Diaper Report: 11/27/2023

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One good side effect of the “pandemic” is that skepticism is spreading. And it just may prove fatal . . . to authority.

“Most people have not gotten the latest vaccine and half say they are not taking precautions this holiday season,” wails the headline accompanying something called the KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor (see here).

As the public heads into the fourth holiday season with the virus, about half of adults say they do not plan to get the latest vaccine which became publicly available nearly two months ago. This includes three in ten of those who were previously vaccinated.”

Italics added.

Even the “vaccinated” are becoming . . . hesitant.

And at least half the population are more than that. They no longer trust “the science,” which (per The Princess Bride) does not mean what many used to think it meant; i.e., objective, tested and affirmed conclusions based upon facts.

At least half the population has come to understand that “the science” has a political meaning – one similar to “democracy” in the argot of those who use these terms to wheedle people into believing they mean what people used to think they meant.

All of that – or at least, a lot of that – is out the window now and probably for good. And this is very good.

Skepticism of authority and its assertions, that is. What was it The Chimp said? Fool me once . . . shame on you. Fool me twice . . . can’t get fooled again” . . . something like that.

And exactly so.

Three years ago, there was still enough residual trust in authority that most people didn’t need to be pressured to “mask” or (inevitably) to line up for an injection with drugs they were assured by authority were safe and effective and that would prevent them from getting or spreading the spooky virus the same authority assured everyone was dangerous to everyone.

Almost everyone now knows these were lies. Not mistakes. Not “misinformation.” Knowing, deliberate untruths spread to scare people and to get them to play along with three long years of sickness kabuki. Everyone was expected to pretend they might be sick and dreaded getting sick; so much so they were terrified to enter a Wal-Mart without a dirty old bandana pulled up over their faces.

After all, granny might otherwise die.

But after three years of this, it is no longer selling. The “masks” have (mostly) come off; those still wearing them do so now for political rather than health reasons and (per the poll referenced earlier) a majority of the populace is not getting injected with whatever it is those drugs they’re trying to push actually are.

They want to know what they are – before they agree to be injected. They want to know they are in fact safe and effective and more than that, they demand to know why they ought to take them. If a satisfactory answer is not forthcoming, many no longer will.

Just take them – because we say so – is no longer enough.

Due diligence is making a much-needed comeback, in other words.

Dogs and cats (and cattle) do not question what they are being injected with. They are simply injected with whatever their owners deem it necessary to have them injected with. And even that is now being questioned by the owners, who – unlike our putative and would-be owners – genuinely care about their well-being of their animals.

It is no longer sufficient to just trust what the vet says – let alone the doctor. The entire medical apparat has – deservedly – lost the implicit trust (and assumption of goodwill) that it once enjoyed. Four years ago, most people would simply follow doctor’s orders – in part because they weren’t orders (doctors not having the power to force drugs on their patients) but mainly because they trusted the authority of the man in the white coat with the sheepskin on the wall.

They believed he was looking out for them.

They now understand he is looking out for himself – looking to not be fired – and is no more to be trusted at face value than any used car salesman. For that is exactly what doctors have, tragically, become. Only worse. They do not merely sell drugs. They push them. Drugs pushed on them by the pharmaceutical cartels and HMOs that own the medical system, that have turned doctors into employee-minions who do as they are told – telling people to do as they are told, in turn.

The used car salesman merely wheedles. If you fall prey to him, you may end up with a lemon. But that is much better than ending up with myocarditis.

Everyone understands the used car salesman is not to be trusted; that everything he says is suspect. If you buy a car from him, you assume there is something wrong with it until you have confirmed there isn’t. Before you buy it.

Then you (might) buy it.

That is the situation now with regard to doctors and what they’re still pushing. Their selling out has cost them everything. Trust, once lost, is very hard to recover.

If it ever is.

But, sad as this is in a way, it is also a kind of second growing up. Children do as they are told by their parents, in part because they trust their parents love them and are telling them what to do for their own good. And that is – usually – true. But authority is different. It tells adults what to do because it is good for authority – in that an obedient population is necessary for authority to be authority.

If it lacks that, it no longer is.

Thank God for that.

Adults ought to always question authority. Remember when Leftists claimed they believed in just that? As they claimed they believed in free speech . . . and “choice.” At least, so long as you made the one Leftists agree with.

The salutary point is that America may be recovering. The patient is still a little lightheaded and confused, but the sickness appears to be passing.

And health returning.

. . .

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  1. The worst thing Ronald Reagan did was to retore faith in government among the retard class. Even the retards are skeptical today but it is too late for them to escape their own misery.

  2. The people are not waking up, they’re just no longer in an active trance state. Before 2020, we heard non-stop assurances from alt-right voices that Americans no longer trusted mainstream media, no longer watched CNN and were skeptical of government in the wake of the War on Terror.

    Then what happened? The scamdemic hit and people immediately fell back into a trance, religiously watching CNN and doing everything commanded them by their lords and masters. All it takes for them to slip back into zombie mode is the snap of the hypnotist’s fingers and before long we’ll be surrounded by them again.

    • Hi Jason,

      I take your point – and (often) share your pessimism. However, I also think there is cause for hope in that more people than ever are aware of what’s going on (or parts of it) and are more skeptical and that is good news, worth hanging onto!

    • Hi Jason,

      It appears people are waking up. The establishment media must be getting desperate to keep the narratives involving COVID “vaccines” (and other vaccines) going. They’ve resorted to writing pieces like “Anti-vaxxers are now a political force” and “CDC worried about more & more parents skipping childhood vaccinations for their children”.

  3. Even without the masks, the Hoaxters are still in control. An easy way to end this would be, turn off yer Tee Vee, put yer phone in the bottom of a drawer, stop buying their crap, and stay out of the big blue shitholes of the world. Outside their safe little enclaves, Climate Commies are nothing more than a mile wide and an inch deep. Unfortunately, most folks wont take these simple steps to defeat them. So many people are so addled by convenience. So, war it will be.

    I agree with you Eric on most things most of the time. When you said in regards to Doctors, “Their selling out has cost them everything,” have to strongly disagree with that one. I’ve yet to see any DRs/needle pushers/rapists, disemboweled, hung from a lamppost, or dragged around the public square. Lord knows there are many of us who lost loved ones to this genocide who have yet to receive any form of justice. In fact said Doctors seem as flush as ever, without a financial care in the world. They run around acting like the whole thing was just a minor misunderstanding

    The trust you say they lost, was gone long before the Bat Flu came along. Most of those guys and gals gave up their integrity along the way,, becoming little more than whores for Big Pharma/Big Gov, at the expense of those they took a Hippocratic oath to cure/heal.

  4. There’s some high quality research coming out about the mRNA vaccines’ problems. For example, here’s a link to a story about the Cleveland Clinic noticing that the more times someone has been vaccinated, the more likely they are to have covid. I’m posting to a Twitter link with some commentary, but it cites the actual study at the bottom:


    There have been other studies showing that the covid vax weakens the immune system. I don’t understand how the powers that be can keep flooding us with messaging to get vaccinated as the evidence to the harm caused mounts.

    As a personal anecdote; early one, before we knew that the research was faked, I got vaccinated because it seemed effective, and safe, and my employer required it to keep my job. No harm, I figured, and furthermore, the “research” seemed to show it’s very effective. My reward for this vaccination was autoimmune hepatitis a few days after getting the shot. My body was triggered into attacking my liver. The doctor said it’s coincidence, but somehow, I went almost fifty years without my immune system attacking my liver before the shot. I went to another doctor, who ordered some expensive blood tests, and found tons of spike protein in my blood, which is no coincidence. Anyhow, I’m now recovered, albeit with a damaged liver, and learned a valuable lesson about believing in peer reviewed research, because it seems that in medicine, the peers are corrupt. Bah!

    • Jesus. Sorry to hear that, OppositeLock. Peer review or not, there absolutely and simply was not enough time to evaluate the safety or efficacy of a human mRNA transfection system before it was pushed upon the whole world, wholesale. It was unadulterated madness.

      It is said that the liver is the body’s most resilient organ, capable of fully regenerating when half of it has been removed or destroyed. Let’s hope, in your case, there was no cirrhosis, and you make a full recovery.

    • Hi OL,

      Very sorry to hear about your experience with the “vaccine.” Not only that – it makes me angry. I now know at least three people who suffered “adverse events” after getting “vaccinated.”

      This whole dirty business has only firmed up my skepticism of allopathic medicine, which is now almost entirely owned by big corporations interested in money (and power) and screw your health – and freedom, too.

      • Having been a pre-med student before I changed directions, I know a number of people in medicine and research. Among the people that I know, all want to help people, but only some think, others follow established protocols without thinking.

        Allopathic medicine is good at a lot of things; mending broken body parts, treating acute things like heart attack, or cutting out cancers, or even screenings for proactively catching diseases while they’re easy to treat. I will continue to trust them here.

        However, it’s clear that bit pharma is doing great harm by over-drugging us, and part of that involves fudging numbers on research. We can’t trust them, so the most important thing we can do is eat well, exercise, stay fit to avoid unnecessary drugs, and stop listening to all their backwards nutritional recommendations and drug-biased approach to everything. If you eat according to the FDA food pyramid, you’re guaranteed to be a fat diabetic with high cholesterol and atherosclerosis, which then funnels you into big pharma’s regime of statins and ozempic or maybe insulin.

        • Oh man, so much for, ‘your comments always being interesting’, poof, “treating acute things like heart attack, or cutting out cancers, or even screenings for proactively catching diseases […] I will continue to trust them here.”

          They’re, barbaric.


          […] the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans per year. […] 119,000 as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals.”

          “It is simply no longer possible […] to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009,”…


          Sooo many other links I could add. I imagine you’d find a way to dismiss them all? Idk.

          Happy New Year.

            • I wish you good fortune. They’ll prolly do a good job on the broken bone (or, seriously make it worse. I know people who experienced that).

              And, if you’re having chest pains, …they might make that worse, too. Much.

              I dunno if it’s just my P.C., or what.
              There’s some fine articles I’d like to post in reply, I enter in the search bar at LRC & it says, “746 items found for “statin drugs”” … and then, the page is blank.

              …I’ve read them.
              I know they are out there.
              -shrug- I guess you’ll never know?

              …They’ll fuck you up, if you let them.

              • Stanford ti pinned my compunded femur in 92. Was back riding bicycle to work in 6 days. Now I run 10ks up n down Mt Sootville. I got sooooo lucky.

        • Hi OP,

          I agree with all you’ve written regarding allopathic medicine (and the pernicious influence of pharma). Regarding the latter: Whenever I read an article citing a study Pfizer or Moderna has done . . . I feel my teeth begin to ache.

  5. Two on the FDA panel now have management level positions with Moderna. They are now competing with our military generals. Any person or firm trying to do the same other than government hacks would have their heads on a chopping block. Except for the children I feel little to no sympathy for those that took the shots, especially those that wanted non-vaxxed persons put in camps, their children removed, and all force inoculated. I watched a video of a group in LA force vaxxing a retarded girl with police assistance. The Police held her down while the ‘medics’ vaxxecuted her. Can’t find it now as the internet has been scrubbed.
    The entire medical system needs thoroughly vetted and any doctor/nurse needs at a bare minimum their license revoked and any establishment, hospital or doctor using the CDC protocol to kill patients closed down and associates incarcerated on murder one charges. They still are.
    In three weeks,watching the news, listening to government spokes mouths, watching government pay tens of thousands of fed bux to diagnose Covid I knew the ‘virus’ was either faked or just the plain old cold. People walked into the Emergency Room were wheeled out 10-14 days later with a toe tag claiming Covid and immediately incinerated eliminating evidence of the murder much like they did removing all the debris on nine-eleven. No autopsy or any other supporting evidence to haunt them.
    I often wondered how the German People put up with the claimed horrors of the Third Reich. I now know. Two thirds of the US population, ninety nine percent of doctors/nurses and government leaches, Federal, State, and Local qualified as good Nazis then and still do. They wanted us dead then and still do.
    The masks were simply to mark the believers and the go along to get along valueless folks.

    Since they have gone unpunished they will likely try again only this time they’ll be ready for the non-believers. Stand by….

    • The prevailing thought in the US was that the unvaccinated should be denied care at hospitals and in ER situations and/or see onerous increases in their healthcare premiums due to the increased costs the system would incur when they got sick. Many people went along with this concept.

      I never got jabbed, and when I finally caught Covid as an unvaccinated heathen, the sum total of my treatment costs for the week was an extra bottle of Afrin. Call it $10 after rounding.

    • RE: “The entire medical system needs thoroughly vetted and any doctor/nurse needs at a bare minimum their license revoked and any establishment, hospital or doctor using the CDC protocol to kill patients closed down and associates incarcerated on murder one charges. They still are.”

      True, that.

      However; the “vetted”, “license revoked”, “closed down” and, “incarcerated” parts all seem a little too close to an appeal to authority. …Besides, they’ve all got qualified immunity, of sorts, eh?

      I just imagine a free market in health – someday – where there’s no such thing as medical licenses, people are free to pick and choose which, etc…

      “It’s true that the U.S. health care system is a mess, but this demonstrates not market but government failure. To cure the problem requires not different or more government regulations and bureaucracies, as self-serving politicians want us to believe, but the elimination of all existing government controls.

      It’s time to get serious about health care reform. Tax credits, vouchers, and privatization will go a long way toward decentralizing the system and removing unnecessary burdens from business. But four additional steps must also be taken:”…


  6. A couple thoughts:

    1. Here’s a recent article discussing Moderna engaging in covert operations to control online criticism. I suspect this was attempted in the comments here at epautos (“the team tracks vaccine-related conversations across millions of websites globally. High-risk alerts are raised for narratives that could potentially harm Moderna’s interests or bolster anti-vaccine sentiments.”): https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2023/11/24/report-moderna-engaged-in-covert-operations-to-control-online-criticism-of-vaccines/

    2. I recently read an article saying there is no such thing as “cold and flu season,” but that people becoming sick is more likely a result of low Vitamin D due to reduced sunlight and staying indoors during the cold weather. I agree with this. I have supplemented with Vitamins D and K now for about 5 years and do not get sick anymore (regardless of whether I am around sick people). I’m sure there’s also an element of exercise and nutrient dense food (and eliminating processed/poison foods) which I also take part in.

    • I saw my first Spikevax commercial last night. Did Moderna actually make that available in the US?

      I thought that the commercial label vials were unavailable out of liability concerns.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Spikevax? Is Moderna subtly admitting that their COVID shot contains the spike protein said to be the most deadly part of the dreaded ‘Rona?

        Pfizer had a COVID jab called “Comirnaty” that the FDA “fully approved” here in 2021, but the dirty little secret was Comirnaty wasn’t even available in the U.S., and Pfizer’s concoction retained EUA. Nevertheless, establishment media and the Biden Thing crowed about PFIZER having been fully approved, which then led to a rush of COVID jab mandates in corporations, hospitals, the military, and governments.

    • You are so cynical, ML. 😉

      Moderna, a company that never created a successful pharmaceutical product, received almost one billion dollars from Operation Death Speed in 2020\2021. They received another five billion after magically creating 300 million “lucky” doses to sell to Uncle Sam (with some help from the NIH) that same year.


      On March 11, 2020, the USSA locks down. On March 16, 2020, there are clinical trials being conducted by Moderna and the NIH for a COVID “vaccine”.

      I have never seen a government move at such lightening speed before. It took 2-3 years for a handful of my clients to receive their tax refunds, but clinical trials are ready for a drug that only arrived on our shores less than 8 weeks prior.

      I am sure this is all very legitimate. Nothing to see here folks, please carry on.

        • Hi helot,

          Things that make us go hmmm….

          Based on the NIH’s calculation roughly 58 Americans died and 5K were “diagnosed” with COVID as of 3/15/2020.

          Now, if I put on my tin foil hat the largest spikes of COVID (and deaths) came after the introduction of the shots in December 2000/January 2021.


          The booster shot (3rd jab) made an appearance in September 2021 (look at the increase in deaths and infections during that time).

          The second booster (4th shot for those keeping track) came out in March 2022.


          With each new shot getting introduced less and less Americans are receiving them.

          Pathogens usually become less virulent over time.


          Would “COVID” have been less dangerous if the money initiatives were never introduced?

    • The Funk Doc is currently on the back side of a week with the worst cold/flu since Jan 2019. My daughter caught something from a get together with friends, some of whom were later determined to have been getting sick. Three days later, I’m down in a hole with a ripping sore throat, watery eyes, dyspepsia, etc., that has now progressed to ripping nasal congestion. Nothing a steady diet of turmeric, garlic, ginger chicken soup, cough drops, and cold, lime infused gin at night couldn’t handle. No tests, no guessing what I’ve got, just sick. No real changes in sunshine, diet, exercise or nutrition but I don’t hold myself out as a health nut. I was in the midst of an interior paint project, which may have increased my toxic load, but this has never been a one to one correlation in the past.

      It all seems so normal, despite the nightmare of the past 3 years. I was even out in public today still a little under the weather and people have returned to being humans again. No one batted an eye or recoiled in horror. Masking is now in the very low single digits.

      I think an important distinction in the “one virus” debate is that illness, sickness is usually not from one thing. That was the biggest con of the entire scamdemic, that a single pathogen, represented by the fake spiky ball cartoon, afflicted every person who got sick (and tested with fraudulent tests, of course.). This notion is ludicrous. Whether viruses exist or not, while interesting from an academic perspective, does not change the fact that people do get sick and die and even then, eventually, on a long enough timeline…. I’ve always tried to emphasize that sickness is real, death is real. I think “cold and flu” afflictions or a “season” remain as perhaps imprecise but still appropriate catch all terms that didn’t and still don’t scare people. I am continuing to use them.

      • Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

        Hubby came down with something similar a week before Thanksgiving. Also, lost his taste and smell for a few days. Neither our teenagers or I have gotten sick (and I share the same bed as him). Whatever he had didn’t seem to be contagious. My family (nine of them) cancelled on me three days before the event fearing that my husband had “COVID”. I had just purchased $800 worth of food that weekend.

        Husband made a miracle recovery the night before (even got his taste buds back). He must have called them, because I didn’t. The next day eight out of the nine were on my door step. I don’t know if they no longer thought he was transmittable or they looked at the current food prices and realized it was cheaper to come to my house and play Russian Roulette with a sinus infection.

        • Thanks. I guess I should also mention I had a normal T-Day dinner with 2 almost 80 year old in-laws. No worries at all. Now, these folks were stalwart the whole time, even hosting youth gatherings at their property all throughout the past 3 years. No fears. This kind of thing helped keep me sane.

      • Sorry to hear about the horrorshow illness, Funk Doc. Hopefully by tomorrow, you’re as right as the mail.

        Sickness most certainly doesn’t have one source and humans are quite vulnerable to a great many things. Thankfully, we’re also pretty resilient. The immune system is a absolutely astonishing, and while not infallible or unconquerable, it’s quite formidable in an otherwise healthy person.

  7. I can’t help but feel a deep sadness for the children whose parents failed to love them here. Who drove them to the injection site, who encouraged them to get injected, or who didn’t do their diligence and intervene or prevent. Many of those children are dead, permanently injured/ruined, or will find out soon enough. These parents were obligated to protect their children, it was their primary job. Their inability to even remotely ask a question is astounding.

  8. A brand new virus that some are calling “COVID-23” was spotted in China, which just happened to be where “COVID-19” came from. Is the establishment going to try to impose the same COVID CRAP that they imposed on the masses in 2020, right in the middle of a Presidential campaign no less? If the establishment did it 3 years ago to get Orange Man OUT of office (which definitely appears to have been
    one of their goals), they’ll likely try it again this time to KEEP a senile old man IN office, especially if his opponent is the Orange Man that the establishment is clearly hell bent on keeping from becoming President again……


    • Four years ago, the kabuki started getting serious heading into Christmas 2019. Anyone returning from a tech and/or drug company conference that Fall where Chinese were present returned with what many dismissed as a bad cold or bronchitis *because the symptoms were mild*.

      Chinese New Year 2020 was when things got real as far as the US media cranking up the machine.

      I don’t know if they will wait until Lunar New Year this year. Once again, the holiday coincides with Presidents Day on the same extended weekend, and if there is another freeze in Texas, the media will want the national attention span focused on that issue.

    • Hey John,

      There is a comment in the original Newsweek article:
      “China’s huge, condensed population is like a petri dish. Expect a lot of this in the future. India could be a future hot spot too.”


      Good point.

      One thing that wasn’t done enough after the Kung Flu was to push back at the collectivists for their propensities of cluster-fucking society. The push is always toward getting everyone into megacities, where everyone is stuffed in multi-family apartment buildings and can be monitored 24/7.

      An argument should always be made that rural living “flattens the curve”. 😉

  9. I agree that we are moving in a positive direction. After being exposed to the utter fraud of the Covid vaccines, people have become aware that many of the previously accepted vaccines don’t fare much better. That the Medical Industrial Complex is in the business of making money, not making people well. No money in well people. A service that has indeed become an industry.

    • Hi John,

      I agree, especially when establishment media is writing pieces like “Anti-vaxxers are now a modern political force”, “The rise of the Anti-vaxx movement”, or “Ron DeSantis plans to ride Anti-vaxxism to the White House”. Or even the media and the CDC fretting over how more and more parents are skipping “CDC recommended vaccinations” for their children, claiming that it will lead to a resurgence of diseases that have long been extinct (which they claim was thanks to VACCINES). And then of course we have Chelsea Clinton, who has her own campaign to get children “Up to date on childhood vaccinations”.

    • Hi John,
      George Carlin summed it up best, “there’s no money in a cure”. But there’s lots of money to be made in never ending treatments.

      • Hi Mike,

        That reminds me of a meme someone created in 2006 or so where a professor in medical school wrote a message on a chalk board that said something like “A patient cured is a customer lost”. The caption on the bottom said “First day in medical school”.

      • I have a hunch that had George Carlin still been alive during the scamdemic, he would go all in on masks, lockdowns, and vaccines…like the Larry David – government ad to stay home, save lives.

          • I am more convinced that Carlin would have gone along with the scamdemic or at the very least kept his mouth shut. Did Carlin ever speak up about the 9/11 psyop – how there were no planes, that it was an inside job – or speak out against TSA, or any other specific topics that went against the mainstream narrative that might have gotten him canceled?

            It’s easy to to talk about germs and immune systems in “normal times”, but I highly doubt he would have spoke up against the covid hoax in 2020. He would have, like all the rest of celebrities, told us to “stay home, save lives”…that “this is different”. And then, in 2021 or 2022, he would have required his audience to show proof of vaccinations or negative pcr.

          • There is a video interview of George Carlin where he talks about the NEED for White people to be replaced. That it’s time for the brown and black people of the world to arrive on White lands to “get their stuff back”. I don’t believe he was being sarcastic either.

            So we know where George would have stood on the topic of borders and young, migrant males invading the US, Europe and other western nations.

  10. “This includes three in ten of those who were previously vaccinated.”

    That doesn’t seem very high –30% of people who were stupid enough to take the poison came to their senses. But 70% didn’t. Maybe I’m missing something.

  11. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the abbreviated version of this “Full Measure” segment about the vaccines and clots on the local Austin Sinclair station’s 10 PM news cast last night.


    Austin. Granted, Sinclair isn’t TENGA or Nexstar, but I still see a lot of masks in Austin.

    Still, I’m not sure how much hope I have that things are really turning around, especially here. Austin has a lot of Good Germans who are simply keeping quiet, waiting for ze olt days to return, ja.

  12. I remember when you would see some cartoon of some ratty looking dude with long hair and s scruffy beard with the “Question Authority” T-shrit. Because of the depiction of people like that, it caused many to believe authority. In addition, the same dude with the “question authority” T-shirt would be the first to support the gate rape starting at the airports first in 2001 culminating in body scanners in 2010 and then, swallowed the COVID propaganda hook line and sinker. If not that dude, it was his progeny who took on the same sort of appearance, though 20-40lbs fatter.

    They were leftists then and leftists now. The “authority” they were questioning was the seeming establishment of productive citizens who had more of a say in the culture of the day than they do now. I didn’t like the hippies then and dislike their current iteration of blue haired, tatted freaks now.

    • Spot on, Swamp!

      These Leftists never opposed the Man. They opposed him not being their man. And now that he is, they don’t question him – and demand we don’t, either.

      • Part and parcel of the reason for the Libertarian party’s failure. “The system is fine, if only we were in charge.” Hopefully it will have the same effect on the Left.

      • This plays out time and time again, Eric.

        Canadian leftist Neil Young didn’t actually hate war or government tyranny (Four dead in Ohio), he just hated Nixon. With Afghanistan and Iraq, the left didn’t actually hate war, they just hated George W. Bush (of course they now see that he’s one of them and have since come around). Once Obama got into office they loved war. The left hated the Operation Warp Speed vaxx when Trump was spearheading it, but once Biden was selected, they quickly learned to love the vaxx.

        I recall a video of Rush Limbaugh about the actor Ron Silver (sort of a poor man’s Al Pacino). At the time he was a leftist celebrating Clinton’s inauguration. He said that during this glorious celebration he saw military jets flying over the DC Mall and was initially angered by their militaristic presence, but in the process suddenly had an epiphany that these weapons of war are now “ours.” Suddenly he loved them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOkdHIglNTo

        I believe Ron Silver migrated to the political right some years later.

        • My question is why would they hate Nixon? He signed the Clean Air Act, created the EPA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, took us of the gold standard, declared we were all Keyensians, imposed wage and price controls, centralized energy allocation and gave us the 55 mph speed limit.

          I answered my own question. They hated him because of who he represented (the silent (that’s for sure) “majority”), not because of what he ended up doing.

          Nixon was a very intelligent president who had more IQ in his pinky than all of his successors. He was also an awful president. Was it because he was smart enough to know the size of the deep state and couldn’t do anything about it? Or was it something else? As the commercial goes, the “world will never know.”


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