Atlanta AGW Goes Berserk – Isn’t Charged

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Here’s video an Atlanta, GA, armed government worker almost unloading his pistol into a MARTA bus driver.

The incident happened on Nov. 23, but video wasn’t released until this week. Because the buses are equipped with multiple cameras, this road-raging AGW was caught from multiple angles going after an innocent bus driver.

The AGW swerves through the intersection around the public bus before slamming on his brakes in front of the bus driver, Rosmaree Holiday. He  stops his car in the middle of the road, blocking both lanes of traffic so she cannot go around him and then leaps out of the car, screaming obscenities and fingering his government-issued gun.

“It was scary. The worst part was when he went to arm himself, he went into his car,” Holiday said. “And where I’m from, you get a gun, you’re going to want to use it. I thought he was going to light me up.”

Naturlich, the psychotic AGW  won’t face any charges; according to local news coverage, the AGW was “disciplined internally.”

“The AGW was immediately relieved of duty, and continues to be in on administrative assignment with no law enforcement duties,” Atlanta police said in a statement. “We found the officer to be in violation of our policies regarding appropriate conduct, and he is awaiting disciplinary action.”

The double-standard is luminous.

Any ordinary person who stopped his car in the middle of the road and brandished a gun would be facing felony charges – and almost certainly relieved of his right to possess a gun.

How is it that an AGW – someone who is supposedly “trained” and given special dispensation to carry a gun is subject to a much lesser standard of accountability than any other citizen?



  1. Any motorist facing road rage charges can use this episode to enact a not guilty plea. As there is an unequal application of such laws allowing the government officials to not be punished for criminal acts.

  2. Simple. The purpose of “law enforcement” is to protect and serve the Sociopaths In Charge. Since what he did was not a threat to them, they could not care less. In fact, since what he did served to intimidate one of their tax slaves, its likely they privately condone it.

    • I’d bet a good portion of cop suicides stem from being roided or not being….so to speak. I recall reading about one in Ft. Worth brought up on charges(hard to believe)and he ate his gun.


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