Diaper Report: 09/24/2023

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For the past three years, almost, these reports have been headlined, Diaper Reports. As in Face Diapers, which seemed about right because that’s how they looked. But perhaps the time has come to call them something more apropos – such as Idiot Rags.

It’s more accurate, for openers.

Who else – besides an idiot – is still wearing one of these rags? Only idiots – who still believe, contrary to three years, almost, of evidence to the contrary, that wearing them “works.”

Back when America was still a generally healthy society, idiots were mocked – because idiocy was considered just that. But America has changed. It is now considered bad manners to mock idiocy or even to call it directly by its proper name. We are expected to pretend there’s nothing idiotic about about walking around with that rag over one’s face. Is it any wonder kids are “identifying” as “furries” in school – and teachers are tolerating it?

It ought not to be. Because teachers are accepting it. Just as many of us pretend to accept that this idiocy of people still walking around with that rag over their faces isn’t idiotic.

We pretend we don’t see the idiot at the cash register – and deal with him or her (who can tell anymore?) as if it were perfectly normal to encounter a person wearing that thing.

Three years ago, it would have been a what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-them moment. Probably, it’d never have come to that because no employer in his right mind would have hired an obviously ill (in the head) person and thereby made them the face of his business.

Three years ago, would you have bought food from a restaurant at which the server wore that rag over their face? It’s more than enough to make you not hungry.

But this report is as much about idiocy returning as it is about idiocy remaining. The two things being intertwined, of course. CNN reliably “reports” – brought to you by Pfizer –  thatCovid-19 hospitalizations have been on the rise in the United States for months, with weekly admissions now more than triple what they were two months ago.” 

The cases! The cases! 

Here we go, again.

More than 20,500 people in the US were admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 during the week ending September 9, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – about 8 percent higher than the week before.”

Italics added, because they were probably admitted with (or because of) something else – the COVID coming along for the ride.

But what’s worth reporting on is this: “Seniors have the highest rates of Covid hospitalizations by far, but hospitalizations among children — especially among those younger than 5 — are rising fast.” 

CNN does not specify what constitutes “rising fast” – probably because “rising fast” means that instead of one out of 10,000 kids hospitalized for “COVID” it is now two out of 10,000 – which CNN, et al, would probably frame as a “100 percent increase.”

But if it’s actually a significant increase, what could account for it?

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that kids were never at much “risk” from the ‘Rona. In fact, their “risk” was essentially nonexistent, unless they were morbidly obese or had some other major pre-existing health problem. Otherwise, they were more statistically likely to be killed as a result of a mishap at after-school football practice than by the ‘Rona.

So why the supposed (per CNN) increased rate of hospitalizations for kids? One possible variable comes obviously to mind but it dare not be spoken by CNN. Kids weren’t being hospitalized much during the height of the (cough) “pandemic,” when the ‘Rona was said to be at its most virulent. This was when it didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the generally healthy adult population under the age of 75.

And even fewer kids.

But after the wave crested – and the most virulent strain of the ‘Rona dissipated – what happened? Probably 80-plus percent of kids got “vaccinated.” That is to say, they were injected with drugs that we now know cause the person who took them to be more likely to get sick – and to get sicker from it. The Biden Thing warned of a “plague of the unvaccinated,” but it turns out they’re not the ones getting sick – or being hospitalized. It is the people who were gulled and pressured into taking the drugs they were assured were vaccines.

Kind of like the way people are assured by oily salesmen that a time-share condo is an “investment.” Just without the health repercussions.

“We haven’t really seen this for many months, but we’re starting to see people come into the hospital critically ill,” said CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University. “There needs to be a greater sense of urgency because deaths are rising, hospitalizations are rising.”

What could possibly account for this? Especially given that we’re told the current-in-circulation “variants” are mild.

Correlation is not necessarily causation, of course. But it is certainly warrant enough for investigation. Or so you’d think.

But we no longer live in a thinking age. You can see it for yourself, almost everywhere you go.

. . .

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  1. A new term (at least to me) via ZeroHedge today to describe why so many average people went along with and accepted the mandates & lockdowns:

    “… In his 2005 essay, “Afraid to be Free: Dependency as Desideratum,” James Buchanan identified a widely shared set of expectations that he termed ‘Parental Socialism’ “…


    There’s much to say about that article, but i’ll just leave the link.

    Last week I went to the city & only saw three face diapers.

    One, on a middle-aged female who was sitting alone an an outside bus stop park bench. …”Hopeless & helpless” I thought as I drove by.

    The other two were on a bit older middle-aged couple as they walked into the farm supply store as I was walking out.
    The woman, trailing behind, already had her el-cheapie blue face diaper fitted tightly, while the man was holding his out & flexing it as he put his on and he caught my eye.

    I was surprised a Pod Person Jellyfish would look me in the eye and I thought, “I should say ‘something’ to them”. But, what?

    I never expected to utter this to anyone, out of nowhere, I simply blurted out, “Baaaahh!” and shook my head as we parted ways.

    • Hi helot,

      The article is an interesting read, but I think the author is over analyzing. People comply because they have always complied. Throughout history there has always been someone else in charge. Europe had their kings and queens, Africa their chiefs, Asia their emperors, etc.

      When a child comes out of the womb their first 16 to 18 years of life are dictated by someone else. Only when an individual is tossed out into the world does the survivalist instinct kick in.

      Rebels have always been rare. There is an element of danger of being one because history shows rebels are usually quickly silenced or executed. It takes guts to question authority and most people won’t do it. They follow the crowd and they do what they are told. Very few people are willing to take the risk and prefer safety over freedom. This has always been true. Times haven’t changed we are just more aware.

      • RE: “Throughout history there has always been someone else in charge. Europe had their kings and queens, Africa their chiefs, Asia their emperors, etc.”

        Howevah; disobey the above & one was put to the sword, tip of the spear, or other sharp object.
        The overwhelming numbers of soldiers ready to do so at the say-so of the king, or other leader, is why people complied. A.k.a. submit, or die.

        That’s not at all like the covidians willing compliance today. Imho.

  2. Health care system…lol

    The allopathic so called health care system is mislabeled….
    It uses poisonous drugs made from oil and dangerous injections to treat people…..it is the cabal’s most profitable business…..countries throw huge amounts of the slave’s money down this rathole….

    For good health you have to cook your own food….and grow your own food….or get your food from reliable, small, non industrial farms…that don’t use antibiotics and chemicals…..

    @ 32:53 in video….the health of any nation is in the hands of who cooks for that nation.


    • This system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built….it has a monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet….

      Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
      He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..

      It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! ….Where did he get his inspiration?…… Baphomet, Satan!….So he was possessed and was an instrument of satan?…….

      Paracelsus…a practising satanist…a huge hero in the church of satan……is the father of allopathic medicine…. which has a total monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet today….


  3. If my math skills serve me still, the 20,500 people hospitalized this week divides by the population of the USA (337,550,940) to come out to 0.000060731574322. Move the decimal two places to get a percentage and then wonder why the bloody heck is anyone even remotely close to thinking this all is worth caring about??? Idiot rag is right

  4. The only thing I like about masks is you know everything you need to know about someone, rather than finding it out down the line.

    Imagine all the exes you could have avoided had they shown their neurosis earlier on or known they were a NPC Sheep. Masks just save you the time, trouble and aggravation, as that otherwise cute girl you noticed the other day is now diapered up cause the TeeVee told her to. Could have avoided my ex had I known sooner:

    I’m too nice to really mock them outright, but if they ever start with me, I’ll hit ’em right in the jaw with facts and knowledge after telling them to back off. Shame some people are so broken, but at least you know ahead of time rather than getting roped in

  5. Eric, thank you for staying on this important topic with your regular coverage in the “Diaper Reports”. I see maskers and masked workers every day. They are not well. I see it in their eyes. Some are both mentally ill and party faithfuls who think they are sticking it to Trump by gagging themselves. Others have underlying issues of shame.

    I make it a point to try to convince the masked worker serving me to take off the mask with little success. I’ve also gotten to a point where I boycott stores with masked workers, though I feel like one of the few who does that. As others have brought up, without mask compliance by the vast majority of sheep early in the scamdemic, we never get to vaccine mandates and lockdowns crumble in 2020.

    Just think, if more people were like the masked weirdo in the first photo of your article, we’d still be under lockdowns, mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, vaccine passports/digital IDs, internment camps, etc, and we would be finished as a nation, with most of the population without jobs, money, food, living in abject poverty while waiting in long bread lines. The Great Depression would be a walk in the park in comparison.

  6. Congress exempted itself and other high federal “muckety-mucks” from having to take the “jab”.
    What do (((they))) know that we don’t?
    If I had my way…
    A new Constitutional Amendment would be enacted by the “several states”, to wit:
    “Congress shall make NO LAW that does not apply equally to itself, the judicial and executive branches of the federal government, its agencies, subdivisions and departments”.
    The trend of congress to exempt itself from laws, mandates and rules that (((it))) expects “the rest of us” to comply with has to STOP.

    • You’ve probably even put on that “watch list”, kept at the NSA facility in Herriman, Utah, for that post. Enjoy.

      Eff ’em!

      • Government is a leviathan giant that cannot process the information on all of us all of the time. I’ve been on government lists ever since I filled out my first SF-86.
        I don’t care…

  7. Guys: Dunno about all this stuff, (or want to not believe it) but here goes: Two daughters, the one who had to take the jab has now lost two babies in a row. The second w/no jab, no pregnancy problems, and basically gets pregnant whenever she launders her husband’s underwear…

        • I WILL vocalize it. EVERY person I know that has taken at least one poison jab has had medical problems, some of which were in remission from cancer, their cancers coming back with a vengeance.
          I don’t care about the “correlation not causing causation” argument. That argument holds no weight and is a convenient excuse for the poison drug purveyors to use to avoid responsibility.

          • Understood and agreed: Just cant vocalize it to my family members who this has impacted. It does no good. And I agree with you, the correlation to causation is real. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck…

            • I’ve seen that some have come up with treatments for the vaxx. I don’t know if they are effective, but maybe they are. Keeping your thoughts to yourself may cause her not to seek some sort of treatment that could help. Perhaps you might just bring it up in a gentle manor?

  8. If I had the gumption, I’d develop and market a THC infused idiot rag to the psychos who insist on wearing them. The hope is the THC would calm them down & maybe give them (and us) a brief pause from their delusions.

  9. I am sorry about your dog. The previously veterinarians seem to have been bought out by bigger companies and try to push expensive tests and designer drugs.

  10. My wife has a friend whose husband works in a metal fab shop. There are about 25 total employees at the shop. They all decided, when this vaccine came out, to take it so they could work together without fear of getting sick. Out of the 25, 10 have developed serious health issues of one type or another. My wife’s friend husband in now in the hospital with his own serious health issue and it’s not looking good for him.

    OK, this is anecdotal that the vaccines are causing this. But what are the odds that over 10 of 25 relatively healthy (granted getting older people) suddenly all have health issues in less than 2 years? I believe one did die as well so far.

    • Indeed, Hans –

      That’s also more than anecdotal. As you say, 10 out of 25 is too many to be likely to be just coincidence. When has that kind of thing ever happened before – I mean, outside of a place like the reactor room at Chernobyl.

      • Remember Ian Flemings’ maxim on this, as he was an SOE operative during World War Two:

        ONCE is Happenstance
        TWICE is Coincidence

    • Probably just some sort of weird coincidence or something else at that facility. Over 30 people at my work were vaccinated and no one has been sick or died.

      • Without extensive research into ages, lifestyles, and general health of each of the cited groups, there’s simply no way to make a blanket statement – one way or the other.

      • lyspooner the Big Pharma shill is at it again. How do you know these 30 people actually submitted to the poison shot? How do you know none are suffering from any health problems? How do you know there were no miscarriages or other problems that are not observable to you?

          • That’s funny, lyspooner. I asked you some specific questions as to how you know certain claimed facts. Instead of actually answering, you deflected and asked me a question about how Gruber knows something. Now how is that relevant or responsive to the questions I asked you?

            • I personally asked each one, and they all told me that they got the jab and swore on their mothers grave that they were telling the truth, or if their mother was still alive swore on a stack of bibles that I keep at my desk. I have also checked into each and every one of their health histories and they have checked out fine. Also none of them have been missing from work so I am assuming none of them are dead.

                • Give me a break. The bible is a book, a big thick book, a bottle of tequila is a glass bottle filled with liquid. How could you mistake the two? Unless you had a book that was really a bottle so as to hide the fact. I once had a pair of fake binoculars that you could fill with booze that I could take to sporting events, but it wasn’t a book! I do have some tequila that’s in a bottle shaped like a guitar. But it’s not a real guitar. It’s not very good tequila either but the bottle does look kinda cool.

          • How do you know that anybody got the “poison jab” instead of a placebo? Why would all the people at one company that went to different places to get the shot not get the actual vaccine? And also how do we know that Hans Gruber’s wife’s friend’s husband’s place didn’t also get a placebo? Or maybe a special particularly evil version?

          • RE: “how does he know the 30 people at his work didn’t receive a placebo shot instead of the real thing?”

            Or, as a LRC Mercola link posted here recently described, manufacturing quality control is ~just about non existent. They fell into, “the zap”? A half-empty syringe?

            …A large office I know of, has just the opposite as what he/she/it describes.
            The only people not getting sick, are the ones who didn’t get, The Shot.

            ‘Somebody is Still Trying to Kill You, Don’t Let Them – Catherine Austin Fitts’


  11. Taking these stabs is now more about virtue signaling for many. Keep taking them, and destroying your immune system, and you’ll need even more, until you have an adverse reaction or die. Consequences.

    Good old Joe recently took the triple death jab – flu, RSV, and COVID rolled up into one nice little bundle of joy. The CDC recommends the 3-in-1 for those over 60. He’s lived to his expected lifespan, so what’s the harm?

      • Maybe it doesn’t even matter. My sense is that ‘Joe’ is headed for an existential crack-up.

        In a disastrous WaPo poll, which they write off as an outlier, ‘Biden’ is ten points behind Trump. Time to reach out with the stage hook and yank ‘Joe’ off the podium for good, before he drives the DemonRat party off a cliff.

        He is dead meat on a stick, no longer useful to his handlers and sponsors. And that’s a very dangerous place to be, in a place as extravagantly corrupt as the USA.

      • That’s what I’ve figured…saline for him and every member of his (mal)Administration and the Clowngress. They’re EVIL, not STUPID.

    • What is the reason a company wants to kill off it’s customers? I understand that there are evil people in government that would want to do this but what is the motivation for drug companies to reduce their customer base and be left with a bunch of people that want nothing to do with their product?

      • Sorry Big Pharma shill, lyspooner, that’s a silly straw-man assertion. By making 70% of the population (or whatever they claim) sick with a poison shot, it won’t kill the majority but will increase the amount of patients that Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex can then “treat.” Win-Win! All you have to do is get the bought-and-paid-for media (“brought to you by Pfizer”) to gaslight them into believing it wasn’t the shot. Hence your comments, Big Pharma shill.

        The whole thing is a self-licking ice cream cone.

  12. Face Diapers are a stage prop to convince the sheep to get the jab. The idea here is to make billions, with a vaccine scam, and stamped the sheep into taking the death jab – so pharma simply pays networks to promote their agenda, and pays the politicians to make laws in their favor. It works:

    News Target – “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla now HIGHEST PAID pharma executive in the world”

    Henry Makow is a Jew who sometimes tells the truth:


    A decade ago I was a big fan of internet writer John Kaminski – he explained it as their business model – the Khazar mafia makes money making you sick – then makes money with their pills to make you well. And they do this with food, also. The idea is to make money while they kill you off – slowly, deliberately. They hit you from every angle, advertize their poisons over their television networks.

    They have great influence over the government – so they literally make a food pyramid that will make you sick. You may doubt that anyone could be so sick and cruel, but here is the proof from the Times of Israel:

    “Pfizer boss Bourla receives $1M. Genesis Prize, pledges funds for Holocaust museum

    Albert Bourla, the CEO and chairman of Pfizer, accepted this year’s annual $1 million Genesis Prize in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, announcing that he would donate the funds towards a planned Holocaust Museum in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he was born.

    Bourla, the son of Holocaust survivors, led his company to develop the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 in just nine months.

    Nearly 20 million lives were estimated to be saved by COVID-19 vaccines during the first year they became available.”


    Of course the Pfizer Covid vaccine saved NO lives, it was a deadly poison that made a whole lot of people keel over, or very sick – but the Times of Israel is bald face lying in support of their fellow tribal member. That’s how they do it – invert the truth. Pure wickedness – and taught to them as their holy duty. And to make sure you don’t protest, poor wittle Albert was a son of a holohoax survivor.

    Some Rabbis believe that in the end times – every Jew shall have 2200 Goyim slaves, and the Jews shall have all the wealth of the world. So when you hear that freak Klaus Slob brag about you owning nothing – yes – that is their goal – you own nothing because they own everything. They are trying to make that happen.

    • The Indian professional class colonists slowly taking over the Upper Middle Class jobs in the US are big supporters of Pfizer since it is a name they know well from back home. Many whom my wife works with in the medical field were among the first to roll up there sleeves, and all turned up their noses at getting the Moderna jab.

      Not my usual alias because our social media is monitored where I currently work which is staffed with colonists hailing from the Subcontinent.

    • Yukon Jack: Face Diapers are a stage prop to convince the sheep to get the jab. The idea here is to make billions, with a vaccine scam, and stamped the sheep into taking the death jab.

      That’s not a good way to do it for a lot of people. For example the highest percentage of face mask wearers in my area are black people. Many black people are masking up all the time. Yet they are also the ones that are least likely to get vaccinated. There is a large percentage of the population that thinks the masks are a “substitute” for the vaccine.

      • Face diapers are a tool of oppression, nothing more, nothing less. They are not a stage prop. They were a tool. Some people are stupid enough to wear them.

        Close to 80 percent of this idiot country is jabbed. Some of those idiots will continue to wear masks and take boosters. That’s just the way it is.

  13. On my walk this morning I saw a guy driving, alone in his car, fully face diapered. A portion of the population is brainwashed beyond all help, never to be normal again.

    • Good morning, Mike!

      Yup – I’ve seen them also – the people alone in their vehicle, wearing their Idiot Rag. Mental illness is a disqualification for owning a gun; it ought to be for driving, too.

      • Employing an excerpt from “Inglorious Basterds” that you recently used:

        Oooh, that’s a BINGO!

        Most cars made in the 21st century have a cabin air filter. While certainly the media isn’t probably “tight” enough to strain out the COVID-19 virus, viruses typically don’t just “float around”, i.e., they “ride” on something, like dust specks and pollen, or water droplets, all of which a typical automotive cabin filter easily filters out.

        What NEED that moron, driving solo, with presumably the windows UP, to wear any mask, escapes me. Indeed, he could probably use “4/40 air conditioning”, and incur no significant risk of infection anyway. What a “Maroon”. What a “nin-kum-poop”! What a “Ignore-Ramus”! There, did I miss any results the late Mel Blanc, voicing “Bugs Bunny”, might have used?

    • Home Depot yesterday, 24 Sept.:
      Monitor screens on “dormant” checkout stations are “urging” customers to “practice social distancing.” The “stand here” stickers on the floors are still there from the last round of silliness, of course. but the screen messages appear to me to be something new.

      The clerks are still friendly, though…

  14. Yeah,,, walk into a hospital with covid symptoms that range from a headache to constipation to erectile dysfunction and your the pigeon.

    All smiles, they’ll diagnose covid (doesn’t matter what you really have) and rush you to the ICU, good for mucho fedbux,,,, drug you, more fedbux,,, ventilate you, bunches more fedbux,,, starve you,,, and drown you in Fauci’s remdesivir, Lots and lots more fedbux. Remdedivir a drug that was tested in Africa and killed half the ‘volunteers’. Seems it attacks the lungs and other organs.
    Then in 15 days you’re wheeled out with a toe tag that reads died of covid,,, incinerate immediately. Bunches more fedbux,,, and a bonus of even more fedbux! In most states you’re covid death will generate a tidy sum of between $100 – $200,000 buckeroos.

    No body, no evidence, only hospital/doctor bank accounts improve.

    • Hi, Ken,
      > 15 days … between $100 – $200,000
      Based on my experience (from 2014) you are likely off by a factor of 10 (a.k.a. an “order of magnitude”).

      The “money extraction rate” at that time in a Hospital Corp. of America facility in SoCal was ~$98/minute, meaning they burn through $100,000 of *YOUR* *MONEY* in ~1020 minutes, or ~17 hours. Their “money extraction technology” may have “improved” since then. It would not surprise me to learn that today’s best money extraction devices could pump ~$150/minute, or more, of todays FEDBUX.

  15. The broad-daylight scandal of the bivalent ‘boosters’:

    ‘During a meeting on Sept. 12 [about bivalent boosters], the CDC did not mention VAERS data. Asked for the information, a CDC spokesman pointed to a CDC study that covers data only through Oct. 23, 2022.

    ‘Asked for more current data, the spokesman acknowledged the agency has it but is not making it public. “When appropriate, the updated safety data will be published,” said the spokesman.

    “The CDC has acknowledged that heart inflammation is a complication of mRNA COVID-19 shots and, yet, the only published data released by CDC officials about that complication is a seven-week study that ended on Oct. 23, 2022. Where is more specific myocarditis/pericarditis data related to bivalent COVID shots for the past 10 months?” Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, asked.

    “I am tired of the CDC and FDA deciding what information the public needs and doesn’t need. This is precisely the information that parents need to have especially when there are still schools and activities mandating these shots. This is evil playing out right before our eyes,” said Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who runs the nonprofit Woodymatters.

    She added, “The CDC’s response of ‘when appropriate, the updated safety data will be published’ is unacceptable and they wonder why there is vaccine hesitancy and lack of trust in public health officials.”


    ‘Lack of trust,’ HELL — these public health [sic] officials are criminals in flagrante delicto. I will attempt a citizens arrest if they venture into my ambit. Up against the wall, mf-ers. *raises police baton over his head, menacingly*

  16. Idiocy in SOoooo many respects!
    Recently heard of a relative who is doubly vaxxed and doubly boosted who just got “the Rona” [says the PCR test…LOL) for the fourth…or is it the fifth time? (Once before the vax; the rest after.).
    At least the person telling me of this had the sense to realize that obviously these jabs are not effective, but I had to point-out that “Obviously the flu isn’t the dreaded deadly disease they make it out to be, or else middle-afed “Egbert” who is in mediocre health would not have survived 4 or 5 bouts of it with virtually no consequence. That at least made them go “Hmmmm”.
    The most absurd one though is my late friend- a very tough guy, who survived being shot by a hitman; survived 5 motorcycle crashes; had a body full of artificial parts from various other injuries; and survived stage-four prostate cancer….but was afraid of THE FLU thanks to the media and medical hype…so he took the jab…got blood clots; a pulmonary embolism, and numerous other things to the point where he was spending all of his time in the hospital or going to doctors…and finally got done in by myocarditis.

  17. I was in my doctor’s office the other day for my quarterly tune-up (price I pay to get diabetes prescriptions renewed), and I heard him out in the hall loudly proclaim, “COVID AIN’T NUTHIN’ BUT A DAMN COLD!!!”

  18. Crazy isn’t it how the CDC is the only entity in the world “recommending” universal vaccination with these “new & improved” COVID jabs, while everyone else (including the WHO & EU) around the world doesn’t even “recommend” the new shots for children and young adults.

    • ‘the CDC is the only entity in the world “recommending” universal vaccination with these “new & improved” COVID jabs’ — John B

      Both CDC and FDA are wholly bought and de facto controlled by Big Pharma. Close to half the FDA’s revenue — and 75% of its prescription drug division — derives from user fees.

      Americans just can’t wrap their minds around the fact that their country is flagrantly, overtly corrupt. Dangerous ‘boosters’ are approved with no human safety testing, after a vast, unethical trial on a large chunk of the global population almost blew out the VAERS system, with 1,593,415 adverse events reported to date.

      WTF? I mean, WTF? They are openly killing people, on a scale that makes the notorious Dr Mengele look like a dilettante hobbyist … and nothing happens.

      Last week, in a committee hearing in Clowngress, ‘attorney general’ Beria Garland [who should be prosecuting dozens for the ‘vaccine’ killings] was shown the video of ‘Joe Biden’ bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired (‘Well, son of a bitch …‘).

      Beria Garland just laughed, sneered, smirked — I am the Law, bitchez. Whut are you gonna do about it, punks?

      • Hi Jim,

        Merrick Garland is despicable as Attorney General. If he were actually doing his job, he’d be investigating possible corruption involving the Biden family and going after COVID criminals like Tony Fauci. Instead, he’s been going after the Biden Thing’s political enemies like mothers at school board meetings protesting utter crap being taught to children & Joe Biden’s potential opponent next year, Donald Trump. On the other hand, could you imagine if Garland became a Supreme Court Justice when Obama was president? Had it not been for one Mitch McConnell, Garland would likely be on SCOTUS now instead of the Biden Thing’s AG.

        As for the COVID jabs, if the public health agencies actually did their jobs instead of being shills for Big Pharma, those jabs would have been pulled off the market 2 years ago instead of governments being mandate happy. Heck, the flu vaccine that the government wanted Americans to take in 1976 was pulled off the market after, IIRC, 25 deaths from it. VAERS has (last I checked) around 35,000 deaths reported the past 2 1/2 years, and yet, the government is STILL pushing “COVID vaccinations”, and even pushing the BRAND NEW COVID jabs.

        • John B,

          To date, 36,231 ‘vaccine’ deaths have been reported to VAERS — likely less than ten percent of the actual total, as VAERS reporting is voluntary. So, call it roughly 360,000 persons murdered with fake vaccines.

          Dr Peter McCullough, citing past safety monitoring including the 1976 flu vaccine incident you mentioned, said that covid ‘vaccines’ should have been immediately withdrawn when the reported number of deaths reached 50 in early 2021 — end of story, no debate.

          That Big Gov continues peddling mRNA poison after killing 360,000 is an atrocity that calls for capital trials.

  19. “…where all men are strong, all women are good looking and all children are above average.”*

    Everyone on the Internet is special. Everyone on the Internet is happy, well adjusted, and thanks to the Instagram filter, good looking. Or at least when they’re not, they get a whole lot of sympathy due to their misfortune. And they’re popular too! Dancing around in yoga pants and a sports bra gets boatloads of likes… and if your crying in the car about your cancer diagnosis post gets traction you might go viral! Think of the 👍!

    This creates a problem for 99.9999% of the population though: What to do if you’re not interesting? Or you don’t look good in yoga pants? Well, everyone’s life is a tragety right? So you record a “crying in the car about your asshole boss” video and cross your fingers that it will take off!

    Marshall McLuhan said everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Problem is, some people consume social media 18+ hours a day. That’s 96 potentially famous people/day! When social media promotes things like masks and clot shots, there’s a very large group of people who want to participate and make sure they’re included. After all, it’s their turn. And among their peers they receive affirmation, in the form of likes and subscribers. Just put on a mask, then complain on your break about the jerk customer who wouldn’t wear one. Be sure to mention your “friend” who has long covid (whatever that is) and maybe tear up a little. 👍 gold!

    When your life is an online soap opera you have to stay in character all the time. Life has to be scripted (or at least plot points need to be teased out and magnified). Eventually you see yourself as your character. Problem is, most writers don’t bother developing them much past what’s needed for the plot because that’s hard to do well.

    *The online search for this included more results for “where all women are strong, all men are good looking…” Which is the revised, “I see what you did there” clever version, perhaps Kiellor’s penance for raping interns.

    • Its all in the ALgo RK. Central Scrutinizer is soon to become, if it isn’t already, the decider of deciders.

      I have an IG account my kids made for me as a joke. Thought they’d post pics of my weed gardens until I scrubbed that shit. Sorry that your business relies on IG and FB. Those places are even worse than Twitter. At least on Twitter I can take pot shots at the POSs taking a wrecking ball to the world

      • I keep all that on a very tight leash. People I know personally and pet rescue videos. That’s about it. Despite my efforts to ignore the algos they still dump all sorts of vapid content into the timeline, much of which is produced to look like it’s viral and created by individuals.

      • I prefer the real world as well. Problem is, the real world doesn’t always prefer me. And imo, it seems what we do here, in the comments at EPA is a form of social media, so theres that.

        • It’s a pale reflection of “social media”, as there is no censorship, and there are no “like’s” rewarded. We put forth ideas, and others are pleased with them or not. No rewards.

  20. Yesterday hubby and I visited “the holistic doctor” for our pup’s cancer. The holistic doctor walked out in a mask. In a mask!?!? A holistic doctor. WTH? No one else in the whole clinic was wearing a mask.

    At that point my heart sank. I wasn’t dealing with a holistic vet. She did visit with us for over an hour and she answered our questions based on the knowledge that she had. She at least showed us the X-rays which is something more than the other “vet” did. She also provided us a couple of good sites to make sure we were feeding the dogs enough vitamins, but I walked out feeling the visit was a waste. When I brought up alternative treatments she shrugged her shoulders and basically stated it didn’t hurt to try. She, at least, didn’t push additional X-rays or blood tests, although pain meds (not herbal remedies) was pushed, which I decided not to use.

    We have a third appointment on Tuesday with another vet who is supposed to specialize in doggie cancer, but I am not holding my breath. My next animals will NEVER see the inside of a vet’s office. I am done. No vaccines. No doggie kibble. Nada.

    • If you get another dog, stay away from thoroughbreds. Mutts are much healthier, and more durable. Thoroughbreds are created by inbreeding.

    • GM RG,

      Sorry about your puppy. Friend of mines was diagnosed with inoperative cancer. The only answer the vets around here gave him was dog chemo. He instead went out on his own, and treated the dog first with panacur IIRC (Fenbendrozole), then Paladia along with fish oil. Dogs been doing well for two years. They (the vet) had told him it was fast moving and terminal. He ended up getting the meds in Mexico, for some reason he couldn’t get them here. Hope that helps you.

      I was recently informed by our vet it was time for another rabies vaccine. Decided I wont subject her to anymore shots. She’s 11 and already has reduced liver function, I’m not doing anything at this point to introduce toxic goo into her system. Its shame these bastard have completely destroyed my trust in any kind of vaccines.

    • I hear you about no more vets for my pets (unless it is critical care, even that is iffy). My last cat Peabody had all her shots up to the age of nine, I adopted her at nine years old (they guesstimated her age) and she never went back to the vets until I had her euthanized at the age of 19.

      Stupid me, I would give Peabody flea medication every 6 months. I truly believe the toxic flea medication caused Peabody’s blindness at the age of 17 and she eventually ended up with daily seizures. Yes, she was old, but even the vet at the final appt said Peabody looked good and didn’t look 19 years old. I think flea medication causes neurological problems for many pets.

      With my new cat Rusty, I no longer use flea medication and instead I use a flea comb. The less toxicity on him the better.

  21. “CNN reliably “reports” that “Covid-19 hospitalizations have been on the rise in the United States for months, with weekly admissions now more than triple what they were two months ago.” ”

    Let us not forget that “CNN is brought to you by Pfizer.” He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Why anybody listens to the bought-and-paid-for lugenpresse in the first place, I just don’t know.

  22. I think I found another use for used face diapers.
    There was this bear, see?
    It was eating out of garbage cans in Telluride, CO, and got its intestines clogged by all the non-food trash it had ingested. The bear became very ill, and had to be put down.


    So, if you’ve got a bear eating out of your trash cans, and you want to get rid of the bear, you could soak used face diapers in bacon grease and place them in the trash cans. The bear would probably eat the face diapers and become ill, which would make it easier to kill the bear. Or, you could just keep feeding it bacon soaked face diapers until it dies. Maybe wrap the diapers around some rancid French fries for a special bear treat.

    The blue “medical grade” face diapers are very soft, and used ones make excellent bun wad, but you do not want to flush them down the toilet. Bacon grease to the rescue! Now you’ve solved two problems at once. Who knows? Maybe the same technique would work on smaller animals, such as coyotes.

  23. The Brownstone Institute recently published a piece titled “The Religion of Masking”. For those who don’t know already, the Brownstone Institute is one of those entities that got the issues involving COVID RIGHT, while the Tony Faucis and medical establishment such as CDC & NIH got it WRONG. Even though there’s MASSIVE evidence and studies showing that wearing face diapers statistically did NOTHING to “Stop the spread of COVID”, face diaper wearing has effectively become a religion to some people…….


    • Hi, John B,
      I see the Wearing of the Face Diaper as a sacrament, in fact a principle sacrament, of the religious cult I call Branch Covidians. They have other sacraments, such as getting themselves injected with various substances by a ritually garbed priesthood. Also, they tend to avoid the company of human beings, which sacrament they refer to as “social distancing.”

      • Hi Adi,

        Would you say that the “High Priest” of the Branch Covidians is one Tony Fauci? We’ve had people who viewed him as some “Public Health Saint” and dutifully follow whatever he decreed, and scold those who didn’t comply with whatever decrees Fauci had.

          • That’s a good one, Adi! Ironically though, people who DIDN’T follow Fauci’s edicts to the letter seem to be doing better than those who DID dutifully follow Fauci’s edicts.

  24. Apparently, if you are healthy, you are sick.

    If you are sick, you’re healthy!


    It’s the Sick Shtick!

    What in God’s name is going on here?

  25. 1. The face rag is a litmus test. It reveals who are the absolute stupidest among us.

    2. If covid hysteria showed how many would have supported the Nazis, the current rag wearers would be the party members.

    3. Who goes to the hospital for a cold? Must be those in truly ill health. If you are not frail and go to the hospital for a cold, that is a psychosomatic condition.

    • I saw a lot of party faitful in Austin yesterday wearing their armbands -er- masks.

      You know it has gone way beyond a sign of hypochondria when they buy the diapers in black … like SS uniforms.

      The faithful await the return of ze olt days, ja.

  26. Brandon has 200,000,000 “tests” ready to be sent out for “free” to those that want them starting tomorrow. If this happens again in the same way, it’s because of people who want it, who want to test themselves every time they get sick. Then the fear spiral starts and they end up at the hospital, then the “cases”, then the color coded “measures” response, yada, yada, yada.

    • Hi Funk,

      Joe Biden has MORE FREE COVID tests ready to be mailed to people who want them? To quote Charlie Brown, “Good Grief!” At this point, people who STILL take COVID tests are effectively practicing a religious ritual similar to that of wearing a face diaper despite mountains of evidence saying that the original COVID tests were faulty and that wearing face diapers is completely useless. Will these COVID tests that the Biden Thing is sending out be “New & improved” like the brand new COVID jabs that were recently released?

        • Correct. From what I’ve read, these “new & improved” COVID jabs, as well as the bivalent booster jabs that came out last year, have only been tested on a handful of mice. Nevertheless, the CDC & FDA deemed them “Safe and Effective” for the ENTIRE American population, while other countries aren’t even recommending them for children or young adults given what we KNOW about the jabs that have been out for a while.

          • Brandon said “these ones are gonna work this time” or something to that effect. Talk about a snake oil salesman. Yet some folks will shoot that stuff into their veins. Again. At a Walmart, for instance. The one near me was remodeled last year to have a bigger “shooting gallery.” Its like Needle Park from Switzerland back in the day in there.

          • Hi John,

            “these “new & improved” COVID jabs, as well as the bivalent booster jabs that came out last year, have only been tested on a handful of mice”.

            C’mon man, it’s two handfuls of mice. that makes all the difference!


              • Hi Helot,

                Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, visited Dr. Ryan Cole last year to look at blood samples that have COVID-19 jabs, as there are those who claim the vials contain graphite and others say they discovered what looks like nanotechnology. What Bigtree and Cole found in their visit was shocking. Near the end of Bigtree’s visit, he decided to draw samples of his own blood to compare his unvaxxed blood to what happens when his blood samples come into contact with the “vaccines”….


                  • You’re welcome Helot. I started watching The Highwire myself in 2020, and unlike establishment media, which tended to regurgitate propaganda or press releases from Big Pharma and the government on all things COVID, The Highwire did ACTUAL REPORTING on COVID, face diapers, how the “vaccines” would eventually be a failure, etc. And for reporting stuff that turned out to be RIGHT, YouTube & Facebook deplatformed the program, while YouTube says they’ll censor anything that goes against whatever the WHO says.

      • Ah, but wanna bet that soon, in order to board a commercial airliner, you’ll have to “submit” to a nose swab? Or show “proof” of having the LATEST round of “Jabs”, because, y’know, the “Variants”.

  27. “CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University. “There needs to be a greater sense of urgency because deaths are rising”
    Which is the first time I’ve read or heard deaths from the new and improved plague mentioned, but even this one has no numbers attached. It appears they intend to weaponize the flu, again. Or weaponize damage from the previous “vaccines”, in favor of MORE “vaccines”. Biden sort of spilled the beans when he said “this one will work”.

    • Hi John,

      As you may know, the CDC is “Recommending” this brand new COVID jab for EVERYONE 6 months old and older. However, there is alarming data involving them that these public health bureaucracies want to keep hidden from the public. Instead, they continue to spout the obvious lie “Safe and Effective!” Not only that, other countries aren’t even “recommending” the new COVID jabs for children, let along young adults, and Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, recently recommended AGAINST people younger than 65 getting these new jabs.. .


        • Second that!

          They sure got it in for us vulnerable folks. I’m thinkin vulnerable might equal useless. Killed and maimed 10s of thousands ‘vulnerables’ especially in New Yawk, Jorsey and Calipornia. Those trapped in “Retirement Homes” were like flies to a spider. Poor bastards.


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