Have a Look at a Gesundheitsfuhrer

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Here is a picture of Sheila Kuehl, Gesundheitsfuhrer of Los Angeles. Isn’t she lovely? Or handsome, depending on which “gender” it “identifies” as.

Note that you can its face – something it says we shouldn’t be able to do. Nor eat at a restaurant – even outside – which it (or is it “ze”?) voted to ban the other day. The same day, it/ze was seen showing its/ze’s face at its/ze’s favorite Italian restaurant – one of many it/ze ordered to be destroyed by shutting it down.

Just as Gesundheitsfuhrer Pelosi bullied her way into a salon she’d had forced closed for a private hair cut, sans the Holy Rag. Just as Gesundheitsfuhrer Newsome was spied eating while showing his face with a whole table of face-showers after having banned face-showing and eating together . . . for other than Gesundheitsfuhrers and their entourages.

Are you getting sick of this yet, America?

How much more are you willing to tolerate?

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  1. You may want to try an MD, a DO, and quite possibly, a holistic doctor, as well and see who would be a better fit. I have one doctor (a specialist) that I have had for 25 years. My doctor is actually 78 years old. When he retires I have no idea what I am going to do. I show up once a year. He checks me out sends me my paperwork for my annual mammogram and blood tests and I see him 12 months later. He is the only person I see. I am not crazy about doctors (at least the current batches out there). They seem more driven on band aiding symptoms rather then fixing the problem.

    Some of what you may be feeling is everything going on around us. I am in my early 40s and lately, I just feel ugh! It is hard to concentrate on work, trying to tie up all the extra projects I have going on, even putting up the Christmas decor (which I have barely started) feels like another job and usually I love doing it. It feels like the universe has zapped all energy from me over the last few months.

    The first thing (if you haven’t already) is see where you are on all of your blood tests…red blood cell count, glucose, Vitamin D, cholesterol, etc. If anything isn’t where it should be then you address what is causing it. If everything looks good then you focus on external issues….getting enough sleep, eating healthy, long walks deer hunting. 😉 I think most of us are in a funk. Our mindset can really play havoc on our bodies, but the most important thing is to make sure there are no physical complications first.

    • Sorry this was suppose to be part of my reply to EightSouthman….I wasn’t paying attention. I seem to do that a lot lately. 🤦‍♀️

  2. I had to look up Gesundheitsfuhrer just to see if it means what I think it means based on my very rudimentary German. Ha! I love it! It’s actually in the Urban Dictionary:
    “A petty government official or politician involved in enforcing pandemic public health regulations. This is a ‘Karen’ or ‘Chad’ with the power of the State behind them.
    Ex: The Gesundheitsfuhrer is confronting those without face diapers and writing them tickets in front of Walmart.”
    Did you write that by any chance, Eric?
    She (I use this pronoun only because the name Sheila is nearly always given to females, but really, your guess is as good as mine) brings to mind one of my favorite German words: “backpfeifengesicht” — a face that’s badly in need of a fist.

    • And a bitter lesbian at that…from IMDB.com

      Unsold pilot: Starred in a sitcom pilot for a series called “Zelda”, based on her character from the hit TV series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959). The project was dropped when rumors began to circulate that she was a lesbian. When she was passed over for a promotion in favor of a man with less experience she began to see major obstacles for women in the job market. She went back to school, received a law degree from the Harvard Law School and became an advocate for equal rights as an attorney specializing in feminist causes before being elected to the California State Assembly in 1994.

      • Judging by her looks, she’s not a lesbian by choice.

        Societal rejects are usually extremely vengeful, envious, and bitter. They are very dangerous once they’re put in a position of power.

        Bill Gates is a great example.

  3. The more power a government acquires, the lower the bar of competence is placed. Power overrides the need for competence. One acquires office, and the power of the office becomes its own arbiter. “I’m qualified because I hold the office, and I’ll hold a gun to the head of anyone who says otherwise.” The more power a government acquires, the easier it is to acquire MORE power. It advances at a geometric rate. Going faster and faster until it collapses under its own weight. The longer it goes on, the more tragic the consequence of its failure, as its influence is projected on ever increasing aspects of life. Until it influences ALL aspects of life. Like it does now. All based on an illusion created by those who claim the power, and the gullibility of those subjected to it. The sane among us simply can’t comprehend the level of evil those psychopaths who seek such power over others are capable of.

    • Amen, JWK –

      And I believe the time has come for talk to be replaced with action. As in the case of the gym owner in NY who – along with some stalwart allies – forced the Gesundheitspolizei out of his gym. These Gesundheitsfuhrers need to feel what it means to be under threat, to live in fear. That despicable creature pictured in the article should be terrified to appear in public, lest it lose a fistful of teeth.

      That is how we put a stop to this.

      • Indeed, to the point where the enforcers determine there are better, less dangerous ways to make a living, if anyone is allowed to anymore.

  4. The answer to your question is no, America isn’t getting sick of it. Ever since my state’s Gesundheitsfuhrer (NC) mandated masks last week, I’m virtually the last of the Mohicans in my neck of the woods. For the first time all year, I could count on one finger the number of barefaced shoppers at the local stores (besides me). People are masked to the gills more than ever, and what’s more, it has become such an intricate part of their persona they’re apparently at peace with it.

    • Hi Jim,

      Same here in SW Va. The Holy Rag is now worn as a matter of course, like a Yarmulke in a synagogue. The religious parallels are striking and yet few of the “devoted” notice it. Nonetheless, they believe they are doing the Lord’s work – and submitting to the Lord’s will – by donning their Holy vestment.

      • Eric, for some reason your comment reminded me of that scene in the movie version of “Dragnet.”

        “GREETINGS PAGANS! Don’t forget your goat leggings!”

    • Same here. I had this same conversation with a co-worker yesterday. It’s unreal but they are seemingly comfortable with it and after almost a year it has indeed become a habit. These fucking morons actually like it. People are still afraid and will still walk around me and stand several feet away in lines. They are still afraid even though they can clearly see with their own eyes that nothing is wrong. A few more months of this and who knows where we’ll be.

      • Their fear of us does have some advantages. I find it much better at stores as the morons get out of my way and don’t stand all up on me while in line. All things being equal, I prefer the rubes to be afraid of me.

    • Well you guys out in the Outer Banks are getting to the party late. Here near Raleigh it has been all mask all the time as the morons believe all the hype from Governor Doofus and his Mousy Mandy that this thing is daaaangerous and they are acting on syence and dayta! It is pretty bad for freedom the closer you get to urban hellholes.

      • The tyranny thickens out here. Since Saddam Cooper’s edict, I’ve noticed AGWs starting to post up in the parking lots and roaming around in businesses that are known to be under zealous in diaper compliance. The Karens can call now and they have to come out, supposedly.

        • Hi JWK,

          The frightening thing is many of them will. Their sanity has been shot. I have a few clients that have not left their house in 10 months. I kid you not. They are scared to death. Personally, I don’t get it. We are all going to die. Would I prefer to die a free man (or woman) enjoying my final days or die as a terrified snowflake thinking that danger is right outside my door. I will take the free woman approach even if I lose a few years in the process.

          • Hi RG,

            Such people are defective. If they cannot see by now that this “pandemic” (of fear) has been grotesquely exaggerated, are too imbecilic to understand that a disease with a 99.8 percent recovery rate is less a threat to them than the lifetime risk of being killed in a car wreck… then they are stupid cattle and deserve to go down the chute.

            I merely object to being made to go along with them.

            • We are dealing with the same people who will mandate foam hats for bicyclists saying they reduce injury when the injury reduction matches the amount bicycling was reduced by the foam hat mandate.

              People are so easily mislead because they are so ignorant of basics. That’s ultimately why the modern public schools came about, too many people that couldn’t be conned were being produced and that had to end.

  5. Oy vey. One shudders to imagine the deviant, distorted stream of consciousness jolting through the deformed neurons of such a tortured soul.

    Yet today, the Nasdaq stock exchange proposed a new diversity rule for corporate boards:

    “The rules would require most Nasdaq-listed companies to have, or explain why they do not have, at least two diverse directors, including one who self-identifies as female and one who self-identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ+.”


    Never mind that such a rule (setting aside its obvious unconstitutionality) should be voted on by a popularly-elected legislature, not imposed by a publicly-listed, for-profit corporation (symbol NDAQ) headed by one Adena Friedman.

    And never mind that I’m not hip enough to even know what the hell LGBTQ+ means. If another plus is added, would that be double-plus ungood? It beats the hell out of me, comrades.

    But for damned sure, if the lovely Adena Friedman and Nasdaq prevail, then Gesundheitsfuhrers such as Sheila Kuehl have a bright future indeed, grinding our faces into the ground with their jackboots, or whatever other random bodily appendages excite the sick passions of their otherworldly LGBTQ+ sensibilities.

    Self-identifying as ‘appalled,’ I’d prefer death by ougaboogah to be being locked in a cage with this homicidal, butch-looking californicator and her greasy, bacteria-ridden dildo of death.

    • I know I am on a tangent tonight, but as a chick this insults me to no end. A woman is not incapable of creating, managing, and growing her own business. Why would I want to piggy back on an enterprise started and ran by someone else? These new rules should insult every person no matter your sex, creed, sexual preference, or race. Basically, the NASDAQ is stating that unless you are a white man you are too inept, incompetent, and inexperienced to run a successful company or to start one yourself.

      I hate to break it to people, but if you have a service or product that people want your physical attributes or who you sleep with are irrelevant. A shareholder should be able to hire the best person for their organization, not base their hiring practices on some stupid ass checklist of physical characteristics.

      If an individual does not feel they are being represented by the companies out there start your own. None of us should be allowed to force our way into a private enterprise and dictate the terms we “feel” should be a prerequisite of hiring. That the government or overseers should ordain these mandates clearly shows that the we have allowed them too much power.

      On the flip side of the coin private enterprise should never be bailed out by the funds of American taxpayers. You are not too big to fail.

      • Morning, RG!

        Assigning merit in a business context based on genitalia/appearance ought to be insulting to everyone, especially those who benefit from it. Why would I care whether a dude, a chick – or a dude who thinks he’s a chick – is in the left seat of the airplane I just boarded? What I care about very much is that whoever is in that seat is qualified to the fly the airplane irrespective of what’s between his/her legs. That such a thing is any kind of consideration is a species of retardation only a politically aggrieved fanatic could endorse – because it’s literally dangerous as well as outrageously stupid.

        If you can do the job, the fact speaks for itself. The rest should be immaterial.

        • Jim, RG, Eric – ive been seeing stuff like this for a while here in Europe. I think what they are openly accepting now is that the actual profitability of the enterprise does not matter one bit anymore, and therefore having the best man / woman / whatever is no longer required…. how can they even sell this as capitalism is beyond me…

          • Hi Nasir,

            That isn’t capitalism or a free market. I am sorry, but the only thing that matters in business is it’s bottom line. One gets to profitability by having happy customers and hiring the most productive people to do those jobs.

            All large companies today are socialist driven. The line between private enterprise and government has been blurred. Tesla wouldn’t be on the map without federal assistance in the forms of subsidies and tax credits for individuals to purchase their cars. Where would the NFL be without eminent domain and local allotments? The larger a company gets parallels their reliance on the government teat.

      • “A shareholder should be able to hire the best person for their organization, not base their hiring practices on some stupid ass checklist of physical characteristics.”

        With all due respect, RG, where have you been the last few decades? Hiring, such as it is these days, is nothing but checking off the right boxes starting with “genitalia” and “hue”. It’s just now been expanded to include the psychosis of a man thinking he’s a woman. Resumes now are put through scanners to determine which fashionable buzz words and statements appear. Heck, even graduating from high school you need to have so much “volunteer time”. Grades? Pfft! Did you help build a park bench for gay lovers? Have you washed the feet of a BLM member? Do you worship before a shrine to a 16 year old Swedish retard? And corporate America does think of it as “Human Resources”. We are nothing but interchangeable parts…one big undifferentiated mass of humanity. We are not people we are widgets.

        As far as starting your own business, that presents another set of problems. They extend from licensing to zoning to being able to get a loan, if needed. Yes, someone can start a business but, the artificial hurdles (think of car regs) that have been set in place make it extremely difficult.

        You are correct, however, about not bailing out “too big to fail” organizations. They more realistically should be prosecuted for financially raping the middle class.

        • Hi Mark,

          I am perfectly aware that this happens in today’s workforce I just don’t agree with it. One’s experience and capability should be the only imperatives.

          As for starting a business I am putting my money where my mouth is. I began mine at 24 years of age with $500 cash working out of an extra bedroom of my home. When it expanded I moved from a bedroom to the basement (a much larger space), when I began hiring employees I moved out of my home entirely and into a separate building that I rented and will be buying shortly. My little business isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it does provide me a secure living and most importantly, freedom, to manage my own affairs and dictate my own schedule.

          The regulations to start a new business are not extraordinary to overcome. I help clients do it everyday. Pretty much any individual can start off at their dining room table with a laptop. Retail businesses and restaurants are a little more difficult to get off the ground because they require a visible location and a large amount of capital to purchase inventory, but I don’t have too many clients trying to open these type of businesses, especially in the current environment.

          Not everyone is made for business ownership though. I can tell by speaking with someone for 15 minutes if they are going to be in business within the next 5 years. It is a huge risk, requires a huge amount of time and energy, and the shareholder has to know a little bit about everything, not just their field of expertise.

  6. These people are the exact reason I choose not to follow protocols. Whether it is Dr. Fraud sitting at a Nationals game with his wife and buddy, Wacky Whitmer’s husband the only person allowed to boat in the midst of a shutdown, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s ex husband attending a birthday party at the French Laundry as he demands the rest of California to obey his commands, the mayor of Denver leaving to visit his family for Thanksgiving while he demands that everyone else cancel theirs. They are hypocrites…every last one of them.

    That any American should listen to the crap that they spew and actually adhere to it shows not only are we spineless, but senseless, too.

    Personally, who the hell are they to tell us our businesses cannot open, we cannot see our parents, cannot attend our places of worship, and our Constitutional rights are null and void when a “national emergency” is in effect. F them all.

    • How is it that such a smug, evil piece of shit (ugly inside and out) gets to trample over people’s lives, and keep bread from the mouthes of other people’s children? How far we have fallen, with no bottom in sight. Such a dark, bleak, wicked place has become of the country I used to love.

    • Hi RG. Let us not forget Virginia’s own Governor Coonman a few months ago being seen at the beach sans face diaper after ordering us to wear them. When called out on it, his excuse was that he went there to see if people were complying with his Befehl. It’s the same in any totalitarian society — which the US is fast approaching: the rules are in place to keep us in line, not to prevent our rulers from enjoying the fruits of our labor.

      • Mike, his excuse is good as gold, just don’t you use it. Rule for thee, not for me and a huge amount of people eat this shit up like it’s manna from heaven.

        Has anyone noticed how many people are buying custom face diapers. I noticed a guy on YT had some for sale guaranteeing they were so thin as to not thwart your breathing. No one seems to be going after him. The entire reason is to divide and conquer and not recognize anyone as friend or foe.

        I have worn a mask only to get to see the doctor. At the oncologist I proved to the nurse it dropped my O2 level. Even though she had to admit it since she was the one operating the O2 sensor, she said “But we have to wear them anyone for those who are sick”. 71 years old with asthma at the oncologist for the second time among other specialists, she didn’t seem to see me as “sick” or special in any way even though she saw it dropped my oxygen level. As an aside, she said anything above 90 was fine. Mine had dropped from 98 to 94 and it didn’t feel fine at all.

        I’m tempted to get an N99 mask. It’s more expensive but it has a flap you can raise at the nose and breathe normally. It’s the “professional” model.

        • Hi Eightsouthman,

          Prior to Covid oxygen levels below 95 was considered abnormal. There is no doubt that the masks are creating hypoxia. These doctors and nurses are making up the rules up as they go.

          I am not surprised that there is an increase in hospitalizations recently. When one’s body doesn’t receive enough oxygen the lungs are unable to breathe which causes the heartbeat to accelerate and the kidneys to start working overtime. This causes our normal pH levels to decrease. The liver and brain can start malfunctioning.

          I carry around an oximeter with me, because I can suffer from rapid heartbeat usually due to too much caffeine, but it is genetics, too. This little device costs about $40 and will read your oxygen levels and pulse.

          It is a good device to have. It keeps me from going insane.

          • RG, Monday the doc suggested I get one along with a new style small sphygmanometer. I have to limit my coffee to 2 cups that’s actually less than 2 cups although close. Rapid heartbeat is the reason I’m limited. It makes me feel terrible to get into that mode. When I say no more I’m not amenable to taking “just another splash”. If I get overloaded it can take me the other way too and feeling like you can barely hold your eyes open while your heartbeat is up sucks the big one. At that point it’s time(for me to kick my own butt), take some klonipin and drink a cold one. Nothing like having your body going 2 directions at the same time.
            A few months ago I was in Wally(a place I only go for something I can’t get anywhere else)and a man older than me with heart trouble was dragging a huge cart and having hell with it and wearing the N95 mask they forced on him.

            His cart was trailer some unbreakable tape of some sort, got caught in the wheel on my push cart and stopped us both. He gasped he’d cut us apart but I just cut it real fast with my knife so he wouldn’t have to bend over. He said that mask had his 02 level down so low he was feeling terrible. I wished him luck. I suppose he couldn’t afford to quit but it was ridiculous for them to do that to their employees.

            I recently had my bank account hacked via one of those damned chipped card. My account with Sam’s Club came up shortly thereafter and my card was deactivated. They sent me an email saying they had tried to renew my membership but my card wasn’t good. It saved me having to tell them to go to hell. we had just tried Sam’s again after many years of not having an account.

            I have cut off buying from every major corporation after seeing that everyone I did bidness with contributed to BLM. I don’t get out of the county to buy anything now and that is very limiting.

            We have a new business near that sells hunting supplies and similar stuff. The local paper asked various residents what they were thankful for. The male half of the couple that own the new business said he was grateful the people here weren’t eaten up with mask wearing. Me too buddy, me too.

            • Hi Eightsouthman,

              I am right along with you. I have stopped buying from large corporations, too. I am tired of their social justice campaigns. Most of the money is going to some Democratic PAC. I try to only shop at small businesses, local farms, and farmer’s markets. I hang out at food trucks and local restaurants. Even most of my business supplies I have been able to steer away from Amazon (the middle man) and purchase from the original supplier.

              In regards to the rapid heartbeat, in my experience, the caffeine has to be eliminated. I will allow myself a cup every once in awhile, but I have had to switch to tea. It wasn’t easy because I was a 4 cup a day coffee drinker. I now drink 4 teas a day. My heartbeat remains in the normal range so the tea doesn’t affect me like the coffee did. I also take a magnesium supplement daily. Green teas are the healthiest, but I am constantly mixing them with ginger and lemon, peppermint, or turmeric, which is my favorite. As a southern girl, I also love my sweet tea. 😊

              • RG, I’m steeped(so to speak)in sweet tea but lost a taste for it decades ago. I think it has to do with sugar screwing me up.
                I do like tea with various things such as ginger and peppermint, things I never used to like.

                I didn’t feel old in any way till a year ago. I’m desperately trying to reverse whatever it is that’s kicked my butt.

                I’m sure I’m about to give up coffee or at least, give it up on a regular basis. It’s weird I still like beer but not nearly in amounts I did only a year ago.

                Damned if I know what’s wrong but I won’t go down without a fight. I hunted for the first time last night, drank a couple beers and felt decent. Doctors don’t really seem to understand changes as I have gone through.

                I think I’ll figure it out or not but won’t rely on doctors. They’re just way too steeped(so to speak)in the way they have been led. I know it depends on who you depend on. I need to find the right doc.


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