mutilation and sterilization of children. What’s next?

      • You’re right, it’s way past time for a national divorce from these people. There is no reasoning with them, we must cut the cord. . .and if we don’t they’ll eat us for dinner.

        The problem is, though, it’s too late for that. That opportunity came & went right after Ronald Reagan’s failure to move the needle away from progressivism/facism and towards freedom & liberty. We should have seen the light then & might have gotten away with separation, but certainly not now. Any attempt will be met with an extreme – and violent — reaction, and probably from both sides.

        But back to the abortion thing. Too many conservatives went ape over the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe (for once they finally got something right) and many of those righties started to shoved it down the throats of those fence-sitting voters. For those voters who leaned right but favored abortion rights it all the excuse they needed to side with the lefties. In turn, that contributed a lot to the defeat of the red candidates who made it a main issue in their campaigns.

        This is akin to the situation Libertarians have faced so many times in the past. While running for office you’re not going to pick up a lot of voters by shouting, screaming, and advocating the legalization of prostitution, drugs, and other vices. Sure, we’re certainly for legalizing those things but that doesn’t mean we make them our main issues. And that’s where the party should have learned a very hard lesson which I’m still not convinced some of those party members realize today.

        I know all this sounds like political maneuvering and it probably is. But if the goal is to win elections. . .

        • I hear you, Dave –

          And agree in principle. I’ve always held that accepting the good (even if imperfect) while working toward the perfect (never to be achieved, of course) aren’t mutually exclusive. Nor is being tactical – to achieve a strategic goal. When I am asked about such things as drugs and prostitution, I respond by saying that I believe in freedom of choice and free exchange. I also believe they must be attended by accepting responsibility for the results of those free choices. That often works to persuade conservatives that libertarians do not advocate recklessness or disregard for others.

          Indeed, we libertarians are arguably more “conservative” in that respect – in that we (well, I) believe in holding people fully responsible for the harms they cause. Whatever that takes. Drive recklessly and hurt someone? Haven’t got any money to pay for the damages? Then be indentured to that person for as long as it takes to make them whole. But I also believe – I insist – that anyone who hasn’t actually harmed someone else by his actions has an absolute right to be left in peace.

        • Even more ironic, Dave, is that it was under Reagan’s tenure as President (in 1986), that the vaccine makers were given 100% liability protection. Which is why no one can sue them today, once said jabs are put on the scheduled list of vaccines for children.

      • Eric,
        Indeed, how can one defend one’s principles by abandoning them? Compromising with demons is what got us here in the first place.

      • Yep.
        I’m not at all convinced that this issue was as big a factor in the latest selection as some people think. That said, you’re exactly right that it’s more important to do the right thing than to do the politically popular one.
        Ironically enough, a lot of politicians might find that their support would actually increase if they’d be willing to grow a pair and take a stand for the right once in a while.
        There’s no bigger turn off, politically, than a wishy washy guy who says the things we want to hear but then chickens out when the going gets tough.

        • Regarding your last comment, I’m not at all sure that the proponents of liberty can’t win, if they unashamedly espouse it and are willing to use power, when they actually win elections, to crush the left.
          It hasn’t been tried, as far as I can tell. But it may not work, and I’m ok with the separation solution as well.
          Also, the article was great, Eric.

      • The first state to completely ban abortion insulates itself from being Californicated, like CO, NC and NJ got, and AZ and ID are getting now.

      • Jordan Peterson on Gender, Patriarchy and the Slide Towards Tyranny

        He is a conservative/libertarian fighting the woke/leftists a great guy, we need more people like him…

        The university leftists hate him, but he is such a celebrity, so influencial, Cambridge invited him back recently for a debate….


        Jordan Peterson is not perfect and he even admits it, (who else would?), he is intelligent and a good speaker, he can debate anybody and take them apart, you wouldn’t last two minutes one on one with him.

        He is fighting the leftist/woke…….. anybody against him is supporting/enabling the woke.
        He is good he hates the climate change morons….

        he is such a celebrity, so influential, Cambridge invited him back recently for a debate….the left want him on their side he is so powerful, damaging to their bs narrative, he is dangerous to the leftists…….

        Name one other person with same intelligence, insights, that can speak/debate as well, 99% of the politicians are brain dead corrupt morons.

        • there is a difference between conservatives and leftists, which should be sold to young people….

          jordan peterson on the leftist/maxists

          the root of the problem….
          Our society needs to figure out how to stop shunting public tax money to radical left-wing liberal activists.

          the postmodernist Marxists liberals just basically pulled a sleight-of-hand, and said, ‘Okay if it’s not the poor against the rich than it’s the oppressed against the oppressor.’ We’ll just re-divide the sub-populations in ways that make our bloodied philosophy continue in its movement forward, and that’s where we are now.

          So for the liberal postmodernists, the world is a Hobbesian battleground of identity groups. They do not communicate with one another, because they can’t. All there is, is a struggle for power, and if you’re in the predator group, which means you’re an oppressor, than you better look out, because you’re not exactly welcome. Not exactly welcome, and neither are your ideas. So that’s what you’re up against.

          I would say it’s time for conservatives to stop apologizing for being conservatives.

          You don’t apologize to these people. It’s a big mistake. They read apology as an admission of guilt. You don’t apologize, and you don’t back down.

          the humanities, and much of the social sciences have turned into a postmodernist neo-Marxist playground for liberal radicals. The scholarship is terrible.

          80% of humanities papers are not cited once. Once!

          And so what that means is that they write papers for each other, and they sell them to libraries, and that’s a how the publishers are making money. No one reads them, but the publishers can print them and the libraries have to buy them —

          And they are buying them with your tax money. And so all of you who are sitting here are funding a postmodern radical neo-Marxist liberal agenda that has its roots in the university, and your tax money is going towards it.

          Our society needs to figure out how to stop shunting public tax money to radical left-wing liberal activists.

          So that’s what conservatives and also liberals –true liberals in the English sense– are up against me. What’s happened also as a consequence of this postmodern neo-Marxist intellectual invasion, is the center keeps moving way to the right now, so if you’re a classical liberal, you’ve become a conservative.

          And so for all of you who are interested pursuing the conservative agenda. There’s a lot of classic liberals that you could be talking to.

          conservatives want to maintain things. liberals want to change things (for the worse).

          Well now you conservatives have got something to sell to young people– you can sell them freedom of speech, and you can sell them responsibility.

          The left is selling them rights, you can sell them responsibility.

          I can tell you, because I received many letters of this sort … young people are absolutely starving for someone to provide them with a sense of responsibility, and say look here, here’s something worth living for,


          • Hey anon1,

            “You don’t apologize to these people. It’s a big mistake. They read apology as an admission of guilt.”

            This is absolutely true! The woke lunatics claim that they want dialogue and reconciliation, bullshit! They want proof of “guilt” to justify a vilification/cancellation campaign. Never apologize to these people.


    • I dunno know, from what I’ve read, the young people are deciding they do not like freedom or liberty.

      Can they be convinced otherwise? With logic & reason?

      …Or, will they have to learn the hard frickin’ way?
      Via, “The military boot kicking them in their big bottoms into the Gulag”? Time will tell, I suppose.

      “If the projection is correct, Democrats have now won the Senate.” …



      I am really getting to dislike that “You are posting too quickly”.

      • Hi Helot,

        What I see and read about today’s youth – not all, of course but not none, either – is terrifying. Rabidity of ideology. A self-righteousness of ignorance. Stunted emotional as well as intellectual development. The urge to find “oppressors” – and punish them. The Left has done a number on them, having gained control of not just government schools but also colleges and universities.

      • Re: the young people are deciding they do not like freedom or liberty.

        Well now you conservatives have got something to sell to young people– you can sell them freedom of speech, and you can sell them responsibility.

        The left is selling them rights, you can sell them responsibility.

        they don’t want freedom of speech?….maybe only if it is approved by the leftist cult?

        sell them responsibility……that can’t be sold to them?….they would rather have lefist approved rights?

        conservatives need better marketers…..

        • Hi Anon,

          Do you remember the movie, Logan’s Run? Toward the end, the “runners” stumble upon the ruins of Washington, DC. They enter the Library of Congress, where they find an old man and his books, attended by many cats. I begin to feel like that man, though I’m not that old, yet. Nonetheless, I aim to be – and I will keep as many books (and cats) as I can. If any young people stumble upon me, I will regale them with tales of the Before Time and perhaps read to them from dusty old books written by men they’ve likely never heard of, such as Solzhenitsyn and Mencken. Maybe I will take the tarp off the Trans-Am and show them what a better, vanished time looked like…

      • The problem with young people today, Helot, is that they have enjoyed freedom since they crawled out of the womb. Thanks to the dumbing down of the education system in the last 30 years, they equate “Communism” to getting everything for free. Not realizing that Communism murdered some 100 million in the last century. They walk around with their noses in their stupid I-phones, oblivious to the real world, not realizing it was (and is) Capitalism that enabled them to get those I-phones in the first place. They do not know the agonies of starvation, because they live in a somewhat Capitalistic society (what is left of it, anyway). Older idiot fools like Bernie Sanders, who say that “Bread lines are a good thing” have never missed a meal, let alone stood all day freezing their asses off for that bit of moldy bread, either. Only after said young people give it all up, will they realize what they lost. But, they will have too much pride and arrogance to admit they were wrong. More rather, they will blame the rest of us who tried to warn them ahead of time, the cost of giving freedom up for the perception of “something-for-nothing”. When really, they should have known all along that nothing is free.

        • Well-said, Shadow –

          They start from a premise of assumed and perpetual plenty (for them). Where does this plenty come from? It is just “there” – and they have a right to it. Because they exist. At a “fair” (or even no) cost to them. They can assume the mantle of virtue for “caring” about (insert here) without having to care about not starving – or freezing.

          Yuri was right. But they didn’t listen.

        • If I had my way every post-boomer and beyond would be required to live in a third-world country for six months or so, not in a hotel as a tourist, but out in a backwater where real poor people live.
          Those of us who were in military service in third-world countries know what I am talking about…
          The average “poor” person in the USA (excluding parts of Appalachia and other remote areas) receives “public assistance”, both cash and “in-kind” products, has one or more TVs, a cell phone, one or more vehicles, enough money for cigarettes and lottery tickets, and still complains that “it is not enough.
          American young people have no idea what true poverty is…

  6. Ever see a beautiful woman? You have every right to seek her company if she so chooses, it’s her right to choose.

    Women’s rights and the right to an abortion are not the same.

    In 1928 the Soviet Union legalized abortion, the first modern government to legislate a woman’s choice.

    Not because women demanded abortion to be legal, it was because the Supreme Soviet, the big guys, were fornicating with multiple women. Like Jackie Treehorn, Lenin and the rest of the motley crew of communists treated objects like women.

    Communist leaders didn’t want to have the responsibility of raising a child. The Party had no time for life or love, just power and madness. Didn’t give a shit about God’s rules. Atheists could care less. A woman is pregnant? Mandate an abortion!

    By the mid-fifties the number of abortions in the Soviet Union exceeded five million, a record. A silent holocaust.

    In America, liberal (I guess) young women become pregnant to then abort the fetus, becomes a status symbol. Men are victims used to destroy a potential human life. Another silent holocaust caused by some women.

    It is immoral, but that’s life. Women will act to do something, nothing is sacred in this world. Sarah and Hagar were complicit, Father Abraham the father worked things out somehow, got a double whammy from the escapades.

    Here we are, a mostly peaceful war of all against all.

    Another winter got here, in the dark early nowadays. The North won’t have as much daylight, the earth is half in the dark at all times.

    Baffin Island has remnants of the Laurentide Ice Sheet from 18500 years ago. Doubtful it will ever melt away, but you never know. Going to have to warm much more than it does now, which is negligible.

    In 1000 CE, life expectancy ranged from 45-54 years, all kinds of diseases and calamities occurred. Women were women by age 15, you’ve got 35 more years, maybe more. You learn fast at that age back in 1000 CE.

    You could have some fun and end up with syphilis or gonarhea plus other STDs, not much protection back then. All prostitution was legal and taxed during the Byzantine. Sexually transmitted diseases were there, you took your chances.

    People behaved themselves for obvious reasons.

    Modern medicine has developed birth control and gives women the opportunity to be promiscuous with no consequences. A woman just needs a chemical to abort the newly forming fetus and she will if she so desires.

    “I’m the girl who works at Paramount all day and Fox all night.” -Mae West

    Another genuine honest to God Dark Winter on the way.
    All according to Uncle Joe’s proclamations. You know how dismal those are.

    All energy on the earth originates from the sun, the light and heat sustains the planet and all that has come into existence here, extinct and extant. Coal and oil are an accumulation of the sun’s energy. Hydrocarbons can become usable energy when humans apply some knowledge. Takes time and smarts to solve problems, it does get done.

    Too much carbon dioxide all at once from Lake Nyos in Africa resulted in people and livestock dying by the thousands back in 1986. The lake is now controlled to dissipate any build up of carbon dioxide.

    • In Nazi Germany abortions and birth control (same thing really when you think about it) were permitted based on racial and eugenic considerations, I totally support this, I guess I’m super evil.

  7. Eric,

    I dig your Mr. T. air freshener…

    And no, freedom isn’t freedom from consequences.

    Now, I think a place exists for what is called abortion, as long as it is done quickly. But it should be the last fail-safe, done after other methods of birth-prevention fail. Something like a condom breaking, which happens. There is the very convenient Plan-B for such issues.

    As for as promiscuous sex… Well, I (and yes my GF) are much more “liberal” in our approach to sex than many. Sex is (or can be) a wonderful experience, and it need not be so solemn and serious that we have to be ruthlessly monogamous.

    Enjoy life, for fuck’s sake! Get good and drunk, now and then! Bang a perfect stranger or a willing acquaintance, here and there! Praise Dionysus! But, just as it is when the lot of you are savoring a little speed when careening down the highway, always be aware of the line that you could cross, ending your life as you know it.

    Keep a reasonable distance from the edge… Or don’t. THAT is freedom. Just be aware that there really never is “freedom” from consequences.

    • Wrong!
      There’s no place for ending an innocent life. If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t take the chance. Get married and have all the sex you want within its confines, and you’ll be fine.
      Sure, you have the right to “Bang a perfect stranger or a willing acquaintance, here and there”; but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.
      We used to have morals, it’s how society made it this far.
      And if you decide to be promiscuous in spite of its damaging consequences, you goddamned sure DON’T have the right to take an innocent life if “the condom break(s)”. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.
      Libertarianism is NOT libertinism!

  8. A new term that “The Left” developed for those who oppose abortion is “Advocates of forcing women to give birth”, which is absolutely preposterous, as I’m not aware of ANY abortion opponent who stuck a gun to a pregnant woman’s head and ORDERED her to give birth instead of aborting her unborn baby.

    It’s disgusting some of the terms they’ve come up with or redefined the past few years of COVID insanity, such as VACCINE, ANTI-VAXXER, ANTI-MASKER, ELECTION DENIER, or even PLANET KILLER. It’s almost as if they’ve become tools of Satan himself, as I think we’ve been in the midst of a wide open spiritual war since 2020 and have been subjected to NUMEROUS LIES.

      • BaDnOn,

        You know, I never thought of that. However, considering how insane many of the Climate Change cultists are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually call people who continue driving gas powered vehicles (instead of an EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee) or eating meat (instead of Frankenfood) “Planet Killers”!

        Heck, many of the members of the Cult of Fauciism have already called people who questioned Anthony Fauci’s ‘Sage COVID advice’ “Anti-vaxxers”, “Anti-science”, “Advocates of using horse dewormer instead of ‘Safe and Effective vaccines'”, or even “Grandma killers”!

        • John,

          Of course, the pejoratives abound! “Anti-science” hits me particularly hard, due to my being a scientist. But most people weren’t being truly “anti-science”, because people like Fauci have misrepresented science as a series of dictates, rather than a process used to elucidate the truth.

          • BaDnOn,

            I was called an “Uneducated Anti-vaxxer” on social media earlier this year for posting something from The Highwire (I forget what it was), an online weekly program that ended up being one of the FEW media outlets that ended up getting things RIGHT all along on COVID, mask wearing, and the “vaccines”.

        • Hi John,

          “I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually call people who continue driving gas powered vehicles (instead of an EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee) or eating meat (instead of Frankenfood) “Planet Killers”!

          They are, and have been for a long time. Do a search for “climate deniers should be jailed or executed” and see what comes up. The climate hysterics have long been frustrated that fear of cagw proved insufficient to drive the populace into embracing the technocratic future so desired of our “betters”. The worldwide covid “response” was engineered to address this deficiency of us “mere mundanes”. It normalized the acceptance of tyranny through the manufacture of fear. Climate lockdowns are coming, that was always the goal.


          • Oh yes, I forgot about Al Gore claiming that “Climate Deniers deserve to be punished”. There are people in my family who bought the climate change hysteria hook, line, and sinker. From the looks of it, it appears the ONLY way people who’ve fallen for the propaganda will wake up is if things get REALLY rough for them such as freezing in the upcoming Winter season or starving from lack of food because of the inevitable government war on farmers to satisfy INSANE climate change goals such as “NET ZERO”.

            As for lockdowns, I don’t doubt that the same people who implemented “COVID lockdowns” will try to implement CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS and claim they’re necessary because “Climate emergency”. The Technocrats and other elitists at the WEF BRAGGED not too long ago about how many people around the world COMPLIED with COVID lockdowns, so yes, they surely WILL try CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS. Will enough people stand up and say “NO!” this time if they actually try that? That remains to be seen.

            • Hi John,

              I agree with your analysis. People believe in “climate change” like the lies sold them during the “pandemic.” Most will fall right into line – eagerly – when they are ordered to do the “climate change” equivalent of “mask up,” stand six feet apart… But a sizable number of us won’t, this time. Or so I hope. And that will either stop this peacefully… or not.

              • Eric,

                I hope you’re right. On the other hand, Oregon appears headed toward having a detestable politician as Governor next year who is clearly ALL IN on SHOVING the Climate Change agenda down Oregonians’ throats. Will she try to implement CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS as part of that? That remains to be seen.

                The Left had a slogan back in 2017 called “Not my President” when Donald Trump was inaugurated as President. I, and many other Oregonians who STILL have sanity, may need a similar slogan, “Not my Governor” for a Governor Tina Kotek, as I suspect that her recent pledge to be a “Governor for all Oregonians” after declaring victory will be as short lived as Joe Biden’s pledge to be a “President for all Americans”. I may need a drink after this.

  9. I am not a lawyer, nor a parent, so take this with a grain of salt…

    The abortion thing isn’t about a woman’s “right to choose.” Abortion has always been an option, at least since the rise of modern surgery. I believe it was in his book The Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul wrote of a time in his residency where an abortion was performed. This was in the 1950s, when it was technically illegal. I’m sure this event took place, just as sure as I am that people smoked marijuana before it was “legalized” in Colorado.

    Abortion rights legislation is all about protecting doctors from potential manslaughter charges. A woman who wants to abort a baby isn’t able to carry out the act herself, although plan B might allow for that scenario*. She must rely on a medical doctor, a nurse and other staff, all of whom could be considered accessories to crime or even contract killers. What happens when overzellous prosecutors want to build up their case wins? No way the malpractice insurance mafia would go for that either.

    I’m neither for or against abortion policitally, but I think morally it is wrong. I think there’s also a eugenics and population control element that I find repugnant too. Having children is a great thing, at all strata of societies (at least until government gets its hooks into the family). Who wouldn’t want children, if the opportunity was there?

    *the only purpose of the “medicine” is to induce a miscarriage so Foundation Consumer Healthcare (the manufacturer) could be potentially brought up on product safety charges.

    • leftist blackface’s hero…. sanger

      sanger the racist leftist hero, a fabian leftist
      with KKK connections

      Margaret Sanger, the women’s rights activist and founder of Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider in America—is a hero to the modern Left. And little wonder, given her outsized role in the founding and promotion of the modern abortion industry.

      Abortion: it guarantees a good supply of body parts and tissues that are sold, making the medical industry lots of money.

      Which raises the question: why would Planned Parenthood, which has gone so far beyond Sanger in its promotion of abortion, eugenics, and population control, still hold her up as a leader of the movement? Isn’t she a bit behind the times?

      Then there was her notorious speech before a branch of the New Jersey Ku Klux Klan, a well-documented event despite the content being nearly forgotten. In that speech, Sanger warned that America must “keep the doors of Immigration closed” to genetic undesirables.

      Then there’s Sanger’s opinion of non-whites, which, if uttered now, would (rightly) cause a conniption among Americans. She considered Australia’s Aborigines compulsive rapists and “the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development.”

      Many Americans black and white are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project. Sanger created this program in 1939 after the organization changed its name from the American Birth Control League (ABCL) to the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA).

      The aim of the program was to restrict many believe exterminate the black population. Under the pretense of better health and family planning, Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s crème de la crèmethose prominent, well educated and well-to-do into executing her scheme.

      The Negro Project has had lasting repercussions in the black community: We have become victims of genocide by our own hands, cried Hunter at the Say So march.

      One of the parents in the group was shocked when her daughter came home from school with Planned Parenthood material. I never realized how racist those people were until I read the [information my daughter received] at the school clinic, she said. [They are worse than] the Klan … because they’re so slick and sophisticated. Their bigotry is all dolled up with statistics and surveys, but just beneath the surface, it’s as ugly as apartheid.

      The majority of [blacks] are more pro-life than anything else, said Hunter. leftists are directly attacking blacks. (leftists: abortion ok, but bodily choice for refusing deadly experimental injections not ok, they always pick death, leftists are pro death), Blacks, unlike liberals, were never taught to destroy their children; even in slavery, they tried to hold onto their children.

      Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class” and “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

      sanger who is connected to kkk. kkk was founded by democrats.

      The current situation:

      The most vaccine hesitant are blacks, indigenous and highly educated people. they were chasing them around sounds racist…

      that is very interesting this gives insight into what liberal/leftists really think about blacks/aboriginal/first nation people. leftists love sanger she is a leftist hero

      The bottom line is, these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull.

      The billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled. it is called eugenics. the end.

      • data shows the non placebo nazi needles were targeted to conservative areas and poor areas…the irony…..poor people voting in leftist politicians….their executioners

        poor areas…there could be a good numbers of blacks or BIPOC there…targeted by inclusive, caring leftist/communist/nazis….

        another case of inversion…say one thing do the other…

        the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. up is down….bad is good….

        do whatever you want, go to hell, it is actually fun there….(then when you get there you find out you get thrown in the fire….tricked)

        do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
        leftists lie 24/7

        Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
        leftist/communists = satanist.

  10. How to get an abortion, regardless of the Roe decision

    Step 1: Find a guy actually willing to go on a date with you.

    Since none of the women in the first two pictures can perform this critical step, the Abortion Nazi sez: “No abortions for you!”

  11. The psychopathy, and morality, of convenience. And God knows we love our convenience. It is inconvenient to take on an 18+ year responsibility to raise a kid. It’s inconvenient to be obligated to at least some sort of relationship with the other parent for a like period of time. Much more convenient to be addicted to one’s cell phone, to ones anti-social media account, to go along with the latest and greatest propaganda. Much more convenient to simply parrot what the Psychopaths In Charge tell you than to actually think and come up with questions. Or answers.
    I’m not opposed to convenience. It allows Eric to post his web page instead of struggle to eat. It allows me to read it instead of doing the same. I am opposed to establishing a moral foundation and ethical standards to facilitate it. Morals and ethics come first, then convenience, if the latter does not conflict with the former.

    • Great point John…..society has definitely prioritized convenience above everything and the seeking of it explains sooooo many of today’s human behaviors.

  12. Eric,
    One of your best pieces I’ve read.

    I can share a very personal story…
    In the early 50’s my mother got pregnant at 19 with my oldest sister. My mom was under pressure from my dad’s mother to get an abortion (yes in the early 50’s you could get one and not that hard to find). Instead, my mom and dad got married, but still lots of pressure from my dad’s mom to get rid of the baby…so my mom gave my sister up for adoption. I never knew I had an older sister until I was 21 when my mom decided to find her. I was then introduced to my oldest sister I never knew or grew up with. My mom and dad stayed together their entire lives, even during some rocky moments.
    So, my oldest sister and I are quite good friends. However, she is as liberal as they come and guess what…she believes in abortion. I have not brought up, nor would I say this to her but… the obvious point that if back in the 50’s if abortion was legal, free and everyone was getting one, do you think you would be on this planet? And would I be on this planet as well?

    • Thank you for the kind words, Hans – and also for revealing that very personal story. All of us who are here to type – and read what others have typed – weren’t aborted. I suspect most of us are glad we weren’t.

  13. Well said Eric.
    I just sent this to my kids, basically as a reminder, as they are both very smart and reserved. But it’s nice to have another voice that’s not always mine and their mothers.
    There are never articles like this anywhere.
    I loved your word ‘humanity’

  14. There is another aspect to women’s behavior that results much controversy and finger-pointing. There is enough blame to go around on both sides, but facing the facts quite often only results in much more consternation and ill feelings.
    The University of Michigan “scandal” where female gymnastics competitors were “abused” by their doctor over a period of time comes into focus.
    There are many questions that have not received proper answers, as it is not only unpopular, but inadvisable to ask them, as they go against the grain of a possible “witch hunt” masking itself as “unacceptable behavior”.
    I may ruffle feminist feathers here, but I DON’T CARE. The TRUTH must be known.
    Since this “abuse” was (supposedly) going on for years, why didn’t the women bring up their accusations years ago? Why did they keep seeing this doctor, going back for more and more “abuse”? Where the hell were the parents and significant others of these women?
    The fact is, these women threw themselves at this doctor, as they considered him to be of a high(er) social status, this doctor was put into a position of having many women to choose from, as they all wanted “a piece of the action”.
    I do not absolve the doctor of his actions, if criminal in nature, and his responsibility to maintain a position of ethical detachment (which he should have known better and maintained), but, the temptation to “get it on” with these women who instigated the encounters who were throwing themselves at him must be figured into the equation.
    Is it also possible that normal female pelvic examinations were misconstrued as “abuse”?
    The attorneys for the women were brilliant as they used the term “survivor” to describe the women, rather than the correct term “victim”. Since these women were in no danger of losing their lives, the term “survivor” was not only incorrect, but was merely used to add “gravitas” to the situation.
    Although this doctor must accept responsibility for his actions, they were partially instigated by the women themselves, who should also bear responsibility…

    • Absolutely!
      The same goes for so many of the recent “pound me too” accusations. If you didn’t bring up your “abuse” for 40 or 25 or even 5 years, pardon me if I don’t believe you were actually victimized against your will.
      Many, most of them, were perfectly willing participants in what went on: they were getting what they wanted out of the bargain just as surely as was the man who “abused” them. Granted, they may not have particularly liked the bargain- look at Harvey Weinstein, for chrissakes, can you imagine?- but they accepted it willingly.
      It’s complete bullshit to come back later and complain about- and exact retribution for- something you did of your own choice.

      • Marilyn Monroe, once established as a “star” in Hollywood remarked that she was glad that she “would never have to suck another jewish cock again”…her words exactly.
        The “casting couch” is still a staple of Hollywood still being used, even on children…sick.

      • Totally. I had a hard time finding sympathy. These were adult women – the same women who believe in their personal freedom to do whatever the heck they want. Until years later a personal advantage crops up to jump on a bandwagon and turn what was previously nothing more than a crappy choice that turned out badly into them being a “survivor”. What a neat trick! Its part and parcel of the victim mentality and everyone is special mentality that encourages people to post all their itty bitty life details because everyone deserves a medal for just existing. This provides a constant escape hatch from having to take responsibility for ones decisions. I have a young relative who narcissistically brags about needing lifetime psychological therapy to deal with their damaged psyche. This person seems to believe their damaged psyche somehow in and of itself makes them more special than other people and is somehow heroic even instead of being the same crap and similar decisions we all have to deal with on a day to day basis.

  15. Excellent article! Thanks.
    Both birth control and abortion have actually “liberated” men and freed them from the consequences of their actions. It is my contention that women lost more than they gained with the “feminism” movement.
    That being said…
    The problem is, women want it both ways.
    Women want the right to say no, even after enticing a man to be sexually active with her, even days, weeks, months, and years after the event.
    Her word is to be considered sacrosanct, and must be taken as truth without question, ruining many (innocent) men’s careers and even lives, as a result.
    Men are not permitted to have a defense against such accusations.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have no use for criminal serial abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood, political and celebrity types; they deserve ostracization and severe punishment for their actions, BUT if women want true equality they must take responsibility for their own actions.
    They cannot have it both ways.
    All one has to do is look at the way Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was treated by the mainstream media, who gave his accuser Anita Hill a pass, even though she followed him from job to job, without any mention of harassment.
    Women want the same pay for equal work–not a problem in most cases, but if a woman cannot do the job, she then asks for special treatment because she is a woman, instead of realizing that she is not cut out for such work and should seek more suitable employment.
    Men die sooner than women as they do the most hazardous work.
    If women want to be treated as equals they have to step up to the plate and TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions.
    Multiculturalism, diversity and especially feminism are flawed concepts that equate to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Of course it took a female of the species to coax the male into eating of the forbidden fruit.
    Another parallel example is that of the Tower of Babel in which separate cultures and languages developed.
    At the risk of offending the female of the species, there were reasons why women did not achieve suffrage (the right to vote) among other things. I realize that there are many intelligent women who do not subscribe to externalized altruism, but there are too many who do . . . Before universal suffrage, men voted for their families, looking at the best candidate that would benefit themselves and their families. That all went away with suffrage.
    Women have a altruistic streak, which is necessary in the formation and care of their families. However, this altruism has been externalized, helped along by our enemies, caring for outsiders while neglecting the good within the family structure in–internalized altruism. This externalized altruism has become deadly which has been put into the hands of feminists. Externalized altruism made the communistic, so-called civil-rights movement a (hollow) success (Actually, the so-called civil-rights movement is falling apart), along with the country).

  16. The fact is: A vast majority of the voters support Abortion and Republicans pissed away the Red Wave because of their opposition to it. This is the reason that drooling nitwit Fetterman is now a Senator Elect. So now, instead of investigations and impeachment hearings for those who have done so much damage these past few years, the best we can hope for is the status quo. It seems, the Right-To-Lifers would rather flush their Country down the shitter than compromise their principles.

    • Doug,
      Of what use is one’s country without one’s principals? Principals cannot be “compromised”, by definition, or they would not be principals.
      I dispute that the “vast majority” support a right to abortion. Historically, polling on the issue walks the line of 50/50. Slightly favoring the right.
      What’s the difference between abortion and infanticide? Minutes? Seconds?

    • “The fact is: A vast majority of the voters support Abortion”
      What if the “vast majority” supported executing out of wedlock mothers? Would you go along with that too?
      The fallacy of democracy.

      • The problem with a “woman’s right to choose” is how easy it is to manifest itself into “a government’s right to choose”. We saw this with the COVID vaccines and how all citizens were mandated to get one for “the greater good” (how I hate those three words).

        What happens if this does become a population control method? A man and woman get married and the woman becomes pregnant. The couple are delighted with their upcoming bundle of joy. Big Brother steps in and says “we are sorry, but you must abort your baby because we have too many children to manage society.” Mom and Dad do not wish to. The government comes back with it is for “the greater good.” Don’t believe me? Ask Chinese parents who wanted two children or maybe a little girl.

        The left has made abortion an acceptable practice of genocide. What the government gives they can easily take away. Don’t ever allow them that ability.

          • Hi John,

            Per the Asses, democracy was on the ballot. They whipped up quite a storm over the last weeks…enough to terrify every liberal woman between the ages of 13 to 83. I shake my head that so many of my own sex are one issue warriors and on an issue that is really no one’s business, especially the government’s. They run crying to Uncle Sam pretty quick though when they don’t get their way.

        • Well said RG,
          The USSA is following the path set by the Chinese Communist Party, micromanaging every aspect of your life. From how many children you’re allowed to being locked down and vaxxed, Big Brother will hvae the final say.

          • Thanks, Mike.

            And yet so few acknowledge this is occurring and they are aiding it. The average American is either naive or ignorant to foolishly believe “it won’t happen here.”


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