Another Itchin’ to Kill AGW

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This video just surfaced of a traffic stop in Rockford, IL. It was taken by one of the passengers of a car pulled over for reasons no one can figure out, because the armed government worker who drew his gun on the kid video-recording the incident didn’t arrest anyone in the car or even give the driver a ticket.

He just almost killed them.

The car had pulled over; no attempt was made to “flee” or “resist.” But even this passivity was insufficient to keep the AGW’s gun in its holster. The badged thug orders the backseat passenger – the one taking the video of the incident – to “open the door or I’ll shoot.”

Because not opening the door when ordered to for no apparent reason constitutes a capital offense in Indiana, apparently.

The AGW then demands the kid stop recording. “Put your phone down, brother,” he says. The passenger objects, noting that he has every right to record the stop. The ready-to-kill thug with a badge says: “Do you want to put it down or do you want me to knock it down”?

Which was done. The car was then searched – apparently without probable cause or even the manufactured cause (“I smelled marijuana”).  The driver and passengers were eventually released without further incident – and without (apparently) anything done about the AGW with anger management issues, who can be seen on video pointing a loaded gun at teenagers without any discernible legitimate reason for doing so.

But solely because he can – and is able to get away with it.

None of us could do the same – and get away with it. Any “civilian” – in air quotes to mock the general AGW confusion about their status – who pointed a loaded gun at someone without being able to produce hard evidence that their life was in imminent danger – as opposed to “fearing for their safety” – would be up on felony charges and very likely to end up convicted and doing a stint in prison.

AGWs do the same all the time – and get praised as “heroes” for doing it.

. . .

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  1. That fat clown looks real professional doesn’t he, with his scraggly beard and what looks like a Chicago Cubs ball cap? Probably not even a real cop, but one of those neighborhood watch type assholes that can’t even pass the low requirements to become a real live AGW.

  2. I love the whole ‘back the blue’ movement repeated ad nauseum this year. Are you kidding me? The ‘blue’ is supposed to have my back. We back the blue with our taxes. That is more than enough backing from the general population. The blue needs to have our backs and support us. That asshole cop acts like he is entitled to our subjugation. He, and so many others like him, are going to wake up one day and find out what real subjugation looks, and feels like. It won’t be pleasant.

    • I’d say about 90 percent of all “police brutality” complaints are utter bullshit. But what worries me is the remainder that AREN’T, like this sordid incident, and how the police and the municipal or state governments that employ and fund them close ranks against the actual pursuit of justice. And they WONDER why the “De-Fund” the police sentiment.

      Do I “support” the police? Sure…by default, with my TAXES. And as long as they do the job with proficiency, in a LAWFUL manner, with an eye to actually “Serve and Protect”, then of course I’ve nothing but praise. So why at times they abuse the relationship is mind-numbing.

      • Hi Doug,

        I had a conversation the other day with a friend who is very pro “law enforcement.” I suggested she consider why someone like me – whom she has known for years and knows isn’t a criminal – might be inclined the other way. I told her that I, like most reasonable people, carry no water for criminals; that I am in fact very much appalled by them and want them held accountable. But, that is not the same thing as “law enforcement.” Which manufactures “criminals” who aren’t. I don’t steal or assault people. I don’t harm anyone. And yet, I have to worry about being hassled by “law enforcement” over such things as my personal decision to not wear a seatbelt or a helmet or a Face Diaper. Or because I haven’t got a pretty sticker on my truck. Or just because they can.

        The response to this is often: Well, they are just doing their jobs. The law is what it is. The latter is true. But no one is forced to do this job. Anyone who chooses to do it is responsible for their choice to be a dick. And anyone who threatens people with violence for not “buckling up” (or “masking” up) or who mans a “checkpoint” is a dick.

      • Every time I hear some——— say that “MOST cops” “most FBI” are good well then the logic of that would say those “GOOD” cops should out and arrest the dirt bags , well , because they out number them and and well, they are good cops !! RIGHT ? NOPE your good cops turn a blind eye to the dirty fucks that are the majority , well “mah family” “mah pension” just doing my job bullshit NOPE ! they are ALL 100% dirty or they would clean their own house ! and that ain’t gonna happen….is it !

        • Hi m rappy,

          I agree with you. Reluctantly, I agree with you. I italicize the word because I – like most people – value peace and the keeping of it. I loath people who use violence to take things from others, push them around, harm them just because they can. And that’s why I loath “law enforcement.”

  3. The standards for AGWs being LOWER than those for us is completely irrational. A moral accounting would place HIGHER standards on them. After all, they are empowered with constantly being armed, the authority to interfere with anyone for any reason, and having a virtually unlimited number of their cohorts on call to come to their assistance. My opinion is that the reason the entire farce is so distorted is that the vast majority of so called laws are illegitimate excuses to abuse people, and so they abuse. That’s their job description. Most laws are tyranny imposed at gunpoint, and so they are tyrants. There are two parties that are involved. Those who make such “laws”, and those enforcing them. To expect tyrants to hire saints to enforce their tyranny is delusional. The tyrants and their enforcers can be painted with the exact same brush. They could trade places and little would be different.

    • Well-said, JWK.

      You’ve summarized the situation exactly. If the laws weren’t tyrannical, “enforcement” would be a non-issue. How many of us live in dread of being accosted for having committed theft or murder? We don’t, because we’re not thieves or murderers. But we must live in dread of being “stopped” at literally the whim of any AGW and accosted for nothing more than his power to do so.

      • Just try dealing with a vindictive ex, who can spew a utter BS story about you to the cops and/or a judge. Your GUILT is presumed in such matters, and any man going through a breakup and/or divorce would be well-advised to document, Document, DOCUMENT every fucking thing to cover his ass, and do EXACTLY as your attorney advises. Even that may not necessarily keep you from unwanted attention from the cops or “Family” courts over whatever shit your ex stirs up, but it’ll leave you better able to cope.

        Every situation with the “fairer” sex that goes “south” can degrade into an utter fucking, joy-killing NIGHTMARE unless a man remains VIGILANT and DISCIPLINED.

        • Hi Doug,

          Yup. I learned that at first-hand. Also at second-hand, through several friends who went through the Divorce Court/Family Court scheisse show. It makes a guy very reluctant to take the risk again. Which of course is unfair to prospects who’ve done nothing to warrant suspicion but the potential costs are so high and the damage already done so severe that it’s almost beside the point. Sometimes I think a small off-grid cabin would be the ideal thing. Maybe come back in 20 years to see how things are going…

  4. Lots of money for AGWs in my neck of the woods. Not any money though to fix the pot-hole ravaged streets and highways. America…what a CUNTry

  5. I have a different take on this- the cop didn’t seem outrageous, he did have his weapon drawn, but he also had his finger outside the trigger and didn’t point it at the videographer. This combination makes me think he had some reason to be ready to defend himself.

    Having said that, he had no right to demand that anybody stop recording an interaction with him. This should be occasion for a public apology and a official reprimand. It should not be a career ender, and not an opportunity to sue the taxpayer, but it should be taken seriously and punished appropriately.

    The outrage is the official stonewalling, the official “us vs the peons” runaround and the lack of candor and openness. The claims of official secrecy are a crock of stinking crap.

    I don’t like cops- what they do is mostly un-American, enforcing chickens%$t rules on people minding their own business.

    However, putting myself in that position, If I’m concerned that I’m walking into a gunfight- that involves a lot of stress and takes a lot of guts- and I probably would have my weapon ready for immediate use also.

    Had he started with his finger on the trigger and pointing it at someone, that is assault with a deadly weapon and excusable only in extreme situations with damned good reason. Modern cops seem to think that it has become OK to pull a gun on someone, bark orders and demand obedience. It isn’t and it is the opposite of effective, escalating tensions and making problems. It should be a point of pride to be polite, respectful, and thereby respected, and to very seldom have to draw and to never have to use your weapon. That’s the way it used to be and must be again.

    But so long as the statist lawyers (and the prosecuting judges) encourage it and continue to allow it, the problems will get worse. Cops aren’t the real problem, they are just the tools of evil.

    • Hell with excusing that behavior, Ernie. At the very least the cop in question made an unlawful order when he demanded the phone be put away. Since he had a loaded, cocked, and pointed weapon in his hand at the time, that makes it a charge of brandishing, making a terroristic threat, and assault since he put the person in fear of bodily harm.
      You contradicted yourself. You say he wasn’t outrageous and you would have done the same thing.

      Maybe 50 years ago we might have had enough trust in police to assume they have a good reason for pulling guns on people, perhaps the cars description matched one that fled a scene of a felony, maybe.
      But not today. No sir, no way. And it isn’t all on statist prosecutors or judges. Juries seem incapable of convicting bad cops.

      Your concern over the cop possibly walking into a gunfight, wow, what about the poor schmucks in the car? Should they have guns out every time they get pulled over? Or just trust that that particular cop is having a good day? Fuck that! Cops use the ignorance defense all the time; why can’t we? That cop is going to get himself killed some day, hopefully before he kills someone

      • Amen, Andrew –

        I fall back to the argument – which strikes me as reasonable – that the same standards applicable to you and I ought to apply to them. At the very least. It’s arguable they – being “trained” – and being endowed with authority – ought to be held to a higher standard as regards the law, use of force, etc.

        If it is a criminal act for me to brandish a loaded gun at someone who has not threatened me with bodily harm then why is it not also a crime for an AGW to do the same? Some will say: The AGW feared for his safety! But that won’t fly if I say it or you say it.

        So why does it fly for them?

      • Please re-read what i said. In no way did I excuse the cops behavior, it probably merits an official reprimand and public apology. What I did say is that a guy in that situation could have cause for acting like that. The video is short, and looks terrible. Yet, repeatedly we see something like this and then get another angle/more complete video and see the opposite. Might there have been a drive by shooting with the criminals matching this description?

        I don’t know. I wasnt there. An old Prussian adage is to believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see.

        I note that different reports had the kids with a cell phone or a camcorder… note that many camcorders have a very similar profile to a mini-uzi. The guy didn’t seem crazed, I noted he immediately holstered his pistol when he got a good look into the car.

        I don’t trust cops or like the law enforcers they’ve become. But I also try not to hate.

        • I hope you give rapists the same benefit of a doubt when they are in a similar situation and don’t know for sure that their intended victim isn’t helpless. And that you don’t hate them for what they choose to do with their time. Otherwise, why do you make distinctions where none exist?

          • Of course I give accused rapists the benefit of the doubt. Don’t you? Rape is despicable and hateful- of course. Do you advocate for immediate killing of anyone accused of rape? Because we’re pretty much there with the me too femmunists.

            Distinctions always exist. I assume cops and government are the bad guys, but I’m always willing to be proven wrong. Sex can be consensual, seduction, rape, and many shades in between and combinations. There are people with rape fantasies.

            Hate is a dangerous thing. Hate the act- of course. Love the sinner, hate the sin? Yes.

            Friend, you assume way too much. Always remember to check your premises.

            • Of course I give accused rapists the benefit of the doubt. Don’t you?

              Not if I catch them in the act and they don’t deny being a rapist in the act of committing rape. This guy was caught in the act of being a legislation enforcer and he doesn’t deny it. Does he? He even wears clothing so everyone can know what he does. I’m assuming nothing; I’m taking him at his word. He’s guilty by his own admission and by the gang colors he proudly struts.

    • Unholstered but with his booger hook off the go-bang switch just means he was brandishing a weapon. Depending on your jurisdiction that may or may not be a specific crime. Some places use disorderly conduct or menacing to cover brandishing. Where I live displaying a firearm with intent to intimidate is explicitly disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor unless you’re a cop. Cops are specifically exempted. They can charge you with menacing if you physically or verbally threaten someone and that law doesn’t exempt cops. If you do so in possession of a deadly weapon that becomes felony menacing.


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