Diaper Report 8/23/21

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As the Diapers come on – again – perhaps this time the gloves will come off.

This business of doubling down on sickness kabuki for which there is no medical evidentiary basis to justify it – as regards “masks” – and the recent approval by the FDA of “vaccines” that do not prevent people from becoming sick – by the same government that is determined to force everyone to be injected with it – is wearing thin.

Unlike this time last year, when most people were willing to do as they were told – often at great cost to themselves, by government creatures who paid no cost, themselves – this time lots of people are not having it. There have been public eruptions of refusal and rebuke, as in San Diego last week – where a furiously brave woman told the government creatures who were trying to re-“mask” the population that California “is not a hospital ward” and that they had better stop trying to treat the population like patients. And that the consent of the governed has been rescinded.

This is powerful stuff.

People are waking up. Not all, but more than ever, probably. It is likely that half – perhaps more – of the population will not roll up their sleeves at anything shy of gunpoint. This likelihood has the regime – this loathsome homunculus of government and corporations, the two being adjuncts of the other – on the verge of panic, as manifested by the hysterical insistence upon the rolling-up of sleeves by all.


Because they know how dangerous a control group is. They know that if half the population remains healthy while the other half – the “vaccinated” half – continues to get sick and sicker, it will make plain what the real disease is.

And it’s not the ‘Rona and its Variants.

It is the homunculus.

The freakish aggregation of authoritarian leftists and poltroonish corporate Babbits who thought they had the key to enveloping the world in a fishnet of total control for their total profit – financially as well as politically – forever. But they had to get everyone to roll up their sleeves before it became impossible to suppress what the consequences of doing that might be – as well as what the consequences might prove to be of not rolling up one’s sleeve  – if that were allowed.

On the one hand, a “vaccine” that not only doesn’t cure sickness (39 percent efficacy in 90-plus percent “vaccinated” Israel) but which makes lots of people very sick.

A “vaccine” that has been “approved” by an FDA that might as well be ab adjunct of the pharmaceutical cartels, which in-house “tested” their own meds and now assure us of the “safety” of those meds – which anyone who isn’t licking Brian Stelter’s face on the Telescreen knows aren’t “safe,” based upon the fact of thousands of people getting extremely sick after having rolled up their sleeves.

As juxtaposed against the health of people who have not.

It is a more serious iteration (an elaboration) of the un-“masked” person who didn’t get sick and who – by dint of showing his face – called visual bullshit on this business of everyone being afraid of getting sick.

In fact, a large percentage of people weren’t “masking” – even at the beginning and early stages of this panic. When they were free to do so. Whether because they smelled bullshit or were confident that their health and immune systems would keep them healthy is beside the point. What did matter was the sight of their faces. It was a rebuke of belief. That could not be allowed. It is why they – it, the homunculus – had to force everyone to to “mask up.” So as to create the image of universal Fear, upon which the intended-all-along Jab depended.

Upon which the the Vaccine Passports depend. Upon which total control depends.

But they may have made a fatal mistake – God willing –  by not going hard enough, soon enough. Too many people begin to smell the bullshit. Worse than bullshit. Something sinister, riding on the bullshit. This business of psychologically torturing kids via “masks.” This business all-but-pointing a gun at their heads – and ours – to coerce their submission to “vaccination.” It smacks unsavory.

And people are not having it.

I spoke earlier today with my friend, the talk radio host Bryan Hyde. He tells me the same that I am seeing. People are not putting on the “masks” this time. Some of them, yes – but this time, at least half aren’t. A similar percentage isn’t rolling up their sleeves, either. And won’t, period.

Push is coming to shove.

It seems clear to me that the homunculus knows too many people are wise to the situation and aren’t going to go gently into that good night. And – unlike those poor disarmed Australians – millions of us are armed. It may not even come to that and hopefully, won’t ever come to that. It may be enough to simply cross arms and say – no. We will not submit to this any longer. We are not afraid of sickness – and we are sick of you. Of the way you have been using fear to terrorize people and egging them on to a state of hysteria. We will not tolerate it.

We have had enough of it.

You do not have our consent any longer. And by dint of that, everything you say carries no force and everything you attempt to force is illegitimate.

The gloves are off, this time.

. . .

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  1. I am getting really tired of this. We got another mask mandate here in Las Vegas but I seem to be the only one who does not wear a mask. And this time stores that really enforced it before like Trader Joes has not asked me to wear a mask. Thank God my gym is not requiring it either. I can go just about anywhere without a mask this time. BUT – why does everyone else still wear a mask including in their cars and in the park. If you listen to Joe Rogans podcast (#1671), Dr Kory and biologist Bret Weinstein agree that if everyone would take Ivermectin we could rid the USA of COVID forever!!! And Bret says we need to stop it now before we have more mutations and have to live with it forever. And Dr Malone (inventor of mRNA) agrees. So to me this is crimes against humanity!!!!! It’s the money i It’s the power. I sure hope people will wake up and not give into vaccine passports or its OVER. – please listen to that Joe Rogan podcast and pass the info to everyone

    • Hi Jen,

      Here in SW Virginia, depending on where you go, the Voluntary Diapering – no “mandates” at the moment – ranges from less than 5 percent (at my gym) to about 40 percent at stores such as Lowes and Home Depot to about 50-60 percent at “hot spots” of Leftism, such as the clean foods supermarket Earth Fare.

      These are the damaged ones. The people who will never take off the Diaper absent therapy or – better – general social sanction of those who continue to walk around looking like damaged Freaks with a speedo on their chins, making their faces look like some Euro Guido’s ball sack.

      It makes me sick, too.

      • I’ve heard that many folks in what could be best termed “Ver-Ginny”, including Blue Ridge Mountain country where you live, are of a mind to secede from the Dummycrat-occupied regime in Richmond and either join up with West Virginia, or become a THIRD Virginia state. I’d suggest the former, but change the name to what was originally proposed, “Kanawha”!

  2. The fix is in … again:

    ‘Federal regulators are likely to approve a Covid-19 booster shot for vaccinated adults starting at least six months after the previous dose rather than the eight-month gap they previously announced, as the Biden administration steps up preparations for delivering boosters to the public.

    ‘Approval for boosters for all three Covid-19 shots being administered in the U.S. is expected in mid-September.’


    As Israel’s third-jab campaign goes disastrously off the rails, this approval is based on what? Glad you asked:

    ‘Pfizer’s submission includes data from a late-stage trial of 306 subjects between 18 and 55 years who received a third dose between 4.8 and eight months after completing the two-dose course of vaccination.’

    Recall that the original Pfizer study involved 45,000 subjects, split into equal-sized treated and placebo groups. That study was unblinded after its conclusion. The placebo group were offered vaccination, and most accepted. So Pfizer’s control group — essential to any randomized trial — no longer exists.

    Now, as the efficiency of the Pfizer-Mengele jab plummets to 39% and falling, BidenGov has already decided to authorize booster jabs based on a statistically underpowered study of 308 people.

    This isn’t science. It’s a farcical kabuki show, cynically staged for stooges, simps and suckers.

  3. Then there’s this:


    …In which Fauci claims that monoclonal antibodies reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by up to 85%.

    Well, maybe so! But you can’t get treated with monoclonal antibodies unless you go the fucking hospital, now can you?!

    Hopefully that will change. Of course, just having Fauci advocate for something makes my question it. That said, I’ll bet it sure beats the mRNA tech injections.

    • ‘But you can’t get treated with monoclonal antibodies unless you go the fucking hospital’ — BaDnOn

      Monoclonal antibodies are delivered intravenously, so it’s not a home remedy for sure. Saw a photo a couple of months ago of someone undergoing the 4-hour procedure in an outpatient clinic — it’s still a major undertaking, if you can ‘qualify’ and find a source and get it done and pay for it, all on short notice.

      Tony ‘Gain of Function’ Fauci loves monoclonal antibodies because they are patented and sell for astronomical prices ($$$$).

      No matter how well they work against covid, off-patent medications are of zero interest to Big Gov because they aren’t profitable for Big Pharma — end of story.

        • Florida seems to be the pioneer:

          ‘The FDA has not given final approval of REGEN-COV — commonly called “Regeneron” — but issued an Emergency Use Authorization on Nov. 21, 2020.

          ‘Four injections of REGEN-COV, which contains the antibodies casirivimab and imdevimab, with two in the stomach and one in each arm. The shots take only minutes, but patients are asked to wait for 45 minutes for observation.’


          Donald Trump received regeneron in October, before the EUA was granted.

          Reportedly only a verbal executive order was required. 🙂

  4. Wow, feels like i’ve been away for months with a crazy work schedule.

    One thing that may be of interest to you all and i wuld love to know if anyone else is seeing this. I went to shoprite and as usual it was about 50/50 diapered to undiapered. What i found fascinating was how the diapered and undiapered self segregated on the checkout lines. 6 lines were open 3 were full of diapered freaks and the other 3 were full of those of us that like to breath fresh air. Could we possibly see that kind of self segregation play out in the country? w
    Where the non-jabbed non-diaper wearers flock to place like Florida while the covid scared weaponized hypochondriacs run to say ny.

    Also i’m hearing from many coworkers and friends, some jabbed, some who went along with diapers the 1st time, saying never again. And with the jabbed they mean no diapers and no boosters.

  5. Here’s a mindfuck: According to some egghead at University of Pennsylvania, Israel’s high infection numbers among the vaccinated prove the vaccine is working. huh? https://www.italy24news.com/covid-19/165506.html

    Try as I might, I can’t follow the logic as outlined in this article (which I guess is the point – to lose the reader in such a morass that they just give up and assume the headline/summary must be correct. These people are so deluded they literally don’t see either two faces or a candlestick.

    • Hi BAC,

      I hate these people. I really do and I try not to hate anyone, but I seriously hate these people.

      Their explanations are based on such mindless drivel as “Old people are in the hospital, well, because they are old, but they just happen to be vaccinated. It is an age thing. We can’t expect old people to live forever.”

      Of course, when the unjabbers tried using this same argument that 82 and 90 year old grandma and grandpas were dying last year we were told that we did not care about people and that 82 year old grandma and 90 year old grandpa would still be alive if it were not for Covid. Breaking News: It now as come to my attention that old people are still dying. Can we chalk this up to the vax?

      My favorite is the fuzzy math. The argument “The vaccine is only 91% effective which means 9% of the vaccinated will get Covid, but it shows the vaccine is still working.”

      Okay, let’s break this down: 9.3 million people in Israel and 60% are fully vaccinated = 5,580,000 x 9% = 502,200. So as long 500K or less people are hospitalized or die the vaccine is obviously still working, because it is only 91% effective. Duh! 🙁

      • Sounds like the same asshats who insisted Saddam had ‘WMD’s’….. They just pull this stuff out of their own asses, regardless of facts or logic (They’re not even good liars- It’s easy to tell when they’re lying, by the absurdity of what they say)…it’s just fairy tales, told for the express purpose of manipulating the thoughts and actions of the grown children who listen to it.

        If Dr. Seuss were still alive, he could be doing Fauci’s job…better than Fauci; in fact, he could probably do a better job than Fauci even in his current state of repose.

        The Grinch Who Stole Life
        The Vax In The Hat
        Horton Hears the WHO.

        • I do not like your vax and mask
          I do not like it Fraudi man
          I will not take it in a box
          Fraudi man can suck my …socks
          I will not take it, I will not
          I do not take your vax and mask
          I will not take them, do not ask

    • ‘Try as I might, I can’t follow the logic as outlined in this article’ — BAC

      The overwhelmed author is playing with too many variables at once, doesn’t understand multivariate correlation, and gets hopelessly lost in the weeds. Pffft.

      But his sophomoric meandering is a diversion from the giant pink elephant hogging a whole corner of the living room. This chart — screen-grabbed from Dr Chris Martenson’s ‘Time to Let Go of Fear’ YouTube video posted Aug 17, 2021 — shows a chilling correlation between Israel’s vaccination rate (green line) and its death rate (dark red line):


      Correlation does not prove causation. But as Dr Martenson points out in his remarks, starting in late June Israel’s vaccination rate (green line) LEADS its death rate (red line) by several weeks.

      More jabs followed by more deaths is direly upside down from what one would want to see. It should send alarm bells clanging all over the world. Someone’s got some splainin’ to do, quite possibly from the witness dock in a courtroom.

      Triple vaxxing may prove to be the worst idea since Amy Winehouse’s decision not to go to rehab, with equally fatal consequences.

      • Hi Jim,

        Do you think that with each shot it is destroying the individual’s immune system a little more each time? I have heard from customers who have received the jab – the first one was no issue, the second one was horrible (for many, not all) especially those who have already had natural COVID immunity. Each shot that an individual receives seems to reduce the body’s ability to fight off viruses and also seems to cause an increase in problems that range from long winded fatigue, headaches, body aches, and brain fogginess. The other thing that I have noticed is how down trodden or older someone looks in just a few months compared to someone who is unjabbed. Several have bags under their eyes, the skin looks paler, the eyes are not alert, etc. Also, the disorganization. I can tell which of my clients have received it, because people who were once on the top of the game I can’t get an approval for a return or an email response back – some are taking months to get back to me. I am dealing with completely different people.

        • If I had to guess, these effects are from the blood clotting, creating ischemic events that cause tissue damage and can cut off airflow to the brain. Not likely a destruction of the immune system per se, but who really knows for sure what these things can do. For sure, the effects are going to be both cumulative and additive, meaning it would be expected to get worse with each successive dose. Layering damage on top of damage.

          • You are probably correct. It may be blood clotting. Is there a test that can be taken to determine this? I am seriously concerned with an older family member that received it. They are having trouble breathing and are easily winded, but they also have severe allergies (which they have always had). The past few months he seems to be getting worst and worst.

            • This sounds so horrible. I don’t know of any particular test for tissue damage, but they should maybe see a pulmonologist for a spirometry (lung function) test at a minimum. There may be inhalers available. Or maybe they will need supplemental oxygen.

            • Hi RG, i think it was robert malone and the other guy who talked about this brain fog with bret weinstine on the podcast thats been banned, though you can still find it on alternative sources. Its probably micro clots happening around the brain. I think one of the guys on that video was working on treating symptoms of the vaccine – again ivermectin worked quite well apparently. There is also a guy – Dr. Flavio Cadegiani who is also talking about using ivermectin to reduce the impacts of the MRNA jabs…. but its basically taking ivermectin before the jab, on the day of the jab, and then after the jab.. maybe worth looking into ?

              that said I am also concerned these jabs are a way to completely kill the immune system, so you constantly need a booster every year…. i mean think about it what an awesome gig it will be, along with the ability to completely control a person, who wont be able to survive a basic flu season without a big pharma provided jab – what a way to enslave a nation…

              • Hi Nasir,

                It’s astounding, isn’t it?

                We know that 99.8-something percent of the public does not need to be “vaccinated” against a sickness that won’t kill them and which can be treated safely if they happen to get it.

                We know it is overwhelmingly obese, already sick and elderly people who are the ones at risk of becoming seriously sick; not kids – not most otherwise healthy adults.

                We know the “vaccines” are not effective or safe.

                So why the unprecedented push to compel everyone to roll up their sleeves?

                It reeks to heaven.

                • Eric, thanks to my step-daughter, I’ve already got some of what’s been poo-poohed as “ineffective” to treat COVID, and if I’ve genuine reason to think I’ve been “Hit”, I WILL. I don’t give a “shite” if it were discovered by the Nanny State, and they try to throw my ass in jail for doing what I believe to be in the best interests of mine health. And this, ironically, in the state (of confusion) where the whole “medical marijuana” scam got going. Fook ’em…better judged by twelve than carried by six.

              • Hi Nasir,

                I watch quite a bit of Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse podcasts. He and his wife, Heather, have provided some very informative information in regards to Covid. I don’t agree with them politically, but I share their distrust of these shots and their arguments are based on scientific evidence and not “feelings”.

                I am not familiar with Robert Malone. I have began watching a lot of Peter McCullough’s interviews and testimonies with Congress’s Health and Human Services Committee.

                There is a lot of good information out there, but they (media/government) sure make it hard to find.

              • This, besides all the flim-flammery associated with the “Coof”, is the reason I won’t take the Jab. I’ve had issues with what my doctor terms a “mini-stroke”, which fortunately when it happened, wasn’t too severe. Given the potential for clotting, especially within the blood vessels feeding my “coconut”, it’d seem way too RISKY to get such a treatment. Yet the docs push it, come what may, and don’t seem to care about the potential to induce a stroke.

        • I agree – and I think this winter we will record a TON OF DEATHS by HEALTHY PEOPLE. And I am sorry but we have to have this happen to wake enough people up – nothing else seems to do it – they know the vax does not work yet they keep this up and people still try and tell me to get the jab. We are getting close to a mandated vax passport to even buy food. I am so tired of living this way.

  6. It still comes down to: WHO DO YOU TRUST?

    The credibility of anyone in the Federal Government, or who recently was, even OM, is shot to hell by the reports of COVID infections and/or deaths among the VACCINATED. What MORE do we need, the damned “Jab” is at minimum INEFFECTIVE, it’s a SCAM on the taxpayers, having not been subjected to the typical rigorous evaluations of vaccines that take YEARS. If even the “Jabbed” are being “ordered” (Fook that!) to wear the face diaper, then what the hell good was it, ever?

    IDK that I believe the more hoary declarations that the “Jab” will “kill us all”, somehow, I don’t see how the PTB are vested in a massive die-off, and I’d think we’d be seeing them drop like flies ALREADY. At this point, it’s simply medical “snake oil”, perhaps harmless to most, but certainly no justification for the diktats on our lives and invading our very BODIES. Certainly there’s a far GREATER “harm” to our FREEDOMS than any illness. I like to think of one of Robert Heinlein’s “Juvenile Readers”, the 1956 book “Time for the Stars”, in which the one “Torch Ship’ that the telephathic twin Bartlett is on, the “Lew and Clark”, or “Elsie”, after making planet-fall at an Earth-like planet in Tau Ceti’s habitable zone, the crew contracts an unforeseen virus which takes out about 10 percent of them (well…DUH!). Rather than the ship board epidemic causing the crew to fall apart, they take it in stride, realizing that although it sucked to lose than many crew, that whatever bugs that “Constance” had in store for the “Hew-Mon” race would be conquered, as we polio and diptheria, and that it was NOT a reason to colonize a perfectly usable world. I mean, hell, aside from the virus, the biggest danger that planet posed for colonists was a large, predatory lizard dubbed Tyrannosaurus Ceti, which gobbled up one of the intrepid explorers as he fended off the beast to save his mates.

  7. Straw in the wind:

    HANOI, Aug 25 (Reuters) – Vietnam is offering patients who have recovered from the coronavirus a monthly allowance if they agree to stay on at stretched hospitals to help health workers struggling to cope with an influx of infected people.


    Why do this? Because recovered covid patients have robust natural immunity. Whereas vaccinated health care workers who don’t have natural immunity are getting sick at increased rates, as vax effectiveness melts like an ice cream cone in the summer sun.

    ‘Stop the spread’ was an absurd, fantastic Big Lie of the vax pushers. It has blown up in their faces. Vietnam has gotten the memo. But not Uncle Sam, who’s on Big Pharma’s payroll.

    • Yep, Jim, it’s exactly that. You still don’t hear about re-infections, but very rarely, and then usually in the immune compromised. No, they sold the world a dangerous imitation, and no matter the deficiencies in their spurious prophylactics, it is still the demand that you defile yourself with their use.

  8. Have you noticed that these disgusting things are getting larger? Ads show the black cloth contraptions – you know, the ones that look like they belong on a male stripper’s bulge – now covering ear-to-ear and from just below the eyes down to the Adam’s apple.
    It seemed so appropriate that on one site this morning, right next to an ad for “The best face mask for air travel in 2021” was one for an anti-mosquito bracelet. Suckers: buy all of your magical cures right here!

    • Let’s play scientist, attempt to model this phenomenon, and then make a prediction based on the model. At the current growth rate, let’s say 6 square inches in 6 months, how long do we have until it becomes a full on burka? Let’s estimate that a full coverage burka is approximately (70*2) * 70 inches (doubled because it has 2 sides) = 9800 square inches. Assuming a linear rate of increase, and an initial mask size of 7 * 3.5 = 24.5 inches. That gives us about 814 years until we get to complete radical Muslim. If we assume an exponential rate of growth, however, the timeframe could be much shorter.

      • Assuming exponential growth, using the parameters listed above, I get ~59 years before we go full hijab. Let’s just round that off to 60.

        Or, we can try to do something about it.

    • Morning, Freelance!

      Trump is either an idiot or a tool; in on this whole thing. Does he still not see that his affirmation of “vaccines” is affirmation of the weaponized hypochondria that was used to oust him? Or is it that he does see it – and is simply playing his part, to keep the opposition to Biden/the Left “dazed and confused”? I have noticed a technique of Trump’s that is similar to Hitler’s technique – of letting the audience hear what it wants to hear. Trump wants people to hear “freedom” and “resistance to “tyranny” and says a few vague things to that effect and his desperate followers lap it up. When in fact the cinnamon gibbon intends something entirely different.

      Things like “masks” and “vaccines” are a litmus test for me. Any politicians who lends support to either in the slightest is part of this and so one of them.

    • This guy is spot-on. Dear God, Trump has been so horrible on this issue, not just the vaccine but the whole response to the pandemic. He’s bizarre – according to him, he’s saved millions of lives?

    • wow – this video is scary. This “operation trust” thing is so true – we see it across the west amongst right wing political parties….i think of Farage here – when the worst of lockdowns was starting – he was sitting on the cliffs of dover with a pair of binoculars looking for dinghy coming over with illegal…. and shortly after comes out saying he supports TONY BLAIR as the vaccine czar because of his immense experience of successfully running things!! Its a real divide and conquer going on – and most of those who we consider the leaders on our side are just someone put up to give us hope and maybe represent is in some small, largely irrelevant battles… while continuing the same direction of more totalitarianism…. and trump fits in there perfectly…. (and yes I too was duped by many 😛 )

  9. Eric, I think you’re a legendary writer of our time.

    Just BTW, this organization seems pretty good to me, just from watching some videos & reading their website. You can sign up for their email newsletter without giving any more info other than your email.

    Everyone knows I always say we should have a better society and then crimes like this wouldn’t be able to happen, but since we don’t have that YET, I appreciate everyone that’s speaking up about the truth etc such as Eric, and many other medias & lawyers & individuals everywhere.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Harry!

      I do what I can; what I feel I must. Like most, all I want is to live – and let live. It is an incredible tragedy that so many Americans are unwilling to tolerate such an extreme point-of-view.

    • Hi RK,

      I would say on September 30th it may be time for that spiritual vacation you have been thinking of. I am sorry to hear that though. Tell them that up you will be willing to come back as a subcontractor in about 90 days, because your new boss doesn’t believe in mandating poisonous jabs.

      • That, or refirement.

        My boss thinks I’m a holy terror now, just imagine when I’m 60-ish.

        Just think, if you force them to fire you at exactly the right time, you can get your severance pay (which usually gets fatter the longer you work there), then collect unemployment benefits until social security kicks in.

        It’s all about the incentives.

      • I know a few are doing just that. But I have a feeling the hysteria will be forced on all contractors too. The company has a lot of government business (oxymoron) at all levels, so even if there weren’t buy-in from the C Suite there would be a massive amount of pressure to get everyone in compliance. Once companies latch on to the government teat there’s no letting go.

    • We have discovered several Dr. Schindler’s in our area who will inoculate a small fruit of your choice that you must supply. No ‘extra’ fee either.

      So it pays to ask around. I suspect these brave healthcare heroes (real ones) will eventually be hunted down like dogs. Landru is displeased.

      • That’s not the point. This really feels like a time to shrug. The ongoing semi-artificial shortages of everything, the ridiculous behavior from nearly everyone, at all levels, it just seems like it’s time to drop out and let things settle. Maybe work on that side hustle and see if there’s a way to make it happen, maybe liquidate everything and live in a van down by the river.

    • RK, is there any constitutional protection on this? My brother just got told this too – and hes not a fan. Looking for a loophole….

    • Well, today comes the “clarification.” No, not everyone needs to be vaccinated, only key managers and above, along with some of their direct reports.

      Didn’t read like that yesterday…

      But regardless, they’re clearly floating trial balloons to gauge the employee mood. We do have a fair bit of sway only because what we do is so specialized. It’s not difficult work, just odd if you come from another industry or even another company.

      As for falsification of documents, I don’t abide by that at all. While I believe the hype over the whole vaccine is out of hand (on both sides of the issue), I do my best to always deal with others honestly and will continue to do so. It is nobody’s business, but I’ll offer that I’ve had the J&J vaccine, several months ago. I offer no “proof” that I’ve had it other than my semi-anonymous word. If that’s not good enough for us to interact, well, then we agree to not do so. I don’t wish to defer to a third party for verification. It will only serve to get in the way of our interaction, and increase cost with no gain. I also don’t think it is right for anyone to be coerced into any medical procedure, least of all “for the greater good.” If you do not want the vaccine, that’s your business. We can still work together. If you don’t like that I might still spread the sickness after being vaccinated, take it up with J&J, they said it was effective. If it proves to not work they need to admit it and move on, as does everyone blaming the victims of this disease.

      Which brings up another uncomfortable problem: Back when AIDS was an epidemic, we were all told that we couldn’t judge the victims spreading the disease, even though spread was 100% preventible, by abstaining from sexual intercourse and not sharing needles. Yet now if someone is a so-called asymptomatic spreader they’re persona non grata. Nice double standard.

      • Hi RK,

        Yup. And, as regards AIDs/”asymptomatic” spread: It is a fact that certain forms of sexual behavior do increase the chances of getting or giving AIDs. There is zero evidence – that I am aware of – to support the bogyman claim of “asymptomatic” spread, which is a cudgel that can be used to claim everyone/anyone “could be” spreading a disease, notwithstanding that they can’t because they haven’t got it.

        • I’d like to see the research on asymptomatic spreaders. In fact I would like to see all the research done on aerosol viral spread. I imagine most of them were done in college dorms, with people who are all the same age and general physical makeup. If that was the basis of all the computer models it probably makes sense that they were off by orders of magnitude on the spread, infection rate and death count. We’ve never really done massive testing of a virus. I imagine this sort of thing happens all the time, but we never knew before because we never tested at this scale. And that means when they stop testing, we stop spreading.

      • I’m confused. Are you saying you got the J&J jab? If so, why not just share the proof with your employer?

        If you did not get the J&J jab, then instead of writing a lie (falsifying docs) you are merely speaking a lie.

        Distinction without a difference, imo.

        • Read what I wrote. If asked by my employer I will tell them I have had the J&J vaccine. I am not a lier, not here, not to my employer.

          However, requiring vaccination for employment, that’s a whole other matter. It opens up an entirely new can of worms. Can they require one to only eat vegan? Can they require one to donate a kidney? Have a vasectomy? Have an abortion (granted, I don’t believe that will be an issue for me). What does any of that have to do with my worth as an employee?

          • I read what you wrote. Still not clear. Are you trying to be coy?

            I agree with your principle about employers not being able to require things of employees that are not related to their ability to perform the job. Your statement gets foggy when you seem to say you will not “lie” by falsifying documents, but you will “lie” verbally and say you had the jab.

              • Hi Anon,

                I think he is saying J&J vaccine, which could very well be the flu shot. It isn’t a lie, although it has shades of gray, but it is a dog eat dog world so if people need to stretch the truth to save their livelihood it is understandable.

                • I think I get it. If asked, I will state that I am fully vaccinated (to be defined by me). Not a lie.

                  Truth is, the convid jab is not a vaccine anyway.

            • Yes, I have taken the J&J vaccine. I have my reasons for taking it, none of which have anything to do with freedom of movement. If asked directly I will verbally confirm my vaccination status, but if my stating so isn’t good enough for the person asking (IE: they require “proof” from a third party) I won’t participate. You either take people at their word or you do not. If you don’t believe someone you shouldn’t do business with them. This is the ultimate underpinning of our society and fundamental to humans. We spend years ingraining this into our children. But we’ve sacrificed human scale trust for efficiency, with largely detrimental results. Now, we trust no one and no institution.

              • Hi RK,

                There is of course good reason to not trust anything the government says as the government – the creatures who comprise it – are known serial liars as well as incompetents who act in bad faith. They do not mean well. It would be stupid beyond words to take them at their word on any matter of any importance. What’s been going on with regard to sickness psychosis has made this plain, or it ought to be so, to any not stupid person.

                From “two weeks to stop the spread” to “masks” work to “vaccines are “safe and effective.” All lies and/or titanic errors of judgment.

                The government has lost all credibility and by dint of that, all legitimacy. It is just lies, enforced.

                • I’m still of the mind that government doesn’t hire the best and brightest. They are fully aware they’re not the best nor brightest, so people like Fauxchi who achieved some success in academia but never worked outside government (actually never worked outside his department of the NIH) have never really been called on their mistakes. He also has a sort of diplomatic immunity given to him by the fact that he’s in a government agency. To paraphrase Nixon: If the NIAID does it, it’s not malpractice.

                  So we have the entire national apparatus built to protect the population from an airborne infectious disease being run by a man who’s never practiced medicine a day in his life, probably spends more time with the makeup mirror than his microscope, and has no accountability for his mistakes.

                  As someone who uses open source software alongside closed source, I can see where top down strict control (IE: The Cathedral) can sometimes be useful, especially when there’s no emergency. But when there’s little information and a quickly changing environment that’s the last thing you want. That’s when The Bazaar can allow for many different approaches and it’s best for the central authority to step aside and could best be used to facilitate open dialog and communication across and up, not top down. We’ve seen absolutely none of that in this situation. In fact, it’s been the opposite: open hostility to anything other than the official narrative. This does nothing but sew distrust and paranoia. But I guess some think it makes them important, especially those who have the camera pointed at them and those who point the cameras.

                • What you’re citing, Eric, is the old anecdote of the “Camel’s nose in the tent”…Yes, I do recall when the mantra was to just “hunker down” for two weeks, to “flatten the curve” so the hospitals could handle the COVID cases, and it’d all pass like a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge. I’ll have to admit that initially I was “suckered” by that, but soon it became evident the whole thing was political flim-flammery.

              • I see no issue with you freely accepting the Jab, especially, if, as you state, you didn’t feel “coerced” into it. That’s the crux of it, not simply whether the Jab is effective (I say it’s not), safe (( say it’s no better than just risking the “Coof” itself), or whether it’s being pushed either by bumbling bureaucrats (it is) or there’s a far more sinister agenda afoot (I’m inclined to doubt there is, but given all the BS that’s come down in the past two years, I can’t discount that entirely…).

                The key word is: CHOICE. Your body, YOUR choice, my body, MY choice. Mine is to refrain from the Jab until I’ve confidence I’m better off to get it.

          • They probably can, in most cases, because those are not legally protected categories. Employment “at will” works both ways.

            I would argue that they shouldn’t discriminate this way, or WRT vaccine status, etc. But, legally, they probably can.

            I think that we need some kind of enforceable employees’ bill of rights that covers stuff like this, but it’s also kind of a band-aid solution that has become necessary because the whole rest of the situation has evolved the way it has. Everything is corporatized, hence crapified, and no one (especially not the management) is responsible (at least not for the important stuff).

            Costs, responsibility, and stress are systematically offloaded onto the employees’ backs, while the majority of the profits go into the owners’ and upper management’s pockets. It’s pretty much the same everywhere, with the possible exception of a few odd details.

            • I agree, Publius –

              Ultimately, the issue here is the bounds of common decency; of respecting certain things as being no one else’s proper business in the context of business. As used to be the case, when common decency obtained. My health situation is no one’s business unless my health is an objective threat to others. Not mindless fear about what my health situation might be. That is an open-ended grant of endless busybodyism. If I come to work with open sores or give some objective grounds for suspecting I am a spreader of contagion, then it is reasonable to question me and even to insist on answers. But it is indecent to simply assume people are suppurating lepers and presumptively demand “treatment” for diseases they haven’t got.

              • This entire government experiment has become downright exhausting. When has this country ever taken these types of protocols that we are seeing in this day and age? Never.

                We were never mandated to confirm any physical illnesses that one suffered from. In 2019, 1.4 million people died of TB. Did we shut the world’s economy down? Were masks required? Was testing conducted weekly to verify no one in the office had it?

                The world has lost their ever freaking minds. People who choose to push back on the trampling of rights and privacy are deemed terrorists and killers. This is how well manufactured the campaign has been. The very people who are doing nothing more than supporting previously held policies are being portrayed as evil, while the Karens and Kens scream for more chains.

                I am at a point I hope they get their wish. Wear the mask, get the jab, ignore the research, sign away your privacy, because you believe you are taking one for the team. In the years that come the rest of us will remember their sorry weak willed asses who wouldn’t bother to stand up to tyranny because they let logic be assaulted by fear.

                The problem is even then they won’t ever realize their part in it. Much like the Germans who turned in their Jewish peers they will deny their participation, will desecrate any history that acknowledges their cooperation and acceptance, and they will foolishly believe they were on the right side of history.

              • Asymptomatic spread was created to get around that problem apparently. But now there are vaccines that diminish symptoms all the way to zero and don’t stop the spread, but they’re vaccinated so… See the Bud and Lou skit someone composed that I posted here a few days ago.

      • RK, apparently the latest “approval” of the jab isn’t even really an “approval” In very fluffy language it seems to “approve” some stuff (comernany) which isn’t even available, and is not the pfizer jab. But even on the information sheet for it it states that its under EUA and you cant be forced to take it ! It was in Chris Martenson latest video (banned off youtube but still on his website). Have a watch, he goes through the details. Personally I still have questions (i mean if I read the letter it seems like it just continues the EUA) – but i dont know. All I know is there is some serious fuckery about….

        • They don’t work well enough to prevent you from getting sick, only to reduce the symptoms which make treatment easier. This isn’t what most people think of when they hear the word vaccine, so the people running the show have to be extra cagey and include all the legal language. They don’t want to set expectations realistically because they think that means people won’t bother, which is probably true for a very large segment of the population.

          But hey, they’re scientists, so why not do some focus group testing? See if their legal gibberish and daily flip-flops play better than just saying “we don’t know, it’s a new thing” in the focus group. I know if Fuaxchi would just admit that his BS ideas weren’t working it would add a whole lot of credibility to his department. But we’re so far past that stage now I think the only way forward is for them to be sent to the curb.

          • Hi RK. Well – i think the first problem is not enough people are “getting sick” to begin with !!! And no i dont count a positive on a dodgy test as being “sick”…

            One of the stupidest things ive heard of late is how many people, once they have the jab and have a very light stint of the rona say “oh because of the vaccine we were completely fine”. Without realising that even before the jab, most people who “tested positive’ were perfectly fine anyways!! Goes to show, with enough propaganda you can basically make people believe whatever you want !

            But there are some interesting things coming out, showing that in groups which are highly vaccinated (Israel, over 50s in Scotland was one) that there is absolutely no difference from the vaccines…. ofcourse none of this is on the mainstream…. who just say shit like you’ll need a booster shot !

  10. ‘The freakish aggregation of authoritarian leftists and poltroonish corporate Babbitts thought they had the key to total control for their total profit’ — EP

    Israel radically triples down on the Pfizer-Fubar ‘vaccine’:

    ‘As of this week, all Israelis over 30 will be eligible to receive booster shots. By the end of the month, they are expected to be universally available to anyone over the age of 12 who received their second vaccine five months or more ago.

    ‘Israel will then reconfigure its Green Passports, granting them only to the triple-vaccinated, and limiting their validity to six months.’


    VaaS, comrades: Vaccines as a Service. Dire warning indeed.

    We’re comin’ to your town
    We’ll help you vax it down
    We’re an American scam

    — Grand Funk Railroad, We’re An American Band

  11. They’re BAAAAaaack!
    Return of the masks. My county just did the ‘ole mandate thing again. Well, except for eating/drinking and exercising. I guess those activities are deadly to viruses. God forbid they actually mandate behavior that actually stands a chance of doing some good for citizen health, like banning fast food for a while, or stopping fast food companies from advertising their products as food, at least. Or at the very least putting the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle as the best way to protect yourself from illness.
    2020: Mask up! The vaccines are coming, yay! 2021: Jab. Jab. Jab. Damn it! Mask up time again.
    2022: Lockdown for those evil unvaccinated ones. Well…and for the rest of you, too. Sorry, those jabs really didnt work for ya.

  12. “…and unlike those poor dis4rmed Australians…”

    The Aussies have paid a very high price in all of this, especially in NSW and Victoria. But they’re actually out there protesting, same as in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and some other places. I saw a video clip yesterday on Rumble where Austrialian and NZ “truckies” are planning a national strike on the 31st. They’re apparently giving the public about a week’s notice to buy food for the family — enough to last 2-3 weeks — then, they’re going to block off all the highways and shut down commerce until everything returns to normal. I think one of the last straws was in Sydney, where they had a big vaccination campaign aimed against kids and three of the kids died at the event. They’re killing dogs in dog shelters for fear someone might want to go out and pick one up. Old ladies are getting beat up and terrorized by cops. It’s a really bad scene, but things are getting so out of hand, I think even the Aussies are finally getting fed up. I think the truckie thing is for real.

    • Regarding the rumor of the three dead kids: it’s not that I trust the “Fact Checkerzzzz,” but I don’t trust Stew Peters either. He is quite clearly the Nu-Alex Jones, set up to take the baton of controlled opposition after Alex Jones was “cashed in” by becoming an unquestioning Trump-thumper and watered-down mainstream-lite outlet.

      Even Peters continually backslides into pro-Trump talking points like how Operation Warp Speed “did a lot of good by getting rid of regulatory hurdles.” Other than that, he just sort of emulates the bullhorn-loudmouth shtick that Jones pioneered. He constantly advances dubious and easily-debunked talking points. I can’t find any source for the 3 dead kids in Sydney besides Peters.

  13. Key points:

    – Every drug that has been discontinued by the FDA was once “proven safe & effective”
    – None of these “vaccines” have completed their Stage 3 trials

    This is just more “breaking their own rules” to get rid of those pesky hurdles in the way of complete totalitarian rule. I’m certain the activists on the Supreme Court would find it perfectly constitutional. The whole thing is a sham.

  14. “Push is coming to shove.”

    What’s the push, and what’s the shove?

    The push. Vaccine passports. The communists,with their allies in the media, will use state power and media fear propaganda to impose severe measures in order to enforce “vaccine” mandates and demonize the anti-science anti-vaxxers. “Screw your freedoms, your killing people”. Access to education, health care and food will all require the “passport”.

    “The gloves are off this time.”

    The shove. Martial law. Where these mandates are enforced, there will be violence. Local and state police will not be able enforce the mandates or contain the violence. Was the military was withdrawn from Afghanistan in a rush, while being purged of the “unwoke” with vaccine requirements and CRT training, to be deployed to enforce the mandates and crush state or local opposition to vaccine mandates and then the permanent lockdowns for the coming “climate crisis”.

    Is there enough courage and determination left in the population to resist? Doubtful.

    • If things get actively ugly, there are not enough enforcers and never will be. True there are many force multipliers- drones, attack helos, communications, logistics. But that is only enough to intimidate, if something bad actually starts, and I really hope it doesn’t, all the secret and not so secret police will not be able to keep groups from organizing and working effectively. They’re crazy to even think it- which is the whole purpose of the second amendment- to make it unthinkable.

      I do believe there is plenty of courage and determination. There is just enough intimidation that only a few have dared to stand up. That dynamic is rapidly changing.

      • ‘there are not enough enforcers and never will be’ — Erewhon Man

        Like ‘voluntary’ income tax reporting, civil order relies on 99 percent of the populace peaceably going about their daily business.

        If consent is withdrawn, the enforcers are hopelessly outnumbered.

        Remember November 1989, when eastern Europeans downed tools and stood silently, defiantly in the streets, mocking their illegitimate rulers? Their humiliated communist rulers slunk away into the shadows.

        Would our own commie overlords do any different, if we openly confront and denounce them?

      • Revolutions are fought by the young and the majority of the young in this society have been systematically cast historically and morally adrift by educational and religious institutions infected by Marxist for the last 50 years. We have stood by and watched as our Western, Christian culture has been dismantled in the name of tolerance, diversity and inclusion. We will soon be a despised minority in our own country. Little left to do but for a remnant to separate, survive and rebuild.

        • Exactly, Griff! And that is why Christianity was targeted for destruction, for c.100 years now, by removing any true vestiges of it from the popular culture and replacing it with pseudo =science (Literature and theories) and education (indoctrination) and hedonism, and by diluting our common culture by introducing ‘diversity’.

          Thus, the population at-large is disunited, and morally adrift- and no longer has any common ground to stand for. There’s no more common allegiance to anything but the state(People even pledge their allegiance to it!), and no higher authority in the minds of most average people, who consider the state to be the authority on morality, marriage, business/finance, education, healthcare, and even ‘miracles’ (“Going to the Moon”, “Terrorists” flying planes into buildings and paper passports surviving where steel couldn’t….etc.)

          Our enemies/God’s enemies have plodded patiently for a long time, and now their plans are coming to fruition- and the remnants of Christianity are so diluted and deluded, that one hears almost nothing of the Mark Of The Beast which is being implemented before our very eyes, as prophesied- while the ‘churches’ celebrate ‘diversity’ and faggotry, as they thank the government’s mercenaries and pledge their allegiance to the flag which they display in their state-sanctioned corporate 501c3 ‘churches’.

        • Don’t lose hope, Griff –

          I personally know several solid young people. Don’t let the controllers cause you to believe all youth is lost. It isn’t. And one of the solid ones is worth ten of the worthless ones.

  15. Can’t comment for all of the Garbage state, but from what I’ve seen, if they diaper they diaper, they don’t bust your balls about it and depending on where I go (Wegmans, or a restaurant), it may be 70/30 or 20/80 diapered

    I’m just relieved that it’s a non-issue for now, with the Dirty Carpet Bagger from Massachusetts hands tied due to the election, though unfortunately, the Benny’s (NYers) won’t be gone after Labor Day unless Jewtropolis fights back again the lame duck dicktasting mayors Key to the City Bullshit

    Just my 2 cents

  16. I’ll be taking every opportunity to push back as I can against the mind war going on. It’s not about “health” or “protection,” but ONLY about injecting as many people as possible, for some reason. For example, New Orleans Saints are requiring proof of needle injection to enter the game. If you get needle injected at the gate, you get in.

    But that’s contrary to their own stupid warnings that “full immunity” only happens 2 weeks after injection #2. That’s what they would crow when they’d run the scare pieces of nurses saying to the “vaccine hesitant” who got “really sick”, “Sorry, it’s too late for the injection. Looks like you’re gonna die now lol”

    If it was about “protecting people”, they’d send the just-injected home. But it’s not.

  17. Enough is enough says Dr. Fauci, straight from his toothless wonder. As he points with pride and views with alarm. Shut the hell up. Shame on the old fool, a joke. Better to laugh and point.

    Imagine a needle as the boot stomping you on your neck forever. You’ll never escape the verrückt vaccination orgy. It will never end.

    Please, people, listen to the good doctor, he has your health and welfare in mind, he wouldn’t dare lead you astray on such grave matters.

    Never mind that loved ones will suffer adverse reactions and possibly die, the vaccinations will proceed nonetheless. Uff da

    Never mind the anti-vaxers are being persecuted by authoritarians, tyrants need scapegoats and healthy people of sound mind are the victims, the new pariahs.

    How can it possibly be any worse? A travesty of a mockery of a sham is what it really is.

    “They’re not after me, they are after you.” – Donald J. Trump

    Even if Trump is a caricature of Humpty Dumpty, the great fall and all, can’t put Trump back together again, it was a prescient statement. If he did say it.

    No need to be paranoid, they are out to get you.

  18. Talked briefly with a couple of fellow freefacers in the grocery store today. One of them apparently works at the local hospital. She said she “wasn’t going back” to diapering, she has had the shot, and she is done. She showed me her lip, upon which is a knot which she said is healing from the long term, day in, day out diapering that she had to do all these months. Brief conversation but would have liked to know if she meant she won’t diaper at work, as hospitals around here are idiotic maskholes.

  19. Metro Detroit stores this morning: about 50/50 diaperfaces/barefaces. Plenty of free-face people in Home Depot and Meijers. I was concerned about HD because they have a sign that requests the wearing of masks, but obviously many people are ignoring their request.

    A family member who is a medical professional has attempted to shame me for refusing to wear a face-diaper in institutions that require it, like the local schools. I got a self-righteous freaked-out mini-lecture about my ignorance. I was practically accused of being a potential receptacle of killer germs that would kill this person’s vulnerable father who struggles with respiratory disease. My refusal to accept that I’m sick, and therefore I do not need to wear a rag when I go out in public, caused an enormous burst of venom, followed by a slammed car door. Nice.
    We are no longer on speaking terms.

    • I went to Lowe’s yesterday- Encountered a couple on the check-out line who were accompanying a nice big dog. The couple were wearing muzzles; the dog wasn’t. Dogs have more sense. I petted the dog, and then it was the masked couple’s turn to check-out. They go to move forward to the check-out counter, but the dog wants to stay with me. They had to kind of drag him away… Dog’s know!

      The dog was probably like: “Nah, you people are assholes. I want to go with this guy!”.

      • Hi Nunzio: yes! dogs know crazy, and usually try to steer away. What a travesty to deprive children in preschools! of their teachers’ faces. Dogs need to see our faces too.

        • Indeed, odors and body language, including faces, are EVERYTHING to a dog. If it can’t see your face, and your soggy mask is getting rank, they have no idea what you might be up to. They can’t trust you.

          • Very true – it’s disturbing that dogs are being subjected to this insanity but even more upsetting for me, personally, was witnessing the faceless teachers/creatures that run daycare for my one year old grandson. This is in a red, supposedly “free” state. The Day Care’s excuse? Just following CDC guidelines. Arrgh.

      • Yup! Dogs can sense bad people. My Collie would always go nuts at the neighbor – found out many years later he was a child molester.

        • Collies like just about everybody, from our experience; we’ve had three of them. So if one of them ever acted out of character towards someone during a walk, I would just avoid the person.

      • I actually don’t take lightly the mental stress and punishment that dogs are suffering in this whole thing. Like Snapdragon says, you better believe that dogs are desperate for facial feedback, validation, and correction just like children. Mask-World is a nightmare to dogs–a nightmare they don’t deserve in the least.

        Your face was promise of deliverance to that poor animal, and she surely longed exquisitely for you to rescue her from those demonic bio-bots.

    • These Covidians can be psychotic so be very careful how you engage with them. If you’re not prepared mentally and physically to subdue or kill them immediately if they attack you then I suggest avoidance. I’ve had one extended family member go completely insane and verbally threaten to harm/kill us(on a voice mail message to boot!).

      Just saying that the wimpy looking guy in the triple mask might be far more dangerous than anyone would suppose…

      • It’s pretty much pointless to argue with them anyway- They are deluded and unreachable, no matter how much logic and reason; no matter how many facts you posit. They just don’t care, because like most things which people believe in this society today, those beliefs are instilled on an emotional basis- and not just among women, as has largely always been the case with most…but with everyone today, thanks to the training boys and men have received at the hands of government schools, the media, and corporations.

      • Agree with you. We’ve danced around the subject this whole time, only poking around the edges on the topic, which always brought a swift retort and dismissal of my concerns. It was time to confront – and lance this sore. The response was not a shock, and I wasn’t surprised at the ferocity of it. It’s just a damn shame that my family is being torn apart.

      • Well-said, David –

        Avoidance is best; preparedness is better, I prepare by “practicing” situational awareness. I also keep myself fit and – by body language – try to make it clear that I’m best left alone. I also carry, just in case. A last resort – if I am presented with a psychotic who attacks me.

  20. Well said and bravo, Eric!

    Although I’d most certainly rather NOT get sick, I’m not going to jump through hoops of inefficacy and spectacle to NOT prevent physical illness, but to promote MENTAL illness.

    Here is another time in which OUR methods of solving a problem are pigeon-holed. I will be, like you Eric, maintaining my weight training and my running miles in the sunshine, as well as my intake of antiviral supplementation.

    The one thing that seems to be holding true is that those who have been previously exposed don’t seem to be again falling ill, and by their asymptomatic amelioration of repeated exposures, are also “stopping the spread”. Which is unlike the Anointed, who seem to be bewildered that they ARE falling ill, and sometimes fairly severely.

    Never stop fighting for and supporting alternatives, in every avenue of life.

  21. The consent of the governed has been rescinded.‘ — statement at public hearing in San Diego

    On Sep 14, the public’s consent can be rescinded at the ballot box:

    “My biggest gripe with Newsom has been the handling of Covid,” barbershop owned Alex Chavez told me.

    ‘It’s clear that Newsom’s campaign knows he doesn’t test well with voters. Newsom doesn’t even front his own ads.

    ‘Some Democrats whisper, what if something happens to a certain 88-year old California Senator? Yep, Governor Larry Elder wouldn’t just have the power to make appointments to the judicial bench or state regulatory commissions. He’d have the power to swing control of the United States Senate.


    Over a year ago, hopelessly old-and-out-of-it Senator Dianne Feinstein was reported to have complained, when aides showed her the text of a bill, ‘It’s just a bunch of words.

    The demented old bat can’t even read no more.

    Larry Elder’s ability to appoint Feinstein’s replacement is reason enough to support him, even if he should shoot a dog in broad daylight, cook it, and eat it right off the sidewalk.

    The wretched, mentally disabled Feinstein, blindly hogging a seat in the Senate, is a rebuke to all of us. Californians can fix that disgrace.

  22. Data point from Chelan Co, WA. >90 masking in my local Safeway. I was still served, mercifully.
    Went to 3 other small businesses yesterday, all employees masked-up when I entered. I was still served.
    I intend to keep trying.
    Bad news: wanna-be-king Inslee decreed 100% vaccination by Oct 18. So I will have to resign as a volunteer firefighter.
    I know a fully vaccinated couple that are still getting over being really sick with covid. The “vaccine” doesn’t work, so why the fuck are we being forced??
    I am so done will all this shit!

    • This is great, Steve! The idjit-tyrants who think they are ostracizing us, are really instead forcing us to do what we should have been doing of our volition long ago- i.e. to separate; drop-out; not participate; form our own groups; cease being one of their ‘assets’.

      This will have the effect of causing the best, most competent, most conscientious to withdraw from society at-large, and thus leave their world to stumble along dysfunctionally with the 90% who are mediocre at best, which will result in the decay and crash of their system.

      They are actually doing us a favor.

      This is just the beginning of the end…and already, businesses are having trouble finding competent help at any price.

      • Imagine, if you will, thousands of galts gulches gleaming across the country, thriving as statist strongholds shrivel like salted slugs in the sun.

        • Funny, Anon & Waxed,
          I wasn’t even thinking of the Atlas reference when I penned…err…keyboarded the above…but I was thinking about it last night as I was considering how this whole world has turned overtly totalitarian. I was thinking: “Surely there must be places in the world, in remote corners of nations where there is little infrastructure or enforcement once one gets out of the more populous areas, where people who share our values and culture may have gone Galt…but are likely keeping quiet about it, so as not attract attention and spoil it.

          Here, it would be largely impossible, as enforcement and infrastructure are literally everywhere- even in the middle of the desert. Pretty much impossible in the first world…but there may still be hope in some far-flung places.

          Hey, what ever happened to Biden’s door-to-door vax apologists?

          • Even enforcers gotta eat. No food, no work. If the whole thing really does collapse, there will be lots of places to go. No one will come looking for you unless you make yourself conspicuous.

  23. I was in my local Ace Hardware today. Not a single sign posted re:kabuki, only some sad half empty and totally nasty hand sanitizer near the carts. Not sure if Ace requires all employees to diaper but all were diapered except one, the longtime asst. mgr. Go figure. Customers 60/40 undiapered to diapered. I didn’t confront anyone but had this back and forth in my head on the drive home about all of the reasons for diapering given over the last 15 months vis a vis what goes on now. The cognitive dissonance ended with me assuming, and this may have been said on here before, that the diapers are simply facial political bumper stickers that signal I love Senile Joe and/or, to borrow Eric’s term of the day, homunculous.

  24. The adverse even record keeps piling up. And since there has been no long term safety testing, we have no idea if or when it may stop. The FDA decided this is A OK. And approved a vaccine that has little effect, other than the ever increasing evidence that they are the CAUSE of the variants. I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but the WHO, CDC, FDA, and similar are agents of Pharma, not their watchdogs.

    • ‘I know, I’m preaching to the choir’ — JK

      Meanwhile, the Lügenpresse carries on spewing its weaponized drivel to its choir of simps and suckers:

      ‘Anyone can report events to VAERS (vaers.hhs.gov/reportevent.html) and a disclaimer on the CDC’s website says: “The reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable.”

      ‘When downloading the data, users are presented with a further disclaimer that the data do not include information from investigations into reported cases. The disclaimer also says “the inclusion of events in VAERS data does not imply causality.”


      ‘Missing context. The posts show number of VAERS death reports out of context to falsely claim that thousands of U.S. vaccine recipients who died after getting the vaccine died as a result of getting the vaccine.

      ‘This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team.’


      Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the decedent died after getting my client’s bullet, but not as a result of his bullet. You must acquit!

      • If the same standards were applied to the vaccines that were applied to the virus, we would be waging a war against the vaccines instead of the virus.

      • Anyone can send in a safety defect report to NHTSA too. Yet the media has never let that stop them reporting on the most recent automobile model that has gathered too many such reports. The Covid19 vaccines are special apparently. If they were automobiles this would be bigger than all the past stories the media beat the drum on put together. Including Takata air bags.

  25. ‘a “vaccine” that not only doesn’t cure sickness (39 percent efficacy in 90-plus percent “vaccinated” Israel) but makes lots of people very sick’ — EP

    When Israel began its third booster dose program on July 30th, its daily ‘case’ rate was 221 per million people. Yesterday its ‘case’ rate reached 843 per million … a 3.8-fold increase, and one of the highest in the world.

    At first, booster doses were offered for those aged 60 and over. Then the threshold was lowered to 50, and — as of last week — to 40.

    More than 1.2 million Israelis have received their third shot, says Haaretz. That’s more than a third of the eligible over-40 population.

    But it ain’t workin’. The more desperately Israel triple-vaccinates, the higher its covid case rate soars. It’s almost as if the vaccine itself is fueling the spread — as in (whisper it, comrade!) Antibody-dependent Enhancement.

    How spectacularly does Israel have to face plant before it gives up on Pfizer-Fubar and tries something that actually, you know, works for a change?

    • Oh wow, I did not know this. I assumed the ADE was being caused by the antibodies of the second jab wearing off. I would be interested to know if the majority of the vaccinated that are hospitalized if they have been jabbed twice or three times.

      I believe it was helot that posted a YT video a few days ago that showed a PhD speaking at a school board meeting basically announcing that the first jab reduces your immunity by 15%, the second by 35%, and the third jab kills all immunity. It would be pretty astounding if the PhD is correct. I would love to get my hands on this study though. I guess we can watch if Larry Hogan passes (MD governor and third jabber).

    • The only thing I can figure is that Delta is such a weak-ass bug that even with x times the viral load that most shanked are still surviving.

      Could this be ADE but thankfully with such a mild pathogen? In the Dengue shank disaster there was no such thing as “mild” Dengue so perhaps the mortality was amplified.

      I know they claim the viral loads are similar from shanked vs. unpoisoned but they could also be lying.

      • Hi David,

        If reason – if facts – mattered, we’d consider the following:

        About two thirds of those who get seriously sick from whatever-this-is are obese or elderly; often both. If you take that into account, the threat of serious sickness to the 99-plus percent of the not-obese, not elderly population is trivial. It is certainly no reason for treating everyone as if they were obese and elderly and in danger of dying from whatever-this-is.

        The obese should be encouraged to lose weight; perhaps they should be disallowed from buying certain foods – such as fast food. I am just kidding, of course. Rather, they should have to deal with the consequences of being obese. They should be free to assume the risks – and accept the consequences. The rest of us should be left . . . free.

        The elderly? Same precautions as always – exercised by them and those who care for them. It is not the obligation of the young and healthy to chain their lives to the elderly and sickly.

  26. I never thought I would actively watch the key get turned on this in my lifetime, but it sure did. The only thing I see left that is worthwhile is to try as hard as I can to detach from this evil system before it gets us all. Looking for like minded people is like finding survivors in the desert, but we must. The believers are already gone.

    I have talked with many who claim they would take a bullet before being needled with this poison. I pray that they hold true to this, as I watched many of them diaper for various reasons last year. I believe most will fold when they are forced with the choice between the needle and starving.

    I am prepared to feast on apparatchiks if that’s what it takes. Do not comply.

    • There are other choices than the needle or starving. If there’s a market for alternative food sources, it will be filled, legal or not, just like drugs. Or one could go full outlaw and highjack deliveries. Until they become emaciated, people will do extraordinary things to feed themselves. Many of them not pretty.

      • Unfortunately, the typical Americanus Boobus does not posses many skills outside of packing their faces with garbage and staring at screens. You are correct that people become desperate when hungry. That’s why it’ best to be as far from it as you can afford to.

        Picture FEMA gruel lines. No needle, no food. I think people underestimate the US population and what it takes to feed everyone that is not self sufficient.. Just a little planned food shortage here, a little civil unrest there. They are capable of things that you or I can’t imagine because we are not power hungry psycos.

    • I intend to be generous- rather than take a single precious bullet, I will selflessly give some away.
      Think of it as an injection which isn’t necessarily lethal.
      After all they are telling us it is OK to inject us against our will- surely then they would approve of this.

      • Well said, Erewhon.
        There is precedent for using heavy metals to fight disease.
        Mercury was once used as a treatment for syphilis.
        (Ten minutes with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury.)

        Hot lead injections: proven highly effective against many common parasites, particularly of the “government worker” variety.

  27. ‘As the Diapers come on – again – perhaps this time so will the gloves.’ — EP

    Lectures from leeching liars are getting very damned tiresome:

    ‘The Banner Poison & Drug Information Center in Phoenix is warning patients from using Ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19. Ivermectin is “a prescribed antiparasitic medication typically given to animals.”

    “Higher doses can cause significant illness in humans,” states Dr. Daniel Brooks, medical director of the Banner Poison & Drug Information Center. “Ivermectin is not approved for the treatment of COVID-19 illness and should not be taken. Animal formulations are not intended for human use.”


    Lies … all lies … poison lies. Although introduced as a veterinary drug, ivermectin has been used to treat humans since 1988. ‘Typically given to animals’ is a deliberately misleading half truth to sucker the uninformed and the credulous.

    For acute oral toxicity, Merck’s safety data sheet lists an LD50 of 50 mg/kg for rats, 25 mg/kg for mice, and >24 mg/kg for monkeys. By contrast, FLCCC’s recommended dosages of 0.2 to 0.4 mg/kg for treating covid are 0.8 to 1.6% of a 25 mg/kg lethal dose — that is, the equivalent of taking a single aspirin tablet rather than scarfing down all 100 tablets in the bottle. That’s an enormous safety margin.

    The pandemic has ripped the mask off the swindlers and hustlers with ‘MD’ after their names, willing to shill swill for Satan instead of saving lives. Physician, eat shit.

    • But it is intended for human use, Its just that the Medical Industrial Complex has denied us access to the intended for humans source, leaving us no choice but veterinary sources. Millions have been MURDERED by this policy.

      • It’s now a full-scale media assault. From a Twitter post:

        U.S. FDA

        Aug 21
        You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.

        Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19.


        Antibiotics, to name one example, are also widely used on animals.

        Can you imagine the FDA warning,

        ‘You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop using antibiotics.

        All lies, all the time, from the lying liars of the Gov/Media axis.

        • I often buy products from veterinary supply. Think about it. The guy who owns a million dollar horse is NOT going to tolerate a toxic product. And he has the resources to make it stick.

      • Methinks the 1998 film Armageddon got it right re: medications…

        Dr. Banks: [going through the roughnecks’ medical reports] Fail. Fail. Depressively fail! One toxicology analysis revealed ketamin, that is a very powerful sedative!

        Harry: Sedatives are used all the time, doctor.

        Dr. Banks: Well this one’s used on horses.

        Harry: Some of these guys are pretty big.

    • Ivermectin has been in use around the world in humans for decades, and most recently in treating the respiratory illness labeled convid. The enemy is the FDA and all other alphabet agencies. NIH paper published May/June 2021 confirms this (in relatively plain English).


      Just like “mask required” signs, the cardboard only has the power that you give it.


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