Atlanta AGW Helps Herself to $500

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An Atlanta armed government worker named Keisha Richburg was caught on video stealing $500 from a murder victim.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta:

Richburg’s body camera shows her receiving the victim’s wallet from a Grady EMT. The wallet has the folded money tucked inside. Moments later, Richburg puts the wallet in her car. The video shows her transferring the victim’s wallet from her right hand to her left hand. That’s when APD noticed the money is no longer tucked inside the wallet.

Along with the body camera footage APD released a 130-page report detailing the AGW’s crimes. APD Chief Erika Shields released the following statement to the media:

Officer integrity goes to the heart of what we do here every single day…It’s imperative the public have trust in our word and our actions. It’s extremely disappointing to see the victim of a fatal shooting be victimized twice by the actions of one our officers.

See for yourself:

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