Diaper Report: 8/01/22

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There is good news to report. Even in “hot spots” of weaponized hypochondria – such as Los Angeles – renewed attempts to re-impose the “mandatory” wearing of “masks” are failing. Localities there such as Beverly Hills – one of the previously hottest spots – have said they will not enforce any such “mandates.”

This is spreading.

It is not because these localities do not want to enforce these “mandates.” It is solely because the mass consent necessary to such enforcement no longer exists – and they know that in the face of any attempt to once again “mandate” the wearing of “masks,” too many people would show their faces, instead. 

Resistance is not futile.

Even the most authoritarian regimes require mass compliance, which is used to foster the impression that everyone – or at least, almost everyone – not only accepts what is going on but consents to it. This is why there were “mandates” to “mask” in the first place. So as to make it appear that everyone – well, practically everyone – agreed with the narrative that a “pandemic” was afoot – as opposed to a bad cold that could be bad news for the very elderly and the already very sick, as bad colds have always been for the very elderly and the already very sick.

The sight of everyone – well, almost everyone – wearing a “mask” wherever one went made it look like there was a “pandemic.” Just the same as everyone in Germany wearing an armband made it look like everyone agreed with the bug-eyed gesticulator styled the “fuhrer.”

The outward appearance of agreement – of uniformity – is essential to such mass manipulations. It is a key component of the mass psychosis upon which the latter depends. It is very hard for the individual to believe he is not alone when all he sees is what appears to be mass agreement.

There is an old photograph – taken during the days when everyone, just about, was wearing an armband – and raising their arms.

In the crowd of armband-wearers and arm-raisers, there can be seen one man who wasn’t wearing – or raising. It took immense courage for this man to display his lack of agreement among all those who looked like they did agree.

By doing so, he showed that not everyone agreed.

He may and probably did give courage to others who did not agree but were perhaps afraid to show it.

Just so last time, when the “mandates” were first imposed. The things manipulating the masses knew it was vital to confect the appearance of mass agreement. But the “mandates” did not succeed in getting everyone to “mask.” There were people like the man in the old photograph.

Their defiance was contagious.

Enough to show that “masking” wasn’t “working” – in the sense that the wearing of these things either prevented people from catching a cold or spreading the cold to others. The people who didn’t “mask” – in spite of the “mandates” – didn’t catch cold or if they did, it was just a cold and they got better. The “masked” who knew these people saw that. It had to have made an impression on some of them – just as it probably made an impression on some of the hens who looked up and saw the sky was not falling.

It is why so much effort was devoted to making states like Florida – where most people outside of Miami weren’t “masking – and weren’t catching cold any more than those in places where almost everyone was “masked up,” as the sickos pushing this business like to style their obedience training.

Speaking of “masks” not “working” . . . except as a tool of mass manipulation – is it not telling that, months after the “mandate” to wear the things on commercial flights and in government-controlled airports was set aside by a federal judge, the un-“masked” aren’t catching colds any more than the “masked” were when the wearing of “masks” was “mandated”?

Do you suppose people have begun to notice that?

How about this business of both of the things pushing hard for “masks” – and wearing them – catching colds, in spite of the things? The Biden Thing and the Fauci Thing also took (so they claim) the “95 percent effective” drugs styled “vaccines” they also claimed would all-but-assure the taker would not get. And yet they caught cold. Twice.

Do you suppose people have begun to notice?

To wonder?

Of course, the other people – those things – also wonder . . . how they will get people to “mask up” again when they know many won’t, this time. Too many people like that man in the old photograph will not pretend to agree with what they now know to be not only false but malicious. And that is why, even in some of the very hottest spots in the country – such as LA County – the things-in-charge aren’t pressing their “case” . . . for the moment. They know there would be too much – and too obvious – mass disagreement and that it could lead to something far worse than people refusing to wear a “mask.”

The game is almost over.

It doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve won. But it also does not mean we’ve lost. The distinction is an important one.

Never forget the man in the old photograph.

One man can make all the difference.

. . .

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    • Hi Helot,

      If this is true – if Gates or anyone else actually “develops” and then releases a “vaccine” that “spreads like a virus,” then that person will be guilty of invading people’s bodies without their consent – which can reasonably be construed as a direct attack upon their persons and as such sufficient warrant to invite whatever defensive measures are necessary.

  1. I read this comment over at USAWatchdog, do any of you know if there’s any truth to this matter? I don’t own a smart phone, so I cannot test this out:

    Tyler08/07/2022 •

    The most alarming and strangest thing is how silent everyone is about what else the CLOT SHOT has done to the jabbed. For those who don’t know about computers, and computer devices, a “MAC address” is a unique address that is assigned to different computer and Bluetooth devices. This has nothing to do with the “MAC” term used by Apple. It stands for “Media Access Control”. The MAC Address is a Hexadecimal number assigned to specifically identify a computer or a computer related device.

    Almost all of those who have taken the jabs are now transmitting their newly assigned “MAC” addresses through Bluetooth, everywhere they go. In other words, people who ignorantly took these jabs have literally become computer devices and through the patented injections are now “owned” by the companies who own the patents.

    You can change the settings in your cell phone on Android phones (to developer mode) and bring up the jabbed’s MAC addresses who are within 100 meters or so around you. When you go into public places or drive down the highway, you literally can see the pages and pages (screen-fuls of MAC addresses) of the jabbed, which show up in real time, of those injected around you. Unlike legitimate MAC addresses, these addresses have not been registered (assigned) to any companies.

    People who are not familiar with Bill Gates’ patent # 2020 060606 (666) may want to look it up, since the jabbed are now connected with the “sensors” it plainly shows which have now been injected into them. They are now connected to the “Internet of Bodies” cloud which Gates’ patent also shows connects one to “The Cloud”, and a database and also Cryptocurrency. Look up the patent!

    People have already unknowingly accepted the Mark.

    La Quinta Columna has also verified this as well as random people have also verified this internationally, regardless of which company produced the shots…people are now transmitting their Bluetooth MAC addresses.

    Go verify for yourself…

    Type in “Bluetooth vax” in the search bar on bitchute.com and watch the videos.
    Go to rumble and search for
    La Quinta Columna

    So called Christians have taken this en-masse. Set up your phones, and go to churches and scan and verify for yourself. You can also see videos of the DEAD transmitting from the grave in cemeteries, who took the jabs.

    Listen to this medical doctor
    Covid Vaccines Appear to Install a “MAC Address” Inside the Vaxxed

    The churches are filled with the jabbed. The ones who should have known better have fallen away, just like it says in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

    Listen to Todd Calenders videos on rumble…

    The vaxed can be killed w/the push of a button thanks to phones & bluetooth

    But most of all, go check it out for yourself. It’s all there and irrefutable.”

    • Man, I kinda thought one of you guys with sthmart phones would of either verified this, or called B.S., by now.

      “…Is it real? Or, is it Memorex?”

    • No cell phone here so also wondering if others on here have seen proof of this. I have seen a number of bloggers and such point out the long extant nanotechnology that could make this kind of thing a reality. Self assembling nanobots, etc. This, combined with the absolutely insane push by the gov’t/big Pharma to inject everyone with these shots on a regular, ongoing basis forever despite them not being vaccines as traditionally known nor being “safe” or “effective” for fighting sickness in any way than, say, an aspirin. It sure would explain some of the automaton like “current thing” support. Maybe they really are getting the download.

      • The government doesn’t need to inject people with shots when everything around them (WiFi routers, smart meters, cell phones, food production, poisoned water supplies, etc.) will do it for them.

        The unjabbed believed we are foolishly winning. Yes, we may have warded off the shots, but look how much other shit we aren’t focusing on.

        If somebody doesn’t want to sleep tonight take a RF meter and measure the radio frequency that is coming out of your new smart meter that the electric companies are quietly installing. Is that meter on the side of your home where your bedroom is or your kitchen? Now measure the radio frequencies in that bedroom. For extra fun do the same for your WiFi router.

        Want to be really depressed read the bioengineered ingredients in your Mint Milano cookies, kids Pepperidge Goldfish, El Paso taco shells, Tysons chicken, and Herr’s crab chips.

        Read the push of feeding Rover black fly larvae and crickets. I know of no wild dog or feral cat that prefers crickets over a slab of beef, but we are being told that, yes they do!

        We will all meet the same end. If the jabs don’t get us the food and radioactive matter will.

        The elites are playing a long game that started decades ago. We have already lost.

        • If they’re so unnecessary, then why are they so hot to “warp speed” them “into arms?” Why did they bother with the renamed flu scam? The “mandates?” Come on now…

          • To crash the world economy. How else does one introduce a digital dollar? They had to make the economies insolvent. Increase inflation, price the average commoner out of the system. Steal their assets. They needed fear and a narrative to get the world “to watch the birdie.”

            Is there bad stuff in the clot shots? Probably, but taking out millions of people in a short amount of time raises eyebrows and a lot of questions. One needs decades, possibly a generation or two for them to do what they are doing to us.

            • Imagine the crash if no fake savior (the shots) was offered. The flu scam was how they got the shots into people even though they obviously don’t “work”… for the stated purpose. You have to admit, the level of coercive hard sell was/is unreal. But they may “work’ for another purpose as noted earlier. Nanobots are powered by and send/receive signals via RF. Now the jabbed are the sail fawn. Yeah, the self assembling carbon structures might stroke you out but the goal is social credit, CBDC, constant real-time surveillance, the whole nine. The shots may just be the the endgame.

        • Hi RG

          Are you channeling a certain Merchant of Despair again? That’s the problem with mixing so many different types of information. You end up overwhelmed and prone to despair. You are aware I trust, that much of this fantasy nonsense is being spread to discredit those who are actually reporting what is actually going on? Its reached the point that even Alex Jones is starting to question some of this. Given that he is the King of the real Conspiracy Theorists, that should tell you something is amiss.

          I started to explain the details, and stopped after ten extensive paragraphs. It was turning into a physics seminar. So I decided not to inflict MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) on you. 🙂 What I will do is look for some good educational videos. Then I’ll post the links below this, so I don’t cause work for Eric, in terms of moderation. But it wasn’t all wasted. I’ll pass it on to one of the communities I’m part of, for use in an introduction to the various topics.

          Bottom line, its not nearly as bad as some would have you believe. There are many factions moving pieces around in the shadows. Not all of them are malign. Stay focused on what you can control, and do the best that you can. Best of luck.

          • Hi BJ,

            I am in a pissy mood, my four month pullet died of unknown causes on Friday, so it was a bad weekend in my household. I hold vets in as much contempt as I do allopathic doctors, politicians, and bankers now.

            We are now seeing the left politicizing the FBI, very much like they used the IRS during the Obama years.

            It is as bad as we believe. Personally, I am sick of the other side (and I refer to Dems and Republicans) winning. All of us have laid down and rolled over. Do the truly bad see jail time or hang by their neck? Nope. Money buys power. Power buys influence. Influence buys corruption. It is a never ending cycle. We lose more and more rights. What do we do? We talk. We accomplish nothing, but everyone knows where we stand. More and more rights dissipate. What do Americans do? Bloviate more.

            When does the fuse light under this country’s ass? When they come round us up? After we have lost everything? The people around me are depressed and unhappy. I can no longer believe we can be saved.

            • Hi RG

              If by we you mean the Republic, then I agree. It was dead long before any of us was born. Killed by the corrupt forces we have spoken of. But if you mean we, as to the individuals, then that depends on our past preparations and future actions. Not to mention anyone who hopes to survive, should already be part of a community of like minded individuals. Sorry to hear about your pullet. Here is the first video I mentioned. Its an overview. Presented in a much better format than text. Keep in mind that I don’t know your current level, so if its too basic, I wasn’t meaning to offend you.

              Over view.


            • Hi RG

              This is the third and final video. Its from Sabine. I very much like her, and respect her past work in particle physics. But I disagree with some of her perspectives on the various current theories. That happens a lot in certain circles. 🙂

              But I have always respected her ability to take complex topics and make them comprehensible to people without an extensive science/technical background.

              Her take on 5G. I can’t say that I totally agree. But its a good example of weighting complex topics fairly.


            • Hi RG,

              Very sorry to hear about your pullet; it is always sad when the critters we care for and who become part of our extended families die. And agree with you about vets, who are becoming as bad as human quacks – pushing “vaccines” and pills to $$$$ in on suffering. We have decided to care for our own, on our own – including ourselves. Some will probably consider this foolish – but we think it’s foolish to place any trust in a “health” apparat that is completely corrupted.

  2. The real battleground are the medical facilities where the corporate craziness is still enforcing their masking idiocy in full force. I’ve had to see an urologist and ophthalmologist on separate occasions. They’re both major corporate health care companies, so they hide behind their “it’s our corporate policy” crap. They wouldn’t let me in, unless I dawn the diaper. I acquiesced. I’ve vowed never to be part of an HMO insurance network after this year. I’m switching over to a crowd sharing medical care or Christian base medical sharing plan. I’ve lost all respect for most medical “professionals”, how can you trust someone’s advice if they won’t stand up against the masking idiocy. You can’t trust them.

    • I was just reading about this, this morning. I double checked on merriam-webster, that word, acquiesce –

      intransitive verb
      : to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively

      Here’s what I thought of when I read your comment:

      “… instead of being the moral backstop that you are called on to be, you are being a coward.

      A coward.

      Yes, a coward.

      And you know what.

      I have amazing news for you.

      All of that is in the past. We never have to go back there. You never need to go back there. You never need to behave that way again.

      You never need to go back there!

      From this moment forward it can be different!” …


      Besides that, why would you want to walk thru their doors, they’ll kill you, if you let them.

      “Starfield concluded that medical drugs were killing Americans at the rate of 106,000 per year.

      That’s a million deaths per decade.

      This is a conservative sketch of the Trojan Horse that has been placed in the center of every country in the world.” …


  3. PREMIERE – Uninformed Consent: A Matador Films Picture

    An in depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it and how it’s
    being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the

    The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man’s tragic loss.
    Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma
    and the elite class who profit from mandates.


  4. nicaragua did fine with no lockdowns, mandates, masks, or injections, it was the freest nation in the world no lockdowns, no mandates, no gene therapy injections, nothing. They kicked all the mask and nazi needle pushers out in 2020.

  5. ABV disease (Anything But Vaccines) is causing people to DROP DEAD everywhere

    No matter what gets blamed, it’s Anything But Vaccines (ABV). Because vaccines are never allowed to be mentioned as a cause of any death, injury or side effect.

    According to the lying corporate media that prostitutes mRNA depopulation injections for Big Pharma, all vaccines are 100% safe and effective and can never harm anyone under any circumstances… and they always work, too, we’re told.


  6. Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi Found on Masks: Study

    Several pathogenic microbes were identified and quantified on masks worn during the pandemic,

    Bacteria and fungi were collected from the three types of masks—gauze, polyurethane, and non-woven—worn between September and October 2020.

    The researchers found that the face side of the masks had more bacteria, whereas the outer side of the masks contained more fungi.

    While most of the bacteria and fungi cultured from the masks were not harmful to humans,

    some were opportunist pathogens, while others were found to cause diseases like bacteria that cause food poisoning and staph infections, and a fungus that causes ringworm, athlete’s foot, and jock itch.

    Epidemiologist and researcher Dr. Paul Alexander disagree. He says that there are over 150 studies and articles that conclude cloth and surgical masks are not effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and does more harm.


    • Masks were always a psychological tool to force isolation especially during lockdown. Similar to why they use Masks with MK Ultra.

  7. Oh, of course “Sarah” (Oy! Another member of the Tribe?)- Sure, everyone I know who makes $20K a month just sits around spamming internet comment sections- I mean, what else would they do?

    So you’ve managed to pick a comment section which contains some of the brightest and most discerning people in this country, and you figured “What group of people is more likely to fall for get-rich-quick schemes than these people?”. What a genius!

  8. NorthShore University HealthSystem (Chicago) is required to pay out $10 million + to 500 employees who provided religious exemptions that were disregarded by the hospital system.


    I hope every employer that mandated these and who refused to accept medical exemptions, religious exemptions, or those of freewill end up losing their business because of the lawsuits served by current and former employees.

    I am surprised this even made it through the court system and in Illinois of all places. Maybe the tide is turning quicker than we think.

  9. Here’s a rather illuminating perspective from Mr.
    ‘2nd Smartest Guy in the World’ about what’s going on:

    ‘Book review: “Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain”‘

    “Harris L. Coulter connected the dots back in 1990 and his words still ring true today” …


    … It. is. re-shaping how I view The Plandemic… & the world.
    Perhaps, it will re-shape your view, as well? Idk.

    • Thanks for the link Helot. Going to the library this morning, I will pick up Coulters book. Having abstained from any shots since the mid 80s I always knew in my heart of hearts the jabbers were up to no good. It may not reshape my view, but at least I might get to know what I’m talking about.

  10. btw…Hitler was NOT the bad guy of WW2…he was the anti-Bolshevik leader and he was a hero. As Patton said, we destroyed the wrong army.

    • Well, he wasn’t the WORST guy…I’d say Stalin had him beat by leaps and bounds. But Hitler was about the worst thing that ever happened to Germany, save that thanks to his ordering the attack on the Soviet Union when he did, 2/3 of it was saved from the horrors of Communism…at least for awhile. Now with Merkle in charge, what the hell was the point?

      I know it’s definitely not “Kosher” to say it, but this video set to music by the metal band Ramstein gives me chills…never again will there be a military that could just outright punch above its weight and seriously kick ass!


      • The elite nobility/globalists have been trying to put in place a worldwide one world centralized communist government for a long time.

        Stalin was a nationalist who wanted his own communist empire not a globalist communist one world government, so they put hitler in place to get rid of stalin,

        hitler, same problem, also became a nationalist so they started a war to get rid of him.

        The current leaders of all the G7 countries are all in for a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, the globalists are making progress.

        Russia doesn’t seem interested now in a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, it looks like they have another nationalist leader only interested in looking after/running their own affairs. Now the globalists need another war to get rid of that leader.

        • Most of the bric countries aren’t interested in a one world centralized communist government, more countries are joining bric, they out number the G7 which is all in the one world centralized communist government, china has it’s own agenda, they want to take control/take over and colonize everywhere

    • Agree. It is disconcerting that good people like Eric unwittingly perpetuate the anti-German propaganda we were all force fed in public schools and by mass media.

      There were no mass murders in ovens or gas chambers, and the 6 million number is bogus. The National Socialists were in a life–or-death struggle against International Communism, which was funded, lead, and populated by international Jewry. Along with dissentors who were undermining the war effort, jews who were put into the camps – not to be exterminated, but to form work battalions – were communist activists and sympathizers. Did Jews suffer? Yes, along with the rest of the country as the war dragged on, Typhus was spreading, and food, medicine, clean water, and countless other resources became increasingly scarce.

      An actual holocaust, and perhaps the most vicious of all war crimes committed in WW 2, was the continuous Allied fire bombing of hundreds of thousands of trapped civilians in Dresden, which had no military strategic significance.

      AH could have obliterated the British Army trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, but withheld his troops to allow the Brits to evacuate and preserve their ability to defend the British homeland. In his open letter “A Final Appeal to Reason” AH petitioned the Allied leaders for peace, but was ignored.

      In elementary school I remember viewing testbook pictures of lampshades and soap bars claimed to have been made from Jewish bodies – total BS, much like the American claim during Operation Desert Storm that Iraqi soldiers were bayonetting babies in Kuwaiti hospitals.

      But the most important question is why is it a criminal offense in nearly all Western countries to question or research the so-called Holocaust? Shoudn’t that give pause to libertarian thinkers?
      To this day, our ruling caste, whom we cannot name or criticize, insures that we bear false witness against WW2 Germany.

      • Hi Mack,

        I agree with you that it’s absurd – evil – to punish anyone for “denying” anything. If an assertion is a lie, it will be found out, which is good. The truth need not fear inquiry.

        I am very worried about the way “denying” what “authority” claims about “masks,” “vaccines” and – “climate change” is on the verge of being criminalized.

        But the truth as regards the matter at hand is that Hitler was a collectivist authoritarian. A national socialist. Socialism is fundamentally the same thing as communism in that both are authoritarian collectivist systems in which the individual is nothing except insofar as he submits to the collective. The national socialists called this “marching in step.” The superficial difference between the two forms of authoritarian collectivism are that one (in this case) was nationalist and racist while the other was internationalist. Is it better to be enslaved to the”volksgemeinschaft” – or the “proletariat”? In both cases, the arbitrary authority of a few in the name of the collective – which the few control, absolutely.

        Have the crimes of the national socialists been exaggerated and hyped – especially relative to the crimes of the communists? Yes, certainly. It seems to me to be objectively – factually – the case that Soviet (and Chinese) communism was worse, in terms of the mass enslavement and overall body count. Stalin was, arguably, even more vicious than Hitler. Mao also.

        But the fact that they were worse does not make Hitler “better.”

        National socialism and Soviet (and Chinese and all forms of) communism are criminal systems. To defend either or any is to applaud tyranny.

        • Hi Eric

          Very well stated. Lenin/Stalin killed many more than Hitler did. But Hitler committed the ultimate sin. He opposed the Dynasty and their tools. Collectivism of any type breeds tyrants. That sad fact is all too often ignored by people focused on their ideologies.

        • Amen, Eric! Have to agree with you on this one. I’ve personally known people who narrowly escaped the Nazis and whose families/relatives didn’t. Even if one were to ignore the whole Holocaust thing, there’s still the fact that the Nazi regime was the ultimate bureaucracy over the German citizens, which did not allow for any dissent- pure collectivism which ignored all personal rights and viewed it’s own people as nothing more than cogs in the national collective whose only worth was their service to that collective. Even today, while Germany may function well (Germans are efficient!) Germans are far from being free- less free than even we are- no homeschooling; no guns; the fuzz will look in people’s garbage cans and punish them if they dare not properly separate their trash….

          Of course Stalin was even worse. If you want to know which of two evils is the worst, just look at the one the US is supporting. We didn’t get into WWII until the Krauts posed a serious threat to the Soviets. We defended the Soviets and helped them to communize all of Eastern Europe. “Yay!! Freedom and apple pie!!”. And now “we” support the Neo-Nazi Ukraine regime……

        • Hi Eric

          Here is something denied….5G issues…..

          The deaths and significant biological damage in the population caused by the Covid-19 experimental mRNA vaccine medical intervention have now been documented in nearly one thousand published scientific papers. III.7.

          Covid-19 injections are now related to blood-clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and cancer, among others. This is confirmed by irrefutable science and government-gathered data from the UK Health and Security Agency, which shows Covid-19 vaccines to be unsafe and ineffective

          Radiation-induced coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms
          The vast majority of the populations across the West, in particular those of the Five Eyes community, the Anglosphere intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have been injected without their knowledge with nano metamaterial antennasand

          are unfortunately going to suffer increased mortality rates due to localized reflecting radiation emissions from the 5G urban radar. All of the known coronavirus symptoms can be attributed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation pollution. IV.1, IV.2

          5G has been identified in a number of published papers as the actual cause of the pandemic, the start of which coincided with the switching on of the 5G network in Wuhan province, whose population had just been vaccinated with a mandated flu vaccination. 5G has the potential to deliver ionizing energy levels that would cause immune system suppression, leaving the body at risk of disease. IV.3

          To quote Martin L Pall, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences at Washington State University, “Putting tens of millions of 5G antennas, without a single biological test of safety, has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”. Professor Pall is wrong, however: it is not a stupid idea but a heinous crime if one understands the motive behind this deployment.


      • “the 6 million number is bogus.”

        That may or may not be true, but the essential problem is that it’s illegal almost everywhere in the so-called free world to even attempt to ascertain the truth of the matter through historical research.

        That, of course, renders the free world something less than free, and perhaps more closely resembling the purported perpetrators of holocaust than they recognize.

        • Hi Non,

          I agree that the atrocities have probably been exaggerated; I disagree with those who assert there were none and (more fundamentally) that national socialism was not, itself, an atrocity. Every variant of authoritarian collectivism is an atrocity. In NS Germany, you obeyed – or else. Your life was directed by the state, which was controlled by a handful of collectivists who claimed to embody the collective will. All such systems are the negation of the individual, his self-ownership and creativity. Defending one while condemning another is like defending the virtue of Soros vs. Schwab.

          That said, I am in complete agreement that asking questions ought to always be respected, even when the questions asked seem silly or offensive. If a thing is false, asking questions will reveal the falsity of the thing. If it is true, no amount of question-asking can ever serve to render it untrue.

          • Agreed. It’s astonishing to me how virtually every instantiation of the state devolves into the same collective authoritarianism over time, and the citizens always seem to comply and indeed support their own negation.

  11. monkeypox vaccine…..

    Another important fact to know about all vaccines is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death.

    A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
    ATTENTION: So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

    “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced
    ATTENTION: I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”
    Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

    Some of the vaccines that are using these cancerous cell lines from aborted fetuses are:

    MMR – measles, mumps, rubella
    Chicken Pox
    Hepatitis A & B
    Polio, etc.

    They are going to use/force, mandate chicken pox vaccine for monkeypox (or you stay locked in your house)………

    big pharma causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)
    and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

    another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing v………s in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    They knew 120 years ago vaccines don’t work…..but they don’t care, they are very profitable….


    The government/medical system/church is one huge satanic cult now

  12. ‘the mass consent necessary to [mask mandate] enforcement no longer exists’ — eric

    So our rulers have turned their attention to other mandates:

    ‘Illinois congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) wants to know why the Consumer Product Safety Commission has not established safety standards or provided warnings to consumers on the health risks that come with the air pollutants emitted from popular gas stoves.

    ‘Gas stoves emit harmful levels of several pollutants, with particular emphasis on asthma-risking nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Basic cooking activities, such as baking a cake or roasting meat, can produce indoor NO2 emissions two to three times greater than both the World Health Organization’s indoor NO2 guideline of 106 parts per billion (ppb) and EPA’s outdoor NO2 standard of 100 ppb, the letter says.

    ‘Some studies have shown that children living in homes with gas stoves have a 42% greater risk of experiencing asthma symptoms and a 24% greater risk of being diagnosed with asthma, which some experts equate to living with second-hand cigarette smoke.’ — Marketwatch

    Oh the horror — just had one of these diabolical killer stoves installed in muh kitchen a few months ago.

    Still, the lesson for all — courtesy of Clowngress and saaaaaaaafety advocates — is that fossil fuels are just plain evil, whether combusted in your car or your kitchen.

    Teach your chilluns: learn not to burn. /sarc

    • Someone please ask Congress Critter “Krishna…Krishna…aw, who gives a fuck for his name?” where in the CONSTITUTION does Congress or the Executive Branch have any AUTHORITY to regulate freakin’ GAS STOVES? Methinks private INSURANCE companies more than suffice, via Underwriter’s Laboratories, to deal with them! Who the FUCK needs some Government bureau-rat to administer “S-a-a-a-a-f-t-e-e-e-e” with respect to gas stoves?

    • Sometimes, lightning strikes a coal vein that is at the earth’s surface or just below. The coal vein will burn for years on end.

      There are over 1000 places on the planet that have natural burning coal veins or natural gas burning for years on end.

      Can’t be stopped, Mother Nature rules.

      Mount Wingen in Australia has been burning for 6000 years at a rate of one meter per year.

      Natural Eternal Flames

      And all of the volcanoes are hotter than Hades.

      Raja is blowing smoke. All wet, another idiot who thinks he knows it all. A child who thinks he’s an adult and more than willing to deny you the utility that improves your life.

      Another anti-human hoping your life becomes more miserable.

  13. The globalist leftist liars say say masks and EV’s safe….lol

    Hazardous to Health Masking

    And another study last March found evidence of microplastic fibers from face masks lodged in human lungs — at times requiring thoracic surgery.

    Study results show that “mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or approximately 50 percent more deaths compared to no mask mandates.”…..depopulation is the goal….so they do work…lol

    On Tuesday, Joseph Mercola explained that “masks make you sick instead of protecting you.”

    “Worse, a moderate positive correlation was found between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe.”

    What about women’s safety? Hours sitting in a remote dark car park alone while charging her stupid EV…….


  14. How I learned to stop worrying and love the mask.

    Might as well be a nuclear detonation, at this point, what difference does it make?

    No fighting in the war room

    Nancy landing in Taipei is analogous to Slim Pickens riding a nuclear bomb dropped from the bomb bay in a B-52.

    You go, girl!

    If you are wearing a mask, you’re totally brainwashed. You’re being vaporized psychologically.

    Lots of idiots out there that want to be Judge Mental.

    Millions donning masks and lining up for jabs is just obscenely immoral.

    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on you again.

    Ya dumbass, get a life.

    Yeah, that means you Klaus, you wretch. You ruin everybody’s fun. For real.

    How come you never see Klaus with a mask on?

    Anyone? Bueller?

    • No fighting in the war room. Thats funny. I forgot what a great movie that is. Gonna have to watch it again sometime.

      Klaus only masks at his special ‘parties,’

      Thanks for the Rex research link the other day drumphish, I used to have that bookmarked on an old lap top that died, somehow it didn’t get imported to the new one.

      • Norman Franklin,

        I found rexresearch through link that featured a story on a mazda car enthusiast Paul Brown. He lost his life in a speed contest in Idaho.

        Paul Brown was a nuclear physicist who developed and launched the business Nuclear Solutions. Paul deduced that you can use nuclear waste until the cows come home, make electricity from nuclear waste for a long time.

        An interesting story, for sure.


        • Converting radioactive waste into basically free electricity. Imagine that. That web site is full of such things. I only wish I had a little more bandwidth to process that kind of stuff.

    • I don’t care if that old bag GOES there…I care if she COMES BACK. Except that another Calipornian Congress Critter, and of “Dat TRIBE, dere”, Adam “Schifty”, wants the job in her place. Talk about someone who probably got the living shit kicked out of him in school after he annoyed the fuck out of too many of his classmates, and now wants revenge. Someone please tell me, what, before he infested the US Capitol building, did this shithead ever DO, or practice, or PRODUCE? My guess is, Not a Gott-Damned thing! Likely his entire life, once out of law school that his Daddy’s money paid for, has been spent grifting and politicking (yeah, that’s redundant).

  15. In likely response to an Operation Mockingbird bulletin clattering off the teletype, the Lügenpresse are circling the wagons to defend Paxlovid:

    Biden’s COVID ‘rebound’ after treatment with Paxlovid serves as a reminder that the antiviral can have that rare outcome

    Rare! Rare, mind you. And how about them scare quotes around ‘rebound’? Probably just a figment of “Joe’s” imagination, since everyone else just LUVVVVS this wonder drug.

    Yes, ‘rare’ is the Word of the Day, maybe Word of the Month. Just as ‘baseless’ was the Word of the Year in 2021, after Trump’s ‘baseless’ claims of election fraud stoked the events of J6.

    One shudders to imagine the next Word of the Day, chattered by a whole birdbrained feathered flock of MSM stenographers perched on a telephone wire, after some fresh deliberately-induced catastrophe.

    • The Lugenpress never says a bad word about big Pharma. Seems deriving a large chunk of your ad revenue tends to compromise some folks. Who knew?

      • The mafia govt is pushing “free” drugs so much now one has to wonder how long it’ll be before we’re required to take Soma or Prozium II.

        • Or infinitum.

          It’ll make you live forever. Perfectly safe with no side affects. Manufactured in China, at warp speed. In addition to the double super secret serum that stops aging, all your accounts, passwords, and important info will be contained in your custom MRNA injection. Digitally accessible from any sail fawn, you will have no privacy and be happy.

          And after all, who wouldn’t want to live forever? Only a bitter clinging, science denying, gun toting, racist, sexist, anti- semite, enemy of human progress.

          Therefore we will try to bribe them to do whats in their best interest, with ice cream and such. Failing that, we will shut them down. If they still refuse we will send them to a camp to help them understand. If they’re still hesitant, its the end of the line. Off with their heads.

      • They can’t handle the truth:

        ‘When Paxlovid came to market in December 2021, studies from Pfizer indicated that only 1-2 percent of patients who took the drug tested positive for Covid again shortly after finishing their dosage.

        ‘Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a prominent cardiologist and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University Hospital tweeted: ‘I think this was predictable.’

        ‘He continued: ‘The prior data suggesting ‘rebound’ Paxlovid positivity in the low single digits is outdated, and with BA.5 is likely 20-40% or even higher.’ — Daily Mail

        Same deal as with the ‘vaccines’ — crafty covid does its trick of immune escape, leaving Big Pharma and Big Gov flat-footed, still peddling last year’s stale snake oil.

        ‘Medical science’ has become a more notorious oxymoron than ‘military intelligence.’

  16. The mileage they’re getting out of masks and mandates is seeing diminishing returns. The idiot cult members will always be such. The ones who thought they could comply their way out of being beaten have realized that was never a winning strategy and sitting up straight at the table chewing you food with your mouth closed doesn’t work when you are dealing with satanic forces who view compliance as weakness. There are still plenty of cucked slaves out there, but if we have 10% less than last go around the herd sees that as a good enough reason to not comply. I saw this repeatedly when walking around maskless in the grocery store as people saw me they would rip theirs off with a look of relief that SOMEBODY else wasn’t playing along. Albeit a paltry few but nonetheless a victory IMHO. One man does make a difference. After all, what is the collective but a group of individuals?

  17. Mornin’ Eric,
    **”It is not because these localities do not want to enforce these “mandates.” It is solely because the mass consent necessary to such enforcement no longer exists “**

    What makes you think that it’s that, and not rather that the pols on the local level are trying to take back a little control to stave-off further mandates which would further cripple the local economy and decimate tax revenues?

    I’d say it’s the latter, because as we’ve long seen, 98% of the people don’t give a rat’s patoot about having to mask or not. Where’s all of this resistance, other than the few like us? Don’t forget, 70% of these people have taken a health-destroying injection(s) just so they could go to a restaurant or ‘concert’ [Not music, but some freakish weirdos screaming at them] or fuhtball game- and you think now they are going to resist a mask?

    What’s more, when have local tyrants, especially in the bluest places, ever stood up for “the people”? (Unless it was some small minority who could be used by those pols to advance their own objectives and to further destroy traditional mainstream society).

    Eric, you’re too nice of a guy- You’re looking at this from the POV of an honest benevolent person- but we know that politicians do not possess such traits, and that any time they appear to, we are likely being hoodwinked. Be very afraid when they seem to be on our side.

    • If you try to mandate something, and enough people refuse to comply, you look weak and/or ridiculous. In which case you’d better back off PDQ.

      Resistance is therefore extremely important. It is a patriotic duty. To paraphrase Thoreau, in an unjust society the just man belongs in jail.

    • hi Nunzio

      The only action that needs to be taken is — NO ACTIONS ordered by so-called “authorities” or “government” or other [globalist] “organizations” … which are simply names given to the most vile, evil, nefarious, destructive predators on planet earth. They intend to enslave and destroy ALL honest, ethical, benevolent human producers … and are well in their way to doing so.

      The solution is simple.


      Oh, and as an aside. All you scumbag predators who attend or support Davos and the globalist predators (or vote leftist), must henceforth ONLY eat insects, and NEVER travel on any vehicle that is not 100% powered by your own physical exertion.

      The fact that you intend for the entire world population to own nothing … while you own everything and fly around on your private jets, own huge yachts, drive million dollar high end ice cars and ice limousines, eat fillet mignon and lobster all the time … illustrates perfectly what kind of vile, elitist, totalitarian hyper-predators you are.

  18. We have a 10-year old washer/dryer pair that I’ll never get rid of because they’re simple and work well. The newer washer/dryers that were subject to various regulatory fatwas are total crap. They don’t wash your clothes because some bureaucrat thought these appliances were “using too much water.” Absurd.

    As for masking, I’m not wearing a mask so don’t even ask. The only people I see wearing one out are black folks and Asians. I want to say to them “you know that’s the equivalent of hoping a chain-link fence will keep mosquitoes out of your yard,” but I know that logical argument would fall on deaf ears.

    Another way we can fight the power is refuse to buy these EVs. When the automakers go tits up without sales, don’t blame me. You’re the one who decided to sell inferior products at exorbitant prices.

    • Dr mantis,
      I almost wish the EV pushers would run those 0 down 0 payments traps to entice more buyers. So many po-folk would sign up and ride those things like a five dollar whore before abandoning them to the repo man. Hell, I’d even be tempted to snatch one up and harvest some LFP batteries for my solar system… Don’t give a damn about their roach motel loans or credit rating anyhow.

  19. They say boo! We say moo! Rings true.
    It may not be the mask next time, thats old hat. The farm animals may be desensitized to that particular “boo” but mask mass compliance showed the farmers their true nature. It’ll be a different mindfu*k next time with the same knee-jerk response from the herd. My guess is the hot war is coming soon to vent and redirect the seething rage thats been simmering on the back burner. Folks will sign up for the meat grinder en masse to right the wrongs and punish evil doers in far off lands. The wise men who don’t leap to sign their lives over to the intergovernmental murder machine will be shamed and shunned like the white feathers in WWI or the face-showers of today. Bottom line is this- they won’t have to mandate the next orchestrated terror, the cattle are already prepped and moving in unison towards the chute. They’re caught in the rip current of a carefully planned train of thought and they’re too deep to swim out now. God help their lost souls.

  20. Eric,

    I still see a lot of masks among the tourists in Tennessee this week, particularly Asians. I see the same demographic masked up back home in Texas.

    I’m not sure what it is about the groupthink in the community, but both what Americans think of as “Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc) and what is now termed “South Asians” (from India) seem to want to be Good Germans.

    The HMart near where I live hasn’t reintroduced a mask policy, but they’ve restarted stationing off-duty Austin PD and private security near the door to give everyone walking into the store the “evil” eye if they are maskless.

    I ignore the “evil eye” for now. If they don’t want the $50 for the bag of rice (up from $27 at the start of the year), I will go elsewhere. That’s probably the dilemma for all of the Asian grocers around town.

  21. Encouraging, but I have seen no evidence at all that I will ever be able to see a physician again without being pestered to put on a filthy rag. Massive medical groups control everything around here, and they are all-in. I’ve searched and searched for independent doctors, but so far nothing within a reasonable distance. I found a two-doctor office the other day that looked promising, but when I visited their website it said “Mask required.” Farther down was a link: “Don’t have a mask? Make your own!” Sheesh. The link was to the CDC, which advises, “Any mask is better than no mask at all.” Still. In 2022.

    • Hi Roland,

      It may be a “case” of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell. The dentist I go to now – after my old dentist of many years refused to see me, when he saw my face – had a sign on the door saying “masks required.” But I knew through a friend that this wasn’t enforced. They had the sign up to ward off the local Karens. So far, good.

      You might try just making an appointment, showing up – and seeing whether they’ll see you…

      • Eric, my dentist has been excellent too. I had a checkup scheduled during the period when the town had a mask mandate in 2020. I called with the intention of rescheduling for some time after sanity returned. They told me not to worry; just call from the parking lot before coming in. The hygienist and I had a good laugh about how useless the rags are.
        The problem with my “primary care” physician is that I have lost all respect for him. I had a checkup last January. They handed me a mask when I came in, so I just wadded it up in my hand. But when I declined both the ‘rona vax and the flu shot (very very politely), the doc’s attitude changed completely, and he ordered me to put it on. I said, “You know these things don’t work, right?” He said, “Yeah, but now you’re going to have to wear it.”
        Thereafter, he showed no interest at all in my legitimate medical questions. The visit was a complete waste of time. It proved that this is all about obedience and has nothing to do with medical science. He’s a robotic quack.

      • I see a sick relative at a prominent Bay Area hospital 2x to 3x weekly, so I’m putting one some serious miles of late, as a round trip is almost 300 miles. And with “benzina” still slightly over five clams a galleon here in “Nawthun” Calipornia. When I get there, the mask kabuki is incredible. That one should wear a mask in a HOSPITAL actually makes sense, after all, they are full of SICK PEOPLE. But damn, you see many staffers and some old, obviously “libtard” types wear them in the underground parking garage as they go to and from their rides, whereas I take mine off as soon as “Elvis has left the building”, even though from many of them I get the “stank eye”. Since visiting hours are 8 AM to 7 PM, I try to go “wire to wire”, as Bay Area traffic is “Gawd-Awful”, so if I get there before 7 AM (meaning I leave my home northeast of Sacramento at the ass-crack of dawn or even when it’s nautical twilight), I take a refreshing walk about the campus to stretch my legs. And I see so many masked morons, who don’t get the concept that they’re doing themselves more harm and not really in any significant danger from infection by the WuFlu! Sheesh…

        • Hi Douglas,

          I’ve lost all respect for the White Coats – as distinct from medicine, which these quacks no longer practice. This “mask” business is both pitiful and enraging. I understand you are in a tough spot and I sympathize. I myself will not wear one of these grotesque devices under any circumstances or for any reason. It is a hard line, for me. I have been able to visit my mom lately because I am not denied entry to the facility. But – should it come to it – I will accept never seeing her again if I am not allowed to see her unless I wear a “mask.” I take this stand because I will not abide these bastards using family ties to force me to play their sick game. My mom knows I love her and she know how feel about this. I know how she feels about it, too.

          We will not play their game. Period.

          This is how the game is stopped. It isn’t easy – but I think it is essential.

          As far as the White Coats: Who could possibly trust or give credence to anything these craven corporate tools have to say about anything pertaining to health? There are still some good doctors about. You will not find them within any corporate hospital.

    • Roland, similarly, the courts here in La-La-County show no sign of ever rolling back mask usage. Even though the security guards at the entrances have dispensed with them, the individual judges all (as far as I know) still require all lawyers as well as courtroom staff to wear them…including during trial, along with jurors and testifying witnesses! It’s truly a travesty. By all appearances, this cultural derangement is permanently entrenched. (I have refused to appear in court for this reason since March 2020, which of course hampers my ability to practice in earnest, and makes my long-term prospects in the field nil.)

      The fact that the courts and hospitals have maintained this policy continuously has deep implications, since those are the two institutions where, more than anywhere else, the “rubber meets the road” in terms of compulsory participation in “society”. As long as the courts and hospitals mandate masks, it means every single person may be bootstrapped into a situation where one’s conduct is presumptively criminal (since one’s face is, by default, unmasked).

      Also, the fact that the sheeple continue to tolerate this ceremony in the most important spheres of public conduct shows that there’s still a base psychological level on which people accept the concept that self-effacement may legitimately be compelled by the government. As long as that baseline remains, all the sporadic, circumstantial pushback and nonchalance among the sheeple is bound to be reversed on demand, as soon as the supranationals are ready for the next big push on TeeVee…

      • The “sheeple” need to find their cajones. Ever see “Clarkson’s Farm”? The rams did have some enormous “oeuvos”, and Jeremy only need two to knock up all the ewes that he’d originally gotten to be four-legged lawnmowers. And ONE of the guys had to be turned into mutton due to some problem.

    • Hi Roland,

      I can’t believe anybody is still pushing this. I agree with Eric just show up and see if they say anything. Just in case bring along a Halloween mask or a motorcycle helmet. I sat through one or two appointments in one. It pissed off the doctors, but stupid rules are made to be broken and ignored.

      • Yep, I just ignore the sign and walk on in—dentist, doctor, hospital, doesn’t matter. They may be wearing a mask, but no one says anything to me.

    • Agree with Eric. You can just call and say “By the way, I’m not gonna wear a mask. I know it says on your website blah blah, but it’s not happening.”

      And see what they say. Although if they took the trouble to put on their website, they’re probably fags.

      But on Google Maps, EVERY business had “masks required” or some crap, but I called one to make a reservation and told them “Yeah Im not wearing a mask, hope that’s cool.” And the owner basically said “Yeah, what? Fuck masks. We’re very anti-mask here.” Then I told them about the Google Maps info on it and they were pissed.a

  22. Brix and Fauchi are covering their asses over face covers. This fall they’ll be white-washing their support of the vaccine. Democrats will start calling it “Trump’s vaccine” to distance themselves from it into the elections.

    Meanwhile postive tests are still “elevated” in much of the high country. Of course pretty much any communicable diseases are going to be more prevalent in touristy areas. And yet somehow we all survive. Test and you will find.

  23. Drove to Santa Clara to attend funeral. Forgot that this ca county had had the most high level insane covid restrictions. Were handed a masks in the chapel by the woman with a meaningful look saying they were not mandatory but “very highly encouraged”. Hubby donned his and I said good because I don’t want to wear a mask. There were a few unmasked people there including me but not many. At the end the priest announced that the graveside ceremony was limited to immediate family “due to covid requirements”. Uh huh.

    At the reception held at a restaurant close by, there was a buffet set out. Out of these same people, not one of them bothered with a mask from the minute they entered even before they began eating and drinking. Obviously they only wear them because they are “the rules”. Drove to Walnut Creek for dinner and saw barely any masks.

    • Well RS, no disrespect intended but everyone knows that dead people tend to get Covid way more than the living. I just can’t believe you didn’t wear a mask.
      I feel like RG, feel like venting, me and my siblings dealing with our crazy 88 year old daddy, just put him in an assisted living facility–he still drives—has been like a boomerang, constantly on the road, going somewhere. Complaining about the facility, driving us crazy too. Have got to get his keys away from him. Will spare all of you the looonnngg story. Between this crazy world and his crazy world, I really need another planet to be on.

      • Hi Elaine,

        Sorry to hear about your dad. It is hard at that age, because they are adults, but they think, move, and act a lot more like children. Not all of course, there are some very nimble and very astute 100 year olds walking around, but they seem to be pretty rare. I can sympathize with what you are going through. Stay strong and feel free to vent whenever you would like.

    • Hi RS,

      I am sorry to hear about the funeral but applaud you for sticking to your principles. The Covidians never realize how ridiculous they seem when they succumb to wearing the mask (funeral home and cemetery) but have no qualms with letting loose around buffet a table…people breathing on food, touching multiple serving utensils and dishes, etc. Virtue signaling at its finest.

      I would have given hubby a hard time with the donning of the mask, but I can be an asshole. 🙂

      • RG–thanks for the support, yeah, very hard. Also, your second comment, me too on the a–hole thing, lol. Just comes so natural to me, one of my gifts.

  24. I am totally venting this morning. How badly manufactured is today’s current appliances? So bad that I just threw out a 10 month old, piece of crap, GE Hotpoint chest freezer to replace it with a 10 year old Victory mug chiller that needs a new compressor.

    Headed to the freezer last night to pull out pork chops for tonight’s dinner…I see no frost in the freezer and went to grab the chops…not frozen. Grab the hamburger meat…also not frozen. I may or may not have yelled some inappropriate four letter words. Hubby hears me and comes down the steps to see why his wife is screaming bloody murder.

    A four letter word may have left his lips as well as he looks over our less than a year old scrap heap with over $2000 of once frozen meat inside. He heads to his truck to get his temperature gauges. The freezer reads 43 degrees…well, that’s not cold.

    At this point, the kids and I are loading meat into boxes and bags hoping I have enough room in our two refrigerator/freezer combos upstairs. I am cleaning out both freezers at 11 pm at night hoping to save the pork and beef. I was able to arrange the space to save everything except a box of blueberry muffins, some rockfish, and a few frozen Van waffles. The freezers are so full I literally could not cram a pint of ice cream into either one of them at this moment.

    Hubby diagnosed the POS Hotpoint as unfixable. Apparently, the cheap ass aluminum piping is not a solid heat transfer compared to the higher thermal conductivity of copper. The manufacturers of today are cutting corners and using cheaper supplies. I can’t say I am impressed with my one and only butane appliance. I hope she enjoys her final days at the local sanitation department. I will never buy another.

    • Hi RG,

      This sucks; sorry to hear it. I would throw the damned thing in the Woods – and then use it for target practice. A perk of hillbilly life.

      • Actually that sounds like fun, Eric. I could aim for the evaporator coil and see how big of an explosion can be achieved. Neighbors may not like it though. 😉

      • Turn it into a planter…OR….dig a hole, and sink the thing into the ground. Keep it as a repository for guns, ammo, and other valuables you don’t want Gubmint THIEVES to get their mitts on. The metal will throw off cops using a metal detector; they properly declare it some buried junk. That’s the ONE useful thing I took from “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”…an underground armory.

        • Terminator 2 was a pretty good movie, Doug. 🙂 I also liked Brad Pitt’s underground garage bunker in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We will see how bad the world gets the associated cost may well be worth building one.

    • RG,
      Meat takes a looong time to truly spoil. You can eat damn near anything if you cook it long enough. Maybe I’m weird, actually I’m pretty sure I am, but I prefer meat that is a bit “tainted”, which not too long ago was a common thing. Geese were hung by their neck, and were determined to be ready when their head fell away, and the goose hit the ground.

      • In the 1959 Pat Frank novel, “Alas Babylon”, the protagonist, Randy Bragg, is given a huge amount of money by his older brother, an Air Force colonel that arranged a MAC flight from where he was stationed at Offutt (Papillon, NE, near Omaha) to McCoy (closed in ’74, now the Orlando International Airport, hence why the call sign is MCO), who is also sending down his wife and two kids, a 14 y.o. boy and an 11 y.o. girl. Randy gets the check cashed after some wrangling with the stuffy bank president, interesting back story about how Randy’s father didn’t like this bank president and why. He buys almost four hundred dollars worth of groceries, including a freezer full of meat, which in ’59 was a LOT. The nuclear war breaks out the NEXT day, with Miami (Homestead AFB), Tampa (MacDill AFB), Jacksonville (Jax NAS, and Kings Bay submarine base some 30 miles northwards just inside GA) getting nuked in the AM. Orlando survives until early that evening, when twin fireballs take it out, it’s presumed that a Soviet bomber took out McCoy and Orlando proper, which in turn takes out the Florida Power generating station, so…well, as if the grid wouldn’t have collapsed already, now, Randy’s got a freezer full of defrosting meat. So they have a “barbecue orgy”, as the meat, even in December, would readily spoil in the Central Florida climate without refrigeration. Their colored neighbors, who Randy is quite friendly with to the consternation of local bigots, do help them salt some of the meat and make jerky of what they can to extend its life; but Randy chastises himself for not buying canned meats by the case.

        As the local economy quickly reverts to barter and off what’s either been hoarded or what can be grown or raised locally, he sees that indeed canned meat, even the lowly Spam, would have been like gold. A local beekeeper, considered before “The Day” to be an eccentric, becomes rather “wealthy”, at least in terms of things he’s able to acquire in trade, for some of the honey his bees produce. Due also to their sensitivity to radiation, it’s seen as a good sign, as “Fort Response” (standing in for present-day Mount Dora, FL, which is now effectively a bedroom community of Greater Orlando as the area has grown considerably since then) obviously has been spared the horrors of nuclear detonations, firestorms, and fallout which plague the “Sunshine State” enough that the entirety gets declared a “Contaminated Zone”, where the surviving Federal Government prohibits entry for public safety.

        Later on, about a year after “The Day”, a USAF helo lands at Fort Repose, as its one of the few intact communities left in Florida, and with low background radiation, considered a point to begin resettlement. Randy, now with a new young wife, who was his “main squeeze” when the events of the book unfolded, and his sister-in-law, who learns that her husband was certainly killed when Offutt was nuked, and her family elect to stay, as do the other neighbors, self-reliant and happy to remain where they are.

        • Self,
          Another solution is to have or find a really big pot, and start a perpetual stew. Maintain the fire, and throw whatever food stuffs you have or find in it. Above or near boiling all the time. No spoilage.

    • RG,
      As for the failure of your freezer, that’s absurd. I have seen 40 year old deep freezes working perfectly, with never a hint of any repairs. I have one that is 20 years old, and another I bought used and have no idea how old, except I’ve been using it for 20 years as well, and nary a hiccup from either. Be advised, the appliances sold at the big box stores are NOT the same as from other sources. The manufacturer will make large quantities of appliances for such, with different components than from smaller sources. Of course, the big box stores are closing in on being the only source. A local appliance dealer will cost more, but will also serve better. For the simple reason that they will come out and fix it, and know how to do so. For one thing, they don’t sell the same appliance the big boxes do, and so they are more durable.

      • Hi John,

        We still have our original refrigerator when we purchased our home from 21 years ago. The compressor went about 11 years ago, but hubby replaced it and she has been running ever since. Our A/C unit is just as old. Hubby has kept it going over the years, but he is terrified about having to purchase a new one. He has seen and worked on the newer units and he says they are crap.

        He found a small mug chiller that one of his customers (restaurant industry) is getting rid of because it needs some parts. It will cost us $200 in supplies and a few hours of labor, but the lure of copper piping and 134a refrigerant is hard to resist.

        You are right regarding the big box stores. We have access to commercial refrigeration, but even the well made Traulsen, Perlick, and Hoshizaki units have switched over to the butane\propane refrigerants and the removal of copper piping to aluminum. They are made a bit sturdier, but are no longer built to last.

        • Sorry about all that RG, at least you have a husband that can fix all of that, keep him healthy, lol. I know everyone gets tired of me saying this, but…my late husband could do that stuff too.

          • Hi Elaine,

            Nothing is better than a man with magical hands. 🙂 Saves a lot of money in labor over the years. I never understood a woman that looked down on a blue-collar guy.

            As I have told my daughter over the years, there are two types of men: ones that fix things with their hands and the other fixes things with his checkbook. My daughter asked me about men who can’t fix anything with their hands or money. I told her I refuse to believe these men exist and to please don’t bring one home.

      • ‘I’m sure the kids will like the little Ukraine flags that I’ll give them instead.’ — Roland

        Us big kids may be waving the red Chicom flag if they relieve us of Nancy Pelosi, perhaps by diverting her flight to Taipei and clapping her into a dungeon in Fuzhou across the strait.

        You know we would all write letters to comfort poor Nancy as she serves out her long prison sentence for sedition — invoking memories of la dolce vita in the vineyards of Commiefornia, before Nancy’s awkward arrival in a military aircraft, backed by a naval convoy, stoked the fury of some other commies and wrecked everything.

        • I can’t believe that on Fox, Tucker Carlson actually expressed OUTRAGE that the ChiComs threatened to shoot down Speaker Pelosi’s aircraft. Why the hell would those slimy yellow bastards suddenly HELP US OUT? If that does happen, which could spark an unnecessary war, I’ll lament the loss of a perfectly serviceable airplane!

        • Free_Phi: Hershey’s-chocolate intolerance is a strange thing. The bars and kisses taste horrible to me now, but they didn’t always. I’m not sure if they changed or if my tastebuds did. One day I Googled “Hershey’s kisses taste like puke” and found that I’m not alone. But lots of people don’t seem to notice. Weird.


          • They’ve always been outright unpalatable to me.

            I remember trick-or-treating. A Snickers, or even the somewhat downgraded Milky Way was pure paydirt. But when somebody tried to get away with those foul little Hersheys and Mr. Goodbars, I would always be like, “Why did I even bother with this house!!!!” My little brain would instantly register the Hersheys as a nuisance and obstacle, that I would be pawing through over and over as I depleted the good candy. I knew they would remain at the bottom of the pillow case until everything else was gone, like an impish reminder of all the time and energy I had wasted over the previous days just moving them aside. I thought of the Hershey’s Company as some kind of obselete holdout from, like, ancient old-timey Depression-era days when people were starving and willing to eat chalky, flavorless garbage in drab, colorless wrapping.

      • Hi Roland,

        The older the better. Parts for older appliances are cheap and easy to fix. The new stuff isn’t worth it.

    • RG, I just bought a new refrigerator. Bought it at Menards, it is a Criterion brand name and is manufactured in the United States in Waterloo, Iowa. There is a 50,000 square foot warehouse there with plenty of inventory of refrigerators and freezers ready to be delivered. The refrigerator I ordered was here in less than a week.

      Buy the extended warranty, it is worth it.

      Sorry to hear about your troubles.

      Watch the movie Rancho Deluxe, there is a great scene of a Lincoln Continental being shot full of holes with a Sharps 50 caliber rifle.

        • Do some research, I can be wrong too. All brands have issues.

          Had to replace an old upright a couple of years back, it was probably 60 years old, had to go. It still worked, though.

          I bought an Arctic King at Walmart, so far, so good.

          Buy two small chest type 7 cubic footers instead of one large, if one goes, the other is a good back up. It’ll set you back about 600 dollars, tax included. Won’t be as stressful on the psyche.

    • RG,

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Haier, a Chinese company, has owned the GE name plate for many years now.

      I wouldn’t let my wife buy a “GE” high end refrigerator for our kitchen last year after she saw a friend’s purchase.

      We continue to use a $400 Whirlpool-made Kenmore which we bought in a hurry while broke when we moved to Texas eight years ago. The appliance hasn’t been ultra reliable, but I know how to fix it, and it isn’t any worse than new.

      Purchased at Sears! RIP.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Yeah, I knew GE was making quite a bit of appliances in China. I wasn’t expecting a decade of excellence, but at least more than several months. Once hubby gets the mug chiller working we will definitely add an alarm to warn us when the temperature gets too high.

    • My brush with p*ss poor engineering this week is the water pump on a 2016 Exploder -er- Explorer.

      Eric, Ford is going to have to address this one eventually. $100 part. $3000 labor?!?

      The ONLY reason we found the problem before a catastrophic engine failure was that we had to drop $500 on a new alternator install. Otherwise, we would have been rolling down the highway oblivious to the ticking time bomb.

      • For those with Explorers, V6, 2016-ish, and the right tools — look behind the alternator for the teeny weep hole from the engine. YouTube is your friend finding this outlet. If you see fluid or encrustation of dried coolant anywhere near the hole, *stop driving the vehicle immediately and call your Ford dealer*.

        • Roscoe,
          Every Ford I’ve worked on makes me feel like they have complete contempt for the victims that buy their products. Just popping the hood on all of them and it looks like somebody hoarfed up a bowl of spaghetti in the engine bay. So much unnecessary digging. So many brittle plastic parts. Might as well just prance through some broken glass barefoot for fun rather than owning or working on a Ford.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I’v heard about this one. Makes me glad I don’t own one! My ex father-in-law has a Caddy with the Northstar V8. It had problems like that, too.

        • The 2016 was a *very* popular model, and more than a few owners are probably still making payments through the end of this year, possibly next, thanks to the creativity of the F&I rooms at the dealerships in Austin.

          Car go boom and then what?

          We traded a 2002 4Runner with a bad rack and didn’t want to risk that $2000 repair on a 14 year old vehicle. I regret that decision.

        • Oh, to have something like a ’73 Coupe De Ville, mint condition, with a FIVE HUNDRED cubic inch V8 under the hood. Seven feet of hood, six feet of trunk…make it ALMOST worth spending six bits a MILE to drive that barge.

    • My parents had Kenmore a Kenmore washer and dryer set they bought in between the time my brother and I were hatched. Dad kept them running & he’d awww shucks it by saying he was just an old hillbilly.

      The reality is/was those units were simple, easy to repair, had available repair parts, etc. All the cheap material & electronics in modern appliances make them disposable. There’s nothing durable about durable goods anymore.

    • Sorry to hear that RG,
      We had a similar experience a few years back, I have a forty or so year old Frigidaire freezer, never gave me any trouble until we returned from a two week vacation and noticed a funny smell in the house. The smell got stronger when I went into the basement and sure enough the freezer was dead. When I opened the lid it was warmer inside than outside; in true Murphy’s Law fashion the damn thing probably crapped out the day we left so everything in their was well fermented, I had to double bag the trash bags to minimize the smell to not attract every raccoon within five miles when I put it all out on trash day. Lost several hundred dollars of meat and such that we purchased whenever it was on sale. Only bright spot was that it was an inexpensive repair, the cap on the compressor motor had blown so I replaced it for $10, but of course the damage was done.

      • Hi Mike,

        I am sorry to hear that. It is a horrible feeling to lose so much money in food. Ugh, food at 80 degree temperatures sitting for a week, I can imagine the odor.

        Hubby thinks the food will be fine. Most of it was vacuum sealed so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow the pork chops were no good. 😉

    • RG,
      Product quality has been a notch above “landfill” for quite some time now. I’ve been on a personal consumer boycott for years after being frustrated with so many garbage products that just fall apart. Now I either do without or seek used items that’ll fill the need. If I can’t find it used I buy the most basic thing possible. If it’s car parts I try to buy from Japan or an Original Equipment supplier. Avoid Made In Chyna like the plague. Their culture promotes chintzing products until they get caught. Just look up “Chinese sewer oil” “Chinese quality fade” and “Chinese tofu dreg construction” to get an idea of how that broken culture operates.
      As far as a replacement freezer goes, do some research on where the compressor is made. I’ve heard good things of danfoss but have no personal experience. Light digging shows they’re a Danish company and have two factories in the US.

      • Hi Ghost,

        I agree with you. I hate Chinese products and only purchase them when I can’t find anything with a greater value. We were having a hard time trying to find something decent due to the supply chain issues so bought what was available and now regret it. Live and learn.

        We found a Tecumseh compressor that one of the supply houses has available. I hope this fixes the older Victory mug chiller. Wish us luck!

    • RG… Everything cheaply built today. Most problems with refrigeration appliances is quick cycling. There are two things you can do to greatly lower the odds of failing again.

      1) Use a home surge protector at your service panel entrance to your house. GE is good. Home Depot sells them $88.58
      Search “whole home surge protection unit panel-mount.” You need a unused 220/240 volt breaker port. Unplug breaker, plug in this device. Done!

      2) Use a quick cycle protector. Will shut off power if to low or to high,,, 3 minute delay before it restores power. $34 at amazon. This will catch most all of the power outages.


    • Hi RG Same thing happened to the Wife and I 3 weeks ago…She goes to freezer to get beef for dinner….NOTHING on top was frozen.Lucky for us meat was on the bottom (upright unit) still very cold. I took what could salvage to moms 65 year old deep freeze that is still on the job!…I was able to repair my unit 22 yo freezer with a new thermostat…..got lucky…Not so lucky with 10 yo junk heat pump that I have to replace…..Made in CHINA….never again.

      • Hi Zane,

        I feel your pain. This is the second appliance that tapped out on us in the last year. I had the same problem with a Samsung dishwasher that we spent a pretty penny on. Eleven months out of the box and…kerplunk. Fortunately, it was under warranty and Samsung contacted the local appliance shop and they fixed it (bad pump).

        The chest freezer is under warranty, but I am not even wasting my time. Hubby has decided to put it in the shed and use it for a storage container for the dog and chicken food to keep the mice and other critters out this winter. We spent $217 on a storage compartment. So sad.

        • Hey RG I guess you already know this..NEVER buy a Samsung appliance. I am not much on kitchen aid either in 96 the wife got a hi tech gas range with a real nice convection oven..didn’t last long.You are right SAD….

    • A big problem with appliances, and many other things as well, is that you have no idea who made them. They change hands regularly. Not so many years ago, I’m too old to remember or care, Frigidaire was making ALL the US made appliances, and once upon a time GM owned Frigidaire. I think they gave it up during their publicly financed bankruptcy avoidance.


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