The End Has a Date

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The story goes that when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river with his legions and headed into Rome – something forbidden by the Republic – it signaled the end of the Roman Republic. A similar event has just occurred that heralds the end of the internal combustion-engined car.

Not because a lower-cost, more efficient and more practical alternative has been found – as happened when the Model T replaced the horse and buggy, without any bayonets shoved into the backsides of horse-and-buggy owners.

But because a higher-cost, less efficient and much-less-practical alternative has been found that requires bayonets shoved into backsides, for precisely those reasons.

Boris Johnson – the Caesar of Great Britain – has decreed that as of 2035 no one will be allowed to buy a new car that is not an electric car. Not even partially electric hybrid cars will be allowed.

Only electric cars.

Less than 15 years from now.

Car manufacturers – especially European-based brands such as Mercedes, BMW, VW/Audi/Porsche, Peugot (which just merged with Fiat – which owns the American brands Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram) and, of course, Jaguar/Land Rover – have been put on notice that there’s no future – not long from now – for other than electric cars.

And will therefore cease devoting resources toward the development of new cars that are not electric.

They’d be stupid to do otherwise.

The effect of this proscription – a Roman word whose original meaning is most apt in this context – will be felt much sooner than most people outside the car business may realize.

Far sooner than 15 years from now.

It takes years to conceive, develop, test and generally get a new car ready for the market. It takes years – often decades – to recover the costs of development including the tooling and so on necessary to manufacture it, build up spare parts inventory, train dealer service people – etc.

This is called the product cycle.

And less-than-15-years is too brief a cycle to spend much time – or money – developing new products that won’t be legal for sale by the time they are ready to be sold.

And so they won’t be developed.

Stagnation will ensue. Existing models that aren’t electric will receive a few updates here and there but it is unlikely many new models that aren’t electric will be released. Existing stock will be depleted – and not replaced.

Well, it’ll be replaced. With electric cars.

Whether there’s a market for them being irrelevant. Caesar will simply decree one.

All the brands mentioned above have already begun the switchover to electrics; not because there’s a market for them but because Caesar has said they will shortly be forbidden from bringing other-than-electric cars to market.

The reason it’s hard to buy a rifle – or even a pellet gun – in the UK isn’t for lack of a market.

It’s because the market has been illegalized.

Now, other-than-electric cars are to be illegalized. Not just there, either – and not just that. The UK ban will be followed by European bans – France has already banned. It will likely metastasize into a world ban.

American brands are international brands; they will make the “transition,” too. Caesar – our Caesar – may also do decree it.

The ban on selling new cars that aren’t electric cars will also be attended by a driving ban on cars that aren’t electric. Or heavy taxes on them, to punish their owners for not driving electric cars.

This is already happening – no need to wait until 2035. And not just in the UK. France and Germany currently proscribe the driving of other-than-electric cars in certain areas – and those areas will increase until it becomes proscribed to drive other-than-an-electric car anywhere.

You won’t be able to buy – drive – or sell.

Well, for much.

At the retail level – new and used – the prices of other-than-electric cars will shortly collapse, accelerating the end. Of what value is a car you can’t drive where you need to go – or which will cost you a fortune (in punitive taxes) to drive?

Or which you will have great difficulty selling given these two facts?

Caesar says “We know as a country, as a society, as a planet, as a species, we must now act.”

He means we must be forced.

Caesars always speak in euphemisms – to make their proscriptions go down easier.

We must be forced – because it’s the only way to get most people into electric cars, for the same reason it would have been necessary to force most people back into their horse-drawn buggies.

Only the Amish go willingly.

Caesar says we must be forced because of the imminence of a bug-eyed “climate crisis” – predicted to arrive by 2030 – hence the hysteria of language and of legislation. But what happens when we get to 2025 – just five years from now – and the “climate” isn’t in “crisis”?

The jig will be up. Hysteria will abate – or at least, become recognized as hysteria. Those still afflicted can be treated – by psychiatrists. It will be realized that the End Times scenarios peddled on the basis of computer models and false – simplistic – assumptions about hugely complex and naturally variable phenomena – the “climate” – were of a piece with the Heaven’s Gate cult and the shedding of containers.

But it will be too late for the rest of us.

We’ll have been forced out of our cars and into electric cars – for those who can afford them. The rest of us will be forced to ride-share in electric cars or move close enough to where we need to be in order to walk there.

Which accounts for the urgency; the need to “act” – now!

If people are given too much time to think about it, they might have second thoughts.

Before it’s too late.

. . .

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  1. While Boris Johnson seems better than the competition there (he did finally do Brexit) this latest degree is crazy of course. But UK politics are far more “woke” than ours. Very little actual freedom there. Full of CCTVs and crazies stabbing locals with knives.
    However, setting deadlines and decrees as we know doesn’t change reality. Otherwise those Five Year Plans the Communists loved would have left the West in the dust. Just look at how the progressive Dems managed to screw up something easy, like the Iowa caucuses. Nothing like mandating instant change to create chaos.
    I think the UK including Scotland/Wales is roughly the size of Pennsylvania. So having charging stations near enough for short range EVs might work, but thousands will be needed. UK drivers other than truckers don’t often travel very far. But how is this Green? They have few if any nuclear plants which don’t create carbon discharges. Oil and gas will also be verboten by then. What, wind and sun? Pretty cloudy in England nearly always. Wind and storage of that power is iffy (the battery problem) and windmills ugly. Where is the EV power coming from? Well, the Greenies want primitivism (and mass death) so looks like that is in the forecast for them now. Or some future politician can degree some new magical solution for that. Magic will be the New Science.

    • It’s ironic there’s so much off-peak power produced in Texas the wind companies pay someone to take it. Tesla can’t sell vehicles in this state and it doesn’t look like that will change. And due to ERCOT, Texas is not connected to the rest of the US grid. At least one bureaucrat had a decent idea and got the pols to go for it.

  2. I found this story on The title of the next story down was “The Height of Idiocy”. That probably should have been the title of this one. All electric cars worldwide is a mathematical impossibility. Period. Its pretty easy math. Lithium is a rare earth mineral and the best lithium batteries return ~1/30th the energy by volume and ~1/50the energy by weight compared to gas. The energy that is used to charge these batteries still mostly comes from burning fossil fuels then transmitting it at a 30-40% loss at a minimum. So there is no energy efficiency or fossil fuel emission reduction to be had here. Just as there is no actual Global Warming to be remedied. But politicians don’t do energy equations, they do virtue signaling. And it works for as long as nobody is held to account. But you can be sure that by 2035 Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron will be lying next to Jimmy Hoffa and we’ll still have gas cars. Because mathematical realities affect corporate bottom lines, and corporate bottom lines run the world, not Boris Johnson. Elon Musk is a brilliant visionary, but he is also an engineer and knows engineering realities. And do you see him sending electric rockets into space? No. So why would you listen to his nonsense about all electric cars? Sure he’ll sell you an electric car that the government footed half the cost of, but when its entirely his money on the line (SpaceX, Boring Company) everything runs on conventional fuels. Hmmmm. If Elon Musk can’t defeat the math you can be sure Boris Johnson is completely talking out his boring hole.

    Even to a politician this reality is complete poison, and not something they could actually survive were it to happen. What saaaafety obsessed police force is going to risk leaving their cops stranded on the side of the road in dead battery cars? What happens when a Hurricane knocks out the energy grid and 5 million people are trying to evacuate in cars with 150 miles of range and no means to charge? I’ll tell you what will happen, tens of thousands of people will be injured or die and Boris Johnson will be hung by his nuts. And are we supposed to fight all our wars on battery power? For 45 minutes a day until the tank stalls and the planes fall out of the sky and everyone knocks off of the day while the war machine charges? Its all so far from reality that I laugh in the face of the mere suggestion. All of this to fight Global Warming? It showed in Austin Texas today. Clowns will clown, but reality will only ever be what it can realistically be.

    That said the future of cars is hybrid, and I offer the magnificient Porsche 918 as proof. Its so undeniable that Boris and Co. will be the ones who will have to wear tinfoil hats and bury their heads in the sand not to accept it. Nearly 900 HP, 0-60 in 2.2 seconds and 78 mpg! Yes those are the real, proven figures if you didn’t know. And it charges its own batteries from its own fuel and momentum with no transmission costs or charging infrastructure required. Comparing this to any all electric, real or imagined, the market viabilities are more lopsided than the Chiefs playing against Helen Keller in the Super Bowl. The idea that General Motors and Exxon/Mobil are going to bankrupt their businesses kowtowing to Boris Johnson is beyond absurd. BMW is dying from just the promise of going all electric, and JLR are bankrupt and currently can’t even afford to run their gas vehicle production lines. GM and Ford can make better cars by making them hybrid. But they know they’ll make themselves fossils by trying to go all electric, and that’s just not gonna happen. Its fun to entertain all of these ideas because we haven’t yet reached crunch time. But when crunch time comes it will be Boris, Emmanuel and Elon who get crunched. Gas hybrids are the most market viable option (assuming we aren’t flying hybrid passenger drones by 2035, which is actually far more probable). And nobody has defeated the power of markets in all of human history. The USSR could have nuked the UK off the map 10,000 times over in its heyday, but this Marxist juggernaut ultimately fell to the power of the free market. How much do you have to suspend disbelief to even suggest that some second rate Marxist, living on a literal island, will succeed where they failed? This future isn’t happening. There’s nothing I’m more certain of than that.

    • Yep, a traditional hybrid powertrain offers the best bang for the buck…batteries used are a fraction of the capacity of a full EV so even replacing them after a decade or so (e.g Prius) is a reasonable expense.

      Though lithium isn’t one of the rare earth metals…the latter are usually found in the EV motor.

    • Musk a “brilliant visionary”? An “engineer”?

      In my day, engineers had to go to engineering school, prove they could solve difficult engineering problems, and be awarded a sheepskin with the word ENGINEER hand lettered theron before he could claim to be an engineer. Musk is a CODER; perhaps a good one, but he couldn’t engineer his way out of a paper bag. And having been a voracious devourer of science fiction comic books during one’s youth does not a visionary make, much less a “brilliant” one. So much for Elon Musk.

      • Sally, that’s a damn good comment. Musk is an egomaniac, pure and simple(the key word, simple). He thinks a great deal of himself. Wow, what a guy.

      • Musk has a mechanical engineering BS degree as I recall. He’s never used it. It doesn’t matter, I’ve encountered people with engineering degrees that can’t design their way out of wet paper bags before. The system we live in uses school as a sorting system, but being good at school is a skill of its own. Those who are good at school can get any degree they want. Doesn’t mean they’ll be good at the field they studied even if they get straight A’s.

        Because Musk never worked as a mechanical engineer developing product he and his companies miss several key things about product development. Some of which I’ve discussed previously with regards to Tesla Motors here before.

        • Morning, Brent!

          In re Musk: Engineering without economics amounts to digging the very best holes and then filling them back in with sand just perfectly.

          If all the wonderfulness Elon eructs about his cars were true, the mandates and subsidies wouldn’t be needed. It’s so obvious – yet so frustrating – because so many people seem unable to follow this simple logic.

          I personally dislike electric cars; I find them without soul, boring – their quickness notwithstanding. But I would concede their superiority – or at least, their reasonable alternativeness – if they were roughly as practical as non-electric cars and cost-competitive with them on the free market.

          I doubt that will ever be the case. It is certainly not the case now.

      • E-loon is the other kind of engineer- the kind who drives a train. In his case, it’s the Crony-Capitalist Express! Making stops in Subsidopolis, Fasciston and Bullshitistan!

  3. The date 2035 is interesting.

    I have been paying attention to economist Martin Armstrong ( He has done much work with economic cycles and calls for a massive change, a crash so to speak, around Christmas of 2032 with his (global) economic confidence model.

    We just had a turning point in the current cycle two weeks ago. Much if it has to do with the end of the United States as we know it. The Constitution has flaws simply because the people have flaws. The rest of the West is in a similar position. We would need to go back to the bubbles of the early 1720’s to get an idea of what the 2030’s and beyond will be like.

    Accordingly, any long-term objective set now will fail; the products of such objectives won’t last long. A 2035 deadline like this should pass away, simply because the enforcers will have enough to do just to stay alive.

    Formerly Great Britain, now Little America, is an overpopulated archipelago. A crowd of over 60 million will have a very difficult time surviving as the 21st century progresses and that has nothing to do with Brexit; merely getting the British fed will be a bigger challenge than constructing Stonehenge.

    Patrick Henry was correct: liberty or death.

    • “They” keep postponing the dates. First (back in the late 80’s when I first got into this stuff) it was supposed to the year 2000, when cars would be eliminated, and the big crash would come….then 2020…..most recently 2030- and now it looks like it may be inching up again to 2035 or who knows where from there- and the prognosticators keep upping their dates accordingly.

      I’m sure the real rulers have a more static time frame- but things tend to be done this way in public view, because it is the best way to get even the most zealous “conspiracy theorists” to lose interest and eventually say “Oh, they keep saying it’s coming, but it never does!”. It’s when they get you to relax and think it’ll never come…THEN it’ll come.

      I’ve learned not to put stock in dates. They don’t proclaim in readily-available black and white what their true plans are!

      Personally, I’d say a lot is going to happen before 2035 or even 2032. 2020-2021 may well prove to be pivotal. Things can not go on as they are now going; the fabric of society is too damaged, the economy is already propped-up on cardboard boxes…..

      Nissan is on the verge of folding NOW- it is suddenly worse off than even Chrysler. That is huge. How much do you hear about it? By projecting those dates out into the future, they are causing us to look past the trees for the forest.

      • Nunz, I had my first bidness deestroyed by an idjit in the WH believing we’d reached “peak oil” WTF ever that is, in 1973. If I’d already been established like my uncle(the other had just died), I could have made it although probably not that well but who knows? I did have the best chance of getting exclusive contracts locally and I was a good mechanic.

        Just goes to show, there’s nothing a politician can’t ruin…….entire industries and whole countries. Dumbass peanut farmer and then has the gall to “speak” to the whole nation live via tv in front of a meager fire and wearing a thick sweater in the White House…….with the goddamn a/c going. What a duplicitous shithead, shoved right there between two other shitheads and after one of the worst shitheads right before the next worst several more shitheads.

        Trump gets off a legitimate charge by illegitimate means and I can’t feel bad since the alternative would be a communist shithead next election.

          • Yep, Tricky Dick was in the WH in 73 and was part of the conspiracy to create an “oil shortage”. But it was Carter who nearly destroyed the country and did destroy the independent truckers of the day with 55mph PSL.

            The SOB should have been forced to build us a house….and every other trucker. But instead he built houses for those people who were/are just representative of the people LBJ was supposedly helping. And LBJ was such a racist he probably enjoyed signing a bill that would destroy the colored race.

            Was Kennedy good for anything except wanting to rid the country of the OSI/CIA deep state? Probably not(ask what you can do for your country…….my red ass).

            Sorry to say since then it’s been one bought and paid for deep state shill. Imagine, going to one of those conventions and cheering and going apeshit for a politician of any stripe with the exception of Ron Paul, who was the closest thing we ever had to libertarian values. Dr. No is exactly what this country has needed my entire life.

            That election with the popular candidate that only got shut out by the old guard Republicans was as close to a decent human I’ve seen run for any office in my life. Well, there’s one good thing about being old. I won’t have to endure too many more elections.

            I wish the collective of Moms Demand Action would come to disarm me. Of course I’d need to buy more ammo to take care of the ensuing coyote and vulture population but I might get it with a “Go Fund Me” style of begging.

            Of course, they want other people with guns to take mine. The gutlessness of the people of this country is unbelievable. Must be the psych drugs in the water. I can’t account for the lack of “balls” any other way.

            If you want some pretty good proof of this, watch a doc called FLOW, For Love of Water. It’s an eye-opener for everyone that hasn’t seen it.

      • Creating infinite amounts of fiat currency out of thin air is not a sustainable economic model, and will therefore eventually end. I suspect that the crackup will be spectacular.

        • Sad thing is too, Hank, it ain’t just the money; but so many people today- even grown men and the edumacated, basically don’t know how to do anything of worth. They occupy cubicles or are menial labor…..but few are capable of actually producing an actual product or performing an actual service on their own, in exchange for value.

          The people are effectively as worthless as the currency…. 🙁

          I had a friend years ago- a grown man- and a Libertarina, no less, who literally couldn’t tighten a screw, or fix a flat tire on a bicycle. I had to stop being friends with him, despite often being in philosophical agreement with him about many things, ’cause he was just too pathetic.

          When this artificial economy with it’s worthless currency does crash….it indeed is going to be spectacular, because it’s not just going to be financial; it’s as if the currency has become a metaphor for many of the people around around us.

          Capable people of integrity can always carry on, and find another method of storing and exchanging value regardless of currency- but people whose value has been as artificially inflated as the currency, via their willingness to just obey the system and seek whatever value they could get from it by any means, will fall with the currency which allowed them to pursue such an orientation.

          This will be quite different than the Great Depression- because then, there plenty of capable people still around, and who still possessed things like land and tools- and largely owned their possessions outright- It was typically only the rich who were afflicted with debt. Today…things are quite different…..

          One thing will likely be the same though: It will be yet another excuse for unprecedented government growth, interference and trampling of what little remains of our liberties. I hope to be out of here before it happens!

          Just like in the Great Depression, it will be “All hale our savior The Government! -(The ones who caused what we need to be saved from in the first place!)”.

          • Nunzio, Those are all great points. The division of labor has created vast wealth over time, but in it’s current incarnation of intangible value, those without essential life skills are going to have a very difficult time when the music stops. If you can’t provide that which sustains you for yourself, you’ll need to depend on someone else to provide for you. If you depend on someone else, you still need to have something of true intrinsic value to exchange for those provisions. I personally prefer to depend on myself as much as possible and try to produce most of my own food and all my own heating fuel from my own land as well as doing all my own construction and mechanical repairs.

            Like you say debt is going to be an anchor around the necks of those who carry it.

            I also agree that the State has never let a good crisis go to waste. Every disaster is always used to increase State power and restrict liberty. This has been a distinct trend throughout history, and though I see many trends that I loath, I’d have lost my ass betting against them.

            I know I’m just echoing what you said.

  4. For the truth on climate hysteria go to or search for “Tony Heller” on YouTube. He exposes the climate hoax with real data, facts and graphs. Most people have no clue of the draconian lifestyle changes would be imposed on them if the climate nazis get real political power. Not only transportation, but what and how much you can eat and drink, what temperature you can set your thermostat, rolling blackouts, pretty much total control. To save the planet, billions must die.

    Gun control and denial of internet access for “climate deniers” are first steps. They must be stopped soon.

  5. Once all personal vehicles are banned, I bet you a dollar to a doughnut that “ride-sharing” privileges will be rationed. Of course, the argument will go something like “Well, you don’t need to ride there. It’s only a 5 mile walk. Fewer “pods” running about reduces demand, which means less energy consumption and less waiting for other people who really need it.”

    Then again, this may actually be a good thing. Once the proles realize that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, maybe then all hell will break loose. After all, they said that the Roman Empire wouldn’t fall, nor would the Berlin Wall, or the Soviet Union, etc. History tells us that every single superpower or attempt at social engineering has failed at some point. Oh, but don’t worry! We can make it work this time, riiiiiiiiight?

    • Of course, BG- If the goal is eliminate personal mobility/freedom, why would “ride-sharing” even continue to exist? And who would provide it, since private cars and drivers would then be non-existant. Corps you say? I don’t think so, ’cause even farming the work out as they do now, to private people who own the cars, and pay their own insurance, and buy their own fuel, and end up making practically nothing in the end, the ride-share industry is already in trouble- not being able to turn a profit- and it’s getting worse every year- so imagine how expensive a ride would be if a company had to actually pay professional drivers; buy the vehicles (which wouldn’t last long); pay for insurance, maintenance, etc. etc.?!

      It’d be like taxis today- outside of just short basically walking distance trips in cities, you can spend $50 on a one way taxi ride and not go very far. (Last time I used one- and that was 20 years ago, in the ‘burbs- cost me $50 to go somewhere that takes 20 minutes to get to).

      Driverless cars will not be an option either; the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and the hightly complex cars, even if a workable system is ever developed, will be higher than just paying humans to drive).

      It’s what I’ve been saying all along- this stuff is designed to fail- because failure is the very point of it….to destroy freedom of mobility.

      • The reality is “farming”. We couldn’t exist in very large numbers without it. Did you see the latest JD electric tractor? Did you see Cat’s latest electric dozer? Just shut down the trucking industry and plagues will take care of the rest. There won’t be enough equipment to bury people fast enough.

        So Patriot Nurse, you might want to rethink your “ammo hoarder” rant again. When, not if, the SHTF, it will be the rural people who’ll survive. They are the ones who take care of getting petroleum from the grounds and to a refinery.

        Being cold gets old. We had some animal(skunk) get to our duckwork and tear it up right under the heater. We can’t use the heater and rely on electric heaters till it’s fixed.

        My neighbor is a pumper so he was out early in the dark working. He was showing 4 degrees when we were showing 3 here at the house. If this turns into the winter of 2015 we won’t be able to pay the electric bill or stay warm either.

        The energy companies have their priorities and electric vehicles aren’t one of them. They need parts and supplies constantly. Who do you think they’ll cut off first, the manufacturer and machine shops or the electric cars? And no Elion, we won’t be getting the brine and oil hauled by electric trucks.

        The best drilling rigs are all-electric. And the electricity if produced by diesel engines on site. It’s all a pie in the sky thing for the easily duped.

        Good luck selling that farmer electric equipment. Truck stops would be rare as hen’s teeth if we depended on electric trucks cause the electric source would need to be nearly everywhere. Just imagine the cost of wire and poles of various types. The costs get greater going underground. If I’m wrong, I’m dead wrong but I don’t worry about it.

        Henry Ford went into bidness on the model of making your own ethanol from whatever grew on your farm that wasn’t food. The discovery and fast production of petroleum products changed his mind in a few years. That’s not going away.

        Here’s an example. The Permian Basin is noticeably, as in using GPS monitors to record it’s level and it’s sinking and has been for a while. It will continue to sink but pumping oil won’t stop.

  6. Five years from now, ten, or twenty most people won’t question the climate change hoax. There will still be a handful of us deplorable dinosaur deniers, but the masses have been programed to KNOW that snow is black. The game is set up such that no matter what the climate does, even remaining static, that it will be depicted as a crisis and the indoctrinated will clamor for salvation. These are beliefs that are imprinted and cultivated from birth, just like any other religion. Evidence is no match for faith.

    All one has to do is look at the social engineering of the last 50 years to know exactly where we are headed. I want to be optimistic that the trends can be reversed, but the realist in me says, “fat chance”.

    • Yep. Trends can not be reversed when everyone from birth has a screen constantly in front of them on which those trends are constantly propagated, and on which all honest inquest, discourse, and reason has been almost 100% banned.

      This crap is taught in the schools (No time for trivial things like reading and writing and arithmetic) and reinforced in all forms of media, from TV and movies, to songs and social(ist) media. How would someone coming up today ever know any different? We, by contrast, appear as the crazy ones for not believing what everyone else believes “and knows is true, because that’s what all the eggspurts say”.

  7. How much more proof do we need that politicians are purely insane? Everywhere you look they decree the dumbest ideas into reality. The EU is on its last legs for a variety of reasons, mainly their debt problems and negative interest rates. The switch to EV’s is nothing more than a desperate government(s) seeking to tax its citizens to death and even after they die. Socialist governments, quite common in Europe, have promised pension payouts to public employees and they do not have the money to make good on those promises. Therefore, they need a scheme to tax more, steal more wealth and control the population…fake global warming is it. This has absolutely nothing to do with real and factual climate change, but with a hard driven agenda to save socialism. It is very simple to see that going back more than 150 years and then thousands of years, that climate has always changed despite man. Man’s activities have nothing to do with climate changes in the long term. Europe is doomed…the only question is if America is going to follow its path?

      • It wouldn’t even help a bit, SPQ. Too many people have drunk the Kool-aid; they’ve accepted a new god, and the doctrines that their political priests push are their accepted faith and creed. Get rid of the priests and they’ll just elect themselves new ones who peddle the same crap.

        Ya see it all around you. I am always mortified by how many people I hear lately ragging on “anti-vaxxers”, and gleefully signing their kids up for literally dozens of vaccines containing who-knows-what, and criticizing those who don’t do the same. Meanwhile, the government schools in my county and the neighboring ones have been shut down due to low attendance, because so many kids are sick- despite an almost 100% vaccine compliance rate. But what they see before their eyes doesn;’t matter, because they have been under the spell of the priests for so long.

        So too with “global warming” or gun control or letting your community be overrun with svages who shit in the street and consider your life to be less than worthless. They consent. The consent has been manufactured.

        • You’ve got it all backwards Nunzio. Do you really think it will be their vaccine damaged, autistic offspring who will be steering the future? Do you think the guy shitting in the street will be Elon Musk’s successor? These things you see as signs of doom are the very things that give me the most hope about the future. You can’t simultaneously self destruct and control the world. Us holdouts who choose to remain planted in the rational sphere will inherit the future with little or no effort. Didn’t you hear about the guy who got eaten by the polar bear he was trying to ‘save’ from climate change. Its priceless. When that is your competition in the game of ideas, the streets are basically paved with gold. Facts, science, markets, logic and reason are non-negotiable and don’t bend to political will. Things always have a way of rectifying themselves this way. There will always be losers, but it won’t be us. We’ll be flying gas hybrid passenger drones by 2035. I have no question in my mind. Quadcopter drones went from Arduino boards to near AI autonomy in less time than it took Tesla to bring a car to market. In under a year Lockheed Martin and the Drone Racing League developed an AI drone that can self navigate a racecourse. Its already very close to being competitive with the most elite human drone racers. PASSENGER drones went from zero to market faster than any electric car’s product cycle. So even talking about cars illustrates how narrow and uninformed their thinking is. Someday you’ll look back on Boris’s idiotic decrees and laugh almost as hard as I’m laughing at them right now.

        • “…and gleefully signing their kids up for literally dozens of vaccines containing who-knows-what, and criticizing those who don’t do the same.”

          This is the very reason why I refuse to get a “complimentary” flu shot. You couldn’t pay me to get one!

  8. This is a very prescient article ! I wholly subscribe to the intent of this prediction.
    What I would point out is that we do not have a GUN or AUTOMOBILE problem. We have leadership that no longer believes in the “Consent of the Governed”. They have abandoned the tenants of Magna Carta and the consequences will accrue to them. We have allowed the infiltration of sociopathic money mongers to the corridors of political and cultural power.
    If you watched the Stupid Bowl recently, you acquiesced in our own continued destruction by your seat at Bread and Circus.
    Our Virginia state leaders from Governor Coonman, to the Lt. Gov Fairfaux and the AG “Red to the Bone” Herrin all belong to oligarchs of the ilk of the Bloomturd, George Snortus and the late pussy king, Epstein. Until we cease fearing these tyrants, we are right back in a kingdom from which we seceded in 1776.
    Taking the 2A, our cars, our property and all else is their goal to subdue us.
    See this video for more information on the gas engine:

    • “If you watched the Stupid Bowl recently, you acquiesced in our own continued destruction by your seat at Bread and Circus.”

      Amen to that! And it’s not just football, either. Even though I tend to watch some games every now and then, it pains me to see grown-ass men (and women) boo-hooing and going ape-shit whenever their team loses. Hey, not my fault you was dumb enough to bet your entire life savings away! lol

      Oh, and it gets even better (worse). In between games, the useful idiots talk about how many points each player has racked up so far, their stats, what “plays” they should’ve done, etc. I mean, they got the shit down to a science! Some of them even go as far as decking their homes and rides with their teams’ merchandise. These fools have turned an otherwise enjoyable pastime into a frickin’ religion!

    • Hi Mark,

      Britain seems to be a kind of beta testing area for what comes here next. So many examples, including “gun control” as well as speed cameras and now . . . this.

      • People are literally ratting on neighbors for un-registered steak knives in London. Let that sink in. It has more cameras per sq ft than any other country. It is literally a dystopia. I hope to visit some of the country side though one day.

        • I used to imagine that the English countryside would be about the best place on earth- and it probably was- but today, it’s like California- a beautiful land ruined by the mental retardation of the people who inhabit it, and the tyrants who rule it.

          Only the rich can live in the country there- and like most of the rich here these days, they advocate the political mechanisms of their own destruction, so they are no better than the sdocialist masses who occupy every small town and city.

          It makes me literally want to cry, to think what has been lost there, in terms of culture, and the beautiful land, etc. Might as well nuke the whole freaking place now and get rid of all the scum and start over.

          BB, you would have loved this ol;d guy I was friends with back in NY. He was from northern England- which used to be like our South! Picture a small, more sophisticated well-spoken red-neck who could put away massive amounts of alcohol with little to no effect. The stories he used to tell! (Like: In the old days, his father had been a local bus driver. One day, drunkenly driving the bus around a roundabout, he knocks over a workman’s ladder, with the workman still on it….[My friend had also been a bus driver, here…].)

          • I have a theory and that is as people become more productive they have more wealth. In order to retain control over the population the base level expense in which to live must be increased. This keeps people struggling.

            But then there is a problem. Some people cannot be productive enough to afford the baseline expense of living. So a welfare state is created to subsidize those of lower productivity.

            Throughout the process government grows.

          • From the time I was small I wanted to emigrate to Australia. It seemed just right with virtually no towns and rugged individuals. About the time I might have moved they changed their laws to make it next to impossible to immigrate there and stay.

            A few decades later and I lost all desire after the gun ban.

            • Ha! EXACTLY the same with me, 8! By the time the Australia craze came around in the 80’s with Crocodile Dundee, the dream was over.

              Seemed to be a lot of kids movies back when I was growing up that were made in/took place in Outback towns….I was fascinated by the open spaces and (then) lack of government interference. (Cops were always a thing in American movies…never sqw a one in those nice little outback towns!)

              Seemed to me, that living on nice spread a ways from some Outback town was about as close to paradise as one could get, and while still even retaining the amenities of Anglo culture. NZ was pretty darn interesting too…. Now, just like here, Canada, UK, the places that were the beacons of culture and civility and sanity, are now steaming piles of crap which are now a lauighing-stock to the people who used to admire us; and our only hope is to find a little refuge amongst them if we can, while the former beacons of the world go down in flames.

          • “I used to imagine that the English countryside would be about the best place on earth- and it probably was- but today, it’s like California- a beautiful land ruined by the mental retardation of the people who inhabit it, and the tyrants who rule it.”

            Same here! I always admire the picturesque landscape from “across the pond”. Sure, we have rolling hills, plains, mountains and many other terrain features stateside. But there’s just something unique about the English countryside. Something royal (literally). The castles, manors and palaces that dot the landscape are nostalgic reminders of the “old world”; a very different time.

            Ironically, it seems that the least attractive countries actually turn out to be the most logical to live in.

          • Hell, Zenit, just look at what they’ve done to Guy Fawkes Day. Now, all they need to do is desicrate International Speak Like A Pirate Day (It’s probably “raciss” or something)….and there’ll be NOTHING left!

          • Hi Zenit,

            I’ll raise you in re Britain. Would it have been worse had Hitler successfully crossed the Channel? Britain doesn’t actually round up people for execution … yet. But in many ways, the government is as totalitarian and certainly more so when it comes to relentless monitoring and micromanagement of the populace.

            And if Der Chef had crossed the Channel, at least we’d have supersonic commercial air travel and probably bases on Mars.

            • Bases on Mars….then Trump would be signing the Martian Defense Bill (Mars is inhabited by Jews? 😉 )

              And calling someone a “Martian” if they’re weird would be politically-incorrect!

              (Hey Eric, didja get my email?)

      • Ya beat me to it, Eric!

        For at least the last 5 or 6 decades, if ya wanted to see what America was gonna look like a few years in advance, just look at the UK. London became a “diverse” shit-hole back when even NYC was still civilized and still had a large white working/middle-class.

        “Socialized” medicine.
        State intervention in every aspect of familial relationships.
        Surveillance/facial recognition, everywhere in public.
        Onerous traffic enforcement and vehicle inspections (Ya don’t see older vehicles driving around there, ’cause even superficial rust/body damage will fail ’em- and such has already made it here and is already being practiced in Massotwoshits)
        Rampant political-correctness (Already well-establ;ished in the 80’s there), rejection of traditional gender roles, sexual taboos.
        Toleration of everythinmg except absolutes/intolerance.
        Self-loathing Anglo culture/elevation of cretins and savages……

        The sun HAS set on the British empire, and the flowers have withered; the dead stems can not support themselves and stay standing much longer.

        • Amen, Nunz…

          Perfidious Albion… Hitler was right about one thing. Churchill destroyed the British Empire and – arguably – Western Civilization.

        • Hi Nunz! I can’t find the link but I recently saw a picture worth a thousand words, it was of a plaque on a building stating it was the birthplace of George Orwell and there was a surveillance camera mounted about two feet above it. The Brits outdo the Stasi, and the USSA isn’t far behind.

          • Hey Mike!

            Ha! That’s perfect!

            Amazing, isn’t it? All the surveillance, but absolutely no security! They promise “security” in their “utopia” in exchange for one’s liberty- but of course, they can not deliver, and even if they could, they wouldn’t, because without the constant threat of “crime” few would tolerate the squelching of liberty- so all one ends up with is tyranny, crime, AND no liberty- and that’s exactly what we have now.

            • Nunz, you gotta admit the shrub and Cheny crew managed, with the help of the MSM, to convince tens of millions or more of the idiots living in this land, they were only “safe” cause they did shit like taking away everyone’s freedom. Yeah, I’m still feeling that safety. If I get any safer I’ll be in Huntsville, for life and that’ll be a good deal for them since it won’t be long.. Cue, the Fugs.

              • Exactly 8- and it’s nothing new, either- Herding people into walled cities and perpetrating false flags so their enemies become your enemies… almost as old as “civilization” itself.

                The Shrub was definitely the most brazen, evil, blood-chilling example of my lifetime. From Grandpa peddler of Jew-snuffing ovens(Only for the ones that the “real” Jews didn’t want muddying-up their race), to Daddy put-Reagan’s-name-on-a-bullet to the rest of the crime fambly, it’s been a dynasty of crime, genocide and treason.

  9. Oh no! We won’t all be forced into electric cars by 2035, because that assumes that there will be an electrical generation and distribution infrastructure in place by then that could supply the juice needed for everyone to go electric; and that there will be an economy strong enough to enable most people to purchase new EVs every few years.

    Methinks this is to force everyone OUT of cars. Of course, come 2035, more people may start wondering where that electric infrastructure is, and why “global warming” never seems to come- or why switching from tailpipe emissions to smokestack emissions is somehow better….but it won’t matter, because the economically viable used car is almost a thing of the past now, already; and in a few more years there will be no more viable cheaper used cars, and no more new ICE cars….and once those things are gone, even if the greentard rules go the way of the dodo, the unwashed masses are still gonna be in automotive wasteland.

    Well, it’s nice to know that politics there are no different than politics here- no matter who or what ya vote for….same thing. Leave the EU…..but if you are still ruled by tyrants (or even just still ruled) and believe in the same BS that all of the other tyrants want ya to believe in……the same objectives of the defacto world government will still operate, regardless of name or professed party.

    The madness of this recent world! Alex/LH could be it’s leader!

    • Hmm something you said made me think of this. We all complain that there wont be enough generation on demand and the right converter in our garage. But what about the current power poles that are set up around the country? Many of those are 25-30 years old or worse. They may replace the transformer here and there but it is old infrastructure. Wouldn’t we need to replace all the power lines as well? (my mind cannot even fathom the cluster-fuck)
      What about rural communities who cannot charge at home. etc ad infinitum.
      Seems like this new age fascism is going to take a lot of work

      • The aim is not to improve the power infrastructure. The aim is to remove the masses from driving. Until everyone understands this nothing will change.

      • And what will fuel the electricity needed? If we have to depend on solar panels and windmills, we will be back to horse and foot travel, or government-exempted gas/CNG-powered mass transit. Why isn’t there more emphasis put on CNG? It’s clean and more efficient than electric power. The answer is that the ultimate goal is an immobilized, subjugated populace, completely dependent on government.

      • Exactly, BB! Every line (Never mind the ones on the poles…many are underground in many places!); every transformer; every substation….. The rural areas wouldn’t be too bad (Although electric cars are useless there, because of their range)- but imagine the cities and metro areas and big suburbs- and in many places the at least part of the infrastructure is 75 years old! Could imagine replacing all of that….everywhere, whilst building tons of new generators- within 15 years no less, even if they were starting today- and I don’t see them starting, or even planning to!

        Clearly, this BS is just the mechanism to deprive the masses of affordable personal transportation.

        But as long as people keep watching TV, and sending their kids to government schools…..they will continue to “believe”, right up until all of the cars are gone (and that will be long before 2035- ’cause the IC cars they’re making now are not viable much after the warranties expire, and cars old enough to be functional as economical transportation are already getting hard to find, and are selling for absurd prices already)

        This is another reason why I want to be in the third-world, where they never really had the automobile infrastructure, and thus life and communities are still built around being dependent upon cars, even in the most rural places- because very soon, here, it’s gonna be: Move to the city and ride the bus; pay a premium which we can’t afford to be able to continue driving suitable vehicles in the country, or live worse than third-worlders, trying to survive in the post-car wasteland without a car, and with no other way to deal with the situation.

        Heck, already, despite there being a few stores 5 miles away, one can not get basic produce or perishables without driving 17 miles one way. Living in a world thaty has always done things without cars, is a lot easier than living in a world that has been built around cars for the last 75 years, without cars. (And ironically, it’ll likely remain much easier and cheaper to keep a car in the former, whereas here, it will likely not be an option unless perhaps you are willing and able to pay a lot of money for the privilege.)

        • nunz the ruling communists care very little about rural folks. The problem with the third world is it can be pretty violent. Maybe Vietnam or Panama. If you can swing it Portugal. I’ll probably end up in Savannah GA.

          • Mark, I’m aiming for the South Pacific myself. Seems almost out of reach- so far away. But when it gets to the point where one has nothing left here, it may seem easier.

            I knew domeone who moved to Panama- he loves it- been there over a decade so far. For me though, it’s too involved with the US- and it seems all of C & S. America is….and it’s getting worse.

            I’ll likely use one of those places as a temporary base when I leave- likely Belize- just so I travel and fly without the TSA gang-rape (Funny- now one has to go out of the US to find a little freedom and civility)- and while I’m sure with some exploring one could find some good remote places still in S.A., for the same effort, I think I’d just as soon shoot for the islands.

            Its sad that we have to live in a world where I can say thank goodness I’m getting older…..

            • Nunz, I considered Panama very seriously till I was informed specifically about the only way to live there. I didn’t have enough money and not enough funds coming in on a regular basis. They just want cash cows.

              I had a friend who spent a lot of time in Belize in the 80s but that all went to hell with huge gangs(military style)tearing hell out of the country.

              It was/is a UK colony but it’s as hardass as you can get. WTF do you think I’m still in Texas?

              • 8, do you collect Social Security? If ya get $1000 a month or more, you’re in, as far as Panama goes (I just looked it up). Guy I knew went on a temp basis….crossed the border every 180 days, until he got a small busy-ness going and producing enough to let him stay as a permanent resident (Some kinda li’l specialty-food cafe by the water in a tourist area).

                Hmmm…ya worry me about Belize. Oftentimes, that’s the way it is in the cities- I take that for granted. I know someone who’s been there several times quite recently- He told me that our Amsih are moving there, up into the hills- so I thought that was very positive- but I will definitely investigate much more. Thanks for the tip.

                It’s amazing how fast such a big world gets whittled down to so few places. Between tyranny and violence…there are so few places to go where one can just be left alone.

  10. Hey Eric, I might have used a picture of Pontius Pilate from “Life of Brian” as “Caesar” in the article…”Stwike him, centuwian, vewy woughly!”

  11. A contradiction must inevitably implode on itself. Something the sci-fi technique of telling a robot everything you say is a lie.

    As with the Soviets, it will all collapse under it’s own weight.

    They talk of “sustainability” but what they propose is the most UN-sustainable idea of all.

    Atlas won’t have to shrug…the burden will simply crush him.

    The best we can do is pray for a soft landing.

    • Hi Mark,

      I hope so. My fear is that this religion – the Climate Change Cult – has deranged enough of the populace that they will embrace their coming “sacrifices”… and demand them from us, too.

  12. This is a plan by one person, Boris Johnson. He might find that getting it enacted would be a bit more difficult than getting Brexit done, which was actually voted on.

    • And to think, this is the “good guy” spewing this trash!

      When Brexit hit and an annoying Brit on another forum was complaining about the economy slumping because of it, my first thought was “leaving the EU won’t do any good if the EU’s style of governance stays behind.” Unfortunately, it seems like the EU is already ingrained in the British popular consciousness in all the ways that matter.

    • Jim, dont think this is Boris alone – many of those who he had to make a pact with, in the CONservative party support the crony capitalist green con. And unfortunately a lot of our landed aristocratic class here also benefits from it (ever wonder why Charles loves windmills? The coasts are owned by something called “crown estate” – the royalties of which go to him!! Whenever a windmill goes up off the coast – cha ching for him……

  13. The automakers are bringing this on themselves. They could be spending a fraction of the money they are dumping into electric vehicles and expose this Climate Scam for what it is – a means of taxing and controlling the citzenry. Trump speaks a good line but even he doesn’t have the balls to go after the liars who are promoting this Hoax. It’s too bad no one with power or money will go after the liars promoting Man Made Climate Change. If the facts were presented on a national/international stage, this fairytale would crumble in a few months.

  14. I was just going to message you ranting about this…. can you imagine how far Britain has sunk that this guy was the most sensible of many potential leadership candidates?! Just the other day I was chatting with friends about how awesome Brexit is – and were hoping that they dont fuck it up. but well it seems they have… 😛 Its actually quite depressing living out here with shit like this every day and nobody actually challenges it. Can you imagine they are also talking about ripping out gas heating (some of which is very efficient here) and replacing with electric (which they expect will be generated by unicorn farts or something). Not one thought has been given to how the grid will cope if everyone heats everything and powers cars with electric !

    i think slowly however people will realise what the west has become… basically what the commies in the USSR could never achieve. Remember once Jordan Peterson was saying that one of the biggest reasons the USSR collapsed was the feeling of individual freedom ownership if a car brought people… something which they are trying to reverse in the west.

    Was listening to this Mexican guy who used to fight the drug cartels down there on Rogan the other day and he was talking about life in Mexico, and this strange chaotic freedom down there. I totally get what he means – having lived in Pakistan myself.

    • X – in Britain a “conservative” basically means a socialist…. they are even further left of the democratic party in the US….

          • Bobster

            Who is going to take the country back from the one they tried to stage a coup against? Hitler was unsuccessful against Stalin…but that didn’t help the Russians any, did it?

            Are you sure it was an attempted coup, and not just a show put on by fellow actors to take minds off of all of the real evils the one they were roasting for one particular non-existant evil did?

        • Exactly right, SPQ!

          That is why, no matter which “party” is in (there’s really only one) or which candidate is voted for, the same business-as-usual continues, because what we see are just actors putting on a show for us, to give a reason to explain how we got to a particular point, and to make it look as though it was all done with the consent of the people (Because after all, they voted for these people!)- but in reality, they are all communists, and the only thing that distinguishes one “side” from the other, are the words they use, and the variety of statist they try and appeal to (i.e. the ones who want to use government to impose their liberal views on others, or the ones who weant to use government to impose their conservative views on others).

          How to be a politician: Step 1: Serve the Jews. Step 2: Pick whether you want to appeal to liberal or conservative statists while serving the jews. (“Neo-Cohens”! I like that!)

          Notice how it’s not even a topic of discussion- no one even questions; it’s not a controversy; I’ve never even heard anyone in the real world mention it: WHY the POTUS woulkd sign something called the Israeli Defense Bill!!!!!!

          Dem or Repub, show me ONE, just one of ’em who hasn’t had the work of a mohel in his mouth!

  15. Cubans can do it, so can we. We have more CNC machines, after all.

    I don’t think it’ll ever get to that stage for the reason JWK says below. This’ll all blow up long before the all electric future.

    And I don’t doubt for a minute that the Chinese, Indians, and even Russians won’t want to take advantage of that market. I’d buy a mahindra in a second.

    • “Cubans can do it, so can we.” Because it suits the Cuban government to let people do so.

      With the endless regulation in the US, DIY/homebrew parts will be illegal.

      • There will be a tipping point- right now those of us who opt out are a minority. We usually don’t fight back since we’re so outnumbered.

        But as the rules pile up- as the cage grows ever more obvious- the numbers can do nothing but grow of people saying screw the system and quietly doing what they would anyway. For now their brainwashing has kept it down and everybody grumbles- but the country is already destroyed- literally rotten at the core- and like an old tree rotten at the core- every day it becomes less stable and more likely to shed parts and start collapsing.

        They’ve already wasted so much on military adventures and prisons and enforcers that the country cannot sustain it- and the people who keep it all working know it and have patiently tried to vote it out for decades. Patience- the more they do the faster they lose. And they know it as their ever more desperate gyrations show (Northam the gun grabber, anyone?)

        • “But as the rules pile up- as the cage grows ever more obvious- the numbers can do nothing but grow of people saying screw the system and quietly doing what they would anyway.”

          I wish I was naive enough to believe this. On another forum I go to, we’ve got at least one person who cheered the ridiculous over-punishment of the Welsh roundabout powerslider, at least one who thinks all manual driving should eventually be restricted to closed courses, another one who seems to think we all have a moral imperative to want cars to be as boring and homogenous as possible because “that’s what the normal drivers want”, one who thinks that giving individuals the right to choose which safety features they want protecting them is evil, and frankly most of the forum has bought into every ridiculous, unachievable “zero vision” that has ever existed. This is all before you get to the slobbering head-over-heels love for a certain nonmotorized vehicle, to the point where multiple people seem to think that demanding everyone obsessively stick to the exact center of their lane 100% of the time is a perfectly realistic and reasonable request.

          If I tried to reprogram my brain to align with what modern car enthusiasts think is normal or right, I would lose my freaking mind. At this point, the only difference between a modern “car enthusiast” and a car-hating new urbanist enviro-fascist helicopter mom is that we tell ourselves and each other we aren’t car-hating new urbanist enviro-fascist helicopter moms.

  16. The GW climate hysteria is of course a joke to many of us but it fits what appears to be corpgovs intent to cage people in cities, limit their travel, limit/end property ownership, their right of self defense and watch everything they do 24/7. Can you say Global Communism for $500 Alex.
    If anyone remembers, the world was supposed to end in 2020. Things aren’t accelerating as fast as they wanted so it had to be extended to 2030. Everything ‘they’ are doing points to this. The EV is just a part of it. The gas lighting of the Whites, especially males,,, playing the sex and racist cards to isolate and eliminate this threat group,,, the elimination of private ownership of weapons,,, the end of free speech,,, where depravity is the new normal,,, the dumbing and numbing down with Marxist indoctrination in schools,,, to halt the advancement of human knowledge,,, and much more.
    Making everyone completely dependent on corpgov ( e.g. MMT) for existence and reducing the human population to a much more controllable number with abortion, disease and wars. Basically if you see something that doesn’t make much sense (the EV) then it is likely another means to the end. Whatever ‘they’ say,,, the reverse is true 99% of the time.

    From present appearances,,, they will succeed. For every one that wants his her liberty and freedom to be left alone, there are hundreds more that want to be clothed, fed and entertained by corpgov.

    • 2030 is the date set for UN Agenda 2030; it’s UN Agenda 21 with a date. A goal without a date is just a wish. IOW, they want us living in a “sustainable” manner by 2030, i.e. living in the cities, everyone on public transit, and so on.

  17. Dammit Eric, you reminded me of work while I’m on vacation…

    At work we’ve seen the future and announced it to the world. We (well, the guys in Philadelphia) are starting to roll out “outside plant” upgrade plans that will be able to compete with the coming 5G onslaught. Of course it will cut labor costs too, but hopefully I’ll be able to stick around til I want to leave not when I get that tap on the shoulder. Anyway, because it abandons existing systems, manufacturers have started to ramp down equipment production needed for the old designs. We already have several lines that are end-of-life but still very much in use. The new stuff isn’t compatible in any way with the existing hardware. Even though there’s a way to graft the new design hardware onto the existing plant it basically just presents a compatible input/output. Once the old equipment dies, that’s it. No one wants to fix it, the chips are no longer being manufactured and the control software is labeled a security risk (Java) so it won’t run on a modern PC.

    Some will say I’m complaining about is the “sunk cost fallacy,” but there’s more to it than that. You can’t just come in one night and switch over to the new design. It takes time. Most managers tell us we’re at least 5 years from completing the transition (I’d say that’s optimistic). We can’t just turn out the lights for 5 years, and meanwhile our customers still want more of our service. 5 years of dealing with hand-me-downs from systems that have been upgraded is no fun. The same components that cause the failure on one tend to cause failures on all of them. Devices that have been in service for a decade without any problems might or might not power up, even if they were working fine when taken out of service and just sat on a shelf for a time. And knowledge needed to maintain and operate the obsolete equipment will be forgotten fairly quickly, especially when the old timers cash out their chips.

    I read comments from a lot of people who plan on keeping their gas cars forever. I’m sure most can do their own repairs and might even have elaborate home shops. But parts lines will be shut down, new old stocks will be depleted, and worst of all, the knowledge will disappear. Maybe not yours, but your “supply chain” will get smaller and smaller until there’s nothing left. The best hope in my opinion is in the “desktop” fabrication field. 3D printing and small CNC mills will do what large supply chains cannot. But that probably won’t be plug-and-play anytime soon, maybe never. So now you have to be an expert in that too (but it is cool as heck so there’s that). And there’s always going to be the problem of the parts that can’t be manufactured one-off style, like microchips (although there’s ways around that too, using FPGAs and emulators). But the more adaptation spaghetti under the hood the less reliable you’ll be, so your vehicle turns into a hobby instead of utility.

    Not to mention how much fuel will cost when gasoline becomes a niche market. Maybe the moonshiners can take over.

    • I have come to this realization also. Fact of the matter is YOU will have to become your own part supplier, mechanic, and software diagnosis technician. There are several key parts I will probably start hoarding for my Xterra that will be really hard to replace. Second to that most of the other parts are generally universal and can be modded or made in a shop at a higher price than the old OEM parts, etc, due to scarcity. Rubber hoses and bushings and gaskets can be made fairly easily and 3d printing will help. Chips and electronics though are the crux of the problem. There is some movement in open source vehicle ECM development. Who knows when that will be nuked by the powers that be so crafty people like ourselves will be forced into an EV. I can easily see Uncle Scam coming in and shutting down parts suppliers or ban the import of parts from out of country. We truly live in Orwellian times.

      • All that’s required is a registration cost of $5000 or higher to nullify everything one does to extend a vehicles life. Even if you pay there will be no-go areas. It’s no fun driving your car around your yard.
        Americans have been scared into…. any law passed has to be obeyed, constitutional or not,,, sensible or not,,, or our hero’s in camo and ski masks armed with guns and grenades will take you away,,, maybe to never be seen again.

        • Thats how they do it here in the UK. in the early 2000s they pushed everyone into diesels by taxing petrols. Now they are trying to demonise those very cars they promoted by introducing a “toxicity charge” in london – meaning to drive into central london with most cars over about 8-10 years old one will pay 25 pounds…… Currently this charge is only in central london, but next year will increase to most of greater London, with similar charges coming to other cities across the UK (and Europe). So as much as one wants to keep an old car, it will simply be pointless…

          • If citizens don’t say no in a very effective way this will end badly for most.

            And sadly, after watching the Virginia protest I don’t see the legislature having any incentive in changing their ways.

            • the virginia rally was a suicidal anti racist rally where those guys failed to see that the brown hordes that poured into the state voted for anti gun democrats financed by jew billionaires. kissing up to brown people who hate you want you disarmed cause it is easier for them to take over will not work

          • The Virginia protest was rightfully a non violent event. Take away a sizable population’s right to drive, and it might turn out differently. Think Yellow Vest. I’m in.

      • I know what I outlined is the worst case scenario. But when you have to be the expert in everything it get increasingly difficult to keep cars going. Do you have knowledge of pipe bending, so you can fabricate an exhaust? What about a muffler? A muffler that will placate Uncle once everyone realizes silent cars aren’t going to kill pedestrians so they ratchet down vehicle noise thresholds? How much would you be willing to pay for the G-code (because as good as the open sourced files might be there’s going to be a whole lot of futzing with them and you need it right now)? Community knowledge goes a long way, but still…

          • Sometimes I wonder if 30+ IQ points less might be better. Ever notice the kind of dim are rarely concerned (or aware) about rather important things? Even threats to their own interests and health. Even after they are explained to them in detail.

            Maybe ignorance (or is it stupidity?) is bliss.

            • Anon, I have a nephew who fits that bill! Ignorance is not bliss- they’re miserable, but don’t know why- it’s just that it’s their own stupid choices and dumb pursuits that cause their misery, so there’s really no need for them to be concerned with what the world may be doing to them, because they see the infinitely complex mysterious world as being better and smarter than themselves.

              It would not be until such time as such people could overcome their own dysfunction and be capable independent adults, instead of just rule-following rats in a maze whose only mission in life is to snag some cheese- that they could then even begin to worry about the dangers that those who claim superiority over us pose to them- for in their case, the ones who claim superiority really are……

              Better to go through life knowing who your enemies truly are, rather than fighting imagined enemies…or not fighting at all.

      • Already here. Megasquirt, both with and without distributorless ignition. Investigated it for an air cooled VW. Looks like a pretty universal solution, with some sensor installation fabrication, and a working knowledge of how to tune an internal combustion engine. Funny thing is, multiport EFI really allowed something like it to happen. The FI part is now relatively cheap per injector, almost universal in mechanical interface, and easily driven electrically.

      • I’m just going to get a horse. As I clip clop along old Trigger can offer up exactly the type of emissions modern America deserves.

  18. The elephant in the room is that it’s unlikely there will be any market for anything but subsistence by that time. Fiat currency is totally dependent on public confidence, which is fast declining. Debt is not wealth, regardless how many finance their lifestyle with it. We could all end up on foot by the deadline, excepting of course the Sociopaths In Charge.

    • Hi JWK,

      I agree with your assessment. A facet of the EV con is that probably two thirds of the public will never be able to afford one – even with debt financing. We are looking at a 30-50 percent increase in the cost of a new car. How does the average person absorb this? Keep in mind, also, that debt financing is already stretched to the limit. Because of depreciation, car loans can’t be extended much beyond eight years – and eight years is the approximate useful service life of an EV.

      Things are going to get very interesting, very soon.

      • Come now, Boris knows everyone went to Eton and have a huge trust funds to buy whatever they are forced to. Whats the problem? /s

        Interesting in the Chinese curse sense.

        Damn, I do find myself hoping that the Coronavirus is much worse than advertised. Think how much greener the world would be and how empty the roads if we lost 50-80% of the inhabitants of this loony bin. (possible /s)

        Of course poor Greta might have to get a real job.

      • They…the liberal elite, think we can afford these overpriced remote control cars bc they live in cities where they make lots of money….so they think everyone else does. The city coastal elites are the worst kind of human trash ever know to exist in modern times. I pray for an ice age to come fast and furious…seriously.

  19. I’m getting an Oswald Mosley vibe from him now. Who cares about the means when the ends matter so much.

    My kids will just be hitting legal driving age around that time (if it isn’t raised to 20 by then) or if vehicles with driving wheels are still allowed also. Was hoping to pass down our current work horses to them but who knows if gas will still be legal and ICE registration several thousand dollars more by then.

    Ideas so good they are mandatory…

      • eric, I get that same old smell coming at me too. I read so many articles I have to call bullshit.

        When the SHTF, which I think will be sooner than later, the people left standing will be the ones with huge amounts of money and those with huge amounts of knowhow, ammo, the ability to grow food and a steady aim.

        Patriot Nurse just posted a vid a couple days ago about ammo hoarders and said she expected to have some people disagree with her. She was prescient in that respect. No telling how much I’d have if I had a few hundred dollars to spend every time Natchez Shooter’s Supply has a big ammo sale(right now)with free shipping on orders of $99+. They have American Eagle 5.56 less than 30 cents. It’s hard to not order at least one of the 1200 round packs but SS guarantees I shoot less than I’d like, a whole lot less.

      • swamp, I think the anti-gunners count on everyone with a badge and in the military doing as they’re told. Biden seems to think you are powerless if you don’t have an F 35. I guess he doesn’t keep up with the thing in Afghanistan.

  20. BoJo is an inside man. He may not be a Nazional Bolshevik like Corbyn, but he is still an internationalist at heart. Probably why he was handed the UK election in a basket. Other websites I have read said BoJo had a similar “pig forking” experience in college like Dave Cameron so he passed his NWO initiation.

    On the bright side eric, you might like reading this:

    How did the northern rust virus not eat this thing up in 13 years?

    • brazos. the guy I really respected had, at last count, 933,000 on a one ton single wheel 93 Chevy he used daily to tow travel trailers and rv trailers from the factory to dealerships. Still using the original Turbo Diesel but had replaced the NVG 4500 transmission twice. Makes sense, it’s actually a work truck.


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