Why There Will Never be an Affordable EV

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Do you know why there will never be affordable EVs? If you already know why there aren’t any affordable vehicles, you already know the answer.

It isn’t legal to sell them.

Here, that is.

All new vehicles offered for sale in the United States must comply with a whole book (literally) of federal regulations that cannot be complied with inexpensively – and that is why the vehicles that are available are so expensive. Many of these regulations have to do with what the government styles “safety,” but that’s disingenuous as well as something else. A 1969 VW Beetle was not an unsafe car. The assertion is ridiculous. Millions of people owned and drove Beetles and most of them never got hurt driving them. The cars were not prone to wheels coming off while being driven or their steering columns shearing off due to weak welds; such things – if they did happen – would indeed have been safety issues.

Beetles had no such issues.

But those old Beetles didn’t have air bags or tire pressure monitoring systems or back-up cameras or “advanced driver assistance technologies.”

Did that make them “unsafe?”

According to the federal government, yes. The “safety” regulations require all new vehicles to have those things, as well as body structures capable of absorbing much greater impact forces in a crash than an old Beetle’s body could absorb. If they don’t, they are considered “unsafe” and can’t (legally) be sold in this country.

It does not mean the Beetle – and other inexpensive cars like it – was “unsafe.”

It means they were noncompliant.

And they couldn’t be made compliant.

The Beetle – and this is just one example – was designed back in the 1930s. It could not be made compliant with the regulatory requirements of the late 1970s without being totally redesigned. That is to say, it had to be replaced with a new design that was compliant. Enter the Rabbit, for those who remember. It became the Golf and it is today the least expensive vehicle that VW sells.

Oops. Was.

VW stopped selling the Golf last year. It is no longer compliant – or soon wouldn’t be. It will be replaced by an EV that is compliant. One that will cost a great deal more than the Jetta, which isn’t an EV and remains – for now – the least expensive model VW still sells. The base price of a 2024 Jetta is $21,435.

The base price of a 1969 Beetle was $1,799.

Adjusted for what they style “inflation” – as if the devaluation of the buying power of money were something that just sort of naturally happened over time as opposed to something deliberately done by the people who control the money supply – that just under $1,800 base price back then comes to just over $15k today.

That’s a roughly $6k difference and more than that, actually, since what you pay for a car affects what you pay for insurance and taxes. Not to mention maintenance. The new Jetta is not a car that can be maintained by the person who buys it, unless that person happens to be a VW mechanic with access to all of the specialized equipment necessary to perform the maintenance.

The ’69 Beetle could be maintained by a Compleat Idiot – some will remember the eponymous service manual that could be understood and used by practically anyone to service an old Beetle, using basic tools anyone could afford to buy or just borrow.

Of course, the Beetle did not not come with AC and the other amenities that come standard in a car like the Jetta – and that’s great, if you can afford the Jetta. Plus the insurance and the taxes. Increasingly, average people can’t. It’s why the typical loan on a new car like the Jetta is six years long, or twice as long as it took to pay off a ’69 Beetle.

That’s another way to measure the cost of compliance.

Getting back to EVs. These could be made Beetle-like or even more so in terms of their affordability precisely because it is possible to make a very basic, very simple EV. The Beetle was a body draped over an engine that was as simple as a car engine gets. It didn’t even have a radiator (being air-cooled). Its engine could be removed from the car in about 30 minutes by anyone with a floor jack and crescent wrenches.

An EV could be similarly simple. A body draped over a skate. The skate consisting of an electric motor and a battery pack, both of which could be . . . simple. Also, light. Assuming the rest of the EV was, so as to not need to be powerful, in order to move a lot of weight. But that is next-to-impossible because of the need to be . . . compliant.

EVs must be able to absorb the impact forces decreed by the government, just like other vehicles. They are required to have multiple air bags – and these can’t be just bolted to the dashboard. They must be integrated into the dashboard and steering wheel. This requires designing the car around the “safety” systems – and that’s not inexpensive.

And that’s why there will never be an inexpensive EV, even if the “breakthrough” in battery technology that never seems to break through ever does. Because the vehicle, itself, will remain expensive to manufacture – whether it’s powered by a battery or by something else.

Oh. And about that something else.

When will people begin to question the legitimacy of the federal government decreeing how “safe” – according to its standards – new cars must be? Is that any more the government’s legitimate business than decreeing whether we’re allowed to go for a walk in the cold since we might catch cold?

. . .

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  1. Maybe off topic but, maybe not.

    Genesis offers their GV80 starting at $58k. The all electric GV70 base price is $66k.

    Genesis is the name sponsor for the PGA tournament being held at Riviera CC in LA this week. As with so many tournaments they are offering a new car for a hole in one on a given par 3. But WAIT, there’s MORE! They’re giving away TWO cars. One for the golfer that hits the shot and one for his caddy. Will Zalatoris got the hole in one!! So, he and his caddy get cars. But, the caddy gets the more expensive all electric vehicle. Zalatoris has to take the ICE GV80.

    Hmmm…maybe Genesis is telling an inconvenient truth…

    • I was gonna buy a GV-70 with the 3.5T V6. That’s really a nice car. I went and test drove it and liked it pretty well. The GV-70 EV just ruins it. You’d have to be not-very-bright to buy that over the 3.5T or even the 2.0T I4, in my opinion. But seems like plenty enough people are not that bright these days.

      I ended up buying a nicer car than that with a 3.0T I6. But, I still wouldn’t mind owning a GV-70 3.5T V6. Great warranty as well. Very nice inside. The 3.5T has higher quality trim than the 2.0T but either are very nice. Much nicer than the sister Hyundai SUVs despite sharing plenty under the hood.

  2. Why There Will Never be an Affordable EV….

    price is one of the biggest problems….purchase price, very high maintenance costs, expensive, very inconvenient charging, etc., plus they are almost useless……

    Currently, it’s estimated that around 1 percent of the 250 million cars, SUVs, and light-duty trucks on American roads are electric.

    To be successful they say a new product has to get past the 16% acceptance level…at 1% after 13 years is a huge fail……they will never get past 16%…ever…

    In the U.S. it is very hard to sell EV’s…too much resistance, people love ice vehicles…..it has one of the lowest adoption rates of EV’s in the world….maybe because of long driving distances in a lot of the country…..Canada is even worse, EV’s are even less popular….long driving distances and a very cold climate….why would they buy EV’s?….they aren’t that stupid….

    And the tide is turning against EV acceptance….soon they will try banning any negative talk about EV’s….demonize the anti-EV’ers….they are getting desperate…lol….

    But…the communists will try jamming EV’s down people’s throats regardless…..

  3. ”First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.’

    EPA red guard Michael Regan gets a knuckle sandwich … from his own boss:

    ‘In a concession to automakers and labor unions, the ‘Biden’ administration intends to relax elements of one of its most ambitious strategies to combat climate change — limits on tailpipe emissions that are designed to get Americans to switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles, according to three people familiar with the plan.

    ‘Instead of essentially requiring automakers to rapidly ramp up sales of electric vehicles over the next few years, the administration would give car manufacturers more time, with a sharp increase in sales not required until after 2030. The administration plans to publish the final rule by early spring.

    ‘Sensing an opening, former President Donald J. Trump, the Republican front-runner, has seized on electric cars, falsely [sic] warning the public that they “don’t work” and telling autoworkers that Mr. Biden’s policies are “lunacy” that he would extinguish on “the first day” of his return to the White House.’


    Leftists and the Lügenpresse: turds on the run.

    Our job is to pepper their butts with birdshot, as they flee like little bitches.

  4. I didn’t see a whole lot of comments on the articles argument that safety features integrated into EVs make them more expensive. Those rules FMVSS apply to all vehicles so why are ICE vehicles cheaper? That is obviously not why they cost more. BTW thank God OEMs in concert with Federal safety and insurance companies agree these safety features are worthy because they save a whole lot of lives. EVs are expensive for many reasons however the Federal Government decided to manipulate the market and set deadlines on vehicle production. Personally that is the exact definition of a Fascist Government. By some arbitrary date “X” percentage of vehicles produced must be EV. Ok, OEM say no way we don’t have tha cash to retool we need subsidies, we need to force people to buy what they don’t want to buy so up those mandates and we need cheap labor. Government ponied up and OEMs retooled but the subsidies are drying up, the mandates are a ways off and nobody is buying them OEMs must amortize out there in investments. It costs many millions to produce a vehicle based on existing platforms. EVs are so heavy they require totally new, ground up platforms that make these vehicles very costly to produce. For normal ICE refresh runs these cars are expected to amortize out over 100s of thousands in sales. Mass production, that is their business model. They are not set up for bespoke vehicles. Remember technology is moving fast akin to early computer days, these vehicles will be out of date in 6 years so manufactures have to recoup 100s of millions of dollar tooling, over extremely low volumes. That is why they are expensive and Ford announced even at these prices they are losing 30K on every vehicle. The market won’t sustain the true cost, none would sell if customers paid what they are really costing OEMs. Tesla made a living on the public dime, the company was more valuable than Ford motor company before they sold a single vehicle. Now that’s a winning business model. They are burning money now too but they bought their tooling with your tax dollars. Now OEMs are very upset that Biden helped the UAW to historic wage agreements. They need cheap labor like what is flowing over the Southern border cheap. OEMs are laying off, automating rapidly, it will get very bloody. Some may go out of business or join forces. Too much capacity, so few sales and Government is all bought in on electric energy. Now OEMs are playing chicken, give us subsidies or we slash EV production and your mandates don’t mean squat.

    • Remember technology is moving fast akin to early computer days, these vehicles will be out of date in 6 years so manufactures have to recoup 100s of millions of dollar tooling, over extremely low volumes.

      As far as EVs are concerned, technology is not moving fast at all. It barely seems to be moving at all, which why it’s impossible to recharge an EV battery from 0 to 100 % in five minutes or less today, just like it was impossible to do so a century ago.

    • Hi Paul,

      Good summary. And – you’re right about “safety” features making all cars more costly; I said just that in the article. But EVs get a double whammy due to the cost of the battery, which can’t be small and light because the EV, itself, must be comparatively big and heavy (in the US) to meet the “safety” standards.

    • “BTW thank God OEMs in concert with Federal safety and insurance companies agree these safety features are worthy because they save a whole lot of lives.”

      You being serious? It’s my business and mine alone, the risks I’m willing to take on for myself with the vehicle I own. Why shouldn’t I be able to choose to buy a vehicle you and GovCo deem unsafe? The hubris of people who decide for me! I fart in their general direction.

  5. I have a serious QUESTION for the board….Where are they hiding all the VW bugs? They built , imported millions of them. I know there are specialty wrecking yards for all sorts of vehicle from modelTs to Corvairs. I keep looking on craigslist & bringatrailer but nothing much turns up. I would really like to find a restorable 70s era car a fix it up as a daily driver. Thanks.

    • LOL! Ain’t that the truth!

      NYS has pivoted from the covid me-too freakout to the EV me-too freakout. Some NYS govt department or hanger-on is blasting the airways with why YOU MUST BUY AN EV NOW! Prices are dropping donchaknow. DO IT! BUY NOW!

      They basically inserted “EV” for “Covid Shot” in the same damn propaganda. I hate this state.

      • Good morning, Pug!

        I am seeing the same. EV Fever is cooling, fast. The whole thing is coming undone – and just in time. I know some here will boo me for saying this, but Orange Man could drive a stake through this whole thing (not just the EV thing) and that is why I will roll the dice and support the Orange Man. I grant he’s a buffoon and a failure (to deliver) in myriad ways. Yet he is all there is. If the Left secures another four years, it’s OVER. Not just the car business.


        • Don’t do it Eric,
          Write in RFK,Jr. instead. The fact that the Uniparty is going all out to keep anyone else from getting on the ballot other than two geriatrics is a giant middle finger to the populace. Either one will be a puppet of the security state; Orange Man didn’t do squat for us for four years, and Sleepy Joe doesn’t even know what day it is. Toss a monkey wrench into their machine.

          • RFK, because he’s good on vax/pharma? His support for climate change and gun control don’t matter?

            The nomenklatura are doing everything they can to smear Trump off the ballot. He keeps standing up and fighting back. He paid all his dues in 2016 by keeping Hitlery out. I prefer to support heroes, feet of clay and all.

            • Is RFK Jr a freemason?…JFK wasn’t….the only one not, in history….he didn’t last long….

              If RFK Jr isn’t….then the best choice…but…will never get in….probably because of that…..

        • The slaves get to vote for one of 2 different freemason choices, from the same gang….The NWO….

          one is a pure communist, a big hit with the leftist/marxists, female karens and the LGBQT gang, who support it 100% and are in bed with it……….

          the other choice appears to have more conservative values, so is a far better choice, easier to like, for people on the right….

          There is a big problem though….

          this survey shows 40% of women 18 to 29 are leftists…and 25% of women over 65 are leftists….

          but…..Only 25% of men 18 to 29 are leftists……and only 18% of men over 65 are leftists….

          Too many leftists around….both sides trying to get the voters in the middle….

          The leftists are more fanatical so get their supporters out?….plus the leftists cheat more….


          This all serves the purpose of keeping the slaves at war with each other, stopping the slaves from co operating and taking out the slave owners…..letting in millions of illegal/migrants serves the same purpose….

  6. The pitfalls of EVs are becoming apparent to more and more people. I’m becoming more confident that this push for EVs will fail.

    I’m counting on being able to drive my fleet of older vehicles for as long as I’m around with zero tolerance for those who would tell me I can’t. It’s all I can do.

    • Yes thats all we can do. The pitfalls are a feature, not a bug. They don’t want us driving cars.

      They are not likely to provide us a decent transit system either as our country is not designed for it and can’t really afford it either.

      They want us to go nowhere, starve and die.

      • What if the EV thing is a cover op for securing heavy metal and mineral supply logistics for larger scale (weapons) technology ?

        What is required to produce and secure say. . antimatter?

      • Exactly. If they didn’t intend to pull a Holodomor, they would have realized they are going to need a metric crapton of wind and solar farms to charge up all the EVs they are forcing.

        The fact they don’t even think the grid needs upsized and updated should be enough to give even the most gullible some second thoughts.

    • Goddamn! They come right out and admit that your car is an arm of the Panopticon. Steer clear of Audi and any other car manufacture that does this shit.

      If you have to drive one of these awful devices, please DO NOT plug in your phone or use the screen for anything other than the radio or perhaps bluetooth for music (and bluetooth may be even to risky).

      • Good point Mister. I have avoided connecting my phone to anything in the car for a while now. A pita to use some things, but Ok with me.
        So then I did an experiment with my wife’s newer used-certified jeep GC, and just let the car ‘connect’ to my phone to see what happened. I think it was android auto? Hated it, always asking/telling me what do do or not to do. Delete………………

  7. AUDI has new recalls for its charging cable and modules stating they can overheat and start a fire. roasting their customers like a blackened marshmallow. and that is just one of the prices paid by those stupid enough to buy these cars

    the recall also says audi will monitor your car…don’t worry…we will take care of you..

    Customers with online data collection activated in their vehicles will be monitored under Audi’s Online Field Monitoring program. Online data collection is active unless Privacy Mode is engaged in the vehicles. Audi of America’s data collection practices for purposes of monitoring for vehicle safety and other purposes are described in our privacy statement, at audiusa.com/privacy. Please see the Owner’s Manual to learn about the vehicle’s available data collection choices through Privacy Mode.

    As long as a vehicle has online data collection activated, Audi will retrieve and analyze data from the HV battery modules in the vehicle, as long as the vehicle is driven and Privacy Mode is not engaged. While this is not a recall remedy, it is an interim step to help monitor the vehicle’s HV battery modules until the recall remedy becomes available. Once the recall remedy becomes available, this monitoring program will be discontinued.

    does anyone think the ”monitoring” progam is EVER discontinued? what a lie that is.

    this link is their privacy policy where they monitor the vehicles. the gps. the interior. the cameras and the microphones and sell the data to whoever they want. they call it ”sharing” but i am sure that the people they share it with ”donate” to audi. what a crock of crap that is.

    i have a cousin who owns an audi electric vehicle and this info comes from him. i like the part about the monitoring and how the cars can’t be charged over 80% and how much do people pay these companies? so their can be cooked alive. it isn’t the battery alone that cooks people it is the electromagnetic radiation they endure while inside the vehicle. it is massive…a literal microwave oven with wheels and the passenger sits inside with the power on full.

  8. There was a time when technological advances made human life better. Eventually, those advances reached a point where they were able to be used as a control mechanism.

    Security cameras were great for preventing and solving crime. Radar enabled safe air flight and defense against invasions. Put them together and we have automated speed enforcement.

    The Internet expanded our access to information and communications, now it is used to track our thoughts and movements.

    What was once used to enable us to have more freedom and abilities has been turned against us for control – of course to ensure our safety.

    It is a sad state of affairs. Technology can’t be undone. What is required is a change in culture of what people find acceptable.

    The bulk of the populations is still in the phase where they only see the benefits, not the underhanded uses. It is hard to un-brainwash the lessons taught in public school & media.

    • What is required is the end of 20th century bureaucracy and voluntary separatism towards people who have authoritarian narcissistic or NPC tendencies . Some people have just been genetically programmed to be slaves or to “fit in at all costs”. It is a misfortune of history and it cant be cured. You can debate an npc or a narcissist for decades it will be to no await no matter how good of an argument you present. People with low risk tolerance cant coexist with people who value freedom.

    • All of this could have been prevented and still can be with robust protections for privacy rights. Your data belongs exclusively to you and if you agree to share it that agreement is not fungible. Scumbag silicon valley pioneered this theft and until enough people assert their rights it will continue.

  9. “When” that big battery breakthrough gets out of the lab and into the factory… you’ll see! EVs will go hyperbolic! They’ll be billions of ’em, just like cellphones! And the battery will have so much capacity that you’ll be able to add on all kinds of frivolous accessories, just like adding apps to your iPhone!

    And GM’s new “App Store” will be the goto place to buy ’em.

    Talk about brand loyalty… Imagine if you like some app that’s only available on your Ford? Or the dashboard layout has a consistent look and feel across the whole company? When you switch to GM, well, that’s close enough to what you’re used to so you can drive it, but all the stuff isn’t where you expect it, and you have to google where that odd setting is, because GM did it a little different (mostly to avoid Ford’s patents). And the inbuilt apps aren’t the same, or are organized differently, or won’t connect properly to your cloud account. People will stick with a brand just because switching will be a gigantic hassle, even if the company goes to crap.

    Ford vs GM guys can be swayed, and a fair number of them have switched to Toyota. But iOS vs Android? People get into truly heated arguments and complain bitterly when they switch houses. I know I did. And most Apple cultists (I am one, unfortunately) will complain about Apple but continue to use their often subpar products because switching would be too hard.

    • One user interface, one auto maker, comrade: Government Motors.

      “Everything in the GM ecosystem; nothing outside the GM ecosystem, nothing against the GM ecosystem.” — Benito Mussolini

    • Kilowatt – why would you stick with a subpar product? How is Apple subpar?

      I’m an inquiring Android user.

      For me, I like the access to a bunch of free apps and the google play store.

      I would like to switch platforms to something new, however. I’m bored with the the stale presentation and the constant monitoring on the Android. I assume the Iphone is the same, but isn’t there something else besides coke and pepsi?

      I would like a phone that offers more privacy protection and encryption as well

      • Apple has one key feature that makes it worth going all-in: Continuity. All your devices share a common clipboard, login and will hand off tasks between each other. Makes it very sticky and hard to change.

        Other individual products are better, but not integrated as well.

      • To further answer your question, Apple claims that their “secure enclave” is only accessible by the user, if you set up your iCloud account to generate specific security keys. When you do this (you must opt in and actually print out your key to be physically secured), no one can break the encryption. However it is believed that Mossad and the NSA have the ability to break the encryption. But for me, it’s good enough for the girls I go out with.

        Best mobile OS is probably Jolla’s Sailfish, but it is very much a DIY solution for North American users, probably due to patent laws.

  10. Things might be more affordable if the Feds just kept their noses out of everything. But no, like the fat kid that has already had too many sweets, he simply cannot help but come to the candy bowl again when mommy and daddy are not looking, because he knows he can get away with stuffing his face some more. Such is the same with the Feds and our tax dollars, and their “regulations” for our “saaaaaafety”. The Feds addiction is our downfall. And as for the EV’s, the Feds can have them. They are utterly worthless up here, between the long, cold Winters and distances people travel.

  11. An EV will never be affordable, even though I probably can if I want one, but I don’t want one. I will never buy one, not affordable.

    20,000 dollars in gas will move your rack of bones, 6,500 gallons of gas, about 195,000 miles at 30 mpg. 15 years of driving at 13,000 miles driven per year.

    1,300,000,000,000 miles when you multiply 13,000 miles times 100,000,000 vehicles.

    Divided by 10, not 15, 130 billion miles traveled per year. Increase the average, have to, professional drivers drive 3,000 miles each week.

    3,000,000,000,000 miles average traveled in America each year.

    200 miles per charge for electric vehicles on average, not much more, 1125 terawatt hours needed to charge 100,000,000 EVs.

    4200 terawatts generated in the US each year, 25 percent of all electricity generated would have to be dedicated to 100,000,000 electric vehicles.

    When pigs fly.

    Can’t afford to generate that much electricity to charge 100,000,000 EVs.

    Incubators for newborn infantile EVs that will never mature.

    Can’t afford them at any cost.

    A little more than four percent of the total miles traveled will consume 25 percent of the electricity generated in one year in the United States.


    • Hi Drump,

      One of the many pernicious things about EVs is not just the high cost. It is the recurrent cost. EVs are by design not cars you can own for the next 20-plus years, if you want to. If you want to avoid a car payment, I mean. EVs have a useful service life of 8-10 years, perhaps. After that, you are effectively forced to replace it – and resume paying, right around the time you might have paid off the one you bought 8-10 years prior. And used EVs are worthless, which means there will be no affordable used cars, either.

      • That recurrent cost means that with EVs, you’ll not only ALWAYS have a car payment, and you’ll also NEVER own one outright. Because of their high cost and short service life relative to IC vehicles, you’ll either keep leasing them or you’ll subscribe to them under a Transportation As A Service model. Your car will only be yours to pay for, but not to do what you want to with it.

        • ‘You’ll … ALWAYS have a car payment’ — Bryce

          Just like the doc telling you, ‘You’ll be on this Big Pharma pill for life.’

          It’s a business model; a usurer’s dream come true.

          And you’ll always have a tax payment, to fund the permawars.

          Tote that load …

        • PS: You won’t just be forced to replace your EV because the battery conks out. You’ll be forced to replace your EV when the software that runs it is no longer supported, when the software updates degrade the vehicle’s performance and sap its power, or when your EV is no longer compatible with the charging systems’ software or hardware.

          • Just like a computer repair guy told me several years ago … ‘Sorry, Windows 7 is not supported anymore. We will not work on it for you.’

            • I was finally forced off windows 7 about 12 months ago. Don’t give a Rip if it’s supported, ironically once it’s “unsupported” the security risks taper away off. Sadly my main programming software finally added features I needed in windows 10 only. Hopefully i can do the same and get another 5 years out of Win 10.

              • Eric, I’d have to add that the Detroit Electrics of 100 years ago didn’t suffer these deficiencies. They used Edison iron nickel cells which are: minimally toxic, indefinitely rechargeable, can be fully charged and discharged, and are made of common inexpensive materials . Yes, they’re heavy and have a lower energy density, but overall were a far better BEV battery.

            • Oh, Win 7 is supported.

              There is a Windows Update that keeps asking to get installed. Nope, no way, no how. I know it’s a clot shot for my computer.

      • Did a re-check on the math, all EVs on the road, 100,000,000 times 15000 miles, 1.5 trillion miles, 1 500 000 000 000 miles.

        75kw hours charged 75 times 100,000,000 equals 1,500,000,000,000 kilowatt hours needed for 15,000 miles of driving.

        The math gets fuzzy when using huge numbers, which you must do.

        Don’t mean for it to be all wrong, but it probably is. If it is wrong by a factor of 1000 or less, which it is, the mistake is noted.

        4263 terawatt hours generated each year in the US that are all being used in advance, you’ll then need another 1.5 terawatts to charge a 100,000,000 EV total fleet with the balance of ICE’s being used for transport and utilizing every input there is.

        Julian Assange’s sins are multiplied by a thousand fold by dot govs, a heretic, refuses to recant, the holier-than-thou US gov will never forgive. Assange had dot gov by the balls.

        Off with his head! Jim Traficant is just in the way, get rid of him. Hunter Thompson? There he was, gone. Looking more than suspicious. JFK? Blown away!

        Time to move on.

        Gazans are butchered by the hundreds day by day, the neo-Phoenicians must suffer a hell on earth, no other choice, since Gazans are not The Chosen.

        God is gonna get the Jews for that.

        EV’s can go extinct. First, the Chosen shithead hyenas. Baboons are more civilized.

        First they came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, so I didn’t speak up.

        Then they came for nobody else, thank God.

        Thank God and Greyhound they’re gone!

        Give every Israeli an EV which will eventually auto-immolate! Fire and brimstone all over again!

        Kill two birds with one stone.

        If you are working the salt mine underneath Lake Erie when a nuclear strike kills 15 million people, you’ll find out what happened later when your shift is over. 2000 feet underground will provide a gamma ray shield.

        Won’t matter after that.

  12. ‘There will never be an inexpensive EV.’ — eric

    Are EeeVee pushers concerned about this? Not really. Virtue signaling is their top priority, confirms frayed-collar stenographer Russ Mitchell, who ‘covers the epic transition to electric vehicles and energy storage for the Los Angeles Times, blending technology, policy and consumerism, with a particular focus on California.’


    ‘LaRaye Lyles, a therapist and consultant in Oakland, was thrilled when she bought a Tesla Model Y a couple of years ago. “I felt very happy when I got the car. I was excited about it. Then I lost the joy of owning a Tesla.”

    ‘[But] Musk’s endorsement of the “great replacement theory” championed by white supremacists [sic] on X, his hostility toward transgender activism and his general public persona turned her off. “I would absolutely not get a Tesla again, as long as Elon Musk is associated with it,” she said. “In fact, I wish I’d leased this one so I could just give it back.”


    These people hate us. They call us climate change deniers, homophobes and white supremacists. We are not supposed to notice millions of migrants swarming across the border, who indeed will replace us.

    All of this is fine with the Lügenpresse. Letting this alien, leftist rabble take over our cultural ramparts is proving to be a fatal, potentially genocidal error.

    • Well, I AM a white supremacist and a “racist”. I’ve been known to tell nigger jokes. So bloody what?

      On the other hand when an illegal alien Mexican called me a racist nazi I cleaned his clock. I don’t put up with socialist insults, national or international.

  13. ‘federal regulations … cannot be complied with inexpensively’ — eric

    Everything that Big Gov touches becomes costly.

    Regulations drive up car prices. Building codes and zoning drive up house prices. Government funding enables price gouging by the higher education cartel and the healthcare [sic] cartel.

    It amounts to a brittle elitism — of out-of-touch, well-heeled ‘crats insidiously making a middle-class lifestyle impossible on a middle class income.

    Whether one knows it from personal experience, history books, or statistics, living was easier before the dollar’s last link with gold was severed in 1971, unleashing a wave of inflation that never stopped.

    The one thing that deficit spender Maynard Keynes got right:

    “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” This “arbitrary rearrangement of riches,” Keynes continued, strikes at both the security and confidence that people have in the economic system. — fortune.com

    At this late date, with each new dollar of federal debt producing less than 50 cents of economic growth, the peasants are anointing their torches with pitch and sharpening their pitchforks. The US fedgov put sugar in the gas tank. Our economic engine is coughing and lurching to a stop.

    There’s gonna be hell to pay.

    • “Everything that Big Gov touches becomes costly.”
      Because Big Gov makes it costly. And since they don’t want us driving at all, cars are on the target.

    • ‘Our economic engine is coughing and lurching to a stop.
      There’s gonna be hell to pay.”

      My first car was a 1961 dodge 4 door six cylinder with 60,000 miles that I bought for $300 back in 1970. It served me well for a few years till I made some more money while working in a factory part time and going to school full time. Easy to work on. Now days itz a whole different story as the “times they are a-changin”.

      Itz gonna be a slow, long controlled crash. Orchestrated that way so as not to panic the herd. The last thing that our leaders want is a stampede.

      This is not the America that I grew up in. Remember old man Democrat Mayor Daley giving the “shoot to kill” order in response to the Chicago west side arson and looting back in 1967. The Democrat party is not the same anymore. Today the Democrat party is made up of aggrieved minorities (soon to become majority), LGBTQ type people, African Americans, ME and so called Hispanics and of course the white hipster ((Communists)).

      The young people growing up these days won’t know what it was like back in the 50’s, 60’s as they are being propagandized and socialized to a whole new culture. The brainwashing starts in daycare and then into kindergarden and on into grammer school, high school and college where they are told that they can be anything that they dream, wish for.

      The social engineers forgot to tell them that there is this thing called competition. Yes, competition for resources, women, jobs etc. Or maybe the new Communists will distribute all the goods equally amongst us in the “Brave New World”. We will all be equal in this new world. There will be no hunger, no strife, no envy, no anger. Truly ((they)) will make this planet a heaven on earth while keeping ((their country)) pure.

      Most of the young people I’m hearing about seem to love the new Communist ideas/ideals. These new ideas are cloaked in sugary sounding phrases so as to appeal to the love inside us all. “Hate has no home here” signs everywhere. We are “all created equal” bullshit and the “our troops are stationed there so that our freedoms here will be safe. This is the new bullshit message, flavored in sugarized propaganda blasting us 24/7/12.

      We’ll see as the drama unfolds and all hell breaks loose.

      • The problem with the young people today who advocate for Communism, is that they have never had to suffer under it. They equate Communism with “getting free stuff forever”, while getting to be lazy at someone else’s expense. They have no idea just how costly this “free stuff” is going to be, because they have been spoon fed everything to them, and they have never had to suffer anything. Even if they own nothing, and thus, think it is a great idea, they have no idea just how far that bottom can drop out on them. Only when they realize what a horrible mistake they made, trading in freedom and what bit of crony Capitalism we have left for the chains of slavery they are begging for, it will be too late to go back. But by then, they will simply blame those of us who tried to warn them ahead of time, because (as I have said before) they will have far too much arrogance and pride to admit that (heaven forbid) they might have been deadly wrong. It will always be someone else’s fault, never theirs.


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