Diaper Report: 10/10/2022

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Something new to report! For the first time since hypochondria became a thing, some going-on-three-years-ago, I got a reaction from a Face Diapered sheep when I bleated at it.

I stopped by the supermarket to pick up a few things yesterday afternoon. Almost no one was wearing the mouth-muzzle of the sheep, other than this one furtive-looking lady who was walking toward me, canting as far as possible away from me as we passed one another. At just that moment, I attempted to communicate with it in its native tongue.


Every single other time I have done this, the sheep continues on its way, glassy eyes unfocused into the distance. Not this one. Fuck you, it snarled! What do you know? An angry sheep! It probably infuriates these sheep to see 85-90 percent of the bipedal population not mouth-muzzled. It must make them feel a combination of upside-down righteousness (the reverse of what I and others who never wore the mouth muzzle felt when almost everyone else was wearing them) and shame, for surely – at some level – they must at least occasionally question themselves.

And that is why I bleat at these sheep.

Ordinarily, a sheep is a useful, docile creature. It minds it own business. It is almost never aggressive. But the bipedal sheep are very much that. It is suppressed aggression at the moment – manifesting via the mouth muzzle they wear. Can there be any doubt at all that anyone still wearing a mouth muzzle is chomping at the bit to muzzle everyone else? The logic is inescapable. The sheep-people who still wear the mouth muzzle obviously believe it “works” to wear it.

Else why wear it?

It is silly-looking, uncomfortable and inconvenient. One only subjects oneself to such absurdities if one does not consider them absurd. If that is so – and it surely is – then (according to the logic of the thing) it is an outrage that other people aren’t “practicing” such absurdities. Look into the eyes of a mouth-muzzled sheep and tell me what you see. Better yet, try to imagine what they see.

That being a swarm of selfish, anti-“science” troglodytes. They burn, certainly, with suppressed anger at what they see. Itch, for the “mandates” to return.

And that is why I bleat whenever I see such a sheep, which is actually more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think it is very imporant to not pretend it is reasonable to walk around with a mouth muzzle on, in order to end the normalization of this pathological behavior. Which goes double-plusgood for not pretending that a boy who wears a dress and takes hormones to grow man breasts is a girl, either. There is no such thing as a “transition” from male to female – or female to male. There are simply confused people being encouraged to pretend that objective reality doesn’t exist, if they so insist.

And that has got to be stopped.

For – logically – it will lead to old men insisting they are adolescents, in order to “date” them. In the dating of beasts, even. And the rest of us will be expected to pretend it’s perfectly normal.

Many have refrained – out of a natural and laudable instinct to be nice. To avoid a confrontation by giving in to bullies, who use the natural and laudable instinct most people have to be nice against them. Thus is toleration used to further acceptance – and then, endorsement.

It is not enough that we respect Bruce’s right (and it is his right) to call himself Caitlyn and dress accordingly. Most of us don’t object to that because it’s not our business to object to it. But we have every right to refuse to pretend that Bruce is Caitlyn – that is to say, a biological female – rather than a guy in womens’ clothes who has modified himself to look like a parody of a woman.

It does not make him a woman.

If he – and other “trans” people object, thinks we’re being mean – too bad. Feelings do not counter facts. The same as regards the mouth muzzled. What they do is abnormal, silly – and dangerous. It perpetuates a mass-lunacy that could easily result in mass murder, of the people who aren’t sheep. The sheep Baaaaaaa’ing their approbation.

And so I Baaaaaa at them, in the hope that, perhaps, some of them might give second thought (or any thought) to their pathological obsession with their facial security blankets. Might get mad enoug to take them off, at last.

Probably not. Well, probably not many. But the point here is to do what must be done to re-establish normalcy and the only way to accomplish that is by taking a stand for sanity, rather than looking past the insane and pretending all’s ok.

. . .

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  1. Eric,

    Now the Pharma Cartel and the CDC wants to add the COVID jabs to the list of REQUIRED childhood vaccinations for children to go to school. If they’re successful, Big Pharma will have a permanent liability shield, meaning they CANNOT be sued for any injuries from their product. It’s beyond crazy how many “CDC recommended vaccinations” there are now for children from birth to 18. IIRC, they even recommend a hepatitis vaccine for children just a few days after they’re born. As of 2022, the “CDC recommended vaccines” for children from birth to when they’re teenagers is around 70 or so, and there are undoubtedly technocrats and Big Pharma types who have wet dreams of making a similar list for ADULTS.

  2. Looks like the CDC wants to add the COVID “vaccines” to the list of required childhood vaccinations for children to go to school, even though COVID was never that much of a threat to children, and these jabs have increasingly shown to not only NOT be “Safe and Effective”, they also make those who are jabbed MORE likely to get the dreaded ‘Rona. If these unelected health bureaucrats are successful, the Big Pharma companies that made these shots will have a permanent liability shield courtesy of federal law…..


    • FDA vaccinazis are ‘moving at the speed of science’:

      Pfizer, BioNTech omicron bivalent booster granted EUA by FDA for children aged 5 through 11MarketWatch

      Photo op: pervy old “Biden” sniffing some kids’ hair as the death jabs are administered.

      This is Big Gov gone feral …

      • Science doesn’t actually move nearly as fast as they imply. The only real exception to that, is when someone like Einstein comes along…and that doesn’t happen very often. 1905 was a long time ago, already.

      • When that Pfizer executive claimed they were “Moving at the speed of science”, that sounded like something Tony Fauci would say, as in many of his interviews with Big Media over the past 2+ years, Fauci had the gall to claim that HE was the science or that anyone who attacked him was attacking science.

        • H John,

          It’s sometimes hard to even respond to the effrontery and arrogance of these people, who are literally playing with people’s lives. The pharma cartels were loathsome enough before – when they lacked the power to coerce people to take their drugs. But now… it’s almost beyond articulation.

      • Jim,

        I saw a tweet somewhere pretty much admitting that the whole point of so-called “Vaccine Passports” was FORCING people to get vaxxed. Thanks to people who didn’t get vaxxed, these authoritarians & technocrats who wanted such passports WORLDWIDE weren’t successful, but they’re not going to give up easily. They’re STILL obsessed with establishing such sinister plans like digital ID, digital currency, carbon footprint trackers, etc., and their rationale for those plans is “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” or “Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate Change”.

  3. Rob Roos, member of European Parliament from the Netherlands, gets a Pfizer rep to admit that the ‘vaccine’ was NEVER tested for ‘stopping the spread’:


    ‘We had to move at the speed of science,’ the Pfizer rep pleads in a trite non sequitur reply.

    Roos points out that Pfizer’s admission destroys the basis for covid passports, since ‘vaccination’ clearly doesn’t protect others (nor the vaccinee, once negative efficacy sets in).


  4. First they came for the unmasked, then they came for the unvaxxed.

    If you don’t wear a mask, PayPal will fine you $2,500, even if you don’t have an account.

    If you aren’t vaxxed, it’ll be another 2,500 USD.

    And… it’s gone.

    PayPal the stock is going to be gone sooner than later.

    273 to 83 is a fall from grace, fell off of a cliff. Mark it zero.

    Forgot that customers are always right and will always vote with their feet.

    Boycott is the word of the day.

    Can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  5. Confirming what other studies already have shown for nearly a year:

    The effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine against infection turns negative over time, according to a new study funded by the vaccine maker.

    The effectiveness of three doses—a primary series and a booster—against infection remained above 50 percent after 150 days against BA.1, a subvariant of the Omicron virus variant, researchers estimated.

    But against more recent strains, including the currently-dominant BA.5, the effectiveness turned negative.

    Against BA.2, BA.4, and BA.5, the effectiveness went negative after 150 days.

    Against BA.1.12.1, the effectiveness turned negative after 91 days.

    Negative effectiveness means a vaccinated person is more likely to contract COVID-19, the disease the virus causes, than an unvaccinated person.

    Researchers with Moderna and Kaiser Permanente, who carried out the study, also found that people who received three Moderna doses were more likely to become infected when compared to people who received just two doses. — Zachary Stieber, The Epoch Times

    Needless to say, for the FDA to approve a negatively-effective medication — one that INCREASES your chances of illness — is absolutely unethical and illegal.

    Broken system; broker leaders; broken rule of law. Flush it all …

      • Hi Eric.

        I typically laugh and say something like “Thanks for the kind offer, but I’m already spoken for” while holding up my left ringed hand. 🙂 The typical look of confusion is priceless.

  6. I was watching, ‘Doug and Stacy’… Doug mentioned again how this whole masking up thing pisses him off, reminds me of Eric:


    It got me to wondering, have you guys noticed very many younger people with this same attitude?

    That seems kinda important.

    I don’t get out on ‘The Net’ enough to know.
    Don’t know any younger people, either.

    The Future, belongs to, who?

    Phoebe Liou is the only example I’ve come across, but she does not come across as pissed off, a bit fighting, maybe, but not pissed off, exactly:

    ‘Second-Class Scholar: How College COVID-19 Mandates Shattered My Dreams’


    Or, maybe the article didn’t capture & describe her pissed-offness, Idk.

    Still, that’s just, one.

  7. Eric, a small correction. You described the sheep who reacted to your baaaaa-ing as a “lady.” Yet, her reaction was to drop the F-bomb? That ain’t no lady.

    • Helot,

      Interesting how he remembers “freedom” over his right to be a sheep and wear a mask!! I wonder where he was when people were being forced to jab and mask !!

  8. Dude Diaperers are the worst. I badly want to approach one and say “ooooohhhh, is the little boy afraid of getting siiiiiiick” in one of those condescending voices. Imagine these weak men facing a real threat. It’s disgusting and my face shows it, if they will even lock eyes. SMGDH

  9. The really big joke about masks is that over 20 CDC studies have concluded that masks do nothing to stop (or even slow down) the spread of a virus. Some people even claim there is no such thing as a virus, and the whole thing was a ruse from the gitgo to convince the sheep they had to get vaccinated to protect them from a virus.

    The reason why a mask (any mask, including N-95) will not stop a virus is basic physics, the weave of a mask is measured in microns and a virus is measured in nanometers, a thousand times smaller. Thus the meme, does a chain link fence stop a swarm of mosquitos?

    BTW on the good masks, the N-95 packing it says “will not stop a virus”. I have actually showed this to mask wearers, and they just stare at me in disbelief, and say it is an internet hoax.


    A virus is so small because it is part of an RNA strand, just a clump of molecules not much bigger than air molecules like N2, O2, and the dreaded CO2. So if you can breath through a mask, rest assured the viruses are going both ways without any trouble.

    So as a previous commenter says, it is a ritual for woke idiots, who claim their behavior is based on “science”. Everything in wokelandia is the opposite of truth. In the magical world of wokeness, a man wearing a skirt and a bra is a woman, and Teslas are better for the environment.

    I feel sorry for the firefighters breathing in burning Tesla fumes, which I am sure will cause a horrible disease in the near future. And even if they are wearing a coronamask, the fumes go right through, an smoke particles are huge compared to viruses.



    So let’s talk about farts in a resteraunt. Have you ever wondered how big is a fart molecule is? Well I have, I have pondered at great length if a fart molecule can be measured! When some fat lard ass blows his intestinal gas in a crowded resteraunt, how long does it take for fart molecules to circulate? Instantly, the whole space is instantly mixed with fart smell even though the lardass is wearing pants and sitting on his ass.

    The fact is whatever you breathe out, mixes in the air quite rapidly, and everyone is breathing your exhaust regardless if they wear a mask or not. Masking wearing is therefore feel good idiocy. And mask wearing defeats mating signals, a woman’s face is the primary means she communicates to a male for mating.

    “There is an aspect to the coronamask madness not being discussed and I offer it here. A human face is all important in sending mating signals, we humans communicate our willingness to mate based on what we see on another persons face. For instance, in evolutionary biology, female lips are a proxy for her labia, that we can no longer see when we stood upright. This is the reason for red lipstick being the universal color.

    So by wearing this mask because of what the television programming (electronic mind control device) says, human females are covering up their lips, and thus defeating their primary mating signal to potential suitors. Thus anyone foolish enough to wear a mask is voluntarily limiting correct mating data.”

      • Hi Lady,

        I don’t know that they’re lesbians. But many are certainly unappealing. If I were single, I’d be celibate, I think. Because the idea of dating a “masker” – or someone who has been “vaccinated” – is appalling to me. Per Washington: ‘Tis better to be alone than in poor company.

        • I have a brother that stopped dating a girl he liked a lot because she was vaxxed. I hadn’t even thought about having to deal with that shit since I haven’t been in the dating world for 15 years.

          Imagine having to find out if someone has been duped into the covid jab when you’re dating. He now brings it up if he goes on a second date. No reason to go on any more if they say yes.

          • Hi Ancap,

            Amen. It was bad enough before. Imagine it now. Or maybe not! I feel for anyone who is single now. My gf and I have dicussed it and are grateful to the Gods we met before this train rolled into the station. Imagine scrolling through page after page of Face Diapered prospects… and (worse) knowing most of the ones you can see have been “vaccinated.”

  10. I think the “sheep” analogy has worn thin over the years. Granted that actual sheep are easily herded and are easy to control but that must have to do with how docile they are. It’s really remarkable — not that I’m an animal expert.

    People that are called “sheep” are rarely “docile” apparently. They’re actually fairly vicious. More like lemmings or some rodent, like a rat.

    Also actual sheep are inherently more useful. Probably smarter on average too.

  11. The funniest thing about the masks is this:

    When someone goes to get vaksinnated, the vaksinnator has a mask on, and the vaksinnatee has one on too!! How funny (and stupid) is that??

    The vaksinnator is presumably vaksinnated, so why would they need to wear one? After all, they couldn’t POSSIBLY get the disease, right?

    And why would the vaksinnatee need one? After all, they are right next to someone who was vaksinnated to “protect those around them,” so why are they now a threat?

    And thirdly, if the vaksinnatee is about to receive the magic potion, is there anything at all to fear?

    It’s so obvious that the whole thing is a ritual, a theatrical display to subliminally convince people that this thing is sooooo dangerous and elusive that we must take eeeevery precaution.

    I walk by a place several times per week that does testing and vaksinnating. I so badly want to go in there and make a complete mockery of the whole thing, but they are in the same complex as a police station (coincidence?), so I figure I’ll only make trouble for myself if I do that.

  12. Eric, next time record these events to show on Rumble. A good laugh is needed to counter the depressing days we have living under the regime .

  13. Only thing is, Eric, there were actually many other sheep around you in that store- they just weren’t obvious because the wolf has not told them to ‘jump’ for the time being- so only the true believers in the psychosis still jump, even when not required to…but the rest of the sheep will gladly jump again the minute that the wolf puts the sign back up in the window, or huffs-and-puffs on the tee-vee.

    Actually, those sheep are probably more loathsome, because they just mindlessly do what they are told; feel it is some kind of a ‘moral obligation’ to obey the TV, etc. whereas at least the ones who are currently still wearing the filthy rag are doing so believe they are under the deluded belief that it is somehow ‘protecting them’ (from what???) and thus reacting to a fear that has been inculcated in their own [feeble] mind…whereas the former, whether they believe or not, are content to let others control them without rhyme or reason…just because they are sheep and someone says….

    • I’ve seen them on the road, from a distance I can’t tell if it’s a Santa Cruz or not.

      Ugly, and retarded looking, but whaddya expect from the posers who used to rock Douche Buggies (Prius’) up until a decade ago.

      Hope there’s more to come with these recalls, this EV push by these watermelons is gonna fall flat on it’s face soon enough

  14. The news media here is already hyping up the hysteria about a “winter surge” and “really bad flu season”(which is what covid was) to push jab boosters and flu shots everywhere. The supermarket has a sign out front offering 10% off groceries when you get your flu shot there. No thanks, I prefer to keep my immune system intact.

    • Mike,

      The news media where you live may have gotten money from the Biden Regime to push the new bivalent COVID boosters AND a flu shot. Heck, the Regime’s Coronavirus task force head said not too long ago that “God gave us 2 arms…..one for the COVID shot, and the other arm for the flu shot.” It’s almost like when New York Governor Kathy Hochul called the COVID shots “A gift from God” in front of a church gathering last year.

    • Hi Ya, Mike!
      It’s hilarious!
      My mother got a call from a friend of hers back in NY yesterday, -The friend, her sister, and the friend’s grand daughter who are all vaccinated, boosted AND had the ‘regular flu shot’ were all just recovering from a week-long bout of ‘the Rona’….. and she[the friend] actually said it… “It would have been worse if we hadn’t been vaccinated”!

      Gotta love ‘the science’! So the vaccines which are supposed to protect from the regular flu and from the ‘Rona, don’t work- and in-fact make one more likely to get said flus and other more serious illnesses, when they fail to do as advertised, can still somehow magically make the disease which they don’t protect one from less severe!

      I can’t help but to think that these people deserve what they are allowing to be inflicted upon themselves…. They are truly a drag on [what used to be] civilization. I don’t know what they are…but they are not of the same kind as us. No normal adult could ever have believed such BS in the recent past….

      • I had hoped so. When covid first hit in 2920 and the entire country was abruptly locked down I remember thinking how pissed everyone was about to get when they realized people were not keeling over en masse the way the news was reporting. I was sure most would see through this charade. But then….nothing. Just docile mask wearing obedient testing and social distancing. One of my co workers actually drew a curve on our whiteboard “explaining” the concept of two weeks to stop the spread. Brother in law explaining how the new mrna vaccines work, obviously accepting the CDC narrative hook line and sinker. My family excitedly posting their vaccines on FB. The people whose inherent intelligence I’d always taken for granted…..what a disheartening and eye opening experience.

  15. ‘do what must be done to re-establish normalcy’ — eric

    That’s gonna mean confronting the vaccinazis as well.

    You don’t need no PhD in Statistics to see what’s blowing in the wind. Until the summer of 2021 when its jab campaign started, Taiwan was one of several Asian countries with negligible numbers of covid cases. Then it obtained almost total compliance with the clot shots, and the isht hit the fan.

    Today, Taiwan ranks No. 2 in the world (after Micronesia) in its covid ‘case’ rate. Highly-vaxxed Europe follows hot on its heels. Meanwhile, the Global South — all the world outside the OECD rich countries — trundles along untroubled by covid.

    Where are the vaunted ‘scientists’ of the West, in the face of this thundering circumstantial evidence that ‘vaccines’ accelerate covid susceptibility, covid mutations and covid spread?

    Science has been replaced by weaponized, gov-promoted superstition (‘boosters work!’). Soon, survivors will tell scientist jokes. How many scientists does it take to change a light bulb …

    • It is sad and disgusting what has happened to our scientific research and medical institutions. Hypothesis driven inquiry and empirical testing has been replaced by assuming the conclusion and fitting the data accordingly. Corrupted and politicized, it has lost much credibility. They seek NIH grant money, not scientific truth. They publish preprints and white papers, instead of seeking peer review. And my personal favorite – bafflement and bewilderment, and outright ignoring what the evidence overwhelmingly shows.

      • You said it, BAC. For years, I was proud to call myself a scientist. In just the last couple, it has been attached to so much baggage, I feel some hesitancy before doing so. Truly sad.

      • ATTENTION: global warming, CO2, bs pushers, your computer modelling is pure fraud, fiction, garbage…..lol

        Deadly Globalist Scam: ‘Global Warming to Alternative Energy Sources, It’s All One Big Hoax’

        the non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change publication that focuses on physical science. It’s nearly 1,000 pages long and has 1000s of peer-reviewed papers. “This one specifically shows that there’s no climate emergency. This is the kind of information that is actually being censored by government and by media,”

        cobalt is mined by Chinese companies employing child labor in the Congo, breathing in radioactive dust in horrible working conditions. And then the cobalt is shipped to China, where again, with terrible environmental controls, 75% of Lithium batteries made in China come from Uyghur Muslim concentration camps. Slave labor for Green Energy….Uyghur slaves are also producing solar panels……………..

        the batteries are manufactured for Western green virtue signalers.

        Wind turbines kill birds and bats in huge numbers. With Ontario’s growth and wind turbines, some bat species will be entirely driven to extinction. In California, thousands of golden eagles have been killed at one wind farm alone. And they’re not very reliable, producing power only about 30 percent of the time.

        anyone interested in the subject of climate change to visit a website called climatechangereconsidered.org . There, you will find information that supports the idea that fossil fuels have, in fact, been a good thing for society. Not only have they massively increased our standards of living – there can be no denying this from any side of the argument –

        but they have also aided our protection of the environment by preventing the complete destruction of Britain’s forests, for example, once coal became the energy source for the country. He also recommends that readers watch documentary maker Michael Moore’s film Planet of the Humans. “People were quite shocked when he actually revealed the incredible damage that’s being caused by wind and solar power.”

        On the subject of electric cars, Harris has plenty to say.

        “If you feel that it is important to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, then stay with your gas-powered car.” Ron Stein, a California engineer and the author of Clean Energy Exploitations, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2022, has performed a lifecycle analysis to show how much greenhouse gas is produced when you mine the cobalt and the various materials that are needed in electric vehicles,

        then ship them to China, then charge your car, then dispose of these highly toxic materials at the end of their life. “He found that the lifecycle analysis shows clearly that it increases greenhouse gases if you move over to electric vehicles.

        This is just one of the many scams that are out there. They’re saying they’re saving the planet, while actually, they’re causing far more environmental damage,” says Harris.

        “All of this doom and gloom, we hear from the city, there’s a climate emergency; where is it? Not here now? Do you know what it’s based on? It’s based on computer models.” That’s all it’s based on.

        Climate scientists use computer models to forecast what they think the climate will be in 50 or 100 years. The climate scare is not based on what’s happening in the real world. So, what is it that’s driving the climate scare? “There are a lot of vested interests,” says Harris. “World government, they want to have massive profits for the wind and solar sector. They want to take away a lot of our freedoms.”

        computer models are useless….

        How good are the models at forecasting climate if we use what we already know? Pretty poor is the answer. “If we go 30 years into the past, and we plug in the conditions that we know existed, temperature, density, pressure, all that sort of thing, and we run computer models to the present, do we get today’s conditions?” Not so much.

        They call it hindcasting, in contrast to forecasting. Hindcasting shows the temperature rise in the last 30 years should be three times higher than it actually is. “They’re off by 200 percent,” says Harris. “And yet, those are the models that are being used by the UN, by the climate activists by the governments,


        • the globalist/communist/satanists love computers, it helps them push their agenda/narrative…their computer modelling is pure fraud, fiction, garbage…..lol…..anytime they quote you some of their fiction, fraud, bs, lies, stick this up their nose…..

        • ATTENTION: mild flu relabeled as deathly bat germ narrative pushers, your computer modelling is pure fraud, fiction, garbage…..lol……..

          this will get you censored quicker then attacking the global warming CO2 liars, for some reason…

          computer modelling is handy…lol

          zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

          ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
          Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

          This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vac..ci,,ne in one weekend.
          ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

  16. Eric, they are completely engrossed in their psychotic delusions. It’s like trying to reason with a psychopathic serial killer. They could not care less about what you think or say, much less the noises you make. Fortunately, most of the sheep are not as smart as psychopathic serial killers typically are.
    I simply ignore them, depriving them of the attention they crave. Well, except for my pleasure from getting as close to them as practical, and then watching them run away from me.

    • Agreed, John. I ignore them. They have proven to me that they are unbalanced. I want to be as close to them as I would any guy named Jason who wears a ski mask and carries around a machete. I give them a wide berth. If I see one coming down an aisle, I pick another aisle. To me they are either physically sick or mentally sick…two valid reasons to stay far, far away.

      Any thoughts on the PayPal $2500 fine for free speech? I don’t use PayPal or Venmo, but it seemed to be a pretty good test on what the banks could possibly do if Americans don’t start boycotting and protesting.


      Just the start for digital currency and our ESG credit scores!

      I am afraid our government has moved beyond the COVID narrative and is on to even bigger and badder things.

      • Hi RG,

        On this PayPal thing: The policy – now retracted – amounted to outright theft of people’s money. Corprorations have no lawful authority to impose fines on anyone. PayPal could legitimately decline to do business with whomever for whatever (though of course these loathsome Leftists refuse to allow the same standard in other cases; e.g., one is not allowed to refuse to do business with gays, for instance). But to simply expropriate funds held in a customer’s account? They invite something very dangerous – to themselves.

        • Hi Eric,

          It was only retracted because of the obvious hoopla it caused. Personally, I believe it was an experiment. If the American people didn’t throw a fit (fortunately, they did) this was going to expand. The public is being tested. How far will we let the elite go? Some things we aren’t paying attention to and are slipping over us. Others (like the PayPal fee for “misinformation”) were struck down head on.

          i am sick of these large institutions. What kind of gall does that take for a corporation/government to determine what is misinformation? We are living in scary times. I can only hope enough people cancel their Venmo and PayPal accounts and they go out of business. Wishful thinking, but I can at least hope!

          • I don’t PayPal but it is important to keep an eye on the trial balloons. I don’t tiktok either but I recently learned that this Chinese corp. is the way corporate America (GM for instance) communicates its Soviet style planned economic “transitions” and how the White House believes people receive their propaganda in associated news “feeds.” Particularly by young people. Accordingly, it is beyond curious to me that just today tiktok has banned users from even searching for the term “white lives matter,” listing the phrase as being associated with “hateful behavior.”


            Now, I try not to pay attention to these contrived “struggle sessions” involving musicians and actors but this is some outright Orwellian language abuse. I never hear or see this stuff in real life but it’s out there on the internet, in the ether, potentially influencing someone, some young person perhaps. You know, the future. Disturbing.

          • Since PayPal can’t do it, and it “obviously” needs to be done, the Federal government will just “have” to step in to provide a neutral, unbiased solution for freezing out dissidents.

            The unfree market clearly can’t regulate itself, so a prepackaged “solution” to this non-problem will be imposed on you.

            Just you wait.

            • Jou got it, Publius! Methinks it’ll smell a lot like the “privatization” of ‘civil asset forfeiture’……

              This message brought to you by Justin Turdeau……

        • Paypal (PYPL) dropped over 6% this morning, gapped down on the charts. Go woke and go broke, the new motto at leftist run companies.

          So the damage to Paypal could end the company, I am sure I am not the only one who will never do business with that company ever again.

          • Hi Jack,

            From your mouth to the universe’s ears. I hope you are right. The frightening thing with PayPal is they have personal and business banking information. They can credit (or debit) at any time. By the time the account holder finds their money is missing what can they do? Who does one reach at PayPal? How long will it take to argue with the bank to retrieve the funds? It is always a good idea to have a sub account. I have always had one and I keep about $5 in it. If I have to receive funds or remit funds, I only put the amount needed and immediately remove any excess cash sitting in it.

          • I closed my PayEnemy account last year when it became impossible to continue without providing them with a ‘mobile number’. Told the disgustomer service rep that I don’t use a cell phone and wouldn’t give ’em the number if I did……they didn’t care and gladly closed my account. Hmmm…another case of dictating to the customer instead of T’other way ’round. Wonder why it is that all of these non-businesses go bust!

        • Well, I agree at this point, but one could always hope that we can get back to the days before the financial deregulation which had the banks and brokerage houses operate as separate entities where banks could not own stock and vise versa. Yeah, as far as I’m concerned paypal is a non bank bank. They are subject to the same non discrimination laws as banks. No one has tried suing because the court system is rigged even more than the elections are.

      • Rumor has it that Pay Pal has backed off of that “fine”, because they are being sued over it. Which they should be. Pay Pal has no authority to implement a “fine” or anything that resembles one.
        Of little concern to me regarding Pay Pal, since I canceled my membership years ago over I forget what misbehavior.
        Yes, I think the US Psychopaths In Charge have moved on to “bigger and better” things, like nuclear war, which they seem to be doing their damnedest to start. I’m sure the CIA/MI6 has already prepared to set off a false flag nuke in Ukraine to blame on Russia.

        • Hi John,

          They (NATO and Ukraine) really seem to be poking the bear. My guess is Putin realizes this and will stop short of a nuclear onslaught. Unfortunately, our intelligence agencies have very little care for human lives. Now that Zelensky is beating the drums for nuclear warfare and Biden screaming about Armageddon it is only a matter of time.

          It may be a good idea to purchase a bottle or two of potassium iodide “just in case”.

            • Hi Swamp,

              Zelensky’s bad. Far worse, in my estimation, are the American chickenhawks egging on a war over Keeeeeeeeeev. While I understand and feel bad about the Ukrainians who are suffering, the fact of their suffering doesn’t justify risking a nuclear holocaust. Unless, of course, a nuclear holocaust is just waht’s wanted….

              • Hi Eric

                Think of it as two or more factions. One has the patience to massively damage reproduction on a global scale. They then let time and their spike proteins do the depopulation. The other wants it done more quickly. Thus their push for WWIII.
                Both are insane inhuman monsters.

                Couple that with the coming collapse of the global economy, and the focus on “renewable” energy (look at Germany/UK/California and such) and you have the perfect storm. Best of luck to everyone as we head into winter. We are all going to need it.

                • Hi BJ,

                  I agree with your “factions” analysis. It makes the most sense. We’ve seen this develop over time and manifest numerous times. World War II was one of these. Superficially, it was about German aggression. But Soviet aggression just as bad was enabled and abetted. At the end of the war, half of Europe was occupied by the Soviets rather than the communists. What was the war fought over, exactly?

          • What bothers me almost as much as our imbecilic leader mumbling about nuclear armageddon are the average people all around us who don’t seem to care or worry in the slightest about the possibility. As if having the president openly stating that oh yeah this is worse than the cuban missile crisis is just completely normal. Nothing to see here… there is a weird disconnect like people seem to have lost their capacity to reason and become mindless zombies…..

      • Hi RG

        building back better…snearing at you from his ice sports car…………..

        in brandon’s world there is no freedom of speech……..

        brandon and the glabalist/communist/leftists are working with paypal, if he thinks you are spreading misinformation, you are fined $2500 or paypal is freezing the account, holding your money in balance indefinitely

        Shares in PayPal are off more than 6% (or around $5BN in market cap) in early Monday trading after a massive internet campaign to cancel accounts went viral in response to the company’s policy that would fine users $2,500 or holding their money in balance indefinitely, if they were to allegedly promote “misinformation” or “hate.”

        close your account before brandon steals all your money….lol….he freezes bank accounts too, soon……..get your money out of those accounts also….

        Klaus schwab recently said in no uncertain terms that CEO’s and Boards of major companies will do WEF bidding or be replaced.


        • The FED is run by the banksters. The banksters also operate BlackRock and other deep state investment ETF’s. They use these ETF’s to take over majority stock positions in key companies and then install BOD members that follow their instructions. That’s how you see companies all of a sudden adopting “woke” agendas and giving money to the likes of BLM, etc. It’s a top down strategy by the Deep state and has been going on for decades.

  17. Here in Texas, the Beto voters wear the diapers, making them easy to spot.

    And, for the Chrissake, people, get out and vote if you live in Texas. Don’t sit around waiting for the Revolution to take care of people like Beto. If he wins the Governor’s Mansion, it will be diapers 24/7 in public spaces, and he will lift the executive order restrictions on liquor license renewals that kept vaccine “passports” from becoming a requirement for entry into restaurants in this state.

    • Also, regardless of where you live, pay attention to the school board races this year instead of bypassing those on the ballot like I used to do. In a lot of places, including where I live, the school board has been ground zero of the public mask debates, and those supporting the continued diapering of the kids need to be booted.

      My local elementary school has a sign up for a “boosterthon” on Nov. 2. Geesh, I hope that’s a school spirit thing and not jabs.

    • Roscoe,

      In Oregon, there’s a Governor who’s gone full dictator during the COVID outbreak, assuming MASSIVE “COVID emergency powers” for herself and decreeing mask mandates for the masses, decreeing LARGE corporations “essential” and SMALL businesses “non essential that had to close”. After the rollout of the “vaccines”, she eventually decreed Vaxx mandates for employees in certain sectors. Why, she even handed enforcement powers over to unelected bureaucrats at the state’s “Health Authority”, which eventually decreed a PERMANENT mask mandate despite MASSIVE public opposition to such an idea. Fortunately the current Governor can’t run again this year, but there’s a gubernatorial candidate who wants to be a THIRD term of the current dictator and essentially promised to reinstate mask mandates if she becomes Governor and “The science calls for reinstating masks”, even though there has NEVER been any REAL SCIENCE that justified mass wearing of face diapers. She even put out an ad on social media not too long ago with a photo of her and her supporters, and ALL of them were wearing a face diaper. If she wins, she might try to make the state’s existing “Voluntary Digital Vaxx Passport” system MANDATORY & decree that ALL Oregonians MUST get the vaxx and wear masks in perpetuity, and perhaps even decree that ALL guns and gas powered cars be banned because “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” and “Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate Change”.

      • John,

        I know the Kate Brown situation well, having served time -er- lived in Vancouver, WA, “Vantucky”, from 2010-2014.

        You can thank John Kitzhaber for that trainwreck among others. He ran for reelection knowing he was in trouble, but he also knew Kate Brown couldn’t defeat even a weak Republican without the power of incumbency.

        Now that she’s ensconsed, good luck getting rid of Brown.

        • Roscoe,

          Due to term limits, Kate Brown can’t run again this year, but there’s someone named Tina Kotek who wishes to be the next governor of Oregon. Given that Kotek never stood up to Brown when she was Speaker of the Oregon House and Brown acted like a petty tyrant during COVID, even to the point of unilaterally extending her “COVID emergency powers” numerous times, Kotek undoubtedly wishes to be a petty tyrant herself and be even worse than Brown, though she’s been trying to frame herself as some CHAMPION of working class Oregonians, and now she’s even trying to frame her 2 opponents as “Too Right Wing for Oregon”.

    • That asshole Abbot started the mask mandates to begin with. I got thrown out of a lot of stores and restaurants there. But yes, Beto is a fag and infinitely worse.

  18. From what I can tell, people who STILL wear face diapers today are those who voted for Joe Biden, think he’s doing a GREAT job as President, and/ or STILL listen to Tony Fauci & worship his every word. Or wearing a face diaper, along with the COVID nonsense and Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate Change, has become a religion to them. Some are also delusional to the point that they go into a tirade the moment someone challenges their delusions. These people tend to also belieeeeeeeeve the narratives about Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate change, and will probably wear face diapers forever if some “scientist” claimed that doing so would “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet from Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate Change”, as every time they EXHALE, the dreaded CARBON DIOXIDE comes out of their nose. They also belieeeeeeeeved the narratives that wearing face diapers would “Slooooooooooow the spread of COVID” or “Flatten the curve”.

    • >Or wearing a face diaper … has become a religion to them.

      More properly, a manifestation of their religion. A religious custom, if not an actual sacrament.
      See George Carlin’s comments on “hats in church.”

      >every time they EXHALE, the dreaded CARBON DIOXIDE comes out of their nose.

      That is what is known as “original sin.”

  19. The employer is offering early retirement incentives to anyone 57 or older with at least 10 years in. I wonder if I identify as 57 if I can get in on that?

    Now that fall is in the air I’ve started the D3/Zinc/C regimen again. One nice thing about COVID hysteria is that you can get all in one daily horsepill. Exponentially more effective than a face diaper

    • D is slow to accumulate and the appropriate dosage is highly variable. Try to get yearly blood levels and adjust your intake accordingly. I’ve got to take 10,000 daily to keep my levels over 50, even in summer.

      • David,
        Especially if you are of dark complexion.
        Decades ago, a scientist went to the Kalahari, and tested the bushmen’s D3 levels. That being at least near where people originated from and so should represent an accurate measure of normal D3 requirement. He concluded that a black person living in the more northern, or southern latitudes may need as much as 60k IUs of D3 daily to maintain appropriate D3 level. Instead of the “recommended” supplementation that is only for the purpose of preventing rickets.

  20. The mask wearers seem to be about 10% of the total here on any given day. They are ignored by everyone else. If i lived in a more liberal area there would probably be more. People seem to be firmly settled in their sides and politics now. If people disagree they just ignore and go home to their own echo chambers.

    I noticed yesterday when the sports channel was showing game highlights that several NFL team’s stadiums have written in the end zones “end racism”. My husband hadn’t even noticed this.

    • RS,
      “written in the end zones “end racism” while constantly promoting it.
      Before the 2020 summer of BLM/Antifa “love”, I took note of a persons complexion the same as I would their hair color, or what shoes they wore. Now it’s always in my mind, “does this black person hate my guts and want me dead?”
      Creating racism where there was none.

      • Yes. The goal is distraction, division and destruction.

        If black vs. white, or rich vs. poor, or old vs. young, or vaxed vs. unvaxed, or masked vs. unmasked or liberal vs. conservative, or woke vs. unwoke doesn’t achieve the required level of hatred to spark war then the progressives/greens/trans-humanists/communists will be forced to burn the country down in a nuclear war with the evil Russkies. They want you dead (a Great Reset so as to Build Back Better).


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