Diaper Report: 08/22/2023

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The image below is unsettling.

Not chiefly because it was created by the government (how did the government get involved in our private health-related decisions?) nor that it was funded by the government – using the money government extracts via compulsion from people who are thus made to pay for it.

It is the image that is unsettling. Is it trying to tell us something? Is it mocking us, as sadists tend to do?

Look at the image of the heart – the very organ that “vaccines” (as these drugs that serve no immunological purpose are marketed) damage. Look closer. The image of the heart is made of stringy red things.

Things that look remarkably like blood clots. The very thing these “vaccines” cause in many (possibly, all) of the people who took them. The fact is, at any rate, that none of the people who did not take them – who did not previously have heart problems or blood clots – have them now. These “adverse events” are solely a problem for the “vaccinated.”

As is also, apparently, the problem of getting serially sick.

This writer knows not one person who did not get “vaccinated” who has been sick since these drugs that do not immunize people were pushed on people. On the other hand, this writer personally knows at least half a dozen “vaccinated” people who seem unable to stop becoming sick. Three of these reported being sick to me just the other day. Two of the three were effectively forced to get “vaccinated” as one works as a guard at a prison and the other is a nurse; both jobs required “vaccination” as a condition of continued employment.

I reported previously about another person – an old friend of mine  – who “caught COVID” again, notwithstanding having been (cough) “vaccinated.” It is the same – again – with regard to these other people I know. As so often turns out to be the case – to use a favorite term – whatever the evil bastards behind all of this pushing (whether it is drugs that do not immunize or EVs that do not work or a “climate” that isn’t “changing” in the alarmist sense they always insist it is) can reliably be interpreted to mean the opposite-in-fact of what they say they mean.

Thus, drugs that do not confer immunity are “vaccines.” And they are “safe and effective,” despite being neither, in fact.

But – back to the image.

There is a theory – one that sounds a little out-there when you first encounter it – that these evil bastards let us know, in advance, what they have in mind for us. The reasons for this are as bizarre as they are opaque but – apparently – have to do with the tenets of their religion, which is contemptuous of us. It is a religion that enjoys toying with us. Mocking us. Letting us know what they have in mind for us but in a way that leaves us wondering if they really meant that.

No, our normal (non-psychopathic) minds try to console us. It cannot be that.  It is almost literally unthinkable, to the normal mind. It is why so many people who weren’t stupid packed their suitcases with fresh clothes and family photos for the trip to the East, where they believed they were to be “resettled.” Because it was impossible, almost, to believe where they were really headed. Normal minds have trouble contemplating such things. Specifically, that there are creatures out there in human form who are capable of such things.

Well, have a look again at that image.

Why would the creatures who created it have chosen to make a heart symbol out of red stringy things? Why would they have chosen to use a heart – of all things – in a marketing device for drugs that are known to cause heart problems in those who take them?

“Vaccination,” reads the copy “helps you take personal control of your life and allows you to be free to live a healthy life.”

They are mocking us.

These “vaccines” take control of your life – by compromising your health. In thousands of cases – at the least – they have literally taken people’s lives. And these evil bastards know it.

They want more of it.

You have no doubt heard the rumors about the return of “lockdowns” and “masking,” which will be attributed to a “spike” in the number of “cases” as summer transitions to fall and then winter and the usual flu season arrives. But it will be unusual, this season – because of all those millions of people who took the “vaccine,” whose immune systems have been weakened by the “vaccines” they took and who for that reason will be getting sick, again.

And those of us who didn’t fall for it will be told it is all our fault – even though we aren’t the ones getting sick, having not been foolish enough to get “vaccinated.”

Some of us are on to these evil bastards.

. . .

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  1. People can only laugh at fucking stupid assholes like you and mock you due to the stupid antivaxxer bullshit propaganda your’re trying to spread…go and urgently see a psychiatrist, fuckheads…

    • John,

      I’m allowing your profanity laced, temper tantrum comment to appear this once – because it’s illustrative of the emotionally incontinent mentality of people like you who lie about what people like myself have said. We oppose anyone being forced to take drugs. Period. Take drugs if that is your desire.

      But you have no right to force others to take drugs.

      That is what I have said. It is a very different thing than what you have said; i.e., that I am an “antivaxxer.” This limp-dick smear term will get you nowhere here.

      As regards the rest: Perhaps try using facts rather than temper-tantrum profanity to make your point.

      Have you learned nothing over the course of the past three years? The “vaccines” you defend have “stopped the spread” of nothing. As far as “bullshit propaganda”: You mean like “masks work” and “safe and effective”?

      Finally: People like me are not going to play Kabuki for people like you. Feel free to wear your Face Diaper – three of them, if you like – and “practice” all the bizarre/sick rituals you wish to “practice.” But rest assured, you won’t be getting us to play along.

      Some of us never did.

      Perhaps because – unlike people such as yourself – we do not require the services of a psychiatrist. Because we are not in thr grip of a mental illness, such as advanced hypochondria.

      • John Lemay is just lashing out because (1) he’s scared out of his mind of the long term effect of the poison shot that he was psyop-ed into injecting into his body and hysterical denial helps him cope or (2) he’s a shill for big pharma.

        If #1, it’s very sad. If #2, he’s an immoral dirt bag.

        • It’s not sad, it’s funny and deserved. All of the risks and dangers were known, knowable, predictable, and published for those who desired to know. The rest – like this foul-mouthed twit – just ante’d up and felt equally compelled to hurl invectives and ill will toward the rest of us. They wanted – want – us dead, cut off, marginalized, ruined, and that’s from the kinder ones. But now the foot’s on the other shoe. They know. And now they must go through the rest of their lives wondering: is today the day? I delight in this. I feel no sympathy. Duped, pressured, duress, true believer or whatever, there was always a choice. They made their choice, and now must live, on borrowed time, with the consequences of their insouciance. May their chains rest heavily upon them.

          • Hi BAC,

            I have come to agree – as regards those who are not repentant and apologetic. The ones who still lash out – like this individual who hurls abuse at us “anti-vaxxers” – can go straight to Hell and with my compliments. They literally wished us dead while we wished only to be left in peace.

    • Cool!

      More cowbell!

      More expletives!

      More lockdowns!

      More vaccines!

      More morons like you!

      Dumbass nonpareil!

      Ya stupid shithead.

      Enough expletives, more if necessary.

    • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
      You do know that the first one calling names loses the argument, do you not? Since you opened the dialogue doing so, I assume you don’t have one. In fact, you never put one forth, except that you’re unhappy. Not my problem, little boy. Go talk to your mother.

  2. Saw snippets of last mights debate while changing channels. Hubby likes Nikki Jaley, thinks she is smart and qualified. One of her responses was to characterize herself as a reasonable person who gets things done. Regarding climate chnge regulations she said Climate Change is real but mandating electric vehicles with parts made in China makes no sense but here is the way I would handle it…..i thought thats it I am done with her now! And dont even get me stated on Chris Christy. Why does this guy always crawl out from unde a rock every 4 yers to pretend run for president. Just to annoy people??

    • Hi RS,

      Nikki Haley is a neocon and a shill for the “defense” industry. Anyone who does not reject out of hand the lie that there is a “climate crisis” is either an imbecile, a coward or a tool. None of these will serve to defeat the Woke Left.

      I hate to say this, but we may need a Franco. A man who isn’t a bad man but understands the Left and what needs to be done.

      • Today Patrick Cleburne has an excellent article posted at unz.com, detailing the full extent of 2020’s massive presidential vote fraud.

        It occurs to me that besides enriching Big Pharma, the engineered pandemic of Spring 2020 had the explicit purpose of enabling large-scale mail-in voting fraud, to establish the Democrats as America’s permanent, institutional leftist ruling party.

        The anonymity of the masked individual mirrors the anonymity of a manufactured fraudulent ballot. Once again, they are mocking us, laughing up their sleeves at their arcane symbolism, as we are all transformed into faceless non-player characters merely along for the ride on “Biden’s” debauched, squalid hay wain to hell.

      • “[W]e may need a Franco” -EP

        I often wonder about guys like Franco and Pinochet. Virtually all of the reporting on them is that they were very bad dictators. I get the sense that they get criticized because they manhandled the left pretty hard, but if they were leftists they would have probably been heroes.

        A good example of this criticism of Pinochet (called out by name in the 3rd verse) is a song from Sting, “They Dance Alone.” It a masterpiece of a song, and perhaps it properly criticizes him, but you never seem to see folks like Sting singing against leftist tyrants.


        I need to research this a bit more to get a better understanding, but I’d love to hear any thoughts on this by the smart commenters here.

        • Hi Mister,

          Here’s my 50 as regards Franco: He was a man who was authoritarian (obviously) but (arguably) in a necessary way, given the times and the alternatives. He was not – from what I know of him – a gratuitously violent or cruel man. But he was a man who did what had to be done as regards the Communists. There really is no alternative to this, unfortunately. Communism is a deranged messianic cult led by evil people and backed by intellectually-emotionally stunted people who are not only willing but eager to do violence to any who disagree with them. We saw this, firsthand, during the “pandemic.”

          Such people cannot be bargained with or accommodated. They can only be neutralized.

          • A libertarian has no problem with throwing NAP out the window? I am a little surprised, Eric. Franco was a military man and became powerful during a military coup. He suppressed his opposition, killed 30K to 50K of his people, while controlling the press. Yes, he transformed Spain’s economy for the better, but at what cost? Hitler did as well, but I would not want either of them as a leader.

            • RG: That’s the Wikipedia story for sure, but I guess I’m wondering if that’s really an accurate account of what happened or is it just the left’s propaganda? I’m a bit suspicious, but at this point I don’t yet have enough knowledge to have an opinion.

              Was it really throwing the NAP out the window, or were they efforts to neutralize leftist aggression? I just don’t know.

              • It is also Britannica, the History Channel, History of Spain, and Al Jazeera. His people did not hold him in high regard, very unlike the Germans under Hitler. He was a military man, that can’t be disputed.

                He was a traditionalist, but he (and the missus) censored the press and political opposition. Early on in his dictatorship many Spanish cities were overseen by military thugs. They had no problem tossing families out on their arses to fend for themselves (not found on Wikipedia). Over the last two decades they have began exhuming bodies on the Spaniards that were murdered under his reign (also not on Wikipedia).

                Is one authoritarian better than another? It is still controlling people and their assets. Is losing your freedoms more acceptable if it is done to keep the old way of life intact?

                How is a militant coup not a complete disregard of NAP?

                • As I said, I don’t have enough info to have an option on this.

                  I am suspicious of some of the sources that you reference. I’m guessing the History Channel, Wiki, Al Jazeera (regime controlled media) would say that there was a “covid” pandemic occurred in 2020 and an insurrection on January 6, 2021.

                  I guess I’ll have to go down this rabbit hole now.

                  • The problem ML is that you are disputing all resources. Actually, Al Jazeera has some of the best in depth reporting and interviews worldwide today. IMO.

                    I don’t believe an individual should use one source to promote their agenda, but a vast array should be used to provide an objective view. The individual then needs to use critical thinking and common sense to determine what is truth (or at least what is more prudent).

                    The point I was trying to make is if the NAP is the justification of libertarianism than that completely derails the recognition off authoritarianism (or an individual with an authoritarian background) as an acceptable surrogate of liberty just because that government promoted what someone else believes in.

                    • RG: I’m not disputing anything. All I’ve said is that I’m skeptical of some of the sources you cite because they are regime controlled.

                      I don’t have any opinion on Franco or Pinochet because I have little to no knowledge of them, and I have no opinion of them relating to the NAP for that same reason.

                      That’s why I asked for input from smart commenters, of which you are one. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I just don’t know.

                      Now leave me alone, you bully! -lol

                    • Jungarian synchronicity? you guys talking about Franco about the same time I read this bit:

                      …”This is exactly what Mises was referring to when he claimed that fascism had temporarily saved European civilization. While anyone could comfortably tell you that fascism is bad, at that moment in history, fascism was called for to stand athwart the spread of communism. However, Mises explains that fascism would be at best an emergency makeshift, and to persist in fascism would be a fatal error.”…


                      Anyway, RE: “How is a militant coup not a complete disregard of NAP?”

                      A: When it’s done in self-defense/self-preservation.

                      Perhaps you’ll find the answer here:

                      “Human liberty is a much broader topic than the nonaggression principle (NAP). Liberty is impotent when all that we consider is the political theory of the NAP; Rothbard did not and could not limit himself to this in his quest. Libertarianism is thin; the question of human liberty is not.”

                      From, ‘Beyond the NAP: Rothbard’s Full Case for Liberty’

                      by Daniel Ajamian 04/08/2020

            • Hi RG,

              I hear you – and (to be clear) I am not saying I want a Franco. I am saying a Franco may be necessary (unfortunately). It will take a hard man to deal with the Left. There is no other way to deal with it. I see this in a “Batman” kind of way, if you get what I’m saying. The Dark Knight was a good man who understood what had to be done with the Joker.

              And: The NAP only applies to aggressive – not defensive – use of force. Defending ourselves against Leftists is entirely righteous and in accord with the NAP.

    • Hi RS,

      I liked what Haley said up until her flag waving for 🇺🇦Ukraine. All neo cons do is send our kids to war and fatten the wallets of Lockheed and Raytheon.

      There was no winner last night and the only loser was the American people.

      It was nice not having to listen to Trump bloviate though.

  3. The Wagner Group big guy Prigozhin died in a plane crash a couple of hours ago.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    “That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion.” – REM, Losing My Religion

  4. I’ve heard that the use of beads and rattles does a better job at preventing CV19 than the noxious pharma potions……

  5. As Kill Bill said in an interview,,, “The next one (disease) they (us) will pay attention to”

    It’s likely those injected will be subjected to the 5G they are turning up. With the right frequency the nano-tech that was injected will suddenly clot up and you may actually see people dropping dead on the streets.

    Again they’ll tell the vaxxed zombies the unvaxxed are the cause which could result in a Mad Max scenario.

    Better be ready if this turns out true.

  6. I was at the grocery store the other day and I told one of the NPC’s working there that his nappy worked better if he had it over his nose and he responded with that he had the coof last week and he was wearing it for my protection!!!! I told him that if he was sick he should stay home and yes he said he was jabbed!!!!

  7. Aphasia

    I am beginning to think that Joe Biden has aphasia.

    From the Mayo Clinic:

    “A person with aphasia may:

    Speak in short or incomplete sentences
    Speak in sentences that don’t make sense
    Substitute one word for another or one sound for another
    Speak unrecognizable words
    Have difficulty finding words
    Not understand other people’s conversation
    Not understand what they read
    Write sentences that don’t make sense”

  8. The Resistance, grows:

    “…we have been saying masks don’t work. Social distancing is a high school girl’s science project nonsense. Cramming Q-tips up the nose of healthy people is a sign of mental illness. All of the deaths associated with these shots and all of the disability that Ed Dowd says disability is 11 standard deviations above the norm. We have colleges doing this all again. They have notified the TSA we all have to start wearing masks again. They are going to try to shut down businesses and further cripple and destroy this country. I think it is time that at least 50 million people are going to stand up this time and say no, we are not doing it. I am not going to put on a face diaper, I am not going to lay off my staff and close my business again. I am not doing it.”

    Dr. Tenpenny says this is not about saving lives or real medicine. It is 100% about control. “…


  9. I was told at yesterday’s work meeting that at the previous week’s design reviews, a bunch of people caught covid and are now out sick. We were told to be careful.

    Here we go again. I’ll bet they’ll be mandating masks again real soon. No problem for me – I work remote. But if they try to get me to come into the office for a visit and there are mask mandates, I’ll refuse and they can fire me. I refused to wear a mask at work before, while everyone else sheepishly complied and I was kept on. I did have them in a squeeze – there was no one else available to do what I needed to do!

    The crazy vaccinators want us all under their control again. We are going to have to be distracted by the incompetently run Maui fire response and the hundreds of thousands of dead UKR soldiers due to US failure to negotiate an end to its proxy war. It’s time to scare everyone about the uptick in cases. Mask up and distance you American fools – and go get your safe and effective shots.

    • Hi Howard,

      Yup – and it’s wearying, isn’t it? It’s especially tiresome (to me) to hear people who got “vaccinated” telling us – who didn’t – about how they “caught COVID” (again). I have had it up to here with hypochondriacs – and idiots.

      • Hi Eric,
        It is wearying and tiresome. How many Americans will fall for this AGAIN?

        Many of those who jabbed have permanently screwed their immune systems, and will get repeated covid infections.

        Keep the diaper reports coming. I fear there will be an even greater need for them shortly!

      • Eric,

        One would think that someone who’s been vaxxed & continually gets sick with the ‘Rona would put 2 & 2 together and come to the conclusion that having been vaxxed likely CAUSED them to be sick with COVID over & over again, especially with numerous studies out there indicating that the more jabs one takes, the more likely they are to get sick with the dreaded ‘Rona. Then again, many of them are probably STILL wearing face diapers everywhere, and might also fall for the intense propaganda campaign that is sure to be run about the latest booster jab.

        • Indeed, John –

          Of course, that requires independent/critical thinking. So many people just do – and believe – whatever the “experts” say.No matter how absurd. No matter how often the “experts” have been wrong. They have, of course, been trained to such automatic deference to authority. I think that is probably the main underlying factor here.

          • Eric,

            There are also people who STILL believe the lie about “Trump-Russia collusion” and are blaming Trump for all the problems we’ve been forced to endure since Joe Biden got into office, from high food & gas prices to this insane proxy war against Russia.

          • There are also those who belieeeeeeeeeeeeve what “experts” are saying about cliiiiiiiiimate change and will do the most insane things being called for, such as eating bugs, giving up a gas vehicle for an EV, slaughtering any pets they have, moving to a “15 minute city”, etc.

      • I wish that, too. That cat was smooth.

        Howevah; I think if only a huge segment says, “no” that may be enough. Idk.

        It was encouraging reading many of the comments on the OffGrid with Doug and Stacy video I posted a link to.
        Reading some of them (there’s Too Many to read them all!) was a bit like the jolt that first cup of coffee gives you in the A.M.

        I thought, anyway.

  10. Thankfully I’ve adjusted my life to the point I don’t really care what they hell they do with masks, mandates, shutdowns etc. I conceded next to nothing the 1st time around save a few retard customers, canceled my Costco membership permanently, fired my chiropractor. Piss on them all, didn’t need them then and still don’t.
    If masking comes back in any meaningful sense I plan on going way harder at these retards. These jackasses would have put any of us up against a wall if they could’ve and deserve whatever merciless ridicule they get.

    • That video a guy made, equating the last time (The Plandemic) to going on an island trip with friends & they tried to eat him & on the ride back home they tried to tell him it was no big deal, or something like that.

      Your comment reminded me of the sentiment of that video, at that time period 2020-2021.

      I know I posted a link to that video here at EPA but I haven’t found it since. I do know, I sure have thought about it & referenced it quite a bit since then.

      ~”No. We’re Not ‘good’, You tried to Eat Me!”

      Yup, “These jackasses would have put any of us up against a wall if they could’ve”

    • Good morning, Sicilian –

      You’re absolutely right. These bastards would have cheered us “unvaxxed” being rounded up and put into camps. They hounded us at stores and so on for not “masking.” They should be regarded as one regards a dangerous animal.

        • I dunno, John Kable. I am wary of somehow being turned into acting/thinking just like ‘them’ with that approach.
          I think that’s not good.

          I’ll stick with, they are human beings who have been brainwashed, conditioned, hypnotized & bamboozled into believing murderous destructive lies & ideologies.

          I have read comments from, and articles about, people who were Marxist, Communist, wore the Face Diaper &/or took The Shot and they have since opened their eyes.

          Call me an optimist, I guess?

  11. This was a pretty good video summary of the pending face diaper mandates etc.. I especially liked his animation bit showing the size of a virus compared to other substances in this world (IF you believe in viruses, perhaps it’s an, “Ah-Ha!” moment, or something?) Reminds me of the saying, “Wearing a mask to keep out or stop viruses is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes”.

    ‘What will you do this time? GET READY!!’



  12. “They are mocking us.”

    Yes, I agree with that. And they mock us because they hold us in contempt. They have money and power and look down on those who do not. They do that because they are evil, and in low vibration. They are not enlightened, they are not like Jesus, they are monsters who delight in torturing and killing us, but before they do that, they want to tax the life force out of us.

    In the world of New Age metaphysics, the commonly asked question is that person in service to self or in service to others? The idea behind that question is to identify what type of person you are really dealing with. Jesus (a mythological figure who did not exist) was in service to others. Jesus was in high consciousness, and his teachings (actually written by Josephus) are for you too to operate in higher consciousness by loving thy neighbor. Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic, which means he claims to follow Jesus, but in reality, he is a Zionist monster, an agent of Rothschild, a slavish whore to power.

    The Lahaina fire appears to be deliberate land grab. If you examine the facts, that rich pricks who want that land are driving the natives out by force, they burned them out then mocked them by offering a measly $700 per head when they are giving Ukraine billions. The water was turned off, the siren did not blair, the Las Vegas installed police chief blocked fleeing residents from escaping, the FEMA bottled water made the victims ill. The Lahaina holocaust was done by people in service to self who don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else and only care about their own greed.


    “There is a theory – one that sounds a little out-there when you first encounter it – that these evil bastards let us know, in advance, what they have in mind for us.”

    Yes, that is a theory found on the internet, and the idea behind it goes like this: we all have free will, and the elites can not violate our free will or very bad things could happen to them, so they have figured out a way to do evil and get away with it – they tell us their plans – and if we allow it – then our free will is not violated.

    That sounds good except on other forums I have argued it may be bullshit, and the example I use is a lion hunting a gazelle. The lion does not tell the gazelle that he is going to kill and eat it. The lion stalks the gazelle, pounces on it, and kills and eats it withOUT the permission of the gazelle.

    Thus, I argue, the rules of engagement we are under are tooth and claw survival of the fittest. The elites do not have to tell us their plans because the Laws of Nature allow the powerful to kill the weak.

    So if that were to be the case, then why would they show us a heart with clots? Aha, they are evil bastards who delight in mocking us. Sorta like the cat which plays with the mouse, not only are they going to kill us, they are going to mock us while they do it.

      • Krusty,

        The reference – Big Pharma – is to the pharmaceutical corporations that have acquired de facto operating control over the government and the media, which serves as its marketing division.

        • Back in the 70’s I knew some guys that were drug company sales reps. They had biology and chemistry degrees. They were guys who had good grades in college but, couldn’t make the cut for med school. Nice gig, top of the line company cars, expense accounts, not a lot of heavy lifting. Then in the early 80’s things changed. Now the drug reps were hot chicks, 5’8″+ and wearing high heels with marketing degrees. If you happen to be a a doctor’s office and some hot chick walks in and heads into the back, you know who she works for.

        • It has become obvious the past few years that Big Pharma has taken over the government and its Public Health bureaucracies such as NIH, FDA, and CDC. If they were actually doing their jobs instead of Big Pharma’s bidding, those experimental mRNA COVID jabs would have been pulled off the shelves long ago, and they wouldn’t have tried blocking use of inexpensive, off patent drugs for the sake of getting an EUA for the COVID jabs in the first place.

          And considering that Pharma also gives tremendous ad money to the media, and the media (unfortunately) ran a successful fear porn campaign about COVID in 2020, the media will likely run ANOTHER fear porn campaign, this time involving a new “COVID variant” and a “Tripledemic”, which will be designed to manipulate people into taking a brand new “vaccine targeting the Eris variant” and “vaccines” for COVID, FLU, and RSV.

      • It’s not Big Pharma, it’s Fierce Pharma, Fierce Pharma reports Pfizer is looking at a 98 percent drop in sales of the Covid-19 Paxlovid biomedical product.

        “Paxlovid generated just $143 million in worldwide sales for the second quarter, down 98% from the $8.1 billion it pulled down over the same stretch in 2022. MRNA vaccine Comirnaty, for its part, brought home $1.4 billion, down about 83% from the $8.8 billion it generated in last year’s second quarter.”

        Paxlovid is basically snake oil, probably the reason for the 98 percent drop in sales, people have been harmed, liver damage. Tar and feather time.

  13. pretty simple way to end any mask mandates or lock downs….say NO! and back it up! so no and refuse to stop working. refuse to wear masks. refuse the injections. learn to say it over and over and over again. everywhere….Stores that ask for your phone or zip code to shop. say NO! it starts there…and it ends there! it ends when people decide to stop obeying! period.

    • Exactly, Dagny!

      I was talking with Bryan Hyde about just that, today. We refuse. We make it clear will not comply. Period. If enough of us do that, it stops before it begins – as it would have last time.

    • RE: “.Stores that ask for your phone or zip code to shop. ”

      I just listened to SouthernPrepper1 say that Taco Bell & KFC & that whole bunch will no longer be accepting cash as payment.

      It’s all digital & pre-order via The Internet for them.

      …What’s that Eric used to say about fish heads?

      • Hi helot,

        I watched the same video. We need to boycott these companies. Eating there and using a credit card/debit card only pushes us closer to CBDC. I refuse to do business with any organization that does not accept cash.

        Is someone really supposed to whip out a credit card for a taco that costs $2.12?

        • Hi RG,
          Might be due to the fact that the clerk couldn’t make change for that $2.12 purchase if you handed him a $5 dollar bill 😆. Guess that line printed on the bill “this bill is legal tender for all debts public and private” doesn’t mean squat. Around here they passed an ordinance banning stores from NOT accepting cash, most likely because the vast number of homeless don’t have credit cards.

        • I agree, RG –

          If confronted with this “no cash” thing, put the money down and walk out with what you just bought. Or don’t buy anything at all. Cash is legal tender for all debts, public and private and they have to accept it.

      • Jimmy Dore had a story recently about a woman who scanned her hand to pay for groceries she got at a Whole Foods, and she was giddy about it, even calling it “Cool!” I don’t think she had any idea of the possible implications of such a “cool thing” given this worldwide push for implanting chips in everyone, not to mention the push for CBDCs and the dangers of them. And there was recently someone who used CASH to pay for a container of strawberries at an Aldi grocery store in England and walked out. Since Aldi went all cashless, they tried to call the police on him.

      • I plan to shop at farmers markets who still accept cash and didn’t make us wear masks the last time. Their food is not as convenient as Taco Bell but its better in the long run. Eff taco bell, kfc mc d, all of em. I’m not shopping at Safeway anymore who’s pushing the vaccines and as soon as my church reintroduces masks I will stop attending. I’m in no mood to compromise this time.

        • I totally agree, RS. 🙂 The additional money that we spend now for healthier food will save us thousands later in hospital bills. It also helps keep the money in our local communities rather than being sent back to some corporate conglomerate who couldn’t give a crap what they are putting in our food supply.

        • I was going to write something about maybe showing up at your church anyway & staying outside & praying for them to stop being Fearful.
          …But, then I thought this might most appropriately be a case where ya knock the dust off your sandals & move on? Idk.

          The grocery stores on the other hand, for lack of better words, that’s a mighty big stick.
          The close by Farmer’s Markets are all closed up in Winter around here. …And, Winter is coming.

          ‘V For Vendetta “Why they need us”‘


          • Hi helot,

            It’s called preparing. I can all summer. We grow our own tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, peppers, etc. I make salsas, sauces, pickles, applesauce, peaches, etc. During the farmer’s markets it is a great time to stock up on beef, chicken, pork, onions, and potatoes and freeze it (or root cellar it) away for the colder months.

            Also, the grocery store is not the end all and be all of food shopping. There are tons of retail stores that offer food. I buy an assortment of nuts out of Emporia, Virginia, a few times a year. Our local downtown has olive oils and various cheese from around the world. I have a bakery for breads and goodies (if I don’t feel like making my own), and there are a multitude of farms within a 20 miles radius that sell milk and ice cream all year long.

            Is the grocery store convenient for most? Yes. Is it the only way? No.

            • Or, you might be lucky like me, and the grocery in the nearby rural town sells a lot of local product. Excellent eggs and produce, and some local source meat. Of course I don’t get the selection there one gets in a larger grocery in a larger town. But I can easily live on it. And it has an ACE hardware store attached.

            • There are no Emporia’s here in fly-over country. That I know of. Nor does the local downtown have olive oils and various cheese.
              I do not know of a single bakery outside of a grocery store, it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve even seen one.

              So, yeah, for many people, it’s either: a grocery store, Wallyword or gas stations such as Kwick Star, or Casey’s and the like which, I think, can be as bad as any grocery store when it comes to face diapers.

              There are Very few farms within a 50 mile radius which sell anything much other than seasonal produce & honey. They don’t usually do so from the farm, they put up a stand roadside in town.

              This growing season has been pretty crummy lately in my neck of the cornfields. Lots of seeds in the garden had failure to germinate or thrive.
              Drought-like conditions & outright droughts nearby.

              Sure, there’s preparing, all I’m saying is, for many many individuals, a grocery store is more than simply a convenience. Thus, being denied entry is like facing a big stick in the hands of a mean bully.

              And, you are very fortunate to have a root cellar. Most don’t. The water table is too high where I’m at, a problem for many.

              I would hope any attempt to re-introduce a Plandemic again would be short lived as most people do not have two or more years worth of food – and – as Patara has often mentioned, what if, in year two your garden produces nothing? Idk. Perhaps I’m strategerizing too much?

              ‘Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara’


              My break is over, 95 degrees, 80% humidity & only a little breeze, I don’t know how people down South work in this for months on end. Kicks my ass.

              • You have to work less vigorously. Once worked with a migrant from Minnesota, on a construction site in midsummer. As he nearly collapsed from the heat, “We always thought people in the south were lazy. No, we are just trying to stay alive”.

                • Yeah, “You have to work less vigorously.”

                  I’m not good with doing that.
                  Had to take another break, they say 115 degree heat index.

                  Oh noes, I got the song, ‘Staying Alive’ in my mind now.

              • Hi helot,

                What happens in a year or two if your grocery store requires the mark of the beast? Will you be signing up?

                How did Americans survive the first 200 years without grocery stores? I am not dogging grocery stores (okay, I am…at least the big ones), but this country is all about convenience that we have lost our survival instincts.

                I have watched Appalachia’s Homestead before. Patara doesn’t seem to be a woman whose ultimate goal for self preservation is to run to Wal-Mart.

                I don’t care if people prep or not, but if we believe our government and the large corporations loathe us why do we believe consuming their resources will benefit us?

                I believe it is important to look at (or at least be aware of) alternative methods so if the SHTF one is not starving.

                • RE: “What happens in a year or two if your grocery store requires the mark of the beast? Will you be signing up?”


                  RE: “How did Americans survive the first 200 years without grocery stores?”

                  For one, there wasn’t all the dictates & laws to stop street peddling food vendors or someone serving food out of their homes, that sorta thing. Then there’s taxes & fees to provide food stuffs.

                  One fee is in the form of insurance requirements.

                  Another is to be up to fire code.

                  …and another & another.

                  None of which was around 200 years ago.

                  I mean, butchering & selling things such as chickens is absurdly regulated and micromanaged in most (or all?) of this country.

                  Just as they say, people go mad in crowds & regain their senses one by one, there’s no switching to everyone being able to feed themselves within 2-3 yrs.

                  I get the drift of your “alternative methods” & agree. Gradually doing so is possible, howevah; like a flick of a switch, not so much. Idk.

                  We’re in a sea of idiots, fools, lazy greedy bastards & murderers & thieves. Plus, ignorant dupes.

                  …I’ll stop there for now.

      • How is not accepting Federal Reserve Notes for payment legal? Now if they said they weren’t accepting them but were accepting gold or silver, I’m all in! But this is not that.

  14. …”Tripledemic Propaganda Continues

    As we’re heading into the fall of 2023, the “tripledemic” of COVID, RSV and influenza is again making headlines. A Google search for the key words “triple pandemic 2023”10 garnered a staggering 41.2 million articles as of mid-August 2023.

    Please remember that the above example is for illustration purposes only, and I strongly discourage you from ever using Google. But here is the REAL learning lesson. All you can use the total results in the search is for how common the term is. Google long ago stopped serving you all those 40 million results. Guess how many you can view? Only a mere 100.

    That is an irrelevant point for keywords like triple pandemic of 2023, but it becomes enormously important to you and your family when you are seeking to do serious research on the internet. It is virtually impossible now that Google not only censors vital information about natural health, but they refuse to display anything but the first 100 results.

    And, as we saw all through the COVID pandemic, news agencies are using he exact same headlines and talking points — unequivocal evidence that the tripledemic narrative is being coordinated by a central source. […]

    The biosecurity crisis needs to continue indefinitely because it’s the primary justification behind The Great Reset. […]

    They’ve already told us what the ultimate plan is — to use bioterrorism to take control of the world’s resources, wealth and people.”…


    And, see, it’s not really a sequel if they totally change the name/title, ‘tripledemic’.

    Also, this whole notion of how all search engines work now, limiting what is displayed, is downright creepy. Quite the opposite of what The Internet was supposed to be about when it first came into being.

    Oh yay, I can search the internet, there’s 100,000 relevant webpages, but am only allowed to see 10 of them. Super!

    • I don’t trust him as far as I can throw his inflamed body. Hes a foreigner through and through. I don’t care if his “birth certificate” says born in the United States.

      • Hi swamp,

        His answers are a little too “right on” for me. There is no doubt he has been trained by the best. I would worry about him being selected as a Republican VP, but let’s be honest the Republicans’ will not win. If he becomes the Republican nominee (which is not out of the question) don’t be surprised if Vivek comes up with the “votes” to make it look like the elections are “fair.” Then the country has to deal with a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He may or may not be an Republican, but he is an elitist. It will be another Presidential term looking out for the business interests of his buddies and donors.

        We have to remember the elite are usually two steps ahead of us. I wouldn’t be astonished if this was the plan all along. Trump is disqualified, DeSantis has been vilified, and Biden zombified. That leaves us with Newsome and Ramaswamy. We have 15 months to go…a lot can happen.

  15. They’re not out to kill us yet… they’re merely continuing the iatrogenocide of those already lined up in the pasture. Another judas goat is sent forth to harvest the low hanging fruit.

    We’re next. But keep in mind this is a controlled cull as they don’t want everyone dead. They need enough seed stock to pull the levers, push the buttons and keep the spent fuel rods cool. It’s a long slow process.

  16. They’re gonna kill us all. When will people finally wake up to this fact? And Eric, faggot boy Richard kept chiding you for continuing the Diaper Reports. I knew you were right and now the proof is there.

    • Hi DC,

      No government, disease, or warfare has eradicated humankind in six million years. There is 8.1 billion of us. They may be able to take out a good portion, but all of us…nope.

      Think about it. There are 30 million deer in the US alone. Even if we hunted down and slaughtered each one we came across some would out maneuver us. It would almost impossible to find all of them. We are looking at a national population of 10x that amount and a world population of 27000x more.

      Mankind is resistant and interchangeable. We have the ability to adapt to new environments. Don’t throw in the towel yet.

      • Whitetail deer did come pretty close to being wiped out in the 1930’s.
        Then, there’s passenger pigeons. I seem to recall reading there used to be so many of them, the flocks would blot out the Sun.
        Now, there’s none.

        “…was once the most abundant bird in North America, numbering around 3 billion, and possibly up to 5 billion.”..


        Wow. Is 3 billion alot?

        Not to say I totally disagree with your premes though.

        I don’t think The Plandemics or climate crises are about eradicating All humans, rather, it’s all about Power & Control. Nothing else.

        From the Mercola link above:

        “— to use bioterrorism to take control of the world’s resources, wealth and people.”…”

  17. The covid meme machine has gone twin turbo:

    ‘BREAKING: Alex Jones says a TSA whistleblower has told him TSA employees were instructed on Tue that masks are coming back by October for travelers & full covid restrictions/lockdowns by December due to a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada.’

    Translation: 100% mail-in voting is the only way to stop the spread — doctor’s orders!

    Full account here:


    • Damn it, something told me not to book the Caribbean for December (and I haven’t), but I despise these people playing with our lives though. I was going to wait until the last minute, but it may be another Florida vacation. I guess I can cross off Greece and Denmark…not going to make it to Europe in this lifetime.

      I don’t see how this is going to work again. The majority have been walking around unmasked for over a year now. Are they willing to put them back on? The public cannot be that stupid, right?

      • RG, have you seen what people have been willing to go through in order to board an airplane? Airport security checkpoints are like intake at Rikers Island. Airline customers are virtually strip-searched and/or physically groped. People who tolerate that won’t mind being forced to don a mask.

        • Hi Myles,

          I haven’t flown since December 2019. At that time there was an X ray machine that one walked through. Maybe things have changed in four years.

          • krusty,
            Before you get into your pro TSA diatribe, They have never stopped a single terrorist, and in testing they have a 90% failure rate detecting actual weapons and explosives. So why would an airline institute more of the same?

            • Hi John,

              Yes – and there’s this (which I have already pointed out to Krusty): The Security Kabuki the masses who fly commercially are forced to participate in is not required of general (i.e., private) aviation. Ponder this. We are expected to believe that Security Kabuki at thwarts “evildoer terrists,” as The Chimp styled them. But only if they buy a ticket to fly a major (commercial) airline. They are too stupid – and too poor – to charter a private jet.

              Of course, the fact that rich people (like The Chimp, like John Kerry) fly private has nothing to do with the fact that there’s no Security Kabuki at the general aviation terminal, where you do not have to take off your shoes, submit being fondled or stand in the I Surrender pose while your body is scanned.

            • I flew only twice before 2001 so I don’t recall how it was since I was a kid. Only in the USSA do they make you take your shoes off. Most of the Caribbean one walks through a metal detector and on the plane you go.

              Maybe I should take a boat to the Caribbean and then fly back to the USSA. 🙂

        • You must not fly very often. No one is “virtually strip searched or groped”. You have to take off your shoes, put your carry-on on the conveyor and step into a magnetic sensing machine that looks for any metals you may be carrying. Then you collect your stuff and go to the gate. At the worst you may get a pat down if you left something in a pocket. Remember if the airlines were doing this on their own it might be even worse. It does not help the case of freedom to exaggerate the facts.

          • “Remember if the airlines were doing this on their own it might be even worse.” -krustyklown

            Not much going on up there in el cabesa, huh krustyklown? We don’t have to imagine how the airlines would handle security, because that’s what they did before 9/11. And no, it wasn’t worse.

            “No one is virtually strip searched or groped”. When was the last time you flew? How about the naked x-ray scanner that virtually strip searches you? How about the surrender position they demand of you? How about swabbing you for “explosive residue?” How about some TSA asshole yelling at everybody in line like they’re fucking prisoners? How about the groping when they claim they saw something appear on the naked scanner image? How about the fucking non-stop violation of 4th Amendment rights every time somebody flies. Tell me how this is all an exaggeration? Read the 4th Amendment and tell me with a straight face that this right not being violated:

            “The right of the people to be secure in their persons. . .and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

            You and Richard Greene love to apologize for the tyranny. Get a spine and stand up for your rights already.

            • Sounds like you don’t like to fly?

              You have no idea what the airlines would enact if they had to do it on their own. They may want to shine a flashlight up your a-hole to look for your brains. You cannot compare what it was like before 911 because that was a big game changer. The liability an airline would face if they allowed something like that to happen again would probably mean the end of the company.

              The scanner they use at the airport is NOT an x-ray machine genius, its a scanner that bounces waves off of your body and if it finds a metallic or solid object will project it over a generic body figure on a screen. No body gets seen “naked”. A pat down is not groping, they use gloves and only pat the area of an object, which if you produce will reduce the need for a pat down.

              They also have magnetic sensors that are used in certain cases. If you get a PreCheck you will not have to remove your shoes and get to walk through the scanner. The same thing you do at a ball game.

              The 4th amendment pertains to the federal government in criminal cases. And searching someone to get on a plane is not “unreasonable”. Considering lives are at stake.

              And how are YOU “standing up for your rights” as regards air travel?

              • Krusty,

                “911” – the new National Holiday – sure did “change everything.” Except one thing. When you fly private, there is no gate rape. Did you know that? You can just hop on your plane and go. You are not processed like a new arrival at Sing Sing. Well, what about those “terrists”? Are they too poor to afford to charter a private airplane? Of course not. The whole thing is theater – and obedience training. The point of it all being to normalize the violation of what were previously regarded as inviolate private things; to habituate the populace to degradation and to having to bow their heads and say nothing. To being treated as something less than human.

                It’s terribly sad that so many people still don’t understand this.

                You write:

                “A pat down is not groping.”

                Really? A government geek puts his hands on your crotch, runs his hands along the inside of your thighs and right up to your ballsack and dick – but you’re not being “groped.” Women must endure a government geek running their hands along their breasts and along the inside of their thighs, right up to their vaginas. But that’s not “groping.” Well, if you did that to a woman, you’d be facing charges of sexual assault. But it’s ok – you say – when the government does it. To people who’ve not been convicted or charged with any crime nor given the slightest reason for suspecting them of planning to commit one.

                There is nothing in the 4th Amendment that says the right to be free of unreasonable searches, absent probable cause/warrants applies only in criminal cases and only as regards federal action. The Bill of Rights articulates rights we all have (well, used to) that the federal government is obliged to respect.

                • Indeed, Mister –

                  If a strange man were to “pat down” a minor child, that man would be charged with various sex-related crimes and probably debarred from being within a mile of where children play. But it’s ok when a government stranger does the same.

                  • That is a poor example. The search is to prevent weapons from being smuggled onto an airplane. Everyone knows that there is a possibility of being searched or patted down. Furthermore it is done in full public view. If it is a minor their guardian is there.

                    The 4th Amendment is part of the Bill of rights. It begins: Congress shall make no law… These amendments apply to government legislation, and in this case a search would not be deemed “unreasonable” under the circumstances anyway.

                    You seem to think that every law, every government action is meant to force obedience on hapless citizens. Is it possible that the intent here is to prevent exploding planes full of hundreds of innocent people to plunge to their death in a fiery crash?

                    • Krusty,

                      What’s “poor” about it? The fact is people who fly commercially – but not privately – are forced to play Security Kabuki and submit to degradations unimaginable to free people only 20 or so years ago.

                      Does it materially change anything that a parent gets to watch a government geek touch his kid? If anything, it is worse as the parent cannot do anything to stop this. How does it make a man feel to watch another man touch his woman? Or his kid? Whole not being able to do a thing about it. It makes him feel like something less than a man, doesn’t it?

                      You write:

                      “You seem to think that every law, every government action is meant to force obedience on hapless citizens. Is it possible that the intent here is to prevent exploding planes full of hundreds of innocent people to plunge to their death in a fiery crash?”

                      No. I simply understand that this is about control – and nothing else. And that there are still naive people out there who believe it’s about “keeping us safe.”

                      You know, like wearing a “mask.”

                      Government is not Our Friend. It is force. It has become unrestrained force, under the control of malicious, evil people. If you cannot see this by now, I truly feel sorry for you.

                    • “The 4th Amendment is part of the Bill of rights. It begins: Congress shall make no law… These amendments apply to government legislation” -krustyklown.

                      You are a moron. That’s not what the 4th Amendment says. I quoted the 4th amendment (hence the ” marks) Can you at least read the goddamn document?

                      “Everyone knows that there is a possibility of being searched or patted down.” So if a rapist states his intentions to rape a woman in a hotel, does that make it ok? Is the victim who visits the hotel tacitly consenting to the rape?

                    • KK appears to be a clown. I suggest not responding to any post by it. May be a high end AI, doubtful but who the fuck knows anymore. The less acknowledgement to the enemy the better.

                    • Ugg: I certainly share your frustration, but this klown’s silly arguments need to be addressed and refuted.

                      I don’t think it’s AI. His arguments seem typical of most that have imbibed on the regime propaganda for their entire lives. It’s a slave-mind, Stockholm mentality.

                    • “the intent here is to prevent exploding planes full of hundreds of innocent people to plunge to their death in a fiery crash?”
                      Which the TSA has never prevented, and has a 90% failure rate when tested in detecting weapons or explosives.

                    • Hi John,

                      While we’re at it…

                      I used to live just a couple of miles from Dulles Airport in Northern Va. I used to ride dirt bikes very near the airport and the glide path; the incoming and outgoing planes were regularly just overhead. How hard would it be for a “terrist” to fire a shoulder rocket at one? The answer is self-evident.

                      But degrading ordinary passengers by treating them as presumptive “terrists” will prevent such from occurring….

                    • “The 4th Amendment is part of the Bill of rights. It begins: Congress shall make no law”
                      Male bovine fecal matter! Congress shall make no law is the prelude to the first amendment, and if anything extends the other amendments to include all aspects of government because “Congress shall make no law” is not included in them.
                      So you can’t read either?

          • Krusty,

            How about you stand right over here while I taze you briefly. It will only be a minor inconvenience, and then you’ll be right on your way. Only a terrorist could possibly object, it’s for your own safety.

            Personally I think I have a religious objection to being disarmed, scanned, minorly inconvenienced, and generally treated like a slave/cattle.

            • How is being tazed anything like a pat down?
              It’s completely different. That’s nearly as stupid as comparing it to being raped. I know you goof balls never fly but a pat down only occurs in the area the machine indicates an object. It’s not a full body pat down like the cops do.

              And thanks for pointing out I misspoke on the start of the 4th amendment. But my point was exactly correct, the amendment applies to government not private businesses. People owned slaves at the time they wrote it. Clearly they had different standards for the government and for citizens.

              Now can I get a comparison of having your suitcase searched at customs as being the same as getting your stomach cut open and the contents examined?

      • Hi Rg,
        “The public cannot be that stupid, right?”… I wish that were true but based on personal observations over the past few years I think you are overly optimistic. Hopefully there are more who will question the narrative and push back but the “do what you’re told” crowd seems even more militant and eager to prove that they’re “good citizens”.

        • Mister Liberty: So if a rapist states his intentions to rape a woman in a hotel, does that make it ok? Is the victim who visits the hotel tacitly consenting to the rape?“

          This is the most ridiculous attempt to make a comparison I have ever read. Comparing rape to a pat down of a traveler boarding a plane, where they know there will be a possibility of a search, is absurd. Rape is a horrible violent crime, a pat down is a minor inconvenience. To insinuate there is any similarity between them shows you have no idea how to have a meaningful discussion on the subject.

          • Krusty,

            A “minor inconvenience” is also how forcing people to wear “masks” was dismissed. And being stopped and examined without any pretense of probable cause at “sobriety checkpoints.”

            It is not a “minor inconvenience” to be presumed guilty of something by agents of the state – and treated accordingly. Not merely the act itself but also because the act sets a precedent that it is acceptable to do such things, which leads to more and worse. The fact that so many people do not understand this is why this country is headed toward becoming something horrendous.

          • Then what’s the relevance of you making this point, krusty?

            “Everyone knows that there is a possibility of being searched or patted down.”

            “Rape is a horrible violent crime, a pat down is a minor inconvenience.” -krusty

            I’ve gotten the “pat down” by these miserable bastards. It sure feels like sexual molestation to me. Fine, you don’t like the comparison. Let’s change it to this:

            So if a molester states his or her intentions to rub and “pat down” a woman’s breasts and crotch in a hotel, does that make it ok? Is the victim who visits the hotel tacitly consenting to this? Is this just a mere inconvenience?

            Krusty, face it. You’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

            • You caused me to be thinking about how Stockholm Syndrome might be related to following Marxism.

              All these clowns: Krusty, Cashew, Richard Greene, etc.. seem to be pushing similar individual rights violating ideas while presenting themselves as against Progressivism/Leftist, seemingly as if they don’t know they are furthering the Leftist agendas.
              Or, something like that.

              They all seem like some kind of, ‘New Deal’ Marxist.

              Couldn’t you easily see any of the above clowns rationalizing these ideas while saying they are trivial & you’ll profit from it?:

              “It may be necessary to make a public utility out of agriculture … Every plowed field would have its permit sticking up on its post.”

              “It has been a long fight to put the control of our economic system in the hands of the government.”

              “The Government will have to enter into the direct financing of activities now supposed to be private; and … the Government ultimately will control [—] these activities.”


              • Hi Helot,

                My take on this (per you comments) is that many of these people are “conservatives.” But what is a “conservative? It is someone who agrees with the foundational premises of the Left. He just wants a bit less, for now. He favors less taxation – but does not oppose it (and so has already agreed to more of it). He is ok with “plans” that take away people’s freedom, if these “plans” are (as they see it) “good” for (insert here).

                They do not understand that by agreeing with the Left – even a little – you no longer have an argument (of any weight) against the Left.

      • They can, but maybe not. I remember back in 2008 when gas hit $4.00 for the first time, there were isolated calls for imposing a national speed limit again. The proposal was 65 mph this time around. It didn’t go over well as for 10 years, Americans become accustomed to going 70 and 75 mph legally on the highways. I’m not sure you can put the genie back in the bottle.

    • Funny how Morris Brown College says the diaper wearing will be in effect “over the next 14 days.”

      Two weeks to stop the spread.

      • Morris Brown is not a real college by any stretch. They lost accreditation for nearly 20 years, up until last year.

        The AJC wants you to think the decision is important, like it came from one of the real schools within walking distance like Morehouse or Spelman.

  18. Here we go again:

    ‘Is it starting again?

    ‘A Hollywood studio has instituted a mask mandate for its employees in light of the current COVID wave. Lionsgate sent an email to staff asking them to mask up on certain floors of its Santa Monica office after several employees caught the virus. The studio is also asking employees to conduct self-screening before coming to the office.

    ‘While this is obviously just one office of one studio, the move comes amid some national buzz about whether mask mandates might be returning as variant EG.5 has become dominant in the United States.’


    It’s just the meme-makers of Hollywood, doing their part to catapult the agitprop.

    There’s a reason for that red star on the flag of Commiefornia.

  19. The new vaccines.gov ad campaign is less obnoxious to me than “We can do this”, a riff on the old WW II poster which turned “vaccination” into a female empowerment, man/woman issue.

    I know a lot of women who hang the WWII poster at work. We have a refrigerator magnet. Every WWII and/or flight museum has them in the gift shop.

  20. “Vaccination helps you take personal control of your life and allows you to be free to live a healthy life.” This reminds me of: “Arbeit macht frei.”

    We are at war. This war will not be won to the point that we can all relax knowing we’ve reached the promised land and are now free forevermore. It will be a constant fight against evil until that day that each of us die. As soon as one understands and accepts this, the fight becomes a bit more tolerable. If you teach yourself to love the fight, it becomes enjoyable.

    Learn to love the fight!

    • We MAY have to learn to love the bomb, like around 2025, IF I read a Martin Armstrong post correctly. Kubrick movies were predictive programming, and the elites with their bunkers are like Dr Strangelove. Notice Dr Strangelove is a Nazi, as Kubrick is in on the Operation Paperclip plot

      • > Dr Strangelove is a Nazi
        The real Dr. Strangelove was Edward Teller, a Hungarian Jew, and a very bright guy who was well respected among his peers before he went to the Dark Side.
        I heard Teller speak on two occasions. The guy gave me the creeps.

  21. ‘these evil bastards let us know, in advance, what they have in mind for us.’ — eric

    Whether they blurt out the truth unconsciously or deliberately is ambiguous. But anyhow, they do.

    ‘We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.’ — ‘Joe Biden,’ November 2020


    ‘Secretary’ Mayorkas, commenting about the Maui fire on MSNBC:

    ‘In a travesty like this, there is going to be heartbreak.’

    He meant ‘tragedy,’ of course. Or did he?? 😉

    Then there was George W Bush’s withering criticism, during a speech about the Ukraine war, of ‘the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.’

    Book him, Dano …

  22. “Some of us are on to these evil bastards.”
    They are psychopaths. And such really, really don’t like people. They enjoy inflicting pain on others. It’s blatantly obvious. A gang of Ted Bundy clones. A pity that they are quite often good at getting away with it.

  23. The Highwire interviewed Drs Peter McCullough and Geert Vanden Bossche last week about what they’ve been seeing from this mass vaccination push and people who’ve been vaxxed, such as myocarditis….Bossche had a concern 2 years ago that this mass vaccination push would result in new variants through immune pressure and possibly lead to a more virulent variant affecting the vaxxed, and McCullough has been speaking out about vaxxed people who end up getting myocarditis from the COVID jabs…..



  24. RE: “You have no doubt heard the rumors about the return of “lockdowns” and “masking,””

    Yes. The bit about the TSA & Border Patrol being the wedge point. I couldn’t find the URL discussing it.
    Who knows what rabbits they are going to pull out of their hat next.

    ‘Why the Covid Delusion Continues’

    …”The COVID masks have been taken off, but an understanding of the fraud that has been perpetrated has, for the majority of people, not been understood.”…


    Also, yeah, super-creepy image of the red string heart.

  25. Lockdowns, masking, fear porn. And mail-in voting. Worked so well the last time, so why not a sequel? You thought the first term was bad? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Jack!

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expeciting a different outcome. But when you do the same thing over and over and pretend to get a positive result, that’s genius. At least if you’re a leftist.

    • The only silver lining could be that sequels never perform as well as the original. But, in today’s world, the old rules don’t seem to apply. We will see.

    • Hi RK,

      Klaus Schwab’s daughter once said that the COVID lockdowns were a precursor for CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS. Considering that so many people complied with COVID lockdowns & draconian measures in 2020, they’re likely emboldened to try climate lockdowns and claim it’s necessary to “Stop climate change”. I can only imagine what draconian measures might also be imposed on the masses under guise of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”. But considering that they seem ready to engage in COVID hysteria 2.0, what are the odds that they’ll do COVID AND CLIMATE lockdowns at the same time, and impose all sorts of draconian measures that will do nothing but inflict MASSIVE DAMAGE on society?

  26. This is from FakeMaskWorldwide.com, Monday, Aug. 21:

    “We’ve sold like ten masks in the past 60 days, and then all of a sudden two days ago we started selling hundreds of masks a day again. We need to know, why are you guys buying fake masks again lol?”

    Not a good sign.

    • A week or two ago, a local water sports retailer near me started advertising a major sale, which is very unusual for mid summer. I took a look online and they had “deals” starting at $1. I was like WTF because everything in this place is really pricey. Turns out they were selling branded face diapers that had been $8 a piece for $1. The diapers were all different national brands and “models.” One was …Lost brand and the “model” was called the “Outbreak.”

      I know the owners of the store and they, although personally expressing disbelief to me that people were going along with the scam, were all in on compliance. Plus, they are very connected politically. Big players in the “community” with lots of employees and retail and real estate assets.

      I really hope they were just fire sale-ing some backlog of coofy doof diapers but I wonder.

    • The thing about marketing and advertising is, it works. If it didn’t no one would do it. The best ads are things you don’t really notice, like product placements in film and antique “art” ads. Heck, vehicle badging is just advertising for the manufacturers. But the worst ads are so-called native ads -sponsored content in newspapers and TV news programs. These look like regular stories, with lots of copy, but are actually there to sell product. Some don’t specifically mention anything for sale, just get it out there that there’s a need requiring fulfilling. The goal is to get people worked up to the point they feel the need to take action to prevent calamity. In this case “the cases” are up again (based on specious data from monitoring waste water*), so time to bust out the masks, lockdowns and of course, the “boosters!” But there’s a lot more “vaccine hesitancy” now that everyone knows they don’t work and have side effects, so the push has to be more subtle.

      But TV news ain’t subtle. They have a half hour or so to keep your attention, 5-7 minutes of that is weather and another 10 for sports and regular ads, so only a few minutes of headlines about the latest party-gone-wrong shooting and of course the “health minute” to pitch whatever great innovation The Science has produced. Hit the key points (danger! danger!), someone in a lab coat explains the benefits to a two year old, and get your funny punchline in at the end -unless of course it’s directed at hesitant viewers, then it’s all about how you’re going to die.

      * About that. There’s a company that came up with a product that can run medical tests on sewage that’s getting a lot of press: Biobot Analytics. This smells like another Elizabeth Homes scam. Selling to government (Theranos was the darling of the Army), getting lots of press, and big funding rounds. Big claims that can’t be easily verified or replicated. Perfect tools for your next pandemic.


      • You didn’t mention the use of the color blue in the newscasts.

        “Just now, I forced myself to watch a rebroadcast of Wednesday night’s NBC News with the golden boy, Brian Williams.

        But Brian wasn’t golden, he was blue, which happens to be people’s favorite color in multiple surveys. Restful calming blue.

        Here is what I saw in the first five minutes. I couldn’t handle more. (I urge you to go to NBC and look for yourself.)

        Brian was wearing a blue suit. All the backgrounds for captions were blue. Small screens behind Brian were blue. Brian’s desk panels were blue. The surface of the desk reflected vague blue tints.”…


        He’s written some other stuff about how the blue colors are used to basically hypnotize the audience, I couldn’t easily find the link. It’s like wearing the, ‘They Live’ sunglasses once you notice the use of the blue, imho.


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