Triple Digit Road-Raging AGW

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Here’s video just released of a Texas armed government worker driving 100 MPH in his personal car and driving in a manner that would get anyone else thrown in jail. A citizen followed – and video’d – the demonstration of I Am The Law (and I am Above the Law) performed by Thomas Tuminelli, the road-raging AGW.

Who also slammed on his brakes to teach the man following (and recording) a lesson in Who Is Boss. This resulted in a very minor fender tapping – which almost became a double tapping.

The enraged AGW can be seen existing his vehicle holding his gun – and then screaming at the other man for some time before things de-escalated.

Here’s where a “Red flag” law might actually serve a purpose – as people like Tuminelli arguably should not be trusted with deadly weapons, especially under color of law.

Austin Police released a memo in November detailing the crimes committed by Tuminelli. According to FOX 26, the memo states he committed at least eight different traffic violations, including reckless driving, brake checking, speeding, crossing a solid white line, and tailgating.

You can imagine what the punishment would have been for you – or me. Any ordinary person without a state-issued gun and the protection of the state.

He was given a 60 day suspension. Not so much as a fine.

And now he’s back on the road, protecting and serving.

Better wear your “mask” in Austin.

. . . .

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  1. Not too long ago a Michigan State Police “surveillance team” T-boned a driver who was legally in the right. The unmarked cop-driven vehicle blew through a stop sign and T-boned the vehicle. The first things these “undercover cops” did was to handcuff the driver of the T-boned vehicle, not showing any concern for possible injuries. They were looking to charge the driver with “something” in order to cover up their “screw-up”. They “almost got away with it”. Thankfully there was a video camera mounted on a nearby building that showed “the whole thing” and that proved that the cops ran the stop sign.
    Nothing happened to this “surveillance team. It was (conveniently) swept under the rug. Bastards…

  2. If applied at all, red flag laws should be exclusively applied to “law” enforcers. One has to have a significant degree of insanity to stay in the job for any longer than it takes to realize the insanity, immorality, and downright evil of it. Psychopathy/sociopathy: the inability to experience normal human virtues, such as sympathy, empathy, charity, guilt, remorse, etc. It’s not so much they don’t care about your welfare, its they aren’t able to. Just like nearly all the agents of government. Especially politicians.

  3. My journey to work includes 20 minutes on a four-lane mostly rural highway,, straight road, very few side streets. Speed limit is 60 (most of us drive 70) and I – and about 20 other sheep – got stuck behind an AGW going exactly 55 in the left lane the whole time this morning.
    No one would pass because we’re not masochists interested in a roadside buggering at 7 am. Cops shouldn’t drive triple digits, but I wish they wouldn’t block traffic either. If that car was driven by anyone else, we all would have blown by in the right lane, flashing a dirty look as we did so (How else will they learn?) But since it was an AGW, were stuck in a conga line of retards, reduced to wishing the asshole would turn off somewhere.

    • Morning, Amy!

      And this is why I always keep my little video rig with me… that would have been choice; a grand opportunity to publicize the AGW’s breaking the law (failure to yield, impeding the flow of traffic) as well as his discourtesy. I’m contumacious enough that I would have recorded all you’ve described and then (slowly) passed the AGW, without exceeding the speeeeeeeeed limit. Documenting that, too.

      I know it’s a risk, but I’m so tired of official douchebaggery that I’m willing to run it.

  4. And people wonder why i roll my eyes when i hear back the blue. When they deserve backing and respect i’ll be glad to give it to them. But that seems to be few and far between now.

    • When I see those stickers on cars with the American flag greyed out and a blue stripe through it, I recognize that that is new Amerikan flag.

      I’m sure China likes the ones with the flag greyed out with a red stripe through them as well.

  5. Jesus. This AGW is a crazy fuck. I’m much not one for speed limits or restrictions, but when you’re essentially a low-altitude Tomahawk missile, you’re a bridge too far.

    A few years back, here in Az, someone did something similar with another maniacally amped AGW, who was supposedly “going to a call”, which didn’t matter when he saw the pursuing photo journalist. The AGW stopped and got out, plenty pissed. I don’t believe, however, he drew his pistol in that case.

    Also worth mention is THIS bozo, Director of Az DPS:
    He was criminally speeding and weaving through cars, but was simply given a warning, whereas the rest of us would be given the horror show.

        • Hi Anon,

          You miss the point – which is the arrogant, entitled attitude of armed (and dangerous) government workers. The man filming wields no state-issued gun or authority.

            • Hi Anon,

              He’s not in more trouble because he’s an armed government worker! If you or I pulled a gun on someone over a fender-bender we’d be facing felony charges. But an AGW – one supposedly “trained” to handle firearms – can do the same thing and not even get a ticket. That’s the point missed by the poster below, who seems to be upset only by the conduct of the man who filmed the AGW.

              Who also kept his job in spite of this video evidence of his reckless handling of a firearm and his gross violation of traffic laws, which laws he no doubt enforces on us – the little people.

              Mind: I have no issue as such with his “speeding.” The issue is the hypocrisy.

              Also: One could argue persuasively that the man filming had reason to fear for his life and – had he been armed – would have been justified in defending himself against what a reasonable person could construe as an imminent threat to his life. Of course, if he had shot the AGW, then he would be facing felonies. But had the AGW shot the man, it would be another case of “officer safety.”

              Next, please.

              • Maybe I’m just another idiot looking for confrontation but I can’t help asking. Eric did you set their avatar to Rocky Dennis as a crank? Or is that just what the posterchildren for statism look like these days

  6. Reminds me of the trooper in Florida, Donna Watts, who pulled over a Miami cop who was going upwards of 120 on I95. She tried pulling him over for miles and when he eventually stopped, she arrested him, setting aside the THIN BLUE LINE. She was then harassed endlessly by her Brothers in Blue for daring to arrest him and filed lawsuits against against dozens from all over who illegally (but they’re The Law, so it’s not illegal, right?) looked up her personal information and harassed her. Her suits went pretty much nowhere (settlements, dropped in other places) and she was forced out of the job.

    • If WordPress had a “like” button, it would have been clicked here. At the same time, I learned a lesson from your comment: don’t read comments before swallowing the wine in my mouth, because it’s hard to keep from spitting it out in laughter.


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