Diaper Report: 10/03/2023

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CNN – brought to you by Pfizer!reports that there is a “mental health crisis in America.” One that could “undermine our democracy.”

Truer words were never TelePrompter’d.

Except the words were not meant in the proper sense. The CNN story was mostly about the mental health problems of soldiers – specifically, post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, the malady of the mind once referred to as shell shock or combat fatigue. Whatever it is called, it is essentially the same thing: The sufferer’s peace-of-mind has been shattered by exposure to horrible (often violent) things. He is left on edge, all the time – and is often unable to function normally.

Does this not describe America?

For three years, the country has been shell-shocked by one horrible thing after another. First it was the deliberately fomented mass hysteria event called “COVID” and “the pandemic,” which was used to turn almost everyone against almost everyone else. People who’d done nothing wrong were sentenced to house arrest, as if they were convicted criminals. These were called “lock downs,” a term previously applied only to criminals. Those who knew they weren’t resented it, chafed under it – disobeyed it.

Their co-workers, friends and even family members resented them for not playing along with it.

The same divide was engineered over the ridiculous and degrading “masks” people were told they had to wear – and if they refused, it was ok to treat them as suppurating lepers. To throw them out of stores – and work. It is only a slight exaggeration to state that those who refused to “mask” experienced a kind of combat not unlike that which can result in PTSD in a soldier. It was fatiguing to know almost everyone around you regarded you as some kind of threat – merely for showing your face. To not just be able to walk into a store to shop – but to prepare yourself for a likely confrontation. One that could (and sometimes did) get physical.

Everywhere you went, you heard the TeleScreens and Party Orators screeching about the cases! the cases! and how “we’re all in this together.”

Stay Safe! became the new see you later.

Just having to see crazy people everywhere you went – and knowing they regarded you as the problem if you weren’t “practicing” the prescribed rituals – was enough to drive you to question your own sanity. One felt like Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984 – having to constantly recite the salving mantra that sanity is not statistical.

It was enervating.

And it still is – because one knows many of these people one sees walking around loose are not well but only appear to be, for now. The really crazy ones – the ones you see still wearing their Idiot Rags – are just the tip of the New Abnormal iceberg. The sane know just how widespread mental illness is, having seen it for themselves. The fact that is presently harder to see does not mean it has gone away.

It is merely quiescent. It remains lurking, waiting to be triggered again. Because it has yet to be treated.

The core pathology remains. Tens of millions of people are paralyzed by the fear that something might happen. It need not be anything specific. And it need not be something that actually happens to them.

Just that it might.

“COVID” did not become a “pandemic” without a predicate.

Before hypochondria could be effectively weaponized, pathological dread of risk needed to be conditioned into the general population. It is difficult to say exactly when then this began but you can point to such things as the transition from most people not wearing seat belts in cars – and most kids not being strapped into “safety” seats – to the current near-fetishization of seat belt-wearing and keeping near-adolescents strapped into “safety” seats.

There were Volvos for people who were afraid of driving – and fun cars for everyone else. Now every car is a Volvo – in spirit.

Saaaaaaaaaaafety first!

And at gunpoint, don’t forget. Instead of cops going after criminals, they began going after people who didn’t “buckle up.” These same cops now evince pathological fear themselves. Officer Saaaaaaaaaaaefty first!

Their fear of us heightens our fear of them.

They don’t teach kids to drive anymore. They teach kids to be afraid of doing it. No surprise, a record-high percentage – something on the order of 25 percent of those in the 16-21 age cohort – don’t even have a driver’s license. Many were also raised to regard the world outside of their parents’ sight as filled with danger – and to never be out of their parents’ sight, because something bad might happen.

And – ironically – it did. Just not in the way meant. Rather, in the way intended. Or at least, the inevitable way, as one thing naturally follows the next.

People have been taught to be afraid of everything – so it ought to be not especially surprising so many are now morbidly afraid of catching a cold.

To cure that will take a lot of work.

In the meanwhile, the healthy and sound face the challenge of dealing with those who aren’t, who earnestly believe they are avoiding Great Danger – everywhere – and that we are who don’t see it everywhere are the ones to blame for propagating it. That sets up a daunting dilemma, doesn’t it?

For them as well as for us.

. . .

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  1. Well, this should be interesting:

    “Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. Dr. Mihalcea will talk about what she is finding in the blood of both the vaxed and unvaxed. What she is finding is nothing short of a record-breaking human catastrophe caused by the CV19 bioweapon vax.”


  2. This may explain some of the on-the-increase weird-ass behaviors:

    ‘Psychosis, Panic Attacks, Hallucinations: Bizarre Psychiatric Cases Among the COVID Vaccinated’ – OCTOBER 5, 2023

    “… Dr. McDonald told The Epoch Times. “My patients typically stay stable.” But many stable patients were suddenly arriving at her office with insomnia, depression, and anxiety “without any sort of rhyme or reason.”

    She increased some patients’ medication doses or added new drugs to their regimen, but it had little effect. […]

    “I already had an existing patient population when the pandemic hit that I knew very well. What I saw was manifestations in that patient population,” Dr. McDonald added.

    Dr. Diane Counce, neurologist and neuroradiologist, observed an increase in severe anxiety and worsened mood.

    “People also talk about how their personality has changed,” she told The Epoch Times. In cases where a family member has brought in a patient, “[The family] will say, ‘they’re just different.’”…


    [A bit fitting of a name for that newsite with this subject.]

    • Yeah the covid vaccine changes your personality?
      It certainly effects the non vaccinated, turns them into paranoid goof balls.

      • I really won’t dispute this, but I believe it is with a good reason. I know I am a hell of a lot more paranoid than I was pre Plandemic.

        The entire system failed. The government caused mass chaos and panic. Not only did they terrify Americans, but they mandated injections into human bodies that many were apprehensive about. They forced good people to lose their jobs, their fear mongering broke up marriages and friendships, look at what the hell they did to kids. The lack of education, the mask wearing, the speech delays in young children, the isolation imposed on teenagers, the skyrocketing drug and suicide rates. Let’s not forget the vaccine ID cards that citizens were coerced into having otherwise they could not buy groceries, see their family, or go to work.

        At the end of it what did Americans have to show for the hell that our government and businesses put us through…$3200. “Hey sucker, here are three payments of $1200, $600, and $1400 for us ruining your life for two years. So sorry.”

        I say if you aren’t paranoid, you haven’t been paying attention.

          • This > “The Government were aware that the medical intervention they mandated on the population not only wouldn’t work, but potentially cause deaths. Yet they pressed on.”

            …For most people, I imagine, that’s simply unbelievable.

            It’s a truth too hard.

            Stockholm Syndrome, I guess?

            In the background, I can imagine many of the people I’ve known saying, “Stockholm Syndrome? What the Hell is that!? …A craft beer?”

      • Lyspooner,

        “paranoid goofballs”? We were right about the “vaccines.” We were right about their lies. And being mistrustful of people (and institutions) that have established they are untrustworthy is not paranoid. It is prudent.

        • Depends what you mean by “right about the vaccines”. There are a lot of claims. Some say it does nothing, provides little to no protection. Others say it causes every illness under the sun. Honestly, that vaccine has to be the most amazing thing ever invented. You inject it into someone and years later they get ill with every imaginable sickness. Heart disease-check, stroke-check, blood clots-check, not just cancer, but TURBO cancer, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and it changes your personality. It does everything!!

          Too bad the nazis didn’t dream this one up, it’s a miracle killing agent. Those few drops of mRNA are the most incredible poison in the world. Inject it into your enemies and days, months, years, maybe decades later they will fall dead of something that looks like the typical shit people fall dead from. Impossible to trace, affects the young and the old!
          They really nailed it this time. They are going to kill off all of the people that sympathize with their agenda so it leaves only the ones that hate their guts.

          Any claim about a poison that causes everything, like any cure that claims it cures everything is a bogus claim. If you believe that you are getting scammed by somebody.

          • You’re an expert at misrepresenting most everyone’s argument and creating a long line of straw men for you to tear down. Two words that come to mind when describing you are “annoying” and “disingenuous” and those probably fall exceedingly short.

            Also, you dismiss the claims of others with the wave of your hand and the rolling of your eyes. Two of the more classic responses from someone incapable of engaging in a measured debate.

            • You are just angry because you want people to SUFFER for agreeing to get a shot that every expert in the world advised them to take. You think that it will justify your anti-vax beliefs if people not just get no protection from the vaccine but get sick and die from it.

              That’s fine if that’s what you want, it’s absurdly mean and spiteful but if that’s what you want go ahead. Just understand that disliking the jab doesn’t mean every bad thing about is true. That’s a discussion you don’t want to have.

              • Lyspooner –

                First, few if any here are “anti-vaxx.” A stupid pejorative meant to imply opposition to vaccines rather than opposition to being forced to take them.

                Second, as far as people listening to the “experts.” They were fools – who did not do their due diligence – but few, if any, here want them to suffer. But many of the the “vaccinated” very much wanted us to suffer.

                Fascinating how you turned everything on its head.

                • I’m not so sure you are right about most people here not being anti-vax. I think most are. I’m anti-vax, at least the flu/covid one. And a lot of posters seem to not even believe the virus exists, or any viruses. I’d call that anti-vax.

                  It’s human nature to subconsciously want bad things to happen to people that you feel do dumb things. I understand that. I just think one should try to rise above it.

                  I also think the issue of vaccinated people vs. unvaccinated is overblown by media coverage of the fringes. I know some strong supporters of vaccination and they don’t wish any evil on the non-vaccinated. Especially since everyone that has gotten vaccinated has also gotten covid. Kind of hard to get after people when you’re done all the “right” things, masking, boosters etc. and still end up sick in bed.

                  • Lyspooner –

                    Yoo continue to use that stupid neologism, “anti-vax.” The point is libertarians believe people have the right to decide what medicine/drugs (if any) to take. And that no one else has the right to force such things on others.

                    The use of “anti-vax” is meant as a pejorative; it implies the person is unintelligent and stupidly opposed to something of great benefit. That is bullshit, of course. Particularly given the fact that these drugs have proved themselves dangerous as well as ineffective (assuming the intention was to “stop the spread”).

                    Stop repeating slogans if you are interested in a discussion.

                    But maybe you are a bot.

                    I have yet to receive an answer from you regarding your curious usage of Lysander Spooner’s name as your handle. I mean, given the fact that you are not a libertarian, much less an anarchyst.

                    A bot might have difficulty with that.

              • Thanks for proving my point. My use of the terms “annoying” and “disingenuous” are far too mild. You’re simply a f…ing idiot who is incapable of providing an intelligent argument. How you got what you wrote from my previous post will remain a mystery and further validate your intellectual shortcomings.

                • It doesn’t move any conversation forward to call someone annoying and disingenuous. Anyone with a different viewpoint will seem annoying. Especially if you feel strongly about the issue.

                  You said I misrepresented everyone’s argument. I honestly thought I was accurately stating what a lot of people posted. I thought they felt that way and I felt it was wrong. Let me know how you think I misrepresented something. It will help me better understand your point of view.

    • from comments….

      Is this an attempt to block all our food sources from being able to propagate? No more animal or vegetable foods means it’s time to eat bugs, except for the good stuff raised on Gates’ land. I wonder why he thinks he is going to be able to keep his lands from being overrun.

      And then they can kill us through the bugs…..

      Horsehair worms are internal parasites of crickets and crickets are now being used in food.
      I know this video is pretty disgusting, but it’s important that people are aware of the dangerous health consequences of the consumption of crickets and other insects that have recently been legalized for human consumption.
      Not only is the human digestive system not designed to consume insects, but it is also teeming with harmful parasites!


  3. A reminder that the world is on 1400+ days of the Permanent Global Corvid Rules.
    Especially during Fizer Season/Cold Season. Is there nothing Corvid cannot do??

    .Esperanza Academy in Lawrence moves to remote learning after rise in COVID cases (cbsnews.com)

    .Now That Covid Is Back, Should I Mask on the Subway (bloomberg.com)

    .COVID on the rise: Cincinnati doctors weigh in on masks, vaccines as winter approaches (cincinnati.com)

    .Covid: ‘Rapid spike’ forces partial closure of Rutland college (bbc.com)

    .Mandatory masking is back for staff at several Ontario hospitals (toronto.ctvnews.ca)

    “”As the Health Officer of Napa County, I am issuing a masking order for healthcare workers
    for a designated respiratory virus season, to apply to all patient care areas of the healthcare
    facilities set forth herein. …Effective Dates and Duration of the Order
    The Order is effective during the respiratory virus season, defined as November 1 to April 30 of the
    following year. This Order is ongoing and applies annually to each respiratory virus season unless
    rescinded. “”

    • The government’s excuse for getting out of being liable for mandates….

      they say….. people should have known that the government was secretly issuing medical exemptions beyond a short list and should have known that the government was not enforcing the “activity by activity” requirement….

      the government weaseled out by making businesses and their staff legally liable for enforcement….

      Essentially, the government successfully defended unconstitutional orders by saying it secretly didn’t actually follow them, and then faulted the petitioners for not having known this…..people should have known it was a fake out…deception…

      it secretly didn’t actually follow them…NOTE….politicians were exempt from injection……didn’t wear masks a lot….threw huge parties breaking all the rules…traveled everywhere…didn’t lock themselves down…..actually the smart people knew it was all bs observing this….the stupid slaves complied….

      net zero bs the same thing….they fly in jets all over the planet….eat steaks….drive around in 6000 lb ice SUV’s…etc….

      • the government successfully defended unconstitutional orders by saying it secretly didn’t actually follow them, and then faulted the petitioners for not having known this……..so……it is supposed to be common knowledge they are satanic demons…all freemasons…..so invert everything…black is white…right is wrong…etc…

        • are all satanic demons freemasons or just all freemasons satanic demons?
          Is that the same as a pedosatanist, or is there a difference?

          • lysander is either a bot…and should be blocked by software

            or a paid leftist traitor slave working for the globalists/big pharma/communists … spreading their narrative…..

            if a traitor slave…. lysander is a gutless piece of shit…hiding behind a keyboard….

            lysander should go spew that pro globalist propaganda directly in the face of non traitor slaves…..lysander will be a football….lol

  4. To not just be able to walk into a store to shop – but to prepare yourself for a likely confrontation…


    But not next time. Next time I KNOW they’re a bunch of faggots and shrill cunts. I’m gonna fuck with them so badly, it’s gonna be fun.

        • Hi Michael,

          Trump is an effective demagogue, I will give him that – because I must. But he has proved to be a talker rather than a doer. And he talks with great fluidity. Not in the articulate, thoughtful sense – but rather in the political, demagogic sense. He knows what people on our side want to hear and he lets us believe he said it – and that he will act accordingly.

          All of that said, is he preferable to the alternative? And the sickly, awful answer is probably, yes.

  5. “Just having to see crazy people everywhere you went – and knowing they regarded you as the problem if you weren’t “practicing” the prescribed rituals …” – EP

    I quite enjoyed making these people uncomfortable by proudly being normal. They deserved every bit of fear they felt.

    The safety seats! Cops just held one of these “check stations” at the local Walmart. I asked the wife, if a product is sold that is too complicated to use without police instruction, doesn’t that open them up to product liability? Shouldn’t the seats be sold with professional instruction?

    • I just saw that, Jim. Holy crap.

      Why do I have a bad feeling this is going to be an October to remember (and none of it will be good).

      • Maybe because Treasury bonds are melting down like butter on a hot griddle?

        Reminds me of early October 1987, when bonds were being dumped hard … and then stocks joined the panicked pukefest.

        Message just sent to Rep Eli Crane:

        ‘THANK YOU for successfully voting to ditch McCarthy as Speaker.

        ‘Job well done, Sir!’

        • The futures aren’t looking too healthy right now…..are stocks going to crash again?……bonds are already way down…..and they are talking about 13% interest rates now..more downside for bonds..real estate doesn’t look to healthy either…13% interest rates won’t help it….lol……they say the bond vigilantes are back again….fun times…….pretty soon the DOW will be flat for 2023…..vix is up 30% in 3 about weeks….bitcoin which everybody hates is up 60% this year…..maybe a small position in it might be useful?…..


    • Thats fantastic news. Pound the drum, Kalifornicator is out because he made side deals $$$Ukroid$$$ with the DS, against the will of the people. Maybe now they will vote to impeach the pure tyrannically lawless usurper.

      A country with out borders, or fiscal constraint is no country. Add in the fact of WROL, and you have an empire in its waning days. Maybe the Pubes can finally behave like the loyal opposition they’re supposed to be. They must all (Illegals) go back. They must all (J6) be set free.

  6. RE: Pandemics:

    Here’s one to illustrate my point:

    1929–1930 Psittacosis Pandemic

    There were 750-800 cases and ~100 deaths.


    Yet it was a “pandemic”.

    Now, the mortality rate was around 15%, which was much higher than COVID, but if you stayed away from domesticated birds, you’d likely be fine. It was obviously remarkably rare, anyway.

    Succinctly, “pandemic” ≠ mass casualties or emergency.

    • I beg you to view Wikipedia with a critical eye. Wiki is a primary vector (pun intended) of propaganda. Wiki can be trustworthy on non-controversial issues, but as it relates to health, medical, climate, political issues, and the like, one should view it as entirely captured by various special interests and view as nothing more than propaganda. After witnessing the virus propaganda over the past few years, citing to Wiki as a credible source to make a point about a pandemic is uncompelling.

      English language words were not ordained by God with certain meanings that never change. Humans create words through usage and their meanings are always subject to change. Governments and lobbies also like to change the meaning of words to manipulate us (this is a theme that often runs through Eric’s writing in which he uses Humpty Dumpty as an example). I recall the CDC changed the definition of vaccine to fit the non-vaccines. I don’t think the definition of “pandemic” is really crucial here. The better questions is whether there was a worldwide “emergency” justifying the government action against the citizenry. The question has always answered itself in the negative.

      • Haha, somehow I knew I’d get shit for using a Wikipedia entry, but the source of this particular information isn’t critical. Keep in mind that, as a scientist, I understand the limitations of Wikipedia for use in research.

        “I don’t think the definition of “pandemic” is really crucial here.”

        Some people seem very concerned with idea that what happened with COVID-19 doesn’t meet the definition of “pandemic”. It does, at least if you accept the idea that a novel virus went global, which I know you don’t, but that’s not my point.

        “The better questions is whether there was a worldwide ’emergency’ justifying the government action against the citizenry.”

        …Which IS my point, so thank you!

  7. A pile of pig manure was being burned at Fort Riley in Kansas, the stench from the smoke lingered for days, a cook in the mess hall became sick, the first case. All of a sudden, it spread like wild fire. As the story goes, that is the genesis of the Spanish Flu, where it all began. Those filthy swine get swine flu, make it stop, can’t be done, don’t do no good.

    Could be pneumonia became the culprit. A speculative assertion, can’t be ruled out. With pneumonia, you continually worsen, with no treatment, you will die. I’ve had pneumonia, it’s bad. Modern medicinal practice saved a lot of pain and misery.

    During the Spanish Flu pandemic, no one was allowed into Phoenix in Arizona unless it was for a reason.

    20 million to maybe 100 million deaths, you’re talking misery index red-lined to the peg.

    1.2 billion people back then noticed the difference.

  8. I forgot it was coof season until I called my Dr today for an appointment, as I have a respiratory bug that’s clinging like a tick after I’ve taken Loquat, Umacka, Hot Toddy’s with Manuka and Johnny Walker, tons of vitamins and Elderberry for over a week.

    They’re like “Is it covid? Sounds like Covid”, I’m like it’s not, they tell me they wanna test me, I know the tests are fake and rigged to be positive, so I told them to fill my Z-pac at CVS. I’ll be fine in no time, it’s not too bad anymore, just clinging like that one ex, but sign of things to come.

    Looks like I’ll be taking a roadtrip to New Hampshire some weekend to get myself a ton of Ivermectin, as you can get it over the counter there. Anyone know a good town to just have a weekend getaway there?

    • Hi Zane,

      Organic licorice root tea. Add a teaspoon of Manuka honey. Take it for the next 3-4 days, one cup a day. Should fix you up in no time. I would suggest Traditional Medicinal or Yogi.

      Pine needle tea will also work, but licorice root is easier to find, unless you have a bunch of pine trees in your area that you want to harvest the needles from.

    • Hi Zane,

      I have not been to NH, but for a nice weekend getaway I would suggest the Buttonwood Inn in North Conway, the Silver Fountain in Dover, or the Maples at Warner in Warner. All are just a hop, skip, and a jump from Maine if you want to sightsee.

    • How to improve your health….

      I saw this video with Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride about the gaps diet….
      I am very careful about what I eat now but this made me make some more adjustments to my diet…..

      For good health you have to cook your own food….and grow your own food….or get your food from reliable, small, non industrial farms…that don’t use antibiotics and chemicals…..non GMO food…

      The antibiotics are really bad….they kill off the flora in your gut that do your digestion for you….

      @ 32:53 in video….the health of any nation is in the hands of who cooks for that nation.

      ….not in the hands of the so called allopathic “health” care system….that uses poisonous drugs and injections that ruin your health….


  9. Depopulation agenda…why?

    Maybe they are worried the slaves on the bottom who were tricked into letting their trust account be used and then stolen by the control group….will come out of the anesthetic and reposition themselves legally to claim/take control of their trust accounts…the liability could be trillions of dollars….then maybe the slaves would be rich and the control group bankrupt……better to get rid of them first…..


  10. I just curious if I am the only one wrapping my telephone in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and putting in the stainless steel trash can at 2:20 PM tomorrow? I was also thinking of unplugging the TVs, too.

    I have seen Kingsman: The Secret Service. I know how this plays out. 😉

    • I don’t well remember “Kingsman”, but what is it you think will happen, Raider Girl? I’m hearing poppycock about a 5G zombie apocalypse.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Do I expect a zombie apocalypse? No. But, because it is government and it is going nationwide to every cell phone, TV, and radio broadcast in America I suspect it is something devious.

        FYI: Here is the rundown on the Kingsman: Secret Service act that I was referring to (copied from villians.fandom.com)

        A New Invention
        Valentine is an extremely wealthy technology tycoon and a computer genius who wants to change the world by giving away SIM cards around the world which he claims will provide unlimited calls and internet on his network. Unknown to people, he will later change the majority of the people in the world into extremely violent, barbaric, vicious animals that can actually destroy everything in their way and possibly even kill themselves. He is the arch-enemy of the top-secret organization called Kingsman who trains a young man called Eggsy (the film’s protagonist) and he is the CEO of his own technology giant company “Valentine Corporation”. He employs a gigantic army of soldiers and workers that work for him.

        Revealing His Plot
        Valentine’s plan in the movie is revealed: Valentine conducts a test in a hate group’s church, his hidden place broadcasting a signal to phones containing his SIM card which causes humans to become uncontrollably violent. Harry Hart, Eggsy’s mentor and guide at the Kingsman, is sent to investigate and follow after Valentine’s plan.

        After a lengthy massacre in the South Glade Mission Church, in which only Harry survives, he is confronted and appeared to be killed by Valentine while Eggsy watches via video link. Valentine’s plan then becomes clear – he is going to broadcast the signal worldwide using his satellite network and cause a mass cull of the human race, sparing the Earth from further environmental damage by man.

        • A movie about depopulation…..

          the satanic/masonic/vatican control group always tells you their agenda ahead of time….

        • RG,

          Yes, now that rings a bell. It mustn’t have been a terribly memorable flick.

          Although such an event seems a bit ominous, and the government can doubtless be nefarious, I guess I’m just not in the mood to worry about it. I’m out in a quite rural area, though my GF will be at the local school teaching at the time, so if there is widespread chaos induced by this “test”, she’ll get the brunt of it.

          Maybe I can give her a long-range walkie talkie just in case. 😉

    • They’ve done this every year since Obama. Basically its to keep radio stations, ISPs and cable companies on their toes. If anything, the difference this time is someone on the Intertubes caught wind of it and it got traction.

      No one can explain how these “nanoparticles” work or what mechansim is used, just that there’s some secret cabal involved.

        • Thanks, I just saw the discussion in the other thread. So the govt. is going to ping every cell phone in the country? That kind of stuff makes me feel like everyone is part of some kind of Borg collective. See! we are all connected.

          I hate that. I have a metal gun case that I can put my phone in. I tell you, sometimes I wish the Russians would take out our satellite systems, that would stop Big Brother right there.

  11. Death, slavery, and the fruitless pursuit of sadness. How stupid can you get?

    Humans are devolving. No fun to live like a refugee, a victim all of the time. Helluva time to be alive, the agony and the ecstasy. Somebody trying to tell you what to do doesn’t work, you can’t do that.

    Computers changed everything. Streaming video makes broadcast over the air television obsolete. A return to 1970 living standards would be like being in the Stone Age. In 1970, it was the Phone Age and idiot boxes mesmerizing humans constantly.

    Must be the Digital Age or something. Can’t really turn around and go back, what there is is here to stay. You’d cry if all goes away.

    “Well now she and old cougie, my what a pair
    Just doin’ the boogie as no one else dared
    Slidin’ and glidin’ ‘cross hardwood waxed floors
    But they don’t dance like Carmen no more” – Jimmy Buffett, They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More

  12. There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.
    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. It was an experimental meningitis “vaccine” which spread the disease. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be proven by careful research.
    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
    Sound familiar?
    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” that has been used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
    Quite some time ago, the U S “Supreme Court” ruled that artificially constructed DNA sequences could be patented. As the COVID-19 “vaccines” contain artificially sequenced DNA it could easily be argued that once a person receives the mRNA “injection” he becomes the property of the artificially-constructed DNA “owner”–a slave.
    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more. The “jabs” are genocidal poisons.

  13. It really comes down to what is the role of government in an emergency. Is it to protect the majority or the individual? For example if someone was highly radioactive and walking around in public presented a danger in exposing others to dangerous levels of radioactivity would it be proper for the government to prohibit their free movement? Quarantine them? Or should they be free to move about and let others bear the risk?

    This is similar to the situation in a pandemic. Should someone with a highly communicable disease of a dangerous nature be allowed to move around freely in public or should their freedom be limited? Not talking about covid specifically but what about small pox or ebola or something of that nature?

    And if some requirement of quarantine is necessary what are the criteria’s? Covid isn’t particularly dangerous to most people but for some it can be very serious. How is that decided? Medical experts? A vote? And since it can take some time to realize how serious the threat is should there be some initial period where precautions are allowed since any delay might spread a disease that it would have been better to quarantine for?

    These are difficult questions. Mankind has struggled with them for millennia.

    • Hi Lyspooner –

      Yes, but the point is this was not a “pandemic.” Not unless you think acne is a “pandemic.” It was a bad flu, at the worst. If you weren’t elderly or already very (chronically) sick or morbidly obese your risk of death was essentially nil. To call that a “pandemic” is the very definition of exaggeration. It is of a piece (though far worse) with characterizing a person who has any alcohol at all in their bloodstream as a “drunk” (or even “impaired”). It is malicious – designed solely as an excuse to tyrannize people.

      • I think it qualified as a “pandemic”. Lots of people got sick at the same time with what is believed to be the same thing. It’s hindsight to say that it wasn’t that serious as it first appeared to be serious and people were dying. This is precisely the situation where government action, if it is going to happen, takes place. Furthermore a lot of people are old and fat. I don’t know that it’s correct to dismiss concerns of a pandemic just because it does not effect everyone equally.

        • Please prove that “Covid” exists and caused anybody sickness or death. How do you know anybody’s sickness or death was not caused by something else.

          “Lots of people got sick at the same time with what is believed to be the same thing.” “Belief” doesn’t exactly satisfy the scientific method, now does it?

          “It’s hindsight to say that it wasn’t that serious as it first appeared to be serious and people were dying.” In other words, you got scared. Do you know why you got scared? Because the sociopaths fucking lied to you and everybody else on the planet.

          “This is precisely the situation where government action, if it is going to happen, takes place.” When lyspooner gets scared he demands “government action” – whatever that is. Do you support the government action in Australia where the cops choked out a poor woman for not wearing a fucking mask on the sidewalk?

          “Furthermore a lot of people are old and fat. I don’t know that it’s correct to dismiss concerns of a pandemic just because it does not effect everyone equally.” Old and fat people tend to be more likely to die. Dear God! It’s a pandemic of old and fat people. Government had better lock everybody in the homes and lean hard on them to inject poison in their veins, over and over again.

          lyspooner the regime apologist online “influencer.”

          • I’m glad my posts give you the opportunity to spazz out. My post was a question. I did not advocate or try to “influence” anything. I realize this is your only chance to flip out on people about this subject since you probably have been disowned by family and friends and banned from other sites. Doesn’t bother me though.

            I don’t need to “prove” covid exists. There is no evidence you would accept anyway. I can’t prove oxygen exists either. Or atoms.

            I did not get scared. I rarely get sick so I figured if it came my way I had as much of a chance as anyone. What could you do about anyway?

            I did not “demand government action”, I asked the question “what is the role of government in an emergency?” There ARE governments and they ARE going to do something, so it’s worth discussing.

            A lot of people that were NOT fat or old got sick as well. Some died. At the beginning it was not clear who would be most affected so it was an issue worth discussing. Note that the other “weak” group, children, were less affected. That goes against everything we know about illness so there are some questions there.

            Also over 50% of the population is overweight, that means the majority of the population were at risk, and thus IF the government was going to make a decision based on risk, that would be the majority.

        • Lyspooner –

          Lots of people get sick every year – in fall and winter. It’s called “flu season” for a reason. But now it’s a “pandemic.”

      • Hey Eric,

        There has been some misconception that a “pandemic” has to be some horribly deadly, mass-casualty event. This isn’t true.

        I chose a random dictionary from well into the Before Times:
        From “The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Vol 2” (1933)


        “A. adj. I. General, universal, esp. Of a disease : Prevalent over the whole of a country or continent, or over the whole world. Dist, from epidemic which may connote limitation to a smaller area.”

        So, a pandemic just refers to a disease that has spread over a large area. It doesn’t have to be the bubonic plague or the like. This also means that a “pandemic” doesn’t necessitate any extreme reaction.

        Just my thoughts, as I’ve seen this a lot in “conservative” circles.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          Yes, I hear you. However, in common usage, “pandemic” has previously been taken to mean something analogous to the Black Death or the Spanish Flu. It’s one of those words the meaning of which has been degraded via exaggerated/misleading usage. Other examples include “drunk” and “vaccine.”

          • Hey Eric,

            “It’s one of those words the meaning of which has been degraded via exaggerated/misleading usage.”

            Well, precisely. It’s frustrating and infuriating. I guess my point is that while an illness might be a “pandemic”, it’s not necessarily an emergency or the Apocalypse, and these terms should be not construed as synonymous.

            I, like you and others, am just trying to do my best and reclaim the proper definitions for these terms.

    • “Covid” has not been proven to exist and there was no pandemic. I know, I know. You’re going to give me a link to some article that says it does, but that article at best will cite to the CDC or the WHO and neither will be able to cite to evidence of “Covid”‘s existence. I know. I know. There are many links claiming that the genome of “Covid” exists, but it’s absolute bullshit. It’s “isolated” in-silico, which means that some bullshit computer algorithm somehow magically determined it’s entire genome from a genetic fragment found in a petri dish with a soup of cancerous liver cells, antibiotics, bovine serum, etc. I know. I know. You might find a regime media article that the b.2.17 variant (or whatever the call it) has certain genomic characteristics, but they’re just lying, just like they lie about climate change and systemic racism and men can be women, etc. I know. I know, I’m just some internet guy and not a medical expert, but that still doesn’t prove its existence. The scientific method still applies, and not some watered down version like Bradford Hill or even Koch’s Postulates, which if actually applied to “Covid” would totally refute its existence.

      There has never been a pandemic in my lifetime. I also don’t know of anybody walking around who’s radioactive killing people. That’s just nonsense. Frankly I can’t think of any actual emergencies in my lifetime other than those that are very local such as house fire, or perhaps at worst a riot, all of which tend to end within a matter of hours. This whole “But, but but, what should government do in an emergency or a pandemic” is usually a waste of mental energy. You may as well be having a discussion about the constitutional implications of dangerous aliens invading earth.

      By the way, majorities don’t have rights. Individuals do.

      • All of us are radioactive – it is found through our food, fertilizer, dishware, hell even the Sun emits radioactive rays.

        The problem with lyspooner’s rationale is what (and most importantly who) determines what is a dangerous radioactive amount.

    • Hi lyspooner,

      The only role that government should ever have is the protection of individual rights. Their job is not to protect us, dominate us, or instruct us. That is up to the individual.

      The problem with government (and the people that elect these bureaucrats) is over the last 200+ years we have forgotten the individual controls government, not the other way around. The government’s role should always be limited.

      John Locke stated that when a government no longer had the consent of the people, or did not adhere to its proper role of protecting fundamental liberties, then the people have the right to change or overthrow it.

      It is not government’s job to quarantine others or to enforce mandates on what they believe is a “pandemic”. These are abuses of power and have allowed government to completely ignore and disregard the Constitution. Governments are made up of men, not deities.

      We need to stop thinking that government is a lifeline.

      • “The only role that government should ever have is the protection of individual rights. Their job is not to protect us..”

        So no army, navy? Aren’t the very few allowable functions of government (certainly according to our Constitution) to provide protection when individual protection is not sufficient, such as an invasion? My questions was whether this could be extended to some other thing, a massive environmental disaster, pandemic, etc.
        (Note: If you don’t believe the government should provide border protection-army/navy then no need to answer)

        • Lyspooner –

          The Army and Navy do not protect us. They protect the interests of the government, which forces us to pay for the Army and the Navy. Read War is a Racket by Smedly Butler.

        • Hi lyspooner,

          I agree with Eric, the military protects the interest of government and large corporations, not individuals. I will make an exception for the War of 1812 where the country was invaded and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but the majority of the USSA’s military operations had absolutely nothing to do with the protection of her citizens.

          I am not against self sustained militias where communities are threatened or for protecting a nation’s borders from foreign invaders, but let’s be real that is not being conducted today. The Northern and Southern borders are wide open, Chinese balloons are floating over our country, foreign submarines are off our coasts, and neighborhoods are being traumatized by crime. This country spends $770 billion a year to maintain a military of 1.3 million people (and the CEOs salaries at RTX and Lockheed Martin). Our naval fleets average 35 years of age. The USAF aircraft averages 29 years. Our weapons systems (created in the early 1990s) are to remain in force until 2030. Do you believe the government is using this money effectively? Where is it going?

          Do you truly believe that the government gives a damn about you or me?

          • You don’t think the government loves you and wants what’s best for you? What a pessimist!

            My original question was what is the role of government in an emergency. I did not mean THIS government or THIS emergency necessarily. I meant as a general rule of what limited government libertarians think. Not NO-government libertarians. Limited.

            • What’s the hypothetical emergency you speak of? Without defining it, it’s impossible to determine what if any action should be taken.

              Why can’t individuals just deal with things? Why does it have to be a government action?

              • I did define it. A communicable disease that is capable of making many people sick and killing a lot. Like anthrax or small pox.

                • Lyspooner,

                  That is why there is – ought to be – a distinction between the case fatality rate and infection fatality rate. In other words, between people who just “get” whatever it is (and usually don’t die from it and often don’t even know they had it) and those under a doctor’s care who end up dying.

                  Almost everyone got “COVID.” Most did not die. Most never got seriously sick enough to see a doctor about it. But all those “cases” – i.e., positive tests – made it appear that an emergency was happening.

                  • I think very few people would argue with you on that item. It did appear that early on the disease might be more deadly because perhaps the variant was that way, maybe it hit old people more, but clearly after a while it was just like a flu. But as I said hindsight is 20-20. Initially you couldn’t be sure so I think most people felt the idea was to err on the side of caution. That turned into a shitshow real fast.

            • Lyspooner –

              As Mister already asked: What “emergency”? For whom? These things are rarely things that affect or even seriously threaten to affect everyone. Was Nahhhnnnnnlevven an emergency? For those unlucky souls inside the WTC or on the airplanes, it was. For the rest of us? No. But it did become the excuse to erect a perpetual state of emergency, far worse in its effects than the WTC towers coming down.

              PS: There is no such thing as “limited government Libertarians.” There are limited government conservatives – but these are a different species.

            • The government has proven they are horrible when it comes to emergencies. Let’s be honest, when an emergency occurs (from natural disasters to attacks) the first one in is the local community. Even more people would be dead/hurt if we they had to wait for state or fed gov to make an appearance.

              Bureaucratic red tape slows everything down. They will be there in days/weeks, when minutes matter.

            • Lyspooner,

              Multi layered answer.

              Typically the role of govt is one of either
              1. preparation or
              2. panic

              Government is most active during clean up and usually worthless during a large scale emergency.

              In our system [that is ignored], the proper role of fedgov is nothing. States reserve the power over health and safety.

              Just like all politics is local, so is all emergency. Emergencies effect individuals and must be delt with on that basis. Government answer is usually one size fits none, made with little real data or understanding of micro level, so they employ macro solutions that make sense on the surface, but don’t work when applied at the individual level at which they must to have any effect.

              • You can argue that it’s immoral, you can argue that it’s inefficient, you can even say it’s too expensive, but federal disaster relief is effective in helping people during disasters. Having an organizing force coordinating traffic, shelter, food and water, and providing some protection is invaluable to people in those situations. Local government does not have the resources to handle large disasters. Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean it’s useless.

                • More lyspooner bullshit: “federal disaster relief is effective in helping people during disasters.”

                  Give me a break. How’d that work out with Hurricane Katrina, East Palestine, OH or most recently Lahaina. Reagan said it best: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

                • Lyspooner –

                  It is always immoral when violence is done to anyone who has not themselves been violent toward anyone. Where does federal disaster relief come from? How is it financed? Whether it “helps people” is beside the point. Other people were hurt in order to provide it. They were threatened with murderous violence to compel them to hand over their money to the government. That is an inarguable fact.

                  Have you ever read Spooner?

                  I ask because you chose the handle of a seminal libertarian thinker; one who rejected all forms of government “help” financed by hurting other people. Your comments indicate you are perhaps a “limited government” conservative – which I am not criticizing. I just wonder why you didn’t choose a handle that reflects that.

                • “Having an organizing force coordinating traffic, shelter, food and water, and providing some protection is invaluable to people in those situations.”

                  That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this forum!

                  Right after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake here in northern California do you know who was directing traffic due to all the traffic signals being dead? It wasn’t government, it was regular citizens. Do you know who were the first people digging survivors out of the ruble? It wasn’t government, it was regular people! Do you know who was trying to shore up collapsed buildings and trying to put out the fires? It wasn’t government, it was regular Joe’s!
                  I witnessed it!

                  You have to be a bot, there’s no way anybody could be so retarded!

            • “You don’t think the government loves you and wants what’s best for you? What a pessimist!”
              What a sucker. Government loves itself, and only wants what benefits it. They are no more concerned with you than with how much they can collect from you, at gunpoint.

    • Lyspooner,

      At very least, the infected or “radioactive” person should know of his or her condition for there to be any culpability. It is possibly sensible to charge a person with a crime who knowingly had HIV, for example, and then went having sex without informing the other parties. But to assume that EVERYONE is sick and to make them behave as if they were, regardless of proof, AND make them perform dubiously effective rituals if quite another matter.

      • I don’t think the issue is the culpability of the infected but rather the risk to the uninfected. Since the virus (like radioactivity) is invisible and the transmission is hard to control, is this a case for intervention?

        • Lyspooner –

          We are each responsible for ourselves. If you dread getting sick, no one is forcing you to leave home – or enter a store. On the other hand, you have no right to force others to stay home – or prevent them from entering stores (provided the owner agrees). That is the crux of this issue.

          Old people have always been “vulnerable” – to everything. Shall we “lock down” the roads when the sun sets because old people are generally more “vulnerable” at night, because they can’t see as well as younger people?

        • Lyspooner,

          The uninfected are at no risk from others who are uninfected.

          Also, it’s possible that there are dangerously radioactive people walking about, so should there be geiger-counters in every doorway, waiting to trigger an alarm that sends nearby people into a lead-lined closet?

        • I understand what you’re saying, the so-called “asymptomatic spreader” problem. But the thing about that is, what exactly was the vector for spreading COVID? That was never really determined. First we were told it was skin to skin contact, such as shaking hands. Then when that failed to stop the spread it became surfaces that traditionally don’t harbor airborne viruses for any length of time like metal faucets and toilet seats. After flooding the world in hand sanitizer failed to stop the spread it was “droplets,” even if you didn’t cough. Then it was just exhalation.

          Nothing stopped the spread despite all attempts.

          So then they had to blame someone, and it became the asymptomatic spreader. Someone magically had no signs of illness was spreading the virus. No, not the super-tight indoor enviroments that the EPA and DOE have been forcing on us for decades. No, not the fact that somewhat mild virus infections such as seasonal colds are tenacious critters that are really good at spreading because they’re wired for it. No, lock everyone inside their R-30 homes and make them breathe each other’s air for six months without any sunshine. And stretch out the incubation time from months to years.

          The response from the medical “community?” Well, I guess that didn’t work. Now we know. Let’s try vaccines now!

        • Lyspooner’s question is how do “WE” eliminate all potential risk. Well, being a free individual has some risks now doesn’t it? Why don’t you just worry about yourself? You can decide how to best react to your perceived invisible threats. I’ll be fine and don’t need your help, thank you.

    • “what is the role of government in an emergency. Is it to protect the majority or the individual?”
      Simple, to protect itself and acquire ever more power and wealth. All of them are founded on their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Not exactly a foundation of benevolence.

      • You have missed the point. I agree the morality of taking from one and giving to another is wrong. But that does not mean it doesn’t help the ones getting it.

        Over 50% of the country receives government assistance. For many it supports them completely. Private charity would not be able cover it all, hell the government can’t cover it all, it goes deep into debt for it.

        So some children are getting fed and some old people have shelter because of it. That is not a bad thing. Same thing when government help is given to people in disasters.

        • Lyspooner,

          It would “help” the family of the mugger – and the mugger himself – to steal everything in your wallet. If he’s not been laid in awhile and has blue balls, him raping your wife or daughter would “help” that, too.

          You write:

          “So some children are getting fed and some old people have shelter because of it. That is not a bad thing. ”

          On the contrary, it is a very bad thing. It is called legalized parasitism. The fact that someone else – whether a child or an old person – needs something does not mean others owe it to them. The “owing” without limit and enforceable at gunpoint.

          I ask, again: Have you read Spooner?

        • You’re a moron. If it’s “immoral” and “wrong” (your words), it should not be done, regardless of whether it somehow benefits somebody.

          “Private charity would not be able cover it all.” More lyspooner bullshit. If about 50% of what individuals earn was not taken by the government we’d have more to give through private charity.

        • Lyspooner writes:

          “Over 50% of the country receives government assistance.”

          Which means the other 50 percent are paying for it. Has it ever occurred to you that most people would be far better off if they were only obliged to “assist” themselves? I will here us myself as an example. I could probably retire – in the sense that I would not need to work to generate income – if I had not had 15 percent of everything I earn stolen from me in Socialist Insecurity “contributions” over the past 30 years; if in addition I hade the $100k-plus in “property taxes” I have been forced to pay over those years. Instead, I was forced to “help” pay for the needs of people I’ve never even met and the result of that is I need to keep on working to earn the money I need to live.

          You will perhaps say I am “selfish” for complaining about that.

  14. Amerika is an open air insane asylum, Amerikans are free range lunatics wandering around like chickens in a feed lot trying to make ends meet as debt goes exponential. The Fed increased the money supply by 20 trillion then says it must fight inflation by raising interest rates. You have an open pedophile for president, his son a meth user with pics on his laptop of sex with minors (yet no charges), Trump has over 80 charges, we find out Michelle Obama is really a man, Big Mike, and Obama is gay, and their marriage staged with fake kids. And he-she just got paid $751,000 for a speech in Munich last week.

    The horrific war deaths – caused by USA funding – are 500,000 and no one cares, the leader of Ukraine is a deranged gay psychopath who likes coke parties and open gay sex – this creepy little perv is celebrated as a hero by our Congress. Biden passed out 20 million worth of free meth pipes, lost Afghanistan and the CIA heroin pipeline, now fentanyl mass deaths.

    And 20 million illegal mexicans streaming across the border who get full EBT and $2,200 a months, causing rents to double in last 10 years. So while we are being assaulted by an insane political class we are all mesmerized by the next election political show of charlatans who promise hope, change, greatness.

    • Meanwhile a foreign corporation owned and run by the satanic/masonic/vatican cabal runs/is the so called “government”…….

      The cabal uses admiralty law to control the slaves….which means the slaves have zero rights…

      The slaves get the right to vote….for 1 of 2 different masonic cabal members…..lol

      prison planet….

      In some countries MAID is being offered to the slaves as a way out….

  15. I find myself listening to John Fogerty and more music from the era these daze. Younguns aren’t all nuts, only those with nutty parents. I had a long leash. My Mom would just say “Go out in the street and play.” I can remember. my first Tee Vee, and the hideous videos from the Vietnam War, and too many since. Now I only watch what I choose, and so it goes. There are still a few looneys driving? around with their rags on here in Kalifornica, but it seems like most have taken a break from the madness. I find myself praying more in gratitude for each day.
    Thanks Eric for all you do.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Peter!

      My childhood was similar. Kids got home from school – and we walked home from where the bus dropped us off at the end of the road to the neighborhood; parents didn’t wait for their kids in a car and each kid was not dropped off at the driveway – and we went outside for the rest of the day, to play and adventure. Just be home by supper was the only injunction. It was wonderful then. Unimaginable today.

      • We rode our bicycles all over, to skool, and across town, and city. Then I graduated to mini bikes, a “Little Indian.” It had a 3 HP Brigs, and you could reach down and over ride the governor to go 40 MPH. Oh, and NO helmet! Many great adventures. It is fun to share with the youguns some who are curious. Motorcycles came and I built some real rockets, such fun. Mom also told us to be home when the street lights came on. I miss her EVERY DAY! I was blessed to have her in my life for so long.

        • Peter, my life was quite similar to that-Schwinn Stingray, later a mini bike (I had to earn both of those). Later I saved my lawn mowing income for a Schwinn 10 speed, which I still have. The early ‘60s were such a great time for a young boy. I walked to/from school from kindergarten through high school, it was no short walk. Many fine memories, so many young persons are not given the freedom and independence which creates the maturity to become a responsible adult. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss mom and dad.

  16. ‘Then-US Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona got a terrible telephone call from his daughter. After he had been missing, she found Carmona’s adult son in a catatonic state.’ — Jen Christensen, CNN

    To the reader, the clause ‘after he had been missing’ points back to ‘Dr Richard Carmona’ in previous sentence … until the next clause surprisingly introduces ‘Carmona’s adult son’ — apparently, though not certainly, the one who had been missing.

    An editor would recast the second sentence as, ‘She found Carmona’s adult son, after he had been missing, in a catatonic state.’

    Illiterate leftist typists are gonna type. But they really shouldn’t post their clotted gibberish under MSM banners without adult supervision.

    As to the theme of the article — that everybody’s depressed — the reason is brute simple: in a dying empire, after fifty years of falling living standards, OF COURSE people are gonna be depressed. Their lives are slowly, inexorably, turning to shit.

    We fix that by bringing the troops home, slashing the US fedgov to one-third of its current size, and letting the economy grow.

    Or, FAR more likely, we don’t fix it, and the USA continues degrading into the Nigeria of North America — corrupt, impoverished, and casually ultraviolent. I wanna hook Lyndsey Graham to a Tesla battery, throw the switch, et voila: FRIED FAGGOT.

  17. There is a high correlation in part of the increases in drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide, and violent crime with the number of U.S. military personnel exposed to combat.

  18. For a brief time, I’d pity those who’ve fallen for the weaponized hypochondria. Now I don’t. Happiness is a choice and if they choose to be bereft of the joy in living, then fuck them.

    • Hi John,

      Indeed – this is the Final End Game. Criminalizing disagreement, even when the disagreer is correct (as regards the facts). It is exactly what Orwell prophesied all those years ago…

      • Eric,

        As you may have heard, there were 1,600 scientists who recently signed a declaration that there is NO “Climate crisis”. I’m sure the Klaus Schwab types at the WEF want to make them criminals too.

        I’m sure there’ll still be those who say there’s a “Scientific consensus” on MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE like those who claimed there was such a consensus on face diapers and COVID jabs “Saving lives” despite little to no evidence whatsoever of that.

        • One local news station seems to get “climate change” into any story dealing with the outdoors. This used to be the more sane of the three, no longer. I’m done with them all except for the body count at the very beginning and the weather report about 19 minutes in.

          Another station has a nightly health report via a blonde bimbo spewing the party line on the 300th “Covid” variant and flu/Covid “vacc” available soon! Disgusting.

          None of them will question, quote, or interview the other side if it goes against the party narrative. Here in WA the carbon tax has driven gas to over $5 a gallon, not a peep from the media. God help us they could actually ask pointed questions as to where that “carbon” money is going and how it’s going to save the planet. They won’t even mention carbon tax.

          • Same with any show on TV about nature. All nature shows are ruined now, constantly spouting off as CERTAIN FACT, the effects of climate change. It’s sickening. If I want to watch any nature shows (which I love), I have to dig back in time before the fake hysteria started.

      • The slaves have no rights in their position in the current regime…..country/corporation….actually communism….they are not living under common law………

        The control group’s so called country….actually a foreign owned corporation….uses admiralty law in managing the slaves…..under which they have no rights……like the crew of a ship….the captain has full control….

        the slaves have to leave or change their legal status


  19. Ironically what has emerged in the last 60 years is a Sealed For Your Protection society. Warning labels abound thanks to cigarettes. Any form of medication has a “safety seal” thanks to the Tylenol scare. Every day we are bombarded with recalls of products that have caused the slightest harm. Eric has repeatedly listed all the GovCo mandated “safety” devices on cars that cost thousands and provide little, if any, actual protection.

    It has all led to the point where people ignore actual threats because they’ve been told that everything in life has been certified by a GovCo lackey an has been proclaimed, Safe. Now people are oblivious to obvious dangers such as crossing a street while staring at their sailfawn. Or crossing in an unlit area just past a lit area (woman walking the bike who got killed).

    I could go on but, you get the point. The more you try to make things safe to protect the dullards, the more dullards you create.

    • Re: the Tylenol scare. They never did catch who did that. I am wondering, now that I am more familiar with the risks of Tylenol, which should never have been approved for sale, if the perp was someone who was injured by or lost a loved one to that drug’s toxicity. Putting poison in Tylenol bottles was his or her way of getting revenge, and maybe hoping to damage the brand. But the only people who were really hurt were the innocent victims who got poisoned.

  20. All I know is I can’t function worrying about the next anvil dropping. I want control over my life. Fear, fatigue and despair is what they want. I wont give it to them. Vaccine mandates. Not gonna happen we will find a way to protect our health. I vow to try not to let anyone take my one life and chance for happiness away. So yeah, I will create workarounds. Every day in a hundred ways. I vow to be kind and spread good energy. One step at a time. We good people will prevail. Thats all we can do.

  21. 90 years ago, in his first inaugural address as President, Franklin D Roosevelt told Americans that the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. That well known statement was given during the Great Depression. My, how things have changed since then. After the attacks of September 11th, 2001, government & media weaponized fear to manipulate Americans to fear practically anything, be it “potential terrorists”, “Climate change”, “COVID”, “Gun owners”, “Donald Trump”, or even “White Supremacists”, while governments used that fear to amass more and more powers for itself…..


    • “All we have to fear is fear itself” is one of the most vapid political pronouncements in political history. Excuse me, FDR, but what the fuck does that actually mean, should have been the question that the American people should have been asking instead of mindlessly repeating the verbal dribble coming from the drooling president.

      FDR certainly had a lot of political power and certainly prolonged an economic depression the likes of what hasn’t been seen since, but he didn’t have the clout of a 90 years of institutional takeover by anti-American marxists.

      The great depression and the war were the opening salvos for the corrupt kleptocracy firmly in power by then. It takes generations for social change. The next consequential social change was the advent of the consumer movement spearheaded by Ralph Nader’s participation in the auto safety hearings of the 1960’s. All of a sudden cars were unsaaaaafe. Cars were daaaaaaangerous. Cars Poooooluuuuted.. We should have responded with “big deal” and go away, you varmint, but we listened to these cretins.

      The political change in the works was of course, the Vietnam war. The so called “flower children” of the 1960s weren’t interested in peace and freedom. They thrived off of that war and also had their eyes set on destroying military and political institutions that had served us pretty well. The Vietnam War, the Environmental Movement and Civil Rights provide the perfect cover for these evil serpents.

      Of course, assasinations of RFK and MLK, both revolutionaires of their own sort provided the operational cover for gun control, which is still at work today.

      We live in a sick society.

      • Hi Swamp,

        I have had my own awakening the past few years over how corrupt our government really is and how they’ve weaponized fear against the people for the sake of them assuming more & more powers for themselves under guise of “_____ Emergency”. Over the past 20+ years if not longer, government and media have used fear to manipulate people into doing things they otherwise wouldn’t do, such as submit to full body scans at the airport, suffocating themselves by wearing a face diaper, taking an experimental pharma product that to this day still has too many unknowns, or even eating bugs/ artificial food under guise of “Saving the planet from climate change”. They’ve also manipulated people into fearing those who don’t subscribe to the narrative du jour by calling such people “Potential terrorists”, “Putin Lovers”, “Anti-maskers/ Anti-vaxxers who are killing people”, “White Supremacists”, “Racists”, “COVID Deniers”, “Climate Deniers”, etc.

  22. Eric: Stay Safe! became the new see you later.

    I still hear people saying that and my response to that is usually “Where’s the fun in that?”.

    I asked a buddy last year if people really were having more mental health problems today and his response was that it was fear of the “cough cough” and stress. I responded with well I never had any of those problems and his response was because I did whatever I felt like I still had a normal life. I laughed at that but it was still true.

    My best advice is that if all the expurts say something and you can’t see any proof of it; maybe just maybe they are incompetent or lying.

    PS- Car masking? Good Lord are we screwed.

    • I frequently see Good Germans here in Austin wearing their armbands, signaling their party allegiance. I expect the numbers making visible political statements to increase shortly as election season heats up, and there won’t be any shortage of their ilk at the polls next month, when an “election” will be held regarding property tax “reform” in Texas.

      Armbands. Oh, sorry, masks. Same effect in the end.

      • I think that you’re right. I miss the days when liberals were apolitical. I loved it when the youth said “I’m not interested in politics.”

        I don’t know when the younger crowd all of a sudden became interested in micromanaging every single solitary aspect of people’s lives through “voting” and “activisism” which is nothing more than being a paid crony of Alex Soros or just diveling in some esoteric obscure verson of “civil rights”

        today’s presumptuous intense youth bother the hell out of me. I wish I was 10 or 15 years older. Then I really wouldn’t give a shit. But to think that the last 15 years are going to spent in an increasingly shitty hellhole created by the psychopaths in charge, aided and abetted by a loudmouthed generation of youth make me want to exit early.

        It’s that, or I’m in an exceptionally foul mood.

        • Hi Swamp,

          It’s easy enough to understand what’s happened: “Activism” has been made “cool.” Also, government schools are now factories that produce generations of aggrieved (but not educated) young people who have been weaponized by a combination of entitlement, narcissism and self-pity/militant-guilty virtue signaling.

          I am grateful beyond words my youth was spent in better times.

          • @Eric – I’m about the same age you are, and the key difference in our youth was a lot less consumption of the garbage out of Hollywood.

            Maybe households had basic cable, possibly with a movie channel, but media intake was a lot lower.

  23. “mental health crisis in America.” One that could “undermine our democracy.”
    Yeah, it’s called the American Federal Government, some local and State government, public education, and corporate news.


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