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Here’s a video made by an AGW from Haymarket, Virginia ordering every resident of the town to hand over $15 for a special sticker – just because. This isn’t for “registration” or “inspection” or any other contrived thing.

It’s just a hand-over-the-money transaction. They could just skip the stupid sticker.

The AGW is Kevin Lands, who threatens all watching – who live in his town: If “…“you don’t do that (hand over the $15) within two weeks, we will take other corrective actions against you.”

“Corrective actions” being the bureaucratized euphemism for Hut! Hut! Hut! Waylaying at gunpoint, kidnapping and seizure of your property – whatever’s left of it.

Consider the irony: AGWs are vaguely descended from police, who once upon a time justified their employment on the theory that they were protecting ordinary citizens from thieves and strong-arm men. And here’s a strong-arm man in a government costume ordering people to hand over money – or else.

The difference, of course, is that we can fight to defend ourselves against the common thief, whereas thieves of this kind we are obliged to open our wallets for – and smile.

Lands says he is only doing his job, of course. That the town passed the law requiring each moo-cow in the town to hand over $15 just because. But that’s a weak defense of immoral actions. If the town passed a law ordering each moo cow to hand over everything, would it also be Lands’ “job” to make sure they do, else “corrective actions”?

If not, why?

There is no moral difference difference or difference in principle; it is merely a difference of degree.

Which means the theft will inevitably increase – because why not? If it’s ok to steal $15, it’s ok to steal $150 or $1,500 or $150,000.

Theft is theft. But Lands and others like him don’t mind. They are just doing their jobs – and besides, the stolen money is going into their pockets, so it’s no skin off their noses.

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  1. “You can pick one up at City Hall, Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30.”

    My, how f-ing convenient. These parasites are on the clock a whole 8 hours with time off for lunch. What a lazy bunch of retards.

    I can hear the Clovers now, “it’s only $15. What’s yer problem?” “Hey, get on the train, beat the rush. They promised us a nice ride into the countryside. And, we’ll get free showers once we’re there.”

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  2. Sounds like the city council is running out of party money. I’ve seen it happen and that is exactly what it is…..for a special few. Maybe the price of cocaine has gone up or the price of booze or both. No matter, you, as someone very unspecial, get to pay for it.

  3. We had these “county” stickers in my town. They were supposed to act as a tax to help the county get out of debt. The debt was acquired by a county worker that embezzled over $100K. After a couple years the county was projected to recover that debt. Those stickers were an additional tax for over 20 years. If you chose not to buy one (which I did for many years), you werent allowed to use the county’s green boxes or landfill. If you tried to, a dump nazi would require you identify yourself to prove County residency. Do that, and they radio you in because you don’t have a sticker. Don’t do it, and they radio you in for non-compliance.

    Another problem: they identify what county you’re from. So try to drive to the city, and you’d get fucked with by the other town’s AGW’s or residents.

    On a motorcycle, they had to be placed on the front forks along with the state’s inspection sticker. Couldn’t have a plate for this because they’re too easily removed and theoretically could be used on more than one bike. So on the beautiful chrome front forks they go.

    Finally, they did away with these stickers, but not the tax. They just added the difference to the property tax. Only now, they don’t have the expense of printing the stickers or mailing out the related paperwork to the residents. And DID NOT pass the savings on to us.

    I haven’t done the math,(I want to now, and might post an update with this comment later) but I’m certain the county has long recovered that debt, yet we’re still paying that tax because my county hires dishonest dicks and makes everyone else pay.

    The fuck?


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