How AGWs “Date”

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A Rossford, Ohio armed government worker named Glenn Goss, Jr. has lost his taxpayer-financed job after using his taxpayer-financed vehicle and computer to cyber stalk a woman he thought might be impressed by his powers – or intimidated enough by the implied threat to agree to a “date.”

The woman, Emily Hacker, found herself being tailed by a black vehicle as she left Planet Fitness, where she had been working out. A few hours later, she received a creepy text from the AGW: “Had fun racing you on Crossroads and 795 earlier.”

And “you’re a hottie.”

The AGW found the “hottie’s”  name and contact details by running her license plate.

Hacker posted the texts on Facebook – where it has reportedly been viewed more than 25,000 times, including by  the AGW’s higher-ups.

This, of course, is not the first time for AGW Goss. According to news reports, another woman – Taylor Yarder – was personally contacted by Goss after a traffic stop.

Who needs OKCupid or Tinder when you’ve got a badge and a gun?

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  1. Sounds like the hero who plagued a friends coffee shop where I sometimes helped out. Overweight, obnoxious, arrogant, thinking he was god’s gift to young women (he was in his late 50’s). Hit on the 19 year old barista constantly (he was older than her own father). Finally got rid of him by discontinuing the free coffee for uniformed heroes………… bastard too.

  2. He did use the sheriff/[“police”] database for inappropriate personal reasons and apparently scare this woman by following her — odd way to break the ice — dude needs some ‘how to introduce yourself to a woman’ advice, but I give him some credit because at least he’s just romantic (or horny) instead of choking people to death or giving them fake speeding tickets.

  3. Well in all fairness, dating for a coproach is probably really REALLY hard. Nobody likes ’em, nobody trusts ’em, and they’re usually some amalgam of morbidly obese, drugged out on ‘roids, dumb as a box of rocks, and arrogant to the nth.

  4. Well shit, now he’s going to have to find another “law enforcement” job in another locale. And have to move there. Oh the agony.

    • ^^ THIS^^ Yup, canned in one place, apply to the next town over. Just try to be a little more discrete next time, would ya?

  5. One of the reasons why the barbarians are at the gates is because we have allowed the barbarians to guard the gates.

  6. Why didn’t he just wait till he found a chick who digs cops? They’re out there, and they’re more numerous than you think…


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