Reader Question: Miracle Fuel-Saving Gadget?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Jeff writes: I came across an ad for a product that claims it can increase a car’s fuel economy by a tremendous amount (see here). What is your opinion of such a device and have you any experience with similar products, or one you might recommend? I have a 2003 BMW 540i M-Sport I thought I might try this product on but don’t want to do anything foolish.

My reply: I think it would be extremely foolish to buy a product that claims it can reduce fuel consumption by “up to” a 25 percent and deliver “up to” 35 percent more power – merely by plugging in a $40 device. If it were that simple – and that cheap – to achieve such spectacular gains or even 5 percent of the claimed “up to” of either, then I assure you the car manufacturers would have programmed their cars accordingly from the factory.

Note the lack of specificity. Just “up to” – whatever that means.

It is also telling that there is no technical info/explanation whatsoever on the web site – which is also peppered with embarrassing spelling errors. I smell bullshit.

I would, accordingly, recommend that you save your money and – even more important – not plug in a device of sketchy provenance that might do god-knows-what to your vehicle’s programming and cost you a great deal more than the money you wasted on the device itself.

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  1. Jeff, today is your lucky day! Step right up! I have this mint 2012 Honda Accord with low miles, which I will sell to you for $1203, because I am hanging out with Jacques Cousteau in the middle of the Pacific (Hey…Jimmy Hoffa’s out here too!). For “our protection” Ebay Motors will handle the transaction, and ship the car to your door in 48 hours for free! Just buy some iTunes gift card for the appropriate amount, and email me the codes on the back, and this fine car will be yours, yours! YOURS!

    I also own this bridge in Brooklyn that I could be persuaded to part with…….

  2. Do research on…
    Water mist/steam induction
    HHO water electrolysers
    Fuel pre-heaters
    Fuel vaporizers
    Engine coolant filled carburetor base plates
    EFIE devices (electronic fuel injection enhancer)
    Afr or o2 sensor enhancers
    Map enhancers
    Hot air intake
    Smokey Yunick hot vapor engine

    Fantastic fuel economy has been achieved. Word was getting out in a big way during the late oughts when gazzoline was over 4 buxx a gallon. Remember, your catalytic converter needs excess gas dumped into the engine to work and burn off nitrogen emissions. Simple leaning of the FI pulses through sensor manipulation can bump mileage and reduce carbon deposits within the engine. Add water mist to keep things cool for further leaning. Add supplemental hot gasoline vapor and/or HHO to regain or boost power when leaning liquid fuel from injectors.

    Now is the time to get inventive and fit your vehicles with these systems. Ol joe is going to be the frontman for the energy strangulation of murrica. The stage has been set with half a decade of cheap gas and more suvs and trucks than ever to ratchet up the fuel cost and drive your ass out of your country redoubts into cities. (patents and articles- suppressed inventions) (has devolved somewhat into trump derangement but good older articles)


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