Ralph Returns

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Evidence that only the good die young is the fact that Ralph Nader is still alive. The 86-year-old “consumer safety advocate” who advocates for what he thinks “consumers” (ugly term, suggestive of hogs at the trough, eating what they’re given – as opposed to customers) should be forced to accept – and pay for – wants to force them to accept and pay for more.

Under Biden, the “era of weak regulation” must end.

Old Ralph is champing at the bit – assuming he has any teeth left to champ at the bit – for “legislatively mandated safety advances” and for much more taxpayer money to be taken and used to finance the operations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which is the federal apparat that “mandates” – i.e., issues decrees – regarding your “safety” and how much you’ll be made to pay for it.

“Imagine the benefits of safer vehicles,” he says – saying nothing about the cost-benefit of such vehicles and forget about your being the one to make the valuation. Nor does he specify what “safer” means – so I will translate. It means cars with driver-pre-empting technology such as Speed Limit Assist – that’s not a made-up term; several new cars already have this form of “assistance” – which “assists” you by cutting engine power or applying the brakes if you exceed the posted speed limit, however absurdly low – because guys like Nader equate failure to obey the speed limit as “unsafe” regardless of circumstances.

Try to imagine that.

What it will be like to drive a car that doesn’t let you drive it.

Other manifestations of “safer” will include the making mandatory of other forms of “assistance,” such as Lane Keep Assist and Automated Emergency Braking, which countermand your steering and braking decisions. These “assists” are already commonly found in new cars but they are not yet mandatory and in most cases they can be disabled by the driver, legally.

Nader wants them made mandatory – and without an ”off” switch.

He also does not appreciate that these technologies aren’t safe – in that they increase driver aggravation and distraction with all the peremptory interference with driving accompanied by an obnoxious cacophony of bells, dings and flashing dashboard lights.

The much simpler, more effective – and entirely cost-free palliative of paying attention and being a competent driver is a solution Nader isn’t interested in because it doesn’t empower him and those like him. What he and those like him actually want – though they will never admit it outside their circle of coercive utopians – is a passive, stultified incompetent flesh-sack who sits in the driver’s seat but does not do much driving. Someone who is too lame – and conditioned to lameness – to handle the car himself and so needs Nader, et al, to handle it for them.

The man is fundamentally a school marm – with the difference being you never get to leave this school.

Nader also seeks the mandating of what he calls “benign engines.” He means electric car motors – as engines (which burn gas) are ipso facto not benign, even though the gas they produce is 99 percent harmless in terms of actually harmful things like air pollution. But he wants you to conflate these not-harmful gasses with the new and marketed as harmful “emissions” of carbon dioxide, which high school graduates used to know is not an “emission” in the harmful to air quality sense, as “emissions” were once defined before that problem was eliminated back in the early ’90s and thus a new problem had to be invented.

In the manner of inventing the Warnn Trrrr as a substitute for the Cold War, made irrelevant by the expiration of the old Soviet Union; in the manner of the weaponization of hypochondria to get rid of the Orange Man.

Carbon dioxide “emissions” have no effect on air quality, of course – but the general public has been taught to believe they are harmful to an assertion about “climate change” – and on the basis of accepting this assertion, it follows that only ”benign engines” – electric motors – will be permitted. Irrespective of the actual harm done to people who cannot afford such motors, nor to the environment arising from the manufacture of 1,000-plus pounds of caustic batteries per EV – or even to the “climate,” which will “change” (if you buy the assertion) perhaps even more quickly than asserted because of the energy hog nature of the EVs being manufactured – almost all of them touting high-performance, which necessarily entails high consumption of electricity, which produces more carbon dioxide as utilities burn the proverbial (and literal) midnight oil to keep up with demand.   

Speaking of demand . . . or rather (more accurately) its lack.

Nader wants more of your money to finance “cost effective public investment in new forms of public transit and upgrading existing mass transit” – never bothering to address the curious incongruity that if demand existed for such things, there would be profit in them and no need for “public investment,” as it would be profitable for private investors to invest.

But when the metric isn’t profit – or practical – but “environmentally preferable” then you’ll understand what he’s really saying.  

And also what’s coming.

Because selections have consequences.   

“President Joe Biden promises a new day from Trumpism. Let’s see if he and his team can provide America with a New Day of Public Safety.”

Better buckle up.

Or else.

. . . .

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  1. This man just makes up shit – back in 2016 I was forcing myself to read political viewpoints from leftists – Nader was one of them. In one of his blogposts 10-7-16 called ‘Trump-Betrayer in Chief’ there is this statement, referring to Trump – “After a few drinks, he even brags about his “competitive advantage” over the people he’s stiffed”

    Whatever else there is to say about Trump, and there is plenty – you canNOT accuse him of being a drinker. He just isn’t – I don’t think it’s debatable. There’s too many stories out there that refute this. His brother was an alcoholic and advised Trump to refrain; Trump took his advice. Trump pretty much demands his family stay away from drinking. This is not to support him in all the other horrendous consequences that have befallen us since his presidency – I’m not defending him in that way. I just HATE slander, and that is what Nader did. Pure slander. Sick. I have no respect for people who engage in it.

    • Hi Snap,

      Agreed. I’ve been tough lately on the Orange Fail – for other reasons. But there is no evidence to support what Nader claims. It’s of a piece with his claims about the Corvair, a car I owned that he never even drove. Nader was one of the first shysters I dissected – and the process helped me to understand the general nature of this creature.

      • Eric, I actually remember the Corvair controversy being in the news; I was a little girl at the time, living in San Diego. (don’t remember the specifics, ha, I’m old but not that old!) I suppose Southern California, with its mild climate, was a fun place for car lovers. I think I must have absorbed some kind of love or respect for cars just by living there for many years.

        I’m sorry about what Nader did to a good car. I might have to read up on it.

      • I owned one, handed down from my Mom, four speed with four single throat carbs.

        It was THE American Porsche, handled better than the 356’s, accelerated faster than the early 911’s but best…. it was affordable.

        • Hi Clay,

          Yup; I owned a ’64 coupe. The 110 engine with dual carbs and a four speed. What a great little car it was! It was like a Beetle, but roomy – with a great heater and much better body integrity. It also could easily cruise at 75, which in a Beetle was approaching top speed. Like early 911’s, it was prone to lift-throttle oversteer, but if you knew how to drive this was not a problem. I miss that car a lot.

  2. We are ruled by women and eunuchs:

    Isiah 3:1-9
    1For, behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water,
    2The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient,
    3The captain of fifty, and the honourable man, and the counseller, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.
    4And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
    5And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.
    6When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand:
    7In that day shall he swear, saying, I will not be an healer; for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: make me not a ruler of the people.
    8For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of his glory.
    9The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

    • “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” Isaiah 3:12

    • Hi Bardelys,

      I still have a pair – and will not bend to this. I don’t say this as a”tough guy.” I am simply a determined guy and a guy who has had enough.

  3. I drove a 1965 Corvair Monza 140HP, 4-speed, 4 carbs. As a young man, with racing aspirations, I rode that car HARD. It handled with delightfully neutral cornering ability and a light touch on the steering wheel.

    Nader (who set the stage for those globe trotting imbeciles, Gore and Romney) ruined Corvair sales, all for his total self-glorification and profit.

    • And, from http://www.joesherlock.com/JohnKerry.html#2-9-21

      I think we can all agree that John F. Kerry is a craggy old fossil, and also is known as the Global Warming Ghoul. Federal Aviation Administration records indicate that the family of U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry owns a private jet, despite his position on combatting fossil fuels in the new administration. Private jets have been estimated to emit upward of 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial flights.

      “We look forward to the anti-carbon lectures from a guy who travels the globe on private jets and luxury yachts,” quipped a New York Post editorial last year. In 2019, John Kerry headed to Iceland on a private jet to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership.

      Kerry received the award, which took the form of an iceberg sculpture, for being “a consistent voice pressuring the American authorities to commit to tackle environmental matters.”

      Furthermore, with Kerry’s encouragement, Biden signed an executive order requiring departments to pursue climate change regulation creating new task forces and requiring in-depth strategic plans – in other words, government busywork.

      “The order also requires measures that will impact employees in the fossil fuel industry. It includes everything from cutting any current subsidies, to trying to eliminate industry financing globally, to eliminating new leases of natural gas and oil exploration on federal land, to putting renewable eyesores like wind and solar farms on those same lands. It goes on for dozens of paragraphs. Just canceling the Keystone XL pipeline cost 11,000 jobs.”

    • Hi Clay,

      I owned a ’64 Monza 110, 4-speed… which was a great car and also why I have a personal loathing for that shyster. He singlehandedly destroyed one of the most innovative American cars of the early-mid 1960s, for which I will never forgive him.

        • Hi Jack!

          I owned a ’64 Monza coupe; also several old VWs – so I was able to directly compare these two similar-in-layout cars. I love old VWs but the ‘Vair was better engineered – as you’d expect for a car designed in the late 1950s vs. a car designed in the mid-1930s. Much better heater, for openers. Better body integrity. A much stronger engine. The ‘Vair could comfortably keep up with today’s highway traffic; the old VWs could keep up… barely, with lots of effort (and noise). The ‘Vair had a roomy back seat and a large trunk up front. The main difficulty with the things was keeping the carbs synced and making sure the thermostatically controlled air doors worked!

          • Nader – sheesh. Only twenty years prior, books like his would have gone unsold, and his high-falutin’ law degree notwithstanding, he’d be pushing a broom to put a roof over his head. Poorly-substantiated research, fear-mongering, all to sell a book and make a living off the “rubber chicken circuit”.

            However, I think the Corvair would have passed on anyway, Eric, though it was essentially an Americanized VW Beetle with most of its strengths and got rid of some of its drawbacks. AFAIK, the line didn’t perform up to GM’s expectations, and in a way, a shame, as for awhile there was a very innovative Corvair “pickup”, akin to a similar VW offering, and was there also not a van? A LOT of potential came and went with that line! Chevy did come out with the “Chevy II”, later christened “Nova”, and while it was about as “plain Jane” as Chevy could make a car, at least until the Chevette, ya gotta admit it had its day in the 70s for either economy or performance! Once the Chevy II was the “economy” subcompact, there simply was, other than a specialty sports car with a European flavor, there was no longer a role for the Corvair. GM was already going a different direction with the subcompact Vega, a classic tale of a basically sound car that was royally screwed up by the penny-pinchers in its engine design!

            The Corvair’s era was also a time of innovations that didn’t take over at the time…Buick had a V6 that was sturdy, good on gas, and had surprising power, but wouldn’t see widespread use for 25 years. Pontiac had the Tempest, with that sawed-in-half 389 to make a “Slant-Four”, which ended up being a car propelled by a paint shaker! Later in the 60s, the Tempest had that OHC Six that Pontiac cobbled out of the basic Chevy Six. Mopar’s otherwise staid Slant Six did have the “Scat Pack” 4 bbl option for a few years, and likewise some all-aluminum versions of that venerated engine. Most of these small-car, four and six cylinder engine options were nixed for a simple reason: folks still associated the V8 engines as the ones with the “giddyap” (hence dorky vegetable juice commercial), and there was more profit in the lines that came with a four or six as the base engine with the optional V8, as they were often packaged with other common options. Marketing more than technology is what drove those decisions, but this was also in the days of plentiful gas and “gas wars”, so much that my Dad would have my older sis and I, when he’d cart us about on errands (mostly to give Mom a break) play a game to spot the service station with the lowest prices! I still recall Central Florida (Orlando) where we had a ARCO, early in ’72, posting a price of $0.189 for regular. Even adjusted for inflation, that’s just under a BUCK! All the crap we have on our present-day rides to squeeze an extra 1.5 mpg or lower the NOx another 10% wouldn’t even be considered if fuel prices were like that…or if we kept Uncle Sam out of the business of making cars!

            • Morning, Douglas!

              Nader is the Billy Kristol of the automotive world; an arrogant ass who has been proved serially wrong about practically everything.

              Regarding the Corvair: It was initially (first generation) very successful. But then along came the Mustang… after Nader. That car changed everything.

              Still, it’s a shame because it had a lot of potential; maybe not as much as the Mustang – as far as versatility, everything from an economy car to a dragstrip king – but GM could have developed it into a kind of American Porsche, which is how many owners regarded the thing anyhow. The second generation turbo/Stinger was making 180 hp and probably was capable of more, reliably. It had an excellent four-wheel-independent suspension, too. Add four wheel disc brakes… some good tires….

              • Certainly the Corvair and the Mustang had one thing in common: they were fairly INEXPENSIVE to buy, and with the base engine were good on gas but still reasonably “peppy”, e.g. FUN! A car didn’t have to be loaded with high-tech wizardry to deliver a modicum of performance back then, nor was the “District of Criminals” sticking their noses into the tug-of-war between manufacturer and consumer.

                But along came the “activists”, who in earlier times would have been derided as “Sob Sisters”, often secretly backed by more mundane interests, like the INSURANCE LOBBY, and the car makers themselves. Of course, product liability was becoming a thing as well, and would be in the public eye by the late 70s with the infamous and overly-hyped Ford Pinto, purported to be made of “Explodium”. It was about 1968, when the new “S-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E standards, like with seat belts, were in effect, that the changes came out, and shortly thereafter, all the famed factory hot rods went “bye-bye”, and then came the de-tuning of engines for emissions, which rendered most 70s and 80s rides gutless wonders. It was easier to “comply” with these changes, which actually helped the car makers sell “newness” in their latest models, if they got Uncle to “mandate” the changes anyway, and it sated these “activists”…or so they THOUGHT.

                There’s just one problem when one gives into radical political activists…they are NEVER “sated”, not until they’ve seized UNLIMITED power, and like the crazed Emperor Palpatine, they literally EXECUTE those they perceive to be enemies, be it by “Order Sixty-Six” (“MiLord, what were the first SIXTY-FIVE orders?”) or whatever pretext. Hence all the BS that even Orange Man couldn’t just issue an Executive Order to say, “knock it off!”.

  4. All such proclaiming the total commitment to safety fail to notice, whether intentionally or not, that birth is a death sentence. That the only thing the state can really make you do is what you were going to do anyway. Live until you die. Nobody gets out of this alive. Yet it appears far too many think if they do everything “right” they will live forever. The real question is, what life we are willing to live. One on our knees while pretending to be immortal, or one where the joys of life are abundant, easily accessed, and a bit more dangerous. Liberty is more dangerous than slavery. That doesn’t make it less desirable. Quite the contrary. Quantity of years lived is not nearly as important as their quality is. Not even close.

  5. Nader came to my high school in little old Napa, CA in 1976. Don’t remember what he said – I’m sure it was some safety propaganda for us kiddies.

  6. Nobody is talking about the open slave markets in Libya, nobody is talking about how corrupt Wall Street investors become. What about those fools?

    I remember Ivan Boesky. Ivan was fined 100 million dollars for insider trading, just plain broke the law. Bernie Madoff burned some suckers but good.

    Quit picking on Ralph and old people, Ralph will be gone one day and you’ll have to pick on some other old useless eater.

    Ralph looks like he could use a good meal and some sleep. Go for the pastrami, Ralph. lol

    The boomers won’t be here forever, so you’ll need a new scapegoat to justify your righteous indignation, your moral outrage. Criticize boomers until the cows come home, they don’t care what you say, just more stupid talk from more idiots, there are a lot of them on this planet. har

    Got news for ya, nothing is sacred in this world. Boomers are on the way out, millennials will follow close behind.

    Stick around, you’ve got a lot to learn.

    • Hi Drump,

      The problems that beset sane, reasonable and liberty-minded people of all ages are not a function of age or other group criteria. The insane, unreasonable and liberty-despising come in all shapes, colors – and ages.

      • Being one of those “old useless eaters” who just so happened to be more productive in my younger days than most of those half my age. What I’ve discovered in my agedness is a more clear awareness of my impending mortality. Fortunately for me, such awareness does not fill me with a fear that motivates me to seek ever more insane means of extending my life. Quality is orders of magnitude more important than quantity when it comes to years lived. What quality is there in the constant pursuit of immortality, a thing one cannot have regardless of effort to acquire it?

  7. Ralph Nader was instrumental in creating the safety cult in the US, but he is not alone, and for one of him, there are hundreds of young, ambitions safety cultists looking to make their name as well. I’ve run into a number of them from the UK, US, and German governments given that I work on self driving tech. These people all want to suck the joy out of life, but it’s not directly because they’re assholes, it’s more subtle.

    Consider the system they work in. If someone dies, they get the blame for not “doing enough”. They are not rewarded for being less intrusive and allowing for “fun”. This incentive structure creates people who will do anything in the name of safety, no matter how onerous, because it’s the only way not to get a bad performance review. There is no condition under which they get a bonus. The system is broken, and even someone with noble intentions will get corrupted by it.

    • Hi OP,

      Very true. But to give Nader his due, he made being a fag – Southpark form – “cool.” I am old enough to remember when people who were afraid of everything were just exactly that.

  8. I hold that rat bastard personally responsible for inflicting the Chimp upon us. His egomania getting on the ballot in Florida and New Hampshire in the 2000 presidential election siphoned off enough votes from the libs to hand the election to Bush; for that alone I wish him a slow painful death on his way to hell.

      • Is it not obvious to anyone with a functioning nervous system that voting is pointless? That only “appropriate” votes will be counted? That the typical candidates are carbon copies of each other, their only differences being which one of the artificially created political paradigm they are a member of? That the purpose of our adherence to this or that party is nothing more than a tool to counteract any significant positive change? That your vote serves no purpose other than to “legitimize” the Psychopaths In Charge and their ongoing criminality? The only difference I see between the two parties is the Republicans pretend to want to drive our hand cart to hell a bit slower, and it is pretending, since nothing changes when they are in control. The destination remains the same. Enslavement.

        • Careful John, talking too much sense there..ya know, folks just really like to have themselves a good vote, makes the serfdom go down easier like a gentle pat on the back from our overlords, plus don’t forget flawless counter-arguments like “it’s the only system we have!” and “if you don’t vote you can’t complain!” and “we just, we just need, we just need to get the right people, the *right* people, in office!”

  9. Why is it that these people, these self-appointed imperators, such as Mr. Nader here, always look so miserable? Also one to strike me this way was Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. People such as this always seem to have some inner ailment digesting them, and they seem to believe that the only remedy is control of others. It is a most insipid characteristic.

  10. A new driverless car will still require a little user input so they can hit the user with a DUI. Some states can give you a DUI if they detect any amount illegal drugs in your system. No matter if you did it 2 weeks ago. The tax feeders aren’t going to want to give that up.

  11. ‘If demand existed for such things [as public transit], there would be profit in them and no need for “public investment.” ‘ — EP

    In a galaxy far far away, the early IRT and BMT subway lines in New York City were built by private investors, starting in 1904. Their bonds could be bought for income … or their common stocks owned to bet on their expansion and growth.

    Hardly a decade later, Woody Wilson’s war came along. Big Gov ginned up a ferocious wave of inflation from 1915 to 1919. The nickel fare didn’t cover operating costs anymore. But regulators mindlessly clung to the Holy Nickel, even if investors were now being arbitrarily drained of their capital (like today’s apartment landlords in Commiefornia, obliged by Mietet Führer Newsom for furnish free shelter to tenants in default).

    Predictably, the capital-starved, loss-making subways approached bankruptcy. Big Gov stepped in to take over in the early 1930s. Now the hallowed nickel fare has exploded by a factor of nearly fifty (50) times, demonstrating that Big Gov is the most merciless monopolist of all, combining the efficiency of the post office and the compassion of the IRS.

    Just wait till kindly Uncle Ralph gives philanthropic monopoly electric utilities a total chokehold over ALL household energy use, including the EVs in the garage. Say goodbye to ten cents a kilowatt-hour! ‘Dimes to dollars,’ as fatcat utility execs crow, lighting up big organic-tobacco, fair-traded cigars. ‘LET THE SHEEPLE PAY!’

  12. Why is none of this wonderful technology being used for something a driver might actually find useful. Such as Advanced AGW detection systems. Or advanced speed – camera cloaking technology….. now thats stuff Id pay for !!

    I mean tesla for all its wonderful technology and brilliant big screen – it doesnt even support Waze speed camera / cop alerts !! One would have thought thats the first thing they would put in an infotainment system in a car (before tetris or fart noises). but I guess it goes to show who modern car makers actually work for !!

    • I’m with you there, Nasir! Maybe one of those electronic license plates, except that it changes numbers and states at random to confound the license plate readers…

  13. Old fuckers need to just die already. Look at the past year and every goddamn shit decision has come from old fuckers. They’re worthless humans. They cling to the belief that they’re still relevant somehow. They’re terrified of dying. They should be. Because all they’ve ever brought to this world has been selfish, egotistical garbage. I strongly encourage every old fucker on the planet to get the jab.

    Die old fuckers. Enjoy your time in hell. You’ve earned it.

    • Spoken like a young imbecile who thinks he will be young forever. Will you consider yourself to be a “worthless human”, “irrelevant”, and just an “old fucker” to be used for medical experiments, worthy only of death when YOU turn old and gray? (Think it won’t happen? Think again.)

      • Anon may very well not make it to old age. His anger and millennial pastiness (not much sun in mom’s basement) will probably have him in cardiac arrest soon.

        • Some of us who post here are “old fuckers”. Age doesn’t have anything to do with ones ideology. The young politicians (think Marco Rubio, AOC, etc.) are assholes just as much as Pelosi or Weinstein. And I don’t encounter too many AGW’s who are old fuckers. They’re all young and far more dangerous than us geezers.

          • Witness A-O-C and The Squad…not a gray hair amongst them.

            Ah, Ralphie Nader, the Original Karen ™. The man who killed the Corvair, the commie pinko!

    • Way to go Anon. Keep on pretending that the faces put before you are the ones who actually make such decisions. Never mind they are nothing but prostitutes in the employ of those who really make such decisions. Whom you will never see, so determining their age won’t happen. Get a clue, please.

  14. Unbelievable! These old guys won’t go away. They won’t die. They continue to be consulted only because of their name recognition. Some of them are still pretty sharp, but then there are the others…

    The f***ing boomer nostalgia is so bad now.

    • Name recognition among the boomers maybe, and the dorkus malorkus millennial political-horny twats. But yeah, the boomers git out n vote still and keep on hanging on to their shit lives, mostly insisting that everyone else stay in their homes forever, close their businesses, degrade themselves with face diapies, et c. and guffaw to themselves as they figure out this Zoom thing is pretty neat. And then throw a woodstock party, even though none of them were there.

  15. My friend has a theory that the most evil among us are permitted by God to live a very long time in order to provide as much time as possible for them to repent. That way, once they do die there can be no question that an eternity in hell is appropriate.

    I hope he’s right. The thought of some of these bastards burning in hell warms my heart. Of course it sucks for us to have to endure their evil on earth for many more decades than we should.

    On a side note, I saw a Superbowl “message” from Toyota that said: “Mask up; socially distance; and take the vaccine when it’s your turn.” Fuck you CBS and Fuck you Toyota for your blatant propaganda yesterday.

    • What was the Jeep commercial all about during the superbowl? Was it trying to reach out to the red state types and let them know it all right to come back to reality? F Jeeps.

    • Puppy Bowl is more interesting and cuter. So much propaganda from the NFL. And watching the players and coaches wearing face diapers while on the sidelines is just plain amusing – virus doesn’t spread on the playing field, except to and from referees, but it becomes transmissible once you reach the bench.

    • What’s funny is that Toyota seemed to be the last manufacturer to start virtue signalling and pretty much stayed apolitical in the public eye. All of a sudden, they reversed course and have become full SJW.

    • Maybe advertisers got 50% off if they mouthed all the platitudes. Just kidding, they’re all enthusiastically trying to create hell on earth

    • I spared myself the woke fest and sixty minutes of Negroball. OTOH, it was gratifying to see the Trump supporting WHITE boy, Brady, get yet another Super Duper Bowl ring.

    • Toyota started going downhill after W. Edwards Deming died. They held on to his manufacturing and customer oriented theories for a few years, but since the early 2000s I’ve noticed a gradual slide toward being just another car company. I’ve owned a number of Toyotas through the years, beginning with my 1970 Corolla and ending with my current ride, a 2016 Tacoma. My next vehicle will be a pickup from another company.

      • Hi Mike,

        Yeah… I expect the new Tundra to be like all the other “super-sized” (and super-teched) behemoths in the half-ton class. It’s a damned shame because the current Tundra is an outstanding truck and one of the last new such on can still buy.

        • Hi Eric. My Tacoma has only 21,000 miles on it and it meets my needs very well, so I expect to have it for some years to come. When it’s time to replace it, your reviews of pickups will play a major role in my selection. That’s assuming, of course, that the Nazis and Stalinists haven’t shut you down by then.

  16. Didn’t realize the fossil was still around. Guess all of the cockroaches are coming out now that Biden has usurped.

    Nader was a Karen before it was a thing.

  17. Nader?? My first reaction on seeing the photo was “Is that jackass still alive?” Unfortunately it would seem to be the case. Yeah, Ralph, just strap us all in padded cocoons for saaaaaaafety’s sake. Has this busybody ever even owned a car?


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