Diaper Report: 02/09/2024

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This report is personal but I can’t get too specific about who is involved. Suffice to say that I know of two young adults who keep coming down with “COVID” – notwithstanding they’ve been “vaccinated.”

Worse, they came down with something else – after they got “vaccinated.”

One came down with Graves disease – which is a serious autoimmune disorder (mark the italics) that is also associated with hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include: Bulging eyes, a goiter in the neck, an irregular heartbeat, tremors in the hands and fingers and – for women, who get Graves more often than men – problems with their reproductive systems.

She was previously a healthy young woman in her late 20s.

The other – a young man in his early 30s – developed blood clots (mark the italics) in his foot. This young man was healthy – and athletic.

Until he got “vaccinated.”

The serious health problems these two previously healthy young adults now have manifested shortly after they both got the “vaccine” that they were assured would prompt their immune system to keep them healthy, by the corporate employers who threatened them both with loss of employment if they didn’t submit to being injected. Ironically, both of these young adults are employed in (wait for it) health care.

Almost everyone who works in this field was all-but-forced to submit to being injected with those drugs that we now know were not vaccines – because vaccines prevent people from getting and transmitting the contagious sickness the person is (supposedly) being vaccinated against getting and transmitting.

These drugs don’t do that.

What they do is weaken the immune system, rendering the victim more susceptible to future sickness. That’s why the “vaccinated” are the ones who keep catching the “COVID” they were told they’d be immunized against getting.

These MRNA drugs also impart chronic sicknesses, such as Graves disease and blood clots.

Of course, people were not told that – because if they had been told that, fewer would have taken them. No job is worth losing your health (and possibly, your fertility) for on account of having been wheedled into taking some sketchy drug pushed on you by an employer. This is not something most people would agree to, even under pressure.

But that’s not what’s interesting about this case.

These two previously healthy young adults – one of whom is a doctor – do not want to discuss the effects of the drugs they took. They get defensive when asked about it. Especially when they are asked about the coincidence of their both developing health problems known to be associated with the taking of these drugs after they took the drugs.

It’s as if they don’t want to acknowledge what was done to them. Or – rather – what they did to themselves. Even though it was done under pressure. And so, rather than get angry about what was done to them, they get angry at those who ask them about what was done to them.

Fascinating, as Mr. Spock used to say.

It’s the psychology of victimhood. Of a piece with the way a woman (or a man, for that matter) who is abused by a spouse will defend the spouse who abused them – and get angry with the cops, when they come to arrest the abuser.

Perhaps it is a function of self-loathing, for having tolerated the abuse. And – in the case of the drugs – for having taken them, probably contrary to their better judgment but for the insipid sake of going-along to get-along.

Now they know they were had.

More to the point, that they went along with being had. That tends to make a person feel like something worse than a fool. The fool, after all, has the consolation of having been fooled. These people fooled themselves. And for what?

A paycheck.

Winston Churchill is said to have had something to say about that. The story goes that he propositioned a woman, offering her a large sum of money if she would agree to sleep with him. When she did, he began to bargain – inquiring of her whether she’d accept a much smaller sum in exchange for the same favors. Greatly offended, the woman snorted: Do you take me for a whore? To which Winston is said to have replied: That has already been established. We are merely haggling over the price.

What is the price of one’s self-respect? To say nothing of one’s health?

These two young, previously healthy adults have just paid it.

. . .

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  1. I am very sorry to hear of your experience.

    I’m not sure if this will help, there is a spike support /detox formula from the world’s leading cardiologist and covid specialist, Dr. McCullough, and his team at The Wellness Company.

    The physicians at this online clinic specialize in treatment covid vaccine injuries.

    Shame on your employers for pressuring you into getting those. Getting sued into oblivion would be mercy for them after what they did, threatening people’s jobs for a dangerous injection like that.

    Best of luck and don’t give up. Don’t put up with another ångström of gaslighting. Restoring your health takes precedence and prevails over all the rest of it anyway.

  2. Here is the sort of delusional agitprop that passes for ‘news’ in the Lügenpresse:

    ‘If you’ve presented the same arm for every dose of a particular vaccine, you may want to reconsider. Alternating arms may produce a more powerful immune response, a new study suggests.

    ‘The researchers studied responses to the first two doses of Covid-19 vaccines [sic]. Those who alternated arms showed a small increase in immunity over those who got both doses in the same arm.’ — NY Slimes


    Since some boosters now produce NEGATIVE efficacy after a few weeks, alternating arms might actually make ‘vaccine’ victims sicker sooner.

    My own medical research indicates that watching CNN or reading the NYT produces the functional equivalent of a 15-point IQ loss. Or you could just lick an old lead pipe like a popsicle, or sniff airplane glue till double vision ensues.

  3. The only ones I know of who took the jab and who don’t regret doing so CAN’T regret it, because they are dead. I do know several people who still don’t regret it, but they have always been extremely stupid people.

    But the sad thing is that even the ones who do regret getting the non vax are so apathetic and confused that every time another “recommendation” comes out they actually give it some thought and act as if it’s a true dilemma whether or not to take the next one!

    For me it was a no brainer. I’ve refused all vaccines all of my adult life so of course didn’t even have to give the very worst of them even a passing thought.

    • I had to fill out a religious exemption to avoid getting the covid jab and have never regretted getting it. Many my fellow nursing co-workers who did get jabbed regret it. As for the dating scene I would not trust anyone to tell me the truth and I hope to God I never need a blood transplant. I know there is a pure blood donor site but my hospital is not involved with them. Either way, this so called vaccine has put a monkey wrench in everything.

  4. Jabbing our next generation of ‘leaders’:

    ‘Students at Harvard University will continue to be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine [sic] in order to register for the upcoming semester, the school announced, joining 69 other schools around the country that still require the shot.

    “Harvard requires all students who will be on campus to have some protection from COVID-19 through vaccination,” reads a statement posted by the school. “This may be through the initial primary series of COVID-19 vaccination or one of the most recent COVID-19 boosters.”

    ‘Students who fail to show approved documentation will be unable to sign up for classes, with the website warning that should they “fall out of compliance at any time for any of the required immunizations, registration holds will be automatically applied.” — The Epoch Times, via ZH


    Makes you wonder — what kind of edumacation are Hahhhhvid students getting, when this major research institution refuses to follow the science [cf. peer-reviewed Cureus paper by Dr Peter McCullough et al, Jan 24, 2024] or the data [1,626,370 adverse reactions reported to VAERS].

    No wonder Hahhhhhvid just had a plagiarism scandal: its faculty and admins (who are exempt from the jab mandate) don’t read, don’t analyze, and don’t learn.

    Yet this wealthy elitist institution has salted the US fedgov with thousands of its predominantly leftist graduates. Did the Kennedy School of Government teach them that $34 trillion of government debt is sustainable? Sorry, not enough fingers to count that high! 🙁

  5. Those two should sue the pants off of their employers.

    Lose a few of those, and the mandates will go away really fast.

    And they can’t weasel out of responsibility like the drug companies (who are specifically legally exempt from vaccine liability which is why they call the jab a vaccine when it isn’t one), as long as they made it mandatory. They deliberately exposed their employees to a hazard.

    Labor law is pretty clear about this.

    You’re looking for the next Big Tobacco or asbestos lawsuits? Go after Big Hospital.

  6. Folks, while I appreciate your sentiments, it’s time to stop the “pureblood” moniker. Nobody’s blood is pure (from the vakseen).

    There are three degrees of vaccination:

    1) You are first degree vaccinated if the needle pierced your skin
    2) You are second degree vaccinated if you have had intimate contact with a first-degree vaccinated person
    3) You are third degree vaccinated if you’ve been in an enclosed space with a first- or second-degree vaccinated person, through shedding.

    That doesn’t even count the people who were “tested” and could very well been vaccinated by swab.

    Group 3 is pureblood at heart, but reality is something else. We all have been pierced, swabbed, or had been in close enough contact with poisoned people to be at least somewhat poisoned and indelibly altered. I can feel it in my own case. I get sick more easily and it tends to linger longer than in the past.

    Humanity will never be back to what it once was. They have poisoned the well. Admit it.

    • Hi DC,

      I’ve read several articles about this shedding business and I’m still skeptical – or maybe I’m in denial. I can understand getting “second degree vaccinated” if you are intimate with a “first degree vaccinated” person, as via body fluids. But it’s hard for me to believe that one can be “vaccinated” merely by being in the general vicinity of a “vaccinated” person.

      I feel ok myself and I’ve been going to my gym every other day since it re-opened. There are prolly a lot of “vaccinated” people there. But I don’t touch them (let alone intimate touching) so in order for them to “vaccinate” me it’d have to operate like a respiratory virus that one can inhale because it’s in the air.

      I’m not saying I dismiss the possibility. Just that I remain skeptical.

      • At some point, the powers-that-be are simply going to spray the vaccine (and have read articles suggesting such) into the air, to get the vaccine hesitant. There will be no worry about the degrees of being vaccinated, then. They are that hell-bent on killing us with this sh**. Wearing a face diaper in an attempt to protect oneself will do nothing.

          • Hi Crawdaddy,

            I’ve heard about this (airborne “vaccination”) but have yet to find something substantive that establishes this is even possible, let alone being done. Do you have any info in re that?

      • Hi Eric, I hear you and I’m not suggesting equality by any means. It also depends on which batches were bad, etc. My point is that no one can be sure of their purity. The purveyors are too evil NOT to ensure some non-needle, non-blood transmission of this thing just because they’re THAT determined to genetically modify, weaken, mind-fuck, or kill as many of us as possible. I am a health nut and train like a beast and eat good nutrition (not politically correct nutrition) and while I’m 60, I’ve lost nothing in the way of strength, physique, or physical conditioning. But I do have lingering illnesses and I won’t attribute it to age, and it’s been since the advent of the vakseen. So I have my suspicions.

        • Hi DC,

          I’m certainly wary – given what’s happened, given what we know about these people. Like you, I’m into health and (like you) I’ve managed to retain and even increase my strength vs.when I was younger. So far, I’ve not noticed any weird symptoms or physical changes. And were I single, I’d not even consider associating with a “vaccinated” woman.

    • DC Miami: I ain’t buyin’ it. This strikes me as a misery loves company assertion manufactured by those foolish enough to take the jab. Just another psyop infiltrating the red-pilled clear thinkers.

      It might be time to step away from the internet to take a little break.

      • Mr. Liberty, “the internet?” So are you one of those people who thinks the only credible publications can be found “in the library?” I was once told that by a faggot liberal who said I am a kunspeeracy theorist. I told him the nothing published after 1930 can be found in a library.

    • I’ve noticed I get a bad headache when I’m around people who have been jabbed recently.

      If I insisted on an unvaccinated girlfriend there would be almost no one around here to date, and besides that who knows if she’s lying? Besides that a lot of people are in healthcare in some capacity and were forced. A lot of others were all but forced. I lost out on some really good job opportunities because I wouldn’t be forced—a lot of places would “grandfather” you in but wouldn’t hire anyone who refused to present a vaxx card. One place made you wear a star if you got it. Where I worked at the time, for a little while you didn’t have to wear a face diaper if your supervisor said you showed them a vaxx card (unfortunately I was working for a stickler). I actually complimented them when they went back to making everyone do it, not because I liked the diaper but because I didn’t approve of the segregation and lack of privacy.

      You can call me a traitor if you want. I fought as much and as hard as I dared, but I wasn’t going to get fired except over the vaxx/test mandate that thankfully the Gowned Clowns overturned at the 11th hour. I was sweating bullets over that one. I was also actively looking for another job but no luck.

      They fired me anyway, later. I’ve heard through the grapevine that my old desk is still empty and they have themselves a mess on their hands, the team kind of collapsed. 🤷‍♂️

  7. So true about the abused spouse defending the abuser. Just last week, my wife was shopping at Costco and witnessed this older woman constantly yelling at her elderly husband sitting in a motorized shopping cart. The woman wouldn’t stop badgering the old man, so my wife stepped in and said: stop yelling at him! the woman made all sorts of excuses but my wife was having none of it. Then, the old man in the motorized cart turned to my wife and stuck his tongue out at her and then flipped her off. My wife laughed and walked away. But, my wife did notice the woman speaking more gently to her husband afterwards.

  8. How many people die? All the ones that are born.

    For all members of a population 100,000 85 plus years in age, more than 30,000 will die in a year. The following year has to add another 30,000 in the age group to keep up and let the logistics of the statistics prevail.

    Joe is in that age group, statistics don’t lie. The numbers do tell what is going on.

    It’s genocide by old age!

    Statista records those statistics.

    Happy Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon!

  9. I have been quietly & privately complimented for holding firm by several jab recipients. Mostly those who were all but coerced against their better judgement, and people who had bad reactions.

    Most people who are not in those categories seem to me oblivious to what the fuss is all about.

  10. Letter I just sent to AARP in response to a fund raising solicitation:

    I heard about the twisted advice in Dec 2023 AARP Bulletin:

    ‘I’m up to five covid boosters. Should I really be signing up for yet another one?’

    ‘YES …’

    Obviously, AARP does not need my money. You already got PAID OFF BIG by the poison pushers of Big Pharma.


    Do not ever contact me again, stinking mendacious shills.

    ‘Hey, hey, Jo Ann J — [CEO of AARP, Jo Ann Jenkins]
    How many geezers did you kill today?’


    Defund these California commies.

    • RE: “AARP got PAID OFF BIG by the poison pushers of Big Pharma”

      I read an interesting bit not long ago which said all the ads with the horrific side effects mentioned for drugs on the TeeVee, on radio, & in newspapers wasn’t done in order to sell the drugs, to convince the public to take them, rather; it was a payoff to keep the media silent about Big Pharma.

      …So now, anytime I see or hear an ad for Big Pharma Drugs I know I’m looking at a captured entity. Doctors, AARP, the goobermint, all captured.

      The article also mentioned this is why advertising drugs on the TeeVee was not legal until fairly recently. I wonder if that’s related to the laws being changed about .gov being able to use propaganda on its own citizens? Or, do i repeat myself, or something?

  11. Don’t know one person who passed on the jab that regrets not getting it. Not a one!

    SO glad I resisted and am a pureblood! Thanks to Eric and the readers of this site to help me continue to say NO and mean it!!

    • Hi Rich,

      There were some bots on social media pretending to be real people who claim that they (or someone they knew) regretted NOT getting vaxxed after having gotten the dreaded ‘Rona. I’ve NEVER known anyone who regretted not getting vaxxed, though I have read and heard countless stories of people who’ve regretted having taken the vaxx. Nevertheless, even after the narratives involving the jabs crumbled to dust, there are those in and outside government who are STILL pushing the narrative.

  12. What happened to influenza? Should still be here, not going to go away. Not a word, all Covid, have to be fair and report flu cases too.

    Have to also have a Death Processing Complex. Got one in Ukraine, one in Gaza. One of the consequences of war, death is the one that counts the most. Genocide Processing Complex too, you need more PTSD and be in Stockholm. Just like the Hotel California, you’re checked in, you can’t ever leave. You’re stuck in Paradise.

    Instant karma is gonna get ya! Bibi the Barbarian will find out what karma is all about.

  13. In addition to the heart attacks and strokes people I personally knew or knew of that died suddenly and were in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, others are developing melanomas. I have read about the increase in cancers from people taking the shot—but hadn’t thought about melanoma. Read an article a month or so ago about the increase of melanomas, didn’t think much about it. Two female acquaintances have very recently had large skin cancers removed from their foreheads. I know they are both Kool-Aid drinkers, remembered those articles later and was like—hmmm….

    • I should add that one is a former elementary school teacher. The other was a former HR director at one of the local hospitals. She still wants to be large and in charge in retirement—and she is doing a pretty good job of it. Maybe my height–5′ 5″, at least 300 pounds! Seems to be getting bigger and bigger and she’s all about COVID, enjoys when she has it. Pretty sure she was a backstabber back in the day, so karma.
      Tells you all you need to know by their former careers and their thought processes.

    • Anecdotal evidence I know, but my job takes me to a local cancer treatment center on occasion. I can tell you from first hand experience, business is booming.

      When I make an appointment to go in, I ask them to schedule me at their least busy time of day so I can have access to areas without getting in their way. Let me tell you, their least busiest time of day was an absolute madhouse.

      • It is booming. I’ve noticed that also. I go every week to the local cancer center, not always for treatment, just blood draws sometimes. I go in the afternoon when usually a little slower, has been busy even then and the nurses tell me they’ve been slammed every morning.
        Pretty depressing place though, because of the people there, me included, (not the building or the personnel). Looks like an old folks home, next step funeral home. Most everyone moving slow, using a cane, walker and using 02. Some young people—which is good not a lot of young people I guess, lol.
        And why is a funeral home called a funeral home? Not like you’re going to rent a room and live there.

    • Holy crap, Elaine! I just found out that an ex-girlfriend of mine (31 years old) had a massive skin cancer removed from her back a few months ago. She just went in for a check up and the doc said she has a melanoma, which did not exist in October. The diagnosis isn’t good.

  14. EVERY person that I know who succumbed to the pressure to get “jabbed” has something medically wrong with them after getting “jabbed”. Previously healthy individuals have come down with myocarditis, Grave’s disease, Bell’s palsy and other formerly relatively rare illnesses. Almost NONE of them will attribute their present conditions to the “jab”. Many of them have been retired for some time, so employer influence to get “jabbed” was not a requirement. They CHOSE to get “jabbed” of their own volition.
    I’ for one am PROUD to be a “pureblood”.

    • Right there with ya buddy. We should get arm bands or lapel pins (ok, some could take that wrong).

      Still, some sort of symbol is important for people to rally around. I prefer the battle flag of the Confederacy, a symbol of resistance to tyranny around the globe since 1861.

  15. Eric, I am guessing this is the article that got you kicked from Twitter? Saw your message this morning while scrolling. The free speech platform… right.

    A part of me is thankful for the goings-on over the past few years. It has allowed me to convey to my loved ones with concrete examples that they have experienced first hand, the evil in this world and how to prepare themselves mentally for it, so when they again in the future come face to face with it, they will see it and react to it appropriately.

    I feel for those who were duped. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way, and as you mention in this article, some never learn that lesson and are ripe pickings for the next event. You can’t save everyone.

  16. I have a couple random thoughts and observations after reading all the comments. First, the incidence of “died suddenly” seems to be increasing. I graduated high school in a small city with a graduating class of 88. In the last 2 months 2 of them I am still aware of have “died suddenly” under similar circumstances. Yes, we’re all around 60 now, but this seems remarkable and noteworthy.

    Second, members of a lynch mob will know exactly what they’ve done and will never admit the wrong they did. If they admit to themselves that they did wrong, it will make them insane.

    Third, having a strong Christian ethic does help deal with an evil and irrational world. Forgiveness is good for a person and allows spiritual toxins to drain away rather than fester. And part of this is the concept that,” Justice is mine, sayeth the lord. I will avenge.”

  17. I read an obituary the other day for a young 20-something girl who had myocarditis. When I was 20-something (a long time ago) only old fat guys had heart attacks.

    Just now I had to look up “myocarditis” because engineers can’t spell. The first return from the google propagandists in about the clot shot and the “misconception” it leads to myocarditis / pericarditis. The psychosis continues.

  18. Eric: I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s a lack of self respect that causes these people to have willingly allowed the abuse of masking and jabbing. When you bring up the jabbing as a possible cause for health issues they get angry with themselves for being so weak and feeble, but then revert to denial and displace that anger toward you for asking the question.

    By allowing that abuse they’ve demonstrated that they and are mentally weak people. One can’t expect they will just snap out of it. If it weren’t so sad it would be funny.

  19. Never forget that it was the Orange Turd who warp speeded these into existence, after locking down the country, and after standing like a cigar store Indian next to Fauci and the Scarf Lady, nodding that blond head in agreement. His narcissism has killed and maimed millions, many who will experience this in the days to come. Think about that as you venture merrily to the polling booth.

      • I don’t vote, my conscience is clean. My comment was just to remind everyone who bitches about vaccines, face diapers, and lockdowns that Trump initiated all of them, and set the stage for all that followed. Trump is the swamp he wants to drain.

        That said, it’s really a sad state that our “choices” are Trump or whatever leftist puke (to include Nimrata) is put in play. They are laughing right at us.

        • Teddy Roosevelt is a big part of the problems we’re having today. His great white fleet adventurism and his progressivism still haunt us. But even the worst of men are sometimes right. It truly is the man in the arena, with sweat, dust, and blood on his face, who makes the world move.

          Washing your hands and saying you’re too good to vote is easy. Working against the Bolsheviks and Jacobins is hard.

          • I get up every day, work hard and provide for my family and raise my kids as best I can. I have much dust, sweat, blood, and tears to make my world move. Politics, while interesting, amusing, and frequently infuriating is little more than a mental exercise for me. I can’t change the system, and so I am content to act locally (see above) and practice avoidance where I can. If anyone believes voting makes a difference and intends to indulge that ritual, I say Godspeed. When Trump – a lifelong con man and NY tycoon – fucks up again, and fails to deliver on his many platitudes, what then?

            • Good for you. But you will continue to be bled by parasites regardless. Fight back, run for school board or city council and become that guy like me who the reporterettes of both genders sneer at for working against taxes and regulations and hiring more cops. If enough of us did this it would make a difference.

              One of my regrets is leaving California. It is easy enough to hide your guns when they ban them, but quitting the field after a setback allows the communist evil to consolidate and grow stronger and more powerful.

              How can the good guys vote to turn the tide when there is no support and no leaders to support?

              • Of course, Ernie. During the height of coof, my wife and I distributed yard signs against masking – the ones we posted in our yard were repeatedly stolen. We joined groups. We stood in our town square holding anti-mask signs, to get trash thrown at us and many middle fingers in our direction. We protested school masking at local school board meetings, to be threatened with arrest. It put us at risk, particularly where we live in the heart of pinko country. But it was something we felt compelled to do – be a presence, exactly as you say. But I maintain we can’t vote our way out of this, confirmed by my local protest experience. As Nunzio (where is he?) used to say here, we not only battle the politicians but the millions who endorse and enable what they do.

                • Hi BAC,
                  Sadly I agree, when out of 300 million people the only choices we get are two old morons, one a narcissist and the other ridden with dementia there is no way to get meaningful change. The uniparty is also going flat out to keep any alternative choices off the ballot. I only vote in local elections to keep my property taxes down, but even that is mostly futile.

        • I agree with everything you’ve said here. And yet …


          “If [Donald Trump is elected again], it is likely to be the kind of, like, the death blow to what remains of the global order. And he says it openly. Now, again, it should be clear that many of these politicians, they present a false dichotomy, a false binary vision of the world as if you have to choose between patriotism and globalism, between being loyal to your nation and being loyal to some kind of, I don’t know, global government or whatever.”
          -Yuval Noah Harari

          If the globalist tyrants running the WEF are worried about Trump, this suggests that he might be at least somewhat of a threat to their agenda. The very fact that Trump has spoken out against the Green New Scam and the EVs being shoved down our throats and has supported continued production of internal combustion engine cars is encouraging. Not that any politician can ultimately be trusted to keep their promises about anything.

          • Hi Martin,

            I have gotten to the point in life that I am almost cynical about everything.

            The death blow to our country came under the Trump Administration. Period. COVID, Fauci, Brix, grocery stores with no food, lockdowns, death speed shots, etc. came under him.

            Oh, don’t get me wrong. Biden is HORRIBLE. He makes our country look pathetic and weak. He has made us a laughingstock worldwide. That the Asses cannot see this shows how well the Orwellian Shit Show (aka American Media) is working. What Trump started Biden has taken to a whole new nightmare.

            We can all tell the Biden’s Administration goal is to destroy the country. It is evident from the wide open border, the CTA, the additional IRS enforcement, the shutting down of our natural gas fields and coal plants, the skyrocketing inflation, world wide wars, etc.

            My concern is Trump doesn’t seem any smarter than he was over eight years ago stepping off the escalator in June 2015. It is still name calling, thin skin, and broken promises. I will give him credit though…he kept us out of war and eight million aliens didn’t cross our border.

            The Elephants continued build up of the “Red Wave” is growing stale. They have control of the House and still can’t impeach our treasonous government official, Alejandro Mayorkas, or the current 46th President of the USSA. How much freaking evidence do they need? It is right in front of us. Biden has marbles for brains and his own Cabinet nor our pathetic ass Congress will bring forth the 25th Amendment. Maybe if he starts playing with the nuclear codes like its a Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano somebody, somewhere will do something.

            I am absolutely disgusted by both sides. May they all rot in Hell.

            • Hi RG,

              I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. I feel like we’ve been living through a nightmare since the covid bullshit started in early 2020. Actually, an earlier version of this nightmare started after 9/11 with the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the TSA, all of which moved the US strongly in the direction of a totalitarian police state.

              I think that almost everything that has happened since 2020 and even before has been orchestrated by the WEF tyrants. The gain of function research, the planned mostly fake pandemic, the toxic jabs, the lockdowns, the face diapering, the attacks on the energy supplies, the attacks on farmers and the food supply, the mass uncontrolled immigration, this all happened not just in the US but around the world. Europe has also been flooded with waves of illegal migrants, who have brought crime and chaos to their shores as well.

              I think that this is all part of the WEF globalist plot to destabilize the US and European countries, in order to ultimately bring them under the control of a global one world government run by people like the unspeakably loathsome Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari.

              As such, anything that makes Harari even a little bit nervous and afraid gives me at least a glimmer of hope.

              • Well-said, Martin –

                Trump is by no means our savior but he might just gum up their works. It’s no longer even about Trump, the man. He has helped to awaken a coherent opposition to Leftist – and that’s no small thing. I just hope that, if he manages to make it and is elected, he actually takes care of business this time.

              • A lot of these global elites live in Europe. Don’t forget that the unelected EU started out in 1971 as a trading organization, dedicated to making trade between European countries easier. Somehow it has transformed into a wasteful and hateful mouthpiece for elites and opposed to all freedoms.

    • He did all of that and more besides. He let leftist judges stymie the border wall, he let a coup by the very worst people drive him from office. And he advocated for “red flag” laws which violate most of the bill of prohibitions. He was awful in many ways, but nowhere near as bad as the ensuing madness.

      He is also a smart capable man and has learned a lot in the last 8 years, especially about the legal system and the true nature of our enemies. This makes me support him even more than the first two times. Nobody else running for the office comes close.

        • Philo, you’re supposed to use a “/s” for that kind of comment.

          You do know it’s true, don’t you? Every election is important because you’re picking the people who get to manage a very dangerous and destructive machine.

          But I do suspect there won’t be another election. The Bolshies/Khmer rouge/Jacobins have seized power, and they don’t believe in elections either. And they won’t allow that chance again.

    • Trump was “caught in the middle” along with (most of) the rest of us”.
      Thankfully, I, along with many of my associates and friends saw through the COVID fraud and sailed through without getting “jabbed”.
      This fraudulent “disease” was put in place to keep Trump from winning the election. Expanding election “availability” made it easy to introduce fake ballots into the system. The subsequent election fraud was merely additional “insurance” to assure that Trump would not get a second term.

    • Joe has his diaper on right now, have to make sure there are no tragic accidents.

      The day Trump appeared with a mask covering most of his face with a presidential seal on the thing, I knew it was over.

      All Trump had to do is to tell them to all go fuck themselves and walk out of the office. Done, not going back. Screw you, up yours, and so on. Easy decision, I’m going to play some golf, you guys do it the way you want to, not my problem.

      Proves he is a brainwashed fool, did it to himself. No super ego, just all id. Pride goeth before fall.

      Kaw Liga, too stubborn to ever show a sign because his heart was made of knotty pine – Hank Williams, Kaw Liga

      The US Senate decides if a newly elected Senator can be seated in the Senate.

      A politician from my home state was elected into the US Senate, was debated if he should be seated or not, his politics were suspect, some scrutiny was involved, he did get seated.

      William Langer also graduated number one in his class at Columbia Law School in New York City. He was eighteen years old at the time, too young to enter the bar in his home state of North Dakota. Became a county attorney general, then the governor, then onto Washington to not be all that welcomed by fellow senators. Was suspected of sympathizing with socialist causes in the state during the Great Depression.

      One of two senators to vote against joining the United Nations, was considered somewhat of a kook at the time.

      “All it will do is create perpetual war,” he said at the time.

      How’s it all working out so far? The dogs of war are at it again.

  20. Family members who were vocal supporters of the vaccines will not discuss the topic now. I believe it is because people are extremely reluctant to admit they were fooled or wrong and even if they do, do not want to belabor the topic. My husband’s family members are highly educated and well read. They researched the shots and had long detailed discussions in the kitchen pontificating about the merits of the vaccines and describing in detail how they worked. Their wives bragged in Facebook posts about having just got the shot. I would like to know how they feel about them now but even skirting the edges of the subject provokes a negative reaction.

    • I have a friend that I had heated discussions with about the inherent danger of injecting oneself with an unknown substance to allegedly prevent the onset of a fake disease (i.e. the “Covid” jab). Ultimately I convinced her not to do it, but there was some definite anger and frustration directed my way in the process (calling me a conspiracy theorist early on). My recent pleasure was watching her tease some jabbed folks, gleefully referring to herself as a “pureblood.”

  21. “These two previously healthy young adults – one of whom is a doctor – do not want to discuss the effects of the drugs they took. They get defensive when asked about it.”


    Contemporary doctors have too much money invested in “the System,” and too much prestige and social status on the line to be objective scientists.

    I know a guy in med school who is an absolute arrogant “vaccine” nut, you simply cannot talk to him about it without getting shouted down. He got COVID (twice, I think) after having been “vaccinated.”

    The rationalization is that he had only “mild cases” because of the “vaccine.” Bullshit. That’s a counterfactual that cannot be proven or disproven. And a “vaccine” is supposed to confer immunity, which this drug obviously didn’t.

  22. Went to a small town, stopped at: a bank, a farm supply store, a small grocery store, a gas station & a thrift store and saw Zero face diapers or any indication there ever was a Plandemic.

    However; on the front page of the local newspaper was this image with the caption ‘GAME ON!’:


    “Rising to the challenge during the ‘Blind Cloud Scoop’ game…”

    In case the photo gets erased, it shows two Catholic school 3rd graders using spatulas to pick up cotton balls & place them into a bowl while they each wear a blue face diaper over their eyes, nose & mouth.

    The symbolism, the obscenity of the image, speaks volumes.
    Still normalizing the insanity of face diapers? Idk.

    It’s also a reflection of sorts about, “These two previously healthy young adults – one of whom is a doctor – do not want to discuss the effects of the drugs they took. They get defensive when asked about it. Especially when…”

  23. My physician wife hates to admit she was fooled about *anything*, especially if she was manipulated by a family member.

    Early on, my personal doctor — not my spouse — would push the jab every visit even though his own son had decided to join me as a member of the Control group and refuse to take the shot. He hasn’t brought it up lately, but the office was very late in dropping their mask policy.

    I won’t go back if they resume the policy. The latest insult out of the office is billing by text message/SMS.

    • “I won’t go back if they resume the policy.” -Roscoe

      Go back? What? The mistake you made was continuing to use this doctor after the very first instance of the “mask policy” and pushing of the jab. My immediate response would have been “I’m out!” More intolerance is necessary to root this shit out.

      I remember in 2020 going to get my hair cut after barbershops were “allowed” to reopen. When I went in, the person (who had suffered a loss of income for months) which cut my hair for years, now insisted that I wear a mask. I calmly explained that would not be necessary, but trying to hand me a mask she refused to cut my hair if I didn’t put it on. I told her if she remained insistent I would walk out and NEVER return. She insisted that I leave. I left, never looked back and learned to cut my own damn hair. I sent the proper message, maintained my dignity and I do a better job than she ever could. I also have saved a lot of money and suffer less inconvenience doing it myself. Fuck these people.

      • Go back two years, when Austin PD was still running mask enforcement drills at my local Sam’s, and a doctor without a mask policy would have been impossible to find in this town.

  24. There’s someone in my family who got vaxxed in 2021, and unfortunately 3 years later it seems she gets sick with something over & over again. Instead of wondering if it’s because of the COVID jabs, she blames her continually getting sick on COVID itself, peddling some story that getting the dreaded ‘Rona wrecks certain parts of your body, which I’ve NEVER read in any media that wasn’t controlled by the establishment or the pharmaceutical industry. However, I have read about getting vaxxed causing various issues with your immune system and other health problems.

    She also bleats about how evil billionaires are, but she’s sure bought a lot of the bull crap the billionaire class (Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, etc.) has been peddling over the past several years, from climate change to meat eating to face diapers to COVID to the “vaccines”.

  25. RE: Defending the perpetrators. I think there’s an odd sort of Stockholm syndrome in the minds of much of the population. By admitting that a government entity made a mistake, especially one this big and in the top of the top (federal) bureaucracy, it forces someone to come to the realization that these “officials” are no better than anyone else, and likely worse because they live in a house of self-reflecting mirrors. And if you’ve dealt with “the system,” you usually go away a little mad about the hassle, blaming the locals for problems created in the state capital or Washington. But further up, the people are experts at being experts and running up the bureaucracy ladder. Or maybe your friends are just in denial and at some point it will hit them hard.

    Like when you read a news article about some subject you have firsthand knowledge of. You immediately spot the factual errors. But then you move on to the next story and accept it as truth, or maybe even refer to it to bolster your argument (something I do far too much). Why should it be any more truthful than the one you dismissed? If you reject that one story you have to reject all news. These days you can’t even rely on corroboration as a way to the truth, since every journalist is so enamored with their access to power they don’t bother to ask real questions, instead just asking what the press secretary asks them to ask to set up the scripted response.

    • So much insight here:

      “Like when you read a news article about some subject you have firsthand knowledge of. You immediately spot the factual errors. But then you move on to the next story and accept it as truth, or maybe even refer to it to bolster your argument (something I do far too much). Why should it be any more truthful than the one you dismissed? If you reject that one story you have to reject all news.”

      • What it should do is make you skeptical of all “news” and look for alternative viewpoints reporting their “news”. I personally put much greater weight on news that cost the reporter something than a reporter that got paid to say what he was told.

        But that’s hard work and most people will spend time on popular media and then watch da game.

        • The jewish-run genocide of Gaza is now running in prime-time–not on the mainstream media but on the internet.
          That is why the “powers that be” want to shut down the free flow of information on the internet.
          The internet is a game-changer and makes jewish (mis)behavior totally transparent. GoPro cameras and cell phones with video recording capabilities also contribute to this transparency and actually denies the jew-run mainstream media the ability to “shape the narrative”.
          Thirty years ago, a genocide of this magnitude could be easily hidden, but no more.
          This transparency is one reason the established jew-run mainstream media is calling for the licensing of journalists, something that would have been laughed out of every newsroom and media outlet twenty years ago.
          This ties in with the WEF and governments complaining about “misinformation” which is merely the narrative that they no longer control.
          Good examples of this were evident during the COVID-19 “plandemic” where valid medical information was deemed to be “misinformation” as it did not follow the narrative that the “powers that be” had attempted to put in place. Effective “treatments” (hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin) were deemed to be “misinformation” while a dangerous “vaccination” was deemed to be the only treatment, being forced on a largely uninformed public. This journalistic malpractice originated at the highest levels of governments and NGOs.
          This also goes for the so-called “global warming” (climate change) narrative that is being pushed by the “powers that be”. CO2, being necessary for human life has been incorrectly deemed a “pollutant”, despite being necessary for life on earth.
          The most successful example of narrative shaping is that of the so-called jewish “holocaust”. This pre-internet narrative has been the most successful “grift” of all time and is still having negative repercussions to this day. Laws have been passed in an effort to keep the “holocaust” narrative alive. The criminalization of investigation and dissent about this massive jewish deception is proof that the “holocaust” is indeed the “hoax of the twentieth century”.
          The jewish “holocaust” would not have gotten off the ground if the internet were available at the time. Thankfully, the jewish “holocaust” is losing its luster and is being “deconstructed” as we speak despite jewish efforts to derail any honest investigation of claims made by “holocaust” promoters..
          AI and ChatGPT can easily be utilized to disprove every “holocaust” claim.
          A good example of this is “gassings” and cremations. Entering the numbers claimed by “holocaust” promoters into either AI or ChatGPT has the “gassings” and cremations extending into the 1950s. So much for the “holohoax”.
          I would suggest to the gentle readers that anytime you hear the word “misinformation”, an agenda is in play and almost certainly you are being lied to.
          Remember. Do your own “homework” and research and trust no one…

      • People are quick to complain about their latest visit to the DMV, or put up with the court secretary’s attitude when trying to explain why they can’t serve on jury duty, but then be just fine with thinking that anyone else who’s screwed over by the system is getting what they deserve.

  26. Speaking of doctors and SAEs …

    ‘Dr. Gregory Poland, the director of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, has called for more rigorous detection of vaccine adverse events after suffering a COVID-19 vaccine adverse event [himself].

    ‘In 2021, soon after his second Moderna shot, Dr. Poland was driving back from the clinic when he suddenly heard a whistling sound in his ears. “It was like someone suddenly blew a dog whistle in my ear,” he told MedPage Today. “It has been pretty much unrelenting.”

    ‘He has since attributed his tinnitus to the COVID-19 vaccine [sic] and become vocal in advocating for better vaccine adverse event surveillance programs.

    ‘React19 co-founder Dr. Joel Wallskog, who was not involved in the commentary, said that people have been driven to suicide as a result of their tinnitus. React19 is an advocacy group for those injured by COVID-19 vaccines and sufferers of long COVID.

    ‘Dr. Wallskog said that many VAERS reports have become hidden. In 2022, React19 surveyed 126 people who submitted VAERS reports. It found that only around 60 percent of VAERS reports are made available to the public.

    ‘Twelve percent of the VAERS reports were deleted, and 22 percent do not have permanent IDs and, therefore, could not be accessed by the public.’


    Lies, data tampering, obstruction of justice. The entire leadership of the FDA and CDC needs to be prosecuted in capital trials. Those who live outside the District of Corruption in Maryland and Virginia can be prosecuted under state murder and manslaughter statutes.

  27. Sorry to hear about those people you mentioned. It could be a coincidence or connected but would you ever be able to prove it either way?

    My Mom died of Lymphoma. She got every booster she could. Sadly she died but as she was in her 90s so it’s hard to prove a connection and at her age it’s safe to say Saint Peter was waiting a long time for her arrival.

    Worst thing I came down with is a dry throat, runny nose, and cough. It’s been almost two weeks now and other than taking some cold and flu stuff I’m reasonably OK otherwise.

    And no I never took the miracle shot either. What I got who knows but this time of year you’re bound to get something and this year I got something.

  28. Hi Eric,

    To admit what the vaccines have done to them is to accept their own mortality…and their decisions into it. My beautiful 44 year old sister has Graves’ disease (not from being vaccinated though). She is wheelchair bound. The disease set in during her late 30s. She was able to have a family prior to it and God bless my BIL for standing by her. She refuses to talk about it and will not seek additional help. It is hard to watch and even harder to understand.

    Very few people that have been injured by vaccines are going to be able to admit it, because they, as individuals, made the call. We can claim the government, work, or society forced us by mandating these horrible shots, but the final call came down to us. I can imagine if one is in healthcare, especially a doctor, they have the added burden of being the ones to coerce their own patients to take this dangerous injection. It is probably very hard to sleep at night if they believe their intent was for the greater good.

    It is upsetting to watch innocent people, and that is what many of them are, to fight their own transience, for they made the ultimate choice in their health. Many can say, “Hey, their decision, their consequences” but it is excruciating to watch it unfold in front of you.

    I want the satisfaction of seeing the monsters that concocted these “vaccines” to hang in the streets, but I don’t believe karma perpetuates so quickly or even judiciously.

    • Amen, RG –

      This situation will remain unresolved until those responsible are held responsible. It is obscene that they have been able to just walk away and (in cases such as Fauci’s) enjoy an remunerative retirement. The reason for the Nuremburg trials was to bring the perpetrators of obscene acts to justice. I am not saying here that the Nuremburg trials were perfect; that is not the point I am trying to make. Which is that it is necessary to see justice done when injustice is done. People like Fauci and Bourla and the rest of that lot are criminals. They acted maliciously in ways they knew would cause harm to millions of people. If you or I act in a criminally negligent way – without intent – and our actions result in someone being badly hurt or killed, we are likely to face a criminal trial – as we ought to. Yet these cretins – who acted with malicious intent – are free to roam the streets. It’s infuriating.

      Very sorry to hear about your sister. I am glad to hear her husband is standing by her.

      • When you look at the Nuremberg trials how many of those we’re the top researchers vs who gave the orders? Operation Paper Clip relocated lots of scientists and a whole bunch of Japanese bio-warfare researchers got a paid move and a government pension vs execution. At this point what ever we get will never satisfy the punishment that should be meted out to those responsible for these shots.

      • My Christian upbringing has taught me this:

        Punishment is God’s domain. This world belongs to the Devil. We are placed here to test ourselves. We’ve been given the tools to recognize and fight evil, but they aren’t guns and hanging ropes. The tools are love and forgiveness and the speaking of the truth. And free will to choose not to partake in evil.

        I believe all involved will be held responsible by their Creator. These demons are currently and temporarily enjoying the Devil’s rewards on this earth, but while maddening to us, we must remember that their time of enjoyment at our expense is fleeting and inconsequential.

        As much as I’d like to witness the punishment or even dole some out in this world, it would surely damage my soul. God knows this and will shield me from such things to preserve my innocence. To act in His stead would damn my soul.

        The fact that I would like to kill these bastards myself is proof that the war between good and evil is an internal one also.

    • ‘Many can say, “Hey, their decision, their consequences” but it is excruciating to watch it unfold in front of you.’ — Raider Girl

      In December 2020 when Pfizer and Moderna’s initial studies claimed 95% efficacy for mRNA ‘vaccines,’ many doctors probably read those deceptive studies and were misled by them. Those papers sounded plausible to me at the time.

      But the facts are now on the table for all to see. In a peer-reviewed paper published Jan 24, 2024 in Cureus, seven authors including Jessica Rose, Steve Kirsch and Dr Peter McCullough systematically demolish the case for mRNA ‘vaccines.’

      ‘For the vast majority of adults under the age of 50, the perceived benefits of the mRNA boosters are profoundly outweighed by their potential disabling and life-threatening harms. Potential harms to older adults appear to be excessive as well.

      ‘Given the well-documented SAEs (Serious Adverse Events) and unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse and enforce a global moratorium on these modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.’


      All that remains is the tragic, ego-based human tendency to double down on a mistake, rather than admit error when new facts change the picture. It’s all the more poignant when it’s your own family suffering an impersonal-sounding SAE (Serious Adverse Event).

      Some day, if justice is done, the perpetrators of this mass murder may experience an SAE of their own … a terminal one.

      • “In December 2020 when Pfizer and Moderna’s initial studies claimed 95% efficacy for mRNA ‘vaccines,’ many doctors probably read those deceptive studies and were misled by them.”

        Goddamn those doctors for being so incurious and ignorant. They’re suppose to look out for the health of their patients (and first do no harm). Their insouciance was instrumental in allowing all of this. I’ll say it again: Goddamn them!

    • Good health is the reward of mankind for comprehension and adherence to the definite physical and chemical laws that dominate bodily processes. The virtues of good health are contentment happiness and longetivity becoming posterities noble heritage.

    • Amen RG,
      Justice will be served when Fauci, Birx, and Daszek swing from the end of a rope. Might want to add Schwab, Gates, and Soros to that list as well.

    • Can you get her to at least try alternative therapy? Dr. Wallach is a regular on late night radio claims results with thyroid, kidney, etc with his supplement routines. Nothing to lose at this point since the corporate medical can’t seem to help her

      • Hi Sparkey,

        I tried. I, myself, dabble in herbal remedies and could put her toward a healthier direction. I also have some of the best endocrinologists in the Mid Atlantic region as clients of mine. I could get her an appointment tomorrow, but she refuses. She has decided the path she wishes to take and the rest of us have to stand by and watch.

        • I’m really sorry. Heartbreaking-ly frustrating for you I’m sure. I don’t adhere like I should but nutrition knowledge and supplements have kept me healthy for about 30 years after a stint in intensive care (throat infection) 1985 then two pneumonia bouts early 90s. One of my wife’s friends clued me in on nutrition/supplements plus the late night guys having guests discussing the lack of nutrition in our food supply.

      • You begin to restore your health by fasting. One day fasts work so you can have a gastronomic revelation. har

        Arnold Ehret had Bright’s disease, a kidney malady that affected his physical health. It is medically termed ‘nephritis’.

        Ehret started to help heal his disease by fasting and using grape juice to clean his intestinal system. Arnold became healthy just by using a cleansing and healing diet. The nephritis went away. Citrus does the cleansing, vegetables, the healing.

        Arnold fasted, did not eat, only consumed water and juices, broke fasts with vegetables and dairy.

        You can improve your health by choosing to eat what is good for you.

        Have to shave some dark unsweetened chocolate into the chili recipe for some good good chili. Some paprika for some extra flavor can be added too.

        Food is medicine. The Chinese have always used food as medicine.

        Don’t need no stinkin’ vaccines.

    • My BIL passed away in Sept from covid contracted in the hospital after 4 stabs. After he was released from the covid ward, I could see the look of defeat in his eyes. He lasted another 5 months but could not get up and about while seeing everyone else around him freely move around. His stepson and I agree that the stabs contributed mightily to his demise. I had a heart to hear talk to his wife recently and she is having to deal with life with no man at her side. She has now realized how important men are to the world. She went from living at home to being married, just like my wife did with me. I was on my own for 8 years before being married.

        • Yes, thanks. I do miss him, and in a note of irony, his funeral was on Friday the 13th. And our govs still say this covid stab is safe and effective. Most of those hateful officials have been removed from their positions but usually end up somewhere else where they can cause harm to a different group of people.

  29. ‘Both of these young adults are employed in (wait for it) health care.’ — eric

    The cloying term ‘health care’ has become obsolete. It is a relic of bygone days when doctors rendered personal service — like the doctor next door whom my 12-year-old mother rushed to summon when her dad was stricken with a massive heart attack. Alas, the medical technology of 1941 had nothing to offer for such a dire case.

    To stop pretending, the services (or disservices, as the case may be) of the medical-pharmaceutical complex now are designated as health processing. The deliberately impersonal and bureaucratic term processing has intentional connotations of analogous functions such as beef processing, chicken processing, and pork processing.

    Eric’s subjects have been rendered by the health processing complex. Shame they malfunctioned before their sell-by date.


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