Diaper Report: 2/15/2024

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The New York Times – America’s version of Pravda, just as Biden is America’s version of Brezhnev – published an article recently bemoaning the general and increasing lack of interest in taking the drugs masquerading as vaccines.  It’s titled: “My Patients Used to Be Enthusiastic About the COVID Vaccine. What Changed?”


The piece was written by a drug pusher named Dr. Danielle Ofri. Doctors push drugs because that’s what’s they’re paid to do. Including in-kind, by drug reps – as they accurately style themselves – who treat doctors to all-expenses-paid lunches out and “seminars” – where they discuss the latest drugs they’re pushing. The ones the doctor will later push on patients. Who have been trained by TeeVee ads for drugs to ask their doctor about . . .

There is also the pressure to push drugs emanating from the doctors’ corporate HMO/Big Hospital employers, who expect their employees to do as they’re told.

After all, that’s what they’re being paid to do.

Patients, on the other hand, are losing patience with all of this drug pushing, which comes as a surprise to Dr. Ofri, who writes:

The response has been almost like clockwork, at nearly every medical visit in the past few weeks. ‘It’s time for the flu shot,’ I’ll say to my patients, ‘plus the updated Covid vaccine.’ And that’s when the groans start.

Italics added.

It’s as though they have a communal case of the heebie-jeebies.”

Note the condescending snark. The not-so-good-doctor regards her patients’ reluctance to be injected with drugs they were lied to about regarding their efficacy and safety as having “heebie jeebies.”

Jesus Christ!

And these doctors wonder why people increasingly regard them with the same degree of suspicion and even contempt once reserved for used car salesmen and journalists.

“Health professionals everywhere are hearing this kind of hesitance among patients as Covid cases and hospitalizations have continued to rise during the winter,” she writes. “As of early January the average number of Americans dying weekly from Covid was over 1,700. And yet the Jan. 19 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report indicated that only 21.8 percent of adults 18 and older have received the latest Covid vaccine — less than half of the percentage of those who have gotten the flu vaccine.”

Italics added, again.

“Dying weekly from COVID”? She means dying from old age or chronic illness pushed over the edge by COVID, which is an important distinction these drug pushers serially fail to make and which (in part) accounts for the “heebie jeebies” expressed by healthy patients, who know that their risk of dying as a result of the drugs being pushed on them is probably higher than the risk of dying from COVID, which calls almost no one who isn’t already close to death as a consequence of old age or chronic illness.

This fact has been deliberately suppressed by the drug pushers, acting on behalf of their suppliers (who are also, effectively, their employers).

Heebie Jeebies is right. Of them.

The Dr. continues:

When they say, ‘I’ve had enough Covid vaccinations already,’ I’ll probe where the sense of “enough” comes from. I might ask, ‘Do you ever feel this way about your diabetes medicines or your mammograms?’ We’ll explore how they come to conclusions about which treatments they accept and try to separate vague discomfort from specific concerns.”

Mammograms don’t cause myocarditis. And they are effective at catching early-stage breast cancer. Diabetes drugs went through years of double-blind testing to establish with some degree of confidence that they were safe before they were offered to patients.

As opposed to “warp speeded” and pushed on people.

Then there’s this, warbled by FDA “authors.” In air fingers quotes to identify what they really are, which is propagandists for the drug cartels that control the FDA:

Despite the care taken in the development and deployment of vaccines and their clear and compelling benefit of saving individual lives and improving population health outcomes, an increasing number of people in the U.S. are now declining vaccination for a variety of reasons, ranging from safety concerns to religious beliefs.”

More italics added.

“Clear and compelling benefit”? To whom? Maybe they mean to those pushing these drugs, which benefit healthy people not in the slightest and inarguably come with “clear and compelling” risks that no rational healthy person would want any part of. Then there is this weasily verbiage about “improving population health outcomes.”

How about the individual’s “health outcome”?

You think that it might matter more to the individual whether his “outcome” will be for the worse?

Do they think the individual ought to place the “health outcomes” of “populations” over his own?

This is an interestingly Marxist take on medicine. The collective takes precedence. You “owe” money to those who didn’t earn it. You must put your “health outcome” second to that of the collective – i.e., the “population.”

And doctors such as Danielle Ofri wonder why patients have the “heebie jeebies.”

. . .

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  1. Was Alexi Navalny — some deceased Russian guy that the ‘Biden’ entity was ranting about yesterday — a ‘vaccine’ victim?

    ‘I don’t think Putin had him killed. I mean that, I’m not just saying it to shill. There’s no obvious benefit in killing the guy, when you’ve already got him rotting in Siberia for the remainder of his miserable life.

    ‘Frankly, he was probably triple vaxed. The timeline checks out. After a fake poisoning event, he was in Germany in late 2020 when the Pfizer vax was first being distributed as an “emergency measure” and he was in some kind of healthcare facility, meaning the vax would have been mandatory.

    ‘However, if the Kremlin did kill him, I support it. I was the number one person calling for him to be hanged long before the fake poisoning event. Russia belongs to Vladimir Putin, The Hammer of Christ. Calling for the deposal of Putin is no different than calling for the death of the King in the Middle Ages.’ — Andrew Anglin at unz dot com

    When it comes to turbocharged hyperbole, Anglin can write rings around anyone else on the planet. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong, though.

  2. The “heebie jeebies…”
    When somebody tells me they’re in the medical profession. I no longer assume they are intelligent, caring or competent till proven otherwise.
    I assume they are evil, or a mentally deficient order following drone until proven otherwise.

  3. ‘Viruses Don’t Exist and Why It Matters’

    [Fact:]… “no ‘pathogens’ of any type have been shown to exist. The real world human and animal experiments that set out to demonstrate “contagious” entities that cause diseases such as influenza and common colds were monumental flops.

    In this video we investigate why realising that viruses do not exist is a pivotal step for reducing fear and creating a better society.” …


    • I would highly encourage everybody to read and watch all the videos in this article linked below.

      The first one is a Joe Rogan podcast from 2012 with Dr. Peter Duesberg. It is a very enlightening video about the asserted cause(s) of AIDS. Duesburg asserts it’s primarily a condition or “disease” cause by heavy drug in the “gay community” and then through taking the deadly “cure” drug pushed by Fauci known as AZT. Much like old people developing a respiratory condition and then “treating” them the iatrogenic Remdesivir and ventilators.

      This 2012 video is eye opening on a number of points – how Big Med/Pharma controls studies through the BS peer review process, how the “scientific community consists of a bunch of grant whores, how cancelling of the heterodox has always occurred (he’s referred to as an AIDS “denialist” in his wiki page, of course), how Rogan started out with the relatively unique ability to think logically and how his co-host at the time, actor Brian Redban, perfectly represents the architype of the wikipedia-smart, know-it-all, mid-wit (the guy is so cocksure even though he concedes he knows nothing).

      Most of all though, the AIDS hysteria is the playbook they used with great effect for “Covid.” Although the “Covid” scam was much more massive and all-encompassing, the similarities are just uncanny.

      • I was reading Jon Rappaports newsletters early on during covid. Some of the stuff he was saying seemed a bit out there. Fast forward 3 years later and it seems he may have been right about a lot of things. Truth always was stranger than fiction.

        • Rappoport was right. Goddamned straight he was 100% right about the phony “one virus” narrative. He wrote the book on the AIDS scam in the 80s and called out immediately how all the tactics and players in the 2020 flu were the same. Same with Zika, Swine flu, on and on, too. He went in and out of the scam to highlight the contradictions and inconsistencies. I read him for a dozen years until he went behind a paywall, which I don’t begrudge but won’t indulge because he “done learned me good” already.

          His work was plastered all over these pages by me and others in those uncertain, early days. Folks were told. I remember how ferocious his critics were at that time. So-called “scientists” in particular. The ideas they and others of similar ilk promoted and still to this very late date promote need curb stomping, not neutrality or kid gloves lest we end up back in those straits again and soon.

          • Yes, I noticed that Rappaport went over to Substack and one has to pay sixty dollars a year for the privilege. So, I am glad I was able to read his articles when I could.

            • RE: “So, I am glad I was able to read his articles when I could.”

              Me, as well.
              Exponentially, mind-blowing stuff, from that man. I hope he does well.

  4. I’ve mentioned here before that I don’t think Uncle is serious about climate change for many reasons; e.g., the push to return to offices, no significant adoption of nuclear energy, few cheap, simple small cars and motorcycles for sale, and forever wars.

    I also don’t think Uncle is serious about COVID.

    If he were serious:

    -We would see drastic changes in agricultural policy to stop subsidizing high fructose corn syrup, for one thing, and promote whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats, poultry, and fish, and fewer refined sugars and starches and corn oils.

    -We would see drastic changes in the health care system, such as hospitals as non-profit public utilities vs. for-profit corporations.

    -We would see borders controlled and immigrants screened for disease, and anyone who is sick is either quarantined or sent back.

    -We would have stopped gain of function research given its potential to create super germs.

    -The wet markets would have been closed.

    -We would have drastically cut down on our dealings with China.

    -We would have seen sane restrictions that actually make sense. You know, like not closing parks where people get fresh air and exercise.

    -We would have taken measures to clean up stagnant indoor air that breeds germs.

    -We would have taken a measured approach to vaccine development and focused on those at greatest risk.

    But of course, we didn’t.

    Along those lines. I have a theory as to why so many blue states and cities were so restrictive: They wanted to tank their local economies so people wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump in exchange for his tax law that capped the deduction on state and local taxes, which made living and working in their cities and states less attractive.

    • Bryce: I think you’re confusing their real goals with their stated goals. These crisis narratives are foisted upon us to create the pretext to bilk and control us. For example, the stated purpose of “combatting climate change” is to save the planet, the actual purpose is to, among many other grifts, create carbon credits to sell, cause more regulation in automobile manufacturing to reduce competition and to provide a manufacturer of “emissions” equipment a market for its useless product where one did not previously exist and to enserf the populace. Another example is creating the BS Russian threat so that the military industrial complex can sell its wares on the dime of the populace (through taxation and monetary inflation).

      Their stated goal is not necessarily (and usually not) their actual goal.

      -High fructose corn syrup and corn oils are good for the corn lobby’s bottom line. They also keep people chronically sick, which is really good for Big Med/Pharma

      -Hospitals as non-profit public utilities would eliminate the profits of Bid Med though.

      -Having the borders controlled would stop the welfare industrial complex, eliminate new buyers of national products and stop the incoming hoards to vote for the Leftists promising them welfare handouts.

      -The boogeyman of alleged super germs is a good tool to keep the populace frightened and demanding more government “protection”

      -A measured approach to “vaccines” would really cut into Big Pharma’s grift though

      -Forever wars are excellent for the Military Industrial Complex and to keep the populace frightened and demanding more government “protection”

      Simple small cars would be too easy and inexpensive to make. There’d be too much manufacturing competition and thus low profits for the few big ones.

      These fuckers are not searching for solutions. They’re searching for grifts and control, and they have very skilled and highly-paid propagandists working for them.

      • Of course…None of it makes sense if the goal is to control the spread of the virus or the climate…But if the goal is to control YOU, it makes perfect sense.

  5. I will just choose to take away the 2 positive things that came out of this entire fiasco:

    #1: My skepticism of the medical community was proven not only correct, but not nearly severe enough. I’ll never take a COVD vax, or any other vax after this. Nor will I ever take a Statin drug, even if I had the Guinness World Record highest cholesterol ever recorded. If I could go back in time, I’d ask my mother not to give me the Polio vax since any moron can see this is NOT what caused polio to go away.

    #2: “Work from Home” has improved my life considerably. They have dragged our asses back to the office 2x per week, but it sure beats 5 days. This never would have happened without the “lockdowns.” This could have happened long ago when everybody had high speed internet at home. There is absolutely no reason for people who don’t even talk to their office colleagues to go to an office. Sure – some people don’t get their jobs done without a manager looking over their shoulder. Instead of forcing everyone back to the office for the lazy few – I have a novel idea: Fire the bastards that don’t get their jobs done.

    I am actually hoping for office mask mandates to come back. My boss has told us not to come in when the office has brought back mask mandates. It has happened a a couple times since 2022 when our area had “high cases.”

    If masks are enforced along with mandatory in office, they will have to physically remove me from the office and/or fire me. I will not quit, since that would make it much harder for me to sue.

    I will definitely sue if I am fired by my employer for not wearing something that is proven to cause both hypoxia and hypercapnia.

  6. As if we didn’t need more proof that the FDA is run by morons, criminals, or people who are beholden to Big Pharma, it was reported recently that the FDA approved “off label use” of the COVID jabs for what’s being called “Long COVID”. It was just a few years ago that that same FDA smeared doctors who engaged in “off label use” of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for COVID.

  7. These people are stubbornly stupid. They continue using the exact same words and phrases and phony assertions that worked in 2020 and 2021 to fool people but now its 3 years later and the people have caught on. Hesitancy, cases and hospitalization are rising. Whatever lady. We are done listening to this drivel.

    • Hi Hans,

      That is chilling. And with the Biden Thing as zealous as it has been regarding the COVID “vaccines”, it’s a wonder it didn’t try to pass similar laws here. However, it did have Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter censor books or viewpoints critical of the COVID jabs, to which many in the Democrat Party and the establishment CHEERED.

  8. The young pharmacist at our local Publix (who’s quite easy on the eyes) said she quit ordering the stupid booster because so few in this area are taking it.

  9. “Mammograms don’t cause myocarditis. And they are effective at catching early-stage breast cancer.”

    Mammograms cause cancer. They are also not effective at catching anything. All they do is put you on the treadmill of the medical industrial complex. The same thing can be said for any “preventative” cancer test.

    • i agree completely same with diabetes. that is caused by sugars and high fructose corn syrup in the food. change the diet and and stop taking the drugs they prescribe to keep it going indefinitely and it is suddenly ”cured”.

      doctors cure nothing. they keep all illness going for profit. they mask symptoms with drugs. they have not cured a thing in decades.

      mammograms crush the breasts and cause cancer as you said. what people don’t realize is how damaging. it crushes the breast in between plates hydraulic plates like smashing it with a sandwich maker. and it causes brusing and blood vessels to explode. take the male genitals and do the same thing to it and then wonder where the cancer came from. plus the radiation that is put into those organs with the x ray they use right after crushing it.

      smash the tenderous organs between two metal plates and crush down until completely flat! and then wonder about the damage it causes…most people have no idea how deadly the so called ‘dcotors ‘ can be.

      it is all about money and keeping any all illness going untilt he patient dies…there is no money in cures. only in ‘treatements’.

      • And medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. My mother was a hospital nurse at Stanford for 30 years. She taught me to use common sense in getting medical care because she understood when it was appropriate and when it was not. She never got one mammogram.

  10. The frog state was founded on the 3 principles “liberte, efalite, fraternity”. Look what wet macron pushed into law yesterday. Vive les frogs!!!

    New law passed in France. Opposition of the mRNA injections as a sectarian aberration = up to 3 yrs prison + €45,000 fine
    Today a law was passed in France qualifying any opposition to mRNA-LNP injections as a “sectarian aberration”. It carries a penalty of up to 3 years’ imprisonment and 45,000 euros. “It will not tolerate any criticism of the therapeutic treatments which will be recommended or made obligatory by the state. Any person who dares to …..

    Franz, [16 Feb 2024 at 08:21:01]:

    Franz, [16 Feb 2024 at 08:21:01]:


    Franz, [16 Feb 2024 at 08:21:01]:
    N. Dupont-Aignan (@dupontaignan) on X
    L’article 4 a été déclaré liberticide par le Conseil d’État, supprimé au Sénat et supprimé à l’Assemblée hier soir.
    Une fois de plus vous bafouez la démocratie et étouffez quiconque ne pense pas comme vous !

    Franz, [16 Feb 2024 at 08:21:01]:

    • Hi Frank,

      I this is true – if the French government is asserting authority to criminalize “opposition” to any state requirement that people take whatever drugs the state says they must as a “sectarian” offense – the French people have cause to bring out the guillotine.

  11. These injections are a good way to reduce the slave herd….

    The slaves pay multiple taxes….then they pay rent to Slave owner owned Blackrock…

    The slaves are sucked/pushed into getting tons of injections…this causes lots of chronic health problems……then the slaves are sold more fake, poisonous cures from big pharma…owned by the slave owners….another way to get the slave’s money….then the slave has nothing left for food……life on prison planet….

    • France isnt alone.

      What if so called “invaders” are dupes being herded up the ramp into “slaughterhouse USA” ?

      Like “flee south to safe area” then get slaughtered in a refugee tent.

      What sorta entity organizes and operates such a racket ?

  12. Vaccines are just a cult religion…..trump believes in it, so do 90% of the public, big pharma knows it, that made it easy to pull off the mild flu relabeled as the deathly bat germ hoax………..

    being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided. maybe trump sensed that….

    Why would you get something injected into your veins that has zero science behind it….getting injected with it just because a religious fanatic says it is safe and effective?

    Vaccines are not backed by science, there is zero science behind them, they are based only by belief, so it is a religion only….fake science…

    ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it.

    NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever.

    until this happens the people who believe in vaccine religion can inject themselves, for the others wait for scientific approval, not fake science.

    However, in spite of the widespread notion that vaccines are largely safe and serious adverse complications are extremely rare, a close scrutiny of the scientific literature does not support this view

    note: For example, to date the clinical trials that could adequately address vaccine safety issues have not been conducted (i.e., comparing health outcomes in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children).

    The lack of such controlled trials may be because historically, vaccinations have been assumed safe . read again….assumed safe.

    There is also a view that conducting such trials would be extraordinarily difficult or unethical; the first is simply not correct, the second is not a scientific issue per se.

    It is also often assumed that vaccinations face a tougher safety standard than most pharmaceutical products. However, according to the U.S. FDA,

    “Historically, the non-clinical safety assessment for preventive vaccinations has often not included toxicity studies in animal models. This is because vaccinations have not been viewed as inherently toxic” .

    This is a startling admission from an Agency which according to its own mission statement is ”responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs”.

    Essentially, what the FDA workshop revealed is that not only are vaccinations not adequately evaluated for toxicity but also,

    that the reason for such an oversight rested on a belief rather than scientific evidence. Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people.

    Furthermore, such assumptions of safety, in the absence of actual experimental data, are not only dangerous but have historically hampered serious scrutiny of potential vaccine harms.

    another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccinations in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”

    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    why would you inject yourself with something from these monsters?

    Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people…
    so if you believe, go ahead get injected…for others show scientific proof

    • RFK Jr. said this…..being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing,

      He also said…. if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it.

      This has never happened, ever…yet….

      I suspect RFK Jr. believes in the germ theory still though……but I could be wrong…..

      Bechamp one of the smartest men ever, he had 4 Phd’s, his ideas were intelligent and real, not fraud, he said the germ theory is bs…..

  13. Still don’t understand why everyone is afraid of a cold. Like thinking a stubbed toe will cripple you.

    “OH, but Ready, what about that guy who’s toe got gangrene and they had to amputate his foot!?”

    • Hi RK,

      I understand it. Great swaths of the population are weak-minded and fear-addled. If they are told by authority that the boogie man is coming, they believe it. He can take the form of “terrorists” or “COVID” or “climate change.” I expect “aliens” next.

      • Hi Eric,

        Many people have also been propagandized into believing that Trump, Putin, and Russia were the boogie man. Hell, there are those who to this day STILL believe the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative despite it being complete bull crap concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and bureaucrats in the FBI/ intelligence agencies. Those people likely also STILL believe the BS narrative that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a “Russian Disinformation campaign”.

        What will those people now say after Putin recently said he’d prefer Joe Biden being reelected over Trump?

        • That Putin comment regarding Joe Biden will get memory holed. Just like every other news story that does not fit their narrative. Notice how-when there is a “mass shooting”, if it is from a transgender or leftist, the story suddenly gets buried, and the calls for gun control and the banning of “assault weapons” suddenly disappear? I figure this Putin comment will end up being scrubbed, as well, except via the alternate media.

          • Shadow,

            You’re probably right, and establishment media will likely find something else to get the propagandized hating. Here’s a short list, in no particular order, of what establishment media wanted the propagandized hating just over the past 8 years…

            1) Donald Trump
            2) People who voted for Trump
            3) Russians
            4) Christians
            5) The “Anti-maskers”/ “Unvaccinated”/ “Anti-vaxxers
            6) People who “Spread misinformation” (i.e. Tell the TRUTH) about COVID, face diapers, mRNA vaccines, climate change, gasoline, EVs, etc.
            7) People who oppose endless wars and sending MORE money to foreign countries such as Ukraine (much if not most of which likely goes to the military-industrial complex)
            8) People who criticize/ refuse to vote for Joe Biden

            I’m sure there are others.

      • I think it goes deeper though. Like parents constantly worried about stranger danger, many people react poorly to the news of the day. When the social media amplifier shows (or just talks about, in the case of “packed” emergency rooms and hospitals turning away patents) horrible death and distraction, people with strong empathy will begin to believe they’re next.

        One thing that has always been sorely lacking in media is context, especially WRT sensationalist reporting. If it bleeds, it leeds has been the norm since Don Henley wrote about it in 1982, but nowadays we have the ability to look up statistics and find out if “millions” of something is a lot or just a few more than usual. Meanwhile truly large numbers (like federal spending) are truly unfathomable and reported as nothing to be worried about.

  14. Eric, I am a big fan of your work, but this “pushed over the edge by Covid” and “probably higher than the risk of dying from Covid” needs to stop. To me, that’s 2020 and 2021 talk from people on our side.

    From everything we have learned – from the deadly hospital protocols, to the intentional misreporting of deaths in pursuit of the CARES Act funding, the absence of any isolation and purification of a virus, the lack of excess deaths in Jan/Feb 2020, and the lack of any excess deaths in the relatively few countries that completely ignored “Covid” (no PCR testing, no incentive money for hospitals to report “Covid”, and so on) – it’s time to stop acting as if Covid exists or that Covid ever existed. The whole thing was a massive pysop to usher in the great reset and promote Agenda 2030…not to mention remove Donald Trump from office.

    • Covid exists, it’s just nowhere near as deadly as they planned or thought it would be. There are symptoms unique to the disease. I have non-Covidian family members who worked in hospitals caring for the sick and dying in 2020 who are now pursuing other careers after refusing the vax and mask nonsense.

      My entire family caught the OG strain in 2020 and it wasn’t like any other bug we’ve ever had although for us it was equivalent to a weak flu.

      Major differences are the smell thing which was a neuro deficit which could last months or years rather than a typical flu/resp virus where you can’t smell/taste since your face is stuffed up.

      In severe cases hypoxia without the typical ards was another hallmark since serious Covid could become a clotting disorder. There were numerous blood markers in serious covid that were unique.

      But it was only serious for the frail elderly and some younger morbidly obese… Out of 20k workers in a local healthcare system not a single one died of the coof, not one, and they all eventually caught it.

      • The OG strain? You really are too much. None of the things you mention are “novel” in any sense to respiratory illness prior to 2020, however you try to parse them. Bleeding from the eyes or anus, that’s be novel to respiratory illness. People like you who defend the lie of the novel virus ensure the madness will continue. Not only continue but be resurrected in another form in the future. What do you gain from promoting this?

      • People get sick from toxins, deficiencies and trauma……period….

        What’s with this OG bs?….there is zero science behind that…just a fairy tale……that is pure propaganda from the slave owner’s big pharma….

        OG….lol….Creating boogie men and myths, so they can trick the slaves into taking poisonous drugs and injections….supplied by the slave owner’s owned big pharma corporations….

        poisoning slaves for profit…..get them sick….then get their money….Dr…a licence to print money….

        if a mechanic purposely damaged your car, to get more repair business, he would go to jail if caught or be fined…or lose his licence….

        The field of virology is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science
        ….but….. it is useful in marketing campaigns helping big pharma to pedal stock……..and make billions of dollars…


        • Hi Anon,


          But, on the other hand, we all have had the experience of catching a cold after being near someone who had one already. Chicken Pox parties… do you remember them?

          I’m not saying I know. And I know correlation is not necessarily causation. I am saying I don’t know.

          • I find it curious that the “terrain theory” character pops right up into the debate. There’s a name for this tactic from back in the day that escapes me. Something pithy for taking people so far down the rabbit hole that serves to smear legitimate critiques that don’t go quite as far. For the record, like you, I have always thought and still think it’s “real” that people get sick and die and can “catch” colds and flus. What’s fake is that a name brand cold from March 2020’s third cousin’s brother in law made someone sick last week.

            • Do you mean a straw man argument or red herring?

              I don’t suspect Eric is not trying to employ such a tactic though. I think he, like many of us, just do not conclusively know the cause of certain human illnesses. It could be the “terrain,” toxins, malnourishment, psychological, etc.

              There’s a certain clarity and peace of mind that comes from admitting one is not omniscient. But what do I know?

              • It’s a sort of hybrid between an appeal to extremes fallacy:

                erroneously attempting to make a reasonable argument into an absurd one, by taking the argument to the extremes. Note that this is not a valid reductio ad absurdum.

                And the technique for influencing comment sections known as “forum sliding.”

                If a very sensitive posting of a critical nature has been posted on a forum – it can be quickly removed from public view by ‘forum sliding.’ In this technique a number of unrelated posts are quietly prepositioned on the forum and allowed to ‘age.’ Each of these misdirectional forum postings can then be called upon at will to trigger a ‘forum slide. The second requirement is that several fake accounts exist, which can be called upon, to ensure that this technique is not exposed to the public. To trigger a ‘forum slide’ and ‘flush’ the critical post out of public view it is simply a matter of logging into each account both real and fake and then ‘replying’ to prepositioned postings with a simple 1 or 2 line comment. This brings the unrelated postings to the top of the forum list, and the critical posting ‘slides’ down the front page, and quickly out of public view.

                I’ve felt for years now that Mr. Terrain theory’s comments and self replies, while typically on topic, create a sort of smog that settles over those areas of the forum. Eric had to tell him to cut the crap with the sov citizen stuff a while ago because it enstupids everyone who looks at it and creates an atmosphere of unseriousness.

                Look, I think the terrain theory and viruses don’t exist arguments are interesting, worth investigating. However, that whole ball of wax is not necessary to advance the very simple conventional wisdom, lived knowledge arguments that militate against the notion of the March 2020 cold being something “novel” and therefore necessitating the “measures” that followed. Associating this simple concept with viruses don’t exist, even just by contiguous posting, could be the difference between someone on the fence “getting it” or being put off by “crazy talk.”

                • A couple things. First, thanks for the info on “forum sliding.” I was unaware and will look out for it now.

                  On the second point (i.e. “someone on the fence “getting it” or being put off by “crazy talk.”), I disagree. I get your point about not wanting to scare away the propagandized (my mind was initially blown away by Jon Rappaport), but I’ve since spent hundreds of hours investigating whether viruses (including “Covid”) cause disease, and I’ve found no evidence that they actually exist and/or cause any diseases. Thus, I conclude the truth to be that they do not exist and do not cause disease.

                  I try to live by Marcus Aurelius’ advice, which is “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.” I cannot go along with what I believe to be a lie to sugar coat an argument. If I do so, I become the propagandist that I hate so much.

                  • I’m not sugar coating the argument. I’m just saying it’s a separate and discrete debate as to whether viruses do or do not exist. Worth pursuing, for sure, but not necessarily required for a definitive refutation of the “one virus” argument. I hope you can see, though, how the tactics I mentioned could be used in the manner I described in order to achieve the effect of turning people off. Doesn’t mean it’s right or accurate, but it is a tactic. That’s all.

          • That’s another pet peeve of mine, the idea you pass colds to other people, how? Who? Are we sick 24/7 365 days/year for being around untold strangers in public, any of whom may be sick?

            Before 2020, Doctors would examine dozens of sick patients daily, 5-6 days/week, during flu season without ever wearing a mask, and did they get sick? No! Did the nurses? No.

            When my kids were sick growing up, my wife would often get sick too but not me, why? Because she would obsess over their colds/flus, stay up all night sleeping very little, sleeping next to them, stressed out. She made herself sick! Me? I rarely got sick. I didn’t worry as much or check on them as often, though they usually coughed and sneezed on me, which never bothered me. Like I’ve been telling friends and acquaintances since 2020, if you are very sick, please cough and sneeze directly on me!

            Why is that when one spouse gets sick, the other spouse sometimes gets sick too? Have you considered that their bodies are biosynchronous? You experience the same stressors (e.g., sick parents or in-laws both spouses are taking care of), money (kids in college, tuition payments), walk together (outdoors, cold), eat the same foods (healthy, unhealthy), and get the same amount of sleep or lack of sleep. That makes much more sense to me than the dogma of virology, which we are to assume trillions and trillions of present airborne viruses that enter our bloodstream and make us sick…then we should be sick all the time, right? Makes no sense.

            • Alvin: All excellent questions indeed. I don’t think anybody really can conclusively identify the cause of some human illnesses. I think proper nutrition, enough sleep and rigorous exercise has a beneficial effect though.

            • You’re correct in that sickness is not necessarily due to one thing. However, you’re glossing over the conventional wisdom about our immune systems. They work and can protect against sickness, sometimes the more exposure, the better the immune system. This explains the doctors, teachers, family type situations. Constant exposure, better immunity. But they DO get sick, particularly teachers and kids in gov schools when they return in the Fall. But doctors and parents, too. Nobody never, ever gets sick once, irrespective of their rigorous health maintenance regime. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous. The notion that no respiratory illness is “communicable” is outside my lived experience. That is truly a “novel” concept.

      • David:  “Covid exists”

        I planned to warn you that you were in for a shit storm….. too late.  I happened to be stormed for a couple posts a while back.

        People are so damned hung up on “Covid”.  Like the bard said, “What’s in a name…..”  We were happy for several generations calling various flus “Asian Flu”, “Spanish Flu”, etc.  Being so concerned about the name alone seems psychotic to me.  All I know, and anyplace I have used the word “Covid” was to call it “The Covids” to differentiate the disease from the nonsense surrounding it, on both sides.  I know that Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had was indeed “novel” to me.  And I know that I contracted it due to exposure to something.  At a Memorial Day family reunion 7 of 9 present caught “something”.  And each had a “novel” component to their illness.  I, for one, had no loss of smell.  Several did.  But I had a complete failure of my mental state.  All the rest did, to one extent or another.  “The dreaded Brain Fog”, if you will. I seem to have taken it to the extreme.

        On reflection, I do feel that the actual “illness”, more like a typical “flu”, ran its course faster than the typical “cold”.  I believe I was only “sick” for 2 or 3 days.  The rest was mental.  I lay in bed for 15 days, pondering whether it would be better to just go ahead and die, or maybe not.  I did not eat or drink anywhere near what I needed to because I had no incentive. My wife was terrified of me, because I would get extremely angry if she even came in to change the sheets, let alone tell me I should eat something.  In line with that lack of incentive, I would lie in bed, think “I really need to pee.  I’ll do it in 15 minutes.”  Hours later, still not having peed, same thought.  I could not tell time, so maybe that ruins that story.  I knew at 5 that “When Mickey’s hands….”..  Hell, I couldn’t even figure out digital time.  I would think “That thing said 10:45 a while ago.  Why does it say 3:27 now?”

        After 15 days, my daughter and granddaughter hauled me off to Urgent Care.  I was shaking so badly that the staff thought I had Parkinsons.  They had to get special equipment that they use on infants to measure my blood oxygen levels.  I remember that 4 lovely nurses were really concerned about me.  (I wasn’t that far gone to miss that!  One even put my hands up the sleeves of her sweatshirt to try to get my hands warm enough to do the readings.)  They sent me to the Emergency Room, which had me admitted.  X-rays of my lungs showed characteristics of pneumonia. They spent one day getting me rehydrated and loaded up with steroids and antibiotics and sent me home.  That got me back on my feet and almost rational.  One interesting side effect.  I had apparently eaten my own body to stay alive.  My biceps, not Schwarzenegger’s, but visible, were narrower than the bones in my upper arm. I still, 7 months later, do not have the stamina that I had prior to Memorial Day. But I am 7 months older…..

        I am 84 (many people ask to see my driver’s license) and was in incredibly good health.  Would Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had killed me (or would a self-imposed expiration due to malnutrition have killed me) had I not been?  Even hindsight is blind sometimes, so I have no idea.  All I know is that I agree with your comment except for adding the quotes: “Covid” exists.  Just like the Capulets.  Mama Capulet decided to name her baby girl Juliet instead of Bianca.  So what?

        • Afterthought, just to make my position clear.

          Yes, there was tremendous fraud involved.  “Cases! Cases! Cases!  Monetary incentives for marking the “Covid” checkbox on medical bills.  Millions sent to GM and Ford, renowned builders of medical equipment, to produce killing machines called Ventilators.  Masks requiring extra shifts at landfills.  Medicine used in Africa daily, which seemed effective against “Covid” called horse paste.  But another miracle compound recommended.  No matter that it killed almost as many as the ventilators by destroying the patient’s kidneys.

          I no longer take flu vaccines because 4 or 5 years ago I found out that the statistics are cherry picked for headline appeal, as are the statistics for statins as mentioned elsewhere in this thread.  I am not sorry I took the Polio vaccine.  I lived through the polio years.  I watched them go away.  The fact that it is reemerging may be due to faulty “improvements” in the vaccine or due to mutation in the disease factors.  Beyond my pay scale.

          However, as an engineer, I am trained in enough science to know that in all my life no vaccine could be produced for the “common cold” because it mutated so rapidly.  “Covid” is admittedly a variant of that form of virus (and yes, I do believe they exist).  Yet a miracle happened due to Donnie’s Warp Speed and one popped up, statistics again manipulated, and we were all saved from annihilation, “Hallelujah, praise Donnie and Tony!”.  No way were they going to stick a needle in my arm.

          And do I believe “Covid” came out of a research lab?  Yes!  I worked aerospace enough to see the demented need for people to kill other people.  It is not a stretch at all to believe diseases are being manipulated to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible.  And do I believe the U. S. of A. would stoop to that, even if they had to pay China to do the dirty work?  You betcha!

          (Steps down from soapbox.)

          • ‘Toxicology vs Virology – Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud’

            … “Using Polio as an example, [‘Toxicology vs Virology’] outlines how fictional “viruses” are used to advance medical tyranny.

            He revealed:

            Flexner’s fraudulent experiments

            The corruption of the American Medical Association

            How the Rockefellers controlled the Polio narrative

            The real causes of Poliomyelitis

            How it relates to COVID-19 and current globalist agendas.”…


          • HI Arylio.

            I was the one who mentioned I would not take the polio vaccine if I could go back. I did not live through it. I’m a 1969 model year.

            Check out the chart about 1/4 way down this this thread. Polio cases started dropping rapidly from 1952 – 1955. The polio vax was not introduced until 1955. Check it out before it’s memory holed.


            The polio cases 3 years after 1955 look like they are falling at the same rate as the 3 years before 1955. So how did the vaccine introduced in 1955 start dropping cases dramatically 2 years before anybody in the US took it?

            I’m not sure what caused Polio to go away – but I’ve heard several theories (improved sanitation, etc.). The only thing I completely reject is that the Salk vaccine cured it.

            That is impossible based on this chart

            • Blake: I have no argument with your premise or the charts. I am sure that many factors play into the spread of any disease. I know that for many of my yougest years “summer vacation” was “summer isolation”. Parents were deathly afraid of polio, rightly so in my opinion having known some who contracted it. Something as little as publicity about a previous wave and parents fears could have affected the rate of infections. I don’t know. But as far as I know, neither of the vaccines of that period, Salk or Sabin, caused me any harm. Like I said, I have been a remarkably healthy octegenarian. But then….. we have taken supplements for 50+ years, grew much of our own food including beef and chickens, always worked hard physically (heated with wood for 18 years, like they say “Warms you twice.”). How did that affect the actuarial chart from 1939 that gave me 68 years? I have no idea!

              • Oh, wood warms you way more than twice. When you cut it, when you split it, when you stack it, when you carry it inside, when you put it in the fire, and lastly when it burns.

                • Ernie: You got that right. But we both forgot carrying out the ashes. And maybe even putting out the fire in the compost heap where you dumped them. (no need to ask how I know)

          • Now that I have diverted the storm away from David, I am withdrawing from the pissing contest. It can get pretty messy if continued, and I don’t want that. (At 84 I can barely clear my shoes anyway.) But I am not withdrawing anything I said.

            • I’m sure David can speak for himself. Calling a debate a “pissing contest” is, in and of itself, taking a shot, albeit in a passive aggressive way. If you’ve got something else to say, say it.

        • If they just called it the flu or getting sick, people would not have as readily accepted the “measures” put in place to “stop the spread” of a “novel” virus. The name is the key. Putting it in quotes doesn’t change that. It sure seems important to you.

          I know I “stormed” you before because your story just doesn’t move beyond the realm of a bad flu, particularly because it sounds like you were extremely dehydrated, which in and of itself can do all of those things you mentioned, including so-called “brain fog.” But, ya, it was the Wuhan wet market Ukraine bio lab gain of function super strain of the Fauci flu that laid you low. Glad to hear you got some attention.

          • Funk: “If they just called it the flu or getting sick, people would not have as readily accepted the “measures” put in place to “stop the spread” of a “novel” virus. The name is the key. Putting it in quotes doesn’t change that. It sure seems important to you.”

            i agree 100% with what you just said except for my motiviation in using quotes. But that alone indicates I agree with your premise. Consider them to be the air quotes we all use when skeptical of anything. I figure I will let them call it what they want. Does that really matter?

            As to the other premise, yes, I was terribly dehydrated by the time I was dragged, kicking and screaming to be left alone, to the hospital. But I got that way because of the “Brain Fog”, not the other way around. By day 4 or 5 I literally would wonder if I should just go ahead and die. And I don’t really think I had the symptoms of the first 3 or so days by then. They were just flu symptoms, but I do believe it was a “novel” flu not seen before, and I believe it was created to be just that. I just didn’t give a damn about anything except laying in bed. I am not the only one who has reported similar problems. That makes it something different than the average flu.

            • They were just flu symptoms, but I do believe it was a “novel” flu not seen before, and I believe it was created to be just that. I just didn’t give a damn about anything except laying in bed. I am not the only one who has reported similar problems. That makes it something different than the average flu.


              No it doesn’t. Saying “I was really sick” doesn’t make it novel, either. Appealing to unknown “others” doesn’t either. Bleeding eyeballs, bleeding anus, does. You seem to want to have it both ways. Being a skeptic and a believer. Just own it, you’re a believer. One of “them.” Period.

        • “[A]s an engineer, I am trained in enough science to know that. . .” Oh come on now, ARYLIOA. You’re trying to make an appeal to false authority regarding topics of medicine and “virology.”

          Let me see if I can sum up your posts: The whole goddamn thing was a manufactured fraud, but because an 84-year-old fell ill and is an engineer, Covid is real.

          The reason people are hung up on “Covid” is because it’s a lie and was used to try to destroy society.

          • ML: As RR said “There you go again.”

            Months ago, you misquoted me. Now you seem to have made up your mind what I said in these two posts resolved to what you sarcastly say in your latest post. As an engineer, I understand the scientific method. At my age, I went to school when it was actually part of the curricula. I understand fraud. I understand that there are evil people who can produce some nasty products. I understand that the world, including the world of medicine, is full of liars, especially when cash is involved. I believe all those who took advantage of the disease should either be prosecuted, or if done in ignorance, be forced to make restitution to those the hurt.
            All I am saying is that Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had was nasty, was certainly “novel”, and I am not the only crazy 84 year old who ever came down with it, and shared many of the symptoms.

            As before, I hope you never get this thing. But I would be willing to bet that if you do, you might mellow out a little on the subject. Once the “Brain Fog” clears.

            • I hope you never get this thing. But I would be willing to bet that if you do, you might mellow out a little on the subject. Once the “Brain Fog” clears.


              I’ve seen this exact sentiment from other true believers in the “one virus.” Kind of a humble hate wish. It’s meaningless and unsupported but said anyway. Sad.

            • ARYLIOA: I’m not calling you a crazy 84-year old at all. I’m just trying to point out that the scientific method has certainly not been employed to determine causation of the “It” you had was this alleged virus styled as “Covid.”

              I certainly wish you no ill will, I just think you’re jumping to a conclusion, and in the process unwittingly supporting the propaganda narrative. I suspect none of us truly know why you fell ill. I genuinely wish you the best though (with all sincerity).

    • Excellent comment, Alvin. I’m also sick and tired of the word Covid. I sounded the alarm in March 2020 that this was nothing more than relabeling the flu and nothing that’s happened in the past four years has proved otherwise. A complete scam from day one.

    • Hi Alvin,

      You may be right. The thing is, I can’t say for sure. And so I don’t – because I think it’s important to be careful about saying for sure things that may not be. Here’s the problem as I see it – and maybe I’m wrong: People did seem to be catching a cold. Of course, people always catch colds every year, more so (typically) in the fall and winter. It is very possible “COVID” was/is the flu rebranded. Evidence for that being the near-absence of deaths attributed to flu during the height of “COVID.” What’s certain is the danger was grossly overstated and that clearly on purpose. By summer 2020, it was evident that “COVID” was essentially no threat to children, to healthy young people or to almost anyone else who was not elderly, frail, morbidly obese or already chronically sick. The same people for whom the flu is not uncommonly the straw that breaks the camel’s back. They are already very weak and get the flu, which becomes pneumonia – and they succumb.

      I’m not a scientist. I can’t say authoritatively whether “COVID” or even viruses exist. I just go with what I know – and can verfiy/support.

      • You’re back to the “I’m not a scientist” bit? What a cop out. As if such folks are some kind of priest class. You have knowledge, wisdom, and discernment as well as your eyes to see. What about this respiratory illness was different or novel? Nothing. Just a new name and a spiky ball graphic. No electron microscope needed. Jeezus.

        • Hi Funk,

          I’m saying I don’t know. I’m saying I know people do catch colds. Because that is knowable. It is self-evident. Is “COVID” a different cold? How to know that?

          You tell me!

          How is it a “cop out” to say I don’t know?

          • Is this some kind of attempt at a rhetorical trick or do you really not know? Inherent in the conventional wisdom notion of a cold or flu is that they’re all different. That’s why humans never gain full immunity from them, nor is any “prevent from catching” vaccine possible. Remember the old chestnut, “there’s no cure for the common cold.” The specificity and tortured “lineages” of the cold circulating around March are contrary to this wisdom of the ages.

            I read that the other day that the first person died from “Alaskapox.” As I posted yesterday, NC DOL is readying administrative law requiring all businesses to provide and train employees on the use of “PPE.” It’s almost March of an election year. Maybe I’m having deja vu.

            • Hi Funk,

              Hopefully, you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt here and know I don’t play rhetorical tricks. I am stating I do not know and for that reason I will not assert that I do.

              It all may well have been entirely a fiction. I grant the possibility. But I can’t go as far as certainty. I will say – because it’s something objectively true – that fear of getting sick was deliberately egged-on. A concerted effort was made to instill widespread, pathological hypochondria. All incontestable.

              I state as certain that which I can prove to be certain. I do not assert certainties about things I cannot prove to be certainties. If that’s a “cop out” in your eyes, so be it.

              • Regarding your certainties, what was really egged on? Was it fear of getting “sick” or fear of getting “it”, the new, novel, never before seen so that’s why we have to tear society apart with strange talismanic control rituals? This is an important distinction, the root of it, really.

                As far as rhetoric, you seem to be consciously or unconsciously playing around with the words you do or do not use depending on context/audience. Why you would even want to appear to continue to give “them” the benefit of the doubt in any way puzzles me greatly. It’s like having a killer with a knife at your throat and conceding that, because you don’t have absolutely 100% perfect knowledge, he might have a point in offing you for some reason you don’t or can’t know. Because you’re not a psychologist. It’s that strange.

          • Bechamp one of the smartest men that ever lived….. he had 4 Phd’s, his ideas…… were intelligent and real, not fraud…. he said the germ theory is 100%, pure, bs…..

            That is all you have to know….

            • Hi Anon,

              I’m not a doctor or a scientist. I don’t have the academic or experiential background to say authoritatively whether viruses or germs cause sickness. It seems evident to me that there is correlation between close proximity to symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, etc.) people and coming down with the same sickness they have. Maybe it is “terrain” (some environmental factor). I don’t know – and won’t pretend I do. I go according to what makes sense to me, as regards my own personal actions – such as avoiding people who are coughing/sneezing – so as to avoid catching whatever they’ve got. Just the same as I would not sleep with someone who I knew had an STD.

              I do know fear of sickness was deliberately amped up. I do know people were deliberately misled (e.g., “the cases! the cases!”). I do know people were lied to about the drugs that are not vaccines.

              And so I say so, confidently. Because I can back it up. I don’t say things with certainty that I can’t back up.

              • Bechamp one of the smartest men that ever lived….. he had 4 Phd’s, …he said the germ theory is 100%, pure, bs…..

                that is all anyone has to know….

                No need to listen to any of these other morons… pushing the control group’s lies….like fauci….

              • I always thought it interesting that doctors and nurses, and my mom was one, despite being in close proximity to patients sick with viruses did not come down with these illnesses themselves. You may think they would always be sick. Also teachers. Always around kids.

  15. I just saw an article bemoaning Americans’ interest in the other Moderna mRNA jab, a “vaccine” for RSV.

    Eliminate the Control. Nothing else matters.

  16. If you’ve seen Painkiller, I imagine this is what drug pushers are like.

    They are no different than street dealers, but they have a pack of lawyers on their side and law makers in their pockets.

  17. Here’s a Blacksploitation video released three years ago by the disgraced Gov Cuomo to promote the ‘vaccine.’


    ‘Time for us to trust and not debate
    The vaccine, believe it’s safe to take’

    What’s next — a five-minute hip-hop video synopsizing Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto with dope dance moves?

    Prolly already been done, and I just missed it. 🙁

  18. This thing is far from dead or over.

    NC Poised to Mandate Masks and Social Distancing on Workers


    From link:

    The NC Department of Labor actually has two petitions for rules before them. One rule covers general industry, including construction employers. The other rule covers migrant housing facilities. We are concerned about both rules. However, we will focus on the first rule that covers every employer, employee and place of employment within the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health division of NC. (Click here to see the petitions, beginning on page 7: https://files.nc.gov/oah/documents/2024-01/Volume-38-Issue-13-January-2-2024.pdf.)

    The rule would require every employer to have a written plan, with considerations being made for their specific industry, that goes into effect when a public health emergency is declared by the WHO, CDC, or the NC governor. This plan includes steps employers must take regarding employees masking, distancing, and testing, if the business requires. PPE will be purchased and supplied to the employees by the employer. Medical exemption for masking was not mentioned in the proposed rule.


    What Precipitated the Rule?
    The Petition for an infectious disease rule was submitted by the Episcopal Farmworker Ministry; the North Carolina State AFL-CIO; Union of Southern Service Workers; the Western North Carolina Workers’ Center; the Hispanic Liaison of Chatham County/El Vinculo Hispano; and the North Carolina Conference of the NAACP.


    So it is the commies pushing for this.

  19. All doctors, and everyone else in “health care”, give me the “heebie jeebies” because over the last 3+ years they’ve lied to us, repeatedly. They can’t be trusted, just like this air head Danielle Ofri. I’ll never get in needle range of one again, while I’m conscious.

    • Right about that John.

      These idiots are still making up and offering the death shot. What a bunch of hacks.
      I don’t know what they are doing, but it’s not practicing medicine.

    • Do not discount all health care workers, John. Not all are “woke”. Many are very much awake and aware of what is going on, and simply want to help people. There are many of us that did not take the COVID jab, and have fought like hell to keep our jobs while being un-jabbed. I have helped at least half a dozen co-workers the last three years with their “religious exemptions” (and two of them are not religious in any sense) to file with Occ-Health; For the “Winter Flu Season”, that runs Septembre through April. It means wearing a filthy face diaper most of the Winter, but that is not strictly enforced the way it was in years past. I will take a face diaper over the jab. But now, they want to spray this “vaccine” in the air, so that they get all the “anti-vaxers” and the “vaccine hesitant”. One way or another, we are all going to get it if these lunatics have their way. But yeah, I have some co-workers (other nurses, MD’s) etc. that will never wake up, yes, are a bit creepy with their religious devotion to Big Pharma.

      • Shadow: “they want to spray this “vaccine” in the air”

        Gotta get rid of the control group. Just a variation of how they dropped members of the “initial testing” out of the program to enhance statistics.

        • How ironic especially given the fact that during the covid vaccine trials they were giving the control group the meningitis vaccine-not a normal saline one like you would think. So yes, us un-jabbed truly are the real control group and it does not look good for the vaccinated crowd when yoy make the comparisons.

      • Here is what I cannot find believable about the spraying in the air theory. The elites do not want to die. They exempt themselves from just about every BS thing they promote. They also breathe air. Eat food. And receive sunshine. So why the heck would they want to spray anything in the same air they also breathe? Or, another theory is they are putting vaccines in the food supply. You would need to believe that they make sure to source every scrap of food they eat to avoid the dangerous vaccines in the food supply. And never eat fast food or go out to restaurants. It ends up not making sense to me.

        • I agree, RS –

          Also: The “vaccines” need to be kept cold (as I understand it) else the drugs spoil. How long would an airborne “vaccine” remain potent?

        • RS: I do question how contrails and chemtrails might be what they seem, or not. It is common to spray pesticides and herbicides from the air. But i believe there was admission recently (by some Asian entity?) that did spray a virus on its own people, that those experiments existed/or exist. Even some question that perhaps Florida was targeted with weather modification recently to make things dismal. Maybe. \sBut I can’t think of any reason anyone would want to do that. /s

          If there is a move to use aerial spray, they will not spray Monaco or Interlaken. And Kobe Beef will likely not be sprayed as heavily as ze bugs.

  20. What, they’re not using “Vaccine Hesitancy” anymore? Now they’re using “Heebie Jeebies”? What next, are they going to use “Anti-vaxxers” as a pejorative against ANYBODY who doesn’t get whatever adult “Vaccines” the CDC recommends for adults? I’ve read elsewhere that dark forces used the childhood vaccination schedule to try to expand it to MANDATORY adult vaccination schedules, and the medical-industrial complex sure seems to have been pushing that the past 4 years.

  21. You can’t hang people for causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, it never works. Can’t shoot them, can’t burn them at the stake, can’t guillotine them, can’t drive a stake through their hearts, useless to try. A good jolt of electricity will just turn them all into zombies, look like Beetle Juice.

    Has to be more humiliating than death. Tar and feathers would do it. Tar and feather Dr. Ofri for selling snake oil. There is an excuse for ignorance, but not for stupidity.

    It’s not torture, it’s justice.

    Tar and feather Biden, it’s gonna be more fun.

    Tar and feather Blinken, Schumer, Pelosi, Trump, Fauci, everybody in Warshington District of Clowns, there is a problem here, no solution anywhere. All snakes. Hang them all upside down from a pole and parade them around all 50 states for a year or two, the fun will just be beginning. Untie them from the logs now and then for some rest and food, then back to business. Killing them is too kind, have to kill them with some kindness while you keep the circus going and rolling. They’ve made their beds, enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

    Nobody will help them remove the tar and feathers, you’ll need some thin O weight oil to clean your skin from all of the tar.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Those ghouls have made it a freak show, they’re the freaks making it so.

    Tar and feather them for the rest of their useless miserable lives.

    Make it a Reign of Tar and Feathers!

    “I got kicked off of Noah’s Ark
    I turned my cheek to unkind remarks
    There was two of everything and one of me
    And when the rains came tumbling down
    I held my breath and I stood my ground
    And I watched that ship go sailing out to sea…

    Sweet revenge, sweet revenge will prevail, without fail.” – John Prine, Sweet Revenge

  22. The fucking gaslighting continues unabated! Don’t believe your lying eyes, citizen. The jab is safe and effective (against a non-existent disease known as “Covid”). It just makes you feel “crummy the next day,” that’s all. Fuck her and her iatrogenic ilk.

    “Do you ever feel this way about YOUR diabetes medicines or YOUR mammograms?” (emphasis added), asks Dr. Danielle Ofri, the shill.

    Hey doc, perhaps WE should inquire into and address the root causes of OUR diabetes and breast cancer (and myriad other chronic diseases) instead of just following Big Med/Pharma’s money-making recommendations which are designed neither to prevent nor cure. This quack is also very clever in that she also talks right past the sale of the flu, tetanus and shingles “shots,” without a single mention of any downsides.

    This “opinion” piece scores a number of Big Med/Pharma propaganda points. It (a) supports the continued narrative of the existence of a fake virus that is constantly “mutating,” thereby requiring new “booster” shots (b) promotes flu shots, the deadly jab and every other Godforsaken “vaccine” (c) promotes blindly following big med/pharma as to merely treating chronic diseases once you’re magically and without warning stricken by them and (d) gives the uninformed reader the impression that “health professionals” are forever, tirelessly and magnanimously working toward improving OUR health.

    Of course the good news is that nobody other than the commie Left believes what’s written in the NY Times. Line up right here Lefties and get YOUR “healthcare.” You deserve it.

    • Gotta agree with you, ML.

      I love the part on how many of her clients suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. so apparently curing them is not in her repertoire. I would love to have a sit down with ‘Doctor’ Ofri. I don’t suffer from the heebie jeebies just lots of research.

      My questions for the doc:

      1. What year was the first mRNA vaccine introduced?
      2. What animal studies was conducted on these mRNA “vaccines”?
      3. What were the findings?
      4. Could you please explain the CDC’s report on how deaths in this country increased after each new “COVID vaccine” was rolled out?
      5. Why did the CDC withhold information regarding their findings that they did see an increase of myocarditis in patients after receiving the vaccine?
      6. Can you explain the amount of sudden deaths over the last three years since this was introduced?
      7. Why does the FDA need 75 years to release the safety information on the Pfizer vaccine?
      8. How many shots have you received? Are you up to date?
      9. Finally, dear Doctor how much kickback are you receiving for putting “a shot in every arm”?

      We will see if the Doc has done her research or if she is just a paid propaganda machine. We all know the answer.

      • Here is another personal tidbit contradicting the fine, magnanimous “oh so much smarter that you plebes” doctor lady. A few years ago I added weight lifting at a large gym to my previously solitary cardio only workout regime. Not only did I increase energy levels, gain muscle and lose fat, I noted an interesting phenomenon. Personal trainers are never sick! Even the older trainers and even during flu season when clients call out left and right. They are still there. I also never met even one trainer who believes in mrna vaccines, and talking to them helped maintain my sanity and sense of normalcy during covid when it seemed like everyone else in the world had lost their minds.

  23. Heebie-jeebies,” huh? Real professional and scientific, aren’t we, Doctor?

    People do not want to take the shot because they can see through the lie and smell the bullshit. It isn’t a “vaccine” and it doesn’t confer immunity.

    Anecdotally, I know several people who were quite willing to get it initially, but started having reservations and outright turned against it when they were told they would need to be “boosted.” They initially thought it was like the polio vaccine or the flu shot, which they trusted, and once they realized they had been duped they changed their tune.

    The True Believers in government and medicine saw this as an affront to their authority and power. They saw the “vaxx” as holy communion in the new religion, and were able to discern who they could and could not control based on the acceptance of the vaxx.

    Personally, I objected immediately, because it was clear to me that COVID was not a serious problem in the absence of comorbidities, and because I understood that MRNA fuckery was not a vaccine as we have understood it for 200 years.

    You are absolutely right about the “communist” aspect of it, Eric. One of the things that I found really difficult to fathom is that if YOUR vaccine and YOUR mask actually does prevent you from getting COVID, why do YOU care if I get it and die? If I am unvaxxed I can only hurt myself, not you. Why do you need to force me to take it?

    The answer of course is that if I am unvaxxed and unmasked and remain healthy and don’t die, I expose your whole charade, undermine your authority, and cost the pharmaceutical industry money.

    • Boy you hit the nail on the head with this post. The simple logic that if the vaccines and masks work then there is no need for every living thing on the planet to take it exposes their agenda. Before covid, people could choose to get a flu shot. Those who did were never told well hey it won’t help you unless everyone else also gets the flu shot. This was a big part of the covid vaccine propaganda push. They threw every circular argument against the wall to baffle the people with their bs. I have posted way too much today so I guess this topic hits really close to home. But thank you for getting to the heart of the matter.

  24. Anecdotally, I recently learned of another person who “died suddenly”. Do not know his vax status but I would guess very high. This is one of the younger ones I know, 38 years old. All 38 year olds “die suddenly”. It was an announcement on LinkedIn, he was a Silicon Valley guy so I’m sure his vaccinations were up to 6-8 jewjabs by this point.

    The amount of these stories I have -personal- knowledge of is pretty high now. Plus other people relating them, you’d think it be enough to put more people off. But the true believers will never lose faith. They simply don’t get it until its too late.

  25. Wife talked to her pal on the west side of the state. The friend and her hubby never got the clot shot and are healthy. Not the 44 y.o. middle daughter, Covid vacc. got her heart – myocarditis and it’s bad enough she can’t work. She hasn’t worked for three months.

    I’m with Allen no more jabs of any type for me. I’ve related before my bad reaction some years ago to a “tetanus booster “ that was actually a TDaP. Done, no more. Also what’s to say they don’t reformulate existing vaccines using MRNA tech if it saves a buck or easier to manufacture?

    • The creepy thing is, Sparkey, Big Pharma wants to make all vaccines mRNA. Can you imagine someone getting all that spike protein re-injected with every flu shot (yearly)? And their COVID jab, too? I shudder to think of the poor child, whose parents make sure to dutifully get Johnny or Jane their routine vaccines, complete with a new injection of the messenger RNA and spike protein. These kids will be lucky they make it through school without either being dead or horribly disabled. But I suppose that is the point. Sick people are far easier to control. Any wonder, then, that there is now a “Vaccine Schedule” for adults, as well?

  26. My doctor took the vax. He died “unexpectedly” recently (Age 63). His brother (59) had taken the vax when it first came out, and also died “unexpectedly”. I quit going to that doctor when he required the wearing of masks by anyone who entered his “practice”. And of course, he was a vax pusher too. Physician heal thyself, and thy brother.

  27. The New York Times – America’s version of Pravda.’ — eric

    Ode to the Lügenpresse

    Oh mothers, tell your children
    Not to do what I have done
    Spend your life in sin and misery
    In the House of the Lying Scum

    — The Animals, House of the Rising Sun

    As Eric dryly notes, ‘Note the condescending snark.’

    AH HA HA HA … on your knees, ink-stained wretches!

  28. At this point, who really believes there are colds, flus, and now a forever third thing, the Doofy-Doof-19, now just shortened to DOOFY. The faux “novelty” having worn off even though it was never really novel in any sense anyway.

    I caught a glimpse of “free” gov’t provided DOOFY tests in an online banner ad. They have a test for it and another for, literally, no kidding, “Flu A or B.” So much “syunce.”

  29. What changed? – Dr. Ofri

    Her patients who are no longer patients are no longer listening, furthermore, they don’t want to die and vaccines have a propensity to cause failures in organs like the heart.

    Easy to ignore the truth and the facts when your salary depends upon it.

    She refuses to understand, it doesn’t pay.

  30. And then there’s this….Despite overwhelming evidence that face diapers are completely useless against respiratory viruses such as COVID,
    there are STILL people calling for bringing back face diaper mandates……If and when authoritarian governments in the U.S. such as the Biden Thing try this crap again, there needs to be a loud and emphatic “Hell no! We won’t do this again!” from the people….


  31. I went to my doctor for my semi-annual visit and blood check last week. As usual he asked me if I wanted the ‘clot” shot, I replied no. Them the flu shot; no. And then the Hep. vaccine, I said absolutely not! He replied he had to ask per network orders. I haven’t had the flu in years and have never taken the shot and the Hep. shot is totally un-needed since I’m not a drug user or “sleep around”. I wonder what new snake oil will be pushed in the future?


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