Where is the Law Against Showing Your Face?

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One way to fight the Corona monomaniacs – the very sick people who insist that “Corona” trumps everything, cost no object (whether in money or diminution of life) and who are “mandating” that everyone “wear a mask” everywhere they go – is to not wear the “mask.”

Showing your face is a visual repudiation of their emotional blackmail. Their despicable demand that you look as though you agree with their hysterical hypochondria – by hiding your face behind a “mask.” By looking like am imbecile – someone who believes that a rag worn over one’s face filters out a virus or prevents a virus from being spread.

Another is to oblige them to charge you with a statutory offense for showing your face.

In almost every state, there is a “mandate” or “guideline” ordering everyone to hide their face. But in no state has a law been passed obliging people to do so – nor to stand six feet apart or perform any other act of Sickness Kabuki.

If there is no law, the there can be no charge – or conviction.

Not without admitting – openly – that we live under tyranny. That they can arrest and cage us at their pleasure.

This is an important point, at least  insofar as exposing the fiction that the United States and the states which comprise it are governed by laws duly passed by legislators who are elected by the people to represent them.

In other words, it is important to shred the notion that “the people” are governed “by consent” – the former never having consented to any of this. To make clear the ugly fact that we live in an era of unlimited government.

The Coonman – the governor of my state of Virginia – is the lawful chief executive of the state. He has appointed himself Gesundheitsfuhrer of the state. The power of this office is exactly what he says it is, Humpty Dumpty-style.

He is the supreme arbiter of whatever he decides he has power to impose upon the populace in the name of protecting “health.”

However he defines it.

At whatever cost – in money or diminution of life – he considers acceptable. Himself being exempted from the cost of his “mandates,” insofar as being immunized from the loss of his income, his liberty to travel and so on.

But the Coonman’s “mandate” that every man, woman and child in the state wear a piece of cloth over their face wherever they go isn’t a law. There is no statute or code under which a person may lawfully be charged with “failure to wear the Holy Rag.”

How then will the “mandate” be enforced?

He intends, of course, to fine any business that does not enforce his “mandate” – i.e., to practice extortion under color of law – which is a powerful incentive for businesses to enforce the wearing of the Holy Rag.

But can he arrest – and cage – anyone for not wearing the Holy Rag?

Certainly he has the power to arrest and cage anyone the thugs he’s got working for him are willing to arrest and cage. That is understood.

But upon what charge?

This will be an interesting question to find out the answer to. I intend to do so by continuing to defy the “mandate” that I efface my face just because the Coonman says so. If I am threatened by a business – that they will “call the cops” on me – I will encourage them to do just that. I am willing to risk being arrested and caged for not breaking any law – to demonstrate what a lawless country America has become under the reign of the Gesundheitsfuhrers

I would much have preferred to have the Orange Man impose the law – the Constitution – upon the Gesundheitsfuhrers instead as it would have been far more corrective and besides which it’s his job, not mine.

The president of the United States swears an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Also to see to it that the laws are faithfully executed – including the ones that protect the rights of the people against “mandates.”

The Orange Man has been grotesquely derelict in this duty.

He could, even now, inform the Gesundheitsfuhrers – not just the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia but all of them – that they have no authority to suspend the Constitution  – including specifically the freedom to peaceably assemble and the right to free speech, which implies the right to not have speech coerced by the “mandate” to wear a religious vestment, i.e., the Holy Rag.       

He could end the “national emergency” – which he declared – and thus end the pretext for the imposition of a Sickness Gulag on the country.

He could “lock down” the Gesundheitsfuhrers’ assertion of unlimited, open-ended power to rule by “mandate,” pointing out that nowhere in the federal or any state Constitution is such power granted the chief executive of any state; that laws are passed by legislatures – not imposed by whatever a Gesundheitsfuhrer claims “the science” says.

But the Orange Man has not done any such thing. Instead he Tweets about the election having been a selection, which may well be so – but it hardly matters when he has done nothing to protect the people from the Gesundheitsfuhrers  and their “mandates.”

And so I guess it’s up to me and any other man (or woman) with balls enough to do something other than step ‘n fetchit every time the Gesundheitsfuhrer tells them to.

. . .

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  1. “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” — Edwards Deming

    Lots of good data aggregated here.

    Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence.


    I like this one tidbit about Kansas of all places.


    “Data obtained in an Open Records request from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment shows KDHE didn’t ‘just’ manipulate data to justify a mask mandate; they also hid data showing that counties with mask mandates had a large increase in cases before tapering off.

    Last week, KDHE presented a chart that appeared to show that counties with a mask mandate had fewer cases than counties without the mandates.

    The KDHE strategically chose to begin the chart on July 12 even though Governor Kelly’s mandate went into effect on July 3. An Open Records request from the Sentinel’s parent company, Kansas Policy Institute, compelled KDHE to produce the data, which reveals what KDHE didn’t want reporters and citizens to know – they selectively picked the day with the peak number of cases to start showing the data.”

    Liars plain and simple.

  2. I had to expel one of my long time (20+) auto-repair customers about 10 days ago for going Covid Karen on me in my parking lot. I am so sick of seeing face diapers and have not worn one anywhere other than the hospital for my surgery in June. Don’t even get me started on the bullshit DMV is putting my customers through. The plandemic is without a doubt being used to destroy every aspect of our formerly-somewhat-freer-than-most society as hard and as fast as the government thugs possibly can.

    • gtc,

      That’s tough to have that sort of conflict with someone you’ve known for more than two decades. I’m losing some long term friends through all of this but making new ones as well. Hopefully, the old customer can be replaced by a newer one who respects how you want to conduct your business.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Graves,

      I’m sorry you lost a customer but it was a necessary purge, like vomiting up tainted food. These people – the Coronamonomaniacs – are quite literally out of their minds and such people are to be avoided. There is no reasoning with them. Their hysteria is everything. You and I and everyone else must defer to it- as they see it – else we are terrible people trying to kill granny.

      I won’t let them emotionally blackmail me and urge others to fight the natural urge to not want to “ruffle feathers” for the sake of peace because these mental patients will give us no peace if we don’t tell them, directly, that we will not tolerate being emotionally blackmailed and that their pathological fear imposes no moral obligation on us to make them feel better.

  3. Interesting article. Thank you, Eric. The mandated wearing of the facial mask is in many, if not all, states, unconstitutional and is invariably NOT supported by already passed legislative law. Which, of course, raises the question of whether or not the executive branch dictator (i.e. the governor) can perform legislative duties. Hint: legally, he can’t.

    Does the state governor ever get told by the state judicial system to stop all of that forced legialative insanity? Well, in California’s case, the judge’s ruling broadly barred Newsom “from exercising any power under the California Emergency Services Act which amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy.” Does this set some sort of precedent? Let’s hope so.

    And since the executive branch dictator wants to force all state businesses into conformance with his executive branch dictates, the next question to arise is whether or not the dictate violates discrimination laws. For a business, open to the public, to tell non-mask wearers they cannot do business with that business is a direct form of discrimination, which is outlawed in every US state as near as I can determine.

    Private membership businesses are different from businesses open to the public. Private businesses can apparently set their own rules for how they interact with their members. So, does this suggest that businesses open to the public should become membership only businesses? Perhaps.

    And what about businesses like the Tony Roman’s Basilico’s Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach, California which forbids the wearing of facial masks by its patrons (for health and safety reasons?)? Tony’s business is booming, and he tells those who disagree with his ‘no mask policy to ‘bring it on.’ “Leave the mask, take the cannoli,” is the Hollywood billboard sign message. So far, only the California Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) has visited Basilico’s. Let’s see what happens, eh.

    Welcome to the new world order. Fun, eh?

  4. I live in Ohio, which has a mask mandate and governor dewhine has doubled down on mask enforcement claiming business will now be fined for not policing customers and to top it off a 10:00pm to 5:00am curfew starts on 11/19. Here’s the hustle, store owner tells you to mask up, you say no and he tells you, you have to leave. You refuse and he calls cops. Cops arrest you for trespassing. They then throw in resisting arrest just because. I don’t wear a mask, but if the store tells me to leave I will and find someone else that will take my money. They are out there, I know a few.

    • randy,

      I’m down two three trusted watering holes right now. Hoping to team up with a fellow bare face or two in the near future to explore and find others. I’m sure they’re out there too. Good call on voting with your FRNs!

  5. In other depressing news from around the world – not sure if anyones noticed that our Dear Leader (the one who was posing as a “conservative” and the media portrays as right wing)in the UK is mandating today that real cars will be banned from being sold from 2030!!! 9 years…. which seems to basically be a signal to stop development of all internal combustion engines 😛

    • Nasir,

      It seems sales of IC engined cars have been dropping the last 12-24 months, which aligns with what you’re describing. The one exception would be a spike in Ferrari Barchetta sales, for some unknown reason.

  6. This morning I passed an AGW who was on a detail along my route. Smiled and said hello, and he actually said hello back without commenting on my lack of face diaper. Of course he could see that I was smiling while he may have been scowling but who can tell what’s behind the mask? Our dictator/governor has declared a mask “mandate” while out and about so I am willing to be arrested and will challenge that as Eric has suggested, by asking which specific statute I violated. Of course there isn’t one so it will be interesting to see how much they can twist “the law” if I ever do get taken to court.

  7. Another manifestation of COVID groupthink is the sudden and universal acceptance of hand sanitizer. Consumer reporters have been telling us for years that it doesn’t work, at least not unless you rub your hands with it for ten minutes and then follow up with soap and water. Now the magical pump bottles are everywhere, and there’s not a peep from the watchdogs who previously ridiculed the rubes for throwing their money away on it.

  8. For the first time in a while at the supermarket today, I loudly but politely condemned the kabuki while talking to the checker. A woman behind me chimed in with full throated agreement. I then said something like “they want us masked so we don’t talk to each other.” She agreed and lamented the negative impacts on children. I then left the store and made 2 more quick stops. A total of 15 minutes after the kabuki convo, I entered a certain road junction where I was immediately followed by a cop sandwich (one directly behind and one two cars behind me, both unmarked stateys as far as I could tell) for 30 miles on a two lane highway all the way to my home neighborhood. I did the exact limit the whole time and you could tell the one behind me was constantly searching his computer for some pretext to pull me over. Fortunately, he couldn’t find one and didn’t. This kind of thing has happened once or twice over the years, so maybe it was random. It’s got me thinking, though, especially in light of some of the issues raised in this post.

    • As soon as a cop pulls in anywhere behind me, I pull of the road and strategically get rid of them. I do not want them in a position to claim any pretext. They do not need to find something in their computer to pretext a stop. They can and will just pull you over. BTW, good luck not touching the white line in the course of driving 30 miles.

      • Yeah but you better be nonchalant about it or you will create your own pretext for them. The road I travel on doesn’t offer many opportunities to pull off. Lots of soft sandy shoulder that my 2WD van really can’t handle. I’m a steady driver and don’t weave around but the funny thing is that the cop must’ve touched the white line 5 or 6 times. That’s how I could tell he was looking at his computer or otherwise distracted.

    • This makes me ill. No word about this prior to the election. The “charity” paid $3 million in salaries and $1 million in travel expenses over two years, but $0 was passed through for cancer research. Hello IRS, where are you? Obviously, not auditing the Biden foundation’s 990 tax return.

      On the other hand, no word on the $20 million raised by Eric Trump for St Judes over the last several years. The MSM just skips over that little insignificant detail.

  9. The new deal you can’t resist is being imposed at the state level.
    In Louisiana to give oneexample, for the first time in American history, the jackboot zombies came in and arrested Pastor Tony Spell.

    He has not closed his church, and he is currently trying to fight at the supreme court level.

    The Louisiana courts threw out his case with prejudice and have taken his money, and jailed him for ignoring the governor’s emergency order.

    They are trying to take away the core freedom of America, which is the practice of one’s own religion. You can be sure in the 22 countries that speak Atrabic, and worship the same God which we do, no mosques are closed, and their is no nationwide house arrest, that has somehow magically suspended the constitution due to this phony orchestrated mock pandemic.

    Pastor Tony Spell arrested for not obeying the God of local government and the completely unelected world United Nation bureacracy which is counting on a small American military elite that feels it is appropriate to ignore the will of the people and provide the manpower and enable this new mob mentality and unwritten behavior where all that is needed is a television camera and completely ineffectual media that doesn’t even question any of these outrageous usurpations.

    Pastor Tony Spell Arrested

    • Hi Tor,

      It’s appalling – all the more so because this man’s people did not defend him. God-damn it. That time is now. Either we back one another up or we are all headed for the Gulag.

      • I totally agree with you. But there’s no “we”. We people are all individuals that don’t communicate with each other in an organized fashion. We are serfs in a dictatorship.

        • And THAT is the reason for the disgusting face diapers (you rebreathe your germs, so diaper is a better name than mask or Holy Rag) and social distancing, and restrictions on gathering. To stop us communicating and figuring out how to resist deadly dangerous tyranny.
          When I was in school in the 1960’s they told us we were free because we had the “rule of law, not of men.” A governor’s “mandate” is tyranny and it is treason or oathbreaking for a cop to uphold it. This is a very good post, Eric!

  10. Want to how hellbent Gates has become to push the virus agenda? For months now I’ve purposely avoided looking at the online news landing pages on my Windows-based computer (knowing that it would be choked with phony COVID news).

    But this morning, lo and behold, Windows is now popping up “emergency” news bulletins on my desktop against my will. The first headline? “Hollywood star on respirator with COVID.” They’re making it so we can no longer avoid looking at the headlines.

    • If you’re dead set on Windows, I strongly advise going back to Windows 7 so that you no longer have to deal with that nonsense. Win10 is the most woke operating system in existence.

        • Linux will get you away from both evil empires and modern versions like Mint are very easy to use, you don’t need to be a computer guru. Also Linux runs on cheap commodity hardware so you don’t have to pay Apple’s high boutique prices.

          I’m typing this on an old laptop I trash-picked that was discarded because its too old to run current versions of Windows. Runs Linux just fine.

          • Jason, it’s quite possible to find a “vintage” PC or laptop, as you’ve done, reconfigure to run a slimmed-down version of Linux (Debian or Ubuntu), investing about $35 for a simple 120 GB SSD to replace its likely-worn-out 2-1/2″ HDD, and viola! You’ve gone a machine that accesses that “Dang ol’ Internet” and does office functions (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations, PDF file editor/reader) just fine. Sure, it’s the VW Beetle or ’65 Plymouth Valiant (with a Slant Six, “Three on the tree”, and NOTHING ELSE) version of computing…GOOD!

    • Thanks for linking that. I would have probably never heard of it otherwise. I’m not into rap, but I sure appreciate any young artists espousing the ideas of liberty.

      • She’s got a presence on social media platforms. Or at least she did. Couldn’t say for sure now since I’ve pulled the plug on Facebook and never was on any others.

  11. Trump can end most of this immediately, by saying F it, I’m lame duck and have nothing to lose. Then literally send in the marines to any state that imposes and enforces lockdowns or diapering or any of the other myriad of crap going on. He can say, “Enough!” He can have federal marshals arrest all of these petty dictators, gesundheitfuhrers, Fauci, Birx – the whole rotten lot of them – and ship them to Gitmo, by tonight. You know, be a leader! People would rise up and follow his lead in droves. His MAGA crap would materialize before his eyes. People are literally waiting in the wings for someone to lead them out of this.

    But yet, silence and inaction. He hasn’t even been very public of late. He’s gone mostly dark. Where is Mr. Orange Jesus?

    Answer: he’s self obsessed, per usual. Golfing while Rome burns – but par for the course for him, so to speak. All bark, no bite. A limp dick. Worrying about his futile election challenges. Hiding from the millions he has a literal chance to rescue. No leader, he; just a boorish buffoon, fighting for himself and not the hapless electorate. And alone he’ll stand when they come for him.

    • Stop blaming Trump for this bullshit. Did you ever wonder why the Wuhan and why now? The Wuhan is a virus engineered by Marxists to destroy Western economies and politically cripple Trump. The deep state used lies and a corrupt FBI, slander by a biased media and impeachment by the godless Democratic Party to eliminate Trump and yet last February Trump was looking like a lock for re-election. Then came the Wuhan virus, created by the Chinese Communist Party. Since then there has been ceaseless propaganda by Democrats and the media creating panic, fear and lockdowns destroying the economy and opening the door to mail-in ballots and massive election fraud. If the Democrats do succeed in stealing this election, putting on a mask will be a small tyranny compared to the loses of economic and political freedoms to come. Put the blame where it belongs, on Marxist infiltration of government, education, journalism and every other of American society for the last fifty years. If a man can be judged by who his enemies are, Trump will have been the last true American President.

      • Griff –

        Trump may not have started this, but he’s done nothing to abate it. He’s let the governors and mayors run roughshod over the economy (Republicans just about equally guilty), he’s let Fauci and the CDC set policy focused on the fools-errand of attempting to contain a widespread, now endemic, highly communicable respiratory virus (impossible) with half measures. He’s sat idly by as the media droned on endlessly about the cases! the cases! and now as they ramp up the fear machine about overwhelmed hospitals and fatigued healthcare professionals. A full-on meltdown is in progress, and he’s become Where’s Waldo.

        He has (and always had) enormous power to stop it. For instance, arrest Cuomo. Put Delta and United and any other airline on No Fly zones if they require diapers of their customers. Cut off all federal aid to states who lock down. Use the FDA to shut down Pfizer and Moderna for lying their asses off about their vaccine poisons. Get on TV every day and put out a coherent and intelligent counter narrative about the virus and it’s actual threat. Show people the real data, talk about the flawed PCR test, explain vaccine dangers and risks. Ad nauseum. All of this is just a start and can be done quickly and with little effort.

        Instead… nothing. Get off your Orange ass, man, and DO something. He has an enormous following. But he offers vapid political platitudes and waves his hands at people like a Miss America contestant instead of giving assistance to those who are struggling and who are about to struggle. Instead of leading.

        I blame him for his inaction in the face of the very destructive forces you outline. I blame him for choosing soft political solutions and enabling his detractors instead of showing action. At least, if he acted and, worst case, failed, he’d have something to point to. But he chose to sit silently while his country travels into the Dark Winter. For that, history will hold him accountable.

      • Let’s be real, where y’all been for the last four years. The main stream media is 100% against Trump, distorting and manipulating every word he says. He was forced to use social media to try to get his message out and now that is being censored. Corporations in the government, military, industrial, pharmaceutical complex heavily supported Biden. Democrats have been calling Trump a Hitler, a dictator, a racist, a liar, a clown and members of his own party have often failed to support him. Should he try to do any of the things you suggest the media hysteria would explode off the charts. And don’t doubt that he and his family are threatened physically and financially by these same government and corporate interests.

        I never considered Trump a savior, to me has has always been the lessor of two evils. Unfortunately, the greater of two evils is poised to steal this election. If successful, they’ll never peacefully relinquish power.

        • So what you’re saying, effectively, is he has/had nothing to lose.

          Let the media and Democrats shriek and scream at the sky. It’s all they can do, it’s all they ever do. They are consummate street fighters. Nothing the man could have done would have changed any of that. Playing nice didn’t work, and never does in the political blood sport. Trump needed to shout louder, and take his message to those who would listen – this could have been done with education campaigns and being a presence. And back it up with the full force and credit of the federal leviathan. Use their weapons against them. As a wise man once said: Do unto the man as the man would do unto you, but do it first.

          A leader leads.

          Instead he Tweets. Hurls petty insults. Comes across as a petulant child.

          Covfefe. Indeed.

        • Hi Griff,

          I’m just asking… maybe you can answer. Why doesn’t the Orange Man end the “national emergency”? Why doesn’t he state that governors cannot “mandate” that everyone wear “masks.” Why doesn’t he fire Fauci? Why doesn’t he do anything… other than Tweet?

          I’ve been covering politics professionally for going on 30 years, including several spent in Washington working as an editorial writer for The Washington Times. I am familiar with the dog and pony show of institutional Republicanism, by which I mean the railing against “the government,” “liberals” and – lately – “the swamp” while out of office and raising funds. Then get elected – and do nothing and lose the election and go back to raising funds, so as to “send a message” to Washington, liberals, etc.

          Well, my message is: I’m tired of talk and sick of excuses. Act – or get off the damned stage. Excuses are for losers.

          • Eric – always thought this myself. Why did he actually do so little. One area is on the social media companies. The problem is clear, the loophole they use around the section 230 is obvious. He could have easily and clearly stated that social media companies either go the publisher route or the telecom company route, up to them to choose – and they have 6 months to do so. What did he do instead – he stared some sort of committee to re-interpret and look into section 230 for the modern day. WTF!!!!! Whether he got re-elected or not, all that happens by such committees is more complication to restrict new entrants and more loopholes for the existing big players!!

            • Nasir, sure he could have. Then the corps would have tied him up in court for years and years (at the least). Unlike the various war lords (state and city) he can’t simply issue dictates, and expect them to be obeyed. Anyone familiar with how things get done (or don’t…) back in Mordor on the Potomac, could tell you endless horror stories about these and related issues. Just imagine how much WORSE things would be, if the person in that position *could* simply wave their Mighty Wand of Power™ and get things done. Be very careful what you wish for…

    • The only explanation I can come up with is that he thinks he can come back in 2024. If he fired Fauci, neutered the FDA, and ended the wars, he would have no chance at all, and might not even be alive to run again. Trump is maniacally focused on winning. Reneging on promises and flip-flopping are just stuff that happens on the way to crushing his opponents.

        • Haha, yep, ludicrous is right, and I’m not good at predictions. When Apple advertised the thing they called a “mouse” in the 1980s, I said “Why would anybody want that?”

      • yes with 20 million new illegals as citizens Im sure trump will do fine in 2024. Yes its over. Trump was handed a one in a billion opportunity and flushed it. Lost to the worst candidate in history. He is a clown. Its pure communism now.

        • Hi Mark,

          Trump is worse than a clown. He betrayed us. Gave us over to these bastards who are going to turn the country into a Sickness Gulag. The politician I have hated the most – up to now – is The Chimp. The inbred little psychopath who made Obama not only possible but inevitable.

          But I am coming to loathe the Orange Man even more and not just because he has made Biden (and Harris) possible but because unlike The Chimp, Orange Man could have been a truly transformative president.

          Instead, he behaved like a buffoon – the first debate was inexcusable – and not only pissed away the opportunity but soured much of the country on the ideas associated with his presidency.

          • The democrats played dirty, cheated, and won on many levels.
            They used the junior high school rules of starting something but then blaming the retaliation. They set it up so they could cheat massively and make it look like Trump was being someone who couldn’t let go by contesting it. On and on they played the novice Trump into defeat.

            As to Trump being a buffoon. Of course he was. It was like electing some guy off the street knowledge wise. Trump believes the media on so many subjects but not on others. Sometimes he goes with what he last heard. Trump is random and expecting him to the right things anything more than randomly land on that decision from time to time was all that could be expected.

      • There is not a prayer of that happening even aside from his age. I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t arrested, given a show trial, stripped of his assets, and imprisoned. He’s been a fool- not realizing what kind of game he was playing in and who the players are.

        I was absolutely a supporter, but dammit- we meant to “lock her up” because it was right and important. We wanted “the wall” built because we were tired of third world migrants streaming in and destroying the greatest culture the world has ever known. Because we love it, not because we hate those people.

        And also because if you go to war with these people you have to play to win. Trump seems to think he’s so great that his enemies will just realize the error of their ways and follow him. Politics is bloodsport. He was needed but he squandered the opportunity we gave him.

    • Sure! Lets arrest all of the ring leaders and ship them off to Gitmo! Lets send in the Marines and arrest all of the governors and mayors! Ship them all off to Gitmo as well! Send the military in, and take over the corporate mass media! That will teach them all not to mess with the Orange Man!…
      Do some of you even bother to think about the implications of these actions?? Thats EXACTLY how a dictatorship works.

      Do you really want to go there? Simple “solutions” to complex problems like that, tend to make things even worse. Granted Trump is no prize, but the alternative is even worse. Would you really rather have Creepy Joe, and Commie Harris?

      With people running around screaming Something MUST be DONE!! Something MUST be DONE!! Is the perfect time for someone (with an evil agenda) to step forward and say well, this is something! The mob then starts screaming THAT must be done! This is how very evil shit happens.

      • Hi BJ,

        I agree with you; I’m not advocating for anything more extreme than Trump declaring the “national emergency” over. Releasing a fact-based explanation about “the cases!” – with context (e.g., a “case” is not a death sentence; the recovery rate for this sickness is better than 99 percent) and at least asking – as often as it takes – where the governors got the power to “mandate” whatever they like.

        It’s not a big ask, is it?

        And if he can’t do anything, why do we bother?

        • Eric, no on the surface its not much to ask. But as you no doubt know, the devil is in the details. Sure, he could declare an end to the “national emergency”. But besides giving ammo to his enemies (Trump doesn’t care about the Deadly Global Pandemic!!!) (which would be amplified by Concerned members of the various government groups) what would it achieve?

          The War Lords at the state and city levels would simply ignore him, and their corporate mass media would just double down on their daily dose of fear/hysteria porn. You know the drill. The Cases! The Cases! (even though the tests they are using are badly flawed, and cases doesn’t translate to hospitalization, let alone deaths).

          Believe me, I’m LONG past tired of this idiotic nonsense, but we have to deal with reality as it exists, rather than as we wish it was. The fact is, tens of millions of people have been frightened into border line hysteria. Many millions have lost their jobs and health care coverage, and that coupled with the endless fear, is destabilizing the entire social fabric. Add in the shredding of the illusions/delusions that have allowed the system itself to exist, and you have a VERY dangerous mix. Which is just primed for the arrival of a Strong Man/Woman to “save” us from ourselves… We are going to be VERY lucky if we manage to limit the coming fatalities and destruction, to what we can survive. Especially since its happening in the middle of winter. The next few weeks will no doubt be Historic…

  12. It amazes me that there hasn’t been at least one mass shooting by some guy who lost his business in the Great Covid Panic of 2020, out of either anger or hopelessness.

    • You just won’t see it, because we’re the good guys. The only mass shooting you might ever see us doing is when there is a crowd of Antifa/BLM/Communist agitator flavor-of-the-hour actively attacking- and that’s just self defense. Even when someone snaps, you won’t see mindless violence. Think Falling Down.

    • Dmitri Orlov, whose corrosive, polished cynicism leaves me gasping in envy, slams a home run clear out of the park:

      “Trump’s magic halo extends out from his resplendent orange cranial plumage and enfolds all those who pine for the lost Pax Americana and fear and loathe what America is fast becoming.

      “There is Joe Biden, 77, whose brain ran away and joined a circus some years ago but who imagines himself to be president-elect, or senator, or vice-president, or something. Having spent eight years lurking in the shadows as Obama’s VP, Biden is as fit to lead as a pig is kosher after rubbing its side against a corner of a synagogue.

      “It would be futile to try to give the US some semblance of a democratic election system. It would be like trying to clean up a beach by picking up empty beer cans around a beached whale.

      “As the curtain descends on this final act of Pax Americana, the image of the orange enfant terrible and the senile puppet with his child-nurse in tow playing on the teeter-totter of electoral dysfunction on the playground of second childhood will forever remain etched into the retinas of the whole world.”


      ‘Resplendent orange cranial plumage’ — AH HA HA HA — here’s betting that Kamala takes over from Old Hack Joe sporting a purple mohawk at her swearing in.

  13. Eric is feisty this morning. ;).

    We all just need to take a deep breath. This will be over in about 65 days. COVID, the lockdowns, impeachment, the downward spiral of the economy, was nothing more than to get Trump out of office. Trump is not going to win a recount or through the courts. Biden will be President, no matter how much that thought sickens me, but once he takes office COVID will be magically cured. They will stop counting the cases of every person that tests positive. By February 1st cases will decrease by 70%. It will be a miracle!

    The new Administration will be Obama 2.0. Obama will be everywhere, the same people that were part of his Cabinet will be part of the Biden Cabinet. We can expect continued growth of 1% annually, falsified employment reports, and a discontinuance of COVID cases (kind of like they did with the Swine Flu). Anyone remember Ebola? Me either. The Dem governors will release the lockdowns because one of their own is in office and we can’t have a Democrat destroying the economy! The voters would never accept that. We have been played and pretty good, too. Hold out until about Valentine’s Day and the worse of it will be over.

    • Morning, RG!

      Eric is tired today 😉 I’m just sick of the whole fiasco. Sick of the sheep I see everywhere. I am disgusted to the point of bottomless contempt for the people of this country – the servile, hysterical, almost-unbelievably easy to manipulate imbeciles I see all around me.

      • Hi Eric,

        I understand how you feel. We are all tired of it. I haven’t had a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine in 6 months (without me actually making it) . I miss my annual trips to the Caribbean. I miss walking through HomeGoods throwing a bunch of stuff in my cart and then putting it all back before I get to the register. I miss seeing peoples faces and having light hearted conversations that don’t involve someone being sick or someone going bankrupt. I miss life.

        We just have to stay sane for another month or two. We will all get through this because that is what tough people do.

        • I know, RG –

          I’m sad today because one of my cats died yesterday; my Little Dude. So named because he was small; I found him on my porch about 11 years ago; I thought he was a kitten but he was in fact an undernourished and small adult male. Black with “dracula fangs.” He was the sweetest, most engaging little guy. Kidney failure and old age took him. He died in my arms yesterday afternoon. I buried him by my little pond outside the kitchen window.

          I’m so damned tired.

            • Thanks, RG – it’s appreciated.

              I still have my other three (five, if you count the two strays I feed every day. Still, he was such a good little companion. I miss him terribly.

          • I’m so sorry, Eric! I lost my precious Tiger on 11/9/2016 after a long battle with feline kidney disease. She was 20. I could hear her walking around my house for months after that…

            • Thanks, Mark… I’m typing this at my kitchen table looking out at Dude’s grave and thinking how I miss him hopping up on the table to beg for a treat, as he did every morning. I’m sorry about Tiger. The whole thing just sucks…

              • I have two cats now. The first I brought from Peru. He was a street cat my ex cared for. I brought him back, and he’s totally domesticated now! The other is a senior calico I adopted from the NYC ACC. She’s a young 10 years old, but she too has kidney disease. I was going to adopt a pair of kittens from a local rescue, but when I saw Mitten’s pic, my heart broke and I adopted her. I figured that the kittens would find a home, and they did. I was concerned about Mitten, because she’s older and has kidney disease. The adoption counselor asked me if I wanted to adopt a different cat, but I said no; my previous cat (i.e. Tiger) had kidney disease, so I’m familiar with it.

                Son of Tiger, the Peruvian cat, follows me around and wants love all the time. Mitten is secure enough to wake me at 2 AM for breakfast! They’re a light in my life! I love ’em to death, and my life revolves around them.

                As I said elsewhere, my fervent wish and prayer is to outlive both of my cats; I don’t want to worry about what happens to them if I’m gone. That’s why this COVID scam concerns me. Not only is living life becomging more difficult; my ability to even move about, take my cats to the vet, etc. may be impacted. I want to fight what’s going on, but I want to be there for my precious cats too.

              • I remember taking on a little female kitten in the summer of ’98 at my old place (gawd, how I miss it as well…). My kids and I named her “Dot”, as in one of the “Warners” from the kid’s cartoon “Animaniacs”. She was ever present, and when I’d crash on the couch watching TV, she’d sleep on top of my head. I came home the evening before Turkey Day, 1999 (the kids were spending it at their mothers’, they’d be going with me the following day and we’d all go to their Auntie and Uncle’s for Turkey Day, along with my then-g/f who was flying in in the AM, and Dot didn’t come run and start rubbing her back against my calves in the kitchen, as usual. I went out into the garage and saw a wooden 6 foot ladder had fallen…on top of Dot! She was still breathing, but it was obvious that she’d be gravely injured. Still hoping she was simply in shock, I ran her over to the Vet’s, but when told there was no hope, I had her put down and disposed of. At least my kids (then in high and middle school at the time) didn’t have to see her like that.

                  • We did replace her with “Chibi”, a male whom shortly before I got remarried, I took to the Vets to get fixed so he would piss all over the place. It was obvious that damned cat never forgave me for that! But he did live for 13 years, and ended up with #1 son even when he got married. In 2009, “Chibi” got a young pal, whom my son picked up from one of his Aunties in Fresburg that was VERY young (about seven weeks, I think). The little kit got loose, and we were bedeviled as to where he went, when I discovered him clinging to the backside of the rear tire of the ride I had then (an ’07 Pacifica). Clever little orange cat. He’s still with us, a LOT bigger, and definitely a lot LAZIER. He’s so lazy he puts up with my 6 y.o. granddaughter picking him up, even though it’s obvious he doesn’t care for that. The old boy just eats, sleeps, and shits…and we call THEM “dumb” animals.

          • Hi Eric,
            I’m very sorry about Little Dude. It’s especially hard to lose someone who has been a part of your family for so long.

            Was he the same cat who jumped into my lap when I stopped by a couple of months ago? He was a sweetie.

            • Hi Greg,

              Thanks- and, yup. That was The Dude. He was very affectionate, almost like a little Labrador Retriever. He was my little buddy for the past 11-plus years and especially so during my divorce. One day, I hope to find time to write a book about the many cats I’ve known and Dude will feature prominently.

              My other three seem to know – or at least know I’m sad. And that helps.

          • Hi Eric,
            So sorry to hear this. We lost our beautiful and sweet Cocker Spaniel, Emma last week. She died in our arms as well. Emma was 11 also and got cancer. Our hearts break with you ….

          • Condolences, Eric. People who don’t have pets don’t realize how devastating it is to lose one. I’ve been down that road all too many times.

            • Thanks, Jason – and all…

              It was a tough day. I may take off the rest of today to be with the remaining crew and be grateful for them as well as all my friends here.

              You guys are why I get out of bed every day.

          • sympathies Eric. My mom had a few pets die underneath her. the grief is intense. and the sense of loneliness after is as well. I still miss my west island terrier from whem I was six.

          • Hey Eric – sorry to hear about Little dude, must not be easy. Take a day off and chill for a bit… (well as much as one can with all the lunacy around).

          • I’m glad he had 11 good years with somebody who treated him well, and was able to die in peace in a good home with someone who cared.

            My wife had a stray for 18 years who similarly died while we kept a vigil for him. He was a great cat… irreplaceable.

          • So sorry to hear that Eric, it’s heartbreaking when one of our furbabies dies; one of ours passed last year and I still get choked up occasionally when her sister curls up next to me, remembering I used to have one on each side. 😢

    • This isn’t entirely about Trump. This is a global agenda that has been perfectly timed. The Great Reset is under way and they have made 6 months of progress towards their goal. They aren’t going to give up now be it under Biden or Trump.

      • True, Pappas. I wigged out the other night over this and then I decided to be rational (most of the guys on here should be very proud of me). 😉

        I don’t trust Biden, he has already sold this country out to a China, but China isn’t going to accept a Great Reset or a redistribution of wealth, neither are many other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. These countries already have control over their populace, they are not going to let a bunch of crazy Europeans to dismember what they worked so hard to achieve.

        Biden’s puppeteers can only let the economy down spiral for so long. People get very angry when they don’t have a job, food, or a house. They then start talking about revolutions and over throwing governments. Desperation brings out any animal’s survivalist instinct.

        Don’t get me wrong there will be new restrictions that were caused by this Plandemic that won’t go away, but I don’t think they are going to throw them on us all at one time.

        • HI RG – Thats a very positive way to look at it – i do suspect that the Asians wont play along with the western countries great reset plan, as you’re right they already have a high level of control on their population…. and that may make this plan fall flat… almost sounds like hope….

          that said i dont think the west can have a revolution any time soon… the masses will be placated with bread and circuses in a way that they just wont realise whats happening. And it doenst matter how much money has to be printed in order to do this, and yes there will be some people in the corner who follow gold and calculate actual inflation rates and loss of purchasing power in some corners of the internet, but the sheep will continue to buy up what the media tells them, using their printed dole money on whatever new thing is out there (hear the PS5 is going to be bigger than ever given so many people are at home without work and government given free money)….

          And things will go on… as long as there are enough cracks for people to move around in – i guess I can be happy. Though the current restrictions on travel (including leaving the UK) are quite unsettling…. as a person who’s lived in 4 countries, I never thought id be prevented from leaving a country :P….

          • Hi Nasir,

            The more I think on this subject, the more I think that the WEF has not thought of all avenues of possible resistance.

            The WEF has been around since 1971….what have they accomplished? I heard a journalist the other night describe the Davos meetings “as a place where the billionaires lecture millionaires on how the little people live.” I thought that was a pretty good description.

            They make pretty speechs on how capitalism is horrible and how climate change is going to kill all of us in a decade as they head back to their hedge funds, banks, and global conglomerates on their private jets. They are hypocrites, but oligarchs usually are.

            Who is set to lose if the WEF succeeds and Americans, Australians, Brits, and Canadians stop buying and start renting? China, Japan, Vietnam, and India just to name a few. There are also our own economies to consider. Germany is willing to bankrupt Mercedes and BMW, because if we are all renting cars, why do we need new ones? The German workers may have an issue with this.

            I think it is important that we pay attention to what the WEF is discussing and what actions they are considering, as we should with all political foes, but they have been promising sparkling diamonds for over four decades now, we still haven’t received the first shipment (thankfully). Sure, they have a plan for the future, fortunately, they are too lazy to carry it out.

            There is a saying that the quiet ones are usually the most dangerous. I think that is the advice that we should all heed. The WEF isn’t it.

            • The way I see it – the current order with the US leading the western countries is slowly falling apart. We can see that with say disputes among the EU coming out, or Britain vs the EU. Or even the current elections in the US – i mean its foolish to think every election before this has been perfect. Its only now that its become obvious and people are questioning it on a very large scale. There was a time that western media outlets were the most respected in the world. I remember when I moved back to Pakistan from the US – how people genuinely respected CNN and BBC back there. Now they are mostly a joke… and even their biggest supporters sometimes question aspects…

              And yes – the WEF types didnt take this decline into account…. Yes on the face an image is maintained, but underneath I these issues are becoming quite apparent.

              On the flip side, like you say – Asian countries are really coming up, along with Russia. Will they sit back and watch? I mean the way countries like Pakistan are fast shifting from US to Chinese influence, with the massive infrastructure projects and trade deals…..Hear the same about Africa and other places. Will they all give it up and sit back and watch the WEF do what it wants – I really doubt….

    • ‘The new Administration will be Obama 2.0.’ — Raider Girl

      Obama 2.0 is brought to us courtesy of Dominion Voting Systems, used in 28 states including all of the swing states.

      Many of these states are using “Democracy Suite 5.5” certified by the impeccably trustworthy US fedgov.


      Who can fail to snicker at the Orwellian terminology, as well as the subtle double entendre: democracy = sweet … and it comes in a shrink-wrapped box, at a new, low price.

      What will the eagerly anticipated upgrade to “Democracy Suite 6.0” bring us — Kamala 2.0?

      Actually, voters’ intentions can easily be harvested by monitoring their Facebook, Twitter and email feeds, with no need for old-school ballots at all. Just add Uncle Sam to your circle of friends and family:


    • RG, you took the words out of my mouth regarding your prediction that this Wufu was a effort to get the OM out of office and it will all end since it served it’s purpose. I was thinking this up to last week however I am changing my mind…these petty tyrants got drunk on power and they want to use again. Plugs and Melicon hasn’t had their turn as tyrants so they might just shut down the economy again. Hope I’m wrong.

      • Hi Hans,

        In 2021, Virginia and New Jersey both hold elections for the governorship. These are very blue states. If these lockdowns continue both states have a large possibility of having Republican governors. The job losses, blanketed fear, kids not attending school, will have to end shortly because there will be a hell of a price that will be paid in the 2022 midterms.

        • Hi RG,

          I used to think so. Now I think otherwise – just look at all the willing compliance with Sickness Kabuki. “The people” – most of them – want this.

          • Eric, It seems most people today actually want to be serfs, even slaves, craving an illusion of security rather than demanding independence, freedom, and liberty. They live immersed in groupthink, accepting without question the sewage doled out by the establishment (as we called it back in the day) rather than engaging in independent critical thought.

            “The Revolution” that 1960s radicals crowed about for so long is now upon us. With the incoming crew that has stolen its way into power the proles will get exactly what they want. Of course they will likely find that when the iron fist inside the velvet glove is revealed, “having” is not so pleasing a thing as “wanting” (to paraphrase ST’s Mr. Spock), but by then it will be much too late.

            Plusbig problem is that except for those willing and able to find some remote corner of the earth to sit this out the rest of us are stuck here with them.

            • Indeed, Jason, there was a DC comic-book follow up to what happened after Spock told Stonn that the treacherous T’Pring was “his”, and gave him that sage bit of “advice”. The Vulcan couple, each deserving each other, do marry and have a daughter, but T’Pring gets into some Vulcan “Temple” cult or whatever surrounding their weird form of “logic”, and wont’ be a wife and mother, so they divorce, leaving the young bureaucrat with a failed marriage and a single Dad. He “logically” hooks up with the rather corpulent daughter of his boss, whom does make an attempt to connect with her step-daughter (evidently, that woman can’t conceive, or maybe it’s the “logical” consequences of Vulcans only getting their freak on every seven years) but her attempts at step-motherhood founder. The kid grows up to be a rebellious young woman, making trouble for her father who goes from one mediocre ambassadorial assignment to another. This, along with what’s obviously another strained marriage (who knows, maybe Stonn’s forked appendage just doesn’t ring his second wife’s bell either), takes its toll on Stonn’s health. The Enterprise crew, including a much older and resurrected Spock, visits him on a planet where Stonn has failed to secure a mining rights treaty for the Federation. Reflecting with Spock, as the locals have arrested his daughter, along with a rebellious “yute” of their own, for whatever offense(s), and they all witness her unrepentant return, Stonn, with “Bones” administering to him, tells Spock that indeed “Having was NOT so ‘pleasing’ as ‘wanting’ after all”…then he kicks the bucket.

          • Eric, to be brutally honest “the people” want what ever they are programmed to want. Look no further than our “educational” system (K to 12) and then the higher “educational” system. Top all of that indoctrination off with the endless propaganda from the corporate mass media, and social media, and the only wonder is that its not even worse.

            But as any honest study of history would reveal, several vital flaws become obvious. One; they always over extend, and two; they always end up believing their own propaganda.

            In this case, they can make any number of dictates they wish, but if enough of the enforcer class refuse to enforce it, its just empty words. MANY county sheriff’s all across the country (even in blue states) are stating (in public) that they will not enforce these dictates. They have had enough of this nonsense. That attitude is spreading across the country.

            By the way, congrats on showing up on Zero Hedge! But as your profile goes higher, you really need to be concerned about being deplatformed. I hope you have your entire site backed up on one of your own systems. That way you can redeploy if you have to. Our enemies are now going into the total war mentality, and I’d hate to see all of your great work go down the drain.

          • BrentP, voting hasn’t really mattered for a long time. Two rules give those who Rule control of a “democratic” system.

            Rule one; I don’t care who does the electing, as long as I do the nominating.

            Rule Two, those who cast the votes determine nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything (as we are currently seeing…).

            Put those two together, and you can control the outcome of just about any system that exists. What we are currently seeing, is what happens when the shadow war breaks out of the shadows.

            • Indeed so. but voting can with an overwhelming majority win by a hair up until 2016. I didn’t think an outsider’s election was even still possible then. What I am saying the crack Trump exploited and any others they can find will be sealed up.

    • Raider Girl, I hope you are correct, but I am doubtful. It’s obvious that this was largely a dump-Trump thing, but these creeps now know what the sheep will put up with, and I expect all of them – including Biden come January – to double down on their preening and bossing.
      My degree is in journalism, and I worked in that field for 14 years. Now I cannot stand to watch or read the news. It turns my stomach to watch sports because of all the diapered sickos either officiating or spectating. I bought a flight simulator program (X-Plane 11), and have immersed myself in learning how to fly a 737-800. There are enough knobs and levers to keep me occupied – and distracted from the sickness theater – for a long time.
      Eric, my condolences on the passing of your beloved pet.

      • Hi Roland,

        Flight stimulation sounds pretty cool. I have always wanted to learn how to fly a plane, but I am terrified of my feet being off the ground. 😊

        The constant lockdowns cannot continue. With Biden likely taking office in January, everything after the 21st is on his watch. His Democratic peers (governors, Congressional representatives, MSM) won’t risk the possibility of several governorships and the House of Representatives flipping to the red column. The crackdowns will slowly ease, the talk of the “coronavirus” will dwindle, and the economy will slowly (very slowly) improve.

        • The economy won’t improve much once they get going on their fatwa against fossil fuels and we’re paying $5 or more for a gallon of gas and huge increases in energy prices across the board.

          • True, Jason. The growth that we saw under the Trump Administration is long gone. When I mention slow growth I am thinking back to the Obama years of a measly 1% return. Gas prices will likely increase, but I don’t see taxes increasing or the Green New Deal advancing as long as the Republicans hold the Senate.

        • RG, I like your prediction a lot better than mine, so I think I will go with that.
          I just turned 68, and one of my regrets is not pursuing flight training after completing 30 hours of ground instruction in the 1980s. At the time I was doing kart roadracing, so I figured one expensive hobby was enough (“Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?”).
          You should try the free demo of X-Plane. The program is only 60 bucks, but of course you’ll need some hardware for it to work well (difficult to fly with a mouse). Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 also has great reviews, but I switched to Macs a while back, and FS only runs on Windows.
          I watched a video last evening on the Just Planes YouTube channel of an Air Canada 767 flight, and I actually understood almost everything the pilots were doing. Pretty cool that one can learn to run these magnificent machines for a few hundred bucks!

          • Hi Roland,

            I think I will give one of these flight stimulators a try. I need a new hobby. It is getting too cold to hike Skyline Drive and visit historic battlefields so this may be a good winter project to keep my mind off everything else going on in the world.

            Thanks for the recommendation.

            • Morning, RG!

              I’ve been thinking about a hike as well – but the prospect of seeing even one diaper-wearing Freak on the trail keeps me away. I walk and run in my own woods, where Holy Rags are not allowed.

              • Good morning, Eric.

                I won’t lie there are a ton of masks on the more popular trails.

                The battlefields are pretty cool. Hardly anyone goes and Virginia has a ton of them. I just finished teaching the kids the Civil War and we have started discussing Reconstruction so I link the battles to our assignment.

                If by chance you do pass a fellow tourer they likely aren’t wearing a mask….it is a different type of person that visits a historical site vs those that tour waterfalls.

              • Eric, thats a perspective I simply don’t understand. Everyone wearing a mask isn’t an actively evil member of the Branch Covidian cult. What I see is a LOT of badly frightened people. Mixed in are people who have to wear the damn thing so that they can continue to put food on their families (thank you Bush the Lessor). Also mixed in are the gray people. Always give the enemy what they expect… I simply filter it out at this point. Why allow it to ruin your day?

            • RG,

              There’s no such thing as poor weather, only inappropriate clothing. I’ve seen some epic nature running trails in multi-day heavy rain storms or hiking them in heavy snows. Give it a shot.

      • Learn how to fly one remotely into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s just see how effective the purported AAA-defenses are! Even in a simulation, that’ll have to be some thrill!

    • Hi RG – hope you’re projection is correct and stuff gets back to normal soon. But somehow I doubt it, given its spread so much beyond the US. In Europe for example its getting much worse…

      But i guess we shouldnt worry because they’ve found a couple miracle vaccines which are 95% effective (despite no vaccine ever being that effective). Infact it seems they’re so smart they’re finding a new vaccine every Sunday evening just before the Monday market open….

      • Hi Nasir,

        In re “95 percent effective”:

        If so, the cure is worse than the disease in that most of us stand a 99.8 percent chance of not dying from the WuFlu.

        • Exactly Eric. Not to mention those vaccines use an entirely new technology (mRNA). Not to mention they have been rushed through development and testing. Applying that to hundreds of millions of people is beyond madness. In fact, its down right evil. Fun fact, did you know that you can’t sue the vaccine companies if you (or a family membe) have an adverse reaction? Thank Congress back in 1986, and the SC in 2011…

          • this mRNA thing is also extremely scary. apparently the thing gets in and well tricks your own DNA into doing other shit its not meant to do….. with no study of long term impacts…. somehow just doesnt sound like a good idea to me…. in other news in the UK our politicians are talking about strict laws to mandate social media companies (with risks of fines and even jail) to crack down on any talk against vaccines…. (as if there isn’t enough censorship already).

            • Hi Nasir!

              I’m not interested, personally, in the vaccine because I don’t need it. I’m perfectly healthy; my immune system is quite capable of dealing with a virus. Hell, I haven’t even gotten the sniffles after almost a year of wandering among the Freaks without the Holy Rag over my face. Amazing how this “highly infectious” virus hasn’t infected me or anyone else I know.

              But, I know. The cases! The cases!

      • Hi Nasir,

        Just read the ingredients of the new vaccine….tobacco plants. The “new” Altria TV commercials now make sense to me. Nothing like a little nicotine running through your blood. I would love to see a study if smokers are immune to COVID.

        • When was the last time you ever saw a smoker with a head cold? The virus that causes the common cold IS related to COVID-19.

        • It has been months–but back in Feb and March, the relation of COVID and smoking WAS discussed. Smokers have a much harder time, twice the death rate.

          • Hi Esther,

            That seems natural… that smokers would be more vulnerable to respiratory diseases. They should stop smoking or accept that they are at higher risk and take precautions for themselves. What annoys me beyond endurance is this insistence that people who aren’t vulnerable must Kabuki as though they are as vulnerable, to appease the fears of those who are.

            I don’t walk around with a life preserver at the beach, either – on account of my being able to swim.

  14. Trump is a bozo on the bus, just like everybody else. Ain’t nobody getting out of here alive.

    Everyone knew what to expect from Trump, a maverick in politics, no surprise there, maybe taken aback, but actually, no big deal. Maybe did some philandering, but not trying to do anything wrong. Shady deal making, who knows? Lots of heavy baggage Donald carries.

    What can go wrong? What did Donald do wrong? Apparently, everything.

    Always making a mistake, always doing something not right, never making a correct decision. Stumbled, tripped and fell every single time, the Chosen One must go. By any means necessary, all is fair in love and war and elections become a form of war if and when they’re rigged.

    Something smells rotten in America.

    The whole charade has to be mocked.

    The Democrats never let up on poor Donald, impeached him, kicked him as hard as they could, Trump as President was hobbled from day one. His fate was sealed when he ‘fired’ the Iranian general.

    Now Trump is down and out, it is time to give him another good kick while he’s down.

    Where do these people come from?

    Biden, the gubners who want to be tyrants, those issuing the mask mandates, where do they come from?

    You have to realize the whole ungodly mess is total bs.

    How come it is even happening?

    Being forced to do something against your will is tyranny, you are told do what betrays your moral fiber, your guiding principles, all of that nonchalant jazz.

    It just ain’t right at all.

    You have the right to remain silent.

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are luxuries you can’t have. I dunno, what next?

    Antifa pushes an elderly woman with a walker to the curb, berate and belittle her, antifa attacks a woman with children, antifa sucker punches and knocks out a man defending others who are being attacked by antifa rioters, you know, things like that take place here in ‘murica.

    You know, people you want as friends and neighbors helping you out from time to time.

    You will have lawlessness, like it or not.

    I think antifa probably chose the wrong folks as marks to become victims, just a hunch.

    Some don’t like it one bit and antifa is under attack, getting the shit beat out of them. Really.

    Just some Saturday night fun in Washington, DC. For some.

    No more mask mandates, the mandates are wreaking havoc night and day.

    Lockdowns are causing quite a bit of unrest.

    If that’s the plan, there will be hell to pay.

    Antifa attended the School of Hard Knocks last Saturday night. Were taught a lesson the hard way. Oh well.

  15. Could non-diapering be charged as “disorderly conduct” or “disturbing the peace,” or some other convenient catchall, if a Diaper Queen or fellow slave decides to “call the cops?”

    • Hi Numberone,

      I suppose so, but it would take a pretty expansive reading of the stature, which clearly did not intend to include refusal to wear a Holy Rag as “disorderly conduct.”

      • Having said that, a hallmark of Tyranny in general is a profusion of laws and statutes that can be cynically and creatively interpreted to effectively accomplish the same thing.

        The “disorderly conduct” can be interpreted as refusing obey the commands of the personnel involved, thus causing a scene.

    • The authority I think most are using derives from some version of an emergency powers or public health laws. In many states ignoring a public health order is a misdemeanor. Whether their orders are actually lawful I do not know. But none of this is ad hoc and I bet they write those orders to be vague because if someone was to challenge them by taking it to court they’d find them unConstitutional or possibly set precedent that would undermine an actual (supposed as it is) public health law benefit. Let’s say there really was a public health emergency – perhaps a rail car of ammonium spills, whatever – and a governor or mayor did have a reason to declare such en emergency but they wasted their authority legally on COVID. Of course that would presume a politician would have a viewpoint longer than tomorrow.

  16. Eric,
    “And so I guess it’s up to me and any other man (or woman) with balls…” here’s one:

    A Governor with cojones:

    “South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) has made clear that she won’t be enforcing any potential ‘mask mandate’ from a Biden administration, citing a lack of authority, according to a statement made to local outlet Argus Leader.

    It’s a good day for freedom. Joe Biden realizes that the president doesn’t have the authority to institute a mask mandate,” said Noem’s communications director, Ian Fury, adding “For that matter, neither does Governor Noem, which is why she has provided her citizens with the full scope of the science and trusted them to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved-ones.”

    The announcement comes as likely President-Elect Biden ramps up lockdown messaging so he can promptly blame President Trump on January 21 for not doing so.”


    • Hi Liberty,

      I admire Noem. I hope most of the people of SD are of the same mind. If they are, it might be worth moving there,the brutal weather notwithstanding. I used to love where I live. I am beginning to despise it.

      • Hi Eric,

        “I am beginning to despise it.”

        You might give a thought to Florida. I moved here from the Midwest and don’t regret it. No income tax, or property tax on vehicles, no winter salted roads, and many car shows. Little Covid enforcement, and you could consider what I did – get elected, in the pursuit of liberty.

          • Eric,

            No one place covers all the bases – always compromises, unless, maybe two residences.

            Or, spend some time in virtual reality!

            • I left the Midwest for greener pastures, well western mountains anyway. Turns out what made it attractive to me also seems to draw communists, too. I’m considering moving back to the Midwest. One is what made places back there in the first place was kind of a strong work ethic and two they got the land and water to grow food. Huff and puff all they want in D.C., NYC, Chicago, LA, Houston, et al, but in the end they’re just rats in a cage reliant completely on hillbillies and rednecks for their survival. What happens when the masses in flyover country realize the true power they have? So genius, you want to dismantle the transportation infrastructure with your 150 miles range EVs when you live 1,000 miles from the farms?

      • Expect the Harris/Biden administration to do to Gov. Noem something on the order of what “Ike” did to Arkansas in 1957…you’ll see the 101st Air Cav land at the Pierre Regional Airport, and in his capacity as CinC, Biden, if his hand will stop shaking long enough to sign the order, will “federalize” the South Dakota National and Air Guard units, and order them to occupy the State of South Dakota, have Federal Marshals arrest Gov. Noem and have her charged with “Obstruction of Justice” and/or “Governmental Administration”, and directed Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden to take her place as acting Governor until she can be tried in a kangaroo Federal Court and deposed. If Rhoden refuses, and likewise the SD Sec State, Steve Barnett, refuses also, they too will be arrested, and whatever members of the SD Legislature also refuse, the state will be declared to be in “rebellion” and kept under direct military rule, ala “Reconstruction”, until “rehabilitated” by a gaggle of woke carpetbaggers. Whether a latter-day Nathan Bedford Forrest arises and the armed citizens (“farmers..with PITCHFORKS!”) resist, and/or the SD Guard members obey their orders, or NOT, expect the media to denounce them as “clueless hicks”, “clinging to their guns”, and “denying THE Science”!

  17. The problem about asking for the statute is the proprietor insisting on a mask has a good answer: there is none – it’s just a rule of our establishment. And the guy is not even lying – just affirming that he wants to go along w/ the authorities no matter what they say here. It’s a cult – the Cult of COVID & the Mask.

    • Hi Bill,

      True. But resistance is the only thing left because the alternative is submission. Not just to this but to everything. A line has got to be drawn or there is nothing they’ll refrain from “mandating”we do.

    • That is the unenviable position the mini Mussolinis are putting small businesses. They (mostly anyway) just want to run a shop or restaurant not be part of the Stasi. So pressing them might not turn on the enlightenment bulb but rather just create conflict.

      I figure you stand up for yourself, say your piece and try to get them to understand you’d prefer to spend money supporting them but only if they’re willing to support you back, even that is no more than to respect your opinion and privacy.

      As cold as it sounds pro-liberty people need to support pro-liberty people first-and-foremost. If someone is hopelessly programmed, simply uninformed or overtly not friendly then they have to deal with the consequences of their decisions, too. If they want to spend their time following every edict rather than tending their business then so be it.

  18. The governors in the other states have set a pretty high bar for how tyrannical they can be, but Governor Northern seems determined to keep up with the worst of them.

    • Hi Greg,

      Coonman is an especially loathsome cockroach; like Biden, an actual racist who gets away with it because his politics are correct. Like Biden, a power-lusting thug who considers himself born to the saddle and us to the spur. I can’t even look at him, much less hear his voice.

      • Why has Northam not been tarred and feathered yet? I’m not suggesting actual hot tar – a bucket of driveway sealer would work fine.

        By the way, ever notice how the man looks like George W. Bush’s disreputable backwoods cousin?

      • Before COVID about all I knew about him was his blackface performance and his anti-gun agenda, but I agree – loathsome cockroach is a good description.

  19. I just got back from meeting a friend in Utah. Beautiful scenery but the diaper situation there was very discouraging. The governor there has threatened a fine of $10K against businesses who don’t enforce diaper policies and it seems to have worked. Most of them vigorously enforce the mandates and seem to have never even heard of medical exceptions, much less actually allowing them.

    As most of us have already found out, refusing to wear a face diaper means there are a lot of things you are not permitted to do, some more inconvenient than others. My experience is that the more inconvenient it is to change your plans, the more apt they are to strictly enforce diaper policies. When you have to make a reservation or an appointment for something, then you can usually count on stricter enforcement. This would include things like airlines, hotels, and doctors. It is especially true when there are high barriers to entry for competitors. When you can just walk in or out of a store without an appointment, it is relatively easy to just say you’ll go someplace else if you are refused entry.

    Even before COVID, TSA had succeeded in turning airports into zones of submissiveness, and now to make the flying-experience even worse, the airlines have become zealous mask-enforcers. Flight attendants patrol the aisles to make sure no one has slipped his mask under his nose.

    I’m not proud of it, but as much as I hate face diapers, I submitted to the imposition of masks several times during my trip. At the beginning of the year, I would never have dreamed that governments would be so successful not just in forcing people to wear an uncomfortable, unsanitary, demeaning, and ugly garment but in convincing them that it’s for their own good.

    Eric, I just wanted to let you know again, how much I appreciate your efforts and the example you are setting in fighting against this subjugation being inflicted on all of us.

    • “I’m not proud of it, but as much as I hate face diapers, I submitted to the imposition of masks several times during my trip.” -GregL

      Greg, you’re ok in my book, for whatever that’s worth. As individuals, we make similar cost/benefit analyses as businesses. I haven’t reached that point (yet?), but I can see where someone might have to put on a mask to accomplish a task that is very beneficial to him. I’m not going to judge that calculation. Each of us needs to evaluate the pros and cons and make those decisions for ourselves.

      The one think I ask of people on “our side” however, is at least make them ask you to put it on. Don’t put it one because of a sign. Each time we force someone to ask us to put on a mask, I think we chip away a little at the cult. If you have to comply to accomplish something that’s important to you, at least make it (marginally) hard on them.

      Cheers, brother.

      • “The one think I ask of people on “our side” however, is at least make them ask you to put it on. Don’t put it one because of a sign. Each time we force someone to ask us to put on a mask, I think we chip away a little at the cult. If you have to comply to accomplish something that’s important to you, at least make it (marginally) hard on them.”

        cjm, Thanks for your comments. I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about forcing someone to actually say something to us. I think it’s extremely important and you expressed it perfectly.

    • Hi Greg,

      You have my sympathies – and (like CJM) my understanding. I personally will not travel if it means Diapering and that means I may never see my sister/niece in CA again, or my mother – who remains imprisoned in a “care” facility I am not allowed to enter, even if I did Diaper (which I have decided I will not, regardless; she’s already gone,only her body is still alive).

      The whole thing fills me with loathing beyond the power of words to articulate. The tyranny is bad enough but it’s the degradation of it that pushes me over the edge. I regard this business as being fundamentally the same as being ordered to wear an actual diaper because someone is worried I might lose control of my bladder.

      • Eric,

        You’ve already given up a lot more than most of us, but I think your blog and your example has encouraged a lot of people to mount at least a little bit of resistance to the tyranny.

  20. Here’s the problem where I’m at. I got a new job recently and the office is located in a building run by a property management companies. The property management frau has threatened to terminate our lease if she sees me in the common areas again without a face diaper (in our office no one cares), including the halls to enter or leave our office. So now I wear a ghost mask (no eye holes), Mexican death mask, or plague doctor mask around a professional office- most people I encounter there think it’s great, especially the plague doctor mask. Any other thoughts/ideas?

    • Hi Michael,

      Everyone has to deal with a different situation. I feel terrible for people forced to work in a Diaper. I am able to avoid the Diaper because I work for me, in my house – which is and will remain a Diaper-free zone, period. I’ll burn it down before I don a Diaper here. But a time may come when even being home is not enough. I love my little refuge but it is surrounded by a sea of Sickness Psychosis, like the herds of zombies in Walking Dead. Only Walking Diapered.

      The one (crazy) upside is that the real estate market is booming. I give thought to contacting a realtor I know, telling him I will sell for “x” exorbitant price, no negotiation – take it or leave it – and us the proceeds to move to SD, which seems to be the last sane place left in America.

        • I remember the guy who wore a KLAN hood into a San Diego area supermarket…well, he WAS “masked”! Few got the point…

      • Problem is, property prices are being driven up in many Western states by rich people fleeing the coasts, or simply investing in property.

        In SD, like a lot of Western states, housing is expensive and jobs are few.

        • Hi X,

          I contemplate this as my eject! eject eject! move. I own my place. I could sell it and retire to a small cabin somewhere and fuck all of this. I am so damned tired.

        • Not to mention it is only as good as it is as long as Noem is governor.

          I seriously looked at a Florida last year, around the Peace River near Cape Coral and Port Charlotte. With all of the Northmen heading there the RE prices are absurd. I love the Marco Island area, but whatever I built I would need to add an additional 0 to it.

          The Bahamas has some beautiful islands for sale. We could all get together and start a libertarian utopia. The beach and weather would be gorgeous (at least until hurricane season arrives). 😊

        • It’s amazing how the super-rich of “New Yawk Cit-tee” have simply fled their tony co-ops in Manhattan overlooking Central Park West, taken PRIVATE jets to their other homes in Telluride, Jackson Hole, Aspen, or Park City, or wherever else the rich elite go to where American is, at least surround these local rich, elitist enclaves. I know folks that work at Teterboro Airport in “Joisy”, where one sees an endless stream of limos, Caddy Escalades, and Benz AMGs roll in, and many luxury jets roll out, where presumably the passengers AREN’T wearing the face diaper on board, as I have to when I’ve flown on “Sud-Oest” (Southwest) to see either my #2 son in Vegas or my “Beloved Snips” near Austin). Word has it they’ve fled not to get a head start on the skiing (indeed, current conditions are crap), but to flee the expected VIOLENCE. It seems that all the “proles” that their leftist policies that they championed, and the “enlightened” mis-management of “Fredo” Cuomo and his fellow idiots in Trenton and Hartford haven’t kept the unwashed masses from running amok there.

      • Eric
        I got a little choked up when I heard about Dude.
        We had a Dude and a Dudette. Both outside guys but we fed and provided for them as well as a whole bunch of others. They are both gone now. Right now we have 17 outside and Four inside. We’ve lost a lot of them over the past almost 20 years. She lost Buddy shortly after we mover here. Then there was Bucky. Gracie. Milo. Rags. This past summer it was B. B. A few weeks ago it was Ernie. We managed to save Joe Bear recently. He’s special too. He’s now an insider. His 3 sibs didn’t make it. Their mama was too young and had some kind of problem.
        What you’ve lost will forever be a good memory and a pain in your heart too. They are so so so special and only you can know what Dude was to you. I know what B.B. was to me for so many years. She was just a handful with both eyes matted shut when I found her in the middle of the road. How she survived that long I don’t know but I brought her home and she became my bud. It is impossible not to get close to these guys and gals. They are so loyal and friendly when you take care of them and all they ask in return is love and affection. How can you not give it back to them?
        I really feel for you and what you’ve lost. I also have a pretty good feel for what you had for those years. Just know that there are some out here who can relate and that they are with you.
        I like what you are doing and trying to do. I don’t like what I see coming down the road and I just take it one day at a time. I’ll be 81 next month, if I’m still here. There is a lot I could say to you and others who come here but in a nutshell what I believe is coming is a last ditch effort by the other side to try and destroy as much of His wonderful creation as possible because that is all they can do. The real battle is a spiritual one because none of us will get out of here alive. If I am wrong and there is nothing after this life, what am I going to regret? But if I’m right, and there is another life? Then I had a choice and I blew it. Nobody’s fault but mine.
        I think you are someone I would liked to have known and gone fishing with. We would see eye to eye on a lot of things. I know you would like all of our furry little buddies if you had the chance to meet them. And I know with out a doubt that we would have loved Dude if we could have met him too.
        Please stay safe and don’t give up, which I’ve never thought you would do, no matter what.
        roger and sandy

        • Thank you, Roger (and Sandy)… the expressions of sympathy and understanding are greatly appreciated. Dude just appeared one day and began to hang out by my back porch. I thought he was a kitten, maybe four or five months old due to his size. He had very big eyes relative to his head and Dracula fangs to go with. I began to feed him and he quickly made it clear he wanted in, so in he came – and in he stayed for the next 11 years. My vet told me he was not a kitten but a small adult male, maybe three or four years old. He joined my crew and became one of the three amigos (my three black cats, now down to two). He was a good friend and sorely missed.

          On the rest: I’m in this, come what may – though sometimes I get down, like most of us I suppose. I’m not religious but I am spiritual and believe – intuit – that there is more to life than we can fathom, which is a mysteriously awesome (original meaning) thing.

          Thanks again for the kind words…

          • Eric
            It’s uncanny how much we seem to think alike. Just in the last week I came up with our Three Amigos. Our outside cats seem to always tell us their names. We just have to wait for it to come. There are three females from the same litter that Earnie was in. One calico, one tan and white and a tortise shell. Less than a week ago I was feeding them and since they are all the same size and always together in the basement, the three amigos idea hit me. Two of them already had names and i don’t remember for sure but when I thought amigos the ami just popped out and there was the third name. So it’s Ami tootsie and dulcie. The 3 amigos.

            I know what you mean about getting down sometimes. I have yet to don the diaper and do not intend to. So far no problems and still go everywhere I want to. The signs are always up at the door, but no-one has even hinted to me.
            I don’t know how this vote mess will wash but I have a strong feeling that just like the WTC our world will never be the same again. I would like to be more positive but I’m too much of a realist for that. If I didn’t have my strong belief in Him, I would probably just lose it altogether.
            It’s sort of nice to think that every time I see the amigos or any of the others I’m sure I’ll be reminded of you and Dude.
            I hope His spirit will watch over you and yours too..
            roger and sandy

            • Indeed, Roger… I name my cats the same way; that is to say, they name themselves. For example, Roll – who enthusiastically rolls on his back to show his contentment and to let me know it’s time to rub his belly! Fuzz leaves evidence of his passing- everywhere. I have a watercolor painting of my three black cats – now just two – standing by the door together, looking outside. It’s a daily memory of the missing third but it is also a visual reminder that even though he’s gone, he’ll always be here.

              • Eric
                That’s the best thing about the little guys. They let you know who they are when they want to it seems.
                Our Dude was just that. A small gray male whom I didn’t know what to call so I just refered to as Dude mainly so Sandy would know who I was talking about. At the same time there was a gray female the same size and also had no name yet but when they were together one day the ette just hit Sandys thoughts and there it was. Dudette. I thought it was one of the neatest ever and still do. When I read Dude in your post it was a real neat but then so sad feeling. We wish we could bring them all inside especially when it gets cold but of course we just can’t. When we go out they are all over us for love and affection. In our laps. Up on our backs. Not so great with only a t shirt or blouse on. But how do you get mad at them for wanting to be loved on?
                They don’t last as long living outside but feeding and some meds helps them a lot. Some have just disapeared and we have no idea what happened to them. Once in a great while on will come back after a long while. We are far out and lots of woods and other critters so sometimes things happen to some of them. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.
                Thanks again for just being who you are. It’s like fresh air.

    • I keep a full military gas mask on hand for the few instances when I absolutely must don one (gov building w/ cop guards). The insult is clear to all but the dimmest of cult members, and oddly enough I can breathe better than through a rag. Can’t hear worth a damn, but that can be a good thing. 😉

      • My weapon of choice is a MSA respirator; it’s like a half gas mask that covers the nose and mouth, has two filters, and a valve to exhale… 🙂

      • I am very close to using the highest grade ‘PPE’ I own. A P100 respirator, googles, and this welding hood thing. Make these people look like the LARPers they are.

  21. It can be found under the “because FYTW” clause.

    This clause provides ample justification for about 95% of what the state actually does.

  22. Eric,

    What may give the governors some sanction is this thing called The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. Remember 9/11? Do you remember the Anthrax letter sent to then Sen. Tom Daschle? After that incident, the CDC, with help from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, crafted the MSEPHA; the CDC did the original draft, which was edited and revised by the universities. Anyway, after the USAPATRIOT Act was passed, the MSEPHA was passed in Dec. 2001.

    The MSEPHA is a model law for the states. AFAIK, 40 of the 50 states have passed all or part of the MSEPHA. It may very well be that it’s the MSEPHA, passed by 40 states, that gives the governors these extra powers. In some instances (e.g. Idaho), the governor’s state of emergency is DEPENDENT on whether or not a national state of emergency is in effect. Pres. Trump declared a national state of emergency on 13 March 2020. Gov. Little of ID has used that fact to keep ID’s state of emergency in effect. Pres. Trump could give the GOP governors breathing room by lifting the national state of emergency. Since you’re in VA, YMMV. SO! EVen though most of the governors are power mad psychos, the national state of emergency and the MSEPHA, in concert, are opening the door to the tyranny most of the country is under.

    • Also, as an addendum, in the case of states that confer emergency powers on their governors, they often have a sunset clause; that is, without approval of the state legislature, the state’s state of emergency expires after 30, 60, or 90 days. Such is the case in Idaho-EXCEPT when there’s a national state of emergency in effect. Then, at least in Idaho’s case, the sunset clause doesn’t apply! Because Pres. Trump declared a national state of emergency back on 13 March 2020, Idaho’s can be extended indefinitely. This is what Gov. Little, a Republican, did recently. SO! If Pres. Trump were to lift the state of emergency, some state governors (depending on that state’s laws, of course) would be compelled to lift any state of emergency they have in effect.

      I don’t know if you listen to David Knight regularly, but he’s talked about this often, and he’s railed against Pres. Trump for his ONGOING, national state of emergency.

    • If the MSEPHA allows, or even commands violation of Constitutional law, it is no more valid than the dictates it authorizes. The point being, we are NOT living in a nation of laws, but one of opinion as “law”. Opinions being as fluid as the behavior of a two year old, and so constantly changing, how exactly is one supposed to accommodate them? Besides that, using opinion as law removes any and all limits of any kind. If your governor (two year old in charge) determines one must remove their right index finger in order to legally travel, what recourse does one have? Since the nation, and nearly all the States, are operating completely outside the law, I would suggest that the best, and perhaps only solution is to do everything one can to hasten its inevitable demise. The quicker we lance this boil the sooner it will start to heal. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to be painless, and it certainly won’t be “safe”, buy no less so than the path we are on. Tyranny only produces an illusion of security and well being.

      • JWK,

        I understand what you’re saying, but the precedent for this was lain long ago. Odious “laws” such as the USAPATRIOT Act and all gun control laws fit in to the same category. However, they’ve been upheld and enforced. Though Marbury v. Madison may SAY that an unconstitutional law is repugnant and void, that’s not the way things have worked out in practice. It is what it is…

  23. We don’t live in a land of principles, or law. We I’ve in a land of over givers and order followers.
    Lil’ Nancy-boy Gov. beshear is now giving “suggestions and guidelines” rather than orders and mandates. I’ve yet to see any new signed executive orders on the official website. Just nightly news finger wagging about cases and face diapers.
    He’s enough of a lawyer/liar to know he cannot legally impose any such nonsense, unfortunately most people think a guy behind a podium with an opinion is their Lord and savior. They do whatever the hell they’re told. The lot of them are a bunch of mind controlled television watchers with no discernment at all.

  24. Great argument, Eric. There is no law forcing you to wear a mask in public. However, they’ve got a couple of dodgy tricks to get around that.

    In some states, governors have been given emergency decree powers. In New York, Il Duce Cuomo has been given the power to unilaterally suspend any state or local law — ANY — because COVID. The legislature actually voted for this. This 100% factually true, not internet rumor. He is an ACTUAL dictator — that’s not hyperbole.

    Of course, this violates the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution (“the United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”), but nobody gives a f–k about the Constitution any more.

    The other trick that they can and WILL use to arrest you for going maskless in a store is going to be criminal trespass laws. If the government issues a mandate requiring that all places of business must require customers to wear a mask, and they put up a sign that says “Masks Required” and you ignore it and enter the premises, you can be arrested for criminal trespass.

    They have effectively conscripted the so-called “private” sector to enforce their agenda.

    And it’s going to get a whole lot worse. They’re ramping up the hysteria into overdrive now in anticipation of a national “lockdown” decreed by Biden. Then will come the MANDATORY needle… which will, of course, enrich (((Pfizer))) by tens of billions.

    Gonna get a LOT uglier… soon.

    • Good comment X youre right. Fascism is coming through private and corporate busuness. As an aside I believe trump the billionaire commited $5000 to his capaign. Yep 5K

    • Interesting premise, X. I think you’re correct when it comes to a “cooperative” business owner, but there would be a different outcome with an “uncooperative” business owner. In the case of a “cooperative” business owner, Eric is asked to leave, if he refuses, police are called, Eric arrested for criminal trespass. Sworn statement from business owner, etc. No challenge to executive orders.

      With an uncooperative business owner – who would call the police? Another patron of the business? In that case, there’s no trespass. Even if arrested for trespass, the business owner could be called as a defense witness and say there was no trespass. So in this case the police would have to come (if they come at all) for the business. The business would probably get charged with violation of one of the statutes “supporting” the executive order.

      Virginia Example: “Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Article V of the Constitution of
      Virginia, by § 44-146.17 of the Code of Virginia, by any other applicable law, and in furtherance
      of Amended Executive Order 51, and by virtue of the authority vested in the State Health
      Commissioner pursuant to §§ 32.1-13, 32.1-20, and 35.1-10 of the Code of Virginia, the
      following is ordered:”

      I suspect that the business owners who are half tempted to challenge these mandates are performing cost/benefit analyses and probably erring on the side of caution. As the economy continues to tank, however, I think someone’s got to realize that the business will fail if nothing is done so there’s little risk in challenging the executive orders. At that point it might be “too little too late” but we’ll see. At the end of the day, it’ll have to be a business that stands up to the “orders,” not an individual.

      • If the business owner fails to enforce the government mask edict, and the government goons find out, they will fine him and/or suspend his license to do business. The business owner is getting the squeeze put on him by the government mafia, and if he wants to keep his business he has to enforce the mask diktat on his customers.

        • Hi X,

          Yes.I had a convo with the owner of my gym about this. She is scared. But I told her that her business will be destroyed regardless if this Sickness Psychosis stands. Ergo, she has nothing to lose by defiance. And is money all that matters to people anymore? Will everyone literally sell out just to be able to shop?

          • Will everyone literally sell out just to be able to shop?

            It appears at least 95% will.
            Americans are still far too fat, lazy and comfortable. They have not suffered nearly enough yet to raise their fist and bring down the hammer. They seldom need jackboots and sticks to enforce this crap when all they have to do is threaten to pull back the carrot.

            The good news is: It’s alleged that only 3% of the populace engaged in the American Revolution and pushed back the most powerful empire on the planet.

            The bad news: It looks as if we don’t have many Patrick Henry, John Hancock, or Andrew Jackson types in our midst.

            I just keep praying that, we who haven’t surrendered our souls to this evil agenda endure and come out stronger than ever.

            • “…only 3% of the populace engaged in the American Revolution and pushed back the most powerful empire on the planet.”

              The founding fathers were brave and brilliant, but the 3% likely would not have prevailed without the infantry and naval support of another European power, France.

              A fight for secession by a sector of contiguous states ( or provinces ) here in North America would require, at the very least, logistical aid from a mapr geopolitical power. The only White-dominated nation, I can think of, that might find it in thier interests to do so would be the Russian Federation.,,whose populace BTW, by most accounts I’ve read, are living their daily lives with far less government interference than we are and with no lockdwons or mask mandates.

              • Hi Mack,

                Exactly so. Without the intercession of France, the American colonies likely would have remained colonies of Great Britain. Washington did not defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown. The French navy did.

                Perhaps it is time to consider sending emissaries to Russia.

                • Eric, what makes you think they haven’t? Once you get beyond the Cold War hysteria, Russia should be one of our natural allies. Our nations should make common cause, and learn from the lessons of the past. Those who can not understand the major differences between the USSR, and modern Russia are either Neocon shills and/or hopelessly lost in the past. Now watch the Useful Idiots claim that I’m a Russian Agent… (wait for it) ^^

                  • With Senile Ol’ Joe likely to infest the WH soon, his neocon handlers could provoke a very unnecessary war with the Russian Federation. Another Gott-damned shame of having one tribe of Whites killing other whites. Hopefully the respective armies get wise and TURN on their purported masters!

                  • Hi BJ,

                    I admire – respect – the Russian people. Always have. They are tough people but also – the ones I’ve met – among the warmest and most real people you’ll ever meet, once they decide you’re ok.

                    • Exactly Eric. Thats been my experience as well. They have gone through the absolute Hell of communism, and are working to rebuild their nation. Its tragic that our own people haven’t learned any lessons from the horrible experiences of people in other countries with communism. The Progs and their beloved “democratic socialism” are just the start. Their leaders want full blown communism. In spite of the fact that its been responsible for more than one hundred million deaths in the 20th century alone. Let us hope we can prevent that, with a minimum of blood shed.

        • Tell that to Peggy Hall of The Healthy American. She is reassuring restauranteurs et al. that they can’t lose their license without an actual statute citation. She is in one of the worst states–CA–and promotes a restaurant that does not allow masks and is fighting magnificently for freedom. She uses lawfare. Find her website via Duck Duck Go (do NOT support criminal google).

          • Indeed, Esther!

            Peggy has balls – and brains. More like her are wanted. It isn’t easy to defend freedom – which is why the people who seek to take it have been so successful. They play on the normal desire of most people to avoid confrontation. But sometimes, it is vitally necessary to accept a confrontation – and when that time comes, to give back threefold what you’ve been the recipient of.

    • People need to get it through their skulls that it’s just a piece of paper with words scribbled by a bunch of people tens of generations ago. It’s not some mythical scroll that actually confers powers. The concepts are the key and they are only as good as the perceived and actual actions you take. Having a gun gives you a credible threat of force but actually using it periodically is required to validate that it remains credible.

      • “Dishonest Abe” rendered the US Constitution null and void with his war of aggression against the group of former US states that simply wanted to LEAVE the “Union” PEACEFULLY and govern themselves as they saw fit. The Federal Government was created to be the SERVANT of the several states and the People, and in only 74 years it showed with terrible force that it’d become the Master. We’d have made a better deal with Palpatine and Lord Vader.

    • The Empire State would do far better under Benito…at least HE could get the Communists that tried to hold the country hostage by taking over the rail unions out of the way…by having a pair of soldiers accompany each train crew, with orders that IF the train was stopped w/o cause (what they call a “sciopero”, or sit-down strike), they were to summarily execute them, and if those soldiers failed in their duty, their commanders would have them shot, and so on. A little straightforward “motivation” cut out that crap, and the Italian public LOVED their “Duce” for it! Too bad he was, as the Limey newspapers put it, a “ghastly flop” once he had notions of restoring the old Roman Empire.

      • Hi Doug,

        I will say one thing in Mussolini’s (and Hitler’s) favor: They at least didn’t worship weakness. Both promoted a heroic vision. Distorted and evil, no doubt. But at least they weren’t advocating a simpering society of cringing, pant-shitting babies terrified of everything except being told what to do.

        No soldat of the Heer – let alone the Waffen SS – would have worn a Face Diaper.

        • Eric, read about the “Battle” of Halbe, Germany, from April 25 to May 2, 1945, where the remnants of the German Ninth Army, surrounded in a pocket SE of Berlin by overwhelming Soviet Army forces (most commanded by Marshall Ivan Koniev and his First Urkrainian Front, although a few corps of Zhukov’s First Belorussian Front were in on the “party” too…) and also the Battle of Bautzen, where a battered German Fourth Panzer Army (down to about a Panzerkorps level of manpower and maybe a division’s worth of tanks, and very low on munitions and fuel) fought off the Polish 1st Army (Poles conscripted from Soviet prison camps, led by Soviet officers) and inflicted a humiliating defeat on them. Both pockets, tasked at first to regroup with the Berlin garrison and hold the city, instead made it to the safety of the Americans waiting some 50 miles away on the Elbe river, purposely halted by Ike even though likely they could have themselves walked straight into Berlin, AHEAD of the Soviets, with likely very little resistance at all.

  25. the Orange Man did very little besides hire traitors like John Bolton and the worm fauci among many others. Not to mention gross kushner. A completely failed term. And he lost to the weakest candidate in history. Didnt pardon assange or snowden. Really a pathetic person. I hope he goes to jail.

    • Well, what you say is mostly true, especially as regards the presence in the WH of his ditzy daughter and the Mossad agent Kushner. Letting Assange be tortured and drugged in Bellmarsh is also unforgivable.

      But to say that he “lost” the election overlooks the overwhelming evidence that it was brazenly stolen, with a colossal middle finger thrust in our faces. 72 million people legitimately voted for Trump. Biden’s legit total was tens of million fewer.

      Regarding your hope that he goes to jail, his enemies will not let him just quietly acquiesce. They will probably kill him, destroy his business, possibly incarcerate his sons, and permanently impoverish his family.
      Of course, President Harris has already stated her intention to track down all his supporters as well and make us pay the price for what we’ve done..

      • The bitch will experience mine impeachment “notice” before then..chambered in .40 S&W. Of course, that’s IF I get in the first “summons”, as likely I’ll have to fight to be one of the first thousand!

    • M3,

      Though you’re mostly right, Fauci was in gov’t LONG before DJT arrived. Fauci started at CDC/NIH in 1969, and he became boss of NIAID in 1985 or so; IOW, he’s been in his present capacity for SIX administrations. That said, DJT could’ve brought in saner, more rational voices to his COVID task force, e.g. Dr. Atlas.

      BTW, WRT Jared Kushner, he went to Bilderberg, along with wife Ivanka, i.e. POTUS’ daughter.


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