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Video – her own bodycam video – has surfaced of a female armed government worker angrily ranting about the people she “serves and protects” in general and “niggers” in particular.

Cincinnati AGW Rose Valentino can be seen – and heard – having a near nervous breakdown on account of “niggers” not showing due deference to her Authority. As she approaches the government building where armed government workers deposit the “ticket’ stubs that inventory the extortion the AGWs have spent the day “serving,” she encounters some cars parked alongside the curb, where parents are dropping off their kids to go to the adjacent government school.

She flashes the lights of her taxpayer-financed AGW-mobile at them.

“Is she gonna fucking just sit there?”

“Arggh! I hate ’em so fucking much!”

And then . . . “niggers!” “I fuckin’ hate ’em.”

How many “niggers” has Valentino jacked up? How many people, in general? This woman – who clearly has poor judgment as well as severe anger management issues – was given a badge and a gun.

There are lots of AGWs just like her, out there.

Leftists have used this legitimate worry to call for “defunding” the police. A more legitimate thing would be to end police. Or rather, armed government working. As distinct from peace-keeping, which does not require government.

People keep the peace. Armed government workers destroy it, under the pretense of “law and order” – by which is meant, follow our orders – because it’s the law.

Valentino – who was worshipfully profiled in a TeeVee special, Police Women of Cincinnati – was characterized in a “duty” report as a “hard worker” who (wait for it) “uses good judgment.” She also showed her family bodycam footage of a homicide – for their entertainment. She had previously been arrested for physically attacking her sister and brother-in-law – and repeatedly beat a car with an umbrella. For which she was not “relieved” of her badge and gun.

Let that one sink in a bit.

She was ordered to attend anger management therapy – and you can see how well it worked.

Maybe this time – after this outburst – this mentally unstable person will be relieved of “duty.”

And her government-issued badge and gun.

. . .

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    • Hi Anon,

      The point is that AGWs regard all of us as “niggers.” Note that this AGW attacked her own sister and brother-in-law, presumably white. She is an unstable, dangerous person – made more so by the badge and gun. AGWs do not care about your “safety.” They care about their power – and that you submit to it.

      • There’s always going to be people power tripping. That’s just an unfortunate aspect of human nature. Private/community policing would be no different.

        • Anon, I agree with your first two sentences, but not with the third.
          How would a private security company stay in business if its employees were constantly pestering and mistreating the customers who were paying them, instead of fulfilling the terms of their contracts?

        • Hi Anon

          The difference is in a free market, there is competition. If your employees are annoying/abusing your **Customers** you will lose those customers. Unlike with the various Gangs (governments) that rule us. Unlike the mafia types, the private types can’t make you a “deal you can’t refuse”. Rothbard went into the details of it here.

      • Hi Publius

        I’m far, FAR beyond help. But thanks for replying. 🙂

        I could have used an old Adams family quote; “Does your family suffer from mental illness? No. We enjoy every moment of it!”

        • BJ,

          That reply was to Anonymous, not you.

          Was narcissism a part of your diagnosis? /snark

          I didn’t realize there were so many replies in that particular sub-thread, I should have been more specific.

          • Hi Publius

            Narcissism? Among other things. Lets not be more specific, or the Hidden Masters or the Great Vorpal Rabbit Goddess might take notice. 🙂

  1. In most countries, including the US, private security guards already outnumber government cops. Of course they are not all angels either, but for the most part you don’t notice them as they quietly go about the business of protecting their clients’ lives and property.

    The main objection I hear when I propose that all security services should be private and for-profit is that it would be out of reach for all but the richest. That’s because what comes to mind immediately for most people are the private bodyguards who accompany celebrities. Yes, that’s expensive. But to compare that level of protection to the level you’re getting now from government police is ridiculous.

    So compare apples to apples: How much would it cost to contract with a private company to send somebody out half an hour after you’ve been robbed and assaulted – to write down what happened? My guess is it would be pretty damn cheap.

    • Hi Roland,

      In re private security, etc:

      I know I am on my own, because when seconds count, a cop is minutes (as in 15-30 minutes) away. Out here in the country, we take care of ourselves – because have no choice. It’s too bad we’re still forced to pay for “services” of nil value to us.

      • Yes Eric, same here. It has been at least a year since I last saw a sheriff’s deputy on our county road.
        “But sir, you have to be reasonable: we can’t be everywhere.” To which I would reply, “So you’re agreeing with me: you’re useless.”
        But it’s not much better in the city. I recall one incident where a serious crime took place in a home that was literally next door to a St. Louis police station – and the perp got away.

        • Hi Roland,

          Yup. And – who’d a ‘thunk it? – serious crime is an almost non-issue out here in the Woods. Could it be on account of the fact that it’s a very safe bet any house a cretin might try to invade is very likely to contain armed and ready to use them country folk? I’ve lived in suburbia, where there were AGWs abounding (running radar traps and “safety” checkpoints)… I feel much safer where I live now, where one almost never sees an AGW but where almost everyone is armed.

        • Even when cops are on site, they are useless.
          Detroit’s “Freedom Festival” takes place between July 1st and July 4th yearly and (is supposed to be) a celebration of American Independence day, Canada’s Victoria day, and the friendship between both countries.
          This event takes place on both sides of the border, Detroit Michigan bordering Windsor, Ontario Canada.
          This event attracts tens of thousands on both sides of the border and is (supposed to be) a “family-friendly” event.
          At every “Freedom Festival”, roving black gangs have been snatching jewelry and purses from unsuspecting whites and getting away with it.
          There is a police presence, but it appears that they have been ordered not to interact with the crowd. In fact, police officers have been observed watching these crimes take place and doing nothing about it.
          In fact, people who have been accosted have been told to “file police reports” by the police officers on scene.
          Watching the “Freedom Festival” fireworks from the Canadian side is the only “safe” option.

          • Yeah, but most people living in Michigan know what Detroit is like.
            As far as I’m concerned, there is no reason to ever go there. I’m not afflicted by any affinity to sportsball or losing money at a casino, so Detroit is just this place on a map that I drive around when traveling.

            Speaking of that though, I do travel a lot, and if you’re from another state and want to joke about Detroit, go ahead, but I’ve seen your cities too.

      • Hi Eric

        You pay tribune to the various Gangs to keep their enforcer thugs away. Unless they get their “piece of the action” who knows what might happen? This scam has been running for centuries. Aided and abetted by the illusions/delusions foisted upon most people by the Gangs indoctrination centers (so called “education” system) and their cronies in mass/social media.

  2. Some experiences my family has had with cops:

    My mother, when she was single, was regularly harassed by the local cops. They would follow her car, shine lights in her windows. She was white, but poor. I think they like to pick on the poor, young people, and minorities.

    When I was young, in the 1970s, I was walking in a park in the winter, perfectly legal. I was the only one there. I saw a cop car near my car in the parking lot. I thought I better see what he wants, so he doesn’t have my car towed. At the time I was 19, so the car was registered in my mother’s name, as you can’t get insurance at that age.

    I approached the cop. He asked, “Is this your car?” I said yes. He said, “Are you Doris?” So he had run the plate, to know my mother’s name. I said no, that’s my mother. Then he said, “So it’s really her car.” I said, “It’s my car, but is in her name for insurance purposes.” But he kept insisting it was her car, not mine. We went back and forth on this for a while. Then he left.

    And, get this. That very same day the cop was hassling me over nothing, in the next town, a mentally ill man killed his mother and cut her head because he thought she was the devil. The cops in my town found him walking down the railroad tracks, covered in blood. Nothing suspicious about that, right? So what did the cops do? They gave him a ride into downtown Cleveland to the bus station. They helped a murderer escape.

  3. Dealing with low IQ miscreants can be extremely frustration. However, AGWs seek out confrontations over the most trivial “offenses”. The delight in finding reasons to interact.

    Like Mom always said, “If you go looking for trouble, you’re sure to find it.”

  4. I’d say she’s accurate but it’s stupid to let such sentiments be captured not just on ANY camera and mic, but the WORK one. Maybe subconsciously she wants to get fired, who knows.

    But I don’t blame her frustration over having to deal with jigaboos.

  5. Mister Liberty’s Immutable Law:

    Reasonable people of good will are not attracted to and never last in government positions because they’re either pushed out (do to their reluctance to victimize the citizenry) or are so repulsed that they quickly resign. Only psychopaths remain, which perfectly explains ol’ “good judgment” Rosey.

    There are no exceptions!

  6. To all you Libertarians out there: Be very, very wary of the “defund the police” movements! I myself was initially all for it, as I projected onto my own day-to-day routine as not needing any police at all. However, this “defund the police” is all a ruse, such that when underfunded police cant keep up with their community policing, the fedgovs will then step in and say, “See, we need a national police force, since the local ones cant perform!”

    A national police force is what they want, folks. Accountability to local police forces is what is needed.

      • Mike,
        Which there is zero Constitutional authority to establish. Not to mention it has been a cesspool of corruption since its creation. The first 40 years or so of its existence, it was run by J E Hoover, a cross dressing extortionist, who used the agency as his own personal blackmail generator.

    • Hey Tom,

      On the surface, “defund the police” didn’t seem like a terrible idea if it were done correctly, but it was certainly not a strategy of any kind if no specific targets for elimination were declared. When police are defunded, they tend to magnify their efforts on the side of revenue generation, and those things people would rather police WOULD do, as in show up when someone is trying to kill them, or maybe find their stolen property, go undone.

      They tend to do the easy things, such as pulling over and harassing people, which you might think should be the most inane activities and would go first when funds are low.

      No, in places where the police are “defunded”, the laws also allow for miscreants to do things that no libertarian would even condone, such as serial robbery, car jackings, assault etc., without said miscreants suffering much in the way of consequences. The only people who would really feel the full force of “The Law” would be those who take it upon themselves to defend themselves or their property.

      This leaves people feeling helpless, and pining for the “Law and Order”, and by the gods will they get it! Will it be a National Police Force (beyond the scope of the FBI)? Could be. Just a question of what people will tolerate.

      • Bad,
        I think it was Frederick Douglass who said something to the effect that “what level of tyranny you are willing to accept is exactly how much of it you will get”.
        Sociopaths and psychopaths abound that are eagerly looking for more ways to impose tyranny, if we let them.

  7. It’s sad that they censor it so heavily. People hear “the n-word”, and “beep, beeeep, beeep”, and it just doesn’t carry the weight the uncensored video would, whose airing would likely provoke the proper reaction: fire this vitriolic and probably unstable brown-shirt before something truly regrettable happens.

    • The idea that there are bad words is kind of hilarious. It reminds me of when I was a little kid watching movies on broadcast TV.
      “Gosh darn you all to heck!”

    • Bad,
      Indeed, if one has such attitude, I prefer to know who they are, much more than I abhor bad words. By forcing such miscreants to conceal their notions, we remain ignorant of who they are. Such is how censorship shoots the censors in the foot.

  8. Skip to 8:20 to see how she would probably react to a victim that tries to defend themselves.

    The model female enforcer from Cincinnati just reeks of an unstable alcoholic on SSRI’s who likes to enhance her experience with a dash of roid rage. I wonder if shes as fond of beating her wife as the male pigs are. Just my opinion but people convicted of violent criminal acts like this creature should probably be barred from police duty.

  9. When we look at what liberals are asking for, or more importantly what they’re *not* asking for, we can know that they actually care very little about police violence. At least not in general. Maybe for their protected classes to some extent. Maybe.

    Because, if they were the least interested in addressing police violence, they would try to reduce the myriad ways in which AGWs are allowed to intervene and thereby justify their over-the-top violence.

    Not a single word about that AFAIK. Did I miss that somewhere? I doubt it.

    Lastly, from personal experience, I’ve rarely witnessed such overt racism and violence from anyone ever as that of LAPD and SDPD (I grew up in S. Commiefornia). It’s absolutely jaw dropping and I didn’t grow up in particularly nice areas.

    I lived around gangs and lower income folks — mostly LIBERALS as a matter of fact — where whites hated Mexicans and blacks, Mexicans hated whites and blacks, and blacks hated Mexicans and whites — in no particular order.

    So similarly, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t take the general liberal wailing about racism at face value. The people voting for and agreeing with all this BLM/CRT nonsense are themselves QUITE the perpetrators of such very often and very casually.

    If it weren’t for being raised with Christian and conservative values, it’s likely I would have came up just like those that predominantly populated the environment in which I grew up. And while it shouldn’t matter, just to top it off, my family is considered to be “white” — you know the people that are supposedly inherently racist.

  10. I just wanted to say, as others have, that I’m really glad that you’re going back to addressing these issues. So very much of the corona hoax, Biden’s “amazing transition”, on and on, couldn’t have been made possible without these overzealous, violent, not-right-in-the-head cowards.

    Just like we gotta keep a pulse on the weaponized hypochondria, I think keeping tabs on these issues is similarly important! Thanks!

  11. Actually, she does have a point. Normally, I would side with the recipients of abusive cop behavior, but in this instance she is half right.
    Blacks have an false notion of “respect” and “disrespect” of which (mis)perceived violations of such must be settled in the most immediate way possible by argumentation and possible violence. Such behavior, especially when dealing with police is almost always counterproductive and quite often, results in unnecessary violence against the person stopped. Let’s face it, police have the “power” to make one’s life miserable if not loss of life itself without consequences for themselves.
    Blacks are too stupid to think of the consequences, although prisons are actually “finishing schools” for blacks, not unlike colleges and universities for Whites and Asians. Most urban blacks are proud to have done a stint in jail or prison. Incarceration is a “badge of honor” for them…”street cred”.
    “Three hots and a cot” are good enough for most urban blacks, along with the “down low” camaraderie that exists in prison.
    I’ve lived in predominantly black communities and have personally witnessed the false notion of “disrespect” that many blacks harbor–especially against whites and people in positions of authority.
    I realize that blacks can be and are targeted for aggressive behavior by law enforcement which is totally wrong and must be addressed. Blacks should be given the “talk” that non-aggressive behavior, especially in a traffic stop situation is necessary to avoid a violent confrontation and is the only way to go. Minimizing the amount of time in a traffic stop always goes in favor of the person stopped.
    If this makes me “racist”, so be it. I am speaking from a position of reality, street-wise.

  12. It seems being angry at everyone is a requirement for AGW’s; recently saw a clip on the “news” of a tatted up badged thug putting a choke hold on a fellow AGW who pulled him off some poor slob he was beating half to death. Of course this happened about a year ago and just now slipped out into the MSM. Probably got a few weeks of “administrative leave”, aka paid vacation, and then was unleashed back into society.

    • The woman AGW who pulled the violent officer off the suspect was herself charged with an infraction for stopping the act.


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