A Look at a Harasser & Collector

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An Oklahoma armed government worker named Richard Mantooth has just been arrested – along with his wife – for serial child sexual abuse.

According to local media, Mantoooth – who until recently carried a gun and a badge – tortured and raped multiple underage victims while harassing and collecting for the Shawnee Police Department. He is alleged to have forced one victim to fellate him to “relieve kidney stones.”

He “said he can do anything he wants to do to her and she couldn’t do anything about it” – because he carried a badge and a gun.

Both the AGW and his wife, who allegedly helped Mantooth victimize his underage victims – were booked and held on $500,000 bond each.

In cases such as this one, the question arises as to whether – if guilt is established – a creature such as this ought to be punished more severely on account of his having a government-issued badge and gun and thus the ability to intimidate and otherwise victimize people that ordinary criminals lack.

Also, whether every person fined/convicted of any offense on the basis of the testimony of an “officer” whose word is prima facie questionable ought to be automatically revisited and even thrown out absent other evidence to support the conviction.

This would serve as a deterrent in future to similar atrocities – by motivating police departments to be very careful about who they hire to harass and collect.

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  1. I don’t understand why pieces of shit like this are still sucking wind.

    If a child of mine were molested by one of these, they’d never see the light of day again.

    Society is soft, this trash never should have hit the legal system.

  2. “a creature such as this ought to be punished more severely on account of his having a government-issued badge and gun”
    There is actually a federal law on the books that invokes exactly that. 18 USC section 242 makes it a felony to deprive one of their rights under color of law. With punishment up to and including the DEATH PENALTY. Obviously this law is NEVER enforced or at least half the politicians would be in prison. Some, like governor Cuomo, up for the needle, since his doing so appears to have cost a number of his elderly victims their lives. But that would be OK if he hadn’t made some overly sensitive women uncomfortable. Any whom he was physically aggressive with could also find relief under this law.
    Just another tale in the ongoing stacking up of “laws”, which if it gets high enough, will allow the arrest of anyone any time by the old Jim Crow method of selective prosecution. That was the initial purpose of gun laws. Just don’t prosecute white people.

    18 USC section 242 is a short and easy to read law that is also easy to look up. It bears doing so.

  3. I think its telling there is no national database on government employed criminals. Most of the time there is no arrest, and they move on to a new community to victimize.

  4. There are people like this that make me such a strong advocate for the death penalty. True, he didn’t kill anybody, but the amount of trauma that he and his scumbag of a wife inflicted upon these young children I can’t foresee a more appropriate way out. I am all for separating his Johnson from his being, but would that really solve anything? He, nor his spouse, offer any benefit to humanity so I think the simplest and cheapest way to handle this is string both of them high in the town square and give the victims darts and slingshots to finish them off.

  5. This is an all too common occurrence. AGWs are arrested 3 per day.
    The most common crimes were simple assault, drunken driving and aggravated assault, and significant numbers of sex crimes were also found.

    More than 40 percent of the crimes are committed on duty.

    And these are people who are tasked (and volunteer) to enforce the rules on the rest of us.
    There is little accountability.
    “Our data directly contradicts some of the prevailing assumptions and the proposition that only a small group of rotten apples perpetrate the vast majority of police crime.” – Philip Stinson, Bowling Green University

    We need to rethink how police are hired, trained, and monitored. We deserve and should demand better.


    • Amen, Dan –

      I’ve long argued that the simplest, most effective reform would be to reform laws – such that the average person would be able to go about his business legally immune from interactions armed government workers; this to be achieved by eliminating all enforcement of laws that illegalize voluntary interactions or which do not require the adducing of evidence that harm has been caused. This would eliminate probably 85 percent of all laws currently being enforced – and this would, in turn, make the profession wholesome again.

      • Flood the books with “laws” and you can prosecute anyone you please, for any reason you please. I would prefer free enterprise police who have to please their customers, those being the one’s paying for the service, not the Psychopaths In Charge stealing from us and taking their cut before they hire criminals to do their dirty work.

    • This article is cooking the books on cop crime percentages…

      “To be clear, police are not committing crimes at anywhere near the level of civilians. Stinson’s data found 1.7 arrests of police per 100,000 population, where the general arrest rate in 2012 was 3,888 arrests per 100,000 population.”

      The relevant comparison is between arrests of cops per percent of total number of cops, not averaged over the entire population as they have done. If one figures the total percentage of cops in the USA over the entire US population is on the order of 0.2% (700K total cops, including feds, of 350 million total over 14 years old), that means the 1.7 arrests per 100K goes to something like 850 cops arrested per 100K of the total cop population in the USA. 1.7/100K sounds like nothing. 850/100K sounds like something!


      • What really frosts my ass are the small things that I see cops doing every day with regard to traffic laws. Speeding, passing on the right, changing lanes with no signal, rolling through stop signs, tailgating, on and on. I know it’s minor stuff, but it’s unconscionable to me that they are able to detain me, bust my balls, and make me pay fines for the same things that they themselves do all day every day with impunity. Fish heads for all of them!

      • Crusty,

        I do not support all assertions and quotes in the article, and agree it should be measured against a % of AGW population. Just posted as a source for the study #s.

        I get about 708/100,000 cops arrested, but that is a population that has taken an oath to uphold the law, which makes it far worse than the general population that has taken no such oath. Plus AGW will often not be arrested for things the avg citizen will.

  6. “Also, whether every person fined/convicted of any offense on the basis of the testimony of an “officer” whose word is prima facie questionable ought to be automatically revisited and even thrown out absent other evidence to support the conviction.”

    Why aren’t there any lawyers with the balls to revisit and challenge those old cases? They could put all sorts of municipalities out of business taking them to the cleaners. But then the state would just step in to take their place like they always do 😡


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