Diaper Report 12/27/21

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This may be my last Diaper Report of 2021 and – sadly – I have some not-so-good-news to report.

I stopped by Earth Fare – the “crunchy” (non-GMO/organic) supermarket in my part of Virginia – which I frequent regularly to gauge the etiolation of weaponized hypochondria.

For the past several months the ratio of sick (in the head) to not – as displayed by the ritual wearing of the accoutrements of pathological, media-induced hypochondria – had held steady at roughly 50-50.

Sometimes going as healthy as 60-40.

I took this as a sign that the sickness – mental illness – was finally waning. That a viable majority of the afflicted had recovered their sanity.

Or so it appeared.

Now, it is likely true that a significant number of the people who appeared to be sane were merely medicated – literally. Having been Jabbed with the liquid poultice, they felt it was “safe” to remove their hypochondriacal garb. Much the same as a person pathologically afraid of vampires feels safe in the daylight.

But night has come, again – or so it appears.

Notwithstanding the absence of bodies stacking up in double digits, even, people are once again afraid that it’s about to happen.

Because you never know.

Having been encouraged to feel that way by the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine and the squint-eyed, whispering old man who wasn’t elected – and would rather you worry about something else.

Perhaps this time they ought to feel it. 

Having been duped to take a Jab that doesn’t work much better than the “mask” they were told they absolutely had to wear – not so much to protect themselves but so as to protect others, from themselves  . . . if that makes any kind of sense.

Which it does – like the wearing of a leaky raincoat to keep other people dry.

In the desert.

Still, they felt it was ok to remove their “masks,” since now they were protected by the Jab. But – surprise! – it turns out the Jabs do not work any better than the “masks.” The Jabbed are getting sick. And so back on with the “masks” – which you’d think might beg the question in their minds about wearing what didn’t work to salve what hasn’t worked.

Never mind.

They’re “masking,” again.

Alarmingly, all of them – again.

This foray into the Hot Zone, I found myself  – once again – the only sane person in the joint. The only person not “masked.” And probably also the only person not Jabbed. Me feeling fine about both, because I don’t quiver in fear of a virus that stands a 99.8-something percent chance of not killing me.

Assuming I even catch it.

But – me aside – it looks like practically everyone else is afraid of catching a cold.

Which is what the Moronicon “variant” appears to be, judging by how many people haven’t died of it. In the entire United States, that number is in the single digits. As of the other day, one man is reported as having been felled by the latest “variant” and he was – per usual – someone already sick.

But that one death – out of some 330 million alive – seems sufficient to reboot generalized fear of imminent mass death. Like a skipping record, the same track plays – again. As if on cue, they all Face Diaper, again.

Can it last?

A better question may be – how long can it last?

And that is likely to be determined by one of two things. The first being whether the Moronicon turns out to be exactly what all the evidence thus far indicates it to be – which is a variant . . . of the common cold.

Sniffles, some aches and pains. Not much more – and so, a whole lot less.

If so, it will be very difficult – well, one hopes it will be very difficult – to maintain the fear that has been used so effectively to turn tens of millions of people into militant sickness psychosis performance artists; people so afraid of becoming infected with a lethal sickness that they’ll risk going shopping with a disposable “mask” over their faces pulled from a box that clearly states it provides no meaningful protection against respiratory virus transmission or reception.

Kind of like a Jab that is maybe 45 percent “effective” – and falling – but which makes the Jabbed feel better.

If, after a month of the common cold – and no worse – maybe they’ll realize that they’ve been protecting themselves from nothing worse than the common cold, if they even catch it.

But it’s also possible they’ll attribute their “masks” – and Jabs – to having prevented them from catching cold. Or making them sniffle a little less.

In which case, expect “masking” – and Jabbing – to become ritual fixtures of the New Abnormal. And for sanity to become as rare a sight as the number of people who’ve been felled by the Moronicon.

. . .

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  1. Mask wearing has increased to about 60% in our conservative northern ca county. The mandate is being very un-enforced here despite Gov Newsom’s statewide indoor mask mandate which might expire January 15 when he plans to tell covid to take a mini break. Few people wear one in our church anymore. So now Nordstrom shoppers are a mix of masked and unmasked and no one bothers each other. Sadly the teens and kids appear to have been totally indoctrinated because they are seldom seen without a mask in public even when they could get away with not wearing one.

  2. anon 1

    COVID Lockdowns Will Be Remembered As One Of The Greatest Policy Failures Ever

    nothing compares to the harm that Sisolak’s failed policies inflicted on children. School closures caused massive learning loss, which can have compounding deleterious effects that lead to reduced future earnings, an increased poverty rate, and even reduced life expectancy. Rates of mental health issues among children, including acts of intentional self-harm, have skyrocketed.

    These horrific costs were imposed without any corresponding benefits. As even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now admits, “COVID-19 transmission does not appear to be demonstrably more frequent in schools than in noneducational settings.” A more rigorous study published later by the Journal of Global Health found that “children and adolescents had lower odds of infection in educational-settings compared to community and household clusters.” In other words, school shutdowns did nothing to stop the spread of covid.


  3. Went shopping today- About 75% of the ‘tards were muzzled…..

    Really- it disgusts me to be among them. Hate to say it, but I kinda hope that they all took their clot-shots. Adios, amigos! Don’t let reality hit ya on the way out.

    • anon 1

      Reality Is Impinging Upon The Democrats’ Carefully Constructed COVID Tyranny


      from zh comments…..
      Their job is done!
      “900,000 vaxx deaths and injuries in the USA. A Harvard study of the VAERS vaxx reporting system estimated only 1% of deaths and injuries are reported. This translates in 90 million Americans harmed or killed by these bioweapon injections masquerading as vaccines. It’s an undeclared war going on.”
      It’s not the virus, its the vax!

      The jabbers are experiencing the 5 Stages of Grief.

      ‘Denial’ was first when they denied any thing about the bioweapon origins of WuFlu as conspiracy and ‘trusted’ the ‘scientists’ that jabs were the only way out.

      ‘Anger’ is the 2nd stage when the Karen’s & Ken’s of the world tried to guilt everyone else into taking the jabs, and failing that, enabled coercion tactics by govt and business to force the dictates on the leper unvaxed.

      All are reaching the 3rd stage now, ‘Bargaining’ as they see ‘break through’ infections among the double/triple jabbed and are struggling to understand why this is happening when they were told ‘trust the science’. Instead they ‘bargain’ by saying “well at least the jab kept me from dying”.

      Soon they will enter the 4th stage, ‘Depression’ when they start to understand that ‘protection’ only comes with repeated, bi-annual jabs forever. That will reach critical mass when they actually realize the repeated jabs compromised their immune system causing long term damage. Or worse, when they realize their forced jabs on their kids cause permanent medical problems for them. Only then will they reach the 5th stage, ‘Acceptance’, that it was mistake to take any jab.

  4. I really noticed the child like maskletts in full force at Kroger in Lousy-ville KY yesterday. Probably 60% diapered up quite a bit from say 30% or less just two weeks ago. I’m guessing it has to do with how much television is being watched fake news outlets and “trusted sources” droning on about cases and variants.
    This may also be a trend I noticed over the last couple decades: ashen somebody gets a coldninstead of just resting up and eating chicken soup, and plenty of fluids they immediately run to the doctor for “an antibiotic.” Which the doctor then gives them along with the advice of rest, chicken soup and plenty of fluids. (Then proceed to act as if they’d have never recovered without their lord and savior in a white coat.)
    These mental retards will never admit, and most likely never even understand what has happened to them and what they’ve allowed upon future generations.

    Seriously, look at how many people still think Vietnam was justified to stop the spread of communism in East Asia, Gulf wars, war on drugs, that public schools are there to educate, etc. When the script changes they shift gears like
    the light just turned green at an intersection and move on as if it were always the case and decades of lies have no meaning or relevance.

    MPAI (Most People Are Idiots)

  5. There seems to be a very clear correlation between outside temperature and cases. If the temp is 65-75º F outside, the cases go down. Above or below that range and cases go up. Tells me this stuff is spread by stale indoor air. Mild weather means open doors, windows, and in the case of many commerical HVAC systems, economizers that happen to bring in fresh air and vent stale indoor air. I imagine the people infected by air travel probably got it waiting at the gate, not on the airplane, as this DOD study shows:


    Instead of trying to fix the infection we could have been cleaning the indoor air with UV sterilizers and HEPA filters in the ductwork. We could have installed millions of heat exchangers to keep indoor air fresh while maintaining efficiency.

    We didn’t cure malaria by vaccinating the healthy, we did it by cleaning up the enviroment. By continuing to look to the medical industy for a solution we’re just wasting time and effort.

    • It’s pretty clear that it is about indoor air, but you don’t see anything in putting the UV lights in the HVAC systems. Never mind that they have been available for a long time because some establishments do use them and have for years.

      But it doesn’t seem there is much transmission in regular businesses anyway. Businesses where there’s only a few people meandering around at any given time or picking up food or whatever.

      • I remember when Uncle began outlawing smoking in restaurants. There was a time when it was still OK to light up a butt in the bar. Many restaurants bolted massive air filtration systems in the ceiling of the bar to prevent smoke from escaping. Seems like this sort of solution could be widely implemented in homes and offices that don’t have centeral HVAC for not much money, perhaps incorporated into light fixtures.

    • I agree with you 100 percent about stale and stagnant indoor air as a means of disease transmission…Kinda like stagnant water is a means of disease transmission.

      And we dealt with cholera and dysentery by cleaning up city water supplies, installing sewage systems, and treating water and sewage.

      So it would stand to reason that we should deal with the Covfefe virus the same way — by setting standards for indoor air quality, revising building codes accordingly, and installing HEPA filters and
      UV sanitizers.

      Some other beneficial effects of this approach is an overall reduction in colds/flu/allergies/pneumonia. It may also turn out that cleaning up indoor air may have unknown benefits, such as reduced incidence of premature births and autoimmune diseases.

      But these are expensive for the owners and operators of public buildings…whereas mask mandates shift the burden onto the “customers” so to speak.

      Now, if Brandon would do something useful and start a government program to clean up indoor air…oh wait, that won’t happen.

  6. If this insanity ever does go away, the few people that are not insane have to come to terms with the fact that a very large percentage of this country (and apparently the entire world) are straight out of their fucken minds.

    I think someone commented about it here before. That, at least with the voluntary masks, you can know just by looking. Maybe a Biden sticker on the car or a purple/blue streak in the hair. BLM shirt, etc.

    But otherwise, in a room full of people you don’t know and don’t indicate, you can bet that a whole lot of ’em are batshit crazy!

  7. Diaper report from southern Florida – about 30% or more diapered outside. It’s 80 degrees and sunny in Miami. And, bonus – most are of the N95 variety, because the TV just said cloth masks don’t work anymore. Imagine wearing a respirator outside in 80 degree weather. Can’t tell if the diapered are all/mostly tourists like me or not, but I’m disappointed for sure.

    • Now that Biden has declared failure and is pushing the next phase of insanity back to the states, I might have see about accelerating my plan to move there!

      The Communist Republic of Maryland is probably gonna whip it up. 😒

      • Left Annapolis 10 years ago. Here in Murrells Inlet, SC it’s mostly normal.

        However, I only know of a hand full that have not been mRNA S1 sub unit transfected.

  8. I have intentionally been exposing myself to people and their “germs” at the local mall 3-4 days a week this entire past year. George Carlin was correct that a strong immune system needs “germs” to practice on. Get out to public places regularly…Leave the mask and hand sanitizer at home…Talk to people up close…Touch as many surfaces as you can…Use the public restrooms——God Forbid! In 12 months I have picked up ONE common cold and nothing else; despite being a certified nail biter. RIP George.

    • Indeed, one’s immune system behaves much like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it will stop working. I once watched a documentary on long term space flight, as in to Jupiter or Saturn, and it was mentioned that pathogens would be part of the cargo, for that exact purpose.

      • This is so true – This was most obvious during my time in Pakistan. When I first moved back there from the US, any food outside the house would basically make you spend a week on bed. Even a drink. The school canteen was a big no. Slowly however, built up the immunity to a level, but that too – was mostly in the very posh parts of the city. Once I started working there I started getting out on my own, visiting clients around the city (and country). Then it started again – any food from a street vendor and you’re out. Slowly however got used to that too.

        now I see it with my kids – whenever we go back, (despite standards in food prep having increased over the past 25 years since I first went to Pakistan) no matter what you do – the kids have the week or so of being very ill with the shits…. but once they get over it, all is fine…..

        Which is why Im very afraid what this hypochondria will do to the immune systems of people.

    • As gross as it may sound, and it has grossed me out in the past, I have licked my hands after grocery shopping numerous times (in private). I figure it still probably didn’t do anything, as those carts were probably sanitized beforehand.

      And after typing that out, I truly believe this world as made us all crazy. Myself included.

      • Not quite sure I understand why you are licking your hands, but I am a nail biter so I am the last one who should throw stones. 😉

        • A much easier method is simply stop washing your hands all the time. They are very good at picking up environmental pathogens. I typically wash mine if they are in contact with feces, or some chemical, like motor oil, or are visibly and excessively just plain dirty.

  9. Eric, I’ve had the “gin-flu” for weeks. I hope to be over it when all the cotton is shipped. Of course I’ll have to deal with all the shredding soon to start.

    • I well know how that is. My projects can keep me busy for months at a time. We have a new batch starting up in the next week or two. Then I’m going to have much less time for other activities. I’ll try to check in once in a while, but I tend to lose all track of time when I’m fully engaged.

  10. I don’t understand the need to test. Why be part of the statistics? Assume you have it or assume you don’t. Getting well should be the only consideration.

    I think I have pretty much figured this out – this is spread by the vaccinated. My vaxxed BIL came home last week with chest congestion, a slight fever, and a nasty cough. My sibling and her kiddos (all unvaxxed) ended up getting sick. The kids (all under 5) were sick for a total of 24 hours each. The baby got an ear infection and needed some antibiotics. My sister got hit the hardest and has been out for ten days. She lost her smell on Day 5. Talked to her today and she feels fine except the lack of smell.

    My BIL, has continued to go to work, continued to go to the store, continued to run around town for this and that. Continues to spread the virus on poor unsuspecting citizens. I actually made the comment to him the other day. The “shot” may ease the symptoms and reduce the recovery time for many, but it does not stop the transmission if any way, shape, or form. I also believe one has to have symptoms to be contagious. Asymptomatic spread = crock of shit.

    • Very timely comment for me. Spent a couple of hours with my brother on Christmas Eve. He wasn’t feeling well. Of course, we aren’t sitting too close anyway, but that would be usual for us 🙂 . To my knowledge, he remains unjabbed.

      So today he tells me that he “tested positive for covaids” (his words). I asked if he was still not feeling well. He said no but he was tired. I’m not sick, nor am I going to “spread” this info about him (and by extension, me, as I’m sure people would expect me to “quarantine” or something since I was in the presence of a known “case.”)

      Since I’m not sick after several days, I am what we once called “healthy.” No testing, tracking, tracing, or jabbing will take place to my person. His “positive” status will not be “spread.”

      Case closed (pardon the pun).

      • Hi Anon,

        If one doesn’t have symptoms there is no reason that one should stay home. To stop one’s life, because one “may” become sick sounds absurd to anyone with a brain. If someone has already had COVID in the past, it is very unlikely for them to be reinfected. We all just need to keep living. My advice is the same for anyone with COVID, the flu, or a stomach bug. If one is sick stay home. If not keep moving.

        I hope your brother makes a quick recovery.

    • I have an almost identical story about some friends. They’re farmers and have access as do I for Ivermectin. He got some pills and injectable. The wife was sickest and had it about 10 days. Her husband drew out a cc and stuck her. She said in 30 minutes she was feeling 10 times better.

      • Hi Eight,

        It is good to hear from you. 🙂

        We have a doctor in our area that sees nothing but COVID patients. She is a believer in Ivermectin, vitamin D drips, and chicken soup. She received so many new patients from COVID alone that she actually had to stop accepting anyone else.

        I know we rag on people quite a bit, but I think there are more of us out there than we realize.

        • Just listened to a hunk of an interview with that doc that was Joe Rogan recently. McCullage (sp?) on coast to coast am. He was saying no hospitals have been advertising they are best in treating covid19. And that’s true all these hospital ads and not one says that.

          But the word of mouth people are out there. The ones that surface to visible status among the normals get called quacks, but nobody out there stakes a claim to be the best in treating this disease.

          The cartel’s program is jab. No treatment until it’s far advanced and then apply a deadly protocol. Why can’t everyone see how fundamentally wrong this is?

          • Hi Brent,

            Yup. And the country – well parts of it – are going berserk over the Moronicon, which hasn’t been credited with killing more than a handful of people – but is indifferent to the thousands killed by the “vaccines.”

            • Indeed, so far the “vaccines” have a higher mortality rate than Omicron does. And Omicron gives you natural immunity in the process, while the “vaccines” offer none.

            • Eric, this new variant is much milder than delta. It spreads faster, but isn’t even as bad as the seasonal flu. But its perfect for The Cases, The CASES! crowd to keep the vaxxed
              in total panic. When you have them conditioned to do these
              stupid hoax tests, all the damn time, of course you are going to get more “cases”.

      • Eightsouth, I’d wondered what had happened to you. Nice to hear from you. Ivermectin has saved a great number of people. Look at Africa and India as an example. Those suppressing its use are responsible for the deaths of a huge number of people.

    • This past week in the NYC area, lines in every pharmacy were out the door, a hundred deep, where test kits were available. Hours-long waits in NYC to test. See, the TV told everyone to test before visiting relatives for Christmas. I thought who would fall for this, but thousands have shown me who. Friends of mine reported families asking them to show negative tests to have dinner. Fear factor of cases is indeed off the charts in the northeast. Soon, FJB will send them all test kits for freeeeeeee!

      • Hi BAC,

        Sixteen of us got together for Xmas. My sister and her family were the only ones not to show since they were physically ill (compared to the mentally ill that will stand in line for hours for a test that is known for false positives).

        Fourteen unjabbed, two jabbed. Nobody tested beforehand or afterward. We will cross our fingers and hope for the best.

        Hope you had a great holiday. Have you made it to FL yet?

        • I too gathered with 15 family. I think my family are the only ones untainted, along with those too young.

          No one appeared sick, not that I worried.

          +2 days and no sickness here.

          Kind of like the before times.

      • This testing thing is going to be sh*t show come February unless the supreme court puts the requirement down. not sure if companies that will do testing will bring in a company to do it on site or if everyone is going to have to scramble to a testing location or drug store or what yet. The rule doesn’t allow self testing.

        What has been absolutely absurd about this whole thing is the queuing outdoors in the cold and wet not so as not to get sick. Standing in the cold and wet is how a person can get sick.

    • Since this started under Orange Man’s watch, I’ve always said, “testing is nothing but downside risk! why in hell get tested?!” Of course, now that I have a religious exemption against the poison gene therapy experiment, it is likely that the next act of this circus will include some amount of testing for work.

      Of course, with the PCR test going away in 4 days, I wonder what trick-fuckery is gonna replace it!

      • Hi EM,

        Testing is just another way for Uncle Sam to keep track of minions. My feeling is if I am not on anybody’s list it is much harder to trace me.

    • RG, apparently, the popular belief regarding ANY kind of sickness is that which my mother has often said to me when scolding me for never going to a doctor, despite the fact that I never have any complaints:

      “How do you whether you’re sick or not, since you never go to the doctor?”


      Apparently, symptoms or lack thereof don’t matter! Hey, I might be dead and not know it……. [I’m pretty sure i am!]

      • LOL. Moms are great. Don’t always make sense, but they are great, nevertheless.

        The reason that you are healthy is because you don’t go to a doctor. 😉 I am just curious if anyone has visited a doctor and actually improved? Everyone I speak with seems to be on a new pill or have been assigned a new gadget to use each time they come back from a visit with their medical professional.

        • Over the last 2 years, I have completely lost all faith in the medical industry. I can’t see myself ever going to another doctor again, barring an emergency.

          And I think that is the ultimate goal… to corrupt all institutions. And that is what they are doing, exceedingly well.

          • Amen that, Philo –

            As I’ve mentioned, my dad and grandfather were MDs. So I grew up around them – and hospitals. The medical system has become so lockstep, so religiously bureaucratic – that it is best avoided unless you are in desperate need of acute care, as for a broken bone or gushing wound.

          • The key being, it has turned from a service to an industry. When doctors ran it, it was a professional service and the professionals did as they saw fit. Since it’s become an industry, its focus is profit on production. Pharma, insurance, the state, and hospitals are all in on it.

  11. “B-b-b-bbut…if we didn’t mask/jabe/etc things would have been worse!”

    I’m not sure of the name of this fallacy but, it’s the fallback for GovCo failure.

    It goes like this: a solution to a problem is proposed and implemented. When the solution fails it is often stated that, “well, if we hadn’t done this things would have been worse”. The next step is to double down on the failed proposal.

    But, NEVER, admit that the initial solution was flawed.

    • Hi Mark:

      It’s called a non-disprovable hypothesis. It is the epitome of non-science.

      Science involves stating a hypothesis. Any meaningful hypothesis can be tested. Test results reinforce or disprove the hypothesis.

      The ones floating around now can’t be tested, so are scientifically meaningless.

      Here are several famous ones.

      If we didn’t control CO2, the planet would be in worse shape.

      If we didn’t mask, social distance, vaccinate, or lock-down, deaths would have been worse.

      Since it’s literally impossible to turn back the clock and NOT do these things, these statements are all meaningless.

      And since the placebo group got spiked in the initial vax clinical trials (placebo group also got the vax), we will NEVER be able to know long term side effects.

      Something tells me that was not unintentional.

      • Which is why so eager to get US jabbed, to dispose of that evil control group. Also, before we all realize that Omicron is a cold. And is far safer and effective immunization than the “vaccines” are. Unless Omicron is another hoax, and it continues on its current trajectory, its the best thing COVID we could ever hope for. Time for Omicron parties, to spread it far and wide. Which can land you in jail for four years in Switzerland.

      • Thanks, Blake. I knew it had to have a name. I’ve seen/heard it done countless times in relation to GovCo initiatives. They might as well say, “I’m not saying it’s aliens but…it’s aliens.”

        The real problem is that people seem to fall for it; it works all the time.

        • Mark, that’s because most people don’t understand the fallacy. Blake makes a very good point. Its a well known logical fallacy. If you can’t test it, its not science. Hmmm Does that apply to String Theory?… 🙂

  12. ‘people wanting to be tested so Aunt Millie will let them in the house for Christmas’ — swamprat

    Received a proud text from an out-of-state family member, enthusing about their ‘vaccinated only’ Christmas party.

    Tried to picture opening one’s wreath-bedecked front door and confronting friends and neighbors with a hearty welcome of Papiere, bitte!

    But imagination fails … 🙁

    • Imagine Colonel Klink or Sergeant Schultz answering the door for them, complete with the WW2 grease gun, the leather straps and maybe that horse-butt whacker thing!


  13. ‘I have some not-so-good-news to report.’ — eric

    So does NYC’s vaccinazi mayor de Blasio:

    “Today is a historic day in New York City. We’re implementing the strongest vaccine mandate in the country, all private-sector employers, today,” de Blasio said Monday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” — NY Post

    Statue of Liberty? F*ck that noise. NYC is now the nation’s poster child of oppression, tyranny and — not coincidentally — covid ‘cases.’

    If New York remains as it is today, I will never return.

    • It’s pretty obvious that NYC is the official test site for American-style communism. They ran all the normies out with the tyranny last year, so anyone left behind presumably doesn’t mind living under a communist regime. They’ll likely also fill any remaining population vacancies with Haitian immigrants (who also presumably don’t mind communism).

    • NY has always been a sewer. The US capitol of corruption. The highest taxes that are NOT spent on maintaining its infrastructure.

  14. This charade may come to a screeching halt when people start having REAL things to fear, like no heat, worthless “money”, and food shortages.
    If you fear what MIGHT happen, you are living in fear, and may as well go on and check out. Anything MIGHT happen, like meteors and lightning strikes. If you lose your heat, that is a real palpable thing to fear. If you can’t buy food, or grow your own, that’s a real thing to fear. If a grizzly bear sets up shop in the back yard, that’s a thing to fear. Not a virus that presents an average age of death about the same as average life span. Which it appears Omicron won’t even accomplish.

  15. My desire is for the deliberately poison jabs to work even better and faster than intended by our self-chosen rulers. I’ve decided that we who are not morons will be better off if the huge population of moronics is out of our way. Harsh? Nonetheless, I mean it.

    • I’m with you, JLaffrey. Some will call us heartless assholes, but I don’t care. I’m glad to see natural selection cleaning up the gene pool.

      • Hi Anon,

        I feel sympathy for people who get tricked and ripped off, generally speaking. But we’re long past the point of “hey, I didn’t know.” It is now a matter of laziness and hysteria. Anyone who isn’t an idiot – who has done a little due diligence – knows these drugs being pushed as “vaccines” have potentially deadly side effects that are not trivially small in their incidence and may have worse long-term side effects. Knows that the risk of serious consequences from the sickness, itself, is trivially small for otherwise healthy people and essentially nil for children. Ought to know that trusting the pharmaceutical cartels with your health is like trusting Ted Bundy with your girlfriend.

        I sympathize with elderly/chronically ill people who assume the risk of the “vaccines” – for the same reason I sympathize with stage 4 cancer patients who take risky/experimental meds. For them, the risk makes a degree of sense, perhaps.

        For everyone else, it is the equivalent, almost, of huffing glue vapor.

        • I’m a stage 4 cancer patient with one more round of chemo to go. Chemo has a myriad of nasty side effects, but if I opted out I would be in unbearable pain and probably dying in a hospital bed at this point.
          What is interesting is I’m not “vaxed” and they; the chemo nurses, my oncologist etc. have never said a word to me about it. My PCP asked, but knows I would never take it and then leaves it at that. I think there is probably a note in my medical record. Kind of like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode that she is a bad patient.

          • Hi Randy

            I am sorry to hear about the cancer. My sincerest wishes that you pull through and make a full recovery.

            Glad to hear they aren’t force vaxxing everyone. Maybe a few doctors see the jab for what it truly is….a gimmick.

          • Hi Randy,

            Very sorry to hear about your situation; my best wishes for a quick recovery. Also, you might find Griffen’s book – The Truth About Cancer – worth a read…

            • Thanks, I also have an integrative oncologist that I consult with too. I take a number of supplements and sugar and simple carbs are out; they feed cancer. I think my regular oncologist is amazed at my progress.
              What’s ironic is that at chemo they have a tray of sugar laden crap and chips for the patients.
              “How to Starve Cancer” is a good book too.

      • The thing is that once one embarks on the path of constantly living in fear, the front half of their brain ceases to function, leaving the more primitive lizard hind brain in charge. Which is not CAPABLE of thinking beyond a fight or flight decision. One can hardly be eternally blamed for one incorrect decision that sent them down that path. On the other hand, there are those among us who are deranged enough to enjoy poking people with a sharp stick.

  16. Eric, just like “terrorism” Kabuki, this sickness Kabuki will easily be the new religion of the land for 20 years or until the NWO agenda is achieved- whichever comes first. What ever is preached via the media and the schools, is what the vast majority will believe. It doesn’t matter one iota how illogical or contrary to the reality around them, because people no longer believe their own eyes and experiences…they believe ‘experts’ and talking heads, no matter how many times they were fooled before- because they’re still unaware that they were even fooled before.

    No one’s dying around them? Sure they are…they saw them on the TV news, ya know! “The cases! The cases!” 🙂 I’m concerned about all of the ‘cases’ too- the mental cases!

    T’is no big deal oif we the sane are being alienated from society. Who wants to be a part of this society? It disgusts me when I have to go out and be among them…..them and their filthy masks and GMO genes. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that there will be a lot fewer of them in the near future (If only it were not so irksome that those who made them so will be remaining[shudder] ).

    • Hi Nunz!
      Didn’t Einstein say repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the classic definition of insanity? Merry Christmas and Happy (hopefully) New Year!

    • ‘Sup Nunz’?

      “…20 years or until the NWO agenda is achieved- whichever comes first.”

      Unfortunately, I think you mean “whichever comes last.”

      Anyway, re: “Who wants to be a part of this society? It disgusts me when I have to go out and be among them…..”

      You said it. I go out into metro centers very rarely nowadays, but today had a lunch meeting in Pasadena at a packed, mediocre/”upscale” restaurant. Before even getting to the place, I was aghast at the rampant diaperism, out on the street on a pleasant cool day. Peeps be flexing their muzzles. Small clusters of teenagers pretending not to have a care in the world, anonymized in their fear-mask fetishes. Lots of grannies cosplaying as surgeons. You get the idea. (In the restaurant, nobody bothered me about my naked face, and there was indeed a contingent of non-compliant around the entryway…maybe…4%? But, most of the sheeple dutifully performed the profane steps of the Kabuki, crossing the threshold only while donning the Veil of Servitude.)

      Anyway, my visceral revulsion at the masqueraders was intense. My frantic contempt just swelled in my core, and I wanted nothing but distance between me and the masses. And I realized with crystalline precision:

      I am seeing humanity through the same eyes as the laughing Masters who are liquidating these hapless fools. I am seeing them just as Klaus Schwab and Lord Rothschild do: as a clamorous pestilence on the world, best put out of their contagious misery as efficiently as possible. Too dumb to warrant even a moment’s pity, but rather deserving of their undignified fate. There is no downside to their eager self-euthanasia.

      I realized…in the immortal words of Pol Pot: To keep them is no benefit; to destroy them is no loss.

      Crazy feeling.

      • Hi FP,

        I share that feeling – of revulsion – but I try to check myself, so as to avoid seeing them as Klaus Schwab, et al see them. While understanding that is how they see them. How they see us. One must be careful to not look too long at monsters lest one become a monster, oneself.

        If we regard other people as “cattle” and “useless eaters” then haven’t we become that which we purport to despise?

        None of us was born wise. All of us required guidance at some point in our lives and to be honest, we never stop requiring it. Some just need it more than others. If we would be treated with dignity, as human beings, then we owe the same to others in kind. Else we deserve to be treated as with the same contempt expressed for us by Schwab, et al.

        I understand it is very hard to not go dark. I wrestle with hate daily. I think our chore is to not let it consume us. To hate the people who have done this to people, not the people it was done to.

        • Very well stated Eric. It is quite difficult not to give in to hatred.
          When one is daily confronted by the ignorant, apathetic and obedient masses.

          It is very easy to slip into the same mentality as the monsters. But that way lies the darkness of the soul. That darkness has been responsible for the endless misery and death that real history is a record of.

          My mentor was fond of saying that when ever one comes across a person with the great title (such as Alexander) one can be certain that they have vast amounts of blood on their hands.

          We have to be very careful that we work to interrupt, not perpetuate
          the cycle of thoughtless violence that has allowed the monsters to
          rule for centuries.

          • Eric, I’ve done some research. Something in the word press engine, or plug ins is conflicting in the processing of text. Its adding breaks (returns) at points it shouldn’t. I suspect its in the text formatting area dealing with width and/or character count (perhaps a hash value). It may be related to the decline in width as a thread gets longer. Why others aren’t seeing it continues
            to be a mystery. I’ll have to do some additional research.

        • Don’t get me wrong, eric.
          I’m not engaging in either hyperbole, or self-reproach.

          I am quite literally saying that it has been undeniably revealed that the mass Herd of humanity is better off absent, and are both deserving and irreversibly positioned for permanent liquidation.

          It’s a feeling of peaceful resignation, however grim.

  17. Another idiot phenomenon that is spreading across the country like a forest fire are COVID testing centers. Over the last two weeks, these sites have had cars wrapping around buildings with people wanting to be tested so Aunt Millie will let them in the house for Christmas. I shake my head at the idiocy.

    • Swamp,

      And THAT is going to make “the cases” go even higher, since those tests give a 90% false positive result! -Which will in-turn prompt more fear, and thus more mandates and the toleration of such. The idjits are too blind to see that despite all of the Kabuki and mandates that the ‘disease’ continues and ‘increases’- so they’ll just demand that Uncle “do more”- much like their pooblik skools, which turn out more illiterates the more money is thrown at them.

    • Agree completely Swamp, why get tested if you’re not sick? Does it make these mental midgets feel better if a test confirms what they already knew? Of course the exponential increase in testing will also increase the “cases” so another excuse to ramp up the hysteria.

      • Exactly. I have avoided these tests and knew they would be used to drive up statistical “cases”. Caught covid back before anyone knew what it was and recovered in three days, did not need a test to confirm that is what I had. Just used ordinary common sense. I also hypothesize that if covid vaccines had never been introduced we would likely find ourselves in the same place we are now with covid petering itself out, but sans the vaccine injuries. But of course that can never be proven. It is so frustrating to have to listen to the arguments made by otherwise intelligent people about how the vaccine was necessary and has reduced covid illness severity and death. In general, in my life I have not seen any positive difference in the health and well being of friends and family who avoid doctors and practice healthy eating habits, take vitamins, go to dentists and work out regularly than those who do all the vaccines and diagnostics. But these people are convinced they need these things….

    • They can’t even fathom the simple logic that if you test more, you are without doubt going to find more. Thus the increase in “cases”.

    • It’s complete idiocy. I got a cold a few weeks ago and joked with my sister about how many people would have run and got tested for covid because they have the sniffles. We both got a good laugh.

        • Eric, the only way too keep this farce going is to focus on the cases! The Cases! That’s why those behind El Presidente are sending half a
          billion (yes 500,000,000) “free” test kits out. That should hold them over until summer. Their main focus is obviously to keep this running until
          next fall. Other wise, their mail in ballot scam falls on its face.

      • The tests all scream ‘RANDOM’ to me. I’ve had people feel sick, get tested, and test ‘positive’ for *IT*, then others feel sick, and not test positive. Then people who have no symptoms test positive all the time. I guarantee you most of these professional and collegiate athletes who test positive (and who test regularly), feel absolutely fine because they ARE absolutely fine.


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